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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: dba0b8078eba045⋯.png (676.29 KB, 1200x927, 400:309, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 58d6ed3358385aa⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1200x1059, 400:353, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e0eb20e4e80c741⋯.png (891.64 KB, 1000x882, 500:441, ClipboardImage.png)

f192ed No.10391280

>Popular furry makes redpilled parody of gender comic, gets banned from FurAffinity

This could be an excellent opportunity to subvert the furry fandom, and make them lean right and push them away from degeneracy, or at the very least make them into useful idiots. Thousands of people already support this artist's views

This is one of the "popular" artists that a good chunk of furries recognize; he's got about 5,700 watchers under his belt, which is huge for a furry (most hit around 500-800 if they're an average artist).

Brace for degeneracy if you creep the comments or profiles:



f192ed No.10391304

File: f5f2b387243dbc8⋯.png (308.12 KB, 602x832, 301:416, ClipboardImage.png)

542d2d No.10391352

Is that faggot Marche using a different twitter alias now? Pretty funny that faggot thinks anyone would care about furry drama. What a loser. I'm going to assume he's OP as well.

b44e2c No.10391371

hopefully his furry friends bully him into suicide or better yet he shoots up a furry con.

b57820 No.10391434


Option two would be far better.

1a894f No.10392782

File: f7c0b0a914da782⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 640x480, 4:3, unrelenting furfaggotry.gif)


>wanting to be associated, in any way, with furries

f192ed No.10394022


>pr shilling

4a885c No.10394183

He had to have known what would happen, FurAffinity is bursting at the seams with fags of every possible stripe. Furry itself has a massive overrepresentation of queers and other degenerates who support every kind of degeneracy imaginable. Maybe he just got sick of hiding his power level.

0b3789 No.10394222


I've been waiting for an hero to clean house in a furry con ever since that furry gas attack.

023f3c No.10394237


Kill yourself furfag shitter

4d20b0 No.10394244

File: a5656626b5f2a1e⋯.png (27.36 KB, 185x177, 185:177, furry garrison.png)

half tempted to make this a meme

3d1f3c No.10394448

File: a3231951961dc68⋯.png (260.46 KB, 1200x1059, 400:353, 58d6ed3358385aa0fb8f2af44b….png)

354e69 No.10395135


I'm a furry and I'm red pilled. Yes, the fandom can be cancerous but not all of us are complete faggots. Most of us just want to just look at spooge art and be left alone. It's those lifestylers that fuck it up for up for us with their "I'm a wolf trapped in a humans body" bullshit.

36f04b No.10395146

File: 4e7c8d5aa89144c⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 431x324, 431:324, 57392e232433e45febe23de658….gif)

8dc02b No.10395149

File: 744ea43814d9cf6⋯.jpg (471.19 KB, 625x2585, 125:517, Jewish professor pornograp….jpg)


Stop jacking off entirely. It's bad for your mental health.

36f04b No.10395161

File: 5984c7585f3d7a9⋯.gif (691.36 KB, 260x183, 260:183, 5984c7585f3d7a96787a28e4c7….gif)

8dc02b No.10395210


fuck, wrong picture. damn it I can't find my picture where the author tacitly admits the psychological problems caused from massive porn consumption.

354e69 No.10395315



For most of us, porn is all we have.

78eb79 No.10395339


>I'm a redpilled degenerate


4f3917 No.10395392


What the fuck are you talking about? Anybody who uses this board has the movement, the race, etc.

add2e2 No.10395393

File: 31101d90d68ce6b⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 147x122, 147:122, 1463766843791-1.jpg)

Furfags and horsefuckers are autists, and what is a symptom of autism? Hypersensitivity

4f3917 No.10395399


Didn't mean to sage

cbb035 No.10395402


just quit jacking off dude, the urge to look at furry shit and even gay shit goes away QUICKLY if you do nofap

edbb90 No.10395406

Both of them are stupid.

e93fca No.10395408



Choose one and only one.

Also you have to go back.

9bfcb5 No.10395449



Use your made-up dictionary properly: trans is for transitioning, it has nothing do to with what that unicorn (I hate my life) is saying and your special snowflake gender-identity-thingy. Even if you pretend you are the 100th gender starting from the left, that doesn't mean you're trying to convert to pseudo-gender #149B from the fifth plane. I'm also eagerly waiting for the first "non-binary" to transition to another "non-binary". Just for funzies.

354e69 No.10395700

File: cacbe37f66b1064⋯.png (339.75 KB, 656x550, 328:275, Curvy-Girl-haircut-2.png)

File: 119e4eba83ecf70⋯.jpg (261.12 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, sheila.jpg)



What I mean women have become too toxic and ugly for us because of feminism and cultural Marxism, hence the reason why we turn to drawings to satisfy our base urges. The first image just cant compete with the second.

535b28 No.10395753

>Make them into useful idiots

I think they're too idiotic to be useful, to be honest. Gas the lot.

(kek, look up the chlorine incident, somebody's already tried)

c42ff8 No.10395770


you don't know what PR shilling is retard

abeb38 No.10395802


>This could be an excellent opportunity to subvert the furry fandom, and make them lean right

That'd be >>>/monster/

4b0a7d No.10396141

>Make furries

>Lean Right

I'd rather make them lean down, either breaking rocks in a labor camp, or in front of an open grave.

95bee2 No.10396159

File: 9e1cfe63954ea95⋯.jpg (85.3 KB, 640x427, 640:427, Abandon Hope.jpg)

1ad3e1 No.10396185


The first image may be disgusting but at least you can actually fuck it without having to play pretend with a stuffed animal.

84f75f No.10396274


>I'm a furry and I'm red pilled.

Repent completely and immediately or gas yourself. It's your choice.


Spoiler that shit.

9b3efc No.10396283



>some women are cancer and I'm too much of a beta cuck to unfuck a woman so I turn to cartoons


d68d3f No.10396291

File: 6d6cdc91e5585c7⋯.jpg (285.78 KB, 648x324, 2:1, featured.jpg)

We are truly living a dystopian novel

60f950 No.10396314


I'm a furry artist with about 1400 watchers (And before anyone says it, I fucking regret getting sucked into this because it will follow me forever. And I can never talk about politics or join a political group for the fear of being doxxed)

I promise you that , at the very least, 95% of Furries just go to FA to jack off. Of that, I can say from dealing with furries, the vast majority of them are social reject retards who command no respect or authority in any aspect of their lives. And of that, the vast majority are hard leftists, because they're the only ones who will accept furries, trannies, and shit like that into their wake.

Also FA bans people for more retarded reasons than political disagreements or "hate speech". I think they banned people who criticized a coder on their team for selling user personal info in the past. They get hacked so frequently it's a joke. The only reason people use FA, is because the viewer base is there. There is no alternative that is viable.

The best you can do in a situation like this is hold FA against the fire for their decision. Ask them why they ban people for joke pictures about the Gender Spectrum, but not for rape porn, cub porn, ect. Ask them why they have the resources to moderate content, separating babyfur diaper shitting futa from stupid edgy furfag opinions, when their security is STILL a fucking joke and their website looks straight out of 1995.

Show them for who they really are and mock their lack of priorities. you don't need to even defend the joke, just go off about how FA is still a fucking mess and how they just wanna virtue signal because it'll take pressure off their list of massive failures.

875c89 No.10396718

File: 78c907bbd26be9b⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 172x161, 172:161, dragonrealization.jpg)

>This could be an excellent opportunity to subvert the furry fandom, and make them lean right

Furfag here, already very right leaning as well as numerous amounts of other furfags. I'd argue that furry media can help push conservative narrative in a way, by paralleling differences in humans between animals in easily understandable way to even children. Seeing it as a means of showing how completely different animals can act similar but also similar animals can act completely different and obviously vice versa. (That completely different animals can obviously act completely different too.) Human characteristics in animals help to dissect personality and understand differences. For example, whites, blacks, asians, etc, are all similar but innately act different from each other. Also how dogs are different from humans, but share similar social behavior. And how although a subspecies can share a slight variation, their personality can be completely opposite and downright violent compared to a different subspecies with another slight variation.


Furry media helps associate differences in race and ethnicity.

And yes, I know, kys furfag. But there's something whimsical about media with animal characters that makes it entertaining. I happen to condemn the fetishes and autistic behavior. To me, being a furfag means enjoying a specific genre.

354e69 No.10396948

File: 87c31e64b11c54c⋯.png (703.14 KB, 863x800, 863:800, sheila-furrydakimakura.png)



Who in their right mind would want to willingly fuck them!? They're vile, disgusting and will suck you into their demented way of thinking. At least I don't have to worry about my Sheila Vixen dakimakura from turning me into communist.

354e69 No.10396966

File: c503ff91f5d2a4b⋯.jpg (155.85 KB, 494x531, 494:531, this hands.jpg)

953947 No.10396988

File: fd7fdb8c7320116⋯.jpg (16.7 KB, 484x359, 484:359, fd7fdb8c7320116606cb9a0ad8….jpg)




They're all coming into this thread to seek sympathy points from us. Please fucking light yourselves on fire and burn to a pile of ash. Nobody here is going to take you seriously if you admit to being a furfag. That's on par with admitting you have autism.

354e69 No.10397013


The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have a problem.

354e69 No.10397039


I don't even have anything you'd call fetishes. I just think anthropomorphic girls are hot.

953947 No.10397043

File: a7d7109b063d7ea⋯.gif (562.04 KB, 249x200, 249:200, a7d7109b063d7ead0aeb93c6d9….gif)


>furfag using reverse logic

The only problem here is furfags such as yourself coming here for sympathy points. Should add autistic into that as you feel the absolute need to tell us that you fuck animals. For the sake of humanity as fucked as it is, please just kill yourself.

d947a1 No.10397067


>some women are cancer and I'm too much of a beta cuck to unfuck a woman so I turn to cartoons

I constantly see idiots saying this shit. "You just have to man-up and turn a whore into a non-whore! If you can't do that, you're just a beta cuck who is afraid of women".

For one thing, why should it be my responsibility to teach women basic proper behavior?

Also, I find it funny that you say "unfuck", because, if you think about it in a more literal sense, it's impossible to "unfuck" a woman who has fucked other men before.

I'm guessing you're one of those cucks who will forgive it if a woman is not a virgin, and you think you can fix them and make them be a totally redpilled girl who is white nationalist just like you. Just so you know, the women who claim to be "redpilled women" and even "white nationalist women" are just doing it for attention, and none of them are virgins or the least bit traditional. Most of them went through huge whore phases before suddenly shifting gears because they see more potential for male attention in pretending to be a non-whore.

I'm sure that none of the white knight faggots who say "there's so many good womyn out there, you're just a bitter virgin cuck who will never reproduce!" actually have a decent-looking, white, virgin girlfriend. They almost always have a girlfriend that they shamefully admit wasn't a virgin, but they insist that "she's totally changed, bro".

I am not going to waste tons of my time, effort, and resources into teaching even one woman how to stop behaving like a whore, and to stop believing in leftist jew brainwashing. A much better way to teach them, is to make them learn their lesson the hard way.

As more and more men, many of them attractive to women (myself included), start to cut women out of their lives, more and more women will naturally gravitate towards that growing source of male attention. There are already plenty of femanons on /pol/, and you can stir them up and trigger them by making threads about how women are whores and that only virgin women are acceptable (because very few of them are virgins.) But there *were* a couple of femanons that came around and were happy to see that many of us encourage women to stay virgins.

Women will not stop being whores if you give them whatever they want but try to "teach" them while continuing to give them attention, take them on dates, fuck them, etc. Just like a child, since women are mentally the same as children, you have to take away the things they like, and make them learn their lesson the hard way, to incentivize them to act the way you want.

You will never get women to stop being whores, by continuing to white knight for them and insisting that we need to just "man-up and unfuck them!". They have no real incentive to stop behaving like whores, until men start saying "If you act like a whore, then you will not get my attention or money. No hymen, no diamond."

Until that day comes, I have to agree with the furry guy. It's not worth the effort (or the disgust) of dealing with all the idiotic whores. I'd rather just jerk it to anime girls.

117412 No.10397072


Yiff in hell.

e46e13 No.10397079


>Furfags are no longest the biggest faggots out there.

What a time we live in.

Regardless, he must still yiff in hell.

909859 No.10397090

File: aaa694589d7f9da⋯.png (81.65 KB, 206x256, 103:128, aaa694589d7f9dac1fa26a8684….png)



>all this fucking reddit spacing

The furfaggots truly are faggots.

117412 No.10397097

File: c0584e8bb87bfa9⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 492x449, 492:449, c0584e8bb87bfa99ad71359612….jpg)


Remember when Gaiafags were the worst people on the internet?

d947a1 No.10397112


Can you give an example of a long post that you think is formatted properly? Whenever I don't break up my lines with an extra space between, people say I'm "reddit spacing". But when I don't break up the lines, people complain about it being a wall of text that is too hard to follow.

bc2b34 No.10397125

gender, technically, is a spectrum - there are just two overlapping, but distinct, bell curves.

also, a lot of what we consider gender expression is bullshit altogether. example: scots wear kilts which are technically skirts, etc

117412 No.10397126

File: 1909789a1b13ad3⋯.png (298.91 KB, 398x597, 2:3, 2a406ff452f691c1bce0b53983….png)


You could always, you know, use normal paragraphs.

909859 No.10397131

File: bc1e70425e73e1c⋯.jpg (44.88 KB, 359x391, 359:391, bc1e70425e73e1ca6d2c4d4fb1….jpg)


>defending reddit spacing

>still sperging this hard

Congratulations, furfag! You just confirmed that you're on the autism spectrum.

875c89 No.10397151

File: 7ce7865fa56abae⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 638x425, 638:425, dumboniggercrow.jpg)



I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm suggesting a tactic. Nothing sexual or degenerate, but using furries as a means of propaganda. Anthropomorphic animals offer a unique mirror into the human psyche, by exemplifying personality differences and associating them with animal traits. Blacks and whites may only have slight physical variations, but each have innate ways of thinking unique to their race. Using animals, you can separate the way a race thinks into an animal that thinks similar to them, helping to understand differences. Pic related, try and tell me you could see this as a white person.

d947a1 No.10397160


Yeah, I've done what I thought were "normal paragraphs" in plenty of posts before, and people complained about there being no spacing and it being hard to follow. I guess I just do too much spacing without actually making full paragraphs, which is accidental because they look like large enough paragraphs in the text box.


It's not that I'm really defending this format, it just seems like the most logical way to space out the text to me, and I've never posted on reddit. I just genuinely want to know what would be the better way of formatting my posts. Also, I'm not a furry, I only like regular anime girls. I was just agreeing with the furfag that 2D is superior and that 3DPDs are disgusting.

875c89 No.10397180


Also a side thought. Liberal furries could be used as a way to show how it's mentally unstable to see past physical appearances and see every animal as the same.

909859 No.10397183

File: 1a0b51029cd1818⋯.jpg (68.99 KB, 540x390, 18:13, 1a0b51029cd1818ee02f1ae6bd….jpg)


>i-im not lookin fur sympathy pointz!

You're on an anti-furfag board, so why admit you're one? You must be autistic or just really fucking stupid. Common sense is that you're going to be made fun of. Speaking of which, have you took >>10396988's advice yet?


>>i-im not a furry!

>admits he is a furry in his own post right here >>10395135

You're an inconsistent little shit aren't you? Just leave before you embarrass yourself any further.

d947a1 No.10397190


>>10397160 (You)

>>i-im not a furry!

>admits he is a furry in his own post right here >>10395135

>You're an inconsistent little shit aren't you? Just leave before you embarrass yourself any further.

Check the IDs again, that second one is not my post. Who's the one embarrassing themselves, now?

f192ed No.10397191


>Crow's beak is equivalent to gigantic niggerlips

Top wew

909859 No.10397201


>still fucking reddit spacing STILL

Just stop kiddo.

eb56c3 No.10397204


those are beautifully formated

you must be a

117e85 No.10397215

File: 471e9cc7f189079⋯.png (456 KB, 623x457, 623:457, 1412624399.png)


Why has the furfag kike not a yarmulke on it?

f192ed No.10397221

File: 456b0aa4b9062cc⋯.png (305.09 KB, 600x1181, 600:1181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e5013f53ab4374e⋯.png (203.83 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

d947a1 No.10397242


It automatically adds spacing like that when you copy/paste multiple lines from someone's post, calm down. So not only do you try to call me out as being self-contradictory because you can't read IDs, but then you refuse to admit your mistake and just keep whining about spacing. You're the sperg here.

1fa093 No.10397257

File: 5f4edd99a01f60c⋯.jpg (99.16 KB, 680x644, 170:161, 5f4edd99a01f60c63412350348….jpg)


>b-but is automatic spacing!!! xD

>6 paragraph posts

>not sperging

you are so fucking stupid

e46e13 No.10397259

File: 06cabfd30cad346⋯.mp4 (3.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, imperial_nippon_gondola.mp4)


It's like we're repeating a digital version of medieval japanese history.

Once there were many clans. Us, ytmnd, SA, ebaums, gaia.

Eventually all but one perished.

Now we're the last meme samurai from a fading era of the internet. We charge into battle filled wielding memes we edited over nine thousand times ourselves to face down the mass produced drivel of the new social media.

875c89 No.10397278



>anti-furfag board

It's fucking 8chan, you can't act like there aren't a large amount of furfags already here. I admitted I was one because conservative furry propaganda looks to be an untapped resource. Using right wing propaganda in tandem with how animals naturally function would not only battle liberal furries and their degeneracy, but also exhibit how races staying separate is natural.

d77216 No.10397288


Yep, oh how the times have changed.

d947a1 No.10397291


So making long posts isn't allowed now?

And, when I said the spacing was automatic, I was referring to that one specific post where I quoted him, and he was complaining about the reddit spacing between the quoted lines. I wasn't claiming that all of my previous posts were all automatic spacing, I already said that I admit I spaced my text out a lot but that I didn't know what the proper alternative would be, since anons have complained about me doing either too much or too little spacing.

I wasn't trying to be an asshole about it, I just asked what the proper formatting would be, since I've had anons complain about both too much spacing and not enough spacing.

300280 No.10397337

File: 4f9d3e255556441⋯.png (201.22 KB, 651x456, 217:152, 61f3a4f9173ac179f9d383785d….png)


This is what we call a subversion attempt. Report the shill and filter him.

6e10da No.10397433


Daily reminder that furries, no matter their beliefs, are degenerates in moral terms, and absolutely meaningless in political terms.

cb7a50 No.10397454

I have a question: How the fuck do you know about this? I find it a tad odd that you know well…fucking anything about it.

c80b7c No.10397470


>Furries IRL vs Furries in their own minds.

c80b7c No.10397583


> Men are supposed to lead and dominate their women, if not you are a beta whyte knight loser!

> Why the fuck is it my job to teach women to behave?!? Way too much work!

>You don´t understand, Anon, there aren´t any good women nowadays!


>many of them attractive to women (myself included),

It is real in your mind, haha!

> Okay, they have GFs but they are really ashamed about that cuz they aren´t virgins.

Nein, you are the ashamed one. This is why you insist on the virginity thing, it makes you feel better than 99% of the women and men that has relationships.

>I have standards, that is why I cut women out of my life, totally not the other way around! No, really!

Thanks for the laugh!

354e69 No.10397590

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fritz the Cat was ahead of its' time!

0b79f8 No.10397656

File: 75f798f2bcba557⋯.jpg (42.74 KB, 263x280, 263:280, tails.jpg)


>archive to inkbunny

Now that's an interesting site. Not sure what its reputation is now, but it certainly used to carry the outcasts of the already secluded clique. The pariahs of the pariahs, so to speak. Mostly folks into baby animals, the pee-pee, the poo-poo and the likes, because those or some combination of things like them aren't allowed in other places.

It's where you find things like Two Babies One Fox. The content is bad enough, but the people around it and how "normal" they consider these topics to be is what's really unsettling.

I used to go there a bit when autism threads were all the rage on /v/, to look for buried treasures and share strange findings.

d947a1 No.10397657


It's pretty much the definition of being a cuck to have sex with a promiscuous woman who has had other men's dicks in her. Like I said before, you're not going to stop women from being whores by forgiving and rewarding them for acting like whores. There was a time that women did not act so whorish, and that was a time where their whorish behavior was frowned-upon and punished.

Makes no sense that you white knights seem to think that you can defend women and encourage their behavior, and that you can somehow stop them from behaving like whores in the process. How will it incentivize women to stop acting like whores, if they're free to act like whores, and then a cuck like you will come along and forgive their promiscuity because "oh she's changed!"

Look at the statistics, virgin women are far more likely to have stable marriages, and are far less likely to have STDs.

74d867 No.10397713



49195e No.10397728

File: f18c51fb6fbcd99⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 200x200, 1:1, vgytu.gif)

>admitted furries in this thread right now.

can a mod go full snacks and give them the hammer.

b3f29a No.10397732


That's not what PR shilling is you fucking retard. He isn't saying we shouldn't associate with furries because it harms our image, it's because they're fucking degenerates.

71bc1e No.10397761

File: 44c185bd60d3b8d⋯.jpg (180.23 KB, 1200x1067, 1200:1067, 1491284863283.jpg)

File: 27fa88d13cea512⋯.png (226.2 KB, 5128x3205, 8:5, 1491270354224.png)

File: 1705219ded28d63⋯.png (116.96 KB, 873x915, 291:305, 1491295158421.png)

File: e9fe1152a53152b⋯.jpg (332.13 KB, 1120x744, 140:93, e9f.jpg)

Furrie fandom is cancerous but can it be exploited?

79f49b No.10397771

Furfags live up to their names, all of them fail to go by typical chan formatting.


74d867 No.10397865


There are furry nazis here?

924955 No.10397896


>gets banned from Furfaginity by for not being a faggot


535b28 No.10397920


Nazifurs are pretty well known, though they are mostly literal edgy larpers.

There was a huge drama a while back because some Nazifurs (and a Confederate furry too) were going to show up at some con and an Antifafur threatened to bring a gun and shoot them, so the con owners sperged out and cancelled the whole thing, for which the Nazis were blamed.

da8466 No.10398008

there are so many little groups like this that could be our useful idiots, but we always just label them faggots. its hard not to push them away. We need groups of useful idiots that we can puppeteer yet not claim at all.

b6bef6 No.10398173

File: 21b2f9efd5372b9⋯.jpg (26.44 KB, 342x401, 342:401, 21b2f9efd5372b98707f688c8e….jpg)


I remember that. There was something about a guy getting found out he diddled a kid. I think it was one of the con owners.

0b79f8 No.10398248


What's the deal with left-leaning conference/forum/community organizers and being involved with diddling and diddling accessories? Neofag, at least two in the carpet-wearing yahoo community, some butthurt indie music forum that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, among others.

74d867 No.10398358


Wew the facts are even funnier than fictions. Who knews?

adfdb8 No.10398361

Vidme embed. Click thumbnail to play.




ca26d2 No.10398455


Most furry Artists are Jewish?

74d867 No.10398506


They fell to their own invention. jews had some furries within their community.

16811e No.10398520



>someone formats their long post

>le reddint spacing heurr durr

>posts anime picture to make his post extra retarded

177c32 No.10398771

File: 7ea32c081c77b38⋯.png (77.64 KB, 1544x41, 1544:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f0ebb0516d4c4ed⋯.png (683.81 KB, 1280x1118, 640:559, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0a01c19308ddcd9⋯.png (242.3 KB, 741x1035, 247:345, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 72401a054977f1c⋯.png (210.8 KB, 995x794, 995:794, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey now, it's not like autists chose to become autistic (although it's one of the factors of furfaggotry, rest of which include the lack of a proper "dad" figure, shitty overbearing mom, self hate and perhaps some "childhood stuff" are the causes of this).

also, would it even matter if you focus more on the body than the "species" itself? Then again, if you're gonna focus on the body moreso than the animal bits, might as well invest yourself into anime or manga.


>he's politically aligned with people who'll reject him based on his fetish because the other side of the spectrum is too autistic for him

I actually pity you mostly because I can empathize with you, but it'd be best if you just kept it to yourself as something generally unspoken, kinda like the "don't ask don't tell" kind of way. Not basing your identity on the stuff you get it off to also helps as well.


Like how jews used communism as a tool of subversion, far-right furfaggotry should be utilized as a subversive tool to destabilize and cause infighting within the furry fandom preferrably to crash them with no survivors.

99675e No.10398824


This man is asking the right questions

0b79f8 No.10398954

File: d537ed00cac6af4⋯.png (346.4 KB, 524x511, 524:511, desperate.png)


Judging by the filename, probably not.


117e85 No.10399022

File: 8fb6516dba0066b⋯.jpg (112.24 KB, 578x400, 289:200, Paul Bob Page 1.jpg)


Desperate. Your turn.

ec8166 No.10399037

File: 0d6f375ed336526⋯.jpeg (125.82 KB, 600x700, 6:7, come_at_me_bro.jpeg)

This is good news OP. Hopefully he can at least bring those on the fence and sniffing around at this stuff over into some measure of common sense on this topic of gender.



Actually, I don't really think you can troll me tbh. But feel free to try.

>t. veteran of the 4/b mod war

b776ad No.10399095


Presented unto you is a normal paragraph, with the traditional indentation. It contains multiple sentences, each describing the topic of the paragraph. A paragraph typically contains five statements, though many continue in a seemingly interminable manner. This fourth sentence appears to exist for the purposes of padding out the text, to create a visually larger paragraph. This is the final sentence of the paragraph, summarizing the previous statements regarding the existence of the paragraph, the formatting and typical structure of one, and ending with a period.

This is a second paragraph, typed to determine if two paragraphs of similar length, have the appearance of a "wall of words". There is less actual content in this paragraph, and more random rambling in order to state at length, nothing in particular. This is a skill that can be used to great effect in paper-writing, so long as the verbosity is not egregious, like a Tim Buckley comic. May the force B ^ U. Thus, endeth the second paragraph.

44365f No.10399430


"I may be K-selected but I don't wear fur"

1f60d5 No.10399435

File: cca0219621ebaf4⋯.jpg (95.55 KB, 650x650, 1:1, cca0219621ebaf46f10f1e579a….jpg)


Won't do shit. Those who could possibly be redpilled in the furry community likely already are, and the rest are so insane with their views there's really no talking to them without tears and screaming.

>>10395315 is absolutely true. Thanks to this, furries will leap (myself not excluded) at the opportunity to date someone like themselves, and tend to completely ignore the age-old saying: never stick your dick in crazy. This is the only time I see furries change political views - when they find a mate. Considering the sheer amount of leftist marxist faggotry bullshit, too often it's someone who had slight convictions for the right but is shamed out of it by his leftist pozhole who wants nothing but to be pissed and shit on.

Last bit happened to someone who was once a friend of mine. rip


>t. veteran of the 4/b mod war

I was there for a good while. Shadilay brother.

ec8166 No.10399479


lel +1 upboat

b47978 No.10399505

File: e2d85c19bf01ff6⋯.jpg (157.27 KB, 780x1170, 2:3, 1470462313118.jpg)





Please understand, I see images like the first two above, and every every last circuit in me cringes. Then I double take, just to be sure I didn't mislabel or judge inappropriately. And then it happens again, full-system repulsion. And then all I can think next is to ask you, are you trying to get me to kill you?

You do understand that part, I'm sure. I know that you must. I sympathize with perhaps some of the tangential hellscape reasoning, on women, on shitsfucked, etc. But then, to go to that-next-step-tm, instantly vaporizes that sympathy into the white, followed by the repeated slights being remembered of all the same misappropriations again and again. I can't not remember, and you are not helping this shit show by reminding me Vlad is overdue.

It may be one thing to put cat ears on a girl, and seek substitution, to wallow in dismay and such. I can understand perhaps some, with the obvious guidance of 'get over it' / 'its always been that way' / 'where do you think you are' / etc. But it's quite another to put snouts, fur on tits, and do all other manner of behave-like-an-animal and associated anatomical interactions. If a horse shoved it's pussy into my face, I would stare in confusion in one micron, double-take the next micron, do a final sanity-check reassessment of frame-global-down-to-minute-detail tripple-check, and then I would kill calmly go get my gun, a tarp, and/or schedule the abattoir pickup.

There is a reason why you know to keep this private and not flame it where it does not belong. Let me remind you of this here. Take this, and take that elsewhere. Before you get something else.

ec8166 No.10399512



Shadily to you. I was there from Jun '11 straight through till I departed 8/b/reads a couple of years ago. You are pretty much spot on about the odds of any good from it, but there may be a few in the earlier stages who might yet be redeemed.

bdd68e No.10399541

File: c0b637af0d7530d⋯.png (122.65 KB, 507x433, 507:433, unamused fox.png)


No you aren't faggot. The real "redpilled furries" don't bring it up and don't care what /pol/ thinks about their fetish because they didn't making jacking off to cartoon animals a meaningful part of their identity.

1f60d5 No.10399695


I've likely talked to you before, then. I was there from July '11, bounced from a few sites after everyone left 4/b/, then stopped about three years ago.

Too true - some of the newer lads and lasses haven't had that fatal doze of poz yet and are sorta "out there".

3cd324 No.10399730


I vote for option 2. Preferably followed by option 1.

ec8166 No.10399756


Sadly, I imagine with the incredible push to POZ the entire West going on in schools–even fucking kindergartens!–the age of likely redeemability keeps just going down and down. Only God's grace can really get us out of this mess.

>I've likely talked to you before, then

Possibly so. Most of the handful of true hardasses that made it through the deathmarch are still together back on cuckchan

002fc4 No.10399812

File: 564cf0765f015f6⋯.png (421.12 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, sirknight.png)

File: def2fb527074a25⋯.png (205.4 KB, 485x750, 97:150, Float.png)


>But it's quite another to put snouts, fur on tits, and do all other manner of behave-like-an-animal and associated anatomical interactions. If a horse shoved it's pussy into my face, I would stare in confusion in one micron, double-take the next micron, do a final sanity-check reassessment of frame-global-down-to-minute-detail tripple-check, and then I would kill calmly go get my gun, a tarp, and/or schedule the abattoir pickup.

I agree, that's why some monster girls that are beastiality from the waist down are just as degenerate as "desperately attempting to mimic as much animal feature as possible" furfaggotry. If it's cartoonish enough to pass as "anime person with animal features" or sticks to rule of cute (e.g kemono), then it's at the very least tolerable.

ab17f3 No.10399821

GTFO with this slide thread

2ef76b No.10399825

File: 8f0f8b910674ff4⋯.jpg (48.39 KB, 800x1035, 160:207, Furry Moon Man.jpg)

File: 95ec5f2d2de3805⋯.jpeg (231.73 KB, 1055x1165, 211:233, 015a10d04693913bdb78f78f0….jpeg)

ec8166 No.10399832


Which of the bottommost of the 25 pages of breads here would you have redeemed friend? Actually, the idea that there's a possibility that someone with a reasonably important voice to a typically degenerate crowd may actually influence them for some good is quite apropos to the board imo.

1fa093 No.10399902

File: 2b1ff715c0b202f⋯.jpg (67.52 KB, 434x425, 434:425, 5f50395047ad065d34df03fc30….jpg)

Why are there so many furfags here? It's just like threads that mention autism. You'll get alot of retards admitting they have autism for sympathy which is exactly what these furfags are doing now. A symptom of autism is the inability to keep things to yourself. Seems furfagism and autism go hand and hand..

527733 No.10399912





1f60d5 No.10399915


It sickens me - that push for kids, younger and younger, to learn about this shit early. Truly, we need some divine intervention.

I wasn't aware anyone was left on half/b/. Might check it out sometime just for shits n' giggles.

79f49b No.10399916


>Dogfucking is A-OK!

1f60d5 No.10399918


Nobody wants your sympathy, faggot. Take that shit elsewhere.

2ef76b No.10399938

File: e83220c65d9a700⋯.png (59.1 KB, 212x383, 212:383, Common trash thread.png)


Halfchan /trash/'s furry porn is mostly straight if that's any hope.

ec8166 No.10399975


Trying to instill this genderfluid degeneracy qualifies explicitly as 'offending [] these little ones' imho. That and the even more basic evil that God's very existence is falsehood. I truly believe what I said. Only His grace can rescue us at this stage.


actually, they are in 4/trash. they can give you the whole rundown there

1fa093 No.10399979


>my post

>"sympathy seeking"

Closeted furfag detected. Fucking kill yourself dogfucker faggot.

8a6752 No.10399989


>I'm a furry and I'm red pilled.

>Most of us just want to just look at spooge art and be left alone

It just doesn't fucking add up

1f60d5 No.10400152


I already said I was. I'll say it again: Nobody wants sympathy, especially yours. Instead of projecting here, try projecting your brain matter on a wall with a shotgun.

e30e1e No.10400292


Alt-Furry/Anime-Right is a thing and there are pup players amongst them. I've talked about this here before. There's a whole "Furry Twitter" too which is pro-trump and Civil nationalist. Look at this autism, BLM furry burning swastica of an Alt-Furry


527733 No.10400317

1fa093 No.10400359

File: 23046ffcfcce4fe⋯.png (217 KB, 442x387, 442:387, 23046ffcfcce4feb37abf3b8e5….png)


>>t. autistic dogfucking furfaggot

>furfag telling others to kill themselves

>doesn't know what sympathy is


The degeneracy and autism shows in your posts. Fucking kill yourself.

63d98b No.10400377


Not a furry. I wish I could. Nofap tips?

527733 No.10400407


You can stop LARPing as le ebin hacker 4chan anytime soon. That shit stopped being funny in 2007.

moot is gone forever and with him all the SA rejects beta orbiters who thought it was fanni getting triggered over trivial shit and screaming "furries furries yiff yiff kys" in an attempt to look tough.

4f3917 No.10400421

I would like the whole idea of using the same subversion tactics the feds, lefties, and (subconsciously) sexual deviants use against us against furries but… that could infect our stuff severely just by getting a little closer to them.


Why'd you add the (you)?


You're either a retard or a fed. Either way, get out.


You'd think that there'd be more "confederate" furries out there considering how many (relative to mainstream)

right-wing southerners seem to be furries.


Unfortunately, more intelligent people tend to search for more stimuli quicker which results in them using computers often instead of doing barely gratifying tasks like hard work which results in them finding 4chan, porn, etc. once they find porn, they'll get weirder and weirder with their porn due to the law of diminishing returns. That's my theory, anyway.

e30e1e No.10400432


Omg, you don't know about the "Confederate Furry"? It's not that he's from the south. It's that his fursuit's fur color was literally the confederate flag. He was a giant walking confederate flag. It was cringy.

4f3917 No.10400459

File: d97710e92680e9c⋯.gif (66.63 KB, 484x305, 484:305, IMG_1573.GIF)


I kind of expected something like that but not that bad.

e30e1e No.10400469

File: e9751f8b4a6ce4d⋯.jpg (171.24 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DDtUMnBXkAAUVdm.jpg)

File: d80498baccf6117⋯.jpg (56.72 KB, 278x400, 139:200, [email protected])

File: c14bea2cedb5d84⋯.jpg (209.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1500728152.magnusdiridian_….jpg)





He doesn't do it for white "pride", he does it because he's been known to make costum-y fursuits. Pic 3 is a more-recent suit.

0b79f8 No.10400487

File: a57a95a233c11b1⋯.jpg (6.53 KB, 229x220, 229:220, old-fashioned man drinking….jpg)



Can't shake the impression that it's like WWE with cereal mascots, where punishment for breaking kayfabe is death.

e30e1e No.10400490

File: 6f4d0ca3ef1979b⋯.jpg (87.96 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DDs5znxXgAA6D3b.jpg)


Here's a better image of the back of his suit

c5cec1 No.10400504

These people are degenerate cannon fudder for our cause

We don't care even if they die by SJWs, they are degenerate.

If they die or get harmed however, they will be a nice example to show to wider public that SJWs are crazy and bad.


Keep your degenerate shit off our board, furry.

e30e1e No.10400514


Your statements contradict eachother. You're against furries yet you're ok with a containment board. These people need to be researched and exposed. I take it you either have never been to /cow/ or you don't get it.

998d12 No.10400526




You know who makes threads about furfags? Furfags. I think it's time to bite the bullet, OP.

1fa093 No.10400540


Nice projection. You can stop pretending to be a trump supporter just to cover up the fact that you like and think that fucking animals in the ass is normal.

e30e1e No.10400562

File: 3c2508fc2295c1d⋯.jpg (102.36 KB, 802x960, 401:480, DDtR71bXUAAsGBI.jpg)


This guy is different tbqh. He's just an autistic who's making costumes. There are a supprising amount of people like this (e.g. the furry "Comedian" who was blacklisted from every furry event because he had one of those poaw-print nazi armbands. What the big problem is, in my view, are the (newer) "Furry Raiders" as well as the long-existing "Alt-Furry" who legitimately support Trump and are Civic-Nationalists. This person is Alt-Furry, btw: https://twitter.com/robofux

527733 No.10400577


All your triggered, sub-100 IQ brain managed to fart in this thread were just different flavors of "kys furfags". Stuff yourself into a time machine and go back to 2007 /b/. You'll fit in there.

1fa093 No.10400599


The only triggered one here us you. Stop defending your degenerate fetish and really just fucking kill yourself already. Raping animals and yiffing to them will never be normal.

4f3917 No.10400611


>I, an intellectual (unlike you /b/tards) jerk it to finely drawn images of giant anthromorphized futa animals with meter-long dicks shitting into each others mouths like an ourobouros.

20f87c No.10400621

File: 540b1ad6500c5f7⋯.jpg (53.92 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 730d0bedf9055cdc797f1f5aee….jpg)

furries are the last implicit stand of white identity

527733 No.10400637


>no, u!


Truly a scholar of the way of the /b/tard.

550768 No.10400639


is there a thread about it on >>>/furry/ ?

id rather not find out the hard way

5f33fd No.10400645


>Mark an X in one box:

>[ ] Mr [ ] Mrs [ ] Ms


>Write a number between 0 and 100 in all boxes:

>Gender Identity: [ ] Female [ ] Male [ ] ???

>Gender Expression: [ ] Feminine [ ] Masculine [ ] ???

>Sex (mis)assigned at birth: [ ] Female [ ] Male [ ] ???

>Physically attracted to: [ ] Women [ ] Men [ ] ???

>Emotionally attracted to: [ ] Women [ ] Men [ ] ???

So simple!

1fa093 No.10400647


>t. an autistic dogfucking furfaggot wgo has no clue what /b/ is like so desperately trying hard to fit into 8ch culture

2589a6 No.10400649

File: b76f1f89d3787ed⋯.jpg (25.26 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Disappointed snake.jpg)













Holy Jesus, this thread is some of the worst cancer I've seen in years. It’s like I'm back on /b/ in 2007. Yeah it's great some furrys aren’t complete leftist goons. Doesn’t change the fact that the vast majority of them are probably homosexual sjws with an antiwhite, anti-Western, chip on their shoulders. (its not acceptable in mainstream society, and it probably never should be just like any LGBT nonsense)

If you're jacking off to straight furry porn you probably aren't even a furry, no reason to even identify yourself as that. You’d probably Jack off to anything as long as it's attractive and satisfies whatever crap you're into. There is no God damn reason to proclaim some type of "identity" just because of the porn you like. That’s what the left does. Every god damn idiosyncrasy is some kind of “identity” to them. I don't give a crap what you do in your spare fucking time just keep it to yourself. Be yourself and be the best self you can be and don’t worry about some God damn label (if you have to label something, label your hobbies. not yourself, Don’t let (((them))) categorize you).

For everybody starting a fight with the God damn furys and horsefuckers and other degenerates, wake the God damn hell up! You’re on 8chan! if you if you weren't some kind of degenerate yourself, you wouldn't even be here. Stop larping as pious priests and neo crusaders and start running for local government for God's sake. Start building corporations and having traditional families with the few non-mutated disease-free females that exist in the West or wherever the hell you are. And make sure you immunize them against Marxism and Judaism. That’s the only path we have forward to the future. Shaming Internet rando's about what garbage they fap to might make you feel warm and cozy at night, but it’s not doing shit to solve our (((real problem))). Instead of attacking your sickly and misguided countrymen. Actually do something every day to fight back against the monsters spreading the virus. (Eliminate the drug dealer and you have no more drug addicts).

550768 No.10400655

527733 No.10400671


It's like listening to a broken record.

Taken straight from the best-seller "Buzzwords to fling at furries, by m00tyinks and his army of beta goons".

Honestly, it's fun.

af1dc7 No.10400710

File: 9f0a3f6ac2473f9⋯.jpg (26.77 KB, 379x388, 379:388, images (4).jpg)


>reddit spacing


>m-muh /b/

>m-muh buzzwords XD


You're very insecure about your fetish that you have to come here and sperg constantly against another anon whilst having no clue how /b/ operated back then, right?

e30e1e No.10400733


>>>/furry/ has died and everyone went to /fur/

2589a6 No.10400737


>le disruptive reddit spacing may may.

they're called paragraphs jew, don't they have those in Hebrew?

527733 No.10400761


>the one who is sperging totally isn't the person whose countless posts are literally indistinguishable from one another due to their narrow dictionary


eee4b8 No.10400817

>This could be an excellent opportunity to subvert the furry fandom, and make them lean right and push them away from degeneracy, or at the very least make them into useful idiots. Thousands of people already support this artist's views

Furries aren't people who have their shit together, they can only be a liability

The correct response to furries:

https://www.buzz feed.com/gabrielsanchez/intense-photos-gas-attack-furry-convention?utm_term=.kn47py6N1#.yqkvR3bYp

af1dc7 No.10400834

0b79f8 No.10400842

File: 56c31b7fc1a241a⋯.webm (2.25 MB, 720x480, 3:2, furcon.webm)

File: 1ffc6882cf30dd9⋯.webm (3.88 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Berlin Drift.webm)


A shame it looked more like some clumsy bum trying to steal pool supplies than anything else. Either that or someone very incompetent trying to stir shit.

2589a6 No.10400874

File: 61b2c776cabaf27⋯.jpg (20.51 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mika-brzezinski.jpg)

File: 30485c31ac32e90⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1128x1413, 376:471, Mika_Brzezinski.jpg)


>(((mika brzezinski)))

that laughing yid could've used a shower too.

d947a1 No.10400898


>Why'd you add the (you)?

It was accidental, I just quickly copy-pasted the text without re-reading it. So when I copy/pasted the part where my own post was quoted, it also copied the (you), and I didn't notice.


>This is a second paragraph, typed to determine if two paragraphs of similar length, have the appearance of a "wall of words"

Except, I never said that only two paragraphs would create the wall of text problem, it mainly happens on longer posts with 5+ paragraphs.

So, with a longer post/longer paragraphs, yes, that format would look like a compressed wall of text. Even when reading my own posts in the past where I had no spacing, I found it hard to follow which line I was on because it's all too pressed together.

You won't notice it with only a couple paragraphs, the negative effect of not spacing out text only becomes noticeable with long posts (which are usually the kind of posts that I make, because I'm trying to actually discuss things instead of just more shitposting)

20f87c No.10400961

File: 5610bf5674ff0da⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 200x170, 20:17, 1463246606094.jpg)


fuck off /fur/ is asatru-pilled, hail the all-father tbh

f87c86 No.10401059

File: a65374bc31f6f39⋯.png (490.89 KB, 768x768, 1:1, a65374bc31f6f39051214d8a47….png)

Get the fuck outta our turf you homosexuals.

002fc4 No.10401076

File: 7a950d0ba714a7c⋯.png (33.52 KB, 1560x241, 1560:241, Reddit Spacing.PNG)

File: 605a1dbd45eb8b3⋯.png (75.14 KB, 866x475, 866:475, what is reddit spacing.png)

File: 3e8e791f348dfa7⋯.png (12.01 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 'Pretending to be a retard….png)


>paragraphs are reddit spacing

2589a6 No.10401108

File: 03dc24aea238ca5⋯.jpg (110.5 KB, 1280x512, 5:2, large.jpg)



I thought the meme was bronies are CIA.

b23bd2 No.10401162


its the other way around

ec8166 No.10401202


the CIA are bronies?

>[shocked expression intensifies]*

2589a6 No.10401231

File: 44d5239ba507442⋯.png (347.56 KB, 561x653, 561:653, Screenshot-2017-03-20-11.1….png)

File: 74cff33f89d31df⋯.jpg (21.27 KB, 400x216, 50:27, examiner_pride_400.jpg)

File: 7b611f80d656dc3⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 494x231, 494:231, cia_pride_494.jpg)

File: 0322ca4f4bc94de⋯.jpg (75.85 KB, 600x400, 3:2, transgender soldiers under….jpg)



yeah, but the meme was based off that one Cat Picture from a WikiLeaks drop being traced back to an ERP thread on some type of pony chan (which really only serve to prove that CIA are definitely posting here and on other image boards). nothing else was really connected. the most damning thing around that time though was the article about transsexuals in the CIA. no real connection to cartoon horses was found, but the fact that the CIA (and other government agencies) are so infested with jews that they have tranny agents posting big public articles is more than a little concerning.

1231f5 No.10401310

btfo by a furry


ec8166 No.10401353

File: d97aac4121a562a⋯.jpeg (10.44 KB, 236x183, 236:183, JUST.jpeg)


>J U S T

furry my shit up bro

29a852 No.10401769

File: feebda5f3b52eb4⋯.jpg (620.21 KB, 2098x1200, 1049:600, 161802391898723572394.jpg)


image for reference what he is parodying

43569f No.10401812

File: ffd2cfde0a8a9d9⋯.jpg (143.22 KB, 1105x717, 1105:717, IMG_20170227_162622.jpg)

e30e1e No.10401827


According to someone I know, a guy went onto 4chan's /b/ asking how to clean his fursuit, and an anon gave the poster advice that would have resulted in making mustard gas (combining ammonia with clorine). Then about 2 days later this happened

9b3efc No.10401939

File: 110f55f6097861c⋯.mp4 (6.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, filter merchant embarrasse….mp4)


>who in their right mind would fuck a human woman that is of their own species and race

This is your mind on bestiality. Kill yourself.


It's the truth. Be a man, have testosterone, stop masturbating, stop reddit spacing, and be a fucking man or just kill yourself and preferably take some jewish elites with you.



>Blacks and whites may only have slight physical variations




>self-genocide through non-reproduction is better than [shit meme beta cucks and mgtows use to promote white genocide]


>y-you're a cuck if you get with a woman who isn't fucking another man while you're with her

You are beyond desperate to make excuses for being a mentally ill faggot.


It's like mentally ill leftist thought is related somehow.



>horsefucker shit


though I'll admit reposting those images is a good way to troll retarded people like /polmeta/ posters and /sudo/ "reeeeeeeeee ron and jim change moderation noooooooooooooooow" faggots



You'd be surprised (or maybe not) how many of them seemingly out of nowhere catch the MKULTRA conditioning making them want to be a woman.

Here's an objective truth, a redpill, so SOMETHING useful can come out of this fucking thread:

Fetishes are drugs. They are exactly like drugs. They are addictive, and those weak enough to have them are generally weak enough to be susceptible to acceleration. When one thing stops getting them off, they will find something new, often harder, to move onto. This is the exact same way elites end up going after children. They're sick, and the only treatment by that point is death.

c5cec1 No.10402198


I think that trying to defend them is against our interest yet trying to directly attack would be even worse.

Not trying to PR shill but we can use this situation as a form of PR by showing how bad the other side is.

fuck, I do sound like a pr shill don't I

964be1 No.10402227

File: 56c3921c8869676⋯.jpg (11.45 KB, 194x256, 97:128, Burnedfurs.jpg)

File: 17e7024bdb58524⋯.png (158.83 KB, 288x348, 24:29, polthread111111111.png)

File: ea73a5aa6e30ab6⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 183x232, 183:232, 1464295547310s.jpg)


ma boi!


oy vey don't agree with furries goyim they're degenerates

2ef76b No.10402450

File: 7ec5d674366d510⋯.jpg (181.18 KB, 920x920, 1:1, Werewolf welcoming committ….jpg)


That's the fucking weird thing in my case though. Both parents around, healthy upbringing, no addictions (including not even touching alcohol or weed or smoking). I took the ACE test (child adversity) and scored perfectly (with full resilience points). I just liked werewolves when I was younger and it never went away (Bloodmoon did it).

I've only red-pilled about a dozen furs so far (got one to understand the JQ on Friday) and I think there's a decent amount of potential within the fandom. Just need a way to strip away the kikery from it.

d947a1 No.10402461


>self-genocide through non-reproduction is better than [shit meme beta cucks and mgtows use to promote white genocide]

I want whites to reproduce, and the fact that whites are being bred-out makes me sad, but it seems like a raw deal for white men and their children. Fewer and fewer marriages last long these days, family structures are breaking down. Most marriages end in divorce and betrayal, where your children can be used as pawns against you by the woman. And any time you have sex with a woman, even with a condom (which have a higher failure rate than you might expect), and even if she claims to be on "the pill", there's always the risk that you could impregnate this woman that isn't a worthy candidate to be the mother of your children, and will turn against you sooner or later.

It's not as simple as "just dominate them with your masculinity and tesosterone", just look at how well that works out for all the normalfags who have plenty of confidence and a dominant attitude, but can't do anything in the face of child custody laws and divorce laws.

>y-you're a cuck if you get with a woman who isn't fucking another man while you're with her

So if she fucked a bunch of men before you, that's fine to you, because she only fucks you for a relatively short period of time? (Then goes back to fucking several other men immediately after the "break up"). Seems like a pretty arbitrary cut-off to no longer call a woman a whore just because "she's in relationships". Yeah, she's had sex with 5+ men before she turned 20, but they were all her "boyfriends"! And it's not cucked to fuck a woman who has had casual sex partnerships with a bunch of men, because she stopped for a short while and we're in a "relationship" now.

A promiscuous woman is and will always be just that. It's stupid to allow them to go whoring around as much as they please, then thirsty cucks forgive it and pretend it never happened.

((Dating)) and ((boyfriends)) are just code-words for casual sex partnerships. They're a way of acting promiscuous and having no social consequence for it (although it's gotten to the point where there's pretty much no shame in even having random hook-ups).

If a woman has had sex with other guys before, it bothers me and disgusts me, and any sane man should feel the same.

There's a reason that in christianity, and throughout european history, virgin women were coveted and revered, while promiscuous women were shamed and did not have good opportunities for a quality husband. But nowadays there's plenty of thirsty cucks who will forgive a woman who has had sex with several men before him, because "She's changed! And she won't fuck any other guys for the few months that we're together!" It's arbitrary and stupid.

I'm not saying whites shouldn't reproduce, I want there to be good white families, and it makes me sad that white people are being bred-out. And it's a problem on multiple fronts, as white nations are being invaded by brown hordes that breed more frivolously, and white men are having greater conflict with white women than ever before. But I don't think that it's white men's fault, and I don't think that the solution is to forgive women for being promiscuous and have children with them despite their slutty past.

Like I was saying earlier, I think that the best way to filter out the sluts and find a woman who will be a worthy wife and mother is to only accept a quality, virgin woman (and a quality, virgin woman who has restraints and morals probably wants a quality man who hasn't had casual sex with a bunch of sluts before, too). This also would help to stop more young women from becoming sluts in the first place, if more quality men show that we don't like sluttiness, and we want women to restrain themselves and save their virginity for the man they will love for their whole life.

I still have some hope that I'll find a woman who will be a good wife, but ((dating)) and ((girlfriends)) aka short-lived casual sex partnerships are not really going to help you find a good woman, you'll only have casual sex. If the only result is casual sex, and not a man who will be a good wife, then yeah, I'd rather just stay home, play videogames, and fap to hentai. I'm not a complete shut-in, I still have a job and a social life, and I have a fair amount of friends and girls who know me, but I just don't see any of the women I know as being good wife/mother material. And again, I won't have casual sex with women who won't make good wife/mother material, because having sex always carries the risk of impregnation.

I'm not saying to never have children, but I think it's best to exercise great caution and don't be a gullible fool who falls for the promiscuous culture we live in. I won't be anyone's fool, and neither should you.

Also, look at these stats on women with more non-marital sex partners having less stable marriages and higher STD rates.

d947a1 No.10402473

File: 1eacc12a24f4335⋯.jpg (330.56 KB, 1223x1570, 1223:1570, women_who_have_more_non-ma….jpg)


>Also, look at these stats on women with more non-marital sex partners having less stable marriages and higher STD rates.

Fuck, forgot image

f75b14 No.10402516

File: cb448427caa1102⋯.jpg (77.77 KB, 1147x311, 1147:311, saracen.jpg)

>no goy, don't use the furries against us to spread redpills or you'll be a furry yourself

Furries drawing redpills are useful in the same way a muslim beheading a jew is useful.

Don't throw away a weapon just because it was used by someone else before.

a2aae9 No.10402709


This. We could be making progress if we weren't afraid to subvert our enemies in the same manner that kikes have with us.

b547ef No.10402727


>Fighting fire with fire

>When we could be fighting fire with water

35ae78 No.10402817


Don't knock it until you try it; subverting them by causing massive infighting and pitting them one against another can open up many windows of opportunity to crash them with no survivors.

368a50 No.10402940

Furfag here. Degenerate as it is, the internet furry thing is a large community. Planting seeds of doubt against liberalism can and does have a far reaching effect through furry internet places, due to the nature of the beast- pun not intended. What I mean is this: People who get off on furry porn generally do not share the information in public, so it is essentially a very large gathering of people who chase after intimacy with one another while hiding their identities behind pseudonyms and fictional representations of themselves.

This creates an environment where a great many people can experiment with new ways of thinking and new opinions. It's an environment where a lot of younger people can be redpilled, in one small way or another. It can be done very subtly. I've influenced more than a few votes myself- most furfags on the internet are extremely susceptible to influence from people they respect, be they leftists or not.

Degenerate subculture though it is, it is an asset to be maximized. Food for though.

ae3bcd No.10402969


I am sure one day the neo-right will discover that some of there fellow comrades wear fur suits. If you watch this artists shouts and comment on both fa and pedobunny, will see there is many who agree with what message he is saying.

368a50 No.10403142


My opinion is that fursuit wearers should be stayed away from in this. Wearing those costumes is symptomatic of having no filter and bad social skills, unless it's one of the very few who have the charisma to be somewhat entertaining, like a baseball mascot would. The people who do that, though, are usually hopelessly pozzed, and if they have an image to preserve (or a furry porn business to protect) they are the least likely to influence anyone away from leftism. Supporting Trump, for example, was still social suicide on places like FA or elsewhere.

Better redpill targets are the ones who are not so deep into this that they have an image to sacrifice or preserve, or at least not an image tied inextricably to their offline life. I'm talking about the people who visit the sites and keep them carefully separated from the rest of their online presence, do not print out images and do not drop hints about their less wholesome online activity. There are a great many more people like this than there are of the more invested ones. Participation is more of a guilty pleasure for them than a lifestyle; there is a lot to work with there.

ec8166 No.10403185


> are the ones who are not so deep into this that they have an image to sacrifice or preserve, or at least not an image tied inextricably to their offline life

Does that pretty much limit it to the younger target audience does it not anon? Or am I wrong? Are there still naive adults dabbling in actual furrydom as well? I joined the ponys not because I'm a furfag even though I do have a slight catgirl fetish tbh heh but because it was a good ebin Internet Fight to join and the lulz were magnificent. I still have a lot of respect for a few of the ponies I could name simply because of their refusal to be budged by loudmouth, whiny cunts numbering sometimes into the 10's. :^)

My impression of most furs however is that it's fairly fundamental to their identities.

ec8166 No.10403203


>I joined original, actual 4/b ponys*

550768 No.10403215


they're probably furries too, anon

12fa5c No.10403246

File: 28a3fca01f9ea3d⋯.png (521.34 KB, 984x1064, 123:133, 1483999057983.png)

Bronnies were a form of shitposting on cuckchan and then people reddit took it seriously and thought they actually liked the cartoon/pony stuff/faggotry, thus creating the most cancerous fandom in human history (although Steven Universe is really close to dethrone it). Ponyfaggotry is literally a joke that went too far

527733 No.10403249

File: fb6f217f35e0649⋯.png (89.46 KB, 2366x342, 1183:171, 1502670083639.png)

Here's some lefty shitposter being btfo on /fur/


>most furfags on the internet are extremely susceptible to influence from people they respect, be they leftists or not.

Here's the issue though.

Furry is primarily a visual medium.

That means artists are the guys who get some sort of respect (as in, they get a personal drone army and a whole bunch of money thrown their way)

So you can't barge in anonymously and start chucking redpills left and right and expect to be heard. Those who agree will stay silent or fall victim to peer pressure.

No, you need to build some rep. Don't count on established artists to change their minds, this one was the exception. You gotta be subtle about it too, you're basically treading on a minefield.

Here's another issue.

Right-leaning artists in general are already a minority, plus being a left-leaning furry artist gives you basically free reign and guarantees free money without even having to work at all.

Right-leaning artists like to earn their reward by doing their job well rather than by supporting the popular political stance, so they basically go unnoticed.

It's why the fandom is full of shitty lefty "artists" and the "art" is basically all pozzed. Either by nature or by choice, it just takes lower effort and involves less risk to go with the lefty flow and do basically nothing rather than work your ass off.

So basically you need someone who can blow most of the fandom away when it comes to art, is right-leaning, is a furry, doesn't just want to take the easy route to popularity by pretending to be a lefty sjw, and wants to pursue this cause instead of, you know, getting an actual job as a digital artist.

Yeah, good luck with that.

e30e1e No.10403250


No it's not, dumbass. Pic one is a new one

368a50 No.10403276


There are. In fact, there is a market in Italy already for adults who don't even have any idea what a "fursona" is, but who are amused by furry characters drawn like classical nudes.

It's the younger ones who are of more interest, though, because in most cases these participants are going to be 15-22 year olds who are in the middle of making the decision of what kind of person they want to be. In a sense, the furry community does some of this work for us- a person who starts really getting pozzed at 21 is not a pretty site by age 30, and a few observing are bound to pick up on the pattern before they get sucked into that level of degeneracy. They only need to be made aware of the connections between this and the wider kosher liberalism, and the seed is planted.

Naturally these people aren't going to go from "Yiff" to "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong" in one step, but they might go from "Some of these people are fucking crazy" to "Maybe Donald Trump is the right vote" in one step, if that's our goal. I'll leave the topic there, since I'm normally here to respectfully read rather than post.

e9342e No.10403280


This has potential

550768 No.10403291


that makes me think

how many people these days who aren't niggers have at least somewhat-stable nuclear families in which neither parent has been divorced or been cheated on during their relationship?

2ef76b No.10403320

File: 53afb36c44c7110⋯.png (74.23 KB, 500x270, 50:27, MoFur.png)


see my comment >>10402450

I'm Mormon, so that probably played a big part. I'm still working out a reliable way of red-pilling fellow Mormons and Furs (and Mormon Furs).

550768 No.10403329


doesnt the husband in mormonism not make the wife pregnant in at least some cases, or am i mistaken?

something about a "seed-bearer"

even if so, if the family still acts stable that'd make a big difference too

368a50 No.10403368


Ack, I didn't see your post before my last one. The obstacle you presented is real, but I'll disagree on this point:

>So basically you need someone who can blow most of the fandom away when it comes to art,

We don't need a Zaush or a Wolfy Nail (who, incidentally, dropped a couple of possible redpill hints in his work- see antifa-like girl getting trounced by police, office worker being denied a promotion after performing oral sex on her boss, etc.) to do this. It would only take a passibly good artist- think Guoh instead, posting occasionally, with the even more occasional redpill hint, to create some influence. That, and interaction with participants on a personal level, for anyone who's already in it. I know there are furfags lurking and reading this. If you present yourself as an escape from the constant neoliberalist and social justice-flavored peer pressure to your friends in this arena, you're helping.

2ef76b No.10403388


That's those offshoot sects. I don't even know any of them. I don't see too much downside to original polygamy though (if the women are good).

ec8166 No.10403430


That's just about the size of anon. Except for the 'too far' bit. :^)


>but they might go from "Some of these people are fucking crazy" to "Maybe Donald Trump is the right vote" in one step, if that's our goal

That's absolutely the goal unless myself and millions of others are completely wrong, or The Donald suffers some kind of meltdown, etc. Just imagine if that evil cunt was in office right now instead.

368a50 No.10403440


Basically this, also.


84d308 No.10403477

Why aren't the mods in this thread handing out lifetime bans to everyone admitting to being a furry?

2ef76b No.10403501


Because there's a chance some are not completely pozzed.

ec8166 No.10403531


I could understand that viewpoint if you could in fact prove that you're more right wing and patriotic than I am anon. I seriously doubt it.

84d308 No.10403546



>not pozzed

Mutually exclusive. And who would defend furries, if not a furry? Kill yourself.


Kill yourself.

ec8166 No.10403552



2ef76b No.10403600


I'd rather use the power of /pol/ to subvert the fandom. Think of it as a HWNDU-esque project. At worst, there will be lulz.

43569f No.10403718

File: 7dc2762dd4866b9⋯.png (393.46 KB, 704x347, 704:347, huntingtheleftist.png)



I am a furry you butt-blasted faggot and your troubles will be over soon.

9b3efc No.10403727

File: 0a3a35aa949dd6c⋯.jpg (56.18 KB, 532x502, 266:251, 1456953282133-1.jpg)


>I am a furry

Who are you?

a14637 No.10403820

Has anyone made an Initial D Gas Gas Gas to one of these car webms?

527733 No.10403870

File: 2f86208ef66e0d0⋯.jpg (55.77 KB, 264x292, 66:73, 1383077266901.jpg)


>there is a market in Italy already for adults who don't even have any idea what a "fursona" is, but who are amused by furry characters drawn like classical nudes.

Say what? Where do I sign up. I'm a pastaman


>We don't need a Zaush or a Wolfy Nail (who, incidentally, dropped a couple of possible redpill hints in his work- see antifa-like girl getting trounced by police, office worker being denied a promotion after performing oral sex on her boss, etc.) to do this.

I'm a mediocre digital painter, but a decent creature artist. That's in industry standards. In furry standards I'm an above average digital painter, but I can blow the fuck out of everyone in the fandom when it comes to 3DCGI, and I'm still learning.

I've got a gripe with this stupid fandom and I've been looking for a way to just burst in and take my revenge and make a whole bunch of fucking dosh on the side. I don't think that will work, since I'm not in the mood of sculpting gay ass rainbow foxes in lingerie, not even for several grand a pop. Plus I'm afraid I'd be keeping a shitty attitude from the get go which would hinder me.

I've never been seriously involved in this fandom, I've just liked big beefy monsters and cgi for as long as I can remember. But fuck me, seeing amateurs getting paid shittons, even more than actual pros for shit that anyone can do if they just got off their lazy asses for a day or two, just because of the "WHOA, 3D!" novelty makes me rage. But I also can't commit enough time to this without throwing my career away, so I've just been watching from the sidelines ever since. I believe it's too big of a gamble.

what is the fucking chance you'd mention italy and some shady market and me being here? I want to believe it's a fucking coincidence, but something tells me it isn't.


Because cuckage lad and his edgy teenage weeb self don't run this site.


Maybe you'd like to go back to a site that's more welcoming to your epic oldfag LARPing?

Whoops, he doesn't run cuckchan anymore either.

Basically, you're fucked.

a14637 No.10403885


Do not get involved in furry art. Do not. If you absolutely MUST then stick to sfw and stay FAR AWAY from lewd shit. That is a slippery slope.

Best stick to fantasy/sci-fi/realism ANYTHING other than furry art.

If you want to make a cool looking animal doing something fine, but beware the furry intentions. It's a damn creepy forrest you can wander into if you aren't careful. One you will wish you never stepped into.

Tread carefully my fellow artanon.

70784b No.10403961


there is no such thing as a good woman

these women were whores before they ever fucked because that is the natural uncivilised state of women

there are only good men, and few of them

sometimes men build and maintain civilization with rules they enforce

then people will have to ACT civilised which includes restraining sexuality to after marriage

but western civ is dead right now

and all the institutions that promote civilisation are also dead

what im trying to say is that there are no good women and adapt to the circumstances

9b3efc No.10404022

File: 6aed00acbb9cf8b⋯.png (104.2 KB, 1020x719, 1020:719, mgtowbtfo.PNG)

File: 2fbbdd6cbeb052f⋯.png (1014.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wheel of life.png)


>all women are bad ASSES AND ELBOWS HELP ME I CAN'T STOP SUCKING COCK stay away self-genocide yourself never marry or reproduce


527733 No.10404115

File: acc9d33b08f5680⋯.png (11.22 KB, 400x400, 1:1, acc9d33b08f568027d56f6ba15….png)


m8, when I said I liked "big beefy monsters for as long as I can remember", I meant when I was a kid and watched cartoons/movies with big, beefy monsters in them, I'd get a funny feeling in my nether regions whenever they came on screen.

I had lewd feelings before I even hit puberty, for fuck's sake. Before I knew how to masturbate. Before I even knew what the internet was. Before I knew a word of english. I didn't decide that huge monsters smashing through concrete would get my dick hard. I can't decide they will not make my dick hard in the future. They just do.

Still, it doesn't mean I like putting lingerie on them and give them rainbow hair. It's that aura they radiate that screams "this thing will crunch people to a pulp and crush cars under its foot" that I like.

Also classical nudes, whether paintings or statues, were also something I always liked over the years, so the beast+man union was the next unavoidable step.

In all of art, especially personal works, there is always a hint of lewdness. Not everyone may get the hint, but the artist himself sure does. Furry appeals to the lowest common denominators and just so happened to be the entry point for teenage internaut me, but as I said, I've never been directly involved. And I don't even intend to, but if I can slip to the side and rip furfags off for tens of thousands of dollars, well, I'll surely think about it. As of now, I can't find a way to just "slip to the side", all I can do is watch kikes become rich and having their lives made easy thanks to their inferior skills and furries' stupidity.

d9e9a0 No.10404135

>telling furfags to die in any variation or form

>le old skool 07 slash b LARPING

That is literally their only defense. Furfags are now widely accepted on 8pol because they claim to be righter than Trump himself and being a rightist and a furry makes you exempt from any criticism whatsoever. Start posting anthro fox porn already.

d9e9a0 No.10404168


Forgot to add: It's equivalent to being a transgender negro muslim.












2ef76b No.10404205


It is a safe way of not diluting the message. /pol/ furs should be the ones making their case (and promises to not corrupt), but /pol/ should hopefully see the wisdom of using them as tools to accomplish a goal.

a14637 No.10404223


I suppose we differ. Good luck in your ventures.

368a50 No.10404281


The artist Scale has paintings in galleries and he sells some work to "rich old bourgeoisie ladies," that's all I know.

ec8166 No.10404299

File: ad5d1843713bf11⋯.jpeg (19.64 KB, 480x720, 2:3, big_ol_pony_hartwubs.jpeg)


I don't claim to be a furry but I'll happily accept whatever criticism you care to hurl at the ponies for any perceived injustices you feel we have wrought upon you or yours. I'll freely and rationally discuss my political views with you or anyone else here. AMA.

5e03e6 No.10404308


wich 2hu wud u fug

29a852 No.10404321

File: 131cf6dd6907041⋯.jpg (267.01 KB, 1320x870, 44:29, 13702018724801982749.jpg)



well heres the original that ive seen on the official website

ec8166 No.10404331



Wrong guy anon. I do it for the lulz. and the wubs :^)

I do have a mild tendency towards catgrils, and enjoy the idea of my gf wearing cat ears.

5e03e6 No.10404344

File: 2c5214b95004baf⋯.gif (3.75 MB, 800x800, 1:1, 2c5214b95004baf91792120bba….gif)

File: 944a965dc39c912⋯.png (69 B, 1x1, 1:1, LET ME POST KIKEWHEELS.png)



2ef76b No.10404346


I understand the Furry Fandom, but not Pony stuff. Tried having some friends explain it to me and make a list of the 10 "Most Quintessential" episodes. It's got a cutesy story at best, but nowhere near the obsession it gets. There's no world-building to go off of, nor is there philisophical issues to tackle. It's all simple inter-personal socialization at best.

8dc02b No.10404358







I have to ask, do other /pol/lacks have an interest in seeing redpills leaking into furshit? Like is there some way this would actually hurt us, or do these anons have a point?

Also on a tangentially related note:

I used to believe that furfaggotry came from exposing children to animal cartoon characters, and that because kids identified with these characters, they later developed an affection and attraction for them later in life. This would make sense given the amount of rule 34 for these characters and such, however there has been one piece of evidence to the contrary that has been bothering me for a while now.

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/ReynardTheFox . I know it's TV Tropes, but look at the synopsis of tropes down the page for this story: rape, sodomy, mutilation etc. and the depiction of these characters is a blend of human and animal traits. As much as I'd like to believe all this furshit is from 20th century cartoons, Reynard is from the 12th century. What is more damning is that it was such a popular work that it was translated into multiple languages and spread across Europe. I hate to ask it, but how the hell did this get popular? Is the attraction to this stuff older than I thought, or am I misinterpreting how our ancestors would have looked at this story?

368a50 No.10404368


Humans sublimate their dysfunction through media so they can remain functional in their day to day living. That's my take. Animals make convenient subject matter.

8dc02b No.10404378


>Humans sublimate their dysfunction through media so they can remain functional in their day to day living.

Could you elaborate on that for me?

ec8166 No.10404392

File: 2acd3e0d64a62a2⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ponydodge_coming_through_s….png)


I already did, digits.


Well, I'm a lifelong fan of animation, and actually a professional in the field as well. I love the show in general, but ofc I realize who and what the target audience for the show is. I don't conflate our 4/8/b shitposting with some idealization fantasy of the show. We did it for the lulz. As far as the single best eppy, easily it was the 100th episode 'Slice of Life'. This is the one where the two donkeys at last marry.

2ef76b No.10404414


As I had mentioned earlier, my interest in furry stuff stemmed from my early interest in werewolves. The Morrowind expansion "Bloodmoon" came during my early teenage years. The idea of tearing loose from all the things you have to keep in check and run around freely without a care in the world (and maybe take out some aggression too). Nowadays, the character I use is a projection of the "optimal me I want to be".

368a50 No.10404416


I'll greentext it to illustrate my thoughts:

>Be 12th century guy

>want to have sex with neighbor's daughter

>it would be so easy, one could just hold her down and do it

>but that would be rape, godfearing men don't rape and I'd be hung besides. It's animalistic behavior.

>Oh hey, a story about Reynard The Fox. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA what a nice release of tension!

>Time to go fuck my wife and make babies.

I don't mean to say that all of this is consciously thought out, but I think that's essentially how it goes. Incidentally this is a way we know nogs are animals: they cannot sublimate their urges, only act on them.

9b3efc No.10404433


It's the feminization and eternal childhood they're trying to push on all men and destroy masculinity. That's exactly what it is. It's all to destroy the concept of the masculine man (unless it's a nonwhite goy) and promote white genocide.


>fan of animation


<likes some faggy flash-animated shit

Were you trained at calarts?

2ef76b No.10404447

File: eb00a127161b3e8⋯.jpg (89.78 KB, 813x729, 271:243, miscegenation is magic.jpg)


Does seem like a compelling argument.

ec8166 No.10404482


>trained at calarts

No. But with mixed feelings about that. In the past years it would have been a magnificent experience. But today the Disney pozfest would be too overwhelming to endure with much sanity.

>likes some faggy flash-animated shit

I didn't say I worked on the show anon. And yes, I like the show overall, several of the characterizations and many aspects of the storylines and arcs very much.

15de1b No.10404484


go away thallo

1016c0 No.10404507

File: c4854cdbe8a4d96⋯.png (423.25 KB, 396x563, 396:563, c4854cdbe8a4d967df58a7d9be….png)


> sure lets add the furries and clowns to our movement!

Didn't you learn anything, furries will always chase you down for validation. Stop making them relevant.

875c89 No.10404513



Yes, compared to other subspecies such as dog breeds, yes.

2ef76b No.10404528


So, according to you, there is no case that can be made for furries? There is no argument to be made?

1016c0 No.10404547


they act like /v/ and will go US natsocs while making asses of themselves in places where they're not wanted.

its over for them, their entitlement filled nature has done em in, they only care about their lives and the easy way out when it comes to finding validation in a group which is attentionwhoring.

8dc02b No.10404604


That does make sense, though it leaves me with some uncomfortable thoughts. These are rhetorical: Where does one draw the line between releasing tension and gratifying deviance? Which dysfunctions are tolerable to be sublimated and which ones are not? Do modern furfags who use furry art in the same manner as our ancestors did with Reynard deserve the same understanding, or do they need to be gassed with the rest?


I don't know why this is labeled "abandon hope". Kikes having their own spawn turn into furfags should be a good thing.

9b3efc No.10404643

File: cccb194cd2c37e3⋯.jpg (19.39 KB, 400x187, 400:187, nose profiles.jpg)

File: c7feef426e945b1⋯.jpg (60.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, c7feef426e945b14fe7b819376….jpg)


>like = worked on

Your love of a show for 8 year old girls has clearly melted your brain.



1ce738 No.10404665


They all should burn

2a70d0 No.10404669


This is besides the point but what are your opinions on why some people like furry porn more than normal porn? I've been trying to understand it myself and the best explanation I can critically construct is that masturbation exclusively to images removes so many tactile elements of sexuality that you get in actual human contact that the only sexual stimulation you can get is to what is visual. That would explain why some furries say they're turned off by the idea of actually having sex with some of the characters they whack to. The introduction of all the other elements of real sexual contact would change everything.

One guy earlier said that the feeling of fur on tits would be a massive turn off and feel outlandish and I believe it's because when he looks at a furry image he associates what he sees visually with all the other sense data he gets during actually sexual contact. He hasn't programmed himself to assume all his other sense data would be normal with the exception of what he's looking at.

Does that make sense? I'm still not sure cause it's a really complex thing and we still don't understand all of how the brain functions.

Also this'll put me on the defensive with this board but I don't think you should be shot/hanged/gassed/bled out for being a furry or drawing it. I've met furries that seemed like totally sociable likable people

ec8166 No.10404703



Lelnewp. Miyazaki? Bird? Frank & Ollie? Sure, that term wouldn't be too strong. But Faust? Laughable. The show is delightful in many ways, but hardly a milestone in the industry. In fact we are by far the most notable thing about the series imo.

2a70d0 No.10404705


Oops fucked that one up. Was meant for >>10396314

You can still give ur thots 2 tho.

2ef76b No.10404711

File: 4ca3eaecfbba0d6⋯.jpg (576.81 KB, 892x1000, 223:250, 1477427432.stigmata_lakota….jpg)


One could make the argument that Kike Cernovich, Milo and others are already doing that. On the other hand, a competent group will form if they have the way of doing so.

>Entitlement filled nature

Could you explain this a bit more for me?


I can only make a case for myself with it. But if people can be competent enough to explore the root cause of why they "are furry", then it can be wielded better for self-improvement.

9b3efc No.10404751

ec8166 No.10404779

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It.. it's like you don't even try anymore anon. I feel empty inside now tbh.

8dc02b No.10404790


I'll be serious about the gist of your posts: I could see there being furries who are actually seriously redpilled. /pol/ has never been a group of dignified people, and I know for a fact there is some overlap between the two groups. When it comes to slipping red pills into their content however, I'm not so certain. This comes from the issue that furry art is a dumping ground for a lot of off-the-wall fetishes and ideas. Would the audience consider the ideas presented, or would they disregard it the way other furry artists put their own politics in their work?

9b3efc No.10404791

File: ca7e619663805da⋯.jpg (19.74 KB, 306x403, 306:403, 43b5f4d58389333030e366877d….jpg)

2a70d0 No.10404796


u r getting trolled bro

875c89 No.10404816



I was a bit confused at first as to why I got your reply. But I guess I'll input too. I think furry porn is interesting to some people because it has the basic essence of a human form, but contains enough differences to appear foreign and attract curiosity. People are naturally attracted to others who share both similar and different genes. And animals by themselves can be visually appealing, so by combining that with bodies you find attractive with visually interesting traits, you get something that is almost human but also visually comforting. It's the same with anime girls as well, art can represent a better reality than reality itself.

2ef76b No.10404822

File: 60d6338f916337e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, Sergal Raider.png)


That's fine. You don't have to work out the specifics of how. Let someone like me do that. I can "translate" the (values?) into a way /pol/ understands and can try and express it back to Furries. For example: I think Sergals could be a good beach-head for /pol/.

8927ef No.10404833

File: fdca02a011ee57f⋯.png (2.42 MB, 2300x2600, 23:26, 943212__safe_artist-colon-….png)


I will see your Derpy and raise you a Appul.

What got you into MLP?

1969ce No.10404844

File: df2b7f405750a24⋯.png (5.28 MB, 2443x3205, 2443:3205, mcomm.png)


I just got linked this thread

no I did not make this thread I just like laughing at SJW furries because they are super spurgy

I'm not a furry btw

8dc02b No.10404847


I hate Sergals. They are the second worst fetish shit ever drawn. Second only to planes with tits. Don't tell /k/

What about Sergals would be useful? I never followed the lore. Does anyone in the fandom give a fuck about the lore in the first place?

ec8166 No.10404857


Came to have a good fight with the haters, stayed because I found a few good bros. I see you have good taste in waifu materials m8. Farm girls is best girls.

>t. Country boy

8dc02b No.10404870


I should say fetish race, not fetish shit.

725a67 No.10404874

File: b3055af0e71e449⋯.jpg (87.15 KB, 584x486, 292:243, N6jySlq.jpg)

File: cb2a0a1b4e82bbb⋯.jpg (63.79 KB, 640x629, 640:629, 1e29e4c338e73c8101f01783fa….jpg)


I honestly think furries are a lot like the LGBTQ in which theres a clear misunderstanding of one's personal identity and sexual being.

The reason why furries ever became a thing is solely due to the internet and thousands of autistic shut ins and social rejects finding a community on their screens.

It's like some sort of sexual autism.

Pics related

368a50 No.10404889


I think that the better method of influence would just be to spread subtle redpill type thinking in otherwise normal interactions with other furfags.

A cute sergal nuclear family would be a good image to spread around, though.

2ef76b No.10404896


They get LARP ed the most as Nazis. I think it's the society they have is succeptible to that. I think the " haha this is edgy" phase could be shortened because of outside events too.

368a50 No.10404902

e50e8e No.10404905


name of artist?

875c89 No.10404916


Unlike LGBTfags, some people can be furries without making it their lifestyle or fetish and see it more as a hobby or genre. Similar to Trekkies or Tolkienists.

2ef76b No.10404923


Next year would be a good opportunity to take back Zabivaka. I might have to take a hit to the wallet, but getting a good piece commissioned of him with a nuclear family could do something.

725a67 No.10404936


Wrong. While Trekkies and Tolkinenists have a world and narrative to indulge into, the sole base of furries is their sexuality. No one becomes a furry because the lore is good.

368a50 No.10404939


psyop initiated

d22a0d No.10404959

File: be5ddf5b6ae19b8⋯.png (397.95 KB, 706x500, 353:250, futatsuiwa_mamizou_and_fut….png)


Reminder furries are upset that people generally are more inclined to be comfortable around things like monster girls instead of their shitty neon coloured sonic OC

875c89 No.10404965


Not necessarily a lore, but because they find that worlds with anthropomorphic characters happen to be interesting in their own merit.

8dc02b No.10405000


>I think it's the society they have is succeptible to that.

Are you saying that the society of sergals in lore is susceptible to being portrayed with a NatSoc bent to it, or that the people who like sergals are susceptible to it?

Personally I've been interested in getting back into drawing, and the thought of subverting/triggering furfags with this stuff is an amusing thought.

4f3917 No.10405005


I'm not advising anybody to do this, as I don't condone anything like it, but mixing a potent acid with a cyanide salt results in a lot of hydrogen cyanide being produced really fast. An interesting thing about hydrogen cyanide is that it isn't as distinct when it comes to warning signs like chlorine is.

e50e8e No.10405008

File: a0d1551c5fb424e⋯.jpg (40.96 KB, 336x476, 12:17, 1501942603358.jpg)


w-will do

725a67 No.10405015

File: 0bbe6b84aa94263⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 579.57 KB, 848x1239, 848:1239, byM79jbLu.png)


Yes,they find it interesting because they can jack off to it in their parents basement to suppress the urge to fuck the family dog.

If such a thing existed wouldn't there be a specific, established world/ narrative by now? But instead you'll find only narratives and worlds that cater to their own personal sexual interests and fetishes.

If there is any story to be had in it, it could be the copious amounts of other fetishes that get piled onto the base furry fetish. Everything from inflation, to diapers, to straight up gore. Go ahead bub, just take a look at (((DeviantArt))) (but from the way you're defending I'm sure you're more than familiar with all the other seedy, pervy sites they infest)

You really wouldn't find this large of a variation of kinks and fetishes with people who are into feet or fat chicks. Maybe to a degree, but nothing in comparison to furries.

1016c0 No.10405018

File: febf5f989378387⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 600x800, 3:4, fat cat stars in disbelief.jpg)


they feel entitled to raid other fandoms because their artists jew them out of money and they like it when new artists draw shit for them thats under 20 dollars or free.

They even scream about "exposure" when they try to make good goys out of new artists or fandoms.

8927ef No.10405026

File: 7bdf895b4dbd5fa⋯.png (222.08 KB, 765x854, 765:854, 211110__artist needed_sour….png)

File: cd80e7e44dbdbfa⋯.png (714.21 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 786478__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 6fe3129abfe0825⋯.png (1.37 MB, 3569x2191, 3569:2191, 791375__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 089d575184bd7c6⋯.png (1008.08 KB, 4994x5934, 2497:2967, 850909__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 4addbfddb939761⋯.png (1 MB, 1755x1564, 1755:1564, 878069__suggestive_artist-….png)


what about pony planes?

8dc02b No.10405048


Don't make me think about ranking shit fetish species too hard anon.

198ba2 No.10405099

File: 207e5875a83f93a⋯.jpg (106.24 KB, 1200x787, 1200:787, 738.jpg)


>>funny planes went to far into the asperger abyss

875c89 No.10405103


>If such a thing existed wouldn't there be a specific, established world/ narrative by now?

Some stories exist, but they don't gain a massive following like Star Trek or Lord of the Rings. That's why there's a fandom, so people can find those stories and speculate about what a world with more intelligent animals would be like. But most times what reaches the surface are the critical amounts of autism.

8927ef No.10405106

File: 933357aeb991da8⋯.png (439.81 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 883129__explicit_artist-co….png)

File: e04f003e6123119⋯.png (99.21 KB, 1211x722, 1211:722, 304437__safe_artist-colon-….png)


You are right about the fetishes. It really does have all of them. Could the furry tolerance of fetishes be used as an advantage? On a side note, there is a furry club in my town that does board games. There may be more in other towns. They might be easy to turn to our side with the right prompting.


But they're so cute!

8dc02b No.10405120

is the furryanon I was talking to earlier still in the thread? I was hoping he'd answer some more questions.

875c89 No.10405128


which one?

8dc02b No.10405143


2ef76b is the one I'm talking about. I wanted to know more.

8927ef No.10405206

File: 1cded98dc5a0f73⋯.png (531.59 KB, 900x638, 450:319, 453444__safe_artist-colon-….png)


Are you in/near salt lake city?

8dc02b No.10405222


He's the same one I was asking questions. I think he left the thread, which is unfortunate.

725a67 No.10405232

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Some stories exisit, that's why there's a fandom

Nope. Star Trek doesn't exist because someone wrote a fanfic and it gained a bit of following because a bunch of people jacked off to it. Let me make this clear for you one last time:

The basis of things like Star Trek and LotR started off on the sense of wonder and imagination, pure and moral. When you see people dressed up like Spock or Frodo you can make an easy assumption that they did it because they found inspiration or a relation to the character and and how they compare themselves with the actions the character takes along the narrative of the story. When you see furries dressed up in their little suits, you know almost certainly that there are cum stains somewhere inside or out of that body suit. There wasn't some morally good/ bad ass/ interesting blue dragon furry inspiring kids n shit but instead some guy who had a couple grand and a hard drive full of StarFox porn who wanted to get a suit to live other their fetishes as the thing they are not.

If this isn't obvious to you take an example of their conventions. Trekkies and other nerds walk around doing nerd shit. While with furries you get the embbed video


>Could the furry tolerance of fetishes be used as an advantage?

Wouldn't call it "Tolerance" but more of an inability to hold back. Or maybe all the freaks are just furries. But to answer your question the best way to take advantage this is for them to sexualize suicide and self harm. It'll be easier to exterminate them when they are willing to die.

71bc1e No.10405274


No. Mormons are extremely conservative as far as sex goes. Sex outside of marriage can get you excommunicated. If you need fertility treatment that includes eggs or sperm outside the marage you have to talk to your church leaders first or you will get censured and could face excommunication.

I was Mormon for 24 years.

You can read the official handbook of instructions given to bishops and stake presidents on Wikileaks that covers this sort of shit.

875c89 No.10405335



I'm talking about original stories that feature anthropomorphic characters as a whole. Not based off some fucking OC or an amateur attempt at being an author. There are real pieces of media out there that people like to find solely because they find anthro characters interesting. Sure, they don't say the stories are "furry", but the people who enjoy them call themselves "furries" as a means to make organization and discovery for these stories easier. I'm not talking about the sexual aspects or dressing up/acting like a fucking dipshit, and sometimes those people happen to be a very loud group.

725a67 No.10405446


Lol nah. If that were the case there would be more evidence of this. Even with me hating furries there is enough of them for someone like me to pick up on the culture they cultivate.

So I ask where are these stories that you speak off? Where is the expanded fanbase of Thundercats? or StarFox? Ducktales maybe? Is there any at all trace of a unified base furry world that all can agree upon? Is there someway to tie in the steampunk asswhipe and the medieval king retard into the same universe? No. Of course not. Because furries built their community on their dicks and Trekkies built theirs on the one specific show.

Liking a show with cartoon animals doesn't classify you as a furry. I fucking love StarFox 64. The part where Fox's dad says "never give up, trust your instincts" still tears me up from when I was a kid. That's the effect a true fanbase should have. Something meaningful and pure. Something that I can incorporate into my day to day life. That also speaks to me on an emotional level. Whether or not the character is an animal or a robot or a person its the morals and actions they hold up that attract a fanbase to it.

Meanwhile you're trying to justify people who lock in on the fact that a specific cartoon character is a specific animal and continue to sexualize it until it's raped of it's pure nature and morals. It's clear on how you defend it:

>There are real pieces of media out there that people like to find solely because they find anthro characters interesting.

And by 'intresting' you mean on their visual appearance, the easiest way to sexually exploit some[thing]. Assuming that not all furries are like Carebares or MLP and have their code of ethics tattooed on their ass.

b50dde No.10405657


So, wolves, bears and dogs as whites, Insects and sneks as Chinese, crows and horses as niggers, Rats as Jews.

e30e1e No.10405670


Mormonism is a cult. You need to pay a tithe to get higher information (like Freemasonry or Scientology). How high did you go? Did you get to learn about Alloween?

b50dde No.10405671

File: e62134a6005b2a0⋯.jpg (91.29 KB, 568x653, 568:653, Universal E621 Blacklist.jpg)


E621 has everything. There's a list of blacklisted terms that showcases the worst of the worst stuff. You'll never look at a cheese grater the same way again.

8db270 No.10405802

File: c3daeb83fb65f74⋯.jpg (30.89 KB, 412x493, 412:493, Feels.jpg)




Artfag who revealed their powerlevel on a 1.6B dollar wall thread here, if you're gonna do porn, at least keep it to either 'Cheesecake' or adhere to 'Rule of Cute'. On an unrelated note, Here's a snippet of some Tgchan IRC mod chimping out at someone for arguing against mass immigration.

22:16:41 <Toxoglossa> yeah and I kind of hoped that me chewing out heim had given him a kick in the ass to DO that

21:27:12 <Toxoglossa> I try not to actually stay mad at people, and kind of hoped youd take the experience as a chance to fucking educate yourself

21:28:05 <Heim> to not talk to you, or something like that?

21:28:30 <Toxoglossa> no, about the racist ass shit you were dumping in here.

21:28:51 <Heim> Yeah, I stopped spouting that.

21:29:02 <Heim> I thought I already apologized for it

21:30:35 <Heim> If I haven't, well I do now.

21:31:14 <Toxoglossa> Im really just kind of tired of your attention grabby shit honestly

21:32:01 <Heim> I'm trying to avoid it

21:32:07 <Heim> I just want to be nice is all

21:32:10 <Dude> come on tox give guy a break

22:42:31 <Toxoglossa> because apparently he needs my acceptance to feel validated

22:38:03 <Toxoglossa> It would HELP to show some kind of effort to learn something about another culture or something, so far youve given us nothing. I mean TBH you seem to thrive on having other people's acceptance and it still strikes me as incredibly immature

22:41:11 <Vidya`> You can't force people to learn about other cultures and using it as a punishment or a requirement for a "not racist" badge is the most racist shit I've ever heard. If you really want to learn about other cultures, there has to be a genuine desire there.

22:41:45 <Toxoglossa> I dunno then, heim doesnt have to prove shit. he just thinks he does

Subverting them through cute/lewd usually does help, but moreso by not being a hapless autist like Heim and being assertive with your arguments.

f788a2 No.10405864


you fags are psychotically obsessed where people put their imaginary penis.

You're this far gone. It's no wonder why people have a disdain for the "right wing".

f788a2 No.10405906


Your line of thinking is exactly how the left came into power. Exactly.

You're fucking retarded.

b47978 No.10405911

File: d4e1abe1b45aded⋯.jpg (46.74 KB, 500x334, 250:167, tumblr_n3vufields.jpg)


>fur on tits

I spent the last ten thousand years removing hair and fur from tits, and that itself was ten thousand years ago on top of that. TEN THOUSAND YEARS. I'm sure I could go dig around in some archive or lost monument somewhere, find the notes and decision tree logic, write you a report that will no doubt reaffirm the status update of "don't." Just wait right there, I think I left those notes last in romania something something 20ft tall spikes etc.

The problem, of many, that you do not get, is that you do not get. Get that? Until you are paying, over fucking generations again and again, to not only right this shithole of ships, but sail them further, only to have the excommunicated expanse of apes piously demand gibs while patting themselves on the back for shit-flinging babies in endless mental disease, and soldier on – yea, you're not going to get it. I don't want fur on tits. That's it, that's all there is to it, as far as you're going to get. There's nothing else to this logic that you'll be able to receive in the diminished tunnel hole you think yourself le-thoughtful-man within. I don't do this for free. I get to claim what's first, and first only. I do not want fur on tits, among other etc things included.

You will be gassed, for misappropriating my image. You will be gassed, not for disobedience or piety or larping or any other such single sequence, but rather for the whole sequence: of taking from me to gift to others and shill a shekel or two for yourself. Less you think there is some individuality beyond the grains of sand on a beach, if you ever succeed in taking first, we'll all be dead – a mathematical reality that reaffirms painfully, again and again, yet you seem to think you are except. You are not – you are just what didn't have to pay, and narrowly escaped the repeat of fate by hitching repeatedly to those that did not do fur on tits. Which I won't stop you from doing, if and only if I CANT SEE YOU. Which you are not helping.

You know full well what you will be gassed for. And it is not what you knowingly have written.

2ef76b No.10405943


Yes on both counts.

2ef76b No.10405959


It is very late and I had to sleep. I've got less than 2 hours until I have to wake up for work, but I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep anymore anyway.

f192ed No.10406008

OP here, not sure if my IP changed since making the thread a few days ago.

Anyways, did anything come of this thread? I skimmed it fairly quickly and it just looks like arguing on banal things instead of organizing an operation

2ef76b No.10406016

File: 30738a2d88d8c7d⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 431x767, 431:767, altfurry.jpg)



Back on my computer now. I'm closer to Provo actually.


I suppose that's the case in a technical sense. First time I went through was when I was 19 and not making money.


It translates across very readily, yes. There's only two factors that need to be addressed: species region and behavior. That's why calling Niggers "Porch Monkey" or "Pavement Ape" works so well.


This. If you have more than mediocre skills at convincing people, furries fold rather easily. Obviously the tactic of singling out or small groups is optimal for red-pilling because furfags have a herd mentality in large enough numbers.


Hopefully something has. I'd like to start a "furry subversion" general where we cut our way to the heart of the fandom and use the base motivations of furs to push our agenda. It would be nice if we could cap some of the conclusions made here as a reminder as to why it's being done.

2ef76b No.10406037


That second picture hurts so much to read.

16811e No.10406115


It's proven to be a ruse

2ef76b No.10406129


That's good.

5eef68 No.10406145


Pic is hilarious because it takes identity politics full circle to "well my identity is a furry, also a nazi, don't be a bigot, shitlord."

>mfw furries are making the snake eat its own tail


2ef76b No.10406151

File: 7fe1d9c38ffa951⋯.jpg (23.63 KB, 334x342, 167:171, Furry Pol.jpg)


Obvious autism aside, this is what can and should be weaponized.

fb46c0 No.10406154


Tgchan's an IRC group of less than 100 people, #tgunderdome is their argument channel. They shouldn't be that hard a target.

b6bef6 No.10406165

File: 3d2186e3cc03bdd⋯.mp4 (266.81 KB, 342x542, 171:271, 1440346034670.mp4)

What the fuck happened to this thread? Holy shit.

2ef76b No.10406168

9b3efc No.10406224


It was a furshit thread that really doesn't belong on an anti-degeneracy board like /pol/ in the first place. What do you think happened? Furfags shit everywhere up.

2a70d0 No.10408089


can you say that more simply

9d3d13 No.10409006


>>>/monster/ and >>>/pol/ userbases already crossboard.

2ef76b No.10409448


I think /fukemo/ fits better.

0dc65f No.10409587

File: 21b30eb741a7c8c⋯.jpg (261.79 KB, 1280x1764, 320:441, 21b30eb741a7c8ce08a8bc060a….jpg)

2ef76b No.10410125


That double Hennin hat makes it seem sillier than usual.

d6bc0e No.10410331

File: 817303812a7659d⋯.jpg (64.33 KB, 900x784, 225:196, fursuiter_with_gun_by_husk….jpg)


>>can you say that more simply

It is just a butthurt (((christian))). I'll take care of it.

afbc81 No.10411536


>autism meme

>pink reddit man

yea ok you made it obvious that you're retarded

dcf3a0 No.10414434


Dude, out of anything I've read in this thread so far, this is probably the gayest fucking LARP so far.

dcf3a0 No.10414436


So gay, in fact, that you made me redundancy typo. Just look at what your careless hands have wrought.

675c86 No.10414507

I'm no stranger to strange, but this thread is pure cringe.

Just stay away from fetishes and stick to SFW like the writers of Sonic Boom.

They threw redpills and jokes into a cartoon, all while staying tasteful and not coming off as deranged degenerates.

That should be the goal of any redpilled art, not to merely compete in the porn olympics.

After all, nobody pleasures themself based on the message or political slant of adult material, and the people creating it are too insular and set in their ways to offend the very demographics they sell art to.

What's worse, they have a platform and a receptive audience to push anti-natsoc propaganda if you go in there without a filter and try to force it just like the very autists you're shitting on.

Be smart about things, /pol/, and learn to pick your battles.

Being the jerkoff police isn't one worth fighting, unless you're a filthy kike looking to turn everyone against one another.

Case in point.

35a38a No.10414772

File: 86fb9554a4f50bf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 266.02 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1402587431104.jpg)

File: cfc23b071f97740⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.12 KB, 725x1044, 25:36, 1402587497657.jpg)

File: 18e9054095b4d3f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 299.86 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1402587549469.jpg)


I am speechless from laughter. Holy fucking SHIT that's insane.


Not shilling here, but even if /pol/ possibly couldn't offer the furfag elite nothing else but a bullet on the day of the rope, why not just tell them things like they are? I mean, redpilling anyone is not only done for the sake of our/themselves, but, in fact, everyone.

On the other hand, them wanting to be motivated by good virtues is the only thing that eventually will get them out of their hellholes, I believe. I just don't enter echo chambers like that. I believe whatever is bend on being bend will break, eventually and some people you just can't reach.

I saw the first season of MLP and honestly enjoyed it, although I binged on the verge of total collapse from addiction at that time I luckily was resistant to the furry virus. There was something nice to lend into in the mlp universe that soon.. changed.. the moment ((((someone)))) removed the creator and director of the first season.. Lauren Faust, I believe.. That's my theory, anyway, since she was the one who created the universe and everything went to shit when the franchise and demand for further seasons took off. The voice actresses were genuine and cute, the stories were slightly funny and the art was very cozy and safe to zone into. Everything changed when she left.

However the level of degeneracy if people have to get over their dependency of something you'll need to offer an alternative path. The baloon must be popped at the right moment and the frog must have a safe landing zone. Stating degeneracy for what it is is a service, not a hateful act.

I do believe everyone can offer someone some truths and redpills. But it's only those we can connect with that truly makes a difference. I found out of my hellhole, mostly, by myself, but if I hadn't opened up and found real people who have high standards, were kind and were patient with me I hadn't come this far. Now I am sticking to /pol/ since it's here I get my laughs, motivations and read things as close to the honest truth it can get.

I had to suffer for real before I started improving my life and to a certain degree we choose our own suffering. That's why I don't hunt for people to redpill, since I can see when they choose their suffering. I quit my weed, stopped drinking, stopped playing vidya and waching crappy anime. I saw my programming for what is was and I grew a pair of balls and started believing in myself.

Imagine this becoming the next Führer. LOL.

35a38a No.10414828


Hitman 2016 game, first level. So fucking much.

7ad9a5 No.10414845

File: 92d707a204d5850⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 240x251, 240:251, 1417383477280.jpg)

File: e79a2d0a4078af5⋯.jpg (77.74 KB, 449x750, 449:750, internet fights.jpg)

File: d91ce2822fea5d0⋯.gif (668.11 KB, 172x192, 43:48, smily dog.gif)

>This whole thread


7ad9a5 No.10414996

File: eb1994b59e58e8a⋯.png (96.02 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1418079067492.png)


Stop porn. No counting days, no pats in the back, no nothing. If you genuinely want to wank, do it, but without porn.

Also, lift.

b50dde No.10418178

File: ec2d0c6272868ae⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 367.07 KB, 803x1242, 803:1242, Racewar.jpg)


To be fair Jay Naylor may be a cuckservative, but His ''Cottonwine Field notes" is about elves documenting the aftermath of a racewar between humans and nigger-wolves, and is stuffed full of allegorical references to current events.

We have a chemical substance that makes women hot and attractive, but makes men into Carl the Cucks. We have cults that subvert towns with sex and drugs before invasion of the nigger wolves occurs, we have a redpill on replacement via birthrates, we even have a warning on the dangers of racemixing with literal Jungle Bunnies!

Sure there's porn, but I think that's to break the door open.


0dc65f No.10418830

File: da984f98e3017a7⋯.png (136.06 KB, 1890x1080, 7:4, furry fandom.png)

Yoy can't clean the furry fandom of degerates this has already been tried and failed.



0dc65f No.10418846



daa7f7 No.10418885

File: fe3607badec8c50⋯.jpg (117.97 KB, 640x812, 160:203, NoFap LOTR.jpg)




You need to overcome that boulder. Get a transcendent philosophy.

af1196 No.10418957


>Jay Naylor

You mean the literal cuck artist who can't draw enough <this horse fucking a white woman represents a nigger> Jay Naylor?

Kill yourself.

b50dde No.10419048


I never said he was based. I said cuckservative. He'd be fine raising a niglet as long as he could dress it in a suit and tie, and have it smoke cigars with him after church.

73838b No.10419121

Everytime I see furries crop up on /pol/ I laugh hard. Man after the shit those rainbow lolipop cocks did back when they first invaded and started pushing their crap on everyone else I'm happy to see the strife they've earned themselves. Left that scene when they pushed in, especially when they started coming up with weird unspoken rules about shit you HAD to adhere to. Bout that time I saw the writing on the wall and quietly deleted my accounts. Only one lefts a sockpuppet I keep in touch with old friends with trying to convince them to just leave already.

Funny that there used to be a time it was just a kink and not some crazy fucked up lifestyle that dominated your entire self image.


Pretty much. Things just got retarded after awhile. Pants on head retarded.

af609a No.10428129

File: 2ac19e21b2e94c6⋯.jpg (214.31 KB, 704x480, 22:15, 1938495834534547.jpg)


>I'm furry and i'm red pilled

Do you have a scat or diaper fetish as well?

370563 No.10428689


>muh movement

If you live in a cave, sure. Those of us that work don't have that luxury, merely discussing Charlottesville with anyone and saying it wasn't all neo-nazis is enough to get you verbally lynched and get people to start playing dirty, mostly due to the highest Klan membets being associated with the riot. Unless the world goes crazy immediately and the turf wars begin, this movement is cemented in white supremacy and will turn into a race war. And (((current year))) wouldn't let you win a race war.

>muh race

Trump has no plans of replacing Obamacare with Trumpcare, which has drawn a lot of ire to anyone that has ever been stuck with medical bills. Even Trump was forced to call this a shitshow from all sides, which is more courage than most, but betrays those that expected more.

Hell, white people in general I've met are often weak, cucked and docile to the all-seeing television, regardless of the interactivity of the internet. Say what you will about black people, but they're often more relatable as normies and have a decent social life.


The white race is finished. Either head off for South Vietnam, or go to hell.

1c6a4f No.10428713

File: 63e3b3a89ffcf8a⋯.png (87.99 KB, 1103x750, 1103:750, image.png)

We can use this

9ab67e No.10429013

File: ad1eddbcab3895d⋯.png (106.04 KB, 909x439, 909:439, capture.png)

It's real….

ec8166 No.10429335


>and quietly deleted my accounts

ayy lmao m00t must have been really pissed at you my little pastafarian friend.

354e69 No.10429416

File: f078d059329f163⋯.jpg (255.51 KB, 931x1280, 931:1280, carmessi_muscle__by_carmes….jpg)


It's not a meaningful part of my identity. I don't live and die by the porn I look at.


Not at all. Those fuckers who are into that are the worst! I guess if I had anything that could be considered a fetish, it would be muscle fur fems.

75ea8a No.10429434



I remember that name, from some /cow/ thread I think. Possible pedo.

9ea01c No.10429981


f9f0f3 No.10438205

File: 2f06e853c1bc7d0⋯.jpg (50.07 KB, 595x397, 595:397, RamblingInWritingLikeTheyD….jpg)


Well, that's how they evolved that high IQ.

c67f3a No.10438477

File: 9ea8472db9b5b1e⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 600x449, 600:449, the dark embrace of ten tr….jpg)

What the legitimate fuck is going on in here?

c6ab20 No.10446628



>Stop porn. No counting days, no pats in the back, no nothing. If you genuinely want to wank, do it, but without porn.

>Also, lift.

Anon speaks truth. First thing is dump the porn. That just trains your mind to need more and more screwed up shit in order to get turned on.

When you want to fap, lift or do something else active to get your mind off it.

c6c787 No.10446743

Honestly, for all the muh degeneracy that keeps being posted over this shit, I feel like the one big elephant in the room that keeps us from truly having a single-minded focus on the real issues is that all it takes is a single image, gif or mention of certain things (leddit, furfags, MLP, ect.), and suddenly every anon within a 5 mile radius turns into a full-fledged sputtering retard baying for blood without even being able to think about what actually is going on. As if entirely incapable of realizing a lot of the time, that sort of shit is being posted by either other anons/crossboarders trying to get a rise out of you because they know anons literally can't into self-control ever, or it's /b/ being /b/ and trying to have its usual funposting happy hour. I know we all want to attack degeneracy and cancer and finally get shit cleaned up for the future, but it's hard to do so when we can't even have a single coherent thread without some random autist ruining everything because someone posts a pony, furry or other such pic and they go into full-on sperg burglar mode. Hell, a lot of this bullshit in the first place happened because Something Awful and it's band of goon sperglords stirred the cancer nest known as furaffinity into the shitstorm that happened to ye olden halfchan, leading to both sides going at each other's throats because Goons enjoy the suffering of everyone because they can't accept happiness ever.

tl;dr: I know it's tempting to reply to furb8, ponyb8 or b8 in general, but for fucking god's sake, DON'T. All you're doing is encouraging them to do it more because they know you get mad at it. For once, listen to the old saying of "don't feed the trolls".

ec8166 No.10447153

File: 5d2af17157cd8d0⋯.jpeg (194.22 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 5d2af17157cd8d0166870bf3c….jpeg)


> funposting happy hour

B-but anon, isn't every hour funposting happy hour?

9ab67e No.10453050

Thread on /Pol/ attempting to discredit furries


Source thread on /Leftypol/


(((They))) are afraid.

7969ea No.10455411

File: f7d8ce65dfa6299⋯.png (102.07 KB, 752x1668, 188:417, left_libertarian.png)

File: 895d490ada8945a⋯.png (590.73 KB, 1050x1200, 7:8, A furry explains the evils….png)


You forgot the other one.

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