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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 3e14b76c6166816⋯.jpg (17.78 KB, 500x297, 500:297, 2017.08.11xijinping_0.JPG)

a0489a No.10584406

All day Saturday, South Korea braced for a possible new missile test by North Korea as the provocative northern neighbor marked its founding anniversary, just days after its sixth and largest nuclear test rattled global financial markets and further escalated tensions in the region. Throughout the week, South Korean officials warned the North could launch another intercontinental ballistic missile, in defiance of U.N. sanctions and to further provoke the US. As Reuters reports, Pyongyang marks its founding anniversary each year with a big display of pageantry and military hardware. Last year, North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test on the Sept. 9 anniversary.

Ultimately, September 9 came and went, and North Korea did nothing, perhaps signalling its eagerness to de-escalate. Or perhaps not, and Kim is simply looking to surprise his adversaries with the ICBM launch date. Experts have said the rogue, isolated regime is close to its goal of developing a powerful nuclear weapon capable of reaching the United States, something Trump has vowed to prevent.

Celebrating its founding anniversary, a front-page editorial of the Saturday edition of North Korea’s official Rodong Sinmun said the country should make “more high-tech Juche weapons to continuously bring about big historical events such as a miraculous victory of July 28.”. The July date refers to the intercontinental ballistic missile test (Juche is North Korea’s homegrown ideology of self-reliance that is a mix of Marxism and extreme nationalism preached by state founder Kim Il Sung, the current leader’s grandfather).

Meanwhile, South Korean nuclear experts, checking for contamination, said on Friday they had found minute traces of radioactive xenon gas but that it was too early to link it to Sunday’s explosion. The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) said it had been conducting tests on land, air and water samples since shortly after the North Korean nuclear test on Sunday. There was no chance the xenon “will have an impact on South Korea’s territory or population”, the agency said.

What is more concerning, however, is a Friday report on NBC, according to which Trump is readying a package of diplomatic and military moves against North Korea, including cyberattacks and increased surveillance and intelligence operations, after the nation's sixth and largest nuclear test.

Trump's top national security advisers walked him through a range of options over lunch in the White House on Sunday, just hours after North Korea's latest test, officials said.

According to NBC, Trump is also seriously considering adopting diplomatically risky sanctions on Chinese banks doing business with Pyongyang and upgrading missile defense systems in the region, administration officials said. In addition, the administration is not ruling out moving tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea should Seoul request them, a White House official said, though many consider such a move a nonstarter. It would break with nearly three decades of U.S. policy of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

U.S. officials have also made the case to China that if Beijing doesn't take stronger steps against North Korea, such as cutting off oil exports, South Korea and Japan are likely to pursue their own nuclear weapons programs and the U.S. won't stop them, the official said. "It's more a message for China than North Korea," the official said.

The U.S. has adopted sanctions aimed at Chinese entities that conduct business with North Korea, but has so far held back on broadly targeting China's banking system. China has told U.S. officials it would protest such a move diplomatically and retaliate, according to the senior administration official.

So what happened on Sunday? According to NBC, Trump's national security advisers presented him with U.S. military options, including pre-emptive strikes, and nuclear capabilities should America be called on to abide by its treaty obligations in the region, White House and defense officials said.

The president's advisers have made the case, however, that military strikes on North Korea could have serious repercussions, senior defense officials said, and the most glaring among these is that China has told administration officials that if the U.S. strikes North Korea first, Beijing would back Pyongyang, a senior military official told NBC.


676077 No.10584422

>Thinking they won't even if NK strikes first.

eec8fa No.10584428


I'm ready for WW3

7c3a0c No.10584443

File: 23ee6ec287ddfe3⋯.jpg (45.3 KB, 634x384, 317:192, mrs Kim.jpg)


Kim Jung un's wife is gorgeous

676077 No.10584449


Looks like a fish.

000000 No.10584450


0de722 No.10584466


What happened yesterday in NK instead was Kim threw a big party with those behind the latest nuke test.

7c3a0c No.10584474

File: d8dba289cb537d6⋯.jpg (134.68 KB, 1025x684, 1025:684, 12339171_1092158050794352_….jpg)

a29c8b No.10584509


This is good. American national socialists should look to see if we can get funding from the Chinese. They already hate "the white left," and we could offer to work with China if they help us take over, unlike the belligerent kikes that run things now who can only antagonize everyone for no reason.

Chink funded RWDS.

778a83 No.10584567


Fuck sakes. Can't we just nuke China already, skip NK altogether and aim the nukes straight at Beijing, as a matter of fact let's have the norks help us with it. China is the biggest threat to world security

a29c8b No.10584595


We need China. They are the most likely patron to fund nationalists to break up and destroy the JewSA (along with Russia).

7c3a0c No.10584596


Americans should be supplied with MANPADS from the Chinese. The FN-6/FN-16 would be an excellent choice for area independence from ZOG forces.

778a83 No.10584617


Yeah that's why they're funding share blue and buying up hollywood to make even shittier movies. China is run by the kikes

337b59 No.10584640

China told the US it would defend NK if the US launched a preemptive regime change attempt.

China also told NK that if they attack the US first they're on their own.

China doesn't want war in the region as it's bad for business.

The US views war as good business.

NK views war as peace.

So basically nothing is going to happen other than a shitposting battle via the international press. However, the Chinese will use NK as leverage to keep globalist trade conditions in place.

a29c8b No.10584648


First they weaken with degeneracy, then they fund terrorists to pull the corpse apart. That would be us, the rwds. Same MO America uses for regime change.

bfaa10 No.10584691


It will be an interesting situation if really nothing happens, NK was a joke years ago, now they have actual power that UN cannot ignore.

98955f No.10584697



China funds Antifa and other left-wing groups. The country that would back right-winged groups is Russia, they would also fund left-wing groups as well. Unless you're telling me you want China to own companies and mass emigrate to make your land "like clay" for the Chinese.

c3c059 No.10584729


>and no archive

Can't you fucks take a hint?

China is complicit in NKs fuckery. The chinks get exterminated with the gooks.

3bbaa9 No.10584732


and the result is a fake nationalist government, puppet of china. No thanks that's fucking gay.

840622 No.10584739



Yeah if it's war with the chinkies we best get it over with now

c3c059 No.10584744




Your only hope of staying alive is to stay out of our way chink. We're done playing with you fucks.

24830c No.10584747


Me too. Lets stop teasing it.

6bf8e2 No.10584787


China is sick of NK, they have better partners in Southeast Asia now who are bringing in billions for them, and those countries have bad relationships with NK. China doesn't have the capacity to defend it anyway. Most of this is CIA propaganda.

34f0a9 No.10584798

Nuke Beijing and hand control back to the rightful government in Taiwan.

60f378 No.10584811




>all this China shilling

How much are they paying you Lee? Two cents per post?

11fcd4 No.10584826



56184b No.10584839


Cant be worse than the 5 rupees they pay you Pajeet.

307dfc No.10584876



Are you idiots serious when you post this or are you LARPing? Legitimately curious.

b0c6f1 No.10584916


>be a puppet for the chinks, goy

How about no? I'm not trading semites for slants.

a61a71 No.10584926


Nobody needs China

6bf8e2 No.10584933




CIDF runs rampant here, it's been an ongoing problem for years now, /pol/ hasn't been as good at rooting them out as they were with CTR and other assorted shills

778a83 No.10584937


China is super gay and needs to die

c58d8a No.10584944




Eat shit, sympathizer.

b0c6f1 No.10584948

File: 6207731842fcd48⋯.jpg (79.61 KB, 620x778, 310:389, Vendors tie a dog in prepa….jpg)

"Hey, White Man, wouldn't you love to be ruled by this?"

The answer is no.

a1b280 No.10584950

All chinks deserve death by stoning

b0c6f1 No.10584965

File: b4e44d5bc606666⋯.jpg (107.57 KB, 1600x1259, 1600:1259, chinese_americans_on_ww2_3.jpg)


It's amazing how there are weebs that don't hate chinks. Japanese are the only good Asians. Rest our dishonorable scum.

7b8645 No.10584976


Nuke Beijing ASAP please.

t. Hong Konger

4850ba No.10584984


old news


307dfc No.10585036



Not a sympathizer, retards. I'm asking because nuclear deterrence exists and if the US were to nuke China it'd be a mutual destruction catastrophe.

d06f07 No.10585037



PRC-IDF please fuckoff

b0c6f1 No.10585046


IDF stand for Israeli Defence Force, not Internet Defence Force.

440f7e No.10585055

And how would you really know who striked first if shit hits the fan? I am going to assume China is saying it backs North Korea if war happens.

34f0a9 No.10585059


> if the US were to nuke China it'd be a mutual destruction catastrophe

France has more nukes than the pathetic fucking chinks.

Their SLBMs, assuming (big assumption) they work at all, might wipe out the seaboard cities which is fine.

7c3a0c No.10585063

File: ed80aeb9f84c07a⋯.jpg (59.58 KB, 564x842, 282:421, 0e0a536f33740819bbd8718c58….jpg)

round eyes will never possess China clay

7b8645 No.10585076


The chinks will back the norks regardless, because if the norks get fucked and Korea is reunited, the chinks are singled out in the Asia region.

No neighbour of chinkland likes them, outside of norks. The nips don't, nor do the gooks and Taiwan is meh towards them,

The chinks need all the friends they can get.

d06f07 No.10585079


>implying Israel and (((PRC))) don't go hand to hand

And you are still wrong, because the IDF in this specific occasion stands for Internet Defense Force.

5ff0fd No.10585082

File: f2354470bffaaa2⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 404x404, 1:1, 0a932106131c1471696d8b7d1d….jpg)

What the fuck is Chinas actual problem?

What fucking incentive do these fucks have to back Norks? Is this how the East feels when they see America backing Israel?

Maybe North Korea is the Israel of the East

b0c6f1 No.10585092


>why does China back its allies instead of just giving them up to their competition

Are you dumb? China was never America's friend.

48c5c7 No.10585097


>2x4 face

5ff0fd No.10585107


Chinas economic pacts with America are worth a hell of a lot more than their alliance with North Korea. North Korea doesn't give shit in return and would never aid China if they needed it. Their alliance is made of paper at best.

d06f07 No.10585111


Because norks only function as a buffer-state for Chinks, it's the only safe border they have incase of a SHTF scenario. norks fall and that means china directly borders an USA ally, they would be completely surrounded.

7b8645 No.10585117


To prevent themselves from being surrounded by enemies that hate their guts.

Also, I forgot to mention that the taiwanese has a raging boner for nips. So if kimmy does attack nipland, they'll have to deal with taiwan as well.

That or theyll fall into civil war first because the traitorous fags in taiwan selling the country out to the chinks for money.

b0c6f1 No.10585120


North Koreans are slants. Americans are not slants. China will always side with their own over whites.

07fdb6 No.10585123

Ya, no shit China will back NK. Trump will cuck to any of Chinas demands.

Bannon was right when he said its too late for an NK solution that doesn't involve mass SK casualties.

c7f121 No.10585125

File: 6cb082e7beef74c⋯.jpg (306.39 KB, 540x774, 30:43, us-military-west-pacific-g….jpg)


This >>10585092 and the fact that American troops are stationed in South Korea and elsewhere in China's vicinity.

440f7e No.10585126



They are far from neutral. They have a treaty with the U.S. that says if they were attacked, the U.S. will come and defend Taiwan. The exiled Chinese gov. when Mao took over also fled to Taiwan. The only reason they act neutral is so they can get some jobs from China, but they are not neutral at all.

db1040 No.10585130


russia has better rates and small arms weaponry, also armor and some operation running in mexico. China would only be good for APC shit.

7b8645 No.10585140


Last I heard Taiwan is now divided between people who want chink money and those who want to protect their homeland.

Then again, Hong Kong news stations hasn't been neutral at all so things might not be as bad as I think.

307dfc No.10585152


China would launch a fuckton of nukes to the US, and North Korea not only would back them up but also launch nukes to other directions while they go and massacre South Korea. And that's not an assumption, it's a guarantee. If you think that level of disaster and death is collateral damage for a greater purpose you're braindead.

38174d No.10585157

I've been waiting all my life to cull the gooks. Time to get this show on the road, and stop pissing around slaughtering the sandpeople.

07fdb6 No.10585174


Sellouts vs patriots

7c3a0c No.10585179

File: cc5990017b7489a⋯.jpg (129.16 KB, 1025x540, 205:108, 12369174_1096399883703502_….jpg)

6bf8e2 No.10585242


Mutual destruction is a jewish lie. It's possible to cause a lot of death in urban areas, it's impossible to do much damage outside of populated places without literally millions of perfectly targeted strikes.

38174d No.10585281


It might be irrational, but the "Chinese are good at math" meme is probably the wellspring of my hate towards their race, which started in childhood.

> White men develop ancient mathematics

> Some chinks develop ancient mathematics

> 2000 years later

> White men modernize all of mathematics to the excruciating level of rigour needed to satisfy Germanic levels of autism which shouldn't even be possible.

> Chinks after studying it 17 hours/day.

Awe wook at me. I so smar! I so smar! I memwize all everything. I so clever.

No creativity, just recitations of which are the products of greater white men. I can't name a new fields of mathematics the chinks have created, and yet the kike run media operation promotes them all as though they are the second coming of Gauss and Euler combined.

a138a7 No.10585283

File: 0ee91f68d92c6fb⋯.mp4 (6.87 MB, 480x640, 3:4, chineseboy.mp4)

c7f121 No.10585306


Very true.

7b8645 No.10585327


The chinks won't dare nuke the states because the CCP's officials' children and grandchildren fucking live in the states.

You do realise that chinks are treasonous as fuck right?

Xijinping's daughter has an American passport for starters.

5f18b5 No.10585334

Nuke em both fuck it

c7f121 No.10585343


They also don't have very many nukes, only around 200 or so.

6bf8e2 No.10585366


They couldn't nuke the states even if they wanted to, their delivery systems are pathetic and their naval presence anywhere east of the south pacific is virtually non existent.

38174d No.10585375

File: 3e04ae1af16ca31⋯.jpg (816.09 KB, 2560x1590, 256:159, 2560px-ThreeGorgesDam-Chin….jpg)

Trump should remind the Chinese that conventional weapons targeted to the Three Gorges Dam will bring China to a standstill. That should cut their ambitions off at the knees.

34f0a9 No.10585391


>a fuckton of nukes

They have about 70 that could theoretically reach the US mainland.

Given shoddy chink workmanship, the IQ of mongoloids in general and US anti-missile defenses this is huge over-estimate.

>North Korea would back them up

Thanks for the fucking laugh, m80.

8d4c5b No.10585403

File: 0a58c964f3ce3a7⋯.jpg (10.77 KB, 262x193, 262:193, goddess logos.jpg)


N. Korea has been and always will be a rook on the board for Communism and China. It's just used so China can fuck America in the ass on trade.

This is why this is happening now. Trump isn't putting up with their shit.

The only good Communist is a dead Communist!

daa820 No.10585411


Maybe if you're into flat faces.

38174d No.10585459


I should also add that this thing doesn't even work properly, being the cause of a litany of floods and droughts in the region. It turns out, that Chinese mastery of engineering does not live up to the myth.

> But they have a 105 Median IQ!?

Reason: They only test their university population, and the ones we find in the west are the cream of their crop.

af37be No.10585481


So Trump's reason for the whole NK show was to make the Chinese openly admit they back Kim?? Basically, bad PR for China? That's the point of it all?

73b549 No.10585510


I saw the same thing about the Russians or the Chinese hitting the Yellowstone caldera. That would be a hoot, bury all the ICBM bases in the midwest, disrupt global air travel and cut all satellites. We'd effectively go back to the iron age and then I could start killing niggers, spics, spades, wops, dagos, kikes, hebes and flips.

7b8645 No.10585534


Knowing Trump's business background he probably does he want to sack the norks and get it over with.

The problem is that the South Koreans won't let him, because they live next door and no amount of defense system can save them from mortar rounds.

South Korea basically made a deal with the White House that the us military can't go to war with norks without their say so.

It's the one thing kimmy did right when it comes to making threats, and holding worst gooks hostage if anyone attacks him.

Also, gooks are basically an extended branch of the kikes, so I doubt (((they))) would want worst Korea in ruins.

de9dc7 No.10585638


They are sincere, talking about 1488 and DOTR will get you called FBI, but cheering for another ZOG war will get the kosher stamp of approval.

778a83 No.10585639



307dfc No.10585679


>Mutual destruction is a jewish lie.

How? The only options are:


>Be destroyed and exposed as a country that won't defend itself

The fact that a warmonger country like North Korea hasn't launched nukes to start a war is enough to comprehend how idiotic would be to start a nuclear war.


The US would never consider that as a cause to nuke China because it's a stupid assumption. A communist world power would never give up it's country because of a few children living in enemy territory.


>They have about 70 that could theoretically reach the US mainland.

They have at least 20 that would reach the US guaranteed, enough to cause a considerable amount of destruction.

>North Korea would back them up

Poor choice of words, but North Korea would definitely send nukes to the US.

>Given shoddy chink workmanship, the IQ of mongoloids in general and US anti-missile defenses this is huge over-estimate.

It's an assumption. It's fair to assume that if the US nukes China they would be risking Russia joining the war against them. Then you have three nuclear powers against the US.

Nevertheless, even if the US could handle that war and win it it'd be all for nothing. The US government and it's jewish allies are the same as the CPC, or worst.

3b8117 No.10585697

File: 8cfc7d259c92577⋯.jpg (106.28 KB, 1025x684, 1025:684, 12798837_1144065518936938_….jpg)

Kim should use his nukes. It would be a bright day for the revolutionary peoples army

efcfcd No.10585710

File: 9ddc4c64e3a29f0⋯.webm (1.47 MB, 320x240, 4:3, chinese babysitting.webm)

440f7e No.10585716


>Bright day

Intentional or not, yes it would be a very bright day with nuclear weapons going off in North Korea.

4850ba No.10585865


NK is a buffer state and a useful diversion between the SK and the mineral rich Manchuria.

China gets a defacto border with the US.

265d1f No.10585902


Actually the 105 is japs(vs 103-104 for white Americans), chinks around 100 to 102. And as you said they test selectively.

cdb4a8 No.10585981


The answer is yes.

Still better than being ruled by Jews.

6a8dcb No.10585991


Lurk two years anon…

Spades are niggers. I guess he wanted to kill them for the second time.

cdb4a8 No.10585992


You do know, that Kim is a honorary Aryan and shilling against him will get your ass banned, right?

a0b897 No.10586200



Okay jews, we'll send you guys first.

a0b897 No.10586203


Nice fake concensus crafting there.

840622 No.10586220



I'm not a stinking jew goddamit

Hopefully it's over quick and none of us get drafted for some ZOG bullshit. Ahhh the warmth of nuclear decay

5ea23c No.10586259


Gotta love these fucking gooks.

"if NK attacks the US we will remain neutral"

"if US attacks NK we will fight for NK"

we all know where NK has always received their military support from…..goddamned communists

/pol/ trivia time!

q: How big is the country of China's army?

a: China doesn't have an army….the communist party of China has an army and it is loyal to them

34ba8e No.10586263


I think I saw that thing in LoTR

5ea23c No.10586279


>Kim is a honorary Aryan

you should move there so you can worship the little faggot personally from your own private cell

5ea23c No.10586335

File: d7671e6c86d790c⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 600x315, 40:21, rodmanwedding.jpg)


>Kim Jung un's wife is gorgeous

really? I thought this was his wife?

we all know these two love gay sex and it is rumored rodman goes there for the children

c08bc1 No.10586471

What has happend to /pol/ America is run by jews and will always work for the jews.

34f0a9 No.10586633


>They have at least 20 that would reach the US guaranteed, enough to cause a considerable amount of destruction.

The nuclear annihilation of major coastal US cities and, hopefully, D.C. would be a boon.

The destruction of communism on both side of the Pacific Ocean, along with the annihilation of niggers spics and chinks, would be remembered as a turning point in humanity's conquest of the galaxy.

The chinks will back down, sadly.

cdb4a8 No.10586653

File: d849dc447abe1f9⋯.jpg (422.37 KB, 1241x1716, 1241:1716, North Korea Israel.jpg)


Stay mad, kike.

21541f No.10586705


Great job giving Trump a reason to stop trade with chyna, you retarded chinks

307dfc No.10587986


>The destruction of communism on both side of the Pacific Ocean, along with the annihilation of niggers spics and chinks, would be remembered as a turning point in humanity's conquest of the galaxy.

You sound like a fucking nerd. I'm all for the destruction of communism, but if you're going to be an edgy ethnic cleanser then you might start looking for alternatives to call a solution, because nukes to a country where whites are a majority isn't a good start. Also, those missiles can reach the majority of the US, the destruction of just major coastal US cities it's just an assumption.

Go LARP somewhere else.

6be65b No.10588078


>stop trade with chyna

Don't stop trade. Apply a 1000% tariff on all chinese made goods entering the country. Let the chinks pay off our national debt.

267856 No.10588092

File: a1c991234a5ec0b⋯.jpg (21.75 KB, 455x303, 455:303, whizzkidcomputazzz.jpg)

Nothing's ever gonna happen is there? This is the same nonsense as it was during the cold war days, just flaunting their weapons around and shouting empty threats.

63e57b No.10588118



Israel Revealed It Exported $400k in Gold to North Korea

You know nothing.

bfabfa No.10588120

File: 6cae682abb928f0⋯.mp4 (975.23 KB, 480x480, 1:1, LongwayfromTexas.mp4)

Well, what if the Norks nuke China first, then the US?

657e8e No.10589588


Well that just goes to show how stupid you are and susceptible to Jew programing and propaganda. I feel really bad for you.

657e8e No.10589606


>stop trade with chyna

Every US corporation operates under an economic model which offshore's>>10588078

employees, raw materials, and production so shareholders profit. To stop trade with chyna would be economic suicide

>Apply a 1000% tariff on all chinese

Let's give that a good, for example an item with a price tag of $400 to the US consume would now, based on your 100% tariff cost the same consumer $800, you're a fucking genius

ad7bd4 No.10589654

seems like chinese president/whatever is just trolling Trump. We know that NK/Kim is just a provocateur and there is a very little chance he would ever attack.

Also Trump is not going to attack NK for no reason, that would be a political and economic suicide.

Therefore it's either China playing games with Trump or fake news media reporting in a such way to show that Trump is a pussy(you know how liberals say that Trump is somehow emasculated by Putin) because he doesn't attack NK because of China.

3fb70b No.10589671

The Chinese economy is dependent on exporting shit to the US, but the US economy isn't dependent on buying shit from China, it's just that it's cheaper. Why doesn't Trump just rock those little slant eyed bastards. Why doesn't Trump dumpster their economy?

4cb1e6 No.10590405

File: 734f37517d10076⋯.png (24.2 KB, 944x266, 472:133, chinapanda.png)

This seems off. Why would China tell everyone that they're going to attack whoever attacks first?

9709a2 No.10590432


Because Chinas objective here is to maintain the status quo.

They don't want US troops on a land border with them. So North Korea being taken over by the USA is unacceptable to them.

At the same time they want the Norks to stay quiet and not ruffle any feathers.

If the USA took North Korea and incorporated it into their South Korean vassal. Then the USA would suddenly present a credible military threat to China.

So with this statement they make it clear to both sides that they will not tolerate any change in the situation.

9709a2 No.10590445


It's not quite that easy.

The USA doesn't have the industrial capacity or resource production and/or trade agreements to be able to become independent of China.

They could maybe do it over the course of a few decades but it would be slow and difficult.

China meanwhile has fucktons of production capacity and existing resource trade links.

The Chinks could thus easily retool to service other markets and have been in recent years with Chinese goods having started to flow into Africa, the middle east, Asia and South America in greater quantities.

372c6a No.10590464


I didn't realize the driving age in Finland was so low.

a5e099 No.10590498


>status quo

Now that the North has nukes though status quo is a very hard deal to push. China can't agree to more sanctions without risking further escalation by the North or even total collapse. But it can't sit idly by whilst the North continues its provocative dick waving contest to provoke US escalation.

If the US and the Chinese agree to a buffer zone that neutralises Chinese fears and therefore isolates the North completely….

4cb1e6 No.10590508


Isn't the popular perspective that NORK has been threatening people though? I get they don't want a threat from the US being so close to them, but I think they're forgetting that NORK supposedly threatened Guam.

Why isn't >>10590498 a reasonable option?

a5e099 No.10590535


China and the US don't even have to agree, they just have to LOOK like they're agreeing.

Just enough to scare the North shitless back to the negotiating table.

9709a2 No.10590556

File: 45ab4876f6f496a⋯.jpg (287.89 KB, 796x1200, 199:300, 1447267673912.jpg)


Hence China saying "He who hits first gets hit by us"

The Norks can't afford to pick a fight with China. Moreso than the USA.

By publicly coming out with this stance they reassure the USA somewhat. At least the Chinks hope they do.

And a buffer zone/demilitarised zone between China and a US vassal state isn't acceptable to China.

It has to be a buffer state because of the public psychological impact and political ramifications that declaring war on multiple nations causes and the difficulty the USA would have in subjugating an independent North Korea, so it could then begin a land invasion of China.

The ideal situation for China would be for US forces to leave South Korea.

At that point they'd be a lot more inclined to yank the choke chain on the Norks.

But that will never happen because the USA is desperate to try and be a credible military threat to China.

f3ebb3 No.10591334


>accepting being controlled by either

5 grains of rice have been deposited into your bowl, Ping.

a0489a No.10591351

Damn, this North Korean war is getting shilled hard.

000000 No.10591364

Ok. Why doesn't the US make South Korea or Japan strike first then? Problem solved.

Gas the gooks, race war now.

a0489a No.10591365


>The ideal situation for China would be for US forces to leave South Korea.

Absolutely this. The only reason Kim is still autistically screeching is because zog simply refuses to cease their provocations.

9709a2 No.10591455

File: dca0911cb6f9547⋯.png (163.33 KB, 335x350, 67:70, ClipboardImage (1).png)


Because the Chinese aren't retards.

Everyone knows that South Korea is a US vassal state and acts in accordance with the will of the US government.

Japan is the USAs largest nuclear aircraft carrier. Whose constitution doesn't allow military action as a tool of foreign policy (a bit of revenge by Japans surviving WW2 leaders after they were conquered)

The USA has no relevant proxies they can hide behind.

On top of that South Korea has no desire for a war. Because in the first few hours of said war they'd lose almost half their total population.

So even if the USA did demand war the Sorks start a war they probably wouldn't comply.


Hard to tell if this is even zog.

China is a baffling scenario for the USA. They've never been in a situation where they don't like a country but don't present any threat to it.

The USA can scream and howl until they're blue in the face but the Chinese can sit there perfectly content knowing the yanks can't touch them.

As a result China has for a century now been this uncomfortable presence for the USA as it sought to spread the pax americana.

It got sidelined a bit due to the cold war but afterwards they were forced to start thinking about China, they couldn't ignore it anymore. And it was a lot worse than it used to be.

So now China is all the yank military can really think about. Oh they have their wars but they always have those. China is a much bigger problem. They just can't find a way to intimidate them.

They could nuke it to oblivion sure but that would kill them too. Even if they didn't get nuked too they'd face a USA no longer able to sustain its economy, the nuclear obliteration of China would essentially be a prelude to the last US civil war in which the USA would cease to exist.

78f040 No.10591486

Why would they back a smoldering pile of rubble?

36ef99 No.10593140



Defense Squads?

657e8e No.10593251


most of what you said went right over my head. I'm not a big thinker like you are but want to give your post a rating of 100% for using the aptly suitable image if Tanya, she's so damn cute I love her like my very own waifu.

45e8ac No.10593340

NK is a buffer nation for China.

6ce5cf No.10593352


>1 off

yeah shes aight

6c129b No.10593397

China: a country literally built on stolen White technology

Let's take back what they stole

657e8e No.10593589


you first

9709a2 No.10593742

File: 06629936baa20cc⋯.webm (11.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, REAL NEWS.webm)



As it stands the only ones able to present any credible military threat to China is the Russians.

But they're not inclined to as they share a desire for a multipolar world and as such are united in opposition to the pax americana.

While the USA presents a strong military threat to Russia that doesn't translate to a threat to China.

And at this stage it's pretty much a given that China and Russia would support one another in the event one was attacked by the USA.

The only real question is whether that would be outright military support and whether or not they'd target US allies and vassals that weren't directly involved.

In all probability? They would.

a5e099 No.10593761


>support China to overthrow the USSR

>support Russia to overthrow China

Perfidious Yankee at it again.

Unless you get all three involved in a hot war nobody will do a thing.


338ab3 No.10593793


Russia is not uniformly populated area. They have very few lifelines to the far east with almost nothing inbetween. Most of the land past Urals is deserted, traversible only in heavy duty vehicles and even then only on the best days. They do have military bases in the far east, after all it is a restricted zone, but Chinks basically inhabit places much closer to Russian border with a lot of roads. Russian military would not be able to stop chink advance into its land without the use of nuclear weapons. They could hold off and turn into guerilla warfare, which kind of explains why they test new, highly mobile armies inspired by technicals from Syria as we speak. Basically Russia would have a lot of problem getting hardware and troops across from European bases to Asian front. Armies that exist there would not offer serious resistance from the chinese invading armies due to chink numbers, but they could pull off a guerilla warfare considering the shitty terrain. Lots of chinks in Russian far east as well, so China obviously would try to inspire some separatist angle to fifth column Russian war effort.

9709a2 No.10593863

File: 8e428f1a47c1c3d⋯.png (448.66 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, infodump.png)


Yeah suffice to say in any conflict the Russian Federation would seem to lose a lot of ground very quickly. But it wouldn't be valuable ground and would leave chink forces vulnerable.

In any prolonged war the Russians are more likely to be the victors as it would be easier for them to hit and damage Chinese industrial regions than it would be for China to hit Russias.

And do so consistently over time.

Meanwhile the USA has limited ability to strike Chinese industry and no means to land troops in sufficient numbers to make any gains.


Well when your objective is total global domination. You use and abuse everyone.

As it stands though the USA is spinning its wheels in the mud, unable to gain traction.

0c33d7 No.10593933


someones been watching too much of FOXnews and china uncensored again

0c33d7 No.10593946



why dont you go join the forces and die for israel and the commie kurds in syria

0c33d7 No.10593977

File: e74589ea5829dc1⋯.mp4 (414.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Filthy Frank - Nobody give….mp4)


>1953 + 64

>muh norks

neocuckservatives fuck off.

1051f8 No.10597118


/pol/ trivia time!

q: how big is the US federal bank?

a: the US doesent have a bank… its sold off to a private owned bank and so is the US armed forces

14e0ae No.10597234




>pro-communist nork shilling

>reddit frank memes

Kill yourself Kim.

6089bb No.10597514



>the same fags that want to invade korea are supporting commie kurds

are you burgers just schizophrenic autists or outright heebs?

177b01 No.10598408


Jews served in the Wehrmacht too.

By your logic, Hitler was a shill for Zion.

0c33d7 No.10598468

File: fa70df492e1bb67⋯.webm (5.77 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, hollywod.webm)


>even remotley implying the US isnt more kosher than israel

>the commie kurds are ok goy, theyre the good kind of commies because theyre pro israel, unlike norks

go back to mutilating your dick or something burger

9f2662 No.10602084


so your point is that commies are ok aslong ad they serve the US and ZOG?

where so you think you are?

ed4420 No.10602125

File: 9b346a0b34b3e91⋯.png (94.62 KB, 736x622, 368:311, ClipboardImage.png)


Are modern politics based on propaganda cartoons from 1910's?

ef73ef No.10602146


Close. The script they run society off is on about a century rotation. Just enough time for the last generation to die off before it loops. Huge war soon.

ed4420 No.10602179


>The script they run society off is on about a century rotation

This is actually very interesting, don't most "forever" treaties last about ninety-nine years long? I recall Hong Kong being subject to that. Wouldn't surprise me if the Kikes decided to put the Chinks in power of the world now that most Europeans worth a damn are collectively waking up from the conditioning.

769f20 No.10602185

So it seems that there are Chinese shills in this thread. We would do well to remember that in the event of war, our main goal should be to remove key figures like Soros and the Rothschilds.

e02984 No.10602195

Americas trade is worth way to much with china.IF NK tries to launch a nuke. Russia, china or america is going to invade north korea.Russia ran some bombers along NKS northern border recently. No one wants a nuke happy madman. there IS a LARGE buildup on the chinese border of chinese forces. Those forces are not for the us invasion to defend nk. NK is a mad dog that has no allies at this point.

ef73ef No.10602200


>don't most "forever" treaties last about ninety-nine years long?

Yep, and about every century we have a huge war in a major western cultural center, then massive social reforms towards collectivism, then a period of degenerate hedonism, then a period of reaction to said degeneracy… and then loop it up back into war.

6aa597 No.10602222


If they're still reading this, let it be known that Chinese are still the dogs of the Norks and that Kimmy could probably topple half their country on his own.

271b38 No.10602233

File: 000edf72679b7e1⋯.jpg (18.7 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 1458763058119.jpg)


>Chinks still purchasing Soviet-era technology.

>US now has shipborne lasers shooting down mortars and UAVs autonomously and railguns.

Oh boy, the US better watch out!

177b01 No.10602247



My point, you illiterate mouth-breathers, is that being reactionary by assuming that everything (((they))) are against, we should be for, is retarded. And vice-versa.

Liberals are for body-cams – and so should we, since it would stop the endless accusations of "this white cop shot a peaceful teenager execution style its like Jamar Clark all over again!".

tl;dr you can agree with your enemy for the wrong reasons, nigger. To assume that North Korea or China must be wholesome paradises simply because Israel dislikes them is retarded.

Although Jews were over-represented within the initial October Revolution under Lenin, Stalin treated them much less favorably – but I guess, to you, the fact that Jews hate Stalin must mean he is "fucking BASED", right?

aec097 No.10602368

File: d0c05b9359cc2e5⋯.jpg (169.34 KB, 896x504, 16:9, elite libtard.jpg)

I'm not worried. The east and west coasts are filled with blue states whose hardworking Mexican delivery workers, crackhead niggers, and cucks with poster board will fight valiantly to protect the government built by white men.

ba4b72 No.10602639


so we should support commie kurds, and hate the bad goys in korea because CNN tells us to?

so far i havent heard one good reason as to why NK should be attacked, and any argument i have heard could also be used afainst jewmerixa tenfold.

b122be No.10602651



uh ohhhh


d0a9b6 No.10602656


Would be cool to see those things deplayed, but aren't those meme weapons juat to keep the budget going. ie F35?

177b01 No.10602751


None-white commie subhumans should not have a state (Kurds) or nukes (Norks).

Simple enough for you, nigger?

3e9460 No.10603438


china is the new economic superpower of the world, you americucks need to bend the knee and shut the fuck up like the good goys you're. stop talking shit and larping about how ready you're for the nuclear winter, faggots

3e9460 No.10603450


kek, and whatcha gonna do? trump is getting BTFO by china day after day and they're playing him like the incompetent faggot he is. it's only a matter of time before everyone in east asia will understand that america is not up to the job of protecting them from north korea and they'll switch to the chinese side. in fact, the only problem why japan and south korea are threatened by the north korea threat is because they're still on the americuck side, if they were on the chinese side NK would not dare to threaten them anymore and they'll soon realize it. you burgers are done

9f1eae No.10603459

File: 08dc36edd01a861⋯.jpg (44 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1499449867282.jpg)


>"We Will Back North Korea If The US Strikes First"

f9dd9a No.10603557

File: e9ba45bf94f9b25⋯.jpg (20.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, memri supporter jews.jpg)


oh no,watch out, shlomo is bringing out his big bad amerika golem

f9dd9a No.10603562

File: a4b5c27bb6f5bf9⋯.jpg (15.58 KB, 268x265, 268:265, 14a12729146520edaf6cc90a99….jpg)


>we shouldnt do something just because its anti-israel

>we should invade them just because theyre commies

f9dd9a No.10603592


>should not

well too bad its the ZOG calling the shots not you.

so you cant really cherrypick here, its either ZOG or the rest of the world, even if its some gook commie banana republic.

1a3ac3 No.10603594



my autism allowed me to post this on the wrong thread go ahead and delete the other one please

f9dd9a No.10603861


>china is bad because they want to kill people and rule the world

>its only ok when ZOG does it

177b01 No.10603916


>we should invade them just because theyre commies

Never said that. But we sure as fuck shouldn't paint everyone ZOG dislikes with the brush of "le BASED /ourguys/". It's precisely the sort of thing Reddit does as they parade around niggers and spics with Trump hats.

63e57b No.10603935


>north korea


lol no

f9dd9a No.10603938


then why are you advocating the neocohens in this thing

56609e No.10604032















d86aac No.10604151


>china is the new economic superpower of the world, you americucks need to bend the knee and shut the fuck up like the good goys you're. stop talking shit and larping about how ready you're for the nuclear winter, faggots

First of all, China lost when Hillary lost. It needed America to go through one more good crash to complete the niggerfication process, but the jews are too scared to do it while Trump is in charge. And secondly, the world becoming one giant nuclear oven may be the fastest way to set things back on the right course. White people will figure out how to get through a nuclear winter. Nobody else will. Kill yourself.

3e9460 No.10604398


lol yes, you retarded faggot. north korea was shipping nuclear material to irans and other countries that are adversarial to israel, to say the least. it got so bad that israel asked the US' and UN's help to prevent further nuclear trafficking

0dac4a No.10604423

File: f5b73c2643a5e6b⋯.jpg (76.01 KB, 638x479, 638:479, the-white-revolution-1-638.jpg)

China needs to fund a White Revolution in America Already.

3e9460 No.10604425


> but the jews are too scared to do it while Trump is in charge


hi jared, how delusional are you? first off really, nobody is scared of trump and your madman theory isn't working and no one is taking him seriously. second, trump is likely to be the most israel-friendly president in the last 20 years (you know which are the countries that are happiest about your "based" president trump? israel and russia. do the math, retard).

third, it's funny how you talk big about surviving a nuclear winter, but the fact of the matter is that so far only east asians (japanese) have proved to be capable to rebuild a successful civilization after a nuclear attack. now keep fantasizing about muh based president trump and his alphamale manners and how much you're ready for a fallout-like scenario

b01208 No.10604458

He should attack the cunts just to see what happens at this point, tbh.

d86aac No.10604465


Yes, they are scared. Trump's not going to ask Obama's professors at Harvard what to do if they crash it. And the Japanese survived under whose direction? That's right.

177b01 No.10604473


I'm not, and there is no simpler way to communicate this in the English language, so either you're an illiterate nigger or you'd probably understand me better if I spoke Yiddish.

c677ad No.10604484

When North Korea eventually hits something, we should nuke China instead. It's obvious North Korea is China's proxy puppet for going to war with the US.

3e9460 No.10604493


that's right. trump's gonna ask any advice to the harvard professors because he trusts more the counsel of his based son-in-low jared kushner. and btw enjoy the DACA deal that your fearless potus is striking

3e9460 No.10604495


*he's not gonna ask

05db9d No.10604512


Honestly, we can't expect them to have any empathy for dogs when they don't even have empathy for themselves.

d86aac No.10604600



Forgot about that guy. There's no better way to follow up a based extension of war in the Middle East and based amnesty than based austerity measures I guess.

f9dd9a No.10604680

File: 111178a896bc36d⋯.png (79.49 KB, 250x238, 125:119, 1437219591902.png)

>the jews are too scared to do it while Trump is in charge

>the jews are scared to do it

>trump is in charge

>lets just nuke ourselves instead of waiting for the dollar to collapse

>im speculating that whites, not jewish elites, isolated africans or the survivalist asians will survive

f9dd9a No.10604687

File: 9cde8ad71a2a5a1⋯.png (589.57 KB, 680x574, 340:287, what have you just posted ….png)


>the jews are too scared to do it while Trump is in charge

>the jews are scared to do it

>trump is in charge

>lets just nuke ourselves instead of waiting for the dollar to collapse

>im speculating that whites, not jewish elites, isolated africans or the survivalist asians will survive

f9dd9a No.10604779

File: 2387e34a3fa843e⋯.jpg (76.5 KB, 720x720, 1:1, hayden.jpg)


>the jews are too scared to do it while Trump is in charge

>the jews are scared to do it

>trump is in charge

>lets just nuke ourselves instead of waiting for the dollar to collapse

>im speculating that whites, not jewish elites, isolated africans or the survivalist asians will survive

f9dd9a No.10604801


another pointless war for ZOG?

f9dd9a No.10604827


you said that by my logic hitler was jewish because jews fought in his units.

tht isnt an argument against me being sceptical of the notion that one group of people is bad if they dont serve the US but good if they do

f9dd9a No.10605220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6e606e No.10605299

>If you attack our heavy metal mines in NK we will defend them

That's all I'm hearing

513378 No.10605318



sooo, like most of a good delivery bar

614b22 No.10605566


Whites invented nuclear warheads. They've been preparing since day one. You have too much faith in noble savages like most jews.

550188 No.10605651


>along with Russia


Russia is a lovely nation. (at least better than Chinga Chonga)

3fafc4 No.10607854


>theyre evil because ZOG told me so

thats all im hearing

3fafc4 No.10607877


no, the elites have been preparing since day one. major cities will be wiped out, smaller ones will also die off, outback towns will be killed by starvation and other shortages and deseases, while scavangers will drift the country. the only ones safe in their bunkers will be the elites and their retinue. that means that when they come back up they still have their firepower. not to mention the waves of immigeants from uneffected poor countries that will come to loot the remains. oh, and those uneffected shitskin countries will become the new powers.

so congratiolations you fucking mongoloid, way to save the white race. are you gonna dig a bunker in everyones backyard yourself, retard?

63ef25 No.10609488

File: e4907b3745b9707⋯.jpg (734.11 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, AAEAAQAAAAAAAAk7AAAAJDNlMj….jpg)

e9f43e No.10609586


>the well known two cent army doesn't exist

kek. Prepare to get fucked fish eyes.

sage for no links.

f9dd9a No.10609936

File: 7e60ded0c979dbd⋯.jpg (201.54 KB, 980x1402, 490:701, putina-astrakhan.jpg)

Apparently Bannon sucked chinese dick at the conference in HongKong this week.

Cant wait for burger autism when silkroad gets going.

657e8e No.10614826


>Apparently Bannon sucked chinese dick at the conference in HongKong this week

How American of you. The Chinese are like, yeah yeah you dumb Americans you keep bomb Iraq round eyes, we make 400,000,000 iPhones, you buy

9709a2 No.10614859


You really think they can stash enough to rebuild a civilisation?

Manpower will be their biggest problem and there's no way they'd be able to store enough and ensure its loyalty.

ca3e3c No.10614915


Not good enough for sexiest man alive.

f9dd9a No.10614916


>You really think they can stash enough to rebuild a civilisation?

oh you mean gold in the bunkers yes.

but can your "muriccan white man" do the same?

>Manpower will be their biggest problem

thats why there will be shitskins from countries that wont get nuked and survivors that will be desperate for any sort of income

>there's no way they'd be able to store enough and ensure its loyalty

it will be literally MadMax with an Immortan Joel Cohen.

i guess youre gonna say that someone is gonna LARP as Max then right?

ca3e3c No.10614919


Fuck off, nigger.

ca3e3c No.10614935


No intent to praise isolationist legalist faggot gooks that the peak of their exploration they rediscovered Africa but I still think we would not have been where we were 2 centuries ago without paper, the compass and gunpowder.

ca3e3c No.10614941


They don't even recognize Israel, tard.

63ba0e No.10615120


Except NK is anti-Israel and there's plenty of evidence. Nuclear missiles, ignoring Israel as a country, the whole jewish media talking bad about Kim Jung Un, among other things.

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