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File: 1424911863198-0.png (251.61 KB, 500x517, 500:517, roseliacropped.png)

File: 1424911863198-1.jpg (136.57 KB, 526x700, 263:350, roseliawantsyourdick.jpg)

File: 1424911863198-2.jpg (147.43 KB, 658x800, 329:400, roselialewd.jpg)

File: 1424911863198-3.jpg (108.12 KB, 686x589, 686:589, hornyroselia.jpg)

File: 1424911863198-4.jpg (15.52 KB, 250x295, 50:59, roseliasinging.jpg)


>A wild Roselia appears!
>She's horny as fuck
What would you do?


Throw luxury ball.


Horny? Don't you mean…



File: 1424913917791.png (159.77 KB, 717x491, 717:491, roseliavomit.png)


Bipeds are shit tier so I'd just use a fire attack or something and be on my way.


File: 1424926261240.jpg (194.26 KB, 900x636, 75:53, roseliaonfire.jpg)


lick her feets


If I were to make a greentext fapfic about Roselia, what would you guys want to see in it?




No feet pls.
Consensual love in missionary.


feet pls


File: 1426212246726.png (95.11 KB, 301x355, 301:355, 1407882261411.png)

Missionary, huh…

Come to think of it, I have never written that sex position ever, so I guess I'll be losing my first time with Roselia. How fitting.

Anything else?

Roselia doesn't even have feet anon.


>Roselia doesn't even have feet anon.
that's why you pretend she does

>roselia will never bully you with her tiny feet





File: 1426329854564.png (69.71 KB, 464x449, 464:449, tumblr_mxffjbI1bG1rq61h5o1….png)

this should just be a general Roselia thread wih Roserade in moderation


it should be a roselia feet thread


File: 1426505277728.png (269.96 KB, 511x540, 511:540, roseliachd.png)

Kiss her.
>Poison Point
Kiss her again!


would you kiss her feet?


I would kiss YOU


File: 1426635558011.jpg (242.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0c88c01d6fc6fc7318ec86e9b3….jpg)

Before I begin planning the greentext plot of >>8519 >>8534 could the board owner tell me if they're ok with greentext stories or fanfics?




only if it involves feet


File: 1426886849035.png (104.31 KB, 1111x903, 1111:903, 1423592249382.png)

no one wants to indulge in your fetish bui. Go home pls.



File: 1427013530716.jpg (197.61 KB, 852x1280, 213:320, tumblr_ng6fo3uUg61rxmw5xo1….jpg)

While I am not interested at all in feet, your persistence gave me a different idea instead.

…You don't give up, do you?
>You are a gardener working at the Parfum Palace
>Surprisingly you made a spot to get into work there after applying,
>You were about 20 years younger than the other gardeners working here, but they don't seem to pay you much mind.
>You spent most of your time weeding and watering, boring tasks most of the time
>Things get real when it is time to trim and cut down shrubs though
>You would bring in your signature red chainsaw for just such an occasion, enjoying the thrill of chopping down objects bigger than you.
>One day during trimming, you heard a cry for help
>You crept around the bushes to see a wild Roselia running away from a Fletchinder
>The bird was spewing fire all over the place trying to aim for the fleeing, not caring about the flames it was spreading.
>As if fate hasn't screwed over the poor grass type, it trips over its own feet and fell onto the ground.
>It turned around and looked at its attacker, who had a large grin on its face
>The Fletchinder charged another fire attack from its mouth.
>Roselia clenched its eyes for the inevitable, ready to be toasted by the attack
>That is, until you step in.
>"Nope, not today" you think to yourself.
>With your chainsaw still on, you swung it in front of the Fletchinder and spook it.
>The bird pokemon lost its focus and fired its embers at a random direction before flying away from you.
>You turn off the chainsaw after you see the Fletchinder go out of your sight.
>You puff out in relief that a fight was averted
>A voice called over behind you as the Roselia you save opened its eyes.
>You bend down to its height and pat it on the head, careful to not touch its thorns
You alright there, buddy?
>The first the Roselia did was kiss you right on the lips.
>You were taken aghast by its straightforwardness.
>Many thoughts filled your head from the short moment the two of you share together
"Wait what the fuck? This is actually happening?! Is this another damsel in distress reward?" Were just some of those thoughts
>It was not long before it broke the kiss and looked at you with amazement.
>All you did was gawk at it before walking away, pretending that never happened.
>As you walk the walk, your mind runs back to the Pokemon you just saved and whether that was a female that kissed you or…
>You subconsciously look back to see the Pokemon bent over at your direction, exposing itself to you.
>It caught you staring and only smiled.
>You look away as fast as you could, wiping sweat from your brows of the sight you just saw.
>Yep, definitely female.
>And now it, no she, can't get enough of you.
am I doing this thing right?



One thing though
>grinning fletchling


>no feet
it's shit m8


just like your opinion


wanna yiff


birds are little shits. I don't really like them very much. Morning Doves especially since they laugh at you while flying away. Hence, Fletchinder grins like a little shit.


File: 1427484346008.png (2.74 KB, 320x120, 8:3, zlCfzSu41V4o7ALZ2u.png)


>Poison Point
So, does that mean we'd get an STD?


File: 1428704161897-0.png (4.88 KB, 320x120, 8:3, tumblr_ngafnaqcL31rq61h5o4….png)

File: 1428704161897-1.png (182.02 KB, 861x1400, 123:200, 1391228682174 - Copy.png)

oh right forgot about this.

>And now she can't get enough of you.

>Whenever you show up for work, she would follow, often jumping from a bush to kiss you.
>When you are taking a break, she blows a sweet scene in your direction to lure you towards her.
>Thankfully your sense of smell has been greatly hindered due to the years of pollen exposure you faced as a gardener.
>When you are shearing bushes she would grind against your leg, looking at you with those dopey eyes.
>Often times she would bend over and pick up something, giving you a full view of her nethers.
>She even waves it around like a swinging dial
>Why do Roselias never have a back leaf to cover themselves with?
>On occasion, she would carry around springwater in her roses and pour it all over herself in front of you.
>She even adds a little shake afterwards in hopes that you watch.
>Although you will stay resistant, you have to admit that the dance was cute.
>It was not long before she stopped caring about privacy and began seducing you in front of other people.
>Not only were you embarrassed, but people began spreading rumors about you while you work.
>It was not long before you were summoned by your employer to clarify the rumors.
>You explain to them the events on how you saved the Roselia from a Fletchinder
>They don't seem to care.
>When you finish, you were given a Pokeball and a choice
>"Catch the Roselia and put it away or we'll release your contract and you'll be out of the job."
>Well shit.


Catch her, evolve her and fuck every day after work.




Roselia doesn't have feet, dummy.


yes she does


File: 1430117703316.png (107.16 KB, 700x500, 7:5, f9c8c1808470ecd5337f6b2fbb….png)


>And so here you are, lurking in the bushes like some creeper.

>You have until the end of your shift to find and catch the Roselia.

"This should be easy" You think to yourself

>But it wasn't

>Ironically the time you needed to find her the most she decided to really disappear

>Payback must really be a bitch

>You begin to wonder if she really has given up on you

>While you may be relieved, you'd be lying to yourself if you weren't disappointed for taking her offer even once.

>She was kinda cute, for a Pokemon at least

>It is now dusk

>You are covered with leaves and branches

>Exhausted and tired, you are ready to give up


>A small voice catches your attention

>You rush over to an unusual clearing in the forest to find a rather…interesting sight.

>The Roselia you were looking for was tangled up in a couple of loose vines in the giant castle's garden

>Her eyes were covered with a darker green hue of vines, blocking her eyesight with every struggle

>Her arms were bound as well, the vines covering then up to her exposed roses.

>A loose vine is entangled with her leafy front, lifting up her dress and presenting the forest with her birthday suit

>It must be exhaustion, but sometimes urges you to take a closer look

>You sneak closer to the resting Roselia, and see that she hasn't even been touched, meaning that she was likely hanging around here, bound for the entire day.

>It is a miracle that no wandering Pokemon took advantage of such an opening

>Well, you found the Roselia, so you should probably capture her and bring her back before you're fired for good

>You step on a twig, waking up the Roselia


>She went back to struggling, unable to break free of her bounds and now hearing the presense of someone close to her

>Her voices rises in pitch as she fails with each attempt

>Something about this scene is sending shivers down your spine, making your breathing increase in speed as you get more excited.

>See her struggle like this

>In vain

>It is turning you on

>Just then, an evil idea appears in your head

>You'll catch her, but first some fun is to have

>after all, you'll give her what she so desired in the first place…

I might get a trip to avoid a potential impersonator hi-jacking the story…



pls add feet ;_;



see bui you are at it again, bullying people into adding unwanted fetishes in your works!



I'll stop once you do it~



I'm not even the writer.



yes you are :^)



no I'm not :^)


Can I be the writer? :^)



but you are



but I'm not



wanna yiff?









>a fucking back and forth between two anons

fucking really?

fuck this, getting a trip




add feet to the fic pls



What's this?

>Roselia seemed to recognized your voice and she smiles, relieved that you are here to save her.

>But not for long.

>Using what you have learned from voice impersonation classes, you applied pressure to certain parts of your throat and speak up again.

Well well well, what do we have here?


>Almost instantly her smile fades as you approach with the new voice tone.

>Step by step you get closer, snickering out loud and making her quiver.

A lone Roselia in the forest all by itself? Presenting her precious area for the world to see?

>Roselia trembles as your improv voice gets closer.

>"….Li…li…!" She cries.

>By now you are inches away from her and you can now fully see the details of her tiny opening

>Oddly she seems to be an inny, with the lips concealing itself inside of her.

But you're doing it all alone, where no one ca appreciate the finer things in life…except for me, that is.

>Your hand traces one of her thorns on top of her head.

>"….n….Ro!" She gasps, her body shaking uncontrollably like a prey cornered by the predator.

>You move your hand down lower until you reach her body, where you then trace her sides and belly.

>It felt as smooth as a baby's bottom, plush like one too.

>She was quivering like an earthquake with your touch. She still tries to struggle free from the vines but to no avail.

>As you trace your hand you discover two small nubs on her chest.

Oh? You even have a chest? How cute!

>You move both of your hands underneath her lifted dress and tease them with your fingers.

>She yells out as you tug on them with your fingernails

>"Lii! Ro!"

>Heh, her reactions to the stimulus you are giving her definitely makes up for her pancake chest.

>You snicker out loud as Roselia tries to squirm out of the grip of the vines.


>You trace her nipples with the tastebuds of your tongue, tasting the fear she was pouring out.

>Kind of sweet, a ting of sour, just right

>You should feel guilty for teasing the poor Roselia for this but you're having too much fun to care.

>Your tongue drags on to her other nipple, and then back, and repeats until both were hard as nubs.

>All throughout she jerks and cries, music to your ears.

>Your tongue reaches lower, dabbing at her belly like a rompompom drum.

>Your hands are underneath her as you grab on to her back and her butt.

>"Eeeeeee!" She screams.

>Well, that hurt your ears.

Aw, quiet, will ya?

>You losen her dress caught in the vine and stuff it in her mouth, gagging her.

>"Hnnnnn!" she murmurs.

>You snicker again, another idea in your head

I saw the way you were trying to seduce that gardener.

>Roselia looks up when you refer to, well you, her vision still blocked by a vine wrapped around her head

>Her mouth was agap in shock, almost as if this was news to her

>You smile to yourself at your voice impersonation and begin taunting her.

What? You expected to woo him without other people watching? You even humped his leg out in front of the fountain!

>You laugh to yourself, remembering that.

>Roselia's cheeks become extremely flushed upon hearing about this.

>She squirms again.

>The vines seem angry at her resistance and somehow tangle up her roses even more.

>You thank mother nature for being on your side for once.

He may have not been able to enjoy the finest of things in front of him…

>You position your finger millimeters away from her entrance.

>She must have still felt it as she clenched her teeth through her stuffed dressed and began kicking about.

>Heh, her kicks don't even hurt that much on your face

>You grin menancingly

But I can!

>You piston your finger inside her, making her scream through her leaf



my decision to not add feet still stand. Make your own story if you want them so badly



pls :3



>Roselia's insides coil around your finger like the vines on her arms

>Rather than expecting warmth from her pussy, you instead feel a cool, wet sensation emulating out from her insides, similar to mist.

>Your powerful jab made her body jerk upward a few moments before it stopped

>A clear liquid drops all over your hand and falls into the grass.

>Roselia's lips are quivering and she seems to be sniffling.

>You lick at the liquid on your hand, expecting a tangy taste of woman juices

>Instead you get a rather sweet taste, something like sugar water

>You could get used to this flavor.

>But before you can get more, you need to milk out more.

>You place your finger back into position and piston away at Roselia's small pussy.

>"Gyaaaah!" she screams, the leaf out of her mouth done with its job

>At least you aren't in close range with her voice anymore.

>Back and fourth you jab away in her insides, slipping in another finger in the process.

>"Rooooo! Liii!"

>She screams and shakes her head back and forth, unable to hold in the pleasure she is feeling.

>You wiggle your fingers inside before deciding to take them out of her

>Your entire hand is drenched with the sugar water

>More is pouring from her nethers

Time to taste it from the source

>You latch on to her crotch and drill your tongue inside her, making her scream in ectasy.

"It really does taste like sugar water" you say to yourself.

>You continue on lapping her insides as she struggles until she screams again and her body jerks

>You cover her vagina with your mouth and take in the incoming torrent with ease.

>You drink some, but this is too much for you

>You get up to bend over Roselia and force a kiss between you two.

>She tries to repel you with her tongue, but you push it aide with your own and fill her with her own juices.

>Your lips remain locked until she gulps it down, gagging.

You have to admit, you are pretty tasty

>Roselia doesn't respond, a lone tear escaping from the blindfolding vine

>You'd feel guilty were it not for the tightness in your pants, speaking of which.

>You drop your pants and look at your rockhard erection

>Your previous girlfriends laughed at your small size and broke up immediately after

>But based on Roselia's small strucutre…

>It looks just right

>You position your dick in front of Roselia's pussy, slowly prodding at the entrance

>"Rose! Roooo!" She cries out

>She must know what is coming

>You laugh as you grab both of her sides

Clench those teeth Roselia…

>You move your hips back

'Cause I'm really feeling it!

>and thrust forward, slamming into Roselia.

>Her scream echoed throughotut the evening sky.

I would end it there, but I got more planned, along with a less-rapey end to this greentext




uh, that aint roselia


Attack, throw ultra ball, store it in a PC.



it's not roselia, but its feet, the thing you ever so desired and/or wanted. Probably the only thing that has feet.



b-but I specifically wanted roselia feet

pls write about them and I'll leave you be :3c



but bui, I'm no writer.



sorry, greentext*



I'm no greentexter either. Are we really going to have this talk again?



anon pls




>A wet cool feeling envelops your shaft as you bust through Roselia's vagina

>Her insides coil around you like an ekans using constrict

>It is a miracle that you did not cum on the spot

>Roselia's mouth was open wide, drool leaking out of her tongue.

>You look down and notice a small bulge in her stomach

>Good god, you knew Roselia was small, but you did not expect her to be that small there too

>"Ah…..ah….." She whimpered weakly.

>Well, since you are already inside, you might as well take advantage

>You grind a bit of her insides to make moving back and forth more easy

>Part of her comes to her senses and she lets out a loud mix of a moan and scream

>After a few moments of accustomization, you back up and thrust again, beginning the mojo you missed so much


>She's gained all of her senses and tried to struggle

>All that did was entice you to go faster

I'd never thought I could fit into you so easily, Roselia.

>You taunt, keeping a firm hold onto her sides

I guess this isn't your first time eh? That has to be it, right?

>"Rooo….lii!" She denies

>Ugh, it is starting to become a pain to keep up your voice impersonation

>You need to finish this now before your cover is blown

>You pick up the pace of your fucking, feeling your warmth overpowering her cool insides

>Her tongue lollis out and in her mouth, lost in the ecstacy of it all.

>You almost find yourself losing your grip, so you move your hands downward

>You accidently slip your pinkie into another entrance, likely her other hole

>However, this only made her squirt out more of her sugar water, covering your groin in the sweet scent.

Huh, I guess you like it in there too huh?

>You grin, but frown

Too bad I can't fit it in there, that would've torn you apart.

>You feel yourself coming close to your climax and pick up the pace, ripping her away from the vines

But I guess this is close enough!

Shit, just realized I lost my way into not making this consensual. I really will have to make an alternate, more missionary end to this.



where are the feet



well, after I finish this ending, anyway



make sure it has feet



how devilish of you anon

I love it.


>Thankfully, one vine still covers her eyes, unable to see you the perpetrator

>Your dick twitches inside her, ready to explode any moment

>Roselia picks up on the sensation and goes insane

>"Ro! Rooooo!"

>She beats at your chest, trying to get away

>Thank god her roses don't have thorns

>She hiccups with each powerful thrust

You have given me o much of that tasty spring water

>You shove her down to the ground, pinning her arms to the grass as you can no longer hold it in

I'll give my own to you!


>You splurt all over Roselia's insides, letting your pent up stress from your failed romances fill her to the brim.

>Her mouth goes agasp as she felt the torrent of your seed pour inside her

>Your dick twitches with each shot of seed n' semen, trying to impregnate something incompatible to you.

>You must have been pent up, as some of your seed leaks out from around your dick after the 10th injection of your "love"

>It must have gone on for a good half minute before you finally decide to pull out.

>Roselia was an incomrehensible mess, almost passed out, and seed leaking out of her slightly gaping vagina

>A small bulge could be seen in her belly, a handy sign of your work.


>You laugh at your dirty work

Well Roselia, hope you enjoy the "mate" you attracted. I sure did.

>Ugh, you're reaching the limit of your voice skills

>You need to get out fast


Tell you what Roselia…how about you become my cocksleeve?

>Roselia turns her head to the voice, the vine still blocking her sight.

>She shakes her head,, unable to make proper sound anymore

Think about it, you'll get ot feel this way every day now. Maybe I'll even take you to your favorite garderner…

>You slap your own throat and return your voice to normal, unleashing your master plan

What the fuck are you doing to that Pokemon!?


>You run and jump into a nearby bush, making it rattle and snap.

>You make a tumble into the river and crash inside, taking a quick bath to clean away all he evidence of your work on you.

>You emerge out of the water, soaked and covered with leaves and dirt from the "struggle".

>When you see Roselia on the floor you call out to her

Roselia!? There you are!

>You rush to her aid and take off the vine concealing her sight

>The vine was covered with tears, but more came from her eyes when she saw you, her "savior".

Are you alright? Can you stand?

>She does not respond, but simply cries, jumping into your chest

>Oh god your seed is leaking all over your shirt

>Trying your darnedest not to be disgusted, you pat the back of her hair to comfort her

There there now, that stupid kid is gone now. He won't bother you anymore.

>You resist the urge to cross your fingers as you lift up the weeping Roselia.

>She looks into your eyes and tries to talk.


>You shush her with your finger

Save your energy Roselia. I'll give you a nice bat and then we'll talk about it when you're ready.

>Roselia looks at you in the eyes and nod, tears still in her eyes a she drifts off to a nice sleep.

>Your grin grows ever so slightly as she closes her eyes.

"Just as planned".

Many thanks anon. Now I don't have to make a 2nd version. Good riddance.






sure you would've :^)






I can't fap to my own text


File: 1430335644903.png (110.51 KB, 400x308, 100:77, skunk in a ball.png)

Not give a shit


File: 1430341453432.jpg (123.63 KB, 430x512, 215:256, 6941e739d46ff8c047bf1164e4….jpg)


Roselia is not amused by your chasity



where are the feet


File: 1430343732647.png (317.87 KB, 844x1014, 422:507, 1413036063042.png)


then fap harder



pls anon

just once


File: 1430344092578.jpg (50.3 KB, 619x800, 619:800, 256cf843af02954f5f089b5f1d….jpg)

Roselia stuff is rare…


File: 1430344197097-0.png (772.14 KB, 1024x1001, 1024:1001, 1417300994841.png)

File: 1430344197106-1.png (658.06 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 1417303198044.png)


well, I'm out pics. Also I'd do what >>9596 did and ravage her like no tomarrow



File: 1430344922670.png (217.9 KB, 500x519, 500:519, male roselia.png)


lewd ones anyway.

Brave on, roselia fags.

See ya!



pls come back anon ;_;

nice trips


File: 1430511659383.gif (307.29 KB, 256x192, 4:3, 1415937891662.gif)

>not adding the roselia gif

OP is an idiot



This is how to properly care for your roselia and should be a daily routine to keep her foliage pristine and healthy.


File: 1430623926576.png (329.35 KB, 1300x1220, 65:61, XFXS5AS.png)


File: 1430626882047.png (711.07 KB, 1300x1220, 65:61, F0YSxZJ.png)


File: 1430646244840.png (156.29 KB, 431x431, 1:1, rahzelia.png)

Teach it how to beatbox.


File: 1432489929983.jpg (81.92 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, lillymon_by_oddmachine-d5x….jpg)

I'd rather a lillymon


File: 1432523816837.jpg (28.9 KB, 315x233, 315:233, r2alt.jpg)

OP here. How is this thread still going after 3 months? lmao


File: 1432546074468.png (681.73 KB, 1311x5296, 1311:5296, 1430810933724.png)


This is /poke/. Not much activity going on here anon.

Plus Roselia flashes everyone by not covering her behind, so its bound to get some attention.


File: 1436082302229.jpg (187.27 KB, 654x1024, 327:512, 2blart2paulious.jpg)

Probably eat some cup noodles. I could go for cup noodles right now.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The lyrics to this song really feel like they're about this Pokemon.



avoid it because rosebush horns are painful as fuck



sometimes you have to take a gamble an hope roselia is packing natural cure rather than poison point


cheat on her with based tree


File: 1439575150245.png (217.9 KB, 500x519, 500:519, male roselia.png)


File: 1439582117896.png (1.28 MB, 1280x1463, 1280:1463, tumblr_nbs3hjCPVe1so2yzzo1….png)


why are roselia's feet so perfect



I don't now bui

I don't even know


File: 1440645858063.jpg (483.2 KB, 1280x1670, 128:167, tumblr_nt4lo42aQr1u6zf2mo1….jpg)


File: 1443073027033.png (616.82 KB, 600x1001, 600:1001, 1440254330481.png)


File: 6933306e0a6383f⋯.png (53.67 KB, 500x420, 25:21, watered plant.png)

File: 74a97f240ca6013⋯.png (64.19 KB, 500x500, 1:1, roselia lift.png)

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