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File: 34077193beff1b2⋯.jpg (118.57 KB, 600x800, 3:4, phd.jpg)


We need to halt our support for the Islamic Republic of Iran. While there might be many positive features, there are also negative aspects, we need to acknowledge. Specifically the horrific abuse of Marxist Feminist leftist womyn political prisoners.


>After a while, many agreed to pray. One admitted ten years later that she still had recurring nightmares in which she saw herself praying and thereby betraying her whole persona.


Being forced to submit to Islamic Patriarchy destroyed the very persona of these Atheist Marxist womyn. Imagine a young coed or Women's Studies Professor who has devoted her entire life to Radical Feminism, forced to admit the inferiority of her gender. The Iranian guards were merciless. They would whip the tan buttocks of these Iranian Leftist womyn until their panties were torn to shreds. The lashes would criss cross across their naked breasts and buttocks. This was a barbaric abuse.

We can't support Iran, when it whips the naked buttocks and breasts of Leftist Feminist womyn, in order to force them to submit to Patriarchy. Can you imagine the horror of the entire population of Leftist womyn being put in damp prison cells at the sexual mercy of misogynist thug guards?

I'm not Feminist. But it still pisses me off that idealistic intellectual Feminist philosophy professors reduced to serving ape cavemen Muslim neanderthals like this

I hate seeing intelligent women reduced like that


Wahmen need to be savagely beaten if they don't respect the rules of clothing and behaving,same for men.




>abuse of Marxist





File: eff677c3b56adb7⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 441x346, 441:346, daddau0.jpg)


A nightmare.

Imagine the horror of this sight. 300 naked Iranian leftist women, forced to crawl together on all 4s, like dogs, for hours and hours. Forced to compete with each other, knowing that by being faster than another girl, that girl would get the vagina-kickings. What barbarism. What an awful violation of human rights. Just picture all those whipped brown buttocks quivering in fear and pain from all that cruel abuse.

Its beyond hellish


>Farzaneh Zolfi (16) says:

>It was September 1981. We - the small city girls - were just taken there. We were around 300-400 people. There was a long corridor that separated the wards from one another. It was so long that they travelled it with a bicycle. They took us there and said that we have chest crawl that length on our chests… there were old mothers with heart problem amongst us. There was also a nine year old girl named Fatemeh. So they said we have to crawl and no one is exempt. They said that we had to crawl the whole length of the way and then return. While we were crawling and had no energy left, seven or eight pasdars constantly kicked us between our legs with their boots. I bled and others did too. There were not enough sanitary pads for everyone. Fatemeh got her first period there… as I speak of it now I feel the pain in my body… imagine, over 300 women crawling on the floor of a corridor with chadors and blindfolds and they kicked the ones who were left behind and told them to hurry up and move ahead. They constantly kicked us between our legs with their boots and called us shrews or other such insults. It was the first time I was hearing such insults! Haj Ahmad, deputy of Haj Davoud, was one of the people who yelled insults. We had to move so fast to reach the beginning of the line because if we were left behind they would hit us again. The mother I spoke of and many other girls had pain in their chests. (17)


The abuses Iran are just too much. They force militant Marxist-Feminist women to marry their captors. They even use the tan buttocks of Iranian Leftist women to sit on, while they are whipping them

From the Report:


certain forms of sexual torture were inflicted on female political prisoners in a widespread manner. Amongst these was verbal abuse inflicted with the intention of reducing female political prisoners to the level of a sexual object, and denying their political identity. Other forms included striking genitals while forcing the inmates to crawl on their hands and feet, sex-based cruelty, cavity search as a means of demoralising the prisoners, and other forms of sexual harassment following release involving both the prisoners and their family members.[4] Many of the women interviewed considered the pain caused by insults to far exceed that of lashing, a serious form of physical torture, as the former questioned their identity as a human being.

female political prisoners reported that inside interrogation and torture chambers, the torturers and interrogators sat on different parts of the their bodies, particularly their buttocks and waists, while lashing them.

Haji Davoud Rahmani,[5] head of Ghezel Hesar prison, and other male prison officials, forcefully kicked female political prisoners between their legs whilst forcing them to crawl on the floor or stand facing the wall. The violent kicks caused heavy bleeding in many of the female prisoners.


Human rights abuses affect us all

>On the forced marriages to Misogynist thugs, Leftist women were forced to endure

Our findings indicate that marrying off female political prisoners in the 1980s, often as a condition to escape execution, was an issue that recurred in a number of prisons across the country and this indicates the systematic nature of this policy. These marriages are thus classified as forced marriages and any sexual relations resulting from them are a form of sexual torture in accordance with the principles of international law. Those who perpetrated these rapes enjoyed impunity as a result of the absolute denial by Iranian officials that there was any wrongdoing in the prisons of the Islamic Republic. Many of the prisoners have experienced it happening to them or their cellmates. Placing pressure on female prisoners to accept the marriage proposal of the interrogator, prison or judicial official ranged in reason from personal vendetta to an effort at controlling the female prisoner even after her release. Based on what was concluded from our interviews with former female political prisoners, pressuring the prisoner to accept marriage was often done by placing marriage as a condition for release or as a guaranteed exemption from torture or execution. On multiple occasions, young female political prisoners, particularly those who had become tavvab[3], who were psychologically pressured in the harsh conditions of the prison, including by interrogation and torture, developed an attraction toward their interrogators.


Being raped and tortured as political prisoner is bad enough. But I can't imagine the hell of these Revolutionary Womyn having to spend the rest of their lives in the beds of their worst enemy, forced to be submissive slaves to Islamic Patriarchy. Forced to call the man who had destroyed all her Egalitarian ideas- Husband and Master. Since polygamy is legal, these poor women would often have to share their shame with their fellow Leftist comrades who would be their sister slave wives in their Husband's household. They would do chores and breastfeeding and childraising together as sister wives.

It is so sad that these Leftist rebels were fighting to overthrow all forms of domination and hierarchy in favor of an egalitarian system; but instead they were forced to spend the rest of their lives enduring the greatest domination and inequality possible under the thumb of their Islamic Patriarchal Husbands as humbled slave wives. The flashbacks to studying Marxism-Feminism in university must have brought these ex-revolutionary womyn nothing but pain.


An aspect of Islamic marriage that is often forgotten is that the extreme conservatism of the veil is just a symbol that the woman is owned by one Master and no other Man can enjoy her. Inside the harem or home, her husband is free to fully enjoy her feminine delights in a prefigurement of heaven. For those Iranian guards who took tamed ex-Marxist women as forced slave brides, they were free to indulge in more degeneracy, since these women were considered western marxist whores. The typical attitude towards a Muslim virgin didn't apply to them. And so they were dressed in the most revealing, humiliating slave lingerie inside the home. And the more sadistic guards would delight in showing off their enslaved Leftist women. The Marxist women would further be shamed by being tamed in front of all their former comrades, who were now their sister wives. The guards were legally allowed to take 4 women as wives. And some guards made a point of demonstrating their virility in having 4 Communist brides, to show he could tame uppity Marxist revolutionary womyn.


The most barbaric thing about Islam is its treatment of women

>Haj Davoud had a specific sensitivity about tall women, those with colored eyes, those who wore glasses and were educated. He considered them leaders and main sources of resistance in prison and so would pressure and punish them before others. (14) According to Farzaneh, if he liked a girl and thought that she was timid and shy, he would leave her alone. But he believed that eyeglass wearing women were open-minded and book readers and so hated then. Generally, the crime committed by the prisoner mattered very little to him and instead, his own categorizing of people were the decisive factors based on which they would be subject to his beatings or harassment. He would give nicknames to the prisoners and called them by those names, some even had sexual and gender based connotations. (15)

>A prevalent form of Torture at Ghezel Hesar was striking the genital area of the female prisoners. Haj Davoud, who was described by female prisoners to be a large man with big hands and feet, personally as well as in collaboration with male employees of the Ghezel Hesar Prison, repeatedly struck blows to the genital area of the female prisoners, along with subjecting them to other tortures and harassments which included verbal harassment.

This thuggish beast would single out glasses-wearing, intellectual, Leftist womyn. He believed that these were the type to be most indoctrinated in Marxist-Feminist ideology. The Womyn's Studies professor types. The womyn who understood and taught the ideology of Marxist-Feminism. And he singled out these intellectual womyn for the most cruel abuse. So that they would go from lecturing coeds on the evils of Patriarchy and Capitalism, to absolute submission to Islamic Patriarchy.


File: ab9a1b27488abdf⋯.jpg (67.31 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 140141108.jpg)

This thread is absolutely horrifying. I've never been so outraged in my life. We should immediately send an expeditionary force to rescue those poor abused damsels.



Iran needs to stop making the buttocks of Communist women so Red



Islamists must stop forcing Marxist-Feminist women to make red slave panties over whipped asses their new Red Flag


A nation that treats its Marxist-Feminist philosophers like this, using them to iron lingerie, will never have intellectuals


they starve militant feminist prisoners forcing them to survive on nothing but a diet of misogynist semen


Leftist Feminist women were so sexually humiliated by the misogynist islamists

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