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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 2c6ac84295ef726⋯.jpg (199.54 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, United-States-Department-H….jpg)

519f26 No.10255180

US State Department Hacked!

Use a VPN/tor if possible and exercise caution.


Part1: https://mega.nz/#!tjYVzTgI!66bAnh0fTInWv8a6zh5ByzJJwtnW5w5cCq4QuDpoRkI

Part2: https://mega.nz/#!FvAjnSKT!aa5aE4vUjpphY-pndL3UkP-qUqFMyBA3iCNkcYziSWE

Part3: https://mega.nz/#!Vn5VyKoL!Qry1QqYv_K439QlsGagVjQON37PVqW_Ij4ie_ZeDthM

Pass:[email protected]


Part1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/45oc6d6hv3uea57/p1.zip

Part2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0tcs5m6r8dz83n2/p2.zip

Part3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/18esr3lz04lru3o/p3.zip

Pass:[email protected]


Source: https://pastebin.com/5Jr2tnu3

Perhaps you know that the U.S. State Department has a direct bearing on the agenda formation not only at home but throughout the world.

Now you can make sure it's true. Let me show you the correspondence between the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency Robert P. Otto and his colleagues, CIA officers and other intelligence agencies, as well as representatives of mainstream media, NGOs, international funds and think tanks.

With the respect for privacy I've deleted his correspondence with his wife and relatives. The rest of emails will give evidence of who is responsible for different information campaigns, the so-called mythmaking and essentially engaged in the promotion of "American values" throughout the world.

Post last edited at

519f26 No.10255188

Bump for sticky. Lets get this investigation going!

2341f1 No.10255193

File: f62722b6788e36e⋯.jpg (12.11 KB, 626x626, 1:1, 1d906b4a2b1b9103a3224a3fea….jpg)


519f26 No.10255198

I'm downloading first right now…. I suggest anons do the same.

Zero Hedge Report: >>>/n/557631

0fece9 No.10255211

What assurance do I have that these files don't just contain child porn?

5ea4b0 No.10255220

File: 5c8c4c83a99f98e⋯.png (434.03 KB, 553x494, 553:494, zGbSStU.png)



1c3a04 No.10255230

File: 66a97151c285c97⋯.jpg (85.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, SCALISE.jpg)



3f4486 No.10255234


Zero Hedge reported it so it must be something interesting in there.

We need mods to sticky this, it could be damning to those trying to take out Trump.

3f4486 No.10255242


Holy shit anon. Leaks everywhere! Hold up…..

0fece9 No.10255257


welp, might as well i suppose

d895fa No.10255270

Can someone post a magnet link for a torrent of this?

5f7b1c No.10255271

File: 37d66bd54f5c352⋯.jpg (71.07 KB, 500x370, 50:37, niggers.jpg)


>mfw 8/pol/ notices me

8b3bf0 No.10255299

File: cd2ca75f0c3ea65⋯.jpg (114.07 KB, 494x604, 247:302, caption-this-ugly-pug-part….jpg)

OP: faggot

>>10255271: faggot


3f4486 No.10255326


All links are still up. Grab 'em now. Currently got one downloaded, working on the second.

Also, can someone report this for sticky please? We need anons to dig into the stuff, it's supposed to blow the lid off the whole "Russia collusion" conspiracy the MSM keeps pooping out according to ZH.

Kikes are scared of this.

4de27d No.10255335


this looks like a bunch of info on civilians, wtf

i was hoping for some juicy government info not john doe's SSN and email

3f4486 No.10255337


Just loaded part 1 onto an air-gapped computer and extracted with 7zip.

All .eml files.

3f4486 No.10255343


update: 4,009 .eml files from part one.

0e765c No.10255349

File: 0ace1a4347a120b⋯.png (174.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, thunked.png)

There better be some goddamn fucking aliens and dimensional kikery shit in there I swear to fuck.

fe9f94 No.10255362

<inb4 the files will be found to have been hacked by Russia

im skeptical of anything not released by wikileaks, though I hope for the best. godspeed anons

fe9f94 No.10255366



Keep us updated, I might touch the files if they turn out to be clean

3f4486 No.10255367


I have no clue, still looking through the emails one by one. Email 6 has Robert Otto asking about ideas how to make $$$ as a NIC Associate in 2017.

3f4486 No.10255371


Lots of Russian articles to sift through in these emails. Don't have a translator but likely not that important anyway…..

fe9f94 No.10255380

File: 73dde61074d9c0a⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 680x907, 680:907, qup5899yu2rx.jpg)


wat da fugg

757f3b No.10255381

Why they fuck would anyone hack Trumps State Department, its the fucking Clintons thats got all the skeletons, what a waste of fucking time, its been only 6 months, this only helps the enemy

3f4486 No.10255385


Nope. A lot of the emails go back from 2016, before Trump got elected.

d97d90 No.10255387

3f4486 No.10255389


Also note that the US State Department is largely still compromised under Trump too. There ARE commies within….. still digging…..

fe9f94 No.10255394


Post screencaps of good stuff you find

3f4486 No.10255396

Interesting… I'm going through a lot of emails from June 2016. They seem to be fixated and almost concerned about a major arrest in Russia of a corrupt Russian businessman named Belykh. Wonder if they had connections to this guy? CIA asset? Who knows?

3f4486 No.10255403


I wish I could… maybe I can. Tell me how to do that please.

16ccc5 No.10255418


How to take a screencap?

3f4486 No.10255421


Yes, I've never done it. Also, I'd be using .png , need to make sure no damning exif metadata is attached.

3f4486 No.10255426

Last post as this ID. Changing my IP. I'll be back…

fe9f94 No.10255428

File: 0570b25758de59b⋯.png (61.31 KB, 484x218, 242:109, Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at ….png)

File: 7905857a18ae7e3⋯.png (75.97 KB, 263x288, 263:288, Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at ….png)


If you want to stay airgapped just take screencaps with your OS screencap tool, if its windows or linux it will have a different name. Then just take the caps and bring them over to this PC and post them here.

If OSX just hit cmd+shift+4

709749 No.10255435


inb4 Israel

e1c059 No.10255438

bump im gonna get comfy and start some shit

3ca33e No.10255442

File: fdf8d1f4ed6a3af⋯.gif (3.13 MB, 426x426, 1:1, 1459998956427.gif)


>SSNs are listed

fe9f94 No.10255447

File: a859d99a6230429⋯.png (147.06 KB, 497x660, 497:660, AdhgUNC.png)

File: 651b4587c24b01a⋯.png (146.9 KB, 918x840, 153:140, NHokvoU.png)



e55dfc No.10255455



OK, I'm back.

2nd part uncompressed. 4,042 more emails.

dbc1cd No.10255457


>folks are poking around on the adoption angle.

Also, be careful with partially transparent window Rahul

fe9f94 No.10255466


Thankfully that isn't my name, I'm just reposting those from another place.

e55dfc No.10255476

Guy named Christopher Bort was pissed about Russia's last election (Russians are very pro-Putin pro-nationalism as you know).

I'm just casually scanning through the emails. Don't mind if I take random notes….

4162d3 No.10255493

File: ce9bd5b08c66adc⋯.png (904.71 KB, 755x768, 755:768, 1500052927864.png)


>From another place

>Imgur links

4162d3 No.10255497

Just noticed that quints are coming soon

d720e3 No.10255500

Whats a good way to download these? I dont want to do so on my home network without a vpn of some kind

fe9f94 No.10255503



e55dfc No.10255523

Found something a bit entertaining. Apparently the State Department gets emails for the "Progressive Turnout Project" which works to get Democrat donations. One email (#1417) says donations were plummeting and they were "falling desperately behind our end-of-month fundraising goal." Found it odd that the State Department is getting emails from the Democratic party.

e55dfc No.10255531

Remember that attempted coup in Turkey? I was also speculating for a while that the US may have tried to set that up to throw out Erdoğan. Seems like the State Department was concerned with Erdoğan meeting with Putin back in early to mid 2016. Coincidence?

33977c No.10255547


What is the point of this leak? It just looks like shit. I don't care about regular GI's SSNs, emails and addresses.

Is there anything important or relevant in this leak?

a5622a No.10255563

File: 1be1e3e1e7e838f⋯.jpg (8.16 KB, 320x157, 320:157, bane end of evangelion.jpg)





Everyone that is downloading/looking at this stuff should be making recordings of themselves saying they are in good mental/physical health and that any mysterious deaths should be assumed homicide, and then setting up deadman's switches

5cdc8f No.10255585


I'm not tech savvy enough to download stuff from /pol/ safely, too many CIA niggers around :(

33977c No.10255605


I go through Tor for more serious stuff and I always use CCleaner + Bitdefender wipes afterwards and multiple times a day, plus scan everything I download. Just be on the cautious side and you'll be fine, most of what is "legit" from /pol/ like the Guiccfer hacks and what not are legit and fine, and everything from Wikileaks,though you'll be flagged no matter what.

ed3542 No.10255624

File: c964486f15823a6⋯.png (208.51 KB, 1010x790, 101:79, crop2.png)

Looks like the State Department cares more about globalization and China then the United States of America! [see pic]

bc0651 No.10255666



>On June 24, 2016, the politician was arrested in a bar by Russian Investigative Committee, allegedly for receiving a bribe of 400,000 Euros. He is currently under investigation and could be facing up to 15 years of jail time if proven guilty.[5] He denied taking bribes or other wrongdoing. According to Dmitry Peskov, there were not any consultations with Putin about making this arrest [6]

fcc8fa No.10255684

Holy fuck bumpin

dd66db No.10255687



>not running the linux distro that was specifically built for this!


eef0d8 No.10255691


>blatantly listing SSNs and CVVs

No thanks, faggot.

be50e3 No.10255701


Mods still have not deleted that communism thread from earlier today, I doubt they will sticky this.

c93335 No.10255720

File: a8cb89477e53ab3⋯.png (143.67 KB, 640x756, 160:189, hmm.PNG)

I'm in a rush dealing with irl, could someone please archive for me

>Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency

Only agency i seem to be able to find is air force.

>heres the Otto guy



this faggot sounds very familiar

>air force has a search engine for digging into their cointel pro people


And, pic related


c90ed7 No.10255726

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



8f9266 No.10255735


This is not surprising, State is basically the black heart of the permanent government.

33977c No.10255745

File: f77153f31adb6fe⋯.jpg (75.86 KB, 1108x868, 277:217, Scan 1 - Copy.JPG)

File: db242ea9630724b⋯.jpg (137.92 KB, 1290x884, 645:442, Scan 2 - Copy.JPG)

File: bfd8769fb15bf74⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 541x550, 541:550, Scan 3 - Copy.JPG)

File: e6475e4cfae01b2⋯.jpg (75.65 KB, 559x787, 559:787, Scan 4 - Copy.JPG)

I just scanned part one and nothing wrong popped up, am scanning part 2 and 3 together now will post screenshot when done for those worried. Every file in it looks to be .eml and the biggest file I can seen so far is 12 MB, and .eml as well.

Pics related

dd66db No.10255753

get the Tails OS - it's linux.

Fire and forget.

Shut down the pc, everything that is not saved on a second usb is purged.

be50e3 No.10255765


Can't unpack the .zip file on windows, despite having a really beefy rig and over 1tb of HDD space.

33977c No.10255769


Download and use 7zip to unpack to another folder and the password is in the OP.

be50e3 No.10255770


I have 7zip installed, so will do.

028f9a No.10255777

Godspeed brave anons, get the real truth out

bd3b65 No.10255779

OpenSUSE + VPN + VirtualBox Tails VM | Safety recording if I should be in an misterious accident any time soon.

eef0d8 No.10255785


If you're reading the emails raw in a text editor, you may need to do some legwork to be able to read certain text portions and extract attachments. They're encoded in base64 and any competent text editor (NPP, vim, emacs etc) will have that feature available.

33977c No.10255798


Looks like a lot of them so far, just opening randoms ones are just these guys sending links of different articles to each other. Will keep looking later tonight when I am done studying. But so far it seems fairly tame and them acting like its the 1980s.

33977c No.10255801

File: b1598c3186c8534⋯.png (499.83 KB, 824x1131, 824:1131, Dubs hitman.png)

>>10255777 (checked)

028f9a No.10255809


You don't have a leak for no reason, follow the money

96e961 No.10255888

3,396 emails in the third batch.

12,047 total.

Looked through hundreds from the fist two batches, not nearly everything. Nothing major so far. I'll keep looking. I still have the full third batch to look through.

512925 No.10255902


i respect thine repeating numerals.

is there a faster way to go through these? They don't work well with IE, which is cancer anyway, but in order to use them I need to change the extensions one at a time to MHT and drop them in a browser.

ac0060 No.10255907

File: d2351ffcd954fc4⋯.jpg (71.05 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 1499598759102.jpg)


Hella Heil Hitler trips hailed. Godspeed anons.

ea107d No.10255913

File: d9b78b7a743a075⋯.gif (3.7 MB, 600x337, 600:337, e4401ae8b5c3ac88eaef5ebf84….gif)

ac0060 No.10255915


>Start by selecting a bunch of files—you can hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple files at once, or Shift to select a range of files. When you’ve got the files selected, use one of the rename commands—the button on the Home menu, the command on the context menu, or just press F2. You’ll see that all the files remain selected, but the first one in the group gets its name highlighted so you can type a new name.


>Type a new name for the file and then hit Enter or click somewhere else in the window. All the selected files are renamed using the name you just typed, and are appended with a number in parentheses to differentiate them.

96e961 No.10255929


I'll be honest. I have an older Mac PC (which has been air-gapped / WiFi card taken out) and that's how I am searching through these, through an old inbox program. Typically I use that PC to store sensitive stuff I don't want hacked or on the web. So the process is slow, plus I'm busy doing other things around the house from time to time so I don't know if I'll get anywhere with this (at least today).

If I see something damning I'll post a screenshot of it.

be50e3 No.10255934


They are all encrypted in base64 so unless you have a program to decrypt them that way, it is not worth your time to change the file extension. Instead, open it in Notepad, copy the main body of text into this website - https://www.base64decode.org/ - and then you will get your email.

50310a No.10255941

Now it looks that the news are starting to confirm it, so I guess it isn't the usual mr. FBI virus bait.

Are there any mentions about Fusion GPS?

5e1b5b No.10255948

File: 832d67706c708ac⋯.jpg (444.01 KB, 856x1024, 107:128, 122b13f721cd20e3924dbdbcb6….jpg)

God Speed Lads.

Make the Internet Great Again.

96e961 No.10255949


Believe me, as soon as I see something like that I'll post a screenshot of it.

be9004 No.10255957


Hopefully she doesnt have any tatoos on her tits.

512925 No.10255959


Thanks but I know how to rename a batch, I phrased my sentence wrong, I mean I have to drop them in a browser one at a time, rather than have some program that can look at the directly and allow me to glide through them by clicking "next" akin to what windows does with images in a folder.

I was thinking more along the lines of a program that uses EML natively and whether anon was using one. Unfortunately his method of perusal isn't one I'm going to use.


If these are encrypted I would assume that I'd be unable to read them no matter what I did with the extensions. All the ones I've looked at are readable as they are, so if they're encrypted that means that MHT somehow involves a decryption protocol.

96e961 No.10255969

Just a note while looking through the third and final batch: none of these emails seem to be recent, mostly dated from 2015 to 2016, at least all the ones I have seen. Still curious why these emails were dumped, there must be a reason right?

dbc1cd No.10255997


Since they seem more related to US-Russia communication. I would say they are here to counter all those claims about Russia this and Trump that.

d50db0 No.10256000

File: 72cf2e13183457d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.01 KB, 250x250, 1:1, j_AsxLAn.jpg)

96e961 No.10256006


Good point. I notice how much Russian news is in those emails, seems kinda odd. Looks like they are obsessed with Russia yet I can't really piece together why that is.

028f9a No.10256028


It's all specifically curated for disputing the Russian narrative i'll bet

5e1b5b No.10256039

File: 2be20a3c06661f4⋯.jpg (4.62 KB, 260x194, 130:97, images (4).jpg)




cdee78 No.10256041


Base64 is an encoding, like binary or hex. It's not encryption.

512925 No.10256062

There's an email here I can't fully read, it's 5,421 kb and all it says is "im sure you will have seen this…"

If there's an attachment or something locked into the EML it would account for the "large" filesize but I can't tell why it's bigger than most files.

33977c No.10256085

File: 0db679d320637ac⋯.jpg (120.45 KB, 1205x986, 1205:986, Capture.JPG)


Pic related is the first page of the attachment. It's just a regular PDF you can download from the email batch itself or you can google it.

This is the attachment:


d1cc1d No.10256092


>randoms ones are just these guys sending links of different articles to each other

Sending lots articles around about themselves was something seen quite frequently in the Podesta emails, so if nothing else this at least tells us that it's the same people/office culture. Has anyone actually done searches through the files yet for keywords or emails we already have or are we still trying to make sure this thing isn't a trojan horse yet?

27af8f No.10256097


Everything pointe to Erdogan staging the coup himself, so I don't think so.

b98659 No.10256109

File: bc8ea99f7afb9da⋯.png (109.44 KB, 310x310, 1:1, 1500144981043.png)

realistically how dangerous would it be download and read this without protection?

considering i don't live in the US?

1bc2bb No.10256124

File: ec0a56941b94676⋯.jpg (11.84 KB, 208x243, 208:243, TrustMe.jpg)


It's completely illegal. In America, classified documents are only to be read by government employees. Only government sanctioned news organizations, such as CNN, are exempt from this rule. Private citizens WILL be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they violate this sanction. I urge you to ignore this thread, report it to mods and report it to the FBI.

5286a6 No.10256141

File: 8d9fbd6edc2d22d⋯.jpg (17.34 KB, 640x360, 16:9, shut it down.jpg)


You've been reported to the cyber police

512925 No.10256147




5286a6 No.10256159

File: 4d790fff07fb678⋯.png (825.24 KB, 700x700, 1:1, hackerman.png)


>tfw I know who it's coming from because I backtraced it

51bfbc No.10256163


Erm as a expert in legal matters can you give us a run down of the laws and statutes pertaining to such? Last I checked it fucks you in the EU for getting vetted for security purposes. But I would assume that most americans would be alright because of their first amendment. I don't know, not a legal expert. Don't take this as advice.

512925 No.10256173


He's being facetious mate

That's something you would actually hear from some lawkike or whiny handrubbing jew, but he's making fun of them for it and because of it.

5b0e09 No.10256176





Screenshots + archives niggers.

0ec7b4 No.10256180

What, uh, does the State Dept. even do? Is it another US intelligence agency?

d1cc1d No.10256209


State Department basically handles diplomatic interactions with foreign governments (as opposed to military interactions), negotiating treaties and whatnot. The equivalent of a foreign minister's job. Basically the perfect place to install your base of power if you want to fuck over other governments almost completely unhindered.

ff31f0 No.10256224

File: 624fc58cce74fa9⋯.jpg (50.51 KB, 600x562, 300:281, CWMKgvwWwAEz6f3.jpg)


Who could be behind this post?

1a0ae1 No.10256226

>Reading through some of the messages, it seems they are mostly discussions between various neocon academics and forwarding of articles. Most of these people rather than experts seem to be groupthinkers endlessly building up the walls of their own echo chamber.


0ec7b4 No.10256232


Oh shit nigger this is a pretty big deal, then.

1a0ae1 No.10256244

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>he doesn't get the reference

512925 No.10256255


State Department is everything to do with the federal government's dealing with other countries. Hillary was the Secretary of State, the head of this department, for several years including the Benghazi shitshow. Considering the situation involving the kikes in the Western world, keeping this organization tightly under their control is a massively important thing to them. State Department sets practically all foreign policy.

ac0060 No.10256303

File: 0043db7f5e84d6a⋯.png (200.36 KB, 1238x906, 619:453, statedept.PNG)


And when Trump took the helm, the Under Secretary for Management department starting leaving like they were escaping a burning building. That department is responsible all of the money, hr and security. That's where the power was focused and many/most of the dirty dealings of Hillary went through that dept.

33977c No.10256306


The files are completely safe. You can download them and play around and dissect them if you want to. That's a good point anon, I didn't think about an office culture/way of thinking that permeates throughout the department.

5f7b1c No.10256329


lurk more god damn you

f3bc5e No.10256331

been at halfchan https://pastebin.com/V81jGsru

33977c No.10256332

File: bad598f56020e11⋯.jpg (79.36 KB, 1096x777, 1096:777, Capture.JPG)

File: a10e004b4441ee5⋯.jpg (252.65 KB, 1096x813, 1096:813, Capture2.JPG)

Couple screen shots from a power point presentation with a lot of it in Ukrainian/English.

be9004 No.10256345


There is nothing worse than defiling pure breastmeat with ink.

c93335 No.10256349


we've been the experts for quite a long. Just reading these conversations.. Unless someone has found something I haven't yet seen this seems to lower level establishment g-men postulating on gathered intel on various topics. The language of their conversations is queerly verbose while also showing vast experience in feigning intellect. The topics of discussion are entirely ridiculous, they read like a book about Mr. Bean, MI6 00 agent, set during the cold war.

These are our enemies. These are not the low level trash mobs running around aggroing on garbage cans. These are the end game mini-bosses. These are the fucks that the uberkikes rely on to gather, digest and apply gathered intelligence. And they are reddit.

f3bc5e No.10256350

PDFs Matching "Clinton"









PDFs Matching "Trump"

In this next section, I searched for 534 emails which mentioned "TRUMP" and extracted the PDFs without the articles in such a distracting way.













PDFs Matching "Veselnitskaya"

In this section, I found a handful of emails matching the Trump Lawyer that should have a second look.


PDFs Matching "Magnitskiy"

In this section, I found 93 emails matching Magnitskiy, which is connected to the Trump lawyer.



PDFs Matching "Podesta"


PDFs Matching "Lynch"


PDFs Matching "Eric Holder"


d1cc1d No.10256356


Good to know the files have been vetted. I've worked in government offices before, you may or may not be surprised how a few old folks who've been working in an office longer than most of their fellow/subordinate employees have been alive can absolutely dictate the way an entire department runs and thinks just by their own habits. Since they're the authority, the suck-ups try to mimic them (the reasoning being they're successful/in power for a reason) and just continue and amplify the worst parts of it.

c93335 No.10256364


You bring honor onto your people. Kek will reward thee.

f3bc5e No.10256371


I've got two threads running on halfchan and three on reddit; I'm getting eyes on it all. In the pastebin link I have some instructions on how to extract eml to pdf and a good program to sift through the files with. You can even do searches.

33977c No.10256372


A new generation is definitely needed in government, thankfully /pol/ is here nowadays.

On a search for "Podesta" I didn't see much but this was in an email from an article:

>Still, Mrs. Clinton may have an uphill battle. The Podesta Group, a Washington firm co-founded by John D. Podesta, her campaign chairman, has surfaced in the same corruption investigation that has entangled Mr. Manafort.

>“The unease is about Manafort, the unease is about Podesta — all of them have been getting money funneling in from Russia,” said Michael Koziupa, a Ukrainian-American leader in New Jersey.

f6d873 No.10256373


If it's genuine I assume it does

4d6ced No.10256378


> earthlink

4d6ced No.10256383


use a VPN of some kind.

f3bc5e No.10256385


They're private emails. No need really. It isn't illegal to go through them now that they've been discussed through MSM.

f3bc5e No.10256386



4d6ced No.10256392


> set up deadman's switches before downloading this

nigger if you browse /pol/ without all that precaution and more, you might as well be flying a nazi flag and a confederate flag and have a sign that says "SWAT ME'' in front of your house.

65fb5e No.10256402


Pig disgusting/10 tbh

65fb5e No.10256407


>you might as well be flying a nazi flag and a confederate flag and have a sign that says "SWAT ME'' in front of your house.

Wait. Are you saying you don't?

33977c No.10256413

This is email number 00006147 when I did a word search for "comet" while wondering if there was anything in any way connected to comet pizza (never know, so I tried).


>Are we worried yet? Trump will win the Republican nomination, and maybe the Presidency? Is the world actually ready for this?

>Christ, how did this happen? Washington Post ran this excellent piece from Robert Kagan, very much a conservative of course (Brookings etc). A case of all the GOP chickens coming home to roost, minus brains. It’s also entirely symptomatic (in my view) of a world in which long-term strategy or planning has been dumped at all levels for political and economic expediency (read ‘power and profits’), and Trump has long been the flag-bearer for that opportunistic camp. So should anyone be that surprised? I guess not. New York friends have been telling me for decades how bovine Americans are generally, and now they’ve found their true leader. (One told me his daughter graduated with high marks from one of the best colleges in the country and couldn’t point on a map to where Utah was…) Of course the blue-collars and the red-necks believe they have plenty to complain about, so they’re looking for a saviour. And now they’ve found one, and he’s also funny. Two buttons at once.

>One can’t help recalling Peter Cook’s brilliant line that his Establishment Club in London would be a satirical venue modelled on 'those wonderful Berlin cabarets which did so much to stop the rise of Hitler and prevent the outbreak of the Second World War’. All the goofy gags and send-ups of Trump are actually playing into this holocaust. The Game of Thrones send-up done for ABC’S The Insiders has gone viral globally and even made the front-page of the NYT. Which makes it official that Trump cannot be sent-up negatively because he’s already the king, he’s acting like he’s already there and America is acting like he’s already there. His ‘thing’ has developed a life of its own, outside traditional circuits of media analysis and even normal satire, which is supposed to make fools of its targets. Almost nothing can hurt his bid from now on, because he’s setting the terms. Prediction: this will be when the world looks back and declares this was the moment when traditional ‘legacy’ media died, along with its hand-in-glove crony traditional political structures, and social media and the power of immediacy took over the entire game. There will be no return to the old ways.

>What’s weird for me, on the Croydonia front, is that Trump is starting to make Vladimir Putin look like a sensible, rationally-minded leader. Trump ‘admires' him, not least I suspect because Putin's got 80%+ approval ratings with the population. Ironically of course, Putin is anything but a ‘populist’ in that barnstorming American way; he’s cold and private, as befits a Kremlin occupant. One can only imagine Putin watching Trump on TV and thinking, ‘What a fucking buffoon. What a fucking dumb country. First they elect a guy who’s so nice and sweet and relaxed that I can walk all over him, invade Ukraine, take Crimea, steal the agenda in Syria, and now they use their so-called democratic system to elect a ranting dumbo who says he actually likes me because I’m a hard-nosed dictator. Mmm, let’s see - how can I use this to my complete advantage?’ Trump is of course at heart an old-fashioned isolationist, so goodbye Europe, but with a ‘new’ twist - he’s got those wonderful nuclear toys to wave in their faces. And China? Them too! Diplomacy? What’s diplomacy ever done for America since 9/11? You can write the script now…

Anyway, Kagan’s piece, short but very effective: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/trump-is-the-gops-frankenstein-monster-now-hes-strong-enough-to-destroy-the-party/2016/02/25/3e443f28-dbc1-11e5-925f-1d10062cc82d_story.html?postshare=3251456435249855&tid=ss_fb

Blame the GOP? If you’re a Democrat. Blame America? Not if you’re American. I know, BLAME CANADA.



33977c No.10256418


I never use VPNs or proxies

Come at Alphabet soups fucks

33977c No.10256420

c93335 No.10256465


Just skimming for interesting stuff dont consider these documents to have been fully read by a /pol/ack

>Magnitskiy #2

>The state media is now vaunting European right-wing parties. Albats said that Donald Trump is a gift to Russian propaganda. In short, Putin doesn't need a war in Syria, there will always be something around which to consolidate popular support.

> “If someone has decided to drown, no one can help them.”

An unusual response to a question from 12-year old Varya Kuznetsova, who asked the President which foreign leader he would savefrom a watery death: Turkish President Recep Erdogan, or Ukraine's Petro Poroshenko. Putin showed no favorites, although he did add,“Russia will give a helping hand to any partner who wants it.” Earlier, Putin said that: “Turkey has been, and remains, a friend andpartner of Russia. However, problems arise with the leaders of countries whose responses to situations are inadequate.”

> "Husband and wife are the same devil."

Putin used this old Russian proverb to respond to questions on U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Putin couldn't help but notehow long the same two parties had been in power in this supposed flagship of democracy. "There were the Bushes,” he said, “and nowthe wife of Bill Clinton is running for president. Where is the diversity?"

> "The fewer teeth you have, the more you like porridge"

One little girl asked Putin if he too was forced to eat porridge when he was a child. The president said that he was never being forced todo anything he didn't want to, although he has always liked porridge and still eats it each morning with pleasure.

aside from that trump 9, 7,11, and clinton 6 seem to be have nothing interesting.

On another note.. Are they really using fucking emails as altnet?

c93335 No.10256476


This. The fear of them being half as capable as we were lead to believe is dumb as hell.

This guy is the fucking leader of a very important cointelpro agency. And look at the content of the emails… PATHETIC. But whats worse…

>leader of a military intelligence agency

>using gmail

>using yahoo

>with your real name


11bf25 No.10256480


Yes, they are harmless, don't be afraid, let your guard down., its fine,.

None of these are juicy. These are planned leaks.

a7a4e7 No.10256484


It's all over the web at this point, all links still up last time I checked. They can't stop you or arrest you for something that's already went viral.

65fa71 No.10256504

>still not one interesting piece of information posted

9bfb25 No.10256527

nice try cop

604e39 No.10256536

So these emails haven't turned up anything juicy yet. Makes one wonder, why were they hacked? Why were they leaked? Surely the hacker must have a reason for it. Are we being distracted from something?

Eyes peeled, anons.

576a98 No.10256546


you sir are a practitioner of judaism

33977c No.10256549



There are over 12,000 of them and nothing has come out yet as being worthwhile. With that said though, from what I have seen looking through them, they really aren't that interesting or important. Though we need more eyes to crawl through them and look.

But so far its a bunch of news articles in English and Russian between a bunch of "conservatives". But I'll keep looking, they are fairly boring to review so far and word searches on decent topics haven't brought up anything outlandish, but again, they're still fresh and we'll keep looking, as /pol/ always does, to confirm.

cdee78 No.10256552


>So these emails haven't turned up anything juicy yet. Makes one wonder, why were they hacked?

<Hillary gets hacked, emails leaked

<loses election


<nothing happens


<DNC leaks more emails


f56696 No.10256562

File: 6ffb11788fdab88⋯.jpeg (86.91 KB, 1346x553, 1346:553, image.jpeg)


>New York friends have been telling me for decades how bovine Americans are generally, and now they’ve found their true leader.


I actually had to look up the definition for that word like a the gentile pleb that I am.

>Prediction: this will be when the world looks back and declares this was the moment when traditional ‘legacy’ media died, along with its hand-in-glove crony traditional political structures, and social media and the power of immediacy took over the entire game. There will be no return to the old ways.


f3bc5e No.10256590

Contacts - Cross reference with Wikileaks Intelligence : https://icwatch.wikileaks.org/


cdee78 No.10256597


Anon, "bovine" comes from French.

895929 No.10256603

Anything from US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk?

This leak


has been troubling me for 3 years now and it may even pertain to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 which was shot down in Ukraine.

000000 No.10256652

>in the last year almost every major conspiracy theory is proven true

Not even Moloch can stop this. Jesus Christ.

2ad5e3 No.10256663

Any shit on the Ayys in there? I don't expect there is much if any at all.

51dcc3 No.10256686

I've been messing with a separate thread on this, I thought that no-one else cared… faggots, i started it first.

Anyway, all i could find of interest was the Magnitsky affair, which is related to the Russian honeypot lawyer which don jnr was talking to.


I located a series of pdf's to do with the Magnitsky case. They are all forwarded or prepared by someone from the state dept.


1bffbb No.10256692

File: 9d0a05093668878⋯.jpg (128.08 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 20155722_320819875031088_5….jpg)

06b91d No.10256708

Remember that a lot of secret communications most definitely use code words, so the word searches you're entering probably won't find what you're looking for. This needs a team effort and I'm sure Wikileaks will be on this like flies to shit.

306bde No.10256742

Off-Topic but I need to put this information somewhere:

Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump

>2447 Kalorama Rd NW

>Washington, DC 20008

>Wifi SSID: Great Horned Owl


Home previously owned up until December 2016 by Dan & Irina Rapoport (Irina is CEO of RUSNANO.


sorry I need to post this here just in case I am walking into something bad and get v&

b2a9ee No.10256778


>All the goofy gags and send-ups of Trump are actually playing into this holocaust

Oy vey, it's anudda shoah.

bb4202 No.10256781


>Great Horned Owl

oh come the fuck on kushner

306bde No.10256791


Yeah, here's some more evidence:

That SSID didn't show up until after 2017.


2ad5e3 No.10256793


Another body for the pile.

618c99 No.10256798


>Great Horned Owl

Jonestein shooting secret shaky cam footage of wierdo Owl statue and SWPLs marching around it praising the goddess

604e39 No.10256804

Keep up the good work boys. We intel now.

eae29e No.10256817

File: a7d18afa6c2b80b⋯.jpg (712.2 KB, 800x1800, 4:9, owel.jpg)


>Great Horned Owl

306bde No.10256826


Any DC Anons want to wardrive by this address and verify?

06b91d No.10256829


Don't derail the thread, nigger, post that somewhere else.

306bde No.10256838


I would but not sure it deserves it own thread. Last post relating to that, not trying to slide the yummy new emails.

ea14bb No.10256859


>skeptical of anything not released by wikileaks

wikileaks is the biggest psyop ever. they are zionist gatekeepers and a honeypot. whenever someone leaks anything of value to wikileaks they have them killed then release all the redacted files to keep up their sham appearance. NEVER give anything of value to wikileaks, you will die. just spread it around on USB sticks and various file hosting places and spam it all over the internet and IRL, reliable investigative journalist etc

33977c No.10256869


This is the correct address it would seem:

The house, at 2449 Tracy Place NW, is literally around the corner (only a three-minute walk!) from the Obamas' new residence, an 8,200-square-foot house at 2446 Belmont Road NW, which they are also renting.

Source: http://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/real-estate/news/a9132/ivanka-trump-jared-kushner-washington-dc-house/

The house in the post is in the right area (very close actually) but not eh right home.

a8be00 No.10256870


prove it faggot

79e04c No.10256871

File: 632b514cec4ef29⋯.jpg (18.58 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1364743957822.jpg)


Holy fuck I got mad reading that. I have a few choice words for him, who wrote that?

306bde No.10256882


>2449 Tracy Place NW

<2447 Kalorama Rd NW

My bad, yep I pasted the wrong address.

ea14bb No.10256896


import them in to thunderbird or outlook?

51dcc3 No.10256897

Message requesting access to Hermitage Capital meeting for Anatoli Samochornov and Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Why did Veselnitskaya want to attend if she didnt speak english?

Is Anatoli Samochornov the russian fixer alleged to have attended the meeting with donald jnr?

——– Forwarded message ———-

From: Anatoli <[email protected]>

Date: 26 April 2016 at 13:40

Subject: Accreditation for Mr Browder's press conference

To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>

Dear Mr. Koloswicz: I writing to request accreditation to attend Mr. Browder's press conference on the 29th of April. Myself and my colleague represent US bases NGO Human Rights Accountability Global Initiative Foundation. The names are Anatoli Samochornov and Natalia Veselnitskaya. Natalia is a Russian lawyer who conducted an extensive investigation of the Magnitsky case. Let me know if you have any other questions or require any additional information from us. Thank you. Anatoli

Sent from my iPhone

Tomasz Kłosowicz

Advocacy Officer

Open Dialog Foundation

Résidence Palace

155 Rue de la Loi

1040 Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 (0) 2 280 11 15

Mob: +32 (0) 465 925 689

E-mail: [email protected]


51dcc3 No.10256898


I imported them to thunderbird. works good

71d89a No.10256905

File: d45024f534945d2⋯.png (62.69 KB, 665x508, 665:508, dccc2018patreon.png)


>Apparently the State Department gets emails for the "Progressive Turnout Project" which works to get Democrat donations.

The State Department pay-to-play system spans more than just the Clinton Foundation.

51dcc3 No.10256914

File: 7305ec4e4e35d15⋯.png (664.47 KB, 474x815, 474:815, 000.PNG)


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: William Browder <[email protected]>

Date: Monday, June 6, 2016

Subject: FW: veselnitskaya house

To: Kyle Parker <[email protected]>

The state department was digging into this chick in June, 2016, just as she was about to meet Don jnr

ea14bb No.10256939

seems like another huge nothing burger tbh, probably just a distraction from something.

(Obvious shill.)

eae29e No.10256955


<wikileaks is a honeypot! i can't prove it but just trust me!


<how do i open these???


<it's a nothing burger!!! even though i haven't looked myself you shouldn't either!!!!!

6a3547 No.10256956



>dont trust wikileaks

>dont look at them goyim its not worthwhile


shariablue/shill detected

af0d50 No.10256960


It's about time you got here, Shareblue. Your $0.02 has been deposited into your account.

51dcc3 No.10256963


download thunderbird

download importexporttool from thunderbird website

extract zips


31b6a5 No.10256972

File: 9fb974f5af07573⋯.png (78.75 KB, 292x390, 146:195, Sec of State Dean Rusk.png)

File: f37da5b8b7eec32⋯.jpg (29.35 KB, 320x258, 160:129, 1skgd9.jpg)

>>10256255 (✓)

State Department was probably the initial source of communist infiltration into US government. (see pic 1 related)



(pic 2)

51dcc3 No.10256990

File: 172dd9ebeacd91e⋯.png (88.47 KB, 1716x823, 1716:823, 000.PNG)

c42a79 No.10256992


Browder Banned by Putin as an enemy of the state for a time. Hermitage capital openly finds corruption in russian business enterprises supposedly. Most likely an anti-russia platform used by alphabets and in this case used by the democrats in this setup. Browders fund owns the house she is staying in! Add the link to Dellums and other known Democrat operatives and this was a definite smear campaign not very well hidden. Sean Spicers tweet today about this blowing up in their faces is 100% dead on.

51dcc3 No.10257009


And also recall that hillary turned against the Magnitsky sanctions following a $500k speach by bill clinton.



Russian Lawyer Was Lobbying Against Sanctions Clinton Opposed After Paid Speech Gig

Her campaign killed a story linking opposing the sanctions and Bill being paid $500,000

By Michael Sainato • 07/13/17 10:25am

On July 12, the Hill reported that the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was allowed into the United States without a visa by the Department of Justice under the Obama administration. The report sheds further light into the story, which has further fueled allegations that Trump colluded with the Russian government: “The Moscow lawyer had been turned down for a visa to enter the U.S. lawfully but then was granted special immigration parole by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch for the limited purpose of helping a company owned by Russian businessman Denis Katsyv, her client, defend itself against a Justice Department asset forfeiture case in federal court in New York City.” Katsyv faced allegations that he was involved in the assassination of Sergei Magnitsky, which led to sanctions under the 2012 Magnitsky Act.

The Hill added, “Interviews with a half dozen Americans who came in contact with Veselnitskaya or monitored her U.S. activities in 2016 make clear that one of her primary goals was to see if the Congress and/or other political leaders would be interested in repealing the 2012 Magnitsky Act punishing Russia or at least ensure the Magnitsky name would not be used on a new law working its way through Congress in 2016 to punish human rights violators across the globe.”

In an interview, Veselnitskaya claimed her meeting with Donald Trump Jr. was part of a lobbying campaign to get American officials to see “the real circumstances behind the Magnitsky Act.”

The Magnitsky Act, passed with bipartisan support in 2012, froze U.S. assets of Russians purportedly involved in the detention and suspicious death of whistle-blowing attorney Sergei Magnitsky in a Russian prison in 2009. Magnitsky represented U.S. investor Bill Browder, who was the largest foreign investor in Russia at the time. Browder claimed Russian organized criminals colluded with Russian government officials to collect a $230 million tax rebate on Browder’s companies.

In December 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary Clinton opposed the Magnitsky Act while serving as secretary of state. Her opposition coincided with Bill Clinton giving a speech in Moscow for Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank—for which he was paid $500,000. “Mr. Clinton also received a substantial payout in 2010 from Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank whose executives were at risk of being hurt by possible U.S. sanctions tied to a complex and controversial case of alleged corruption in Russia. Members of Congress wrote to Mrs. Clinton in 2010 seeking to deny visas to people who had been implicated by Russian accountant Sergei Magnitsky, who was jailed and died in prison after he uncovered evidence of a large tax-refund fraud. William Browder, a foreign investor in Russia who had hired Mr. Magnitsky, alleged that the accountant had turned up evidence that Renaissance officials, among others, participated in the fraud.” The State Department opposed the sanctions bill at the time, as did the Russian government. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pushed Hillary Clinton to oppose the legislation during a meeting in St. Petersburg in June 2012, citing that U.S.-Russia relations would suffer as a result.


Observer Delivered to Your Inbox

Receive important daily stories covering politics and influential opinion leaders.


The Wall Street Journal report continued, “A few weeks later, Bill Clinton participated in a question-and-answer session at a Renaissance Capital investors conference. He was paid $500,000. After the appearance, Mr. Clinton received a personal thank-you call from Vladimir Putin, then the Russian prime minister, the government news agency TASS reported.”

A spokesperson for Hillary Clinton denied the connection between her stance against the bill and Bill Clinton’s paid speech, but the conflict of interest is undeniable. During the presidential election, the Clinton campaign even took measures to stop a story reporting the link. An email released by Wikileaks from Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta in May 2015 noted, “With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC’s opposition to the Magnitsky bill to a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow.”

51dcc3 No.10257013

File: 3868d172cbaf270⋯.png (84.59 KB, 1718x842, 859:421, 000.PNG)


This bloke doesnt like Madeleine Albright. Would she have been the boss?

d895fa No.10257014


that, or you can just drag them from the containing folder after you download them directly into a folder in thunderbird itself

c4d07d No.10257017



An extra tip for anyone downloading leaked files. Don't open .pdf files (i.e. attached in one of the emails) on anything but an air-gaped VM. It could be a honeypot and CIA niggers can get your IP address that way.

d1cc1d No.10257022


>From: … yahoo.com

>Sent from my iPhone

>There is NO accountability

I'll say.

c42a79 No.10257025


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_on_Foreign_Relations She chairs this thing. A rockefeller group formed wilson era? It (((advises))) the president, senate, world leaders etc. Basically a daily bilderberger meeting.

f1900f No.10257031


grep -C 5 might be better to see some context around each snippet of text

c42a79 No.10257036


Double post pc is spotty.

Albright was the pusher for the nato expansion initiative under Bill Clinton. A bad policy that put Russia on the defensive (publicly) but in reality brought in some countries who would not be into the socialist (((big goal))). These countries would dislike things like mass immigration, socialist crap, and understood communism from a been there done that perspective. It is probably one of the singular reasons why their shenanigans have been more apparent. It made bringing some countries into the eu fold an almost have to situation and by that proxie fucked the global shit up. Poland,hungary, slovenia and all the other problem children in Europe to (((the goal))). Albright is either brilliant opfor or a moron. I vote greedy moron.

f4309b No.10257043


You should tell the FBI what u think of their entrapment practices.


928377 No.10257055


>using Tor on Windows

Oi vey anon you baka motherfucker

4c3014 No.10257056

this is going to be an 'all-nighter' for sure

3a86cf No.10257059

File: 1ede6a05d3115df⋯.gif (3.94 MB, 615x346, 615:346, 1ede6a05d3115df05c01183bbc….gif)




d895fa No.10257088

File: 7728ffb95851498⋯.png (17.75 KB, 661x330, 661:330, Kike BTFO.png)

I think that this might be the jew that is creating shitloads of email chains in these emails. I've seen him unironically share vox articles too cause he's a (((faggot)))


51dcc3 No.10257091

File: f8c5840d86d22ae⋯.png (45.21 KB, 1263x774, 421:258, 000.PNG)

So Robert Otto finally decided he would vote for Trump?

d895fa No.10257096


nah he seems like too much of a faggot to vote for Trump

51dcc3 No.10257101


He says he cant in good conscience vote for Hillary

51dcc3 No.10257108


Why would it be him?

More like http://www.poles.org/db/b_names/Burant_SR.html

Stephen Robert Burant

Intelligence research specialist

Born Jun. 7, 1954, Milwaukee (WI), U.S; son of Leonard and Audrey (Borkenhagen); married Roxane (Sismanidis); children: Nicholas, Aniela.

Education: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Marquette University, Milwaukee, 1976; Master of Arts (M.A.), 1977, Ph.D., 1983, University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Career: in Washington (DC) - research analyst, 1984-87, senior research analyst, 1987-89, Library of Congress, associate editor, 1989-90, managing editor, 1990-93, Problems of Communism, United States Information Agency (USIA), intelligence research specialist, U.S. Department of State, 1993-.

Author: articles in: Political Science Quarterly, Problems of Communism, East European Politics and Societies, Europe - Asia Studies.

Member of: American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS); American Academy of Political Science; Association for the Study of Nationalities; Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America (P.I.A.S.A.).

Affiliation: Democrat.

Languages: English, Russian, Polish, German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Belarussian.

Hobbies: American art, antiques.

Home: 2843 29th St. NW, Washington, DC 20008.

From: "Who's Who in Polish America" 1st Edition 1996-1997, Boleslaw Wierzbianski editor; Bicentennial Publishing Corporation, New York, NY, 1996

51dcc3 No.10257113

File: 23303753c3497fe⋯.png (9.43 KB, 592x237, 592:237, 000.PNG)

Ouch, what is that username and password for?

b00004 No.10257155

File: c8306f975618b1c⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1137x454, 1137:454, enhance.png)

cdee78 No.10257168


It's a SCIF.

b00004 No.10257171

be50e3 No.10257172



Literally the worst consumer OS you can get.

but I won't get banned for starting a /tech/ war on /pol/ so i'll just drop it

linux is the god-tier operating system, it's just confusing for newcomers


4c3014 No.10257177

File: 563b0864f04aba1⋯.jpg (222.93 KB, 561x1015, 561:1015, revenue based tax system f….jpg)


b00004 No.10257178


This particular one is known as the 7th Floor Group.

cdee78 No.10257179


Linux is the spurdo of Unix.

cdee78 No.10257186


That's the name given to the group that meets/met there, but the facility itself is a SCIF. That's why they got rid of the windows.

4c3014 No.10257204

File: caf336a09e0242b⋯.gif (399.35 KB, 280x202, 140:101, furreal.gif)


Um, that area is definitely not the SCIF…for real.




51dcc3 No.10257215

Хо Москвы :: Access code: Julia Latynina

Yu. Latynina- Good evening. Julia Latynina, "Access code", +7 985 970-45-45. Well, the first topic that I want to talk about is a variety of compromising materials. The week turned out to be rich on them and abroad, and we, and the democratic American press, who do not know which side to eat Trump, printed a photo of Melania Trump in her nude. Well, it was not completely naked - it was covering something below.

The result was, of course, zero, because … Why? We did not know about Melania Trump something? Trump, in fact, her so constantly and positions. We constantly hear that Trump is a sexist. Trump publicly says: "No, well, did you see what kind of tits my wife has? Have you seen which boobs? Siski is important! "And firstly, I'm certainly not a man, but I think that the peasants would agree with his position. And secondly, this is exactly the same example, when the dirt does not work, because everything has long been known and so.

    Yu.Latynina: This is exactly the same example when the compromising evidence does not work, because everything has been known for a long time and so

And, in fact, another incriminating evidence was trashed on Trump that when it became clear that the Russian special services had opened the server of the Democratic Party, Trump was accused almost in cooperation with the Russian special services, which looked very funny, because if you look at the track record Democratic Party and Trump, respectively, or rather, the track record of Hillary and Trump, we will see that many more people around Hillary Clinton, including Hillary Clinton herself, have been associated with various very questionable E lobbying transactions that lobbied the Russian government. There was a deal for a company that sells uranium, several other very unpleasant stories. Not because, of course, that Vladimir Vladimirovich or someone in the Kremlin likes Hillary, but because, naturally, everyone loves power, including power in America.

And actually, I already spoke last week (and I can not help but add) that, from my point of view, our valiant special services opened the server of the Democratic Party not to help Trump, but simply because they live in the Their fictional world, they sincerely sought there evidence of a conspiracy of the damned America, which arranged the Maidan.

cdee78 No.10257217


>Um, that area is definitely not the SCIF…for real.

>the SCIF

….It's one of many SCIFs. Do you not know what a SCIF is?

51dcc3 No.10257223


> And since … Well, it is understandable that the Republican Party could not arrange the Maidan, because at that moment it was not in power. And besides, I think that the Americans were guilty, because when we heard in the Kremlin that Hillary Clinton kept her letters on her own server, they certainly said: "Well, listen! Well, we have cards in hand. "


> In general, of course, it's pretty funny. On the one hand, Russia's attempts to intervene in the presidential race in America are ridiculous, because … Well, how to say? We did not come out with a snout. We did this during Roosevelt's time, when we had 500 people around the White House and inside the Strategic Intelligence office were Russian, or rather Comintern spies. That is, they, strictly speaking, were not spies of Stalin, they were citizens of the future Soviet America. Sincerely. Here, then, really, it was possible to do pretty serious things. And then, in fact, the result was rather small.


> Y. Latynina: Russia's attempts to intervene in the presidential race in America are funny


> And now it looks, well, just a story from the series "And we'll try." But the most important thing is that the Democratic Party is also actively playing this card. And it's worth Trump to open his mouth and blurt out something, as she says: "Here, do you hear? This is him, because he is friends with Putin "and so on, and so on.


> That is, note that Putin already almost as ISIS frightens in America small children and, most importantly, voters. But, as I said, Trump is not a figure to which something sticks, because, well, everyone knows what he is like.

And, behold, a very different story happened in Russia, where in Novaya Gazeta, where I work, there appeared on Monday a remarkable publication that a certain lady named Olga Sechina was repeatedly seen on the ship, and the view and routes of which coincide With a yacht called "The Holy Princess, or the Holy Princess Olga". One of the biggest yachts in the world, but not the largest (in 72nd place). And, the lady was called before Olga Rozhkova, she worked in the Government Office, when Sechin was vice-premier. In 2011, the girl changed her name, becoming Mrs. Sechina. And, behold, photos, wonderful photos, very beautiful girl, young, beautiful. Well, here, it's called "trophy wife" in American, "trophy wife".

51dcc3 No.10257227


Here is this trophy wife - she … Actually, here, strangely and geotagi, and the photo of the ship in the pictures - they coincide a) with the location of "Princess Olga", and b) coincide, in fact, with the interior of this vessel. And notice, I once again remind you, the girl's name is Olga, and the vessel is also called "Holy Princess Olga."

Instead of confirming or denying the fact that this ship belongs to the head of Rosneft Mr. Sechin and his wife is riding around the world, Rosneft said that she does not consider herself to be able to answer questions concerning the personal life and property of employees, that illegal collection and The use of unverified and inaccurate information may entail liability provided for by law. Then she told Novaya that she was suing. Although, I do not quite understand how the illegal collection of information is the publication of photographs, which, in fact, the girl publishes herself?

It is clear that everyone understands that this information is not a) an excuse for the removal of Igor Ivanovich Sechin, if it is fair, b) is not a surprise for Putin, because all these yachts, Putin's aircraft have long been reported by the defendants themselves.

    Yu.Latynina: Here, the story with Yakunin - it was, indeed, for Putin's news QTwit

That, from what I know how the modern Kremlin is arranged, if, say, the top manager of the state bank has a yacht and a plane (we will not call this top manager by name), then Putin knows about it. There are several cases where people for some reason did not report. That, as far as I know, again, yes? .. Who knows the life of the bulldogs under the carpet? Now, the story with Yakunin - it was, indeed, for Putin, news, because when Vladimir Vladimirovich was informed that Yakunin's son received English citizenship, this was taken, we will say, with a lot of questions, because this acquisition of English citizenship occurred after the famous Putin's order given to his friends that there are no more offshore companies and to return all money, like, to Russia. Rather, not all money, but it is offshore is no more, everything you now must be registered in Russia.

Apparently, this order given after the "Krymnas" was associated with a sincere fear that now the accursed Americans will take advantage of this to recruit the entire Russian elite. In addition, it was given after the Americans, indeed, began to crush the offshore. Politics is stupid, my point of view, but we are not talking about this now.

And, ostensibly, a story, when Putin learned this … Naturally, Yakunin's well-wishers also told Putin. That was one of those things, those straws that broke the camel's back, and supposedly after that, when Yakunin Vladimir Vladimirovich asked: "And what is this?" Yakunin said: "Well, we agreed that here there … Here is what is called the pool, that's it, specifically my son will manage it on purpose. This is all for the good of the motherland. " Well, Vladimir Vladimirovich was very surprised.

306bde No.10257243


So this email "leak" just happens to have "proof" of a conversation that the "Russian special services had opened the server of the Democratic Party". Seems suspect, or am I misreading (this is a very broken English translation)

4c3014 No.10257252


You seriously think I don't know what a SCIF is. You are an assuming retard. KYS. What I am saying is that the highlighted area is not "MUH SCIF" it is somewhere else.

f3bc5e No.10257263


Emails also purported that Crowdstrike was 100% certain in their initial analysis. That was disproven.

306bde No.10257271


There's not any regulation that states a SCIF cannot be on the 7th floor. If the building is the appropriate distance from any street and is adequately built, it can be designated as a SCIF. This is likely the case as the State Department processes enough secret information to warrant the investment.

4c3014 No.10257290

File: f779f893db598c8⋯.jpg (9.22 KB, 220x221, 220:221, Anderson,_Harley_&_Batt_-_….jpg)


ok. sure. whatever you say.

5cdc8f No.10257293


It's pure useless gossip.

Also, the fact that the leaker stated he tried to protect the guy by keeping some of his private e-mails, when it's the published content that should ruin his life, really makes you think.

306bde No.10257316



>UFC 4-010-05: Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities Planning, Design and Construction

>ICD-705: Technical Specifications for Construction and Management of SCIF

Google them if you wish, not trying to misinform you. I have extensive experience with cryptography in the government sector.

4c3014 No.10257346

File: 1a566b5d8e53095⋯.gif (6.88 MB, 480x351, 160:117, giphy.gif)


ok, fine - we can all cite regulations and shit if we worked in ZOG Army as I did. But that's not where the actual SCIF is located dude. Seriously. Why are we arguing about this?


6ced4a No.10257351

File: 9b26c9cfee3b876⋯.png (66.97 KB, 288x291, 96:97, 0a92a55f22d345cd2774cb3410….png)

I am not sure if the Zero Hedge / pigchan narrative convergence is worrying or not…

306bde No.10257352


Haha, ok true it may not be a SCIF.. It may be a war room or even a rape room for all we know. Just not personally ruling it out.

back to the show

cdee78 No.10257362



The 7th Floor is absolutely a SCIF. There are numerous SCIFs in Washington DC alone. Saying "the SCIF is elsewhere" really does indicate that you have no idea what a SCIF is. Yes, there are SCIFs elsewhere. One of them is there.

cdee78 No.10257364


>the actual SCIF

again with the singular. There is no "the" SCIF. There are many SCIFs.

cdee78 No.10257372


>It may be a war room

Which would undoubtedly be a SCIF.

4c3014 No.10257380

File: 5fe62f30e70953b⋯.jpg (173.21 KB, 858x1015, 858:1015, otto pay pal.jpg)


Personally, with this whole email dump thing, I think we should be looking at WHO he was sending emails to instead of content…found this little gem just now




Go back to your hole numnuts.

cdee78 No.10257388


>too proud to admit he's wrong on an anonymous imageboard


f3bc5e No.10257389


Cool price. I wish everything was that cheap.

6ced4a No.10257391

File: 62462c1899bed25⋯.jpg (71.92 KB, 327x900, 109:300, 1149200987280.jpg)

4c3014 No.10257396

File: 39e9e2c426a0f31⋯.jpg (160.71 KB, 816x1015, 816:1015, wikimedia donation.jpg)



Wikimedia? Why?


Ok. I'm totally wrong. The highlighted area is the actual location of the SCIF at Fort Meade's NSA Building. Happy now?

306bde No.10257397



Seems cheap for a 'Man's Leather Jacket'

5480da No.10257398

>Chink autists show up to argue whether a place is a dildo storage, THE dildo storage or nothing at all

I wonder why :^)

4c3014 No.10257399

f3bc5e No.10257400


No I saw that email header too. Can't verify the contents though.

85ab8c No.10257446

File: 6a6abdda5618164⋯.jpg (21.83 KB, 334x131, 334:131, 777777.JPG)

File: 4bf539cfcfc8932⋯.jpg (66.38 KB, 800x533, 800:533, kike1.jpg)


>william browder

e3e460 No.10257450



anon, base64 is an encoding scheme not encryption, decoding is straightforward and simple

f3bc5e No.10257461



f3bc5e No.10257466



306bde No.10257485


>(((William Browder)))

>CEO, Hermitage Capital Management

Looks like they invest a lot of Capital into Russia, or Did.

>In 1995-2006 Hermitage Capital Management was one of the biggest foreign investors in Russia[9] and Browder has amassed a significant fortune through his management of the fund. For example, in 2006 he earned an estimated £125-150 million.[10] In 2007 he earned a further £125-£150 million.[11]

In March 2013, HSBC, a bank that serves as the trustee and manager of Hermitage Capital Management, announced that it would be ceasing the fund's operations in Russia. The decision was taken amid a libel court case in London and a trial in absentia for tax evasion in Moscow, both against Browder.

6993a5 No.10257538

File: ca764753ed3a377⋯.png (63.86 KB, 836x1015, 836:1015, shit, meet fan.PNG)



306bde No.10257552


I feel like I've already read this.


ad784c No.10257588


I ain't downloading nuffin'

48c5a0 No.10257623


>t. unobservant newfag

Screencap button at bottom of thread.

1d2a8a No.10257643

File: cf0cdeb896b5d77⋯.jpg (68.42 KB, 716x441, 716:441, dgg.JPG)


356ca4 No.10257646


Holy fuck you did not understand the context of what he asked at all.

Go read a few posts back in the reply chain you fucking moron. The answer he's looking for is either the print screen button (may be labeled "prt sc") or some kind of software like the snipping tool on windows or screenshot on loonix

f3bc5e No.10257652


Why must you be an edgy motherfucker?

356ca4 No.10257657


I just woke up from a short nap in a hot room and I'm grumpy.

c6083b No.10257659

a122a3 No.10257663



edginess keeps idiot newfags from opening their mouths and shitting up threads

don't be ashamed of it

use it more.

2bcdae No.10257670

File: 89efa6cda9ba436⋯.jpg (690.53 KB, 1000x940, 50:47, Shion, KOS-MOS, and Momo.jpg)


>Xeno-anon is still here

Oh thank god, I thought you left.

I'd sage for retarded meta shit, but there's no point in saging a sticky.

6ced4a No.10257677

File: d44c467095f9d4a⋯.png (20.13 KB, 455x792, 455:792, 559a3bd94f6815db275930dbed….png)


Oh, I've moved on to greener pastures for the most part. Still, I pop in here for a thread, from time to time.

85ab8c No.10257705

File: 3eb4a45d29e3d53⋯.jpg (51.16 KB, 566x624, 283:312, sf3333.JPG)

File: ad11c305b87a548⋯.jpg (34.13 KB, 520x487, 520:487, wer3333.JPG)

File: ab6f78808c3bc8b⋯.jpg (29.9 KB, 563x308, 563:308, 5555.JPG)


> http://hragi.org/

this is fake. generic website all leading to dead ends.

6164b1 No.10257741


I wonder how many times we are going to hear "russian hackers" on the MSM this week

7f4ff6 No.10257752


>brutti tempi

bad times

85ab8c No.10257785

File: fc438b17f63dccc⋯.jpg (85.28 KB, 915x431, 915:431, 3452222.JPG)


>thomasz kolowicz

>twitter: @ODFoundation

bc0651 No.10257792

bc0651 No.10257799


Threat matrix anon. If you think you will never be held accountable you get sloppy.

bc0651 No.10257804


Don't send it to Mendax, just post it to /pol/

6a47be No.10257805

File: d302209b2a14787⋯.gif (144.14 KB, 180x180, 1:1, 1450539374908.gif)

c42a79 No.10257813



Amazing google the address. A bunch of shit in the same suite. Looks like an alphabet soup.


85ab8c No.10257828

File: 48b73df90e25f0a⋯.jpg (89.94 KB, 1595x636, 1595:636, 88888.JPG)

File: 0d056836851122f⋯.jpg (64.58 KB, 1608x612, 134:51, 888.JPG)


> http://hragi.org/

you can tell its fake, the home page is just pasta. every other tab doesn't function

c42a79 No.10257874


There's LITERALLY 50+ functioning businesses in the same suite. All older covers but mostly with functioning websites. That address is an alphabet soup cover address. nothing else it could be. Black rights, hazmat doing homeland security and document work?, lawyers, banking reps, a whole menagerie of shit. No way suite 500 is that big.

71d89a No.10257895


Is there a lawyer's office at that address?

06b47a No.10257913

File: 2d94749ef7bd734⋯.jpg (215.55 KB, 454x1225, 454:1225, HRAGIF.jpg)

File: 9bcc8ff48a36c68⋯.jpg (26.8 KB, 539x141, 539:141, BakerHostetler.jpg)

8b3bf0 No.10257921

#IfPizzaDidntExist is trending on twitter.

c42a79 No.10257946





And more that place has more busineeses and lawyers than the entire golden triangle in one suite…

. Headhunter staffing shit. Pages of crap. This russian guy is a counter intel pro. 2 choices. He either outed an alphabet address front on purpose, OR (((they))) figured Hillary was going to get elected and it would all go away. I'm thinking counter intel at this moment as it's too easy.

7fb4a7 No.10257963


Mate, they can track you down no matter what security precautions you have in place.

b4d9eb No.10258000


>New York friends have been telling me for decades how bovine Americans are generally, and now they’ve found their true leader.

In power elite circles, "The New York Crowd" is code for "Jews". I wonder if that's what's meant here? Interesting use of the word "bovine" if so. Bovine = Cattle = Goyim

>All the goofy gags and send-ups of Trump are actually playing into this holocaust.

>this holocaust


ed8eca No.10258034



4005e9 No.10258052

File: 9e9f16a1571f769⋯.png (276.97 KB, 1571x900, 1571:900, 9e9f16a1571f769ec5910697b7….png)


>tfw you rawdog on /baph/

What's good, soupniggers?

945d65 No.10258069


No respect for these trips? Don't forget to have fun while you're burning down the (((establishment))) guys.

ed8eca No.10258080



this man is a diggers digger

ed8eca No.10258091





somber check

514a7f No.10258136

Do you think anons could send important content that is dug up to several news outlets (whether mainstream or alternative) or send the content to your favorite blog writers? Any damning information needs to be covered by the press, don't matter who covers it as long as it gets out there.

ed8eca No.10258158


< surdo is the unix of gondola


d1af3d No.10258167


>mfw i have no clue about any techincal details thats being said in this thread

how fucked am i?

7669f4 No.10258173

File: 2d75a1342ef2deb⋯.gif (3.06 MB, 320x180, 16:9, hacking_in_progress.gif)

ff91e7 No.10258174

>This thread

>ctrl + f

>3 results for shill

inb4 this is a dead end and we dont find ==SHIT==

you'd think they'd try something

771bb0 No.10258182


Tails? Sonic fandom?

771bb0 No.10258191


Shit, is this some kind of false flag to get public support to shut wikileaks down? So stupid how insecure the ssn system is you can basically ruin someone's life if you know the number and a couple more things.

d6a2f0 No.10258235



d6a2f0 No.10258251


I've always said Nepotism is a self-correcting problem. Help enough of your family and friends into high positions and eventually any organization will collapse under the weight of its own stupidity.

000000 No.10258253

Never used mega.nz. Somebody give me a quick how to and I'll grab some.

356ca4 No.10258262

File: 9ecad0840422b85⋯.png (24.79 KB, 1341x584, 1341:584, how2mega.png)

ed8eca No.10258263


HA, epic

000000 No.10258264


If you are using windows just type "snip" into the search box in the lower left hand corner and it will show you the snipping tool. After that easy. Click the little arrow beside "new" and pick "rectangular snip." then just click new and the tool will sort of gray out and you're hot then. position the cross hair in the corner of the document, stretch out the rectangle, when you get it framed perfectly just let go of the mouse and a picture will just pop into the tool like a video screen for you to look at. save it. that keeps you from downloading.

ed8eca No.10258268

6ced4a No.10258269

File: 24f8009f323f038⋯.png (207.62 KB, 448x544, 14:17, da79f16214f5bf5d757e1444c6….png)

>so many (2) posters in a row pretending this thread has activity

356ca4 No.10258271


tbh it is kinda easy to go into drone mode and just see the red button while ignoring the gray one (as many sites use gray to denote a button that doesn't work) so someone who hasn't used mega might be under the impression that they need to make an account or some shit.

000000 No.10258286

There is always a chance that this is a ruse to distract our attention or focus our attention. If this turns out to be mostly a bunch of Russia shit especially.

9b0157 No.10258295


I think he's actually done pretty well. I mean, I think i read everything in english, and didnt find anyting that looked classified. The vast majority is just links to stories in the media.

9b0157 No.10258300


If only there was some important content.

a839c6 No.10258344



>Albright’s company Albright Capital Management aggressively bid for Kosovo’s telecommunications company PTK — its most prosperous asset. While this purchase would have been worth upwards of $600 million for Albright, it was also discovered that her sister company, Albright Stonebridge Group, held shares in PTK’s only competition.

>Critics busted Albright of trying to create a monopoly in Kosovo which would have destroyed all market competition in the fledgling nation. She was forced to quietly pull out of the sale, but she’s still managed to profit quite nicely from the shady business move. Her net worth is estimated to be upwards of $10 million.

Tis only a fat greedy jew, you know how these people are, they do stupid shit to make money, like get chased out of every country they ever settled in, they can't help it.

Article explaining how the butcher of the Balkans Mad Albright was going to create a telecom monopoly in Kosovo.


Video calling Serbs disgusting, look at the rotten ugly kike.


9b0157 No.10258356

Includes numerous emails from David Kramer, involved in handling Trump dossier

Wood had told Britain’s The Guardian in January that McCain had reached out to him about the dossier, and had obtained it through other means. The court document confirms

According to a new court document in the British lawsuit, counsel for defendants Steele and Orbis repeatedly point to McCain, R-Ariz., a vocal Trump critic, and a former State Department official as two in a handful of people known to have had copies of the full document before it circulated among journalists and was published by BuzzFeed.

The court document obtained by McClatchy confirms that Sir Andrew Wood, a former British ambassador to Moscow and a Russia adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, discussed the 35-page dossier with McCain.

“The Defendants considered that the issues were self-evidently relevant to the national security of the US, UK and their allies,” the document says, explaining why Steele and his partner, Christopher Burrows, felt it necessary to share the dossier’s findings.that Wood, Steele and former State Department official David Kramer decided together that new information gathered after the election should be shared with authorities in Britain and the United States.

06b47a No.10258361

File: f14c6bbcf657f79⋯.jpg (117.8 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, DavidJKramer.jpg)


David J. (((Kramer)))

>He worked briefly as a Senior Fellow at the Project for the New American Century, before joining the United States Department of State as Executive Director of the United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy in April 2000. He next served as Special Advisor to the Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs Paula Dobriansky, from June 2001 to October 2003. Kramer then became a professional staff member for the Policy Planning Staff. From July 2005 to March 2008, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs under Dan Fried. While there Kramer worked on issues related to Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, and nonproliferation.

>In 2008, President of the United States George W. Bush nominated Kramer as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, and, after Senate confirmation, he held this office from March 21, 2008 to January 20, 2009. While there he led the resumption of the human rights dialogue with the Chinese, traveling to Beijing in May 2008. He spent much of his time at this post traveling to places like Hanoi, Vietnam, twice to Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia, among others.

>Kramer left his position at the State Department during the transition in January 2009, and became a Senior Transatlantic Fellow at the German Marshall Fund. He went on to become executive director of Freedom House on October 4, 2010. On June 18, 2014 Freedom House announced that Kramer planned to resign that fall. On October 1, 2014 Freedom House announced that Mark P. Lagon would replace him in 2015.

>In November 2014, Kramer became the Senior Director for Human Rights and Human Freedom at the McCain Institute.

>In February 2013, Kramer caused controversy at the North American Invitational Model United Nations, when Kramer's opening keynote speech incited a walkout of 300 Chinese visitors.

>Mr. Kramer currently serves as a member of the board of directors of the Halifax International Security Forum and a Member of the Advisory Council for the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Human Freedom Project, as well as a member of the International Advisory Council at the Center for European Policy Analysis.

>In addition, Kramer is a member of the Ukraine Today media organization's International Supervisory Council. (archive.fo/xpAxX)

>In 2016 Kramer argued that the Minsk II peace agreement should be scrapped and western sanctions on Russia maintained.

Ukraine Today

>In the midst of the Ukraine crisis, which saw major political change in Ukraine, as well as a surge of perceived anti-Ukraine propaganda from Russia, and in particular from channel RT, Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskiy, owner of one of the largest media groups in Ukraine, 1+1 Group, switched the focus of his first 24-hour news channel from Jewish matters to Ukraine, before relaunching as Ukraine Today. Kolomoyskyi stated that "Ukraine Today is our contribution in support of Ukraine's European choice".

DAVID J. KRAMER Interviewed by: Charles Stuart Kennedy


b14a7e No.10258391

File: 42967f556b99aac⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 500x375, 4:3, 1495383602405.gif)


Bovine is a species, why is this an adjective for humans? Are we chimeras now or did we evolve when I wasn't looking?

c944c3 No.10258435

Torrents, or fuck off. I'm not touching those download links with a 50 foot pole.

e2a24f No.10258478


lol i wasn't asking how to open them, i was telling someone else retard. so what big juicy finds did ya get eh?

e2a24f No.10258502



lol maybe if you're lucky you'll find peoples lunch plans again like podesta. what a huge break that was!!

3751cc No.10258503


It's not that strange you weaselly fuck. I fucked the foxy lady that you call your sister last night. Nothing to get squirrelly about.

Animals have certain qualities generally assigned to them, and we tend to use their species as a descriptor of said qualities..

e93d5e No.10258504


>mysterious hacker

So I'm guessing it's infested with malware.

e93d5e No.10258509



390e66 No.10258534

File: ae47cd6a8f53907⋯.gif (10.58 KB, 296x292, 74:73, digits magick.gif)



That'll be the real smoking gun if you find anything useful.

c9cacc No.10258569


You go for potential gold, even if it turns out to be fool's gold. Any miner knows that.

92ee91 No.10258576

File: 0ad1c781c759f8d⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 444x580, 111:145, Nikita_Belykh_1.jpg)


< allegedly for receiving a bribe of 400,000 Euros


Nikita Belykh



> On 28 May 2005 Nikita Belykh was elected leader of the Union of Rightist Forces, a leading democratic opposition party, succeeding Boris Nemtsov.

> As party leader Belykh adopted a line of strict opposition towards Russian President Vladimir Putin and launched coalition talks with Yabloko party.

> In December 2006 the Union of Rightist Forces received 16% of the vote in the regional legislative elections in Perm Krai. Belykh, who headed the party's list of candidates, was elected to the Legislative Assembly.

This is also interesting

< In September 2008 Belykh announced that he has resigned from his position and left the Union of Rightist Forces in connection with its likely upcoming merger with a couple of pro-Kremlin parties.

< On December 8, 2008, Belykh was nominated governor of Kirov Oblast after personal meeting with Dmitry Medvedev.[1][2]

> Many of Belykh's former colleagues such as Boris Nemtsov have sharply condemned Belykh's decision to take the President's offer and Maria Gaidar has declared that Belykh "has sold his soul to devil".[3] (From July 2009 till June 2011 Gaidar was an official responsible for socio-economic development in the Kirov region.[4])

Who bribed him?

92ee91 No.10258610


Nikita Belykh has brain disorder



> Defense of the former Head of the Kirov Region declared that Nikita Belykh has an encephalopathy of second stage (the disorder is a general name for noninflammatory diseases of a brain - an editor's note) against the background of diabetes, the constant use of drugs and in general, unsatisfactory conditions of keeping in the pre-trial detention center.

< On the basis of the new diagnosis, Belykh’s lawyer Andrey Grokhotov asked the court of appeal to repeal the resolution on extension of arrest of his client and to release the former official under house arrest where it will be possible to provide him treatment and maintenance of his health.

> As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, the Basmanny Court of Moscow on March 22 prolonged arrest of the former Head of the region for three months, and all about one year, that is till June 24, according to the petition of the investigation. At the end of March the Investigative Committee of Russia reported about completion of investigation concerning Belykh and brining a charge of two episodes of a bribe on especially large scale.

> Property of the ex-Head was seized within the criminal case. Those are two apartments in Perm, the Nissan car of 2011, and also bank accounts with the remains of money in an amount of 400 thousand rubles ($7000).

Reminder: Take care with skeptical sources. No idea what crimerussia is, might be a government entity, or just a journo source.

Also I think this diagnosis is just a way to get him out of house arrest.

More on the bribe and his background



> Nikita Belykh is said to have taken money personally and via an intermediary in return for protecting suspicious investment business, including for a local ski factory and forest management company.

Might be a localized bribe by a property/investment developer.

> The 41-year-old has been a critic of the Kremlin and is a former leader of an opposition party, the Union of Rightist Forces, said to back Western-style capitalism.

< The party was previously led by Boris Nemtsov, an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin who was murdered in Moscow in 2015.

This is why we need to be careful with Russia. I like how Trump hasn't gone soft on him. Putin is definitely dirty and obviously ethically apathetic. He's like Clinton, he will kill for his ways.

I'm sure Russian anons know this very well.

92ee91 No.10258631



More on the guy. He's connected to a women called Maria Gaidar, daughter of former Russian Prime Minister, Yegor Gaidar.



>In February 2009, Gaidar became an advisor to the new governor of Kirov Oblast, Nikita Belykh, and on July 23 she was confirmed as a deputy governor in Kirov Oblast.[19] She had previously stated that Nikita Belykh had "sold his soul to the devil" when he accepted the post as governor from president Dmitry Medvedev.[20]


>Maria Yegorovna Gaidar (Russian: Мария Егоровна Гайдар; 1990–2004 Smirnova (Russian: Смирнова);[1] born 21 October 1982, Moscow) is a Russian political activist and since July 2015 a vice-governor of Odessa Oblast in Ukraine.[2]

>From 2009 till 2011 Gaidar was a deputy governor in Kirov Oblast in Russia.[2]

>She is also the founder of the Youth movement "DA!" ("Yes!").

Gaidar has a (((Harvard))) connection.

>In June 2011, Gaidar announced that she would resign as adviser due to her admission to Harvard University.[8]

She's suspected of treason by Russia and was involved in Ukraine politics at the time of the "revolution":

>The Russian establishment[which?] criticized Gaidar's decision; controversial Russian politician Vitaly Milonov requested an investigation of Maria Gaidar for high treason,[29] the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, proposed forbidding Gaidar from returning to Russia, forecasting that Gaidar would end up working as a cleaner at an Odessa bazaar,[30] while Russia's Commissioner for Human Rights Ella Pamfilova announced that the Russian government would freeze grants to Gaidar's charity Sotsialny Zapros.[31][2]

>"Sotsialny Zapros" itself stated that Gaidar had already stepped down as the organization's head the previous week and that the NGO had voluntarily and formally already refused all government grants.[2]

>In July 2015 Gaidar accepted an offer from Mikheil Saakashvili and became a vice-governor of Odessa Oblast in Ukraine.[24][25] She also applied for citizenship of Ukraine.[26][27] She received Ukrainian citizenship in August 2015.[28] A few days after her appointment Gaidar stated she wants to retain her Russian citizenship, adding "In the future I hope that Russia will be a democratic country and it will be possible to go back and work there."[2]

>Ukrainian law prohibits dual citizenship and only Ukrainian citizens can serve as appointed public officials.[2] Gaidar has indicated she would be willing to serve on Saakashvili's team as an adviser or volunteer (functions open to foreigners).[2]

Would there be a Soros connection to her?

She's not on good terms with Putin either:

>During the 2008 Russian presidential election, Gaidar produced numerous video materials in which Vladimir Putin was depicted as the anti-Christ leading the world to a nuclear apocalypse.[18]

>Gaidar was one of the leaders of The Other Russia organization and Union of Right Forces party. She has been a fierce critic of Putin's government and has been briefly detained for involvement in peaceful dissenters' marches and for placing a propaganda poster under a bridge using mountaineering gear.[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

AND she's been involved in marches before. That might be the connection to Soros.. possibly.

I dunno, I just think she's very suspicious.

92ee91 No.10258642


I don't really know what Rabbit hole this is or even if it's related to the leaks, but I'll continue:

Divisions Revealed as Kremlin Critic Moves to Work for Ukraine Government



>The outcry over prominent Russian Kremlin critic Maria Gaidar's decision to become a deputy to Mikheil Saakashvili, the current head of Ukraine's Odessa region, demonstrates the extent to which the ongoing conflict has divided the two countries, analysts told The Moscow Times on Monday.

>Gaidar is the daughter of a former Russian prime minister, while Saakashvili was president of Georgia when it fought a brief but bitter war with Russia in 2008. The former Georgian leader is widely seen as the most vociferous opponent of President Vladimir Putin in the post-Soviet region.

Pressure in Russia

>Russian lawmakers have rejected the idea that Gaidar will eventually be able to return to Russian politics.

>"One has to hate Russia to go work for the Kiev regime — and for whom? For Saakashvili. After this, she has no future in Russian politics," Alexei Pushkov, head of the State Duma's foreign affairs committee, tweeted over the weekend.

>In 2008, Russia and Georgia fought a five-day war over its breakaway region of South Ossetia, which together with another breakaway region, Abkhazia, is now recognized by Russia and a handful of other states as an independent nation.

>Russia has blamed Saakashvili for initiating the violence, while a European Union investigation found that though Georgian forces did launch an attack, Russia's military response was disproportionate.

I think this might have to do with that bribe after all, I just wish I could find what the bribe was used for. Also, potential source?

>In a later Facebook post, Saakashvili — who is wanted by Georgian authorities on suspicion of embezzlement of state funds and abuse of power — said that "the hysterical reaction of the Russian media to Gaidar's appointment suggests that it was the right decision."

>Vitaly Milonov, an outspoken regional lawmaker in St. Petersburg who has attained international notoriety for his role in spearheading the so-called "gay propaganda law," filed a request with the Investigative Committee, asking them to probe whether Gaidar's career move qualifies as high treason, claiming that working for Saakashvili is on par with working for "Russia's enemy," the BBC's Russian service reported Saturday.

So Ukraine and Georgia might be involved?

92ee91 No.10258661

Oh and lastly:

He's alleged a 2nd time for bribery



>Belykh has pleaded not guilty and called his arrest a setup.

I think the image is concocted perhaps. Somethings odd about "taking a bribe in a public restaurant" and the fact that the bribes come from odd corporations - ski resorts and timber companies.

That sounds like bullshit. That might be why the US was interested in him.

In fact, I think he might be connected to the US perhaps.

92ee91 No.10258671


See >>10255666

It's very likely.

92ee91 No.10258674


The guy is probably connected to Georgia and Ukraine governments. He might also be a lackey for (((certain billionaire philanthropists))).

92ee91 No.10258676


>wikileaks is the biggest psyop ever

Whose psyop OP?

He's attacked nearly EVERY government on Earth.

So I guess he's a ayylmao psyop.

d93c01 No.10258679

File: fa69fd6f71227bf⋯.jpg (44.73 KB, 440x515, 88:103, jew upset.jpg)



92ee91 No.10258682


>Why they fuck would anyone hack Trumps State Department

Because they don't like him politically. i.e. Clinton and their "movement" of pozzed commie pussies.

Or.. I suspect, Trump himself may have wanted this… because there might be something in this that might reveal something huge.

And this comes shortly after the Don Jr attempt. Either it's to clear them, or an attempt to make this narrative grow.

92ee91 No.10258688


Tbh human societies are herd like in nature.

We're not exactly a pack of wolves… yet.

92ee91 No.10258697


Jews aren't the only one's who call people within society "cattle".

That's a common metaphor down under.

Pop used to always ask "how now brown cow" (taking the mickey of the primary school exercises for the "ow" sound). We also call others "stupid cows" all the time too.

The cow is a representation of a society or it's members. When it comes to it, we're essentially doing nothing but eat cud (consumerism).

92ee91 No.10258701


And no one should forget RATM's "Bulls on Parade"

92ee91 No.10258706


Mate, the alphabets do nothing but train us in the art of digging.

I don't see how digging through public info is a bad thing. Once it's leaked, it's leaked.

Then we dig into them, perhaps their jurisdiction to dig is very limited.

65fa71 No.10258710


those commie faggots made a few good songs, but i wouldn't be sad if everyone forgot them tbqhf

92ee91 No.10258726


>could someone please archive for me









c93335 No.10258731


MODERN societies are herd like in nature. Which is unnatural, which is why it does not work well. It should function as a tribe.

92ee91 No.10258734


RATM might be PC, but I agree with fighting machines.

I just wish they saw what the machine was. It's not one machine, but many competing machines.

d2dcf4 No.10258735


"In view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent."

-Found in a copy left in a copier by Hartford Van Dyke.

-Quoted by William B. Cooper


For however you value their citation.

92ee91 No.10258764


>Which is unnatural

No it is natural for most modern humans.

Many people from isolated tribal areas do not have the same mentality as those in civilization. Civilization draws people that didn't want that life, people of that temperament.

In reality, we're a mix of cows, wolves, fish and ants in nature.


>Robert Otto

>2012 Senior Executives in National and International Security Program, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

Another (((Harvard))) connection. Round the same time as Gaidar >>10258631

That's a very strange coincidence. but I doubt there's relation. Makes no sense for an AF Deputy Chief to be in liason with her. But he is in intelligence…


>21. April 2010 - July 2011, Director of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Capabilities, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, HQ U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.

>22. July 2011 - June 2013, Commander, Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency, Lackland AFB, Texas.

>23. June 2013 - present, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (A2), Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.

Maybe. Not enough evidence.

92ee91 No.10258772


That's where the esoteric metaphor for "beasts" comes from.

"The beast" is probably a form of society where everyone is apathetic and doesn't bother to investigate or use their intelligence. To defeat the beast is to defeat apathy.

25e053 No.10258773


MULTICS spawned them all.

92ee91 No.10258783


>"There were the Bushes,” he said, “and nowthe wife of Bill Clinton is running for president. Where is the diversity?"

The bushes were a good camouflage for the Clintons activities for a LONG time.

Pic related.

d2dcf4 No.10258785


Interesting. I can draw several parallels with usage by occultists, like Crowley calling himself a beast in his opposition to Christianity as well as his academic/author pursuits. They like spreading mystique around enigmas wrapping a mystery. Maybe the dude just liked to fuck.

92ee91 No.10258788

File: 0a229b67fd5fb3c⋯.jpg (157 KB, 700x1244, 175:311, Clinton hiding behind bush….jpg)

92ee91 No.10258794


The beast is the antonym of a position between the balance of taking care of others and thinking stoically. The indulgence in things, the ignorance of the destructive nature of that. An abominable society.

92ee91 No.10258806




Thomas Geary also has (((Harvard Connections))), nearly at the same time, but just just before the others were there.

>2010 Senior Executive Fellow, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

Afterwards he was assigned to the NSA/CSS.

Anyone wondering what the hell was going on at Harvard between 2010 - 2012?

It's like a plan was hatched there and significant people were involved.

But again, that's just a loose theory.

92ee91 No.10258810



Anyone read this?

I might be useful for our own techniques.

92ee91 No.10258824


That deeply disturbs me.

They don't seem to question their own agenda. They lack reflection on their own methods.

Which suggests that they really are just using these articles to protect their own skeletons.

92ee91 No.10258825


>contributions of Anne Applabaum

I think we mentioned her early last year.

A polish jew.

>Applebaum is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.[53] She is on the board of the National Endowment for Democracy.[54] She was a member of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting's International Board of Directors.[55] She is a Senior Adjunct Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) where she co-leads a major initiative aimed at countering Russian disinformation in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).[56] She is on the editorial board for the American Interest[57] and the Journal of Democracy.[58]


d125a1 No.10258837



It's simple really.  The world has 2 things in common except for a few countries.  1) they all are forced, mostly by OPEC to use the US dollar to buy oil (the Petro-Dollar, see here:  >>10255624 ) (This is why the US kisses Saudia Arabia's ass). 2) All countries owe other countries significant amounts of debt.  If one country fails to pay it all collapses.  Mutually assured destruction using debt rather than bombs.

Countries that try too subvert either of those things are a threat to the power structure.  Iraq wanted to trade oil for Euros in 2003….  Libya was forcing France to trade oil in gold so it could start a new gold African currency.  Iran trades oil for gold and Euros. Syria is about stopping an Iranian pipeline and pushing Qutar's instead (an OPEC "ally"). Russia has little to no debt previously to the Saudis forcing down oil prices to run the Russians out of market.  China is trying to establish its Yuan as a world reserve currency, plus just did the biggest oil deal out side the Petro-Dollar with Russia.  TPP was going to be used to stop major Chinese currency influence in Pacific region, let alone other things.

So after all that who are the biggest US enemies?  All the countries that don't fit those categories or are actively working against them.

92ee91 No.10258862

File: 8988bba736bb442⋯.jpg (155.28 KB, 893x882, 893:882, European Values Annual rep….JPG)



More: pg 3

> 3) New agencies, new cooperation.

> Some are calling for the reconstruction of the U.S. Information Agency. A bipartisan bill co-sponsored by Senators Chris Murphy and Rob > Portman calls for the creation of an interagency ‘Center for Information Analysis and response.

< I, II In Europe, Jakub Janda of the European Values think tank argues for strategic communications departments throughout the EU.III > In any case, Western governments need to find a constructive way to interact with media and NGOs, fostering a community of transnational critical inquiry and trust.IV Governments should show more willingness to share evidence of financial crimes, video of covert military operations and audio intercepts.

European Values Think-Tank

So I looked into their funding. Pic related.

Our politicians are being manipulated by Soros through think tanks.

I bet many of these "think tank articles" are funded by Soros.

92ee91 No.10258877


Russia has a competitive oil industry and conflicts of interest to many (((western organizations))).

Oh and they seem to be fighting the moral degeneracy which west calls "progress".

They might think it's an impediment to accelerationism.

Also.. jews might not like a white nation that is promoting nationalism.

But I think the biggest motive IS ALWAYS profit. And Russia is a competitive threat to their monopolies.

Otherwise they'd realize that Russia is the only cartel controlled nation - but they would never call themselves a cartel :^)

683645 No.10258889


just like journalist is a fancy word for a reporter.

think thank is a fancy word for private propaganda office, please try to use more truthful labels to describe what they do

d125a1 No.10258907


Good addition to (>>10258837). The nationalism piece definitely runs afoul of the (((Jewish agenda))) and the Western globalist agenda. Which ties back into the debt piece and Russia trying to escape so they can have more national control without international influence.

d125a1 No.10258910


Good addition to >>10258837 *

We need 4chans delete feature. I fuck shit up all the time posting because I am not a details person.

71d44d No.10258930

So, how are we still standing? Why hasn't the gov take 8chan down yet?

92ee91 No.10258940



Oil was always going to be at the core of this bullshit.

Remember, had the nazies had an oil supply like the soviets, they would have been crushed and we'd all be speaking German or Japanese.

The national security of nations depends on a strong oil supply for the weapons/ vehicles of war and the productive economy of the nation.

That's why I want us to switch to alternative energy sources immediately so we don't have oil issues. Oil companies and the subsequent industry for the use of oil is the world's number one enemy for all countries. Saudi Arabia has us by the balls because the oil companies lobby to protect the dependence on oil.

Expect to hear things about the "gas boom" in my state (Western Australia) soon. That gas supply (which could be discovered to be the 2nd largest in the world) could rid the west of reliance on arabic petroleum resources. Also listen to news on gas discoveries in the US and Europe. US has some big gas basins.

If that happens, Saudi Arabia is fucked… but also the petrodollar.

92ee91 No.10258954



Eventually all "confidential info" might be publicly available and social media would begin it's transformation as a new intelligence regime. Humanity would have a united intelligence regime.

Which is why Clinton is so worried, as well as all the other "rabbits down their holes". The technology growth trapped them. Technocracy has begun and it's made a form of direct democracy.

There are no breaks on this train, this is TRUE accelerationism. Not the form (((they))) keep trying to push by policies to remove things like hate speech.

We are becoming a fully transparent world.

92ee91 No.10258956


>China is trying to establish its Yuan as a world reserve currency, plus just did the biggest oil deal out side the Petro-Dollar with Russia.

The petro-yuan?

That's stupid China.

71d44d No.10258966


>Intelligence regime

Wot? Sorry if I am asking too many questions, i couldn't inform myself due to life issues.

92ee91 No.10258969


>Are they really using fucking emails as altnet?

Until we get younger people in office, everything they do will be this pants-on-head retarded.

d125a1 No.10258974


Alternative energy is just not viable. The energy needed to be put into things like wind mills is more than the damn things can output before they die. As for things like solar, there is not enough batteries to keep the system load up on a cloudy day. The other alternative is pumping water behind a dam which requires dams and water to begin with and for something like the US it just isn't necessarily feasible with the land mass.

Its great in theory, but the world has a long way to go before anything like that is beneficial. I am betting on some nuclear improvements either in fusion or fission before we see an alternative energy switch.

As for the Saudis, the one son is planning a trillion dollar overhaul of the Saudi economy away from oil and towards tourism like the UAE. Imagine that…I am sure people will want to travel to a country with some of the harshest laws on the planet. This is bad for the petro-dollar, but the US nat gas boom will help it survive with regards to energy. And the Dems have been keeping the US from drilling in Alaska for oil for years, so if anything bad really happens there is always that backup reserve.

d125a1 No.10258984


They are just trying to assume power where the US is dying out. Not necessarily tying their currency to oil, but trying to force at-least for now Asia to trade using it. They are also working hard to influence Africa to do the same. They have huge investments in Africa and basically bribe governments over there buy building infrastructure. Which is probably why the US is building a 100 million dollar drone base over there.

Gotta keep the proxy wars going to keep your currency king. lol

92ee91 No.10258988


Just a loose prediction.

But have you noticed that the more leaks there are, the more we add to the global intelligence system.

Effectively like a new world order. Direct democracy, our own involvement in this makes us effectively an extension of government.

The only thing holding the progress of this back is apathy.


>Alternative energy is just not viable

That's why gas and nuclear power will begin to replace oil in western countries… hopefully.

The problem is not the type of source, it's the location where most of those sources lie. The problem is dependence on a source located in a shitskin territory and russia.

That's why Australia really ought to start investing in defense infrastructure. Expect China or somebody else to knock any day now.


If countries cut down on their oil requirements, the petro-yuan will belly flop.

But… so will the petro-dollar. Big dilemma.

d125a1 No.10259000


>If countries cut down on their oil requirements, the petro-yuan will belly flop.

>But… so will the petro-dollar. Big dilemma.

This is true. The fucking bloomers have no idea the corner they painted us into.

92ee91 No.10259013


Owls are just another esoteric symbol, usually for the wise and "all seeing".

Stop overreacting to this shit. You see people use these symbols everywhere.

92ee91 No.10259020


If we can get movement to begin to hedge against this crash, it might not be a dilemma.

But most people don't know how.

306bde No.10259027


>To defeat the beast is to defeat apathy

>Idle hands are the devil's playground

People who are apathetic are depressed, unmotivated, unaccomplished, sponges and generally like to blame others for their problems.

I would say this parable has more of a anti-degenerate connotation.

b00004 No.10259040

File: 811745d48a20223⋯.png (73.18 KB, 832x628, 208:157, qwe.png)


>doesn't know what "goy" means

d125a1 No.10259048


For the US I am not sure what it can do. The petro-dollar link is the only thing that keeps its currency worth as much as it is. If that link ever fails, or oil goes out of favor countries are no longer going to buy US debt. And that means no more money for welfare, social security, medical and no more for the industries that rely on government contracts like tech and arms. We will finally see the happening when people will loose their bread and circus.

I think many know tides are shifting, but I also think it may still be a while off. We are on the cusp of something right now, and later we may see another period like WWI and WWII. As a rather poor prognostication, I would say the west has 20 years before we see war.

e205ad No.10259051


The Jew cannot resist drama and theatrics.

5a3378 No.10259059


92ee91 No.10259060


There is one solution - debt forgiveness.

Let's face it, nobody is winning here. It needs to happen for anyone to benefit at all.

5a3378 No.10259063



b00004 No.10259066

File: 0e7f902bdca1c16⋯.jpg (75.61 KB, 1194x650, 597:325, slowest poke.jpg)

92ee91 No.10259067


>I would say the west has 20 years before we see war

It's already seeing war. It's seen war for nearly 30 years since the Gulf war.

Every war the west has been in (directly or through proxy) since has been primarily focused on the security of oil supplies and the petrodollar. Even Afghanistan.

75e0a5 No.10259071

File: 6bfa85ee0cf96ff⋯.png (59.69 KB, 639x1023, 213:341, IMG_0800.PNG)

92ee91 No.10259072


I watched in that second thread… the good old days.

92ee91 No.10259077


Get back to the subject matter of the thread.

What have we found so far in these emails other than "what a surprise there are oil industry connections"?

d125a1 No.10259082


I don't think 200 countries are going to get together and have a structured resettlement. lol For the people in power right now that is a death knell to their global control. I think they believe they can let oil die and no one will be brave enough to crash the US economy by dumping their debt since the outcome is that the dominoes start falling and their countries economy will end up fucked too.


I mean actual war in the West, not just proxy wars in some sandnigger countries. You could make the case for Ukraine, but it seems to be rather tame compared to the wars we have seen in the West's history.

75e0a5 No.10259093




92ee91 No.10259109


>I don't think 200 countries are going to get together and have a structured resettlement.

They will be forced to be the effects of the crash.

People will start to be affected so badly they'll put heads on sticks.


>I mean actual war in the West, not just proxy wars in some sandnigger countries.

This "terrorism" is war. "Terrorism" as a meme is there to stop people thinking it's a war on their own soil. It's there to protect the certainty in the market.

deb99e No.10259110


I agree on windmills but you're just retarded about solar and hydro. Solar power is awesome and we get the energy back way before the end of its lifetime. No one is going to move water and run it through a hydro setup. Clearly renewable are going to be 100% of our power consumptions but using diverse sources of power we can cut down on non-renewables substantially. Solar is awesome and all the old people on pol havent seemed to noticed advancements yet. If everyone was allowed panels on their house power comapnies would only need to supply small amounts of energy during the day. Very little is used at nightime. When batteries improve shit is really going to take off, power companies are gonna start going out of business and try to pass all sorts of shitty regs

d125a1 No.10259117


>No one is going to move water and run it through a hydro setup.


Do some research faggot…

92ee91 No.10259119


Always remember the parable of the 10 virgins.

That should be policy with regards to energy reserves. Renewable energy needs to be pushed (memetically). It's not the environmental climate issues that require it. It's purely a national security concern.

d125a1 No.10259130


>This "terrorism" is war.

Yes, it is the beginnings of war. The West isn't pushing back as if it is though. They are just almost silently being invaded.

What I mean is we wont armies in the streets for at least another 20 years. Again it is a weak prognostication. It is just a gut feeling I have. I can't for sure be certain when things will start heading south.

Also I am not denying that the west is being attacked from both the inside and out, just that it is not a full fledged war in the sense that there is little to no physical fighting as of yet.

b14a7e No.10259131


National security and it'd help with keeping oil from drying up as fast as we burn it. Not sure why conservatives are so persistent on "No renewable energy, faggots".

d125a1 No.10259134


Because until renewable sources are viable its a waste of money. Plus they are the ones that actually make money in this country so it is going to be paid for out of their pockets with more taxes.

31a1fa No.10259146

File: 4dae5cca96b2cf2⋯.jpg (79.49 KB, 640x716, 160:179, megumin you.jpg)

92ee91 No.10259147


>Not sure why conservatives are so persistent on "No renewable energy, faggots".

Perhaps it's their own connections to the oil industry.

Especially the Bushes.

9b0157 No.10259154


It's only russian stuff.


It's from a year ago, it wasnt Trumps state dept.

92ee91 No.10259157


>Because until renewable sources are viable its a waste of money.

They will only be viable if the public think it is viable.

It's all in your head.

So it needs memetic stimulation and positive encouragement.

The people must want this to happen.

92ee91 No.10259171


Then it might be the same people that leaked to wikileaks last year. They obviously think the time is right now. I think it's because of all the "Russia hysteria" last year. It would have caused mayhem.

First they aimed for Clinton, now they're aiming for the Russian narrative.

Probably someone within US government.

deb99e No.10259173


Reading through that packet

>They give Russian propaganda way too much credit.

75e0a5 No.10259179

File: ce0a7f0152c34e2⋯.jpg (994.01 KB, 1500x1138, 750:569, IMG_0804.JPG)

File: a23654593b9374a⋯.jpg (42.56 KB, 600x500, 6:5, IMG_0805.JPG)


t.oldfag lease operator

Pumpers for the most part are cool with using solar tech on location. It usually works unless it gets too cloudy or an inversion or gets cold as fuck -30f and all that. It's easier to deal with than trying to read frozen analog gas dials and ink pens for tracking gas usage. It's also handy for getting automation out to really far flung wells.

I want to build a solar powered pumping unit. I have a picture in my minds eye and it works just right. Batteries can move big pumps for big hydraulic rams , I've seen them. Incorporate some reliable solar and it could be zero emissions pumping

d2dcf4 No.10259180


TANAP has always been a globalist agenda item to take oil pipelines away from Russia. Saudi Arabia (World's largest supplier) to Europe (word's 2nd largest oil consumer) via Italy through Greece and Turkey (who get half profits btw, a 'thanks for all the mudslimes')

When you look into who would own the pipelines that aren't russian, you'll see why "Wars Were Planned" by General Wesley Clarke. CIA proxy wars to destabilize the bulf of aden, and the Russian front, around Yinon Plan and Saudi Arabia.

c495e5 No.10259197



31a1fa No.10259247


The password is password

3987d1 No.10259287

inb4 ebil ruskies hacked state department

fd548e No.10259394

Anything juicy?

dac4c4 No.10259403

File: 4e7b7a7a9342464⋯.png (54.43 KB, 655x145, 131:29, fbi1.png)

File: 9207d60e46cd4cf⋯.png (301.9 KB, 580x567, 580:567, fbi2.png)








>Following the introduction by Program Officer Anatoli Samochornov, A/SAC Anderson gave a brief summary of the international scope of the FBI under circumstances relating to counterterrorism and criminal cases and the collaboration between various countries’ national intelligence services

The Donald fags figured all this Samochornov stuff out three days ago before it even made news. Beyond a doubt, this was a setup for the FISA warrant.

1. A anti-Trump lawyer with "special" visa permissions hanging out with Obama's ambassador at a congressional hearing.

2. An American FusionGPS lobbyist who visited the White House a few months prior.

3. A former FBI person acting as the translator.

This has to be the worst setup ever and is sure to blow up in their faces.

7e0e4e No.10259492

File: e4ca99a6918b732⋯.jpeg (76.12 KB, 500x329, 500:329, 17bbfad3ca54547705f6400d1….jpeg)

File: bf1f360c4f6b983⋯.jpeg (87.29 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 5967790f1500006303bfd607.jpeg)

File: 006bd2dcc84541a⋯.jpeg (59.12 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, 170.jpeg)


Is he on the pictures also?

f27f32 No.10259613

File: c514f57625872ee⋯.png (32.44 KB, 56x268, 14:67, peeking-bill.png)


I made this exploitable bill for you.

fd5eda No.10259667


Actually, you need a bunch of people that you can give the information to, who each then give the information to a bunch of other people, who only THEN upload that shit all over the internet.

You have to do it exponentially or you will get taken out if it's that important.


>bovine Americans



Indeed. Someone is quite welcome to try some shit with me if they want to die. I don't even break the law, so I have zero reason not to absolutely and immediately use lethal force. I also enjoy lethal force, since I used to be a Marine 03. I also think that our enemies know this–the ones that are smart enough to think about harassing us–and generally are not stupid enough to bother, because not only will you get wrecked, but your assassination team is going to be fucking broadcast everywhere, and I'm not even the scariest type of motherfucker you would need to worry about. I am just trying to /pol/itick.


No. There's lots of domestic enemies, and you should always scan for infiltration, even if we lived in the Third Reich.


Yes. If you have extremely hot info, always keep it airgapped. Massive encryption is also good, but airgapping is best. The enemy has to know your physical location and insert a high-tech ninja into your perimeter to steal your shit with close-up wireless devices otherwise. Airgap+physical security=total data security.

928377 No.10259829


Feds are on the way anon. Nice knowin ya

ff34b6 No.10260165

File: a05e599d3970f3e⋯.png (61.23 KB, 707x394, 707:394, 2287.png)

73a57b No.10260231


The state department is still largely staffed by careerist globalist shills. Next to the EPA and HUD it's one of the most lefty-controlled parts of the federal government.

dc2ed1 No.10260321


Largely agree, but "lefty" isn't really the word. As you yourself say, they are hyper-globalists, recruited from the Anglo/CFR set. They might use leftist rhetoric, but they themselves certainly don't believe any of it. Ultraliberal (in the classic sense), technocratic, corporate "global governance" types.

ff34b6 No.10260534

File: 2603b80065e0d27⋯.png (312.96 KB, 822x580, 411:290, nataliagrep.png)

lots of natalia emails

080138 No.10260669


Now now anon, don't shit on the "right wing good, left wing bad" meme. You might hurt some fee-fees.

ced80f No.10260807


My Uncle Addie was a leftist.

73a57b No.10261041


They definitely aren't true believers, but I'd consider that to be even worse. If they were just fucking communists, they'd occasionally act on moral principle. They'd at least act like they are infiltrating or subverting the organization. The State Department's ideological (leftist globalist) outlook is so embedded that its agents are not ideological.

47746a No.10261101

File: 4ec405658b57c34⋯.jpg (336.89 KB, 802x854, 401:427, CIA nigger.jpg)



So, if I have a death wish, I should just go ahead and download these?

Suicide by CIA nigger, here I go.

57daf5 No.10261158


well, i'll give you an answer if you're willing to listen to what i have to say.

b48cfd No.10261182


>air-gapped computer

what did he mean by this



feet kek

b48cfd No.10261201


>shade shack

what the fuck lmao

306bde No.10261228

File: 155eccc3938793a⋯.png (59.29 KB, 1400x451, 1400:451, lmgtfy-air-gapped-computer.png)


If you are literally not even prepared to use google, then please do not post.

pic related

f15dc1 No.10261281


Archfag/Macfag/Plan9fag get out

f15dc1 No.10261313

File: dacd46c633ff211⋯.jpg (246.98 KB, 799x532, 799:532, hulk-hogan-1414407080.jpg)


>he thinks that winkiddy placebo shit means anything

000000 No.10261381


>Saudi prince planning a trillion dollar overhaul of the Saudi economy to focus on tourism.


>To to UAE

Sex tourism for super rich scat fetishists maybe. UAE: come for the sex tourism, stay because you are a slave now.

f15dc1 No.10261410


He's right in a lot of ways. But they can't ever help themselves from invoking Godwin's law, can they?

6bc986 No.10261534



f3bc5e No.10261611


Usually that means that the person you're talking to has already determined you "closed-minded"

f6d873 No.10261660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>This has to be the worst setup ever and is sure to blow up in their faces.

You'd think that, but every story I see mentions a "Kremlin-connected lawyer" and nothing more. If they ignore it, will it go away?

c9558c No.10261763


Just a heads up, the US State Department didn't really get hacked, just an employees gmail account got hacked and I doubt anything groundbreaking has be conversed on open air. Worth a look nevertheless.

f240ea No.10261870

File: 837c4d0749da434⋯.jpg (299.31 KB, 625x465, 125:93, 625x465_15118169_9003930_1….jpg)


Holy trips! We must find thentruth, KEK WILLS IT!

a236fb No.10261933


Anon was obviously not on an airgapped computer and got Internet Grids with a heaping helping of autism.


True, but the way these (((people))) maintain plausible deniability in the light of FOIA, there may be something of value.

000000 No.10262241

I wanted to start a thread for this but I can't right now. But thee is a happening going on right now!








000000 No.10262244

good its been stickied.

i just want to say from experience that ZH has been traditionally modded by kikes and my former self as "antisatan" was not well liked and muchly banned on chat and soforth.

just sayin.

000000 No.10262245

Voat attack prolly coming coming from



c7e520 No.10262291

Anything on the Google <==> US State Dept. connection that WikiLeaks keeps screaming about?

4a9471 No.10262312


Can you actually get in trouble for possessing these documents? I wouldn't think so but I really don't know.

4a9471 No.10262345


Who is this to/from?

000000 No.10262362

Zdarova, posony

33977c No.10262422



This guy: Tony Maniaty [email protected]

ed8eca No.10262521

>>10259066 checked


ed8eca No.10262526


anon management

16bb35 No.10262544

File: 81ba477cc831e98⋯.png (4.62 MB, 3000x7731, 1000:2577, Counter_strategy.png)


Mind if I ask what you mean by greener pastures? Since the quality in here has dropped exponentially since before the election and every alternative I have found like /polk/, endchan or 8ch.pl each have their own problems if not worst quality. I've been stuck here for a while and find myself only looking at threads once in awhile and generally just looking at the archives, old redpills and times when /pol/ had really great OC and not a lot of shills. Having somewhere else to go would be nice and if not I might just take as much as I can from old redpill treads and try to find a small community to redpill a forum or such somewhere the shills won't bother with. The web is getting more and more smaller as goons, shills and such try to make everyone have the same viewpoint and always running away to a more isolated forum or using I2p or going back to some old school system isn't going to help. Eventually I will probably try and subvert/redpill a small community somewhere with all the redpills there are on this site and archives and if any of you anons realize how much this site has lost it's identity you should probably do the same thing. We have learned to understand and defend against shills and have amassed a fuckton of redpills over the years, it wouldn't take much effort to use that knowledge to wage our own shilling operation much more effectively on small or large communities not moded to hell. This is why twitter, facebook, reddit and those sites are so trigger-happy when it comes to banning people, because they know if we where ever to post a tenth of the redpills we have on their site they would be fucked. Its too bad the anons here still have this disdain toward shills and their methods and don't use their tactics against them. After all, you should always use your enemy's weapons no matter how terrible and we have come to understand their weapons very well. Anyhow, in the end of the day I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't make a mass shill thread on here due to someone shutting it down (hell the redpill 101 got shutdown for a while almost immediately). Even if current /pol/ is fucked and getting worse it doesn't mean we should give up, hell I've seen a lot of oldanons leaving due to the fact that they didn't want to fight anymore but we have to keep fighting no matter what because that is how you win. Most battles are lost because the leader thinks its lost, we have no leader no identity no restrictions and we can fuck the people in power's shit up so bad they are putting billions of dollars into stopping us from affecting the internet at all. All we have to do is keep fighting.

664da4 No.10262555




000000 No.10262948


I was doing a good bit of work over at voat but the shills are tearing it to pieces. They have set in with a vengence and we are getting ready to see what the owners of voat are made of. I hope they don't sell out like 4ch did. It wouldn't surprise me if somebody is begging to give them money for it so it can be controlled.

I have gathered up a small hand full of really sharp and motivated posters and I am setting up a little private bunker that will be hidden from the surface view. It won't be dark net it it just a hidden blog. A place where we can hang out and do whatever we want to, which with that few of people will mainly consist of learning and devising strategy in a peaceful atmosphere.

We would like to have people like you and some other anons like you but I have no idea how we would vet each other since we are anon. I don't know how we would make contact, swap contact info, and make sure we didn't fuck up and let some trash slip in.

I am not suggest it as an alternative to 8pol because I want 8 to keep going and become better. Who knows maybe it will die down if this CNN shit cools off with time. Maybe the shills will chill a little but maybe I am being too optimistic.

This is just more of a place to hang and see what happens with it. A place to post and store information and whatever. If any anons can think of a way we can find a few of our best my ear are open.

000000 No.10262960


I forgot this. Now that the CNN dox is done CNN has stopped talking trash and maybe they have decided they went the wrong route with that. Of course the CIAniggers will always be lurking after us but if we hold the dox and don't give em a rough time unless they keep fucking with us with their shills and doxing us maybe they will back up a bit? If they keep shilling us to death we won't have any choice but to unload with fury because this is a war for survival.

Or maybe i'm dreaming. Opinon?

25e053 No.10262984


They won't stop. Don't let up on them.

a805eb No.10263047

File: 549a8e19483f8de⋯.jpg (64.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1498840094163.jpg)


That's a bit paranoid, don't you think?

I mean, I browse this board at work all the time.

The only precautions I take are 'incognito' windows, and then I move the window down a bit off screen to hide the nazi wifu at the bottom.

Government doesn't give a shit unless you are the leaker or a stupid communist.

0ca9a9 No.10263060


>that pic


3f315e No.10263123

just got here, can someone give me an overview?

48c5a0 No.10263155


Voat's owner is rubbish. He banned a bunch of accounts for """""vote manipulation""""" but when looking at statistics for said accounts, not a single vote was cast by them.

Seems like a reddity plan for banning everyone who votes on things the owner doesn't like tbh.

c93335 No.10263173



I Made a post replying to this one at around 2am est saying how interesting it is that 2012 is the year that we saw false flags go into hyper drive and israel was bombing the shit out of everyone between sudan and iran followed by a list of suggested search terms to look into.

>it was deleted

74bbd7 No.10263196


If it was legit it wouldn't have been deleted by any of the /pol/ mods, but globals and admin sometimes get down to fuckery. Check the logs.

c93335 No.10263346


not in the logs.. maybe the site just fucked up and I assumed it posted correctly.. Anyway the post was something like this


>what is the exact timeframe of all of the harvard connections

>starting in july 2012 there was a severe bombardment of false flags, aurora, sandy hook, syrian gas attack.

>in 2012 we had the hamas rooster incident and in 2013 israel invaded lebanon but got their asses kicked

>if you look up israeli bombings/military actions there is a list somewhere might be wikipedia during 2010-2013 israel went fucking bananas bombing the shit out of everywhere from sudan to iran.

>what else happened during this time?

>what was being pushed

>what was their end game?

b94dcb No.10263422


Seal of approval.


You run https://www.whonix.org/ or tails on either what is offered there (rather not Windows) or bhyve/FreeBSD within an operating system on a large enough SD-Card (for convenience) and rip out any wifi/LTE network cards and HDD/SSD from an old laptop. Then you go to megaschlonz and get the files preferably over an insecure wifi at the other end of town with fiddled MAC addresses and never ever reconnect that computer AND those virtual images and its underlying OS to anything again.

b94dcb No.10263423


Which one?

b94dcb No.10263438


The kind of compression used in pictures reveals information about which kind of Operating System you are using.

c93335 No.10263495


Is there an os out there with decent hardware compatibility that has text, image, video player and network capability and the entire rest of the kernel dedicated to randomized file compression? I dont quite mean encryption but instead compresses leaving signatures of random hardware/os builds? Another thing that would be nice would be a 4g connection that randomly spoofs cell numbers at random intervals throughout packet delivery

585fe4 No.10263507

Shilling my archive, it will be completely updated in a couple of days.


3de051 No.10263547


Anons I need help.

The HDD that I had been storing multiple leaks on has failed so I have lost archives of the Hillary emails, Podesta emails, etc.

Does anyone have an archive they could link me to? That would be a great help.

Sorry for not having backups, I had been lazy, will be keeping everything on at least 2 drives from now on.

5a658c No.10264018


Me too. I'm not the one that stole the shit. This shit should be public record anyhow. My fucking tax dollars are paying their existence. I want to see it.


While there may be some really sharp fuckers at the abc.gov intelligence communities, you have to always remember that their bosses, the ones in charge that make decisions are in charge for being the winners in a dicksucking or ass kissing contest. I've been involved in .gov contracts for the majority of 20 years. Nobody in any position of power knows their ass from a hole in the ground. They know how to read reports, write memos, babysit the EOE hires, suck dick, and kiss ass. All in the name of their annual budget. By the time anything intelligent they find makes it's way up through the ranks of useless flesh, it's been distorted and perverted every single way it can be to either a.) increase their annual budget or b.) used politically for the people who approve the annual budget. Politics is a corrupt and fucked up disaster. We need anyone who is a lobbyist, elected official or lifelong staffer hanging from a lamppost.

cc9dcc No.10264119

File: c6a8991188f28f4⋯.jpg (67.27 KB, 389x302, 389:302, 1405167626091.jpg)

Something about Russian oligarchs leaked?

483c61 No.10264185

File: 6e11e58c53b054f⋯.jpg (140.78 KB, 1280x808, 160:101, South-Vietnamese-National-….jpg)

I go away from /pol/ for 1 fucking day

000000 No.10264244


I think I am going to get a new laptop. Not going to walmart and buy the three hundred machine. May splurge this time and get a nice one.

What say anons? Never had a mac. Should I get a mac?

48c5a0 No.10264301


Hillary emails (tarred & gzipped, plain text format):


>>10264244 (checked)

Don't get a macbook. I used to have one and it had heat issues. Also, the keyboard broke (random keys failing) after only 2 years. In addition it's expensive because apple.

25d81c No.10264310

File: 2ffb8dd36387799⋯.png (11.52 KB, 89x85, 89:85, sickfrog.png)


>we'd all be speaking german

9903e4 No.10264350

GotNews is planning to talk about this real soon. Needless to say if Chuck is psyched about all this then we hit paydirt. we need to keep digging

9903e4 No.10264361


Biggest thing here is that we have absolute proof that no only did the State Department under Loretta Lynch know about Natalia way in advance of the meeting, but they were also spying on her as well.

This is a massive cover up!

deb99e No.10264491


Buy a pair of panels cash, not on jew payment plan, and it will pay for itself in 7 years where I live. Fucking free maintaince too for 20 years, their life is like 30-40+. How is that not economical retard? Not to mention the fucking OPPORTUNITY COST of paying the monopoly electricity company that whole time. Now I get a paycheck from them every year.

095588 No.10264500


Is there anything about forcing refugees and other poz onto Eastern Europe in there?

538174 No.10264536

File: 57865ad20cb8153⋯.png (127.44 KB, 905x614, 905:614, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at ….png)

the search term "you know her" leads to a conversation covering a lost / dead agent. pic related.

000000 No.10264587



de073b No.10264592


Do we know who Margaret H is?

Could it be - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maggie_Haberman ??

000000 No.10264599



6058ac No.10264604

File: 7d74a08e18b706e⋯.jpg (118.75 KB, 587x350, 587:350, nigger science.jpg)


You can use just about any add block program to block the waifu at work/school.

A little harder when the triggered assholes start spamming nigger dicks and dead kids though.

b94dcb No.10264609


Complete bullshit.

But I also live in Switzerland and only know Swiss and never met anyone from abroad posting here.


> what are reserve blocks (on a SSD)

6d18eb No.10264655

That jew cocksucker Posobiec is linking directly to this thread on Twitter.

e635d1 No.10264711



0ffbc7 No.10264721

File: cda468d2fc346c5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.85 KB, 1024x964, 256:241, disgust.jpg)



6d18eb No.10264723

File: a0a24ed7745ac89⋯.jpg (181.54 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, braincancer.jpg)

166f6e No.10264757

File: 9b3fafbeb219e2a⋯.png (88.67 KB, 373x387, 373:387, e4fffde2f3a5ee24a5fd327b8b….png)


if you are going to make a CGI ring why would you make it out of some brass alloy instead of Gold?

166f6e No.10264766


>aye yo. yo! dis bone be like fried chicken. huehuehue

de073b No.10265000

File: 073246e80dc571b⋯.jpg (131.89 KB, 568x1171, 568:1171, browder.jpg)


9903e4 No.10265058

File: 28201fd8c1a9109⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1914x891, 58:27, gfwebgb.png)


Well now this is something. Started looking into the guy mentioned in the email Jonathan D. Cogan. Turns out he's a criminal lawyer working for the law firm Kobre & Kim.


9903e4 No.10265061


According to his engagements, the one that really stands out was leading a joint U.S counsel that was involved in a dispute over $1 Billion dispute related to a Russian mining joint venture.

9903e4 No.10265082



Now it gets interesting. So Browder reaches out to Cogan, knowing that in the past he had subpoena Rinat in the past over the Russian mining dispute. Browder was trying to gather dirt on Rinat it seems

9903e4 No.10265103

File: 559f5f0d140a4e1⋯.png (84.99 KB, 674x872, 337:436, tgesdrghy.png)

Browder is a sneaky little fuck

9903e4 No.10265136

File: 3057aa323a41d1a⋯.png (91.42 KB, 735x671, 735:671, t43wertfe.png)

Why did nothing ever come of this investigation by NBC? It seemed they were really going after Browder here, and yet nothing came from it. No major investigation, no nothing.

88017a No.10265156

File: 721b5492eee3598⋯.png (392.01 KB, 760x766, 380:383, browder.png)

Look like Browder did find some dirt on Akhmetshin and provided to CNN.

34dd9b No.10265173



5a658c No.10265191

c0568a No.10265247








Oldfags using VPNs and not browsing on incognito mode. Sad!

3d3882 No.10265267


I think they had a lot of allegations, and that was about it. Throughout all of the emails, R Otto sticks to the official US line. The Nekrasov film seems to be FSB propoganda, and is supported by the Green Party of European Parliment. (That's a link which I'm curious about. Sure the greens would have loved the Soviets, but why are they helping the modern russian government?)

0dc6d8 No.10265274


All you need is the Tor Browser to find the links and use torsocks megadl 'https://mega-dowload-link-here' to download it through tor. No need to (((purchase VPNs))) when all you're doing is downloading files.

ac60dc No.10265326


I used to unironically listen to them when I was 16

2597c7 No.10265532


probably means its not actually a leather jacket that he bought

32d137 No.10265540

File: 72e458a14e95fd3⋯.png (84.34 KB, 1009x549, 1009:549, browderconnection.png)

need translate

25e053 No.10265664


Uhhh… Lynch was over DOJ, not State.

b24929 No.10265741


jesus man, you failed the #1 rule of puters??

c42a79 No.10265755


Kerry Agent 00Cuck was state dept. He wouldn't run an op like this without Obama approval.

Lynch heading DOJ wouldn't take a shit without Obama approval.

Timeline just prior to the comey announcement by 2 weeks or so suggests Comey was an unknown possibly at that time or they hadn't figured how much it was going to take to but the non-indictment. Makes sense. It makes this op that much more viable. Dems were in panic mode as the email shit was hitting it's crescendo. Done very sloppily but with the thought of damaging Trump for either hillary or whoever ran in her place. Probably originating with pressure from the clinton machine. The dems literally sacrificed Lynch with the plane meeting. They have something nasty on her. This line of thought suggests comey was playing both sides (which he seems to do to survive). Trump got rid of him for doing so but he still is a weak link. IF there is a hint of him being charged for the classified info he wrote into his memos becoming government property (technically true) he will befall an accident. Guys his size have heart attacks all the time right?

6c21b9 No.10265769



b00004 No.10265812


>Slav runes

Hillary confirmed Russian agent!

a9b9c8 No.10265817


my english is far from perfect, so buckle up for google translate-assisted text


text questionable to understand what she means, see next

(my commentary), related to previous word, or alternative translation

I've kept You being capital letter to simplify following translation.

Dear Michael! I would like to thank you for advertisement, that You've made for me. Despite Your desire to deform (??; doesn't make sense;) me and my client, reaction from Your publication went completely contrariwise. And, you know, I unlike many others, doesn't see You as Browder's corruption (corrupting? corrupted? corruptive?) propaganda carrier and hardcore russophobe . I think (alt: it seems to me), something broke in Your life or some bad (literally: not-good) person, related to my country, had offended You. I'm truly sorry in that case (not asking for forgiveness; informing that it's saddens her). Time will pass and it will not humble (subdue) all emotions, but we should be honest with ourselves and should not seek excuses in some pathetic intricate (orig. word order: intricate pathetic) explanations. Wish You sincere (earnest/genuine) friends. Best wishes to You.

0be22b No.10265947

File: 79c184a26be7de8⋯.png (464.9 KB, 644x830, 322:415, 2017-07-17 19_28_58-Veseln….png)

The Russian Gov BLACKLISTED CEO Browder of Hermitage Capital who then Lobbied FOR the Magnitsky Act is doing surveillance on Attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya who is AGAINST the "Magnitsky Act" and then sends the surveliance to the US GOV. Then the SAME Attorney is magically in a meeting with Donald Trump JR following a perfectly choreographed email to include all the right wording for just the right narrative.

33977c No.10266276


You sound familiar.

4c3014 No.10266312


In Attachment - - -


1 Q Okay. Anyone else that you recall?

2 A There was another partner, Andy Ryan,

3 who was ­­ I ­­ I'm not sure he was involved that

4 much. His issues were different, but he was

5 present some meetings.

6 Q To your knowledge, were all three of

7 the attorneys that you just mentioned all based in

8 New York?

9 A To the best of my knowledge, yes.

10 Q Okay. This consulting agreement that

11 you entered into with them, do you recall where

12 you were when you executed it?

13 A Probably in this ­­ I don't remember,

14 but most likely it was at Salisbury & Ryan's

15 offices.

16 Q Okay. Did you have meetings in New

17 York with Salisbury & Ryan related to this

18 engagement?

19 A I did.

20 Q Approximately how many?

21 A Two, three, I guess.

22 Q Did those all take place at

23 Salisbury & Ryan's offices in New York?

24 A Yes.

25 Q Did you travel anywhere else for this

1 project?

2 A I traveled to Moscow.

3 Q When?

4 A Sometimes in 2013.

5 Q For what purpose?

6 MR. SPERDUTO: Hold on. I object to

7 the extent that that calls for privileged

8 information under Rule 26(b)(4)(D) or the work

9 product privilege.

10 If you can answer the question without

11 divulging that, you can answer. Otherwise, you're

12 not ­­you're directed not to answer.

13 THE WITNESS: Yeah, I think that's when

14 I was engaged by Salisbury & Ryan. They were very

15 clear about describing what my tasks will be, and

16 also they instructed me on the sensitivity of this

17 issue. And I signed this confidentiality

18 agreement with them, or this agreement, in fact,

19 has a confidentiality clause, so . . .


21 Q Okay. I'm going to put two and two

22 together here and assume that what you're saying

23 is that you don't believe that you can answer the

24 question of for what purpose did you travel to

25 Moscow without violating your counsel's

1 as best as you can?

2 A Joffe. It's probably J­O­F­F­E.

3 Q Okay. And you ­­ you pronounce it

4 Joffe?

5 A Joffe.

6 Q Okay. Mr. Joffe is one of the lawyers

7 from Salisbury Ryan?

8 A Correct.

9 Q Other than Mr. Joffe, did you meet with

10 anybody else in Russia in connection with this

11 engagement in ­­

12 MR. SPERDUTO: Same ­­


14 Q ­­ 2013?

15 MR. SPERDUTO: Same objection. You can

16 answer that only to the extent that it does not

17 divulge information that you were purposed to do

18 by Salisbury & Ryan. And, again, the rule that

19 I'm trying to say is 26(b)(4)(d).

20 MR. COGAN: Okay. Let me just caveat

21 this. I think the ­­ the pending question is a

22 yes or no, did you meet with anyone else? Will

23 you allow him to answer that?

24 MR. SPERDUTO: Sure.

25 MR. COGAN: Okay.


2 Q So, yes or no, other than Mr. Joffe,

3 did you meet with anybody else in Russia with

4 respect to this engagement?

5 A Yes.

6 Q Okay. Approximately how many people?

7 A This will violate my agreement with

8 Salisbury & Ryan.

9 Q Even ­­even just the number of how

10 many people?

11 A If it's relevant, it will be ­­

12 MR. COGAN: Why don't we do this: Do

13 you want to take a quick break and you guys can

14 consult, or ­­or is that not necessary?

d00d16 No.10266340


Did this ever get done?


We're well versed at working among the constant shilling. Your project further fractures our already well divided resources.

First comment here is most important atm, tho.

Did that get done?

4c3014 No.10266351

File: efae2901661c2c1⋯.png (468.88 KB, 1072x915, 1072:915, Open Stego File No 1.png)


here's the file in txt format

d00d16 No.10266402


What are you trying to say here, anon? That's not txt, it's a screenshot.

But that makes for a good segue to my next question: I don't see where anyone checked this for signs of steganography.

(I see you trying to embed, but did you by chance try to analyze the photo?)

Can anyone post the mime64 of this email here >>10265947 to a pastebin for me, please?

4c3014 No.10266467


Here Because people are too lazy to use Open Stego is your pastebin


4c3014 No.10266479


There's a better Stego program that I use in Linux though - this one is kind of crappy

d00d16 No.10266523


well you're spot on with the lazy–I hadn't downloaded the e-mails yet. I've been researching something else, but that's not turning anything up. So I'll get everything setup to grab a copy and dig in. Running stego analysis will be first up.

Also it looks like nobody has run the contacts extract through a wikileaks lookup, so I'll tackle that after the image analysis.

ty for the base64 paste. I was referring to the e-mail that contained the image that I linked. I want to work with that one specific image. I'll grab it later, though. ty again.

4c3014 No.10266540


Analyzing the email attachments with Stego will more than likely yield negative results.

Reading the attachments (in addition to the email body) may, though.

bb12c1 No.10266655


This type of software can be used to have a whole inbox offline usually in the .mbox format

b4811a No.10266679


I saw that loli shit all over /new…was wondering what fucking loser was posting that.

b24929 No.10266741


Уважаемый Майкл! Хочу Вас поблагодарить за ту рекламу, которую Вы мне сделали. Несмотря на Ваше желание деформировать меня и моего клиента, реакция от Вашей публикации пошла с точностью наоборот. И, знаете, я в отличие от многих других, не вижу в Вас коррупционного носителя пропаганды Браудера и махрового русофоба. Мне кажется, что у Вас в жизни что-то надломилось или какой-то нехороший человек, имеющий отношении к моей стране, Вас обидел. Мне искренне жаль в таком случае. Пройдёт время и оно не смирит все страсти, но мы должны быть честными сами с собой и не искать оправдания в каких-то замысловатых патетических объяснениях. Желаю Вам искренних друзей. Всего Вам доброго

b24929 No.10266744



Dear Michael! I want to thank you for the advertising you gave me. Despite your desire to deform me and my client, the reaction from your publication went exactly the opposite. And, you know, unlike many others, unlike many others, I do not see you as a corruption carrier of Browder's propaganda and a double Russophobe. It seems to me that something has broken in your life or some bad person who has a relation to my country has offended you. I'm truly sorry in that case. Time will pass and it will not subdue all passions, but we must be honest with ourselves and not seek excuses in some intricate pathetic explanations. I wish you sincere friends. All the best

faa5ea No.10266865


Kagan is married to Victoria Neuland, poster children of the Deep State

df3c46 No.10267140

File: 461c1fcb07ef5e1⋯.jpg (59.52 KB, 640x363, 640:363, milonov.jpg)


Lunatic jewish oligarch. Got absolutely BTFO by Putin and Co. His whole life now revolves around trying to get a coup happening.

627a7c No.10267240

Posobitch watch your fucking neck lest it be strung up from a tree. Keep fucking with us and find out who's hands your dox fall into.

1c97ce No.10267338



000000 No.10267355


000000 No.10267371

Today, new P.I.Z.Z.A. G.A.T.E files. Funny Secret

e6cf0c No.10267619


Joffe calling?

e6cf0c No.10267630


So, what are you guys hoping to find by using Stego? Spyware? Keyloggers? If that's the case, wouldn't it be safer to analyze the files in a VM? That way, if they do have something nasty, just delete the VM, and problem solved. Right?

f244c7 No.10267666

File: b3c7678861e1ec5⋯.png (136.8 KB, 482x798, 241:399, of course.png)

File: 508ac3c144d688f⋯.jpg (62.15 KB, 500x747, 500:747, Biden 2.jpg)

Of Course… A Jew to tell you about Copenhagen. And what a Jew!

d04f52 No.10268156


Dumb fuck, these files are from before he was elected.

18b9a2 No.10268410


Best deal is an off lease Thinkpad, Latitude or Elitebook

72da74 No.10268883




ea9a79 No.10269248

>With the respect for privacy I've deleted his correspondence with his wife and relatives. The rest of emails will give evidence of who is responsible for different information campaigns, the so-called mythmaking and essentially engaged in the promotion of "American values" throughout the world.

Why the fuck would you do that?

ea9a79 No.10269250

Pass:[email protected]

bob mail ?

33977c No.10269251


If nobody saved it, that sucks, but from what I read through it, it was nothing but names, addresses, and SSNs along with emails of soldiers in the military. It didn't seem that important to me.

000000 No.10269531


dont worry i got your back


3425a8 No.10269748


78d2db No.10269969


Do these people not sleep? How can a person do so many things?

Are they just all strung out 24/7?

258230 No.10270230


One one is going to download that.

b57dcd No.10270326

File: 3ba37a8c7664f36⋯.png (414.9 KB, 1168x414, 584:207, click.PNG)

890cff No.10270368

File: f97bf7263dd5345⋯.jpg (25.96 KB, 540x311, 540:311, a73550f3184e4e0d7a7ceade9e….jpg)

51d89d No.10270625

Why is the last email to john podesta from sara latham? Where did that email come from?

5c08d6 No.10271078

so absolutely nothing if import was found and just more oy veying about russians? sounding like CNN in here

f27f32 No.10271200

File: ac0e3353a5ed6df⋯.png (78.94 KB, 869x1070, 869:1070, 00002216.png)

bd2b5e No.10271877


What's wrong with my Nazi & Confederate flag?

c42a79 No.10272885


Wait a minute. Can an ANON confirm something about this? Is this based upon the faulty Crowdstrike intel that the whole "Muh russia dnc hack" shit was based on? IF NOT then it means the fucking state department knew that portion of the premise Crowdstrike made and was used by 6 Gorillion intel agencies to conclude Muh Russia was FALSE.

This could be big. IF the state Dept knew the premise used by a 3rd party was flase then they fucking lied to support Hillary/Dems in the election. This is beyond the Hatch Act and well into hanging territory. IF they were using the Crowdstrike intel for this then it is just another indication of how cucked our intel services were using private intel sources.

c42a79 No.10273137


Double post. Crowdstrikes sources for their report on Fancybear/Ukraine are all deleted…….

Anyone have the Ukraine forces pdf downloaded and can confirm whether numbers are from Crowdstrike or elsewhere? We might be able to fry some leftist fucks in the State Dept for this.

000000 No.10277505


>incognito is the private browsing of Chrome



6159d4 No.10277685

File: a3802ab0177445f⋯.gif (3.18 MB, 378x237, 126:79, Trump At The Wailing Wall.gif)


REPOSTED!!! Here you go!!!


6159d4 No.10277746

File: 7d4a0ad4837405f⋯.jpg (16.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, The days of darknet, image….jpg)

The days of darknet, imageboards, etc. may be coming to a close


U.S. Military Leak


74a76d No.10278035

File: 480cab3a023d552⋯.png (6.49 KB, 390x470, 39:47, Laughing-Meme-Face-02.png)

File: cfe2e6956559f51⋯.jpg (73.39 KB, 630x891, 70:99, tom-cruise-reaction-crazy-….jpg)

File: c0a19a60e7ddf8f⋯.jpg (38.73 KB, 600x603, 200:201, Oh_My_Sides!.jpg)

File: 731ceceb1dc7f29⋯.jpg (54.92 KB, 486x409, 486:409, 731.jpg)


> browsing on incognito mode

Hello FBI agent.

Incognito is fucken useless!

The FBI knows everything you do in incognito!

Research if incognito will hide your IP! It will not!

bad526 No.10278099


Why do you say that the day of image boards are coming to an end anon? You mean (((they))) are going to cyber attack them all, and take the owners out soon?


I know this is likely b8, but "incognito mode" only (supposedly) disables some of the browser cache / cookies that are stored as you browse the internet. It has NOTHING to do with blocking the vast amount of other ways they can find you. Such as your IP, browser/OS metadata (known as the "agent ID"), does not disable the supercookies (which are deeply hidden and well imbedded to keep tracking you and a pain in the ass to remove), embedded third party scripts within the webpages that track you, etc…

If you want hardcore security tips, check out >>>/opsec/4

incognito mode

74a76d No.10278109


>Remember, had the nazies had an oil supply like the soviets, they would have been crushed and

Actually no, Stalin simply swarmed Hitler with mass conscripts.

Stalin simply did have more conscripts, do to larger population.

Its meaningless if you German soldier can kill 100 conscripts, if Stalin can send 2000 conscripts for every German soldier.

Hell even if the constricts are shit(starving, desert you on every occasion) and you need 300 to kill one German soldier its still meaningless since you have 2000 of these fuckers for every German soldier.

Its simple matchsticks, a simple numbers game.

2563b7 No.10278474


When you use incognito mode, you're only lying to yourself.

9eba9a No.10280641


I know this is old but it's the state department, they deal with foreign affairs (dummy)

c42a79 No.10282021

Anything in this leak about the then currently believed number of Ukraine artillery pieces in service?

51f87e No.10285063


Yeah. I have found that public vpns get banned on some sites. Then, a proxy can not get you past recaptchas. Frustrating.

4c6364 No.10290618

Unrelated but there's been a massive Swedish government leak.


>The weight capacity of all roads and bridges (which is crucial for warfare, and says a lot about what roads are intended to be used as wartime airfields);

>Names, photos, and home addresses of fighter pilots in the Air Force;

>Names, photos, and home addresses of everybody and anybody in a police register, all of which are classified;

>Names, photos, and home addresses of all operators in the military’s most secret units – equivalent to the SAS or SEAL teams;

>Names, photos, and home addresses of everybody in a witness relocation program or who has been given protected identity for other reasons;

>Type, model, weight, and any defects of any and all government and military vehicles, including their operator, which says a ton about the structure of military support units;

>the list goes on.

4f9c5e No.10290651



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