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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 54c43156014c74f⋯.png (596.51 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

dbf152 No.10262713

Did doxing and ruining her life ever cross this board's mind before?

She is a figure of the extreme left in America, a malignant tumor that needs to go away and fuck off permanently, Why aren't we making her life shitty yet?

8390d4 No.10262764

File: 493073a0e02621c⋯.jpg (45.3 KB, 392x345, 392:345, 78658769.jpg)

I've never been proud of attacking the mentally challenged.

8c8085 No.10262803

File: 6ff2e27ec6e306e⋯.jpg (8.64 KB, 172x255, 172:255, 1465490909216.jpg)


She is a vapid cunt. I will give bump.

d411b1 No.10262851

Details anon, details.

dbf152 No.10262864

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e838b1 No.10262880


Yes, she was discussed last week.

1cc553 No.10262919


discussed is not the same as harassment.

c7ade2 No.10262940


>please give me notoriety /pol/, im totally not trying to get free publicity

84dafe No.10262969

File: ccdbf8ee6f2ecda⋯.jpg (36.88 KB, 727x480, 727:480, 1dc1621f9785f3afe3906e3150….jpg)


She is literally funded by the Saudis to spread their Wahhabism horseshit to the libtards in the US.

Most likely no amount of shitposting will make her go away.

f501c5 No.10263085

I actually hope Sarsour gains more attention and support from the left. Nothing red pills normies and cuckservatives faster than seeing some towelhead openly waging Jihad against the president.

Sarsour/Warren 2020

7fecda No.10263110

>Sharia is wonderful guys, you should try it!

>move to a country that implements it, now why would I do that?

b19e99 No.10263342

Burn her life to the ground

95715b No.10264433


fuck off back to reddit you cancerous newfag.

95715b No.10264483

File: bef14791fa7e84c⋯.png (132.56 KB, 339x200, 339:200, ClipboardImage.png)

Linda N Sarsour

Age: 35-39

47 74th St

Brooklyn NY 11209-1904







cd77a2 No.10264496


If we need to destroy anyone it's Zuckercuck, Elon Musk and Alphabet. They will try to gate keep true AI from us and inhibit our growth. Elon just got up on a stage and said AI poses and existential risk to humanity. He's confusing humanity with jewry.

c685eb No.10264504


this tbh

27e44e No.10265228


>If we need to destroy anyone it's Zuckercuck, Elon Musk

no rich guy is going to kill himself over a couple of mean messages and dragon dildos, you're asking for the least effective thing right now, a person with success has 0 interest in commiting suicide.

804e5f No.10265342


We might as well call her Justina Trudeau at this point.

6a4df4 No.10265382


>Did doxing and ruining her life ever cross this board's mind before?

How exactly would that harm her?

She is already a public figure, it's not like you can hurt her reputation.

I'm all for destroying her life, but doxxing isn't going to help you accomplish that.

If I'M wrong, more power to you.

f09b4c No.10265408

Doxing would probably just get the vile bitch support.

>That poor moderate woman attacked by those horrible right wing trolls. TAKE MY MONEY.

27e44e No.10265421


its a bargain, it depends on how much of a lolcow she is.

5a214f No.10265456

If we can dig up dirt on her, not just the Sharia stuff (which we should spread) but something people can laugh at. Laughing at someone "Totes Suriuz" is a great way to finish their power.

3b043c No.10265485

File: 5957cdbbf140fed⋯.jpg (21.2 KB, 400x334, 200:167, 16002795_1794612110789554_….jpg)

Yeah, honestly this bitch pisses me off. Kikebart even pointed out she had armed guards while demanding guns get removed from normal citizens. Sorry, Sharia cunt, I'm fucking good.

If she wasn't so demonstrably retarded, I might consider her a threat, but I fear that she could also do more damage being a useful idiot through Alinskyite tactics.

The dumb fucking shit this cunt says is imbecilic to the highest degree, some many niggers and kikes buy into her (((diverse))) message.

e1ac6b No.10267996

File: 9cf4a617749280e⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, retarded sand niggers.jpg)


I see no reason to anything that would stop her from doing what she's doing.

I listened to a clip of her calling for jihad against the Trump administration sounding completely unhinged even to normies.

ea8b60 No.10268046


sand niggers aren't human

28996e No.10268064

This Jihadi needs to hang.

4e9611 No.10268271


She quoted the Jihadi responsible for Sadat's death just a little while ago in reference to what she wants to do to Trump. She's sneakier than you'd think.

b25bed No.10268329

She is probably being funded by Stephen Heintz and Julia Middleton. Just a hunch, though.

0a4f0e No.10268432

The slide is real.

a63178 No.10269621


yes it is, your post proves how much of a sliding faggot you are, kill yourself.

a63178 No.10269623

e7d14a No.10283065

her last name means cockroach in arabic. enough said.

1d161c No.10283074


Palestinians are like Jews too, born subversives. It's no surprise when Palestinians and Jews share similar genetics.

8d3e44 No.10283234

"She" looks like El Rato.

09b375 No.10285088


A dox on her would turn up stuff I cannot even imagine. I'm sure of it.

b72d6a No.10285107

Sarsour should be attacked just enough to get her some sympathy. Just the regular online shit. the left is trying to disengage from her and other extremist morons like (((Mensch))). A lot of the left realizes just how toxic the extreme left mouthpieces are. They can defund BLM and it mostly goes away, but Sarsour and her ilk are literal poison to the left the longer they go around pissing themselves. Like the Hugh Mungous bitch. The left is trying to make itself more cleancut. Do NOT let this happen. " Poor Sarsour was assaulted on twatter and faceberg by frogs! Oh noes how terribad! " then she stays in the limelight. Make the left OWN the retards they used to push their agenda.

25bbae No.10285117


lel, I just called the landline. Someone picked up and didn't say hello or anything. I was just kinda listening to slight taps on her end. I whispered "penis" and immediately they hung up. This shit is funny.

ac157d No.10285128


if you're ITT and you're not calling Linda, you're fucking up

25bbae No.10285175

this is being slid guys

09b375 No.10285187


They are out tonight. It is organized. Never there or all there.

03d823 No.10285218


>Let her rant and rave and be an idiot and let people see her insanity and run

I agree, but I still hope she gets shot in the face.

8d1e02 No.10285239

File: 4c5af57dd736379⋯.png (29.71 KB, 712x649, 712:649, 942.png)


>picks up phone

>doesn't say moshi moshi

is this normal?

seems kinda strange…

09b375 No.10285248


Probably getting hammered. Gonna change that number.

3b0ee0 No.10285256

>lets dox a public figure

fuck you're retarded.


this. What are you going to do? She's paid for by the Saudis whatever you do she's still going to get that money. Whether or not people love her or hate her, she's still getting paid.

25bbae No.10285260


who cares if she's getting paid or not, we can still harass her

25bbae No.10285262


didn't mean to sage

178fc6 No.10285270


>Whether or not people love her or hate her, she's still getting paid

can't blame her then, all women want to be in this situation so she's basically prisoner of her own creation, she can't quit even she wanted to, because she would have nothing left

25bbae No.10285273


also, a reminder that if she's in NYC right now then it's about to be pretty late for them lol. I just called again and a dude picked up with an american accent.

09b375 No.10285275


No worry, you did not.

09b375 No.10285279


Maybe they can send her back to the jungle.

ee57c7 No.10285302

Rape her to death.

t. FBI

5a214f No.10285986

We should keep prank calling the number. See what happens each time.

57ca15 No.10287283




some valuable dox being slid right now guys, don't let the Jews do it

5a214f No.10287453

Everyone report the prankcall results

501818 No.10288314

File: 13d665af67d0fea⋯.jpg (78.36 KB, 1000x669, 1000:669, 1488402740739.jpg)


Even if you hate her, I think she's creating a wedge in the left because of her extremism that makes people turn away from it. Double agent?

57ca15 No.10288974


it don't matter nigger

Also, as an update to prankcalls, I just got called twice from a no caller ID number

2fa846 No.10291843

that is the way the cookies crumble anon

f68a0a No.10291951


>be jewgle

>patent out in the open deep learning algorithms you didn't even create

don't be evil goyim, you can't train your own neural networks you have to gib shekels :^)

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