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>It’s a spinoff. New core series is in 2nd half of 2019

>Seems to take place in kanto and is based off gen I story (not sure if yellow, or red/blue).

>Start with pikachu and eevee. They are not shown inside a pokeball.

>Pokemon are visible from the grass, as well as caves

>Cannot battle wild pokemon.

>Only gen I pokemon (including alolan forms) appear.

>How you throw the pokeball with the joystick seems to affect the catch rate.

>Can play with a friend on the same screen.

>Can both throw a pokeball to (most likely) increase the catch rate.

>It shows you and your friend both fighting with a pokemon against a trainer who only has one. Seem to both attack on the same turn.

>Some pokemon ball toy which, again, seems to increase the catch rate.

>After a pokemon is caught with the toy ball, cry comes from ball. Also can control game to a certain extent with it.

>Can connect with pokemon go. Shown bringing pokemon from pokemon go to “go park” in the spinoff.

>Shown riding onyx, flying with charizard, swimming with lapras

>There’s a “special pokemon”. Not sure if it’s a new one, or it’s just mew.

There's some more things I thought were less important in the trailer. Anyways, discuss.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wasn't sure if I should create another thread. Anyways, the new pokemon is called Meltan.

It looks…unique.

Why are professor oak and professor willow in completely different art styles?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More about meltan. Briefly:

>Connected to a box. Box contains rusted metal and opens/closes on it's own

>Can be multiple meltan despite it being a mythical pokemon

>Box needs to be in a specific environment. Willow was in a wooded area, while Oak was in a lab and got no meltan.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>meltan can melt metal and absorb metal.

>Can combine to for meganut melmetal



shit, didn't mean to post, but was just gonna post some more thoughts.

This is called an evolution, but whether they'll actually combine or not is unknown.

I like the idea of a mythical pokemon evolving. Since I never played gen VII it's a new concept for me.

Probably should have been giganut instead of meganut. Or juggernut. Also saw a comment saying meltan should have been doughnut.


M Y*


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