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File: 07c98d5a1b0fb94⋯.jpg (36.3 KB, 700x463, 700:463, Goodnight.jpg)

3e6e32  No.1890

17 Galarian Forms.

There are only Johto and Hoenn-Pokemon. Sorry, Sinnoh-Fans.

Noctowl: Ice/Flying (Becomes black, with bits of dark blue.)

Sentret: Normal/Ground (Now has steel-claws)

Furret: Normal/Ground (Has a drill on its tail)

Spinarak: Bug/Ghost (is now black, but the smiley on it's black is a bright pink)

Ariados: Bug/Ghost (Same as Spinerak. Now has a spooky angry-face on it's back.)

Jumpluff: Grass/Fairy (Body becomes white, pom-pom-things turn pink)

Sudowoodo: Steel (Now disguised as a pinetree)

Houndour: Dark/Ice ("skull" on its head is now made out of ice)

Houndoom: Dark/Ice (Horns and bone-parts are now Icicles)

Magcargo: Fire/Water (Has now a seashell as it's house)

Ralts: Dark/Fairy (Green "Helmet" turns dark blue and the dress-part becomes purple)

Kirlia: Dark/Fairy (Same as Ralts, but it's legs stay white)

Gardevoir: Dark/Fairy (The same as previous, looks a bit like it's Mega)

Zangoose: Fighting/Dark (White fur becomes black, has sharper claws)

Seviper: Poison/Steel (Has a giant iron spike-ball instead of it's Knife-tail)

Spoink: Poison (Tail is made of purple sludge and it's crystal is dark purple)

Grumpig: Poison/Ghost (same with spoink, but it's pink parts become dark green)

New trailer a week before e3, goodnight.

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