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File: 165dbdad82d7ef9⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1598x1216, 799:608, Snip20181011_4.png)

3b206b  No.11936

I've noticed over the course of becoming awakened by Q that I often see women in power that wear pearls or similar type necklaces. My gut is this is a symbol to others in the know.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

I know I've seen Feinstein and Hillary sport them, but tonight I'm watching the Project Veritas expose on Governor Kate Brown of Oregon and she's sporting a large pearl type necklace.

I'm a 50 year old person and traditional only older generations beyond me wear pearls anymore. Why is such a young Governor wearing these? It's GOT to be symbolism.

8ecbc5  No.11945

That woman in the picture looks like she is in her late forties. Not exactly young. I do think you might have a point but I have no idea what the symbolism could be. Pearls and gems are not by themselves considered symbolic of anything as far as I know. Satanic symbols can be shaped out of any material whether worn or placed on buildings. Hmm.

b6b07d  No.11970


WTF - in every 'How to Dress' guide for women for business a pearl necklace is recommended. Single strand for those who cannot afford a triple strand. It's like the de facto necktie for women.

Go to any bookstore and open up a book on how to dress for women….it's like saying that neckties or cufflinks mean something symbolic just because.

8ecbc5  No.12004


You are right, of course, but with the extent of the symbolism in just about everything that the elite control, it is hard to not be suspicious. How do we know that those innocent looking pearls are not a symbol of fealty to the establishment rather than just recommended business attire? Ancient or traditional symbols get turned upside down to mean something different. Swastika, for example.

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