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File: 1418173281123.jpg (172.96 KB, 633x772, 633:772, 1327801890056.jpg)


All right mother fuckers I have been playing Alpha Saphire, pretty happy with it, good game, love the new stuff and the nostalgia.
And then I got to Dewford town. I can't catch Sableye until I beat the gym. This is bullshit, Sableye is my favorite fucking pokemon. And I can't catch it immediatly because some fuckers are in the way.


iirc you need the mach bike to get to where the sableyes are

File: 1417578778462.gif (1.07 MB, 500x358, 250:179, 1404622986962.gif)


Anyone got the Time Travel Award yet in ORAS? Can you use emerald pokemon? Or is it just Ruby/Sapphire?
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You get it for transferring over a mon from 3rd gen all the way up to ORAS


c-can I transfer from red/blue and go all the way up to ORAS?


No - Gens 1 and 2 are blocked off from Gens 3-6. that was when they revamped the pokemon data system and introduced nature IDs.


awesome, thanks.


You can if you know how to rip the Pokemon from your save data, then convert it with Metropolis. However, it's not worth the effort as the data may need to be changed to be legal.
You're better off just transferring mons from FR/LG or hacking them in to begin with.

File: 1416527951900.jpg (29.5 KB, 410x288, 205:144, image.jpg)


>the halfchan being invaded by redditors who claim that they are buying that shitty demake tomorrow
>implying GF will anticipate the shitty sales as everyone else on the halfchan and the pokemon community boycotts it
>my strawpoll was filled with GF shill proxies TWICE
>mfw even 8chan is preventing me from making the truth known by having that fucking time constraint
>mfw /poke/'s creator is a shill too
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bumping gloat


7.7/10 not a flop


only because nintendo doesn't buy reviews


Why won't you fuck off with that shitty BAIT, samefagging OP? Most importantly, why are you such a FAGGOT?

Remember this?
>The internal battery has ran dry, the game can be played. However, clock based events will no longer occur.


>not replacing the battery

File: 1417851864986.png (56.52 KB, 189x179, 189:179, Jee Han in a Hole.png)



>female characters
>female trainer classes
answered the rest though.


>mfw all these faggots deluding themselves into thinking their lives would be any less shitty if they lived in the pokemon world

File: 1417170052006.png (63.14 KB, 180x135, 4:3, 180px-Tag_Battle_anime.png)


>tfw 8chan's pokemon board is dead as fuck

I organised a double-battle competition on 4chan's vp ages ago. I wouldn't mind starting another, if there was enough interest?
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>replying to Bui ever


What's wrong with that?


HA is probably preferred since it helps it with switch ins and the other two are near useless in comparison.

Someone on /vp/ had been distributing 6 IV dittos for the past couple days apparently, so if you can stand going on there for a little bit you can probably grab one and make the process go by a lot faster.

6IVs are not really needed though, I doubt anyone's going to try for any sort of Special moveset with a 54 Sp. Atk Base.


Got a 6iv HA female today. Eh, I just want a few hexaperfect pokemon for the hell of it & to use them on my various teams.

Gunna take a break though, I have 2 boxes fulls of them. Thinking of doing this on 17th. I want have at least 4 boxes full by then.


Oh yeah, I understand the allure of perfection.

The male Buneary you got earlier would also probably be incredibly helpful in breeding other hexaperfects - I think it's in both Ground and Humanshape, yeah? That's actually a pretty huge chunk of the entire Pokedex.

File: 1417662268257.gif (717.77 KB, 252x199, 252:199, 1412860742017.gif)


Whats a good way to train pokemon post game in ORAS? I thought the 3rd level of the Battle Food Court was good, but it turns out there's some sort of daily limit.


There are some Blissey Secret Base QR codes being distributed around various sites - I've seen them over at Smogon, and Pokemon Community - pretty sure /vp/ and Serebii might have some too.

File: 1416967399079.gif (20.05 KB, 375x378, 125:126, 1403918150131.gif)


Hey /poke/ I think I found a glitch in Alpha Sapphire.
Apparently if you transfer Pokemon through bank before getting the national dex you may encounter Pokemon from the national dex
I've seen a bronzor and fineon pop up in the dexnav pages and on the field those are the only two I've encountered so far.
This isn't a game breaking glitch or anything just something interesting.
Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Also glitch/weird technical error thread.
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pics or it didn't happen


Doesn't really sound like a glitch or a problem. The game probably lets them appear once they're registered in your pokédex as caught, figuring that hey, you've already got access to one to train or breed with, so it might as well make them available in the wild too.


You get the national dex after kyogre for some reason.


Between getting Groudon and picking up the national dex, I found the mirage islands, Uxie, Cressella, and a couple more while surfing/fishing. I think the national dex mons come after you beat Kyogre/Groudon, not when you get the national dex itself.

File: 1417496964648.png (195.66 KB, 552x414, 4:3, pokemon-sucks-dont-you-thi….png)


Don't care if board is ded. Am bored.

Pokemon is a stagnant franchise. List features to bring it beyond its archaic systems that could still run on a Gameboy.

Battle Encounters like Chrono Trigger
>battle in actual environment rather than generic environmentally themed arena
>have pokemon running around in the world naturally as wild animals
>source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXcl38zbqmw

File: 1417050877970.gif (205.4 KB, 200x200, 1:1, pokeman.gif)


Starting Omega Ruby. Name my Treeko.




File: 1417411745764.jpg (31.97 KB, 407x500, 407:500, Evolve.jpg)


File: 1411578269433.jpg (155.11 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1404711835663.jpg)


Everything related to the family of Ralts-line Pokemon goes in here.

Artworks of Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir/Gallade and Megas of the latter two are all welcome and much sought after.

Discussions, headcanons and the like are welcome as well.
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File: 1415562883834.jpg (329.51 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 46996057_p0_master1200.jpg)


Fresh content, originally uploaded only today!


File: 1417157261349.jpg (228.11 KB, 414x600, 69:100, 1406932739801.jpg)


wanna erp?


File: 1417330721407.png (95.34 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 10711019_1525734897667002_….png)


File: 1411698310322.png (82.21 KB, 500x394, 250:197, 500px-Babosoncomputer.png)




whoa whoa whoa anon this meme is a bit too old for the kids here


bill sticky when?


Quartz best romhack.


File: 1411700690821.jpg (34.72 KB, 300x196, 75:49, too bayyyd.jpg)

I can't find this on yknowyourmeme help me


File: 1417315434446.jpg (338.94 KB, 844x739, 844:739, farfignugletron.jpg)


moar /tr/ memes please

File: 1417176995290.png (26.55 KB, 1042x185, 1042:185, tag.png)



do it


this must be top priority

File: 1417032957147.gif (1.17 MB, 500x550, 10:11, 1416809314291.gif)


TotT: What do you think about the ORAS meta? New megas you're excited about? New sets you wanna try out?


File: 1417035124051.png (200.6 KB, 1279x476, 1279:476, team.png)

I need help finishing this team for a small local tournament. The rules we use will allow ORAS tutors but we can't use the new megas until the next year.
The main thing I wanted was to use both Infernape and Greninja in the same team for once, even if it's not a great idea.

First I wanted to justify using Infernape over Keldeo so I went with the old anti lead set. It doesn't work as well as an anti lead as in gen IV and V but it allows me to outpriority a weakened Talonflame, set up rocks in an emergency and hit hard with CC. I also thought about Close Combat/Fire Blast/Thunder Punch/Mach Punch.

Mixed Greninja is a beast now that it knows Gunk Shot. Ice Beam has a better base power than Ice Punch and the targets you wanna hit with Ice are usually weaker specially. Low Kick hits Heatran, Tyranitar, Chansey, Terrakion… I'm considering let go of Hydro Pump, but I'm not sure of what to put in its place. I thought about Shadow Sneak to outpriority weakened Azumarils, Mega Pinsirs and anything not called Talonflame or using Extremespeed.

Since I had two very frail pokemon, I threw defensive Rotom and Landorus-Therian in the mix. They cover each other's and Infernape's weaknesses pretty well and allow safer switches to my frailer pokemon with voltturn.

Now my team has a lot of potential to force switches and make good use of rocks, but no one to remove rocks from my side of the field, if necessary, and no easy way to eliminate their setter/defoggers.
I added Gothitelle to eliminate Megasaur, Chansey, Skarmory, Mandibuzz and others. The 80 HP EVs allow Gothitelle to Rest in front of a Chansey and eliminate it, instead of only being able to Trick.

Specially defensive Scizor comes in to resist special attacks the rest of the team can't take, such as Latios' Draco Meteor, Defog if necessary and help Landorus and Rotom with the voltturning. I'm not sure if I should use Knock Off, Pursuit or Bullet Punch in the second slot.

I'd like to keep Infernape, Greninja and maybe Gothitelle in the team, but feel free to suggest substitutions for the other pokemon.


File: 1417155877550.gif (177.83 KB, 500x411, 500:411, 1404920047281.gif)

I don't really know.
I need to see some successful sets of new megas and figure them out


File: 1417166212499.jpg (68.65 KB, 495x573, 165:191, 1399977562415.jpg)

Yeah the meta is going to be swagplay and prankster double team.

Oh you mean smogon shit.. sucks for them, every smogon ragequit counts as a win on my screboard.


I personally don;t own ORAS. Can someone tell me how battle spot is? Do they finally have a seperate ladder dedicated to VGC in this one?


I like the new megas, especially Gallade

File: 1416990375973.jpg (44.89 KB, 600x336, 25:14, 303349_v0_600x.jpg)


i haven;t seen anything about cloning at all, so i was wondering if i can help in any way (yes, i still clone even with the 1.3 update)


Some legendaries in ORAS require you to carry other legendaries from both versions in your team to appear. You might wanna rev up some clones of those to help out poorfags.


i dont have OR or AS yet, me and my little brother both get the new games on chrismas, then we both see who can finish it first, it makes him happy, but, besides that fact, i clone on XY, and if im able, ill most likely clone in OR/AS

File: 1416968417751.gif (2.82 MB, 469x264, 469:264, 1403585626995.gif)


Getting back into Pokemon for ORAS after not playing for several months. Just now realized a recent patch deleted my 6IV Ditto in Y. However, I have access to another 3DS and cart, not updated, that has a 6IV Ditto. So I'm gonna breed 6IV 'mons for each egg group and trade those to ORAS.
What's the smallest set of Pokemon I can use to do this? Would anyone want me to trade a set to them? Is there a better solution?


File: 1416995910920.png (128.4 KB, 1200x572, 300:143, gen VI egg group breeders ….png)

These are the ones you want. Afraid I don't have a set ready to trade, sorry.

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