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Welcome to /PatriotsAwoken/ First time here? 8chan? Click here Patriots.

File: 7a8913ed407346d⋯.png (7.66 KB, 200x152, 25:19, 200px-InfiniteChan∞chanLog….png)

9b4a39  No.402

Welcome all.

I thought I'd create a thread describing the basics of posting on the board.

To start off with, https:"//"8ch.net/patriotsawoken/catalog.html is the main page and clicking on [Catalog] anywhere you see it will always take you back to this main page.

From there, you can click on threads to enter them and read/post, or you can create your own thread. When creating your own thread, you need to fill out the Subject, which will be title of the thread as it is seen in the catalog. The Comment box is the actual content of the thread. You'll also need to upload an image to create a thread, usually something related to the thread topic but doesn't necessarily have to be.

Once you enter into a thread, you can respond to a post by clicking on the number on the post you're replying to, where it says, "No.xxx" where "xxx" is the post number. The posts are simply numbered in order on that particular board. On /qresearch/, we just hit 3,000,000 posts so if you wanted to reply to the 3,000,000th post (on that board), you would click on "No.3000000." A box will pop up and you can type in your response on the next line after the ">>(post number)." You can reply to more than one post at a time.

On 8chan, it is very highly encouraged to stay anonymous, and leave the name field and email field blank. The subject box should not be filled in unless you're creating a thread. In the reply box, you can also click on "[▶ Show post options & limits]." From there, you can embed YouTube videos by pasting the link to the video into the "embed" box. You can also embed from the following websites (taken right from 8chan FAQ): youtube.com, xhamster.com, vid.me, thegoldwater.com, redtube.com, pornhub.com, vimeo.com, tube8.com, xvideos.com, youjizz.com, twitch.tv, dailymotion.com, vaughnlive.tv, liveleak.com, nicovideo.jp, streamable.com, soundcloud.com, xaniatube.com, vlive.tv, vocaroo.com, hooktube.com, smashcast.tv, and invidio.us.

Next to the post number, on some posts, you'll see other post numbers in blue and underlined - these are the responses to that particular post. If you hover your mouse over the number, you can see that response; you can also click on the number to go to the actual response.

Also in each post is the poster's ID. Each poster will have an ID: these will stay the same for each poster in one particular thread, but will not carry over to other threads. The Board Owner (BO) and Board Volunteers (BVs, basically mods) can see a separate ID that allows them to see your whole post history on that board.

You can link to posts on other boards by putting ">>>/(boardname)/postnumber"

For example, you can link to a post on /qresearch/:


Or to a Q post on /patriotsfight/:


Note: on /qresearch/, what we call "Reddit spacing" is very looked down upon - meaning double spacing/hitting enter twice for every line, like you would on Reddit out of habit - so if you post there, it's best to avoid spacing this way.

/qresearch/ notables are archived here:


and also here:


8chan FAQ: https:"//"8ch.net/faq.html


Thread = Bread

Thread creator = Baker

(making a thread = baking a bread)

I'll add more if I think of anything else.

9b4a39  No.406

Embedding images

You can click on "Select/drop/paste files here" to add images to your post.

Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, webm, mp4, pdf - 16 MB is the maximum file size. 5 images/files per post are allowed.

The images in posts will be small until you click on them to enlarge them. If a GIF file is embedded, it will not "play" until it is clicked on.

9b4a39  No.411

File: 379981f905b3ba5⋯.jpg (327.93 KB, 1437x1009, 1437:1009, 0488a29237b3a4c54e89617453….jpg)

File: 6a4d2c990b4f80d⋯.png (26.72 KB, 865x467, 865:467, replyboxformatting.png)

Text formatting

See the first image.

For example, words inside of two sets of apostrophes will be italicized

Words inside three sets of apostrophes will be bolded

Words inside two sets of the underscore symbol will be underlined

Red text is often used to highlight something since it stands out

It needs to be put in two sets of equal signs

There is, however, a catch: you cannot have anything on the same line before or after the equal signs, or it will not work

==There is, however, a catch: you cannot have anything on the same line before or after the equal signs, or it will not work== (like this)

We use ">" in front of text to quote words (in green)

>Like this

Or "<" to quote it in pink

<Like this

9b4a39  No.414

File: 731d06994307de1⋯.png (9.83 KB, 336x265, 336:265, drag.png)

In the "quick reply" box, you can drag the bottom right corner of the box to resize it. You can also move the box around by dragging the top bar.

9b4a39  No.425

File: e84efdf93a6e043⋯.png (42.33 KB, 1084x716, 271:179, tree view.png)

Reddit-style board format

If you go to the top right corner, you'll see [Options]. Click on that to see the different board options. I would uncheck "Show top boards" and "Show trending boards" since you probably won't be needing them.

You can check "Use tree view by default" to make the board more similar to Reddit. With this unchecked (the default option), the board will always display posts in the order they were posted. With "tree view" enabled, they will show the responses to each post the same way Reddit does.

9b4a39  No.435

File: 5e0f10a93b4c157⋯.png (10.38 KB, 915x128, 915:128, bottombar.png)

9b4a39  No.487

File: 2fa81146031dcb9⋯.png (317.44 KB, 1534x478, 767:239, replies.png)

The number after the "R" in the catalog is the number of replies to that thread.

4f6ab6  No.497

File: 15ca723f657920c⋯.jpg (166.72 KB, 501x951, 167:317, Screenshot_20180910-185126.jpg)




When I try to create a post during the captcha section the letters are deleted once i enter them and then hit space. For ex: if the captcha is 5 dde cft, I enter 5 dde space then the curser moves back and erases the e or edd prohibiting me from completeing the captcha. Help!

4f6ab6  No.498


Any advice?

862ff5  No.499


Thank you for the Welcome Mat, Anon. I've lurked but never expected the open arms that I've seen here today. I really couldn't stand Reddit, but it was a source for researched minded people to gather and discuss—-most of the time-until the shills. I could see the shut down in the cards but never imagined that this space would be created for us. I for one, appreciate this direct open line of communication very much. I actually never thought I'd post here-and just caught myself on the dreaded reddit double space, haha. Once I learned how to nav the Chans, I found myself here much more than Reddit. This is where the real stuff happens! Thanks for taking the time to spell out these things that the newfags are searching for! WWG1WGA! Rock on!

4f6ab6  No.500


But not consistently. Also, in the captchas, do we include the spaces that are shown in between some of the characters?

9b4a39  No.501


Strange that it would delete letters.

But what's important is that there are no spaces in the captcha, so even if there are spaces in the images, you just enter all 6 letters/numbers in a row.

Do that and you shouldn't have any more problems with it

9b4a39  No.517


Nope, don't include any spaces.

You should only have to enter a captcha once every 24 hours

c0cf41  No.596



23778a  No.605

This is very helpful. Thank you!

967f31  No.683

File: 4af176f427e0bea⋯.jpg (49.76 KB, 660x495, 4:3, DmQSuJxV4AUQSUe.jpg)

File: cc707a636697909⋯.jpg (55.94 KB, 960x818, 480:409, 37819855_1913618408930549_….jpg)

Its all happening, keep the faith, trust the plan.

c3f0bd  No.688

thank you!!

3d384a  No.694

Anyone seen this? I’m willing to bet it’s more about squashing Qanon Memes than Russian meddling!


d46249  No.710

My first post here, ‘“thank you’”. >>411

0a9f5e  No.711

Many thanks for the time and effort. You certainly were not obligated.

Props for righteous deeds.

3ee88f  No.712


Don't use spaces.

3ee88f  No.714


The 8ch archives are here


There are multiple other archives - GermanArchiveAnon comes on and drops a load of em on us every few days. It's a downloadable archive of full breads. Another online archive is at http:"//"qanon.news/archives

6b50bf  No.715


Test run

a47d41  No.791

File: 0e3dadd84e4b271⋯.jpeg (190.71 KB, 490x439, 490:439, fullsizeoutput_ae55.jpeg)


7979dc  No.794

I understand the “R” on the imageboard is for number of replies. What is the “I” and “P” used for?

7979dc  No.800

Glad to be here!

6a21e8  No.879


971934  No.884

File: 7ed85f2f1e2436d⋯.png (455.16 KB, 960x770, 96:77, maga.png)


Thanks for the info! Now lets see if this upload works…

9b4a39  No.885


That's a good question. I'm honestly not sure.

240ec8  No.887



P stands for the first Post. Notice they all have 1 P

I is for Images.

240ec8  No.890


Sorry, fucked that up. P is responses to OP

3d85c4  No.920

File: 1cbe57929acd445⋯.png (1.65 MB, 819x1392, 273:464, aquarius.png)

419342  No.924

File: 0a22eacaf0bf110⋯.png (32.88 KB, 982x386, 491:193, formatting.png)

File: 637bb6c04065d35⋯.png (17.88 KB, 864x306, 48:17, posting.png)

3d85c4  No.928

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All Things Q


8aad53  No.957

File: b03c37f73fdd523⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 232x186, 116:93, Filter.jpg)

How To Filter Posts

Hi Patriots! If you want to filter posts by shills or bots, just click on the small arrow, upper left hand corner of the post next to the name (usually the name is Anonymous) then click on 'add filter'. From the dop down menu you can choose what you want to filter. Enjoy!

689c57  No.967


So even though we have no fucking clue who they are we can "block" them?!


8aad53  No.973


Yep! Though I don't know if the filter applies to each separate thread. But at least when can filter anyone at anytime! Very useful!

5509de  No.981



Made me laugh. Tough to get butt hurt, huh?

5509de  No.989





How do you know when someone replies to you?

3d85c4  No.1009

File: 5a96dad3a7dafb9⋯.png (436.59 KB, 960x540, 16:9, leftwhobama.png)

"We have tremendous WW support. [worldwide]

SATAN has left the WH. [white house]

Day of days."

–Q, 19 Dec 2017


8d7d53  No.1061


The filter will apply only to the one bread you do it to. Once the bread fills at 751 posts and you go on to the next bread in the thread, you have to re-filter if the shmuck bugs you again. Also, a filter in one thread (like QResearch) does not block the fag if you run across him in a different thread (like QBantz).

3d85c4  No.1062

File: 264f71c73e4a10d⋯.jpg (177.13 KB, 735x445, 147:89, sine wave history.jpg)

Sine wave diagram of long term history.

Dark to light. We are all witness to this once in 25,000 years paradigm shift of human consciousness–only if we tune our senses in to higher divine vibration. The Kingdom of Heaven Trumps Satan. WWG1WGA "The World is about to change." –Q

8d7d53  No.1075








WELCOME to the last bastion of free speech on the internet!

The QBOARD QUESTIONS QboardTeachings (Pass The Exam) thread is available for you to learn more about maneuvering around 8chan and QReseach. The same principles apply to /Patriotsawoken/ . See the above links for detailed info for newbies. I don't whether you can just click on the link when you're in Patriotsawoken or not, which is why I pasted the URL for easy access.

Another tip - if you click on a comment, that comment may or may not be in the same bread that you are. If not, 8chan will automatically take you to that different bread (which is a pain when phonefagging).

Therefore, as a courtesy to others, if you cite/reply to a comment from a different bread than the one you're in, please notfy others by placing "lb" or "old bread" or "bread #" after the cited comment.

For filtering, also see


in /patriotsawoken/


fdf4f0  No.1077

Thank you, so much for this thread! So very informative! First time testing out a post. Hope it comes out _RIGHT_! Not sure I understand the ins and outs of ==RED==, but let's see!

987496  No.1087


thanks for the tips, anon

cc49c9  No.1093


==There== "is good information" _in here_, and I'm also testing.

594f69  No.1123



ReREAD >>411


>>411 for text formatting.

b403cd  No.1138

Holy shit the Chans are a hell of a lot more inviting that VOAT was. That's really amusing considering how they live and die by some fucking CCP points like it's some fucking MMO or some some shit. Thank you baker!

b403cd  No.1144


So I am assuming the 751 post limit per bread is set by 8chan? Meaning that is not an adjustable option a user sets, correct?

c4ea3b  No.1151

File: 6378cef102eb6e6⋯.jpg (231.17 KB, 584x1204, 146:301, BoomersonInfinityChan.jpg)

594f69  No.1157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why does Q call Barack O Bama a.k.a. Barry Sotoero SATAN?

Could be from research provided in YT vids:

A video originally posted by ppsimmons

A second video, unsure who, describes 18 biblical traits identifying a future person who will be SATAN

7f2cd0  No.1179


VOAT is truly full of the worst /pol/-tier cancer. But most of the chans are in fact pretty comfy.

5a53db  No.1185


I'm wondering the same thing, but here's a reply for you.

5a53db  No.1188

Thank you! There are no upvotes here, right? No way to show support for a post besides commenting on it?

5a53db  No.1202


Just figured it out. Upper right: "Options." Offers desktop notifications. Don't know about mobile.

4c4155  No.1247

File: c821a708fe976cd⋯.png (269.4 KB, 401x510, 401:510, c821a708fe976cd4838d43408f….png)

phonefags tip:

yall prolly got supersmartphones and dont care

but using omnichan app made me quite comfy

except no nightmode kek

thx for this thread - that said, remember when going over to /qresearch not to waste bread for personal concerns and not to engage bots and shills if u dont to get btfoed roughly..

its good to check notables before posting your info/digs (last few buns are posted at the top of current bread, older at >>>/comms/225 )

always source your digs and watch out for sketchy-shilly disinfo/fearporn sites

dont panic if u get error 502 or catalog gets 'frozen' - just put 'index' instead of 'catalog' in the address

its crucial that u read this at least once - https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

10 mins will save u a lot of trouble, srsly

also - when Anons say 'lurk moar'.. they mean it! :) for everyones good. youll see the slides, learn how to spot shills and how to deal with them, learn the lingo, etc. feels much comfier to learn with others' mistakes kek

and dont try to change unwritten rules ('chan culture') or youll be treated like a bad mannered guest

i digress.. (You) will do good and feel comfy here, discovering all the details and other threads.

last but not least go thru those first info posts (each bread starts with them) at least once sometime, maybe bookmark some links - theres plenty of useful resources there..

remember, /qresearch/ is not a safespace. at all. neither its a chatroom or a quarrel sandbox. (may look like it sometimes b/c of shills, bots, clowns and newfags) for personal feelings, concerns, rants & ramblings u can make a separate thread. or try the night shift kek. also do not link normies who dont get it there - they will hate it and Anons hate it, too. /patriotsfight/ and/or qntmpkts.keybase.pub (all q posts) should be enough.. they can also start chan adventures here.

bit long, sorry for that.

always keep in mind - they really want you divided


dig, meme, pray and remember to sleep, hydrate, step outside sometime and keep in touch w/ frens&fam. all that will make u really comfy while here.


ps. u dont have to redpill everyone on all of the subjects in 5 mins.. there are threads on how to rationally do it best. analyze how Q does it. its more important that ppl go and vote in midterms.

above all - trust the plan. Godspeed, newfags, love u all patriots (no homo tho)

1f8933  No.1269


A couple of things to also bear in mind:

1. The Baker chooses the posts that go forward as 'Notables' - so depends upon the interests of the Baker as to what goes up;

2. Many 'Notables' do not appear to be relevant to the topic (of Q research);

3. There is no way of finding all posts in response to a 'Notable' - so no way of finding out whether the matter has been resolved.

4. Things move so fast on the QResearch board that you will be lucky if two or three people see your comment and even more lucky if you get a meaningful response.

5. The board is not meant to be a 'Chat Room' - but for most part that's exactly what it is and therefore finding nuggets of real information is an 'art'. Filter and filter often….

4c4155  No.1301

File: 2cdc98b0c0cc3c2⋯.jpg (258.6 KB, 1280x974, 640:487, discussion.jpg)


hey thx but this is basics here and your points are random/repeats/bit advanced and sound quite scary/confusing tbh.. you seem to try to preshape newfags' chan perception while after lurking for one week or day your points will seem not that necessary at best and shilly/untrue at worst to anyone potentially fitting here.

1 not really. depends on bread speed and baker time/skills - mostly anons/bvs/standby bakers point out notable posts and even compile ready-to-paste notables buns for baker (just watch out for shilly reqs for/against notables tho) / if you mean final decision, then yes, obv, lol

2 no. only a few and baker is usually not too experienced and/or gets grilled about that. rare as it is once in a while a comped baker fucks it up on purpose but why even worry bout that in advance kek.

3 wut. just check the keywords in notables and ull know lol. anyway, theres always new eyes and noone is here 24/7 so repeats are unavoidable. and necessary. and not a problem. (except if anons push for digs already done or established as pointless - which may change in time ofc)

4 so? if its important, post it again. top next bread or when things slow down.. u may add 'baker notable' if u feel like emergency neglected kek. obv dont post important stuff right after a drop or after 700th reply, when dough goes to oven.

also, ideally the only response ull be looking for is 'nice dig anon/baker notable' kek

5 also not really. maybe looks like it for the first few days.. but youll organically learn to scroll instinctively with discernment.

filter is good for ebot, aflb, fe/jew/porn&gore spammers and anons spurting >20-25 posts or anons endlessly arguing about irrelevant shit.

in my experience, not filtering helped to learn some meta stuff about here kek. but if u dont post, filter is your best friend prolly, dunno. then again, just reading the notables should be enough..


1/2 not really true except 2nd league/shilly bakers

3/4/5 not really basics4nufags cause u should be easily able to lose those first deceiving impressions after a while.. as u lurk and learn that is

sorry for being that tedious but honestly id be more afraid than advised after such negative points.. that said, id pass them without comment if not tagged. so nothing personal and wont slide more, just sharing personal chan experience with intent to encourage rather than scare. if ure not comfy after some time, then maybe this toxic slimepit is not for u. that case, bookmark notables thread and a drops site and/or just try twatter

pic somehow abstractly related kek

387ede  No.1345


Thanks for all the advice.

This will be home from now on.

Will go back to reading now.


c43359  No.1404


What did Q mean by https://8ch.net/patriotsfight/catalog.html being the main point of interest? Should we direct people there?

5cb0ee  No.1405


I means images, the number of images in the thread.

P means page, the page number in the catalog.

6f6598  No.1412

is this where Q will post updates?

4c4155  No.1434

File: bac5be34f92772a⋯.png (1001.79 KB, 2048x838, 1024:419, noprivatecomms.png)


yup, q's private board. big drops, no confusion, the source.

at least instead of linking noobs'n'normies to /qresearch/


see above ( https://8ch.net/patriotsfight/index.html ) and/or https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/

pic kinda related

18771b  No.1467



Thank you! Much appreciated.

18771b  No.1472

Second day here, learning by doing. It appears that each new day is a new ID within the same thread. Would that be a correct statement?

cbe076  No.1490

Feeling welcome and woke. Thank you for the quick start instructions.

d46249  No.1593

So in Q post 2168, he quotes someone 2995190, so where is that posted and how do you search for it.

f4893f  No.1734

Hello, yes. I hear "tbh fam" is code for child pornography. Do not engage with anyone speaking that phrase. It's a honey pot.

b7896b  No.1796

Thank you for being so kind to offer this thread. I have lurked on qresearch for a long time, and even after reading all the “Read This First” info, never understood some of the intricacies until this information you so generously have offered. This is definitely the place to be. May your thoughtfulness be multiplied back to you in amazing and unexpected ways. Your humble service to fellow patriots will be paid forward. Thanks.😊

b21a91  No.1865


I'm new to this but is there an easy way to spot the ones trying to trick you into clicking their links? Dumb question I know.

6be586  No.1871


I usually just wait till somebody else clicks the link

Also, its usually obvious if the link isn't safe. Think - (facebo.ok, twit.er) stuff like that.

Also download links, or direct links to files. Links to external images etc.

b21a91  No.1872


Thank you for these instructions. Very helpful.

441054  No.1891

File: 2438d8dfca3741b⋯.png (617.22 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, signal-2018-06-22-193538.png)

Test. Coming over from Reddit.

d7201f  No.1935



I had some issue's at first, but switched browsers and that helped . Try Brave browser. All platforms & use it like a dedicated app just for this site.

f9c058  No.1977

File: 452bb5118b57fda⋯.jpeg (345.32 KB, 1416x1411, 1416:1411, 15102E2B-B729-4CE9-9CD4-8….jpeg)

d7201f  No.2054

I just made a thread on the Android app, Omnichan. With some instructions on how to set up for this board and qresearch. It's a nice, easy to use app. Familiar buttons for posting, replies, etc. Material Design. Any questions about it should post in that thread. Hope some of you find this helpful.

9f823c  No.2068

Thank you, this was very helpful

906936  No.2149


Ok. So maybe an old lady can figure this out. Thank you. Very helpful>>694









bc3c50  No.2157

File: f5da6698776719f⋯.png (197.78 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, 1556598480udf0hu5336366315….png)

File: 0d2c8cfb6b53509⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 712x539, 712:539, 16q66q6664hj515634276750.jpg)

File: 847cff5a0838b28⋯.png (318.39 KB, 1197x1559, 1197:1559, 1515624669306328709ugodhu8….png)


Oldfag from /qresearch and chans in general. Weve been under attack on /qresearch 24/7 since at least March. Im not sure how you will moderate or whatever but you should explain to the Redditfugees general psyops.

Trust nobody unless they have something useful to say. Theres already shills and shill threads up. The intent of the shills is to drive everyone away. Flat Earthers or Nazis are probably neither.

Use Filter on anything you dont like or create a custom Filter in Options. Q has always said attacks will intensify.

4f6ab6  No.2171


You are awesome. Thank you for replying. I wiil test it with this post! It worked. 👏

4f6ab6  No.2172

You were correct. It worked. Thank you!

4f6ab6  No.2173


It worked. Thank you!!

4f6ab6  No.2192

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to the BO, as well as to all the other anons who have and are taking time away from your normal activities to help a bunch of greenies who will probably on more than one occasion leave you shaking your head, cussing, or yelling at your screen. You didn't have to, but you did, and I, for one, and I'm positive the Q team and Trump, thank you. I hope, at some point in the near future, that we will prove our salt to you all.

4f6ab6  No.2203


I thought that might have been the problem. I am using duck duck go now and it is working. Wierd. Anyhoo, thanks!

c30168  No.2214

Hi Patriot. Nice digs u have.

c30168  No.2224

Thanks bro, for teaching us. I'll be cool. WWG1WGA

767155  No.2235

Thanks for the post…>>683

4f6ab6  No.2248


Great info! Thank you!!

767155  No.2275



haha great meme. Let's hope that us newbs over here can find our place and contribute in a positive manner.

e75e5b  No.2278


WHY did you choose a Doubled Headed Snake? Untrustworthy since Q continually says their symbolism will bring them down!!!

b00ec5  No.2283



2aea6d  No.2301

File: 67466a1ceb65500⋯.png (125.73 KB, 1169x817, 1169:817, ! ! ! ! ! 17 techniques f….png)


17 techniques for truth suppression

13b833  No.2319

Is there an aggregate of Q posts all compiled together somewhere on 8chan for when sites like qmap.pub are inevitably taken down? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm new.

b21a91  No.2322



a0eb54  No.2326


Newfag , first post . Thanks for the 411.

2aea6d  No.2331






0206d2  No.2376


See how your own posts have (you) in the header line? Replies to your posts will also have (you) next to your post number. Try this now, do a control f and search for (you). It will land on your post plus all of the replies.

0206d2  No.2386


8 chan was here before q

517976  No.2392

Banout 2018 is a clandestine effort by the left to have conservatives banned on all platforms These are liberals posing as conservatives

0e222e  No.2442

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Test post

0d6612  No.2588

File: e7c7ea87f582db1⋯.jpeg (779.57 KB, 750x981, 250:327, B3D466E3-B79D-4932-ADA9-0….jpeg)

Thank you anons. United world wide.

ff645b  No.2688

I've been lurking since Oct 2017 without the courage to post. This newfag training has me balls! Thank you:)


45f7ed  No.2975


d259e0  No.2989


Thank you for this - Reddit to 8ch is a big cognitive jump, and this helps a lot.

Incidentally, I'm also greatly enjoying the fact that it's the GA purge itself that's causing us to squirt out all over the net! I've lurked, but I never would have dared to participate in a chan without this push!

71fd5f  No.3180


here, here… many thanks from a longtime lurker newfag redditfugee.

03c562  No.3195


Does IPhone have an app to use like Android does?

30c13b  No.3218


ID is only valid for your current session and the life of the thread, ie til it hits 751 and is full.

New thread, new ID. New online session, new ID.

You're anon here, so it really doesn't matter. If you want to follow someones posts in a current bread, you'll see how many times they posted already in the counter in parentheses behind their ID. If it's a big number, they're a bot, shill, or maybe just a "talker".

Talking makes me thirsty ;)

746017  No.3252

Thanks this helps alot!

0a935a  No.3256

No upvotes here. Just a quick reply will do it. Usually the posts with the most replies are the good ones>>1188

1e4d96  No.3258


how to embed yt plz???

0a935a  No.3259


Testing this reply for formatting.

d97824  No.3295


That typically refers to a post number in /qresearch/

copy the number, go to the catalog in /qresearch/ open the [Search] link at the top, enter the number and it will bring up all references to that number. Open one and do a Find (CTRL-F) paste the number again and it will take you to a post, if not THE post then there will probably be a link to the post. Click to take you to the post of that number.

5bb9e1  No.3296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

090fa7  No.3335

Question… I created a thread and it doesnt show up on the main thread board is there a different way to view new threads?

288784  No.3451

File: 5a6aafc2022c48d⋯.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, B4CB1B90-A0BC-4E6D-9DE2-3….jpeg)

Hi I’m a redshit refugee, glad to be here at 8 chan, attempted to understand 8 chan before , but got confused, I now realise was just being lazy, and really getting to grips with it, thanx to threads like this one…anyways can anyone recommend a vpn for UK based user, running on a free one just now, but want to find a good subscription based vpn (only coz I assume better than a freebie) looking at golden frog & privateinternetaccess.com….any suggestions, thoughts on vpn much appreciated as I’m a complete technophobe

5f7e22  No.3456


How to I find the q research board? I

48d16d  No.3459



3e6e4d  No.3460


I don't even know what "captcha" is!!

48d16d  No.3462


captcha = stupid image verification to try to defeat bots. captcha embeds in website authentication mechanisms that disable the posting of form data etc until it's verified to - keep out them botties

9aa383  No.3508

How do stats work?

> http://stats.4ch.net/8chan/

Why do I see no stats for certain boards?

e15d32  No.3545

This was posted on a thread of mine what does it mean and why?

PUT "SAGE" in the email field when replying to a thread you do not want bumped like this virtue signalling abortion from anon.

460399  No.3599

File: 119eba237c239dd⋯.jpg (70.52 KB, 500x358, 250:179, 1167870511_b85e70f657.jpg)


Thanks for taking the time to lend your resources. I have a quick question. I click [Options] and select "Use tree view by default", but the layout is still default.

9b4a39  No.3672

Answering a bunch at once here.


For the underline, you need two sets of underscore (_ _ without space_ _)

The red text has to be on it's own line


See response above. Also italics are two ' (apostrophe) rather than one " (quotation mark)




Not necessarily but I believe there are ways that can happen


Kek, it's just the 8chan logo


Your best bet would be to download the QMap PDF. An anon (who is a BV on /qresearch/) keeps this updated. It contains every Q post made up to this point and can be saved offline.

See here (click):



It should show up in the catalog


It'll be one of the first few after the "stickied" threads


Some boards, like /qresearch/ are intentionally hidden. The Board Owner makes that decision. In the case of this board and /qresearch/ they're kept hidden from those lists to keep people away from the boards that aren't supposed to be here, basically lol. I would expect /qresearch/ to be #1 on that list if it was shown though because I'm sure we have more than 4400 posts per day.


You don't have to worry about it, it's not really used here. It's a way of replying to a thread without bumping it to the top of the catalog, but like I said we don't really use it here.


It should be enabled once you refresh the page.

460399  No.3684


Gotcha, thanks.

d0f11c  No.3690

File: aa76ae07c5906ee⋯.jpg (244.67 KB, 632x415, 632:415, 02.jpg)


Many thanks for spelling this out, been here since Oct but only as a lurker. This is my first post. So TEST

698a31  No.3780


Hi there, thanks so much for doing this. I've just been reading through this post, and I read through the faq's. I too came here via the Reddit ban and whilst I opened a VOAT account I then decided to come here because I read that it may be inevitable that VOAT may go down too.

I'm happy to be here and have much to learn and ask.

I feel like a soldier enlisting in this war

Thanks again

9b4a39  No.3814

File: bce20cc0317ad02⋯.png (161.8 KB, 1594x757, 1594:757, JS.png)

File: c82bd6c8ec14f9d⋯.png (59.19 KB, 1595x602, 1595:602, JS 2.png)

I went back-and-forth on whether or not to post this, but decided to since a lot of you were asking about receiving notifications when someone replies to you. This tool is not that, but it serves that sort of purpose.

Useful Javascript

This script will change the color of your posts & the posts replying to you to pink, so they stand out more. It also has a bar on the side that shows where your posts are on the page so you can easily scroll to them. Q's posts will be changed to yellow, again so they stand out more, and will also show on the bar on the right side. If you use the script you'll get the hang of it very quickly.

The first image is an example of what your posts & replies to your posts will look like. The second is what Q's posts look like with it.

Warning: always be careful using Javascript scripts - in this case I can verify the script is safe because I've used it for many months and lots of other anons have too, but be careful if it's not confirmed safe.

1. In a new tab, open this link: https://pastebin.com/raw/4AH9tiRt

2. Copy the entire code (Ctrl + A is the easiest way to select it all, and then copy).

3. Go back to the 8ch tab. In the top-right corner, click on [Options].

4. Click "User JS."

5. Paste the code into the box & click "Save custom Javascript."

6. Refresh page.

And that's it. It's an extremely useful tool. I can't imagine going without it.

205d8c  No.3884

“Just” a ‘’’newbie’’’

tryin to fit in

9b4a39  No.3904


Just wrote this on the main thread, copying here:

They're ' (apostrophe) not " (quotation mark)

Two ' on each side = italics

Three ' on each side = bold

Good job on the red text though, kek

5f7e22  No.3910


Thank you

205d8c  No.3913

Maybe, I will just stick to plain old text! Thank you so much for your support!

5f7e22  No.3920


Thank you. This was very helpful

5f7e22  No.3936


Why do I type in the >>>/qresearch/122807? When I try the search tool it doesn’t locate it

5f7e22  No.3937


Where do I type it, not why.

14678e  No.3946

Okay, here goes. Old grammie here and I need to learn 8chan because we got thrown out of reddit. I have lurked before but that's it so …i want to post an important video that James O'Keefe did today. Not sure where to post it but dropping it here if I can get it to go. https://youtu.be/jIfcrqH1mxE


9b4a39  No.3952



Just click on the red link and it'll take you there

791df4  No.3963



12b3c9  No.4015


>don't know if the filter applies to each separate thread.


you will have to filter each ID after new bread cause ID's change each bread

03bd4a  No.4079

Another newfag refugee. ThankQ for the guide! WWG1WGA

8c41bc  No.4131


I am also a newfag on this board. I have been a lurker for many months. Just glad this board was created. Got some reading to. #WWG2WGA

8c41bc  No.4133

Make that #WWG1WGA….damn mobile

8d5167  No.4166

My first post … thank you >>712

6f128f  No.4167

File: 0ba0da76939f538⋯.jpg (49.55 KB, 720x720, 1:1, FB_IMG_1536492136660.jpg)


Im testing to see if I can reply. Must you include an image in every reply? How do I know if someone answers me? What is my number?

9b4a39  No.4222


Look at my reply to you. When someone answers you, you'll see a (you) after the post number.

You're only required to attach an image if you're creating a thread.

07c68b  No.4267


Gracias desde URUGUAY WWG1WGA

c08f08  No.4417

When reading threads how do I get the page to open at the most recent post without having to scroll through all the posts I have already read?

9b4a39  No.4443


The best (and probably only) way would be to bookmark the last post in the thread so that when you open the bookmark, it'll open to that last post.

So you would click on "No." which would give you the link to bookmark. Or (at least in Chrome) you could even just drag the "No." of the post to the bookmarks bar or wherever.

Sorry if that's hard to understand

1f8933  No.4453


Go to 'Show Post Options & Limits' in reply box - then you will see 'embed'. Paste YT link…..

626221  No.4460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




b27563  No.4488

File: e4aefda8f7cd9c2⋯.jpeg (170.59 KB, 750x426, 125:71, F8DD9202-2FB3-455A-8990-8….jpeg)

How do you reply~ to a thread?!

b27563  No.4490


Test ~ 😁Got it! ~ GA Refugee ~ newbie oldie patriot 🇺🇸

626221  No.4508

File: 184ba8d84731fd7⋯.png (475.77 KB, 790x773, 790:773, watercarriers.png)


Click on the post number….Then the Quick reply window opens up In your case it's the 4488 (on your original like I did for yours) There ya go

PS That's Officer Tippets "children" from the JFK assassination!

All growed up pretending to not be (pic)

626221  No.4512

File: 0f0c834d6f9caf5⋯.jpg (77.4 KB, 634x661, 634:661, watercarriers.jpg)

File: 8bfe16fb94e4b30⋯.jpg (70.71 KB, 614x677, 614:677, fathead 2watercarriers.jpg)

File: bd4d2cd4f55b7da⋯.jpg (98.39 KB, 614x677, 614:677, fathead 1watercarriers.jpg)

File: b6ea6dfc4a9f8fd⋯.jpg (583.98 KB, 672x1284, 56:107, FATHEAD2alexjonesmegaphone.jpg)

File: dc4d621a2abac53⋯.jpg (58.06 KB, 346x461, 346:461, AJ Le magazine « Point de ….jpg)


Could that be Lil'AJ ? Hmmmm….

cdaab1  No.4514


Red menu bar at top of every long thread. Option “go to bottom” keep practicing. Learn to spot shills.

626221  No.4519

File: 78e2c7b57db3606⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 171x420, 57:140, fathead 3watercarriers.jpg)

File: 2de0466186dbd1f⋯.jpg (175.37 KB, 672x1284, 56:107, FATHEADalexjonesmegaphone.jpg)

File: 724ce88427e6546⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 5000x3000, 5:3, alexjonesmegaphone.jpg)

File: 85327563a1f44fd⋯.jpg (202.72 KB, 1078x1390, 539:695, AJ prince-gustav-zu-sayn-w….jpg)


Got carried away KEK

e15d32  No.4621


Thank you, new to the chans glad to have Patriots like you help me and others get adept.


1df97d  No.4723


Test post

300,000 Pepe loving patriots!

03c562  No.4744


I'm starting to really get the hang of how to post, thank you! The only thing I have an issue with is knowing when someone responds to my post. I'm on an iPhone and I go to the options button and click on get desktop notifications but it doesn't show up and the boxes get unchecked. I don't use a computer so how do I know if someone responds other than scrolling through the threads and looking for responses?

3ee88f  No.4918


Gonna repost this vital bit of info to reiterate.

>On 8chan, it is very highly encouraged to stay anonymous, and leave the name field and email field blank.

3ee88f  No.4920


You should see a green (you) next to the 4474 above. On 8ch, that's a simple way of seeing who replies to you. Most anons use Ctrl-F (Find) and then search for (you to find replies to their posts. Obviously it's not 100% because if you try it, this (you) will be found too.

5cb0ee  No.5028


This is how you know.

There's a (You) next to your post.

b21a91  No.5120

>>402 Am I doing this right?

b21a91  No.5123

>>402 Am I doing this right?


>Expand I think I've got it. LOL Thanks for all the directions.

af95ee  No.5142


Thank you for the welcome. I've always been more of a lurker, just taking it all, and was so angry at the audacity of reddit to try to silence us. I'm excited to participate here, even if it is just lurking.

0aaba6  No.5156

I am so grateful to those who bridge the amazing group at 8chan that has been working with Q baking bread and people like myself that need to talk about basics and need to communicate with basic deplorable. We all can love and appreciate our military intelligence infantry type minded men who have done so much work on the long standing patriots 8chan board.

I need a place to quickly come and get information and to edify others and to be encouraged even if I learn a crumb at a time.

0aaba6  No.5161

So grateful – honestly I want to cry in joy that people can be kindhearted enough to not leave others behind that are clearly patriots but not professionals at 8chan boards>>4621

0aaba6  No.5167


I have never heard of Officer Tippets or his “children”.

There is always so much to learn.

0aaba6  No.5171


Glad to see a newbie old patriot. But what age is old? I can’t ever figure that out.

0aaba6  No.5205


Where do we go to propose a topic to be looked into? Such as the woman who is accusing Kavanaugh of assault….

Christine Blasey Ford

I will be looking but appreciate help from others.

000000  No.5214


You can also make entire threads/breads disappear from the catalog.


Under the pics

[R] [G] [-]

Click on [-]

0aaba6  No.5226


And what is suppose to happen after 14,000 AD?

4228f9  No.5331

File: 223292b126947f6⋯.png (418.35 KB, 642x488, 321:244, 2018-09-10_13-44-44.png)

2fed30  No.5457

Right on - glad to be aboard. Establishing first comment.

1247a1  No.5472


I bet you're right!

62ce39  No.5478


Where would we be today without our POTUS/Military

1e1c1d  No.5601

First Time here!! Just wanted to THANK Y’ALL for giving us another place to look around and research!!

89ba75  No.5708


Thank you for the tip. Up, up and away.

89ba75  No.5710


re: Tree View - I had to go to top of page and check box. Maybe a page refresh would also work …?

5cb0ee  No.5722


Look at the orange bar at the top and find [Go to bottom]. Click that.

03c562  No.5836


Thank you, I do see the You but when you leave the board and come back and there's 200 new posts it gets a little overwhelming. Thanks again!

698a31  No.5853


good info .

103be9  No.5877

File: a9fcf1ca7a433da⋯.jpeg (200.92 KB, 750x779, 750:779, D5A5889D-8258-41CE-869B-E….jpeg)

36c778  No.5886



36c778  No.5953

oke smart


2aea6d  No.5976

File: 95eaa3fb2d6a789⋯.png (240.39 KB, 1091x970, 1091:970, qgloss_cap_1.PNG)

File: f5436722bdf8710⋯.png (196 KB, 1091x1029, 1091:1029, qgloss_cap_2.PNG)

File: c36b1c207c34ada⋯.png (252.93 KB, 1091x1044, 1091:1044, qgloss_cap_3.PNG)

File: 7f3ca938ab707fe⋯.png (249.7 KB, 1091x1047, 1091:1047, qgloss_cap_4.PNG)

QResearch Glossary Screencaps 1-4

2aea6d  No.5977

File: 603f1da85b7f313⋯.png (237.86 KB, 1091x973, 1091:973, qgloss_cap_5.PNG)

File: de630210c013619⋯.png (238 KB, 1091x916, 1091:916, qgloss_cap_6.PNG)

File: a80a09f3319dc64⋯.png (253.32 KB, 1090x989, 1090:989, qgloss_cap_7.PNG)

File: b18c84b52c645ea⋯.png (7.67 KB, 255x109, 255:109, qgloss_cap_8.png)


QResearch Glossary Screencaps 5-8

2aea6d  No.5999

File: 4d767a62fca4118⋯.png (379.91 KB, 1709x738, 1709:738, ClipboardImage.png)


QResearch Glossary Screencap 8 - resized

7bef23  No.6033

here on board i can test everything! ow i love this place. I learn very fast ,i think. thQ and you and myself. I must rest a lot now. This is overwhelming


7bef23  No.6037

sorry now i am gone


d0f11c  No.6089

>>5999 many thanks! very helpful

2b194c  No.6157

>>1247 - very helpful, thanks.

95055f  No.6221

File: 6aa86c3dab75b00⋯.jpg (55.59 KB, 520x353, 520:353, out.jpg)


Talking about chan culture, what about a warning to all women that their sex is irrelevant here and they will be promptly shut down as soon as they play "the woman card".

==Tits or GTFO== is more relevant than ever to keep them in their place.

ae4132  No.6235

>>1087 thanks for navigation, especially the symbols. , I use iPad… no mouse.

What is frustrating for me is the >>red number and the response below it, BUT I cannot figure a way to find the original comment. If I click on the <<red number…it takes me (or not) to something entirely different. Still trying to learn to get the maximum out of the site!

9b4a39  No.6244


Kek, they'll find out the hard way if they ever post on /qresearch/

95055f  No.6286

File: e544dba33a2d428⋯.png (90.22 KB, 512x512, 1:1, reeeeeeeee.png)



The big drawback of this board is that is gathering normie tier material, and sooner than late this cancer will spread to other boards. Opening the gates to retarded normal fags is a very bad idea.

/pol/ is already in a downward spiral because of this contamination and another migration is on the way to flee the decay.

Mods, remember: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".

0e2dc0  No.6391

Hope I can figure this board out.

0e2dc0  No.6403


Thanks for the new home.

Just heard Trump ordered decals of FISA docs

3c30fd  No.6499

File: 69b3b3eba50aa01⋯.jpeg (188.34 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 3B4FE6B6-018E-47E0-92D9-A….jpeg)

Yeeee Haaaww!

95055f  No.6588

File: 2934bcf9f981e05⋯.png (279.69 KB, 919x535, 919:535, Fat sister is watching.png)


Fat sister is watching us.


d07413  No.6609


Thanks for your thread describing the basics. A brand new home! Thanks a million.

07ac2d  No.6646

File: 37fd8c0c7599d61⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 500x338, 250:169, DiBAZwiUwAAsNJT.jpg)


I just hope this keeps the q folks in their own lane. I don't believe in the Q stuff, but I am not the type to shit on someone because they believe something I don't.

5ddd03  No.7003

FISA declass on September 17 - Constitution Day!


06c74d  No.7112

File: df560251fab5c22⋯.jpg (73.89 KB, 1123x1122, 1123:1122, Dh24Oa1V4AAAYbg.jpg)

Thanks! This is my first comment here, just getting the ball rolling! WWG1WGA

ec27fb  No.7676


Awesome, thanks!

6b3839  No.7714

R: 158 / I: 161 / P: 1

Ok, I know the R: is responses. What are the I and P for?

b3399e  No.7908


R=responses (?)

I=Images (?)

P=Post (?)

b3399e  No.7910


Me too! (meant only in a good way-lol)

Welcome patriot!

b3399e  No.7914


Self pity is the glue of hell

9e1904  No.8177



9e1904  No.8179


Do you have a more comprehensive guide on formatting? I finally figured out how to make live hyperlinks. Adding a kill box ironically. [Nospacelink] makes it clickable.

Plus, I saw somewhere here in this thread instructions on how to embed YouTube links.

9e1904  No.8180


Testing embed of YouTube , if done right, this is a fabulous Trump rally song.

419342  No.8197

File: 379981f905b3ba5⋯.jpg (327.93 KB, 1437x1009, 1437:1009, format.jpg)

File: 680399faae317b9⋯.png (13.36 KB, 682x315, 682:315, embed.png)

9e1904  No.8200


Trying to embed YouTube links. Trump rally song

9e1904  No.8203

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ok, think I've figured it out now. Video is a trump rally song.

1e25d5  No.8230

File: 44c450838338681⋯.png (67.32 KB, 560x315, 16:9, 14-Eyes-Country-.png)


Look into non-14 Eyes VPN's. You want a VPN that is not headquartered in a 14 Eyes country. NordVPN is one well known example.

95055f  No.8262






Any test you want to do is better if you try it at:


6b3839  No.8343


I: is images. Thanks for that.

The P: doesn't look like it's posts. Anyone?

6e107c  No.8347


Tried to post a query on thread pics here but can't get my post/comment to show. I would like to post a new thread entitled BRAINSTORM MEDIA STRATEGY NEWFAGS.

If this, 3rd reply comment doesn't not show I give up!

6e107c  No.8350


Hoorah. Finally. Here's my query:

I realised I needed a thumbnail size pic to go in the posting image box. Tried using a photoshop jpg but don't know pic size for thumbnail. Do I really need a pic or can I copy one of the bread post pics from s/o else? Not twat or mobile user, never gone near fb so have v. limited clue on posting personal logo/branding pics. I despise this shit. Can't get my jpg to embed and without filling the "select/drop/paste files here" box I can't complete the post.

6e107c  No.8355


Is this the answer to my query: 7.66 KB, 200x152? and what difference if a jpg?

Thanx, much appreciate patience on daft qs.

abbdfa  No.8479

this is a test for dropping links. ">"green (((them))) "hope" it '"works'"

abbdfa  No.8483

Ok clearly I need help. When pasting a link to a website do I first need to save to my computer files? >green didn't work for me.

ca2bfc  No.8494

I am completely lost. I've been looking around here for days and I still can't get my brain wrapped around how the hell to navigate this place. " Imageboard: an internet forum that operates mostly via posting images. The primary focus is directed away from text posts."

WTF? So, imageboards are like some sort of uncensored version of pinterest? My main issue is how do you know where to go to talk about specific topics? I see the different areas "Patriots Awoken General 2" or "Hello Patriots Q sent me"… What is all this general stuff? For instance,if there's a new Q drop, which area do I go to discuss this with others? Everything seems scattered and generic? If I go into one "topic" or imageboard or whatever the hell, people are just all talking about everything under the sun. Nothing is really geared towards a specific subject? And then if I do find something of interest in a thread, I can't find it again later on. Can you tell I'm used to regular discussion boards?

Fuck. My brain can't get used to this format. Maybe I'm a hopeless fucking cause.

abbdfa  No.8495


test _underline_

ca2bfc  No.8499


sorry, patriots. Just ignore this.

Having a bit of frustration is all.

I'll figure it out.

abbdfa  No.8500


I feel the same way. I have been lurking since November. Decided to post and it is completely foreign to me.

ca2bfc  No.8509


lol… ok thanks man. at least I'm not the only one.

a20ba3  No.8571


Thanx man

a20ba3  No.8573


Same bro, but slowly getting there, it’s just very different from likes of redshit…added to the stress of not pissing off the anons ….like I really want to post this and don’t have a clue where haha


65be2f  No.8600

File: f1891581e9b6ec0⋯.jpg (11.3 KB, 255x210, 17:14, ndKTzlf.jpg)

933d2c  No.8610


I am with you on this I thought the Q research board was where Q posted then the awoke etc etc I have figured most of this out but still worry I am in correct place

0ca8f8  No.8621



Love it. Thank you!

abbdfa  No.8623


I think I need a walk you through video.

abbdfa  No.8624


WooHOO i made it BOLD try >green

9b4a39  No.8636


You can put any picture really. Pic doesn't have to be a certain size as it will resize it

9b4a39  No.8639


>has to be at the beginning of the line

otherwise it >won't work

abbdfa  No.8650


>OHHH, thank you? How do I link something from say foxnews? I tried to do it in the box where you can post videos that doesn't work. Do I need to save the link to my files then transport?

abbdfa  No.8652


abbdfa  No.8653

>test again, sorry..

8a16ee  No.8869

test test

9b4a39  No.8902


Just post the link


95055f  No.8935

File: 5a6ac43d24e0a9e⋯.jpg (85.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, reeeeee.jpg)



The numbers have spoken.

/pol/ faggots will be the guides needed for the normalfags.

6e107c  No.8982


Thank you indeedy for yr reply! S'okay, I discovered why I couldn't post my pic. The board was frozen. Too much traffic i guess at the times I was trying, had been trying since sunday! Sorely tested as to why the capchas didn't succeed either. Every time I refreshed it still didn't show. I picked up that other anons were finding 5 and 10 minute waits for posting. Explaining here in case other innocent newfags were having similar problems.

Thanks to all you anons helping here. V grateful. Apologies for the dumb fk q.

6e107c  No.8988


my first post was going to be about this for exactly the reason you state. It is obvious that we cannot discuss if we keep losing everyone's arguments and subject focus.

>Everything seems scattered and generic? (that's supposed to be a quote …)

Here's what I've been trying to post in heavy traffic since Sunday!


Speaking for myself I am no professional anon researcher so I imagine other newfags like me are wondering how to develop this new board of ours. The main concern seems to be that ‘’’without a “chat-room” upvoted-news thread design, thoughtfully organised and focussed postings on the catalog,’’’ we may stray all over the shop and lose ourselves like lost kittens. In fact the catalog already looks chaotic, so I have started this bread to discuss how to approach our new situation. Discussion being the operative word here.

Anons on qresearch already do deep digs so there is no need (IMO) to DUPLICATE this function. In fact it would be counterproductive. (Update: the notables from qresearch is now posted here too, great idea!) If any of us want to do digging and real research, background investigations etc, I think we should post directly onto the anons qresearch (and bear the scathing response if the results are not up to scratch). This board is an opportunity to be a half-way station where we can discuss the piece of research (as we did on GA and other related subreddits) but PRODUCTIVELY.

My reasoning is as follows:

1. I miss the news collection and links posted by qredditors. At present they are scattered randomly.

The daily scan of HEADLINES on fast-moving threads which brought together news from all over the States and the World on Q subjects such as press interviews, articles on various Trump admin policies like border control, human interest stories on protests both anti-Trump and pro-, goings on in Congress …. All these headlines made it easier to select threads and leave out the crap I was not interested in.

How do we do something similar here? Should we organise our catalog into breads/threads collecting links on separate subjects, eg one on videos of the day with date, one on news articles of the day with date or some other system?

2. We have no Great Leader but we can brainstorm ideas by opening a thread for media strategy discussions. This might cover the perennial “memes” for the campaign of the day to post on Twatter, for example. There are already several efforts on the Patriots Awoken catalog of meme files. Do we join in the general meme archive or develop a quick-post new one here? Or the hash-tags … or viralling a link …

3. I think we should have a separate bread for Big Gossip. A real chat-room, since this is what many of us may miss. It’s individuals’ experiences around the States and world that make news headlines come alive with truth. The public’s stories are just as valid as MSM ones.

This will meet with much derision from the anons over on the qresearch board as much of this will look like doxxing. eg. I saw 3 anons posting as “grandma here! Hi everyone!” who got it in the neck for revealing they are female.

So far a large number of the breads/threads started in this catalog deal with the same subject, eg. “The After-Effects of the GA decamp” including all the derisive comments by other non-GA anons on how pathetic we are … how this board is controlled by enemy moderators. And so on, and so on. But all separate threads in boxes unrelated to each other!!

Also many threads that start with just one comment. This is a suggested attempt to group/herd us little peeps … so that we can keep the threads smaller in number and greater in responses/discussions and talk to each other.


Please brainstorm your ideas and join me. I’m really busy at work this week and will check back later to see if anyone has bitten … BUT please be advised I’M NOT US citizen so I would not presume to take a LEADERSHIP ANON role on this patriotsawoken board. It depends on others to teamplay and cooperate if you so wish.

I will try to round up the lost kittens who have posted breads with one “I’m Lost” comment who are getting trampled by a pack of boisterous Alsatians …. and should I recommend they join this brainstorm?

My heartfelt thanks to all those anons on qresearch for making a board for just GA decampers — awesome effort! I hope this brainstorm bread will produce some skills, volunteering and show off the brains of ex-GA qanons. Let’s show the autists that we-members-of-the-twat-public also can get ourselves together, ORGANISE THIS BOARD! and make a great contribution to the Q movement!

If anyone reading this thinks of where I can post this again, please tell me as it seems pretty out-of-date now ….

ca2bfc  No.9013


>Please brainstorm your ideas and join me.

Just read your whole post, and I fully agree. I think what's really needed is a board that is a bit more user-friendly for the masses as far as the organization of info and being able to jump right in and find what you're looking for (topic wise) and connect with others. That's the most important thing, getting people involved, not scared to ask questions and have get those damn eyes opened. Glad we have this place and want to encourage others to come here.

Getting the catalog organized seems to be a priority. I kind of like your idea of certain threads being dated.

Or maybe not even dated, but maybe just one "CHAT" thread, where people can just go connect with others about all of the news of the day or something? Or like you said a dated "news" thread everyday. I mean, if a major topic started going, you could just move over to that specific thread and continue the conversation/info gathering, etc.

No general threads, or random stuff. All that stuff goes into the "CHAT" thread or the "-date- news of the day" thread or something. All the threads should be a really specific topic. ?? I don't know. just thinking out loud.

If this place is organized, easy to follow, easy to connect with others, easy to find truth and a welcoming place…people will stay. And learn. We need a BIG umbrella for all these people… the storms coming. I want to be able to direct people here and not be too worried about them not being able to navigate and getting lost. There are tons of great patriots out there. We need them all, man. They're not all 8chan experts.

I hope this made sense.

Be back tomorrow.

c3bcad  No.9025

Also remember to kindly fuck off an kill yourself you fucking boomers.

6e107c  No.9036


… so great! Someone replied! This is a Big Deal for me!

So, question, where the fk do I post this to get a brainstorm going where peeps will be attracted? Is my Brainstorm Media … headline suitable? Would you click on that in the catalog? Got a better headline? I'd like to take yr reply with me (or you post the same again) and continue the idea of dated news threads and some some agreement w/ others.

My name, if I were allowed (which I'm not) to break the rules entirely, is Pedantic Wanker, or Organization Freak or summat.


3245d4  No.9078



2afb2b  No.10007

File: c9ed75fdbec69db⋯.jpeg (352.23 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 3842C49C-545F-4A99-AA2C-8….jpeg)


1c2f28  No.10182

File: aa803f8267a6355⋯.gif (494.12 KB, 500x226, 250:113, 8CECB65A-9E74-45C7-983D-41….gif)

New wave of carpet bombing underway Q let the blood flow and the dogs of war loose. WWG1WGA

2d0478  No.10188



2d0478  No.10189



2d0478  No.10190


2d0478  No.10191


2d0478  No.10192


1c2f28  No.10266

Q do we have a way to gauge how Deep State (all players) are spending to prorect themselves? WWG1WGA

1c2f28  No.10268

Kind of like WWll. Intelligence on how much gas reserves our enemy has and daily consumption

1c2f28  No.10269

File: b9b9dd1a04e187d⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 220x132, 5:3, A00DB038-DB8E-491D-8F26-87….gif)

@ABCNewsLive @SkyNewsBreak @AJELive @CBSTopNews @ReutersLive @WSJbreakingnews @cnnbrk @BBCBreaking @BreakingNews https://youtu.be/ts3mS_K9XUs Great video shar

1c2f28  No.10270


This video CNN crying here is proof Meme war in full swing

9b4a39  No.10277



These two are done correctly, but the 1946309th post no longer exists since it's so old, which is why it's not showing up

Replace it with a number like so and it will work


5f3c7a  No.10342



e35a4a  No.10374


Ooops! I thought I was trying to see ALL the posts of one user, created a filter, and now I can't see any! How do I undo it?! Can one clear the filters? I don't see a reset…. Damn.

db35d8  No.10416

Thanks, Anon.

Have made a few (non brilliant) comments on Q research boards; am now determined to learn how to use patriots awoken because I hate VOAT soooooo baaaad.

If you'll be patient with my learning curve, I think I can one day be a decent anon. Love all things Q. Love POTUS. Love patriots.

d85e2d  No.10480


Hardly original, but…testing…

1bfa07  No.10620


So, I've only been here a short while but I think I have some useful observations:

1) I looked at the archived threads and there is a ton of threads there from Sept. 11 to 21. The later ones did not fall off the end of the catalog since the oldest in the catalog right now is Sept. 15. Someone must have made the decision to rip them out. At first glance, they don't appear to merit removal any more than the garbage in the catalog right now. Whatever.

2) These archived threads indicate a mode of posting behaviour not appropriate to 8chan. They are Reddit-style postings that I've seen some complaints about. I agree with you that some sort of structuring is needed. However, we cannot expect the BO to get involved in that. There is a site-wide resistance to the idea of moderating the board. The BO has clearly stated that his involvement would be limited to the removal of illicit or illegal material.

3) Any structuring would have to come from the anons themselves. We need a few enlightened anons to play a leadership role. This is not hard to do. The catalog is designed to place recent material toward the head of the catalog. New threads and threads with recent comments float to the top. Ignored threads fall off the end.

4) The trick here is post new and informative threads regularly to draw the crowd away from the older threads so that they can die naturally. Threads that stick around for too long get less and less useful as anons run out of new material for the thread. It is desirable to allow threads to die long before they reach 100 replies.

5) New threads need to have a theme that is both broad enough to attract eyeballs but narrow enough to avoid conversational drift. It's useful to think of this on a time scale. A good thread should be designed to be topical for a week or two depending on the traffic conditions. Threads that stick around for a month or more get stale (very very stale). Threads that are only topical for a day need to be avoided.

6) Pinning is a good tactic for low-traffic threads which are nevertheless useful to keep around. Right now, we have pinned threads with hundreds of replies in them. This is bad for two reasons: short attention span and underpowered hardware (or software). For myself, I don't have the computer power to load hundred of messages every time I check a thread. Most of us are not autists with tippity-top-notch equipment. Nor do we care to spend the time it takes to plow through a heavy thread. Pinning these kinds of threads is a worse than useless idea.

This thread is a good example of what I am talking about. The topic being discussed at this moment is far off track and should have a new thread dedicated to it. Too late now, huh? You, yourself, might have thought of doing that instead of cramming this topic in the wrong place. Now I wonder if my reply will even reach anyone worthy of reading my humble words. In fact, I had a bloody hard time remembering where I saw your post. This thread needs to die.

Thanks for reading.

6dccf8  No.10634


Thanks for posting this detailed list. I just now discovered it when I was searching old threads for 09/25 posts. I posted on this topic in other threads. One simple fix would be a new "Start Here" with simple instructions for posting in existing threads. At a minimum - stop encouraging people to create new threads.

70d908  No.11314

When we upload images to 8chn boards does the image info get cleaned off automatically, or do we need to clean them ourselves first? (My name is on my images when I click on 'get image info') >>406

0acc00  No.11317

Why do you want pointless wars in the middle east that create refugees

There is no real reason to want war against Iran and yet that's what you want


0acc00  No.11318




holy shit newfag

9b4a39  No.11742


I believe you would have to (and definitely should) remove the metadata yourself. You could do it easily by just taking a screenshot of the image and cropping it down so it's the same image in the end, but the metadata is removed.

0395ad  No.11768


Even VPNs are watched?

If I said “I am an anon” in an iPhone text message, am I fucked?

And are you saying nordVPN is an example of a 14 Eyes or one that isn’t of a 14 Eyes?

0395ad  No.11774


Go and do your research.

Dig as Q says.

9d1dee  No.11780


0395ad  No.11803


Kek. Had to.

Says don’t forget to sleep. Collapsed about 3 days ago trying to get this all sorted in my head over last couple of months. I know but I’m a slow learner when it comes to the internetty thingy and I’m doing this on a phone so a lot of links don’t work (although that could be my fault but I don’t think so). Lucky I have a dog I have to walk too.

0395ad  No.11805


Check this article out:


66ea15  No.11820

File: e2850e47cdbaa10⋯.jpg (16.91 KB, 255x153, 5:3, 56f070458e6c2808c81a946d5d….jpg)

38734b  No.12374


How do you delete a thread that you created?

1bfa07  No.12383


You cannot delete threads or posts on this board. You have to make a report to request deletion. Yeah, it sucks.

1c6d35  No.12480


bc98ed  No.12502



804970  No.12548


Just a test…

804970  No.12549



Awesome, ThanQ

fe5520  No.12569


Once you have written your reply, what exactly do you do to post?

e3acf6  No.12578

Where is our President? Why is the law being allowed to run amuck? Where is the DOJ?

7ebbaa  No.12678

This is the first I've seen this and as soon as I began to read it, I knew why it was coming out now.

I can't stand all the projection going on, it's making me CRAZY!


b8439f  No.12736

File: c55b1691e0e6395⋯.jpg (91.09 KB, 745x744, 745:744, Awakened.jpg)



Thanks Patriot!

ecaf5e  No.12940

Red text yeah

9b1c72  No.12962

File: 1a34b23daa85c3c⋯.jpeg (858.66 KB, 1242x2002, 621:1001, DC4DDA3E-0A2A-49E8-8B05-6….jpeg)

Russian Operatives?

They’re scared.

Bring the Pain

e31a81  No.13234

File: d3491aa5d8e4df4⋯.png (706.81 KB, 1299x736, 1299:736, ted.png)

Whoever it is, they're already in China. This photo shows 'domestic arrivals'. Whoever the U.S. Official is, they've been in China for a few days at least. Ted McKinney?


The extended trade talks between China and the United States in Beijing ended on Wednesday with a member of the American delegation describing the negotiations as “fine”.

“It’s been a good one for us,” Ted McKinney, US undersecretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs, said at the end of the vice-ministerial level talks.

The discussions had been “just fine”, he said, without elaborating.

The meetings were the first since Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Donald Trump agreed to a 90-day truce to the trade war at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires in December.

d0b2af  No.13395

>>1077 My first attempt testing also. Late to AWAKEN, but not 4Gotten.

d0b2af  No.13396

>>(MONEY, POWER & CONTROL)1010 re:bigpharma & vaccines

urgent. NEED TO KNOW ASAP: legit way:paperwork: to forego medical/hospital/FirstResponder~nationwide~ VACCINATION requirements. new here. will check back for a response on this 8chan basics.THX.no thank you to poison internally, signed UnvaxAwokened

4a3832  No.13466


‘’test 1’’, ‘’’test 2’’’,

test three

4a3832  No.13467


4a3832  No.13476

“Though we are not together in body, know that I will always be with you in spirit. I will be in the whistling wind and in your dreams. Think of me in the joy of watching snow fall and know that I am thinking of you always.” -Amy Jerecki

1452d2  No.13530



78302b  No.13551

File: fe28f402e61f0ea⋯.jpeg (69.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 115063C3-08D4-46C4-88BA-B….jpeg)


34d7c0  No.13584

Thank you for a great thread!>>402

34d7c0  No.13585






34d7c0  No.13586




34d7c0  No.13587



34d7c0  No.13588


Thank you for the great bread baker

160cf1  No.13598

File: 08af250bc41a9ed⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1723, 1125:1723, 72F2A22C-FAAA-4066-B3AB-8….jpeg)

Obamacate Valerie Jarrett

160cf1  No.13600

File: 3f1ba90baf90940⋯.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1235, 1242:1235, 46D73F2A-C591-45B8-B7A7-C….jpeg)

File: 25a5c73a0adaa52⋯.png (2.92 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 4084275B-4D42-498F-AD96-0E….png)

File: 8fec3d1e1d16f81⋯.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1325, 1242:1325, C445635F-4653-480F-8751-6….jpeg)

File: c0e4e9b51bd22df⋯.jpeg (282.42 KB, 1242x947, 1242:947, 3E215FE4-9C28-46CF-8525-3….jpeg)


abc368  No.13603

File: 5b6ff50dfd1853a⋯.jpg (124.18 KB, 496x2062, 248:1031, This-little-Qy-went-to-DC.jpg)

- New to Qanon.

- I've only been following since late December 2018.

- I voted for Trump with the idea and hope that the swamp could be drained.

- Never imagined this could be happening.

- Freedom isn't free.

- Some things are worth fighting for.

- Fake News has set world records for deep dives into the abyss of insanity.

- I'm in 100% for Q and our president.


(not Q)

34be32  No.13612

The old…………….. GIVE a person a fish or teach a person TO fish, If people are GIVEN fish the person distributing them becomes powerful. If people are TAUGHT to fish, they become powerful. GTBC God Bless. 17 {DEMS} v POTUS

b42228  No.13624

The next post is for the main board but I thought it might be helpful here, too. This is a draft copy but it's pretty close to finalized. Hope it's helpful for newbies (and maybe old-bies as well).

b42228  No.13625

File: 0cbc825c339f25c⋯.png (24.6 KB, 776x512, 97:64, formatting-codes-in-8chan.png)


Below are ideas for upping our game. What do you think? Anything you would add or change?


Q has told us "You are the news now." With that is mind, here are some suggestions for both upping the quality of our posts and making notables more visible to bakers.

How to Make Your Posts Easy to Find & Read

Time is short in most breads. In others, bakers are not present and anons must jump in to collect notables, often late in the game. The more work you do to make your posts easy to read, the more likely they are to catch someone's attention.


* substantive, relevant content (mostly fresh news on topics of interest)

* high-quality sauce (links, cites, etc. from acceptable sources)

* a clearly marked date. If the full date is not in the link, PLZ LOOK IT UP (and if the date is older, say why the info matters now)

* a one-sentence title anyone can understand that is bolded or in red text) so it's easy to find (see CAP)

* DIG info: if it's part of a digg, say so (helps bakers understand why obscure-looking stuff is notable)

* For tweets: a description of the tweet text in the Comments box if it's got a JPEG extension (or if you're not sure of the extension). JPEGS are invisible after the current bread, so wo/text, a JPEG image offers no info. (Ditto for jpeg photos).

* For articles: ideally, include a title, date, 2-3 paragraphs plus a CAP & a link; try to provide as much as you can.

* For videos: the link, date, length of video & time marker for highlighted content. To embed, right-click video, copypasta video URL into Embed field in 8-chan (click on "Show posts…" on bottom right of New Reply to reveal).

* For graphics/pics: at least one sentence describing the graphic(s}. (Contrary to popular opinion, graphics used in diggs do not "speak for themselves.")

* For anon theories: Make your material easy to follow and use sauce to support claims when possible.

* Newfags: To enhance readability, learn to use bold, italics, and ==red text==

* Busyfags who just arrived: Please check the Archive before posting__: https://qresear.ch/

* Phone-fags, At-work fags Just post whatever you can however you can, WRWY.

3c5e5b  No.13637

Ok "newfag" ==1st attempt==

>seems like fun

3c5e5b  No.13638

Newfag test 2 ==churning butter==

3c5e5b  No.13639


test 3


502dd7  No.13679

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d8dd52  No.13694

File: d49d264577867f9⋯.jpg (75.53 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, soyboy-main.jpg)


"testing italic" testing bold _testing underline_

can you tell I'm testing??

d8dd52  No.13695

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d8dd52  No.13696

2 underscores for underline

>silly newfag

5d1ae3  No.13703

3c5e5b  No.13896


Ascii entry attempt

3c5e5b  No.13897


'atempt2 ascii entry

3c5e5b  No.13898

how to use [aa] tags?

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