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Welcome to /PatriotsAwoken/ First time here? 8chan? Click here Patriots.

File: 7ec71b30d04d03e⋯.jpg (125.12 KB, 864x864, 1:1, pepebot.jpg)

782916  No.191

Patriotsawoken META Thread

All your questions about why we are here and if you have any technical questions about 8ch and this board please drop them in this thread.


Edit: Patriots see post above ^.

"Appreciate the work done here Anons. However the original Meta thread is set to cycle. Meaning that it will constantly sit at 750 posts. So the earliest comment gets slid off the thread by a new one and repeats this process over and over. Photo attached for ref."



Also attached is Javascript take this, copy it, go to options in top right corner, go to user js, Paste in there and save. Every thread should auto update for y'all once thats there.

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28ce29  No.1153

To all that have been following SB2 on redditt .

He is got a new post on VOIT


Hope he move here soon

f10b7f  No.1154


I tried that voat.. There is some fishy stuff going on over there between the two "awakening " boards. We should gather EVERYONE here..

28ce29  No.1155


ya! I don't like the site much but going to keep eyes there as well.

9752a9  No.1159

Yeah somethings up there. I dodn't want to deal with any Reddit legacy

7a709a  No.1165


Do NOT fill out your name and email when posting here. Stay anon.

98ab1a  No.1166


I am as well. I hope I figure it fast. I believe there’s a thread that is a tutorial.

06b0f3  No.1167


Thankq your message has helped me greatly,god bless

bdc39a  No.1172

M manojlovic, J Pringle, UK Linda Dobbs

2cdd86  No.1173


> 2994981

Everyone will end up here eventually.

2cdd86  No.1174

>> 1154

>> 2994981

2cdd86  No.1175



total newfag

2cdd86  No.1176



Q post - relevant

Everyone will end up here eventually.

f10b7f  No.1177

File: c6613b55d25a27d⋯.jpg (546.82 KB, 1440x950, 144:95, 20180913_221833.jpg)

42cbb4  No.1178



Me too

42cbb4  No.1182

I’m here from Reddit. Kinda lost in this mess but I’m going to try to navigate in this forum.

>>Edited for personal info.

Post last edited at

42cbb4  No.1183


Me too

Edited for personal info. DO NOT fill in the email box when posting. This is for your safety Anon.

Post last edited at

42cbb4  No.1186


Thank you

Edited for personal info. DO NOT fill in the email box when posting. This is for your safety Anon.

Post last edited at

f10b7f  No.1187


WRWY Patriot. Welcome home..

42cbb4  No.1189


Yes. Thank you to that person.

42cbb4  No.1190


Me too

42cbb4  No.1191


Thank you from a newbie to 8chan

42cbb4  No.1192


Me too

Post last edited at

42cbb4  No.1193


Me too

Post last edited at

2c8cc9  No.1196


Thx! The motivated ones will learn. >>227

89fb61  No.1207


Should be fixed now anon. ThankQ for being patient with us. We've all generated a mild form of dyslexia over the past couple days getting things set up.


11ddf0  No.1209

File: d6014294621d6b6⋯.jpg (132.86 KB, 1259x826, 1259:826, hammer time.JPG)

6c5b9b  No.1210

Stay strong everyone. We knew they would come for whatever forum we gathered in.

We have a day of no Q posts, the first in a while. So what we should do is learn the new functions of the board, gather up links, sources and proofs and bring them to the new board so we're up and running for the next few posts.

Stay strong, and don't let their false accusations and lies divide us. We're not just here for Q, we're here to peacefully discuss the subjects Q mentions and expand on them with our own research. True patriots are not, and have not called for violence or attacks of any sort. So stand tall, brush yourselves off, and let's get ready for more.

02987a  No.1216

File: e0906511783bcff⋯.png (373.85 KB, 512x446, 256:223, ClipboardImage.png)

Hi Anons !! Newfag here…. been lurking since December.

Its my first post ever on 8ch party

I dont wanted to disturb those who work for us (thx autists!!) but i fell this place was created for ppl like me!

Like many of us, the Q movement gave me faith in a world where it seems useless.

I never been on Reddit (unless it was posted by Q !! hehehe ) but like many , i feel like it was a great mistake of (((them))) .

The movement is now stronger as its even more united! (just the qmap.pub site got 20K more instantly)

Dont worry! Soon, ppl will stop laughing at us and will start asking questions!

You dont have to convince ppl, just make a doubt in their mind is enough…. after, they will start to see the proofs by themselves!!

Keep on the good work!!


1d69c4  No.1217


Great rant... clearly you made a typo... you must have meant to type 12.5 as you ceiling IQ score.

Anyone of any real intelligence wouldn't waste their time/energy on a completely meaningless , and unsupportable, generalized attack on Women & Children (unless they were nursing a serious inferiority complex). Which brings us back to your 12.5 score...

eebfec  No.1218

File: a2ae38c4371f81d⋯.jpg (32.92 KB, 360x362, 180:181, Dm66u0KXgAEbeTc.jpg)



Death by a thousand cuts. Imagine the torment of not knowing what's going to drop next. Torture the assholes. After the storm & Kav confirmation...I think all of the unredacted shit will flow like lava. At least that's my humble opinion.

50f31e  No.1223

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does Q know Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic Federation? Pretty similar underlying message.

888b69  No.1225

File: 772fc201c09815f⋯.jpeg (2.12 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, IMG-20180827-WA0010.jpeg)

i love my bell

>>Edited for personal info.

Post last edited at

eebfec  No.1228

File: ba8f2158ee88603⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 425x268, 425:268, ba8f2158ee88603820b8d3a74e….jpg)


Q sez midterms are safe. This makes me all warm & cozy. Like a nice mug of pumpkin spice covfefe.

I'm sure their panties are in a wad over this.

d7b139  No.1240

soooooo, the MSM/CIA nightmare continues…

Lets, fcuk them up!

b73034  No.1241

File: adbed77e729d3b3⋯.jpg (456.06 KB, 1910x1014, 955:507, Keep-Calm2.jpg)


OC I made about 2 months ago.

b73034  No.1244


Ellison is hurting. Check the comments.


302951  No.1245


I am probably like of a lot of other lost Q Reddits. I've skipped around to all of the suggested sites including Volt. Volt is out for me so I'm here mostly lurking and trying to learn the 8chan culture. I'll stay here because it looks like 8chan will last through the censor wars being waged everywhere else. So for now I'll just be a lurker fag.

b07008  No.1248


This how you go mainstream.

Banned subreddit --> if it's banned, it exists --> instantly legit + curiosity

7d8876  No.1251


Nord VPN seems solid, any thoughts?

302951  No.1252


me too

2fd24d  No.1253


No names. No emails.

1efb4a  No.1258


As far as I understand, 8chan has been hardened against Clown attack. 8chan was off line a few months back, the servers were being insulated by Q Team, against attack, is my guess.

8ch is a battle hardened redoubt.

Reddit was always a joke.

e8a6f3  No.1259


Today Twitter announced that it will Block any posts that contain the words "illegal alien^. According to Twitter the Supreme Court had ruled it as hate speech on a case so it is using that as a guide. This just opens a door to crazy town.

e8a60d  No.1260





I found this helpful


3ff4d6  No.1266

File: eab9bc7398d1711⋯.png (330.24 KB, 1131x890, 1131:890, ClipboardImage.png)

Q says this is the comm, then this is the FUCKING COMM.

Everything else is a waste of time. Mods at GA reddit were COMPED. I know for a FACT.

They fucking HATED me, because I was keen on hunting down the Ai bots. I made those mods WORK for their jobs and they hated it when I would rip through the threads reporting every single shill and bot.

Don't listen to anyone but f'n Q. This is a war. Q is our commander, not these PUNKS that are tribal chan.

Be respectful, especially the bakers, but don't take any crap because this is YOUR country too.

c65ad4  No.1270

Kerry Meeting With Iran to Salvage Nuke Deal With Rogue Diplomacy

Shadow diplomacy aids Iran's regional pursuits.


(I tried to embed this article but got this message- Couldn't make sense of the URL of the video you tried to embed.) Sorry maybe someone could give me a heads up. Thanks

c65ad4  No.1274

Trump donated all $400,000 to the Department of the Interior where it will be used for construction and repair needs at military cemeteries!

More god news about our President to share with your normie friends.



(tried copy and pasting into EMBED section and got an error message any hints on how to do this correctly?

f4fc29  No.1282


Correct. VOAT is a total psyop-comped site. Stay away. Stay here.

f4fc29  No.1284


Good. Remember to leave the name and email blank. We are all anons here.

f4fc29  No.1287


Keep your boobs in qresearch. There is way too much porn over there. How can anyone possibly focus with boobs in their face all the time?

487759  No.1288

Greetings to all my fellow Patriots! Newfag here, trying to learn this platform after being an 8chan lurker. Here to continue to lear, support POTUS and Q.

>>Edited for personal information.

Post last edited at

3ff4d6  No.1289


Welcome to the refuge, Q dude!

4a2df6  No.1291


To keep newfags out of autists way would be my guess.

4a2df6  No.1292


Those Mods are in the middle of a shitstorm on Voat right now. All bans and deletions are saved to public logs instead of being hidden. Makes for amusing reading. KEK

06458b  No.1294



I've only seen NM Solar Observatory evacuated and closed as well as the post office next door. Do you have any other sources about the ww you are talking about?

1325ba  No.1306


It is what it is. We're Plebbit refugees. Nothing stopping us from going next door to /qresearch/, but that's not really why we're here.

It definitely feels free here. No mods to censor and (shadow)ban us. Sure, the shills are here too, but they're not exactly hard to spot if you've been a GA regular for any length of time.

I like it. It's comfy here.

1325ba  No.1309

File: b7803b116e29b36⋯.png (87.76 KB, 244x207, 244:207, ClipboardImage.png)


9c5017  No.1310


So folks coming there can see the immature children using foul language poorly? I was a 'salty sailor' so foul language doesn't bother me. Heck, my wife cusses better then these dweebs.

a09237  No.1311

Newfag from reddit 70K. '"WWG1WGA'". Good morning.

9c5017  No.1313


They can keep all the irrelevant crap over at qresearch. Though I'm sure this place will be bombarded with children screaming 'muh rights'.

b4b26c  No.1314


I’m still trying to get my bearings here, and not sure how I would see or get notified to my reply but I already like this better than the Voat place.

1325ba  No.1316


Me too. Could only stand that place for 20 minutes before all the chest beating from the regulars had me do an abrupt about turn. Unfortunately there is no way that you can get notifications about replies, and that's the only bummer, so the best thing you can do is keep track of the post numbers given to your posts and check back. I've lost count of the posts I've done on /qresearch so it's easy to forget.

b82ea9  No.1319

So, after 70k, and then trying voat out, this place seems much more welcoming, and simple… SIMPLE. I'm afraid that, the 70k mods have gotten into voat, G_A board and have started the crap over again. I highly suggest stay here.

9c5017  No.1320


Top line of the post has a number This one is 225. Click on that and a quick reply box pops up. Write what you want BELOW that number. Then push the quick reply button.

c5051d  No.1322

It was inevitable we would all need to consolidate on one board without censorship. Reddit can eat a bag of dicks.

e9a842  No.1324

FBI mum about sudden closing of solar observatory. Does anyone know what's happing there?

cc86ff  No.1325

Is anybody else waiting on POTUS to drop the highly anticipated "Storm" tweet??

9c5017  No.1327


The competing 'Great Awakening' subs will be in competition over which direction VOAT goes.Interesting experiment since most folks are being directed to the heavily modded forum. Kinda making the natives upset.

I just don't think their insults and foul language will attract the best. Odds are it will attract all the trolls. They will go ape shit cussing up every post.

9c5017  No.1328


I'd guess something very illegal? Or a biohazard or something. Because they seemed to have quarantined the place and kicked the Post Office off the property too.

9c5017  No.1331


Yeah, open hostility doesn't garner fans. Unless you're a troll and LIKE using foul language and insults.I'd bet they're going to see a huge influx of them invading Voat.

I'm there as well as here so, I'll wait and see how it plays out.

173ce0  No.1334

Are we getting ready to get off the fiat currency of the federal reserve?

United States Tonnes: 8,133.5 Percent of foreign reserves: 75.2 %

With the largest official holdings in the world, the U.S. lays claim to nearly as much gold as the next three countries combined. It also has the highest gold allocation as a percentage of its foreign reserves at over 75 percent.

cf8a94  No.1338


Has Q posted anything since 9/12? Where do we go for Q’s posts?

53543f  No.1339

File: 515412a5e2b06da⋯.jpg (308.74 KB, 1080x1069, 1080:1069, pats.jpg)

Patriot honoring Patriot

53543f  No.1341

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

49839b  No.1346


If only we could make that stick to the big silicon Valley types.

c5051d  No.1347


Nothing posted since.


dc8b12  No.1348


Exactly. I came here to talk about Q stuff, not niggerfaggots. The Great Awakening had a pretty good community, but I swear that Voat place is set up to be a racist haven on purpose to discredit the truth movement by lumping us all in together. I’m not saying this place is any better in that regards, but the filter tool seems pretty cool to reduce the noise.

c29c17  No.1350

Am I a newfag? Cause I don't like cock.

c65ad4  No.1352

Papadopoulos Willing to Testify About His “Suspicious Encounters”

"I am more than happy to discuss my suspicious encounters with Alexander Downer; US officials who were reaching out to me around that time, Stefan Halper, "Putin's niece" and of course Joseph Mifsud."


3ff4d6  No.1353


Every one on 8chan is a fag.

Planefags (plane experts)






4856b5  No.1363


Maximum fight, optimum intelligence. Where there are mods and shills indistinguishable from each other, Patriots never stop recognizing their true camarades in battle.

9c5017  No.1364


I'm new here too but did some reading of the FAQ page. There's even a helpful hints loaf on the catalog page here.

adbb85  No.1366


Shouldn't he be considered an enemy combatant? He's out of office, what the hell is he doing?

9c5017  No.1367


This will have to sort itself out. Just depends on which thread most folks post in. On the catalog page, under the picture is an 'r' with the number of replies.Those will tend to stay near the top of the catalog listing, if I'm not mistaken.

9c5017  No.1368


You might want to change your screen name to Anonymous, like everyone else here.

We are all anonymous.

4856b5  No.1372

Reddit should have never been expected to be a suitable hub for patriots. Shit is like a digital food court at the mall, oversight by shills. It's a place for normies to ride with training wheels. It's destruction akin to a saving grace for the movement.

But fucks who come here either from there or Voat should know that the enemy knows us and their efforts include screen capping the worst to misrepresent our truth. The chips are getting pushed further towards the middle of the table, gentlemen. Time to buckle the f down and shitpost with passion, intensity, and intelligence.

61271b  No.1373

awww finally found this. got away from stupid voat. now I gotta get use to 8ch. seems much more promising

9c5017  No.1376


The first amendment doesn't protect you from censorship. Only from GOVERNMENT censorship. "Congress shall make no law..."

When you're on 'the job' you represent the company you work for. You're not 'free' to say anything that wlll hurt their bottom line. You can try but you'll find yourself getting fired frequently.

You also have every right to make lots of noise while sitting at the movies. Even if it's distracting to everyone else. Probably why I don't go there anymore. 'Muh rights to free speech' becomes a distraction for everyone else there.

9c5017  No.1379


Q kinda hinted we could loose all these places. Only place he said was secure was Patriots Fight. I took that to mean the posts he makes on qresearch, but don't show up on PF, could also 'disappear'. As well as qresearch and Voat as well as all the other places Q folks hang out.

4e462d  No.1381


I thought it was just me. VOAT sucks.

61271b  No.1383

a part of me wants to go back to voat and argue with those children more, but if you dont have 10 upvotes you can only post 10 times in 24 hours…what an abysmal wesbsite

61271b  No.1385

I already had -16 downvotes…I felt scared not having fellow patriots around. I can feel you guys here though! even with the removal of user names.

fb5bb0  No.1387

Hello everybody!

If you are new to image boards, please read the FAQ:


A board is a collection of threads, displayed in two ways: index page and catalog.

If you want to see a board's index page, use this:

https://8ch.net/[enter board name here]/index.html

If you want to see a board's catalog, use this:

https://8ch.net/[enter board name here]/catalog.html




4e462d  No.1389


Maybe it’s designed that way. Some normies just can’t clear every hurdle. Those who do… make it here where their skills are honed into the diamond edge of a Full Autist. KEK

61271b  No.1390


agreed. this will be for the best. I always wanted to try 8ch. anyway

bba934  No.1391


Africa s still in the grip of pagan religions in many places. My friend from Zimbabwe was a Christian, and was always freaked out when it was necessary to pass by certain areas where they were performing "tribal worship" to the demons. It's out there! Drums and chanting and who knows what else!

9c5017  No.1392


Something similar to qreasearch. with a general, meta, proofs et al. I'm assuming these will form more naturally as this place fills up.

Right now an 'idiots guide' to 8chan would probably get folks up to speed quickly. I've already seen that thread here too.

Mostly I think of this place as more of a transition to qresearch. Most folks can't keep up with the bread making there and seem overwhelmed right now.

But if there's one thing I've learned is folks wanting to learn will dig, and dig and dig. And there were many over at reddit now looking to fit in here.

798c57  No.1393



bba934  No.1394


Is there a chance this site can be banned, as Reddit was?

1c9a50  No.1395

I deleted my voat account in one day. That's a travesty over there. I've been lurking top minds of reddit and I can't tell if it's just a sarcasm forum or what. But they are all hailing Soros and asking for their Soros bucks for shilling GA. They have definitely organized to shill voat as well. There are supposed to be 2 more rounds of attacks. Stay vigilant!

4856b5  No.1398


Great point. We're all wearing the same armor. No-name-it and Voat are MEPS. Now they're on Parris Island. Let the training begin. Thanks for the reminder patriot.

cf8a94  No.1399

I’m confused about the organization of Q info. Is this the thread where Q will post new info? Or is that somewhere else?

9c5017  No.1401


Consider it a transition zone (kindergarten) for folks wanting to learn how to use 8chan without all the distractions.

Once folks get a little more comfortable they'll migrate over to qreasearch.

000000  No.1402

Testing for tor friendliness. Pardon me.

000000  No.1403


It worked.

Oh hello everyone at my new home!

61271b  No.1407

>>1403 welcome! just arrived myself

1970ac  No.1413



Is there a primer to teach how to use the searching function and database so I start doing my own research?

5636ae  No.1414



543982  No.1415

File: 7240612f49037fe⋯.jpg (18.77 KB, 786x172, 393:86, Snap 2018-09-14 at 08.43.0….jpg)

Thank you Patriots, time to use 8chan to save our country. Just Do It !

1970ac  No.1416


Excellent analogy!

543982  No.1419



9c5017  No.1420


I'd up vote you but I can't. :)

543982  No.1425


I am not looking for glory, I am not here for "Votes", I am here to take our Country Back and Awaken.

f10b7f  No.1430


This our new home. Voat is a suit show. We need to get everybody over here and in one thread.

ad9948  No.1432

So many damn shills and devisionists. Voat GA is filled with angry little nazi wannabes, more so than Reddit. But theyre ALL here in 8chan. Theyre who MSM decides to pick up on as who we are.

9c5017  No.1438


I keep getting down voted., I guess freedom of speech only applies to old timers there. They aren't making folks feel welcome at all. Their 'vulgar filter' will drive most folks way.

Limits on posts per hour/day suck too. I keep getting hit with that. It's like they don't want new folks to participate. And there are 70k (297k) looking to land? Compared to the 3k that were already there.

Got my popcorn ready.

593c09  No.1439


Newfag refugee here. Thanks Anons for all the tips. I see all post(ers) get an ID like --->28c694.

Is that a permanent ID...does it always ID a particular anon?

5c8c18  No.1441




Thank you from a newbie fag who has lurked for months.

b628a7  No.1444


Welcome. Nice ID digits. Never seen that before.

Friendliness has its advantages, I guess :)))

80e05a  No.1447

File: 5f7b9b2c4d2dc27⋯.jpg (68.19 KB, 534x600, 89:100, race, black and white homi….jpg)

File: f4bc29dfbbbf9cd⋯.png (671.64 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, propaganda, west, hitler, ….png)

File: 0f025bc7562f38b⋯.jpg (292.97 KB, 1279x1278, 1279:1278, fund raising in 1920s for ….jpg)

File: cd61efa9e151eff⋯.gif (75.64 KB, 615x936, 205:312, 1938-1-09, new york times,….gif)

File: de988ba96654dab⋯.jpg (136.3 KB, 435x1038, 145:346, new york times, new world ….jpg)


RED PILL INCOMING!! In time, new faggots, ahem, I mean "patriots", you will learn the truth.

See "1001 quotes about jews", for the story (from the horses' mouths) of WWII.

80e05a  No.1449

9c5017  No.1450


Culture shock.

New platform.

At least he posted as Anonymous.

b628a7  No.1453


>Is that a permanent ID…does it always ID a particular anon?

Only for this particular thread (aka bread). The ID does not migrate over to other threads.

(except for admins/board owners & volunteers/Q) Each thread is 750 +/- posts.

More here >>1387


9c5017  No.1462


More like kindergarten. Let folks post, customize the layout, learn to link etc.

All these folks will be posting in qreaearch bread in days. This is a massive influx of refugees learning how the game is played here.

543982  No.1463

What is the process to request for some do-diligence research on a particular topic,do QAnons post it here or another sub?

4856b5  No.1465

John Kerry needs to be addressed.

543982  No.1466

He is in the Qvision

What is the process to request for some do-diligence research on a particular topic,do QAnons post it here or another sub?>>1465

1325ba  No.1468


Normally I'd agree with this (esp. /qresearch), and you'd usually only namefag for a reason.

The reason? We're Reddit refugees. I'm more than happy to take a hit if some 1337 h4xX0r wants to make an example of me, but I'm not expecting it. I'm not doxxing myself, as Reddit was the only place I used that screenname. Use my Twitter handle, different story.

If some clever clogs wants to impress me, then I'm waiting, but otherwise , I'm here with Reddit frens. This may be another way to sort the GA regulars to the shills. Although there could be potential issues with that too (imposters).

I'd suggest you think hard about this. It isn't as easy to just say stay anonymous when the possibility exists that someone else could pretend to be you, so consider cutting them off at the pass(word) and you won't have that problem….

Just delete all entries when posting elsewhere, or use lurk only mode everywhere else on 8ch.

000000  No.1471

>>1407 Howdy!

>>1444 (checked!)

>Nice ID digits.

Why thank you. Nice trips yourself.

You've probably never seen them before because if you were on >>>/qresearch/ , they did not allow Tor posters to post, whereas this board owner has.

(Much thanks!!!)

Tor adds a layer of anonymity and prevents snooping, and Tor Browser is very easy to use. https://www.torproject.org/

The 000000 ID won't be unique to me, but is the ID for every Tor user.

e95867  No.1473



698250  No.1474



They just threw water on a gasoline fire. Now the fire will only spread!

b505ce  No.1476


Was lost but now are Found

bba934  No.1482


I would like to start a new thread offering information that would help people who do not understand how Big Pharma, the medical establishment and other groups serving the cabal are destroying American lives. This is important, because if we are all sick and crazy, taking psych meds, eating junk, and injecting ourselves and our children with endless toxic vaccines, we will be too unbalanced to continue our fight against the cabal. Health is VERY important, both physical and mental.

bba934  No.1486


Or tried for treason……

5c8c18  No.1499


Agreed. As someone with Crohn’s for 25 years i’m With you. Went off pharmaceuticals 4yrs ago & went organic and paleo but my body is still fucked. I want those in charge & directing to be publicly hanged or shot for the death and lifelong misery they caused.

5c8c18  No.1500


It’s the food industry, too.

3ff4d6  No.1501


Now, they won't be able to see us coming.


3ff4d6  No.1504


Treason !!

Ironic, innit?

000000  No.1506

If you use TOR use this link add the h_t_t_p"://"


543982  No.1531

File: bcac13ba5402a7a⋯.jpg (9 KB, 621x105, 207:35, Snap 2018-09-14 at 10.06.1….jpg)

Why is this board not allowing posting thru anonymized Onion TOR browser

c0a8fb  No.1539



>>Edited for personal information.


Post last edited at

6b1e77  No.1541


It allows browsing and posting but it's 8ch global rule to not allow fileposting from Tor.

6253af  No.1547


because that's how you get people spamming child pornography

c0a8fb  No.1549



That’s just the lingo here. Don’t take it personally.

>>Edited for personal information.

Post last edited at

fb5bb0  No.1551


Because people post CP, that's why.

bba934  No.1558


The term "illegal alien" is correct, and should be used all the time. The term "undocumented" is meaningless, and the term "immigrant" means someone who has gone through the immigration process correctly. So, all that is left is what is appropriate: illegal alien. This is the term used in official documents from the federal government.

2cdd86  No.1563

Does Q team control the domain registration and servers for this site? If not, what guarantee is there that this site won't be taken down eventually, too?

543982  No.1564

File: a8ca5e5ceeac631⋯.jpg (33.96 KB, 992x574, 496:287, Snap 2018-09-14 at 10.24.5….jpg)

Anonymized DuckDuckGo Search- Time to UNGOOGLE

2cdd86  No.1568


Who controls DuckDuckGo?

Why do you trust them?

Just because they tell you they're the good guys?

Hell, Google's mission statement is "Do No Evil" and we haven't believed that bullshit in a decade.

543982  No.1569


Make sure you enter the link address exactly the way it is on TOR Browser

543982  No.1573


it is question "Trust But Verify"

2cdd86  No.1575


I can't verify, so I don't trust.

TOR is not private.

AI can crack all encryption and decipher all identities.

All comms are logged.

9c5017  No.1585


The place had 4k members before reddit killed r/ greatawakening. That's 70k (297k) folks looking to land somewhere. The battle going on over there will not help.

543982  No.1586


Do you recommend anything…

d9f561  No.1592


>Does Q team control the domain registration and servers for this site? If not, what guarantee is there that this site won't be taken down eventually, too?

I was wondering the same. Did a quick search and what I found doesn't look good.



2cdd86  No.1596


I recommend always assuming you're being watched, and hoping that what you do doesn't attract the attention of the watchers.

9c5017  No.1601


They talk about 'free speech' but limit your posts. While the old timers down vote you to keep the limit on.

I can take the insults, they aren't even very good. It's their limits on free speech that will drive the 70k (297k) away.

And they're too ignorant to see the contradiction.

1325ba  No.1606


This is what peeves me about activist judges. It's a legal terminology, and yet they just rendered it moot! How else are they to be described? VISA-less tourists?

89fb61  No.1609



Anons you are on target. Create threads you feel are necessary. I have 100% faith in you guys taking the charge on this. We the mods will work on guides and facilitating the most efficient and user friendly board for all of you.

Our primary goals (announcement forthcoming):

1. This is a safe for work community

2. Report: CP, Nudity/Swimwear, and Gore.

That is all. A more formal announcement with more detail is coming soon.

ThankQ to all of you for being so patient.

Much Love.


72be4c  No.1612



I have a lawyer friend who believes that's why they are beefing up Gitmo. He thinks they are going to charge perhaps 100's of deep state with sedition and insurrection. Interesting theory.

2cdd86  No.1613


Everywhere but here is just training wheels. As you know, Q has made clear that everyone will eventually find their way to 8chan… the big question is whether or not the cabal has the ability to pull the plug after we've all be corralled here.

9c5017  No.1619


Q posts on two pages. qresearch 'Welcome to Q Research General' and his own private page Patriots fight. Research General fills up fast. Keep going back to the catalog page to find the newest thread/ 'bread'.



2cdd86  No.1620


I haven't found anything promising, either, other than reading into Q2168: "Military planning at its finest."

1325ba  No.1621



I don't think they'd be going out of their way like this if they had bad intentions for us. Look at his guy:


This is brilliant, Sir, thankQ very much!



72be4c  No.1622

Where's Q anyway. Nothing since Wed evening?

2cdd86  No.1623


You sound like a cow walking towards the slaughter, praising the handlers for all the grain.

2cdd86  No.1625

It all comes down to who, globally, has the ability to PULL THE PLUG.

What assurances are there that 8chan is safe from the cabal's reach?

9c5017  No.1627


Seemed to me the 'old timers' were acting like shills.Down voting newcomers and keeping them from up voting and posting. Limits on posts per hour/ day. Not exactly the 'free speech' haven they claim.

1325ba  No.1631


You are yet to ask yourself what exactly they're going to do? You're looking at this way too negatively.

Either that, or you just don't belong here. Might help to take the old grey matter out of first gear.


If it were that bad, don't you think they would have killed of /qresearch, already? Come on! THINK!!!

7c1a12  No.1632


I have no doubt things have been a bit busy with the hurricane and other issues. Q knows what’s going on, that I’m sure of.

2cdd86  No.1640


You misunderstand.

I don't think 8chan is compromised.

Do you understand how the infrastructure of the internet works?

There are governing bodies under government control who have the ability to terminate domains at the registration level, at the DNS routing level… and also have the ability to locate and destroy the physical servers containing the site.

Your blind faith does not equal actual security for the movement.

9c5017  No.1643


Thank you !!!

9e3bef  No.1646


Like this. If you're lucky enough to reply to a Q post on qresearch ( you have about 15 minutes) after which there have been 750 replies.

1325ba  No.1656


If it were that nefarious, they'd have acted by now. Admins are /ourguys/ If you're that insecure then don't stick around.


For what end? I don't suffer from self-induced paranoia.

d1c58d  No.1658

File: 6a966ddd056bcb5⋯.jpeg (65.3 KB, 601x768, 601:768, 0A1F7A17-1203-4E1C-87DD-6….jpeg)

I have lurked here but never posted, when the Dicks over at Reddit removed the GA, I unsubscribed to them.

I went immediately to Qmap.pub and saw the official new sites for Voat and of course here which I knew already, because I used this site to copy and paste on the other one.

I know 8ch is the official domain where Q comms are but I was reluctant to use this one.

It’s kind of confusing to follow.

So I would come here and post else where.

I still do and will because the normies still need redpilled.

I did start a new group on MEWE and I ripped off the name from Reddit’s GA.

Edited for personal info

Post last edited at

9e3bef  No.1662


Nice research

9c5017  No.1665

Even 'here' is with training wheels. as the owner suggests.

We'll be over in qresearch SOON. For most folks here it's their first day posting on 8chan. Getting slammed with insults doesn't help, as Voat is finding out.

For most it's not even all the soft porn and profanity. It's more about folks learning how to post, link etc. Maybe a 'notables' at the top, if possible,directing folks to the basics. Though this thread will garner many folks reading and going to those 'exam' classes to learn before they post. Still nice to have a less crowded thread to do this without distractions.

The platform is just 'new' to us. But we catch on quick.

50f651  No.1670

File: 1d63340ed4c678b⋯.jpg (99.27 KB, 496x461, 496:461, boomer chickens.jpg)


Good to have you here patriot

9e3bef  No.1674

File: dc2a3128a92a2af⋯.jpeg (25.22 KB, 681x216, 227:72, beat democrats 2.jpeg)

Memes are fun, and probably necessary in this sort of war, but I still prefer the good, old-fashioned bumper sticker.

3e2bf7  No.1677

I was worried about coming to 8chan because I did not want to get in the way of the amazing work going on here. Thank you for creating a place for the refugees of Reddit to gather so we may continue to learn and support Q. I will do everything I possibly can to lead others thru the storm.

9c5017  No.1681


Q doesn't post everyday. Though his posts have picked up speed and are less cryptic. He has gone WEEKS without posting.

I'd guess he's just giving the 70k (297k) r/Greatawakening folks a chance to settle in.

Qmap suggested here and VOIT. And it's not going well over there. Hope things settle down.

Being in the military you get use to 'hurry up and wait'. Patience. I think it's about to pick up speed real soon.

e8a6f3  No.1686

File: 296b6bdb64d20e7⋯.jpg (130.22 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, FB_IMG_1508428612023.jpg)


Hello from another Chicken Newfag!

2cdd86  No.1687


Nice one, grandpa.

Fuck Democrats.

Fuck Republicans.

Fuck partisan sheep on both sides

38a169  No.1689

File: a764c224cd691ce⋯.jpg (91.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, boomer posting.jpg)




d1c58d  No.1698


Thanks I appreciate the welcome.

b61e8f  No.1699

File: 6eaf10f19c15120⋯.jpeg (128.13 KB, 632x833, 632:833, 4AB7AA3D-ADB1-4196-B734-4….jpeg)

d1c58d  No.1701


Damn you guys are good, just noticed that. Guess I need to figure out security. Damn it.

b61e8f  No.1704



a0bad2  No.1706

File: 573d4fac4682e9c⋯.jpg (666.41 KB, 1200x1170, 40:39, image_4c13420f-9a45-41e6-b….jpg)

820029  No.1733


d235f6  No.1744



I tried really hard to give Voat a chance, but the hostility over there is overwhelming. On GA we tried to self-monitor our site and downvote violent and hateful content out of existence as soon as we saw it. We tried to keep our home clean.

On Voat, if I understand it correctly, you have to mingle in the community and get a certain number of upvotes for content before you’re allowed to downvote anything.

The result is that crude, hostile posts on “our” site could’t be regulated by us, the only option was for the mods to wield the ban hammer.

Voat evidently takes pride in the fact that they wallow in shit and they like to fling shit at newcomers and then mock them when the newcomers try to put a stop to it.

Voat, apparently perceives “free speech” to mean, “I can say any rude, repulsive thing I want and if you don’t like it then you’re a <insert unwarranted rude, repulsive insult>.

We’re under too much scrutiny by the mainstream media to allow the site to be stained by the shit-flinging Voat denizens with zero ability to stem it because we’re all too new there to downvote comments.

c0a178  No.1745


>We’re under too much scrutiny by the mainstream media


e729a8  No.1751

Just trying to figure this out…

8ac4e1  No.1752



So flat earth isn't allowed on the chans? Why? It's just another group of people asking questions?

eebfec  No.1754



Delrey Technologies now hosts the http://8ch.net website. They are a Gov Defense contractor & veteran owned. That is why Q said /patriotsfight will be the main hub of all communications.


2cdd86  No.1766


Sounds like someone is a delicate fucking snowflake.

Toughen up, buttercup. Chaos in the streets is coming when the truth goes mainstream.

This is not a game.

d1c58d  No.1767

File: 59ea5bdef5d7c19⋯.jpeg (22.5 KB, 248x280, 31:35, 667F3AFB-9D81-4FF4-BD91-8….jpeg)


Doh! I’m an idiot thanks for pointing that out.

7c1a12  No.1783


Hang in there. I know it’s been a rough week and a hell of a shock for a lot of folks, but we’ll make it all work out. Without doxing myself here, I can tell you that I’m trying to bridge the gap, in my own way.

000000  No.1795


Meet Jim.


Father of Ron. >>1387

Who took over this site from hotwheels.

d1c58d  No.1800

Okay newfag here

am I posting secure or can you computer wizfags crack this?

7c1a12  No.1804


If you followed the guidance and only put stuff in the comments, you should be good.

e8a6f3  No.1815

d235f6  No.1819


Now that is constructive criticism, and I appreciate it. You have correctly observed that I'm whining, and reminded me of the important points. Honest criticism that helps me redirect my attention to the right direction and inspires me to try harder.

I may be a snowflake, but strangely, being told to “eat shit and die” on VOAT didn’t inspire me at all.

ad0d97  No.1822


Thank You for taking care of business here …

Looks like everyone is settling in fine and having a place to figure out the chans for everyone is awesome

This place is the place … ALL Q ALL THE TIME


d1e268  No.1828

File: 9f01f9605eb722b⋯.jpg (117.2 KB, 640x705, 128:141, AntiFungalLeafBread_AFLB.jpg)

File: c8d6975ae35dd08⋯.jpg (643.34 KB, 989x3556, 989:3556, e_bot&flat_tards&muh_joos_….jpg)

File: 6d75cd09743c116⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 5760x4544, 90:71, FlatEarth&MuhJoosSittingIn….jpg)

File: fd4845bd0039c00⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 5760x2153, 5760:2153, FULLCIRCLE.jpg)

I'd like to post this just once so you guys know what's going on in the chan battleground:

Sunlights's the best Disinfectant!

So we understand from the Dox that Microchip = Graham Milton = CTA

We know as a matter of fact from IP post histories that CTA = ebot = flat_tards = muh_joos

We found out that "Tiresia" (Everyone is an AI/bot) is actually Microchip literally screaming the truth of his own operations to us, but in a clown costume [Goes to show just how effective the AJ template is - He AJ's the Truth].

We also understand that he poisons every meme he comes across by adding subliminal KYS/suicide messages to it.. (especially the baker babes with direct eye contact, and memes with the jarring red border - by contrast IMGanon is an angel)

He's a puppeteer. What other masks is this fat little fucker hiding behind?

The open borders ban policy only helps this puppeteer's operations.

Because it isn't just that he "posts bad things", it's that he's literally trying to entrain the hivemind into self destruction. He's Evil.

bba934  No.1829

Isn't the proper work "awakened"? I don't think there is such a word as awoken. Sorry, but some of us are driven mad by bad grammar and spelling.

e8a6f3  No.1830

d1e268  No.1833

File: 0a56126ba364caf⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1793x900, 1793:900, ThePostThatGotAFLBRemovedB….jpg)


Because the spammers/shills are the Censorship program itself, as best it can be deployed on the chans through agents with the same access to the board as you have. (So think like a RedTeam!)

The system is rather simple to keep track of spammers:

Stage 1

1) Find a shill / spammer

2) Search your text editor for their [RB] hash, if you find another entry pat yourself on the back - you're mapping out their resources.

3) Copy the [RB] hash, the [B] hash, and the mod link for their post history into the text editor

4) If they're a shill / spammer that you know will be back within minutes on a new IP.. Give them a short ban so they give you another [RB] and [B] they own ; )

5) Repeat 1-4 a gazillion times

Stage 2

Review the post histories of the most populated subnets on your list to see if the shills own the range, or just some single ips.

That's it. So raw data is collected without the risk of friendly fire when things get heated, and calculated decisions can be made with an actual growing map of your shills network resources! Win/win!

I wish you the best of luck

Don't let the puppeteer censor your people too


e8a6f3  No.1838


Unauthorized Foreigner Nonative

3847df  No.1839

File: 07b455fd9bc998b⋯.jpg (183.34 KB, 787x1000, 787:1000, 1.jpg)

So I'm confused because there seems to be mixed signals.

1) Q said "no outside comms." He wasn't specific, but that's all he said, and it's my understanding that he only posts on 8ch. But this isn't the Q board that's been on 8ch for, like, a really long time. Why didn't we go there?

2) voat has public logs and transparency and stuff, do we have that here? we're Q followers because we're awake, but being awake means using your eyes and making sure you have ways to tell you're not being lead around. we should want accountability for stuff, is there a link to a ban log or something? does this site support that?

3) I'm really skeptical about this move. Reddit banned us, right? So Q pointed us to a different site, Voat…which already had a Q sub. And we were told "anything outside of this official sub is compromised and isn't Q." But then that's ditched after a single day (what?!) and we move here, to the site that Q posts on. But we're in a fresh new "official" board, instead of the other one where he posts. I don't get it, what is the explanation for doing this?

d235f6  No.1854


Thank you. It wasn’t my intention to whine about poor treatment. That was my first post ever to this board so I thought I’d describe my experience and thoughts on it. I just arrived here, so the subject has probably already been discussed ad nauseam. I should have taken time to catch up before jumping into the fray.

d235f6  No.1862



3cd7d2  No.1875



e427f1  No.1890


Same with me...everytime I posted something it was taken down and after about 3 posts I got banned for 3 days.

cf8a94  No.1894


What is the real board?

463f59  No.1916


If you're so weak you can be hurt by words, you deserve to be hurt by words. Pussy.

782916  No.1937


that's because you're a boomer faggot that associates words with meaning, rather than the other way around. words mean what you let them mean, free speech includes every fucking word in the book, so get used to it, go back to voat, and learn how to get that cock flavored spit out of your mouth

2cdd86  No.1954



ba01ea  No.1964

Remember Patroits there are many Shills here… Most Qanon Followers will not attack you just in the Name of Free Speech… Calling someone names does nothing but prove they have no argument and have to resort to personal attacks… Free Speech is a must i agree… But its still very obvious when someone is just a douche… Ignore these people its that simple… Continue to dig and post legit findings… And above all stick together Patroits… WWG1WGA

6b1e77  No.1975


Kill yourself AFLB, did you think because we're not on qresearch we wouldn't recognize you?

fbd421  No.1979


Q didn't tell you all to go to Voat. He told you anything other than 8chan would be shut down eventually. Other people told you to go to Voat and slapped Q's name on it.

fbd421  No.1986


>The result is that crude, hostile posts on “our” site could’t be regulated by us, the only option was for the mods to wield the ban hammer.

The moderators set it up that from the start so they could use the ban hammer excessively. Many of you would have by passed the restrictions very, very, very quickly in your community had things been set up differently.

>Voat, apparently perceives “free speech” to mean, “I can say any rude, repulsive thing I want and if you don’t like it then you’re a <insert unwarranted rude, repulsive insult>.

That's what free speech means though, that you can do that. Why would you frame your argument this way, that it's somehow bad or an incorrect interpretation of free speech?

d1c58d  No.1998


I’ve been following Q for quite some time, but I’ve always had this nagging feeling, call it a hunch, that, some bakers seem to be more than just regular anons and Qresearchers, not referring to shills but legit Bakers.

So…Q posts his crumbs, Bakers make dough and eventually cook it long enough to have legit bread, these Bakers are supposed to be comprised of all of us. To a large degree I believe that to be true.

Yet somehow I get the feeling when the baker/anons get stuck on a particular decode, that some benevolent Bakers, the few the proud the inside intel guys/gals just become anons to fill the kneed of dough to keep it baking without burning its source.

If I’m right they deserve a Patriot salute, they should be called oven masters.

If I’m wrong, flame away….kek

2945a2  No.2012

>>1998 There are a lot of smart anons and autists on Qresearch, but I have often suspected that some of them may be helping the discoveries along as needed. Whether they are bakers or not, I don't know. Of course the black hats probably do the same thing in reverse.

d1e268  No.2016


I clearly wasn't trying to hide, that isn't the point.

I had hopes the team in charge weren't idiots, then you happened..

3847df  No.2022


so this raises the question, why is this board even here? what's the point? I was told Q has posted here before a long time ago and still does it now and then, and there's a board called "q research" that's existed for a long time and Q people go there.

So why does this board exist and who controls it? why weren't we pointed to the older Q board?

3847df  No.2024

And when I say "Q has posted here" I mean 8chan, i don't mean this board. Obviously this place here is brand spanking new.

e23870  No.2030


Yes big learning curve and I hope to be able to operate soon

a7311c  No.2039


I never noticed that Q said to go to Voat. Qmap.pub was linking one of the voat boards as the official replacement for r/greatawakening.

a7311c  No.2046


I suspect most of us will find this 8chan board more to our liking,

7f1e24  No.2051


There's actual pedophiles here so you will fit right in. Don't forget to check /loli/ /shota/ and /younglove/

a7311c  No.2052


I have never wanted to post on the research board because I don't want to interfere with the efforts the autists are making over there.

I don't think it is a bad plan to have a separate board for those of us who are mainly watching the show at this point.

f4fc29  No.2080


Yes because Voat is a comp’d cesspool. Stay here. Ignore the shills

f4fc29  No.2084


Codemonkey and board owner created this board. I believe the BO is the same BO as qresearch. Q made this board for Reddit-refuges. This way qresearch would still be useable. It couldn’t take 70,000 more people.

769f1b  No.2088

CloudFlare is getting slapped around like Weinstein's Towel with all this dom action

f4fc29  No.2091


Stay off Voat. Stay here. Ignore the shills and don’t feed the trolls.

f4fc29  No.2094


Dom action?

769f1b  No.2123



dom-action = website hits = website gangbang

3847df  No.2127


So which is it? Only one person can make a board, yet you're saying codemonkey did it, then "board owner" did it, then Q did it. Q doesn't make boards, he only does drops, and people make or discuss things around/about those drops, Q isnt a board maker or mod or admin or anything.

also, if voat was compromised all along, including after making a fresh new Q sub alongside an older one, and that STILL somehow didn't work, why wasn't this board made earlier? why was this place only created right after everything went to shit on voat? that's no coincedence.

something doesn't smell right…

769f1b  No.2130


Website admin > board admin > anon

d34266  No.2135


I could’ve written this post myself. I flagged the shit out of trolls and shills and the more I reported the more they took down my posts. I finally quit posting at all since they’d leave up bumper sticker posts but took down my Q drop.

3847df  No.2140


I know that's what they are. That doesn't answer my question. He said "codemonkey and board owner made this board." Then he said "Q made this board for refugees." Only one of those things can be true

8f3f73  No.2143

File: 0d2c8cfb6b53509⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 712x539, 712:539, 16q66q6664hj515634276750.jpg)

File: f5da6698776719f⋯.png (197.78 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, 1556598480udf0hu5336366315….png)

File: 847cff5a0838b28⋯.png (318.39 KB, 1197x1559, 1197:1559, 1515624669306328709ugodhu8….png)


Oldfag from /qresearch and chans in general. Weve been under attack on /qresearch 24/7 since at least March. Im not sure how you will moderate or whatever but you should explain to the Redditfugees general psyops.

Trust nobody unless they have something useful to say. Theres already shills and shill threads up. The intent of the shills is to drive everyone away. Flat Earthers or Nazis are probably neither.

53bf8b  No.2177

We know that the many different Secret Societies around the world are responsible for:

-much of the global organized crime

-satanic ritual abuse crimes

-the pursuit of control over humanity through a one world government

-measures to achieve population reduction

-the suppression of technology, energy and health cures.


fb3bdb  No.2181


Yeah voat are assholes

3ff4d6  No.2188


That is exactly what happened.

04bb85  No.2190


and /zoo/, we really love our horses

3ff4d6  No.2191


Yaaasss We need this. The world needs this. One cannot have liberty without justice.

5db9ee  No.2193

File: 81ac096ced7567a⋯.png (298.54 KB, 499x641, 499:641, 81ac096ced7567a346a886b0ba….png)


newfag get out REEEEE

04bb85  No.2194

File: 0cd656c16cbf1f5⋯.jpeg (255.58 KB, 700x684, 175:171, 144240.jpeg)


6c9474  No.2196

This is brilliant. If pron, gore, etc. are the reasons nornies and/or half-ins stay away, then it logically follows to offer a more welcoming environment, thus bringing them to the infinity platform. WWG1WGA is not a slogan. It's a lifestyle.

04bb85  No.2199

File: cd51334bc133966⋯.jpg (629 KB, 1552x1663, 1552:1663, 0ff487c8c28002c043e5451acc….jpg)

6c9474  No.2201


Absolutely. Pace their own redpilling.

4ef777  No.2204


Testing 🥂

ad0d97  No.2205


Either make your point or shut-up oh great asker of questions … Geez !!

3ff4d6  No.2207


We don't kill, shill.

newfags take note

04bb85  No.2208

File: 3c97992ce9ec00c⋯.png (371.19 KB, 489x719, 489:719, 4Dt_DY.png)

3ff4d6  No.2210


Can you hear me now? kek

Welcome, Patriot.

04bb85  No.2213

File: 94b12bce6c647f2⋯.jpeg (280.74 KB, 974x928, 487:464, 7VZMxk.jpeg)

a48d27  No.2215


Me too.trying to figure this system out >>260



a48d27  No.2218


Also testing and hoping not to piss off folks

3847df  No.2221


The question was, who is the board owner and who controls things on the board? I said it in plain english, I'm not being nebulous about anything. Is it really that hard to understand?

And you're really implying asking questions is a bad thing? This is a Q board, "question everything" is supposed to be the default position, oh great snarker of comments.

04bb85  No.2222

File: aaa537f2f216d8e⋯.jpg (368.46 KB, 818x1024, 409:512, 146149.jpg)

04bb85  No.2223

File: e52f3519f785571⋯.jpg (215.48 KB, 500x557, 500:557, 049b0-awyattman7.jpg)

3ff4d6  No.2227


He won't have any descendants as God will have handled matters by then. He's pretty harsh about these types of Jews

04bb85  No.2228

File: ffe795e08ff38b6⋯.jpg (298.05 KB, 750x1010, 75:101, 9fdb37ab21969002a46ec00fed….jpg)

a48d27  No.2231


It’s like training wheels!! Reeee

04bb85  No.2234

File: 0782cdf3fb279da⋯.jpg (557.77 KB, 1756x1804, 439:451, 0782cdf3fb279da5f8642e5851….jpg)

214063  No.2237

File: 62f70cddd38c565⋯.jpg (66.96 KB, 628x773, 628:773, 62f70cddd38c56525e45d57456….jpg)

214063  No.2240

File: 0e6b4c12846e0fb⋯.jpg (162.53 KB, 960x622, 480:311, 0e6b4c12846e0fb659c1596422….jpg)

67f61c  No.2243



1fcf23  No.2246

>>264 I hope I figure this out soon. Grrrr.

63fade  No.2251

File: 1660e85010f94ab⋯.jpg (155.17 KB, 726x616, 33:28, 1660e85010f94abf6e841b292f….jpg)

cfc02b  No.2253

File: 769895b117264b3⋯.png (278.99 KB, 1732x699, 1732:699, 8CHAN Anatomy of a Post.PNG)


All your 8chan FAQ right here:


67f61c  No.2254


3ff4d6  No.2255


I'm not a x-tian, shillfag.

I know more than you know, shillfag.

Filter, it's a great tool.

a088f8  No.2256

File: 23dad2939020e7d⋯.jpg (35.5 KB, 310x386, 155:193, 23dad2939020e7d374205d620e….jpg)

a088f8  No.2257


ofcourse you a kike

d6b56c  No.2258


Fabulous advice! My first day here too. Refugees united!


3ff4d6  No.2260


I'm not a x-tian, shillfag.

I know more than you know, shillfag.

Filter, it's a great tool. >>2256

219bf4  No.2262


I don't think this will be too horrible. Just a little bit horrible. Hell, maybe a lot horrible. But it's better than Reddit.

3ff4d6  No.2263


I'm happier with it.

6a1b37  No.2264

File: a3f5230d4d605e6⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, Q.jpg)

Fox news put this pic on the news for Hurricane coverage :) Q Posting again soon?? Or is that a stretch?? #WWG1WGA

d1a28c  No.2265

File: 47ee6650de64c57⋯.png (368.32 KB, 623x458, 623:458, 137809.png)


>Filter, it's a great tool.

kek, niggerfaggot yid, hello from Voat and /pol/

47810c  No.2266

File: 03f794ae46f30ca⋯.jpeg (52.2 KB, 750x476, 375:238, 70D1D74B-3AFF-4DC6-8537-D….jpeg)


Ok, what is Bill talking about?

d1a28c  No.2272

File: 5200cfc99b4dc3d⋯.png (867.74 KB, 1296x787, 1296:787, 5200cfc99b4dc3dcb5dfa2bf87….png)

d1a28c  No.2274

File: 4ffb3479d0401d2⋯.jpg (382.47 KB, 600x695, 120:139, 143833.jpg)

3ff4d6  No.2276


Attention porn. Maybe something you'll enjoy, but probably not anything with weight.

d1a28c  No.2282

File: 55cebe50d822938⋯.png (289.65 KB, 760x662, 380:331, 146655.png)

bfae59  No.2284


If by part you mean epicenter, then yes.

bfae59  No.2286


It's Friday night. It's pizza night.

Actual pizza. Not Podesta pizza.

bfae59  No.2290


First sentence is wrong, so the rest of it kinda falls apart.

3ff4d6  No.2291


Happy Pizza Night!

d1a28c  No.2300


right, because you boomer scum blame babies for falling in a tub and drowning not the boomer idiot that left them there

47810c  No.2316


This is run by a guy codename Cobra. He reports on the galactic aspects of the battle. I’ve been following his blog since 2013. He has been talking about mass arrests and tribunals for years.

06e52d  No.2318


There are actually several observatories closed, apparently. Only speculation as to why.

bbaf54  No.2325

File: a121c7096c560e5⋯.jpg (5.49 KB, 184x195, 184:195, lox3e[1].jpg)


Well fuck me, I've been engaging with paid shills without knowing it. Thanks bro. TIL.

192350  No.2332


I saw that. Of all things. There are Quincodences

192350  No.2333


No Quincodences . Correction

d55e25  No.2334


Thanks, I needed something of interest to read this evening.

192350  No.2340


I’m a new fav here, meant to say No Quincodences. Kek

4f7229  No.2341

File: 21167fec5fea5a6⋯.png (1.72 MB, 5760x3458, 2880:1729, 21167fec5fea5a64ee8606f548….png)

Newfags Listen up, Once a thread hits 750 posts, thats it. Go back to the catalog to find the new thread (bread)….. Carry on

47df75  No.2344


Thank you for taking the time to post here!!

Don't be offended by the language and what appears to be racist xenophobic posts. Be assured being called a faggot here is a term of endearment... By keeping it real RAW, the Chans ward off censorship.

Also, it's customary to not identify yourself in any way. Don't fill in the name area, no age, no sex, nothing. You are truly an ANON here!!!

Welcome, from a newbie been here about 1 year..

69fe9f  No.2347


d55e25  No.2348



47df75  No.2353


Awesome!!! Great thinking! Can this image be a sticky up top for noobs?

c192d2  No.2354

Thank you,

de5581  No.2356

Sorry, I am testing out how to use this site.>>225

eca936  No.2360

Reading, researching, learning.

6e5cc0  No.2362


""One cannot have liberty without justice."" here here

or ==Free Speech==

8db96a  No.2363


eca936  No.2367

Reading, researching, learning. WWG1WAG

cf8a94  No.2368


6e5cc0  No.2369


go away leaf bread

10c08a  No.2377

Any help will be appreciated

14469c  No.2380

Tor was developed with a lot of C_A involvement, and many of the bounce servers worldwide are operated by them.

cf8a94  No.2381

File: 8434eb9b150fe0b⋯.jpeg (103.41 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, D14D2316-B0E6-4FF7-8F97-5….jpeg)

192350  No.2382

Sean Hannity just said next week will be a BOMBSHELL WEEK


10c08a  No.2383


FISA maybe or something bigger?

d6fb64  No.2385

>>1176 test to earth

d51d21  No.2387



53543f  No.2393

I really want to call bullshit on Q!

I'm tired of being strung along…. going on a year now.

If you & POTUS have the goods, spill it already!

"At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street"

Let that day be tomorrow

71331b  No.2394


Yep, been hearing that the planets are aligning just right for next week.

192350  No.2396


This is a war zone newfangled. Get your heart off your sleeve and start digging. Drop and me 20!!!!

10c08a  No.2397


Thanks, I need all the help I can get, loving my new home

e79197  No.2401

Testing this thing

10c08a  No.2402


My son told me to stay off 8ch, he said it has stuff on there his mom shouldn't see lol

d51d21  No.2403


8chan is my new Home, love it

bc83b5  No.2404

>>230 Yes. They are that stupid.

bbaf54  No.2405


Patience. This is a big-fucking-job. Expect it to take a while longer. The stakes are too high to fuck it up and we may only have one chance.

379470  No.2406

File: 1b84d72a0287472⋯.jpeg (174.26 KB, 744x960, 31:40, 19FF6202-666D-4CF6-BAC6-2….jpeg)


Look at the UK if you want to know where they’re going with this...

6bebec  No.2409

Anybody see that dip shit dumb mother fucker John "dipfuck" Kerry talking about meeting with the Iranians about salvaging the fuckin shit box deal? Muh mutha fucka Mike Pompeo was pissed! Y'all need to watch that. Son of a bitch! I want to see these fuckin traitor mutha fuckas go down!

53543f  No.2411


Just tired of watching their punk asses prancing around like their shit don't stink and all the real folks are beneath them.

10c08a  No.2412


Patience is a virtue, but I get it, all the pieces need to be in place before they can unload, I hold on to Q saying 2018 will be glorious

eca936  No.2415

It isn't as bad as I thought.

10c08a  No.2416


I missed that but loved watching Lindsey Graham squirrelly while talking to HA and Kelly and Mattis watching them like hawks.

53543f  No.2419


I'm sure you're right. Just venting here. Bullshit being pulled on SC nominee !

Just tired of it!

10c08a  No.2421

How do you know if someone responded to ur post? Newfag here and I have no clue

d51d21  No.2422


We are all here b/c we are sick of it with you. Stay strong Patriot!

bbaf54  No.2423


Newfag too, but go to options and select desktop notifications on replies and quotes.

7585f4  No.2425


Lol watching BabyFace McGraham flip sides has been entertaining.

Whut about Miitary Teibunals!!!!

10c08a  No.2427

So is this our own 8ch board for Reddit refugees? Will Q post here or just on patriotsfight

d51d21  No.2429


Put them on pay Per View and we will pay for the wall in a week. We will tha e a Military Tribunal party at our house!!!

10c08a  No.2431


Thank you!

53543f  No.2432


In truth, POTUS has already exposed the establishment and the left for what they really are and how they feel.

Now, that in itself is PRICELESS!

a4327a  No.2440

Will this board also be full with 751 posts?

Reddit refugees should not be shocked, when the board is full.

Is there a baker for a new one?

Or won't here be a new one and redditfags will be released to the (qresearch-)boards for grown ups?


672d72  No.2441


Might as well get used to it. Every other platform is doomed to failure.

10c08a  No.2443


I'm on a cell phone and I checked the desktop notifications but I didn't see anything different, maybe bc I'm on a cell?

06e52d  No.2447


Kenites, wanderers, Cain's curse- no homeland of their own, usurpers, and want to rule the world.

Their "government" is the Beast- system and it is about to receive the deadly wound.

9f5681  No.2448


BO & Codemonkey are 2 different Anons. They work together on Chans. Both have different jobs here. Both physically work to take care of board. Like Anon said, Q has specified anything outside of chans can be shutdown. Q posts on 8 Chan and therefore approves. QResearch Anons also back up EVERYTHING, REPEATEDLY, just in case shit gets crazy on Chan. It took time to develop that, like it will here.

Think of this board as a place to practice with training wheels. This is a great thing. I wish i had had this opportunity, starting out. Because, if you go to QResearch at this point, you could get trampled pretty quickly. It's high gear all the time now. This board will help you, if you eventually want to transition to QResearch. If not, this will grow into a great home, with it's own communication style, to work in cooperation with QResearch. As BO said, this is our sister board. Work together, that means equals.

10c08a  No.2463


Hello fellow patriots

672d72  No.2466


The BO of this board is an entirely different BO. Then again, they are in contact and our BO over there has publicly approved of him.

1f49f6  No.2468

File: b1291b7e8ec9a0c⋯.jpg (53.63 KB, 800x420, 40:21, serveimage.jpg)



934e8e  No.2469


Thanks for asking. I'm new to this layout too.

10c08a  No.2475


How do u block the nude pics, I've been to the other board (clicked wrong button at the top) I don't mind profanity but as a Christian woman I don't really want to look at all that

2154eb  No.2497


TOGTFO kek jk..so glad you are here!


c503af  No.2508




730cb8  No.2509


We are all anons don’t fill out email and name

730cb8  No.2511


Welcome patriot

934e8e  No.2514

Thanks. how do I delete a post?



730cb8  No.2517


If you bake it they will crumb

730cb8  No.2520


He says that every week.

730cb8  No.2523


We will bake another.

c503af  No.2524

c503af  No.2527

d51d21  No.2533


934e8e  No.2535


It can't be that difficult to figure out this layout. Definitely feeling lost.

934e8e  No.2542


He's a traitor and needs to be hung from the highest tree in the town square.

fbb8c9  No.2546



d55e25  No.2548


Hang them HIGH…Bury them LOW!

d51d21  No.2550



Kerry paid for that big ass yacht with the Iran deal money. He is a traitor and deserves to be strung up in public.

730cb8  No.2554


From Q posts. Do you read Qs posts?



Main points of interest only.

It will serve as the main hub of all communications once all other sites 'tracking' collapse [8ch only].

What part of another wave of attacks coming [yesterday] wasn't understood?

This is not a game.



12 Sep 2018 - 5:26:11 PM


In that case BO needs to open more research boards, 70k posters extra on 1 board is simply not a workable situation




Military planning at its finest.


This is where Q says is safe to post. No where else. Q did not endorse Voat. Do not use Voat.

cf8a94  No.2555


Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote is scheduled for the 20th. Q stressed the timing of the SC conf.

d51d21  No.2563

Part 1 Illuminati pushing Pedophilia


902119  No.2575

Please refrain from posting on qresearch… that board is for the autists and insiders, you may lurk (observe) but please don’t muck up the board with nonsense articles from Fox News, breitbart, etc. The folks on qresearch have a difficult enough time dealing with shills and deep state infiltration, they don’t need us screwing up the research. POST HERE ONLY, this is your home now, make it any way you want it, don’t go into someone else’s house and shit on their sofa. Stay strong. Stay united. God bless America!! WWG1WGA

a4327a  No.2595


did you ever see the amount of shill- and troll-stuff and silly jokes and porn on the "autists' and anons'" boards…?

I think, on Reddit (I was there as well) also some pretty good resaerch had been done.

I remember some really good threads over there and I hope they have been archived somewhere.

So no redditfag needs to hide!

Just LURK a bit in the beginning.

Do not SPAM the boards, but of course, take part in the discussions!

It's bit chaotic, there are no "neat threads"… but the important information will be collected…. and put in Memes…

000000  No.2596


Watch for national Emergency Broadcast on Sept 20th 2018.


000000  No.2604

Watch for national Emergency Broadcast on Sept 20th 2018.


5f31e3  No.2609



2cdd86  No.2610

File: 1b6d37a3ffb2a6d⋯.jpg (573.23 KB, 1500x1231, 1500:1231, peeky-peeky.jpg)


just do like this and chill baby

a4327a  No.2614

Sorry, misspelling the number…

my last post >>2595

was a reply to >>2575 - not >>2475 !

>>2475 this is for you! :)

blocking nudes is afaik not possible, just fast scrolling, so that we do not need to see them longer as necessary… ;)

2cdd86  No.2616



733 when new bread?

c503af  No.2622


>Speaking as a fellow reddit refugee. I agree the banning of r/TheGreatAwakening will only define the pattern of the other social media purge. Pull together patriots and lets win this! Then we will no longer have to 'live like a refugee'



>Its sorta like driving a standard, where's the clutch pedal?


af5414  No.2626



Thank you. This is great! I'm new so hope this posts. I so appreciate all of your warmth to us transplants!

5622f8  No.2627


You misunderstand. Humanity started with no sin (Adam & Eve). They sinned, hence sin entered the world and was passed on and everyone since was born with it. Only way to make things right again was for Christ to live a sinless human life, die taking everyone else's sin upon himself, and then defeat death.

d51d21  No.2628




672d72  No.2630

Come on Guys.. Fill this bread!!

2cdd86  No.2633


Jesus Fucking Christ.

Jesus of Nazareth never existed as a historical figure, and the Bible was written by an elite class of literate priests and scribes to maintain control over and extract wealth from simple-minded sheep.

Here's a thought experiment:

Destroy every single Bible.

Destroy every single Physics Book.

Fast-forward 2,000 years.

Zero Bibles will reappear.

Thousands of Physics Books will reappear.

'Nuff said.

9f5681  No.2635

Good Evening Night Shift Anons!

Congrats, you will have baked your first bread at 751 posts. An Anon has created your main thread #2, on this board. Way to go Anon!

In Catalog or here


4e462d  No.2637


Shut one eye and cross the other. It comes with the turf but try not to be offended. Even though I’m not…boys will be boys!

6b9011  No.2639

Does anyone know the basis for the claim the sub had closer to 300k and not 70k subs? I know who said it but I didn't see any evidence.

672d72  No.2643

Fill this bread first though, thems the rules on this here website.

85702a  No.2646

Already baking new bread around here …

The board is doing its thing

Love it !! WWG1WGA

9f5681  No.2647

File: 566e056ba724423⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 611x227, 611:227, q.JPG)


That would be Q

2cdd86  No.2648


I was there from the beginning on several alt accounts, none of which were subscribed.

a59d69  No.2651

File: cb0e0c8afb22721⋯.jpg (57.32 KB, 960x916, 240:229, FB_IMG_1536801505278.jpg)

Not sure what I'm doing. First time I'm attempting to communicate on the 8chans. I have watched the autists in awe, never imagining I'd ever be in here myself.

05046f  No.2658

testing 1-2-3

this was a test. we now return to your regular scheduled programming.

9f5681  No.2663

Next bread

Congrats, you will have baked your first bread at 751 posts. An Anon has created your main thread #2, on this board. Way to go Anon!

In Catalog or here


9f5681  No.2664

next bread

Congrats, you will have baked your first bread at 751 posts. An Anon has created your main thread #2, on this board. Way to go Anon!

In Catalog or here


2cdd86  No.2668

File: aa47f41bb9b61bc⋯.jpg (148.72 KB, 960x639, 320:213, qangsters.jpg)

4e462d  No.2669


Better than “I’m with HER->pes”

06458b  No.2705


dl'd tor keep getting this message-→ To post on 8chan over Tor, you must use the hidden service for security reasons. You can find it at http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion.

3daebd  No.2706

Welcome newfags!!! This is the place you want to be. I've lurked since 11/2/17 and even tho haven't replied (keeps telling me the thread is full and i havent figured that out… I have found the truth and info i needed to know… you will too. i've learned to keep my peep shut and learn… it's great here and you will unite with others if you read and learn!!! Good luck and again Let's roll together!!! Time for freedom and WWG1WGA

f10b7f  No.2713

First thread full!! WWG1WGA. fuck Reddit

5270b9  No.2724

File: 83de472b657d5bf⋯.jpeg (192.03 KB, 1242x677, 1242:677, 670BCC37-C027-42D9-AB6E-D….jpeg)

God bless all of you!!!

Post last edited at

bbe48b  No.2736


boot camp? or are you a sadist? (or both?)

honest questions. and don't give this boomer any boomer-faggpt-cock-flavored-spit response.

have you ever been in a life-or-death fight in IRL?

c02a7c  No.2737

Glad to be here among patriots. I'm frustrated with the learning curve, but this will be a great home for us once we get acclimated.

5270b9  No.2744

I’m a rookie here how do I follow Q?

bbe48b  No.2754


Seriously? Has Q *EVER* said that you should 'follow' Q ?

bbe48b  No.2756


Good attitude. Lurk MOAR.

bbe48b  No.2761


patiencefag. i'm impressed. kudos.

5270b9  No.2764

Let me rephrase that how do is see Q post

Post last edited at

7ec49c  No.2769


I'm with you. I've been thinking there was a "good" reason why RR signed off on that 4th app. Follow the trail back to its origin. The gig was up by the time the 4th came around.

bbe48b  No.2772


RUDE Awakening INCOMING. Bless your heart.

bbe48b  No.2778


measure twice; cut once

aa8150  No.2783



Best info for my kind. Got the point. It’s fucking spooky here but we go together. Thanks.

d2b676  No.2790

File: 15480222aba9c9e⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2178x1924, 1089:962, 1505447042501.jpg)

Bringing chan culture to the west was my biggest fucking mistake

c53ef5  No.2793

File: ec48f1a2c566df1⋯.jpg (33.45 KB, 334x750, 167:375, 1438998927810.jpg)


6a51ea  No.2797

Reporting for duty sir. Information and communications specialist if needed.

e3af74  No.2801


Personality as a newfag I like this romper room.

I’ve tried following the original qreaserch boards and get lost and confused pretty quick.

I’m having a bit of an easier time here.

Of course it doesn’t help that I’m basically a boomer Luddite…but I learn and try as I can.

Thanks to you veteran qfags I’ve learned allot on this one…hate to call it a thread…but this page I guess.

Anyway I appreciate the patience some of you are showing in teaching us newbs.

e3af74  No.2826


The 12 gauge auto-loader.

The 45 long slide with laser sighting.

Phase plasma rifle in 40-watt range.

The Uzi 9mm.


098aa5  No.2847

Test Drive

098aa5  No.2850



58c08c  No.2862


The cold truth of this statement made me Kek

9b880b  No.2863

First time ever posting. Been reading boards ever since Q started dropping. This is kinda cool. I got my WWG1WGA sticker on the back of my van, Trump pissing on a liberals head sticker, 1 gold and 2 silver Trump coins and my fave, I have a Trump troll doll.

Also got the Mr and Mrs trump poster. It's so cool, they both locked and loaded!!

I'll post it when I figure this out more but so happy to be here with all you patriots!

bbe48b  No.2869



9b880b  No.2887

So once we newfags get a little more chan savvy how do we more on/ over to the more meatier comms on this board? Hope I got all that lingo right! My son would be so proud of his momma bear for leaning this tech on her own!!

58c08c  No.2888

Newfag here. If they made a new bread because this one is full why are people like me for instance still posting on this 1? Shouldn’t we just roll into the next? Sorry in advance for being a faggot retard.

51d2a1  No.2910



04e940  No.2918

Taking a test ride

04e940  No.2920


Do you think Q will let us use it?

3ff4d6  No.2930

File: 39ead20d53a32a8⋯.png (18.81 KB, 691x150, 691:150, ClipboardImage.png)

There are no notifications, but you'll see this.

3ff4d6  No.2952

Guys, I'm not really okay with just accepting the reality that the censorship will widen while a slow walk of information infers justice "is coming".

Why hasn't Trump made a public statement? It's not like a bump in the road that we can hop over.

Not shilling, but legit question here.

3ff4d6  No.2955

File: 09f1a27f944954c⋯.png (154.67 KB, 897x347, 897:347, ClipboardImage.png)


That's a good question. If i understand it correctly, each thread has a maximum capacity of 751. Why 751? No idea.

Once the thread reaches that number, a new thread must be created or one must have already been created. How to create a new thread? No idea.

Here's a screenshot of "catalog" (that's how you get to this area). See the "R:418"? That's the number of replies in this thread. Not full yet.

bbe48b  No.2956


Ask the President?

bbe48b  No.2957


Lurk moar.

3ff4d6  No.2960


Lurk moar.

308210  No.2967

new here… if anyone can help I'd appreciate it. I usually just lurk to suck up the research and spread it far and wide. Memes MEMES me-me-s

ac6fc8  No.2978

Any older users able to recommend an Android App for 8chan? The few I've played with don't have ID filtering and the Captcha can get schizophrenic.

000000  No.2985


Good morning ...time for bed..Goodnight

fbe48e  No.3004


What a bunch of crap. The Reddit refugees over at Voat don't seem to understand this situation outside of themselves. They don't understand they they're being co-opted by a bunch of idiots. If they don't wake up and clear out, then I'm certain the MSM will jump all over this, painting this unique (for the while) situation for the perception it is!

We don't need an unthinking, foul-mouthed midget trying to justify it. FYI: I'm no Boomer. I just happen to know what this looks like to those that want to paint a bad picture.

You see, there's nothing hard about being unbecoming and hurling abuse at these POS. They're capable of being butthurt every bit as much as the targets they engage. In fact, I think it'd be worth the effort, just to cyberslap some sense into our former GA regulars. I wouldn't bother wasting words on a flame war. I prefer the nuclear option with these knuckle-dragging retards.

def43c  No.3041

what is a noteable? What is a bread? And what are Bakers? I only know what crumbs are. Ive followed Q decodes on youtube since Jan, then learned to read on sites like qanon.pub, and followed closely. I got into Reddit about a month before r/GA was shut down, and was still just learning it, and now this….. This shit makes my head hurt, but I am determined to learn, and work my way up to being a newfag. Awesome. Now Im on the asshole of the internet hoping that I dont accidentally click on some sick BS. Not happy about it, but ready to learn. WTF do I need to know?

437e95  No.3049

full fags make 2

7c7259  No.3051

Hey fucktards, how's it going?

fbe48e  No.3052


Well, by virtue of being here, you are now a newfag. Congrats. Yep, Q drops crumbs. Bakers, are the people that make threads that are 750 replies long, before they have to have a new bread ready. The difference between the bread at /qresearch and here, is that our bread isn't rebaked. Once we ht 750 replies, then the oldest comment is deleted. Fair enough really, as it stops a lot of anxiety over our former GA regulars having to rebake just to keep old conversations alive.

This might be the asshole of the Internet, but we're lucky in that we're not swimming up to our neck in shills (yes, they're here, but they'd rather be over at /qresearch where the disruption brings more Return on Investment).

I'm glad you chose here instead of voat. That place would make you angry. I can see the Reddit Refugee movement taking a lot of flak for this in the coming days and weeks for ever being over there.

fbe48e  No.3054


I'm using Brave Browser (yep, just a standard browser but with ad/tracking blocking abilities) and using the view desktop page option to make it like you'd use on your PC.

65f58e  No.3057

I'm a UK Newgag!!! Been lurking since the beginning. Finally made my 1st post. Will hopefully learn the rest as I go along. What a time to be alive. WWG1WGA. God bless the Anon's and Patriots!

3ff4d6  No.3061


Yo. Brilliant day, patriot.

3ff4d6  No.3062


Brit patriots are some of the most awesome people I've ever known. Good morning, patriot!

37a6dc  No.3063

File: 7c84195737d33fe⋯.jpg (62.02 KB, 500x527, 500:527, 2hzltb.jpg)

So proud of POTUS, Q and all you Patriots that voted Trump.

Keep voting out the fraudsters. We need real leaders that will help our POTUS.

Just made this and wanted to do my part. God Bless.

0d5373  No.3068



You'll have to manually add the site and boards

3ff4d6  No.3071

File: 6ec2ea01b354f7c⋯.png (165.62 KB, 1036x1023, 1036:1023, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d46694acaa18f6e⋯.png (142.51 KB, 1008x846, 56:47, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d261016e0d91589⋯.png (151.93 KB, 1011x1040, 1011:1040, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3b70af2ac442963⋯.png (128.52 KB, 1006x975, 1006:975, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0e9334ac1bae253⋯.png (142.04 KB, 1014x855, 338:285, ClipboardImage.png)

3ff4d6  No.3072

File: d34b103429b4558⋯.png (130.93 KB, 1014x842, 507:421, ClipboardImage.png)

65f58e  No.3073


Thank you! Proud to be part of the Q Army. No more lurking. Time for action.

def43c  No.3084

@KrazedKakapo 09/15/18 (Sat) 02:24:00 fbe48e (3) No.3052 I dont think you understand, that most patriots will not understand this site or its lingo. Im struggleing hard right now. Maybe I dont know what crumbs are after all? B/C you said that bakers are the ones with 750 threads, but you never said what a thread was, or how to find one. All I see on this site is a really annoying adventure in scrolling random peoples posts in numerical order. What threads? I dont see any. And what is bread? Why do they have to prepare bread at 750 posts? I swear Im not an idiot, I just dont have any reference to these things and might as well be on Mars right now. This site is frustrating, but I have to learn it. Thank you for your time.

fb5bb0  No.3087


On top of each picture, there is a (hide) button. Click that and poof, image hidden.

def43c  No.3091

Im not going away… What is Bread? What are Bakers? I know Q teams posts very well but that doesent help me understand 8chan. Can somebody please help?

fb5bb0  No.3095


A bread is another way of saying thread.

8chan is a federation of boards, like the United States of America is a federation of states.

A board is a collection of treads, organized as a catalog or an index page.

A baker is someone who "bakes" (that is, creates) a "bread" (meaning, a thread). Bakers are the creators of new threads. They are important because the original post of a new thread must have the essential information to keep the conversation going.

As for the 8chan hierarchy:


Codemonkey is the Admin, that's the highest-ranking "officer" on an imageboard. Under the admin, there are:



Global Volunteers

The 8chan administration is like the US federal government, different from the states.

As to individual boards, like this one, >>>/patriotsfight/ (Q's board) and >>>/qresearch/ (where most of Qrumb discussion takes place), they work like states and are organized thusly:

Board Owner, creator of the board

Board Volunteers, deputized by the Board Owner

Regular users like you and me are called anons. They're the community and the most important part of any imageboard.

fbe48e  No.3101


You re on a thread. Right now. A thread is a conversation. This happens to be a group conversation. Sorry I didn't notice this earlier. You can make replies by clicking on the post number that you wish to reply to, or using the >>Number format:


Bakers are the authors of each conversation. Each conversation has the maximum of 750 replies, before another thread has to be made.

Us Redditors call it a thread. 8chan calls it a bread. Just like how we call the author of the bread a poster.

try https://8ch.net/patriotsawoken/catalog.html if you want to see the different threads we've made here already. About 10 or so stickied threads at the top, and a whole bunch of others underneath.

302951  No.3103



Right now there are far too many threads in the catalog to review. I have it set so I see the threads with the most responses first but I would like to see fewer threads in the catalog.

dbfdfd  No.3104


Judicial Watch does a lot of digging. They go through each page with a fine toothed comb. This is the one of the only sites I recommend helping financially.

Anyway, thanks for bringing me here. This is so much easier to navigate than voat. That was a nightmare to me...lol. God bless all the anons and thank you all for the great info. I hope to be of some help in digging.

302951  No.3109


I've been lurking on 8chan for several months but am just now digging in. The one thing I've seen is that doxing in any form is a nono. Your use of the term momma is doxing yourself. I know, kind of silly but that's 8chan for you.

fbe48e  No.3112


Not quite. Doxxing is putting your Actual Name into the Name field of the Reply Box, or your actual Email address in the email box.

Yeah, don't do that.

I happen to be doing what they call namefagging. Should be avoided in normal circumstances, especially on /qresearch, but that's only because it was my reddit handle. No other reason. As long a your reddit handle isn't doxxing you (because you actually used your name) then I don't see the harm. Far better this than having someone else take your name as an imposter.

b1a167  No.3121


I feel like a lot of folks know but have bit their toung for so long because of the stranglehold mainstream social platforms have on political correctness.


e8a6f3  No.3125

File: db19529f1a6766c⋯.jpg (75.09 KB, 1080x360, 3:1, IMG_20180912_191407.jpg)


Chicken Farmer I am No More HOOAH HOOAH HOOAH!!

b9722f  No.3140



New here and as I've learned over the last handful of years in trying to improve my health, you are DEFINITELY looking in the right direction. Once I learn the boards, I'd love to contribute to this in any way I can. There are some great and highly intelligent people out there talking about the subjects you mention, but getting very little coverage. Their platforms are being removed the same as ours. I feel it might be a great way to repill the masses as 'everyone trusts their doctor' but no one trusts a politician. Having taken some alternative healing and nutrition classes, I am meeting people I would never have guessed wanting to escape 'sick care' and it's giving me faith that lies are being exposed in all directions. People know……..FEEL like something is off. The Great Awakening is here!

eea77e  No.3142

New fag checking in. Thank you all for the warm welcome! And yes, tree view is much better.

000000  No.3143

Reddit Great Awakening Archive?

Excuse the shouty text, but is there an archive of the most important threads and investigations from Reddit?

One with all the open investigations.

(I'm not from Reddit and I'm aware of qclearancearchive and other sites, but if there's one among them that fits what I'm looking for please point me to it.)

Just also want to take this chance to mention it's customary on some boards here to use an archival website to archive articles lest they disappear (an article mentioned in the "Q Research thread" has already disappeared hours later).

Some sites used are:



If You See Something, Save Something – 6 Ways to Save Pages In the Wayback Machine


e568a5  No.3147

Normalfag / lurker.

Technical question / suggestion - I am a machine learning engineer, and as I understand, this is a "filtered" board. To reduce the manpower required, have the 8ch owners/mods considered installing an image filter, something as https://github.com/yahoo/open_nsfw ?

Easiest way to implement it without impact to current infrastructure and without introducing any vulnerabilities to the 8ch itself, could be:

> separate service that polls new image posts on /patriotsawoken

> runs through NSFW detector

> if output above certain theshold, send email / report request to the mod team

A drawback of using open source neural network is that if someone wants to, it is not too hard to build a bypass by introducing certain patterns to images to trick the filter, but that can be at least partially circumvented by fine-tuning yahoo model or building own custom model.

Once it is not available publicly, the only way to crack it is by submitting images via 8ch and trying to see which images pass the moderation (without a clear signal, since images are removed by mods in the end). This should circumvent majority of attempts, and if needed, a step further would be to run online training system where each correctly reported image is included in retraining set, thus having ever hardening nsfw filter.

If this is something that has not been considered, but would be interesting if the option was on the table, I'd be happy to dedicate some time to help with the implementation.

3a93d5  No.3150


Very suspicious!

3a93d5  No.3156


My issue is in the execution argument. Why take a chance on the DS getting out at some point? Once the DS is done away with you don't even want the chance of them coming back. History does have an annoying habit of repeating itself.

faa502  No.3165



hope hes right..WE ARE READY..WWG1WGA

3ff4d6  No.3167

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo Delivers Remarks to the Media

Slams John Kerry - Says everything but Treason and is visible upset.

Makes very important statements that identify what's truly going on in the world.

Makes statements pointing out Iranian's nefarious behavior.


67dee2  No.3177

New refugee. Thank you for having me. I just want to know the truth.

Why are none of the links I see in threads hyperlinks?

Is it possible to sort most recent to top?

c1deb3  No.3240

Brand new just testing after seeing this was the new hotspot for Q

4856b5  No.3247


My effectiveness, and maybe that of most anons, is honing in one actor. He will be mine.

4c5dc6  No.3248


Hyperlinks can be fake, piggybacked or hijacked and are frowned upon here. Just copy/paste or in most browsers you can select and right click to open in a new tab. Use common sense when visiting any unknown links. Remember (((THEY))) are out there and they don't have good intentions.

"The Deep State is Real"

8fd9ba  No.3253

Learning to use this b4 it’s too late.

ac0743  No.3312

Why are all these x-Presidents age so fast after leaving office.

It is cause they no longer continue the routine of secret clubs blood drinking????

10f13c  No.3320

File: ae1e5449e01f032⋯.jpg (197.24 KB, 971x1199, 971:1199, Froginess.jpg)

Thanks for having a place for us Reddit peeps. Keep it up, 8CH. I love this community. Popping so much corn right now. Prepare memes.

e3af74  No.3333


Tor user…nice

934e8e  No.3360



d27a19  No.3363


Maybe a RUDY awakening,,,Guilliani that is!

ddfd50  No.3371

File: edc3c66524c62c6⋯.jpg (185.92 KB, 700x800, 7:8, Kennedy-on-rights-2.jpg)


first post - a test

a6cdbd  No.3373


I have learned more here reading in the last 24 hours then a month in the other place.

This hole is deeper that I thought but I have no fear.

We can defeat this evil.

We will defeat this evil.


6b4698  No.3380



Those chest-beating numptys are complete losers. You should see how butthurt they get when you start throwing their abuse back at them. They don't like your free speech so much then!

They're human. Very human. They don't deserve any respect if they're not prepared to give any.

8e3c30  No.3406



43ae64  No.3413


>Yeah, open hostility doesn't garner fans

Works for the enemy just fine. Why?

26a628  No.3434


If you're still here; hit the blue arrow in upper left corner, hit 'add filter', then you can select 'Post +' to remove the post or select 'ID+' to remove the person that posted it and all their future postings. Or, right above the pic, to can select 'hide'. Hope this help, good luck.

6279d9  No.3447

Last reply? Have we a baker? Next bread ready to go after this post?

2a9379  No.3461



c5758b  No.3477


More than likely a black hat site. Antennas were being looked at? Ham communications? With an antennas that high, would allow a signal that can go VERY far. a 30 ft antenna at 1500 ft above sea level can reach quite a distance. What's the elevation there?

Web cams going down. Post office closed.

Pretty indicative of a security related issue.

Remember Q 2054.

Speculation at this point.

2a9379  No.3494


No outside comms means NO OUTSIDE COMMS. mothing posted outside 8chan. seems specific enough for me.

Who gives a fuck about voat?

Q's message has always been the same. stay strong and stay together. Q doesn't care where people go in the mean time, cause he knows everyone is coming back to 8chan. right where he(they) started.

8chan won't be able to hold that volume of people and all the energy/posting that comes with them. 8chan is already a powder keg ready to BOOM. Q started on the chan because he knew it would end back up there eventually. they are ready for it to go boom. and when it does, I hope Q uses a little less military than planning.


b008e7  No.3500


I thought the same Q sent us a message. I believe last posting was on the 12th and "12 moves ahead" would be the Monday the 24th? Presidential EBS test on the 20th.

c5758b  No.3502


Australia, Spain, Chile, two in Hawaii, and one in Pennsylvania were also shut down.

Solar event according to NASA?

Why the FBI in NM location? Security issue?


730cb8  No.3516

THIS THREAD IS SET TO RECYCLE. DO NOT POST ANY RESEARCH IN THIS THREAD. When we post an earlier post is deleted. We are destroying our history in this thread.

BO needs to turn off recycle on this thread and archive it.

Please do not post here. Post in thread META thread #2 or another thread.


58c08c  No.3535


At the bottom of the patriots awoken meta there is now a number that takes you to the new bread when you click on it. Newfags like me & everybody still posting here don't seem to understand this. Its my understanding that every post past 751 erases the earliest post on the bread. More people seem to be posting here than the new bread which seems like a newfag fuck up we are committing? Could a more seasoned fag clear this up for us dumbfags.

730cb8  No.3537


Yes. POST IN NEW THREAD. Click on Catalogue and find the new META thread. We are deleting old posts. STOP POSTING HERE.

8b0092  No.3551

Yes…>>1862, it appears to be gone. Does anyone know how to put these boards on IPad desktop for easy access? Probably ridiculously easy but i’m Going ‘round the mulberry Bush.

2fe1b6  No.3558


Ha ha! Cute!

f9b553  No.3562


I don’t see a number to click on to go to the new bread

58c08c  No.3564


little number like the red 1 above bottom of the square under the Pepe Charlie.

2fe1b6  No.3567


Ha ha! Cute!

62391e  No.3580



Love me some Tom Petty.

We won’t be refugees for long, we are legion, and - unstoppable.

58c08c  No.3582



You have to be in medium or large thumbnails on the catalog page.

def43c  No.3600


Roger that. thanks for your help, and to the others that chimed in. Much appreciated, Im understanding a lil better now.

def43c  No.3665


We are all with you on that! Sooo much popcorn.

0702f2  No.3674

File: f33f6fccfcfa38b⋯.jpg (3.06 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180915_134650.jpg)


That loosely reminds me of this drawing I did.

6e3b34  No.3677


They're kinda counting on us to help by bringing out a lot of the facts so that society will be able to handle the truth and not lose their shit. Keep sharing info and watch it unfold in time.

6e3b34  No.3679


And don't forget, this is emergency preparedness month. Maybe they're giving us time to get our shit together.

6e3b34  No.3714


I get it but, at the same time, isn't that kinda Purge-esque???

6e3b34  No.3753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Has anyone here heard this guy???

6e3b34  No.3759


OMG!!! I laugh- cried!

58e104  No.3782

Been lurking on all platforms for a couple of months now… First time posting anywhere. There's probably thousands more like me ("you have more than you know") who have been quietly observing… Putting the pieces together.

In the wake of the great Reddit purge, and the resulting v/TheAwakeing/ vs. v/GreatAwakening/ debacle, it occurs to me that this board SHOULD be the preferred destination of ALL anons… If 8ch isn't suburban (Reddit) enough for you, get over it. This is the REAL world… This is the house that Q built. This isn't a ghetto, it's a FORTRESS.

If you're a lurker, like I was, it's time to let your presence be known… You're home.


6e3b34  No.3812


That was a great find. Thank you! Am sharing this!

4f6555  No.3973


Archiving sites are compromised.

a6c731  No.4171


Well said. It’s our new home, we’ll adjust.

0f9406  No.4187

what does

>WWG1WGA mean?

88a640  No.4194

Another refugee. WWG1WGA

2600b7  No.4196

I am a newfag and Q sent me from Reddit. This will take some getting used too, so bear with me till I figure things out!

2600b7  No.4201

Newfag here from Reddit. This is much different and will take some time getting used to this format!

b58cf1  No.4204



For safety reasons, best not to use a name or email here … do not fill in that information when you post, instead just leave it blank.

801a81  No.4210


Where We Go One We Go All>>4194

b0e14a  No.4218

Where we go one we go all>>4187

b0e14a  No.4221


Newfag from Reddit too. Glad to be here.

5ab236  No.4238



>thats such a shitty sentence, can we have a better one ?

5ab236  No.4240


thats such a shitty sentence, can we have a better one ?

540f7a  No.4246


Thank you...Newseniorfag here... may take a while to learn to navigate

d55337  No.4263

Thanks. I know it was a dumb question, but I never saw what it meant anywhere!!>>4210

0c1850  No.4269


Eliah Priest and Insignia Gate. I wasn’t too comfortable with downloading his 11G file

eb7cfd  No.4275

I am super grateful to have a Kindergarten 8chan to learn. Thanks for looking out, fam.

5ab236  No.4296

Guys can we think of a better sentance then WG1WGA ? It's not a good one and won't help us conquer the world at all !

5c8c18  No.4375



5c8c18  No.4384


Thanks so much!

888b69  No.4395

File: 849771d58fcc5da⋯.jpg (78.97 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, IMG-20180822-WA0002 [18054….jpg)

really wanted to share a pic of my "JFK bell" best birthday prezzie ever! tx dad!

828013  No.4464

File: 817134fb10f074a⋯.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1720x1231, 1720:1231, 04A2B578-760E-4C62-9B15-9….jpeg)

If you are taking flak, reddit ban, you are over the target !

213c67  No.4473


If it’s good enough for Q, it’s good enough for you…and me…and her…and him…and those people over there… You get the idea.

213c67  No.4489


There’s a price for treason. It’ll be administered by the military, not mobs in the street like The Purge. But there has to be an ultimate price so that assholes in the near or distant future will think twice about pulling what Hussien, Clinton, Rothchilds, Soros, et al tried to do to us and the world.

5b064a  No.4606

Fuck voat. That shit over there is bonkers. Good luck to those wading through the crap. I’m sticking here where Q and the Anons are.

b0f32e  No.4654


Hello, and thank you for the board, and the help.

f437ee  No.4700

Glad to be part of the Q army. also I have no idea what I am doing

4259f1  No.4719


I agree that site was a pain in the ass I am just a little concerned bc Q never mentioned anything bout a new site on QAnon.pub just the QMaps site had it I am only going to use this site bc Q has used and uses 8ch

4259f1  No.4721

4259f1  No.4722

re no>>4296

4259f1  No.4727


We did not come up with WWG1WGA this is stated and used by Q why would we need to come up with a better one this is not the time for a change and if there is a change to be made it will be made by Q not You

4259f1  No.4729


Well said I have been using for two days and have gotten more comfortable with each use Patriots will adjust

f437ee  No.4741


I came to the same conclusion with voat. if all coms are gonna go down bar 8chan, better learn how to use it sooner rather than later

0bd2ec  No.4795








AS YOU WERE FUCKING TOLD! Voat's bad because "muh language" but 8ch is fine because"muh freedom". I just want to know why it turns out that you were fake pearl clutching over there. What else is fucking fake around here? You are all like newfag this and that. I was right. Hypocrites


"salty-sailor" "Dweebs" You can't be fucking real! No retard the log is so no one can lie later about why and what your shit mods were banning and deleting.


Oh. My. God. Seriously.


Do you know where you are? If you thought voat was bad optics…kek…


When you try to go to the "real" Q board will you be able to handle the tits for the bakers? You DO know that is an accepted thing right?


Tits or GTFO!

000000  No.4797

To the board owner or volunteers

Can the board be configured so that the name field is removed and email field shows a drop menu that allows only a blank field or "sage"?

That would prevent newfags and reddit refugees from doxxing themselves.

0bd2ec  No.4798


Or you know. They could just not be fucking retards. Computrons have been around for a while now…

8b0092  No.4800

>>3782. Mostly lurking and learning, as well. This board seems user-friendly…hope it stays that way!

24fccf  No.4808

Ok, I am trying to figure out how to get to the board that is not recycling the posts?? Can someone snip a pic of it or a link please!! I am a newfag, been lurking for awhile, but still can't figure this out!! Also, trying to respond to some peeps that have commented on my pic of the Q pool, & there is no REPLY button to use?? Thank you for all your assistance & patience with us newbies!! <3

0cab0b  No.4812


At the top and bottom of the page is the [catalog] choice. That's where all the posts are located.

0cab0b  No.4813

Is anyone going to fix this tread and stop the old posts from disappearing? Kinda sad to have our first loaf of bread come out wrong.

Not that it matters cause folks are just filling it up with unrelated stuff anyway. Maybe make a Meta data 2.0? Different picture to differentiate?

edd225  No.4815

File: fce0faeb4a6c551⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.35 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, DSCN4316.JPG)

File: ddcd1eb8826a52a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, DSCN4318.JPG)

I suck at computer. This is how I share in the real world.

0bd2ec  No.4822


And you edited

0bd2ec  No.4823


Old posts are disappearing?! GASP. It couldn't be your mods could it?

3a6c99  No.4825


Perhaps you are unaware of the historical connotations OF WWG1WGA. - JFK

Historical perspective is highly valued with Q and the community.

3a6c99  No.4830


To reply, hit the number of the post. It will take you to the reply box.

c27552  No.4845

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Rc4h2OiF0&feature=youtu.be I came across this and was wondering if anyone saw this. Any idea of this is legit??

c27552  No.4848


I actually went to the documents they refer to

https://americandigitalnews.com/2018/08/31/oig-semiannual-audit-results/#.W55t10ZKiMq and https://americandigitalnews.com/2018/09/15/oig-audit-dept-of-labor/#.W55uKkZKiMp

I haven't heard anything on the news about this.

cba195  No.4864

Hello everyone new here

000000  No.4895



The thread is cyclical. This means it will hit 750 posts then the top posts will disappear as more posts are made.

See >>2773

ecd2ca  No.4897

So, what is the target? Langley? DC servers? The farm? Private residences?


8b0092  No.4906


Would be great if there were dates on the calendar topics or is that too much trouble? Still finding the codes at the top of each difficult to figure out. Willing to learn!

2e38af  No.4911


91f97d  No.4917

File: 4ac016fc0d967e3⋯.jpg (9.65 KB, 274x184, 137:92, index.jpg)

File: 39b7dbd736d7a3a⋯.jpg (62.66 KB, 740x415, 148:83, Belushi.jpg)







You guys got this GOOD!!

you have a blank canvass. you can make this


Qresearch. whatever you want. I would suggest NOT having this be Qresearch lite.

Organize and take the fight to reddit.


000000  No.4924


Do you mean dates for the topics on the catalog?

There are dates. If you leave your mouse over the pics for a brief moment, the date and time the thread was started will show up.

Other than that, it's not much different from a regular forum. The pinned threads (with the pin icon) will stay up the top and to the left, then the most recently bumped threads will follow.

Threads down the bottom may fall off if the board is full.

000000  No.4946


My bad, I'm half asleep. Those timestamps are of the latest post.

ee8171  No.4953

File: 2f2c3e57f26fa33⋯.jpeg (442.32 KB, 750x927, 250:309, 5488260D-7078-425E-B05F-E….jpeg)

In Light of the New Q drops~ This is something I want to share. God uses people to put forth his plans ~ I love how in this fight we are up against names of the people he uses are just another sign, This is God Waking his people up. God is uses the Trumpence 🎺He said he would and Justice ~ Sessions( court is now in session) He has Several Micheals~ Sec. Pompeo Mike, Adm. Rodgers mike and Gen. Flynn also Mike. And Q ~ if you look up Q source ~ Dark to Light is in those books Matthew, Mark, Luke ~ ( written in Red) Jesus words. So Q is a source in my mind of Jesus return. It’s amazing when you dig to find how much God Loves us. Happy Sunday Patriots🇺🇸

91f97d  No.4961

File: 535867f1f325ae3⋯.jpg (123.62 KB, 1136x480, 71:30, wtf?.jpg)


Yes. Bless your heart.

But with all due respect..



"Everyone here is anonymous. Do not ever use your name or email address when replying here. We care about your ideas and your words and the value of what you say. We value your contributions. We don't care who you are, what your race or gender is, and we do not want to know. The game of identity politics is not played here. Here, we really are equal, and equally anonymous. 8chan is different than the rest of the internet. You will probably feel shell-shocked. We know, that's why we're giving you advice. Steady yourself and hang on to something! And get ready to be amazed."

Hang in there Anon


61e319  No.5071

New Fag refugee, will be lurkin

000000  No.5075


Join in! I think this is a slower paced board for newbies while /qresearch/ is where the work is done. At least that's what it is for now. So join in while everyone's new so you get the hang of it. :)

3314d1  No.5119

File: 4505da7fa682a59⋯.png (461.77 KB, 720x402, 120:67, Sunshine_and_rainbows.png)

c2f9ff  No.5335

Just read fb is going to start fact checking memes and such…wonder if it can decipher pig Latin. I remember using that in grade school. LMBO

acb4af  No.5396


Thank you! Very inspirational. I love this place. Just shielding my eyes at times to allow the free speech for all!!! It's worth it. Dark to light!

add028  No.5467

Surprised to see [HRC] on Colbert this week. WTF is up with that? How does she have freedom to walk from house arrest?

51ddd6  No.5476

Anon glad to finally be here. WWG1WGA

c2f9ff  No.5480

I think I’ll use pig Latin on FB and see if Rosetta can read it!!!!>>5396

48fa11  No.5521

File: 11283409189dd4f⋯.jpeg (20.69 KB, 540x402, 90:67, CDD29869-D899-4362-B66D-C….jpeg)

48fa11  No.5525



edd225  No.5555

File: 57537c607d93b84⋯.jpg (2.58 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, DSCN4317.JPG)

this is a tough site for a newfag. I do shit in real life pretty good though.

edd225  No.5562

File: ddcd1eb8826a52a⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, the fucking car.JPG)

two screws are easier for me than photoshop. This is on both my vehicles. People ask me wtf all the time…. now I gotta send em here? good fucking fuck. I hope nerds vote.

b320c5  No.5586


Mailing Lists are making a comeback I hear. ;)

2fe1b6  No.5587


Seriously. :-/

b320c5  No.5589


p.s. Seriously.

b320c5  No.5592


Facebook is essentially a mailing list front end. think about it. Okay I will kms now.

edd225  No.5596

ok ok lurk more post less.. just wanted to share the pics. ill crawl back into my Victrola now and leave this shit to you profags

a4d166  No.5602

File: 08242ac29d51910⋯.jpg (682.82 KB, 791x1116, 791:1116, batmeme.jpg)

f437ee  No.5609


"Hypocrites" WTF are you talking about? not very good at explaining yourself are you. not everyone speaks retard

f9983f  No.5612


Only this thread is cyclical. Got set up wrong by baker. He got the second one right but everyone keeps posting here because it shows up at the top on the catalog page.

Posts from the Board Owner are already gone. Wish they'd delete or lock this embarrassment.

000000  No.5622


Meta threads are often set up to be cyclical.

They're meant to be for posting about issues related to the running of the board such as moderation of posts and board rules.

(Anons have not yet learned that this is not the thread for news discussion or banter.)

I believe the board owner meant for it to be this way.

The second thread was likely set up by a well-meaning anon which is why it isn't pinned.

6478df  No.5637


1d2b5e  No.5654




Love this keep calm design, this needs to be a shirt

1918a2  No.5657

File: fc9b784b4b17bf7⋯.jpg (38 KB, 480x782, 240:391, FB_IMG_1490981558777.jpg)

rope day nao pls

44f53e  No.5666

Bonjour patriots! New patriot here…

876535  No.5701

I went to Voat, but since reading Neonrevolts latest article, I will only be coming to 8chan, to all 3 sites relating to Q.

58c08c  No.5703


Victrola made me Kek. Hang in there. Expect people & shills to talk shit regardless. Post here Lurk qresearch learn to spot shills & work your brain filter muscles WWG1WGA means you too.

29d8f6  No.5827

File: 66643abd956f889⋯.png (168.3 KB, 542x532, 271:266, E5C9CD8A-9643-4F5A-BB08-1D….png)

File: ba5bbbf11b1e491⋯.png (3.32 MB, 1776x1881, 592:627, 23DF454F-293F-4F31-B596-43….png)

File: 4c28dd0d57fd050⋯.jpeg (62.84 KB, 750x579, 250:193, ACD35698-E33C-4BFA-98EE-B….jpeg)

File: 2b4b21c791bf911⋯.png (249.53 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, F89351B8-63B3-45FE-ABDF-CC….png)

File: 890390f25562222⋯.jpeg (97.57 KB, 503x669, 503:669, CF85A1F1-29B3-44F1-A3B3-A….jpeg)

I demand to see the highest ranking anon

e952e8  No.5838


just a test, long time lurker on research threads 1st time poster :)

04aa30  No.5858

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I listened to this. It's about Clintons having the keys to any internet system they want to break into.

ce3a16  No.5867

File: 412b21abd359522⋯.jpeg (66.76 KB, 562x336, 281:168, 3A54B0E4-0266-4B1F-9E36-7….jpeg)


45890c  No.5881

File: bb0a113db87515f⋯.jpeg (181.12 KB, 880x1020, 44:51, 514B5C62-A1C9-47F9-B93F-0….jpeg)

Newfag testing. Dark to light.

5badae  No.5913


Wow, that’s scary. So how do we use an image filter? Don’t need subliminal messages, thank u very much!

4770c8  No.5932


411696  No.5949

File: 7f2d3941c9529ec⋯.jpg (356.55 KB, 1279x909, 1279:909, America-RestoringFaith.jpg)

File: 4d72a355f8179aa⋯.jpg (623.11 KB, 2692x1816, 673:454, Awaken10.jpg)

File: 33b9ffa571505e9⋯.png (350.53 KB, 600x436, 150:109, Checkmate1.png)

File: 1d2e8bfc6722bda⋯.jpg (299.41 KB, 902x561, 82:51, Deep State Swamp Garrison.jpg)

File: 390cd343638b9f2⋯.jpg (90.87 KB, 680x680, 1:1, Fake News=Mockingbird.jpg)


Forget Voat. Q has challenged us to be in the vanguard of 'The meme Wars'. And Voit seemed devoid of memes in their threads. But not Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of them,. Go to the meme 'library' and download them. Word of caution, they won't let you download the 'whole' thing as one zip file. Go to the small er 'years' folder and download just it. Then, change VPN connection to a different place and repeat for the other 'year' folder to bypass their 'limits' of free downloads.. Do that again for the last ones. See good ones anywhere and download them too.

Post them , here, there, everywhere.

411696  No.5952

File: bfca6db6f7d7b64⋯.jpg (909.4 KB, 3880x2184, 485:273, FakeNewsMockingbird100.jpg)

File: 85468a4893d2e92⋯.jpg (104.27 KB, 639x500, 639:500, Patriot storm troopers2.jpg)

File: 17d9d8dd7d9cede⋯.jpg (25.57 KB, 423x398, 423:398, Patriot Qanon.jpg)

File: e7812d8ebd124a7⋯.jpg (15.83 KB, 300x289, 300:289, Q gold Q.jpg)


Link to qresearch's library of memes.


411696  No.5956

File: 0c366e39b2bae73⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 456x493, 456:493, Q golden.jpg)

File: 33ab1f533bedc88⋯.jpg (47.66 KB, 474x732, 79:122, Qanonn.jpg)

File: 3d16a581af958b1⋯.jpeg (118.42 KB, 872x500, 218:125, Qgood.jpeg)

File: f76050caea3a616⋯.jpg (821.02 KB, 1500x1138, 750:569, PatriotQNeedsU.jpg)


This is a relatively 'safe space'. We want folks to feel comfortable posting here. Make your mistakes here before jumping into the deep end.

Understand that Q has given us a mission. We are to be the vanguard in the QArmy. Download memes and hit all the social media sites with memes. Their filters can't stop JUST pictures. So post a meme in EVER thread. We will not be silenced!


411696  No.5959

File: 06767f0d075cf81⋯.jpg (41.71 KB, 549x314, 549:314, Patriots willing.jpg)

File: 6f1d65ad0105710⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1200x788, 300:197, PatriotStorm1.jpg)

File: c123572de3d8767⋯.jpg (114.05 KB, 800x473, 800:473, Calm Before the Storm larg….jpg)

File: 7f6ede9629cea02⋯.jpg (171.26 KB, 801x477, 89:53, Patriots we are the storm.jpg)


Q has challenged us to flood the social media sites with just memes. Their filters can't stop them.

We are the vangaurd of the QArmy. WE have been on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. And posting memes in EVERY post on EVERY site is something we ALL can do.

We will NOT be silenced!

89fb61  No.5960


good ...

411696  No.5966

File: 510ce92e27f24f3⋯.png (944.69 KB, 1600x946, 800:473, Storm Here.png)

File: 633c53c9948b036⋯.jpeg (152.04 KB, 1536x1023, 512:341, Storm here 1.jpeg)

File: dd1956680532a46⋯.png (126.3 KB, 342x219, 114:73, Storm Troopers.png)

File: 6e1e1b251f5cc05⋯.png (360.53 KB, 650x671, 650:671, Storm upon us - calm over.png)


Q has tasked us with being in the vanguard of the QArmy in 'The Meme Wars'.

Download memes and post them on every thread of every social media site. We will NOT be silenced.

411696  No.5974

File: 5c9c14dadb5df26⋯.png (526.34 KB, 889x500, 889:500, RogersComeyWhoop-Ass.png)

File: 0ca7a66f78b8891⋯.jpg (104.94 KB, 960x957, 320:319, Santa military.jpg)

File: f02424691bc109a⋯.jpg (398.14 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, SethRichPatriot.jpg)

File: de5210f9fe8e97a⋯.jpg (91.17 KB, 580x372, 145:93, Satanists vs mission from ….jpg)


Can you post memes on social media?

Q has challenged the QArmy to do THAT. There' filters can't filter out just memes. Post in just memes in EVERY thread on every place like Facebook, Twitter Reddit etc.

We will not be silenced!

411696  No.5980

File: 622a8197cdfe3bf⋯.png (310.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Memewar9.png)

File: de6d7bae89f2dc2⋯.jpg (78.53 KB, 550x563, 550:563, MemeWarjoin.jpg)

File: bb6c489966eab67⋯.jpg (99.41 KB, 909x479, 909:479, Memewar25.jpg)

File: 56693621a00cbfe⋯.jpg (101.66 KB, 847x489, 847:489, MemeWarDeplorables.jpg)


Your jedi mind trick have no power here. Stop with your division. This SFW place was created by Q, Codemonkey, Board Owner and the mods from r/GA.

411696  No.5989

File: c7981d4f6a7a1ac⋯.jpeg (361.82 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, MemeWarz1.jpeg)

File: 4e788e06fc50659⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 3580x2332, 895:583, MemeWarz.jpg)

File: 3ed782ea0b1f40b⋯.jpg (83.76 KB, 500x622, 250:311, Memewar7.jpg)

File: cc4b12a5986c359⋯.png (270.77 KB, 420x315, 4:3, Memewar8.png)


I think they're leaving it up to show newfags what NOT to do when creating a thread. This being a training ground for folks so they aren't intimidated or being slammed for doing things 'wrong'. Besides, it's not like the newfags understand this is a META thread to report issues with other threads. So, let it ride.

Q has challenged us with posting Memes on all the other social media sites since they can't ban pictures.

We CAN do that.

bf6d0f  No.6143


It's from a movie "White Squall".

Conspiracy theorists' say it was also engraved on the bell of JFK's boat.

bf6d0f  No.6145


See the arrow before 'Anonymus'? Click on it and add ID filter.

568af0  No.6148

Stay together and stay stong patriots.. try to be more patient than me lol! Don't let the emotional roller coaster of "go/no-go" get to you. I know it's hard.. its probably hard because we don't yet comprehend the true depth and scope of our enemy. We'll get there let's just be sure we're ready when we do. Heads down.. stay with it all of you. WWG1WGA!


f0afe7  No.6152



80e05a  No.6186

File: bd4554a59c83fe8⋯.jpg (142.61 KB, 679x1024, 679:1024, democracy, freedom, race, ….jpg)

File: f112c051e39697d⋯.jpg (527.66 KB, 1089x4677, 363:1559, rothschild, nwo, rich, wea….jpg)

File: 8f2646415edc2a7⋯.jpg (213.65 KB, 1114x730, 557:365, msm, time, race, white gen….jpg)

File: f3117f803a3edd2⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1000x3000, 1:3, jews, quotes on them by fa….png)

dc7ca1  No.6217


cool it works

b008e7  No.6241


89fb61  No.6243


cry havoc and let slip the frogs of war ..

1ecb59  No.6260


Thanks for tips, I still cant figure this out, darn

6d1f4f  No.6266


one of the most interesting things about the Q phenomenon is how the only people who believe it, are people who don't know how the internet works, didn't grow up with it, and don't understand internet culture at all.

dd59bf  No.6559


maybe thats a problem though? How will those people have the competence to distinguis truth from meme?

b4c9be  No.6601

File: 62f82cf75bf5066⋯.jpg (23.03 KB, 192x255, 64:85, 3aa7e8f8327577ae2a8dce25ca….jpg)

File: 5bfd73ee45c3e24⋯.jpg (24.88 KB, 255x201, 85:67, 64e8f9c6a1c99c2ff9b8df0b29….jpg)

File: 4ad2409d9cae1fc⋯.jpg (14.03 KB, 255x189, 85:63, cde99506c6a1c7b0f074ab5c16….jpg)

File: ac296a1352c0849⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1514x1273, 1514:1273, bcb7cdee499012080c196fe1b6….png)

Twitter not liking me carpet bombing EVERY post. This is fun!!!!

b74599  No.6626

53543f  No.6752

I'm kinda late to the game…..

Has anyone wondered if Stephen Miller could be Q?

edd225  No.6780




Thank you for the input.

I guess that I just have to figure this site out… I'm not savvy here and I barely have the patience to deal with the faggetry on the web in the first place.

But I believe in Q and I trust the plan and therefore I hang, Because I learn from you guys.

Its important to me.

You Anons are important to me.

Right now I am most likely replying in the wrong box.

I admittedly suck at 8chan. this site is fucking weird. I just got here not from Reddit and I have NO social Media at ALL that I can use to help you guys. I killed that stupid shit after Sandy Hook

Make no mistake about my loyalty I am a foot soldier to this movement and in a very real way. not here but IRL

I read. I do my homework. I fact check. I listen. I SPREAD what I can when I can to everybody I can . and I find myself explaining way too much of what ive learned ,to sleeping people that ask wtf does that mean?when they see whats painted on my vehicle

You see I Have an actual Face to face platform with folks of all kinds ALL day long 7 days a week and I try like hell to do my part, And I am a very outspoken motherfucker to boot. always have been.

I own an auto repair shop and I tend to get very personal with many of my customers when we talk politics which is a business no no. (fuck em) but I am very trusted in my world and when people see the Q stuff on my car and they ask wtf is that I gladly spread the seed. Live and in person. They trust ME and I trust the plan. at that point it is officially my job to try to red pill these people. After all the fate of the fee world does depend on it!

. I explain best I can for as long as I can but I need to send them somewhere to learn about this shit for themselves so I can get to work and earn their money .

Praying medic,and Neon Revolt are great places for some translation but listening to somebody explaining it is like giving a man a fish…. he eats for a day … Blah Blah Blah my point is, this site is where all the delicious candy is. But its a HARD sell to a Normie. They wont make it 5 minutes on this site.

My point is, People WANT to know, they just need to be fed the truth as they have been fed the lies. Because they are conditioned and lazy. The memes are great, the info is fantastic, the anons are just the best things ever. But its a Hard Hard sell… … Help me help them. You cant feed these idiots 8chan. they will just spit it up. what now?

097ac4  No.6806


Good on ya. Hubby does the same thing at work. Very vocal. I keep expecting him to get fired for it😉

097ac4  No.6810


Nope. Q said we'd laugh when we found out who we were talking to so I don't think it's him.

dbfdfd  No.6834

File: 7280107a2cb119d⋯.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3505x3505, 1:1, F7E3A7EE-9AC0-4309-826C-3….jpeg)

File: 727f91eace2dc24⋯.jpeg (164.33 KB, 980x551, 980:551, B8F12341-F48C-4E44-AA77-E….jpeg)

File: 134f3ef63435e72⋯.jpeg (147.68 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 7183E254-27AB-476F-9DEF-1….jpeg)

File: b79a29963f686cb⋯.jpeg (106.44 KB, 1064x571, 1064:571, 65292685-F39B-4551-8215-4….jpeg)

File: 3749759ede1b8ab⋯.jpeg (123.72 KB, 953x521, 953:521, 98888AEA-4277-43A3-BD06-F….jpeg)

Here’s a few memes I tried to make. Feel free to take and use if you want them. Ik they’re not as good as some I’ve seen on here. I’m old and my brain doesn’t work as well as you young whipper snappers…lol. WWG1WGA. God bless Trump, God bless America and God bless all the Anons. Gods will be done!

edd225  No.6848


bottom left wins

e2e7dc  No.6874

HELLO!! Midweststeelmill anon here. First time ever posting on 8chan, thanks for having this place to allow this, losing the sources we lost was a definite kick in the privates, but Q had us ready for it.

It’s been long, sometimes lonely, but always a feeling in the heart of “truth will prevail” journey.

It seems finally, all of the work I (and many more who have done MUCH MORE) have done on the sly (like many of you, I am a “normal person” with a job, volunteer endeavors, children, etc, and when I became convinced the possibility this was all real, I started trying to do what I could, with what I had, where I was to point people to a direction to get info, or I outright told them) is going to bear fruit.

Also like many of you, I have been “in this game for decades. It started with JFK (round the time the Oliver Stone movie came out) as a kid, and from them on I “knew”. Ever since, it’s been an unending carrot on a stick!’

But back then, there was no internet and people with social capital didn’t talk about this stuff (some of us do now, but we’re rare) because you could be easily ridiculed and outcast, and that was miserable. Relegated to back corners of libraries (no affordable PCs or internet), the search for information was limited.

But if you were blessed with this “processor”, it didn’t matter…you already knew the answer, it was the question that eluded you (like hitchhikers guide to the galaxy).

Then Q came along, and I (and probably many of you with bad scars from chasing bad leads)was leery. I’d jumped down too many rabbit holes and landed on my head to buy in. So, I waited and watched. And verified.

Here is my path to trusting the plan:

“This is just a coincidence. Lots of smart talkers can come up with this.”

“Yeah, yeah lucky call….it’s fake.”

“It’s a waste of time like most of these weirdos I’ve wasted money buying their media were. ” (while starting to raise my eyebrows at some interesting coincidences)

“Let me read more, I want to objectively make sure.”

“Holy shit this is real and the black iron prison is locked down so tight that you have to be smart about letting people know!!!!”

I think that’s a similar sequence of events for many of you.

Ok, I will get to the point of my first and only post on 8ch.

I want to thank Q, and the President , or thanks Q (Mr. President and team).

I want to thank the autists that did the legwork so busy Dads like me (who know how to filter) could quickly read, interpret, and store good information.

I also want to caution fellow anons that work in the professional world, or have community involvement to be careful with this feeling of wanting this stuff to just explode out of you….it seems to me it would be wise to react to someone who wakes up as this process unfolds as opposed to trying to wake them up. It’s taken me MONTHS and lots of patience (as well as checking my Ego at the door when I misread Q and misinterpreted, but I always owned it and the events unfolded in a way that still showed links to info Q disseminated) to turn some folks around.

Patience, just like OUR 12d President.

I trust the plan.

I trust the President.

I love America (disabled veteran)

I love my fellow Americans

I stand ready to do what I can for the fight “in the face of evil”

Be safe!

c2f9ff  No.6924

He did it…I’m so excited. Granny b dancing!!!!>>1134

c2f9ff  No.6932


So did I. What about the IRS giving you know what’s the use of our social security numbers. That really ticked me off. If this is true….

ea0ad8  No.6980

File: 5a6b29c9b39cf47⋯.gif (3.97 MB, 7000x5893, 7000:5893, BEAB0152-262D-47D4-97D7-59….gif)

PizzaGate / Clinton Org Chart previously banned by Reddit

543982  No.7015

File: 020525e6373c6c1⋯.jpg (46.88 KB, 850x778, 425:389, DoITQ.jpg)

543982  No.7016

File: 78b2c649848b76f⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 668x447, 668:447, panic.jpg)

543982  No.7017

File: fe27bb5bafb3fa9⋯.jpg (57.3 KB, 861x701, 861:701, DrainTheSwamp.jpg)

764cbb  No.7023

File: 93893cdb692aeed⋯.jpg (76.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, DnVb-Z1W0AA7iWo.jpg large.jpg)


Testing The Reply Button.

39b96c  No.7024


If your on android download Omnichan from the Play Store and it will simplify the Chans bigtime

f71fcd  No.7069

They said there would be boobs?

985346  No.7107


I am in agreement I asked a question and was bombarded with name calling and accusations of being a Shill I just asked one question this is my first post since that point will try to give this site another chance hopefully when someone asks a question bc there new it gets answered not accusations if not then will have to follow my usual info sources and hope it’s accurate>>6780

985346  No.7109


Boy are you spot on It’s frustrating as hell I was so ready for Confirmation on Thursday and now it’s off bc Dems pulling their usual BS out of their Rearend total BS I just try to keep the perspective off 2 steps back to get 3 forward I hope and pray everyday that this evil is shut down but yet it seems the evil is always able to get around and disrupt just enough to bog things down

7f5263  No.7115


This, keep wondering why people act like the chans are confusing

4d8b28  No.7145




A Pox on Reddit's CEO's and their families

4d8b28  No.7148

Sessions was known as the silent assassin while attorney general of the state of Alabama.

By the time this is over with he will be known as the Hammer

d30423  No.7187

Fellow foot soldier in the Q revolution Twitter shadowban only proves the cause. Show the disbelievers to prove the movement. No one can deny the proof/facts.

3ee85e  No.7188

File: be3378b4d247cae⋯.jpg (20.12 KB, 284x176, 71:44, 2i638q.jpg)

My first Meme!

3ee85e  No.7190

So glad I finally found you guys!! I have been lost out there without you!

4d8b28  No.7425


The guy is as sharp as a tack,wouldn't surprise me if he has been helping with the Q posts.

Someone else that would throw everyone a curveball would be Hope Hicks.

God Bless whoever it is !!!

3ee85e  No.7436


Great job!

3ee85e  No.7453

File: 5c2d79d6f39bc88⋯.jpg (19.4 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2i667e (1).jpg)

d30423  No.7574


Reply test

eeba9e  No.7579


reply test - newfag here

f7a6f2  No.7666


Except this one.

0a54ed  No.7671


f7a6f2  No.7695

File: 34148bc4cae2db0⋯.jpg (250.5 KB, 1080x1078, 540:539, Screenshot_20180911-060034….jpg)

e8a6f3  No.7713

Is the board supposed to update each time? I see Pastebin Directions but only found JS on left hand side that said only paste in here if you knew for sure. Can someone just let me know if this is correct? ChickAnon Many ThanQs ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

bbfb14  No.7719

File: 00a1d79ed7b31e8⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 23.95 KB, 500x370, 50:37, chinese_architecture.jpeg)

Learning the system!

f7a6f2  No.7737

File: e9213646b4fe15e⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 540x539, 540:539, ZomboMeme 18092018124812.jpg)

fcda3b  No.7788


Don't get suckered into wasting your time. Hardened anons should already know this shit; This is more a crash course for new visitors.

How to Quickly Spot a Clown

They will:

- Attempt to get a divisive or emotional response from you to derail research.

- Concern troll and copy/pasta spam shill to contradict confirmed findings.

- Employ faux debate tactics: Generalizations, gas-lighting, projection, misdirection, false equivalences, confusing correlation with causation, appeal to authority, transference, false precepts, personal attacks, straw-men, red herrings, etc.

- Promote social ethics that are disingenuous like doxxing, "reverse psychology", or promoting propaganda.

- Promote tactics that are unethical, illegal or involve violence outside the scope of the Law.

- Employ Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to dissuade research.

Topic sliding If information of a sensitive nature has been posted on a discussion forum, it can be quickly removed from public view by topic sliding. In this technique a large number of unrelated posts, or posts aimed at diluting the information presented, are submitted in an effort to trigger a topic slide to literally push content out of view. Operators can control several fake UIDs via the bots they make use of; these can also be called upon in the other techniques to mask the intent of the operator from the users at large. Although it is difficult or impossible to censor the posting it is now lost in a sea of unrelated and bogus postings.

Seeding bad information Operatives will insert flawed or bogus information from time to time as an ongoing tactic, depending on their skill set and the needs of their mission. Their most common ruse is providing information or evidence which is backed by bad source material in the hope that the "source of the source" is never checked. This serves several objectives, mainly resource consumption, evidence pollution, discouragement and misdirection.

Astroturfing consensus This is a technique that attempts to build a manufactured consensus around a flawed set of statements or compromised information. This is related to consensus cracking, where false evidence is injected in an attempt to dispute or discredit what the current consensus is, and push it towards the desired false consensus. Misleading and false evidence and information are often salted into the evidence pool, with an aim to impede organic consensus building, while also poisoning the available information and evidence.

Cultivating tacit approval (The legal term for this is 'silent agreement') Attempting to attain this state is done using a technique where operators will try to convince the user population to ignore, or not respond to bad information or false assertions. This is done in a bid to reduce push-back against the above mentioned tactics. It's worth noting that the reply filtering mechanism of the boards (which currently can't be disabled without code changes from the site admin) is used as a weapon of sorts in this tactic: Filtering with software prevents anons from defending against seeding bad information and astroturfing consensus. This is why the operators push so hard to condition anons into filtering material they disagree with.

How to spot a Clown's bot

NEVER DIRECTLY ENGAGE A BOT It just wastes bread with their responses, and hands them a target to programmatically lock on to without handler interaction. It seems that the easiest way to foil the bots is to point them out by proxy, by copy/pasting the user's ID as a quoted reference and intentionally breaking its post link in your response and/or answering it with a meme until they start misfiring because they can't parse the response to lock onto a target correctly.. Doing this can also make the bots look artificially erratic and easier for other anons to spot.

What we know about the cl0wnbots

- Are used to facilitate topic sliding, manufacturing consensus, obfuscation of intent, and general disruption

- Require a handler to watch for and be in the thread

- Cannot enter threads themselves

- Respond to replies and each other, and can create replies

- Can pick up random or contradictory meme flags

- Activate on lists of trigger words; these can change over time

- Use a combination of legit pasta, pre-written points, or spam targeted at various objectives.

- Have unwittingly pasta'd supportive replies

- Are employed mostly at night and on weekends (US time)

- Add to bump limits

- Can be filtered by ID once they are observed

- Are not perfected and can be easily spotted

- Were deployed starting on the /CBTS/ board

- Have certain flaws that can cause them to misfire in sometimes comical ways

- The handlers can make bogus clown threads, but also can be confused by accidental ones

- Handlers still cannot access the servers

- Have still not succeeded in their mission

- Still can not meme

6d1f4f  No.7836


thats right dude, everyone that mocks you is on the soros/cia/illuminati/jew payroll

1d1d42  No.7846

I need some cnn Vanderbilt memes. Where can I get them there is none on the meme board. Any help is appreciated. WWG1WGA!

20b8bb  No.7925

File: 914599fd0979cb4⋯.gif (6.37 MB, 600x500, 6:5, 7FEEEDC6-F859-430A-9C50-7D….gif)


6b1e77  No.7956


679c96  No.8011

Boomers are here there and just about everywhere. Going into the mire is what we specialize in.

You Rang...Whad up.


20b8bb  No.8030

File: 6fbd602e4835789⋯.jpeg (158.16 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 44F7DCCC-0285-44E5-9134-4….jpeg)


97e564  No.8198

Lurking Bigly and loving the new home. Have checked out all other options…best to stay here. Of note…I am old school and like print copies of archived information and have an external hard drive as well. Used to save stuff on "floppy discs" so I have been around the block.

Will Lurk Moar and read a lot.

97178f  No.8211

File: c0ff3f33d79b103⋯.jpeg (87.38 KB, 736x600, 92:75, 0428205A-3C52-434F-9DF0-2….jpeg)


I feel very comfortable navigating. To any newbies? Hit the catalog button, it will bring you to the main page, click on a ‘box picture’ and it will take you to that thread. Very easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. So glad to be amongst you all again!

dbfdfd  No.8232

Can someone help me and tell me what this is?


e9f3b6  No.8503


Olefag Vet & GA refu here. a bit confused about the tab being The Great Awakening (Voat) and the Sub being The Awakening. Then an announcement that the two competing sites are merging together? I've been impressed with NR's deep dives, but Voat's TA are hostile towards us NR followers. Already fed up with that shithole site now, so here I am!

3ee85e  No.8531

I love Trump, but I don't understand why he signed this into law. Can anyone explain why he is allowing this?


c6261d  No.8566

File: 5720b6653676334⋯.jpeg (140.15 KB, 1242x774, 69:43, 07D985E0-8298-4F46-900B-E….jpeg)


e8a6f3  No.8591


ThanQ for this answer. I searched every where for it. I will try it. ChickAnon Newfag

6ebda7  No.8657


...sigh... I miss our old home. I want to upvote your comment, but there is no way to do that.

f141ed  No.8780

File: 50cfcb5a08cda60⋯.png (447.07 KB, 828x836, 207:209, Screenshot_2018-08-18 The ….png)

8bb7c0  No.8813

Could someone create a meme with the pictures that shows that Washington had the Culper Spy Ring; Trump has Qanon.

48fa11  No.8956

It is happening! FISA boners all around!

9e3893  No.8958

File: 55b4b6b880a16cf⋯.pdf (248.61 KB, Morgenthau_Plan 4.pdf)

Under the Communist FDR, the Rothschild's agent Morgenthau created a punitive plan to destroy & divide Germany that last until the Berlin Wall was torn down in 1991. Many of you will be shocked to discover Gen Eisenhower starved millions of Germans to death despite ample supplies & rations available. The Morganthau Plan leaked, but it was stiill carried out and the Kabals Christian Holocaust continued. Here's an exact copy of the Morganthau Plan for you to read.

Recently, a brave author wrote a book about Eisenhower's Rhineland death camps, I just finished reading. These are our friends the Jews. "Other Losses" & "I Was a Prison Guard in Eisenhowers Death Camps"


48fa11  No.8962



48fa11  No.8964

Where does Q actually drop, on the chan?

And how the fuck do I get there?

9e3893  No.8984

File: 83a37a004b4e212⋯.pdf (2.02 MB, VirusHouse.pdf)

The true story of the Nuremberg Trials has never been told in any major western publication, because the realities of these Soviet show trials are just too shocking for most American sensibilities.

However, the world's greatest living WW Two historian did the legwork to document the facts from out of the Allied, Soviet and the German archives. The secret of Irving's universal brilliance is his bulldogged determination and his access to German soldiers, their widowed wives and their surviving diaries. You might be surprised to learn, David Irving alone among Western WWII historians actually speaks fluent German. Sir Max Hastings, Sir Martin Gilbert etc,,, nope not a jot, or a tittle bit. Here enjoy a pdf of Irving's earthshaking truth Nuremberg.

Bonus "Virus House", Hitler could have won WW Two with a weapon the Allies never dreamed he had, 200 million pounds of unstoppable nerve gas! We might have to consider Hitler wasn't mad after all!


e9f3b6  No.9057


Q drops 9/19/18

I watched Q drops and the drama unfold when Q opened the board for Q & A. I could not believe some the craziest questions being asked, the first 3 Q/A seem legit , but after that it was just asinine and laughable.

When Q & A dropped, the board lit up like a 4th of July and a free for all followed. When Q started returning answers, it became clear Q was in deliberate disinformation mode and gauging the field of the influx of shills, seasoned Anons and newfags.

Q conducted a field test and very few caught on to the disinfo ops in progress. What seasoned Anons know is;

1. Q team work at the pleasure of the President,

2. Q drops crumbs with questions, hints to info in public records and repost an Anon post framed in his drop as "you" or confirm (not direct yes or no),

3. Q by federal statute cannot divulge classified information, his answers are framed carefully within the confines of strict federal security laws.

Having laid out the above, those who are walking on air thinking you got a straight answer need to stop and re-evaluate your premature celebration of thinking you now have the 911 scoop or other info that has not been declassified by POTUS. Q is not authorized to divulge or release information that has not been released to the public!

Finally I encourage everyone to look at the questions posted yesterday and look at the obvious, the majority of the posters have NOT even bothered to view the wealth of verified, well researched information compiled in Q Research Board! You don't do your homework, don't expect to get a factual straight answer. You want to see laziness, just go to that Q & A board and you will clearly see why Q wasn't inclined to be factual and jump at the chance to use it as a disinformation operation.

Don't expect to get an apology from Q, because truthfully none is deserved for lazy newbies who are unwilling to do some deep diving themselves!

Olefag USAR/Navy Retired Anon

e9f3b6  No.9059


Q# 2215 pertaining to the Q & A Circus mentioned in 9057.

b7773e  No.9068

ETERNAL FATHER ALMIGHTY GOD, We humbly come to you today to thank You for your love, mercy and grace. Thank you for your many blessings you have given us including life. We repent and pray. We ask you, Dear FATHER, to help us put on our amour, Eph. 6:10-18, that we can stand firm and courageous against this evil. We humbly ask you this in the name of YOUR SON JESUS CHRIST. AMEN.

48fa11  No.9087


Who cares

c6efce  No.9091

Testing testing.


Longtime lurker, first time poster here as well.

Reporting for duty.

91f97d  No.9182

red text test





91f97d  No.9183





b111b3  No.9247

Title says to ask why we are here so I'm asking. I would like to ask questions about POTUS but cannot find where to do so. Any help…thanks

51b787  No.9373

File: 9a5d84e5857801e⋯.gif (629.11 KB, 250x190, 25:19, 9B260BA8-E335-422F-B9EE-0F….gif)

Andetson Cooper and ‪CNN has a new news this news is newer than old news newer than what CNN has been reporting shit now its old news we need new news hurry up and get us some new news‬

51b787  No.9376

CNN and Anderson Cooper upset over all the memes and wanting us to stop posting mean memes about FAKENEWS and FAKWANDERSOn

e89f4c  No.9378

Anderson Cooper is a FagBoy

e89f4c  No.9380


Why thank you

51b787  No.9400

File: 3d1b283e148c463⋯.gif (773.53 KB, 498x280, 249:140, FBDD6311-B886-4A8B-A9D6-C2….gif)

How about a new round of MOAM

Mother Of All Memes. CNN and Anderson Pooper are bleeding should we take them out?

e9f3b6  No.9441


When you see blood beginning to ooz, you pound on them even harder! This is a good moment to show them, the more they complain, they're going to get pounded even harder (mind phuckery on full blast)! Hit them with Meme's that contain their own lies, retractions and hypocrisy (no threats of any kind, just their factual screw ups). They are their own source, turn their own canon around on them! Carpet bombs away!

48fa11  No.9448

File: 3f4180312176964⋯.png (775.19 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 9C4EBD19-C05B-41C1-9C93-3B….png)

e8a6f3  No.9496


Closed due to Child Pornography investigation. They didn't want to scare them. ChickAnon 🇺🇸🇺🇸

fcb04d  No.9684


well said, Admiral

the Q&A was a load test

disinfo dropped too

Q says repeatedly :use logic and critical thinking

not many do

0dad0e  No.9729

File: c37b4ea172e4132⋯.png (153.88 KB, 402x720, 67:120, Capture.PNG)

File: 8bb60580d063712⋯.png (67.01 KB, 720x461, 720:461, 20180921_125522.png)

File: 5b6de15a430dd8c⋯.png (156.35 KB, 394x471, 394:471, 20180921_124454.png)

File: 12a43ad5fdf7cce⋯.png (835.52 KB, 720x871, 720:871, 20180921_125355.png)

File: 4527979ed1e0599⋯.png (352.14 KB, 720x820, 36:41, 20180921_124641.png)

Not sure I interpreted everything correctly…

I'm pretty sure we are at the second Revolutionary War (irregular warfare at it's finest).

04e940  No.9767


Does any of the Anon's know what is going on in Syria? The whole world is there fighting in the back yard.WWlll

a7e052  No.9776


Best statement here!

e9f3b6  No.9868


And you trust wikipedia, who runs wikipedia? If you want to trust and verify, why not ask Code Monkey and the BO directly?

All I know is Anons covered this in the past in 4chan & 8chan. Q trust CM and thats what matters. Qanons are approaching one year come next month, don't you think that the Q team did their homework after their first encounter with reddit last year? Like Q says, use logic.

Did you deep dive @josh8chan? How is ACLU involved with wikipedia, who/what is ACLU? Q Research General has many of these questions that have been answered. Many newbies bypass QR and ask questions that they could have found the answers if they didn't bypass it.

Newfags, GA reddit fags and lurkerfags welcome to PA, get compfy and get your shovels ready!

e9f3b6  No.9947

3131643 qresearch posted Friday 21Sept2018



BOLO; FOT, fartontoast,tidder, Mr.Anderson, Orangutan and any ____ontoast are one in the same individual is a "Sock Puppet" for Orangutan who are engaged in "Consensus Cracking"!

The AKA Moderated many subreddits who set up The_GA, the swamp watch, he initiated CC on GA subreddit. Conspiracy subreddit have compiled evidence/data, ot Patriot Anon have done deep dives on this too. He is active on V/TA and V/GA.

Please be aware of this, he has a chain of sites and will insert himself and a couple of his Cohorts into Conservative & Q platforms posing as Mods!

Many former FOT followers will attack this post, that's OK, I'm nobody special, just an old God fearing retired veteran! WWG1WGA! May God continue to shine his grace on us!

e9f3b6  No.9962


Are you going to shut this PA board down because of Q directive 2266 (Voat QRV). Notice BO or other Anons didn't defend this board or mention its existence. I tried to get my post in, but just couldn't get on the chan (old & slow). I presume the BO/BV doesn't work the graveyard shift on this board, correct! A reply to PA Anons would be greatly appreciated. I've never been impressed with VOAT and don't look kindly to a site that has a blue Pedo emblem and know that site will be the first site to get over run when the next volley's are dropped! I understand the need for buffers, but this is leading your troops to the slaughter and it just wrong! ThanQ BO/BV!

c2f9ff  No.10036


Oops. Thank you. I goofed up but the captcha is what baffles me. Some things are just garbled and can’t understand or decipher at all.

0544c3  No.10119



it has never been black vs white.

it's not our nature to hate.

846fe6  No.10312

We must UNITE



846fe6  No.10315

It was asked not to post names or emails when posting here, stay ANONS.

3314d1  No.10387

File: eadcee370bf38e4⋯.gif (3 MB, 540x270, 2:1, tumblr_p3cr8zZIqo1t3te85o2….gif)

I hope you info warriors have a great week this week! I have a feeling it's going to be glorious!

6503ea  No.10436

File: a60cb06777c3c63⋯.gif (993.68 KB, 232x227, 232:227, lightning_strike.gif)

Soon. It's gotta be soon.

3391bd  No.10667


Apologies for the delay Anon. We will be keeping this board up for the time being unless if directed by Q no to. We still need a space to handle all the new traffic we are experiencing on the boards. ThankQ for being so patient.


e9f3b6  No.10718


Thank you, it is a very good transitioning board and strongly advise that it remain as a functioning board. Thank you for your response, your dedication, your commitment to the Qanons and your professionalism. WWG1WGA! May God continue to guide us and bless us all who seek to know the truth, Amen!

27cdbd  No.10753

Q… you sent us to a racist voat sub to be united. Yet it divides us. What is it you wanted us to find there?

d0c4cd  No.10810

File: fa180d8614d0960⋯.gif (783.81 KB, 450x252, 25:14, D48DAC6F-5DAB-4779-BBE0-FB….gif)

This is a mean meme so many possibilities WWG1WGA

668ec3  No.11273

File: a3117045ee0b55a⋯.jpeg (395.96 KB, 422x729, 422:729, D5C5672A-5708-4164-AA67-C….jpeg)


668ec3  No.11275

File: 6cc17825af3611e⋯.jpeg (437.51 KB, 1634x2020, 817:1010, 331AF197-AF3D-4347-BCD0-4….jpeg)

Crappy memes.

But I propose this slogan

“You’re being lied to”

d30423  No.11455


d30423  No.11456

File: fa114e67a5b9e18⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181004-131150….jpg)

File: bfe3eb0245895f4⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181004-131144….jpg)

9237e1  No.11481

First time post long time lurker… back to the lurk zone

4fae4d  No.11503

File: 8be83a358e911b7⋯.jpg (153.63 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_20181005_172139_132.jpg)

9b0044  No.11549

From January 2017. See: https://semeiotic.com/2017/01/trump-russia-and-the-china-dream/

543982  No.11825

File: e2850e47cdbaa10⋯.jpg (16.91 KB, 255x153, 5:3, 56f070458e6c2808c81a946d5d….jpg)

b73034  No.11832

File: 56f070458e6c280⋯.jpg (74.28 KB, 751x450, 751:450, HRC-tour.jpg)


If you're going to share a meme, you need to click on it and save the large version, not the thumbnail. ;)

edd225  No.11863

File: 6a0b6b8259229a0⋯.jpg (6.79 KB, 318x159, 2:1, ethanol.jpg)

Ethanol is harmful to our cars. it is hurting our everything that runs on gas. it turns sour FAST. It molds up our gas tanks. Just look at the black shit around your gas caps and fuel doors of YOUR daily driver cars trucks,etc.How many EVAP codes and bad catalytic converters have you the people had to replace?

What country manufactures MOST of those replacement parts??

China=Ethanol problems.

China = Ethanol Solutions??

I do this for a living. You Are ALL being Screwed.

You cant store it, it will absorb moisture the the air and separate into a totally unusable can of liquid shit that will ruin whatever you pour it into. Youve seen it happen after 3 months of sitting in a small can in your garage at home. Ethanol.

Your older more reliable model cars trucks suv's cant tolerate it. the repair industry is fucked over dealing with ETHANOL problems ALL DAY FUCKING LONG. I see it every day. It is a plague for all of us. if you leave it in your power equipment for too long it destroys carburetors. Wich are too expensive to repair. so you must replace them. wich means buying another one. FROM CHINA. The next best option is to buy a new unit. (weed whacker, mower, etc…) FROM FUCKING CHINA. and then what are you gonna fill it with?? More Ethanol fuel.

Fuck ETHANOL!! Its Bad all the way down to the piece of Chinese shit you are filling up with it that you have to replace because of it.

Corn belongs in your shit. Not in your gas tank.

Ethanol means more China. No shit, try turning wrenches for a living

543982  No.11864


FUCK China

ad31f3  No.11873

f63a9c  No.11931

Suggest reading The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumbey. Older book, from 1983 but this book was the reason I got red pilled right away. People thought I was nuts talking about the Illuminati and NWO. But she saw the writing on the wall back then.

4eb2c5  No.11954


This is the alarm because ALL deaths not ruled natural by the ME are required by Texas law to be autopsied.

037fd6  No.12125

That fucking raghead should be hurting>>1244


fba500  No.12266

File: 38c6a3781c92920⋯.jpg (555.45 KB, 1199x812, 1199:812, 10-24-bob-L&R-FINAL-TIM.jpg)


fba500  No.12267

File: 8436d9d608ef0a6⋯.jpg (224.67 KB, 1497x1251, 499:417, 10-24-CNN-tim.jpg)


They have a photo of the suspect who planted the PIPEBOMS…..lol

b2a09e  No.12557


End of bread

9b4ade  No.12771


10/5 Calm Before Storm Tweet

10/28 Q starts

12/5 Blue checkmark

+23 days of Pain

12/28 Fisagate

7ebd4e  No.12824

File: fe516ec411fccf8⋯.jpeg (402.24 KB, 1242x2084, 621:1042, 8417A327-0315-4F6A-BD22-4….jpeg)

File: 198311a7e0c4c2a⋯.jpeg (239.64 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 6D229EC1-761D-407D-BC66-2….jpeg)

12/9- Pray

12/10- [AS] watch for FF

12/11- [AS REVEAL]

12/11- [GS] start days of silence (10), pain (23)

1/3 or 1/4- Congress sworn in; Tribunals activated

Thank Q

6b4863  No.13217

File: 0d194e0e606437c⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 1395x1919, 1395:1919, 1-10-map-1400w2.jpg)


Acosta just proved BARRIERS WORK!

967bf9  No.13256

Does anyone have a rational explanation other than "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" for DJT's nomination of Bush crony William Barr, whose father was OSS? Co-opted by those that 'hold all the cards'? Can no other individual be nominated, or is there some benefit to nominating a 'captured' piece, re smoking out more traitors? Assuming NSA reads everything, no safe quarter (Seven Dwarves are gone, right?). Just trying to figure out how to read this. Appreciate thoughts.

b1edf2  No.13261


I heard an interview with Andrew McCarthy on WPHT Wednesday morning. I've long had suspicions that the host, Chris Stigall, follows Q. McCarthy says about Barr, "…even when he was out of the Justice Department, & in private industry, he was one of the clearest thinkers in the post-9/11 era on the subject of how we needed to attack terrorism and in particular how we needed to meld military justice and civilian justice rather than trying to put the problem in one box or the other. Try to meld the best of both systems in a way that was tailored toward the threat as we understand it… I think he was way ahead of other people thinking about that." That really made my ears perk up. On various Q boards there have been many threads around the subject of military tribunals vs. civilian charges for the DS. What if Barr was brought in because he has a better way of prosecuting them?

30b12c  No.13262

File: 586e7f8cf81326c⋯.jpg (727.52 KB, 1242x1406, 621:703, 1.17.19.jpg)

Retweet Delta = 3 days, 2 hours, 59 min


8:17pm pst

3b30cf  No.13360

A huge thank you to Q and all the autists for the amazing work you all do.

6b4863  No.13378

File: 16d3c580f4b5142⋯.jpg (705.13 KB, 1200x2598, 200:433, 2-14-pain-FINAL.jpg)

Phase III - PAIN

6b4863  No.13379

File: 5ada5f0bb630473⋯.jpg (692.48 KB, 1200x2371, 1200:2371, 2-14-pain-FINAL1.jpg)

Phase III - PAIN

6b4863  No.13469

File: 233ded353eccbf0⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 1595x2120, 319:424, 2-20-HOAX-ALL1.jpg)

What's the DIFFERENCE…..?

There is no difference…….they are just 2 years apart!

752ab9  No.13572

File: f32b65ff1b18876⋯.png (401.71 KB, 505x505, 1:1, The big Q.png)

The biggest Q on earth

d15f13  No.13575

Seems like R. Kelly is the prominent celebrity that Q mentioned going down.

5aeed2  No.13739

Please dont rape my ass. I know ive done some fucked up shit, but c'mon man! At this point what difference does it make?!

b2e6df  No.13833

File: 990b9bcba31e1ce⋯.jpg (67.21 KB, 716x499, 716:499, WWG1WGA.jpg)

540821  No.13869

File: e19e60a0d106ec7⋯.jpg (23.75 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9f0953a2069c7ff828694a9be9….jpg)

orange man hucking oranges!

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