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File: 1445400165466.jpg (56.64 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, Philosophy2carosel[1].jpg)

1dac1b No.2181

For those of you who fancy yourself "critical thinkers", do yourself a favor and come to understand one basic principle of advanced thinking:

Don't read about a subject superficially, and then go ask for a critique against that point of view on that subject. You're not smarter, you're not more intelligent.

If you don't have even a general thorough understanding of a theory on a subject, a critique of a superficial understanding of the theory will not advance your knowledge in any way.

If you read an essay/book that seems fucking convincing as air feels refreshing to breathe, then congratulations! Fucking grab on to that piece of theory and take it as far as you can. Think with it as far as you can, as long as you can, as deep as you can. When you have grasped a theory so deeply that you can apply it and think of the subject it deals with through it, you yourself will begin to see the limits and faults of your beloved theory. YOU yourself will begin to level a critique of doubt towards what you dogmatically held, but if you really strive to learn it and your aim is truth and not comfort. Then, and only then, will a critique help you move forward in understanding. You will know what critiques were uncharitable, which were plain ignorant, which actually bring valid criticisms of what the theory cannot do to achieve its own purported aim to explain.

Truth, regardless of what liberal centrists and "common wisdom" morons say, is not in the middle. Truth is very one sided, even when that side is a third side that says "You're morons who are arguing the wrong question about a wrong conception". The only way to actually come to know what side truth is on is to dive deeply into the waters of whatever grabs your attention claiming to be the answer you seek.

1dac1b No.2182


What triggered you anon?

1dac1b No.2191


>Truth, regardless of what liberal centrists and "common wisdom" morons say, is not in the middle.

Shit, anon. This, so many fucking times.

1dac1b No.2224


Critical thinkers oughta read the Meno.

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