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File: 30382bc9d1a90f2⋯.jpg (47.09 KB, 678x1024, 339:512, 6025020661_e70af94518_b.jpg)

3ce61f  No.31640

>MANILA, Philippines — The House of Representatives has frozen the bill, which seeks to renew the legislative franchise of broadcasting giant ABS-CBN Corp. The franchise expires in nine months or on March 20, 2020.

>Without a franchise renewal, the radio-television network may have to close shop.

>There are speculations that the Lopez-owned broadcasting firm is strengthening its online service in preparation for that possibility.

>The Committee on Legislative Franchises, where House Bill 4349 bill had been pending since November 2016, did not submit a report on it before the outgoing 17th Congress adjourned its third and last regular session yesterday.

>This means that the renewal measure would have to be re-filed in the 18th Congress, which convenes on July 22.

>A key member of the legislative franchises committee said no action on any bill seeking to renew the ABS-CBN franchise would be taken as long as President Duterte has complaints against the network.

>“They have to thresh out and resolve their issues with the President. That’s the key to get the bill moving,” said the lawmaker, who did not want to be named.

>Unlike ABS-CBN, the legislative franchises of its rivals have already been renewed.



3d473b  No.31642

Fucking finally.

Sucks for the thousands of employees but that's what you get for being part of cuck media.

a66713  No.31643


Ayoko rin ung mga agenda ng ABS pero sa tagal kong nakatira sa Pilipinas hindi rin masusunod yan.

cce2c0  No.31646

maari bang ibigay nalang sa mga Ayala yan o kaya paghatian ng PTV4 para maging Asianovela/anime channel hehehe

68a590  No.31647

Make rappler take it over

791696  No.31654

Lulusot din yan. SMART pa nga lang na puro palpak yung serbisyo pinalusot yan pa kaya?

2b3060  No.31656


>para maging Asianovela/anime channel hehehe

Fucking hell no!

The last thing that we need are weebfucks acting out anime inna real life.

d628f7  No.31661


SMART is apparently one of the "too big to fail" companies in this country. The same could be argued for ABS-CBN but then again some minor player (5, any of the terrestrial religious networks, probably the government) or a new player might fill the gap that ABS-CBN could leave behind in terms of programming and popularity.

5d0c79  No.31662


Did Smart get its license renewal frozen?

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