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Kool Kids Klub

File: 1413556460445.jpg (68.91 KB, 498x668, 249:334, 1408883111704.jpg)

e4abd9  No.272

Where do you study?
What's your course?

Tell anything about your college life.

e4abd9  No.276

File: 1413557092626.jpg (52.52 KB, 560x550, 56:55, 0cb260cf5037e3f13b14bc2dff….jpg)

Taking a BEEd course.
Gonna start practice teaching little cunts next year. Honestly can't wait.

e4abd9  No.291

Hey, be a good one.Help this nation as long as you can by teaching those cunts. Dont become an authoritarian teacher. Let your students argue intellectually with you.

e4abd9  No.342

Used to study in UST, then I hopped over to an International College.

Koreans everywhere man, other than that pretty good

e4abd9  No.344

You must be an ultra rich fag.

What's your course?

e4abd9  No.349

File: 1413610052534.png (114.13 KB, 196x198, 98:99, 1330043394540.png)


Somewhere in Manila.

College life is so-so. Other than that, it's bretty gud :DD

e4abd9  No.351

FEU somewhere in Makati

Currently at third year, finishing things on final period.

Having a hard time in group projects though.

e4abd9  No.352

Somewhere in Cebu

College life is meh.

e4abd9  No.353

UP Diliman, BS CS

where my niggers at

e4abd9  No.363

File: 1413617140195.jpg (35.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 10479738_687034248000648_6….jpg)

Assuming the FEU you're talking about is FEU Makati along Buendia, then hello there Neighbor!

Mapua Makati

Pretty screwed up. Couldn't chill much due to the rush. And I already abandoned my batch because they're mostly circlejerks.

e4abd9  No.367

My negroes.
BSIT here.
1st year(I stopped for two years after high school because poor)
You fucks better help me with my assignments.

e4abd9  No.368

I hope you dont become a croc politician.

e4abd9  No.369

Does post-graduate studies count? Then Medicine

College life the first time was pretty damn so-so. College life the second time if fucking brutal. Lot of fags and cunts either too weird or too douchey/bitchy. If HS was a thing in college, then welcome to post-grad studies, where everything is fucking mental most of the time.

e4abd9  No.372

What is it? C++?

It counts. But isn't the weird side more interesting?

Apparently, I managed to encounter a chuuni in our place. Looks like a damn big game hunter. What is the guy's problem anyways?

e4abd9  No.373

Java. I got the top 1 spot in 1st sem.
Second sem I think we will have C#.

e4abd9  No.375

File: 1413619355371.png (472.27 KB, 594x800, 297:400, 1400652153259.png)

Java and C# is just similar except with the syntax.

Try getting into C++ man.

e4abd9  No.376

Java a shit
It's slow and clunky
Learn how to code with C, and then C++

e4abd9  No.377

Is it easier than Java?
I find it hard to self study, whenever I read a programming book or a tutorial, my attention fly to other things.

e4abd9  No.380

we really need to get our shit together.
it's a pain in the ass to be a freaking burden lol.

e4abd9  No.381

It's easy to migrate to C# bro, like Windows Java
or what Java should have been per say.
I recommend going to the /g/.

e4abd9  No.382

Sucks to be poor, man. Sometimes I wish I was born in a rich or wake up in a different reality.

e4abd9  No.383

I'm not talking about those chuuni people, though, they're fun to talk to and one is even close friends with Alodia. Most of the time it's people with personality/mood disorders that somehow slipped through the psych exam.

e4abd9  No.385

File: 1413620915182.jpg (34.22 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 1412706624924.jpg)

Me too, jelly on the rich but time will come.
I really got lucky pushing through with just laptop in the group carrying incompetent people.

e4abd9  No.388

File: 1413622119905.gif (114.19 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1403341264981.gif)

Great thing the incompetents easily ragequit from where I'm studying.

C# is just the same level as Java.

You mean /tech/. Screw halfchan.

e4abd9  No.391

File: 1413622359854.jpg (16.95 KB, 360x479, 360:479, 1411891627289.jpg)

Almost forgot, it's /tech/.

e4abd9  No.393

File: 1413623260191.jpg (181.41 KB, 500x484, 125:121, 1411472163572.jpg)

28 year old here can i still go to college? Which one do you guys think would be best for an oldfag like me that just wants to make things right.

e4abd9  No.395

File: 1413623454290.jpg (407.71 KB, 677x950, 677:950, 1401591611098.jpg)

You can. Just expect plenty of discrimination.

Happened to a guy who is 40 and was really stayed away from unless you're cool with some of the younger ones.

e4abd9  No.397

Any school?
I have 46 years old classmate,he's a US soldier though.

e4abd9  No.398

File: 1413623730121.jpg (163.39 KB, 781x808, 781:808, 1412334993202.jpg)


I wouldn't know. I didn't go to college and immediately started working for my family in the UK right out of highschool. Now my parents are dead, I just sold our business and I'm tired of doing nothing.

I had pretty horrible grades in highschool, too. I guess I'll ask around, tired of being NEET.

e4abd9  No.399

File: 1413623836903.jpg (79.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1403335206488.jpg)

That, I cannot answer where. Try asking around.

e4abd9  No.400

expect jerks gossiping you but ignore those, you just need to be consistent and diligent enough that's it

e4abd9  No.401

Dude, Im 19 and my classmates are like 15 and 16, I see them as inferiors. Just dont give a fuck.

e4abd9  No.403

UP Diliman
Avoid the other campuses

e4abd9  No.404

File: 1413625326525.jpg (88.44 KB, 646x600, 323:300, 1402072509823.jpg)

Apparently, this is true.

I don't know about other campuses, but old people studying in Mapua are common, just expect to be screwed over by the freshmen who know nothing. Just simply get along and you'll be fine.

And I ran out of Eli pics.

e4abd9  No.411

Currently in IT. Switched from ECE due to a failure in Physics.

e4abd9  No.413

But there is a physics subject in IT too. So..

e4abd9  No.414

don't get rekt again, it will be a breeze after passing it.

e4abd9  No.428

SLU then fucked up and went UC


Working as a programmer in a small company here in Baguio.

Simply trying to earn so I may hopefully get out

e4abd9  No.430

I passed the basic Physics class, but not the advanced one. Basic's enough for IT, atleast where I am right now.

e4abd9  No.438

i don't study because i am dumb you will see in garbage trash someday don't bother giving me a tip or anything cause i'll beat you all to death

e4abd9  No.440

same here

e4abd9  No.456

Was an economics undergraduate and went to an Ateneo school.

I find it odd that I had so much friends when being at college and was considered one of the "alpha" ones but complete opposite when at work. I don't have that much friends because I consider work life as something of a "professional" setting but most average filipinos don't so they just talk and slack around while people like me pick up the slack and work. It's due to this that I hardly have time to socialize at work and only engage in small talk. Why is this? Can someone explain this mentality?

e4abd9  No.486

File: 1413701616146.jpg (24.08 KB, 494x605, 494:605, 10711134_1383984491891857_….jpg)

We'll see, anon. We'll see.

Also I forgot to mention I study in Letran Manila.

e4abd9  No.487

Dude, I heard that someone in our school is around his 50s and is studying. Of course you still can

e4abd9  No.488

UPLB here
B.S. Development Communication

college life be like
>1st year-commies, commies everywhere
>2nd year: my course is shit
>3rd year: burgis, burgis everywhere

also, curriculum just changed and profs seems confused how to get shit going. I have a feeling this is going to end badly and I'll graduate with no real skills to sho. Fukc my college. Some of professors aren't even DevCom grads

e4abd9  No.490

What's it like dealing with commies, my friend?

e4abd9  No.496

annoying as hel because 99% of what they are saying isn't applicable to real life.

e4abd9  No.499

Hey lets hike Makiling

e4abd9  No.501

flip here living in America.

I'm thinking about going back to Philippines to study. I dropped out in 2nd year (because 2008 happened) and I have some college credits equivalent to be considered a sophomore.

I heard FEU opened a campus in Makati. Does FEU makati accommodate not just graduates but also undergraduates?

e4abd9  No.504

File: 1413711596135.jpg (96.59 KB, 882x685, 882:685, ebin ep.jpg)

UPLB, Biology
bretty gud 5/5 ebin

e4abd9  No.505

Fuck the mosquitoes in UPLB, they're painful as fuck

e4abd9  No.508

From the looks of it, they do.

Though I don't know which courses are they offering in Makati campus, I feel it would be mostly business courses.

e4abd9  No.509

C# is pretty much easier than the other languages, so not much of a problem there.

e4abd9  No.510


e4abd9  No.511

File: 1413713648134.jpg (364.14 KB, 600x849, 200:283, 337939a539f63db7af655bd7a9….jpg)

Especially if you have a background in Java, it becomes a breeze.

e4abd9  No.1091

BSIT in arellano university.

Currently 1st year.
The teaching here sucks.

e4abd9  No.1095

Taking my PhD in Psychology at Arteneo, graduated Clinical Psych at PUP.

e4abd9  No.1098

BSIT sa FEU second year
Ang daming minor subjects di ako maka focus sa mga major ewan ko lang kung ganun din sa ibang univ.

e4abd9  No.1099

Try TESDAif you want to make some money but not planning on having a family

e4abd9  No.1100

Is he from FEU?

e4abd9  No.1101

putangia nang mga minor subjects yan, imbis na nakakapagdalubhasa ako sa pag poprogram, nauubos oras sa mga walang kwentang bagay

e4abd9  No.1105

3rd year BSCS in FEU
Currently in PHP class

e4abd9  No.1106

irregularfag in some college located along somewhere in Macapagal Blvd. you can't miss it. and there's only one college there that fits that description and location… yeah, that college.
anyway, irregular because i got stopped fucking twice. so that my younger brothers can finish their college with no hitch. guess i'm that stereotypical "good kuya."
so far, so good. taking up a Nutrition major that also has Culinary Arts integrated into it.

you can, philanon. just go for it. hell, i'm fucking 24 and i've been stuck in college for a long time now. got stopped twice because of financial issues… didn't help i transferred from DLSU-D back in 2009.

e4abd9  No.1109

UP (not gonna specify)

Fucking hate my college life. How is computer engineering in UPLB? I planned to shift before but my parents won't let me. I'll probably kill myself during med school.

e4abd9  No.1131

Ateneo represent.
AB Economics.

Andaeng intsik. Andae nga lahat naman bawal pota talaga.

e4abd9  No.1132

File: 1415339233976.jpg (322.99 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 1402716749820.jpg)

Are there hot not-so normal chinks there?

Some minor subjects are worth it though if the prof is awesome. Screw the subject if you managed to land with a religious bigot. Sarap i-force watch sya ng Filthy Frank.

e4abd9  No.1139

USC here

Apparently, there are lots of you guys from Luzon than flipfags in fullchin from the Visayas.

e4abd9  No.1140

yeah, goodluck trying to date a half-chink qt3.14 without being able to get past her traditionally chink parents.
i hope that PolGov prof of ours isn't some budding communist. that would ruin my decent impression of him so far.

e4abd9  No.1194

pfffft easy.
Get her pregnant.
Parents are forced to take you in.
If they still don't want you, it's not your loss.

e4abd9  No.1228


UPLB doesn't have computer engineering. closest thing to it is computer science. Seems okay IMHO

e4abd9  No.1238

I always say this to anyone who'll listen

make sure you can imagine life after college with your preferred course.
like get down and dirty with the details.
what will you work as? what kind of job description will you have? do research.

a lot of people overlook this, I'm not saying you did, but I'd just like to remind you. If your answer doesn't go too far from 'call center' then your program/degree is crap and you should consider shifting immediately or regret it for the rest of your life.

that said, I'm a BS ECE from MIT, I flunked the board exam thrice and I hated all the job openings I found right after graduating, so I changed career paths.

e4abd9  No.1246

Anyone from london here?

e4abd9  No.1248

how is bongistan treating you?

e4abd9  No.1278

Wish I could visit England someday. How is it there? Like the people and things.

e4abd9  No.1286


im a britbong, but i'm living here lol

e4abd9  No.1293

How's Flipland serving you?

e4abd9  No.1309

any stories of using your posh accent picking up pussy?

e4abd9  No.1315

i quit college because social anxiety
you can now see me searching in trash can
in makati

e4abd9  No.1391

How hard is it studying medicine? I don't know If i should take up medicine or just work as a medical technician then look for a job abroad. I think I don't have the guts and motivation for it.

e4abd9  No.1392

Med Tech?

Anyway, it depends. There will be days that you don't sleep for several days, studying like your life depended on it. It depends on the school you're in. UP and FEU, for example, use a method that is not traditional. As in, what you hear what UP does, give you the topic, you're on your own how you study it. There will be case discussions with your assigned doctor several days after giving you the topic. For the more traditional lecture, quiz and exams, it depends.

The chopping block can be brutal though. The population can be cut by more than half per year level. I remember in my second year we had 50 students when we were promoted to 3rd year, we're like 20 now.

You have to be aware of the grading system, though. Normally, the colleges use a baseline 40 in order to pass. That means you need to get 60% of your exam items correct to pass, but it can change to how many students there are in the college. It could go from baseline 30 or the dreaded baseline 0. If majority of the class fails (70% is considered majority, not 50% above) they use the Mean Passing Average where the highest of the class is weighed in with the lowest. Better hope to God that your highest is only one or two points away from your score to be considered part of the passing group.

Then there's the rare occurrence of students that are sons/daughters of the hospital's board members. Mostly, they're spoiled, stupid children that got in Medicine because parents. They're the apathetic idiots that party almost every night that don't know the difference between a urinary catheter to an Intravenous set. Usually, they have the lowest grades in the class but watch out, because by the end of the year, if you're a normie, then he/she would have higher grades than you. Basically, the wild card. Use them well.

e4abd9  No.1395

Sounds tough. After my 3rd year and now enduring 4th year in my pre med, I feel that I lost all motivation to continue studying medicine. In the first place I never actually wanted to study med, I was just forced by my parents. How about the tuition?

e4abd9  No.1399

Tuition is what you might come to expect in Med School especially in UST, DLSU, ADMU. Over here in UPH, it's around 100k. In Fatima, it's 70k but in PLM, it's 50k. If you're from Manila, the only thing you have to be concerned in PLM is passing the entrance exam and having a good enough score in NMAT.

e4abd9  No.1407

DDC Davao

Problem richfags? Manilafags?

e4abd9  No.1444

De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde
AB in Multimedia Arts

Sick and tired of college. No term breaks, profs won't cut us some slack, terms are too fast. I love my course though.

e4abd9  No.1451

>No Term Breaks

You haven't see how painful Mapua can be.

e4abd9  No.1453

Which part? I'm somewhere in Mapua Makati.

e4abd9  No.1459

yey, mey kasama ako.

bs biology here

hai guise

do not. I repeat do NOT consider ASMPH. Too watered-down with management/business shit. ASMPH doesn't train doctors - they produce hospital administrators.

So I guess if that's what you want to be, proceed?


Is that per year or per semester? Still seems a bit steep if it's per semester.

e4abd9  No.1464


e4abd9  No.1466

Meh. Naisipan ko na na wag nalang mag patuloy ng medicine. Masyadong mahal at wala na rin akong motibasyon para itulak ang aking sarili para magpatuloy.

Magiging mayaman ka ba talaga kapag magiging doktor ka? Kung totoo ba't meron paring mga doktor na nangingibang bansa bilang mga nurse?

e4abd9  No.1476

Yes it is that steep. That's why I recommend PLM

e4abd9  No.1477

Depende yan juanon merong mga doktor mataas ang neto nila dahil sa negosyo. Panalo sila sa negosyo pero pagdating sa pagsasanay ng propesyon nila, lugi sila. Di kasi ethical na sagarang maningil sila. :p

e4abd9  No.1483

Yung mga clinic ba nila yun? Sa pagresearch ko nakita ko karamihan sabi nila yung kita nila galing sa mga clinic tsaka individual patients. Yung sa hospital lang daw mga 25 - 35 k.

e4abd9  No.1484

Nakukuha any ganung kalaking sahod kapag masmahaba pa titolo mo. Kung naalala ko, yung mga negosyo na pinapasukan nila malimit nasa sa mga pagbili ng stocks. Kung anuman yung mga yun, malimit sa pagkaing establisyimento o mismo sa ospital.

e4abd9  No.1516

File: 1417022460933.jpg (100.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1405702853880.jpg)

Bulacan State University

Studying BSED teaching English & majoring in chinese…?

Jesus, being a balikbayan(if I got that right) feels kind of awkward for me. I can't go around speaking English without someone looking at me. You know, what with the snatchers and all. But everyone here is friendly, I think, and life is all right.

Also, any tips on survival??

e4abd9  No.1518

you'll manage. just be careful in choosing what people you hang out with. and avoid leftist groups (if any). just focus on your course and don't let unnecessary shit sidetrack you

and yes, i'm speaking from experience. i'm no balikbayan, but i got a buttload of foreign and balikbayan friends in my current college sooo yeah.

e4abd9  No.1520


e4abd9  No.1521

Also, am taking up Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering because I'm a huge hipster faggot.

e4abd9  No.1529

>I can't go around speaking English without someone looking at me.

Heh, tell me about it.

Grew up in a small town in Bulacan, always been Westernized. English is my first language, and Tagalog my second. A distant second.

People always thought me and my brother were "promdi" when we tagged along with our mom/grandma at the local markets when we were kids.

e4abd9  No.1601

>LPU Cavite
wanted to shift to a course that will motivate me, course too easy just needs a pinch of confidence.
>inb4 pleb tier course

e4abd9  No.1606

WTF!, Im also from LPU Cavite, I cant believe that a lycean knows internet chans, because most lyceans are plebians. I bet you're in the kuroneko club.

e4abd9  No.1608

wow i didn't expect this but hi lets be friends, well iam not in the kuroneko club but i tried to join, when i asked how to join classmate said we need to draw a fucking mech or review an anime but i wont waste time to do it, i just found this today since /b/ was down, anyways its a funny feeling when you see someone from your university browsing these boards. got steam??? lets be friends c:
and thanks jonvic remulla

e4abd9  No.1609

anong year mo na?

Pucha sobrang weaboo pala talaga nung mga hayop na yon

e4abd9  No.1610

2nd year po, ikaw po ?
mukang sobra talaga pag ka weaboo nila, entrance palang ang bigat na nang requirements,

e4abd9  No.1611

1st year pero dapat 3rd year na.

>sana isa kang grill

e4abd9  No.1613

File: 1417958066417.jpg (11.52 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 1415189032513.jpg)

kek. no
nag transfer ka nang univ then shift? or?

e4abd9  No.1615

Fresh from tambay

e4abd9  No.1616

course mo ba?

e4abd9  No.1624

Any fags from the UP/Ateneo area wanna meet up?

e4abd9  No.1633

File: 1418015370387-0.jpg (47.46 KB, 677x451, 677:451, Not Bad Really.jpg)

BS course in UP Manila

No love for UP Manila here? I see some Med guys talking about UPH. Good luck if you want to get in, lots of competition there.

e4abd9  No.1637

No problem here in UPH though, I have relatives and family members in my province that are doctors, connections are a big boost in Med and Law.

e4abd9  No.1639

I transferred to Diliman from Manila because the community there is fucking shit + the curriculum for the course I went to is subpar
CAS is a hellhole and i really want to punch all the reds there in the face

e4abd9  No.1642

Buhay pa ba to? Tangina newfag ako dito

BS Psychology ho, somewhere in Manila din. Tangina gusto ko mag transfer, pang bakla yung school ko e.

e4abd9  No.1650

pang bakla din course mo eh

e4abd9  No.1652

Fine Arts Course in UST.

Wala lang, just gonna whore art for money and play vidya,

e4abd9  No.1653

Originally from Mapua taking up CpE, then transferred to CSB taking IT - Game Design and Development. College life is pretty solid here. I've met some few people who browse chans and leddit. Might shift to Consular of Diplomatic Affairs though. Might take up Law someday… though, this might just be a phase since I've been binge watching House of Cards.

e4abd9  No.1657

taga CSSP ako, almost 20+ lang kami sa isang course per batch lol

e4abd9  No.1659

Cross enrolled in both UE and Letran.

What a pain in the butt

e4abd9  No.1661


e4abd9  No.1663

True enough, as long as you have connections it's a lot easier getting slots and getting a prestigious job here in our country and university.
CAS is the oldest college here though so there's bound to be radicals and politically active scene there. That's actually my college and I've got quite a few friends from the reds and blues. Imo, nothing would really happen with their militant action because I think the admins of our campus are just too bourgeois and rich too care and empathize with them.
What's up my nigga, that shirt of yours will be printed soon

e4abd9  No.1665

lol I actually agree with you.
may balak ako magshift
Tanginang psychology, bullshit e,.

e4abd9  No.1667

What shirt, bruh?

I have no idea what UE's grading system is. And I just keep on attending my classes.

e4abd9  No.1668

can you specify the bullshits in your course

e4abd9  No.1687

Was at BSCS in UPD till I shifted. lol

How's the life bro? Enjoying the binary life?

e4abd9  No.1688

>no one is taking up any Class A engineering courses

You faggots are a bunch of plebs.

e4abd9  No.1689

>studies "Class A" engineering course
>shit-tier school

unless you prove me wrong anon

e4abd9  No.1691

>implying I'm studying in a shit-tier school


e4abd9  No.1692

masakit bang tamaan, anon? lels.

UPD masterrace here. Not from UPD? Filth.
From UPD? Make sure that your course has more history than mine and we're good.

e4abd9  No.1693

>calling me filth
>not even getting an engineering course
>not realizing that engineering is one of the practices that made civilizations

Sorry anon, you're just being passive-aggressive. It doesn't even matter what school I'm in. Just admit that you are a big pleb anon :^)

e4abd9  No.1694

so not from UPD, eh?

end of discussion then. enjoy your second-tier education, anon.

>tfw others


e4abd9  No.1698

>not from UPD

Why are you even using that argument? Even though I'm not from UPD, my uni and UPD has the same curriculum for my course. Are you that retarded? I'm even doubting that you are even from UPD. I'm stating a fact on how my course has a history and you're being passive-aggressive and being an autist sperging that I'm not from UPD. Just admit you're a pleb :^)

e4abd9  No.1700

File: 1418122215382.jpg (10.32 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 6edbf5ec96f9b6f1bf05c66a42….jpg)


USC here

e4abd9  No.1701

Life's pretty cool.

e4abd9  No.1714

medfag here, what the fuck is a Class A engineering course?

e4abd9  No.1718

Anyone wanna play doto in University belt some time?

>inb4 feed

e4abd9  No.1721

File: 1418213234454.jpg (83.13 KB, 720x528, 15:11, 1402734449080.jpg)

UBelt? I'm far from it. Though I'm ok with dotes. Leave steam pls.

Can you compare Sparta to CSB? How is it like?

LPU Cavite fags, do you know some chick named Joyce Poring? Or whatever her name is.

e4abd9  No.1726

File: 1418221105392.jpg (118.55 KB, 1209x1200, 403:400, Kumagawa_after_regaining_h….jpg)

Saint John Bosco, the sister school of InfoTech.
IT, the course when you can't decide.

School's pretty okay, especially on the night classes where I am since there are less classmates(there are 16 maximum students in my class) and I don't have to wear the uniform. I don't get why they have to teach us values though.

e4abd9  No.1729

File: 1418227917352.jpg (118.21 KB, 920x960, 23:24, 10339663_558557960954810_1….jpg)

I'm enrolled in both UE and Letran, was hoping I could meet 8ch fags so i won't end up with retards in games. Not saying i'm 2pro4u, just that goddamn there's fucking retards everywhere

Because Filipinos lack values

e4abd9  No.1741

File: 1418256315299.png (161.85 KB, 307x491, 307:491, 1404852108876.png)

That's PH in general when it comes to online games.

I'll leave my steam here. If you play PD2, then great.

Exactly why I hate my previous professor who force feeds us Christian values. Sure, I may agree with some, but don't outright force it.

e4abd9  No.1745

File: 1418269410349.jpg (24.42 KB, 500x364, 125:91, 10363765_987926364557273_2….jpg)


forgot to leave my ID lol, I'll just leave it here for reference just in case. I see you're friends with mine as well. That's great.

Also I only got PayDay: The Heist. Not really good at it, though.

e4abd9  No.1759

i wish philippines didn't have a such a shitty education system and shitty teacher

e4abd9  No.1764

kamusta na mga tibaks sa CAS? buhay pa ba lfs? kamusta na ang pro-npa na DSS?

was BS CS from UPM, 2001-21XXX

e4abd9  No.2151

Where do you study?

What's your course?
AB animation

pretty fucked up since I have to deal with my depression held me back for 1 term. Now I'm going for super senior aside from that I'm pretty good I'm the minority that joined the course not because of muh animu but because of the possible job opportunities.

e4abd9  No.2173

Any UP Manila here? UP Manila College of Medicine specifically.

Paano ba ako makapasok dyan? Ok na ba kung mataas yung nakuha mong NMAT score? Paano yung aral dyan tulad lang ba nung nasa lower college ka palang?

e4abd9  No.2175

Alot of university teachers are just washed up losers who can't teach anyway.

e4abd9  No.2196


Still alive, and still spreading what they preach to the students.

I'm from CAS UPM and fuck no it's very different, if you want to get inside the CM you need to be either in the top 20 scorers of NMAT or have a lot of connections inside PGH because they are the ones who chooses who enters inside. Better luck if you made it to the IntarMed course. And no, Med School is the shit and you need to be much more conscientious on what you are doing or you WILL fuck up. But perks are much better than other Med schools though.

e4abd9  No.2225

Freelance & Tambay.
I studied web dev at iacademy (along gil puyat) for a year, then realized im really no good for trying out this shit.
Realized I should just stay on being creative, I'll be coming back to school next year and hoping to take up visual arts and design at ciit in qc. Anyway, do any of you guys know some graphic design schools here in manila?

e4abd9  No.2279

File: 1419305825552.png (143.52 KB, 304x336, 19:21, 1404194592785.png)

This thread needs more Vitamin C.

Anyways, how's Christmas serving you?

Did anyone feel the miracle this Christmas?

e4abd9  No.2281

naah, since I've been red pilled, its just a normal day or season for me.

e4abd9  No.2288

Meh, feels like a regular day.

e4abd9  No.2289

aside from the chilly weather, and all dem light and the food, it seems like a regular day to me now ever since i got redpilled.

e4abd9  No.2293

Before red pill:
"No money, no food, cant feel the christmas.So sad."

After red pill:


e4abd9  No.2417

Since when did you all take the red pill anyway?

3rd year HS for me.

e4abd9  No.2420

Middle of my sophomore year in highschool for me.

e4abd9  No.2425

This fucking year. (2nd year college)

e4abd9  No.2933

File: 1420008478717.jpg (214.35 KB, 840x840, 1:1, 1406600634031.jpg)

How many of you are not redpilled this new year?

e4abd9  No.2934

Late last year (1st year college)

e4abd9  No.2957

T-this year, anon.
>About to go to UP
>Gets redpilled

If I get outed by radical leftists,—

e4abd9  No.2974

Are you taking accountancy classes? Prepare for a ride that never ends. I remember our sections are more than 10-15 during the first year, and it dwindled down to 1.5 sections after I graduate.

5 is failing grade, 1 is the highest. I think they are not zero based. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the grading system is:
((raw score/total score)/2) + 50 = percentage

Again, that formula is or Accountancy.

e4abd9  No.3190

Oy Daryl mag aral ka mabuti.

e4abd9  No.3286

Mapua Intra: Mech Engi
Fuck me ryte?

e4abd9  No.3290

Nope. Unless you keep getting 5.00s like crazy, then you're fucked.

Unless you're a hot grill

e4abd9  No.3293

50K-70K in PLM if you ain't a Manila Resident/Voter.

Med Student here, currently fucked up coz exams this week and i'm not even done coz holidays

e4abd9  No.3328

College professor here. Was discussing flip unis with a Brit friend, and he apologized. Why? Because or unis are shit. Including your beloved UPD.

Also, wow. A lot of you posters are pretty young. I feel old.

e4abd9  No.3377

Hey Prof! Some questions.

1) Where do you teach?
2) What do you teach?
3) How shit is education here exactly? I feel it's shit, even if you came from one of the "top" unis/colleges, but I'd really want to hear from the profs themselves.
4) How shit is today's generation?

e4abd9  No.3396

The Brit friend is a lecturer at an exclusive university in Europe.

Did I say he apologized for our shit education? I was telling him about our "top" unis, he looked them up. He was shaking his head, covered his mouth, looked like he was going to cry. Then he said in a drawn out whisper, "I'm so sorry".

That is how shit our education is.

e4abd9  No.3397


Oh, and I teach mathematics, programming, and computer-related courses at a Catholic uni.

e4abd9  No.3411

As someone who left the country after highschool, I never understood the whole uni elitism and comparing. However once I saw the courses of my friends at UPD and other "top" unis I laughed my ass off. The whole infighting and wanting to feel superior feels so petty once you realize how bad filipino uni's are.

e4abd9  No.3422

I think our top Universities are alright, comparative to the rest of the region.

The main problem is that when the kids reach College age, they've already been hampered by an inadequate grade school and high school education - which sets the low bar for university performance.

This should be addressed by the new shift to K-12.

Except CHED/DECS fucked it up as usual. Starting formal science education at 3rd grade? Seriously? Ugh. While "Christian Living" and "Good Manners and Right Conduct" start in kindergarten?

Shows the priorities of local educational units.

e4abd9  No.3428

Gee thanks CBCP

e4abd9  No.3434

>Where do you study?
Asia Pacific College

>What's your course?

ABMA, it's now called SoMA
Multimedia Arts

> Tell anything about your college life.

Well, I was a neckbeard when I studied there so I didn't have the stereotypical party all night, study all day kind of stuff that you see on TV.
I was the study all day, collapse all night guy.

And yes, our hangout was a convenience store, conveniently placed next door.


e4abd9  No.3588


e4abd9  No.3594

same poster here

>Where did you study?
University of the East - Manila

>What's your course?

BS Accountancy

>Tell anything about your college life.

Kind of boring actually since I'm more addicted to playing video games. Playing DOTA after school. Although the school itself brought back my faith to Jesus Christ since they have a huge community of christfags along with my classmates.

I'm thankful for the education though. If not, I wouldn't have a Job here in murika.

e4abd9  No.3747

File: 1421435495827.jpg (47.08 KB, 459x449, 459:449, ss (2014-12-05 at 08.59.31….jpg)

>Where did you study?

De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde

>What's your course?

ABMMA (Multimedia Arts)

>Tell anything about your college life.

Depression kicking in and everything is boring me. I'm losing motivation to do anything anymore by that I mean every single fiber of my being is burnt out. I also secretly believe that I am better than 95% of all the students in my course no offense.

Also I think I'll collapse this term due to the amount of work I need to do. (Fuck you Crossroads)

>hey good luck with your DP

e4abd9  No.3857

File: 1421754154522.gif (2.68 MB, 255x191, 255:191, 448.gif)

DLSU master race reporting in
taking BS entrep to get RICH yo
as for my college life
noone knows about programmable calculators so i ace all my math classes
also orgs are awesome
college life is so fresh yo

e4abd9  No.3858

>all these LaSallians and Ateneans
I thought I smelled elitism

e4abd9  No.3863

UPD is the closest that has com eng (I think)

e4abd9  No.3864

preferred language?

e4abd9  No.3944

File: 1421895166594.jpg (20.73 KB, 400x290, 40:29, 103014-Jolina_main.jpg)

>studied at shit-tier school
>took some "engineering" course nobody recognizes
>turned out somewhat ok

e4abd9  No.3955

UP Diliman grad

I wish there was a female Oblation run, or a 50/50 event, instead of just a sausage party.

e4abd9  No.4002

File: 1422043267400.gif (51.9 KB, 359x200, 359:200, monvisagequand.gif)

BS Economics student at UPLB here

>walk around campus

>see gommies "protesting"

e4abd9  No.4015


my nigga


>tfw UPD is filled with dirty communists

e4abd9  No.4030

mah nigga, nasa elbi ka na?

e4abd9  No.4332

DLSU , I regret it.

e4abd9  No.4333

Blocks are usually like that.. Find yourself a couple of irregulars to hangout with.. Much more interesting people and you'll learn new things.

e4abd9  No.4337

Why do you regret it? I can't go guess your reason because I'm not Madam Auring.

That's what I'm doing right now for the past 2 years.

Though I sometimes hang out with fellow batchmates. I managed to learn how to cardgames, dota 2, and various diskartes.

e4abd9  No.4587

File: 1422933438406.jpg (303.5 KB, 1500x1355, 300:271, 64372_b.jpg)

PUP Advertising

e4abd9  No.4594


Oh a CSBfag, cool.

Do you and your friends do Happy Thursdays?

e4abd9  No.4602

info systems

fuck this wannabe freshmens joining an ict course because he wants to be a hecker and going too be anunimoes
fukin cancer

e4abd9  No.4884

Used to be in Ateneo.
I left because I want to get good grades and fuck around at the same time.
Now I am in Letran.
Fuck prestiguous schools.

e4abd9  No.4901

File: 1423366918694.jpg (78.32 KB, 1228x693, 1228:693, ss (2014-02-09 at 02.39.14….jpg)


We don't have time for that recently though.

e4abd9  No.5157

Alright lads, kamusta valentines?

e4abd9  No.5158

skype'd with the bae last night since she's out of the country right now.

so, just lying down not even bothering to go outside.

e4abd9  No.5388

File: 1424446537681.png (300.38 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, fbb1fcf6e4ef2c35c8df8d14bd….png)

A wild whale appeared! What will you do?

just bumping.

e4abd9  No.5399

File: 1424481269059.jpg (111.71 KB, 630x900, 7:10, japanese-fisherman-fishing….jpg)

Get the Japanese whale hunters

e4abd9  No.5418

>tfw no CLSU bro.
BSIT reporting in.

e4abd9  No.5425

File: 1424535558853.jpg (26.84 KB, 566x677, 566:677, 1422275580254.jpg)

only friend and vidya game buddy in the University died in haiyan now playing games everyday after school like I used to do inHS with all my old gaming group but now It's just me going solo

e4abd9  No.5477

File: 1424707130211.jpg (18.57 KB, 603x380, 603:380, big20boss20salute.jpg)

Condolence, anon.

Anyways, what will you do this Wednesday anons? Do homework and projects and shit?

e4abd9  No.5595

return them to tumblr and ask for a refund.

e4abd9  No.5603

ARU here.

Mechanical engineering and I'm the only Filipino doing engineering.

Still searching for housing next semester and it's a bitch.

e4abd9  No.5617

so you're basically a rugby player?

e4abd9  No.5618

just googled it btw so just out of curiousitty.

e4abd9  No.5631


haha nah I don't play rugby but there are quite a few people here that play rugby.

ARU have a couple of campuses out there but the main ones are in Cambridge and Chelmsford. The good thing about the Chelmsford campus is that we don't have to deal with the fine arts students and that since they are all based in the Cambridge campus.

e4abd9  No.5686

I have this guy in my class who keeps spouting filthy frank memes, it's fucking disgusting.

e4abd9  No.5806

File: 1425295952420.jpg (92.04 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1400638407950.jpg)

Is that in CSB? Because I know someone who kept spouting PewDiePie memes before we made him watch franku.

e4abd9  No.5967



e4abd9  No.5969


hey I'm from PUP too. isko are you from main?

e4abd9  No.6009

Best not know who PewDiePie is.

e4abd9  No.6169

I saw the CSB Tulfo fail a few days ago.

Clearly, she stained the name of Barn. Barn is not a den, it's just a watering hole where people meet up. And balding 24-year olds try to relive their college years by hookin up with happy thursday girls.

e4abd9  No.6566

e4abd9  No.6567

Dick pics pls

e4abd9  No.6631


I hate the Tulfo event that happened recently.

People are flocking in the chill drinking areas such as Central, Exile and etc.

I misss the quiet drinking sessions ;_;

e4abd9  No.6632

Your ignorance is a blessing

e4abd9  No.6635

never was a central kid. i never knew the appeal of a loud bar, plus how do I game girls in tables?

e4abd9  No.8580

Resurrecting this thread since the other one is plagued with Allen

e4abd9  No.8583


Bruh, I would suggest you go to pubs and not clubs. They're better.

e4abd9  No.8584


Any pubs you know of? Screw clubs.

e4abd9  No.8585

APCfag here, and so far it's a blast! Video games and board games after classes, and pretty much college-based shenanigans

e4abd9  No.8598

UPD Eng'g.

Who here has an org? I'm in my fourth year and I still don't have one.

>inb4 barbarian

e4abd9  No.8600


Right at the heart of NCR? Admittedly very little. I know Ye Olde English Pub in Festival Mall. San Mig Pub in Alabang Town Center. There's a sport's bar in Makati but I can't pinpoint it exactly. You should go to San Mig Pub more often, the people there are more classy including the qt3 women. Sometimes you can even flirt with the waitresses.

e4abd9  No.8601


I don't have one either man, can't believe I got away with not being in one despite it being a requirement

e4abd9  No.8602


I just find the whole app process bothersome. I really don't think it's worth the time and effort (and humiliation) just to be part of an "exclusive group".

e4abd9  No.8621


What org? As in a fraternity?

e4abd9  No.8623


I know a lot of members of a school org that every guy who takes this course should join and looking at them, there are hardly any benefits from it, like none. I never joined said organization, and I'm just fine goofing around with my homies from different courses.

e4abd9  No.8626

File: 1431277075898.jpg (655.83 KB, 746x1000, 373:500, 1404605642376.jpg)


I'm from the South, and I know The San Mig pub, but haven't been there.

I don't know if 'The Beer Garden" near Makati Ave counts. I know it has that Tavern feel.


Orgs are only fluff for your resume IMO. Some orgs at Mapua Makati are circlejerks.

Any of you feel the same way?

e4abd9  No.8629


Orgs as in "academic" organizations. Note the use pf quotation marks. In UP, either you join one such org (there's usually two rival orgs per course) or you're labeled a "barbarian". They're not frats, though they still do have an application process like them.

e4abd9  No.8630


Do employers care about orgs in your resume? Like:

>shit man this guy's part of a college org mane, A COLLEGE ORG

>hire him ASAP nigga

e4abd9  No.8633


Many orgs endorse this. And might be a key for instant hiring because the employer is from the same org as well.

e4abd9  No.8636


In that case the system is bullshit. Also, what if your org is the rival org of the employer's? Will there be an "instant rejection"? Being a barbarian is better in that case. You don't have to worry about whether or not the employer has the same org as you.

e4abd9  No.8637

File: 1431324356551.jpg (46.14 KB, 209x544, 209:544, RIP IN PEACE. KOTORI STRON….jpg)


That, I do not know when it comes to a rival org.

e4abd9  No.8638


Huh. Well, from what was being described, I thought it was a fraternity. It's basically the same thing in one minus the pain, trust me, I know what it's like being part of one.

e4abd9  No.8639


Is it true that a lot of frat "men" are closet fags?

e4abd9  No.8640


There are actually a lot of frat boys that don't like homos joining the group. Usually they either scare them off at baptismal rights or make them suffer during their rituals.

They usually do shit to humiliate you, but most of them are broskis.

But depending on the frat you join, I guess. My ritual involved picking up women and getting their numbers then by the end of the whole initiation, as a reward for your efforts, you have to either get them to bang you or get a kiss, whichever you like.

e4abd9  No.8650

So, any tactics on very boring classes?

No phone usage of course, that would be very easy.

e4abd9  No.8651


>getting bored on classes

Bobo detected

e4abd9  No.8653


Why is there at least ONE cocksucker like you in every class who needs a cock in his mouth to keep him focused? Can't you just stop going to class?

e4abd9  No.8654

File: 1431413492247.jpg (537 KB, 779x1211, 779:1211, justinhair3.jpg)


madaming mahirap na masyadong entitled dahil "scholar" daw sila ng bayan.

ang dami namang bagsak.

sobrang panget na ng sintang paaralan ko simula noon.

e4abd9  No.8655

File: 1431413561866.jpg (96.02 KB, 802x1139, 802:1139, l1mirP6.jpg)


buhay pa si mambets?

e4abd9  No.8662

File: 1431422293154.png (131.7 KB, 200x450, 4:9, book.png)

Is there any proof of this?

e4abd9  No.9872

File: 1434683808494.png (192.25 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1416122520554.png)


Isn't that the book where so-called "Freelance Models" list their names and can serve as a fuckbook?

e4abd9  No.9877


Yes, that's the infamous bluebook I'm looking for.

If the said bluebook is real.

Rumor has it that you have to talk to one of the guards for this.

e4abd9  No.9889



e4abd9  No.9934


What's to lol about?

e4abd9  No.11909

Where's a good place where you can do kinky shit in UPD?

e4abd9  No.11910

File: 1440941935477-0.jpg (80.38 KB, 426x341, 426:341, 1411342408153.jpg)

File: 1440941935564-1.jpg (46.98 KB, 960x576, 5:3, wew.jpg)


>University of Portsmouth

>Law with Criminology LLB

I'm going to move in to my dorm room in two weeks. I've already packed my clothes and have started to buy things that I would need. I hope I don't spill my spaghettis when I meet my new dorm m8s and during the Fresher's party.

e4abd9  No.11912


would also like to know this. Kahit MC/AdMU

e4abd9  No.11925


AMA University

Known computer college/University, the program itself is pretty shitty.

e4abd9  No.11927


>not just having sex with your mom.

e4abd9  No.14428

File: 1460036696779.jpg (306.72 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Ogasa Shin(8sun)-www.kaifi….jpg)

Originally from DLSU taking OrgCom, shifted to FEU taking Lit, then again shifted to iAcademy taking MMA. Out of school youth ngayon, pero babalik next school year. How shit am I?

e4abd9  No.14493


Taking a Biology course in UP Baguio pamilya

e4abd9  No.14566

BS Medical Technology.

Somewhere in Monumento, Caloocan.

e4abd9  No.14596

UPD Comp Engg fag here. On a scale of 1-10, how much do I have a chance at getting in PlayStation and having thousands of Neofaggots at my disposal that are ready to defend my actions anytime? Will a masters in US help me a lot?

e4abd9  No.14600

File: 1461946447338.jpg (24.75 KB, 564x301, 564:301, empty.jpg)

I started college in 2010.

Went to UST for a year because Biology is hard.

Transferred to Malayan Colleges Laguna for a year but IT is not for me.

Transferred to FEUMak for 2 years studying Operations Management, fucked up, and decided to get a job.

2015 I transferred to Perpetual Help Manila because FEUMak won't accept me anymore for going AWOL on all my subjects, same with UST and Malayan, honestly.

Last sem, I AWOL'ed all my subjects, and I probably won't be accepted back.Planning on going back to working call center and have my parents disown me.

6 years and my parents put up with my bullshit working their asses off in Singapore while I do what I want.

Contemplating suicide.

e4abd9  No.14602


tangina indio

get help

e4abd9  No.14617


Zero. Too many poorfags here.

I see some people playing MH4U at EEEI occasionally, though.

e4abd9  No.14618


I was asking if the UP education would get me in Sony. Are you in the gaming guild? Is it true that they play nothing but ASSFAGGOTS? I was hoping that I would bring my Xbone for Halo night.

e4abd9  No.14619


Every university out there only plays MOBA shit even in organizations so it is not worth it.

e4abd9  No.14620

e4abd9  No.14627


Are you me mate?

I'm trying to get my shit together tho but it's falling apart just like the last time.

Surprised I even got this far enough and see a 3 next to my name.

Also contemplating suicide.

Just looking for a mountain where barely anyone treks so I can shoot myself with a cheapo gun.

e4abd9  No.14631


You sure? Has anybody even tried bringing in Smash or CoD?

e4abd9  No.14711


well mostly but I played fighting games with fellow Mapuans while I'm an FEU student (about to graduate). UMvC3, SFV, etc.

e4abd9  No.14713

Went to UPLB in 2010, VetMed. Got dismissed after just 1 year. Became a bum for 9 months. Moved to FEU-East Asia, Game Dev't.. Still there now and hopefully about to graduate.

e4abd9  No.14726


BS psychology

Life is good except for shit tier school

e4abd9  No.14729




e4abd9  No.14733


Jeje's everywhere. Some profs are incompetent too. I wanted to get in UP or Ateneo, but somehow i fucked up during the application process and ran out of time and didn't make it. Had to settle in a school where my relative goes to.

e4abd9  No.14737


Wow. Magdadalawang taon na pala nung pinost ko to. I've already graduated since.

To the anons who are still studying: you can do it!

e4abd9  No.14767


Yeah, OLFU is a shit school, even provincial colleges and universities do better.>>14733

e4abd9  No.14768


I still have one more year.

15a0a3  No.16662

Gago, ga-graduate na ako sa DLSU. Shit grades and no orgs. I am talking 2.2 GPA. How fucked am I? Anong options ko?

4fe745  No.16673


you're fucked if you fell for the meme STEM course (STEM is meme here). So many undeserving shitters here graduate with no work to show for it.

75d738  No.16684


(267) putangina mo! stop fucking this board up

75d738  No.16685



dlwang bobo, OP has (200+) replies to himself

473ca1  No.16938

Where to study for IT? Grade 12 STEM student here.

584ee8  No.16939


Programming or hardware/networking courses?

4fc6d5  No.16942


cant decide, i kinda like the hardware/networking thing

72b2c1  No.16951


Where do you study?

1701c5  No.16953

Stopped my CS course half when I realized my only options would end up being call center agencies, network services or moving to Manila. Currently investing in agricultural pursuits (mainly animals) and goods transportation via trucks, things are starting slow but going good, writing apps independently in my free time, and hoping to eventually get a team rolling for a app/game development company.

0944e0  No.16955


Yeah I imagine it's really hard to get into the tech business if you're in the province (province?) unless you take foreign clients, freelancing is where I am headed since I don't like staying in manila (shit hole) and be an underpaid programmer with no guaranteed raise.

b6b6a3  No.16966

>4th year polsci

>sa jew era university yung sa may central

>sumubok mag computer science isang taon

>puro 3.0 sa programming

>pasang awa

>balik sa polsci kasi alam ko mahina utak ko fit lang sa mga meme na kurso

>pero bumabawi ako sa klase dahil sa dumami ang alam ko dahil sa /pol/

>nagpapakawala ako ng mga redpill sa klase ng walang consequences

>hanga si prof kasi redpilled din siya


>ok naman performance ko 1.5 gwa last sem.

>di ko alam kung anong kinabukasan ko pagkabigay ng diploma

siguro papasok nalang ako sa kahit anong govt office total pwede kong gamitin siguro yung pagkaiglesia ni tatay para may backer ako. o itutuloy ko mag law kaso nga lang matagal.


to the most prestigious IT college in the philippines.

your nearest STI college.

02aa1a  No.16969


Is DLSU good enough? Also where do you study?

0022d1  No.16970


civil service (government), it's fucking garbage but pays well and have tons of benefits you'll have no problems finding a job if you have the iglesia cabal backing you.

02aa1a  No.16972


Interesting… so I should just feign conversion to Iglesia…

4e8c3a  No.16977


or you could be a (((freemason))) there are plenty of them in the government.

613254  No.16986

Somewhere in Metro Manila


Smooth sailing except when my fellow classmates acts retarded in the class then we all have to suffer the consequences

15170a  No.16988


yeah criminology is one of the career paths that attract the most degenerate youth.

99fff5  No.16989

File: 2b128f908667ec7⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 366x360, 61:60, 1467094762223.gif)


i wouldn't say degenerates but rather the future criminals. BSIT would top in terms of attracting degenerates since majority of IT students are weeaboos or basement dwellers

371532  No.16990


I agree including dotard, cstard, "gaymers"

0efbf2  No.17003

pubcuck is the new trend btw.

9b85a4  No.17009

File: 207848ff1053caa⋯.jpg (72.5 KB, 564x452, 141:113, Concern.jpg)

File: 04081491323eb21⋯.jpg (598 KB, 2145x1419, 65:43, masonry.jpg)



<INC fucktards

<Freemason shitheads

I am pretty sure that you people know the extensive damage these fucks are contributing (along with the destabilizers) to this country amirite?

It is safe to say that freemasons and religious cultists are the same errywhere on this earth. In that they have an agenda that is infinitely different and against every person that just wants to live. They do not have your best interest in mind and you, me, we are just a means to whatever "end" they want to achieve.

89b2f0  No.17011


Masons aren't wizards, anon. It's just a fraternity.

aadaad  No.17025


as far as i know INCucks aren't allowed to run for elections because they don't want to get involved in politics. they are good for now because they support the president.


>t. mason

i dont know what the fuck are freemasons in high places in the government cooking in their lodges that will directly affect the fate of our country. there are reasons why masons are banned before in many countries anon. there must be a law where government officials should not be a member of any fraternity groups so their decisions would not be affected by those fucktards.

71ebf2  No.17058


There was a time that some INC members ran in a party list. The group was called Alagad, if I'm not mistaken.

On the other hand, Masons in the Philippines can't do shit nowadays. For me, it's only relevant for historical purposes and that it's primarily a club for geriatrics. However, I can't fail to notice that some of our top officials are or were Masons. (https://archive.is/xDPU5)

804161  No.17060

H-UST-ler here, studying in CFAD.

In all the time I've spent here, I can tell you this entire department is full of children, at a higher rate than all the others. It's incredible how the arts attract people of a certain kind like how Med/Biz/Com attract money lovers.

Just fuck my shit up fam, all the snowflakes here in the arts is staggering, but thankfully not on the level that DLSU or Benilde attracts.

Oh, and more than half the time, the snowflakes here don't even come close to attractive. wew.

b5c4f3  No.17071

File: 659595af418809c⋯.jpg (221.96 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 8141-original-702-studio-2….jpg)

File: 953756a954be7d8⋯.jpg (289.47 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 8181-original-185-ground-f….jpg)

File: a533f3e0a5b0180⋯.jpg (340.83 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 8211-original-092-studio-1….jpg)

File: 7eb7442db7b4f74⋯.jpg (341.86 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 8299-original-618-studio-2….jpg)


>Fine arts

I have plenty of questions. anon, but I'll start with just three. What made you choose this path? Are you satisfied with it? And what do you think of 21st century art?

PIcs related, just your average contemporary (((art))) from the West.

97e11b  No.17078


>What made you choose this path?

Well, I had always just been that kid in class who would be drawing more than paying attention to the lecture. It was there that someone convinced me to be a concept artist in the future. It's been years since that moment, but since then I have just been investing in art overtime. At some point I realized it would be a gigantic waste if I decided to pick any other path after all that investment. I decided that I wanted to go to college not necessarily for education, but for the competition.

In this day and age, you can find all the artistic knowledge you need online. But you wont find that competitive drive elsewhere other than art school.

>Are you satisfied?

Hell no, too many snowflakes, scattered interests, lots of people who don't necessarily know what they want to do years from now. I haven't found that competition at all so far.

I should have expected this to be honest. Advertising Arts is a broad subject, all the while being in the arts means automatic attraction of pushover snowflakes who have no actual interest in art as an objective subject, and treat it all with subjectiveness.

>What do you think about 21st century art?

In the images you've shown, this is what 21st century art has on its front-page, the nonsensical garbage with no skill involved in its craft that is clearly nothing more than a money laundering/washing scheme.

However, if we are to take a look past the front page, we can see that art is very much alive and well, far more so than any other point in history. The advent of CGI has done nothing less than open new doors while raising the possibilities for artistic endeavors. Contrary to popular belief CGI does take alot of work, with this consideration alone it is by definition art. True art requires effort, true art requires an objective base. It is with this effort requirement that art will show skill, it is by this objective base that the subjective can flourish and come to exist. CGI fulfills both these.

It is also why we can say that many of the old masters still kick alot of our collective art asses. Old American masters like JC Leyendecker show exactly what they were capable of, that many today cannot even be close to achieving despite the massive array of modern tools at their disposal.

But then you have the modern masters. They are not currently acclaimed like Salvador Dali or Van Gogh, but they sure do bring to perspective what the modern masters are capable of. By these I mean masters such as Steve Huston, Gary Meyers, Vitaly Bulgarov, John Park, Raphael Lacoste, Craig Mullins, Kim Jung Gi.

21st century art isnt all garbage. The good part of it has just rapidly accelerated beyond anything that came before due to no longer being exclusive as well as by the hand of technology.

a6092b  No.17079


How bad is it there? I'm planning on studying either on UP or UST. My course is Computer Science or Information Technology.

804161  No.17083


Honestly not too sure about how the CompSci and IT courses are like. The only thing I can tell you to keep in mind is…well….Remember that IT and CompSci courses are bloated with individuals who don't have an actual interest in the subject. They're there because they heard the rumors that the industries need tech experts.

Most of these rumors just need people who can handle very rudimentary tasks…like building towers or setting up connections to the backbone…jobs that don't actually need an in depth education in computer sciences.

With that in mind, be prepared for the effects this will have on the college course.

By that I mean the disproportionate amount of fuccbois and normies who are lost in the course, yet so numerous they are that the curriculum actually gets affected, to the point that the course is just intended to show that they ARE producing graduates, nevermind that the graduates aren't up to par with graduates who actually know what they're doing.

So what's my actual advice? It's this: If you're seriously interested in learning things, you have to have the initiative to study beyond the time you have in school, you have to be interested outside of classes as well as inside.

I'm not saying that compsci or IT courses in colleges are worthless, you definitely do stand to gain alot by going through college, just be aware of the conditions you will face that make it much more difficult to gain anything.

66b7f9  No.17084


I know people from UST that was taking the same internship as me. They study C# or ASP there for web development they had a hard time adjusting to PHP and PHP frameworks when I worked with them.

66b7f9  No.17087

Also, check the curriculum if it's padded with gen ed courses (most are anyway I hated the curriculum in my university). Being booksmart isn't a requirement in CS and IT every documentation there is one internet search away. Expect a lot of self studying.

72457a  No.17091

I'm still in Grade 12, and I'm already self-studying(CS50 from harvard). I've noticed that most of my classmates don't even know how to use winrar lol

d54c75  No.17156


Currently a BS CS sophomore in UP Diliman. CS here is more on theory rather than application, so be prepared for a lot of maths and less programming than what you'd expect. The 2nd year of the curriculum is the "filter" which separates the ones who are computer scientists and the ones who aren't. And I can say that this is true, most of my blockmates are suffering in 2 of our CS majors. What >>17083 said is true, there are a lot of people who are in it just for the "money", but there are also people who genuinely love CS and are computer scientists. So the former are the ones who shift out of CS after 2nd or 3rd year, but the latter are the ones who graduate. Overall, I'd say think about if you're really into CS or are just buying into the meme.

If you're bothered by the "commie" reputation of UP, don't worry too much. It's just a vocal minority, coming from usually the arts and humanities courses; majority of students here are quiet as to their political standings, I've met a few who are in support of the government and a few like me who don't give too much of a shit.

I can ask my cousin who studied CS in UST, if you want to know how it is there.

cd237d  No.17157


Thank you for giving an insight! Yes, please! That would really help a lot.

775aba  No.17569

File: d46ab44efe99e92⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1473205336636.jpg)

Political Science

Ganitong ganito ako >>16662 kailanman hindi ako pabibo sa uni at ginagawa ko lang palagi ang tamang sikap para makapasa. May naiwan akong mga subject kaya baka ma-urong pa ata ng isang semestro ang aking diploma hehe

1fe964  No.17571


i study biology

41c539  No.17578


ako din may naiwang subjects, and hirap kunin kasi pang graduating yung mga subjects palaging hindi open or walang slots.

9682b3  No.17581


>Political Science


bbd78d  No.17599

File: d62b12377dd930f⋯.jpg (87.86 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1510524283876.jpg)



In IT, It doesn't fucking matter. Actual work experience is what gets you hired easily. Certifications like CCNA and CompTIA are what gets you hired for the first time, but don't expect a high starting salary. Also, don't even hope for a pay raise unless you're willing to company-hop. Also, hot tip for certifications, specialize in something (Security, Voice, etc.), don't fall for the trap of generalizing- only small companies require jack-of-all-trades.

t. UE Chink-mongrel currently working for the pure chinks at "Salumpwet/"

1fe964  No.17631


maybe he is a kuc

9682b3  No.17641


arent kuce more into IT than political science tho?

076dcd  No.17690


yes they are

d90918  No.17697


pol sci is a preparatory course to law.

1a65bb  No.17710


Can I take another bachelors course then go to law school?

1a65bb  No.17711


What is the minimum salary for an undergraduate in IT or Com Sci?

c0c0b6  No.17748


because I'm bad at math… literally the only reason.

9682b3  No.17751


And how do you like this faculty so far?

c0c0b6  No.17753


if you mean uni faculty then it's not bad for the most part. of course, some professors are smarter than the others. I give more respect to profs that have a plethora of anecdotes to base their teachings on rather than the one that talks purely out of the books he's read.

I would have liked the professors to stand and discuss some more, but I guess this is uni culture where you're supposed to be given some material/general topic and is expected to make an output in the end.

23cdd0  No.18031

I've noticed that retarded flipgunggong normies(fuckboys) are afraid of Com Sci, so they proceed to IT instead.

8308da  No.18717

Anyone from PCU here?

c07551  No.18722

File: c265c208e92da8d⋯.jpg (81.03 KB, 582x582, 1:1, error loading.jpg)


i thought comsci is easier than IT.

967c4b  No.18723


lol no. you got it backwards.

8308da  No.18726


No surprise. Cucknoys are too stupid to do math

52e1f8  No.19053

Any Com Sci here? Or BS Math/Applied Math? Specifically in UST

70ddc0  No.19152

UST CFAD and possibly the Last Bastion of normal art before "Libtard Cancer" takes over. Learns almost fucking nothing useful for 4 years.

a1b63c  No.19180

I took a two-year computer-related course in a third-rate private institution that does not like to be called either a college or a university and does not offer four-year courses. Upon first enrolled, I found out the course I initially pallend to take was just phased out.

a1b63c  No.19181

I took a two-year computer-related course in a third-rate private institution that does not like to be called either a college or a university and does not offer four-year courses. Upon first enrollment, I found out the course I initially planned to take was just phased out. Programming language instruction there is just fucking babby-tier.

97c0c5  No.19459

Someone please tell me what I can do with a degree in biology. I've never done PCR or any molecular bio lab work in my four years at my shit university.

e01930  No.19460


government work with the DENR or something, any branch in government involving biology. you'll have to walk in to several of them probably since nepotism runs deep here and sometimes they won't accommodate you if you don't look good.

ecf552  No.19648


Veterinary Medicine. I hate this course I'm just stuck here

73695f  No.19651


why? it seems to be fun if you love animals and shit. at least you are not stuck in a useless course like pol sci.

ad6e20  No.19697


Bs DevCom here in CMU, some of our profs are from UPLB. They don't care about whether you'll graduate or not.

cb6e65  No.19832

University of Cebu

I topped the board exam last year, and let me tell you what. I fucking hate the PRC and everything they stand for.

Will work hard to convince those nutjobs at the government that we're doing it horribly wrong.

f08281  No.19835


congrats anon!

af52be  No.19837

File: e996d2f856db53f⋯.png (77.9 KB, 282x300, 47:50, confus.png)


>Will work hard to convince those nutjobs at the government that we're doing it horribly wrong.

Well, what is wrong?

5f9316  No.19842


Not him but the latest shitstorm I could think of is the CPD units "scam" where old professionals are required to attend seminars accredited by the PRC only (35 units, every unit costs a lot of money), there's a shit ton of requirements along with it to get your license renewed.

05e272  No.20557


thanks anon

4d55a7  No.20558



board of what exactly criminology, engineering, nursing or etc?

4dc19e  No.20559

Just passed the PLM entrance exam with my course CS. What am I in for?

18851f  No.20560


PLM is a great school, they have a very strict school rules though. I wish I considered PLM as my choice for college during my HS days if I only knew how useless most collrge degrees are.

258a90  No.20561


Depends really, have you taken a look at the curriculum?

4dc19e  No.20564


They didn't posted it at their website , so idk

139ee0  No.20631

Anyone from UPM and PLM here?

473369  No.20883

Taking up a glorified 2 year course (but really it's just a bunch of TESDA courses beefed with minor subjects)

School life if pretty chill until it's time for the certification assessment. We don't bother being serious with the minor subjects since we can easily cheat our way through it

6c6404  No.20917

>be me

>born artist

>Want to be some filmmaker one day or an animator. idk

>Original plan was to take comp sci like mudra tells me to

>plan stack up lot on shekels then be filmmaker

>I say yes

>Enrollment period

>Free to choose a course

>Pussy up

>Choose broadcasting instead of comp sci


I dont know where the fuck Im going with my life right now. Im not even sure if I'll have a decent pay in the course I got in, I am indeed sure its small compared to the loads if I could have chosen and finished computer science.

3e52c1  No.20921


CS/IT here, it's a struggle to get decent pay because there's too many of us. Most companies offer garbage pay like 15k (sometimes they even have the audacity to offer no benefits like insurance).

a94901  No.20922


why not try applying to government agencies?

only problem is you have to pass the civil service examination


try to exam an career assessment test so you can have basis for your career. that's was i did when i was in highschool i took NCAE examination seriously

473369  No.20924



FUCKING SHIFT YOU FOOL! You're not gonna end up working for the big networks. At best, you'll work at some local radio station.

Take accounting instead. Pharmacy if you got a little more dosh. I was gonna say IT until >>20921 posted though he might be in the provinces.

473369  No.20925


I forgot to add: keep your art/animation as a side thing. We don't have competent schools that can match graduates from other countries. You're better off teaching yourself while working an 8 hour job.

7d8b78  No.20930

Anyone here who has tried to enter QC city hall public library? How was it? Was it worth it to go there if you have issues at home and can't study at home? or is that place just full of annoying tambays? I'm really desperate to have another place for study


Accountancy fag here. Don't take Accountancy if you're just meh with the subject both performance and passion-wise. You're just gonna want to kill yourself. There's a reason people view this as a suicidal/depression course.

22fda5  No.20934


You can loiter around public libraries within operation hours

6bd246  No.20935


if you want an easy diploma try shifting to criminology anon, that course is a breeze if you know how to construct english sentences and pronounce it properly tbqh.

17b813  No.21068

None of the unis in this country is even worth a damn other than just another fragile stepping stone or if you pursue EM in the STEM. The only closest global top200 uni is situated in Taiwan and not here, if I remember. No rocketscience-tier courses here and it's pure shit like our National Defense.

I suggest, if you have IQ around 130, get out of the shithole as early as you possibly can or you'll just continue to suffer being surrounded by the low average and rot down to their level.

Learn foreign language, if you have family to back you up then ask them to sign you up to some student exchange program or get a student VISA and study abroad (preferrably an english country like AU but that's gonna be quite racist if you look too Asian and also expensive shit so try Japan instead - at the very least is gaijin-friendly).

81a3cd  No.21366

File: d128ff9d5f0654f⋯.gif (1015.24 KB, 500x278, 250:139, 1406916388614.gif)

I'm being pushed by my parents to take another course about computers. It's supposed to be an addition to a degree I already have, but I'm clueless about computer degrees. The only thing she's told me is that it's "Computer analyst" and that "it shouldn't take very long" meaning it's only like a year? or maybe less than that?

Does anyone know what she actually means? I tried looking it up, but what I'm seeing are the 4-year computer courses. I hate it that she can't be precise with the names and words she's talking about.

81a3cd  No.21367



I don't understand what exact computer course she's talking about. There are many computer courses. Anyone know what she's possibly referring to?

d53b3d  No.21372


what's your previous course OP?

maybe they are referring to a technical course or to a master's degree

7f9e15  No.21373


>"Computer analyst"

>"it shouldn't take very long"

Your mom is stupid. There is no course that "should not take very long". Because after you finished your course, you are off to chasing week to month-long programs that give you certificates that will tell the employer that you are able to do more shit in your chosen field.

81a3cd  No.21379

File: 4cf760cd3b0c174⋯.jpg (12.51 KB, 261x271, 261:271, 1418488758990.jpg)



I'm sure she wasn't referring to master's because she took that advice from her friend whose

>daughter is a NURSE ->> she claimed she's taken it, and that "it was just really short"

>son who is ??? ->> her friend is claiming her son is earning huge dosh right now because of it


That's right. She's not very clear with the things she's talking about. Very vague. Like right now, she's saying there's a ton of opening for BIR application, but she doesn't really know squat beyond that. And she wants me to just run right now straight to a college to enroll, unknowing what degree she's really talking about, and under this weather. Very "sugod ng sugod na babae" without carrying the actual important information.

9a0b5a  No.21403


Don't accountants already make good money even if they don't pass the board exams yet?

Ask your mom what the hell she's on about. You shouldn't waste your time taking certifications not related to your course (unless you plan on shifting courses).

29df7d  No.21415


Accountancy then you should focus on becoming a CPA. Don't listen to your mother imho since becoming a CPA can land you great job opportunities on private companies and government agencies

360cea  No.21422


"Computer Analyst" is a very broad term, it could go from glorified tech support to computer programmers. People making a lot of money in IT is a huge lie, there's an abundance of jobs but not many companies are willing to pay beyond minimum wage plus benefits if you only do grunt work. And those that do will have strict screening to get the right person (top 1%'ers, and usually foreign companies).

The people who get rich from any industry are team leaders, managers, high position jobs.

So a high paying salary right away is out of the question, most get lucky with a salary of 25k plus benefits if they look hard enough and are talented enough straight out of college.

One thing I really regret was not looking at the curriculum of the university I was going to, I realized that most of the things taught there was straight up useless. So I suggest doing your research before going in no matter the reputation of the university.

Examples I could think of:

>The majority of the subjects/courses in line with the program you're taking

>internship program

81a3cd  No.21434


that's a MEME. Never fall for that. For all the years of stress and suicidal thoughts, non-CPAs and even some CPAs earn jackshit. For non-CPAs, it'll take you a ton of time and clients (and you'll never be on the same level as a CPA of course) to even earn decently. For CPAs, it's like 3-5 years minimum of meaningful experience before you earn decent cash. Many foreign audit firms exploit this. They hire en masse upping their place as "the place where you gain the best experience", but the pay is just barely for your commute fare and food money. Accountancy is good for bragging purposes, but there are many more non-soul-draining courses that can get you more money and a happier life.


Thanks for this, mate!

c18bc6  No.21532

Creative Writing, UPD. shifted from Economics after 4 years of convincing myself that "i just need to work harder on the numbers", as if my numerous 5s in all my math classes weren't enough of a hint.

i never know how to feel whenever people ask me about my college life. usually goes like

>so anon, where do you study?

>oh, uh, over at UP Diliman

>wow! what course?

>Creative Writing


lol like it's okay man. i sure as hell won't be making good money, but it's either that or i would've been a worthless economist somewhere down the line.

i should be building up my portfolio at this point, but my mind's still overworked from all the essays i had to cram during the last two weeks of the semester.

a35b4f  No.21549


I don't know what your program actually do but I guess write a book, there's a community at https://www.choiceofgames.com/ where I read some of the releases, I think it definitely needs more authors since the newer ones are pure garbage. It's a low ceiling and not really high literature, they publish it even if the story is garbage. You get a percentage from the sales.

ea2851  No.21884


Ayyy a fellow bulsuan

3058a7  No.21887


Ano batch mo pre?

0d8002  No.21960

Incoming freshman ComSci Computer System Engineering in DLSU, how fucked am I Juanons?

9c7c46  No.21961


do you knkw recursion

328768  No.21963

File: 80e5fdbde51959c⋯.jpg (70.75 KB, 650x600, 13:12, jeej.jpg)



Mein sides.

1cb133  No.21964


well, most computerfag students/graduates know how to make a rocket ship through C++ but never heard of what recursion is. oh hey, they make binary arithmetic complex as calculus

1c5473  No.21968


>well, most computerfag students/graduates know how to make a rocket ship through C++

That ain't a rocket nor a ship, dum dum.

>but never heard of what recursion is.

Well, the reason why I loffed is because of a past thread with regards to computers 'n' shieet where the anon who was the recruiter/employer (IIRC) asked the candidate if they "know what recursion is?". Debate ensued pertaining to firing or hiring as well as the quality of graduates and schools of computer-related courses.

I dunno if the thread was archived, but it went along something like that. Gud toimes.

78539e  No.21969


People who ask stupid shit like that aren't worth working for anyway. I've been to hiring evaluations for a company i worked for a few times and the stupid recruiter keeps asking unrelated questions for the job.

>job description is front-end/designer

>recruiter asks stupid shit like algorithms, agile/scrum and logical questions

>job description is pretty much crud applications/maintaining existing programs

>stupid recruiter asks for low level questions like algorithms instead of steps on solving common problems for the job

Anyway the questions should be meant for the job/what your hiring for, not what the potential recruit / what you've memorized on your pea brain.

1c5473  No.21972


>Anyway the questions should be meant for the job/what your hiring for, not what the potential recruit / what you've memorized on your pea brain.

Yeah, I get it.

Still, the "recursion" thread memeries are just funny to ignore on my pea brain.

78539e  No.21973


Were you pro-recursion or anti-recursion I absolutely can't tell based on your two posts.

4e1629  No.21974




from lurking, I've also seen that post (inb4 gtfo newfag), and yes, recursion should be asked because its one of the greatest idea in computer science. back in 1950's, Fortran coders we're having trouble because they only have "Looping", since the compilers back then can't handle too much looping, Fortran founder admitted that there language is not that good because they have no recursion.

78539e  No.21975


The anon's tone about is that you have to memorize it if you want to get hired, which is just school level shit.

>do you know what a recursion is?

Yeah, lemme just quickly google search the snippet for it so I can apply it to a rare occasion that you'd actually need to. (There are times that recursion is slower than the traditional loop, but it really depends on what you're trying to do).

4e1629  No.21976


>There are times that recursion is slower than the traditional loop, but it really depends on what you're trying to do

yeah, that's why it should come with Memoization or Bottom-Up Algorithms. but the bottomline here is that how should a problem be solved, and every programmer should know what is the easiest way

>The anon's tone about is that you have to memorize it if you want to get hired, which is just school level shit.

of course its should not be just asked, but they have to ask it how to apply it, explain how it works, etc.

1c5473  No.21977

File: 150ae9236f8f17d⋯.png (462.29 KB, 455x561, 455:561, steveolaugh.png)


>wanting me to pick a side

Fuck off with your "recursion" politics.

I don't want none of that shit.

78539e  No.21979


There wasn't one to begin with ya dingus.

59278d  No.21982

File: c43ab3bec3caa07⋯.jpg (38.4 KB, 450x450, 1:1, cheetahlaugh.jpg)


>There wasn't one to begin with ya dingus.

>yet your post >>21973 clearly states the opposite.

bc745e  No.22730

Wtf, no Mindanaoan here?

e658f9  No.23506

3.5 years in Mapua intra as ME. Stopped almost a year and transferred to MCL ("sister" college of Mapua). MUuuuch coomfy.

28daad  No.23507


Is it true that in Mapua they're going to add another semester? There's no excuse for this other than pure greed, ever since a chink became a dean/ceo there or something (according to one of my professors).

d409d6  No.23575


there is sjwsness even at biology faculty in here

28daad  No.23628

>tfw one of the posters since 2014

Sup fags I'm a fresh IT graduate. Is it normal to get 15k salary offers for fresh graduate because that's very low imo since I'm paying rent here in Manila plus food and commute there'd be barely anything left even if I eat hepatitis ridden street food forever.

60279d  No.23637


>Tfw I'm a drop out and been here since 2014 too

dec737  No.23639


just get a remote job online and stay in your mom's house. you can earn $12/hr, be practical today and learn not to go with today's slavery system

bc745e  No.23640



Companies abroad are outsourcing some their work and are willing to pay more than local corporations can ever shill out if you can show them that you can bring out quality output.

One example is Japan, who's running low on workers because muh birth rate.

e1cff9  No.23646


Yes, most of private companies offer around that range just don't go to any recruitment agency because they will cut your basic salary around 20% - 50%

28daad  No.23700


I think I'm fucked, I'm being pressured by my parents to get a job now. I wanted to be picky and at least get a decent salary job but I think that's out of the question.

It's either I accept low salary and try to find an affordable apartment with that salary.

Get the fuck out and go to sierra madre range and live as a hermit.

Commit suicide while doing option #2.

341824  No.23701

File: 9caf14aab32dbf5⋯.mp4 (802.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, laughingbird.mp4)


If you have a bank account, make a paypal. Link that to your bank account and start looking for outsource gigs.

See what this anon said. >>23639

1ea63e  No.23710

>Newbie on this college shit, don't know how this shit works

>Was planning to go for UP

>Combination of lack of knowledge about the UPCAT procedures and time killed that.


b92ff0  No.23713


goodluck faggot, UCC is a meme, if your target course is not that complicated then skip college instead, or just get a Vocational course

28daad  No.23725


what site do you recommend for those? I only know onlinejobs.

2b2477  No.23726


>I only know onlinejobs.

I think that was what >>23701 is talking about.

Jobs where an internet connection, paypal account, and sufficient knowledge related to the job would be all that you need.

28daad  No.23792

Another update my friends,

I have to be honest I haven't told the whole story, like the others have said working remotely is infinitely better (better salary, don't have to commute), but I can't get in because I assume companies that are advertising need people with experience (like it matters in IT LOL, 3 to 10 years experience is nothing if your knowledge base is outdated.) and for every job posting out there there's probably 10+ other people applying.

I really do want to work remotely because I think the commute is a waste of time and the salary here is abysmal.

I started applying for local jobs and I got invited for the second part of the hiring process which is a programming test, there's only like 1 or 2 openings and I'm the only fresh grad there (we were 3 people during the day but I'm sure more are scheduled the next few days). Should I still go for it? The salary turned me off (12-15k range), the programming test is school project tier when they told me about it.

93ce64  No.23793


>Should I still go for it? The salary turned me off (12-15k range), the programming test is school project tier when they told me about it.

the best opinion should be coming from you, but for me, go for it because it will improve your programming skills while utilizing and earning monies. but its up to you, think carefully

ea8f03  No.23795



>Tell anything about your college life.

attendance lang tang ina pumasa pa, bagsak lahat ng quiz, assignment pero pasado pag projects at exam. in my defense 5 minutes lakad lang kaya dun ako nagenroll

now working as a mid level full stack dev in local (((bank))). to bee honest i despise elitist coworkers cunts from up, ateneo salsalle acting like a superior but dumb on simple shit like CRUD or even how repo works.

7613d7  No.24535

File: 80de9a2a318f0cc⋯.png (465.91 KB, 539x960, 539:960, hehadtoteachittoem.png)

who here /busko/

c538ee  No.24541




glad you are smart enough that you became a developer today, I heard STD's IT was bullshit that they teach Java as first programming language and trains students to become script kiddies

46dc18  No.24545

File: a05340404995cac⋯.jpeg (96.6 KB, 600x614, 300:307, 65b77a8a7acb35725ee5cd48c….jpeg)

Riding a jeep from Katipunan to UP Diliman. Saw a girl with a nice face and tits but…

>Ultra bleached hair with unnatural colors

>Saw her legs with lots of hair comparable to a mais plantation

>She was holding the safety railing of the jeep and got an unfortunate peek in her underarms that looked like the untamed forest of Sierra Madre

>She got off at UP town center and her t-shirt has "equality" and a marxist star as design.

>mfw I wish was joking but the memes are writing themselves

f69ed0  No.24626

Not a personal army request pero putang ina nung baklang iskolarspeaks na maingay sa socmed regarding Upsilon.

Anyone from UP or rather anyone associated with frats know that it's better to just keep your fucking mouth shut about frat business.

40bc5c  No.24645


>dem greens

Pustahan, pagnatapos na iyan sa kolehiyo either:


<gamitin ang pera ni daddy for commieactivist purposes

I sincerely wonder how the parents of these people act, function, and talk, to them. I mean, this cannot go on and on, right?

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