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File: 11f67eae3a8d646⋯.png (180.01 KB, 1211x802, 1211:802, pf_264.png)

950862  No.8716

Welcome to the Q Drop Discussion Thread

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Like Q Research, PatriotsAwoken supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence, nudity or lewdness in our work here. Specifically the purpose of this thread is to aggregate all of Q's Drops in the same fashion that we did on r/greatawakening. We encourage to stay on the topic of Q's posts only here so this can be a resource thread. ThankQ




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to PatriotsAwoken (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/patriotsawoken/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>>/qresearch/1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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>>9229 Anon theory explains the Pentagon "Plane" and possible double meaning.

>>9245 Anon addresses Clowns concernfagging all over the threads. Ignore.

Q Drop Thread


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950862  No.8717

950862  No.8718

File: f780d3ac7fef49c⋯.png (9.78 KB, 441x112, 63:16, pf_265.png)


4bd1c4  No.8720

At least it's confirmed RR and RM are bad guys.

ae305f  No.8727


Yeah. If RR is bad then so is RM. Just wish we had an inside camera that could watch them squirm. Looking forward to the day they get their just deserts.

950862  No.8729

File: 07474565b9e6832⋯.png (83.78 KB, 498x262, 249:131, pf_266.png)

79d71c  No.8730

File: 95ce18e3e9cd473⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 561x860, 561:860, z3r5qarv09n11.jpg)

d93c35  No.8736

File: 5f017ab30f21b50⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1943x1234, 1943:1234, ClipboardImage.png)


>It will become even more apparent going forward.

a1ccda  No.8737


Very glad to hear that the attempts have failed. Those darn swamp creatures.

9cd1bd  No.8738


Good to hear.

Earlier today articles were published that the DOJ/FBI requested that of the pages the President wanted declassified they still wanted to redact some portions of them.

Glad they were told to piss up a rope and execute.

b9ebe3  No.8741

File: fc03a48ec24f46e⋯.jpg (77.99 KB, 1068x829, 1068:829, Screenshot_20180919-005831….jpg)

File: 55f970e2297b269⋯.png (390.38 KB, 478x680, 239:340, e8dcd7321c938992aef619959f….png)

File: fdba37e8ad745f3⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180507-095051.png)

File: e54fb39c82b90a5⋯.jpg (39.3 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1535255981410.jpg)

File: 96d4a1beec3f85b⋯.jpg (33.53 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1535255677537.jpg)

418f48  No.8761

File: 0d1bd38cae0e3f9⋯.jpg (78.43 KB, 736x1076, 184:269, 8c7aee47c372cff562b999bbbb….jpg)

File: b63bafd156b1769⋯.jpg (481.84 KB, 1500x1225, 60:49, stock-photo-full-ahead-con….jpg)

b9ebe3  No.8812

File: 42f7917b95c8be9⋯.jpg (121.79 KB, 1270x720, 127:72, red-wave.jpg)


Bring the pain!

d646cc  No.8842

Q, Thank you for you and your team's time in advance. Is Fox News also compromised to a degree? They are part of a larger conglomerate and just wondering. WWG1WGA!!!

d646cc  No.8844

Q, Are SC and JS at Fox 100% trustworthy and onboard with MAGA as mentioned back in Dec?

da4060  No.8847


Fox is more compromised than CNN, MSNBC or any of the other channels. Do you know who Alwaleed bin Talal is and his relation to Osama bin Laden, the Saudi royal family and NewsCorp? Look it up, it's very eyeopening.

da4060  No.8849


Doubtful because of bin Talal ties.

0d29d5  No.8858

Q - Do we know where the Ark of the Covenant is?

3f6616  No.8860

Q- is the point of national security month to tell people to get ready for a potential incoming shtf event?

a836e2  No.8866

463124  No.8868

Q- when will Gitmo be at capacity?

7adaa7  No.8873

Q, can we control/steer hurricanes? If so WTF?

22ca01  No.8876


Is earth a spinning ball?

Planet or plane?

Space Force = Dimensional Warfare?

e49c05  No.8877

Anyine else intrigued why Q would post about Ros, Moon landing, 911 Pent hit, etc. (posts 2220, 2221 & 2224? I don’t recall such focus on providing that kind of “conspiracy” info/conf. Moon landings? Aliens? We’re trying to save what we gave and know…wtf, over.

d6954d  No.8880

File: 44dc514038a52a8⋯.png (172.58 KB, 500x580, 25:29, water-always-finds-its-lev….png)

Q is the Earth geocentric or heliocentric? Land a globe or a plane?

Have we been deceived by Nasa?

172384  No.8882

Q- is e.t amongst us? Positions of power/authority?

f40aa5  No.8883

Y drowning? Ritual? Rebirth? IO

3343d3  No.8884

What is going on in Antartica?

How soon will HRC and BO and the rest of the cabal be taken out?

418f48  No.8886


It is Q&A time at QResearch.

09902d  No.8887

Just a prayer for the Q team, POTUS and all anons. We are facing the most evil our lives has ever seen. Look up, pray up and be ready! He’s coming for His children! I fear a civil war, but I’m ready! If God is with us, who can stand against us? God wins every time! I pray for Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family during this time. Another Clarence Thomas. This woman is Soros bought and paid just like her lawyer. Confirm him now or we will lose the senate!


e49c05  No.8888


Awesome. /s Trolled, comped, flat-earthered, & disparaged ala reddshit. Or was it these weird drops by Q…(posts 2220, 2221 & 2224). I say again: wtf, over, Q.

7adaa7  No.8890

Q, when are they going to stop manipulating precious metals so blatantly? And is BITCOIN Clown Money?

63ee6d  No.8891

Does the prep period apply to all in one event

09902d  No.8892

Q: IG Michael Horowitz? The authority to sentence criminals?

f5021b  No.8893


I wish he had stuck to earthly topics. This is going to get everybody really off track.

dc214d  No.8895


I believe the Q&A was to test the sites capability to handle the heavy bandwidth. Lots of new refugee's added recently and site has to be in tippy top shape in the coming days. This other life comment to stir things up and get lots of site activity.

e38b2f  No.8896


Still having a hard time with navigation so it's hard to see the convo in real time on /research.


63ee6d  No.8899

Does R exist? If so, is R a helper to Q?

7adaa7  No.8901

Q, Is misinformation necessary during Q&A?

6e2e6f  No.8906


Q was the recent appearance of DOJ personnel in Little Rock collecting evidence on Hillary’s roll (with her old partner at the Rose Law Firm) about “Entrust” and their ability to access any digital data on the web through backdoor key encryption?

8f8c75  No.8909


What is the role of cryptocurrency in all of this. Did the US government create Bitcoin?

78b188  No.8913


Q , how can you know such specifics 9 months ahead ? complete control ? Are the people who are flipping get away free? Did they hurt children to get that high up ladder ?

50a9cc  No.8916

what is at south pole? why was Kerry there? why was buzz aldrin there?

ba5b17  No.8917

"Are we alone?"



Highest Classification.

It's a vast Universe the probability is high but this is not a confirmation. Chillax

754414  No.8923

Q - will the alphabets be gutted and rearranged? Some? Just a few?

46f32e  No.8924



Do psychedelics allow us to contact the entities that coexist with us in this universe?

e49c05  No.8928


Perhaps. The. We are bing manipulated. Does anyone appreciate being manipulated? Why not say, everyone post in the next 15 min, hour, whatever. Don’t get me wrong. I’m buying most of this that I, or others can make sense of, but this feels wrong. Half expect the next post to state, “LARP. Thank you for playing. Bye…”

5eae61  No.8929

Phew, that was some crazy shit!

6161ed  No.8930


Was that JFK Jr in the Marine Force 1 photo?

Is JFK Jr alive?

d646cc  No.8932


Thanks for the info, will look into it.

fb630e  No.8933


These are seriously the lamest fucking memes

fb630e  No.8934


People just don't fucking get this. All these boomers shitting up the board require way more work for the rest of us

5b77b3  No.8938

Q, - What is gained through worship?

- Reptilian humanoids? Hoax?

- Grey Aliens? Hoax? Contact? Communication? Friend or Threat?

- Egypt and Ancient Civilization's spiritual communication with the celestial? Engineering Phenomena, levitation tech?


5b77b3  No.8939

/patriotsfight/ not being updated with Q&A Responses?

2f12e3  No.8940

If you can’t handle that we are not alone, what makes think you can handle the rest of the harsh truths that are upon us!!!

2f12e3  No.8941


Only meditation my friend

2f12e3  No.8943


Truth is stranger than fiction

90698d  No.8944

Nothing to see, indeed.

Who else is wondering what our country is going to look like this time next year?

What’s it like to be FREE?

Have any of us truly experienced FREEDOM?

I’m ready Q.

We are right behind you.


2f12e3  No.8945


It’s confirmed, accept truth!!!

d8fadf  No.8947





its all connected

2f12e3  No.8951


We are one, the Law Of One

90698d  No.8954

As long as we are asking questions:

Q- what are WE THE PEOPLE being sprayed with and why?

85f48f  No.8955


Does the plan include educational restructure?

847390  No.8957

RA, The Law of One. Space is VAST. https://www.lawofone.info/

90698d  No.8959


When do we get the cures for cancer and other diseases?

9404ec  No.8960


Q said we are not alone but also mentioned the vastness of space. The Bible (and just about every other ancient historical record) also tells us that we are not alone. They tell us that the Earth has been and still is inhabited by spiritual beings…not beings from another planet, but beings from the spiritual realm. Do you think the "elites" worship demons for no reason?

9404ec  No.8963


Ephesians 6:12

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

51b8ac  No.8968

Q, Did JFK JR. really die as it was reported?

504312  No.8969

Show us what you've got.


9b7228  No.8976



847390  No.8977

open your minds…

All the religious so scared by the alien post.

jumping directly to disinformation.

open your minds, your awareness!

504312  No.8978

>>8880 This is exactly what a shill/troll would post. They want to start the flat Earth dialog so all of Q will be labeled "tin foil hats" and will be a hoax. Please!!! Just ignore the trolls!

504312  No.8980

>>8930 That's a very good question! I saw the pictures of the group behind the POTUS at a rally, and there were two people who looked as if they could be JFK, Jr. and his wife, Carolyn. I really don't know what's the truth about this, but it's worth watching. Everything is meaningful with Q. I do know that Trump and John John were good friends, and I am sure he wants the truth to come out about his death and that of JFK. All of us know now that the Kennedy files have been partially released that we were NOT just crazy conspiracy theorists when we questioned the narrative about JFK's assassination. I am looking forward to the day when my friends and family realize that the Deep State is real, and Q is real. I've followed it since the inception, and I there is no way some kid in his parents' basement could have all of this inside information and put it all together in such an intricate way! It is truly amazing!

0d29d5  No.8985

The things that come to light in the near future will no doubt force ppl to recognize the evil in this world. For some, hell is the truth seen too late. For those who witness the transition, it will no doubt force ppl to believe in good/God for the fact that the evil will be so bad. You can’t believe in one and not the other. It will turn a lot of peoples’ hearts towards God and humanity will be put back on track as it was intended. Chains will be broken, bondage will be minimized, people will become color blind and be very aware of the lies and deceit that has been programmed in them since birth. We are all his children worldwide. Angels are rejoicing already for what is to come. POTUS is insulated by more than just service men. Gods hand is on him and on his heart. His relationship with God continues to grow daily. America is God’s and his annoiting is all over POTUS’s path. He is restoring modern day Israel. He has put the modern day warrior David with the Wisdom of Solomon in the White House. None are smart enough to derail His plans. When God is for us, who can be against us. This is good devouring evil. Thank you Potus, to you and the patriots who serve you. We appreciate you 110%

0ca458  No.9007


Please the one question I would like answered is the death of justice Scalia. Did it happen the way "they" said it did or was there foul play.

283778  No.9008

bro wtf Q saying a plane hit the pentagon is definitely sus to me, and the moon landings too. y'all know that shit was fake. made me go :/ i believe in Q but i dont believe that noise

7265b4  No.9009

File: e49f073639cedfa⋯.jpg (143.35 KB, 1316x892, 329:223, IMG_20180910_090630.jpg)

We the People have been told we cannot handle the complete truth of the crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated against us and that many have been forced to be complicit in perpetrating on each other. Can those patriots that actually ask for Full Disclosure get the whole truth? Is the choice to know actually ours?

283778  No.9010

maybe plane has double meaning? i don't know. Q has proven credibility over anything else, but there really is a huge lack of evidence that an actual plane hit the pentagon. the moon is more believable, but they didnt answer if anyone has been back. the supposed last mission was in 1972, why is it that in recorded history only a small number of americans have been on the moon and nobody's gone back in 40+ years?

e1700d  No.9011

When people get desperate, they do desperate things and get stupid. How far do you think they will go? Patriots stand together and fight, others don't. WWG1WGA

90698d  No.9012


I guess Q thinks it was a valid question, at least worthy of an answer.

90698d  No.9020

Q says plane hit pentagon. (While we can see with our own eyes that one didn’t)

Q says moon landing is real. (While we can watch the footage and see that it’s faked)

Q refuses to address Chemtrails. (While we watch then spray us all the time)

Q prays to dead Presidents (While the Bible forbids praying to the dead)

Q says full transparency (While saying we can’t handle the truth of 911)

Q won’t address FE (While all practical experiments show no curvature)

Q refuses to give us the truth of the Vegas shooting. (While preaching transparency)

Have we all been had?

17f984  No.9021


It was clearly in the context of extraterrestrials. Q knew we would take it that way. Otherwise there would have been clarification "(like him actually posting WWG1WGA instead of you doing it). He then confirms there is a Secret Space Program.

Pretty clear.

17f984  No.9024


>worthy of an answer.

>▶Anonymous  09/19/18 (Wed) 23:58:49 90698d

1. It's entirely possible we were fed the "no plane" theory about the Pentagon for distraction/misdirection. It's well known the "no plane theory" for the WTC's is disinfo

2. Q didn't say the footage was real, he just said the moon landing is real. That's the conclusion of most major researchers in the field.

3. There is a lot Q hasn't talked about yet, that certainty doesn't mean they are "refusing to address" them.

4. Q is not "praying to" any president, dead or alive

5. I agree that it's not yet clear if Q and their associates are going to do a full disclosure, or just seed things into the alternative community and do a limited disclosure to the public. I'm certainly hoping for the former, as is virtually everyone else.

6. FE isn't real, and this further shows that you are a shill/troll

7. See #3

96b5df  No.9027


Will some MSM bad actors be forced to resign or better yet prosecuted?

IMO They should pay for their complicit deceit of WeThePeople! 🇺🇸


90698d  No.9034


Jumping to conclusions on the whole “Shill/Troll” label over FE? Or is it just because of the questioning of Q in general? Measure some curvature before calling fe people shills. Many have already shown no curvature. Doesn’t really line up to shillery. Even Q says the choice is your to know the truth. I guess it all depends on who’s “truth” you want to hear.

I’d say We the People being inundated with spraying from planes onto us and our environment is as close to an assault on humanity as there is. Human trafficking pales in comparison. Sex trafficking, pedophilia and the like are horrible, yes. But doesn’t the full scale spraying of an entire civilization take precedence over a select group of people? Are sexual atrocities worse than just regular old atrocities?

I knew this would happen. People have become so enthralled and encapsulated by Q that they will defend him no matter what. Q is now the one who no man can question without being called a Shill or a Troll or just simply being bullied or put down. This movement is starting to look more and more like a psyop.

Call me whatever you want- but I’m just another Anon with questions. Don’t like my questions? Find me some good answers or shut the fuck up.

72286d  No.9037

bandwith test with crazy shit…anons get sum sleep..let the No Such Agency do the graveyard shift they get paid for it :)

b892ba  No.9041

File: 016fcd0bf86c0bf⋯.jpg (62.79 KB, 634x500, 317:250, DnVPAU6WwAE9Ofn.jpg)

File: 945c7bf1df27d23⋯.png (9.8 KB, 255x149, 255:149, 819d7adb0be4584fc41fa9a8c9….png)

File: 7c84195737d33fe⋯.jpg (62.02 KB, 500x527, 500:527, 2hzltb.jpg)

File: 3a5f619bf9f7222⋯.png (11.7 KB, 255x186, 85:62, 668378cb8dad48e6b35d3d6518….png)

File: 48a4f6a0ce90936⋯.jpg (42.39 KB, 564x594, 94:99, 33642774_1779309622160431_….jpg)

Tick Tock Bitches!

Still looking for verification on the last doc….


f63852  No.9042

Sorry to interrupt the anons/autists.

Singapore Blackout

"Pure speculative thought that came" reply here…will leave to the anons to prove/disprove

1. SG blackout a nothing burger…indigenous system fail/human error blah..blah..blah…


2. A multi objectives/prongs DS retaliation for SG hosting of DJT & KJU summit, distraction to the shit over at middle east/syria/il & etc…no proof here, just speculation - non-digger here, just a lurk moar but the thought came.


f63852  No.9044


SG is a well run country with its fault but this blackout create 1) image/impression/pr problem to sg gov as an efficient country, attracting the money to there, hot or real…sg gov r not without their sheanashigans but could there be some goods over there that need insertion/removal?

987e7f  No.9047



It lasted for 38 minutes - and longer for some customers - energy utilities provider SP Group said.

A total of 19 areas were affected: Boon Lay, Choa Chu Kang, Clementi, Jurong, Pandan Loop, Aljunied, Geylang, Tanjong Rhu, Mountbatten, Kembangan, Bedok, East Coast, Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Thomson, Mandai, Admiralty, Sembawang and Woodlands.

~ A 38 minute operation.

~ Woodlands, Admiralty, Sembawang r areas open to the sea.

~ street video cams down, dark…

90698d  No.9048


Perhaps while the world was focused on Q’s Q&A session, plans were unfolding.

90698d  No.9072



325071  No.9096


Posting 8 times and planting doubt every time. If you feel that way, you are wasting time here but you stay. Why doubt and stay? Any normal person would leave but you stay. Mark of shill.

90698d  No.9101


8 times? Shit friend, you lost track! I’ve posted WAY MORE times than that.

Shill? Riiiiiggght… tell yourself whatever you need to. I’m an awake Anon. What’s the matter, you can’t handle another perspective? Get out of your bubble.

We are here researching all things Q. If that leads some to believe this is something other than what it’s being sold as, does that make us wrong?

325071  No.9103


You protest too much. Look beside your ID, that shows your posting this session. Protesting and doubting is the mark of a shill. Now it's your turn to show your anger and swear as much as you want. Show the research you've done beside doubt.

7adaa7  No.9104

I don't get it. Q said 412000 users? There are only 58 UIDS on this board? Where are all the anons?

325071  No.9106


Look at the /8ch.net/index.html and look at # of subs, look at users online. There were 412,000 users connected to 8ch.net and it could not handle that load.

90698d  No.9107


That’s just this board, friend. Protesting and protesting “too much” is really just a matter of opinion. Methinks you protest ME too much.

7adaa7  No.9108



Thanks! Just thought there would be more Questions

325071  No.9110


Yes an old shill trick blame the other party. Lets show everybody what you are. You are exposing yourself.

90698d  No.9112


Since I’m a Shill, aren’t you supposed to ignore me?

Or maybe that’s just a name you give to people who you can’t win a debate against.

I’m outed now as your Shill, so let’s fuckIn do this

325071  No.9115


Just follow the script. More anger. More protesting. Lose control There is a simple remedy the pointer on any of my posts. Block ID or ID+ but I will still call your poets as I see them. And warn all of your doubt statements.

90698d  No.9116


That’s awful considerate of you. I don’t know if I could have made it through my day without knowing I was under the watchful eye of the King Anon, making sure I wasn’t “protesting too much”.

Use your block key. This will be much easier on you.

3bc7ca  No.9117

How do we know if Q IS MILITARY walk in?how do we know that trump is not moving in on bush snr's criminal cabal?takeover??How do we know if they will just, throw some under bus and bizzo as normal?

3bc7ca  No.9118

Now people are somewhat knowledgeable then that makes them more then half to blame so they may benghazi us all.and reset the game as they have done for eons

325071  No.9120


You forgot to throw in a couple of Q doubting statements. Have't seen your Q research adding to knowledge of the group. You are now joined by 3bc7ca sowing doubt statements. Keep up the team work and we will know who the doubters are..

f578d2  No.9122

File: faa1257fdf2c19e⋯.png (13.84 KB, 360x193, 360:193, thereisonlyQ.png)

325071  No.9123


Can we get 90698d and 3bc7ca in a dual attack on Q patriots. Any more shills want to join in the discussion.

2f7469  No.9125

Nice load test, Q.

100 Monkey theory lookin' good.

Field strength increasing…….

ayy lmao

90698d  No.9126


Shillery from the Shill-Watcher.

Is this what you call shill-trolling?

You think Q got hacked last night? Seems like it. Q singlehandedly created more division in his Q&A than any AJ or Shill (real Shill, not one falsely labeled by a misguided Anon) has done so far.

2f7469  No.9127


shills are gonna shill

they get 5 c per faggot post

hello ShareBlue gaybots


325071  No.9128


No, the patriots understood his posts. The shills will use any means to plant doubting statements like yours and 3bc7ca plant. There are more shills but are remaining are quiet.

5ab587  No.9130

Q- Will there be another 2 weeks of public show like "NO NAME" ?

We love you Q!

90698d  No.9131

“Disinformation is necessary”


Decode: You can’t trust anything I say.

3bc7ca  No.9133


not a shill as you kindly put it….genuine question to Q

90698d  No.9134


Ok Patriot, why are our skies polluted with chemtrails?? Are a few hundred people being trafficked more important than hundreds of millions of WE THE PEOPLE being sprayed?

Ask Q. Maybe the aliens are doing it…

325071  No.9135

Q Patriots know that. They don't try to create doubt every time they post. You do.

e1700d  No.9136

Q has proved himself/herself/their self time and time again. It's the MSM and the alt-left that have put out disinformation.

90698d  No.9137


I think you mean Q zombies who gave up thinking for themselves and now only believe what Q tells them.

I’m not shilling here, I’m telling it straight. Q always says use logic yet none of you “Patriots” are.

3bc7ca  No.9139


Genuine question.Mate,you don't hold the torch of freedom…ii mistakenly thought we were throwing questions up.

325071  No.9140


More doubt statements. Why? If you don't research to answer your questions and help others what are you doing here?

325071  No.9141


Mate? Sounds like somebody from down under. Keep et everyone see you MO.

90698d  No.9143


Wow. So we can’t question Q. We can’t have feelings of doubt towards Q. We can’t question Q’s motives. We can only agree with Q, build up Q and his followers, and praise Q to be accepted by his group of Anons as legitimate human beings with legitimate doubts and questions.

Nice cult you got going here. Smh

3bc7ca  No.9144


Nor know the legal standing of THE USA since its inception.People worldwide been wise to these things for decades.We come into the trenches about a WW movement but some want to retreat into identity divisions.HERE taste this.https://larryhannigan.com/australia/23-serco-the-biggest-company-you-never-heard-of/

3bc7ca  No.9145

good reading memoholics https://archive.org/stream/KwitnyTheCrimesOfPatriotsATrueTaleOfDopeDirtyMoneyAndTheCIAIranContraScandal1987_201605/Kwitny+-+The+Crimes+of+Patriots+-+A+True+Tale+of+Dope%2C+Dirty+Money+and+the+CIA+%28Iran-contra+scandal%29%281987%29_djvu.txt

325071  No.9146


Research, research, assist others, research, add to knowledge, or your statements

325071  No.9147


Know all about SERCO. AIM has published that some time ago. Know about the evil the USA has been behind in the world. Hope Q and Patriots expose this to sleeping USA. USA has to clean it's self before cleaning anything else.

90698d  No.9148



Do your own.

3bc7ca  No.9149


true.I know middle eastern people that have never seen a computer that know more then most by word of mouth.People outside the USA have been watching for decades waiting.Its only when the threat is at the door do people worry and stir in their sleep.I;m with your fight in knowing if you blokes fall its all over bar jesus.

325071  No.9152


I do and when able add to knowledge. Don't just post doubting statements like you and call that a contribution.

90698d  No.9153


Have you always been a micromanager? I bet your husband shot himself

3bc7ca  No.9155


we got them running online betting on natural events,man made events,war games and targeted hits,including 911

325071  No.9156


Once awakened, it is not good to learn what our evil cabal has done to world. Then find out evil in world controls our evil. I pray we are good enough to fix our evil and help world eradicate all evil. Next generation has to work just as hard.

325071  No.9158


Now, I assume you are female or faking female sentence construction. I'll now assume you are a DEMONcrat and part of antifa group. Your answer.

39752f  No.9166

I see where the guy is coming from with the chemtrails, but the flat earth? Bro take it from a noob who has followed Q on Instagram and watched the censorship and disinformation campaign over there spread like wildfire. Before Q my IG was basically chemtrails center I’d go on all day and look at the damage and the theories. But this all stopped right around when Q came. But it was what happened right BEFORE Q came that caused all the Chemtrails posts to suddenly be pushed off the board into obscurity and that was FLAT EARTH!

So to complain how nobody is talking about chemtrails anymore and to blame Q for covering them up but then support flat earth in the next statement is incredibly dumb because it was the idiotic fe movement that flooded Instagram and the rest of social media w pseudoscience and stupid memes to discredit everything else. It was really quite a marvel to witness how easily agencies could infiltrate the truth movement and totally overload social media w nothing but arguments about flat earth. Even if I found a single truth post unrelated back then it was inevitable that every comment section would be infiltrated by the same type of people.

There’s actually a chemtrails thread I was reading and I have to agree w what mostly everyone was saying in it about how this summer is clearly very different as there has been a dramatic decrease in trails and spreading in the skies. Something has definitely changed, feels like to me they’re trying to soft roll it back and not do as much, maybe as crazy as it sounds the air force was on the right path w the trails even because this summer they did seem to bring huge amounts of moisture. I think it comes down to stealing water for our mainland more than anything.

010053  No.9168

Yes, let the demonRats and MSM love Sessions! That way it will be more legit when arrest start happening. Popcorn ready!

b636dd  No.9172


Ark of the Covenant's location is from the most credible account i've heard yet. Is under the crucifixion site of Jesus. The rocks were rent to allow the blood to flow onto the mercy seat. Fulfilling the law, and being that great and last sacrifice. Ron Wyatt is the archaeologist who found it and claims it's being guarded by an angel so it probably won't be confirmed. It also has Christs still alive blood on it because he was transfigured to live forever. That would undoubtedly prove Christ is real. And people might start worshiping the Ark instead of God. So it needs to stay secret until Christ returns.

010053  No.9173


By 2020 there is going to be accountability in every government entity, that is very exciting to think about. Crime will go down, liberals will go away, no more asshat professors and teachers. Best part is we know what the hell is happening behind the scenes thanks to Q, oh what a time to be alive!

05bfc0  No.9185



e1700d  No.9187

what an amazing time to be alive! We must continue the fight for our children, and our grandchildren. We cannot falter. For those of us who took the oath long ago, we must never lose sight of that. We must be ready to support and defend the constitution of the United States, against all enemies foreign and domestic. WWG1WGA

6bbccb  No.9189

Panic in the UK? Some vestiges of the British Empire still live ( and thrive ).Money makes the world go round


c07c30  No.9190


Oh FFS… and people are calling ME a Shill!

First, call FE false with no evidence of curvature while countless experiments show none.

Then, act like FE was planted before Trump as some kind of psyop against “truth”.

You do realize that with that logic, Q and Trump could be pulling a YUGE psyop on you? Based in truth, and doing what they say, but with an end result much different than what you’re being led to believe?!

And then you give credence to chemtrails as though they are HELPING humanity!

Have you gone mad? And no, they haven’t slowed down the spraying since Trump got in. They’re spraying more at night now. And when they spray during the day, it’s much heavier than it has been in the past.

Some of you people need to take a good hard look at what Q has done to you. You have stopped using reason. Only the word of Q is good to you people now. That’s dangerous.

I’m not saying Q isn’t doing a good thing IF they’re in fact doing what they SAY they’re doing. What I want people to realize is that they’re giving away a tremendous amount of freedom and allowing an alarming number of red flags to go unmentioned just because they believe that Q is going to save the world from “evil”.

Haven’t any of you read the Bible? This isn’t going to end well unless you’re in JESUS!!

325071  No.9192


No evidence of curvature? Why do you see the mast at sea before you see the ship? Your here to contribute to knowledge? You have a critical point to make? God helps those who help themselves. And you are helping how?

f40aa5  No.9195

WWG1WGA MLBrown Building

a309d6  No.9201

What department did LP actually work for? Who was her actually reporting boss? Is LP WhiteHat or BlackHat?

027488  No.9208


Im thinking it was to put to rest some of the random BS threads that have been popping up about Moon Landing conspiracies, Flat Earthers and the Pentagon 911 truther stuff.

I DO notice that he didnt address the WTC towers ( all 3 ), and his statements on being alone was kind of open ended, didnt state HOW we arent alone, just that we arent. So aliens? or Spirits? Also, Space Force and the unknown projects is just a tease too.

3bc7ca  No.9209


LIsten,we started to get a few trails across the sky in sydney Australia.Not many,not like the criss cross maze.Based on that I believe that it is partial missile defence enhancement.

ede2a3  No.9211

>>8877 sry people, but I’m not buying some of these answers and the ‘disinfo Is necessary ‘ line doesn’t apply here because those particular questions didn’t have to be answered. So why the deception when it was completely unnecessary. Question everything.

3bc7ca  No.9212


For a start he may know certain things pertaining to.But he is not the oracle of delphi and if he was he is not authorise to reveal classified info..His answers were vague and can be read multiple ways.Plane into pent could be droned cruise but gets a yes as response.QUESTION WAS DUMB.should have required what kind of plane?

3bc7ca  No.9213

What just rolled into maryland?not accuser?

c07c30  No.9216


It’s called “perception”. It’s how we all see. It’s easily demsonstrated on paper, but you have to be willing to look. You seem more content at standing back throwing your poop at people who don’t hold the same opinion as you. Is that your grand contribution to this so-called “mission” you’re all part of, or “The Plan” you know nothing about?

I was a strong supporter of Q and Trump until very, very recently. I ignored some red flags along the way because of the “Plan”.

They’re going after bad people who are hurting children, so it HAS TO be a valiant Plan! They’re cleaning up the swamp, so we HAVE TO support them!

Yeah, but they’re praying to a dead guy every day in the Oval Office!

Maybe they’re Catholic! Leave them alone to worship God how they want!

But, it’s directly against the Bible…


Hey, wait… I thought we were having a conversation…

SHILL ALERT! Spreading not nice things about Q!! SHILL!!

It’s people like you who prove that Q is a CULT

fd2ed4  No.9220


There were hundreds of q's!! Too many for the baker and bandwidth to cope with. Just not on this board. On the qresearch board. Where were you looking?

Not worth the trouble, majority were pretty stoopit q's!!

c07c30  No.9223


“Disinformation is necessary”


“Don’t trust anything I tell you”

6bbccb  No.9224


What do the people in the SpaceLab see

when they look at the Earth?

Well Earth looks to them remarkably like a spherical planet.

How about the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus?

What is the probability that all the planets in our solar system are spherical? 99.9999% +

d64a3b  No.9225

Not sure how the board works, second post. But yeah I am very open minded like you, I believe one of two things. Either Q is real and fighting hundreds of years of powers that control us, or he is a psyop. I really want to believe 100% but have doubts as well. I fell for bush and Obama and realized by the end of Obama’s the NWO was becoming so blatant and powerful so it’s hard to believe that all of a sudden they’re about to be taken out.

I realize like you said that if FE was a psyop Q could be the exact same thing. The FE is actually what gives me the doubt, because it seem so Q took over social media he exact same way FE did. Was FE a test to see how easily social media could be flooded and manipulated? My main point was that as a noobie who used mostly IG before q and when q started I saw how the app and accounts were heavily manipulated and flooded w flat earth. Like an insane amount, every other photo in the feed was FE no matter how far you scrolled.

325071  No.9227

Show the paper perception. Please keep posting for a trail of your beliefs. You are doing your own damage, I don't have to do anything. I spar on twitter and gab with anti-Q. Why are you here to spout hate?

fd2ed4  No.9229


>was the pentagon hit by a plane?

Yes. = A lie

So he isn’t contravening the Law and risking long term in prison for revealing classified secrets.

>was the pentagon hit by a plane?

No = The truth

So he would be breaking top secret classification laws

Also the other anon is correct, technically a cruise missile is a plane as it has wings.

anons really don't have much imagination … (tut tut — and they call us noobs retards?!!) this is TOP SECRET and CLASSIFIED. So, if Q says Yes and it's true he would be be contravening Classification laws. Long period in prison for revealing classified secrets. So he answers No. He is covered legally. Why do you think he always asks questions … Statements of fact would put him in the danger zone.

Same thing for alien life on earth.


6177cd  No.9231

Is it a problem to share Q Drop pics on minds and other places without directly linking to the board itself?

c07c30  No.9232


That’s ridiculous. Why even address the question then. It wasn’t forced, he CHOSE to answer certain questions while leaving others alone. Chemtrails are something we watch and see happen every day, yet crickets on that subject.

fd2ed4  No.9235


Discount 2nd paragraph starting So, if Q says Yes … forgot to edit out from a previous post.

325071  No.9236

DS tactic is subliminal words of doubt and anger to scare recipient to shy away from debate. Oh my, I must run from anger. NOT!


you prove who you are.

325071  No.9238


I use Firefox and use EDIT / Find on This Page and sit with that at bottom of window. When a subliminal doubt statement is made I copy ID and search bread for all statements. Trend shows what is happening with that ID.

fd2ed4  No.9239



6bbccb  No.9243


What do the people in the SpaceLab see

when they look at the Earth?

Well Earth looks to them remarkably like a spherical planet.

How about the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus?

What is the probability that all the planets in our solar system are spherical? 99.9999% +

What is the probability that Q is a person who is close to Trump? 99.9999%+ QED Believe it.

325071  No.9244


Yep, can see all 20 reply's or posts.

c07c30  No.9245


Fucking Clowns

You can fool some, but not all.

325071  No.9246


True statement. Congratulations.

1a4c47  No.9248


Teneo involvement in all of this?

Comms hub?

6bbccb  No.9249


Control hurricanes? You got to be kidding!

Look at the SHEER POWER of nature . . .


2e5158  No.9250


"Disinformation is necessary"


"Trust but verify"

c07c30  No.9251

I know my Redeemer. And He wins.

People better wake up and flee these threads.

You were all herded here like cattle.

Now, you’re all known and marked.

Keep armored up.

The enemy is inside the gates.

a4932f  No.9252

I invite all the shills to go down the list of Q Proofs and prove every one of them wrong. Good luck with that. You will be busy for quite awhile.

fd2ed4  No.9253


S'easy guys … look up yr Sun Tzu tactics of war.

How do you trap a dangerous animal?

From the front?

How do you catch shills, trolls, weebles, troobles, dimwits/tards and other swampy crawly nasties?

Why yes! you draw them all out like pus. Must be a granny here or two who knows about drawing boils with hot towels? Same idea.

Make them doxx themselves.

Offer them some fresh meat. Lovely innocent noobs! Ummmm Yummy!

325071  No.9255


c07c30 as long as your here that is another true statement. I am proud to be a deplorable and the lowest dregs of society. Names that I wear with pride. You flaunt Jesus and say nothing of GOD. Is that because Lucifer cannot say or type God.

fd2ed4  No.9265


Thass right!! Never a truer word …

Attention all Patriots: take no notice. block their IDs.

I just posted above the following and apologise for the repost but it holds true for new arrivals here at the bottom …

Look up yr Sun Tzu tactics of war.

How do you catch shills, trolls, weebles, troobles, dimwits/tards and other swampy crawly nasties?

Make them show themselves. Do not forget, there is an army of MI experts who are doxxing the lot of them.

How do you trap the jackal or hyena?

Fresh meat. Sorry newfags and GA-refugees but yr delicious and irresistible bait for crocodiles and alligators, even the little bacteria, like the scum floating on this small pond at patriotsawoken, will attract decomposition.


fd2ed4  No.9266

ede2a3  No.9289

File: 96116e3386a74cb⋯.jpeg (336.51 KB, 1744x1074, 872:537, 796BCF32-ED0B-4ECD-A156-1….jpeg)

>>9212. It was a missile and the plane in Pa didn’t crash. It was shot down.

84cf33  No.9293

My children, you live within an illusion. Your physicists will tell you this. All that looks solid is not; all that looks still is moving. Your senses participate in an illusion, thus all your doing is exercise within an illusion. This system of illusion was created in order that you may play and work and do all manner of activity until you have decided upon a certain choice, that choice very simply being service to others or service to self. The nature of the illusion is imperfection, thus each thing that is done within the illusion participates in imperfection. Good deeds don’t turn out right; relationships go awry; a word quickly said is long regretted. There are an infinite number of ways to make mistakes in behavior according to your own opinion of yourself.

325071  No.9311


And your solution is? Philosophy is great for words to read but have nothing worth discussion other than discussion itself.. You are not God and therefore I am not your child. Only God can say "my children".

7adaa7  No.9316


I was here on this board. I thought this was where it was happening. I get it now. Little baffled by the overall Q&A. Feels off…

325071  No.9317

Currently three more Q posts. Interesting.

84cf33  No.9325


You are part of the creator, we are all one

Who do you think is thinking all these thoughts your having right now, look within!!!

d6b4af  No.9327



Do you know who Q is…..

Apart from God the most high. Q is the most powerful force on earth.

Lets see if Q is not God's sword…

a1226d  No.9328

Q, was That MOAB drop in Afgan mountains a terrorist training site created by the C_A/deepstate

325071  No.9329


My ancestors were made by God in his image. I am not perfect but have the conscious given me to make my choice of evil or good and stand before GOD and be judged as worthy or unworthy.

84cf33  No.9333


Its ok to see this way, as long as good is in ur heart

6cb8b9  No.9335

File: 7e6bb14601d7e59⋯.jpg (117.34 KB, 854x538, 427:269, reawaken.JPG)

AA-ERA - Is6:2 - West meets East

… start the trace

54 revolution -> new language > redefine trinity > sudden emergence of temples ]kalabhra[ {Paster John} - great search


+++++ dragons and gaints go hiding

YSR crash Ascident! >> russia silenced!

why tata,Bir,Amb ask financial advise from rothchild

collusion in sillicon vally > MS,G,FB

hidden babas …

6bbccb  No.9368


Proof of Q & Trump


6bbccb  No.9369



6bbccb  No.9372

YET MORE Proofs Q & Trump side by side


6bbccb  No.9374

FBI guilty? "Testimony is being taken about Strzok, Page, McCabe and others involved in FISA case and the reason we know it is that James Baker, the former general counsel of the FBI, as turned State's evidence is fully cooperating with the Inspector General and with the Federal Grand Jury. I can assure you, Mr. Comey has been very silent in recent weeks and the reason is very simple: he knows he's going to be indicted."


Panic in DC re: Baker confirmed?

Note IG involved.

Huber >> IG (Horowitz) >> Storch


e38b2f  No.9375

I'd like to know from Q, when all is said and done, will we know who he is and the members of Q+? I'd love to shake the hand of the Patriots who are risking so much for all of us.

6bbccb  No.9377

Things are moving !

Faster than you know.

But, that will soon change (re: VISIBILITY).

Public interest forces the SUN to SHINE.


Why are we here?


6bbccb  No.9385

File: f77bbc375e5863c⋯.jpg (50.79 KB, 960x720, 4:3, POTUS1.jpg)

983941  No.9403

528427  No.9405


I am with you Your post puts all of this in great perspective and what this is really about it is just too bad There are many Americans who don’t get this

8d5e64  No.9406

File: 0be65b7ff748180⋯.jpeg (185.91 KB, 1169x1536, 1169:1536, 167C82D3-834A-4C87-ADD6-F….jpeg)

Would’ve felt hopeless.

ThanQ for communication!

God bless POTUS, Q team and anons.

This technologically challenged newfag is so appreciative of all.

8d5e64  No.9408


You are making ‘man’ God. That’s idol worship.

7c1fe4  No.9435

Q, what’s up with this serial killer in the San Fernando Valley? Mutilated animals in Chatsworth near the Satanic Chatsworth Park and Manson Caves, bodies in Malibu Cyn and Calabasas. Cops aren’t saying a word.

88d229  No.9495

wikileaks claims Q is in league w/ Mossad….


Just FYI: Julian Assange grew up in a sex cult. He's probably been abused sexually, ritually, maybe a altered….

Wikileaks Is A Rothschild Operation?: Rothschilds Use Wikileaks To Wound Rival Bank, Julian Assange’s Bail Posted By Rothschilds’ Sister-in-law, Many Other Links


db436b  No.9524

Something big is happening (re: shills) , Ive been pounding known paid shills on social media for the past hour or so with fact bombs and no one is replying. They never not reply. Please keep your eyes open if in attendance tonight in Vegas, Im sure Q/team are prepared.

7f44d4  No.9529


Horseshit I am a Christian and I fear it not at all.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.

32f611  No.9532

Why does POTUS make an upside down triangle with his hands. This concerns me. Sorry if this is not the proper place to post my question.

6f3cfb  No.9553

>>9532 for the same reason the Queen Elizabeth always carries a purse. It’s simply a way to manage your hands when having hundreds of photos taken. Notice that Merkel does the same. Melania, trained as a model, always holds her hands the same in public. Generally people do not know what to do with their hands …recall old female Hollywood stars held a long cigarette holder as a prop…men carried a cane, etc.

e6c436  No.9568

File: 545d3732d385574⋯.jpeg (51.02 KB, 432x387, 48:43, CC42CD57-79F5-4A2F-8F10-2….jpeg)

Get this MK Ultra look’n MF Out of there before POTUS comes out.

7adaa7  No.9578


Purple tie and all??

1cc054  No.9588

Every song played before each and every POTUS rally has double, triple, quadruple and more meanings. Especially, the loser backstreet boys "I WANT IT MY WAY"!

7058cf  No.9597

Q… is Blasey Ford a clown?

7adaa7  No.9610

File: b46331aeb410dd8⋯.jpg (65.42 KB, 694x500, 347:250, TrumpQ.jpg)

Q-Proof! @POTUS points to the Patriot of honour and makes a Q sign with his hands and says Nice!

0d29d5  No.9623

Q- Are we still “setting the stage” for “the” video or is it already set? Is this still part of the plan or have you called an audible?

e38b2f  No.9629


Q has a nice view from Bellagio. So glad the rally was smoothly tonight, for some reason I was on edge. =| Worry about PotUS and Q.

13225a  No.9633

File: c0ff3f33d79b103⋯.jpeg (87.38 KB, 736x600, 92:75, AFAF1B2F-1167-4A62-8D51-C….jpeg)


I know this is off topic, but I read where we are getting flooded with Muslim immigrants. Why are we letting them in?

5bf256  No.9637


It's a natural go to position of poise and concentration. Look into Hindu mudras. They can be instinctual. Not everything is a conceptual symbol. Think of it more as an intuitive energy gesture.

23f303  No.9645

File: 3bf5beeac8bd633⋯.jpg (425.31 KB, 1033x1425, 1033:1425, Screenshot_20180921-103548….jpg)

I have been doing research.

The right person can end this Blasey-Ford Kavenaugh thing.

Focus has been moved to Feinstein.

Bad move.

Think…ANna Eshoo

Anna Eshoo was first approached by Ford (or was it other way around? ahaaa).

The relationship between Eshoo and Ford is what needs to be examined.

Eshoo backs Gay Rights Movement, is on Congressional Biomed Research Caucus, several other caucuses.

FordSpecialty Biostatistics, Director biostatics at Corcep Therapeutics, resear4rch on repression of sexual orientation, attended Women's March, Mifepristone research.

Husband Russell Mechanical Engineer also worked in big pharma and medical research. Look at Eshoo's memberships and caucus seats.

db436b  No.9646

…and this: https://truepundit.com/kavanaugh-accusers-brother-worked-for-law-firm-that-paid-fusion-gps-for-work-with-russian-lawyer-who-set-up-trump-tower-meeting/

e1700d  No.9679

>>9405 Thank you. I may be wrong, God knows it won't be the first time, but all this corruption didn't take place overnight, it has been happening for generations. My belief is that Pres Trump and Q are battling it like nobody's business and taking names. It's up to us, the American public to be at the ready for them, and also just as importantly teach our children the PROPER history, not just what MSM wants us to believe. My only concern is, when people (and we all know which side I'm talking about here) panics, they make stupid mistakes. They realize they are losing, just how far are they going to go to try to take down what's already been corrected or being corrected?

4a3d9f  No.9690

File: fee14ca956785c4⋯.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5499F485-1854-4629-88DE-77….png)

Sorry if already posted. Photo is from top of Mandalay Bay. Is Q telling us potus stayed in AlWaleeds room?

6e2e6f  No.9697



325071  No.9702

File: 9f744f6e1b6f457⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2910x2168, 1455:1084, 200.png)


THis was reason for pic.

d587a7  No.9734

File: c4627edb3809246⋯.jpg (21.99 KB, 554x173, 554:173, c4627edb3809246a1915582981….jpg)

File: 329cffea709c36a⋯.png (54.65 KB, 580x347, 580:347, 329cffea709c36a8ba5b86c463….png)

File: bfa3f5cc2e53050⋯.png (52.29 KB, 587x345, 587:345, bfa3f5cc2e530503463807e441….png)

look at the numbers in this post from sept 4th what does that =?

what happened on the 17?

how many days after declass was ordered did potus tweets come about talking to DOJ ?

sept 4th+17=21?

prior to satellite tv and cable we had analog and movie nights were always on friday.

popcorn ready.

e38b2f  No.9757


Isn't that the Bellagio fountains? Paris is right across from Bellagio too, IIRC.

e38b2f  No.9758

Saw today that NELLIE OHR (according to Chuck Ross) is not cooperating; so does that mean Bruce will clam up, or has he already given everything we need?

RE: Q 2247 - Brits and Australia meddling in the election - not exactly the narrative the left (or anyone frankly) wants to hear. Thought Steele initially was an independent actor, if at the behest of MI6, etc… wow.

Trump has balls of steel - he's met with May, etc. and knowing they were fucking with our process and his election… I marvel that he didn't tear her throat out.

325071  No.9768

File: 061f9503fabd6ff⋯.jpg (85.38 KB, 960x663, 320:221, 1904.jpg)

Gotta run to the store and see if any more popcorn is available

367d9b  No.9775

New Q


All posts are being dropped here Anons.

325071  No.9816


ThankQ BO. It is good to have different ways to see posts due to traffic and bandwidth.

e1700d  No.9819

jmho, RR needs to row, row, row himself right to GITMO. Back in the day things like he's done would have him sleeping with the fish. Just saying.

e1700d  No.9960

File: cd30da860feccd1⋯.jpg (39.73 KB, 960x803, 960:803, russian.jpg)

CNN and the Weather Channel claim Russian interference during the rescue efforts.

96b5df  No.9968

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸













🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

e1700d  No.9971

>>9968 Agreed, but how do you get those who can hear but choose not to listen? How can you get those who have eyes but cannot see? I have shown proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have talked softly and gently, I've spoken with reason and logic, but all fell on deaf ears. What I got in response was that I was a shill, that I am just an uptight neo-right wing Republican (wrong). That I am not truly understanding the character of BHO, HRC and the Puppet Master Soros. I understand more of their character than I care to, anyone that believes in God, our country, Pres Trump and Q knows what their character is like and why this country has gone to hell before the awakening started. I am open to suggestions because I am pulling my hair out on how to get people to wake up and MAGA. United we stand, divided we fall. WWG1WGA

e1700d  No.9984

File: a48943d8fa45593⋯.jpg (42.76 KB, 640x876, 160:219, red.jpg)


a8acef  No.10187

Am I the only one who thinks this great awakening is leading up to the antichrist? Lol

09902d  No.10199

Trump confirms Q in his tweets.


e1700d  No.10203

>>10187 I often wonder that myself. Do you ever wonder how far the they (the ones who are losing but don't want to admit it via MSM) will go in their desperation?

e1700d  No.10212

File: bb499a051a6aeda⋯.jpg (48.74 KB, 467x960, 467:960, tweet.jpg)

504312  No.10343

>>9166 Chemtrails have totally disappeared here where I live. We have had an unusually wet summer, and then Hurricane Florence. I love seeing clear skies with clouds every day now! It's a YUUUUUUGE difference!

ea65fb  No.10346

White rabbit musings…

In Alice in Wonderland, the main character follows a white rabbit down a rabbit hole in the ground. This ultimately leads to her adventures in Wonderland. The white rabbit was alluring for Alice because it was unusual—it was wearing a waistcoat and had a pocket-watch.

Overall, the White Rabbit seems to shift back and forth between pompous behavior toward his underlings, such as his servants, and grovelling, obsequious behavior toward his superiors, such as the Duchess, and the King and Queen of Hearts, in direct contrast to Alice, who is reasonably polite to everyone she meets. He watches from the side-lines and awaits things to happened, then comes to the rescue mainly for Alice.


As per Q Alice=HRC, Wonderland=Saudi Arabia….

The question, who is are the White Rabbits?

Who led HRC/Alice to SA/Wonderland.

A: Huma Abedin ?

ea65fb  No.10348

POTUS doesn't tell no one nothin'….

Wonder what cards he's got on DF, NP, MW, et al…..

Got to think there is treason in their BG.

How do these people sleep at night knowing they face JM fate….

This isn't about Kavanaugh..NoNoNo……

This is about MT's and T…..

e1700d  No.12874

Are we going to go back to the gold standard soon?

b2f4c6  No.13289

We've been patient about seeing some of the bad players arrested.

"If the law don't get'em, We the People will!"

Ghost Army is formed and ready to dispense justice now.

Q, you guys need to bring some of these trials to public attention.

b8ea5f  No.13380

The last punisher skull posted by Q took a bigger portion of the screen than the others, and there was a bar along the bottom.

Does this mean pain is closer than before?

4b50c7  No.13386


Q posted see something say something the 14th and twitter post is from the 15th. Is this strange?

c9e639  No.13387

Could it be NAZCA world order? stands for Non state actor zone for climate action. Also, alien connection in Peru/Nazca

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