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File: 1423798992746.png (273.91 KB, 620x342, 310:171, loli-express.png)

a020e5  No.1[Reply]

For compiling information related to pedowood we've created a board specifically for investigating and exposing the tangled web of conspiracy surrounding what /pol/ calls pedowood.

Please keep discussion on topic as much as possible

Ignore posters who try to derail threads, do not respond

Try to not funpost too much and when you're digging provide quality content with links to sources

Check catalogs for threads related to what you're posting before you make a new thread

Get digging
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8a4e25  No.297

File: bc8e59180eeba22⋯.jpg (82.9 KB, 720x720, 1:1, bc8e59180eeba22145b85ecc33….jpg)

Bumping with my best copypasta



Fully Sourced Summary of Pizzagate Evidence



350 ARRESTS IN PEDO RING (12-23-2017)


>QUOTE: What is abundantly clear at this point, is that “Pedogate” is a one-hundred percent reality, not just in America, but spanning the entire globe. 



Users Looking for Child Pornography Are Gathering on Periscope, Twitter’s Forgotten Video Service (12-15-17) GIZMODO STEALS OUR WORK



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1423899609925.jpg (1.59 MB, 800x4896, 25:153, 1423184644673.jpg)

a281a8  No.60[Reply]

Jeffrey Epstein Pedowood General

See attached infographic for timeline of events of the recent huge pedowood scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein is a mysterious billionaire investment firm manager, former member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission who was convicted in 2009 for soliciting sex from a minor. While that in itself might be interesting to some interested in the inner workings of the “Deep State”, the “Illuminati”, the “Octopus” or whatever colloquialism you want to use, what’s far more interesting is the details that came out during the case, and the connection of those details to other cases which are eerily similar to it.

You see, Epstein wasn’t just soliciting children for sex, he was actively engaged in running a child prostitution ring, with victims accusing Epstein of pimping them out to some of the most powerful people in the world. Names include liberal intellectual, lawyer for extremely high-profile cases, and current Professor of Law at Harvard Alan Dershowitz, former US President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of York and former UK trade envoy. That’s not the end of the list of names that are implicated in this case, victim-witness Virginia Roberts says she was pimped out to numerous other Triple A-list power elite, but is rightfully afraid of revealing their names.

When Epstein was sued by one victim in 2009, numerous other names emerged from subpoenaed documents including Epstein’s “Black Book”, which reads like a “who’s who” of the power elite, with names ranging from 3 Rothschild family members, David Rockefeller, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Saudi Arabian Prince Salman, US Secretary of State John Kerry, and the list goes on and on and on.

Also included in the list are women listed as "massage providers", including one woman who unsuccessfully ran for Congress, and was photographed accompanying a US Senator to the White House for a state dinner, Gwendolyn Beck.

In addition to Epstein’s “Black Book”, we have flight logs from Epstein’s private plane, which court records show was being used as a private room for child sex prostitution by Epstein and his accomplice who ran Epstein’s sex ring, Ghislaine Maxwell, New York Socialite and daughter of deceased former British MP, media mogul, and Mossad agent Robert MaxwePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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a281a8  No.253


Yeah, and asking Trump, but none of the cuckservitives would dare challenge their Israel-Approved hero.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9c69e4  No.76[Reply]

>Dis gonna be gud.
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9c69e4  No.219


I haven't, back I'm also interested in seeing those as I have been watching the 'David Icke" interview right now.

Fucking CRAZY stuff, if all this stuff is true….

9c69e4  No.223

Good work OP. Should be an interesting look through.

9c69e4  No.241

File: 1457063305046.jpg (146.41 KB, 395x848, 395:848, image.jpg)


What are you doing in an anti-pedo board?

Are you more of a goat fan?

9c69e4  No.246


Don't derail this thread like you derailed the mediterranean gene pool you fucking faggot go back to /int/

9fe7bb  No.296


every video u posted has been removed. so lame.

File: 81e5d545cad4a3b⋯.png (22.08 KB, 499x297, 499:297, Capture.PNG)

7fd081  No.289[Reply]

Tumblviewer dot com

Type in vvildvvildvvild (those are two v's, not w's)

The rabbit hole goes deeper from the first level down, Tumblr is crawling with pedos

7fd081  No.290


409912  No.291

Please give a courtesy "content warning" before posting these things.

99f042  No.295

It's down now, anyway.

File: 3370704dd615663⋯.jpg (20.99 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 581ecab7915d9f955d8a47da2b….jpg)

ddf127  No.292[Reply]

Hello /pedowood322/ I'm the guy running the next 8chan cup here, taking over TNA the guy who does 8chanmania

Next January is the next 8chan Cup so I'm making this thread for you guys to get your team together

For you who don't know the 8chan Cup or the Infinity Cup as it's also been known as is a tournament of CPU soccer players playing each other, representing their board for glory above the other ones and such

What I'm going to need is a roster of 20 Players with their Positions, at least 2 of which needing to be Goalkeepers. As well as a roster I'm going to need a Kit design or two decided by you, a team logo, an Anthem and Goalhorns

What would be nice is the kit done in the format for direct import into the game of which I'm Using Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, as well as Medals for players, and skills, as well as any special imports for the players if you're able to muster it

Medals are a system the 8cup uses to make star players, of which regular players are rated 77 all round and GKs are 70

Unlike the last one there will be 3 teirs of Medals, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze is 85 all round, Silver is 92 and Gold is 99, and each team can have 2 of each medaled players (2 bronze players, 2 silver and 2 gold).

Skills are the same as last time and are entirely optional as I can just put them in



And with that lets have some fun mates


File: a5d672b9eae3ef7⋯.jpg (77.89 KB, 1014x655, 1014:655, f46a23f07a50a8c7e7ab41182a….jpg)

b39638  No.288[Reply]


Colombian child prostitution ring where 250 underage girls were branded with tattoos by their Israeli 'owners' is smashed as madame who recruited them is arrested










>Police arrested 18 people after the girls were lured into working at sex parties

>The alleged 'Madame' of the operation was among those detained in the raids

>Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello allegedly recruited the underage girls

>A child prostitution ring where more than 250 underage girls were branPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: 1423949892132.jpg (52.47 KB, 733x376, 733:376, sohonet_map.jpg)

93f400  No.73[Reply]

The Elm Guest House was on Rocks Lane, Barnes , South West London – now converted in to flats. Between 1979 and 1982 it was owned and run by Carole Kasir and her husband Haroon, who were both bisexual jews. Carole Kasir had been paid by the Spartacus Club ( ostensibly a gay club but really for paedophiles with up to 25,000 members ) to become a venue for their “parties” after being approached by leading Spartacus Club member Peter Glencross.

spartacus club because they engage in the buggering of young children not for pleasure, but for the power of it such as the samurai in japan and the ancient romans and greeks.

93f400  No.128


sauce on pic?

0fff76  No.287

File: 8e4846ed9db2c1a⋯.jpg (23.18 KB, 700x466, 350:233, sage.jpg)

no sauce. op is fag.

File: 1423950282255.jpg (18.14 KB, 300x398, 150:199, stevecarrellbanana.JPG)

44959d  No.74[Reply]

if there was a digital peadophile network as this guy (warning conspiracy nut stop reading here) believes

there is a global network called sohonet it is based on a sets of global carriers and isps working in unison on the backbone network of the internet (bt,leaseweb,etc)

it has a film production company and a isp as a front media production company and internet company.

it specialises in offering internet services for the multimedia industry in laymans terms its business is shoot film and video and streaming it on the internet

websites the company has are

www.sohonet.net www.sohonet.com www.sohonet.com.ua (this is interesting as many child pornographers operate out of ukraine there was an interesting expose by someone who used to be a photographer in that industry on wikileaks that highligted this country was used by child pornographers because of lax laws)


anyway considering the fact that these networks are on the backbone of the global internet, that too would need to go down in order to stop them operating, that means global finance links with credit cards not working, power being shut off.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

44959d  No.127

>this is interesting as many child pornographers operate out of ukraine there was an interesting expose by someone who used to be a photographer in that industry on wikileaks that highligted this country was used by child pornographers because of lax laws)

do you have sauce on that?

21b027  No.286

File: 8e4846ed9db2c1a⋯.jpg (23.18 KB, 700x466, 350:233, sage.jpg)

not a real carrier or hosting company. op is a faggot. sage this piece of shit thread.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c1811f  No.180[Reply]

Anonymous hacks UK pedo ring and leaks names and addresses of the perps. ITS HABBENING :DDDDDD


c1811f  No.183

It's been long since I've seen any news on "Papa eats babies", the alleged satanic pedophile ring from Hampstead..

I'm still out on this one, but there sure is a lot of strange things happening at something seems off…

http://www.christchurchschool.co.uk/ <- taken down now, not "under maintenance" anymore.

http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/directory/1247/5638.php <- This one had a review by Vanessa Fitzpatrick when i last saw it with this text:

> I have brought several shoes to them and the service was always flawless. If asked Felix does also customized shoes and uses for that purpose high-quality leather that is as smooth as baby skin

Weird. It's gone now, and I have no screenshot.

And a lot of dox by Anonymous:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

c1811f  No.259


all links down. next time archive things.

c1811f  No.271


This was archived here, thank my google fu


However, the "full archive & testimonials" link is dead (google drive? really?)

But that's a fuckton of names.

Aangirfan blog archive http://archive.is/44Chn

14d206  No.283


File: 74625257d82d530⋯.jpg (20.39 KB, 380x285, 4:3, jesters.brazil.4.jpg)

61e3fc  No.272[Reply]


tl;dr a judge was arrested for trafficking prostitutes into the US for members of an obscure masonic fraternity.

They had their own boat and they'd go to places like Brazil to fuck hookers.

If you Google "Royal Order of Jesters pin" you will see collectable pins of their mascot the Billiken showing its asshole, or riding in boats, or dressed as a pirate, or surrounded by Island women, or with a giant erect cock. Sometimes they replace the cock with a rocket or a palm tree or some other object. Sometimes the Billiken is dressed satanic, sometimes its fucking animals. I've heard they kiss its ass but maybe that's just to remind us of the devil's sabbath.

4 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

61e3fc  No.277

File: 895ee36a78781ce⋯.jpg (7.83 KB, 220x225, 44:45, s-l225 (4).jpg)

File: 67d14b86a175a56⋯.gif (25.81 KB, 200x204, 50:51, jesters.gif)

File: 760c3ff59550e6e⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 169x225, 169:225, s-l225 (2).jpg)

File: 7595fdff8ed7548⋯.jpg (22.43 KB, 320x260, 16:13, 155679317_lot-3-shriners-m….jpg)

61e3fc  No.278

File: 51dd4eb396165fc⋯.jpg (740.71 KB, 1442x1701, 206:243, mooning billiken-colour.jpg)

File: af6b1cbc94d02d3⋯.jpg (75.15 KB, 1000x832, 125:104, world billiken colored no ….jpg)

File: eb0d1967f2d0f54⋯.jpg (34.85 KB, 400x396, 100:99, roj-royal-order-jesters-bi….jpg)

File: af6b1cbc94d02d3⋯.jpg (75.15 KB, 1000x832, 125:104, world billiken colored no ….jpg)

61e3fc  No.279

I dont believe it was just one Jesters Lodge doing this stuff, it was rampant through the entire jesters organization. They were having group sex and masturbation contests with prostitutes while the police stood guard, now they are being more careful. I think it's worth looking into for more connections.

61e3fc  No.280


7d6149  No.281


File: d383eb8584ce53b⋯.jpg (74.71 KB, 960x956, 240:239, hillary BJ.jpg)

5486a2  No.260[Reply]

How involved do you think Satanists are? At least regarding human trafficking and pedophile cults. Do you think they're a major piece to the puzzle or nah?

>pic unrelated

tell me everything you know

5486a2  No.270

Yes I believe the Pedophiles and Satanists work together in disposal of the children for whatever reason that may be. (Aging, unwanted behavior, etc.) Once the pedophiles are done with the children they hand them over to the Satanists where they may choose to abuse them further or use them in sacrifice or whatever kids are useful for around Satanists I suppose.

Satanist rites explicitly use the involvement of children in the sealing of rites, undoubtedly the Satanists have a part to play in this global child trade. I believe the Satanists which are exposed through court cases of survivors stories, is the last stop on the PedoBus the child takes.

File: 1437903046199.jpg (26.32 KB, 403x433, 403:433, Marcus-Aurelius-quote-on-a….jpg)

f579d8  No.225[Reply]

Thank you in advance!

f579d8  No.236

f579d8  No.237



f579d8  No.258


✠✟ ⋘ http://hussyfan.2357758.n4.nabble.com/http-shink-in-4FN9G-td991.html ⋙ ✠✟

f579d8  No.262

another test post

sorry for the spam

File: 1436014269586.jpg (87.15 KB, 497x593, 497:593, stereotype-Jew.jpg)

9a0a91  No.220[Reply]

Pedowood threads are terrifying and informative. But it's the nature of amateur journalism to produce questionable evidence and theories that normal people will disregard.

Is there anyone here with an interest in concrete, well-cited pedowood information that doesn't rely on rumors and supposed victim testimony?

If we could compile all the irrefutable stuff, the normies would be a lot more receptive to it and they would connect the dots on their own, or look it up and find the more ambiguous evidence.

If we presented it in a clean, reasonable manner, it may even be picked up by mainstream or pseudo-mainstream sites. tl;dr scans of obscure FBI documents and archived news stories from 15 years ago aren't going to win anyone over.

9a0a91  No.221


The Dutroux Affair is probably the most well-documented case of them all. See here: http://www.whale.to/c/reality6.html

9a0a91  No.222

Fucking pedos mayne.

/pol/ and /b/ need more of these threads.

9a0a91  No.261

test post

pls ignore

many newlines

File: a46e34726846afe⋯.jpg (144.02 KB, 1024x679, 1024:679, Brice-Taylor-2-1024x679.jpg)

b03891  No.256[Reply]

"My name is Susan Lynne Eckhart Ford and I am a 48 year old, native Californian. Until 1995, I

suffered from a debilitating condition known as Multiple Personality Disorder.2 In 1985 I embarked on

the long and tedious, painful road to recovery. Through years of therapy and deprogramming I

completely reintegrated my multiple personalities back into my uniform core self, and through the grace

of God, I am alive today to convey to you my true life experiences. This account of my remembrances

will be so shocking and amazing that you may feel that you've entered the 'twilight zone.' Many waking

up today, call this making a 'paradigm shift' in reality; I call it knowing the truth. But, do keep your faith

in God and humanity, for, as my father reminded me day after day, "The truth will set you free."

My multiple personality condition resulted from what I had first thought in 1986 was solely sexual

and ritual abuse. But, as I began to heal and remember more of my hidden past, I realized that ritual

abuse was merely the mind control trauma base my ritually abused, programmed, pedophile father,

Calvin Charles Eckhart, and others used to condition me for participation in the still active top secret

Project Monarch, the Central Intelligence Agency's white slavery operation that is related to MKULTRA

and it's numerous sub-projects.

I was raised in the affluent area of Woodland Hills, California, but was abused my entire life in

many locations in and out of California, including hospitals, universities, and United States military and

NASA bases, where I was subjected to 'high-level' programming. The result of many years of trauma,

intentionally inflicted on me by my father and others to CREATE within me multiple personalities, was

that I was transformed into a programmed, totally robotical slave that could not remember to think or

tell what happened to me, due to the mind control and sophisticated progPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

b03891  No.257

File: 1457079840933.jpg (734.25 KB, 2200x1600, 11:8, 1457055167347.jpg)

5df480  No.242[Reply]

Pic Related, Was she really killed or hoax?

Does anyone has more info on this matter?

5df480  No.255

File: 1469618702171.jpg (107 KB, 600x450, 4:3, MTE5NTU2MzI0Njc2NTAzMDUx.jpg)


Nobody knows, but in a time where you can inject people with hormones, do plastic surgery on every body part, and have the resources to alter everything about a certain person, both stories are true/untrue by using the information as I said above.

She could be killed, and replaced by someone who is made to look exactly like her, but she could also just had major facial surgery to look more like the "standard" and to be more attractive. See pic, exactly the same disucssion could be had about her, if you didn't know better you would think it's a complete other woman.

Megan Fox is like 29-30 years old or something and everyone found her hot as fuck? Then she took the surgery and it made her look like a complete weirdo. Maybe in their eyes that's the beauty standard, and they need to gradually take surgery for it, so they don't go from "40 years" to super young, so everyone thinks they're (with the exception of 1 operation) aging naturally. I really have no idea what the reasoning behind this is, because the majority doesn't want a plastic doll that is artificially altered to perfection, they just want an attractive person with specific characteristics that make that person.

It might be the echo chamber of hollywood/showbiz where you start thinking it's normal to retain your beauty like that, or it might be some form of body dismorphia after hearing year after year, day in and day out that you need to stay in shape, stay healthy, stay beautiful in order to be the best in the industry. I really have no clue, but what I do know, is that being so big in hollywood, might not be the best thing for your mental health.

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