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Welcome to /PatriotsAwoken/ First time here? 8chan? Click here Patriots.

File: 6118a2db2639e30⋯.png (104.72 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 12397A9C-4CCA-40CD-8305-76….png)

File: 433b351d18a3871⋯.jpeg (52.48 KB, 850x315, 170:63, 09E65D2D-1A38-4291-897E-4….jpeg)

3848f2  No.4149

You can create your own groups

You can create your own events

You can friend follow make subgroups moderate your own groups. Meet fellow Qanon people

You can send each other money to their profile and then cash out. You can become Verified with a blue check mark for one dollar.

The company can handle 100,000 of you at least. They allow you to run your own advertising. They are owned by a hard working patriot who put all of his money into the site. He works 7 days a week for Uber and still finds time to make the site work.

It would be the perfect place for Qanon followers to join.

f94707  No.4157

Who hosts it?

Where are the servers and who operates them?

Who are the staff of the company?

Where and how did the company get it's money?

Who is the money behind it?

You provide me all that, with sources, and I'll take a look

Otherwise your just another Kenyan prince with the perfect deal

3848f2  No.4178


It’s run by Eric Hoover a fellow Patriot who resides in Madison Wisconsin. He pays a couple grand a year for a private server located a Godaddy.com. The goal is to eventually gain enough donations to pay for servers.

There is no money behind it besides the $25k of Eric’s personal savings.

3848f2  No.4182


7ac4d0  No.4323

Thanks, I will go and have a look. There were many woke Christians on reddit/GA - love of God and love of country. We were ridiculed and some tried to silence us, but they eventually gave up. As we were exposed to the horrors and corruption, we were able to emotionally and spiritually support each other and share ideas on how we could wake up more people. We all have a roll to play. Just as some of you are uncomfortable with Biblical verses and end time theories shoved in your faces, I am just as uncomfortable with … well fill in the gaps because everyone has their own level of comfort based on their world view and belief systems. It isn’t easy to discover those that you looked up to are corrupt and evil. But I want to know what the truth is, even if it does rock my boat and challenge everything I have ever believed in.

So, you bunch of faggots, I am staying for now and I will be interested in your ability to tolerate me.

fcbdad  No.4485

Everyone wants to monetize everything for their own good. Now that show comes to Qanon. No thanks. The way you are trolling to get people on that site and using the same Amway sales pitch on multiple sites throws up a huge red flag for me.

3848f2  No.4597


How else am I supposed to pitch the site? It’s nothing like Amway. It’s no multilevel marketing scheme and it’s not a shitty energy drink at all. It’s as advertised a good product that can handle lots of users.

Jeeze the shills against this thing are going nuts we must be hitting close to home

1cb0ec  No.4713

I went over there and posted in q anon forum, but no one else over there.

f581ce  No.4762

File: 6fc6bbf34b2f9cb⋯.jpg (329.01 KB, 900x966, 150:161, hatethoughts.jpg)


>He pays a couple grand a year for a private server located a Godaddy.com.

The same godaddy who started this mass censorship thing rolling by denying an infra-structure service?

The domain registrar who told the (admittedly offensive, but LEGAL) website the Daily Stormer to find another provider?

And by so doing, triggering an orchestrated cascade of virtue-signalling "muh nazis hate speech isn't freeze peach" by various providers and plaforms that has directly led to the situation qanon people are in?

Oh yeah that sounds legit.

It's about one step away from writing nicely to George Soros asking him to please drop borders at reddit and restore r/G_A.

> You can send each other money to their profile and then cash out. You can become Verified with a blue check mark for one dollar.

Self-doxx and pay for the pleasure, trust them to handle cash when they can close you out unaccountably at any point, get on a registration list that can be leaked at any time by bosses/disaffected antifa brat in the office, actually pay to be who you say you are.

Humorous post, 10/10 for sensible chuckles.

3848f2  No.4773


There’s a lot of users on it already for a reason it’s a trusted website. It’s run through a trusted third party PayPal.

And like I said when there’s enough money we’ll get our own servers that are not controlled by Godaddy.

f581ce  No.4853

File: c0ff1a6ea8a48f6⋯.jpeg (29.75 KB, 474x315, 158:105, yo8e5.jpeg)

This is a joke, right?

I read the site and fundraising pages.

I'm not gonna greentext this because maybe people don’t get that here yet, this is from his About page https://voiceanything.com/static/about

"I started this website because over the last decade I have noticed more and more every day that we are losing the ability to speak what we Think about a subject or event Unless it's agreeable what everyone else."

> to speak what we Think


> Unless it's agreeable what everyone else.

That's copypasted including the two spaces after "website" and weird use of capitals (inb4 Trump).

The rest is some delusional rant about Jim Morrison!

The gofundme shows $60 of $150,000 raised which the page admits is for advertising as well as paying people, no mention of buying hardware and he admits he'll need outsiders to run it, no robust plans for when basic services begin being pulled…

And the gofundme hasn’t been updated in ages.

But that is one of the least of the problems here.

He's either an honest idiot, and trying to take on the deep state using its own infrastructure and 1/2500th the money needed to function (but getting involved at that level is not a game for idiots),

or, this is a cynical bad actor mocking decent people by pretending to be "dumb like them" and like the music of that generation (some people wisely filter the b-word) who's going to milk people dry then do a runner.

< Send me money patriots and i will carve Q into a potato and plug it into an internets.

3848f2  No.4974


You don’t need a lot of users to be profitable or grow. Also it’s better than (((Gabbai))). The site is fully monetized just like Facebook. It’s ready to make money unlike a lot of operations.

Jeeze the shills are going so hard against this site kekekek

3848f2  No.5678

Bump there’s a good thread going right now

Post your best Hildabeasts


5ca691  No.5835


Hosted by GoDaddy is a huge problem.

They can and have shut down others before, forcing them to find s new hosting platform. 8chan owner was forced to change 5 times back in 2014 I think. You should read a history of 8chan to see the pitfalls websites are up against.

3848f2  No.5869


They’ll get new hosting if need be. Not a problem

3c9d4b  No.11153

File: 46d9e1e96090493⋯.jpg (37.21 KB, 500x473, 500:473, 3e6f6a9b77ec347310ce11e516….jpg)

8d1ebf  No.11642


Why would I go to a site that wont let me remain anonymous?

fa4027  No.11757


Anon has a very good point about 8chan history, and I would add Voat to that history research. The developers are either too inexperienced or severely lacking knowledge of what they are up against. Furthermore, Q has directed followers to only two platforms as you well should know by now. Gab would Neva better choice, since it's well established, and no advertisers. User supported, and fighting against the things already mentioned above. So accept you are fighting a loosing cause in trying to recruit Q followers.

dd72af  No.11770


If you think you're truly anonymous on the Chans, well…you're in for a surprise.

381b58  No.11861

Nope!!! Q sent us here

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