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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 65d81bdc525a8f0⋯.png (107.28 KB, 866x508, 433:254, Rubio.png)

55407c No.10393350

>Very important for the nation to hear @potus describe events in #Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by #whitesupremacists


55407c No.10393366

File: 7e14fa93f3abfc5⋯.png (138.64 KB, 1159x202, 1159:202, Jeb!.png)

File: a656ddbda3857b2⋯.png (118.55 KB, 601x245, 601:245, Limey.png)

File: 4dfe505b563bcbd⋯.png (223.47 KB, 579x431, 579:431, 16c1b866b1d8d7df00d620f524….png)

14c807 No.10393376

File: c152e90d8f8327a⋯.webm (2.62 MB, 490x360, 49:36, Marco Rubio Dry Mouth.webm)

2df7bb No.10393388

The fact that all these political cucks were lined up with almost the exact same tweet to send out, make me believe even more that this was a set up.

55407c No.10393389

File: e9fecca8f04e6e6⋯.png (26.54 KB, 582x244, 291:122, Cruz.PNG)

File: b554ffce67573a5⋯.png (44.53 KB, 609x357, 29:17, Ryan.PNG)

File: 8538725c989a764⋯.png (42 KB, 613x306, 613:306, Ryan 2.PNG)

>"White supremacy is a scourge. This hate and its terrorism must be confronted and defeated."

2e7a48 No.10393392

Same people who want to keep sending you off to die in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, you name it. No political solution. Never, ever, ever. Only killing. Nothing to talk about. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed. It's not a meme.

2df7bb No.10393399


It seems all but Trump went on about white supremacy, who to his credit, ignored the call to condemn it.

61f1fe No.10393404

File: a230bb10a6e6a57⋯.png (167.07 KB, 585x578, 585:578, itsWonderful.png)

>>10393388 (Heil)

>>10393366 (Checked)

>>10393399 (Checked)

2df7bb No.10393406



Sent the first message too soon, and got dubs on both.

14c807 No.10393407

File: fa6e3b9a2f21390⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 183x255, 61:85, 1456810980626.jpg)

2df7bb No.10393418


Wanted to clarify that I wasn't lumping Trump with the cucks, but I'd already hit send.

55407c No.10393421

File: 80de51e50475aaf⋯.png (50.09 KB, 614x487, 614:487, Sean.PNG)

File: 799343331555451⋯.png (79.6 KB, 612x498, 102:83, VP.PNG)

File: 3ed242c282c67a9⋯.png (50.05 KB, 610x452, 305:226, VP 2.PNG)

14c807 No.10393422

File: 9946350267772c2⋯.jpg (67.72 KB, 960x945, 64:63, 1428815279998.jpg)



Only because your post got in before mine will I concede this.

9fab87 No.10393428

File: facd98a2c36a310⋯.gif (329.73 KB, 255x255, 1:1, facd98a2c36a3105fd3a054c0d….gif)

>yeb, marco, ryan, and the zodiac killer think people give a fuck about their opinions

55407c No.10393437

File: 148bb1449737076⋯.png (57.94 KB, 624x514, 312:257, Cucksich.PNG)

File: e8e31b2efcd0efd⋯.png (46.41 KB, 614x351, 614:351, Cuckabee.PNG)

File: a44226b07d58a9b⋯.png (37.23 KB, 612x288, 17:8, Walker.PNG)

9ccd35 No.10393440

File: a07efda5e91868b⋯.jpg (79.34 KB, 579x424, 579:424, traitor.jpg)

File: 090043f7df777b3⋯.png (47.08 KB, 626x393, 626:393, 1502572437755.png)

2e7a48 No.10393443


>All conservatives deplore racism and hatred.

Except when Lockheeb and General Dynamics need a little help with the bottom line, then it's cool to run out the anti-Russian and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

>Conservatives condemn violence in VA.

But you certainly don't condemn the violence being inflicted on White people all over the Western world – because you're behind it.

Hannity needs a fucking bullet in the worst way. They all need to die.

9ccd35 No.10393449


They are terrified of losing control of the "conservative" movement.

These retards really think le based blacks and some white hispanics will bring them victory next time?

14c807 No.10393455


I can't wait to see what Hannity will say in his opening monologue in just under 2 hours tonight.

8733d7 No.10393458

all these faggots make me sick.

>muh white supermasts

all this virtue signalling is only going to push whites that feel like this event was tame to an even more extreme, good job faggots, you are doing our work for us.

55407c No.10393463

File: 9f1919be875bdd5⋯.png (85.32 KB, 617x475, 617:475, Ingraham.PNG)

c40292 No.10393464

Alt-kikes set up this whole shit show from Trump to killing a real white nationalist movement.

3a325c No.10393466



it's saturday though

55407c No.10393472

File: 256c565165106a6⋯.png (40.13 KB, 615x349, 615:349, O'Reilly.PNG)

48586b No.10393473


>"we planned for a long time for today's incidents"


646286 No.10393474


>I fucked up 73 years ago and I'd like to be a zogbot again. Upboats to the left!

9fab87 No.10393475


>Hannity needs a fucking bullet in the worst way. They all need to die.

They really do. These people would gladly see civilization burnt at the stake if it meant they could say "I told you so".

2e7a48 No.10393478


The only thing that is going to push anyone to anything is successful and repetitive attacks on media figures, college professors, college administrations, college students, tech businesses, police, and military. Light them up and others will join.

Anyone telling you terrorism doesn't work hasn't been paying attention.

9ccd35 No.10393489



are these real people or NPCs?

05e71c No.10393491



You know who didn't cuck? Our negro, Ben Carson. I don't think donut man did either, but he's irrelevant.

>Alt-kikes set up this whole shit show from Trump to killing a real white nationalist movement.

Except that Trump didn't kill the movement, he didn't even denounce it.

14c807 No.10393504

File: 86dd55ea8549192⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 424x430, 212:215, 86dd55ea8549192d9253af5116….jpg)


I had a 5/7 chance.

034540 No.10393508

File: 0e3bec32e9e3247⋯.jpg (49.78 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1.jpg)

I hope you faggots don't go back to fellating Farage and Trump a week later because they said something you like. This is a wake up call, now you see who they rrally are if you didn't before.

e96a94 No.10393509


Paul Ryan and his ilk infuriate me. The traitors are, to a degree, worse than the opposition.

48586b No.10393512


The boomers should be the first ones in the ovens.

55407c No.10393514

File: f67acf430934ffc⋯.png (65.02 KB, 580x632, 145:158, Cuntin.PNG)

61f1fe No.10393515

File: 35f8884c28e8614⋯.jpg (50.79 KB, 574x295, 574:295, cuckacola1.jpg)

File: bc596cea1a18275⋯.jpg (406.33 KB, 1146x884, 573:442, muh-constitution-.jpg)

CONservatives are useless and they don't Conserve anything but the fake (((left/right paradigm)))

3bda63 No.10393521

Hmmm…. all these tweets from various "conservative" figures saying basically the same exact thing about le ebil nahtzees…

It's almost like they are all following a script of some sort in response to a planned event…

55407c No.10393528

File: 089b8e677ab28b9⋯.png (39.1 KB, 581x376, 581:376, Bernie.PNG)

9fab87 No.10393532

File: 3f3993cb002b636⋯.jpg (76.6 KB, 731x557, 731:557, sleepynegro.jpg)


Doctor Sleep, although a nigger, seems like a genuinely good person.


Someone gas this pantsuit-shitter already.

05e71c No.10393537


I've said this a lot today, but I actually wouldn't be surprised if Spencer saw the event going further right than his Kosher Based Jew Nationalism, and decided to shut it down with some help from his handlers. Him getting put in the paddywagon is just a bonus, which he will use to boost his street cred.

000000 No.10393538

>a terror attack by #whitesupremacists

Hilarious how they did everything peacefully. Followed all the laws to the point they even filed the proper permits and everything but still. This is why PR cucking never works and all leadership in America has to be purged for there to be real change. The rallies don't do anything, you need to go after votes. You need to elect people who actually care about white America and the white working class in particular.

55407c No.10393550

File: cc049a9f8c518af⋯.png (47.87 KB, 620x361, 620:361, McCain.PNG)

2e7a48 No.10393552


White supremacists might have the good sense to avoid worthless wars on behalf of jewish interests. Them existing is a terrorist act to this government. Nobody working at any level of government can be allowed to live.

f4000b No.10393570


You'd love that wouldn't you, kike?

4eb92e No.10393573


we SA now?

55407c No.10393574

File: 91f03f6874432e7⋯.png (416.69 KB, 611x588, 611:588, Capture.PNG)

2e7a48 No.10393576


I hope everyone else has the good sense to filter this faggot.

2df7bb No.10393578


What the fuck is this? Some psi-op against whites before these deepstate fuckers take out the president?

05e71c No.10393586

Ah well, I'm gonna go to bed now, have fun faggots, and hopefully I'll wake up to news of Spencer getting shanked by six niggers in prison.

55407c No.10393589

File: 61c03427ad1d7a6⋯.png (461.91 KB, 602x629, 602:629, Levin.PNG)

File: 85c4c195210e36e⋯.png (46.1 KB, 611x357, 611:357, Crispy.PNG)

>We reject the racism and violence of white nationalists like the ones acting out in Charlottesville.

2e7a48 No.10393596


>deepstate fuckers take out the president?

Trump is the deep state. He's a steam valve designed to safely vent frustrations.

4eb92e No.10393599


>McCain calls us traitors



wedge issue for his most loyal supporters

655c12 No.10393603

Notice how they say nothing about the violent Antifa? Really makes you (((think)))

0fc68b No.10393604

This psy-op just shows their anti-white facet… Same people who call muslims beheading people "part and parcel", who call "activism" people burning over an entire university due to a "Milo Yiannopoulos" speech.

574f2a No.10393605


You're either unable to control yourself, trolling or fbi.

Thanks for your contribution. Here's a (you)!

2e7a48 No.10393625


Filtered. Feel free to do the same.

48586b No.10393629

Remember when this happened during the election and pussytavistock? I'm willing to bet that a lot of the public aren't won over by this blatant faggotry.

2afa4b No.10393630


179101 No.10393631

When you see a Cuckservative it is your duty to name, shame and blame them.

55407c No.10393641

File: b0ec04f374a08ec⋯.png (81.47 KB, 608x535, 608:535, Malkin.PNG)

9fab87 No.10393642


"Sickening" is just the boomer's version of "yucky".

9cc9b8 No.10393653

>Dylan roof incident used to ban confederate symbols

>Altright rally used to ban white rallies

2e7a48 No.10393656


>Don't buy into identity politics, goy.

>Just go die in North Korea for poorly defined reasons, goyim.

>Buy, buy, buy goyim. You're not buying quite enough oil, goyim.

>Iran is your enemy, goyim. Because they're Muslim, goyim!

>Remember identity politics is bad goyim!

55407c No.10393659

File: 37d2eec744fbc7d⋯.png (44.48 KB, 608x329, 608:329, Turtle.PNG)

File: 4edea6fdbe575b9⋯.png (40.4 KB, 567x316, 567:316, Scott.PNG)

48586b No.10393667


I can hear the skeptic fags are rubbing their hands in glee.

9fab87 No.10393673


>identity politics are terrible. as a self-identified conservative, i decry this white supremacist and anyone who identifies differently

2e7a48 No.10393674


>Just let my gook wife create a network of private toll highways with foreign Asian capital, goyim.

>Never mind all the taxes you already pay are more than enough to overhaul the highway system.

55407c No.10393679

File: d4db8d0965667a5⋯.png (75.29 KB, 609x494, 609:494, Dobbs.PNG)

5fff37 No.10393684

File: c3f72f4902641e4⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1179x1233, 131:137, c3f72f4902641e402e01e34760….png)

All of these are just tweets and every single one of these twats will do literally nothing about anything that happened today. Tweeting is a substitute to action.

df86da No.10393685

and behold the face of all the controlled opposition cucks uniting against whites

cece08 No.10393687


Trump said nothing wrong. This rally was a shitshow, pure and simple. It was trash and the mayor made it worse.

2e7a48 No.10393697


Spic wife. Shill for the kikes.

1573ae No.10393699


And this is the part where /pol/ goes over the edge, becomes an actual terror group and thus is treated like one. Wew.

cece08 No.10393710


All to defend Dicky's honor. Good job, you just got mindfucked.

2e7a48 No.10393713


Every single organ of the American state is geared toward the systematic extermination of the White race. You're a terrorist just for existing.

48586b No.10393715

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thread theme.

574f2a No.10393716

ACLU confirmed that the police were a given stand-down order. This invited the violence the city used to shut down a court-permitted protest.

39a782 No.10393717

Big deal another "this will be the end of drumpf" that people won't remember by next weekend

55407c No.10393732

File: 76cd0b66dc17740⋯.png (45.46 KB, 621x325, 621:325, Poo.PNG)

9fab87 No.10393741


>i know all to well

This woman is a US ambassador.

2e7a48 No.10393743


Does she know the pain caused by warmongering neocon scum? Is there a place for international war crimes?

df750b No.10393746

This is transparently a kike operation. Kikes always play both sides. They organized the "alt right" rally, even though individual dupes who attended were no doubt sincere.

They organized the Antifa, even though dupes who support it were no doubt sincere.

Look at the terms people use to see which tine of the kike fork they're on.

9ef0c2 No.10393753


>the Black Sun rises high

Not bad. You wrote these lyrics pretty quickly.

df750b No.10393755

cece08 No.10393757


Exactly. Anyone who is seriously moved to supporting this rally has been played.

df86da No.10393766

REMEMBER who blames the right about this and doesn't even MENTION antifa or the bullshit the mayor pulled, they are revealing who side they are truly on now, and it isn't ours

df750b No.10393770



694649 No.10393773

Most of these faggots ought to hang on the dotr

remember that trump is merely a tool, a means to an end. He's good for us, but he is not "us"

48586b No.10393774


Not me.

55baa1 No.10393776


The guy indeed looks like a CIA operative

55407c No.10393782

File: 655cb04b1cd5191⋯.png (43.58 KB, 612x351, 68:39, Poo 2.PNG)

File: acf5bc2204d5663⋯.png (53.27 KB, 624x439, 624:439, Chairman of the GOP.PNG)


151645 No.10393788



Retarded Irish blowhard.

35b010 No.10393791


He should name the communist vermin in his speech, lumping those scum in with us is a false equivalency.

55407c No.10393802

File: 18afc67810e1d70⋯.png (46.09 KB, 624x356, 156:89, Thune.PNG)

9fab87 No.10393810


Exactly. They've been crossing their fingers and hoping some evil neonazi would snap and kill so they can come down hard on various freedoms that get in the way of their goals. I don't think this will sell it to the masses, though. People are tired of their shit, and some berniebro driving his challenger into a couple of communists isn't going to change that, no matter how many hack political pundits or D-list celebrities change their profile pics to a flag.


Great as always, Paddy.

55407c No.10393817

File: 284a9c200a1b07e⋯.png (43.63 KB, 609x329, 87:47, Portman.PNG)

File: 84010945ed66e60⋯.png (47.76 KB, 611x357, 611:357, Grassley.PNG)

File: f56d95157225ba2⋯.png (46 KB, 614x422, 307:211, Gardner.PNG)

2e7a48 No.10393818


But filling up neighborhoods with depleted uranium because they don't want your funny money anymore sure is acceptable.

55407c No.10393826

File: 572457c9a209bce⋯.png (34.65 KB, 723x474, 241:158, Statement.PNG)

574f2a No.10393845

Police are saying the guy is James Alex Fields, Jr. Doesn't sound like echoes. Do we ahve anything on him?

4eb92e No.10393847


Dobbs knows what's up. note how he wasn't specific about whose ignorance



GOPe leadership (and puppets) are trying to build a false consensus. Trump was elected as a direct rejection of the niggerfied (((egalitarian))) policies of BOTH parties.

they're glad for anything that will take attention away from their undermining of Trump's "America First" efforts, and will happily sacrifice Trump's base on the alter of Globalism.

034540 No.10393859


>We must all condemn white nationalism


55407c No.10393860

File: f359af6153d739a⋯.png (46.74 KB, 620x426, 310:213, Brown.PNG)

So, who's putting together the collage?

957d54 No.10393879


Yep. For the faux news fan its onely the bench sitters on call for the weekend.

48586b No.10393882


>domestic terrorism

>act of god

Cis gendered deity.

4eb92e No.10393891

File: d3871b0d39fbeee⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 289.5 KB, 784x521, 784:521, mom.png)


He's a kike

don't blow up my doxing resource, pls

000000 No.10393892

You should be using this opportunity to redpill the normalfags.

Facts is

1) Whites can't speak out in an intellectual manner that is well cited like the events that transpired recently at Google with Mr. Damore.

2) Whites can't even have a peaceful protest where there was no rioting, looting, or arson and all legal channels and laws were followed compared to the literal terrorism and destruction of property that the communists like antifa and terrorists like BLM constantly engage in.

So the only path left for whites in the future is going to be obvious.

What you all should be doing is organizing politically like the original NSDAP. You have to make a list of traitors and get them all out of office, you need to appeal to whites and cite all the times and doublestandards they have engaged in that hurts their livelihood and know full well the reason the Republicans even have a majority in congress right now is because they were fed up with the anti-white bullshit. Trump won because like people always said at his rallies, he "spoke his mind". He can't do that anymore, he doesn't have the balls. These Republican politicians are clearly traitors as well. They have no appeal to civility and many don't know why they are even voted for.

61f1fe No.10393893

File: a5c649c83057e57⋯.png (284.1 KB, 786x462, 131:77, left-right-show.png)

Why do all these statements sound so canned ?

They all seem to parrot the same terms

9fab87 No.10393895

File: aa89a4b8c71a64e⋯.jpg (32 KB, 331x399, 331:399, fat monkey bares its fangs.jpg)


>sherrod brown

He has the name of a fat sassy black woman who calls everyone 'chile'.

737a6f No.10393897



3e38bf No.10393899


They are

c o n t r o l l e d

o p p o s i t i o n

55407c No.10393903

File: 58d0503e3b10bb2⋯.png (43.4 KB, 617x318, 617:318, Heller.PNG)

File: e117a6055006099⋯.png (46.45 KB, 612x359, 612:359, Fischer.PNG)

957d54 No.10393909

File: 9dd1eb08b645c48⋯.jpg (22.77 KB, 269x430, 269:430, 9781682040058.jpg)

File: 39966b386740e03⋯.jpg (63.15 KB, 736x414, 16:9, a1871e3acaa11acd6f8e1724d9….jpg)


Heh trump is still the best of all options available, will vote for second term

682495 No.10393920


Traitors hang before enemies

000000 No.10393921


They're politicians, media figures, and talking heads. Of course soundbites will be all they know.

4dc84e No.10393924

File: 0eaec0195e71f02⋯.jpg (206.51 KB, 973x645, 973:645, ferguson diversity trainin….jpg)

All that virtue signalling will never change the race reality in America.

The real terror is finding yourself in an all black neighborhood at any time of the day.

574f2a No.10393932


I'll put Fischer down as fine. Doesn't blame us, at least. Could be talking about the left.

55407c No.10393935

File: fd1691fcd6bcc84⋯.png (44.02 KB, 615x354, 205:118, Trump.PNG)

File: 23868c8038d62f6⋯.png (42.64 KB, 619x355, 619:355, Flake.PNG)


>"There is no room"

>"There is no place"

Gee you think they all got the same memo?

f88799 No.10393937




Come on, anon.

f4000b No.10393939

Wow! All these cucks are very adamant about this White Nationalist! It's amazing how they all already know who the driver is before his identity is even revealed!

2c575a No.10393944

How was it an attack again?

bafcab No.10393946

does anybody have something that can steer me away from the blackpill?

did anything good from from all of this?

4c4c72 No.10393952

>All of these scripted twitter posts are so blatantly 'ready to be tweeted'.

The one thing these msm talking heads need to realize is that the White backlash that is growing is a direct reaction to bigotry against the White Man. Imagine a culture (Southern) that is constantly under attack and the removal of monuments. Of course over time the reaction will boil over at some point. That's only natural. It would be like the EU demanding Ireland to remove all Celtic crosses from the cities and gravestones. The Irish would riot.

55407c No.10393954

File: e34a8b587799bed⋯.png (32.28 KB, 574x333, 574:333, Conway.PNG)

78032b No.10393957

File: 8ebae21c2b02138⋯.jpg (61.33 KB, 800x445, 160:89, 1388120809672-800x445.jpg)


They are NPCs.

0141f9 No.10393962

>White supremacist terrorist attack

>at a white supremacist rally

Really activates the almonds

df86da No.10393964


more suppression of white people, will wake up more whites

4c4c72 No.10393971


I fucking hope so, because if not, some people out there now have a nice list.

2e7a48 No.10393972


Except hate and violence directed at Middle Eastern Christians, Iranians, and North Koreans, right? Gotta make sure Saudi niggers keep investing in the JewSA. Gotta die for Israel.

cece08 No.10393976


>it's EVIL and a perversion of God's truth to ever think our Creator values some above others.

Tell that to the kikes or the Founding Fathers.

55407c No.10393978

File: 08b9718ae79dc6a⋯.png (123.45 KB, 572x325, 44:25, Gillseppe.PNG)

e9ad15 No.10393983

File: ae6abb401b9cc6f⋯.png (280.59 KB, 1265x604, 1265:604, Soul NPC Theory.png)

55407c No.10393984

File: 7a1a7f78f82bf02⋯.png (47.64 KB, 620x358, 310:179, Based Niggers.PNG)






48586b No.10393985


Those cucks who came for "muh freedom" will be attacked just as much as our guys and if they are smart they'll join forces against zog.

Also no one with brains that looks at the real story will believe the lies.

9fab87 No.10393992


Not only did a twinge of fear spread among the jews and leftists at the realization that mad whites fight back, but all the twitter lip service from cuckservatives help fill up our lists and show who's really on the side of the white man, and who's just skitching the train for a free ride.

df86da No.10393993

also all the cuckservatives saying "you have the right to say it, doesn't mean it's right" or some fucking variation, that's a blatant lie, they DID NOT get the right to say it, they called a god damn state of emergency to ensure it

1573ae No.10393995


Which makes think, did Trump even single out the right in this? It seems like he is against open violence in general which makes some sense.


Indeed. Dicky will use this as a means to bolster his "cred" and make himself into the "true leader" ready to fuck people over. I'd be impressed if I wasn't disgusted.

805a99 No.10394002

DOTR is coming. Save these tweets. The same fucks will be sieg heiling when it's trendy, hoping everyone forgot their treachery.

4eb92e No.10394009


hard to be effective when you're worried about supposed allies poisoning the rations or unlocking the tavistocks the instant things look mildly precarious


it's the way of the world

78032b No.10394012

File: b489c20901d01f3⋯.png (585.6 KB, 1011x644, 1011:644, image_2017-08-12_17-30-10.png)

File: 2de4b92cb722dec⋯.png (1.5 MB, 990x1278, 55:71, image_2017-07-02_23-46-36.png)


Don't we already have a bunch of leftist facebook posts of the guy that did it? Or has the jewish media just decided that this is the next big hoax?

957d54 No.10394014


Don't count on it man.

df86da No.10394021


yeah I'd say Trump has stayed neutral so far in my view, if he mentions whites in any way shape or form (blaming them) he would lose 2nd term

d79536 No.10394023


The cuckservative Trump meme is dying, the white supremacism is rising. Retards are slowly realizing there is no political solution for the situation.

4684ad No.10394025


Slurp a chode, kike shill.

55407c No.10394030


>It seems like he is against open violence in general which makes some sense.

Remember after Berkley when all we got from him was a tweet, the next day. No, all these kikes only concern themselves with is right wing violence.

bcf164 No.10394031

All these cucks crying about "White supremacy" violence, when Antifa were the ones committing the fucking violence tin the first place.

>if you fight back when your're attack you're violent!

>just sit down and shut up about being replaced!

All the have is wailing about "muh hatred" "muh racism", and no one really gives a shit about being called that anymore.

034540 No.10394035

File: c6ec56896b40c05⋯.jpg (166.91 KB, 720x960, 3:4, IMG_20170812_213556.jpg)


How am I a kike shill?

957d54 No.10394041


Just try to raise white brotherhood and sisterhood love. That's what we should go for.

682495 No.10394042



Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4 for the winning emp combo!

9fab87 No.10394046

File: da74287eea563dc⋯.png (292.07 KB, 773x531, 773:531, kidsreact.png)


True. Group polarization isn't just a meme, and ideologies will naturally gravitate to the extreme, especially if they're fashionable. I mean, come on, it's 2017. Get on the reich side of history.

df86da No.10394047


calling for unity isn't blaming white people, he is technically the president of the minorities as well

2e7a48 No.10394063


>how bad this looks to most people.

Most "people" in the United States are of nebulous racial origin or have some pickaninny shitting up their family. Most "people" in the United States can't wait to start another war with someone, anyone. Fuck most people and what they think.

df86da No.10394066


don't let our enemies frame it, this was clearly supressing white people from holding a politcal rally, anyone can hold a rally, unless their white

4684ad No.10394072



Reported for being a kike.

682495 No.10394076




>guise lest just all get along , I mean cmon we aren't REAL Nazis right guise?.....


871abf No.10394079


>hurr durr what's the game plan we can't drop niggers

crashing the plane with no survivors. Sooner the USA dies, the sooner whites are saved

we shill nonstop, without any long-term plan, just nonstop short-term shilling. you're tired? Fuck off and die in a ditch, just get out of our way.

957d54 No.10394081

File: 3f151dbdefda37e⋯.gif (5.23 MB, 360x197, 360:197, 5da46c90e0641c7358ffbd939b….gif)



Sure, why not? Don't listen to cable news. Good will come, as well as bad. Which will win out? I don't know.

9fab87 No.10394083

File: 0f37c7c45630249⋯.jpg (131.4 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, 04497aa4ab340520c69555f958….jpg)


>Like what is the goal?

d79536 No.10394092


>Doing Nazi larping online is one thing,

>implying we are larping

>It looks like we don't actually know anything

Who is "we", kike?

> I have yet to hear any white nationalist plans for what to do.

Read a book called "Mein Kampf", it's all in there.

> Like what is the goal?

Complete and genocide of Jews and nonwhites worldwide of course.

>Are we really going to go as far as to deport Mexican descendants who have citizenship already?

No, we will kill them.

>Are we going to send Niggers back to Africa?

No, we will kill them.

You obviously don't belong here, and I suggest you to leave before you get banned.

1e7e7a No.10394093


>da democrats are da real raycists!

Jesus fuck. Is there no one at least tangentially famous who is calling out the violence of the communist subhumans?

871abf No.10394094


counter reported for being an insufferable faggot

4684ad No.10394099


Reported for not even TRYING. And yes, this amount of effort isn't trying. You were outed INSTANTLY.

4684ad No.10394101



bdbbfc No.10394102


The goal is a halt to non-white immigration, then deportation, then genocide.

096945 No.10394103

File: 18eacf159575678⋯.png (954.34 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, traitorspart1.png)

f699cb No.10394105


nah, no need for turner diary shit. we just deport them.

0ce5a6 No.10394110


We're gonna need a lot of rope.

034540 No.10394113


Saved, thanks

871abf No.10394115


>projecting this hard


d79536 No.10394117


Hitler tried that. Yet here we are. The truth is, after you die the history will repeat itself. We need a real, final solution.

ea7345 No.10394125


>Trump's base


Do you recall it? Because the alt-right is and always has been controlled opposition. The group was specifically made and groomed to be a sacrificial lamb while trying to assimilate and take over the growing rise of nationalism.

2fbc4a No.10394126

File: 3e08a6d7a316080⋯.jpg (252.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

This is hardcore gaslighting. The whole point is to make normie whites, who barely follow the news, feel intense guilt over this sideshow in Charlottesville that they have nothing to do with. Look at the words in these tweets, "sickening," "hate," "destructive." Collectively, it's meant to have a hypnotic effect and make whites feel depressed and demoralized without really understanding why, like that mood experiment that ZOGbook carried out a few years back.

4684ad No.10394130


Fuck off, civnat faggot.

9ccd35 No.10394132

File: eda5acac0449c7a⋯.jpg (151.29 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 4daf8948c019883dac009bf4e0….jpg)



Why not just stop all this shit? Don't go in the streets anymore, don't put up any protest, let ANTIFA ruin all the cities, let the country be overrun with nonwhites, don't give them ammunition. Meanwhile, secretly build a white nationalist network.

1e7e7a No.10394133


>white supreemist terrorism

>state of emergency declared

>a year ago 5 cops get shot by niggers in a BLM protest

>no state of emergency

>lol just peaceful protests bro!

God fucking damn these people need to be tortured in the worst possible way.

f699cb No.10394135


because of the jews, anon. he made the mistake of not killing them all. other nonwhites in comparison are paltry.

4684ad No.10394142


>oy vey goyim just give up

>accelerationism totally hasn't been outed or anything!


d79536 No.10394160


There is use to keep niggers alive, seriously. With the data and the statistics we have now, we know what Hitler didn't - the niggers aren't genetically human and have an IQ lower than that of a gorilla.

There is no reason to let them breed uncontrollably and occupy space, their resources can be used for the good of humanity.

9fab87 No.10394162


>degenerate-murdering roman/barbarian larper gf

I didn't know how much I want this.

>let the country be overrun with nonwhites


957d54 No.10394166


True. Even faux news is really anti-white tonight.

0f1095 No.10394175

File: 514edebadbc938b⋯.jpg (7.26 KB, 142x255, 142:255, degen.jpg)


>female legionnaire

871abf No.10394176


>muh reported muh reported muh reported



9ccd35 No.10394178


don't you see every republican rat is using this to virtue signal?

61f1fe No.10394184

File: f5b6a3b8a640d86⋯.jpg (43.65 KB, 820x461, 820:461, kill-all-juice.jpg)


Thanks, anon

9ccd35 No.10394200


I fucking swear, something is going on.

1573ae No.10394203


The interesting thing is that the car attack will be the thing highlighted. I'm surprised more is not being done to figure that out since before that, much of this was your standard people protesting shit.


>female legionnaire

Get up on that cross.

14ae70 No.10394228

Perhaps I missed something, but if a mass pro-white march/protest was in the works, we (on this board) would've heard about it in advance, and there would be thread after thread promoting "UniteTheRight".

typical tricks?

957d54 No.10394230

Fox actually just had a based black on. That approved of us. But they didn't give her much time. Probably a mistake on their part.

df86da No.10394241


nice work anon

682495 No.10394247


Yep the race war kicked off in full tonight. I would bet if I lurked the twattersphere at all or kikebook at all there would be niggers and gang niggers(redundant I know) openly calling for niggers to go hunt whites. I would bet my home on it.


1e7e7a No.10394248


It's been posted on the Daily Stormer for at least a month. Probably more on other sites associated with Spencer.

f699cb No.10394251


>the niggers aren't genetically human and have an IQ lower than that of a gorilla.

this likely was already obvious to him and all racially aware individuals back then. it's not rocket science.

>There is no reason to let them breed uncontrollably and occupy space

the reason why africa has so many people today is because of foreign aid. how did you think it's population exploded in the 20th century? all we need to do is cut that aid off and the population will naturally decline back to it's sparse origins.

>their resources can be used for the good of humanity.

this is perhaps the only thing I agree on. the resources are wasted on them and can be used to bolster white nations. a rhodesia would be ideal in that scenario. negros aside, I don't think wanton global massacres is needed.

00a624 No.10394252


why don't they come out in spades like this when open and declared commies tear shit up and beat people up? Stomping commies is much fresher in our history and commies caused way more trouble that the "nazis"

9ccd35 No.10394262


> don't think donut man did either




920346 No.10394267

File: 6858cb35e47a540⋯.jpg (83.23 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1498320342141.jpg)



nobody is ever going to parade around with or support the kkk you absolute fucking mongoloids, especially when you give everyone all the fucking optics they need to damn you and ostracize you

we will never win because we can't get our shit straight and just be PEACEFUL AND PRESENTABLE

larpers with shields don't help. KKK doesn't help. violence doesn't help

even when the time for arguments has passed, you must still make them and justify your own side OR ELSE we will become stillborn and never make an impact

this rally was self-destructive.

89eec0 No.10394269


What? Most people just disagreed with me, okay. Report all you want to faggot I am a Virginian. I wasn't "trying" to do anything. Ut state my opinion. I was born in Depaul hospital in Norfolk, raised in Virginia Beach and I've stayed in Charlottesville several times and love this state. I wasn't saying we did anything weong, I was stating the inevitable question people will have. The white genocide is real, the (((Zionist))) banking system is responsible for all the worlds suffering, (((and they))) are dug into tis country like ticks sucking the blood out. They loves calling is Nazis before, you think they won't find a way to say I told ya so to the normies? What am I saying that's wrong here?

871abf No.10394278


>muh PR

gas yourself

61f1fe No.10394282

File: 984158403165d64⋯.png (194.08 KB, 1150x502, 575:251, muh-democrat-nazis.png)


>dinesh d'pooza

>muh 'democrats are the real nazis'

1e7e7a No.10394286


You're right. Fuck any ((((((((shills)))) who do anything in real life. Fuck violence, fuck doing anything in person. Any True White Nationalist™ just slaps his keyboard anonymously online.

1f5019 No.10394290


>peaceful and presentable

remember goy, be peaceful as the communist beats your head with a brick

ce92b7 No.10394296


> muh "muh PR"

Stop the LARPing, you idiot.

920346 No.10394297


wrong guy coincidentally

9ccd35 No.10394303

9fab87 No.10394305

File: 050273293dd74f1⋯.jpg (155.04 KB, 512x640, 4:5, deadeyed blowjobmachine.jpg)


Oh wow, you guys don't even try anymore.

89eec0 No.10394309


You're probably right. Might be thinking too much about optics but something just didn't sit right about it. I think it was mostly the fat this started as a protest against removing out Confederate statues, and now that seems all but forgotten. I just want the people who don't actually live here to realize, we have a shit ton of confederate statues here in Virginia. If (((they))) think they can create bad propaganda everytime they go to take one down they will.

871abf No.10394317

File: c9ab27e4bf3ae93⋯.png (746.14 KB, 833x592, 833:592, uyznsTT.png)


>some moron ran a car into commie scum


keep your panties on, faggot, the ride is going to be rough here on now

but now is not the time for fear, not yet, that comes later

4684ad No.10394320


You sound extraordinarily new.


We're not LARPing. We're not all nazis, but we're not LARPing at all.

>Nazi larping irl looks out of place and out of time this day and age.

IT'S NOT THE CURRENT FUCKING YEAR ANYMORE. It's the Modern Day. Get with the times and fuck off with your shitty arguments.

> It looks like we don't actually know anything about the law and about politics.

Your evidence of this is what, dipshit? We know more about politics than the actual politicians, and some of us ARE politicians.

>I have yet to hear any white nationalist plans for what to do.


>Like what is the goal?

Restoration of white nations.

Restoration of white colonies (this time to be annexed directly into our nations).

Genocide of all four other races.

>Are we really going to go as far as to deport Mexican descendants who have citizenship already?

Only the descendants of the ones who were here when we annexed the land have citizenship. All others aren't legal. Anchor babies are not legal. Get a fucking clue.

>Are we going to send Niggers back to Africa?


>The importance of the Jewsih question, their dual citizenship

We're going to make dual citizenship illegal.

>A house divided cannot stand, and that's what we are right now.

It's not divided by anyone but you cucks.

ea7345 No.10394323

File: 8235bc7c572cee2⋯.png (215.64 KB, 499x447, 499:447, 1468539422819.png)


I was about to call you a dumbass nigger for slinging around "muh pr" until >>10394267 's "PEACEFUL AND PRESENTABLE" came up.

Possibly unrelated, but when it comes to redpilling it's one step at a time. How do you think you got here to this day? Was it as suddenly immediate, or was it step by step, joke after joke, hidden truth by hidden truth?

The rally and all of this was a set up. A set up to distract from something else while also trying to play hardball at "evil white supremacy" narrative. And alt-right is nothing but controlled opposition.

1663de No.10394334

File: a7e126f1cdd45a8⋯.jpg (34.38 KB, 540x589, 540:589, menacinglyrare.jpg)



Choke on a shotgun.

e72a85 No.10394337


let's be fair

every single time antifa destroys shit or niggers destroy shit, our numbers grow

i'm not saying we need to give them space to destroy.

i'm just saying the pendulum is swinging right regardless and it's best to avoid injury

ea7345 No.10394338


We're getting close to aug 21st.

78032b No.10394341

File: 9964403c0bd49ef⋯.webm (4.84 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The real perpetrator of t….webm)


1e7e7a No.10394353

File: 7f7de918deb64fc⋯.jpg (83.26 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1425269628334.jpg)


You fucking idiot. You know the people who are doing what you say? Jared Taylor and the American Renaissance. They get like 3k views per video. Meanwhile this unite the right rally is getting global attention. No one wants babysteps anymore. This isn't 2003. That time has passed. What people want is White Nationalism and they want it now.

871abf No.10394354

ab6604 No.10394379

File: deeef73816b2ab9⋯.gif (2.13 MB, 900x900, 1:1, IMG_0714.GIF)


>John McCain, one of the biggest traitors in US history calling us traitors.

Can't that cancer work any faster?

f699cb No.10394380


weren't those people in the rally alt-kike? I still don't know if this is a false flag or not.

89eec0 No.10394384


Okay, isn't genocide a term used by the Jews anytime they wanted to steal something or send us to fight in their wars? Hitler wasn't even trying to kill all the Jews, the Holocaust is a hoax. He was deporting them because they were Zionist terrorist communists and they had actually declared war on Germany despite making a deal with them to funnel them into Israel. That's Israels ultimatw goal. Isn't that important? Our fucking enemies plans? Israel uses the Muslims to their advantage despite Muslims hating them also. They use retarded Jihadi zealots to create more terrorist geoups to desrabalize the surrounding area to fulfil greater Israel. So shouldn't we be smarter than making our plans that vague and obvious ?

0b2159 No.10394396


>"conservative" movement

is the reason we're in this situation.

920346 No.10394402

File: b2c81fc56f9b329⋯.jpg (83.52 KB, 960x1300, 48:65, walking-casual-man-busines….jpg)


acting like public image doesn't matter is why a bunch of idiots in white hoods is the butt of every anti-racist joke



no, you just fucking lose weight and dress like a human and not white niggers

then you go out in public, looking PRESENTABLE, PROFESSIONAL, intellectual, and generally like your well-to-do white neighbor with cameras everywhere actively PREPARED to film the violence and prepared to defend yourself.

people who parade around looking like fucking idiots are not relatable or sympathetic. kill anyone who fucks with you or any of us, but make sure you get it on camera that they hit you first.

it's more inspiring and more relatable to stand up for what you believe in and defend yourself as an upstanding citizen. it's a lot less so when you do it fat, dressed like a slob, standing next to someone in klan robes, and unshaven OR larping as a fucking modern day brownshirt

if you want to affect change in a system that is totally broken, you can pull no punches and give yourself no slack.

we must assault the niggerization of EVERY aspect of our culture by embodying EXACTLY what we want to see

61f1fe No.10394414

"conservative" only means conserving (((Republican))) control of the government. It certainly isn't about conserving our culture, race, or the nation.

1e7e7a No.10394416


It was everyone from David Duke to some twitter alt-lite fags.

0b2159 No.10394420



>Why not just stop all this shit? Don't go in the streets anymore, don't put up any protest, let ANTIFA ruin all the cities, let the country be overrun with nonwhites

yeah and commit suicide while you're at it as well. best way to win.

92c287 No.10394422


hahahahhaah this bitch is openly calling for the death of Trump and all Hannity can respond with is

>n-not all conservatives!

Holy shit just JUST his shit up.

871abf No.10394423


>muh PR

you do realize that they merely assembled today, dumbass? We have an unconditional right to assembly per our constitution.

Only violence was some fat retard ramming into a crowd for who fucking knows why. Otherwise it was the typical leftykike pepper spray bullshit. Grow a fucking dick.

0ce5a6 No.10394424


>I still don't know if this is a false flag or not.

It doesn't matter. Just use it to get your agenda done.

a51cf5 No.10394425


>he is technically the president of the minorities as well

No, he's not because if it was up to those minorities he wouldn't be President.

1e7e7a No.10394439


Yeah okay fucking larper. Where's your movement? Where's your successes? You're some random nobody on the internet telling people who actually go OUTSIDE and do shit. Fuck you and fuck all the other shills like you. I'm so god damned tired of reading posts like yours. You're just a fucking larper and that's all you'll ever be.

3943b1 No.10394440

File: 245fea832043c1f⋯.jpg (97.26 KB, 473x699, 473:699, absolute disgust.jpg)


She's a plastic nosejob jew.

56a35e No.10394442

File: eec93ec8d7bde73⋯.png (285.3 KB, 1383x688, 1383:688, luckiest.png)


because people dont know what national socialism is. most people who identify as nazis nowadays likely dont truly understand the essence of national socialism or the extent of hitler's worldview and what it was/is really about. it seems like they either learn from a few youtube videos or memes; not actually reading books or nazi publications, or even thinking for themselves. and the best leader seems to be richard spencer - who even if you think is on our side, he is still not the strong leader we need. he lacks passion, definiteness, leadership qualities, everything necessary for the part it seems like. hitler had a godly will like no other man. what do richard spencer or any of the other "alt-right" leaders have?)

i've found that a lot of good people who may identify as a typical conservative or centrist will often display national socialist tendencies and can easily be full on natsoc if the clutter is cleared away and good enough direction is given, and then they will realize they were at least sort of natsoc from the beginning.

but we wont get there by doing everything possible to avoid conflict.

d1c565 No.10394443


rope yourself faggot

a51cf5 No.10394446


Nice work anon, but you're missing more than half of them.

ce92b7 No.10394459


>Only violence was some fat retard ramming into a crowd for who fucking knows why

He was trying to demonstrate just how much he is opposed to "muh PR".

bd8357 No.10394467


He can't even if he wanted to though, he doesn't want to piss us off. We got him elected.

920346 No.10394476


the magnitude of our challenge is unfathomable

going full larp IRL and showing up like a bunch of fucking morons with no GOOD PR is not the answer.

what we need


>PR (SOME agent provocateurs will create the same effect)

>USING THOSE TO GROW INFLUENCE (doctors are not going to join rallies where KKK members are or where 16 year olds are giving roman salutes)

congratulations, you just spend 24 hours doing bullshit and you gave every fucking media outlet carte blanche to treat us worse than they ever have black lives matter for that NIGGER in dallas who killed those cops or the cops killed afterwards


FUCK me how dumb can you be

acbedd No.10394478

File: 799f0ad4afcca68⋯.png (376.36 KB, 676x601, 676:601, fish face ok.png)

78032b No.10394481


Hitler not actually doing the holocaust was one of his biggest mistakes. I'm sure he'd have actually done a holocaust had he had the opportunity to see Germany today.


>acting like public image doesn't matter is why a bunch of idiots in white hoods is the butt of every anti-racist joke

That also probably has something to do with our jewish run media and hollywood. If you let jews into your nation, of course they will subvert it, and try to humiliate those that wish to defend it.

We are seen as "nazis" if we so much as don't want our race to go extinct, or don't want our daughters to be the victims of islamic rape gangs. Hell we are "nazis" to the left if we are anything other than a self castrating cuck. So we may as well just be full blown National Socialists. We may as well correct the mistake Hitler made in not killing all the jews too, so that our great grandchildren aren't faced with the same problem we are today.

f699cb No.10394482


it does matter. we can't redpill people by showing our movement as violent. normies are turned off by that. revolution should be done through information and knowledge. if this was a false flag then kikes were once again sabotaging us.

ba4287 No.10394492


Nah, he's bringing attention to it and letting it speak for itself. He doesn't even need to bother to condemn it.

08cf0d No.10394518

File: 7a6d8c37aa8d67c⋯.png (674.5 KB, 1080x1474, 540:737, hired gun.png)

>politicians are given an easy opportunity to virtue signal

>they do it

imagine my shock tbh fam

1e7e7a No.10394529


>it does matter. we can't redpill people by showing our movement as violent. normies are turned off by that


Look at the most "normie-friendly" WN thing there is. The American Renaissance. They get 3k views at most per video. Meanwhile the most extreme neo-nazi white supreemist outlet, the Daily Stormer, gets 5m unique views per month. No young white man wants to hear about nigger crime stats for the 500th time. They want results and they want extreme. No little boy plays with swiss diplomat action figures who never do anything. They play with toy swords and GI Joe. Normal people are the same way. The whole middle of America cheered everytime a BLM nigger got run over. It's the same today. Violence is the one thing that actually gets normie attention and you're so delusional to not see this.

df86da No.10394548


not saying it wasn't controlled op, I mean't we can work this to our advantage

2dc9f8 No.10394550


This, tbh. We have to look like proper representatives of whites, and to be fair, a lot of the people attending the torchlit march were well-dressed and well-groomed.

And for anyone claiming that this is "muh pr", ask yourself, when you post images of whites here on /pol/, as inspirational memes, do you post images of good-looking, well-groomed, healthy whites? Or do you post images of fat fucking redneck losers with pube-beards, wearing t-shirts and shorts?

And for you anon, don't go overboard with this "oh nos now the media is treating us badly". They will ALWAYS cast us in the worst light imaginable. It's fucking inevitable. Any action you take will lead to massive and unrelenting condemnation. You will ALWAYS give them ammunition of some kind to twist into whatever narrative they desire. We're trying to shift the overton window rightwards and get whites on our side, not appeal to the cocksucking mass media.

0ce5a6 No.10394553


>we can't redpill people by showing our movement as violent.

Show them the media and the politicians lying about what really happened there.

>larpers got a permit and had a rally

>antifa attacked them

>police did nothing to protect the people who organized the rally

ps the alt kike is not our movement

e72a85 No.10394567


Not yet. But we can take it.

89eec0 No.10394579


I agree. When Hitler spoke, people listened. He invigorated an entire nation to basically fight against the entire rest of the Earth. He was obviously on to something because of how defiant "globalists" and (((Zionists))) were to stop him. He jailed freemasons, communists, even a Rothschild. He was trying to do good, he was giving his people a spiritual power in the Nazi movement. Look how the whole thing fell apart, we actually have a chance to do something here and I just don't want our movement to turn sour because of a bunch of idiots and high schoolers. It's like everyone is thinking of themselves instead of WHY we wanted to do all of this in the first place.

78032b No.10394599


Agreed, for people that prefer it super calm and vanilla, and can be redpilled with stats alone, American Renaissance is already doing that.


>Not yet. But we can take it.


d4898e No.10394615


Can anyone give the tl;dr version about the happenings in wavawavaville?

ea5a6f No.10394627


You're right. I don't think the shaming tactics are going to work for much longer though. People forget about this shit in a week, and they still have no arguments except muh yahtzees.

f699cb No.10394628


>Meanwhile the most extreme neo-nazi white supreemist outlet, the Daily Stormer,

hardly. they're not as soft as stormfront but they literally have a no violence allowed policy.

>The whole middle of America cheered everytime a BLM nigger got run over.

if only this was true.

>Violence is the one thing that actually gets normie attention and you're so delusional to not see this.

we must look at the definition of "normie" these are the same people who love using nigger slang, support affirmative action and use the all powerful word "racist". maybe a time will come later where violence can be used but right now I just can't see it.

682495 No.10394634


Car with heavy tint and only six cylinders hits niggers n lefties , only one dead. All sorts of set up feel


d4898e No.10394652

15ab83 No.10394655

This is going to be the event that destroys nationalism in the US again.

ba4287 No.10394669


>maybe a time will come later where violence can be used but right now I just can't see it.

The time is now, but this is doinitwrong. You're supposed to provoke the *other* side to violence then cry victim. It's retarded, but it's how the game is currently played.

1e7e7a No.10394671


>hardly. they're not as soft as stormfront but they literally have a no violence allowed policy.

I guess you're more hardcore then they are lol.

>if only this was true.

It is.

>we must look at the definition of "normie" these are the same people who love using nigger slang, support affirmative action and use the all powerful word "racist". maybe a time will come later where violence can be used but right now I just can't see it.

I don't really care about your opinion. I'm just telling it like I see it. Your vanilla answer is extremely unpopular and will die out with the old faggots that run it. (AmRen), meanwhile the kind of enthusiasm and fire that we saw at the rally (DS) is thriving. You might think you have the answers but you have to look at things objectively and you'll realize extreme gets results and gets new people.

000000 No.10394673


Hitler was a war hero who survived WMDs and grew up with a very difficult life. It's hard to find a guy like that in the modern day.


Yes but again people need to remember Hitler grabbed power democratically, playing by the system. You need to educate and then know that you're on their side and that all the others work tireless against their interests.

78032b No.10394684


>An edgy leftist runs over other edgy leftists

>This is going to be the event that destroys nationalism in the US again.


ba4287 No.10394689


Lolno. Anyone who could've been driven away with "VIOLENTFASCISTTURBONAZIS!!" shaming would've left last summer.

68f5f4 No.10394702


>anti-Muslim rhetoric.

>calling it rhetoric

>implying it's bad


335361 No.10394711





it does not matter

fd3055 No.10394727



Sounds like my mother.

920346 No.10394749


>merely assembled

you have a right to assemble, and to embarrass yourselves with fucking outrageous signs that nobody would ever cover positively

dropping anything close to the JQ at a public rally AT THIS STAGE is fucking RETARDED and only someone completely autistic would think otherwise



i'm larping as what? i share the same ideals just about everyone here does and this place is my respite from the world

i'm not a movie star, i'm only average-looking, but i dress well and i value my appearance. i don't hold up signs condemning jews when i'm protesting the removal of a statue of robert e lee. you want to protest the removal of robert e lee? create a fucking argument for it.

i'm telling you to man the fuck up about yourselves and to start taking YOURSELF seriously before you think anyone else should.

self-criticism is the FIRST redpill, and if you haven't taken it yet, you haven't taken any of the others.

i don't back down from my beliefs when i'm challenged on them. because of this, people respect me for my intelligence and knowledge. i don't drop the JQ until i know someone well enough to believe THEY will believe ME.

where's your movement? where are your successes? where have you ever done anything? wtf did i say that was so triggering?


>That also probably has something to do with our jewish run media and hollywood. If you let jews into your nation, of course they will subvert it, and try to humiliate those that wish to defend it.

of course, and we have to understand the state of things and the exact degree of our lack of control before we can do anything about it

if someone can say


about you, congratulations. ya done got fucking blacklisted by civil society and thus will never gain a foothold anywhere in anything.

>we may as well just be full blown National Socialists

that's blackpilled defeatism.

it is never to late to win the game, but it IS always possible to lose it at any moment. do not give the jews the opportunity to bury you.

look at this FUCKING condemnation that's all over the media. it's there because we went there HEILING and legitimately acting like nazis. the autists there skipped a step and just threw dirt on the coffin of nationalism; the ESSENTIAL first step before ETHNO nationalism can even be fucking discussed.



>note how nobody has replied to this reasonable, well-written post

great post

of COURSE we will always be put in a shit light, but to act as though that will happen anyway and do just do WHATEVER we want makes us every bit as bad as niggers.

no rally stands alone. they must all be a part of the broader plan. shifting the overton window to the right will not happen when you give those on our side in our ideological tug of war an excuse to let go when the other side can hammer the right with RACIST! BIGOT! AND give them the optics to justify their declarations.

people must join us, pull the window to the right, and as it SLOWLY shifts over time as it has SLOWLY shifted to the left, the more insidious aspects of our ideology will seep into their minds.

we are playing a long game. the jews have fucking jewed us for decades. we only just got a president who represents at least SOME of our interests elected.

we MUST CRAWL through this minefield, or we will blow ourselves up. what happened today will impede the growth of our movement. there's no getting around it.

today, we almost blew ourselves the fuck up.

1573ae No.10394762


No one cared until car of peace showed up. That gave them an excuse to toss a fit but that is the problem and the thing that needs to be looked into and exposed.

9fab87 No.10394767

File: 0e08722a743711e⋯.mp4 (540.63 KB, 480x480, 1:1, come back hitler.mp4)


Even niggers on WSHH are laughing at this. Nobody fucking cares. Dylann Roof shot up a bunch of churchgoing gudbois and the media ran with it 24/7, but nobody gave a fuck. Hardcore Right Wing White Nationalism is coming back, and even a false-flag on the level of 9/11 won't stop it.

be575d No.10394769


Muh voting, muh appeal, muh beauty contests. We don't need everyone's support, nigger, we just need to fight and winning. Victory builds support, not your cuckery.

e72a85 No.10394770

File: c8e08f446832408⋯.gif (2 MB, 530x360, 53:36, hype.gif)


Are you kidding? Today was one huge recruitment exercise for us.

White people nationwide saw that they don't have the same rights as other identitarian movements.

920346 No.10394780

File: 3303c54e98fe9c6⋯.jpg (89.67 KB, 653x605, 653:605, 1488423096409.jpg)


quite possibly. if it happens again, it will. what happened today is in defensible


so false and nearsighted that one might start to think you're a fucking shill who wants to sabotage us

68f5f4 No.10394791


>only fucking post in the thread is to reply to someone's picture

you make me sick.

I hope you fall down some stairs, faggot.

ddb9fe No.10394795

What did they used to say in the 60s? Don't trust anyone over 40.

It's true now. Boomers won't have to live in the culturally enhanced version of America. We will. Don't trust them.

9fab87 No.10394817

File: 03fe3387b53ff23⋯.gif (999.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 03fe3387b53ff232e7f23d51fb….gif)


>quite possibly. if it happens again, it will. what happened today is in defensible

>this is what shills actually believe

a51cf5 No.10394833


Dead communists of all ages is a gift from god himself. Be thankful for the blessings he's bestowed on us today.

2fbc4a No.10394834


It was 30, not 40, because boomers were short-sighted, hedonistic morons

920346 No.10394840



it was just another retarded rally that nobody was going to give a fuck about until



now nationalism and white nationalism is KKK, terrorism, white supremacy, etc.


we need to fight and win, and we cannot afford to lose or think as though we cannot lose.

the stakes are higher than ever.


what happened all day might have been excusable or just gone under the radar right up until some fucking retard ran over niggers and liberals with a challenger

that shifts how EVERYTHING else is perceived and diminishes the MERITS of the rally

>the nigger deputy mayor

>the cultural significance of robert e lee

>denial of the permit

>unjust rescinding of the permit

>left wing violence

all of the sudden a nigger cop standing in front of white with the stars and bars is the conversation. it's straight out of a BLM protest

>black lives matter niggers shitting on a black cop

congratulations, we just turned into niggers

df86da No.10394848


yeah, nah, the most normal fag trump support has been called a nazi for over a year now, the genie isn't going back

4140d5 No.10394856


>great post

Thanks anon

>we are playing a long game

I agree. Anons need to be well-rehearsed in providing arguments for our positions, and disseminating information to other whites (especially younger ones) that makes sense and also has the appropriate amount of flair to get attention. That google memo probably ruffled kike feathers even more than the rally, simply because it presented a cogent and plain-spoken point, and challenged progtard thinking.

>today we almost blew ourselves up

We'll see. The media and politicians certainly seized the narrative.


920346 No.10394859


time and place for shitposting, this is neither


nothing that happened today is something your next door neighbor can look at and say "wow, that's fucked up. i guess the left really is the problem?"

what happened to day just gave even the SLIGHTEST bit of credibility back to the niggers and jews and shills in hollywood and eveywhere else when for the last two years they've systematically been




into nothingness

a51cf5 No.10394862


And yet sand niggers and their jew handlers can fly planes into towering skyscrapers and reduce them to rubble and it's NOT ALL MUSLIMS XDDDDDDD. Kill them all, not even god himself will bother to sort them out.

451999 No.10394866

File: 7ef3009840c4c84⋯.png (230.67 KB, 471x354, 157:118, 7ef3009840c4c8430448dd0ea2….png)



f699cb No.10394867


that's because white supremacist attacks are rare. they arrested him and called it a day. they would give a fuck if the event would cause more to arise.

a51cf5 No.10394869




df86da No.10394875


>you have a right to assemble

no actaully, this event only showed that whites clearly DO NOT have this right

0ce5a6 No.10394883


> white supremacist

There's that buzzword again.

920346 No.10394886


>We'll see. The media and politicians certainly seized the narrative.

and as we lose our platforms to hit the normies on kikebook and jewtube, this is more serious than ever

>I agree. Anons need to be well-rehearsed in providing arguments for our positions, and disseminating information to other whites (especially younger ones) that makes sense and also has the appropriate amount of flair to get attention. That google memo probably ruffled kike feathers even more than the rally, simply because it presented a cogent and plain-spoken point, and challenged progtard thinking.

we need to do what the left does for these rallies, and we need to do what the chans do best; organize and do it FOR FREE

9fab87 No.10394903


>that shifts how EVERYTHING else is perceived and diminishes the MERITS of the rally

Doubt it. Youtube "skeptic" moderates will use it as proof that they're holier than thou, leftists will point and cry "VIOLENCE"in the same way they point at mean tweets, and right-wingers will say "hey, it sucks, but what are you gonna do?" and keep on trucking.


You're worried about nothing. Tonight people are twitlongering about hate and bigotry. Tomorrow they'll be betting on the McGregor/Mayweather fight and googling "horny teen sluts" on their tablets.

f699cb No.10394915


how is it a buzzword? does it sound too disparaging?

0ce5a6 No.10394919


>what happened to day

Nothing happened today.


>no actaully, this event only showed that whites clearly DO NOT have this right

This is true.

920346 No.10394933


weak faggot


ya lost that argument by sieg heiling and holding ass backwards up signs against the jews at a protest of the removal of a robert e lee statue

>we're removing this robert e lee statue because of the bigotry and hatred in america's past


this couldn't have fucking gone worse you morons

143ac3 No.10394950

File: 439d7e870e28bf6⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 500x281, 500:281, looktothestars.gif)

What would happen if tomorrow it comes out this was just an accident? Imagine being able to call all these fucks out on muh white terrorist bullshit.

9fab87 No.10394961

File: 5605ea52540eba2⋯.mp4 (763.19 KB, 202x360, 101:180, shia meets pol.mp4)


>ya lost that argument by sieg heiling

Lol yeh, normalfags care about that sort of thing.

df86da No.10394966


no man, those times are over now, there is simply too much distrust for the media to do that

920346 No.10394972


this is the BEST scenario

everything was PERFECT when we thought the kid was a liberal who just fucked up daddy's car

>he probably isn't


never underestimate your enemy, brother

0b0882 No.10394987


have you listened to the reason they hate muslims?

muh gays, muh womyns rites, muh hedonism

there are plenty of reasons to hate dunecoons but they choose all the wrong ones

4d7435 No.10394989


They'd sperg out about how someone who's car is getting hit by baseball bats was trying to flee and it was premeditated.

6a7e0a No.10394993

File: 17ed81f2b41dd52⋯.jpg (88.94 KB, 1200x1073, 1200:1073, 17ed81f2b41dd52de55b657d12….jpg)


>Dinesh D'pooinlooza

0ce5a6 No.10395000


>how is it a buzzword?

It's just an insult that liberals say. Like Nazi, it has no meaning.

d22b1f No.10395025

I see this thread is where all the (((shills))) are containing themselves.


b52171 No.10395048

We're going to see even more National Socialist iconography and racialist chants at future rallies and it's going to be glorious. It began in fits and starts during Trump's campaign, but now he isn't the trendsetter so the number will only go higher and higher. The more pushback from the left and the media, the more people will realize that they must choose between oblivion and National Socialism.

There is no better PR than showing Whites that there are those who will fight for their right to exist. Showing up with swastikas and having rallies which are the total opposite of the riotous tantrums of the traitors and shitskins is the way to win. The controlled opposition figures such as Spencer are desperate to shift focus away from racialism, but the media and scumsucking politicians are trained to throw out labels of racism at the drop of a hat. Our enemies are preaching our own creed.

4d7435 No.10395079


There was a chant during the morning-noon area of "Fuck you faggots" and it circulated on social media. My sides went into orbit, they really don't think that us, and many other people, find that funny and to not believe anything that comes out of politicians heads or the MSMs teleprompters.

89eec0 No.10395096


I agree. The more I think about this the more something off. I'm having a hard time telling between the High Schoolers and the (((shills))). I just know they are both dumbing down the conversation and trying to get the entire argument based off of emotion.

987cc2 No.10395192

File: 736e8c995566b9d⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.24 KB, 1000x454, 500:227, the fuck is he implying.jpeg)


>the blackpill

Speaking of which, what did he mean by this? No seriously, what the fuck is he implying. I saw this when taking a peak at CF's twitter.

a0b46b No.10395250


Unless you're white and you feel unsafe, in that case get fucked, you don't even get free speech. :^)

They're all such fucking vermin.

000000 No.10395272


What needs to happen is a list and the electoral destruction of the current political power. They are all cucked, traitors. For years and years with all the leftist violence they never once addressed. This one time where they did things peacefully and lawfully and they're already crying terrorism, but not the antifa who literally terrorise others so they can't even make a speech. The antifa weren't even there lawfully, they couldn't assemble, they had no permits. And now they're trashing property and blocking roads once again.

9fab87 No.10395290

File: 2fe705daa726145⋯.jpg (323.94 KB, 916x1752, 229:438, comonkike.jpg)


CF's modus operandi is taking some normalfag meme, missing the joke, and editing it to fit his weird internet drama shit.

>it's da j00z

Reddit meme.


Because "faggot" is too mean.

CF just has a chip on his shoulder because he's a bit spergy. The second /pol/ didn't get on their knees and blow him, he got furious and became an angry contrarian for the sake of disagreeing with his internet bullies. If he really cared about Christianity, he'd be trying to stop so many nigs and asians from being fags, instead of angrily ranting about white girls on twitter.

0b0882 No.10395312


>let your enemy seize the advantage of attack

how about no to the first but yes to the second

e10350 No.10395319


>implying they actually believe that

>implying they aren't virtue-signalling

991dd5 No.10395343

File: c2f1b8eac6347a7⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 904x3588, 226:897, Alt right planned destruct….jpg)


Daily reminder

the alt right on on the chopping block by both the right and left

7c201e No.10395352

>islam shitskin terrorist attack


>this shit happens

>all traitors out themselves and call it homegrown terrorism

Fucking disgusting cretins

991dd5 No.10395380


No Spencer and such were dumb enough to not see this coming, the fence around the fucking place should have been a hint


but anyway, you can't just not do anything, but if Spencer and then don't sue the city and instead just make it some vendetta you know they are controlled Ops.

4d7435 No.10395395


This is why you have people who screencap shit and show it saying "Hi FBI"

Shit like that has been tried before. I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of their first thoughts when they saw you could post with the click of a button as anonymoose. It's far past the point of that being used effectively.

991dd5 No.10395412


Trump said "all violence"

991dd5 No.10395421


Its just make Antifa and the Alt right fight each other then the Democrats and Republicans can take turns browbeating whites until we submit again.

Also, use it as an excuse to ban free speech online.

991dd5 No.10395442


This is EXACTLY what the Nat Soc of Germany went though, don't give up hope, but yes, these faggots need to plan better.

Spencer has two strikes against him, number 3 and he is out.

fd3055 No.10395455


Nigger, Spencer has several dozens strikes against him at least.

64e121 No.10395478


>Don't talk about the JQ

>Image is more important than subject, gotta dress in business casual at all times or media jews will compare you to Ian Stuart.

You sound like Dickie Spencer to be honest. I like Spencer more than almost everyone here, but those are exactly the ideas that went into this rally. They had a dress code, there was no intention to do violence, they all had some self centered idea they were going to argue with antifa and appear to the common white man as the rational normal people. And the result was this. The media hates you, they'll always portray you as the worst thing they possibly can. Frankly, the >muh PR people are right, there's no point in putting disproportionate effort into being respectable. Shit the president is close to being our guy and look at what they say about him.

2e7a48 No.10395552


>Shit the president is close to being our guy

He isn't remotely close and the sooner people realize that the sooner we get somewhere. Trump is a steam valve with carefully crafted lip service in the vaguest possible terms because there is genuine fear that a significant portion of the country does not believe in anything this country supposedly stands for anymore and does not want to fight the establishment's wars. No meaningful demographic reversal will be allowed to take place [willingly], however, because it is White Nationalists above all who are done with Team America World Police.

You turn America into a nigger shit hole, no problem it makes intervening in South America and Africa even easier. You could legitimately start annexing nigger countries for their resources and since everyone's a nigger, it's great. No shortage of cobalt for Raytheon. You turn everyone into a Muslim? No problem. It's even easier to interfere in the Islamic world and now you get to be the real arbiter of what is and isn't "real Islam". Plus there is lots of defense contractor opportunity killing European and Russian holdouts.

2b3f50 No.10395553


Looks rehearsed.

89eec0 No.10395571


I could thinking about this too much, but I was watching Baked Alaskas stream right after he disappeared and that Murdoch had his phone for some reason. Towards the end, a supposed local girl with green hair comes up telling them they are scaring everyone and gets a false start on her theatrical fake ass crying. She mentions the "proud boys" for some reason and claims one of them "grabbed her ass". This guy Murdoch fucking runs with it asking who it was, telling everyone watching to go troll Gavin telling him he hangs out with sex offenders and shit. Everyone on the stream was saying she was lying but this guy even said "I believe her".

I said all that to say, maybe we have a fifth column here. I don't want to claim they are CIAniggers, Shills, (((JIDF))), but that shit was just odd. One of the guys with them was the first to jump onto the Infowars interview and claim "I like Alex, I watch infowars, but.." then two minites later started talking bunch of shit. Like whatever, but don't be two faced about it. It just seemed like they were constantly acting.

b52171 No.10395645


>there's no point in putting disproportionate effort into being respectable

The reason the PR fags are wrong is not because the media will make everyone out to be National Socialists no matter what; they are wrong because they assert that being depicted as National Socialists is a bad thing. There is nothing more respectable than a National Socialist and the more exposure to National Socialism people receive, the harder it is for them to reject that truth.

The greatest thing we can hope for is National Socialist rallies being broadcast on every channel.

e72a85 No.10395648


oh, so you're a PR cuck

89eec0 No.10395724


So does calling oneself a Nationalist Socialist make one an honerable person, or does the conduct of the Nationalist Socialist make him an honerable person? Because the confuct of the so called Nationalist Socialists today didn't qualify as honerable, and the pr looked like shit. Don't spin what we are saying, address it. Don't change the subject, and provide a straw man.

8ec9bb No.10395747

Trump's approach is interesting, at least its better then outright declaring whites as "evil nazis" like the media.

920346 No.10395750


the shill meme isn't a joke. or just a meme.


blackpilled faggot get the fuck off my board


i'm a realist, you just revel in an excuse to be disgusting and degenerate


fuck off

4d7435 No.10395764


Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

Balance it. We blend in.

8ec9bb No.10395773


It'll be like every other.

>The liberals are the haters

>The media lies

>We conservatives are not racist like the media says

b52171 No.10395785


The only ones whose conduct can be said to be dishonorable are those such as Spencer who are traitors or cryptokikes. The only way the PR could have been better is if we had a GLR around to deliver stirring speeches naming the Jew. The most important thing is that there are those willing to march in the open bearing the banners of White Nationalism and chanting its glory. Let such scenes be a daily occurrence.

43d05a No.10395825


t. deep state operative and all around great guy

987cc2 No.10395836

File: c85909e590a8502⋯.png (10.23 KB, 406x376, 203:188, c85909e590a850216a99edac9a….png)


Why is he the way he is? Is it some epic trolle against internet nahtzees? Or does he think that all whites are gay and sheiit and jews dindu nuffin? Not really mad at him, just plain curious. I thought like three years ago he was a legit pro-white nationalist. So I'm guessing he's just become a cynical anti-white dipshit because it's hip?

044a1e No.10395858

File: 8a435ccd7e5c88d⋯.jpg (146.1 KB, 589x762, 589:762, oudfsdafd.jpg)

Was xhe right?

8ec9bb No.10395899

File: 0c7375f99e08cec⋯.png (60.16 KB, 582x767, 582:767, Religion of Peace.png)


>1 POSSIBLE white in a car runs over some faggot Antifa

>Meanwhile Muslims do pic in 5 days


9fab87 No.10395934

File: 7a7fcf550000de0⋯.jpg (100.32 KB, 571x640, 571:640, muslims.JPG)

File: a802612b8745c3c⋯.jpg (102.2 KB, 576x629, 576:629, whites.JPG)


There are a lot of different theories, from him being a spic, to him being a closet fag, to him seeing too much degenerate shit and snapping. My personal take is that he took the bantz too seriously, and his ego couldn't take being made fun of online. You see a similar thing happening recently with Andrew Anglin. The eceleb status goes to their head, and when some edgy anime-watching nerd on /pol/ calls them a dyke-faced dicksucker they

feel slighted, like the unwashed masses didn't properly bow. Then they sperg out while insisting they're not mad, and it just goes downhill from there.


A muslim did do it, and people were chastizing each other for being islamophobic while they were being stabbed. Even a simple google search shows the predominate narrative.

0b0882 No.10395945


liberals are now more wound up than before and the idea of white nationalism is being spread across the airwaves.

it may have a negative tinge but that only immunizes the liberals but millions of angry disposed white people heard and call and they will want to hear more

0f1bd2 No.10395993


Is Nigel Farage still our guy?

0b0882 No.10396023


imagine how this is going over with your average joe who turns into fox to get away from fox news.

they are alienating them because no one on the right wants to join hands with communist trannies and sing except for the career politicians

0b0882 No.10396069


>not understanding that the mass will go with the stronger

cucking before big brother will get you nothing but ridicule

7b7df3 No.10396110


No. Britain is lost, all jewwise Englishmen need to regroup somewhere. I suggest Poland for the irony.

7b7df3 No.10396115


Check these timestamp quads

f7bca1 No.10396138



472611 No.10396158


Good thing I'm not a cuckservative. Wew, dodged that one.

9fab87 No.10396172


That shit hasn't worked in months, newshill.

e72a85 No.10396205

File: bbb663e2951c0df⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 320x180, 16:9, due date laughing.gif)


but jesus wasn't a jew, kike

078911 No.10396238


The left were blocking a street and started beating on the dude's car while it was trapped, and he reacted. If anything, what happened today isn't even important. What's going to be important is the ruling in the driver's case and the resultant chimpout that will come after it.

b52171 No.10396245


Yeshua was a Semite, a shitskin of non-Europoid lineage

f7bca1 No.10396255


Just because you lose the battle, doesn't mean you lose the war.

e72a85 No.10396296


there were no jews then, retard

and jesus hated the pharisees

maybe you should read your bible

91f838 No.10396301


CF is pretty much a wizard who fried his brain on /pol/ and MPC memes. "White girls fuck dogs" is just the next stage of incel rage after "All these Stacies don't want to touch my peepee because Chad Thundercock keeps snatching them up".

e303f0 No.10396332


Gee, wonder why it is growing.

078911 No.10396355


What in the fuck. Let's take a look at what you just said.

>Jesus hated the Pharisees

>Given your favor towards Jesus, this means that you are implying that the Pharisees are worthy of hatred

>Given the "And" qualifier and considering the context, you are connecting "Pharisees" with Jews

>Ergo, according to you, the Pharisees were or were/are related to Jews

>"There were no jews then, retard"

Bravo, idiot.

b52171 No.10396366


"Jews" covers everything from pre-Abrahamic tribes of Canaanites through the various factions of Israelites, both Yeshua and the Pharisees included. Yeshua was not a man of noble blood, anyone who worships him is a race traitor and a cuck, a slave in service to the enemy.

e72a85 No.10396374


holy shit

the jews we know today are khazars

they were in middle asia during the time of the bible

the jews of then were pharisees

and jesus hated them

god himself named esau and all his descendants unworthy


e72a85 No.10396380


the term "jew" was never even used until the bible was translated to (((english)))

and the guy who did it hated kikes for the rest of his life

gosh i wonder why

b52171 No.10396412


You're desperately trying to distract from the fact that Yeshua was of the same race as the Pharisees in the first place, the lot of them being non-Europoids.

e72a85 No.10396419


And you're trying to D&C.

b52171 No.10396443


There is no division which is caused by pointing these things out. Christcucks are themselves the conquered, race traitors who work for the enemy rather than being united with their folk in spirit. To not be divided from that Semitic religion is to be conquered.

e72a85 No.10396458


Uh huh. You can just say that because you have no religious convictions and that's cool for you, I bet your mom's real proud of that.

But Jesus wasn't a kike.

c629ff No.10396480


>the post that derailed a thread

9fab87 No.10396485

File: 14166ad0e28266f⋯.mp4 (2.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DandC.mp4)


Jews are selling your children into middle-eastern sexual slavery and you're worried about the religious beliefs of nazis on the internet.

4b38a1 No.10396486

File: bba593961964a70⋯.png (26.38 KB, 923x517, 923:517, y54rg4.png)


Well don't you look like a faggot

e72a85 No.10396496


You're right, anon. This is about more than that, though this thread is kinda garbage. I'm sorry for derailing.

b52171 No.10396517


>You can just say that because you have no religious convictions

The ever refreshing "Anyone who doesn't worship a Semite isn't genuine in his beliefs." Which Christcuck stock non-argument will you grace us with next?

Yeshua was a Semite of the Israeli tribes which qualifies him as a kike.


There would be no Semites in Europe if not for the treason of Christcucks. Semites will not be removed from our countries until Cucktianity is eliminated from our cultures. Such is the way of the world.

078911 No.10396522



Your Khazar theory is bullshit and the evidence for it is essentially nill, but let's say it is:

Today's Jews are bad. We both agree on this.

The Pharisees are completely genetically unrelated to the Khazarian Jews. Yet, by your own words, they were denounced by God himself for their kikery. The Pharisees had been a distinct ethno-religious group since the Sumerians, and Jesus, while not a part of their specific sect, was still of their ethnicity. Just because Jacob jewed the fuck out of Esau doesn't mean their descendants magically became genetically different. (See, I have read my bible, and I found all of it to be semitic desert dweller bullshit)

Face it. In your retarded, desperate attempt to distance your Semite god from modern Jewry, you end up damning him all the same, because you can't maintain logic if the logic of your starting point is flawed.

9fab87 No.10396539


Again, you're being mad at whites online for not agreeing with your specific religious beliefs. Filtered.

b52171 No.10396566


Incorrect, my specific religious beliefs have no bearing on the matter. They need not agree with me, but they cannot be traitors. All Christcucks are race traitors. They worship the enemy and embrace the ideals of the enemy. It's not that I'm mad at them either; I'm disgusted by them and know that they are untrustworthy agents of the enemy.

46d55d No.10396584

File: a3b14841ae56635⋯.jpg (30.53 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_3777.JPG)


>hooknosed rat so triggered simply because someone stated a fact about his fellow tribeswoman

76cfd4 No.10396593

All media outlets are equating all the buzzwords to white nationalism.

Nazis,White supremacy, Racism = THOSE WHITE NATIONALISTS.

The Jewish press was starving for a white attack to happen.

000000 No.10396604

Most people don't trust the mass media, it's best you remind them why. The whole coverage has been complete lies.

d54a3a No.10396629

File: 4c524622dddbc21⋯.webm (10.83 MB, 160x120, 4:3, Benjamin H. Freedman 1961….webm)


>jesus was a jew argument again

you kikes wish he was one of yours

the jews are not ancient Israel, they just claimed to be and stole the land like they did everything else

…and yes christians are dumb for believing it, but they didn't always….just ask Martin Luther.

bafcab No.10396635

File: e34c22768824cd8⋯.png (120.79 KB, 1265x456, 1265:456, to valhalla.PNG)

File: 935d9ddb2607632⋯.png (11.72 KB, 1264x107, 1264:107, to valhalla 2.PNG)


it WAS a peaceful event retard

we're in the mess we're in right now because nobody is seriously violent

call me FBI or whatever, but until people start marching on the capital with machine guns and anti-tank weapons and start shelling government buildings, synagogues, and banks we've not gotten violent enough

every one is waiting for someone else to act

>oh yeah i'll join up when DOTR hits

>yeah when the revolution rolls around i'll sign up

this is part of the psyop,

someone has to be the first to start

>but the first people that do that will be arrested/killed!

absolutely they will, are you stupid?

in fact in a full blown civil war a lot of people are going to be arrested/killed because


people have this magical and romantic picture in their head where they survive the whole war and go and leave happily ever after too

you very well could be killed in your very first firefight, but that's not the goddamn point

the point is that you were willing to give your life, to actually pick up a gun and start fighting

the media won't be able to shit talk you anymore once you storm their studio and blow their brains out either

"muh PR" is fucking irrelevant

be the change you want to see in the world

if you're really ready to fight and die for what you believe in then do it, otherwise lie down and die like a dog

the idea that "it's not time yet!" is the most insidious lie

it's "been time" for well over a century now.

76cfd4 No.10396804

File: db551ba0c385def⋯.jpg (180.05 KB, 1584x1584, 1:1, why the crusades happened.jpg)

File: 0abdcc0868a71c8⋯.jpg (375.48 KB, 650x2018, 325:1009, 53656545476654765465765.jpg)

If /pol/ is good for one thing, it for pushing truth. That kid who drove that car is a fucking civilian. How many civs did you see an German torch marches in the 30's? None, they were either working men in suits or the Iron veterans march.

The live stream had so many meme yelling children and women in them….a antifa hybrid

Women are for support in the rear. 20 yro children are reserves for warfare not political argumentation. They do not mix in political rallies unless violence is the sole purpose of it. Chad should kiss his girl goodby and tell her its too dangerous at the rally for her.

ce92b7 No.10396901


>someone has to be the first to start

We're gonna continue to shift the overton window and vote our way out of this if you don't fuck it up.

000000 No.10396902


This is what I like most of this recent march. They weren't skinheads or biker brutes or whatnot. They were normal guys fed up with how today's society is driving itself off a cliff. I think we're already off that cliff, just falling and falling deeper after going down the slippery slope and into the abyss until a white man creates an anti-gravity generator to save everyone.

000000 No.10396950


It doesn't matter. Modern - postmodern, whatever you want to call it, society has gone insane an everyone can see it. Some communist retards playing in traffic getting run over isn't going to change the fact people will see this. We have lunatics out there that think they can pretend to be a woman if they mutilate their genitalia and put on a wig and worse of all the state itself would promote their insanity. People won't put up with it forever, many already reject it strongly and fight it. They can't ignore the madness of society forever and thankfully from initial polls Generation Z will be better than us and fix all ours and the boomer's mistakes.

92533b No.10396956

File: 3ee65b998c9558d⋯.jpg (176.63 KB, 800x800, 1:1, flat,800x800,075,t.jpg)


isn't that the plot of interstellar?

bafcab No.10396964


so you get /ourguys/ into the government, then what?

the rothschilds are going to vanish without a fight?

the niggers and lefties are going to magically disappear?

antifa is going to disband?

even if our fight isn't with the government, there's still going to be a fight

having military backing will be a significant help, but there's too much filth to sweep under the rug

we're still going to have the problem of infiltration and subversion

DOTR is coming, because it's our only choice

ce92b7 No.10397032


Yes. None of those people are prepared to fight the government and its civilian allies, and would fail miserably even if they tried.

000000 No.10397041


Hitler had to get into his parliament before anything serious happened. They were the reasonable ones then the left in the 1930s started literally murdering people in hospitals like cowards. The general population had enough, they wanted the death of gommies and every social ill of Weimar Germany.

0b0882 No.10397058

File: 80e1ef2a405419e⋯.png (17.12 KB, 274x320, 137:160, 80e1ef2a405419ee23efba48f9….png)


lets thank our brave and beautiful content overseers

0b0882 No.10397103


>We're gonna continue to shift the overton window

you mean as we see a steady decline in the white population and an ever increasing, in number and hostility, minority coalition?

sounds like you are going for the mass strategy of a democratic revolution that could've worked 60 years ago

ce92b7 No.10397163


>you mean as we see a steady decline in the white population and an ever increasing, in number and hostility, minority coalition?

There's going be an end to non-white immigration and an end to the welfare wealth redistribution programs subsidising high non-white birth rates. The demographic trends will reverse.

2e7a48 No.10397188


Ending non-White immigration doesn't really do anything right now. Ending welfare doesn't really do anything right now. There needs to be massive, active removal of people on the sole and exclusive basis of them not being White regardless of their education, wealth, or citizenship status. We are not in a position going forward to wait decades to see a reversal.

When Germany had their huge population rebound under the NSDAP, it wasn't because they simply took away welfare benefits to x, y, z group who was undesirable. They doled out generous welfare and social incentives to people who produced German children. You market forces are just another level of cuckservative and you really need to not have a voice.

000000 No.10397194













Hey uh, guys, as far as the PR angle goes, how about starting up some sort of charity for whites, like a fund for whites with cancer who can't afford the treatment, or a fund to help homeless whites get into the workforce and of the streets, etc? Have it so that it can be donated to anonymously, or something?

0b0882 No.10397205


>There's going be an end

When, before or after we become a minority?

ce92b7 No.10397212


False. Non-whites on the aggretavistock can't afford children above replacement levels, and once it becomes clear that their Democrat fantasy future is never happening, there will be not only no immigration, but net negative immigration as the emigrate.

ce92b7 No.10397216


Whites will be the majority of voters even if they drift to like 48% of the total population, but probably before that.

0b0882 No.10397230


with the amount of traitorous whites you don't want that number going below 60%

2e7a48 No.10397240


The fastest growing portions of the non-White population are Asiatics and they are, on average, loaded compared to the average American. Go to any university and look at serious scientific programs. Almost entirely Asiatic up and down the line and that is starting to be reflected in the workplace even more strongly than it had been in previous decades. When you look at higher-skilled manual labor, Whites are being increasingly frozen out by Mexicans, and let's not even get into lower-skilled manual labor. None of these people are going anywhere.

ce92b7 No.10397281


Asians already have birth rates below replacement. The FOBS are flooding the country. If Asian immigration stops, their numbers freeze.

2e7a48 No.10397294


It's not enough. Active removal. Stop shilling like a scared little capitalist who is worried after the brownies are gone we'll be coming for you for what you've done.

4b38a1 No.10397297

File: d7de90610337fe5⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 240x144, 5:3, 7rur5.mp4)




Yeshua was a Semite of the Israeli tribes

ah you gives a shit, we tell the goyim he was a Jew and they believe it anyway so what's the difference? :')

>which qualifies him as a kike.

actually no, denying christ is what qualifies him as a kike. But you already know that don't you kike? :'^)

398910 No.10397299


I'm sorry I've been doing other shit, what proof is there that this is a white supremacist attack

98b1a1 No.10397303

File: 8079288877adcf0⋯.png (386.72 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 172567e1b3815064917aa233dd….png)


We need an archive-type policy for videos. youtube-dl exists for downloading, and WebM for distribution here.

367796 No.10397313


Nice double dubs.

Look at all these status quo hacks no one likes lining up to condemn the march with the same soulless platitudes the amsses hear everyday.

0b0882 No.10397314


1 dead commie and a million ass hurt reds

ce92b7 No.10397317


>It's not enough. Active removal

And such a scenario is hardly a war. At this point, if a deportation happened, deportees would comply 100% or treated like any other resisting criminal.

> we'll be coming for you

Just stay quiet and don't fuck things up with your lone wolf terrorism.

000000 No.10397326


None afaik, unless the car thread found something.

2e7a48 No.10397327


>And such a scenario is hardly a war. At this point, if a deportation happened, deportees would comply 100% or treated like any other resisting criminal.

It would be a war because the point is to remove people regardless of their citizenship status, wealth, or education. Only because they aren't White. This mean's Asian doctors, latrino veterans, nigger cops.

398910 No.10397334

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



thanks for confirming anons, I'm 6 minutes into this with nothing saying white supremacist and nothing written so I'm glad to know these guys shouting KKK are just kike enablers and its not my imagination

ce92b7 No.10397347


You can do anything if you have the votes.


2e7a48 No.10397354


If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let you do it.

0b0882 No.10397359

File: da1c807dfc8e000⋯.gif (995.57 KB, 500x348, 125:87, 1466228855362.gif)

000000 No.10397366


Holy shit you got a source for that gif?!

d150ae No.10397373


Wow nice fucking Irony

At least he should be dead by the end of the year

9fab87 No.10397375


Space Runaway Ideon.

d150ae No.10397386


tbh yes, we shouldn't be messing around in the middle east except nuking Israel and maybe the Saudis

d0090c No.10397420

File: f51b3bb7d1851ce⋯.png (755.27 KB, 706x686, 353:343, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at ….png)


We need to start putting black supremacy, mexican supremacy and jewish supremacy out there, to balance out the white supremacy meme.

16fa6e No.10397429



0b0882 No.10397436


>mur pr

16fa6e No.10397438






0bfd38 No.10397440



Shut the fuck up already you redtexting retard. Nobody gives a shit about this. Nobody gave a shit about Roof, or the Dallas shooter, or the guy who shot Scalise. Just shut the fuck up with your PR faggotry.

9fab87 No.10397446

File: a3a1572c3901948⋯.jpg (186.62 KB, 1000x810, 100:81, a3a1572c3901948760517b8baa….jpg)



I know. Splattered commies. Finally.

000000 No.10397459

16fa6e No.10397461



Yeah, P.R. is important if you haven't figured that out yet because you are still sucking on mommy's titty and leeching off of daddy's wallet.

PR is important because if you don't have people sympathetic - showing sympathy - towards what you are going through as a group, then nobody will care.

SJWs are the perfect example.

Alinsky's playbook should not only be perused through once every month, but it should be read and practiced.

16fa6e No.10397471


We can't just use Hitler's flag or anything that resembles it anymore because people associate that with BAD BAD BAD.

I'm sure we have some people in here, in /pol/ who are professional PR folks who can help.

We have to ask.

16fa6e No.10397475




0bfd38 No.10397478


You live in an age where congressmen get shot, Trump supporters are kidnapped and tortured, and leftists are burning cities down. One leftist cunt dies and now you are concerned about PR. The white public hasn't been pushed to our side by our innocence. They were pushed to our side through ZOG deliberately targeting them. We will only grow stronger from this event, and we will force the left to either escalate or subdue their violence.

Stop. Being. A. Pussy.

75da11 No.10397501

File: a3e1a4ca044670c⋯.png (341.69 KB, 792x737, 72:67, ee42c9e9414634cbfcf2d240b8….png)

be8a98 No.10397509


>a terror attack by white supremacists

Unless the President said something after his video remarks about the riot and I missed it, Trump didn't say anything about white supremacists. I'm sure the President is taking note of who inside the government is twisting his vagueness to support their (((agenda.)))

d150ae No.10397517


Is that Loss?

87df78 No.10397526


>They were pushed to our side through ZOG deliberately targeting them

Which side?

The left side run and financed by jews to create this racial agitation against a right wing side run by and financed by jews to meet their comedy cartoon nazi expectations?

Considering the entire jewish psy-op designed to get the left v right fighting on the streets in the name of ZOG makes both sides ZOG.

Neither side is working in the aid of white survival, just two jewish creations playing out the jewish controlled race war where not one jew gets harmed.

000000 No.10397574

The cops led us to believe they were going to let us go through with our protest after a federal judge ruled that it was legal to do so, and then the sons of bitches started tear-gassing, macing and beating us, while herding us into a mob of violent communist revolutionary terrorists. They then refused to let us regroup, declaring anywhere where we tried to meet-up as an “unlawful assembly.”

This was all totally illegal. It was a government conspiracy, apparently ordered by the governor, because these were state cops. The most outrageous thing of all – as always – is the media, which is blaming us – saying that we started the violence! We were attacked by cops and then sent by the cops to be attacked by communist terrorists! And somehow, some way, we are the bad guys. The entire country is going along with this madness, but the record stands and it exists: we were ambushed by terrorist cops who were working hand-in-glove with the communist terrorists. All of this because they were afraid of what we had to say. Well. They just made us six million times stronger.

If the event would have went through peacefully as we’d planned, it would have been a massive victory. But this is a victory of a whole other order. It is now a fact that local, state and presumably federal authorities will act with illegal violence in cooperation with terrorist groups in order to keep us from simply giving speeches.

The jig is up. The cat is out of the bag. This sort of abuse happens to no one else. We are the only true resistance to the system. And today proved that.

45fcbf No.10397603


>The jig is up. The cat is out of the bag. This sort of abuse happens to no one else. We are the only true resistance to the system. And today proved that.

Yet both sides out there were managed and controlled by jews, filmed with expertise and presented in the media by lying jews.

There is no resistance when your side is owned and managed by jews

be8a98 No.10397616

File: e788feac9c67b75⋯.png (102.47 KB, 612x773, 612:773, 3b45ba08ee9c957c3b891a31ec….png)



The (((Alt Right))) planned to be intentionally confrontational against the police. They're not innocent. The leaders are herding their followers into a meat grinder for shekels and subversion against what ultimately leads to Trump, with smaller subversion targets in the event that Trump doesn't take the bait.

>Trump condemns white nationalism.

>Alt Right, other neo-Nazis, and media all rally against Trump in unison and say Trump is betraying his voters.

>Wedge created between far right and less far right.


>Trump doesn't condemn white nationalism.

>The Alt Right can still hate on the police and eventually treat them in the same way Antifa does for moar attempts at baiting Trump into condemning white nationalism.

>The Alt Right can still twist Trump's lack of condemnation against Liberals as implicit support for Liberals, and continue hating the President anyway.

These are the potential outcomes the Alt Right wants. Fortunately, as long as Trump doesn't give the Alt Right the attention it craves, it's only options are running around in circles until it wears out, or becoming increasingly extreme to the point where it looks just like the SocJus it claims to fight which will have most normals dismissing the Alt Right and continuing to support Trump without a second thought.

d150ae No.10397620


>Wedge created between far right and less far right.

Not really one greater than what exists already tbh

be8a98 No.10397625


It would be like GG - People feel there is a disconnect, but they don't have solid proof. Trump taking the bait and condemning white nationalism is the proof (((they))) are waiting for.

d150ae No.10397645


it's a shame that the thing was the opposite of what I thought it was when I first heard of it

Thought the fucks had killed (((Spencer)))

But yeah as long as that fuck stays around we won't make any progress

Fucking TDKR redpilled more people than Spencer

d4429b No.10397654


>we're going to shift the overton window

With what happened today, no.

Too many golems in 'official' positions decrying 'white supebrimacky"

The secret to our success was the slow conversion with plausible deniability. The only option now is an extreme ultimatum and forcing to one side.

Who are you going to do that with? False hope is the worst violence against a man when he has none.

It's not my contention that there is no hope, only that your avenue has none. the only solution is organizing locally and secretly, trying to create shadowfunding networks for white people and then, when required, open conflict against the state which seeks your genocide but has committed its full resources into convincing you 'everything is okay'

4746cb No.10397660

File: 25b2e1bed621b1e⋯.gif (728.32 KB, 320x240, 4:3, cut_off_florida.gif)

Who cares what foamboy thinks?

Let this faggot fade into irrelevancy. He represents one of the most fucked places in the country. Only if Jackson and his shitpirates were here to take back Americas penis

46d55d No.10397745

>religion of peace trucks people


>guy running away from deranged communists steps on a gas out of fear

>"the white race is cancer upon earth and it must be wiped out of existence like the goyim that they are"

What did they mean by this?

f74e67 No.10397808

I can't help but think they staged the car accident so whenever a truck of peace mows down some pedestrians they can now always say "white people do it tooo omg"

f74e67 No.10397822


>niggers, spics, and other mystery meats see whites parading around in LITERALLY fascist regalia

>the GOP think that they can win over any non-whites with paltry cucking

Not gonna happen. They already think all whites are evil nazis. Might as well embrace it, faggots. It's what the left and the right desperately want you to be. But then again your jewish handlers will have your balls in a vice if you say anything slightly non-kosher.

I'd first kill these slimy little cucks rather than any commie or non-white agitator. Traitors go first. Controlled opposition traitors stand at the front of the line.

f74e67 No.10397826


Muh PR.

f74e67 No.10397839


Nope, not gonna happen. We don't have time to build up our own network, and even if we did somehow manage, the kikes would never give up their media/political positions. They aren't that stupid. They know the power of narrative control our forefathers did not know when they willingly sold out all of our institutions.

Accelerationism doesn't work. Look at South Africa. Because kikes control the narrative, the white population will never stop cucking. Even when they're literally being raped and killed in the streets, even when their politicians they won't call for their genocide "yet".

681079 No.10397958



What terrorism? They haven't fucking done anything, ever. Mudslimes wreck shit constantly for 50 years, the left fucks shit up for 150 years, and they expect this "violent white supremicists" bullshit to fly? Even normies know this by now.


He's an evangelical faggot as well, ie not actually christian. I sent him data years ago about the rates of child abuse, sexual deviancy, faggotry, ect parsed out by ethnic and political demographic. Long story short, the conservative whites live largely virtuous lives. Even in their rural communities it is the 2% who are libtards that get into meth and shit. They are nearly without sin, yet when I pointed this out he was not heartened that true Christians(ie whites only) were living true christian lives and isolating themselves from the cancer that is modernity. Instead he got pissed because I was saying they didn't need Jesus, when all the data showed that they were extremely religious and violently opposed to other religions and atheism.

As you say he is just milking the same faggotry that the televangelists do, they are just like the Puritians whose descendants are now all libtard atheists. They are just signaling, they don't actually want to destroy evil, if they did they'd want to kill very mud and kike, instead they keep them as pets. They believe in nothing but their own assholes, they are godless just like the kikes and commies are.

da4a66 No.10397982

File: 0a219954f23de0b⋯.jpg (36.9 KB, 398x600, 199:300, GotToBeBornWhite2.jpg)


These responses can easily expose who is working against whites and for the globalist cliques.

Note that our enemies blame the violence only on the whites, while others simply condemn the violence.

Antifa and BLM started the violence, THEY are responsible for it, so those that blame it on the rally-goers are clearly in support of white genocide.

e1d9e6 No.10397984


dat nigga stay thirsty

f42912 No.10397995


They killed it while I was downloadin'. Does anyone have a webm?

28ef08 No.10398174

This is gaslighting faux flag to target the last remaining bastions of freespeech, such as here on the chans.

Expect traditional media to 'investitavistock' the dark web of hateful sites - and blame such sites implicitly for the attack.

Future screencap worthy post

ddf22c No.10398214


Interesting how Little Marco knows all the facts about the situation before any investigations have concluded anything.

>it just happened, but it's definitely white supremacy

47b9bc No.10398323


>not seeing the irony of calling other people traitors.

>dooming people to death by obamacare.

I used to pity people with brain cancer but then I actually listened to them and I understand th reason why they got it. They're getting what they deserve.

Very unequal persecution for a protest. I've seen Antifa and BLM do more openly hostile things than this one event.

5b7766 No.10398354


The jewish kid who ran over the people is fat but can he really be referred to as more than one person?

e5a905 No.10398365

I, for one, want to see more cars running over antifa and BLM. Let them all be afraid.

One of the next steps is to get reactionaries into the Senate in 2018.

e7d112 No.10398372

File: 7f2436854e04602⋯.webm (2.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, spoken truth to power.webm)



5b7766 No.10398377


He's a literal anchor baby, not legitimately an American citizen.

28ef08 No.10398406



Checked for truth

527b2a No.10398425

File: 2d03fcbabb28b19⋯.jpg (102.34 KB, 630x627, 210:209, 69f35393595be763e360bb70cc….jpg)

>leftists still hate him because it's Trump

>everyone else hates him because he stabbed us in the back


bf72c7 No.10398430


Make sure you're there for the next rally.

000000 No.10398434

When I heard the Unite the right guys KO'd some motherfuckers I was excited because I thought it was funny happening.

Turns out it was just some guy who got mobbed and then spooked hit the gas because his car got bashed by a bat.

527b2a No.10398440

File: ab66c90ecf09e18⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 480x351, 160:117, autistic shrieks.gif)


Sure, that's good for short-term, but what about long-term? It feels like everything's collapsing in on itself and there's no options left.

Fuck, man. Why did the blackpills turn out to be redpills.

ece942 No.10398444

File: 6262028ab9480c2⋯.jpeg (189.44 KB, 716x960, 179:240, image.jpeg)


Get that jewess out of here!

000000 No.10398465


We tried sitting down with them at the table, for decades. That google employee was another who tried and failed despite how well thought out and written it was. There are no options left except force, this is their fault and something they started to begin with. We all saw, the world saw what happened during the Trump rallies and it wasn't Trump supporters starting shit.

bf72c7 No.10398489


Don't get demoralized. The rally being shut down by jews from all sides was to be expected; the rally actually happening in the first place wasn't. It would be much more demoralizing if people weren't taking a stand for what they believe in to begin with.

And when civil disobedience doesn't work, there's only one option left.

62586d No.10398495


Friend works in insurance, there's a thing where people, in times of crisis, press the gas pedal instead of the brake. It's so common there's a term for it. Could have easily been this guy if he's easily flustered.

527b2a No.10398501



So the time for an uprising is coming closer and closer, then?

2604cc No.10398585

File: a4d6f9fd16a0d78⋯.jpg (288.13 KB, 1180x664, 295:166, jtweed.jpg)


>If you let your enemies win, you win.

df86da No.10398903

2604cc No.10399144

File: 98aeaa3f6dd328a⋯.jpg (111.12 KB, 479x800, 479:800, hero.jpg)

To everyone screaming and crying about violence.

Humanity behavior is governed by violence, threat of violence, or pleasurable rewards. The only reason the 'government' is the government is that they have the greatest capacity for violence and can dish out rewards.

Will 'normies' support us ? No. But you need to get it into your heads that normies are never going to fully support us. Normies are weak, cowardly and will largely go along with whatever is currently trending. "The normie is like cattle".

What will happen is the same thing that happened during the late 60s and 70s with the American left. They'll start to support our more moderate talking points. Then as those talking points become normalized and 'safe', we put pressure on again, and more and more of our points become 'normal'. They'll always disavow, they'll try to pretend we don't exist and that the 'real movement' is peaceful. The civil rights movement wasn't MLK, It was Malcom X, it was Huey Newton, it was the race riots. It was burning down cities. Doing all of this while the 'peaceful' movement get out in public and acted normal. This whole thing is going to have two wings. The 'moderate responsible' wing that engages in normie politics (the alt-kike or some other shit) and the hard wing that actually pushes right as hard as it can. The hard wing will call the moderate wing cucks or sell outs or whatever (as, again, happened with the American left) and the moderates will call the hard-line violent terrorists that don't represent the movement. Again, as has happened before.

This is the same strategies the Muslims are engaging in, with great success. We have an uphill battle, we have a harder time because we fundamentally stand against not just one aspect of ZOG but the entire system as a whole. But we will eke out concessions, carve out power, and force power into our hands when the opportunity arises.

In our own places of discussion, it's fine to discuss the points of violence vs. nonviolence. But when you're in public, just don't talk about it at all. We gain nothing by having our own fucking people virtue signalling. You're best bet is to just shut up about it and continue on with our work.

000000 No.10399232


Unironically this.

Look who the leftists support most, niggers and sandniggers. They even throw spics under the bus for the first two and do you know why? The leftists have extreme appeals to violence, they only care about the most savage and subhuman minorities. I've never seen them defend a poo in loo for example because they're relatively peaceful but they will trip over themselves for a nigger who murdered multiple law enforcement.

1e7e7a No.10399293


99a43c No.10399553

This fucking stinks like a setup

They're all calling it domestic terrorism before anything of the sort has been established

All these scripted identical cuck platitudes make me want to puke

They all sound the same, like a broken record

The gayest, most slimy, jewiest broken record that ever existed

I feel nothing but disgust at their lies and I want them all dead

0b0882 No.10399819


>mur pr>>10397625

>Trump taking the bait and condemning white nationalism

where? all i saw was a weak condemnation of "hate" and "violence"

5fe5c7 No.10399835


Most normalfags are NPCs. That's what makes them be normalfags in the first place.

0b0882 No.10399860


>It feels like everything's collapsing

that's a good thing. the easy way forward was lost to the white race long ago and now we must endure to survive

affb03 No.10400328


This. We've taken our foot off the pedal since winning the election. Time to get our asses in gear again.

e90fce No.10400342

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


New thread theme

51d3c4 No.10400606


David Clarke will always be our guy. Not "BASED" but just our guy.

e6c3ef No.10402309

File: 97bb8ec995bf609⋯.gif (1011.38 KB, 611x800, 611:800, 1431313742410576095.gif)

File: 7007600e55cd664⋯.gif (3.93 MB, 450x735, 30:49, 166693049576095.gif)


are you really asking a question or do you already know the answer?

e6c3ef No.10402349



from birth by birth

ethno nationalism is like saying liquidwater

stop being redundant

27ac47 No.10405411


Christianity is the genuinely bizarre belief that there was once such a thing as a genuinely good man – the bastard son of a penniless kike day laborer's child bride, whelped in a fucking barn in the most miserable province of the Empire. He was born with the kind of charisma that can lead armies, but he never did. A few centuries later the Emperor of the known world *bowed down and worshipped Him*. Mohammed actually *did* lead armies, and he only managed to hack off half the Empire. Christ built it in a cave with a box of scraps.

If you are a pure materialist, then He wasn't the messiah – He's just a guy who founded a global network of charities hospitals schools and disaster relief organizations two millenia long and a couple billion humans wide, strong enough to carry entire civilizations through thousand-year dark ages. This would merely make Him the greatest jew that ever lived.

And yet, despite this, all the other jews despise Him. That alone is enough reason to give Him the benefit of the doubt.

d8fc15 No.10405918



>Democrats invented white nationalism

Alot of people were sure quick to virtue signal about ebul nazis without even waiting for details. It just shows how out of touch they are, they think we are a bunch of boomer cucks that will get all excited and patriotic about fighting nazis and vote for them. Republican party is gonna be dead soon, thank god.

1cf51b No.10408888


There wasn't even any right wing violence, just left wing violence and an accident.

2a39e4 No.10408896


Quadruple Hitler is right.

5faaf9 No.10408905

File: 31da7008f9095ea⋯.mp4 (2.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dodgebitch.mp4)

6ea0ee No.10408928


Notice how pence doesn't name drop "white supremacists" because he isn't a totally cucked virtue signalling neocohen

a4b6ec No.10409170

Pretty pathetic how Trump fell for the "muh hate" BS.


c267d9 No.10409726


I believe this now. Although I really do think that he was an unwilling, uninformed pawn. He was just a guy who was successful and rich by standards that simply do not apply to our ((communist)) modern day. He wanted to increase his prestige by becoming POTUS. I don't think he could have ever imagined the shitshow he stepped into. I'll bet he thought that the world falling into total shit was only the result of incompetent dumbasses who just didn't know how to govern and weren't as smart as him instead of a worldwide ((cultural marxist)) conspiracy, which is what it really is. He just thought he was better than everyone else. He is not ourguy. He is just another coddled boomer (he is in his 70s now) that has no idea how hard it is to be a white man in this age. No one will hire you. No one cares, even your own pozzed family rejects you. Psychological humiliation every. single. fucking. day. And he doesn't even have the balls to support the people whose last hopes rested on his victory. He's a man who had no idea what he was getting into. I don't care how many times he called out Rosie or fired cucks on his stupid ((MSM)) garbage TV show. Not every white man was given a 'small loan' of a million dollars to start a real estate empire. Not to mention that real estate is probably one of the most despicable careers anyone could choose. Honestly fuck Trump. Until I see more evidence that he is fighting the Marxist wet dream of a multi-cult world falling into a state of feelgood incompetence and mediocrity than I have to assume that he is an enemy of the most insidious kind.

d64560 No.10409884


more white people realizing the left despises them and will be willing to violently suppress them regardless of our constitutional rights granded by god

22852c No.10410006


Most of these people are pedophiles and/or on a payroll from the Rothschilds. Nothing but communist garbage.

1697bf No.10414227


Is Pence sending us a secret message? He did not call White Nationalists out directly.

9af6f1 No.10414235


He never was.

beca6a No.10422235


Apparently everything is set up. Everyone here is like a meth head on a comedown.

5f1428 No.10422274

So every one of these assholes is against the First Amendment? What if people decide they don't like whatever they believe and that they should be silenced? I'm sure they wouldn't like that. Fuck pieces of shit like this who only believe in the First Amendment if they agree with what's being said.

c68dc1 No.10422292


>will not step backward

At least she's teaching the niggers how to get the fuck out of the way.

eb18a3 No.10422461

File: 02e8a7dd6dd45a3⋯.png (182.92 KB, 600x909, 200:303, 02e8a7dd6dd45a3968ca9f9496….png)


Is it alright that I love Trump again? No one I know in politics would ever say what Trump said.

Brings me back to the heady days of the campaign.

eb18a3 No.10422462


I mean, that's the end goal right? When we eventually win we silence the opposition.

881510 No.10422494


Yeah, the White Natsoc state needs to kill commies and degenerates before they metastases, this is what destroyed USA now.

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