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Internet People Need Hotpockets and a Holocaust

File: 9ee77cfc83d7e11⋯.png (449.76 KB, 843x745, 843:745, d31bbd32d84fe67b0959ed3347….png)

0d29c6 No.10088048

It is my belief that both sides of this fued are controlled. It is no coincidence that the right-wing/nationalist sides are always led around by alt-right controlled-op e-celebs like Spencer, Southern, Baked Alaska, Kyle Chapman, etc. I believe that all of these battles with antifa have been entirely staged, and that virtually everyone involved is a paid actor, on BOTH sides. So what would be the purpose of paying a leftist and right wing group to fight IRL? Well, it's simple, really: To give you (the actual white-nationalist/anti-jew side) the false impression that there are already other brave souls fighting your battle for you, so you sit idly by in your house watching from your (((television))) watching jewish-controlled media film a staged civil war where hundreds of paid actors pretend to fight eachother. Meanwhile, the jew sits comfortably knowing that, in reality, no war is taking place, it's all juts an act to make YOU believe there is and other of your fellows are fighting it for you so you don't have to get off your asses and fight yourselves.


Because FBI is watching I'm not going to openly call for violence, I'll just say, do not think that even tho you believe other of your fellows are fighting the battle for you, that this means you don't have to do anything yourself. That's what the jew wants you to think.

5985b5 No.10088054


No one is stopping you from going there and fucking some kikes up for real. The ecelebs do it to get clicks, and to coopt the very real nationalist sentiment thay has developed. Don't let them.

9c841d No.10088076

The FBI doesn't care anymore, trust me. They're too busy watching loony democrats because every time a congressman/senator gets assassinated it's always a democrat supporter like what happened with Arizona's Gifford.

47f735 No.10088086


Well I can sure as fuck tell that I am missing alot of money and an acting degree for all the antifa ive fucked around with.

8ad24a No.10088104

Go back to watching your shitty cucktoons.

0d29c6 No.10088118

File: e1ac20644fb25e2⋯.jpg (43.24 KB, 800x575, 32:23, f4522829fad534d994f2a67d9f….jpg)


>Well I can sure as fuck tell that I am missing alot of money and an acting degree for all the antifa ive fucked around with.

I wouldn't believe that every single last individual on the right side is an actor, as they can't stop some rando from walking up and joinin in. However, my belief is that the vast majority are in fact actors and basic idea is that the more people that APPEAR to be involved, the less likely someone will bother joining in because they will not feel as though their help is even needed, so they can just sit back watch the electric jew thinking the battle is being fought for them. In actuality, it will never escalate to the point of actually harming the kikes because they have their controlled e-celebs like the alt-kike to ensure it never goes that far.

c28bd9 No.10088129


you do realise where you are?

0d29c6 No.10088130


>In actuality, it will never escalate to the point of actually harming the kikes because they have their controlled e-celebs like the alt-kike to ensure it never goes that far.

Of course this entire plans hinges on the idea that enough of us will follow the (((leadership))) of the alt-right e-celebs.

18a2d4 No.10088132



in 2 words

cathartic release

18ad58 No.10088136


But anon-kun I went to several and engaged the enemy directly.

Me thinks you are as they say, cowardly.

If you don't like the e-celeb scum go yourself and change the narrative with your actions

>I'm not gonna call for violence

But it's legal as long as you don't make a direct threat.

For example it's legal to say:

Eventually we are going to genocide the Jews down to the child.

It's not legal to say:

I'm going to x Jews at x time

Sage for cowardly op

9c841d No.10088142


>In actuality, it will never escalate to the point of actually harming the kikes because they have their controlled e-celebs like the alt-kike to ensure it never goes that far.

Antifa and all commie and anarchist movements in a nutshell for decades right there. The worst part is they don't even see the obvious funders of these lefty orgs.

Any real and legitimate leftist organisation would have go to wall street to hang financial and corporate executives but all they do is lead them to worthless street brawls against "fascists" (aka, everyone who threatens the elite) and thugging that solve nothing. They're even bigger useful idiots than most realise.

18ad58 No.10088161


Also I'm pretty sure I stabbed a Jew at Berkeley.

9e417d No.10088185

File: 3b295141ef0cc01⋯.png (73.42 KB, 2000x2345, 400:469, 8 diamonds patch.png)


Op, you are somewhat right. You are however somewhat wrong.

If you are ever at the torch conference and you see an 8 of diamonds, you know who I am.

b0e9eb No.10088204


>literally tripfagging irl

18ad58 No.10088221


>Being a coward irl

8c8eda No.10088224

I don't know if they are staged or not, but they certainly seem pointless and maybe even damaging. Normies see both groups fighting and acting retarded and they think both are shit. Bickering about petty squabbles between groups isn't going to bring anyone in. Sure it's fun to see some antifa get their asses kicked, but it does nothing to change anyone's mind and break the brainwashing. These petty fights with people who cannot be convinced are a distraction from going out and doing what really matters: engaging with normies who CAN be convinced.

b0e9eb No.10088241


>having your own personal logo

that's fucking gay anon

just bear the hakenkreuz, odal rune or sonnenrad

5ec917 No.10088243

The kikes are trying to start a civil war between whites so they can come in and pick up the pieces and install their little regime under the guise of "no more hate ever again".

b0e9eb No.10088252


This is probably correct. Watch the Jewish-prefered next president of the US be a supposed centrist preaching to unite "all americans" (like king nigger) after we were divided by the Alt Right.

4b4e9e No.10088328

File: 3f7194a90e1e5d3⋯.gif (589.75 KB, 214x199, 214:199, 1497490022238.gif)

It's all staged by cleverly placed subversion agents. And the goy follow their shepherds to the slaughter.

Left vs right

Antifa vs alt-kike

Christians vs Muslims

Blacks vs whites

Mexicans vs whites

Anything to keep the goy from paying attention to real issues that actually matter, like the USA invading Syria…or threatening NK, or threatening Iran…or lifting immigration restrictions…or all of the other 180 degree turns.

Racism is necessary, but if we are going to succeed we need to expose D&C and how the jew utilizes trickery and deceit to manipulate the masses.

9e417d No.10088411




>not knowing 8/pol/'s calling card

What a newfag

b5dd39 No.10088420



Wow OP, stunning news.

39ff67 No.10088495


>Muh Based niggers

>Muh based sandniggers

>Muh based commies


74242e No.10088540

File: 1b16213b62d6a7c⋯.jpg (72.04 KB, 300x415, 60:83, 1418647176380.jpg)


>It is my belief that both sides of this fued are controlled.

Hello newfriend.

4b4e9e No.10088629


Piss off you childish fuck, nowhere did I say anything about BASED anything you fucking puke. Nowhere did I say 'let's recruit niggers, dunecoons and commies'. If you think we will defeat the ZOG by screeching about stupidity and being enemies with virtually EVERYONE, than you are guaranteeing our complete destruction.

These groups have cultures, and have developed a heritage, I'm not advocating for race mixing, but cooperation between our segregated communities could be the difference between our survival or extinction.

We need to push segregation and pride for community and cultural reasons, while creating a cooperative relationship with the other groups.

caf206 No.10088644



This seems to be the problem. My concern is that the Jews are setting up to be the leadership of every side so that no matter what side wins the conflict we lose and get put under their thumb again.

9d7d5b No.10088655

>Gravity Falls

Sorry, but that picture alone forced me to sage your shitty thread

84dfe7 No.10088814

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah, we know that alt-kike is run by jews

3ab47d No.10089449

Probably OP but the idea of a civil war today is super larpy. Who will lead? Dicky Spencer? hahaha. The followers will most be nutjobs. This is very old shit. The way to win is local politics.

1777ce No.10089489

File: 3ce4823cb35de06⋯.png (450.88 KB, 1200x487, 1200:487, D&C8.png)

>Hello fellow Goyim. Don't you know that everyone who ever does anything IRL is a shill?

>Never do anything IRL, Goyim.

be4470 No.10089645


This. I'm not saying do anything but I'm saying Mr. Alphabet doesn't want anyone doing anything - except working to pay their salaries.

d1534c No.10089652

Drybones pls go

b2e62b No.10089668


Well tell us something we don't know.

0d29c6 No.10089695

File: 8ca5bb5b91ad8d1⋯.jpeg (128.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, spencer_torch.jpeg)


Yes, moshe, and do you know who was in charge of that? I also acknoloweged that not ever single last person participating could possibly be a paid actor because nobody can stop a rando from joining in. The e-celebs like spencer are there to ensure the battles (if they actually do happen for real and aren't purely staged) are controlled so that they never escalate to the point of harming the jew. Just their golems.

c4c3ff No.10089703

Their reach might be far, it is not absolute. A lot of motivation is legit. There are and will be both a lot of drones beyond reach, but also those misled who can still be reached.

d7d66c No.10089774


Okay you paranoid retard, here's whats really going on. A bunch of genuine white nationalists get together for a pointless demonstration using a tried and tested method that has always failed. Everybody there knows that it is unlikely that this will bring about any real change, but it is just a good fucking time. You get together with people who believe the same things as you, harass the enemy for a while, than go back to wherever and get hammered while you all chat about where the movement is going, should go, the Jews, and play "if I were king" regarding the "coming ethnostate." The vast majority of people there are completely genuine. Perhaps there are a few odd leaders lurking, some strange characters but the point is to network with people who believe the same things as you face to face and build local communities when you can. It is just a good time to go out with the brothers and get hammered afterwards.

>To give you (the actual white-nationalist/anti-jew side) the false impression that there are already other brave souls fighting your battle for you, so you sit idly by in your house watching from your (((television))) watching jewish-controlled media film a staged civil war where hundreds of paid actors pretend to fight eachother.

All of the action taking place inspired me, and many others who attend these events to come and join in the fun. The result is a growing network of local communities. How this can be good for ZOG I do not understand.

I am speaking as somebody who attends an event every two or three weeks.

Because FBI is watching I'm not going to openly call for violence, I'll just say, do not think that even tho you believe other of your fellows are fighting the battle for you, that this means you don't have to do anything yourself

We all know, everybody at these things knows, everybody genuine has known for a long time that this problem has one real answer. However, you can not speak the truth publicly.

d7d66c No.10089783


Format correction

>Because FBI is watching I'm not going to openly call for violence, I'll just say, do not think that even tho you believe other of your fellows are fighting the battle for you, that this means you don't have to do anything yourself

We all know, everybody at these things knows, everybody genuine has known for a long time that this problem has one real answer. However, you can not speak the truth publicly.

fbc6ed No.10090051

File: 12b7fe420a29edb⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 389x395, 389:395, 7e9c670c2a712cdc580e3f8c17….jpg)

What is needed, first and foremost, is a racial awakening and that is precisely what is occurring right now. Only then, when European peoples everywhere understand what exactly they are fighting for will the time be ripe for action.

2f58c9 No.10090084

So? The more reason to incite both groups… my father owns stocks related to military, so it would mean I get a bigger allowance.

2f58c9 No.10090088


If by "awakening" you mean "mixing", then we're on the right track :^)

>posting hitler

I'm not a french, but to me it looks like you want to pick a fight with them

482d88 No.10090154


>complaining about someone hitlerposting

>gets hitler dubs

What did he mean by this?

a3012c No.10112063

File: 690b3d0b9aa7b92⋯.jpg (17.3 KB, 255x390, 17:26, 690b3d0b9aa7b92a58a91c2700….jpg)

2e99e1 No.10112096


>everything is a false flag nothing is real nothing will happen

asparagus and egg salad

d75c29 No.10112135

It's project bluebeam psychopathy and they want you retards to eat up the screenplay like the consumers you are. That's it. You consume and then die in the eyes of the folks engineering these false events. If you haven't realized that men like Miles Mathis are the only people fighting true battles, then you're still living in la la land where faggots like posobiec, spencer, antifa, and the rest of the zionist ilk are paid off by the same fucking people. Seriously, if you want to just admit your IQ consists of two digits then keep believing that a movie studio can't take over the world, that biblical eschatology (end times prophecy) can't be staged, that you can't witness a new age of aquarius whatever the fuck Tavicock means by that (hint: hedonism), that you weren't fucking fooled, that you're immune to suggestion, that a third world war wouldn't benefit the elites, that framing the far right in a phony civil war is too outlandish, etc. Guess what, you're about to have your mind fucking blown.

a7cf6e No.10112827

File: 0faa513b08d4fc9⋯.png (251.78 KB, 589x816, 589:816, wp spencer.png)

File: c4677e2880b3427⋯.png (605.92 KB, 774x809, 774:809, fugged by memeops.png)


Are you mentally ill, or just paid to post?

8ad24a No.10112833

File: ef1e3d8edc88f29⋯.png (353.78 KB, 486x486, 1:1, 1.png)

>jews want you to hurt the people who keep hurting you.

f71e87 No.10112851


>It is my belief that both sides of this fued are controlled.

And that's schizophrenia.

58135a No.10113110


>Who will lead?

Sacco Vandal

662939 No.10113149


It really isn't Shlomo.

8ffb6b No.10113154

I don't think all of the e-celebs are con-ops so much as they're just naïve, misguided useful idiots. People like Dicky and Enoch are obviously the enemy, but some of the others could perhaps be steered toward the truth, and could then reach a larger audience with said truth.

cf0507 No.10113172

File: 94fe9b6328af4bf⋯.jpg (96.92 KB, 771x759, 257:253, Capture.JPG)


>Who could ever suspect the jews of co-opting and controlling both sides?

86aef6 No.10113193


stop smoking the herbal jew, idiot

d23221 No.10113212


I like how you signified your post with the "666" handsign that the alt-right, pepe, Trump, and the rest of the crypto-freemasons love to throw up. The only retard here is the man who can look at the eyes of Zuckerkike or Kikener and not see pure malice in them– or rather, the absence of any being whatsoever. They're actors who came out of abuse programs a la the manchurian candidate, project ARTICHOKE, MONARCH, etc. The fact that you've been forcing your eyes shut to the reality of our horror show proves you don't have the right to criticize someone using their time to warn others that they've been duped on a grand scale.

By the way, I don't think project bluebeam will work because it's a silly star trek fanfiction, but after the lunatics vaporized all those workers on the morning of september 11th and fox news solved the greatest crime of the 21st century thus far within 30 seconds ("osama did it"), then perhaps I must admit that people are too sedated to give a shit about what they're force fed (e.g. the lack of outrage at snowden leaks) New age shit is shiny and new to them anyway… at least if reptilians exist in the minds of these morons, they can reconcile the psychopathy of the circumcision cult.

Folks, take one look at Gaia TV and tell me that doesn't reek of Tavicock, jews, and every intelligence agency since the Frumentarii. They want to kill off the adversarial bloodlines, enlist and defuse those with IQ 115-135 (sorry but 135 isn't anything to go jacking off about), and install a new religion based on magical thinking and the belief in the holographic universe. Once they roll out augmented reality tech (watch NASA videos to see it in action), and tell everyone they respawn when they die because reality is like a video game… well guess what, that's not a hard fucking thing for these rich lunatics to do if they want to initiate everyone into their death cult. They already practiced antichrist programming with Hitler, as they did revolutionize the process by which dissent is delisted from society's overton window (see: holohoax exposers exiled from public discourse/culture).

Man, if you don't see the Trump betrayal, the new age deception, the plans for WW3, the moneylenders desire to create a multimedia sequel to the bible, the UN agenda 21 and 2030, and other one world government-type steps all forming a cohesive picture as we speak, then you don't even have a choice in your staying stupid– in which case, I pity you for not preparing.

To those who want to prepare, just have water and food to bunker down. Invest in crypto before capital flight sends bitcoin to the six digits. Maybe don't do anything that'll get you put in a FEMA camp either. Go ahead and google the military paper describing the organization of those camps, because guess what? They want to reeducate you there and if you think for a second that some Senegalese UN peacekeeper is going to think twice about forcing you onto a modified school bus at gunpoint to take you to one of these places, then perhaps you haven't studied history or experienced a liminal period ever before. The fact of the matter is that none of this would concern me if it were not for the fact that their exotic technology was demonstrated with 9/11, both Fukushima and Kobe, Hurricane Rita, etc. Some of the folks working for these maniacs better grow a pair of balls and stand up like a man would to prevent the criminality from taking place in this media-military conspiracy to enslave us for another few thousand years. I keep asking myself where all the men are, but I guess you can thank Mindgeek, Tavicock, Nickelodeon, and all the other jew crap for turning any men into wet noodles, and I suppose football, fluoride/xenoestrogens/shampoo/fatty acidic food did just enough to castrate the men who preceded him.

I've met intelligence agents and freemasons and a fuckton of kikes… these people are twisted weirdos with unintegrated egos from what I could gather after a number of troubling anecdotal experiences. Therefore, I tend to believe the conspiracy theories about these losers, especially since they have never hid their pattern of destruction.

So why the fuck am I wrong that crazy people do crazy shit again? Do you have any proof that they're not crazy? Why wouldn't they want to defuse a potential civil war by staging their own first? Why can't a bunch of dupes get duped? The American people are rather proud of their consumption habits– I don't think they know how to create novel thoughts… is that too harsh of me to suggest? I dunno. The sad reality is that project bluebeam is probably the last thing I ever want to be right about.

6ec01e No.10113231


listen goy, don't use low-key symbols nobody knows, tattoo a fucking swastika to your forehead!

what are you,12?

2048f9 No.10113235


>Because FBI is watching I'm not going to openly call for violence,

FBI honeypot here, you can call for violence, man, practically every leftist does it these days and they aren't getting in trouble (except the very worst ones like kathy)

f71e87 No.10113349




Pass a test that determines whether or not you can accurately discern what is real from what isn't, and then we can talk in more detail on the topic. 27% of people lack a brain structure which allows them to do this, and I don't think a discussion is going to grow it for them.

In brief, political candidates and parties which rely on courting donors to win expensive elections is not an equivalent relationship to cultural movements, and a Jew giving you $5 doesn't mean that he now has perfect mind control over you forever.

cf0507 No.10113371


No, but jews owning and controlling both the Democrats and Republicans is a given and long known problem with jewish democracy.

You appear to be the first "jew-wise" / "red-pilled" pol/ack to never having understood this basic known fact.

f71e87 No.10113379


Fascinating insight from a brilliant mind, but the groups being talked about are Antifa and Nationalists, not Democrats and Republicans.

1f20b4 No.10113393


I don't care if they're staged. They're not affecting the President, who is actually the one doing battle with and making progress against the Jews for real, in any way.

Reminder then-candidate Trump said he doesn't even know what the Alt Right is. President Trump doesn't need to rely on the Alt Right for anything.

0d29c6 No.10113501

File: 6ff8d0dd7e6dad8⋯.jpg (34.92 KB, 580x397, 580:397, 2d16f8aaf6be4142501559592a….jpg)


>>jews want you to hurt the people who keep hurting you.

Yes they want you to continue attacking their golems and not them. That's what their golems are partially there for, TO DISTRACT YOU FROM THE JEW.

b3e52c No.10113585

OP is absolutely right but logic like this always leads into some pluralistic bullshit about everyone but the 1% or whatever being innocent.

Read this on what the CIA thought about the French left.


>The intelligence agency understands culture and theory to be crucial weapons in the overall arsenal it deploys to perpetuate US interests around the world. The recently released research paper from 1985, entitled “France: Defection of the Leftist Intellectuals,” examines—undoubtedly in order to manipulate—the French intelligentsia and its fundamental role in shaping the trends that generate political policy. Suggesting that there has been a relative ideological balance between the left and the right in the history of the French intellectual world, the report highlights the monopoly of the left in the immediate postwar era—to which, we know, the Agency was rabidly opposed—due to the Communists’ key role in resisting fascism and ultimately winning the war against it. Although the right had been massively discredited because of its direct contribution to the Nazi death camps, as well as its overall xenophobic, anti-egalitarian and fascist agenda (according to the CIA’s own description), the unnamed secret agents who drafted the study outline with palpable delight the return of the right since approximately the early 1970s.

>More specifically, the undercover cultural warriors applaud what they see as a double movement that has contributed to the intelligentsia shifting its critical focus away from the US and toward the USSR. On the left, there was a gradual intellectual disaffection with Stalinism and Marxism, a progressive withdrawal of radical intellectuals from public debate, and a theoretical move away from socialism and the socialist party. Further to the right, the ideological opportunists referred to as the New Philosophers and the New Right intellectuals launched a high-profile media smear campaign against Marxism.

The basic point that keeps coming up is that the CIA was principally interested in diverting anti-American ideas amongst Leftist theories and intellectuals into other things. Leaving the CIA and the US to continue operating is it was. The CIA was happy about the resurgence of the French New Right because it presented the Left a new enemy to keep its focus on.

cf0507 No.10113615


The groups being spoken of are jew tools of the left and right.

Neoliberal marxists set against neocon zionists

dc716d No.10113627


If organizations as large and as influential as democrats and republicans can be controlled, don't you think it would be cheap and easy to control the relatively new antifa and alt-right?

Consider that you have an entity the always tries to infiltrate and has unlimited funds.

1777ce No.10113629


I am so sick of these Jewish threads.

But I'll humour them this time. Excuse me, my Jewish "fellow White supremacists" could you please name a single pro-White activist who isn't a CO? Or do you actually expect us to believe that every single pro-White activist on the fucking planet is CO?

God, I wish William Pierce was alive today so you faggots could accuse him of being a shill.

8ad24a No.10113630

There is nothing sinister about stomping down Antifa and not allowing them to take any more ground in the United States.

They have their own city already (Berkley)

If the jew thinks he wants you to fight with them today, he won't tomorrow when they're all gone and he has nobody else to use against you.

ea1a36 No.10113654


He's right, though. Most public activists are alt-kike (a friend has suggested we start calling the alt-sodomite after the 3rd Jimpact), and thus useless at best, and controlled at worst.

a5de77 No.10113693

But we can't ignore them these fags either. AntiFa and mudslimes have desecrated numerous cultural structures, monuments, and buildings for the sake of the ZOG along with countless murders and attacks.

We're fighting a three pronged battle uphill.

783961 No.10113700

here's some advice: you should stop using the same picture

cf0507 No.10113712

File: 34cb7e049515972⋯.jpg (44.41 KB, 1199x535, 1199:535, BasedNPIMeetUpOyVey.jpg)


You're probably right, I mean I've even hear someone once here criticise jews and even based stickman once on /pol/

It's terrible how we can't celebrate obvious CIA stooges in our (((Aut-kike))) movement that jews created to trick the dumb goy into supporting kosher conservatism

Nobody is controlled opposition in the super-bad based neocon zionist movement.

Let's MAGA by killing all of isreal's enemies, AMIRITE fellow goyim?

0d29c6 No.10113928


>Excuse me, my Jewish "fellow White supremacists


> could you please name a single pro-White activist who isn't a CO? Or do you actually expect us to believe that every single pro-White activist on the fucking planet is CO

Name one who isn't.

0d29c6 No.10113936


>Name one who isn't.

Not counting high level individuals Donald Trump (who I actually think is on our side). I mean e-celebs like Richard Spencer or Sargon. Name an e-celeb who isn't controlled op.

0d29c6 No.10113947


>He's right, though. Most public activists are alt-kike (a friend has suggested we start calling the alt-sodomite after the 3rd Jimpact), and thus useless at best, and controlled at worst

That the media isn't running day-in-day-out smear campaigns about these people is indication enough (in my mind) that they are of no threat to the jew and thereby controlled.

1777ce No.10113953


Holy shit. So you think Donald Trump, a man who CONSTANTLY praises Israel and the Jews and NEVER ONCE said ANYTHING racially conscious is a White nationalist, yet you think a man who constantly names the Jew and constantly says Whites must think more tribally is not.

1777ce No.10113963


So you're in effect saying that you want us to believe that our cause is lost and every single person who has ever said anything IRL against the Jews is CO. Well. We might as well blow our brains out now because that means we have no IRL support.

1777ce No.10113969


Typical Jew. You have no argument so you try to turn the question around.

1777ce No.10113977


You are talking like a Jew. No argument. No logic. No reasoning. Just mindless repetition of your lies like "Diversity is our strength"

Notice how the Kikes cannot name one person who is not CO because they DO NOT WANT US to have the confidence to fight them.

f71e87 No.10114437


Because the organizations are highly structured and filled with people who have for generations made sure that only more of the "right people" get in, and are fundamentally reliant on funding to even continue operating. What you people never seem to understand in your arguments of scale is that the very reason they can be controlled is because they are so large and centralized. There are mechanisms for control at every level of education/hiring/contract renewal. It doesn't even do to compare Antifa to the Nationalist response, because Antifa is the sanctioned violent apparatus of the Leftist machine, whereas the Nationalist response is very specifically a rejection of the existing Right by disenfranchised Whites who by and large are not professional political agitators.

If we are to extract the specific claim from you and yours, it's that these people are being attracted to nodes (being personalities/groups), and that certain of these nodes say or do things which aren't inline with the 100% pure "if it's White it's right, if it's brown gun it down" ideal, and that therefore these are clearly bought and owned and controlled opposition. Even if every single one of them were "bought and controlled", it doesn't actually matter, because these Nationalists are not the product of the Global Citizen producing machine of Academia/Mass Media like Antifa are. You don't have to condition people to believe reality, there is no "conversion" process from moderate to Right wing, it's just basic human pattern recognition to realize when the insane and inculcated Leftist narrative fatally breaks down when it comes into contact with reality.

Antifa exists as the product of a very intensive indoctrination and networking program. Nationalists exist because that program doesn't actually alter what is and isn't real. Nationalists aren't going to be led astray by "controlled opposition" because they don't exist to pursue the goals of some narrative, they exist because the goals of another narrative being imposed on them are both destructive to pursue and impossible to reach. There is no "false solution" that the "controlled opposition" can finally sell to stop Nationalists, because a false solution won't actually remove the Leftists the Nationalists are reacting against. There is also no mechanism for "subverted groups" to control the groundswell, because Nationalists associate with personalities/groups on a voluntary basis and very rarely rely on them as the source of their livelihood.

They can have as much money as they want and attempt to "infiltrate" all they want, Nationalism isn't about economics, and it's not the product of institutions.

5ae1f2 No.10114684


underrated post.

0e559a No.10114928


Fighting Controlled Opposition instead of the kikes is exactly the type of result they want, I would say passive resistance to co-option and retaliation against kikes directly is a better strategy. Why waste time fighting cointelpro assets when they can shit out a dozen more on a whim from the academia/tavistock/CIA nigger industrial complex? Go after the kikes and spooks directly.

d97e08 No.10115006


10/10 post thanks anon

btw is Alain de Benoist considered "new right" in France?

83a4aa No.10117229


If what you were saying was true than /pol/ would not be infiltrated, but clearly it is. Even the NSDAF was infiltrated and they had to purge them out. Civic nationalists and kosher cuck nationalists are the subverted and there are plenty of them.

202cd1 No.10117257


Da goyim know!

f71e87 No.10117326


CivNats and friends will fall into two categories: people who will realize soon enough that those solutions don't actually fix the problems they're concerned about, and people who don't agree with us anyway due to their identity, i.e. being a kike, faggot, subhuman, etc.

I've already covered the rest of your post by discussing mechanisms of control. Nothing you or anyone else has said or likely can say to me is novel information.

2273ef No.10117359


>I cower in my little bubble and never leave my room

>I've decided everything is a hologram

At least stop being fat.

d75c29 No.10118770

OP is still right :^)

bdb780 No.10118864


>Are you mentally ill, or just paid to post?

dba045 No.10118979


>danonymising yourself and simultaneously giving shills a calling card to impersonate us with you turboshitbag

dba045 No.10118983

notice how many shills are freaking out in every single thread

somethings up

8c0de3 No.10119179

I don't fully agree with you OP, as I do think there are genuine elements, especially in Cali where the liberals are the most zealous and opposition under the most social repression. I do have a feeling though that the whole Eric Clanton doxing and manhunt may have had help from government facial recognition technology. I know it's fun to think 'oh wow natsoc autistic hive mind is unstoppable!' But I just can't fathom how random anons made the final connection from a bunch of photos of a violent leftist to an obscure college instructor with a definite ID. Forgive me if I missed anything important regarding this, but I also did follow those threads very closely. This is not to say that I do not doubt the doxing power of anon. I admire it. I just think that something else helped this along here. Apparently he was both fired and arrested. I've never seen this kind of thing get that far. If someone can point out exactly what anons did to come up with Clanton as the guy in the first place, please show me. It would seem a perfect opportunity to test out the face tech, of which I did begin to hear about at around the same time.

e50cfd No.10138165


>e-celebs like the alt-kike

So why not debate Mike Enoch. Or the Vandal brothers. Or Anglin. Or Heimbach. Make a fool of them.

90a42c No.10138207


I'll debate Mike "Second Base With The Chosen Race" "Jew Whisperer" Peinovich any day of the week. Same with the faux-toughguy Vandals, who in reality are pussy-whipped pro-fag ZOGmercs. Heimbach I'll talk to when he loses about 30 lbs., if only because fat people disgust me so much that I'd just end up bantzing him about his love handles.

Get em in front of a microphone and I'll converse with him gladly, particularly about Peinovich's wife. But they'd never do that, because they know it'd make them look like fools when they had to argue their White Nationalist 'movement' is rife with fag-coddlers, degenerates and Jew-lovers, and they couldn't deny it or Jew their way out of it without exposing themselves.

c1799a No.10139172


Yeah pizzagate is about to arrive.

24a20b No.10141356

File: e5a1be8c7eb578d⋯.jpg (117.49 KB, 666x333, 2:1, THEY_LIVE_2_(2015)_Documen….jpg)


Every political movement is controlled by the occultists. Religion also. The masses live on the stage, and are manipulated from the occult backstage. The Alt-Media is as full of shills and lies as the MSM. It's been like this for hundreds of years. What we call civilization is masonic Disneyland, run by a network of psychopaths.

8ad24a No.10141377


Which ones are the shills?

People saying basically "if you fight antifa (((they))) win"?


Dammit learn what greentexting is actually for.

bf1933 No.10141680

File: 2d8ed66e918b944⋯.jpg (59.85 KB, 650x650, 1:1, ua.jpg)

Infinity are the useful idiots who play halfchan as useful idiots not realizing they are simultaneously being played.

We have to keep you fixated on the kikes. If you keep thinking Schlomo is the ultimate and all-powerful or that Moloch is the only dark entity, you will never seek anything further up. It's been working nicely.

That is what we want.

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