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File: 012da87810c463a⋯.jpeg (124.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, BFC7351E-6EB3-4A8F-B5F4-1….jpeg)

e356b4  No.23267

torjackan has fucking cancer ads

368134  No.23269

Putang Ina mo, pinost no na Lang sana sa leez escalona tong pron thread mo

I just search "Pinay" keyword tbh.

There was the site malibog.co before, but the site was sketchy cuz there's no active mods and some users uploads vids of pinay girls that looks questionable in age. 😦

368134  No.23270


**I just search "pinay" in pornhub

3a8501  No.23271


this doesnt deserved a thread…. go to plebbit faggot norman

668e82  No.23272

who gives a shit, there's barely anything worth seeing. amateur sex videos in our country is abysmal even the garbage that's made by foreigners.

369683  No.23274




It only has "cancer" ads if you browse on your phone. If you browse using your computer, it doesn't have this problem.

453c86  No.23369

More of OP photo pls

bf0786  No.23409

Leez thread is gone guys

9d18dd  No.23454


Did she submit (((DMCA))) ????

Time to spread her doxx and vids more mga kapamilya

50833d  No.23463


Yup, she did send a takedown notice (>>>delete/991)

How about we ignore that thot and not give her and her kind additional attention. Spreading her dox would put all of us in even more trouble.

c271ba  No.23465


>Spreading her dox would put all of us in even more trouble.

Aren't there porn groups inna pyesbuko? Just post her vids there, grab some chips, and wait for the shitshow to blow up.

c271ba  No.23466


Another option is to upload to other non-banned pron sites with working comment sections and give out her name +links there.

d99215  No.23467

File: 8aaec253c9a5926⋯.png (38.69 KB, 1198x380, 599:190, mylilhuho.png)





tangina niyo yan ba ang espirito ng Natsoc sa inyo huh ipapahamak ang kapwa Pilipino? wag mga pre! respeto sa ating kababaihan kahit ba sya ay untermensch, biktima lang siya ng kikery at ng kanong pinuputukan siya sa mukha

50833d  No.23469


I don't give two flying fucks about the spirit of National Socialism, whatever that is. She's no victim, she's complicit in the thottery that she did and displayed through her platforms.

Thots like her need and deserve to be patrolled.

c271ba  No.23472


>Giving thots a pass just because of "muh natsoc" beliefs.

Blow it out your ass.



744cd9  No.23473


Putang Ina mo kang gago mong White Knight na baklita ka.

Magsama kayo no Leez sama ako, threesome putang Ina kayong mga malalandi Kayo.

340f58  No.23474




744cd9  No.23475

File: 5c777bef18d509d⋯.jpg (89.18 KB, 987x746, 987:746, Showbobsandvegana.jpg)


Cock eater leez can't DMCA claim in cuck chan gif board, cause it's a fast board.

Gawa pala ako lagi ng azn thread dun, then start and OP webum. Jejeje

744cd9  No.23476


*Then sya ang gawin Kong OP webum

ecce8a  No.23477

File: 89f889eff110595⋯.jpeg (19 KB, 543x271, 543:271, images (4).jpeg)



>save Leez thot

tangina mo

668e82  No.23478


Who's she again? was she the disgusting chink with that was eating cum. I didn't really view the thread since it was unappealing.

50833d  No.23480


If you refer to the cum guzzler who had 1 or 2 webms of her giving head in a now-deleted thread, yes it was her.

FYI, if you niggas try to repost her shit anywhere on this site, we're gonna get more fucked than the hugotera thot and risk getting an indefinite sitewide ban

Attention is their oxygen. Deny them that and they'll go away. Let her deal with the dregs of faraway lands.

4ba564  No.23481

File: 1c37f6874d1db6d⋯.jpg (114.95 KB, 500x488, 125:122, the-belly-buttons-tho_c_71….jpg)


I really do hope this is sarcasm or bait.


This is the best option. Whores and thots need attention to thrive, and /pinoy/ (and 8ch in general) isn't fast enough yet to counter her guzzling gaze.

c271ba  No.23482


Yep, you are right.

636b66  No.23503


>video record herself sucking cocks

>"b-but muh dignity! respect my privacy and rights!!!"

Putang ina anong kagaguhan ito

aa66d1  No.23504

File: 6d7a02db6426a34⋯.jpg (279.23 KB, 2048x1537, 2048:1537, Leez (41).jpg)



Whore logic

aa66d1  No.23505

File: f307345d3bf6c28⋯.webm (1.62 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1537688867444.webm)


b630c7  No.23508


this. if you want war against Leezthot then go on 4chan and leak her webms and post her doxx

9d18dd  No.23509


Just go to FB Pinoy manyaks groups

9d18dd  No.23510


And spread her shit

80bf95  No.23511



If you must wage meme war, then at least know that there is no greater purpose than to do it for the sheer lulz.

f3d17d  No.23521


tell us the new buzzword, "Hokage" is dead

c14180  No.23532


Rbreezy or some shit tbh pare

c14180  No.23533

Someone pls add a smug hand

Make a smug leez xD

c14180  No.23534



7c6939  No.23539

Upload her on Rbreezy make sure you have 7proxies

50833d  No.23541

I honestly have no sympaty to those who insist in giving that that living hell. Just fuck off and let her suffer in obscurity.

50833d  No.23542


*that fucking thot

c14180  No.23546


Putang Ina no leez

c14180  No.23547




643842  No.24544

File: 0eba816c7665639⋯.png (146.9 KB, 332x332, 1:1, 1538877115530.png)

25b5d8  No.24546

wala nanamang xhamster tsaka motherless huhuhu

bb349d  No.24547


onga eh. di ko nga mapanuod yung favorite kong filipino mom x son vid sa motherless

b361bc  No.24548


that's what you get for too much browsing on 4cuck /gif/ you autistic cunt

670405  No.24564


Have you tried using VPN or proxies with it?

9aa0b3  No.24658

File: adfccae0c424eed⋯.mp4 (1.85 MB, 272x480, 17:30, uhmagurl].mp4)


9aa0b3  No.24717

File: 69e93a80db31f89⋯.png (12.41 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 7fb06e1c9972ce47637ca39565….png)

Syet beshies, parang kaedaran lng 2 ng mga teenager na pinsan ko a.


93a1c0  No.24751


she almost looks like my dog

915218  No.24779


Ang sama mo Naman besh

308482  No.24798

File: 25f264d56443149⋯.jpeg (117.56 KB, 1021x734, 1021:734, 442C8DA7-E469-4560-8A8E-5….jpeg)

Stop watching porn.

2517e0  No.24799


Tell that to the faggotini del homo that keeps making and spamming hugotroastie threads.

0c68ea  No.25738

File: f67f69b36d71029⋯.jpg (24.12 KB, 819x795, 273:265, is this baka serious.jpg)


>Why do you call me bakla? I'm a 100% girl


950ae4  No.25739

File: a557400c7794281⋯.jpg (6.7 MB, 3351x4793, 3351:4793, 0.jpg)

e755e3  No.25740


duh, look at her nose, my dick can fit through it

f9f74f  No.25745


Sauce? On the girl in pic?

b915fa  No.25756


>muh micro penis

8ed74f  No.25757


fuck you

fc9277  No.25782

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How did we go from this

fc9277  No.25783

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


To this?

Is it the Jews again?

6af1b7  No.25848

File: b66905d780a1be6⋯.jpeg (41.82 KB, 554x554, 1:1, images.jpeg)


a0320b  No.25892

File: ce017b5035c810d⋯.jpg (118.73 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20190101-213418.jpg)

Ganda sana ng mukha, kaso lawlaw suso nya 😫

Anyone know her faceberg? Di ko mahanap.


a704de  No.26132

File: f3ca2500e842f08⋯.jpg (218.57 KB, 780x968, 195:242, 1544186551613.jpg)

>tfw itching 4 pinay scandals few days ago

>find an ok Pinoy scandals site

>Some fucking users outright uploads questionable (age) looking pinay vids and photo sets/nude sets

Wtf, fucking mad lads

df4eb9  No.26144


share naman indio. oh baka naman it's another site full of ads and shit.

c17d4a  No.26148


Pretty fucking sure that it has ads and shit on it. Almost unusable when browsing through a smartphone. Keep that pesky adblock on while there.

831602  No.26151

File: 76e4a7352eb733d⋯.png (997.18 KB, 1080x1093, 1080:1093, 1547059771313.png)




Tang Ina mo NBI. Oo may mga ads, pero browsable naman.

831602  No.26152


xbree.com *

20b5e3  No.26176


>Some fucking users outright uploads questionable (age) looking pinay vids and photo sets/nude sets

Wala ako mahanap.

d65a3e  No.26224


lower left looks like pinoy Moot

332b46  No.26379


enjoy your di-em-si-ey soon

c3dc6c  No.26389

File: 3304c1d2bcbe70a⋯.jpg (24.37 KB, 430x541, 430:541, cheekibreeki.jpg)


>posting hugotroastie mp4


65e893  No.26406

File: 58500047c38de17⋯.jpeg (15.73 KB, 400x400, 1:1, images (4).jpeg)


Bakit bulag ka ba? Di ka marunong magsearch at tumingin ng catergories at "tags"?

Di ka marunong tumingin Kong mukha pang nene o gurang na?

Ano gusto mo, i-spoonfed ka pa talaga, at i-link mismo yung mga mukhang ilegal na vidyo at mga larawan? Ha?

I-spoonfed talaga sayo para makajakol ka lng, ha?

Kami pa talaga pahanapin mo ng pagjajakolan mo?

Grabe ka!

Hiyang-hiya naman ako sayo! Gago.

568c9d  No.26414


Taena mo tirahin ko pwet mo jan eh bakla ka gago

071c88  No.26423


nakita ko ung old vid ni andrea brillantes.

b76cf2  No.26426


Mahal ba ang P8,000 para sa overnight, unlimited cum?

d38f65  No.26428


depende kung gaano kaganda

a512df  No.26429


what a fucking retard are you to spend an 8k for a fucking sex. I bet you're an ugly bisayang taga carwash. Don't you have charisma and talent to date a girl? Don't you fucking have the balls to make women close with you? Shame on you, that 8k could be used to spend on something that matters, but the way you ask that fucking question reflects your personality that you're a fucking mongrel faggot. Kill yourself cunt, I hope you dont breed

2e6734  No.26431


Masyado kang try-hard, dapat minura mo nalang.

6381ae  No.26433


virgin phaggot detected

d38f65  No.26434

File: dcc5ede52f3b0a0⋯.jpg (56.68 KB, 960x960, 1:1, kaiwaiinigguh.jpg)


Anuuu Daaaaawwww


5d93e5  No.26441

File: f784d716493a337⋯.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, 717:436, orbitingsides.png)





Seems like a steal to me. Just be on your guard though, baka nagka-catfish yang offer na pinagi-isipan mo. Worse, baka kulto yan tapos yung 8k mo ay pambayad sa puta na pain nila para mahikayat kang kumantot.


>imblygin that there is a difference between paying someone for play and dating/courting some used-up broad that you will no doubt pour money on in order to get some action in the sack.

>my sides status:

In orbit.

14609e  No.26442


<imblygin that there is a difference between paying someone for play and dating/courting some used-up broad that you will no doubt pour money on in order to get some action in the sack

>being this retarded nigger

there's a difference faggot, paying for sex is a degenerate and lazy thing to do. IIRC, prostitution is illegal, so you motherfuckers actually promotes illegal degenerate activities. https://www.pcw.gov.ph/wpla/enacting-anti-prostitution-law-amending-articles-202-and-341-revised-penal-code-rpc

this thread is full of redditors who go to chans for porn/dank memes.

717006  No.26444


> actually promotes illegal degenerate activities

Welcome to 8chan

717006  No.26445



Nakakatakot, nangyayari ba yan? Pwede ka nilang patayin?

3bdfcf  No.26447


i had a girl for 7 months and no action happened and i spend way more than 8k cmonbruh

5d93e5  No.26448

File: f3d9ec162c68a27⋯.png (431.71 KB, 640x496, 40:31, galotgc.png)


>there's a difference faggot, paying for sex is a degenerate and lazy thing to do.

You do have a point, and I concede to that.

There is a difference, although not the things that you just typed. Paying for play is more quicker and on point while courting (read: drip-feeding monies on some broad that has been guzzling cock from multiple dudes prior to you meeting her) is slower, more riskier, the bitch will flake and leave when her paypig has no more moolah left to dole out and she has the option to have moar options since a woman is always looking to upgrade.

>b-but, m-muh lawls

Well, get those whores who whore themselves out on twatter, peysbuko, and instaslut first, then maybe I would consider this "muh lawl" angle that you are pushing so desperately in order to prove how much of an obedient lawl-abiding paycuck you are to used-up sluts that are allowing chads and tyrones to bang them for free when they aren't in a "lel-ationshit"

>this thread is full of redditors who go to chans for porn/dank memes.

>hurr durr I am the goodest cuck

>hurr durr erryone that is opposite of what I say/believe is x, y, and z

Top kek, have a (You) for the effort.


I-try mo, tapos balitaan mo kami kung ano yung nagyari.

14609e  No.26449


>i had a girl for 7 months and no action happened

probably its because you're a kike retard who just wants sex due to addiction to porn. if you faggots learned how to spend your money to something that will improve you (like learning a certain skill that will build your personality) then you wont act like a mongrel dog needing a desperate fuck. FFS, whining about the money you spent on courting/dating is the most cringy and normalfag thing I have ever heard while justifying why prostitution is a plus. 8 fucking k, you could help yourself to enhance so women will like you with that money. 8 fucking k, for a prostitution is no good since it makes you more retarded lazy cunt, and not good for your soul. in the future, you'll end up being a sex maniac, whenever you feel horny you spend for bitches. you dont want that to happen faggots. if you can't control your libido, then just jackoff.

14609e  No.26450


<Well, get those whores who whore themselves out on twatter, peysbuko, and instaslut first

>being this childish moron

I know its a given fact that prostitution is rampant to the point that nobody cares about it anymore, but you dont have to widen the hole if its already wide. if you know its wrong, then just stop, you dont have to justify your actions with "bakit sila naman may kasalanan ah huhuhu"

<hurr durr I am the goodest cuck

<hurr durr erryone that is opposite of what I say/believe is x, y, and z

I know that's a risky assumption, but the way you guys sound especially that 8k cuckboy is a realest sound of a normalfag redditor even though you dont.

630ad2  No.26451




Tulad ng sinabi nung isang anon, masyado kang try-hard. Tang ina mo.

Patusin ko na nga yun, magpopost ako ng pics.

f28885  No.26452

File: cfabeb65ea9d0dd⋯.jpg (30.07 KB, 203x345, 203:345, srslygoy.jpg)


>willingly ignores the effect of female hypergamy, promiscuity, the current matriarchial flip society, and the rampant gynocentrism that is present since people found out that females carries and spits babies

>being a whiteknighting cuckmeister

>in the current year + 4

Even a hardcore zionist rabbi would be feeling scared if you were to approach him at your current state.


Raincoat, huwag kalimutan. If you can, ask if the bitch has a bf. And if she says yes, ask her as to why she is doing the prosti thingie without any tone of scorn or ridicule but instead ask in an inquisitive and supprotive-esque tone. I just want to know, the call is on you though.

955d4b  No.26453

Man the recent replies of this thread is autism

886e25  No.26455

>Faggots arguing over 3DPD

This is why 2D waifu are superior.

In our gynocentric society even 2/10 roasties can get a 6/10 soyboy cuck that would inflate their egos. You can cope and self-improve all you want but whores would quickly cheat on you with a better chad when the opportunity rises.

Self-improvement for the sake of your own well being is the way to go. Self-improvement for a 3DPD roastie whore makes you a cuck.

c7e951  No.26456


welcome to 8chan

c7e951  No.26457


>XDDDDD try hard ka indio

you guys are the real trying hard to be alpha af, I'm just regaining the autism of this board while you fags trying to be 4cuck's /gif/ mode. the entirety of this thread is pure faggotry

87f5c6  No.26458


>you guys are not alpha but i am

confirmed beta and a tryhard to boot

03f53c  No.26460

I don't care.

ea646a  No.26473

File: f446a22d63af095⋯.png (151.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, c992cf18bd50f6268a65fb06c0….png)


wonderful isn't it

0195ec  No.26474


>confirmed beta

>implying we aren't all beta here

kys pretentious cunt

6d68dc  No.26486


>nog admits he's beta

bobo amputa, speak for yourself lmfao

d1076b  No.26489

File: c5dffbf1e8d3a35⋯.jpg (11.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hmmmm.jpg)

>still no replies from 8k unlipops indio

Mebbe the popos got to him first.


55782f  No.26493


Nakaset na kami, monday evening, mga tuesday afternoon/ evening ako magpopost after work.

b63300  No.26494



<bobo amputa

straight out of facebook

d1076b  No.26506


1-10/10 how does the broad fare?

829b04  No.26510

File: 11e78bd9ceb98ab⋯.jpg (55.23 KB, 573x960, 191:320, 1318486453.jpg)


This is her fb profile.

aea459  No.26514


yep that's a dude.

573658  No.26515


Guess I'll have to find out tomorrow night.

f5959c  No.26517


Don't go full Pemberton and you'll be fine.

feb4e5  No.26520


report immediately if what does it feel to fuck a surgeoned pussy? I heard trannies dont have orgasm

ea7aed  No.26527

File: 3da5c4d97d08404⋯.jpg (10.89 KB, 480x236, 120:59, bueno.jpg)


>6-8/10 looks-wise

Married? Has boyfriend? Age?

And also, if you can, please refer to my reply to this post of yours >>26451. And also, where did you find this broad?

9dae8a  No.26541

Taena no update. Na-jennifer's body yata si OP.

9dae8a  No.26542


Ay si anon pala. >>26510

9a91c6  No.26544


Nagpapahinga pa ata. Unlipops daw eh.

bf25e2  No.26546

File: 1543a065b3e7c83⋯.jpg (114.72 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 198115184945.jpg)

It's legit. Pic related was taken before we start (a little foreplay)

8c8d6d  No.26547


>a little foreplay

have you sucked her penis?

f335fe  No.26549


No penis, legit girl.

955d4b  No.26551


Are you in HS? Prostitution for tuition(lol I just made this up right now) is really common. There's a lot of fags too but women also do it alot. Just walk your city streets late at night.

d38f65  No.26552

taena san na bidyo?

bc7f3e  No.26553


No vid, di ako nagrerecord kahit sa mga dating gf ko.

bc7f3e  No.26554


She said she was single, but I really don't care.

bc7f3e  No.26555


>ask if the bitch has a bf. And if she says yes, ask her as to why she is doing the prosti thingie without any tone of scorn or ridicule but instead ask in an inquisitive and supprotive-esque tone

I just ask if she's single, as is.. Don't want to pry much, libog na rin naman ako at ayaw ko syang mawala bigla sa mood.

acfec6  No.26556


even an elementary student is more sophisticated and liberated than me. I'm aware about this degeneracy happens commonly, but I think its just me being too conservative or a fascist probably on what I see especially on the internet imageboards are actually my only social life, expect autism. I have never had any women friends, nor being exposed to sex, alcohol and norman life, probably exposed on wrong doings brcause of the environment but my morality is much stronger I think that's why this "normal" and "no-wrong" things is too complicated for me to process inside my brain.

Being all that said, I still can't accept these things, fuck you 8k-fag

dae458  No.26557


I understand where's this coming from, I'm the 8k-fag.

For me, I just accepted that underneath all our facades (everyone) we're just animals capable of good and evil.

I bear no grudge, we're all friends here.

9a91c6  No.26558


>Just walk your city streets late at night.

What if it is popo bait/honeypot? FFS, this is why I want prostitution to be fucking legalized. Helps you identify, segregate, and, isolate problem points. That unfettered access to pussy is a side bonus though.

>>26555 (Trips Checked)

>Don't want to pry much, libog na rin naman ako at ayaw ko syang mawala bigla sa mood.

Eh, fair enough.

How many rounds? Timestamp, if you can, as well as how you came to chance up on this broad.


>Being all that said, I still can't accept these things, fuck you 8k-fag

>being angry at 8k unlipops indio

>for showing what womens' true nature are

Stop whiteknighting, women are nothing more than holes to be fucked OR to be used to continue some sod's lineage in this shitty reality. Hypergamy is a bitch, you just have to learn to fuck and not give a flying about whatever the fuck kind of state they are in.

And the fact is that a woman's "loyalty" is inversely proportional to the amount of "choices" (read: men other than you that are either chads/tyrones or simps) that she has. The higher the number of options present, the less loyal a woman will be to you. The less numbers of options present, the more loyal a woman would be.

dae458  No.26559


>I want prostitution to be fucking legalized

heheh.. mga hipokrito tayong mga Pilipino, walang papayag dyan.

4 rounds,tapos cuddling at small talk na lang. Ayokong mag-timestamp, natatakot ako.

9a91c6  No.26560


>4 rounds,tapos cuddling at small talk na lang.

>small talk

May I know what the topic is? I ain't trying to be boy abundat here, things such as these help when I get to that situation. Baka mapagkamalan akong popo kung di ako swabe, eh.

>Ayokong mag-timestamp, natatakot ako.

Fair enough. Still not going to divulge how you happen to find this broad for fear of the popo and the nbi blackbagging and vanning you?

dae458  No.26561


Matagal ko na ring alam tong /pinoy/ na to. Nababaduyan ako sa /int/

We've talked about things we like to do, sharing interests.. Favorite music, movies.. Ung mga ganon lang..

9a91c6  No.26562


>We've talked about things we like to do, sharing interests.. Favorite music, movies.. Ung mga ganon lang..

Okay so basic bitch stuff, got it. I guess no matter how I want to dodge normalfaggot culture, I have to willingly expose myself in order for me to not raise some cunt's normalfaggot alarm system.

Okay, head game. 1-10/10, how does the broad rate?

a75005  No.26563


Hindi ako magre-rate ng number.

Ok naman, sulit, marunong mag-grind.. Mostly, I took control. She said anal and cif, but i kept thumbing her ass and cum in her face anyway.

a75005  No.26564


She said NO anal and cif..

a75005  No.26565


Makipag-usap ka lang ng normal sa ibang tao.. Subukan mong hanapin ung common grounds nyo tulad sa musika at pelikula.. Don't be too much anxious with what you're doing, you'll be fine.

9a91c6  No.26566



So I take it that in while in the "heat of the moment" bitches be not noticing things 'n' shieet.

I guess this is how the world's pop count grew so fucking fast.


>Don't be too much anxious with what you're doing, you'll be fine.

Well, first things first; monies. Gotta get them phps since bitches gon' be dry 'n' shieet when you show up empty-handed.

a75005  No.26567


Well, money of course is a factor.. Kailangan yan para kumain sa labas at magbigay ng kahit maliit na regalo, dahil tayong mga lalaki ang susuyo sa babae.. Maliban nalang kung saksakan ka ng pogi.. heheh

68c1ac  No.26568


>Kailangan yan para kumain sa labas at magbigay ng kahit maliit na regalo, dahil tayong mga lalaki ang susuyo sa babae.

Miss me with that gay shit, what I want is pay for play and nothing else. With that said, did the broad make any remarks about your manhood? Or did the 8k pretty much smoothed things over?

a75005  No.26569


She didn't remark about anything, it's her job after all.

Tsaka walang babae (gf/ pokpok) ang harap-harapang sasabihan ka na maliit ang titi mo pag nasa kama na kayo..

1f9e29  No.26574

File: 4511799264a84f3⋯.png (119.8 KB, 489x311, 489:311, Introvertin-hymy.png)


so you're basically a newfag cuckchan refugee that looks for memes and porn? TBQH, those person that were interested at your sex journey are also cuckchanners who tryna feel comfy on this board.

4ac4d9  No.26579


Ugaling Pinoy talaga ang pag-name call.

I'm that, 8k guy, and you'll notice in my posts I don't have meme pics because I don't collect them. And everyone likes porn.

1c2078  No.26582

Wow. OP actually delivared.

1f9e29  No.26583

File: cad983acb210180⋯.png (49.94 KB, 442x558, 221:279, kek goyim.png)


<And everyone likes porn

>being this dumbfuck nigger

if you want 4chan-ish content, then go back to 4chan

>Ugaling Pinoy talaga ang pag-name call

if you want a utopian internet then you can go back to /int/ since you actually belong there, and so you can enjoy talking about sex with your bisaya friends.

<Matagal ko na ring alam tong /pinoy/ na to. Nababaduyan ako sa /int/

tangina hahahahaha

568c9d  No.26590




go back to reddit retard

5d2ee0  No.26591


i dont have women friends either but i think im just smart or i go to the city at night to pick fights. Yeah it sucks but its something to expect in modernism and people who worship money.


no one really arrest them as it is a way of life to these people. You can always lie and say you paid for the woman to have no sex but only as a friend for the night.

922362  No.26634


this is taken from fb you mong

320da9  No.26635


source faggot

922362  No.26637


of course you are a source faggot

d21433  No.28346

Nice VPN switching

2440a3  No.28579

File: 96000a07a9137d4⋯.jpeg (18.05 KB, 384x384, 1:1, hahaboomer.jpeg)


shut the fuck up boomer

3685c6  No.28604


it was my quality bait and fuck you I'm no boomer

99b7fc  No.28783


Wow me brown knight pala dito. Lols

1d17d2  No.29270

File: 9b65f141d645fbe⋯.jpeg (181.89 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 5204110E-9917-43BF-AFBF-0….jpeg)

File: 702562cac05f755⋯.jpeg (123.58 KB, 621x800, 621:800, 7409D4A8-9AF6-4202-AC37-B….jpeg)

File: b61207d5d2a9d6e⋯.jpeg (122.97 KB, 625x800, 25:32, 716F8D54-AD7F-4CEF-A325-0….jpeg)

File: c3396cf749b0b6f⋯.jpeg (130.88 KB, 600x800, 3:4, C5A11D72-7179-4812-94B4-6….jpeg)

File: a477d960c6118cf⋯.jpeg (572.33 KB, 1550x2048, 775:1024, D68B34E2-F095-4FB5-A363-F….jpeg)


At least finish the set OP damn

2fe5c8  No.29271



dfa562  No.29272

File: 75b5e24015a1994⋯.jpg (17.68 KB, 552x464, 69:58, my nigga.jpg)



387439  No.29279


that's not her nigger, t'was just some faggot if face is not included

so kill yourself

387439  No.29280


and please, ironic Leezy posting is funnier than this

2fe5c8  No.29282



It is her you fucking retard. Look at the shirt. kill yourself

387439  No.29283

File: 43a9cf20a64fdc4⋯.png (553.03 KB, 625x470, 125:94, nigger stfu.png)


>Look at the shirt

what's up with her shirt nigger?

her chin has some line proving that's not her faggot.

2fe5c8  No.29284


I'm not going to point out to a blind autist.

387439  No.29287


see, a nigger has to stop realizing he's wrong

2fe5c8  No.29291

File: 04e5b7f5f378410⋯.jpeg (253.1 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, export.jpeg)


Since you wanted to be spoon-fed with my cum, here you go.

e9fab7  No.29293


Dat nipples. Reminds me of my ex-gf's nips.

387439  No.29297


okay fine, I'll take your cum….. nom nom nom nom nom


>ex-gf's nips

which one of those chink cartoon character?

58c27e  No.29306

File: 18db3bdcd72202e⋯.jpeg (7.82 KB, 480x141, 160:47, Wish.jpeg)

File: da88b77b8d2ef1a⋯.mp4 (3.76 MB, 270x480, 9:16, 480P_600K_212810682.mp4)

Diyos ko, sana ako na lang yun

df2de1  No.29308

File: 0a8126d8111f4d8⋯.jpg (49.24 KB, 600x899, 600:899, as.jpg)


>genuine yupi sloots


1d17d2  No.29309

File: a8c7c819e81e2fd⋯.jpeg (489.96 KB, 1638x2048, 819:1024, CA3F5E43-79D9-4F60-AD0E-3….jpeg)

File: 24b7aa4c28c8435⋯.jpeg (646.98 KB, 2048x1369, 2048:1369, A4A33E4A-9F4D-4EFD-9D92-3….jpeg)

File: 4dcb2d72ea45d32⋯.jpeg (197.76 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 68C41EBE-F756-4511-B7C9-F….jpeg)

File: b124e28f3a8c4c4⋯.jpeg (60.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 19DB1792-8C02-44DA-AEDB-1….jpeg)

File: e5f28f26a0e9bea⋯.jpeg (42.68 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 97979AA6-359A-488C-9D8A-E….jpeg)


>yupi sloots

there's more where that came from

1d17d2  No.29310

File: c9df94aa1a0ea43⋯.jpeg (28.36 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 8DDC3AF6-6CBE-4F09-BE67-C….jpeg)

File: 6cc0f3fdeb79745⋯.jpeg (26.19 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 3F5D1283-D169-44F0-B40A-8….jpeg)

File: ef8205e1f52d0e1⋯.jpeg (75.22 KB, 640x480, 4:3, C9E5703C-DCE3-4AC6-9026-7….jpeg)

dd1fce  No.29318

File: ad498f190b98036⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1638x852, 273:142, lgbt.png)



what's the point of taking pics of her naked body?

c0806d  No.29323


I too am asking this question.

3a6fa9  No.29331

File: 45ccab9219ca83b⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 219x186, 73:62, clappingkim.gif)



Keep 'em coming hans. Where and how did you get these? Did yo offer these hoes modelling gigs? Do you have sloots from other colleges too?

609da6  No.29332




609da6  No.29333


10/10 because of tits and face combo, I bet she has godly ass too.



3/10 does nothing to me, meh.

71ad18  No.29339

File: 69346c32bfc7cb2⋯.jpeg (86.98 KB, 826x820, 413:410, 89557CB8-68D5-4019-AA28-C….jpeg)

File: e0f1a8f255ed79d⋯.jpeg (69.3 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 6FC52F66-529B-46D9-A9BE-B….jpeg)

File: fb9fa59b7ed0284⋯.jpeg (66.79 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 7B8AD714-479F-4018-A67C-0….jpeg)

File: 6c4ed3bab1878dd⋯.jpeg (387.1 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 2E99BA41-312F-4FAA-A310-C….jpeg)

dd1fce  No.29341



she fucking deserved this

dfa562  No.29349


wow. i think in know this girl

3919c2  No.29533

File: 9601c3c5abe272a⋯.mp4 (13.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, cute student.mp4)

Masarap hipuan

1523c5  No.29545


aba magaling

8eeb49  No.29548


ikaw ba kumuha neto? kung ikaw tangina mo gf ko yan eh

ba8198  No.29549


gf na ng buong /pinoy/ yan gago

1523c5  No.29550


bisaya sexual predator strikes again, I didn't hear one word of filipino in that video.

bf0786  No.29610


wtf how

bf0786  No.29611


I know her

df49b7  No.29631


putang ina mo gf ko yan

d74208  No.29639


>gf ko yan

great, your gf is a degenerate cunt, so are you

90e157  No.29665

File: 7e469134c58927c⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 9 MB, 406x720, 203:360, 7e469134c58927c5460496d878….mp4)

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1 (1d1)

Can anyone help me ID'ing this girl?

because I'm pretty sure she is neither Kaila Tiu or Kaila Alcantara

d04317  No.29668

File: 772c6ebcc555ef3⋯.jpg (34.17 KB, 417x556, 3:4, FB_IMG_1554917673357.jpg)

File: ae9929589e680af⋯.jpg (41.32 KB, 720x720, 1:1, FB_IMG_1554917712148.jpg)

File: f869c632021b6af⋯.jpg (33.09 KB, 720x720, 1:1, FB_IMG_1554917720392.jpg)

Wwyd with my kamaganak besh??

d04317  No.29669


Sarap hubaran ng panty, kung ako yan kasabay nya sa jeep, in-squeeze ko pwet saka hita nyan. Haha

bdf3dc  No.29670


looks like a typical 2010 FB whore that's susceptible to poser accounts

547682  No.29672


back when kikebook has no timeline features

547682  No.29673


neither of them, enough of your fantasies and start accepting Shiva as your god

31dbec  No.29696



0168c2  No.29750

File: f3da99c5c921e3d⋯.webm (1.46 MB, 360x360, 1:1, 1553471293918.webm)


>tfw his dick is longer and thicker than mine


085412  No.29751


the fuck, he's not even big.

0168c2  No.29753


His dick looks above 5 inch length and 6 in. girth

dd43fe  No.29756



you're sick!!!! poor dog!!!

90e157  No.29953

7fd464  No.31404


anyone have the UST link ? ??

7fd464  No.31405


need more…

9701e9  No.31413

9701e9  No.31416


Dont go to sum child website there.😉

7fd464  No.31428


got a google drive to these?

7fd464  No.31521


need more of her and other schools. drop the links

9574bf  No.31596

9574bf  No.31603


post the vids/webm

cce49f  No.31606



got more of her/gdrive link?

ffd956  No.31607


Thanks, Indio. Pero nakakadismaya, halos pics konti lang vids.

7fd464  No.31623


need more of her please… or other schools aside from the ncr manila folder..

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