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File: 1423863046292-0.png (799.11 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, types.png)

File: 1423863046292-1.png (257.34 KB, 1024x273, 1024:273, types2.png)


Be it from fangames or your own grey matter list fake/cool types you've come across from various games.

Light- Makes a lot of sense, seen everywhere. Given values are usual mutual effectiveness/weakness regarding Dark types, strength against ghost and water, and weakness against Grass.

Nuclear - Popularized by Uranium. Beats probably Grass, Bug, and Dragon considering they imply organic life. And Time because half lives. Weak to Steel, Water and Electric.

Glitch/Virus- One I've seen a few places, most notably Pokemon Acanthite. Pokemon that exist in cyberspace at a corrupted level. A place you'll see Missingno. and Porygon kind of pokemon quite often. Beyond me regarding type interactions, probably beats Electric.

???- Null or mystery type pokemon. What Ditto and Kecleon shouldve been. A bunch of mystery or difficult to classify pokemon would be an interesting road.

Sound - For god's sake Soundproof as an ability does most of the work for us. Sound would be a type that beats Steel, Water, and Flying, and is mutually beaten by Rock and Ground.

Time- A cool proposal. There are numerous time sort of Pokemon out there already not the least of which being Dialga. Roar of Time and Future Sight would be time moves. Probably beats Space, Grass, Rock and Bug or something due to aging/weathering. Is beaten by Fairy, Ghost, Nuclear and Space.

Space- Both physical space and cosmic pokemon alike! Moves like teleport, trick, spacial rend, and vacuum-cut would be Space moves. Beats Time, Sound and Fire. Is weak to Light, Time and Flying. Much better move pool and selection than Time.
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Type: Artificial
What it is: Any Pokemon created with the help of mankind.
Examples: Mewtwo, Aerodactyl (wouldn't be around without man)
Type Advantages/Disadvantages: Grass, Water, Normal, Fairy and Arcane (lack of magics) not effective; Time, Rock, Steel super effective

Type: Mechanical
What: Anything with a steampunk or robotic theme, pretty much a combination of Steel and Electric
Examples: Rotom, Klink evolutionary line
Type Advantages/Disadvantages: Water quadruple effective against it (only singular typing this happens to); Strong against Grass, Bug, Psychic (no mind), Electric;
Weak against Ground, Ice (may have Antifreeze ability that protects against Ice), Fire

File: 1416079654108.jpg (41.72 KB, 420x560, 3:4, landissomebullshit.jpg)


It seems there's only one Expert Belt in all of X and Y and i either accidentally sold it or traded it. Thanks, Game Freak, for not making that impossible or putting it in the Maison. Yay, bad game design.


unique items =/= bad game design

If you really cared about it you'd have been more careful.


File: 1424228996804.png (234.54 KB, 1731x1427, 1731:1427, urafaget.png)

if you were an expert, you'd still have that belt

File: 1424205079942.jpg (57.64 KB, 570x300, 19:10, Pokemon-3DS.jpg)


I don't know whether to get pokemon X or omega ruby. pls halp


alpha sapphire


Go with Omega Ruby, XY was honestly really lame.

File: 1423798936609.jpg (11.43 KB, 300x263, 300:263, 1410538734798.jpg)


assume you're talking to a retarded outsider
how do i get into pokemon battling outside of the handheld games

is there most popular PC version i can play?


Use a simulator. The most popular is Smogon's Pokemon Showdown.


>how do i get into pokemon battling outside of the handheld games
If you mean you want the classic experience but have no handheld thingies, then an Emulator is the way to go.

Use VBA-M for GBA emulation and DeSmuME for DS emulation.

You'll need at least a Pentium 4 processor to run GBA games; if you're wanting to emulate DS, you'll need an Intel Core 2 Duo Desktop or better
Basically, if your computer lacks a floppy reader, you should be fine.

File: 1423883583863.png (615 B, 32x32, 1:1, mental herb.png)


I'm trying to get a mental herb in OR/AS. I've spoken to the person in fortree city but I've checked all over mosdeep and I can't find a wingull. Where do I find the wingull you need to talk to to get a mental herb in OR/AS?


in the house south of the space cnter



File: 1417221598801.jpg (17.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_n13w2h7Nmc1s78s3bo1….jpg)


All pokes have good iv's


Mass Pokes
Stunfisk- static, calm
Honedge- brave




Do you have a shiny Lopunny?


What IVs does your honedge have?

I have Slakoth and Joltik. I'm working on a Venonat now.

File: 1423804880443.png (195.12 KB, 400x300, 4:3, nando.png)


Anyone else here really like Nando?

File: 1411399136797.png (1.98 MB, 2466x2035, 2466:2035, Pokédex_Pt.png)


Why haven't you done your dex?
Why aren't you even trying?
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You guys know you'll be able to catch every box legendary besides the XY ones in ORAS right?


I have a living dex on Red and Y, an almost complete living dex on Crystal and White 2, and am working on one in Platinum

Pretty sure I have you beat




And what about the Event pokemans?


You get Deoxys…

File: 1423278933495.jpg (12.33 KB, 253x197, 253:197, 1423277302945.jpg)


His head is weird.


ur mum is weird

File: 1423276361983.jpg (116.88 KB, 630x480, 21:16, faceswap.jpg)


I'm not well versed on pokemon lore, but i had a couple Team Rocket related questions.

-Is it generally known to the public that Giovanni is the boss?
-Is it known to individual grunts?
-What does Team Rocket even DO outside of Jessi and James?


They killed a pokemon once, I think

And they harvest slowpoke tails.


They made Mewtwo


- In the games continuity, yes after R/B/Y/FR/LG. This is why he was into hiding during G/S/C/HG/SS. In the anime continuity he's still in the clear.
-Yes. Giovanni doesn't bother hiding his identity from his underlings.
-They're a generic gangster/mafia organisation. Stealing pokémon, threatening people to work for them, poaching in the Safari Zone, etc. Most of it is to obtain rare and strong pokémon (both for intimidation as well as to sell), but they also have non-pokémon related business like the Viridian Gym and the Celadon casino (probably a money laundering front - Safari Zone mons also end up as prizes here).

File: 1423407124090.png (70.05 KB, 382x410, 191:205, weavile_plays_a_3ds_by_kei….png)


Hi everyone! I've browsed this board for a while now, and I can see that it lacks some discussions about hardcore competitive pokemon battling, so, I was inspired to make a board specifically designed for conversations about competitive pokemon, and the like. You guys can find it here: 8ch.net/pkmnc/ I would really appreciate it if you guys went to check it out. Thanks! Btw, I'm not trying to pull people away from the other Pokémon boards, bc I enjoy these too, this is just a place where people can talk solely about competitive pokemon. Thanks!


As a summary, there's a new board based around Competitive Pokémon battles; link:


This board is already as dead as it is. I really don't see a board based off a general going anywhere.


With a board as slow as /poke/, having a subtopic seems more appropriate for a general than a separate board entirely.

File: 1423260516107.png (1.12 MB, 864x648, 4:3, Untitled.png)


Yo I don't really play anymore Pokemon but I was cleaning my shit and know I haven't ever redeemed this. It was for the platinum version, don't know if it's possible to claim or if this shit even matters because someone can just hack them in, but here. There's the code at the bottom.


Oh, and you have to go to pokemonplatinum.com/rotom


WFC is down permanently so that won't work any more.

File: 1422848417937.png (592.71 KB, 809x1637, 809:1637, mist.png)


Fairly new. So I'm playing through FireRed and I really want some help.

I get massive anxiety with something like catching and training pokemon because I afraid it would all be a waste of time as soon as I find something better.

How can I know exactly whether a pokemon is a good catch or if I should just pass it by? Is it purely about which moves it can get? I don't care too much for EVs and IVs and natures. I just want to have good basic knowledge of whether something is worth catching or not. Is there some site that tells me if a specific pokemon is good?

Sorry if these are stupid questions. If I'm going about it wrong just tell me.

If I get obsessed enough with it then I will probably start looking into natures and all that technical stuff.
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Decided to just research it on my own. Heres what I came up with.

Pokemon worth picking up in Fire/Leaf

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1422931357481.jpg (6.57 KB, 251x247, 251:247, 1359451090078.jpg)


Choose 6 that you think are cool beforehand, don't worry about "better" or "worse" for PvE.

Usually, it's pretty late game by the time you get the 6 you were after, which leaves plenty of room for dicking about with 'mons you wouldn't usually bother with.

This gives you enough experience to know what's good or shit in the future, and should leave you with a pretty solid team come the E4.

In summary, calm the farm and save the autism for competitive play.


One thing you could consider is that you rarely ever really 'waste your time' with any particular mon, especially if you're autistic enough to start breeding later on.

That lv 76 Weepinbell you dedicated the entire main story to? Well, now it can pass on Gastro Acid and Leaf Storm to other Grass types.

Don't worry too much about it - you can even teach it a 3rd gen tm or two so it would at least have a unique moveset it can use/pass on as you move it up the gens.


This. There might be better mons in terms of movepool or stats, but that honestly doesn't matter for in-game. With a multityped team and some grind any trainer can be overcome.


A sufficiently level Weedle can solo the entire game.

Step it up.

File: 1423250107774.jpg (158.44 KB, 850x994, 425:497, white 3ds.jpg)


hey guys whats the difference between alpha sapphire and omega ruby. since they're not going to come out with emerald remake for obvious reasons im thinking of going with omega ruby
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


So its not really "better"


of course not, neither is better, there's no gameplay differences


Alright just wanted to make sure thanks


Other than that, Lanette will give you a different doll for your secret base depending on which version you're playing (Seedot in Ruby, Lotad in Sapphire), the colour of the Big Tent decoration will be red in Ruby and blue in Sapphire, and Ruby shows off Courtney whereas Sapphire shows off Shelly's delicious ass.


Ruby it is

File: 1422667629684.jpg (137.75 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 404012-pokemon-pokemon-mys….jpg)


So I had a craving for Mystery Dungeon and went back to it. I still love it, even though it's broken. Then I wondered, what's the most broken pokemon/moves in this game.

I know Disable and paralysis are retardedly overpowered, and Agility is flat out dysfunctional. What are the best pokemon for easy rampant murder?


Which one? Rescue, Explorers, or Gates?

In Gates, Axew can get Dual Chop early on and that shit will carry you just about anywhere. Some moves that don't do all that much in the main series is actually useful here like Imprison.


Bullet Seed

Bullet Seed is distance, hits multiple times, and is actually strong for every hit


Powder Snow, Silver Wind, Discharge, and earthquake. Cut also, these get you through monster houses. And again, you already know about disable and totter seeds.

I used to go full survival mode, though, so mega drain or absorb will keep you alive later when you have no food, and take attacks like tackle for as much pp as you can grab. Eat everything you find on the floor that you can't carry, so you have the stomach to survive those 99 floors.

For level 1 dungeons, frustration's a great move because it has that set 45 damage you can use for most of the dungeon if you don't want to waste your joy seeds.

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