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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 72970f72d843ce6⋯.png (14.13 KB, 393x330, 131:110, muh6,000,000ks.PNG)

File: 2e3d7461f0d1bbb⋯.png (3.75 KB, 254x187, 254:187, 18760235926552900.png)

4ad696 No.10262887


Morgoth here (muh namefagging). I will finish filling this up on Wednesday. This is a massive rendition of my previous (attempt at an) archive. Since that time I have overcome a lot of the blue-pill hurdles and smokescreens out there to put this together. For added effect, I have renamed this archive ">MUH BOOOOOOKS".

It amounts to about 2800 books (18.5gb), a couple of hundred of which are quite short but no infotainment 5-page nonsense is included. I have added a contents .txt to save you bandwidth.


194e43 No.10262893


Based OP. Have a bump.

4ad696 No.10262895

I fucked up, pic 2 was supposed to be the catalog pic 1. How to edit?

194e43 No.10262903


I don't think you can. The mods might fix it when they wake up.

b4c99a No.10262906

File: 79b69835d4a826a⋯.jpg (50.39 KB, 379x600, 379:600, 28.jpg)

mate, I need decryption key.

b4c99a No.10262961


sorry, my bad. didn't copy entire link

dbc8cf No.10263746

thanks so much op, hope you aint a kike promoting kikery. bump

there is nothing in Self-Sustainability & Survival

b8a1a8 No.10263778

good job anon, i may create an archive of redpill copy pastas one day

bf5493 No.10263815


Thanks for this OP - this is an excellent example of the selfless initiative we need. Have you thought of incorporating the general /pol/ book archive so as to have everything in one place? There would be a little crossover, namely in terms of the Zundel bunker section but would still be worth.

1a8a7d No.10263914


why are the folders reading as 0 bytes for me?

b0759a No.10263932


Anon, this is just amazing. I'm downloading the books on garment manufacture as we speak. Oy vey!

000000 No.10263936

4341b7 No.10263947

>muh namefagging

>muh attempts

>muh books

Is there anything not in /pdfs/ faggot?

Sage because you should fucking know better how to make an OP with your clearly failed previous attempts

4341b7 No.10263958


Because OP is a sliding kike faggot trying to waste people's time.

000000 No.10264005

Owner of IncLib here, I will definitely be looking through this selecting ones I want to add to my database. It's always great to see other people join the effort! Don't let kikefy discourage you!

Is there any books in the collection that you think are absolutely essential?

7c351b No.10264419


Thanks Anon. You are The man.

historical when?

4ad696 No.10264603

I'll be updating it on wednesday anons, please be patient. I appreciate the thanks as this took a lot of time.



hey imkampfy, be fair now. I am simply sharing the beta version which will be updated in a day or too, I am only namefagging for the sake of remarking myself as the owner of the archive. I havent made this thread before so stop your kvetching.


stop being so anime

4ad696 No.10264615

Forgot to mention, I couldn't upload the whole thing today because I didn't get time. It will be filled on wednesday, and after that I will continue to add more stuff and will appreciate suggestions (on /pdfs/ because these type of threads get spez'd on /pol/).

73f96c No.10273986


d8d480 No.10277275

File: 9b6f6a7ad4d915d⋯.jpg (58.6 KB, 597x519, 199:173, nigger (2).jpg)


459ec4 No.10277688


Did you kill the old Morgoth's Library? My link to that isn't working any more:


459ec4 No.10277712

I also have several pdfs if you'd like to include them


-Industrial Society and its Future

-Manifesto for the Abolishment of Interest Slavery

-The Way of Men

-Origins of the Species

-"Genetic Similarity Theory, Ethnocentrism, and Group Selection"



-Permaculture I

-Permaculture II

-One Straw Method

-Aquaponics Manual

-Beekeeping Manual

-Draft Horse Handbook

-Small-Scale Chicken Production

-Construction Guide to Green Building Outdoors

-Micro-Eco Farming

-Perrenial Vegetables

-Root Cellaring


-Zen Buhdism Explained

-Celebrations of the SS Family

-The Peasantry as the Life-Blood of the German Race


-Grow Youthful Recipe Book

-Starting Strength

-SS Mate Selection Guidelines

459ec4 No.10277726

I also have

Propoganda - Edward Bernays

Might is Right - Ragnar Redbeard

but I got a lot of my books from you in the first place, so I'm not sure if you already have them or not.

400a52 No.10277738


Any chance of a torrent? Pulling down 18 gigs from mega is kind of a chore.

400a52 No.10277750




1ef764 No.10277776


> mega is kind of a chore.

Just use megadownloader, it bypasses the throttling and download limits.


400a52 No.10277800

File: b000520ab3cc32b⋯.png (97.9 KB, 563x341, 563:341, folders.png)


The folders are populated for me fam…

400a52 No.10277805



Not even with a borrowed dick.

5ac944 No.10279597


can you post all of them?

b7ce48 No.10279797

could you provide a torrent for this? im done with mega fuckery when it comes to downloading large files

01f548 No.10281047

File: 7f22230f1e0167a⋯.png (14.14 KB, 337x106, 337:106, dtkgoy.PNG)

Well anons everything is uploaded now. I got rid of the PDF .exe and contents.txt has been updated.



I will make a torrent from a seedbox soon but I'll need to ask autist owner if it's all good. Any tips/opsec I should be aware of regarding making a torrent?


Dump em on /pdfs/ and link it, I will have a look. There are multiple archives I have yet to scan through and acquire additions for this one.>>10277712

01f548 No.10281074

File: 5630cd81449931b⋯.jpg (439.86 KB, 1546x990, 773:495, Slogans in Der Stürmer.jpg)

I will be adding more content so any recommended sources are appreciated. I am not going to be put any video shit in the archive as it takes up too much memory. There are about 2k books in here, and the other 1k files are a collection of jpegs of der strumer, the NSDAP 'antisemitic' propaganda magazine from 1925-1944. The old 'Morgoth's archive' has been removed, but whatever was valuable to /pol/ in there I have included in this archive.

Fuck the mods, fuck /pdfs/ 12mb upload limit jewish shit, fuck mega.nz but I was too lazy to make a torrent and would appreciate some opsec advice for this.

3d95b8 No.10282144

File: f556d4307e4a70a⋯.jpg (42.96 KB, 1440x785, 288:157, 20157316_10214123330225017….jpg)

I already have a much better collection than this being shared on P2P. Should I make a torrent for /pol/?

Having 2800 books just means you haven't read them and put anything with an interesting title. My collection is curated and more concise; with superior information, scholarly works, primary sources, rare books, etc. I hope I didn't hype it up too much, but I guess someone could then improve on mine and create better iterations.

Sadly, when people scan books, they usually get made into pds. I get mobi/epub whenever I can. What file format is the most desired here? Calibre can convert between file formats reliably, so I can attempt it en masse. The limitation is that pdfs often get converted with extremely fucked up formatting, but they usually only have minor fuck ups. Other common formats convert perfectly though.

Some of my scans are jpgs, but not many. They take up less room, but can't be searched, to my knowledge.

Pic unrelated

f4f7c7 No.10282193


Post a link, anons can cross reference both libraries and consolidate.

3d95b8 No.10282348


I see. I'd have to make a torrent. I guess I'll get to it.

"Industrial Society and its Future" has several versions, so which is the best?

Publicly available books should be added to the torrent? A lot of what I use is pre-WW1 and freely available. I think I'll include them in order to promote them. There are some old books like that with 8 editions, so I'd help by picking the superior one(s).

Should I include speculative works from people like Anatoly Fomenko? He does a good job at explaining how our history was kiked, but then posits some baseless nonsense about Russians (Tatars) being the master race. The thing is that history is the most kiked subject there is, particularly pre-Renaissance. The second most kiked subject is anthropology. Hitler knew this and that's why so much importance was placed on it, even during the war. From what I've seen though (admittedly limited), they weren't doing a very good job. I would like to see a collection of the best history books, and I don't have it; I am working on it though. Will take 5 years at this rate though.

Should I create a separate torrent for audiobooks? I don't think I have enough of them to justify it though.

Also, does anyone have a collection of Isaac Newton's lesser known works? Most of his works are deliberately hidden and misrepresented. He wrote extensively about how kiked history was, provided his own attempt at unkiking it, wrote on esoteric ancient knowledge, etc.

dbc8cf No.10283022

File: 034df20b4e8d776⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 465x480, 31:32, 8771786499671.jpg)

i can't finds the "find a smoking hot traditional submisive based QT tutorial" otherwise the compilation is predy gud :DD

c39f5e No.10283369

File: ecdfe28a9a33cdb⋯.jpg (370.15 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ecdfe28a9a33cdb831841396b7….jpg)

File: 4b3e821833dee9a⋯.png (388 B, 16x16, 1:1, Untitled.png)


What do you have?

633fd7 No.10283413


It doesnt bypass the download limits anymore, it was patched unfortunately.

01f548 No.10283738

File: f6d1203de4f8173⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 2670x1845, 178:123, 14ef6ba39df70fd1b8f014e493….jpg)


'W. T. Hornaday - The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals; A Book of Personal Observations' in the Self-sustainability & survival section


The main focus of the archive is section 1, which deals with the jewish/zionist agenda. This is the area of which I consider myself a scholar, and I have read quite a few of these books. Obviously I haven't read every single book, but I have a very stringent criteria of what is allowed in my collection based upon my current knowledge.

Looking at the /pdfs/ board, a majority of what is there are covert marxist/straight up jewish blue-pills that belong on T_D. Pic related.

/pdfs/ and /polarchive/ are probably the reason why books are openly condemned on /pol/, I am trying to bridge anons here to a scholastic resource of material written by experts on /pol/-tier subjects instead of just giving them some psuedo-intellectual annunaki ennead horseshit.

01f548 No.10283751

There is a contents .txt file for those who don't want click the link https://www.a nonfiles.cc/file/966fac64d5467eec0eadc2e0de7d73c7

01f548 No.10283917

RE iaintclickinthatshitfags: you can't post magnet links here, so regardless of how anyone goes about it you are going to have to risk opsec for knowledge and visit linked sites. If you think this isn't an everyday problem for all anons you are naive.

01f548 No.10290357

shameless self-bump

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