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Welcome to /PatriotsAwoken/ First time here? 8chan? Click here Patriots.

File: 6686528e8852046⋯.jpeg (27.34 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0675089E-78CA-445C-8D8A-1….jpeg)

4bafd8  No.2576

Patriots Awoken META #2 I have no idea how to do this edition.

Baking a second bread since the original one is almost full. We will figure this out Reddit refugees. Like hunting to survive when being stranded on an island. You’ve got to survive. Shoot the damn bear man.

4bafd8  No.2586

Post in here when the other one reaches 752 posts or whatever the max is.


We will not give up.

We will not give in.

We will organize.

We will fight.

We will redpoll the normies we once were.


4bafd8  No.2592


REDPILL. effing autocorrect.

172c37  No.2605


Well Done Anon!

172c37  No.2615

File: cf4b3325d2ba9c9⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1471x1210, 1471:1210, ClipboardImage.png)

My apologies if this has already been posted, but is this how POTUS is going to circumvent the subversive MSM?

From post 2071:

"Clickbait & opinions vs logical thinking.

Direct communication necessary.

Trust yourself.

Think for yourself.



Not my work. Another Anon from QResearch. thank you anon

c4920f  No.2645

File: 655745e50523dd4⋯.jpg (57.88 KB, 750x600, 5:4, 135891.jpg)

We're just getting started y'all.

24cea2  No.2692

Following… anyone have the link for Qresearch?

64a552  No.2695

Watched Hannity and Laura Ingraham tonite . Laura talked about the new grand jury and said Comey, Strock and Page will be indicted along with others. Darkness to Light. WWG1WGA.

5f6f5a  No.2715

New Bread Shout out … Good Job Patriot Anons !


f3e10f  No.2735

testing first reply.>>2692


135839  No.2773

File: 7634abbb66fbc4d⋯.png (18.65 KB, 150x204, 25:34, cycle.PNG)











Appreciate the work done here Anons. However the original Meta thread is set to cycle. Meaning that it will constantly sit at 750 posts. So the earliest comment gets slid off the thread by a new one and repeats this process over and over. Photo attached for ref.

caedf1  No.2775



12eceb  No.2782

Thank you, BO. You are much appreciated.

7f6f0d  No.2786


68e513  No.2789

File: 900419c99f86c4b⋯.gif (588.04 KB, 350x300, 7:6, rockingchair.gif)


Much Obliged, BO.. mucho obligeeo.

29b45a  No.2792


I suppose he will use this unless the DS arranges their cute little EMP before he can activate comms for the peeps

29b45a  No.2799


Is this RBG of SCOTUS in the straight jacket?

455956  No.2803

f15713  No.2865


Can you lock a 'cycled' thread so all comments are intact?

59c09a  No.2923


Hey New Baker

We have a link baking school next door, it's tailored to Qresearch but there's lots of good info on how.




031e48  No.2925

File: 2fee1cd688ac245⋯.jpeg (608.4 KB, 1125x1124, 1125:1124, CAF5721B-B56D-440E-B175-6….jpeg)


Thanks BO.

4bafd8  No.3275


Yeah, but that means we lose all of the history… and Q says to archive offline. We should turn off recycle, because the more people post the more of our history gets deleted.

4bafd8  No.3278


^^ this

0d9c70  No.3291

Thank you Anons. Very much appreciated your efforts. And thanks for this new space to continue with real news.


45927f  No.3293


I'm thinking they'll be using ALL the different types of banning occurring on all places to make more laws. And more government controls over everything on the internet.

Leave it to the government to have good intentions but have the opposite effect.

Problem is many of the big places like google facebook and youtube have a monopoly on the internet. And the government has been known to break those up on occasion. Like Standard Oil.

b18b85  No.3418

File: 8c32e6f334d9fac⋯.jpeg (49.68 KB, 484x484, 1:1, E64E8548-302A-4CBA-A2AE-A….jpeg)

Morning Patriot anons.

1f0fe6  No.3526

SonarTech here hopefully we can get back to some of the great discussions we had prior. I guess like most things practice makes perfect, oddly I left this for other platforms bc it confuses the shit out of me. oh well here I return.


831eb1  No.3553


Don't namefag here. We are all anonymous. They jump all over people who name drop so lurk moar & figure out the rules this can be a scary place Anon.

24f5f5  No.3777


Right now we just need participation. It’s learn as we go. Correct and move on. We need less lurk moar talk on this board.

831eb1  No.3810


Lurk means learn. The amount of people filling in their names, saying "hey its (insert twitter or reddit name)" or engaging shills & bots is bad. Defeats the whole purpose of being here. If more people read the are you new to 8chan thing or the various warnings breads on how to spot shills & what to do when spotted before making a post we would be better off as a whole.

I only been here a few days & reading that shit & lurking to see what gets newbies shit on made me way less scared of this place.

bcc5f6  No.3813



705366  No.3842


How do you get recent post at top?

bcfd66  No.3911

File: ff7320b4c501f2d⋯.png (77.53 KB, 570x366, 95:61, download.png)

my first post

3a83ef  No.3929

File: 337c893ecfac22e⋯.png (38.97 KB, 520x403, 40:31, 2018-09-15.png)


3a83ef  No.3934


I hope you are heeded. well said

a990bb  No.3954

File: 5ec99cea2f502de⋯.jpeg (306.16 KB, 1089x1447, 1089:1447, 66C7AF0E-F9D1-4C4A-9363-6….jpeg)

From Dark to Light #WWG1WGA

88ba57  No.4993

How come nobody's posting here on META2?

09c34f  No.5135


THIS, come on, lurk more. Battling Shills instead of doing research is a waste of time. Focus on Q posts and relevant research.

831eb1  No.5276


Nobody seems to have gotten the memo they’re still erasing number 1.

3dcbea  No.5432


Better to learn here by making mistakes then fucking up qresearch. Heck, the BO of qresearch helped set up this place just for that.

Most folks are intimidated with what they see on qresearch. Patriot Awaken is much more forgiving in that respect. It encourages posting. Get some experience with a new platform before diving into the deep end.

114f82  No.5574


oh god thank you for this

27cdd0  No.5659


Thanks. It’s looking good. We got this!

344cb3  No.5884

File: bb0a113db87515f⋯.jpeg (181.12 KB, 880x1020, 44:51, AE2A916B-60D2-4611-8B55-2….jpeg)

Newfag testing. Dark to light.

This is the first time in my life that I think I’ve truly felt what Jesus felt when he said “here are my mother and brothers”. You bring me joy.

de89fa  No.6280

learning 8Chan….not easy for old pip like me. trying hard tho


172c37  No.6716

BV / Bo! BV / BO! we have multiple # 3 general threads!. Please delete duplicates! Thank you for looking out for us!

638217  No.7573

when a thread is full, how do you find the next thread?

5676a7  No.9577

newfag redditrefugee where can I find memes? FB jail expires soon, stocking up

55afcc  No.10708

File: ac285310da5eb92⋯.jpg (50.79 KB, 720x720, 1:1, FB_IMG_1537849957597.jpg)

beto o rourke os a guncontrol shill and soros pac 💰 taker

Open borders not happening

55afcc  No.10710

File: e2a9d97a5b649b9⋯.jpg (7.4 KB, 150x150, 1:1, I4Nuu-Ni_400x400.jpg)

File: e2a9d97a5b649b9⋯.jpg (7.4 KB, 150x150, 1:1, I4Nuu-Ni_400x400.jpg)

I will fall in love w you

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