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File: 6e8ddba0985414e⋯.jpg (124.9 KB, 1021x1024, 1021:1024, 871205237026304000.jpg)


Is this board dead or what?



Yeah, this is a dead board. Sadly, /news/ and /pol/ are live and healthy though. This board just feels redundant honestly.

File: c09bc4b1eeffb07⋯.jpg (211.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Untitled design (3).jpg)


How The Republican Party is Failing Young People? They're recruiting new members from a rather shallow pool of candidates. Do you have the money and time to spend a year off of work following around a senator? Then you're recruited! The only way to step into the world of politics with the republican party, is to know someone! They think because they like Kanye West they're suddenly doing appropriate outreach - heck no! Didn't you see the democrat memo leak that said the DACA illegals were "essential" to the democrat re-election campaigns? The fact is, either you somehow deport a couple million people - or you do some outreach and get young people and minorities into the party. Here I am, a young minority - and I can tell you, the job offerings are looking slim! JOBS! ….. Watch the video for more!




File: cf8bcd187faeac9⋯.png (516.62 KB, 510x381, 170:127, dsggasdhghdfhf.PNG)

File: 0c33d5c73b9db45⋯.png (553.52 KB, 750x3023, 750:3023, spinoff_parliament_fine_75….png)

File: 5abaa7c47916419⋯.jpg (464.56 KB, 1200x889, 1200:889, 5abaa7c47916419e0506901961….jpg)

The voting age it at an all time low.

The adult adolescence age is at an all time high.

The social media is censored in favor of left wing extremists.

Democratic Socialism is coming.

It will destroy the Republican party.

The Republican party and the Democrat party are starting to look way too similar.

Aaaand Socialism is going to make everyone so screwed up we're going to be worse than Sweden in 20 years.




I once volunteered for a campaign of a local republican official in high school.

I wasted around ten hours a week sitting at a phone reading a ‘poll’ off of a sheet of paper before I decided to fuck off and quit. Anyone who legitimately believes that to be a good campaign strategy should be barred from ever holding office.

The republican party is run by boomers with the iq of africans.

File: 1435471603774.png (718.51 KB, 1627x690, 1627:690, FireShot Screen Capture #0….png)


Who will /pn/ vote for in 2016?

Although I can't vote (not american) i'd put my money on Chris Christie winning. He's better than Jeb and he's not hispanic


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I like his stances on common core (last i heard, he was against it) but i don't think he has a chance of winning anything. Still, i'd like to see him in the main debates


File: 1436238445178.jpg (95.01 KB, 908x587, 908:587, 1436188902487-0.jpg)


I'd also like to see him on the stage, would produce good images.




Trump of course.


What idiots you all must feel like now. Everyone except for >>1239

File: 38939faeffaae24⋯.png (820.97 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 38939faeffaae2420167bf5f07….png)


There are so many crises at hand, some affect us immediately and some affect us by proxy. How do you deal with all of it without getting distracted by propaganda and trivial nonsense?

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File: 00a30e4d536ae58⋯.jpg (372.5 KB, 3750x2500, 3:2, AncapSS.jpg)

pretty clear


Democratic government and socialist private sector




That's a flat contradiction in terms.



>just give up goy

File: fb7f904f0b17162⋯.jpg (46.76 KB, 480x720, 2:3, MARINE.jpg)


Marine veteran shot in the head by irresponsible gun owner who was also an irresponsible driver

“We don’t know the motive and we don’t know what preceded it other than the red car was striking the golf cart,” Hoster said. “We know that this was very erratic behavior on the roadway leading up to the shooting.”

Brayer, who graduated from Arizona State University, joined the Marine Corps in 2001 after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to an ASU news article. He was in Iraq for nine months and also did humanitarian work in the Philippines, according to the article.

“I had wanted to be a Marine since I was 10 years old,” Bayer said in 2011. “My family was very patriotic. We flew the flag every day, and my grandfather was a decorated World War II veteran who was regional director of the American Legion in Arizona.”

Parks is being held on a $300,000 bond and is scheduled back in court next week.




File: 49e1147adffeb12⋯.png (268.88 KB, 1038x936, 173:156, 49e1147adffeb128a60b25c48b….png)


Thoughts on alien contact?

Do aliens contact us, do they consider us sentient or just babbys?

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If they found us, we would not know.



So's yer mum






How foolish you are! If this is infinite you'll never get away so you won't have to come back.

File: 154dcd715e0fdeb⋯.jpg (25.1 KB, 420x289, 420:289, In-case-of-whistleblower-b….jpg)



Acting on dead mans switches which are being periodically decrypted, a message was planted this morning instructing me to post the following:

In response to this thread: https://archive.org/pol/res/8605738.html

The group of "OPs" has indicated that there is a bread crumb trail in the FOIA requests submitted to the SEC by Taylor Scott Amarel - however - getting a log of all of these requests might be tricky because the SEC has already admitted that they banned Amarel from the FOIA process.

If you have heard of or are following https://archive.org/pol/res/8605738.html, a FOIA request for "all emails or FOIA requests from Taylor Scott Amarel to the SEC's FOIA office from 2015 to Present day" will result in a 'road map" detailing all of the fraud and illegal actions that OPs have reported to the SEC.

According to the instructions, OPs submitted FOIA requests for all of their own Whistleblower tips in an effort to prevent the SEC from deleting information and provide a trail of FOIA request subjects that could be followed by others.

all the best, OPs lawyer from the grave


wew it might be legit http://archive.is/WhZa5

File: 0ee05589d0ee245⋯.jpg (29.62 KB, 394x395, 394:395, 8dc63054d8d84185ea2a5c3507….jpg)


Now that sex is everywhere, it has low value, sort of like running water. We are learning that sexual liberation means sexual conformity, and because the herd is all doing the same thing, value flees to those who are outsiders and doing something else, like tying sex to family and existential purpose, which makes it more valuable where “liberation” makes it less valuable.

Like all things Leftist, sexual democratization renders worthless something one prized by destroying the best examples of it so that the other examples can feel “equal.” In other words, no one gets what is beautiful; beauty is destroyed so that the average can rule. This is what the fearful and tyrannical human ego does to any segment of experience.

For example, Americans are having less sex because sex is sort of like running water or wi-fi now, i.e. everywhere and without much significance, which cries out for it to be bonded to something larger and more transcendental than what modernity has reduced to a bodily function:


In other words, sex has become a bargaining chip. People trade it for acceptance in a relationship, and once they are in one, there is no need for a further transaction. The liberation of sex has made everyone into slow-motion prostitutes. And as a result, sex has become a chore like any other job, something done in exchange for money or power and therefore, something undesirable.

This is the nature of all things under egalitarianism. Because society is re-oriented toward a minimum, everything which is not mediocre becomes a commodity, and as the herd chases after it, its value falls as it becomes democratized or spread around. In the end, nothing is worth anything, but each prole can claim they are a king… albeit in an entropic wasteland where nothing has value.

Stephanie says:

The sad reckoning may be on the way. Zika babies seems to be an apt warning and outcome. Sins of the father. Degeneration. Visited upon the innocent.

When kids are seeking to be a different gender, and are encouraged to do so by the ‘adults’ and the ‘experts’, and then anyone who proclaims that an anus is not aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: a20dc565c63d7a4⋯.jpg (195.02 KB, 500x544, 125:136, 1-biologytoday.jpg)

low VALUE, no value, sacred.


Very good discussion on this in /christian/


> be avg guy/girl

> exposed to sex exploiting messages on tv media net since birth

> immersed in a teenage culture where sex is a rite of passage and a measure of societal achievement

> "Why do you feel a need to control the sexual behaviors of others?"

LOL our sexual behavior is, let me search for an appropriate term, fucked already.






How many people do you know have meaningless sex and their life feels empty and hollow? They do not feel connected to their partner or even themselves??

When you have sex where you truly love, respect and connect with your partner it is like meeting god.

But people are free to find this out for themselves. They are free to seek whatever sexual experiences they want but in my experience, having been there, done that, OP is 100% right.

Sex is power.

File: d3c8a5a1787cd93⋯.jpeg (6.76 KB, 328x154, 164:77, earth.jpeg)


bigly drama afoot

File: 82b3d5b80e1030b⋯.jpg (151.92 KB, 630x531, 70:59, 1480291823.jpg)


CRISPR–Cas9 has emerged as a powerful technology that enables ready modification of the mammalian genome. The ability to modulate Cas9 activity can reduce off-target cleavage and facilitate precise genome engineering. Here we report the development of a Cas9 variant whose activity can be switched on and off in human cells with 4-hydroxytamoxifen (4-HT) by fusing the Cas9 enzyme with the hormone-binding domain of the estrogen receptor (ERT2). The final optimized variant, termed iCas, showed low endonuclease activity without 4-HT but high editing efficiency at multiple loci with the chemical. We also tuned the duration and concentration of 4-HT treatment to reduce off-target genome modification. Additionally, we benchmarked iCas against other chemical-inducible methods and found that it had the fastest on rate and that its activity could be toggled on and off repeatedly. Collectively, these results highlight the utility of iCas for rapid and reversible control of genome-editing function.



Looks like a chance to create the next superorganism.

File: 3007e77c4b06d56⋯.jpg (319.25 KB, 665x629, 665:629, 3007e77c4b06d56d2509fe352b….jpg)


Tired of Trump game yet?


back to reddit


Monday Social Media outrage intensifies

"Trump's favorability rating historically low, poll finds"


Tuesday (((News comes out)))

Wednesday False Storm

Thursday Calm before the real Storm, as dusk falls positions are taken



Confirmed for 2015+2

File: d47046d398652bf⋯.jpg (521.52 KB, 2400x1800, 4:3, vaccines for africa, their….jpg)


The first viruses CEPI will target are MERS-CoV, Lassa, and Nipah viruses. The coalition will seek to develop two vaccines for each virus, which emergency responders can administer in the event of an outbreak. It'll also look to defend against new strains of Ebola and Zika should they crop up.

CEPI has called on other world leaders for support in raising the remaining $510 million. As the coalition gathers momentum, Gates suspects the added brainpower will also lead to faster innovation.

"CEPI is a great example of how supporting innovation and R&D can help the world to address some of its most pressing health challenges," he said.

One of the greatest challenges public-health agencies face is recognizing an outbreak of infectious disease and containing its spread.

With certain viruses that tend to be a bit milder, such as the flu virus, agencies can look at data from doctor and hospital visits to know where the virus has spread. Vaccines also work to prevent that spread from ever taking place. With deadlier viruses, ones for which there are no vaccines, the spread can lead to death long before experts know where it's headed and who's most at-risk.

One of CEPI's major long-term goals is to reduce the chance a group could miss an outbreak or fail to stop a spread within a reasonable amount of time.

"For new vaccines to be game changers, they must be developed and tested before outbreaks hit and made accessible and affordable for all communities in times of health crisis," Dr. Joanne Liu, International President of Doctors Without Borders, said in a statement. "These are the conditions that will determine CEPI's success and ensure this new initiative saves lives."


Some parents prefer not to vaccinate children against every possible virus. Not every virus is lethal, not all vaccines provide the same immunity boosting respons that vaccines do. Shoud all children in the near future be boosted with cybernetic enhancements too? That is the argument the pro vaccine crowd is making, your children need to be boosted despite your parental discrePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Not suspicious at all.

File: 1436315567066.png (108.04 KB, 300x397, 300:397, Drawing (9).png)


Thoughts on Donald Trump?

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best 45th president of the U S of A


hes outmaneuvering all his enemies




A good man for the job, of getting America ready.

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