That dirty dang old hacker 8chan is at it again!

News publications are very happy to realize that the corporations who sponsor them are not people, but when it comes to websites, suddenly, our servers become self-aware and act as a person.

You would never see any of these headlines in any respectable publication:

  1. AT&T threatens and harasses area woman to mean "Man sends threatening phone calls"
  2. Comcast pirate $2 billion worth of content to mean "Internet users pirate $2 billion in content"
  3. Google spams local company relentlessly to mean "Rogue Gmail user sends thousands of emails to local company"
  4. Reddit destroys website to mean "Crackers organized on Reddit DDoS website"

Yet, statements like these abound when talking about 8chan.

The correct way to refer to something done on 8chan is to say "Anonymous 8chan user does X" or "8chan users do X." Anything else is blatantly dishonest reporting.

8chan works with US law enforcement to help arrest people who admit to crimes on 8chan. This is the same for every website on the internet hosted in the United States that is not obviously an illegal business.

[This page was updated on May 19, 2017. The previous version looked like this.]