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File: 01fc2bc2494d83b⋯.png (24.16 KB, 382x406, 191:203, battle of the anus.png)

File: 925feb6a6a07be8⋯.jpg (16.58 KB, 275x183, 275:183, UP-AIDS.jpg)

File: c2159a02a0d288c⋯.png (293.84 KB, 595x1095, 119:219, GRIDS specialist.png)

794563  No.30514

The otso diretso and UP clints have a new project pushing faggots playing marriage and it's a close fight. The survey is just on the front page of the Philippine congress website. It's just (((survey))) as of now but a simple vote of No would bring a fresh butthurt to these freaks to a new level.


6fffe6  No.30515

File: 81b42949cdeae62⋯.jpg (197.9 KB, 1001x1001, 1:1, hitler_laughing.jpg)

ee1e8f  No.30520


ee1e8f  No.30521


lets raid that shit

ee1e8f  No.30522

File: 2e8266e52011ff3⋯.jpeg (21.48 KB, 682x515, 682:515, gassed.jpeg)

1aa8fa  No.30523

File: 96dab94e1713ff6⋯.jpg (9.52 KB, 117x89, 117:89, 1232.JPG)

Is that a wordpress addon? or something

Its posting in the hompage

Im trying to automate it using on using proxy but still having problems. its posting to

ee1e8f  No.30524


what is that im looking at?

dba486  No.30527

File: 68334fe19961420⋯.png (123.2 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_5040.PNG)

Hell no, I won't allow faggots and dykes to burn marriage to the ground. I don't want our country to reach to the point where people and companies are punished just because they refuse to cater to their perversions like what they do at the so-called Land of the Free.

caf878  No.30530

Why the fuck do the options have flavor text that obviously favors the yes vote? Fucking cucks just leave it Yes and No.

794563  No.30531


The more reason to vote no.

Its the globohomo agenda in front of the gates, Indio.

ee1e8f  No.30532

6245ef  No.30533

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>invasion of the gay

Why did (((they))) do what habbened inna taiwan though? Was destabilization using feefees their current gameplan considering that their shenanigans inna middle east failed and doing another Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria inna SEA would be met with violent hostility?

If what habbened inna taiwan habbened here, I do wish that digong would just go ahead with the RevGov and start buying russian arms and ammo en masse pronto, and for flipland to go full Fallujah and Sakoku mode. Indios, you better get yourselves ready to rough it inna mountains with our CAFGU grandfathers.

FFS, I am fine with these deviants staying within their pens. The moment that they start being intrusive 'n' shieet, they get only nothing but bullets and stab wounds from me.

And also for the indios here that have redpilled and blackpilled frens, urge them to go to the website of flip congress, and vote no in this hullabaloo. I smell Soros and globohomo money in this shit.


6245ef  No.30535

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Heads up, pendejos. Muzzie chimpout inna Indonesia in progress!

The RT link is a livestream.

ee0c18  No.30537


Why those muzzies go nuts?

6245ef  No.30540



Although, I would not doubt that this may be a move by (((them))) or some other (((player))) that wants to have a go at fucking up SEA.

6849b4  No.30541

Is there anything wrong with same sex marriage im really interested on your views on this guys

ee0c18  No.30542


<Is there anything wrong with same sex marriage

Mass sterilization, having said that, being a faggot alone is just as bad as same sex marriage both are degenerate and leads to destruction of a nation. Faggotry is one of the reasons why the Roman Empire collapse.

6245ef  No.30543


You from plebbit or twatter trying to datamine?

ee0c18  No.30544


The fact that those muzzie goes wild tells me that there's more to it. I doubt its because the results in their latest elections.

6245ef  No.30545


Was the last indo election like what was happening? I mean, were there riots at the indo election prior to what they just held?

ee0c18  No.30546


I don't know. The news told us that it's because of the election result. But I doubt it, having these muzzies go nuts after they chose a leader tells me that there's more to it. Maybe it's not just about the election since there's no report of widespread cheating. There's no reason for an indo to go crazy in the streets unless its something else.

ee0c18  No.30547

File: 81f556c702523d8⋯.png (90 KB, 450x300, 3:2, faggot_poll.png)




ee0c18  No.30548


how to ddos that faggot gubmint site?

7f2a0f  No.30549

File: 0267763a76270c3⋯.jpg (44.77 KB, 564x656, 141:164, aristotle.jpg)


Alright, fuck it, datamine or not, I will bite.

>Anything wrong with same sex marriage

For the record, marriage is between a man and a woman. A homofaggot union is not called "marriage".

A marriage/union between a man and a woman creates offspring. It is in the best interest of the nation for its peoples to live in a healthy, and stable environment. Add to that, a nation's lifeline is their people, for it is the people that give credibility, legitimacy, and life, to a nation. Without people, a nation will cease to be so. Hence why, it is not only important for a nation to prioritize giving a stable and healthy environment for its peoples to live and prosper, it has to educate its populace on abstract concepts such as morals and values in order for the current and succeeding generations to have better lives as well as the capability to make better life choices. And this is also the reason why any sane government, and/or groups of concerned citizens, ought to not allow homo marriage; it creates nothing, is just a nuisance, and is a waste of taxpayer money.

What is worse is that this same sex marriage is just another "foot in the door" that which things more worse than faggot marriages will follow in. Add to that, marriage will just be used as a hashtag/fad and that the very crux of being married will be perverted further than it already is.

Finally, I do not give a damn about fags, but if they start being pushy that they want to have their own cake and eat it too, I will have to crack some faggot skulls to get the point across that I do not want nor need their shite, and I would rather that my taxpayer money go to legit poor families instead of bugchasing and scissoring homofaggotards that want to have their cake and eat it too at the expense of the common juan.

7f2a0f  No.30550

File: b40cd2db8c6ba5e⋯.jpg (102.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, aangry.jpg)


Okay, so, will duts finally give the green light for the RevGov?

I do remember that he is neutral with regards to faggots, and that he might just go along with this bullshit for thelulz as well as to make catholicucks butthurt, but FFS he ought to know the consequences that this will bring once homounions are allowed.

7f2a0f  No.30551


Heck, the events in taiwan (their referendum about homounions), plus this shit and the indo muzzie meltdown…

Cohencidence? I think not.

2066a8  No.30555

File: 1eb48ff1dab5df8⋯.png (245.38 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1eb48ff1dab5df8c4207a32671….png)


seriously of the all things they want to solve and they pick same sex marriage when our country is facing multiple problems such as: illegal drugs, poverty, housing, agriculture, criminality and etc. just fucking why?

058f93  No.30561



058f93  No.30562


>goys I am neutral may I know your data?

gtfo libcuck glownigger who broke into Jim's house

dadcfe  No.30564

The catholic church, inc, muslims and fundamentalists will surely oppose gay shit. They should be agitated to conduct protests and show the public that pinoys aint into sodomy.


This. We need to mobilize muh sekrit online neo nazi klub.

a56892  No.30566

File: 509151c3850c5de⋯.png (1016.59 KB, 999x710, 999:710, rn.png)





>asking for help

No bueno, m80.

They do their own digging and fight their own fights. It is our duty to dig for info and fight the battles here inna flipland.

Asking for help, while we have the capability to do intel gathering, vetting, piecing together of info, is downright shameful and "inutil". And I do believe that no person would want to sink that low and be seen as low.

If I may, if any of you have semi-redpilled to blackpilled frens, spread the word around that flipland is turning gay. And while at it, ask them to vote on the online poll by the flip congress with regards to gays.

964ebb  No.30575


but the problem is its not the faggots who have voted on the Yes, I bet its mostly the libcucks. I have talked to some faggots before on kikebook neargroup and some fags are against in legalizing same-sex marriage. and probably most of them are youngfag girls.

and who the fuck would vote for No? look at the label of choices, it looks like if you vote for No then you're are an asshole

ee0c18  No.30593

File: d7246cb4a650f68⋯.png (167.78 KB, 736x860, 184:215, le_happy_merchant.png)


>yes, be like me goy. Im neutral.

7529af  No.30594


Hang yourself.

a56892  No.30606


Well, if the current flip population would vote for no because they do not want to be seen as "muh ebil" instead of voting based on an objective reason, I do not know how long we can hold out under this globohomo gay agenda onslaught.

ee0c18  No.30611

fabb07  No.30614




what I'm just trying to state is we need to /pol/ style approach to redpill the flips, thus we need cuck/pol/ or 8/pol/ help. we are probably 10 shitposters here on this shitty imageboard and we are facing thousands of plebbitors

807b29  No.30624


>we are probably 10 shitposters here on this shitty imageboard and we are facing thousands of plebbitors

And we do not need to fight them head on, nor us baiting them here.

I do understand that you want to go on the counteroffensive, but that is what (((they))) want you to do in order to out yourself and get your credibility removed. Another thing that you should consider is that flips for the most part are dumb and willfully ignorant about what is happening to them and their country. And no, you cannot "redpill" such people who are kneejerk reactionaries that do not even give a damn about their own kin. Let them do what they want to do while we do our own thing here. In fact, you talking to your friends, family, and people that you know who are aware of the globohomo agenda would do more than to sling words to plebbitards inna internet.

For now, we do what we do best; collecting info and being vigilant. Whatever it is that gets leaked or dug, we archive and analyze. Once we have pieced together enough data to prove that there is legitimate evil about to be done, then we drop these redpill and blackpill bombs inna flip socmed. Heck, you can still do light redpills inna flip socmed. However, do not expect flips to be analyzing the redpills that you dropped.

7529af  No.30627

File: 446af735f62796b⋯.png (37.66 KB, 572x607, 572:607, JOOS.PNG)

e5a0f7  No.30628



You can't just go to (eg.) FB and post you oppose to same sex marriage, kukuyugin ka nila dun idadamay pati pamilya mo.

e8ce84  No.30647


well alright

20348a  No.30649


>House of Representative

Well, at the very least we have a more solid lead instead of putting the whole of congress as suspects.

Okay indios, lets start digging.

20348a  No.30650


OOF! my mistake.

House of Reps is part of the congress.

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