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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 048e444e985de9b⋯.png (420.79 KB, 1031x762, 1031:762, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c93621ec6b3db16⋯.png (205.55 KB, 336x502, 168:251, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ded68902795de52⋯.png (987.86 KB, 807x774, 269:258, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3877365a7846679⋯.png (68.57 KB, 255x129, 85:43, ClipboardImage.png)

060a85 No.10392600

We may have gotten the wrong guy. According to pic one, the licence plate belonged to a 'James Alex Fields Jr.' James Fields look more like the driver than Joel Vangeluhe, our previous suspect looks like. The license plate to the Challenger is an Ohio licence plate and Joel is from Michigan. Joel claims that his car in NOT a challenger either, but a 2009 Chevy Impala. I could be wrong, but it sure seems like we were too hasty with our accusations.

75e334 No.10392827


Media is saying three dead, 17 injured.

dc832b No.10392840

File: 4057814b9d46450⋯.png (2 MB, 1280x2504, 160:313, VA_CAR.png)

This may be a false flag attack. See pic….

5755dc No.10392865

File: 29b55c0d77db6cd⋯.jpg (400.71 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, a23e331f49acbfb2293fbeb110….jpg)

>gave up a new car for a fucking obama era cobalt

7ac653 No.10392878


>Media is saying three dead

oh that sucks

7ac653 No.10392892

>>10392878 (me)

forgot Cuomo pic…sigh

060a85 No.10392901


It's just Jew golem vs. Jew golem. Let them tear each other apart.

b68af9 No.10392922


He looks so calm in the car pic

060a85 No.10392931

>>10392922 (checked)

Yeah, it's like he's done this before.

c3df08 No.10392986


It's typical lazy fake news. (1) Dead from car (2) dead from police helicopter crash into golf course.

Incidentally the golf course is where the city tried to order the protest to take place…. which is weird.

c99dc3 No.10393005


Can we get a confirmation for the second claim because if it's true than things just got spoopier.

060a85 No.10393014



Oh shit. We're digging fucking deep.

965ba1 No.10393029

File: 87775416ede1488⋯.png (449.19 KB, 1100x342, 550:171, Capture _2017-08-13-00-32-….png)


Something screwing going on today. Cosmic happening? Illuminati? Its getting weird.

Look! Todays date.

5755dc No.10393044


>ConFirmed mayor tried to 9/11 people by crashing a helicopter into them

9952ee No.10393050


just intelligence agencies screwing with you, that's pretty much always the case when it comes to these things.

9b0268 No.10393078


>Optional Roof: Powersun/moon roof

But /ourcar/ doesn't have a sunroof?

3c7306 No.10393082

File: 04e25b4de86971b⋯.jpg (291.32 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, FuckedUp.jpg)


>oh that sucks


14aae6 No.10393100


Maumee is in Lucas County.

Lucas County is number 48.

7ac653 No.10393111

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I goofed the reference

a01a32 No.10393113

Why are we trying to identify him for antifa/the media?

14aae6 No.10393122


Already in custody.

dc4587 No.10393132

The driver looks nothing like Joel. He looks way more middle-eastern.

68bd62 No.10393133




5606fb No.10393142

copypaste from T_D faggots


I've been doing some digging, and finally traced this event back to its origins. Start with the Wikipedia page:


It cites this article about expectations for the rally on 2017-07-21:


That article has a "related article link" back to 2017-06-05:


Read those articles, and you can see the origins. The original application was submitted by Jason Kessler, on behalf of "Unity and Security for America".

The event was subsequently announced on Facebook by the "Traditionalist Workers Party".

Hopefully, that's enough breadcrumbs to get people started on finding the true origins of this "Unite the Right" rally.

965ba1 No.10393157

Can people stop talking about the guy who got arrested and post footage of the suspect?

7ac653 No.10393158


If the DMV printout is correct...i think there is very low probability of friendly-fire.

I have his (( (family))) dox in the other thread...note the first address


060a85 No.10393169


Dubs confirm.

d161b7 No.10393214

how many people showed up to the protest?

48c725 No.10393379

File: c9bb879c41f007c⋯.png (20.27 KB, 588x295, 588:295, wtfJAFjr3.PNG)

Out of washington compost here


5a4290 No.10393462


Holy shit, it's the car. It wasn't the driver or a psyop at all, THE CAR wants liberal blood.

46ac37 No.10393496


This is the thing that gets me. Everyone is focused on the car and liberals immediately assume TERROR ATTACK. Yet if this was indeed a White Nationalist Terrorist he'd have his face plastered on every channel and on CNN 24/7. This is definitely CIA false flag.

b69f7e No.10393583

File: 354d252551615c8⋯.png (382.94 KB, 1057x827, 1057:827, reg.PNG)

File: 6990b02dfff33dd⋯.png (560.22 KB, 601x405, 601:405, car.PNG)

File: 365a30eaa3bbbbd⋯.png (718.97 KB, 802x390, 401:195, car2.PNG)


If it's him why doesn't the car have a moon roof?

28b78f No.10393644


Optional roof, you dingus

48c725 No.10393733


Fuck if I know. If we're certain it was him as the WaPo claims, how come we don't have pictures of him plastered everywhere. There should be something if he was legitimately booked, right? It's a fuckin' clown show at this point.

7bce22 No.10393759

It's a cloned car.

6e9891 No.10393764



fuck im 10 minutes from Maumee

e2840a No.10393771


Washington post must be lurking in here. we get the info then they used it.

use that for future disinformation psyops

cf4a68 No.10393851


No, it was optional to HAVE a roof. He choose the option not to.

ec62e0 No.10393910


It means that he chose the optional roof, dingus.

Plus, why in the pictures is the car braking? If he wanted to mow commies down, wouldn't he be going full throttle? Why slow down?

e2840a No.10393934


OP did not post the archive threads - or maybe this is the wrong one….


9b0268 No.10394027

File: 575f0cc9a3d5101⋯.jpg (176.17 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1502586141995.jpg)


This. Why is he braking if his intention was to hurt people by running his car through a crowd?

a40997 No.10394044

Vangeluhe VIN is same as Fields VIN.

feb62d No.10394045

How should I feel about this?

73be7d No.10394058

File: 99f8db8b69d1dea⋯.jpg (74.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ((((((UNQUENCHABLE!!!!!)))….jpg)


>right wing gets blocked from demonstrating

>driver kills 3 Antfags

>identity still a mystery

>motivation is unclear

>helicopter crashes

>HUGE fucking shill attack on 8/pol/

>insta-banned from cuckchan/pol/

>Red Ice hacked


(>inb4 who gives a shit about TRS-Tier stuff)

We need to find out what the fuck is going on

e2840a No.10394059

On a side note, it is impossible to even look at the Charlottesville PD's website, because EVERYONE is on it - kind of like a DDOS

73be7d No.10394067


what are you talking about?

eb5c74 No.10394069


Spill the beans then CIA nigger.

c19549 No.10394078



552bf8 No.10394080


>driver kills 3 Antfags

lel, no. It was 1 antifag and 2 CIAniggers died in an unrelated helicopter crash

48c725 No.10394088


take that shit back to cuck chan faggot, its too obvious

33eac4 No.10394089




The first guy was dead wrong. And we fucked up on that. We CANNOT make a mistake like that. Get it right the first time

73be7d No.10394114


piss off

it was almost certain also 4cuck spilled it's spaghetti-O's all across the web not us

eb5c74 No.10394122


>The first guy was dead wrong.

As I said at the time.

>And we fucked up on that.




>Get it right the first time

The internet will speculate anyway despite you.

A bunch of spergs spazzing out over a happening is not the end of the world anyway.

0eb320 No.10394138


Intention is hard to prove in this case, I once had to have a huge shit and nearly did the same to people taking too long to get across the crosswalk.

1d3a96 No.10394143



c9a648 No.10394152


Is it just me or is this one big fat shill/D&C thread?

For starters, it's way too early for thread three, thread two is only at 500 posts.

OP is arguing that James Alex Fields Jr. is the driver, this is the same suggestion that WaPo and other fake news sites are making.

Finally, OP of this thread >>10390555 had pictures and testimony of the car at the location it was found and posted later on Twitter before any one else, and according to his testimony:

>guy looked middle eastern honestly. didn't get a close look at his face they bundled him into one of the SUVs really fast. not black but not caucasian pale. didn't have a fashy haircut or anything. skinny jeans.

>i saw a pic of a white guy sitting beside a challenger in handcuffs but that was NOT the guy we saw get helped out of the car.

34f66b No.10394157


Nice fucking try, kike. You can leave now.

dc6264 No.10394158


Hello fellow (((white)))

5dee04 No.10394167

>Hey guys do we have any card we can uplink to in the area.

>Yeah there is a challenger on that street. >Activate it.

bdb165 No.10394170



He's not wrong. We got the wrong guy the first time and that spread everywhere.

6d97c2 No.10394173

File: 9136419de546c14⋯.jpg (371.61 KB, 824x1803, 824:1803, battleofcharlottesville.jpg)

Did we win or lose today overall?

2b7bba No.10394179

File: 45c4693205c1a1d⋯.jpg (91.16 KB, 1200x712, 150:89, C3X1q3YUcAE32zR.jpg large.jpg)







The kikes have arrived

73be7d No.10394181

File: 68ab2c363e37e03⋯.png (174.12 KB, 625x669, 625:669, Driver11111.png)


and no Albermale is not a gender

James Alex Fields Jr

dc6264 No.10394186


So what?

You go and make a youtube vid to apologize on behalf of /pol/. Be sure to show your face.

6d97c2 No.10394195


What was his plan?

dc6264 No.10394196


So what?

You go and make a youtube vid to apologize on behalf of /pol/. Be sure to show your face.

dc6264 No.10394204


Crashing that car.

989746 No.10394205


He looks like a tard.

I mean that literally. Some kind of birth defect. His ears are wrong, his eyes are too close together, and the shape of his face is narrowed somehow.

c5b3a2 No.10394210

File: 958b202ba65bdd3⋯.webm (314.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bg4uSWS.webm)

9d9191 No.10394211


>those stats

Of course. Fuck, the only people who didn't die were ours. Cops died, antifa/libs died or got injured. Was a good day. All the PR fags here need to shut up already. Nobody gives a shit about casualties, especially when nigs kill hundreds every month.

d3e42d No.10394214


I'm guessing he's nazi?

165661 No.10394219


with only 1 fatality

a40997 No.10394235


Vandhelu or whatever antifa fag VIN was same VIN as Fields.

ed3a3f No.10394258



It is very likely that the ciangigers hacked that car to make it stall. Also >>10393496 and >>10392840 this. What needs to be done is twofold. A dox on the actual driver of the car(hint it is not sam hyde).

And a investigation into the car itself because there could be evidence of electronic hijack either in the form of diagnoses data or a physical device used to fuck with the car. A physical device is much more likely than a cellular modem hack because the cianiggers are stupid niggers.

What /pol/ has so far is a faked liscense plate as evidenced by >>10391396 and >>10391400. With lotsa it's a shoah in the last two threads by shills/cianiggers as evidenced this was planned by them also see >>10393142 for roots in facebook.

65a037 No.10394273


where is the sunroof?

8945ef No.10394274

File: f0e21fc3ced3170⋯.jpg (138.6 KB, 960x651, 320:217, roof.jpg)


Fuck you, glow-in-the-dark CIAnigger!

33eac4 No.10394276


The guy is James Alex Fields Jr.

b22e16 No.10394293

File: 676fb082d48b9d5⋯.jpg (84.64 KB, 620x827, 620:827, Concerned Potato.jpg)


His eyes are pretty close together.

65a037 No.10394299


where is the sun roof?

ed3a3f No.10394318


No that alex guy is a fall guy for PR cucks. If it were a white guy originally than the mass kike media would have been all over it like flies on shit. This guy was either a cianigger who will take the blame and get off scott free or some random dude who will be martyed. Dig deeper faggots.

c99dc3 No.10394371


>roof: l None/not available

3a48cc No.10394376

Here's a fun thought: There were an awful lot of well-angled shots of this incident.

We're talking professional-grade framing.

237bdf No.10394378


>what was his plan?

I don't think he had one outside of attempting to get away from the communists trying to smash his car with baseball bats and drag him out of his vehicle.

b22e16 No.10394409

File: 581ec3c542a9732⋯.jpg (38.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, KeK OPs 3.jpg)


Martial law when?

08cba5 No.10394426


>that haircut

1d3a96 No.10394479

File: 21809d4de46eaa6⋯.jpg (15.06 KB, 255x130, 51:26, IMG_0897.JPG)

File: 4b6fe6549605164⋯.png (75.02 KB, 431x765, 431:765, IMG_0899.PNG)

File: e2be99ac31f618b⋯.png (99.95 KB, 639x721, 639:721, IMG_1093.PNG)


Tonight. Got your rope ready?

cba49d No.10394504

File: 755efc228b3a3c3⋯.png (3.73 MB, 1867x1045, 1867:1045, immortan.PNG)

>story will be forgotten about by monday

>only a handful of dead niggers and niggerlovers


a01e8c No.10394506


Charlottesville.org has been down all day.

16570e No.10394508

File: 6c9a1127a9d34c5⋯.jpg (275.93 KB, 1786x1209, 1786:1209, Moved.jpg)

File: a7ab12a2037720f⋯.jpg (310.01 KB, 1461x1681, 1461:1681, ex.jpg)

File: dba26bad414099e⋯.jpg (49.58 KB, 623x379, 623:379, Na.jpg)

Posting some shit.

5ef2ba No.10394537


(((They))) are trying to get martial law/hate speech laws passed before the lawsuits gain traction and fuck over Terry. The fixation on the car crash as domestic terrorism instead of the many, many acts of domestic terrorism from antifa means they are trying to boomerang this on us, do not let them!

552bf8 No.10394557



top wew, he's a kike?

5ef2ba No.10394564


Its not over, we haven't won or lost yet but this could go very well or very bad for us. We either get declared "domestic terrorists" and v8'd or we win a yuge civil rights lawsuit and take down that utter faggot cunt Terry McAuliffe. Stakes are way high.


1d3a96 No.10394589



67e621 No.10394595


yes. they never do their own dirty work.

8c703a No.10394597

File: a4c14fd430cb324⋯.jpg (10.87 KB, 252x330, 42:55, CIA Plant.jpg)


The cops got the wrong guy.

FB guy has pronounced cheeks in the 3/4 view. Note the car guy has no such cheek.

FB guy has round eyelids. Mugshot guy has angled eyelids.

FB guy has large eyebrows. Mugshot guy has 3/4ths the eyebrows.

FB guy has missing ears. Ears are ideal for identification. Hell of a coincidence.

FB guy lacks the dent which begins beneath the eyebrow of mugshot guy (huge fail).

8c703a No.10394623


Wait, what's the evidence of that?

d161b7 No.10394654


there is none. i don't know why he said that

552bf8 No.10394665



>not recognizing Bloom as a kike last name

newfags out

8c703a No.10394672


That's the thing. That Google guy has a nose hooked enough he could catch tuna with it and fuckers refuse to admit he's almost certainly a jew. Then this guy comes along, and they call him a jew. Fucking stupid shit.

8c703a No.10394686


That's not a valid use of the phrase.

2bb1d1 No.10394701


You're not a valid use of a life.

8c703a No.10394718


No refunds.

2bb1d1 No.10394726


>partial refunds

ffa53b No.10394731


>helicopter crash

wtf is with this random crash and why are they blaming it on the driver?

did he fly through the air first and ram the heli?

2fc32a No.10394748

File: 6f57da11b6f41d5⋯.jpg (169.71 KB, 1469x839, 1469:839, de24eee7bf07813318eb4e7f13….jpg)

File: ab75205013447ee⋯.png (65.2 KB, 990x236, 495:118, ab75205013447eef8b439dd703….png)

File: 37863c100f536f8⋯.png (244.8 KB, 644x370, 322:185, 62e3cbba91eef9da55d86fcd2f….png)


ed3a3f No.10394771


Perfect that is a very close match. Now contact/dox james fields family so they can be questioned about what he was doing today/yesterday/this week. If he was set up by cianiggers than they should have a odd story.

363a12 No.10394773


Hmm lets see i went to work today and bought my family a nice italian dinner

Yeah i dont have shit to own up to sally.

The alt right is a religion of peace. The actions of a few deranged people dont speak for all of us. In fact we are the real victims because this will increase anti alt right prejudice. In fact attacks like these are allllll part and parcel of living in a big city. Even sadiq khan agrees.

cba49d No.10394779

File: b91fd333203fd8b⋯.jpg (67.83 KB, 575x700, 23:28, dawggg.jpg)

4167b8 No.10394805


Guy's Jewish, too. Always raises a red flag.

bdb165 No.10394813


The James Feild that was arrested was born in 1997

a7644c No.10394815

File: 0b496746ad33f23⋯.gif (1.28 MB, 405x280, 81:56, 1464972449686.gif)

20b958 No.10394820


>we need to own up to this one

he posts as if /pol/acks had ANYTHING to do with this fednigger running down a horde of anitfa

41de7a No.10394821


They expected one in the wreckage brother.

552bf8 No.10394827


They're using weasel words, saying things like "3 people were killed in cville during the alt right rally". That way they're technically not wrong.

20b958 No.10394850

File: 8290ba53cc0e244⋯.png (310.7 KB, 498x344, 249:172, mugshot vs suspect.png)

94f7ce No.10394851


Yes you should you ugly kike

41de7a No.10394894


Some Bloom's are jewish, others are not. The name comes from ironworking, a decidedly non-jewish industry. That name alone is insufficient to prove that somebody is jewish.

cdbee0 No.10394897


There are also reports his car was surrounded by protesters and he got scared. He mowed them down to get away.>>10392878

8c703a No.10394944


No. Jew, I told you no. gfy

8c703a No.10394965


The eyes are literally not the same person's eyes LOL. Did he start shaving his eyebrows or something? Did he have brain surgery performed to modify his forehead type to "pronounced" LOL. Wow are some here stupid!

ba0de3 No.10394976

File: 6f57da11b6f41d5⋯.jpg (169.71 KB, 1469x839, 1469:839, de24eee7bf07813318eb4e7f13….jpg)

File: 598fbb2b87e2cb3⋯.png (21.33 KB, 621x455, 621:455, 33.png)

01e238 No.10394988


You're just jealous you're not physically removing commies.

852798 No.10395003


Fucking IC

274e03 No.10395018

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

God speed carman. Hopefully people start to dehumanize. For the good of all humanity.

20b958 No.10395019

File: 19a15dc3b3449a7⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 565x341, 565:341, plate switch.jpg)


Nice, thanks, was just going to post these.

Something isn't adding up here.

a72563 No.10395042


>The Alt Kike


1fd469 No.10395044

First the disgusting kikess Rachel "sex junk" Bloom, now this yid-who-flipped-his-lip James "Fields" Bloom!

Even if this Jew was some deluded putz who thought he was doing it "for the White race" or whatever, his idiocy served the perfect excuse for ZOG to morally preen and undoubtedly make up some trillion dollar "White Supremacist Terrorism Task Force" bullshit excuse to shut it all down. The Jew Jews even when he doesn't know he's Jewing, but I will be curious to see exactly why he did it and where he lines up politically. It's just interesting that the Jew Jews you regardless of his intentions, it's like a force of nature.








73b319 No.10395067



8c703a No.10395082





ed3a3f No.10395086


https://archive.fo/QSPxz - first thread

https://archive.fo/rQXgV - second thread, OP claims to have seen car dude

https://archive.fo/2EPJy third thread, first car thread

https://archive.fo/HqfnV - fourth thread, second car thread

TLDR is here >>10394258

99be6c No.10395089

41de7a No.10395090


Go back to your spaz thread.

8568a7 No.10395095

As an abinormal who circles many different boards, i was sort of confused by the lingo used by OP. thought i was on 4chan. me thinks a larp or psyops. as someone who installs kill switches in used cars, i have reason to believe that post 2011 have this built in to american cars.

8c703a No.10395097


ohi. I see you're here from the CIA. Welcome, and have your cyanide pill, if you haven't already.

b22e16 No.10395107

File: f9e0f50aa1479e0⋯.jpg (126.56 KB, 1235x486, 1235:486, Always.jpg)

6d72f2 No.10395112


Yeah even the eyebrows are different too

1a97b8 No.10395201


He obviously has shaved the burly fuckers. Look at how bad they were on his babyface; now that he's hit puberty and has shadow those things must have been untamable.

8c703a No.10395270


>puberty gave him a different forehead, shaved part of his eyebrows off, and changed his eyelids


000f30 No.10395307

File: cccb194cd2c37e3⋯.jpg (19.39 KB, 400x187, 400:187, nose profiles.jpg)

File: 1a4f36a4cd44fe7⋯.jpg (145.74 KB, 727x892, 727:892, 1a4f36a4cd44fe7850dfb628f3….jpg)


>I'm a faceblind nigger that REFUSES to look at the nose profile picture and understand basic genetics and wonder why people won't fall for calling everybody that doesn't have spic skin at the lightest a jew



9d8cca No.10395323

File: 89e2579a1d12008⋯.webm (3.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Slowmo.webm)

File: 5322aad251e4fc8⋯.png (439.12 KB, 344x856, 43:107, clown.png)

>when the race war begins and you realize you're dressed as a white-shaming clown

a79f21 No.10395327


They both have that wide egg-shaped jawline, the same narrow mouth with the little dip in the top lip, the same long deep philtrum, the same big round chin. Really just looks like a few years between photos.

8c703a No.10395350


Yes, people can look similar. However, there are dissimilarities which make for a no-match.

Explain the indention that begins BELOW his right eyebrow (the left side of the picture), in the mugshot. That entire characteristic is missing from the FB image.

While they do appear similar, they are a no-match.

20b958 No.10395359

mugshot vs suspect seems like a distraction when the perp could be some fednigger and none of the two people pictured.

8c703a No.10395366



Basically, think about fingerprints. Yes, two fingerprints may "look the same," but through technical analysis we may see that, while they look right under mere observation, there are technically-identified elements which prove scientifically they are not a match.

We are dealing here with a no-match.

000f30 No.10395371




Why are you trying to bury this thread?

a79f21 No.10395378



Not sure I'm following what feature you're talking about in the mugshot image beneath his right eyebrow, do you mean in the temple area? Even with one questionable facet like what you're describing, that doesn't overrule what I see as pretty positive matches among lower facial features alone. But I'm no expert.

34f66b No.10395381


Pretty cleverly veiled non-argument, I'll give you that much.

I agree with you though

I guarantee the perpetrator is some fucking fed. Whoever they push as the "ebil natzee" will either turn out to be a jew or some other form of useful idiot.

bec696 No.10395382

File: e28b39ab1516d6c⋯.jpg (6.76 KB, 250x237, 250:237, dasdawa.jpg)


That dude at the end who runs directly into the reversing car and gets pinned in between it and a 4WD, getting immobilised in the process and probably run over by the reversing car too.

What was his end goal? What did he aim to achieve?

dc4d61 No.10395384

File: 50cb20aea7711b4⋯.webm (285.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, (You).webm)

>>10394037 (You)

nice bait

000f30 No.10395389

>radio newscasts have updated the false description of the event from "white nationalist" to "white supremacist"

>describing people coming with weapons for defense as "not peaceful protest" while the same faggots claim peace while antfags and niggers burn towns down

e2840a No.10395391

File: 6ec2271774d3c61⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

dee207 No.10395405

File: de205af2a66f5cd⋯.png (609.24 KB, 954x634, 477:317, What does :pol: think.png)

90b9ca No.10395422


> if it was "staged" then the driver killed actual people for political reasons

Gee you think the democrats/deep state maybe have been feeling a little heat lately, might need to change the narrative by doing something drastic?

They have absolutely no problem killing a few stupid ANTIFA idiots for their 'greater good' schemes, which mostly involve stealing lots and lots of money. The useful idiots are just cattle, after all.

dc4d61 No.10395426


Are they going to expose this shit or just further cover it up?

90b9ca No.10395434


Well since McCabe is still #2 at the FBI, which do you think is more likely?

33eac4 No.10395437

File: c78c1b99a09981e⋯.jpg (199.4 KB, 1500x953, 1500:953, DHFHYyCXgAAchrN.jpg large.jpg)


000f30 No.10395441


>it was an act of terror

The only fucking terror would have been the driver's emotions as antfag communist kikes attacked his car, assuming he wasn't a fed doing his part in a false flat.

8c703a No.10395444


sage doesn't "bury". It merely doesn't bump.


The indention describes mugshot man's forehead geometry. The geometry of the two men is utterly unlike one another.

This is a bit like 911. A thousand reasons, but it feels about right to the monkey-man within us.

For example, while pandas appear to be bears, they are not, in fact, bears at all. Listing all the ways they are not bears is pointless. One reason is enough.

For example, both Windows and Linux can look very similar at times, especially to people who have had very little exposure to computing (such as many Africans). With deeper knowledge the mere existence of some features in the right place here or there is known to be a matter of certainty, that such and so Windows Manager is in use, so on and so on.

But this is a matter of technical ability, and one which the majority will doubt exists.

But feelings are meaningless. This is a scientific process, and it utilizes logic. It is brutal. The pronouncement has been made. They are not the same men. No-match. Period. No exceptions.

8c703a No.10395450


Tay drew this circle.

41de7a No.10395452


Font is difficult to read. I recommend viewing other captioned image memes and picking a style to mimic.

8c703a No.10395454


Also, is he part of the kitchen crew, with those crossed rolling pins?

dee207 No.10395456


>Font is difficult to read.

Suggest a font for me please.

Thank you anon

33eac4 No.10395458


But he looks just like him

40e7a6 No.10395461

File: c0a0473a8cb9131⋯.png (67.41 KB, 937x405, 937:405, ClipboardImage.png)

Interview with suspect's mother:


aa0e76 No.10395468


this is interesting

c96712 No.10395469

Things slowly but surely keep heating up. I am really looking forward to the point where shots start being fired

cfed1c No.10395470

File: eab977342bd2cc0⋯.jpg (44.91 KB, 660x419, 660:419, image.jpg)


is it just me or does the driver look like paul walker?

a79f21 No.10395477



I'll check your sweet digits anon but I still thing that jawline and mouth are very recognizable. Not arguing he was in the car, just that the fags in the pictures look identical to me.


And there's that bigass egg jawline again..

33eac4 No.10395479


Lefties are spreading it all over twitter.

90b9ca No.10395481

File: 7fc8aee2fdc8416⋯.jpg (29.04 KB, 542x340, 271:170, clayton-carter-killer.jpg)

File: 2ee899c65e2e563⋯.jpeg (27.35 KB, 450x484, 225:242, hodgkinson.jpeg)


> the point where shots start being fired

Are you fucking kidding me right now?

3cf69f No.10395482


Who the hell drops of their cat at their parent's house when they are not even going away for a night?

20b958 No.10395483



You're looking at the fall guy.

5e3070 No.10395484

File: 2d9db62b654d7ba⋯.png (918.79 KB, 766x1364, 383:682, a4391ff4acf9f5196859c06de8….png)


He's ours. Shortly they'll probably have his skinhead pic on tv. Skinhead is loud but it's not bad if you're actions and behavior are mature, it's actually a good mix. Skinhead plus murder is pretty bad optics though.

8c703a No.10395487


Robert E Lee man is too low-quality for a positive match. He tentatively matches mugshot man.

e2840a No.10395491


Excuse me, I was just informing your tiny mind of the narrative that is being played, but you can just ignore it.

5e3070 No.10395493

Also only go skinhead if you have an aesthetic skull or else you look like a got damn pinhead brute.

20b958 No.10395494


if he is ours then why the fuck are you posting this shit you dumb nigger?

also /we/ are not alt kike

33eac4 No.10395495


this hurts our cause big time. This fucking kike just made all of us look bad

48f7c1 No.10395496


Fucking Quads on the license plate.

What are the odds

90b9ca No.10395503


>This fucking kike just made all of us look bad

You're almost there, keep working those brain muscles.

20b958 No.10395504


psyops always have numerical signifiers

ed3a3f No.10395505


Where is the archive link to this page?

bec696 No.10395506



Also, PRfags out.

8cd6ce No.10395509


They arrested Benny Hill?! I thought he was dead?

>A Pennsylvania man shot his neighbor in the head twice – once while his wife reacted to the scene and witnessed the execution – after a dispute involving lights.

>Clayton Carter, whose yard is littered with anti-Trump signs, was arrested for the murder of G. Brooks Jennings.

>The two had an ongoing issue which involved police interaction to resolve their differences. Jennings allegedly shined a light into Carter’s eyes however, causing him to apparently snap.

My bad.

33eac4 No.10395511


You're missing the point. This can hurt Trump's base all thanks to this autist

cc46a0 No.10395513


You think they needed some autist goodifying commies and niggers to make us look bad? They'd spin anything, even if the alt-kikes ran a bake sale, into them being literally Hitler and how we have to ban them forever… Ignore that a BLM shooter killed several cops, goy.

8c703a No.10395516

Typical kike activity:


c96712 No.10395517


From our side, anon

43d400 No.10395518


Shut the fuck up you twats. We're holohoax exposers. We have no PR to start with.

40e7a6 No.10395519


a retard, and seems to match the FB page from >>10395484

5e3070 No.10395520


It's his FB, which means it's already combed over by all parties or will be. May as well get the intel now. He's not explicitly alt right by the material on that page but he kiked himself and us by doing this. You have to be somewhat intelligent to arrive at the redpill or maybe I was too naive in that assumption, this act is dirty, crude and quick, basically the most damaging type to the groups he's affiliated with.

41de7a No.10395525


The problem is moreso the black color dropped on top of the image with varying background color. The part between their heads is less visible than the part on their heads, which creates a jarring experience when reading it. What I'd probably do is make the image black and white, then tweak the levels to make it rather dark. Then I'd put white text on top. White text on a dark image could contrast well if you get the levels right.

Alternatively you could put a white square above the image and put your black text on that. I've seen a few memes formatted like that. I think it's coming from one of the normalfag social media sites, but I'm not sure which. I don't seem to have an example of one around, but you might have seen them.

20b958 No.10395528

File: 04c9b200cee1757⋯.jpg (17.9 KB, 250x189, 250:189, numerology.jpg)



1111 is ISIS, which is the sign of a (((masonic))) psyop.

this could mean

this bloom kike aka "fields" was a kike plant

this bloom kike is a fall guy and the car driver was some cianigger payroll

049d66 No.10395530


We got kiked HARD, even if his mother isn´t jewish she might as well be for all the good this salad dodger did.

90b9ca No.10395531


> this act is dirty, crude and quick,

It stinks of foreskin and motzah balls.

c3402f No.10395537


He's a Jew.


3cf69f No.10395539


would make sense why this is was an "isis" style murder.

cbec50 No.10395543


I thought it looked like tha Mooch

e80519 No.10395547



(((typical tricks)))

bec696 No.10395551


Fuck appeasing the media and trying to win good boy points. Reason has been out the window for months now. Violence is becoming the only language that our opposition and the public understands.

It's going to go past this point inevitably and it will continue to do so until the chaos resolves itself through a victory. Best start winning early. Good on this fat cunt for rolling a few morons, I hope there's more to come.

9f7a37 No.10395555

>his banner photo


064d8f No.10395557


"We" id'd the fat fuck alt-kike after it was mostly confirmed that the first guy was not the driver. By the way, it's pretty (((coincidental))) that when we found the alt-kike's dox his mugshot was almost immediately released.

000f30 No.10395560


>not bumping a happening thread

>to make it easier for slide threads to push it down


Are you retarded or something nigger? I'm responding to what's in the image. Suckstart a shotgun.

ed3a3f No.10395563


NIce dubs. It is still important to find the truth of what is going on though.

c99dc3 No.10395566


nice quads

I call dibs on ryan come DOTR

e2840a No.10395569


holy fuck




40e7a6 No.10395581

File: f5f0c06e004ab8a⋯.png (425.54 KB, 512x606, 256:303, ClipboardImage.png)



8c703a No.10395582


No, it would be 9+1+9+1 = 20 = 2

83175c No.10395589

File: dc052a2fd11c184⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 186x186, 1:1, 1448582852776.gif)

>Antfats rammed by jew that just finished boot camp

>Sudden cries from Cucks of "TERRORISM AND NAZIS" before he was properly identified to the public

>Police copter crash likely unrelated to the protests now being pushed as terrorism

>El Rato calls for an (((Investigation))) of domestic terrorism

All of this smells of false flag. The question is whether or not this will completely play out in their favor? I can see this only going as far to make liberals/cucks cry over dead commies and die out once the next mudshit attack happens.

ed3a3f No.10395591


Here's your (you). Get out or contribute useful information to the discussion.

5e3070 No.10395594


>"his mother is jewish which means he isn't alt right"

the irony

43d400 No.10395596


We've been through this dance a million times. Somebody vaguely affiliated with the right does something we can't control and cuckservatives go weak-kneed like the faggots in this thread and start preparing to suck Jew dick.

Can I remind you dumb niggers they shot a fucking Republican congressman at a baseball game? Do you see them doing a scintilla of hand-wringing over it? They were justifying it. It's only bad when you fucks act like this. You're making it worse.

915894 No.10395599

He took out some communist foot soldiers.

Good on him.

e2840a No.10395601

File: 4cc946d3d91d03b⋯.jpg (96.45 KB, 788x500, 197:125, homer-computer-doh.jpg)


I literally…..

cbec50 No.10395603

File: a722a5c293f9ad8⋯.jpg (32.6 KB, 334x750, 167:375, 183c9933a95a6681478a084f5d….jpg)



So is this really THE guy? Is this a kike like we all suspected?


That plate stood out to me biggly, Either it's a sign to the deepstate he's one of theirs or fate gave him quads to let us know something was up

8c703a No.10395605



6d97c2 No.10395606

File: 560087844183379⋯.png (309.89 KB, 585x568, 585:568, 1502594117879.png)

GG. We needed antifa to pull this shit first, not our side. These fucking alt-right shits are the ones who will bring Trump down.

Only rallies from here on in are going to be Trump's.

068bf6 No.10395607


its the forehead scare the driver has it too

000f30 No.10395610


>vehicle doesn't have the racing stripes and looks different from the one in the event

90b9ca No.10395611


>Can I remind you dumb niggers they shot a fucking Republican congressman at a baseball game?

Good luck hearing anything about that ever again. The kikes have slammed the lid down on that hard.

a01e8c No.10395615


It is clear from this video that the car was being chased by club wielding Antifa. Driver was fleeing for his life.

At the risk of reveling my faggotry, is it possible to download a webm file?

d2ab97 No.10395617


So another sub 115 IQ autist signalling against "muh PR"

000f30 No.10395620






Get the fuck out.

90b9ca No.10395623

File: c52f8e2869bb8c7⋯.jpg (32.66 KB, 400x668, 100:167, thefloorischildsuppport.jpg)

>>10395599 check 'em

The dancing flying nigger is pretty damn funny.

cc46a0 No.10395625

File: ded3fe57a0f5955⋯.jpg (97.28 KB, 853x960, 853:960, 1437980550470.jpg)


Get outta here, kike.

8c703a No.10395626


That's a kike. They go crazy when things like this happen.

fbf2f6 No.10395627


On its own terms, your logic is correct. Stand back, though, and your logic runs into a dilemma: whether to support Trump effectively, or, whether to support WN effectively.

41de7a No.10395630

File: fb40720a6d280fb⋯.png (201.96 KB, 980x551, 980:551, trump consults steve b.png)

File: 8879ddee210fca9⋯.png (260.6 KB, 980x551, 980:551, trump consults steve a.png)



Not sure I quite got the effect I was after, but how's this? I also threw in a black→transparent gradient layer to help increase the text contrast.

5e3070 No.10395637

THe narrative that "he was pushed too far, and more things will happen until people realize why whites are angry" should be pushed.

000f30 No.10395639


>is it possible to download a file

How new are you?

bec696 No.10395641


Did I get dubs? I see 5551.


Newfag. It's always been like this. Most accusations are baseless but you only get accused if you don't make your point well enough, and the accusers make that baseless accusation on account of your point not being well rounded enough in the first place. If you're called a Jew or a shill for something you intended to be helpful or correct, then your point was proposed in a flawed manner and the fault is yours. Faggot.

41de7a No.10395642


(Font is Tahoma, which is just what I usually use. I think most fonts not excessively bold usually work pretty well though.)

c3402f No.10395644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sven agrees

5e3070 No.10395651


>privileged whitey runs down BLM cause he was too weak and scared to fight man to man!

god damn it I already hear the chimping

9d8cca No.10395656


Rightclick on the video and press 'save as'. You might need a video player like FLV or MPC-HC to play a webm, I don't know what your dumb, computer-illiterate ass uses to watch video files. Then step away from the computer and kill yourself for being so stupid.

d7e621 No.10395657


So let's say it is this alt retard. The police have already told people that they believe he was defending himself. Dude's going to get off scott free and cause the biggest chimpout we've ever seen. And the /leftypol/ niggers that keep showing up saying "muh paper tiger" can finally shut up. One car, one guy, three dead, a few crippled. And he's not even a full on GTKRWN, he's the lowest tier of our end of the political spectrum.

"We" don't need to do shit. It takes care of itself. If anything, what "We" should do is own it.

cbec50 No.10395660

File: 481c3e71bb59278⋯.jpg (50.97 KB, 500x690, 50:69, 1454537237864-0.jpg)


You see this shit? This is what happens when these faggot ass kekistani niggers think they are welcome out of their reddit ghetto.


000f30 No.10395661

>media (((narrative))) shifts to "white nationalist/supremacist" rally

>car death treated as murder

>as in premeditated

>as in planned

>kike politicians on both sides shitting on Trump for not blaming """""""""""white supremacists""""""""""""""" and calling it terrorism

6e465f No.10395672


1st one is best theres a cropping error on the right side from what i can see

6d97c2 No.10395674



Christ what secret larper club did I step into?

41de7a No.10395680


<This attack is proof that our society needs to be more inclusive of marginalized white males. 😭👏 #PrayForCharlottesville 👏 #BoardOfPeace

aa0e76 No.10395682


everyone read this, especially the pussies

a01e8c No.10395683


Your numbers tempt me to off myself for the good of the cause. Thanks.

8c703a No.10395686


Well, we can clearly see he's a member of the rolling pin army.

0ba51c No.10395687


>So let's say it is this alt retard. The police have already told people that they believe he was defending himself. Dude's going to get off scott free and cause the biggest chimpout we've ever seen.


40e7a6 No.10395690

File: 7684015fd3c8e10⋯.png (640.25 KB, 1365x630, 13:6, ClipboardImage.png)

d7e621 No.10395691


One you're not from and don't belong in, clearly.

41de7a No.10395693

File: 67959fca87ef5bd⋯.png (199.63 KB, 974x549, 974:549, trump consults steve b.png)

fbf2f6 No.10395705






The LARPers in Charlottesville lose, are losing, have lost, and lost again today. Even if you like those guys - in which case, what the hell is wrong with you? - you have to want to get rid of a crew that's only useful for the Left. We need better than that. The famefags out there now are worse than having nobody out there at all.

5e3070 No.10395707


I think it's right. It was that one person' choice to act how they did when confronted with all the issues surrounding White existence, and if these things are so important to people so as to cuase them to kill or die for them then maybe they should be paid some attention because there's a million more whites dealing with these issues and any one of them could act out. It solidifies the ideas and issues and makes the real and important, legitimizing them more instead of de-legitimize them.

1524f3 No.10395708

File: 1a389270925ed6d⋯.jpg (112.68 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1a389270925ed6db95fcb64e76….jpg)

File: 96518514531ada6⋯.jpg (454 B, 16x15, 16:15, SS_Bypass.jpg)


go back to reddit you faggot, where someone cares what WE think

16835f No.10395711

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Put together something for the internet. Text is small but included in description are the pics.

000f30 No.10395712



>/pol/ is just larpers goy

Get back in the oven.

064d8f No.10395716

File: f1a000b30d32625⋯.jpg (104.56 KB, 1059x827, 1059:827, DHFKpoYVwAAdgHe.jpg)

Just saw this halfcuck screencap on twitter. Found it interesting since everyone was mentioning in the thread where someone found the alt-kike's dox, how the fat fuck looked nothing like the driver in the picture.

41de7a No.10395717


>If this is true then things may be alright

Of course things are going to be alright. Calm the fuck down and kindly go back to reddit. You're obviously not ready for the big leagues.

aa0e76 No.10395721

File: c793948b47a0a51⋯.jpg (34.71 KB, 625x466, 625:466, ee8005f75631a9f93b0d75fcaf….jpg)

dee207 No.10395723


Cool all I did was think of the idea and threw it out there.

I am glad someone liked it enough to improve on it.

1c7f8a No.10395727

File: 2db8e2ca0a62d76⋯.jpg (5.67 KB, 190x176, 95:88, merchant_hiding.jpg)


<Hello fellow white people

20b958 No.10395728


reported for trsdodomy

enjoy your permaban

5e3070 No.10395732


>should never be the ones to attack physically first.

Sometimes the mental and spiritual pain is too great, even greater than any physical attack would be. This is the burden, being able to carry the truth and reality without succumbing to it.

f14af2 No.10395736



Why is the guy driving the car in both of these pics wearing a white shirt when the picture of his mugshot here >>10394181 has him wearing a checkered shirt?

8cd6ce No.10395739


Jail outfit.

5e3070 No.10395740


drivers nose appears smaller and sharper

d7e621 No.10395742


>Over here

Holy fuck you're bad at this. You're not from here, ergo you are not a part of us, ergo no "we". You failed, nigger, just give it up already.


Debatable that them losing repeatedly (If they are, I tend not to pay attention to them on a macro scale) would, in fact, cause the famefags to lose followers. And the people that stop following them aren't going to stop being right wing, they'll just stop the dick riding. Just a thought.

e6a90c No.10395746

File: 3c2616cff393647⋯.png (470.83 KB, 854x484, 427:242, ybAMtmH.png)



Source please


>please hit us first

fuck off masochist


>shit tier muscle car

guy needs to be shit on appropriately

d7e621 No.10395749


I don't even know if black and white striped jail outfits are a thing anymore. Most of them are blue, green, or orange scrub type outfits.

a01e8c No.10395759


Cosmic justice.

ef62ac No.10395760

File: 77b36f9b461ecd8⋯.png (236.37 KB, 600x675, 8:9, sam.png)


he can't keep getting away with it

d7e621 No.10395761


Only source I have is twitter screenshots saying as much from the other threads. There's been no official statement that I know of so far

5e3070 No.10395771


They are in many areas, depends on county and state.

6d97c2 No.10395777


lol triggered bitchboi crying for mods to save his secret little club.


It doesn't matter. Golden rule is: Never attack physically first. Free speech goes both way. That said, when you do get attacked, break their jaws, and call if self defense. You'll have every right to.


>Holy fuck you're bad at this. You're not from here, ergo you are not a part of us, ergo no "we". You failed, nigger, just give it up already.

Fine I won't group you neets with alt-right. Regardless WE still fall on the right, and are by and large supporting Trump. Does that trigger you?

d2ab97 No.10395781


Bullshit, the sub 115-IQ moron simply saw someone posting "muh PR" and thought he'd show how based and anti "muh PR" he is.

cbec50 No.10395782


you will always stand out as someone that doesn't belong here. stop wasting our time you fucking homo. do something productive and prep your bitches bull for her, that's all you're good for cuck

8d9d15 No.10395783






So let me get this straight. We have a kike kid who joined the military, went to basic (did he wash out or what?? Potential sheep dip??) Joins up with a European Identity movement (muh memes on fb so loudly) and then drives a car into some commies?

im guessing op from that one thread was just b8 and the whole shit about the perp being snagged up by blacked out suburbans was just larp yah? Is this a nice gestault of whats going on here?

d03001 No.10395784

File: 1033ea07f0d1705⋯.png (304.84 KB, 585x568, 585:568, 560087844183379baa6aae5f78….png)

Guys, i don't think the mug shot is the same guy. He is wearing a stripped shirt, if he was vanguard he would be wearing white like the other pics. When they take you to jail they don;t put you in a stripped shirt like that anymore.

8cd6ce No.10395786

File: 68ee352a9e052e4⋯.jpg (610.08 KB, 958x718, 479:359, Modern_chain_gang.jpg)


True, the color depends on the situation (crime and where you are in the justice process) and if you're in prison (state) or jail (federal).

cbec50 No.10395793

fresh OC for Jewtube


ffbbeb No.10395794

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Car of Peace

Time to listen to more Eurobeats for hours. It's going to be a good night.

d03001 No.10395795

he would be in a holding cell locally, still wearing his clothes at the event

a79f21 No.10395798

File: 50aa274dcd5a990⋯.jpg (27.05 KB, 520x292, 130:73, 3090659_G.jpg)


Looks like as recently as 2013 they were using striped uniforms in the nearby Culpeper county jail. Seems reasonable. https://archive.is/fwkMI

fbf2f6 No.10395800


>Fine I won't group you neets with alt-right. Regardless WE still fall on the right, and are by and large supporting Trump. Does that trigger you?

Yeah, so here's the deal, Spencer watched all the changes in politics and looked at all today's Trump supporters and thought to himself "I bet I can grab a bunch of those people." So Spencer is right that all those people felt politically homeless, but, he has no idea what all "those people" actually want or how to appeal to them. That's why he's destined to be a failure.

When you look at this big mass of Trump supporters, you either figure out how to make them useful - which means figuring out how they think - or figure out how to work around them. The guys at today's rally are doing neither.

b39a52 No.10395808

File: 17028e87f7df171⋯.jpeg (127.63 KB, 600x829, 600:829, tiddies.jpeg)


The alt-kike has just lead its flock of useful idiots right into the trap. This would be a very good opportunity to point this out to said useful idiots and turn them against Dicky Spencer et. al.

>Wow your movement's (((leadership))) lead you all into a trap that resulted in the alt-kike being branded white supremacist terrorists

>Really makes you think

792b00 No.10395810


>never be the ones to attack physically first

where the fuck have you been the past year? Communist have been attacking people and causing destruction completely unopposed on a regular basis. That guy who stabbed two people on the train in Portland, the guy who shot up the congressional baseball practice, the guy who shot his neighbor in the face 2 days ago, all politically motivated Bernie voters. Remember all the shit that communist pulled in Berkley, Portland, Chicago, and DC? Sure today probably wasn't the most effective way to go about things, but I would hardly consider it the first strike. Violence is about to escalate, and these kikes, shitskins, and racetraitors are about to get fucked.

c1de2b No.10395816


>driver was a jewish American Vantard


a36aff No.10395817

Since he's a kike that means American vanguard is definitely controlled opposition

20b958 No.10395822

File: 1c2f41e3f8068ed⋯.png (2.21 MB, 2426x1918, 1213:959, utr false flag data.png)


compiling data.

feel free to add to image. this is everything ive seen

3903f8 No.10395829


He means that we should do nothing until they start actually slaughtering us. Because he's a cuck.

1524f3 No.10395832

File: 1d54aad6b4f139f⋯.webm (9.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Vampire Laughs At You.webm)

File: 96518514531ada6⋯.jpg (454 B, 16x15, 16:15, SS_Bypass.jpg)


>Have a nice day!

100b14 No.10395833


What kind of mugshot is that? Do counties even put you in garb like that for mugshots anymore? I thought that was only if you were doing time.

522d59 No.10395839


Thank you. We need to clamp down on this shit. Talk about Initial Dipshit for a day, then memoryhole it.


If you saw the pics from the other thread they arrested a guy in a white shirt.

This checks out, though it still doesn't match with the pic through the windshield.


692e95 No.10395843


Nigger they were already branded white supremacist terrorists, PRfagging does no good.

000f30 No.10395851


>he didn't read the thread

Did it get deleted? It ended up revealed by a vol that the guy was a total larper, never released the footage he promised he had and instead went to other threads to talk about cuckchan banning people for talking about the incident as if cuckchan banning is remotely surprising.

d03001 No.10395859

File: 90ee7520c7490ac⋯.png (176.93 KB, 819x460, 819:460, jail cvile.png)

Local jail in Charlottesville, they wear orange.

b39a52 No.10395863


>Nigger they were already branded white supremacist terrorists, PRfagging does no good.

I'm not telling you to PRfag you retard, I'm telling you to turn the alt-kike against its own leadership by pointing out that this rally was a trap

d7e621 No.10395867



Good point. It would be worth it to find nearby jails and check their uniforms. If they didn't take him to a fed pen or something worse

d2ab97 No.10395870


Nobody cares what CNN branded them. They were not seen as terrorists by regular people.

3903f8 No.10395873


>what is a county jail

b87327 No.10395876

>everyone disowning him

Fuck you guys. He killed a commie. Not the best for PR, but he actually did it and didn't just larp about it on a mongolese kitchen forum. He has conviction, or at least enough conviction to do it at that point in time.

e6a90c No.10395878

File: 65546f757574490⋯.jpg (98.42 KB, 500x808, 125:202, 1502566773494.jpg)

The Dodge Challenger is known for its




inb4 its all muscle cars

43d400 No.10395882


>Sure today probably wasn't the most effective way to go about things

We don't need to do or say anything about it, except that antifa is worse and has been consistently more violent. They were being provocative and throwing shit at his car. The cops believe he was acting in self defense, probably because they were crowding around him and banging on the car or some shit.

When Zimmerman first killed St. Trayvon, everyone was running around saying what an awful h-white he was to shoot a twelve year old black boy. Cickservatives denounced, people harrumphed, and then the facts came out.

068cb4 No.10395883

File: dfc86fdc4805f1a⋯.jpg (2.86 MB, 2158x3000, 1079:1500, noteventhesameguytbh.jpg)

are we seriously going to believe this terminator looking driver is the same guy in the pic? making memes either way but still, reaks of false flagging

562f2c No.10395884


Fields never yields.

Honk, honk. Outta the way, commies!

100b14 No.10395885


Yet they have james in black and white. Thats not odd?

b35ad7 No.10395889


Fuck off, even if he isn't a CIAnigger, he did so in cold blood in a totally not called for way. When one of us kills a commie in a GOOD way we would never disavow him. ie.finnish guy who punched an antifa to death.

fbf2f6 No.10395892


That's different, Antifa has the media and government on their side. Tactics they can use do not work for anyone else. Stop whining about it and just adapt.

20b958 No.10395894


dont make memes about this kike you faggot

bdb165 No.10395895


>Weight Power

>White Power

5e3070 No.10395896


It really was a poorly thought out choice. It's like you're building something like a tower of cards with your fellow people and then one of the denser ones knocks it all over. He disrespected all the people he was there with and the movement by being selfish and simple-minded.

c1de2b No.10395901


He's a jew

20b958 No.10395904


>but he actually did it and didn't just larp about it

the redditor cries out in doublespacing as he strikes you

e6a90c No.10395906

File: 6b14e6ba0e4e9a3⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1564x1564, 1:1, 1502589071207.jpg)

File: a1b4da6d6327e3d⋯.jpg (194.54 KB, 989x1024, 989:1024, 1502589356560.jpg)

File: 50a9405775a07d6⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 434x480, 217:240, 1502564755351.jpg)

File: c76830e54d2b30b⋯.jpg (151.91 KB, 1024x622, 512:311, 1502568342021.jpg)


I found these on /o/


5e3070 No.10395908


This is serious slander, needs to be confirmed. I mean the act was jewy but still.

562f2c No.10395910


They never make you change your clothes out before your mugshot. Processing>arraignment>shower/change clothes.

t. Ex degenerate

a79f21 No.10395912


I think he's saying that a regional jail could be different from a county jail. There are all kinds of lockups all over the place, even police stations have their own holding cells that someone could be in for a few days. Could even be they moved him out of Charlottesville for safety or media reasons?

43d400 No.10395916


>Stop whining about it and just adapt.

What the hell are you talking about?

20b958 No.10395918

068cb4 No.10395919

File: cb56a9f2cb3f6cc⋯.png (479.91 KB, 810x1106, 405:553, ScoutAssassin.png)


this is an obscure unpopular white nationalist imageboard in the middle of the wild wild web, nothing is off-limits here

064d8f No.10395920


County jails tend to have you change into their scrubs AFTER you're processed. Taking mugshots is part of the processing

Can we find out if the inmate uniform he's wearing is indeed from the jail which they say he's in?

692e95 No.10395922



c1de2b No.10395923


See the non-autistic part of >>10395822

d7e621 No.10395924


>Having your car surrounded by degenerates beating your car or cars around you, leaving no visible way out

>A moment of panic when fight or flight kicks in

>In cold blood and uncalled for

You're gay.

60c5f4 No.10395927

Vehicular cultural enrichment is part and parcel of living in a modern city.

20b958 No.10395933


>memeing a kike plant working for the feds as if he's on our side

fuck, next you'll be claiming freemason (((brevik))) was the savior of the white race

fuck off newfag lurk more

90b9ca No.10395939


We need to recycle every quote the kikes used about Hodgkinson and say them about this fields kike.

100b14 No.10395940


Yea but regional doesn't have you wear garb. You just wear your civilian clothes till youre finished with processing at the very least. Your mugshot will always have you in the clothes you came in with for identification purposes.

2595b4 No.10395941

File: 61fe2c8368949a7⋯.jpg (5.79 KB, 300x300, 1:1, iu8y8trd9hfys4a8cyxivi07.jpg)


This is a good idea

692e95 No.10395942


No, they were seen as white supremacists, because people get their worldview from the news. If anything this would redpill more people who don't trust the media.


>I'm not telling you to PRfag you retard, I'm telling you to turn the alt-kike against its own leadership

Already on it, although I don't associate with the "alt-right" or it's members. But I agree with you, fuck dicky and fuck enoch.

ec5e39 No.10395943


The guy in the car is definitely older and has a steely "professional driver, closed course" look about him. I can only hope this obvious framing falls apart in court.

692e95 No.10395947


fuck you I don't glow in the dark

1ac139 No.10395958


Where can I find the source image of the guy in the car without the contrast and other stuff

2595b4 No.10395963


>lands on one of the few anons that isn't a faggot

goddamit, Terry

cbec50 No.10395965


But we are "White Supremacists"

a79f21 No.10395967


Definitely strange. Maybe he was processed at two facilities or something?

5e3070 No.10395971





>friends with a Roth


000000 No.10395975

Punch a Nazi?

Kill a Commie.

d03001 No.10395979

Also wear are his glasses…he has on a pair of those sunlight color changing ones and no glasses in the pic…wierd? idk what policy is

e2840a No.10395981

File: dc4f329bcf1162f⋯.jpg (342.95 KB, 3000x2035, 600:407, 1awtfbig.jpg)


you can use this

d2ab97 No.10395991


>No, they were seen as white supremacists, because people get their worldview from the news.

They were seen as white supremacists, because they are white supremacists. That's not bad PR. White supremacy just means white demographic survival.

They were not seen as terrorists, because they were not terrorists and nobody cares that CNN said that they were terrorists.

NOW they are seen as terrorists because James Field engaged in terrorism.

5e3070 No.10396002


Possibility of kike plant aside, he may have been looking for a place where his car would get swarmed so he could mow people down. We all know how many people got out of charges by saying they were swarmed and in fear for their life.

314c1e No.10396003

Is he the guy that keeps claiming to be a half Jew and calling into Cantwell's show?

20b958 No.10396005

File: 4a1eda50945621b⋯.png (110.58 KB, 409x456, 409:456, merchantspencer2.png)




>>friends with a Roth



>James Field

we should meme calling him

james bloom

8c703a No.10396009


They didn't get as much red paint on the hood of his car as they did on that cop car.

ef8470 No.10396013


>be deep-cover plant in a local white supremacist group, looking for intel

>get thrown in van, blindfolded

>get thrown out of van next to trashed car

>police cuff you

and here we are.

62fa09 No.10396016


Sunlight changing glasses only work outside. Don't know about his needs, but its possible he doesn't need them to drive.

5e3070 No.10396026



124a8b No.10396042

File: e064b35b0291a20⋯.jpg (200.64 KB, 1779x740, 1779:740, 0klek.JPG)


How could one find out where the place on the left picture is located?

I can bet 50 bucks ""his"" car with red stripes is still sitting there intact

a79f21 No.10396045

File: 1a1a1c4c78d03bd⋯.png (742.79 KB, 1036x595, 148:85, racingstripeyousay.png)



How common is it to get a racing stripe put on aftermarket? How common is it to pose like that if you're up to no good? How common is 81?

000000 No.10396051

>trying to control the narrative and make people here side with antifa

The (((mods))) here think you are this dumb.

a79f21 No.10396062



It also looks like the piece immediately around the headlights is chrome vs matte black, maybe just reflection

62fa09 No.10396063


The car on the left doesn't have the black line that goes through the logo, as on the pic on the right.

c1de2b No.10396065


>b-but James is a BASED nationalist jew!

20b958 No.10396070


< a wild tor shill appears

< tor shill uses "nonsense shitpost"

< it wasn't very effective…

No one is siding with antifa you giant faggot. /pol/ does not support kikes, especially when they frame nationalists for unprovoked vehicular commie splattering during a peacefully rally that nationalists had continually claimed was going to be peaceful for months

dumb nigger

6e8117 No.10396073


Proof he's jewish?

20b958 No.10396075


>b-but James BLOOM** is a BASED nationalist jew!

remember the meme anon

he's james bloom now

06e501 No.10396077



000f30 No.10396079




>doesn't know not all states require front plates

>implying photoshop where there is none

>implying jew hand clasp where there is none

>not poinging out that the two cars are different colors and the one has no racing stripe

67e621 No.10396081


>nationalist jew

those are called 'zionists'.

20b958 No.10396082


proof that james bloom is a kike:


his mother is a kike so by jewish blood laws, he is a kike

692e95 No.10396083


Not yet, we are currently white nationalists, we recognize that races should remain separate, and that there is a white genocide in our own countries. The jingoism can come after we secure the existence of our white nations.

Just to clarify, I am not saying

>mug pr

But we must not accept their labels and let them frame the discussion.


>They were seen as white supremacists, because they are white supremacists. That's not bad PR. White supremacy just means white demographic survival.

White supremacy involves the subjugation of lower races, they are white nationalists, who recognize that the races are not equal and should be kept separate.

>They were not seen as terrorists, because they were not terrorists and nobody cares that CNN said that they were terrorists.

They were seen as "Nazis", and painted in an absurdly negative light by the media, the people who were going to fall for it already have, and those that remain skeptical still are.

>NOW they are seen as terrorists because James Field engaged in terrorism.

See above, also it was self defense (and he is a jew) . But you must realize that this rabid media narrative has been going on for a while, and will not stop because of our meekness or our aggression. If anything this would push those already skeptical further to our side, and further radicalize those already here. It also presents a golden oppurtunity to attack enoch and spencer. But for the most part the battle lines have already been drawn.


Possible, but at the moment we have nothing. We should focus on pushing the "Jew not involved with aut-right is swarmed by commies"


Racing stripes look cool, not implausible they would be aftermarket.

>How common is it to pose like that if you're up to no good

Self defense?

ed3a3f No.10396091


This is irrelevant as the stripe is missing. It is the wrong guy or very cleverly photoshopped.

000000 No.10396099


Note the Marxists here shill against Tor since it's the only encryption their ZOG masters have not broken.

124a8b No.10396100


> he doesnt realize the person who put the two together didn't put those annotations initially

dumbfucking fuck, the colors are what should be the most obvious period

90b9ca No.10396106


When he makes bail and absconds to Tel Aviv should be proof enough.

5327dc No.10396108


They've being calling alt right white supremacists anyway. Your logic is bad and you should feel bad.

62fa09 No.10396113


>Racing stripes look cool, not implausible they would be aftermarket

Looking at it again, it seems like the entire front bumper is different between pics.

692e95 No.10396119


The bumper is pretty smashed up, hard to tell.

95ab70 No.10396127


Looks like he hit both pedals like a mong?

ed3a3f No.10396128

There was a video similar to https://8ch.net/player.php?v=https://media.8ch.net/file_store/8e76668fb823c08c8ec158ed89007482cbdc742237454c6b89bdaa12aea1317e.mp4&t=%E3%85%A4_G5u5Fm_GK1zIMXxU.mp4&loop=1

But it had a longer version that showed the whole drive up of the car. Where did it go?

90b9ca No.10396132


Well yeah, that kike bounced a bunch of niggers off of it, those things are like deer.

20b958 No.10396133


>shill against Tor since it's the only encryption their ZOG masters have not broken.

retard, it was invented by ZOG


8c703a No.10396135


Yep, shit quality, so the stripes don't line up. Isn't it amazing how prison is a woman? That is, fashion?

62fa09 No.10396140


Perphaps. But on the left, it looks like the bumper is a slightly darker color then the rest of the car, while on the right the intact piece top of the bumber matches the hood in color.

46a8b6 No.10396143

I just woke up and this whole thing seems strange to me. Why were there protesters on a trafficked street to begin with? This was not a unannounced protest and if the police was even slightly competent this shouldn't been possible. I can only belive that this was intentional to by the people in charge. The driver was probably just panicked because he was surrounded by commie scum and stepped on the gas to force his way before he got pulled out of his car by an angry mob.

c1de2b No.10396145



It's a different car. The registration in the OP says it was first registered in 2016, and he added that picture to Kikebook in 2015. Mystery solved.

2ef9e8 No.10396147

Why didn't the fuckin' airbag deploy?

000f30 No.10396150



>doubling down on being retarded

>pointing out fake shit and damage controlling the lack of pointing out actually real things

6e8117 No.10396151


So you're shilling he's a jew so white nationalists won't lionize him?

Cause that proof is utter shit.


ISo what you're saying is no one fucking knows or has proof. Gotcha.

792b00 No.10396154


>Why were there protesters on a trafficked street to begin with?

You know how these communist get, and you know the police do nothing to stop them.

c99dc3 No.10396157


>Why were protesters on a trafficked street

Anybody have a montage of protesters getting BTFO on streets?

cdd41f No.10396189

File: 41d6ae828b88cf2⋯.jpg (32.89 KB, 640x488, 80:61, 2lufq9.jpg)


>Oy vey he looks slightly different from a picture taken 2 years ago at a different angle! It must be a CIA plot!

Fuck off disinfo shitposting kike or whatever you are.

20b958 No.10396191


top kek

>mother is literally called SAMANTHA FUCKING BLOOM

>oy vey that isnt proof

of course im trying to stop retards like you from lionizing a fucking kike plant, you absolute moron, go and suck spencers dick with the other alt kike faggots

search for "samantha bloom james fields" you'll find a plethora of sources confirming

21d300 No.10396192


He's not ours, he joined that LARPing cancer american vangaurd bullshit, secondly he's at least 50% kike.

If that leftist commie shooting Senators not did any damage, then this car retard isn't going to do any damage either.

4e6102 No.10396194

Things need to escalate. 2 murder cars next event

20b958 No.10396195


>secondly he's at least 50% kike.

50% kike is 100% kike

95ab70 No.10396197


Look at the size of that head compared to his body/shoulders!

ef72d8 No.10396198

File: 30232dbaf2677f2⋯.png (105.72 KB, 1920x331, 1920:331, Screenshot_2017-08-13-01-0….png)

Le prototypical goyim slave.

90b9ca No.10396199


Dirty jewess mother is 100% kike.

000f30 No.10396206


>two years completely changes your dna and makes you the same person goy nevermind the fact the fall guy looks the same between the fb posts and the arrest picture yet completely different from the man that was actually in the car

692e95 No.10396209


Lets meme for them to tear down a statue, ex. MLK, Lenin, Marx

a93fac No.10396211


Hijack all of the chargers at the closest dealership and crash them into each other?

b235e8 No.10396214

File: 8c377644a220d5b⋯.png (101.33 KB, 457x361, 457:361, daffydead.png)


drinking while pregnant is one hell of a drug

ba0de3 No.10396216

File: 5a091b690d0983e⋯.jpg (84.68 KB, 780x438, 130:73, james.jpg)

c99dc3 No.10396229


>Red wings?

Good boots and hockey, but what does it have to do with Alt-kike Larping?

5e3070 No.10396243


His mother's name is Bloom which may bea version of (((Blum))) and his father is named (((Meyer)))

692e95 No.10396254

File: d35b2c34744849d⋯.jpg (40.97 KB, 520x292, 130:73, 14593053_G.jpg)


>Jason Kessler

pic of him, look white?

b55953 No.10396262


>his father is named (((Meyer)))

Her father must be named Field. Meyer is his mother's maiden name.

We still need to find his father.

602f9e No.10396272

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Got some real fresh OC right out of the oven. Requesting anon to encode to webm format.

b235e8 No.10396275


my friends last name is meyer. is he a crytpokike

ba0de3 No.10396278

File: e820e311b2b1c7f⋯.jpg (110.79 KB, 780x438, 130:73, james.jpg)

5e3070 No.10396282


Oh yea my bad, her maiden name is Meyer, so he's definitely confirmed technically jew.

8c703a No.10396286


Ah, this is the situation we find ourselves in. The flat earthers say "see?! it's flat!" What am I to say? Logic has spoken. Kikes and their slaves go contrary ways.

95ab70 No.10396299


Maybe it's downs?

a93fac No.10396302



How is your reply above the post it is replying to?

20b958 No.10396308


nah nah nah, you need to edit in the music over the screams and suffering, but put a low pass filter on it so its muffled so it sounds like its coming from the car. I can do this tomorrow if you like?

602f9e No.10396312


That is exactly what I did

8c703a No.10396321


That was a kike. They memorize things but can't do anything.

5e3070 No.10396323


As far as I know Meyer is historically Jewish surname.

a93fac No.10396324


…pandas actually are just lazy bears. Science marched on

5e3070 No.10396329


German technically but used by mostly jews

20b958 No.10396336


top kek forgot to put my headphones on. shitty laptop speakers

sounds great anon, good work


>That was a kike.

wtf nigger

b235e8 No.10396342


my friends dads side of the family is german

a93fac No.10396356


Or someone who was frantic

e36968 No.10396359


8c703a No.10396360


<some genes are the same

<ignore the genes that are different

<It's a "match!"


ed3a3f No.10396365

Wew the shilling to bury >>10394258 and >>10396063 is real. The officially reported guy is not as it seems >>10395557 .

5d7f34 No.10396378

File: 37c91fe2e1c89ac⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1200x850, 24:17, hoodstripe.png)

not the same car or driver…

060a85 No.10396393


It might have just been the lighting in the pic to the right.

a79f21 No.10396395


I asked you to explain what doesn't match and you just went on about pandas and shit. You say the foreheads are different and there's some feature to the right eyebrow but I'm not seeing it. Back up your claims with assessments and not inane metaphors.

90b9ca No.10396398


I bet this guy turns up dead sooner than later.

9b0268 No.10396414


But the kid's car has red trim around the "racing stripe" area of the hood that's absent on the crashed car. Unless this kid has his car repainted between that older picture and today something's not adding up.

8c703a No.10396416


Nope. Check the center. No center strip under the hood ornament.


The only option is that he had it repainted…

f1719e No.10396417

File: 8028974a352f2bf⋯.jpg (72.14 KB, 703x484, 703:484, Capture.jpg)

File: 359d8dc2897dc82⋯.mp4 (7.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1502572684.mp4)

woooow fucking bugged board mechanics

19ca4d No.10396432





not sure what that means. worth digging into, but guy probably just likes Dodge

a79f21 No.10396453


>The only option is that he had it repainted…

One possibility is that a Dodge enthusiast could upgrade to a different version of the same car, but that seems like a low possibility and I haven't seen any evidence of that.

ba0de3 No.10396454

File: fb30cc63cc0d3ab⋯.jpg (11.58 KB, 252x330, 42:55, j2.jpg)

File: f90c4c7581c4f5e⋯.png (360.13 KB, 512x606, 256:303, j3.png)

What happened to fatboy's dimpled chin in mugshot photo?

20b958 No.10396455

File: c5ef1a364cd970d⋯.png (2.76 MB, 3060x1916, 765:479, utr false flag data update.png)


><some genes are the same

><ignore the genes that are different

><It's a "match!"

This is literally how forensic science works, anon, a forensic science gril I want to sex was telling me last night. quite horrifying, really.

image: small update of happening findings

76718d No.10396457


>technically a jew


This is why you niggers need to pay better attention or just lurk more. There is no technically, you either are or you aren't. His mother's a kike? He's a kike, even if his father isn't. Same for if the father's a kike and mother isn't. There are no jew laws that we abide by, even a quarter kike is very risky to allow free reign, half-kike is no different than a full blooded heeb. Of course, you can be a jew without kike blood but that's why they're called shabbos goyim

2804fc No.10396469



I'm so confused. Are these just two people in the army with the same name? He does look like a better match but why would they do this?

0b0690 No.10396478

File: eb88eb8956af257⋯.png (247.53 KB, 402x440, 201:220, Puddy.png)


>Hey guys, I just got back from family stuff for a few days—can you give me a tl;dr what's been happening?

c1de2b No.10396481

File: 8bda2a6a452a2b8⋯.jpg (250.08 KB, 672x382, 336:191, Eduard Gans - Baptisim, no….jpg)

20b958 No.10396489


cba to type it out but heres some info


62fa09 No.10396493


He would have to repaint the entire bumper as well as the bumper has a matte finish, yet the newer pic doesn't look like it has the same matte finish.

c1de2b No.10396501


>but guy probably just likes Dodge

Yeah. He saw a car he liked, autistically took a picture with it, then got one of his own a year later.

833053 No.10396507

File: f9a76df1e126193⋯.jpg (140.17 KB, 392x445, 392:445, kek.jpg)



It's the exact same fucking face you literal autists.

2a28db No.10396511


If an actual false flag I expect hit pieces against 4chan to get the website shut down

Silencing the growing resentment and eliminating outlets for organization and communication. They don't want people to talk, they don't want free speech, they don't want protests or meetings or parties.

76718d No.10396518


>but why would they do this?

Because the younger one was marching with the americuck vanguard. Older one may be CIAnigger plant to do the crime. Or he just happened to drive the same car as the younger one, be driving through the same streets the younger was protesting in at the same time, and then drove through protesters that the opposition to the younger ones politics because they were in the way started beating his car and he floored it, that is, if the older one is the one driving.

2804fc No.10396533

>the name game

This shit happened with dicky and I'm still not sure if he's part kike.

>american vanguard

Is that more Heimbach cancer?

76718d No.10396535



>I expect hit pieces against 4chan to get the website shut down

That'd be fucking hilarious since 4cuck is too valuable for the alphabet soup niggers to take down.

c5c87b No.10396540

File: 297d384269b9647⋯.gif (395.22 KB, 265x199, 265:199, SmugLaughter.gif)

76718d No.10396561




Autistic sure but I wouldn't peg him as cancer. At least his group fucked up lefty counter-protesters with the lefty's own knives.

But yeah no americuck vanguard is just more "IMPLICIT" homos pretending to be fascist.

2551d7 No.10396563

File: 5618f720c7c921c⋯.jpg (117.29 KB, 364x362, 182:181, BEWARE OF NAZI CARS.jpg)


Alt-Right: 0 dead

Anti-Fa: 1 dead

Police: 2+ dead

If you want to define it as "we", then "we" won, clearly.

The torchlit parade and chant was execellent. They could have ended it there and it would have been good.

A real win though was that the muh freedoms/libertarians/conservatives/etc were actually pretty upset by the government shutting the event down and restricting freedom of speech and assembly… so it definitely made those guys more sympathetic, definitely managed to expose the hypocrisy of the system.

2804fc No.10396567


>I wouldn't peg him as cancer

He's a fucking Zionist.

2804fc No.10396577


*I don't just mean in the implicit dicky sense.

8c703a No.10396585


Consider a custom, well-fitted glove. If all the fingers of some person match, you'd call it a "match". It's not perfect proof that is the owner of the glove, but it's decent evidence. However, suppose a couple of fingers are right, but then one or two of them are wrong - the finger of the glove is too long or short in some cases. Well, it doesn't increase confidence in the match that there were some matches. It fails. It's a NO-MATCH.

A note (not related to this situation, but important to understand):

Now suppose one of the gloves is damaged, missing a couple of fingers. Then we get someone to try on the gloves and sure enough it's a perfect match, in those glove digits that remain. Each digit then increases probability that it's a match. This is the sense of a PARTIAL-MATCH. If we have statistics we might even be able to assign a probability of a partial vs a full match. But full does NOT mean 100% certainty. Nowhere close, that's for sure. Even DNA has this problem (DNA is NOT sequenced when compared, markers are detected, and compared. They just guess how accurate their tests are, and they're the ones making the tests, so of course they're going to fudge the numbers to make it sound better than it really is - actual DNA sequencing for forensic purposes may come, one day… ).

000f30 No.10396592

File: a2b3448f544cc9f⋯.webm (6.14 MB, 852x480, 71:40, cr.webm)


>can't talk about a girl without MUH DIK taking over

Sad. Improve yourself.

692e95 No.10396611

File: e31036b41dedc66⋯.jpg (82.22 KB, 960x538, 480:269, wew.JPG)

df91b2 No.10396613

File: 782eb8fe666a176⋯.jpg (116.42 KB, 960x600, 8:5, BMW M3 Shiny Gray.jpg)

File: 089bdbe14768511⋯.jpg (241.25 KB, 970x600, 97:60, BMW M3 Matte Black.jpg)


they don't even looks the same colour to me fam!?

Pic Related

Shiny Gray & Matte Black BMW M3's

9ccb9f No.10396615

File: 52d655c8aed453f⋯.png (576.88 KB, 536x538, 268:269, 1502596556869.png)

File: c9151ee0f5c793c⋯.jpg (236.38 KB, 960x688, 60:43, 1502598067421.jpg)

File: 2ded493a6efa0b5⋯.jpg (33.31 KB, 459x450, 51:50, 1502598184730.jpg)

File: 011e6e970619c7b⋯.png (233.38 KB, 570x731, 570:731, 1502599529126.png)

File: f7abbe8c8d6dd5d⋯.jpg (106.86 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1502600510520.jpg)

Info on the leftist that was killed and BTFO by the car of peace.

Name: Heather Heyer (confirmed coal burner)



20b958 No.10396618


**I want to marry her and make 10 white babies you faggot, she's waifu material.

half of my friends are female, because, unlike many of the half way to mgtow faggots on here, i actually have social skills**


>He's a fucking Zionist.

sauce? all ive seen from him recently is pure unadulterated national socialism

20b958 No.10396620


fuck that fail on the spoiler

time to sleep

62fa09 No.10396627


>Coalburner killed

Looks like natural selection did its job.

a8288b No.10396630

The vehicle registration is is all wrong. Here is the spec sheet for the car listed in the registration data given at the top of the thread.


Reg says that the car is a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE with a 2.14 liter engine, with moonroof (fuck you, I'll get to this), and an CD/MP3 head unit with a base price of $22,675.

Autoblog disagrees with the registration. It says it should be a 3.5 liter V6, and the base price should be $23,245. but the base model does not have the trim level discribed on the registration, nor seen in the video. In order for the trim level to match both the registration and the video, It would need to be not the base 25E trim, but the 25G trim, which costs $2740 extra. This gets you 18" rims, Fog lamps (missing from video and facebook photos, but its not uncommon for car guys to swap bumpers. More autism needed). Second, to get the rear spoiler and "dual stripes" you need the Rallye group package for $795. I am not sure if "dual stripes" mean the red pinstripes we see on the facebook photo, or painted racing stripes running up along the hood and over the top to the back of the car. Finally the registration also absolutely says the car should have a moon roof. The top line that says "roof" and is filled in as "none" is for a convertible top. The optional roof field is for a moon roof. The reg says the car should have a moon roof, and a moon roof is in fact, a $950 option for the car.

I am just a humble autist. I do not know what these inconsitancies mean. I just know that they are there.

000f30 No.10396631

Updates from the fake news:

>same media shills and politicians that threw a fit over Trump taking a tough stance on norks are now kvetching about him not autistically screeching about MUH NADZEEES PUSH MY NARRATIVE REEEEEEE

aacebb No.10396632

File: c93d20ffb37db25⋯.png (233.9 KB, 637x360, 637:360, 2b9fefa786a2a2ae0c2dc08fab….png)

Sure seems like a false flag, keep me posted lads.

2804fc No.10396637

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No offence but christian identity fags are almost always cucks. This explains why they let this kike in.

8c703a No.10396644


Don't let people fuck with you. Real life isn't Mr. Potato Head.

000f30 No.10396650


>all this attempted justification

>for your inability to talk about a woman without virtue signaling about MUH DIK

Don't act like a nigger and you won't get mocked for it.

8c703a No.10396674


> what do these inconsistencies mean

It's totally not a CIA op, no sir.

90b9ca No.10396675


Sounds almost like a stolen car/VIN was used in this op. Any autists in the area care to wander over to the impound lot and get some more details on the vehicle?

8c703a No.10396685


kikes are involved in the stolen car industry.

20b958 No.10396692


That's a progression over a number of years though.


>whites want to kill nigger babies

part was slightly suspicious

is he a christcuck?


t. neet who hasn't so much as been within 3 foot of a woman other than his immediate familiy

49a2e9 No.10396693


>Alt-Right: 0 dead

>Anti-Fa: 1 dead

>Police: 2+ dead


76718d No.10396702


Well shit that's the first I've heard of that, don't really pay attention to him or his. Any sauce?

a8288b No.10396704


It could be a stolen vin or a lazy as shit DMV employee. the price difference could be inflation for all i know… But this shit stinks.

Also, the helicopter crashed on the other side of town from where the car was stopped. I cross referenced the control tower audio relaying the crash site location and photos of where the car stopped. Sounded like a loss of tail rotor authority to me, but I only fly hueys in video games so my word is shit on that…

2804fc No.10396709



Yes. I think he's a fan of E Michael Jones.

000f30 No.10396710


>saging the thread

<u-ur a n-neet if u act like a white man instead of a nigger MUH DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK

2804fc No.10396716

49a2e9 No.10396722


If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit!

90b9ca No.10396726


>It could be a stolen vin or a lazy as shit DMV employee. the price difference could be inflation for all i know… But this shit stinks.

The disappearing moonroof should be a huge red flag. Of course no Mockingbird 'journalist' is going to do any digging, the narrative has been decided and the story set in stone.

20b958 No.10396735


sage is accidental

youve contributed nothing to this thread

filtered for being an annoying shitposting nigger

000f30 No.10396750


>hasn't actually read the thread

>asshurt about being called out for degenerate nigger behavior


925cf7 No.10396761


We'll convert the alt-right by making them upset that someone killed an antifa ?

Nigger what do you think we're doing here ?

8c703a No.10396762


There were supporting arguments, by the way. This, that, the other thing, therefore, the glove. The premises were ones accepted by the prosecution, which is pretty 😃

41de7a No.10396766

We should meme that he's a recent muslim convert, and that's why he went on a car rampage.

a8288b No.10396768


I suppose tweeting jeff sessions is not going to be a productive use of my time…

90b9ca No.10396787


Starting to think Sessions is compromised as fuck. He's next to worthless.

99a611 No.10396797

File: 1016bcf8a6d46f6⋯.png (387.25 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-08-13-01-1….png)

This all a ploy by (((them))) to shut the rallies down and stifle our voice. Look at the tag # GVF 1111. Government Federal 1111. You ever see tags with 1111? See any headlines on NK or Russia today? No. Only headlines about muh ebil nazis

41de7a No.10396806



Despite the memes, he was never a National Socialist in the first place.

ecf2e1 No.10396829


Car bumper isn't matte, it's reflecting the driveway.

2804fc No.10396832

So is the guy a hero or a jew? We need to have a consistent stance.

20b958 No.10396836



but he's a jew? we can just tell the truth, that he's a jew. we need to meme the truth, as great goebbels said about propaganda, it shouldnt have to lie

20b958 No.10396838


definitely a jew, not a hero.

c1de2b No.10396846


This is going to collapse their "normie-friendly big tent".

90b9ca No.10396850


Of course not, or Klan or anything else. The real KKK senator was a fucking democrat. Just saying he's been in D.C. so long somebody has something on him, he's been entirely too hands off the swamp.

20b958 No.10396855


I posted about him being a kike on cuckchan and i got banhammer and post deleted

fc115e No.10396857

File: fca1a897baddfb9⋯.webm (1.94 MB, 600x338, 300:169, dejavu.webm)

90b9ca No.10396871

File: 0fbc91c028b8e3d⋯.jpeg (378 KB, 1855x1233, 1855:1233, gshpointer.jpeg)

>>10396855 check'd

>I posted about him being a kike on cuckchan and i got banhammer and post deleted

So, jew confirmed again. Good to know.

d14ecb No.10396879


You sure? She's too fat to be the one that got pelvis pulverized. Assuming that was the one who died.

8c703a No.10396880


Check 'em.

But did you use (((these))) around his name, or did you go with literally saying "jew"? They have kikes running the whole thing, and always have.

000f30 No.10396890


>going to cuckchan

>after 2014


>at all

>being surprised you get banned

What is with you fucking cuckchan using retards today? Is this part of the shill raid, bring cuckchan faggots to the board on top of /leftypol/ communists blaming everything on 8/pol/ while pretending to be part of it?

9ccb9f No.10396898

File: b5c19842aad1677⋯.jpg (255.92 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 1502603182743.jpg)


i think you can see the landwhale in this picture between the two cars

e8278b No.10396926

I think the best course of action is to state that you denounce and/or condemn this guy's actions. What do you have to gain by allying yourself with a dumb ass, incompetent Jew? Who freak out and kills someone. The best the protestors can do is distant themselves from him.

I'm not even saying "oh no violence is never da answer!!!"

Remember turn to the other cheek. And no I'm not a 'christcuck'. Don't be foolish and and support fools. Be tactful.

000f30 No.10396934




>"""""""""""""christcuck"""""""""""""" D&C fracture point shill right out the tavistock

2804fc No.10396938

File: 9e5d099bfb2ec98⋯.png (73.28 KB, 262x181, 262:181, Selection_185.png)

File: 8ce7d75cd222d7f⋯.png (66.42 KB, 274x169, 274:169, Selection_184.png)


beautiful symmetry.

a8288b No.10396954



These dumb niggers sure do have some high quality cameras… I wonder what F1 journalist they stole them from…

2804fc No.10396958


Do we still not know if he's a jew? This is key.

>We meme him into a Zionist terrorist

cb27cd No.10396962

File: d75e3ff6625539c⋯.gif (182.58 KB, 256x192, 4:3, miles-crossedd.gif)


Where on this wikipedia page does it say

that GVF series plates are legal on a challenger?

9b0268 No.10396969

File: f79c96e5d8f0854⋯.jpg (89.21 KB, 295x170, 59:34, Daisytatanga.jpg)


Dubs aren't suppose to work like that.

530bf1 No.10396972

File: cb69605a7fe6bad⋯.png (242.15 KB, 598x487, 598:487, 41c51f4a2580fa0ba8aae2eaa9….png)

No airbag deployed on the Charger…?

After a front-end collision?

cb27cd No.10396976

File: add2e0cc552730a⋯.png (166.2 KB, 1118x628, 559:314, Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at ….png)

2d7666 No.10396985


That's what we're trying to do.


a8288b No.10396993


It's a valid tag for the plate design. started being issued in 2013, still being issued today.

FWA 1000 to HFD 9999 (as of July 31, 2017)

d14ecb No.10396995


Ah maybe you're right. I assumed the one who got squished here was the future cat lady we were denied. >>10395198

Just got home, lotta catching up to do.



41de7a No.10396998


>the jew is a muslim convert

Even funnier. We might even bait the enemy into pointing out that he's a jew if we claim he's a muslim.

41de7a No.10397001


It wasn't very fast.

486de5 No.10397004

Did Soros have a hand in importing (((protesters)))?

41de7a No.10397005


What's the deal with obese women and getting hit by cars? Is it because they're too fat to get out of the way?

2804fc No.10397010


Just like those poor Palestinians. Why are kikes so racist?

what ever group he's a part of needs purged

c1de2b No.10397016

File: df15f23a78e369c⋯.png (446.97 KB, 518x582, 259:291, Ghoul with Vantards.png)

File: 8dc16b05b75adca⋯.jpg (622.39 KB, 1140x958, 570:479, Ghoul Tranny.jpg)


>what ever group he's a part of needs purged

American Vanguard, a TRS offshoot co-founded by Ghoul the child-grooming tranny-fucker.

a8288b No.10397017



He had a lot of fat bitches to slow him down to a crawl. he kind of bulldozes the other two cars forward at the end. airbags are designed to deploy when you hit a wall or another car, not niggers and landwhales.

530bf1 No.10397029

File: 086395f6c9e0cd3⋯.png (29.99 KB, 300x162, 50:27, Doubt.png)





>No bruises or burns from airbag that didn't deploy

>Airbag didn't fucking deploy in a front-end collision


Airbags can deploy at speeds of like 8mph, or maybe even double it to 16 or 20mph. Airbags can deploy if you hit the fucking front of a car hard enough with a sledgehammer and you hit close to the sensor. He was at least doing 20mph hitting the back of a car that wasn't moving. The fucking front bumper was demolished, crumple zones were hit - look at the after pics.

Either the airbag was intentionally disabled prior to the event (meaning it was planned) or a fucking miracle happened. If that had been a legitimate accident, he'd be suing the fucking manufacturer for it not deploying.

2804fc No.10397036


If he turns out to white we still win.

20b958 No.10397044


>being this buttblasted


i just lurk cuckchan on the rare occasion and try to steer the covno towards holocaust every now and again.

still, i could say the same thing about using fullchan after sunshine but youre still here, arent you?

why havent you followed the other oldfags into the bunkers and migration boards? probably for the same reasons that i still lurk cuckchan and fullchan


>We might even bait the enemy into pointing out that he's a jew if we claim he's a muslim.



>Do we still not know if he's a jew? This is key.

read bread you low agency pavement ape, theres more than enough evidence of him being a kike


>Ghoul the child-grooming tranny-fucker.

not to defend the TRSodomites, but this was never varified, the child grooming accusation came from a conflict between some exTRSodomites, (((Common Filth))) and some other tedious namefaggots.

07da82 No.10397048

File: b8bc412a2a3aa4a⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1280x1200, 16:15, FUCK YOUR FALSE FLAG.png)

c4c337 No.10397063


Anyone have this picture without the text?

a8288b No.10397066


It's not the lighting. The picture of the dude next to the car cannot possibly be the car used in the attack. those racing stripes come with the spoiler on the back of the car. it's a factory trim level. I'm not sure what facebook dude has but its not the attackers car. cant be.

20b958 No.10397073


it was obviously a kike false flag but that bigjaw is extremely lulzy

c1de2b No.10397077

File: 4c20d1d961bd4a7⋯.jpg (134.1 KB, 781x687, 781:687, C_Pojo0XUAAOx_2.jpg large.jpg)

File: 0ca16a906e9241a⋯.jpg (105.71 KB, 840x435, 56:29, C0hiYYmWIAA24UZ.jpg large.jpg)

File: 520c1b72ea92879⋯.jpg (105.37 KB, 723x546, 241:182, C4fym4AWEAAkbFj.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1d199ec2caa681a⋯.jpg (133.17 KB, 755x589, 755:589, C5h_hPeWcAALJPH.jpg large.jpg)

File: bb7137f668e25c8⋯.jpg (119.76 KB, 619x838, 619:838, C5mNBc3WcAAQjgB.jpg large.jpg)


If anybody needs any, I just saved a bunch of NOI memes.

8c703a No.10397083

a8288b No.10397105


he painted off the factory racing stripe and then put it back on for the attack? dedicated faggot isn't he?

d7e621 No.10397107


I agree. If he had posed with it on the lot before buying, then maybe, since you could conceivably have the dealer do that for you to make the sale, but that's not something you do within a year of buying a new car. A new spoiler or rims maybe, but you don't spend all that money and then go and totally repaint it plus ad a spoiler. That shit's factory and not the same car.

95ab70 No.10397121

File: 741d7975cad908a⋯.jpg (255.03 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Trap-Jaw-16.jpg)


Trapjaws arem't gay

8c703a No.10397146


My suspicion is that, sadly, it's nothing more than that his father is a crook, and the car's hot. He got an upgrade car to replace a beater.

a8288b No.10397206


It was first registered 5/13/2016

It was reregistered 6/15/2017

Do you usually re-register your stolen car? Or even register it at all? Does he just know a guy at the DMV? do they not ask questions? has the vin not been reported as stolen or checked to match at any point?

2804fc No.10397225

4chan says the women was a jew.

2804fc No.10397251



Lack of sleep.

41de7a No.10397289


I hit a deer that fucked the front of my car up, and my airbag didn't deploy. Seeing as his face wasn't fucked by the wheel, it obviously wasn't a crash energetic enough to require an airbag to survive.

cfed1c No.10397550


it is, but don't be so black pilled. it doesn't matter too much if it was real.

19ca4d No.10397552



Holy fuck that's an old video. Is that him in high school?

The dude dated a Jewish Libertarian for a bit in college. He doesn't talk about BASED minorities anymore. Find a better video.

962fb1 No.10397633



The challenger has racing stripes as factory rice option

bfe860 No.10397807


>the fucking clown holding the 'shame' sign

Hahahaha America is a crazy place.

20b958 No.10398014


any new discoveries?

is it settled beyond reasonable doubt that this james "fields" guy is a kike and either a subvert or a fed plant?

4cc8cf No.10398505

File: 9ba3a63bd162621⋯.jpg (64.27 KB, 496x706, 248:353, AntifaHitnRun.jpg)

b64d99 No.10398531

File: 5bcc959c7ebebd4⋯.png (987.58 KB, 1267x873, 1267:873, helicopter3.png)





26c9af No.10398543


>3 dead

3 dead includes the 2 helicopter dudes

242373 No.10398747



That's ok it's a gay meme anyway. Which makes it not really a meme.

db34b8 No.10399299


The original driver was a dem agent.

The helicopter helped the original driver escape by avoiding traffic/police. Then they replaced the original driver with patsy before police made arrest. Then the helicopter was crashed with no survivors to cover up any loose ends.

0ba51c No.10400597


Airbags aren't based on speed of impact, they're based on DECELERATION SENSORS.

He didn't come to a stop, he hit two cars that were rolling and absorbed energy from his car. I am not surprised that the airbag didn't go off. I also wouldn't be surprised if the airbag DID go off.

Either the airbags going off, or not going off, would be inside acceptable tolerances for airbag deployments considering the deceleration mitigation

0ba51c No.10400604


that's a pic from 2015.

maybe he just wanted a challenger back then and posed with one.

later on, he bought one.

41de7a No.10400677


This is correct.

7b701e No.10400686

File: ba792734d962144⋯.jpg (78.49 KB, 1080x912, 45:38, bad doggo.jpg)




>ywn have another driver rear end you into a crowd of marxists at full speed, see their limp bodies fly across your windshield for free and free of punishment and in the end get sympathy for your "trauma" and your car replaced by insurance

yes I'm jelly.

490295 No.10400746

Anyone dub that foo fighters song… the one where he's all, 'there goes my hero' over the crash video?

Could be good libtard bait material.

9c26d0 No.10401048

Has anyone here got any deets on both cars? Year? or even which package came with it? It would clarify the whole factory stripes issue if someone made an infogram of it

Also, can anyone make out what type of motor it is in the video? Some car autist might be able to tell what Liter it is just from the exhaust tune.

There is a whole lot of minor details in cars you can use to distinguish them from one another

0ac25f No.10402405




0ac25f No.10402441


3def9e No.10406212


more likely scenario is he had an accident and the hood was replaced. if he had painted the car, you would expect it to be a different color. it still doesnt explain the windshield being different, older pic has no rain sensor and new pic doesnt. I'd expect it to be reversed.

3def9e No.10406237


whats more likely is that he had the stripes put on after market which would be decals.

20b958 No.10408461


Checked, nice digits

conspiracy intensifies.

20b958 No.10408468



archive and screenshot you fucking lazy nigger

lurk more

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