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Kool Kids Klub

File: 2a33f05e60caf56⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 310x163, 310:163, endallboomer.jpg)

47f4fe  No.28589

>grew up having the best economy

>land are easily available and can be bought more or less than a year's worth of salary

>fuck everything up and leave the next generation to clean up

>incur massive amounts of debt, expects their children to pay for it

>"bakit ka nagrerenta para ka lang nagsusunog ng pera"

every night i masturbate at the thought of having the earth or at least the philippines free of boomers

78eade  No.28595

>grew up having the best economy

but it's under democrazy so no sense of duty bcoz "freedum" and "muh rightz"

a880bc  No.28597

Do flip boomers actually lived in good times though?

8cd9dd  No.28603


well pinoy boomers do makes sense and most people who ignored their advices became a nigger

47f4fe  No.28605


still, the best economy this shit country ever had gotten

a880bc  No.28608





d48e29  No.28612

>peenoisetard boomer hate bread.

About damned time, in all honesty.

Day of the Pillow, when?

14ca85  No.28613


Nope pero they are dumb enough to believe Marcos time is the best era.

Anyone who was born before death of Emilio Aguinaldo are bunch of cancerous and selfish pricks who should be blamed for the shitty economy, actor politicians, death of Escolta and Avenida, loss of Sabah, Miangas, and Spratlys (the birthday party was an incredibly enraging incident), the death of Banco Filipino, treating poorly of Philippine World War Veterans, turning the reclamation area in Pasay into a shopping hub instead of a fucking airport like it was originally planned, and turning the country into a US lapdog.


People in this generation and beyond will have to work twice as hard now that seniors will get to leech off the worker's taxes. I fucking hate senior discounts and I don't want my taxes to go into something incredibly pointless like free admission to mall cinemas. It's not my fucking problem na kinain ang mga pera nila sa inflation dahil ayaw nila mag-ipon. Tang ina nila.

47f4fe  No.28616


not if those boomers are niggers themselves

030f9f  No.28630


Senior discounts are well abused and with Universal Healthcare being memed guess who'll fully benefit from it?

957ea5  No.28632


It truly is fucking bullshit. Philippines deserves a better social welfare than needlessly throwing away money on senior citizens. Mga beterano nga ng WW2 at yung pamilya na may namatayan na sundalo sa giyera hindi nga natin mabigyan ng magandang buhay tapos mapapapunta lang sa mga pisteng seniors na kung makaasta e parang bata. I would rather see my taxes be used to pay debts than have it be used by seniors na pa-travel travel na lang.

Fuck seniors, they deserve not a single cent from me.

d0cfe9  No.28651


the kicker is that the ones coming to the united states are fucking up this place even more. Every phlip house has 2 or 3 families in it. Stay in your own fucking country.

7f7466  No.28654

File: 50ff9824777de2d⋯.jpg (113.71 KB, 579x570, 193:190, badmanfeels.jpg)


>Nope pero they are dumb enough to believe Marcos time is the best era.

I am gonna have to disagree, they are right.

It is not perfect, but it is miles and leagues better than what we have prior to him and after him.

>Anyone who was born before death of Emilio Aguinaldo are bunch of cancerous and selfish pricks who should be blamed

I daresay that that the revolutionaries share the huge blame for what has habbened inna flipland. Even Rizal outright disagreed about fighting the spanish since flips are in no way, shape, or form "prepared" to take on the people that the spanish empire has allotted here.

I do understand Boni's eagerness for a "free" philippines, but he should have known that freedom comes with a cost. And the reality is, flips are too divided and they do not want to accept the reality that they really need to fight for their "freedom" and many of them just want others more destitute than them to take up arms and fight. Which is something that is still habbening nowadays. The case about general Luna is a great example about flip tribalism costing them dearly and preventing major headway in fighting the spanish. And yes, I am cognizant about the fact that Luna's autobiography and the movie are full of embellishments, but they nonetheless represent what is habbening amongst the revolutionaries' side. Add to that, it is quite possible that there was a lot of infighting among the ranks of the revolutionaries that we haven't heard of and Luna is just the tip of the iceberg.

TL;DR: Peenoisetards ought to get a reality check, but the reality is that they would not want a reality check since they cannot handle the truth and would resort to the "muh debil made me do it" excuse.

As with:

>turning the country into a US lapdog.

We really do not have a choice.

We can be very vocal and violent about it but the reality is that our geography means that we are in-between two geopolitical powerhouses. Add to that, the cold war, local issues of pressing concern, our military being dogshit as usual, shitty "pamumulitika" by doofuses that aren't fit to be public servants in the first place, and flips too busy on being stupid as well as being proud about being stupid.

3b891d  No.28656


7b4bee  No.28658


Dead meme is dead.

c1113c  No.28660

File: 93163717be86509⋯.png (57.06 KB, 924x313, 924:313, ClipboardImage.png)

Posting in 8ch Certified Quality Thread

3b891d  No.28661



efa2a0  No.28664



blaming a bunch of old niggers for the state of everything when millennials only post hugot shit on the internet and not much else.

9e722a  No.28668


30 years ago the population of the Philippines was around 60 million, 50 years ago it was around 35 million which was the time when Philippines experienced a population boom. If anything the people nowadays are getting less promiscuous despite hugot jokes shown around TV, and mind you, most of these young people are the youths who works at below minimum wage (P200-P300) and does anything to survive the daily hardships. Baby boomers especially on the provinces on the other hand gives birth to 8-12 children and acts like they aren't responsible for anything. It may not look like it but the youths of the Philippines are getting more and more depressed and as a result arose moral and ethical problems in the country.

c8246d  No.28695


>millenials only talk about hugot

>implying millenials are the only people right after boomers

what kind of mongoloid are you?

9d15a8  No.28699

File: dd33128c6e27d98⋯.png (274.12 KB, 1600x1330, 160:133, 1455088171354.png)


it's their partly fault they should be teaching the new generation not scapegoating on them IMHO. the fact that the last generation didn't fix or alleviate the problem but rather pass it the new generation goes to show you their lack of accountability.

4f3fdc  No.28704


>blaming millenials

ok boomer

643aff  No.28707

File: a5310b85532a9ef⋯.jpg (41.95 KB, 600x732, 50:61, check'em.jpg)

>>28699 (Dubs Checked)


Even boomertard workers hate newcomers because they see them as a threat to their position and nothing more. And then they will cry wolf when the youngins do not have "muh jerbz" and society is crumbling down and no one is wiping their stinky crap-plastered asses down yet when the youngins point out the obvious that they do not know shit and they need guidance, fucking boomertards talk as if they were the ones that figured it out on their own even though they were taught by someone else in the first place. Talk about selfishness and narcissism.

Heck, flipland is going down the shitter anyways. Inasmuch as I want a flip Andrew Yang to secure the bag, the oligarchs and oligopolists already have that locked down. I just wish a habbening where these fucks cannot leave country in order for likeminded individuals to perform "cleansing" on such pondscum.

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