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ebook Sharing and Discussion

File: david_-_the_death_of_socrates.jpg (38.72 KB, 495x593, 495:593, david_-_the_death_of_socra….jpg)


Welcome to /pdf/

This board is dedicated to posting books and essays. PDFs are preferred but if you would like to share a book in a different format that is fine. Currently only PDFs can be uploaded directly.


1. Follow the global rules

2. Post books or essays (non books can be posted to /pdfs/)

2. DO NOT upload anything with DRM, the next post in this thread features an image for removing DRM on Windows and Mac

If you have any ideas on how this board can be improved or any other meta topic, keep it in this thread. Also feel free to make a banner if you have the time. Thank you.


As of 11/24/2015, /pdf/ is under new management.

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I was shown this site by an anon and it seems to be a collection of publications, feel free to do as you please with this, not sure it this belongs in any specific thread

File: e98470f94e88262⋯.png (39.99 KB, 1000x746, 500:373, image.png)


File: 1425429924223.pdf (2.81 MB, writings_of_professer_revi….pdf)


Post your right-wing literature here.

I'll start things off:

a huge collection of Revilo P Oliver's articles, orginally from archive.org( https://archive.org/details/WritingsOfProfesserReviloPOliver ), but converted to .pdf

I'll occasionally stop in to poast more stuff if I remember.
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technically its third position.


Looking for it:

The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia

by Aleksandr Dugin


Any 1 has books based on Ervin Rommel? He was pretty based



>right wing



File: f2378181f8afab5⋯.pdf (8.59 MB, benjamin garland - merchan….pdf)

even though this was available on Daily Stormer and merchants-of-sin.com, i thought it might be good to compile it to PDF.

i don't know why Garland didn't provide it.

File: 12462ea3936a9c1⋯.png (354.72 KB, 370x547, 370:547, terry_davis.png)


Share any PDFs to other boards here.


File: 039a368bf326e75⋯.pdf (249.69 KB, KellyAustDay.pdf)


File: 8ac88b5989cba9a⋯.pdf (15.68 MB, Diary Of A Supreme Gentlem….pdf)

Guess for which board is this for? It's for /tv/.

If if you want more about women you can check https://archive.is/5asaZ and the thread on /polarchive/

File: 758a92183a55670⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 500x333, 500:333, nederlandboven.jpg)


Laten wij hier alle Nederlandstalige boeken verzamelen.

>thread for books in Dutch

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File: 79e9c2c9cf359b3⋯.pdf (993.9 KB, De Protocollen van de Wijz….pdf)

De Protocollen van de wijzen van Sion

Nederlands vertaald


File: b3e3dede12919f3⋯.pdf (564.59 KB, Povl H. Riis-Knudsen - NS ….pdf)

Povl Riis-Knudsen - Nationaalsocialisme. Het biologische wereldbeeld.

bron: https://dinghal.com/boeken/nationaalsocialisme-het-biologische-wereldbeeld/


File: c2351f724ff9879⋯.pdf (1.55 MB, Stoner - John Williams.pdf)

Bedankt voor de boeken, ik heb helaas maar één boek op mijn PC die Nederlandstalig is maar het is een fictief boek in tegenstelling tot de andere boeken in dit draad. Heb je toevallig een volledige versie van Dus Sprak Zarathoestra?


File: d6a64b744a9a68d⋯.pdf (1.78 MB, william-luther-pierce-geor….pdf)

File: 171094ebe9f39de⋯.jpg (404.97 KB, 740x1050, 74:105, een-nationaalsocialistisch….jpg)

Biografie van George Lincoln Rockwell geschreven door William Luther Pierce.

bron: https://dinghal.com/boeken/george-lincoln-rockwell-een-nationaalsocialistisch-leven/



Man i wish i could speak spanish

File: 8e0b7500caedd4a⋯.jpg (267.14 KB, 1071x1280, 1071:1280, zN94dDg.jpg)


Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen



Dont click this shit tis a virus



shut nigger i have linux



Thanks anon

File: 8099df6e1ff50cf⋯.jpg (30.82 KB, 260x291, 260:291, 61YmcjiRRWL._SX260_.jpg)


anyone else got a file of this book or something similar (same topic pls)? can't find it on libgen or any pdf shsring site.

I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

File: 145b98674e2a171⋯.jpg (8.36 KB, 217x250, 217:250, frugal_pepe.jpg)


Does anyone have PDF of this book: The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by Fernando "Ferfal" Aguirre. Thanks!

File: 993537b1aae323b⋯.pdf (3.43 MB, Utopian Magic.pdf)


Utopian Magic: Manipulation of Occult Societal Archetypes, Elements, and Forces


File: 3c913248ce6de3a⋯.png (42.85 KB, 734x263, 734:263, Screenshot from 2018-12-23….png)


>Utopian Magic: Manipulation of Occult Societal Archetypes, Elements, and Forces

Noticed this shows up on Google as an Amazon link but when I click through it is broken.

File: 69072a7ddd9a885⋯.pdf (4.47 MB, Tao Te Ching.pdf)

File: 711858af12a1fa0⋯.pdf (1.53 MB, Mantak Chia-The Multi-Orga….pdf)

File: b9fee666cc9ce89⋯.pdf (2.24 MB, Mantak Chia-Cultivating Ma….pdf)


Dumping a few


File: 39c5054c4233bca⋯.pdf (5.58 MB, Mantak Chia-Awaken Healing….pdf)

File: 25e084ded0c87aa⋯.pdf (2.02 MB, Livia Kohn-Sitting in Obli….pdf)

File: 2812e4a7d1d7d25⋯.pdf (144.25 KB, Hua Hu Jing.pdf)


File: 18977689fa203bb⋯.pdf (2.76 MB, ZiJiu Method.pdf)

File: 1f73897d4f99c77⋯.png (419.7 KB, 736x519, 736:519, ea84f5a203774be75871f344d9….png)

And that's it for my Daoist stuff.


File: 3713c27b2b7cefc⋯.pdf (1.19 MB, Julius Evola-The Doctrine ….pdf)

Excellent text here. Evola does an excellent presentation of the historic Aryan roots of Buddhism as well as introduce readers to its fundamental practices.


File: efad45749d706e6⋯.pdf (10.33 MB, Thomas Cleary-The Book of ….pdf)

Another Daoist text

File: 1452450909994.jpg (25.75 KB, 300x446, 150:223, selforguniv.jpg)


Systems Science. Books that try to explain why things are the way they are.

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Do you have a .pdf of "The Self Organizing Universe"?

One book I'd like to suggest for this genre: Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws: Minutes from an Infinite Paradise.





This looks interesting. Thanks!





File: 24d8fc39ab8d2f4⋯.jpg (390.69 KB, 661x1014, 661:1014, Screenshot_20181208-153701.jpg)


Thanks in advance

File: 68ef772e8db6b17⋯.jpg (90.26 KB, 736x552, 4:3, harvey.jpg)


According to an incredibly literate person, I want to know one pdf that you would have someone read.

you have to have read at least 1000 books

pic is harvard


File: 624d35868befac9⋯.pdf (1.84 MB, Full Disclosure.pdf)


I don't keep track of my book count like an autist. In any case, most decent human beings have read that many books by my age, and I, being less than decent, have likely read more. So, I give you this. Try to open only in a simulated computer box, without wifi connection. Of course, considering that you post Harvard, you likely aren't a britfag like me, but it still matters.



The Secret Team

Colonel Fletcher Prouty.

The state of the nation, the true state of it.


File: e4775ac105e31be⋯.pdf (8.94 MB, Bible_King_James_Version.pdf)

The King James Version of the Bible


File: f7bbdfcd5762252⋯.jpg (229.07 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Mortimer J. Adler, Robert ….jpg)

Gateway to the Great Books Volumes 1-10


Read this in it's entirety and you will cease to be a brainlet

>Mortimer J. Adler, Robert M. Hutchins - A Gateway to the Great Books, Volumes 1-10.pdf

https://0x0.st/sGRL.pdf (file is too big for 8ch)

File: ccc298a1b287a1f⋯.png (77.57 KB, 416x435, 416:435, npc.png)


where can i pirate books in mobi format? i would like to download some lightnovels and such..


Library Genesis would probably work. Not sure about light novels. I assume you mean the Japanese stories that anime are sometimes based on? I've never looked for those, but LG has terabytes of fiction and non-fiction, some of it in mobi.

If you can get the epub or pdf version, you can easily convert them to mobi with Calibre.



libgen.io is the best.




Just convert epub to mobi w/ Calibre you normie.

File: 3e54070fb3c6dc7⋯.jpeg (9.51 KB, 236x326, 118:163, images (2).jpeg)


I'm looking for this book, i'm poor so i can't buy it physically. So, if someone has the pdf, I will really apreciate for sharing it


>commie spic bitch

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