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Modern Day, Modern Time.

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2d3d45 No.10390495

UNITE THE RIGHT: what happened so far

A planned Unite the Right white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, drew nationwide attention as neo-Nazis with torches marched on the University of Virginia campus Friday night and officials called for a state of emergency amid protests Saturday morning.

Many Unite the Right protesters wore white nationalist and Nazi paraphernalia, a militia arrived armed with heavy weaponry and some individuals wore Ku Klux Klan imagery. Former KKK leader David Duke attended.

Counter-protesters were out in force, too, chanting progressive slogans and singing civil rights-era songs.

Police called the protest an unlawful gathering and attempted to disburse the white nationalists and counter protesters from a central location. Both sides began to march throughout Charlottesville, despite skirmishes and the use of tear gas.

Several counter-protesters were injured when a car rammed into a crowd of them marching through the streets. The car fled the scene.

The rally was ostensibly a protest against removing a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a Charlottesville park. From its original base of right-wing “patriot” groups, the rally started drawing a growing number of neo-Nazis — and become a flashpoint for a resurgent, outspoken white nationalism that drew strength from the campaign and presidency of Donald Trump.



dada9f No.10390508


6e452f No.10390536

The (((media))) is blaming everything antifa did on the White Nationalists

80cd7b No.10390609


And the President just blew the whole thing off lol. Everybody is already moving on.

d8a8d1 No.10390685

File: 9ea66cb4638288f⋯.jpg (77.11 KB, 600x800, 3:4, rothschild brits bitch.jpg)


>General Robert E. Lee

Agent of the Rothschilds. That's what you were protesting with the CIA-Right for?

I hope you didn't get a brick in the face for it morons.

4e2779 No.10390778

I just came home from work so i haven't seen a thing. I turned on CNN and see the car meme and stickmen. Is there any videos or streams?

459d54 No.10390779

File: e93cdfd65b679da⋯.png (3.91 MB, 1114x9774, 557:4887, e93cdfd65b679dab04ce6779b3….png)

File: e56e9c3e37dd0de⋯.png (90.86 KB, 282x343, 282:343, 1474098471516.png)

File: 21db9df80eb6bd6⋯.png (581.56 KB, 777x777, 1:1, ff86db2eb2f0dba63742224919….png)


>spencer and the alt-kike makes up a publicity stunt for their honeypot

>successfully manage to have white people hurt and jailed

>coin every right wing people and ideals under their alt-right label and do a massive character assassination

The only thing anybody with a brain knew it would happen.

664356 No.10390814


If only we hadn't called this happening for the last year!

6e452f No.10390818

File: 7a41f70dbbd9b79⋯.png (132.07 KB, 552x1239, 184:413, Capture.PNG)


>don't you dare organize, white people

>just let the communists openly march through the streets

664356 No.10390849

This is the saddest shilling I've seen all year.

459d54 No.10390980


Is following a communist, faggot, kike apologist moron what you call being organized. We managed to get Trump elected, we pushed years of leftist jew indoctrination out of public conscience, this is real life accomplishments, nigger. And the internet is the platform that allowed us to do it, the streets are useless, who cares about the communists being beaten by the police and managing jack shit like they ever.


Yeah, you must be pretty despairfull and hopeless having your kike plans being called out.

92c8d0 No.10391071

That is why they didn't support more retarded leftist protests. They were setting up a false-flag. It took them some time to employ these, what can we do about these psy-ops?

50f1ec No.10391120

File: e2f67693372e185⋯.webm (7.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Supreme Gentleman.webm)

>r/thedonald, lolbergs and degenerate nazi methead larpers fight against AIDS riddled transvestites and niggers

sounds like a fucking sideshow

3ea632 No.10391132


>When they stay here posting frogs they aren't a threat to us

The great problem being, of course, that you can never know if this is really the case. Due to the unverifiable nature of said work, I even heard' there are people earning nice dough essentially undercover. The whole setup of "shilling firms" is much more brittle and jewable than many think. Quality shills cost money, and if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

6e452f No.10391142


>i'm going to ignore the actual people in the rally and just call them all LARPers


459d54 No.10391197

File: 6bae8c3ef74ee51⋯.png (104.29 KB, 1250x1250, 1:1, 6bae8c3ef74ee518f02a9089e9….png)



We cannot be divided by kike lovers, communists and faggots. But I know you wouldn't understand that, Chaim.

And we have IDs here, kike, ease up the samefagging.

459d54 No.10391308

File: 365a1a85dafb71f⋯.jpg (137.08 KB, 717x960, 239:320, 1661fa5f0022cb2d176035be50….jpg)

File: 8b4eeae0c45d2cd⋯.png (250.29 KB, 1898x887, 1898:887, 159229c03e587296dc45b8fa86….png)



Got this trough your thick kike skull? You are not one of us, you cannot be one of us. You are a queering jewish shitskin.

8d5958 No.10391327

>singing civil rights-era songs.

Eternal boomer. Makes sense they would be singing astroturfed Jew music from 50 years ago. Fucking golem.

c7e1ac No.10391437

I guess this is the new thread

68391c No.10391445

File: 248e82b348dff9f⋯.png (239.89 KB, 784x584, 98:73, ClipboardImage.png)


c7e1ac No.10391453



9f2852 No.10391457


that's what they tell me


this website allegedly provides address name etc but it's behind paywall


6e452f No.10391460


I fucking told you nigger


b4f75b No.10391461

File: aa546f5882bb6ea⋯.jpg (59 KB, 748x559, 748:559, top 10.jpg)

8ae441 No.10391468

cda871 No.10391471


Could just be a title renewal, not a title holder change.

40f180 No.10391473


Imagine being some chink a century ago that goes to the west in the hopes that his descendants can eat more than rice and dog meat but instead they turn into leftist faggots.

459d54 No.10391477


Can't damage control more eh parasite. Make more silly meme posts to me schlomo, DANCE FOR ME STUPID KIKE.

56dcb5 No.10391483


45ac99 No.10391488

File: 01339cd85ed298b⋯.jpg (327.64 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 20746097_1736061399768007_….jpg)

Driver of the car was anti-fa. They are even ironic when they fuck up. A commie driving his daddy's $40,000 car runs over other commies.

>Also License Plate Quads: GVF-1111

1fd0bd No.10391490


That would be good.

I really want it to be that leftist modern artist pot head.

68391c No.10391494


Don't shit up the thread with your unguided autism >>10391488

eacba6 No.10391496


Checking that 1488, but we already know. Keep up.

60d2cc No.10391504

Police helicopter just crashed outside Charlottesville.

>in woods near Old Farm Road.

68391c No.10391508


Fucking 8ch is a mess, quick reply is saving things it shouldn't


Don't shit up the thread with your unguided autism >>10391445

1fd0bd No.10391512

4416b2 No.10391513

File: 1e87c2d67ed7ba3⋯.png (761.86 KB, 1080x607, 1080:607, tumblr_otcfo2RDGE1vbczl8o1….png)


might not be him, considering the car might have changed hands since then

checked anyway

9f2852 No.10391517

Helicopter crash?

60d2cc No.10391523


Just MSM fuckheads on twatter saying it cba archiving them sorry.

eacba6 No.10391524


The most RECENT owner is in Ohio, the car has and Ohio license plate, he lives in Ohio.

664356 No.10391530



bfa88c No.10391533

File: e8db82de8951e8e⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 320x235, 64:47, charlie phone rage.gif)

>group of white people go through all the proper procedures and get the right permits far in advance to legally hold a peaceful assembly

>gets shut down by the national guard before noon rolls around

>meanwhile, it took several days for the nation guard to come to Ferguson and Baltimore when they were chimping out

>No one gives a shit about antifa, who are free to chimp out in the streets, as always

I don't want to see another motherfucker tell me we actually have freedom of speech in this country.

4416b2 No.10391535


which is where it could have been locally re-sold.

be patient

4a29d4 No.10391538



fe4a5a No.10391539


good, fuck 'em

c7e1ac No.10391540

helicopter crash

f62349 No.10391544


checking those 1488s


>Checking that 1488, but we already know. Keep up.

<he implies that its bad to share information numerous times in a thread in case for people who are newly arriving

Is this a new shill line?

45ac99 No.10391545




Its been multiple hours. If the suspected driver is right wing his face and name would be on every TV channel. My bet is that its not because the driver was likely either A) who I pointed out or B) some one that has nothing to do with either side.

c5e664 No.10391553


pics or it didn't happen!

a8e25d No.10391555


Dude posted a pic of the driver being arrested in another thread (tbf didn't provide too much verification) but kid is waaaay too skinny if the pics are the real deal

eacba6 No.10391559


He's an anti-trump kid, so why not give him shit whether or not it turns out he is the driver?


I agree, they don't yet know how to spin this kid yet.

4a29d4 No.10391576



8d5958 No.10391591


I prefer that they blame attacks on us. It makes us more menacing. If our enemies think we're going to kill them that's good for us.

I'm just happy one of our guys isn't on the hook for murder.

60d2cc No.10391594

File: dd003dc12b828a5⋯.mp4 (1.51 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 4IbNt2KVnt7Myk_i.mp4)

News report of the chopper crash:


Supposed vid related of the aftermath.

4416b2 No.10391602


True, but we're also potentially dealing with the long-term suppression of the driver's identity by the media and police. Naming the wrong guy will inevitably be used as a distraction, so let's get it right.

Keep up with the registration dig, not the witch-hunt

93eb3c No.10391609



eacba6 No.10391611

Other thread has this enhanced photo, I can actually see a face. Not shopped?




bfa88c No.10391615


That picture is blurry as fuck and there's NO PROOF that the person in that photo being arrested is the driver. Plenty of people are being arrested at Cville, and that could be a photo of any of them.

We have the car's registration and info. It wasn't /ourguy/

bbb603 No.10391617


the /pol/ curse

4a29d4 No.10391635


We still don't know, for sure, see


9f2852 No.10391661

File: 0ba075a19b6d47e⋯.png (469.22 KB, 866x483, 866:483, copter1.png)


1fd0bd No.10391662

File: d4feb2f45f10ac4⋯.png (67.39 KB, 1064x490, 76:35, kek.png)

eacba6 No.10391663

File: b4435db764dcf90⋯.jpg (117.05 KB, 1241x1348, 1241:1348, joel responds.jpg)

Joel posting on Facebook.

1fd0bd No.10391668


woah, hivemind

40f180 No.10391691



>laughing emoji

8d5958 No.10391699

File: 2f3b54ba28cb5c7⋯.jpg (108.75 KB, 1392x938, 696:469, 1502572095626.jpg)

ec9c61 No.10391706


he is still going to be getting calls for months

6441f6 No.10391721

File: 73c7724860fc76d⋯.jpg (71.95 KB, 605x605, 1:1, 6R0CON497AX1-17-inch-licht….jpg)


>shitty aftermarket wheels

You do realize cars come with options, right? You can choose wheels from a selection.

These are part of Volkswagen's selection. Volkswagen sells them. These are definitely shinier than those on that dodge.

You know what niggers put on their cars? Ridiculously oversized chromed out alloys. Not black wheels.

68391c No.10391731


black wheels is usually a Asian or White wannabe gansta thing

52011f No.10391735

File: 12b7584392b05bb⋯.png (966.13 KB, 807x774, 269:258, ClipboardImage.png)



f62349 No.10391749

68391c No.10391756


Looks…Italian or something

9f2852 No.10391765

File: bfeed9eab31eb10⋯.jpg (55.99 KB, 500x375, 4:3, wheelscolors005-vi.jpg)



let me get this straight, chromed out wheels=nigger black wheels=asian or wigger

what the fuck kind of wheels are you supposed to have?

390e85 No.10391769

File: fd8a9ede83eb176⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

bb008b No.10391773

bb008b No.10391778

File: 1608380df3d97b6⋯.jpg (108.73 KB, 880x658, 440:329, Anime betrayal.jpg)

390e85 No.10391780


Factory stock

9f2852 No.10391793

File: 8ebbd233796ca96⋯.jpg (193.73 KB, 720x480, 3:2, nigwheels.jpg)


so any that arent this?

bfa88c No.10391795


Is this legit? He looks stone-cold and expressionless, like Arnold or someone like that in an 80s action movie.

False flag by feds confirmed?

6441f6 No.10391807

File: 682935b3c086158⋯.jpg (203.54 KB, 1392x938, 696:469, 2f3b54ba28cb5c7fd80823da93….jpg)



c5e664 No.10391812


Traditionally, old school hubcaps. But niggos kept stealing 'em.

9f2852 No.10391831



appreciate the advice

eacba6 No.10391847


You know, looking at this picture again, I have to say something that has been bothering me. Why didn't the air bag deploy? If my car had the front end smashed in like that, it certainly would have gone off.

6441f6 No.10391852

File: 889dbae3f1cbf07⋯.jpg (67.05 KB, 800x500, 8:5, dsc_0493.jpg)


Something that doesn't look retarded and provides a handling improvement. Let your natural fashion sense guide you. You're white, you won't fuck it up.


Bullshit, I chose those wheels because their color fits the paint of my car.

6e452f No.10391868

File: 96d0c422899aef6⋯.mp4 (11.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, alexnamesthejew.mp4)

File: 18c327afa903633⋯.png (95 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.png)

Reposting this from the other thread

664356 No.10391876

Crashing this helicopter!


eacba6 No.10391878


That has to be one of the most poorly encoded videos I've ever seen.

1fd0bd No.10391881


Agree with him about the clan.

But he is so fucking scared of his viewers getting away from his forced narrative.

9f2852 No.10391890

File: 237cb796b98c0e6⋯.jpg (26.18 KB, 236x367, 236:367, 5490t8u54u8.jpg)


you're right, usually only agents have this forethought

208a7f No.10391906


congratulations americans, the dude is white. now unless he turns out to be a member of antifa, this thing steps all the way up to street warfare.

his motivation changes nothing at this point. Unless he is the leftiest lefty in the world, he'll be the poster child of "evul nazi", and thousands of hysterical idiots will kill themselves fighthing ghosts and shadows.

I'm really happy youre all digging. I'm super fucking curious myself. but the outcome is set in stone.

what a time to be alive.

eacba6 No.10391918


I knew I should have bought that rifle earlier this year. Guess the shotgun will have to do.

d0e14a No.10391928


Police helicopter crashes in Charlottesville amid violent protests, car ramming attack

2e9694 No.10391931

File: e365c32a41122a2⋯.jpg (135.86 KB, 1249x763, 1249:763, Dodge Demon Claims Souls.jpg)

Reposting, for those who did not see. This is actually a snapshot from just a minute ago (does Dodge not have anyone on their PR team who watches the news on Saturday?)

466901 No.10391934

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My nigger.

4a29d4 No.10391943


More than likely anyone he hit had their legs swept out from under them, and impacted the front-top and the windshield. He also seemed to be going around 25mph or less, so the impact might not have been enough to deploy the airbags.

2e9694 No.10391945


However… this is lulzy.

eacba6 No.10391980


The front bumper was smashed hard enough to come almost completely off, but I guess the footage does kind of show that the first car he hit might have been like an extra crumple zone that reduced the overall force of impact, thus not deploying the airbag?

f62349 No.10392001

File: ae8f7784cfba81a⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1398x977, 1398:977, samhydedrive.png)

dae096 No.10392045

OAN news is saying a helicopter crashed near Charlottesville, Virginia. Is this true? What the fucks happening?

4e7cca No.10392056


2e9694 No.10392071


>45 checked

Yes. A police helicopter crashed. Fuck Virginia. They voted for Hillary.

eacba6 No.10392075


Yeah, police helicopter.

941574 No.10392102


>that song

Massive feels. Thanks for posting that, hadn't heard of them before.

1fd0bd No.10392105

File: c835080f4a4ecaf⋯.png (200.38 KB, 812x598, 406:299, Capture.PNG)

current owner is named alex james fields

466901 No.10392121


Yeah, the bit about the letter gets me every time.

60d2cc No.10392136



2 dead in the helicopter crash, btw.

1fd0bd No.10392139


what a day

0f39c9 No.10392146



>anything but a coincidence

2e9694 No.10392206


> Caring about Virginia

Fuck Virginia.

<They voted for Hillary

081fbf No.10392222

File: d8f8358b3643614⋯.png (19.47 KB, 764x338, 382:169, Ygk7V8J[1].png)


Holy Christ the internet is fast

9f2852 No.10392225


>alex james fields

possible facebook


9f2852 No.10392231




53e6c1 No.10392247


that's a britbong

60d2cc No.10392248



Seems his has a sunroof:


While the one involved doesn't.


40f180 No.10392255

a2a890 No.10392259


Look closer


9f2852 No.10392268

1fd0bd No.10392278


I got the name wrong. It's james alex field. NOt alex james field

eacba6 No.10392281

>Mayor just said the people in the rally are on the losing side of history

9f2852 No.10392282


possible facebook



04dd19 No.10392283


standard operating procedure

8d5958 No.10392294


It's because of mass immigration and transplants that Virginia flipped blue. Virginians don't support Hillary. Texas is due to flip blue soon and about 90% of whites in Texas vote Republican. But whites are a minority in Texas now.

9f2852 No.10392309

another possible facebook



c32385 No.10392317

File: b1a108c902058d5⋯.jpg (74.78 KB, 480x457, 480:457, 1502082405754.jpg)

So, do you guys think the rally ultimately ended up being good for us? Or was it a failure?

1f2c49 No.10392323


>dead antifags

>gee I don't know

0f39c9 No.10392325


the latter because most of us seem to be retarded

1fd0bd No.10392330

People posting facebook. It's James Alex Fields. Not Alex James Fields. I fucked up.

7be8cc No.10392338

File: cff922b667933ac⋯.jpg (214.64 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, d73c5c3203cbb77996c86fac3f….jpg)


>end result is dead commies

I'm happy, honestly.

8d8fc0 No.10392349


>1488 of truth.

2f091b No.10392353


Yes and no. We don't want them to get "too" organized, but they're an incredible resource, and we wouldn't have gotten this far without them.

Our biggest challenge there is to get the real story out to "the general public" who tend to only see the leftie propaganda. Like the "it was an intentional terrorist attack by white nationalists" story, despite reports of the driver being attacked by rocks from the crowd before panicking.

04dd19 No.10392357


we can tell you lefties are getting scared, thousands showed up to the protest on our side, and we kept our cool

your propaganda machine has no power over us anymore, we are fully awake. The only option left you have is to kill us.

515dad No.10392358

you know this entire event was controlled op because the ACLU fought so hard for it

2f091b No.10392384


Oh, if only those whites standing with the niggers calling for white genocide hadn't been hurt… Oy vey.

9f2852 No.10392390




they want a civil war and this helped fan the flames, they believe a civil war will result in the fall of the USA which is what they've wanted since the beginning

04dd19 No.10392406


great, are they going to blame this on some .50 cal millita rife???

459d54 No.10392413


I am obviously talking about the White people tricked into attending that rally, not your people.

18daa0 No.10392421


It was supposedly one of the choppers they were using to monitor the protest.

04dd19 No.10392434


Nice quads bro.

Good show.

2f091b No.10392511


Agreed, but the streets are another front that seems fairly important to growing our movement. Particularly now that they've openly moved to shut us off from social media.

d8a8d1 No.10392522

File: 8576b3937c0b708⋯.gif (996.95 KB, 500x270, 50:27, 1450323748984.gif)


>We are achieving


>you're an embarrassment and using our memes for a CIA project


>fuck you larper. We're changing things!


>no you're being used like 1980s KKK, Neo-Nazis


>Show me the pictures of your rally! Richard Spencer is our literal MLK!


>I don't get funding from the CIA or promotions from the DNC like Spencer


>you're a jew!


>name the Jew then


>that turns normies away you fucking nazi larper!


>they're calling you Nazis


>Just sit in your bedroom and hide behind a computer while /our/ brothers fight for your rights!


>they're using you and Spencer is a Commie


>Fuck you filtered!

c5e664 No.10392527


I bet there will no evidence pics of the wreckage. It'll be just like that certain crater in Pennsylvania that swallowed an entire jet.

2f091b No.10392530


>sounds like a


04dd19 No.10392531




04dd19 No.10392544


Last night was good.

They sure as hell SHUT IT DOWN today.

e0d65b No.10392582

>>10392522 (checked)


459d54 No.10392613


But dude you don't understand, how can we stay at the internet actually pushing right wing ideals instead of holding tiki torches on the streets? spencer did so much for White people.

bc5d6d No.10392646

File: dc18d4ccaf77266⋯.jpg (51.71 KB, 600x572, 150:143, a0b3988508a9320fc3a9608253….jpg)

>all this happening

>all these shills

>in all these threads

>they don't know how obvious they are

22fa1e No.10392674


Bu…but we were larping IRL!!

22fa1e No.10392680


>Show me the pictures of your rally! Richard Spencer is our literal MLK!

More like a modern day Harvey Milk.

e94103 No.10392694



DEFINITELY spooky. This guy is totally expressionless - almost like he knew what he was about to do, and therefore was unfazed when it happened. The fact that no airbag deployed, and the fact that someone tipped off RSBN earlier that the bumper looked "reinforced" raises suspicion even more.

9f2852 No.10392706

1fd0bd No.10392716


oh shit.

The plot thickens once again.

2cf42b No.10392720


it's like when they spammed




for months after the election and even to this day. Like who the fuck is giving these retard money? they aren't convincing a 5th grader

2f091b No.10392725


>>Mayor just said the people in the rally are on the losing side of history

"We've been beating those white people"

Yup, and you've gone too far. Takes awhile, but now you've made the white people angry, and you know what happens next.

e0d65b No.10392729






obviously that's fuggin spooky

2d1318 No.10392750

File: 56389f23b4b419f⋯.jpg (16.7 KB, 253x255, 253:255, f9737f57e971fd64727d2fcbd7….jpg)


smells like MKUlta/CIANiggers work. If this >>10392523 has any legitimacy; not the owner of the car was driving and then being escorted into black SUVs...fucking spoopy for sure.

0ac81e No.10392779

File: 9fc14c2b84c80d9⋯.jpg (183.8 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, CharlottesvilleFF.jpg)


>Car registered to a leftist

>Heli crash

>Weird sequence of events

What the fuck is going on anons?

a40bad No.10392799


Read between the lines. Did you see the way he rocked his shoulders back and forth and kind of batted his eyes while he was giving a mild reproach to no one in particular? That wasnt a serious statement. I got the sterotypical "oopsy *bats eyes*" vibe that girls do when theyre up to no good. Compare it to how sharp eyed, and precise he was when he was condemning north korea a couple days ago. Completely different type of body language.

1fd0bd No.10392832


lurk in the thread

Car is supposedly registered to a guy named James Alex Fields.

7c79c3 No.10392835


race war now please.

d3459b No.10392843


>posting a thumbnail

bc5d6d No.10392857


>What the fuck is going on anons?

>>Weird sequence of events

UTR was a controlled OP

>>Car registered to a leftist

Lefty taking the fall for CIAnigger action

>>Heli crash

Heli crash probably fake/they saw too much

e94103 No.10392876


Shit, I didn't even see that infographic. Too many threads and too much info to keep up with today. I've almost convinced myself that this is some CIANigger work. There is just no way this all adds up now that I start to think about it… air bag doesn't deploy, whoever it was high tailed it the fuck out of there, and the most damning thing of all in my mind is the fact the car was still decently operable after the impact. How wouldn't the engine have gotten fucked up? Look at the car he rammed; I guarantee you that car was not drivable afterwards, so maybe the kinetic energy transferred into that car or not, but it seems fishy at this point.

2e9694 No.10392956


The LORD GOD has abandoned Blue states.

a40bad No.10392994


it was the jews anon, they super engineered te car and used mindcontrol to make the poor guy target the wrong group. He wasnt even a regular guy either, a lab clone, grown in some jewis super lab in israel, and purpose built for this exact moment 30 years ago. Its all a ploy goys, all of it.

d0e14a No.10393026

the dumb golem never learn. alt right, trs, andrew anglin, generation identity, pro right wing youtubers err I mean e-celebs

We just keep them infighting so they can never achieve anything lol. Please donate here: https://donate.hopenothate.org.uk/page/contribute/challenging-hate-building-communities

d0e14a No.10393058

We must destroy any movement that organizes irl. We will call them jews, controlled opposition and larpers. So we use their own weapons against them. Clear?

408aef No.10393067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with the /pol/ news guy who was there.

408aef No.10393076


Well put.

22fa1e No.10393108


send your betabuks to brittney pettibone lol

8b9354 No.10393189

File: 7f22f55cff28877⋯.jpg (6.21 KB, 200x252, 50:63, 1397261700547.jpg)

a07727 No.10393280


>Put our differences aside and find common ground

That has never once happened throughout history on either side of the political spectrum. One mentality always wins out and pushes out the others. Is this guy a fucking retard? What gives him the right to call himself /pol/ news?

8da700 No.10393367


> (((Levi)))

> /pol/

This is 4cuck tier.

f4941f No.10393450

File: 353714e03db676c⋯.png (360.66 KB, 639x639, 1:1, polnews.png)


>little shit that censor the word "shitskin"


Fucking kikes have no shame in outright stealing shit and pretending to be anything.

a29a6a No.10393501


Besides antifa cunts and niggers I mean. Haven't seen any fucking numbers yet.

d8a8d1 No.10393520


>Besides antifa cunts and niggers I mean. Haven't seen any fucking numbers yet.

They're all cucks anon

d8a8d1 No.10393541

File: 3ad252bf19535aa⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Michelle_Pfeiffer_Wallpape….jpg)

If you don't stand against Richard Spencer after seeing this you are a traitor to your race and country!

8da700 No.10393592


>stealing shit and pretending to be anything.

Like JewedAlaska selling his book on "meme magic".

afa862 No.10393650

Nazism isn't a right wing philosophy. Extreme right is anarchy.

449d29 No.10393670

000000 No.10393709


Anarchy is generally labeled centre-left though but reality is that anarchy isn't either left or right. This is the failure of the two wing dichotomy, politics is more like a compass with four sides. Anarchy would lie in the exact centre on the far part on the libertarian side opposite to the authoritarian.

bfa88c No.10393784


No, faggot. Take your cucked view of what left and right mean.

Right = hierarchy

Left = equality

a07727 No.10393913


Just being a realist and advocating for our position. The American right-wing has a suicidal tendency to over-compromise, it's how we got here in the first place. We can't let them cuck us our it'll be more Obamas all the way down.

e6e5e8 No.10393949


>larping IRL!!

How else would you Live Action Role Play? By not dressing up in a funny costume, going outside to pretend to be someone you are not with other people?

000000 No.10394056


<The American right-wing has a suicidal tendency to over-compromise


The Republicans always do dumb shit like cucking on immigration and illegals, things that affect not only demographics, working class financial woes, and social order but their own fucking votes. It's not just America, remember the right cucks all around the western world to leftists on things like immigration issues but the immigrants always tend to vote majority leftist parties. They literally brought in those who would cause them to lose their jobs, to vote them out. They are the biggest idiots and traitors in history. The whole boomer generation is a fucking joke but I'll fight to the end with the Generation Identity in Europe for example. Western civilisation simply cannot be trusted in the hands of literal communists and their pet shitskin savages and we see it everyday. RIP Detroit, the once Paris of the West.

e30561 No.10394090


Think of how radicalized you or I have become just dealing with the ferocity of the anti-Trump narratives. He lives that shit. He has to keep up appearances obviously but he knows full well what he's dealing with as do we which is why we're here in the first place.

bfa88c No.10394100



The most telling part was when he ended his speech and walked away, and some roastie journo yelled something along the lines of "DO YOU WANT THE SUPPORT OF THESE WHITE NATIONLISTS!?" and he stopped, turned around, and awkwardly ignored the question and started talking about some random bullshit about signing the papers in a certain place.

Perhaps I'm not describing it in words properly. It was awkward and he clearly was trying to sidestep the question by talking about something else and not even acknowledging it. That said more to me than any of the boilerplate condemnations.

22fa1e No.10394107


asshurt trsodomite detected

22fa1e No.10394172


You and your family are going to be hunted down killed by nazis. Enjoy shitposting while you can Moshe.

afa862 No.10394206


Right wing politics is in favor of "less" government, at least that is what the grass roots believe, and that's how so called Republicans garner votes, promises of getting out of your pocket. Tea party, libertarians, some Republicans, they are pro liberty, self governing, self reliance. If you keep following the logic it leads you to anarchy, the ultimate form of self reliance.

afa862 No.10394234


You can't compete with me, fuck off.

d32ed7 No.10394242


hierarchy does not necessarily mean government

879b24 No.10394254

File: 92c7ce23a642b9e⋯.jpg (43.28 KB, 1024x598, 512:299, 15202587528333.jpg)

4b03b1 No.10394266

vox "How many synonym adjectives for Nazi and far rights can we squeeze into a single sentence" dot com

4b03b1 No.10394306

File: 09119e0924b71ca⋯.jpg (55.31 KB, 600x600, 1:1, hold-all-these-limes.jpg)


Look at them go

>white supremacist


>white nationalist

>Nazi paraphernali

>armed militia

>Ku Klux Klan



>right-wing “patriot”

>resurgent, outspoken white nationalism



Get a fucking grip on yourself, kikes. Jeez oh man.

ab172d No.10394346


Completely true. I think that without "blood and soil" anon putting his impression on the march last night, this would have turned into a pointless cuckfest run by Spencer and Peinovich. The cops halting this rally was a good thing for us. Every one of those men just got a taste of how things really work, and I hope that it leads them to the true redpill, not the crap the alt kike feeds them.

4b03b1 No.10394359



Reminder that the people you persuade are the fat virgin 20 y.o. guys with green frosting frog cakes you see on 4chan. Those are the people you're getting to. If you feel accomplished, look honestly and realize that's all you're effectuating and the "problem" (in your eyes) is not going away, and is out of your control.

22fa1e No.10394367


>Every one of those men just got a taste of how things really work, and I hope that it leads them to the true redpill, not the crap the alt kike feeds them.

>Implying they are men to begin with.

31f284 No.10394389

File: 55b3950b94afbe7⋯.jpg (33.08 KB, 236x304, 59:76, 55b3950b94afbe7414abfec3be….jpg)

Remember, Democrats are the real racists amiright guys.

We all love niggers and spics it's the Democrats that want to keep them down by throwing money at them, this is about making America great again.

The fantasy boomer version though where America was always <65% white and all the races lived in harmony raping our daughters.

22fa1e No.10394417


Based god fearing negros that go to church every Sunday. Lol.

ab172d No.10394471


I haven't watched the whole thing with the march, but from what I saw I didn't see any kekistan shit or any faggotry. If there was, then forgive me for being mistaken.

0f4839 No.10394568


the audio iz good enough.

d8a8d1 No.10394607

File: 63f3691f152a02f⋯.gif (255.49 KB, 388x339, 388:339, h9wfebf97hf.gif)


>If you don't stand against Richard Spencer after seeing this you are a traitor to your race and country!

>If you don't stand against Richard Spencer after seeing this you are a traitor to your race and country!

>If you don't stand against Richard Spencer after seeing this you are a traitor to your race and country!


5f3a2e No.10394651


seeing what, link

37f81f No.10394694


is this supposed to be a bad thing? these are race mixers, homosexuals, and muh 14 but not 88 fags.

37f81f No.10394798


> eachother

are you some sort of TRS sodomite? these "people" were never on our side race mixing is bestiality and I won't side with degenerates

37f81f No.10394828


fuck you, faggots like you always come out of the woodwork after happenings to push this "enemy of my enemy" nonsense

37f81f No.10394838


the only sort of "hanging out" we'll be doing is when I lynch you and end your miserable faggot life

243eb8 No.10394839

File: 23b5ce4c0f9e258⋯.jpg (73.46 KB, 680x490, 68:49, you-are-only-an-extension-….jpg)


>We keep you pernamently divided


6a5b26 No.10395170

File: 29c6f194e707cfc⋯.png (32.91 KB, 1198x892, 599:446, 6858a8590ce1436ed2f51bd7da….png)


Filtered you fucking shill.

8aa85b No.10395194

TBH this whole thing, especially the pre-rally march, is making me reconsider my disdain of the alt-right. They may be faggots, but I can't see how chanting blood and soil is something I can dislike.

They are not /pol/, and never will be, but are useful towards our ends. As long as the faggots STAY THE FUCK OFF MY BOARD REEE

f4941f No.10395196


We are fighting them because they are one of you kikes.


I don't give a shit, stay in your safe space, yid.

accd64 No.10395313


why not use a drone instead something weird about using a helicopter

6a5b26 No.10395335


Okay, my jewish friend.

Why is this so bad? Because white people got together and didn't spend all day doing useless this. Boots on the ground nigger.

1b6d7d No.10395436



I can't into webm.

db31a7 No.10395526


You're not wrong, some people have unrealistic expectations of normalfags. Normalfags always look for leaders if we aren't providing quality natsoc leaders they're going to end up following some faggot like Spencer, that doesn't disqualify them from being men.

f4941f No.10395544


Playing pretend holding up wal-mart tiki torches ain't doing something productive, despite what your faggot overlords say.

6a5b26 No.10395665


Wasted dubs.

So what is your plan my dude? Tap on your keyboard while sitting on your unemployed ass all day while telling us whats real productivity?

f4941f No.10395954


Look little man, I would love to be an unemployed neet or whatever the fuck instead of a bitch who follows some implicit queer's street plays.


The meme kike is back, always ready to entertain me.

9453ed No.10400777

Coward ass kikes left the thread after getting told every time. Typical.

0bd553 No.10401078


>Getting upset about supra-national parties.

What was UKIP? A party engaged in the supra-national parliament of the EU, in order to get out of the EU.

a1c7cd No.10401200

File: abd90496b29b73d⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2248, 180:281, Screenshot_2017-08-13-15-4….png)

9453ed No.10401366


This is conditioning people into accepting ZOG ideals and structures.

>engaging against kikes means we are part of the kikes and we should accept their games

db989d No.10401575

I'm not to worried about the alt-right, personally. So long as they enrage the left enough for the left ist to post shit like >>10401200 I would say it is a net positive. We need more people to associate the left with anti-white sentiments. To many normalfaggots think the left have good hearts, but are just misguided. I'd argue we need that to change more than we need normalfags to have high opinions of any particular rightwing group. Hell, them having low opinions of the alt-kike and whoever else should be good things if you really think them to be controlled ops.

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