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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 45123e72ec9e20a⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 962x558, 481:279, 4331896200000578-4783914-i….jpg)

e29f07 No.10387942

The battle of Charlottesville: At least two seriously hurt in clashes between white nationalists and counter-protesters at massive march in Virginia as governor warns public to 'stay away'

Violence erupted ahead of a planned rally where thousands of white nationalists were expected to gather for an alt-right protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday.

Two people were seriously injured in the clash, Virginia State police reported. A video appears to show the altercation, as a man is being dragged away by officials while a woman screams: 'Don't allow them to do this!'

Another woman with blood streaming down her face also pushes the man away from the scene of the fight.

The Unite the Right rally was being held at Emancipation Park and hundreds were seen stomping through the city, wearing militia uniforms, waving flags and chanting 'Blood and Soil' as they made their way towards the event.

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer denounced the 'cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance march down the lawns of the architect of our Bill of Rights' and warned for residents to stay away from the rally.

Still, counter-protesters flocked to the march in retaliation against the white nationalists neo-Confederates, and alt-right activists, screaming: 'We're here, we're gay, we fight the KKK!'

The protest hadn't officially started but social media videos showed the rally was escalating as people were seen throwing objects, breaking out into fights and pepper spray being used, as officers watched from behind fences.

The violence, which erupted ahead of the rally's start time of noon, forced the city to declare a local emergency and determined the event was an unlawful assembly, using tear gas bombs to clear the unruly crowd.

Arrests were made after police in riot gear attempted to clear the park and a group of protesters pushed back against them.

Police were in position at Emancipation Park and downtown Charlottesville by 6am as they prepared for the rally.

Between 4,000 and 6,000 people from groups including white nationalists, neo-Confederates and alt-right activists are expected to protest at the park, which had recently been renamed from Lee Park.

U.S. District Judge Glen Conrad granted a preliminary injunction Friday in a lawsuit filed against Charlottesville by right-wing blogger Jason Kessler.

Kessler organized the Saturday rally to protest Charlottesville’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park.

The protest hasn't begun when two people were seriously injured and protesters have reportedly deployed pepper spray, according to state police.

Social media videos show the crowd throwing bottles and objects as police film the interaction from behind fences but don't intervene.

Brawls have broken out as people in riot gear tackle others to the ground and begin throwing punches.


9e3b4c No.10387952

>Counter protesters


e29f07 No.10387970

File: cdf437d2ec0143b⋯.jpg (85.27 KB, 962x639, 962:639, 432FCC4A00000578-4783914-_….jpg)

File: a6332ecf3c26d73⋯.jpg (144.51 KB, 470x685, 94:137, 4331A7F500000578-4783914-S….jpg)

File: 24ca4c21679483f⋯.jpg (145.87 KB, 962x1012, 481:506, 43317F7900000578-4783914-i….jpg)

File: a06e0d0317168cb⋯.jpg (109.89 KB, 470x685, 94:137, 433193A700000578-4783914-i….jpg)

File: 241db4605214dfc⋯.jpg (193.04 KB, 962x722, 481:361, 4331865A00000578-4783914-i….jpg)

look Nazi's

30b0b6 No.10388463

If this isn't another PsyOp i'll be damned

b81bb9 No.10391221

may more die every day

eb0288 No.10391253


0e500c No.10391300


>that fifth pic

the cops shit themselves infront of this hobgobble militia.

brings a tear to the eye knowing that these things are still possible in the United States.

0e500c No.10391310


it makes me want to go find the nearest militia unit and join it, even though half of the members are probably fbi

f2d507 No.10391330


No, that's not true at all.

At least a third of them are ATF.

03b3bc No.10391466


>/k/ joins right-wing protest.

On the other hand, I don't see a single mosin, so maybe not.

747b97 No.10391481

File: 8aaf2a810124faa⋯.png (458.19 KB, 702x694, 351:347, go be a nigger somewhere e….png)

Great weekend. Most fun I've had in a long time.

8ae92c No.10391486

File: 9b5ec8ad8f12501⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1200x814, 600:407, 1502572526415.png)


e8ab89 No.10391529


>tiki torches

Gayest shit I've ever seen. Ikea Revolutionaries.

e09fa2 No.10391567


what should they have used instead?

2cb15f No.10391580

File: 495af1fd66536e6⋯.jpg (36.68 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 946.jpg)

e8ab89 No.10391598

File: 92b30214f2aa08c⋯.jpg (28.01 KB, 540x720, 3:4, torch.jpg)


Seriously nigger? Are you really this domesticated?

e09fa2 No.10391622


considering those are illegal and tiki torches aren't i figured you may have some valid critique, should've known better.

e8ab89 No.10391686


Did you ever stop to wonder why tiki torches would still be legal when other torches aren't? Because they're domesticated shit for faggots that don't intimidate anybody. If you can't do it right, don't half-ass it and make yourself look laughable.

<Let's have an armed protest!

>Great idea, but open carry is banned here.

<Oh, then we'll use nerf guns instead. Those are legal.

Pure faggotry.

e09fa2 No.10391736


ah yes, they should just post about it on /pol/ instead, im stupid

e8ab89 No.10391790


>either we use tiki torches, or we stay at home. there are no other conceivable options

Are you being deliberately disingenuous, or are you actually this stupid?

e09fa2 No.10391814


I asked for a fix and your only fix would've sent people straight to being arrested so

747b97 No.10391824


>Because they're domesticated shit for faggots that don't intimidate anybody.

Oh no, those 20 antifa morons were pissing their pants when they found themselves surrounded by about 500 tiki torch nationalists.

They were so scared they were crying their eyes out.

Also because they're too retarded to into mace so they self-gassed.

98f984 No.10391872


>either we get arrested or stay home

are you this stupid?

e8ab89 No.10391903



>I asked for a fix and your only fix would've sent people straight to being arrested so

No torches would have been better than tiki torches.

Tiki torches make you look like a bunch of domesticated suburban faggots. They aren't intimidating, they have the opposite effect.


What is the purpose of bringing torches, if not to give off a certain impression? Pure utility? I think not. Obviously the torches are meant to send a message, but the message tiki torches send is "we're a bunch of LARPers". You may as well have an "armed protest" with nerf guns, it makes you look laughable. A protest without would have been more effective.

747b97 No.10391939


>the message tiki torches send

is, "lol, we don't even need real torches to btfo you."

e09fa2 No.10391953


shut up fag

e8ab89 No.10391965

File: 112536c0cad33b3⋯.png (180.41 KB, 379x277, 379:277, anonymoose.png)


<[nerf gun protest]

<lol we don't even need real guns to btfo you

No, it just makes you look like dumb teenagers who raided your mother's bbq party supplies.

87ccb5 No.10391983

File: 794d22d99206b2c⋯.png (195.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 794d22d99206b2c1a30c6f300b….png)

So who is actually behind this "Unite The Right" psy-op? Honestly, white people marching with torches screaming, and attacking faggots? What a lovely photo and bit of edited film that is for your enemies.

98f984 No.10392008


>A protest without would have been more effective.

citation needed

747b97 No.10392018


You obviously didn't get to see the glorious look of terror on those antifa faggots' faces.

63935c No.10392021


Nigger in the middle of the night commies and niggers can't tell the difference, all they see is a thousand aryan hearts burning with rage.

e8ab89 No.10392049

File: a7a2f910a631af9⋯.jpg (114.03 KB, 960x642, 160:107, a7a2f910a631af99d978ef2880….jpg)


You need a citation for tiki torches making you look like faggots? Let me guess, you won't settle for anything less than rigorous peer review in a respected journal too. Yeah dude, no problem. Just give me a moment to look up all the numerous studies done on the psychological impact of kitschy party supplies.

e8ab89 No.10392060


The only thing that struck terror into their hearts was a car.

8115c7 No.10392064

File: 090043f7df777b3⋯.png (47.08 KB, 626x393, 626:393, 1502572437755.png)

>i fucked up the fate of white generations, I would do it again

787f27 No.10392073

They're covering this on Fox jews at work. I fucking knew this would happen and the only result would be demonization of white unity. This was a fucking set up.

80006c No.10392074


We'll bury you, Worst Generation!

bd074f No.10392088


He seriously cannot keep getting away with this

98f984 No.10392091


nice evasion you almost had to back up your bullshit claim!

8115c7 No.10392104

File: c2f4470100f50bf⋯.png (16.55 KB, 580x226, 290:113, k.png)

cb1ecd No.10392126




Its not legal to use makeshift torches you dipships, tiki torches are legal because they meet fire code

e8ab89 No.10392137

File: 858716b3167db78⋯.jpg (282.38 KB, 1020x564, 85:47, larp.jpg)


Next time you should bring foam swords too. Real swords wouldn't be legal, but foam swords send the same message, right?


See: >>10391903

8115c7 No.10392138


Gardner critiqued President Donald Trump's 2017 executive order to impose a ban on travel to the U.S. by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, saying: "While I am supportive of strengthening our screening processes and securing our borders, a blanket travel ban goes too far. I also believe that lawful residents of the United States should be permitted to enter the country. I urge the Administration to take the appropriate steps to fix this overly broad executive order."[51]

In college, Gardner switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party

ff538f No.10392140


>yfw license plate

e8ab89 No.10392154

File: 0a6e221a1faa3cf⋯.webm (491.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, youre fucked up.webm)


>anonymous coward

<he says while posting anonymously

Don't suppose you'll tell us your name...

9362c3 No.10392158



White unity, white identity, white anything has already been demonized to the point that even being white is grounds for ridicule in most urban areas, and even in some rural areas.

This is the result of that, whether or not the FBI/CIA/whatever alphabet soup agency is involved, whites are getting fed up with this shit.

The fact that these cucks can't even adequately argue as to why they think whites are ebil and turrible and instead immediately resort to insults , and, if that doesn't work, outright violence speaks volumes in regards to their level of unjust hypocrisy.

80006c No.10392164


That's relevant how?

80006c No.10392171


>anonymous coward

Oh you Slashdotter.

e09fa2 No.10392174


yeah im already public online but im not gonna get into a shit flinging match with some faggot on a Taiwanese quilting forum that will literally never be happy with anything done in whites interests and in the same fucking breadth never do anything his self

e8ab89 No.10392181


>continues to posts anonymously

That's what I thought.

9a58ad No.10392192

File: 647ff247665e628⋯.jpg (152.06 KB, 2400x2400, 1:1, 1502503701907.jpg)


would you ladies quit bickering?

cb1ecd No.10392198


Its lefty pol trying to divide us

we know better

98f984 No.10392201

File: f93b23d6c3e879b⋯.jpg (157.18 KB, 1277x620, 1277:620, c9df76a750e5f33de9e60acd94….jpg)


enjoy doing nothing but autistic bitching till the day you die then

e8ab89 No.10392213

File: 55db64ad897b2e1⋯.jpg (38.67 KB, 460x345, 4:3, taleb.jpg)


>anyone who criticizes anything is /leftypol/

>true /pol/ is a hugbox and only offers positive warm feely comments

Grow a spine faggot.

e8ab89 No.10392224


>if you don't carry a tiki torch, you do nothing at all

98f984 No.10392238


>too chicken shit to carry even a tiki torch

e8ab89 No.10392250


Tiki torches don't intimidate anybody. That's the point dumbass. They're the torch equivalent of foam swords or nerf guns. Trying to look tough while carrying a tiki torch is laughable.

c55fea No.10392265


Old man, your time is up. We'll save the America you destroyed.

23ce2b No.10392266


>muh tiki

Tiki torches will be used to light the ovens

b1531e No.10392276


You must be a jew/shill/fbi/cia shill!

63935c No.10392289


You can't tell the difference at night. Maybe head over to the protests and bitch at them about it.

93a09c No.10392291


>Sign up to Kill Nazis

>Allow communist to live

Old faggot should have gotten his guts sliced out by the Japs.

9362c3 No.10392297


Alright I just read the rest of the thread and apparently this fag is trying to derail because of fucking tiki torches.

"No addressing of the actual issues guys, they had tiki torches, laugh at them because their stance means nothing since they have tiki torches HAHAHAHAHA"

Never mind how the kind of torch they're carrying has no bearing on what they stand for whatsoever, let's distract from the issue by pointing out that their magic fire sticks aren't made innawoods!

90bec5 No.10392305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

802fcf No.10392307

Whatever you guys think of (((Dick Spencer))), Dr. Duke was at this. A lot of people went to this. This is the first time in a long time that any kind of white nationalist demonstration this big has happened. Things are gonna get wild these next years.

e8ab89 No.10392315


They were before the car saved the day.

2a1215 No.10392318

a tiki torch is a molotov on a stick. The fuck is wrong with that?

90bec5 No.10392331


Dick Spencer is a liar and a closeted communist.He worships Aleksandr ((((Dugin))) who is a known Zionist and communist.

e8ab89 No.10392334


Sure, if you made them out of glass maybe…

5ab355 No.10392342


> Things are gonna get wild these next years

Very. The next election is going to be very interesting. The fallout from this is going to be really interesting too.


>a tiki torch is a molotov on a stick

Go be a faggot elsewhere.

802fcf No.10392345


I know that. I don't like him.

e8ab89 No.10392347


Masses of common people showing up is good. It's their leadership that's cancer.

2a1215 No.10392355


fuck you. Learn how the damned things are built.

90bec5 No.10392362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a328da No.10392377

Its amazing how much kvetching is on tv right now. Cops ate lying about what happened and are painting Charlottesville as the victim and the nazis as outsiders.

7517f9 No.10392385


The container isn't brittle enough to work as a molotov

2a1215 No.10392400


same construction method. Look up coke bottle lamps.

fa8b6e No.10392401


Kek at the cops all turning away from the militia, completely avoiding eye contact.

9362c3 No.10392423


The jew and their shabbos goyim will always cry out in pain as they hit others. I can't even be surprised by their audacity at this point.

The only thing that even bothers me is the fact that retards still buy into their victim complex despite so much evidence existing in regards to their own hypocritical violence and destruction towards anyone that dares call them out.

7517f9 No.10392424


So fucking what?

The tiki torches have wood surrounding the bottle

it's not going to spread properly.

98f984 No.10392428


i wonder if they are going to say nazis groped the green hair woman instead of gavins proud goys

e8ab89 No.10392436


Use your head brainlet.

>have a backyard bbq party for the family in the summer

>lots of bugs, buy tiki torches in a futile attempt to keep them away

>grandmother clumsily bumps into flimsy bamboo tiki torch

>torch falls over, bursts and covers her in fuel

>now there are two bbqs

They wouldn't sell these if they burst open when they fell over. It'd be a massive liability issue. They're made of metal and have lids that screw on.

000000 No.10392444



>tiki torches would still be legal when other torches aren't

Torches illegal?

Land of the free

e8ab89 No.10392457


It's news to me that regular torches aren't legal. But apparently that's the local law.

4672e4 No.10392480

File: b48d170870e1fba⋯.jpg (535.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, meh.ro11554.jpg)

My country's media is so pozzed that it makes me sick. They are reporting this as the "the biggest gathering of hate in the US in years" and called it an eebul fascist march (again using fascist as a slur to scare normalfags) and a hate group and whatever other slur you can think off. God I fucking hate my limp dicked country.

fa8b6e No.10392510

The protest is being lit up in the media but as far as I can tell its been a massive morale boost for everyone on the ground. I have about 800 right wing posters on memebook and theyre fucking ecstatic. Quite a few of them travelled across multiple statelines just to make it.

0d33f5 No.10392535


I hate to ask what black/kiddy lingo means, but I'm seeing "pozzed" around so much lately, I want to know.

9362c3 No.10392542


Same here, afaik torches are fine as long as you're not setting other shit on fire with them.

Then again


I wouldn't be surprised if that particular shithole had the heaviest gun restrictions possible in VA, which isn't saying much, but it's the principle of the situation.

a328da No.10392553


Lurk more fagget

It memes positove for aids

9362c3 No.10392558


"pozzed" has more to do with gays than anyone else.

It's bugchaser talk for someone who is HIV positive, but when used on imageboards it generally refers to progressive cuckery in general.

741c69 No.10392604


>Whatever you guys think of (((Dick Spencer))), Dr. Duke was at this.

Duke isn't that great either. The NSDAP hated the Klan because they were operated by Freemasons and sided with Communists over Nationalists in the Communist uprising that took place in Mexico back in the day. Most people tend to forget that actual ethnic Spaniards used to outnumber the hobgoblin squatamalans we associate with the place now. When Communism came to Mexico, they took care of that in a hurry, and the KKK supported the Communist-orchestrated genocide of Catholic Spaniards because, again, they were controlled by the Freemasons, and Masons have always hated the church in all of it's forms, especially the Catholics.

Hitler didn't trust the KKK, and neither should we. They were the controlled op of their day, and ultimately did the bidding of the creatures that pulled their strings. They didn't fight for the fourteen words.

Duke leaving the KKK is actually the best thing about him, not that most of the newfags on /pol/ today would know it. But I'll never fully trust anyone who was that high up in a Freemason operated organization, nor should anyone else with any sense.

0d33f5 No.10392609

File: de38affdf961434⋯.jpg (136.9 KB, 1294x838, 647:419, the_wreck-large.jpg)


Appreciated. Have a nice pic in return.

fb1b9a No.10392624

File: cc4b7b6700ab9c7⋯.jpg (64.59 KB, 564x564, 1:1, f4b10e474c00c0063399105447….jpg)


9362c3 No.10392644


Thanks for the image, but seriously lurk more, I only explained that since it's easy to get confused with that term depending on the board you're browsing at the moment.

84e5f5 No.10392648

File: 780a95a83486f00⋯.png (21.62 KB, 304x288, 19:18, 1491080166516.png)

Im kinda creeped out. I made >>10391813 and tried spreading it around on other places, and now all instances of it posted are GONE.

d7c68c No.10392652

The car incident could be a false flag. Just saying.

e8ab89 No.10392693


"The KKK" doesn't even exist. Many different groups at different times have called themselves that, or variations on it. As a whole, it's more idea than organization.

fb1b9a No.10392714


Well. That's not surprising all of us cable media is doing the same thing. Including fox news. No mention of the permits or anything about that. If they would have just let the rally go on from 12-5 as planned it would have been mostly fine. I mean, fights would happen some but whatever.

56bebe No.10392734


Stale meme to be honest.

fb1b9a No.10392771


They were there to do a torch march. Not burn down charlottsville, asshole. Bring a cave man torch if you want too be a super tough man. They don't sell those at Walmart though.

5dba06 No.10392811

File: 4dbe71529e52126⋯.jpg (375.8 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Ames Friedman-Peinovich.jpg)


Duke's been cucking hard lately. Remember when he said Kike Eunuch's wife had blue eyes and was very "white-looking"?

7e1efd No.10392826


spoiler that shit.

2cb15f No.10392860


> white looking

uh anon your jew-dar needs some work.

e8ab89 No.10392863

File: 65f7542e24b06cb⋯.webm (3.71 MB, 624x480, 13:10, implication.webm)


The point of a torch march is the implication of arson.

>They don't sell those at Walmart though.

This is what I mean by domesticated. Torches are stupidly simple to make, but apparently you're so bad with your hands the thought of making one never even occurs to you.

e8ab89 No.10392869


Your reading comprehension needs some work.

8eeb01 No.10392962


>Implying the tiki torches weren't on purpose

9362c3 No.10392965


I'm starting to see where you're coming from tbh.

Charlottesville has A LOT of numales that don't know the first thing about starting a fire, so this tiki torch shit could come off as weak to anybody on an imageboard that happens to be watching.

Keep in mind though, the most cucked faggots in that town are literally completely incapable of living without electricity, or even preparing for a situation that would require them to live outside of their comfort zone.

The mere fact that even one of the opposing fags thought to bring along a flame puts them ahead of the liberal arts majors that infest that piece of shit community like termites.

I'm assuming you didn't filter me and are able to read this.

49c36a No.10392969

File: 0358673ad15f17f⋯.jpg (50.05 KB, 600x321, 200:107, bye grave.jpg)

>No condemnation of BLM riots and violence.

>None for the Berkley riots and violence.

>None for the violence on campuses anytime someone right of Elizabeth Warren shows up to speak.

>None against Radical Islamists.

>None against the live feed gang rapes of white girls on Facebook by niggers

>None for the times niggers are seen dragging whites from their cars and beating them

>But 1 death at a rally protesting the removal of a monument of Robert E Lee and Hitler has literally reincarnated.


b965b1 No.10392988

799b4a No.10393007

Virginia caused this by forcing both of the protestors in huge numbers to mix and didnt do their "policing" job seriously. Timeline goes something like this.







The riot police and national guard were nowhere to be found after that intial break up 12 hours ago

108c85 No.10393012


don't forget when antifa caused a full on riot because milo the faggot was speaking somewhere

e8ab89 No.10393013


Fair enough.

ad4c6f No.10393055


The Second Klan was the best one, in the 1920s where it had millions of people and the everyday Joe to the President of the USA was involved in it. It only collapsed due to the leadership acting like a fucking nigger and raping a woman and then the organization got wrecked for it.

9362c3 No.10393069


Believe me man, I wish that town wasn't as bad off as it is in regards to sheltered manchildren, otherwise my job would be a whole lot more enjoyable, but I'll take what I can get and if that means supporting tiki torch wielding jackasses over screeching progressives then in my mind there isn't even a choice.

16a631 No.10393085

File: f101e962c90ab05⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.33 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 45123e72ec9e20aa4f621fb3a1….jpg)

Who wore it better?

49c36a No.10393172

File: 3d791d1058b6ca6⋯.jpg (336.79 KB, 1208x950, 604:475, swastikas around the world.jpg)



I left out this part

>No condemnation of every leftist celebrity making literal death threats towards the President and us

leading up to this protest there was that nigger proud boy talking about killing nazi's.

I've never heard Spencer, Cantwell, Molyneux or any other right wing eceleb advocate violence the way actual left wing celebrities do.

db242d No.10394098


The old man is so senile he probably forgot that he signed up to kill Japs. He pretends he was after the ebul naughtsees the whole time to impress his grandkids.

529bed No.10394218


checked for hitlerian truth

e66a76 No.10394766

File: 2290d3616a775a6⋯.jpg (35.7 KB, 480x360, 4:3, a65bf11d376ab0659119d036a2….jpg)


Remember the speech Trump gave recently with the Marines behind him where he said if you see police not doing their job or in cahoots with criminal groups? He said to to shoot first and demand federal agents. Both cops and civilians may be fatally injured. If they deny you the right to remain silent, deny a federal agent to speak with OR try and detain you, Kill Them. He said he would provide attorneys to anyone who risks their life to clean up the shit on both sides. Whit House's jewtube still has it up.

7e0704 No.10395238


Source please? I missed that one…

ed12a8 No.10396104

669d43 No.10396591


Live with it. Once antifa gets into your country, it will always claim to be "counter-protesting"… the whole concept of that is just stupid. And they will do that even when there is nobody there.

Or simply put, Antifa is like cancer. You will need chemo once you get it.

253ade No.10396987

File: 3b2515044758d2f⋯.jpg (189.14 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, normalfags reaction.jpg)

pic related, saw it on some normalfags twitter. this could actually be beneficial.

926afb No.10397164


My local news said a Nazi drove a fucking car into Antifa and killed at least one with like 30+ wounded.

Please be true.

a70631 No.10397437

File: 4696c5f7d48786e⋯.png (10.99 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 4696c5f7d48786e519dd580704….png)


>you were born just in time to see literal nationalist marches sporting nazi regalia and the only thing liberals can do about it is repeat the same thing they have been since the 1960s

The fire is rising.

a70631 No.10397460


Actually it might be a good thing. Better to have the world believe that we are fighting back tooth and nail than to believe we're all capitulating.


Pozzed basically means jew infected.

e7a7fd No.10397473


Yes it's true. Also two dead police. No dead nationalists.

468d55 No.10397482

Here's a recap for anyone who missed anything:








Am I missing anything?

3791c1 No.10397579


Spencer wasn't arrested, he posted videos to his twitter later on. Don't know about Damigo tho.

fcb412 No.10397593


>Tiki Torches don't intimidate anybody

>webm of the tranny crying into Instagram video begging for her allies to save her from the nazis marching up towards them sobbing hysterically

Keep trying. Bring your own fancy sticks and hand out enough torches for everyone on your own dime if you wanna change things, faggot.

468d55 No.10397599


Only a kike would kvetch about the style of torches used.

>oy vey… these tiki torches arent up to our standards goy

>have they even been blessed by a rabbi and certified kosher?

>gotta keep the money flowing to that kosher food racket :^)

08f6a0 No.10397607

>>10397599 (checked)

Yeah, these faggots act like NatSocs are flush with shekels. No, you kikes, their hatefests aren't furnished by Soros cash because cuckservatives are owned by the PRfagging of the ZioMedia and they refuse to pay out to protect their own people while shitlibs give government funds to terrorists and are not punished for it.

b9bdab No.10397610

File: 00e6625976caf58⋯.jpg (267.78 KB, 1000x910, 100:91, 000000.jpg)

398535 No.10397629


its very typical of autists on here especially to complain about trivial shit, or gossip about people actually putting themselves and families on the line by doing activism

i know not all of you are like this: but i must say it is a serious problem point for 8ch. autism is a powerful weapon (hence this place's effectiveness), but it can also backfire as in this kind of example

c6f0dc No.10397638

File: 186c427b2d95944⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 1469207916243-0.jpg)


>'We're here, we're gay, we fight the KKK!'

75b1ca No.10397646


>tfw Roanoke

301252 No.10397648


It's very important to cram a description of your sexual fetish into every sentence.

398535 No.10397649

File: fa50412a45691d5⋯.png (441.67 KB, 700x448, 25:16, DHFNtgjUQAE598z.png)


there is speculation of this on cousin-chan (picture related)

what is the official explanation for the helicopter crash? seems to have gotten little attention for such a shocking event

928c51 No.10397650


Screams psyop false flag.

928c51 No.10397659

File: a21c88e6a143fc3⋯.jpg (19.54 KB, 261x212, 261:212, a21c88e6a143fc3ea5778582fe….jpg)


> Still, counter-protesters flocked to the march in retaliation against the white nationalists neo-Confederates, and alt-right activists, screaming: 'We're here, we're gay, we fight the KKK!'

You can't make this shit up.

Fucking kek.

928c51 No.10397662


I wish i was there now. Imagine a bunch of homos with marti gra attire screaming this at neo nazies.

My fucking sides.

928c51 No.10397666


They certainly love cramming things into places where they're not supposed to be. :^)

928c51 No.10397669


So when antifa does it - media blackout.

When white supremacists do it - free game for media.

I hope people see this shit.

398535 No.10397673


you shouldn't be such a lazy-bones, anon!

there's always next time, though (they'll probably try and return after filing some law suits)

49a135 No.10397674


I think it's a shame most of his kind will probably have died of old age before we get the chance to try them for treason and hang them.

928c51 No.10397675


> The fire is rising.

Mate the sino/paki - indian conflicts will kill us all before this shit boils over.

928c51 No.10397679


Someone needs to where moonman attire.

928c51 No.10397682




31ed93 No.10397693


The helicopter crash is extremely interesting. This shit doesn't happen every day but oddly happens just as another major event does…

3e1d27 No.10397703



>Talking about the effects on niggers and commies.

>Instead of the effects on normalfag whites.

You know, normals. The people you want to convince into becoming white nationalists? Do you want a movement, or do you want to LARP? Because it looks like you're just LARPing. And normals are working hard to make families enough to not care about playing pretend really hard.

d9efc9 No.10397729


This is very suspicious.

468d55 No.10397736



You have to go back to reddit, you cocksucking faggot.

We don't want to convince people to become white nationalists. They come to us because we are the truth. We sell a product so good that it sells itself. Safety, wholesomeness and white families.

You came here without us cucking our message for you. Why would we cuck for other normalfags?

000000 No.10397740


That is what Trump did.

He was criticized for not just blaming the Right wing side.

8d2c84 No.10397750


Trump literally blamed both sides. Leftists went crazy.

000000 No.10397754

If Confederate symbols have to be banned because of their history then what about the American Flag and it's history tied to the genocide of Native Americans?

When will the American flag be banned?

This is where it is all leading, America no longer being America and just a mass of dim witted brown people enslaved to the Judeo/Marxist 1%.

398535 No.10397757

398535 No.10397763



468d55 No.10397770


He should have explained the situation.

>"Look, they held a legal demonstration. I don't agree with them, but they were legally allowed by our big beautiful first amendment to do that."

>"They should not have been attacked by violent thugs. Sad!"

Or he simply could have said nothing, just like Obama did with BLM. BLM tore down two cities and Obama said almost nothing.

Him saying what he said, to me, is a step backward. There was actually no blame that should have been placed on aut-righters. Everything they did was legal up until that one Vantard running those commies over.

d1f1cb No.10397778


Hey kike, I know your ass is scared of fires of any sort that emanate from an oven

5384dc No.10397793

File: 59399d4ec2061c4⋯.mp4 (5.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, i39eLUT6TcU7pHhz.mp4)

he needs milk

30b0b6 No.10397794


That 6 million again.

399c1c No.10397797

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a206b9 No.10397803

It was a kike https://archive.is/xLn94

a0a85a No.10397812

File: bc81e09fd8c1ace⋯.jpg (23.82 KB, 208x210, 104:105, 204-hank-hill-whatever.jpg)

You americans are boring as fuck.

Just start properly killing eachother already.

d1f1cb No.10397813


You missed


3c0fb8 No.10397818

File: 159e9adc5d1e2aa⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 1391907077621.gif)


>Leftards die, traitorous shit cops die

>Nationalists are fine

What a wonderful day, i haven't felt this happy in a long time!

3c0fb8 No.10397823


Also what the fuck is up with that police helicopter crashing?

>people bust out Hakenkreuz flags

>cops are so shocked they immediately crash their helo

Did Hitler plan this in advance or did Kekistani and Banefags just meme them into the ground?

468d55 No.10397829


There's a thread up… Seems like it was a shit helicopter tbh fam. It was repaired with major damage in 2010.

Probably repaired by some mexinigger.

a206b9 No.10397831


Always has been this way anon. Even 100 years ago. The kike media protects the kike commies. Antifa is nothing more than communism, communism is nothing more than judaism , look up their roots.

468d55 No.10397840


Yes, as far as anyone knows, it's an accident.

We have seen no wreckage and no reports of it being anything other than an overconfident ZOGbot or equipment failure.

3c0fb8 No.10397843

File: 23c9b66358fad0c⋯.jpg (7.91 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 1467527768054.jpg)


Diversity finally deals death where it's deserved.

468d55 No.10397851


>You died so you are the bad guys

t. god

<What about Jesus?


2b3949 No.10397859


What a fucking childish understanding of history. It's like someone who educated themselves watching Indiana Jones movies

a206b9 No.10397873


It's a parody of account of God, what do you expect. I wouldn't be surprised if a few jews ran it considering all the shit that account has posted for years now.

7eefe2 No.10397875


>f white nationalists were expected to gather for an alt-right protest in Charlottesville

I refuse to coop with (((them))). What is the reason that the white nationalists have to protest? I missed it when that happen.

46ba11 No.10397885

File: 2de481038ca55f2⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 200x267, 200:267, Disgust.jpg)


Hauling the Nazi flags around was a dumbass move, and I have to believe that those in "leadership" positions in those groups are working for the enemy, and their followers are useful idiots.

Love or hate Hitler, it doesn't matter, the forces aligned against whites in the U.S. have WON the propaganda war when it comes to demonizing the Swastika in the eyes of the general public, and it's time we simply stop giving these people ammo to kill us with. Several generations have been successfully brainwashed into believing the wartime propaganda of the 40's, and that is something you can't change overnight, regardless of the truth, and regardless of your proof.

Marching under a foreign flag that stands for a government that most Americans have been indoctrinated to hate is a goddamn foolish move. You harm our cause far more than you help it, and I guarantee that millions of citizens that would otherwise have supported us were turned away from us by that handful of morons that just HAD to march around with Nazi flags.

And you know damn well what the enemy media will be showing night & day now. The entire rest of the march will be ignored in favor of constant replays of that group, from every angle, until they have everyone believing this was a Nazi march, not a march to demand an end to white genocide & the trashing of white history.

Stupid, motherfucking move, people.

3c0fb8 No.10397891

File: 2b707c0fb7c2b51⋯.jpg (67.17 KB, 631x631, 1:1, f0f37aad5dc28dedbc28fa97d2….jpg)


>Hauling the Nazi flags around was a dumbass move

Fuck off back to the Alt-Cuck.

468d55 No.10397892

File: 695c3b740afdff3⋯.jpg (202.15 KB, 720x480, 3:2, faggot identified.jpg)


>guys, we shouldn't use the "Nazi flag"


488dff No.10397893


depends on the demographic of the propaganda, if it's for adults then maybe lose the swastika but it is good to make the kids desensitised to Swastikas and our imagery like what Pewdiepie is doing

8bd0b3 No.10397898


>muh pr

Hey stupid ass, they would be called Nazis no matter what. Being a white person and looking out for the interest of your race makes you a Nazi.

e19582 No.10397907


I second this. There's no tactical reason for using the swastika in front of normies.

30b0b6 No.10397912

This is another false flag

468d55 No.10397913

File: a1e1bb9fd0ffa96⋯.jpg (216.95 KB, 400x800, 1:2, Otto_Zyklon.jpg)


>i totally agree, fellow oldfag

>let's get rid of the swastika


3c0fb8 No.10397917


This too. You're already a Nazi and Fascist in the MSM with or without flag and regalia.

Besides, all this does is shift the Overton window. A couple of years this would've been unthinkable but now it's happening before our very eyes.

3c0fb8 No.10397926


Then go join Milo, stay with the controlled opposition, and fuck off from people who actually want to do something.

468d55 No.10397930


The people actually doing something had Nazi flags, you retard.

e8afc8 No.10397935


> they used the wrong portable means of illumination

> it didn't look intimidating at all

46ba11 No.10397941

File: a0f928aa4792a92⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 600x402, 100:67, DisgustedBill.jpg)


I don't disagree, but what do you gain by waving a flag around & supporting their accusation?

This game involves maintaining public support. Why do you think Trump wisely stayed neutral? His support comes primarily from whites, who see their country being invaded and their population replaced. The vast majority of them would have supported this rally, if not openly, then privately…but now, many of them are recoiling at this Nazi symbolism, as they have been conditioned to do from birth.

I'm telling you, displaying these things is a very bad move.

468d55 No.10397944


>This game involves maintaining public support.

No it doesn't. It never has.

46ba11 No.10397951


Hitler was elected.

3c0fb8 No.10397952


>The people actually doing something had Nazi flags

That's my point you mentally challenged mongoloid.

3c0fb8 No.10397957


>Why do you think Trump wisely stayed neutral?

My country has been wrecked by cowards staying neutral. You're simply cowering and cucking for the Left if you can't stand proud and honest.

8bd0b3 No.10397959


Why would I go join a jewish faggot if i want to display swastikas? Milo seems more your speed since you're a pr cuck faggot


We aren't running for public office. We aren't a single entity.

3c0fb8 No.10397964


>I'm telling you, displaying these things is a very bad move.

No it's a very good move. Because normalfags can now clearly see who's with them and who's against them. You have no fucking idea.

468d55 No.10397965


Hitler was appointed, you dumb faggot.

e93552 No.10397966

2758c4 No.10397967

Considering the left and right that turned up in Charlottesville yesterday are both managed and manipulated by jews.

Why is /pol/ still taking the side of one of these jewish illusions?

Kosher nationalism has destroyed all real resistance in the Anglo/American sphere, yet still we have Trumpcucks sucking on ZOG cock and pretending we're winning while Kushner and Kissinger run this neocon show.

3c0fb8 No.10397969


I misquoted, meant to reply to the PR cuck.

3c0fb8 No.10397975


>Considering the left and right that turned up in Charlottesville yesterday are both managed and manipulated by jews.

Ah yes, so that's why the cops turned on the Nationalists and drove them into Antifa.


8bd0b3 No.10397981


Explain how white people gathering for white interests is bad

3c0fb8 No.10397985


Lmfao you don't even know your history.

3c0fb8 No.10397987


It unites and strengthens whites, and we all know that's racist.

2758c4 No.10397991


A car driving into crowds simply plays along with the jewish narrative you aut-kikes wankers have been claiming as nothing to do with Mossad.


>Explain how white people gathering for white interests is bad

If that was what was happening there would be nothing wrong with it.

As it stands it was two sides radicalised by jews, being led by jews to make white nationalism look bad.

The entire event was stage managed by CIA-kikes and everyone still on the Trumptrain at this stage needs to be shot at the same time as any anti-fa

000000 No.10397994

And immediately turn on any of their own who starts to act up. The Canadians once stopped an Agent Provocateur false flag that way. Three guys started looting and vandalizing during their peaceful protest and they were having none of it. Stopped them and brought them to the police and accused them of trying to start something so the police could attack. After a bunch of denials officials finally caved and admitted they were undercover cops.


6722a0 No.10397996

>Democrats are the real racists, put away the swastikas so we get more based negros to join us

Fuck off.

e7d1cd No.10398004


it hurts jews

3c0fb8 No.10398006


>A car driving into crowds simply plays along with the jewish narrative you aut-kikes wankers have been claiming as nothing to do with Mossad.

You fucking cuck, every time a Leftist claims the life of a Nationalist there's a media blackout, every time we strike back there's outrage, that's the way it is. Fucking deal with it you cancerous cuck.

You're not going to win the PR game, when will you finally get that through your thick fucking skull?! That kind of attitude is exactly what got us where we're now. The only way out is to beat the Left into submission so that there's no more 'counter-protests' for the MSM to cover.

Fucking learn from history you cuck, what do you think the Sturm Abteilung was for?

8bd0b3 No.10398010


>to make white nationalism look bad

White nationalism is already the boogieman of all ideologies. They don't have to do jack shit to make it look bad.

>The entire event was stage managed by CIA-kikes and everyone still on the Trumptrain at this stage needs to be shot at the same time as any anti-fa

White people gathering for white interests sure hurts you, huh? You're not even trying to hide it

2758c4 No.10398019


>Still on the jewish Trumptrain

>Supports jewish CIA agent provocateurs leading the movement

>Calls those pointing out this jewish hoax a cuck

>Continues being a fashy neocon kosher gullible goy, not realising that's the epitome of being a cuck…

working for ZOG and supporting ZOG thinking it in some way will defeat ZOG

e7d1cd No.10398020


>You're not going to win the PR game

even gamertavistock fags know "muh pr" just makes the enemy stronger reinforcing their narrative

some anons really need to understand that we have been at a cold civil war for years, this is not a game anymore

e8c1c7 No.10398023


Escalation shilling.

2758c4 No.10398024

File: 0291165220156f9⋯.jpg (151.28 KB, 750x1125, 2:3, IfYouStillArentAshamedByAn….jpg)


>White people gathering for white interests sure hurts you, huh? You're not even trying to hide it

If you think that retarded gullible goyims waving cartoon frog flags and supporting Le ZOG Emperor being led by CIA-agents and literal faggots and kikes represents whites, you really truly need death by gassing

8bd0b3 No.10398025


Trump is so Jewish that Jews who fund white genocide spent billions of dollars trying to not get him elected. Totally Jewish goys.

75d546 No.10398029


>Why would we cuck for other normalfags?

Other? Sorry, friendo. I was never a normalfag to begin with. Very few people on /pol/ are. You have cute little anime mascots, for goodness sakes. /pol/ doesn't attract normalfags. What attracts closeted /pol/acks and what attracts normals are two very separate things. And what attracts normals doesn't involve going "HEIL HITLER" at the top of your lungs in front of people who only want to care about going to work and making a home for themselves. And they are the people who make up the majority of a voting population.

8bd0b3 No.10398032


It's a stepping stone, stupid ass. White people need to gather and know they aren't alone, and that there are other white looking out for our interests.

2758c4 No.10398033


The liberal marxist left hate the zionist right (which your ZOG Emperor heads).

The neocon zionist right have been financing the alt-right and have backed Trump.

Two sides financed by jews, neither of which aid white survival, only intending to misdirect it and create the bogeyman that will criminalise the notion of white survival.

8bd0b3 No.10398039


Obviously kikes will play both sides. It would be stupid if they didn't

Hitler could rise from his grave and run for president and kikes would be donating to him. Doesn't mean jack shit.

2758c4 No.10398040

File: 771095347504b07⋯.jpg (40.37 KB, 680x357, 40:21, Altkikejew.jpg)

File: 0a58d44a4346457⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Altkikejewess1.jpg)

File: cd4c132af415f8f⋯.jpg (527.08 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, TheAutKikeTheComedicGiftTh….jpg)


>Kosher nationalism is a stepping stone

>Who cares if whites get demonsed as jews rub their hands together laughing at the braindead marxist goys fighting the zionist goys.

You do realise that the alt-kike has been one massive jewish hoax from the start, it was never intended to help whites, only ever to make them look bad them criminalise them

e7d1cd No.10398042


>muh pr

you are either retarded or jewish

2758c4 No.10398048


>Hitler could rise from his grave and run for president and kikes would be donating to him

If he was specifically opposing any and all of international jewry's aims, they wouldn't be.

Interesting you say that, because that should show that the jews have no problems funding the jewish marxist left and the kosher neoconservative right.

The jews win with either side, only the goy loses.

2758c4 No.10398053


In what way am I talking about PR

I am pointing out (((you))) are promoting kosher nationalism as though it's "our" thing.

When it's entirely run by jews to the detriment of whites

e7d1cd No.10398054


yeah youre a jew

e7d1cd No.10398056



lefties scared and dead

2758c4 No.10398062



Considering you're the one here promoting jewish kosher frauds, complaining about me identifying you jewish frauds, it only makes sense to then call me a "jew".

8bd0b3 No.10398063



>(oh shit they're not buying it)


HAHAHA, watching you kikes fail is hilarious

e7d1cd No.10398067


you're the one worried about public relations

2758c4 No.10398072


You do realise that the jews tyhat organised yesterdays events aren;t wearing 'nazi' armbands, they are getting you goys to turn up to THEIR jewish created protests and making you look bad with all the agents in place to manage it and even film the event.

Yet here you are, promoting neocon jewish controlled opposition and calling anyone pointing out this contradiction a "jew"


I'm worried that the alt-right and /pol/ are solely promoting jewish lies and pushing kosher nationalism, which is what you're doing here.

That's not PR, that is calling out you kikes

e7d1cd No.10398077


>stop doing what you are doing goys!

2c5004 No.10398079

File: 91b826fd0ec428b⋯.jpg (53.63 KB, 460x635, 92:127, 1451075550776.jpg)


>cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance

>white nationalists

Has anyone asked these fucktards for an example of what has been said that is any of these things? Marching in support of your country, culture, history, and secusrity is none of these things. And yet this morning every headline calls the right "white nationalists" or just flat out "Nazis".

All the politicians are blaming the right 100% for the violence. No mention of SJWs and BLM starting a riot that kicked off all the violence. The cucked dem gov of VA made it sound like the right was the KKK and were just assaulting every innocent person in the town.

WTF, how do you fight this mass narrative when everything done by whites, and that isn't PC and pro illegal, black, gay, trans, snowflake of the month gets slandered as "Nazi" and immediately disregarded?

8bd0b3 No.10398081


Okay let's say you're right and that this was a jewish run event.

Sholomo made this event because he likes to control both sides, right?

Now tell me what is the down side of white people meeting up for white interests?

2758c4 No.10398086


Stop sucking jew dick would be more accurate portrayal of what I have written

Whereas you're saying

>It's quite okay to have jews running your movement, goy

e7d1cd No.10398088


>Now tell me what is the down side of white people meeting up for white interests?

it hurts jews, that is the only reason kosher pr cukcs are in here

e7d1cd No.10398089

>moving the goalpoasts

wew lad, we have a jew on our hands

2758c4 No.10398092


There is no downside, when it's genuine whites meeting up for the right reasons.

This isn;t genuiine whites meeting up, it's retarded Trumpstein supporting cucks representing whites while all the organisers of both sides are jews


Going along with jewish lies sets you up for the inevitable fall this fallout will create for the movement.

3c3f4e No.10398101


If Hitler was running they would have just completely ignored his existence, like they did to Ron Paul.

8bd0b3 No.10398105


>This isn;t genuiine whites meeting up, it's retarded Trumpstein supporting cucks representing whites

No, it's still white people meeting up for white interests

And it seems to bother you, A LOT. We should do it more.

2758c4 No.10398110


Indeed, insted we got billions of media promotion of a jewish trojan horse that retarded cucks latched onto and pretended they were fighting ZOG, while campaigning for ZOG.

Now they;re fighting on the streets for ZOG while undermining any legitimate resistance to jewry.

2758c4 No.10398113

File: 7d68ab7568148ab⋯.jpg (80.05 KB, 702x527, 702:527, AugustusInvictusLeKike.jpg)

File: 94996db7fd42b1b⋯.jpg (176.51 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DGwXuFNUwAE_Lip.jpg)


>Oy vey, you seem annoyed that jews are running the movement into the ground

Yes it is rather annoying you jews have hijacked this movement including this board

2c5004 No.10398117


Well, you apparently hated the ebil nahzis, and the shitskins you seem to support giving our country to are the most bigoted assholes in the world, so maybe go rethink how you've wasted you fucking life you old bag of shit….

2c5004 No.10398128


Apparently this stupid faggot Gardner didn't even read the order.

8bd0b3 No.10398137


I'm not the one against white people meeting up for their own interests, that's all you.

You'll say "oh no im just against them meeting up at kike controlled events" but at the same time you will call everything a kike controlled event.

The tactic isn't working anymore, you should come up with something new.

2758c4 No.10398144


The organised event was stage managed by jews, with the intent to undermine whites "meeting up for their own interests"

This entire event was only in the jews interests, of both the left (marxist) and right (zionist).

So why are you trying to present yesterdays jewish managed trap/bait as in "white interests"?

468d55 No.10398148


We don't have to like who put it on, we don't have to like Spencer or TRS or Vanguard.

But when whites come together to talk even aut-lite politics, we don't need to be shitting on them.

When they come here shilling or if we have an internet beef, that's one thing. But even if they're cucked and Spencer is a faggot and Enoch is a kike married to the worst kind of kike, they don't deserve to be shit on. Our lane is the internet and if they're doing IRL shit, let them do it. We don't have to help them, but we don't have to hinder them, either.

At least they're doing something… That's not to say we're doing nothing. I'm just saying anyone doing anything remotely pro-white should be left alone unless what they're doing is damaging /pol/ somehow.

2758c4 No.10398151

File: d521967c3d1b392⋯.jpg (102.09 KB, 1335x511, 1335:511, 1bd60d47dbe4bbe0efcd98f9e6….jpg)

File: 4aa5b891e696869⋯.jpg (100.5 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ZionistAgitators.jpg)


>you will call everything a kike controlled event.

Only when it's being controlled by kikes for the interests of you kikes, like yesterdays event so clearly was

8bd0b3 No.10398153


Explain to me how the meeting benefits jews.

Okay so I'm Sholomo, I'm paying this Dickie Spencer guy to set up a meeting of white nationalists.

What does Sholomo get out it? How is it hurting white interests?

000000 No.10398162

Shill: The Thread

If this site existed in 1930's Germany half the posts on /pol/ would be accusing Adolf Hitler of being a Jew.

2c5004 No.10398165


I'm just getting sick of the permanent damage being done to this country and it's historical monuments because of some loudmouthed special interest niggers and cucks. Since when do the feelings of a few trump a hundred years of history and private property?

And the politicians that kow tow to this bullshit need to be hanged. They're literally just betting on which side will give them more votes to keep their cushy do-nothing jobs, and destroying the very fabric of the country at the same time. There probably isn't much stronger evidence that politicians are only out for their own interests than this fact.

2758c4 No.10398167

File: 36876024077019b⋯.jpg (137.13 KB, 839x1200, 839:1200, C-slzfFVwAESviy[1].jpg)


>Retards supporting the jewish neocon Republicuck president, being led by CIA agents, queers and jews, chanting stupid chants, driving cars into crowds and even helicopters crashing while monitoring the jewish created "nazi march", is great for whites even though it was run by jews for the sole aim of jews in making white resistance look just like the Hollywood movies portray 'nazis'.

>Based cartoon fashy CIA-spooks and queers and jews, Amirite fellow goyims

>Drinking milk and making 666 judeo-freemasonic symbols is the last implicit stand of jewish controlled white identity

468d55 No.10398175


>he's the same kike who thinks we give a shit about baked alaska and millenial matt

Try harder, nigger.

2758c4 No.10398176


Was Hitler pretending making freemasonic symbols and posting cartoon frogs in support of jewry was in some way the best method to oppose jewry?

You'll find Hitler outlawed freemasonry and specifically never had jews making all key decisions of his movement.

In fact your repeated mantras of

>Oy vey, you will criticise anyone even Hitler goy

Makes little to no sense when what you're promoting is jewish, and I am responding in opposition to your direct shilling for jewry.

You can cheer on ZOG all you want.

Only I thought /pol/ wouldn't be the best place for for you jews to spread your dishonest poison

2758c4 No.10398179


Everyone behind yesterdays march was jewish, works for Rebel Media or handled by the CIA

8bd0b3 No.10398180


Ah so that's your tactic​ now

Every single white person at the March we're just the_donald civic nationalists right?

None of them cared about white genocide or 1488. Absolutely none of them. Here's some more pictures of ugly people in maga hats, now never meet up, okay goys?

518253 No.10398182


Trump saying something is what makes him the better president. A president who says nothing does nothing is just a figurehead that doesn't do shit.

518253 No.10398187


The media are even fucking with that then, because he appeared to attack one side.

D and C i guess.

0d33f5 No.10398188

File: 21aad5db50e7d7a⋯.png (56.11 KB, 800x800, 1:1, whatashame800.png)

>One dead

>At least two seriously hurt

>Further fifteen injured

>Mowed down by panicked Jewish driver

5f00de No.10398191

File: 3b8b344a4b11665⋯.mp4 (2.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Assault.mp4)

I guess it's time to shift into maximum autism again.

2758c4 No.10398194


>You've plainly exposed several jews who managed yesterdays jew controlled steam vent

>So that's your tactic naow!

>We're all fashy based goys here, who just happen to cheer on and support ZOG

>There's nothing jewish about having jews completely dictating everything us goys do to resist ZOG

468d55 No.10398201


>Trump has to comment about everything or he's a figurehead


6e4afa No.10398202

File: 3620e60bc7303c9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.6 KB, 437x665, 23:35, 1470180438356.jpg)


His reluctance to even support the masonic front TRS should give a good hint that he's not a pro-White idealist, but rather an opportunist that latched on to the alt-right movement. Though he's initiated into some shady groups for sure. off topic


8bd0b3 No.10398206


You're the only one talking about cheering on and supporting zog

2758c4 No.10398213


You are the one's literally cheering on and supporting ZOG ITT, I am the only one pointing out that (((you))) are cheering on and supporting ZOG, its aims and misdirection.

You don't like me pointing out this obvious kikery, that is understandable, yet it's worth noting nonetheless

8bd0b3 No.10398218


I'm cheering on white people meeting up for white interests, which is what happened last night

26f68e No.10398219


The pictures of skinheads and KKK at you kike-rally are now all over the place, they are even shown on the news in Europe and it is being reported that 3 people died in clashes with white supremacist terrorists.

You little kike movement is pretty much dead as of today. Which in the end is good and it will lead to more polarization and radicalize people, but you personally are pretty much fucked.

There is a reason we belong to no movement, but NatSoc and have no leader, but Hitler. You can't subvert something that has been set in stone and you can't control someone, who is dead. We are leaderless and carry NatSoc ideals in our hearts, not on our twitter accounts, we are everywhere, yet you will never know us, and we recruit people into small cells everywhere we go, yet we don't know each other on the big scale.

The very fact of the existence of the alt-kike is an accidental psyop caused by too much shitposting.

There is nothing the media, the government or anyone else can do against us, because there is no "us", yet we are fighting and winning.

468d55 No.10398222


>omg goy you all look like skinheads now

>what is my mother going to think!?!?!?!





















2758c4 No.10398226


No you are claiming you are in support of white interests, in spite of all the evidence presented that is was a jewish controlled steam vent designed to undermine any white resistance.

You and a pack of kikes have been haranguing me about pointing out this obvious hoax since then.

6d3666 No.10398228


So your only response is to pr cuck

White nationalists are already the boogieman of all political ideologies, but now they're getting some bad pr! Oh no.

26f68e No.10398234

File: c06b34c7c9fb18e⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 714x430, 357:215, QtjZZu_web.jpg)

File: a27526d259ec13e⋯.png (1.45 MB, 986x554, 493:277, 0e85d595-6fbc-444c-90f4-a0….png)



It's not even about PR. Skinheads and KKK are plain degenerates, who will hang on lanterns anyways.

See pictures, pic 1 is done right, pic 2 is done alt-kike way.

6d3666 No.10398237


Tell me, what's the alternative you suggest?

So we can't ever go to any meet ups because they're all controlled op. Now what?

6d3666 No.10398245


The only people you've insulted this entire time is white people who care about white interests. Hmm 🤔

468d55 No.10398247



>kkk alphabet shows up


>see, if you don't have the best army the world has ever seen, man for man, marching at your events, you're degenerate skinheads

Seriously, consider suicide.


26f68e No.10398255

File: c511656f68a0cf0⋯.jpg (211.97 KB, 962x640, 481:320, 33C8CFBB00000578-3571113-i….jpg)


See pic, Swedes did it. Healthy, neatly dressed men, carrying flags in orderly fashion, with shield carriers at the flanks for protection.


KKK and skinheads consist of letter agency plants, drug addicts and retards. These will be the first groups to hang, even before the alt-kikes, m8.

468d55 No.10398266


I agreed, which is why I referred to them as KKK alphabet, you retarded nigger.

>that pic

You're that nigger that posts pics of that group and demands we look like autistic mormons.

You're a faggot.

2758c4 No.10398270

File: 09d98d404c0bc31⋯.jpg (272.83 KB, 960x540, 16:9, image[1].jpg)

File: ce11a6387b37b34⋯.jpg (292.02 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, poles-march-poland_tw[1].jpg)

File: 52f98e7b6d1690f⋯.jpg (97.24 KB, 810x539, 810:539, DHDxRAvXsAAbs1T[1].jpg)

File: 1f36f45f85735ae⋯.jpg (18.25 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 170812-charlottesville-car….jpg)



TBH, the Europeans seem to manage it with class

The jewish Anglo/American alt-right are set up to look bad due to the jews managing it

Alphabet agencies and jews set up controlled opposition to make it look bad

2 of these images are marches of genuine legitimate white Europeans

the other 2 are ones managed by jews

Can you spot the difference?

e8c1c7 No.10398272

Guys. Either someone knew far in advance, or the magic of memes has struck again.


468d55 No.10398274


Archive, you fucking negro scum.

2758c4 No.10398276


Well said

Yet this kike >>10398267 while promoting yesterdays jewish controlled steam vent with the aim to undermine white resistance, insults the orderly classy Swedish march

26f68e No.10398282


They ain't skinheads, they just have shaven heads. Skinheads are a subculture of being a stereotypical jewish boogeyman. They are the reason when anyone says "nazi" the normies picture a drunk tattooed retard, instead of picturing Goebbels or Rommel.

468d55 No.10398287


No… The KKK really is a honeypot with a long history of FBI agents embedded. That's a well-known fact. That, and they really are LARPers. The KKK is shit. I say this as someone who doesn't give a shit about optics or PR.

26f68e No.10398288


Who is "we" Schlomo? Did you even read Mein Kampf?

e8c1c7 No.10398290


I will destroy you faggot.


5ad4ef No.10398292

File: 98d627691883dac⋯.jpg (201.68 KB, 2399x1410, 2399:1410, DODGE TWEET KEK.jpg)


Top kek capped for people like me who hate twatberg

2758c4 No.10398298


>Oy vey. 200,000 genuine white nationalists marching through their capital city with order and an awe inspiring turnout, are "low energy" compared to the jewish aut-kike march yesterday led by jews, involving high-energy car crashes and helicopters exploding.

>Based neocon jews leading the American 'resistance' toward the jew world order

26f68e No.10398299


>Abd Goebbels is not a nice example

> Rommel is a kike sympathizing faggot.



6d3666 No.10398303


Can you make you d&c more obvious?

2758c4 No.10398311


>Oy vey, demonstrating healthy organic European nationalism to the jew created and controlled false opposition aut-kike affair is D&C

How does one D&C on /pol/ between jewish controlled orgs and natively white European organically created orgs?

5f00de No.10398313

File: 2137b07a66a5a5b⋯.png (672.2 KB, 584x553, 584:553, Harold concerned.png)


>Goebbels is not a nice example while Rommel is a kike sympathizing faggot.

Step up your game, Moishe.


>Criticizing the disorganized nature of these "alt-right" rallies is d&c

Is /pol/ being raided or has cuckchan spilled over?

ccbecf No.10398316

File: 703d94924b04aa6⋯.jpg (6.41 KB, 247x247, 1:1, d1a2e29fd14ce6469e497e9dce….jpg)



d65de6 No.10398319


>Is /pol/ being raided or has cuckchan spilled over?

There's a difference?

6d3666 No.10398324



Criticizing white people who care about white interests while doing everything in your power to convince them not to meet up is definitely d&c

26f68e No.10398327


>we are natsoc therefore we must like KKK

>An ideology that forged a dying country into a world superpower, that almost won against the impossible odds and saved the world is the same thing as some rednecks in bed sheets yelling about hating niggers

Ok, m8.

2758c4 No.10398335

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I do not see 200000 people in that picture, and it devolved into a brawl, except with less intensity than today.


What you see is of no consequence, nor was there any "brawl" during that march, let alone a CIA psyop crashing a car or an exploding helicopter in a protest organised by neocon zionist jews attended by retarded gullible Trumpcucks marching to the tune of Baked Alaka and a variety of aut-kike CIA-spooks.

I'm still waiting for a single one of you kike-jews to explain how yesterdays jewish psyop helped white society in any way

57c01c No.10398338


>muh PR

Are you seriously going to try pushing this "three people killed by neo-nazis" shit?

Two of those deaths were a pure coincidence accident of a police chopper falling out of the sky on a golf course on the outskirts of town

One death was an antifa who mobbed a car and tried attacking it with a baseball bat before the driver got a fight-or-flight response and ran her over when he tried to get away.

They will ALWAYS use whatever tactics they can to make WNs look back. That's a given. It doesn't fucking matter, because they'll do it anyway

2758c4 No.10398340


Yesterdays event was stage managed by CIA-spooks, queers and jews

It had nothing to do with whites doing anything for white interests, the only interests served yesterday were jewish of both the left wing marxists and right wing zionists who managed and financed the entire thing

6d3666 No.10398347


The one question your bitch ass will never answer:

What's the alternative? Every meeting for white interests is controlled by zog. So what should everyone do instead? Stay home and post on /pol/? Wait for Hitler?

57c01c No.10398353


>And these polish nationalists fucking hate nazis.

That's different and you know it. They hate nazis because the nazis invaded poland. Their hatred isn't ideological, but practical.

468d55 No.10398359


>oy vey the nazis invaded us

>after we took their land and killed many of the Germans that remained on that land

2758c4 No.10398360


I've already demonstrated the clear differences between organic nationalist movements and the jewish aut-kike one's that you are proposing.


Every nation has its own interests, the only thing to unite them is resistance to jewry.

Whereas the American option is to ally with those wating to wipe the white race out

Guess which one is designed to fail before its even started?


Everyone associated with the alt-right is indeed queer or jewish, when they're not specifically paid by the CIA that is.

468d55 No.10398370


>you nazi ass would your ass beaten there

>you nazi

Thanks for outing yourself, faggot. Enjoy your ban.

2758c4 No.10398371


>Oy vey, you nazis will get your arse beaten oy vey

This genuinely anti-jew anti-shomrim assembly in England had the typically pathetic English turnout of a handful, with Polish nationalists helping boost support numbers threefold.

6d3666 No.10398373


You didn't answer the question though, because you're a d&c bitch.

What's is the alternative, right now? Which organic nationalist movement would you recommend the people who attended last nights meeting to go to instead?

79c107 No.10398374

File: 6836cfebc2a4d98⋯.png (588.9 KB, 643x636, 643:636, 2017-08-13 09_08_34-Yes, Y….png)

File: ff400d1e9be11ee⋯.png (239.76 KB, 636x556, 159:139, 2017-08-13 09_10_03-Yes, Y….png)

File: ff400d1e9be11ee⋯.png (239.76 KB, 636x556, 159:139, 2017-08-13 09_10_03-Yes, Y….png)


Hey assholes, while you're busy kvetching about who's alt-kike and who's not, leftists are hard at work doxing rally attendees and trying to use ruin life tactics. You know what to do, start digging through photos and dox back.



79c107 No.10398379

File: 374c598f60bcee7⋯.png (500.15 KB, 643x633, 643:633, 2017-08-13 09_09_25-Yes, Y….png)

2758c4 No.10398380


>Oy vey, even though they are white nationalists, under the banner of Christendom, being jew-wise and antisemitic, I'll still call them "Christcucks", even when they call out the jew

You do understand the term "cuck" was ostensibly made to highlight the cucking for jewry.

How can one be a Christcuck when one opposes jewry.

Only Christian zionists (A uniquely American invention in the last 50 years) can ever be called Christcucks.

Yet here you are, on a thread non-stop shilling for ZOG, telling us how we must ally with jews and allow them to entirely control and run our resistance, calling others "cucks"

8d09a7 No.10398386


Isn't this illegal? Not like it matters, doubt anything will happen.

2758c4 No.10398388


Oy vey, while your reply answered the question directly and clearly demonstrated with evidence and documentary proof of genuine legitimate resistance, you still didn't answer the question…

The alternative is to resist jewry and not allow (((you))) jews to control the resistance

It really isn't that hard to understand

6d3666 No.10398396


So the answer is to do nothing, stay at home and post on /pol/

Meeting other white people who may share your interests in the real world is a no-no. Because they might be zog controlled. Just stay at home, goys.

468d55 No.10398402


>using "nazi" as an insult

reported again.

2758c4 No.10398405

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yet the jews you are backing who managed yesterdays jewish farce, car crashes and helicopters exploding notwithstanding, we needn;t beware of?


>Oy vey, genuine Polish nationalists are pro-isreali, I know I just made that 'fact' up, but it goes along with my shilling for neocon kikes managing 'our' resistance in the USA, oy vey

Re video: polish nationalists burn jewish effigy

5f00de No.10398411


Let me guess, you're the Polack who wants gibs from Germany because that is nationalism.

57c01c No.10398415





hello, chaim.

2758c4 No.10398418


>So the answer is to do nothing, stay at home and post on /pol/

I said to stay away from jewish controlled false opposition.

In what way does that mean do nothing?

In fact how has (((you))) cheering on neocon kikes into government, and silencing any criticism of jewry on /pol/ done anything to resist jewry?

I know, I know, you want us to do nothing productive and await the ZOG Puppet Emperor to turn into Hitler, failing that re-elect him in 4 years time again and sit back and wait for him to materialise into Hitler

6d3666 No.10398433



>>So the answer is to do nothing, stay at home and post on /pol/

>I said to stay away from jewish controlled false opposition.

You will call everyone Jewish controlled false opposition. That's why you can't list any alternatives.

>In fact how has (((you))) cheering on neocon kikes into government, and silencing any criticism of jewry on /pol/ done anything to resist jewry?

I'm not cheering them on, I'm saying white people meeting other white people in favor of white interests is good.

>I know, I know, you want us to do nothing productive and await the ZOG Puppet Emperor to turn into Hitler, failing that re-elect him in 4 years time again and sit back and wait for him to materialise into Hitler

Nobody mentioned Trump except you. Running out of tactics?

2758c4 No.10398445


I have posted some videos and pictures demonstrating several alternatives to your jewish controlled steam vent.

I haven't just out of a vacuum invented the notion your jewish aut-kike is jewish, I have presented clear evidence throughout this thread your jewish neocon zionist agents are jewish

e8c1c7 No.10398454

Car at front, no driver. Rolling forward anyway. Prepping for collision?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuBLWf9ZZro

2758c4 No.10398459


200,000 marchers, not 20,000

And yes the posting of Poles burning a jewish effigy was in response to your devious kike-alike claim that Polish nationalists love jews and zionists, like your jewish aut-kike does

When you constantly shift the sands as a lying jew does, it requires different events and examples to accommodate your jewish moving of the goalposts.

c9d535 No.10398467


Honestly. Baby boomers get too much hate. They are not the ones that doomed the white race.

2758c4 No.10398474


I gave several examples of organic nationalist movements from Europe in contrast to your synthetic jewish controlled farce.

>For the record, the polish pilgrimage was even more disorganized with everyone wearing whatever the fuck they want.

You know when you rally a nation of people to march, it consists of everyday people aged between 5 and 95, wearing their own normal clothes, because they already are a unified group.

Wearing your own normal clothes is not disorder, that is normality.

Wearing jewish outfits like your Gavin McInnes advises (the black and yellow of your JDL), does nothing to legitimise your jewish march.

6d3666 No.10398475


So you have no modern day alternatives.

Like I said, you're a d&c bitch.

2758c4 No.10398503


You said there were 20,000

Then you lied and said they were pro-isreal.

There is no Polish nationalist movement that is pro-isreal, only retarded Trumpcucks or Anglos consider pro-isreal as compatible with nationalusm

Not one post from you have proven a single claim, and every piece of evidence I have shown your responded to with

>Oy vey, you don;t want to support us jews, you are D&C, oy vey that means you want to do nothing, oy vey, European nationalists suck jew dicks like us aut-kikeistes in America do

cf5b5f No.10398510


IDK "official" explanation but another anon tracked down records that the same copter had crashed in similar manner several years ago. Points to mech problems and/or poor repair.

Also their PD is full of diversity hires. Maybe Jamoneisha in maintenance didn't do something she should have done.

e8c1c7 No.10398512


Bumping. You faggots are missing something.

79ef8c No.10398515

File: 821514bf139249c⋯.png (987.58 KB, 1267x873, 1267:873, helicopter1.png)


2758c4 No.10398517


>Even though you have given several examples of alternatives that aren't jewish, I will still post that you haven't responded with any evidence.

How can I D&C against lying jewish controlled steam vents of the Aut-Kike that you are shilling for on /pol/?

This place is supposed to be against you neocon jews

2758c4 No.10398530



Indeed, it;s not everyday a helicopter crashes like that.

Especially on a day that a jew managed psyop run by jews and CIA-spooks is classed in the media as a "nazi rally"

The whole thing stinks, and the number of kikes here shilling for ZOG demonstrates this also

6d3666 No.10398533


I'm a white nationalist. Other white nationalists come with me to an event. We talk about white genocide, agree there's a plan for white replacement. We get each other's phone numbers and make friends.

However, later we find out the event is paid by a Jewish person.

Tell me, how is this bad? How is this worse than just staying home and posting on /pol/?

11026f No.10398534

File: eef8a8d3e8d292e⋯.jpg (27.38 KB, 959x480, 959:480, Sam Hyde.jpg)


>Stale meme to be honest.

You were never a Nicolas Cage fan to begin with, fag.

79ef8c No.10398538

2758c4 No.10398542


>Even after discovering the obviously jew created false flag event, with cars crashing and exploding helicopters notwithstanding…oy vey, I still will shill for it the very next day, jew leaders and CIA-spooks included.


2758c4 No.10398550


Wow, can we get a thread started up about this helicopter false flag, as this thread is being run down into jews arguing that criticism of jews leading the resistance is somehow D&C

79ef8c No.10398556


I started one here >>10398471

6d3666 No.10398561


>never go outside and never do anything because everything is controlled by Jews and alphabet soups

You're the same faggot who told everyone not to bother voting for trump and to wait for hitler

2758c4 No.10398563


>Oy vey, criticising jews running the movement is PR


I'm definitely one of the anons whose been calling out you lying kikes posting here on /pol/ shilling for ZOG

6d3666 No.10398573


Only thing I shilled for is white people meeting other white people with shared interests. I wonder (((who))) would be against that?

0e585f No.10398577


For any retards replying this IS a shill

The rally must have been quite a failure for so many shills to pop up :)

Not scared at all I bet

79c107 No.10398635


<muh PR

<nothing will happen, goy

8d09a7 No.10398663


The left is doxing the right and this is to do with jewish pr?

Okay? Don't think you know what you're on about but sure.

532d93 No.10398678


>I've already demonstrated the clear differences between organic nationalist movements and the jewish aut-kike one's that you are proposing.

No, all you're doing is using pictures of the National Socialist Movement and then claiming the entire thing is just them. It was called "Unite the Right" faggot. Of course people like that were there, people like that will always be there. When people try to make them not show up all that happens is accusations of PRfagging. When people let them do their own thing, now all that is happening is more PRfagging.

Shut the hell up, faggot.

d6bc40 No.10398735

File: b2adab172c962a7⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1020x564, 85:47, warhammer.png)


Lookz loik an empire git 'bout to proppa krumped by da boyz

c77de1 No.10398760


>Isn't this illegal?

It isn't when the left does it. This tard know that you or others won't do shit, that's why they use this tactic so effectively for years after all.

767731 No.10398876


I'm actually not seeing nearly as much social media outrage over this as I expected. Seems people are finally getting so sick of BLM and antifa that they don't even care when shit like this happens.

fd547e No.10398889

Anyone have the video or report indicating there was damage to the car prior to the crash?

073b9e No.10398893


All I have are normie friends and their silence on this subject is deafening. The media can beat and cry all they want but nobody seems to care. Even the normies have turned them out and have disengaged from politics to such an extent that even an honest-to-god torch carrying, right wing March can't get their attention.

I thought this rally was a setup as soon as I saw the coordinated reaction to it across all media platforms coming from figures on both sides. Then I saw no one was listening to them. This rally was probably the best thing for the right in decades, it was a huge morale boost that nobody else outside of the extreme left paid attention to.

101147 No.10399127

File: c4cefb20a08afaa⋯.jpg (123.86 KB, 692x692, 1:1, 1483786517281.jpg)


I'd prefer if we'd just used your tranny BO at a rally… You know, as an example of what is wrong with the left. But ya, definitely - foam swords would be great, especially triggering more lefties who would probably say something about the crusades or think it's a real weapon. Thanks for the idea /leftypol/.

3c0fb8 No.10399797


Fucking look at this! Is that some new buzzword you shills made up on the fly? You Alt-kikes really do try everything to keep whites from fighting back.

4a7a96 No.10399964


Find that fag in the red helmet. He runs in, pulls a weapon from his back pocket, hits the guys in the back of the head with it, then runs away.

a63b5a No.10399982

This youtuber/patreon antifa is calling out for violence. Some american might want to report him to the police since he's making money out of instigating terrorism


a63b5a No.10399986


report him to the police*

4a7a96 No.10399990


Do you know the source video this is from, or the aprox time or location this was shot?

ccbecf No.10400000

File: cd0a0e1bb17c2df⋯.jpg (28.98 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1482759515467.jpg)


Hahaha that pinned tweet:

I'm doing a PhD and funding is a problem. If you like my work I'd appreciate it if you paid for my food shopping.


000000 No.10400121



Getting caught was part of your plan?

50feda No.10400163

File: 2ef83b94d2405c4⋯.gif (51.57 KB, 300x367, 300:367, 0fb3ea038a7da92d685dee30b3….gif)

374657 No.10400910

DOTR begins tomorrow Aug 14th 2017

3d9d37 No.10400955


sauce please

5ad4ef No.10401181

File: a40b99e3e987b37⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, e2e2a095438cc67fbcb288a6c4….png)

File: c28919ba2943e1f⋯.jpg (264.71 KB, 1144x2154, 572:1077, gaijin pepe.jpg)

20bf9a No.10401288

File: 76f8d4698326e3a⋯.jpg (49.42 KB, 594x610, 297:305, DHIzSKmUQAAdFxJ.jpg)

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