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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 842dcffe1e2c21e⋯.png (579.4 KB, 1200x1197, 400:399, senateanon.png)

File: a53b59937694366⋯.jpg (65.25 KB, 750x745, 150:149, 1487467416809.jpg)

70aeb1 No.10589216

Someone calling himself US Senate Anon has been posting on 4chan all night about pedophile rings and blackmail. These threads were full of some of the most sophisticated shills I've ever seen.

The threads were mainly an attempt to encourage anons to take pizzagate into their own hands by "finding and exposing the blackmail handlers" by recording them in secret and immediately posting the material online anonymously.

In one of the threads he reluctantly dropped some very specific names and places after repeatedly asking for promises that the information would be acted on.

If this is not a LARP this man just risked his life to drop the following names and places for us to look into:

>the Royal Order of Jesters have a building in *Adams Morgan*, under *Billiken property management*. Last I heard, things go on there.

>Pamela Harriman

>Steven Jacobs

>Keep digging on Racine.













I say we don't allow this man to risk his life in vain.

Post last edited at

d32139 No.10589231

File: fdbaad5f62a033c⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1466888446294.gif)

>no archives

>crossposting to 4cuck

Congrats OP.

809af8 No.10589244


70aeb1 No.10589251


Oops. Sorry. I copied that directly from 4chan.





70aeb1 No.10589268

One anon did a little research and posted this in regards to the property under the Billiken group:

So.. autismo came out.. the property is perry's in dc myvisajobs under billiken group.

billiken group from Saint Louis

(billiken is a weird idol created awhile ago for worship also tied to the ROJ, if you haven't do your own digging there)

the address is 1811 Columbia Rd Nw Washington, DC 20009

The Facebook page and bombshell: it's a sushi place… here's where I begin to really question LARP…

saied(dot)azali on fb

Whois info Led me to the owner, SAIED AZALI

man.. I'm not gonna go down this hole as I just started… but I give you what I found in just a matter of minutes

8f8890 No.10589289


Fucking lazy nigger. Archive links added below:

>Oops. Sorry. I copied that directly from 4chan.













70aeb1 No.10589295

File: 8f45bf2f9749b82⋯.jpg (99.51 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1505122359658.jpg)

File: 23efd954fb97a4b⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1505122746336.png)

File: 75cd3e827f98ef2⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1505122888411.png)

File: e569545c1253a79⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, rally.png)


The same anon made a few more posts:


>More pics of the restaurant.. and links.



Captch: Florida ogle

70aeb1 No.10589303

File: f45a68b2b3e87cd⋯.jpg (69.12 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 1505123377704.jpg)


>Pic is his wife, she seems? To be the tranny supporter as there's a lot of pics with her and they.. anyways he opened a new restaurant called the mintleaf.. not sure who currently owns the sushi place.. I'll be lurking

e2eac2 No.10589343

File: 8a1afd1dc66d2c4⋯.jpg (158.66 KB, 830x1059, 830:1059, SLIDEIT-kike.jpg)

68e5fe No.10589374

These threads always give me hope. 10 or so weaponised autists out do kike global schemes through digging

>never stop you glorious wizards

70aeb1 No.10589407


I just realized this patriot did this on 9/11.

70aeb1 No.10589447




Saied Azali used to work at an art gallery called DuPont Underground:

facebookcom / DupontUnderground

809af8 No.10589467


DuPont family, very powerful, definitely involved in PG. Didn't they build the tunnels under DC?

c556e5 No.10589477


Some crazy cat lady came up with Billiken in the 30's and decided to worship it, but 30's America wasn't big on polytheism. The nips, on the other hand, have about 30,000 gods so weren't fussed by one more. Billiken is "enshrined" mostly around Shinsekai in Osaka (it was the site of a World's Fair type event early in the 20th century, now it's full of hobos), and is sort of a mascot of the area.

70aeb1 No.10589480

I was just banned on 4chan for making a thread about this. The reasoning?

You have been banned from /pol/ for the following reason:

Don't post ridiculous roleplaying bullshit on /pol/. Go to /trash/ if you want to roleplay.

809af8 No.10589493


cuck/pol/ mods are shills, more at 11

392c51 No.10589524


Mods ain't wrong though

The guy claimed project bluebeam was a real thing

Project bluebeam is the kind of crap my dad believes. He thinks the earth is flat, nibiru's about to smash into us, and ufo's are flying around everywhere too. When my dad believes a conspiracy theory, I know it's a load of crap.

For those who don't know, bluebeam's supposed to be a government plan to simulate either god or an alien invasion or maybe both using magitech that makes holograms in the sky. It's utter idiocy.

70aeb1 No.10589537


They didn't ban him though, or delete his threads. They banned a guy who made a continuation thread.

About project blue beam, though, I've always thought it was stupid too but a few months ago I found out about a thread from 2008 where Jared Kushner was accused of being the "head of project blue beam" which I find extremely bizarre because nobody really knew who he was back then and now he's the court Jew at the White House.


d3db2d No.10589540


gtfo shill

Bluebeam is nothing like flat-earth or ufos. Bluebeam is something that anyone with half a brain would do were they in power and with the technology and in a desperate enough position. That's not to say its actually all been planned out yet or that it is imminent, but it is not the a conspiracy in the vein of the others. You seem to be mistaking us for people who cannot think for ourselves; most of /pol/ plays political games where we put ourselves into the positions of leaders with the information that they know. It is why we have a near 100% track-record regarding false-flags and happenings. We obviously cannot know exactly when they are going to occur, and we cannot know exactly what will happen as everyone's mind is different and whilst we might have more information than a normalfag- we do not know everything. But we've come damn close to guessing what will happen next in the world so many times that it simply cannot be chalked up to coincidence or luck. We understand the mindset of the elites, and as such we know that something like Bluebeam will be planned at some point (assuming it has not been already).

Your typical shill tactic of associating outrageous claims with something that is not outrageous is well known. Leave this place and never return.

c878dd No.10589542


To us it is. Utter plebs would believe it though. It only depends on how far beyond public technology the elite are to pull it off. Can you imagine how many technological breakthroughs have occurred that we have no idea about? This is the kind of thing that enshrines the secrets of UFOs and similar phenomena. If we were to have some incredible public alien ET visitation, would you be one the many to be fooled?

7e479c No.10589545


>we are one step closer to finding smoking guns for pizzagate

>muh crossposting to 4cuck

e2eac2 No.10589547

File: 0752d487d3a589b⋯.jpg (82.25 KB, 625x550, 25:22, fc20ffa1d82b7ce31e2c28e24f….jpg)


>senator anon claims bluebeam is real along with pizzagate trafficing

809af8 No.10589549


>He thinks the earth is flat, nibiru's about to smash into us, and ufo's are flying around everywhere too

Obvious shill. Those 3 don't match up

70aeb1 No.10589554


Have you seen this?



What do you think of it?

70aeb1 No.10589558

>Adelson is one of the biggest donors out there, and he runs CIA blackmail ops. Look into Steven Jacobs.

c556e5 No.10589565


You can still only project lasers in a straight line, to have a convincing enough "alien invasion" you'd need ships to "fly low enough" for it to be obvious what they are, meaning any projector would have to be within a few miles. They'd have to do it in a major city, too, one leaked vid of somebody being shoo'd away from some sort of truck-mounted optical device, and it's all over.

So if you do ever see wierd shit in the sky, search the ground!

e2eac2 No.10589567



This is fringe tier stupidity. But if that senator is claiming it then holy fucking shit there might be some merit to those stupid fucks.

39e032 No.10589577


A strong indicator of the quality of a topic is definitely cuckchan's willingness to suppress it, US senate anon's threads did not necessarily blow the lid off anything but exemplified the need for the average anon's autistic skills to be at the forefront of our movement, betwixt the hurricane happenings and NK even 8pol was distracted and I must admit it was disconcerting as there was plenty of news regarding DWS and the Awan brothers and yet they paled in comparison to our hurricane generals. His suggestions were his breadcrumbs and also our local government, it was suggested that even low level pedophiles linked to pizzagate could not only be caught on a daily basis should we choose to allocate our collective autism to the task, but that within a year we could de-kike congress if we nutted up.

Ostensibly it could be perceived as a CIA faggot trying to rile us up to vigilantism but investigations into pizzagate was goddamn common-place here just 10 months ago, Additionally his advice was to pursue local corruption with a local group, not online as such movements not only indicate what we've learned but the low hanging fruit that any one of us could find does not have the pull to suicide us within the day unlike the higher ups in american governments can. I am unsure of this advice but I'm already prepared to get suicided with three shotgun blasts to the back of the head and have been since hillary's nearly guaranteed election, what is stopping us now?

To be quite honest family, I saw nothing wrong with the entire thread as it resembled our drive and modus operandi prior to the trump election, which admittedly the winning kept not only myself but others I had known to be redpilled quite lax on the rest of the subjects regarding the whole globalist cabal's grand endgame.

5e5f8d No.10589579

File: b35fe7a051976c9⋯.png (17.23 KB, 265x126, 265:126, Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at ….png)


remember when that document "leaked" during the podesta email happening? pretty sure there was talk of bluemean / firestrike

8f8890 No.10589582


>even 8pol was distracted



Wasted dubs.

I had a pizza investigation thread a few months back, it got shilled hard even though the first half dozen posts pulled dubs of truth. No one wants an Iron Cross.

8f8890 No.10589586


It was a campaign strategy document. They considered a faking an ayy invasion to stop voters turning out on election day.

e2eac2 No.10589591


>stop people from voting

This is the most beyond retarded reason to use such a thing. If I were the kikes and had the power to trick all the peoples of all kins, nations, and ethnicities I would fucking make a kike their ruler to trick them all. More or less worshipping the kike as to control the plebs from ever doing anything related to image boards and pedo investigations.

Now imagine if 8ch controlled such a thing…..

8f8890 No.10589602


>This is the most beyond retarded reason to use such a thing

Not being on the side of truth is de facto retarded anon. They just can't help themselves.

39e032 No.10589617


I made a distinction in a conversation pertaining to multiple instances of /pol/, I do apologize if you were triggered with my words meant to categorize the sources of information in my comment. Faggot.

Now with mid terms coming up and trump memeing "ONE VOTE" the past couple of rallies he has been at I could only perceive this as being the Achilles Heel, not only in regards to draining our local swamps but also in the grand scheme of things pertaining to pizzagate. Regardless of your perception of the US Senate Anon's threads it should be a no-brainer that after all that has been said and done applying the learned manipulation of memetics these past couple of years should be exceptionally easier in a local setting than what it has been in this global arena. And anyone suggesting that you shouldn't had best explain their point of view.

6555c0 No.10589630


holograms can be made on the sodium layer and can appear very large, i would assume that select military bases have installed generators for just this event, like the jordanians did over the temple mount a few years back with a fleet of generators

96511b No.10589635


My dad believes in all that shit too anon.

e2eac2 No.10589686


That senator seems extremely obsessed with not letting the dollar crash. Doesn't he know that it must fall to fix burgerland? Along with having real production infrastructure like iron factories, farms, and the such.

e2eac2 No.10589712


He also thinks nukes are real. Hmm I wonder how high on the totem pole you have to be to know they are fake?

1880b9 No.10589743


Electric Pence, Indiana and pedophile rings, huh?

I know a high level DNC lawyer there. Makes me wonder.

8f8890 No.10589752

1880b9 No.10589754

File: 83aa84fb2643dca⋯.png (2.8 KB, 93x75, 31:25, Caesars-Windsor-Header-Log….png)

>They give hookers to influential people at the Indiana casinos, and then have cameras in their hotel room.

That goes on all over the country.

And outside the country.

Say, human trafficking over an international border is a serious crime that attracts attention of third party IC. Just so you guys know.

e2eac2 No.10589757

File: b1b9a1c1167b68d⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 431x324, 431:324, fix-a-yiff.gif)


He sure advocates against faggotry alot for being a pedo.

The TLDR of the senator anons advice is this: Find the fucking blackmailers of the pedo ring runners. If you take out the pedo rings themselves then the dollar gets shoahed off to chink land. But with the blackmailers info trump can work his magic.

e2eac2 No.10589769


<trafficking over an international border is a serious crime

>what is all of western europe

>what is the islands

>what is argentina

>what is australia's pedo districts

5c45e0 No.10589781


I'm 100% convinced that this is some kind of first reply AI. It's just too much.

Sage for off topic.

aea4f2 No.10589797

Chilefag reading because of morbid curiosity and jesusfuck that is some deep shit. Blackmail rings pedonetworks and freemasonery.

You will probably want to stay unorganized and coordinate with real people physically. Try cop friend/relatives and people in the hotel/accomodations business because those are accesible yet involved.

Best of luck

e2eac2 No.10589799

File: ca0863b1cd9fb11⋯.gif (348.07 KB, 278x200, 139:100, goons-shitpost-overdrive.gif)


>saging a important thread that is trying to be slid

cunter sage

b897b7 No.10589806


>LARPing on cuckchan taken seriously

Enough now. Go the fuck back and stay there. Do you honestly think that any of us even go there?

e15c42 No.10589820

File: 067656c248476fd⋯.jpg (301.04 KB, 800x1041, 800:1041, pepe spray.jpg)

Reluctant bump as he could just be larping.

ba691a No.10589834


>talking this bad about your own father

Have some respect, fool.

7ed45b No.10589844

File: 37770202d7d73ce⋯.jpeg (10.7 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 77777.jpeg)


I meant that DGSE, MI6 and GRU all watch each other and are aware of the small and large fish.

69aebc No.10590065

just gonna throw a lil bump out there while i dig in to some of this

084b60 No.10590308


That sent me down a crazy rabbit hole. Fucking crazy. So Kushner is the new illumanutti head and he was destined back in 2008 to be apart of the admin? Fucking crazy

abb8b6 No.10590313

File: ec144c5750bc1cc⋯.png (49.5 KB, 759x304, 759:304, last hope.png)


abb8b6 No.10590317


Anon, I was watching that weird Obama dude at the 2004 convention and knew he was selected then. If you follow politics long enough, you see the patterns.

bb7f28 No.10590353

File: eec2017254447b9⋯.gif (2 MB, 367x227, 367:227, water bear.gif)


>doesn't know what an off-topic sage is

Off topic sages is not inherently malicious in intent, and saging doesn't bump a thread so there is no need to "counter" an off topic sage of courtesy. Sage bombs and autists who do nothing but sage are what you have to look out for.

809af8 No.10590435


> but I'm already prepared to get suicided with three shotgun blasts to the back of the head

I've mentally prepared myself for the worst. If I get tortured the plan is basically to laugh in their face and mock them while ignoring excruciating pain just to mentally rape them as they kill me, knowing my stubborness I could pull it off. Other mental preparations include biting my thumbs off if I get handcuffed to something, just straight biting in the spook's jugular. I've already accepted my possible death in helping this cause. Fear nothing but fear itself should be our motto. It's a good thing a lot of us have deathwishes

526fad No.10590443

File: 809a3d23c722949⋯.png (6.53 KB, 645x773, 645:773, feel.png)


Regardless if thats a larper or not, that makes me depressed.

54acce No.10590575

File: 6bb52139a704273⋯.jpg (44.3 KB, 480x309, 160:103, IMG_20170330_220812.jpg)

=Get back on topic you niggers=

This intrigues me a lot because that anon mentions a few key things, like Pence's involvement, the Royal Order of Jesters which is only for high level Shriners, and connections to trafficking in Indiana.

For giggles, I looked up the ROJ and their headquarters are in Indiana. 5725 Liberty Crossing Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46254. Right by a residential subdivision and school for starters. These are the fucks put in place in high positions in police departments to thwart pedo investigations. Another place he brings up is casinos, which northern Indiana has. State law makes it so gaming can only be done on boats. Casinos play a part in trafficking and Indiana's casinos can travel the great lakes if need be. Don't forget to look up other ROJ locations the anon talked about, especially the DC location.

Lastly, as a bit of motivation, I caught a low level child trafficker in my own neighborhood. IRL ops are needed. This guy practiced no opsec at all. If I can do it, you can too. God speed.

a85770 No.10590578


>trying to reason with reddit filth

Don't waste your time m8

bb7f28 No.10590584


That larp completely explains all those missing kid photos from Indianapolis.

392c51 No.10590613


Yeah, it was a load of bullshit

If that kind of technology existed it would be getting used, not sitting around collecting dust. Especially considering how nuts the establishment went about trump.

I'll tell you what that document really was: An attempt to make trump supporters look like a bunch of nutty conspiracy theorists who'd believe literally anything that was plopped into their lap.

bb7f28 No.10590695


Actually we've already figured out how to soft bend light and create very simple and basic yet primitive hard light objects, but so far I haven't heard much come out about that anymore. We do have holograms and DIY hobbyists that play around with the stuff but it's a lot like video phones something that's cool in media but nobody really wants it.

809af8 No.10590710


I recall exactly what happened. Let me set the record straight. It was a document, first part was real, don't exactly recall what it was about, but only the added clearly fake part was about project blue beamish. In conclusion it was obviously to discredit the real document, it involved shilling on /pol/ if I remember it right. Making us seem crazy may have been a secondary desired effect they intended, but it was primarily disinfo.

70aeb1 No.10590812


> like the jordanians did over the temple mount a few years back with a fleet of generators

>like the jordanians did over the temple mount a few years back with a fleet of generators

Source on this?

27a3fd No.10590817


>this is not a LARP

ebin meme

70aeb1 No.10590837


He actually takes back his claim about Kushner being the head of the illuminati and later claims Kushner is the head of project bluebeam and the "real" head of the illuminati is some freak who dresses like Kefka that nobody has ever heard of. He claims he's on a few obscure things on the internet but other than that, nobody knows who he is.

70aeb1 No.10590850


Excellent work, anon.

e921c3 No.10590853

I research Pamela Harriman and this is what I got:

>Married Winston Churchill's son, Randolph. Got all his money.

>Married Leland Hayward, wealthy man connected to Hollywood. Got all his money.

>Married W. Averell Harriman, ambassador that was involved in World War II negotiations with the Soviet Union and negotiations during the Vietnam War.

>Met Bill Clinton in 1981, had him and Hillary over for dinner.

>Major player in the DNC.

>British born.

>Donated $12 million to Bill Clinton during his run for Presidency.

>Got same level of influence as Alex Soros as a result - could ask for Bill to show up at her house in Georgetown, where he would show.

>Member of the Council On Foreign Relations.

>Approved to be Ambassador to France by the Council On Foreign Relations.

>Served on The Rockefeller University Council.

>Literally was a mistress to Baron Elie de Rothschild.

e921c3 No.10590874

So her third husband, W. Averell Harriman, was a member of:

>Club of Rome.

>Council On Foreign Relations.

>Knights of Pythias.

>Skull and Bones Society.

>Psi Upsilon Fraternity.

>Jupiter Island Club.

Skull and Bones was mentioned a lot in the Senate Anon thread, especially in relation to Steven Mnuchin.

69aebc No.10590878

File: 5cce8137b0fd911⋯.gif (33.64 KB, 236x317, 236:317, Jester.gif)

I found this email from 2005 alluding to sex acts and the ROJ. There are more links at the bottom. Its was pretty high up in my google search so probably nothing earth shattering but it has a few names to maybe track down.


>From: 'Texas Mason'

To: mason_stoppers@yahoo.com

Subject: Shriners: Royal Order of Jesters

Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005

>Jester Symbol Please post this anonymously! Please do not include my email address in your posting of this message. Masons and Shriners are pissed off about this email in Texas.

>Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas, Right Worshipful Grand Officers, and Brethren:

>I’m a Shriner in Texas. I have been a Shriner for many, many years.

>I am also a Jester in the Royal Order of Jesters within the Shrine. I have not attended Blue Lodge in ages. I am going to leave my name anonymous for various reasons. I am married to a wonderful woman (the 2nd one in my life thanks to the Shriners) and I have children who have moved on to lives of their own. However, what I am about to portray to you could endanger my life and the life of my family.

>While in the shrine I was very active. Taking my family with me on the weekends to events was a very exciting time in my life, and the life of my family. I was approached in the Shrine and was told that I was a good Shriner and that I was invited to join a secret society within the Shrine–The Royal Order of Jesters. This "secret society" was started back in the late teens of the 20th century. The motto was "Mirth is King" and was devoted to not brooding over sorrows, but to forget them as far as possible. This meant home life as well.

>My brothers, I am a sinner. I have sinned against my family. I have sinned against myself. I have sinned against God.

>Jester Symbol During the initiation of new Jesters I was offered the opportunity by another fellow brother to sleep with a whore, even though I had a wife and kids waiting for me to come home. I was not strong at the time and I violated every oath I had ever taken with my wife. This did not stop at initiation. These were a constant occurrence at our Jester functions and they are a common occurrence today. The initiation practices have not changed as well. Prostitutes were offered/made available at our functions and often brothers would have sex in front of other brothers.

<Oral sex competitions between brothers were considered “fun” activities to build a strong brotherhood bond between members of the Royal Order of Jesters. Potentates and Chaplains, Attorneys and Judges, Past Masters and brothers all participating or watching with open eyes, but closed minds. I often felt ashamed of what I was doing, but the pleasure outweighed the guilt. I had fallen within a deep hole and my cable-tow had been severed.

>Sex, illegal gambling and Alcohol were and are the preferred order of business to ease the "pain" of brother masons. Prostitutes are available at Jester functions for the brothers to have their way with.

>I am currently active in the Shriners and the Jesters. I am ashamed of what I have become and what the Shriners have become. I have seen threat after threat made against Masonic brothers who have not agreed or have spoken against the activities of our club. These activities are in every Royal Order of Jester’s club in the USA, and beyond our borders. You would be surprised if you knew who was Jester from your local blue lodges–outstanding, moral men–at least by their outwardly appearance. Our Most Worshipful Grand Chaplain of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas is a member of the Royal Order of Jesters, along with the Deputy Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas!!! I’m calling you out brothers. It is time for us to raise the bar of Masonry in Texas, even at the expense of our fraternity. Our Most Worshipful Grand Master Elmer Murphy of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas always talks about the character of a Master Mason and now he has the opportunity to present his true Masonic character when dealing with this issue given how close he is in relation to current active members in the Royal Order of Jesters.

<The Jesters pride themselves in having control of all leadership positions at all of the Shrine Temples in the US and Canada as well as the Imperial Shrine leadership. Also, they have risen through the ranks in every body of Masonry including the Scottish Rite, York Rite, Rosicrucians, Red Cross of Constantine, Eastern Star and the Demolay Organizations. There have been numerous past masters of the Grand Lodge of Texas who have been Jesters, including our most recent Grand Master Boyd Patterson, Reese Harrison Jr., and Michael Nanny. Find out who these other Masons are brothers within your local lodges and hold them accountable for their actions. I have invoked the cry of a Masonic brother in need of help!

a682f4 No.10590902


4pol is now /b/ browsing what was /pol/

Most of it is just shitposting

In a jew site in a shill board

they expect to find actual /pol/ users that will help them? Madness

asking /pol/ to do hacking

asking your enemies to help you

not knowing the rocket science of covering the camera or not having one

being more tech illiterate than /g/

Good for everyone they are kind of retarded

Still this means pizzagate IS hurting them, going viral is always useful

e921c3 No.10591042



69aebc No.10591047


caught my eye as well.

cdf6ab No.10591084


You should actually get trained. I know not everyone here is a vet, but a lot of you motherfuckers are crazy enough to be worth something in the event of hostilities.


Pizzagate is real, anon. That's why the msm shills had a script ready to go as soon as it gained traction. The owners of the msm specifically would be harmed by that info coming out. So, it's real. And we are the last hope of anything, really.


It's not surprising. A lot of these faggots are arrogant. The other thing is that they are not just guys that marry a teen girl. These fucks are baby rapists. It's probably the #1 thing I hate about masons is covering for this shit. Nasty fucks.


So I guess we are a 4cuck LARP too.

>implying larping is a thing any more than muh racism

345133 No.10591096

File: 9bc98afc3e2063d⋯.webm (2.05 MB, 854x480, 427:240, D O G.webm)


If any of this is real, then we can do some serious damage with it.

70aeb1 No.10591104


It probably would not be very difficult to get a hidden camera in a hospital. It would certainly be easier than a hotel, I'd think.

32df23 No.10591112



43c00c No.10591145

File: 517b5dd3577cbd7⋯.png (34.34 KB, 1332x614, 666:307, site.PNG)


>"Book of Play" - Jester's bullshit


>read the comments

43c00c No.10591154

File: 99368aa6506ddf9⋯.png (67.5 KB, 1360x697, 80:41, sameourguy.PNG)



>high level insider

0a64f4 No.10591158

File: b4e50f2357948d1⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 380x380, 1:1, 1505007926183.gif)


Okay so I was in the first thread and he left after the FIRST FUCKING TREAD

I don't know what 2 though 4 is but last I saw it was 4cuck roleplaying with itself.

43c00c No.10591167

File: a22fae9a1dc57f8⋯.jpg (79.62 KB, 420x313, 420:313, jumbo-cinnamon-jelly-beans….jpg)



>Documents from court cases in the U.S. and Brazil indicate that Schair's customers included members of the Royal Order of Jesters



>FBI determined to be human traffickers numbering approximately 22,000. The FBI in Buffalo uncovered this formerly secret group of human traffickers, organized and calling themselves the Royal Order of Jesters (aka “The Jesters”).

32df23 No.10591202

File: c1e99d7fe943da0⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1206x390, 201:65, quick.png)

strange connections?

32df23 No.10591208


from https://8ch.net/pol/res/10532863.html

70aeb1 No.10591237


This definitely feels like it's the same guy.

70aeb1 No.10591247


No he did not. He himself provided a link in thread 1 to thread 2, and from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4. This is his post in thread 1 linking to thread 2:

US Senate Anon (ID: tdjrwA24) 09/10/17(Sun)19:17:14 No.141091021▶

New thread

>>141090963 →

4278aa No.10591266


> INSIDER TIP: The Royal Order of Jesters run pedophile blackmail rings


>Who Are The Royal Order of Jesters?

Uncovering a Police-Driven, International Sex Trafficking Ring that Actually Happened

43c00c No.10591271


Hi… archive… and the archive for the same link is right above.

608c75 No.10591282



c00129 No.10591297

We're in hell. The jews are literally our keepers in this fucking place. There is no point at looking at anything as particularly evil or wrong: everything is equally fucked from top to bottom. We are the subjects but the knowledge of that does not absolve us of our responsibility to exist - our immediate problem. The horrible effects of the things that humans will do with power is beyond our own limit to perceive, and it would be better not only for ourselves but for nature (which keeps this madness alive) if we all just dehumanized and faced to bloodshed. The universe grants uncanny potential to any person that fucks with the jews, but not enough to actually maintain an organization of healthy-minded people that are ready to literally inherit reality. The fact that we are fucking with the jews means we are ready for our lives to end, and does not pertain to any kind of crucial paradigm shift within society. We would be better off throwing the collective momentum of our existence at them and sinking the whole fucking ship, but all humans are cowards so that scenario is yet but a dream. At least that way we could die with the peace of mind knowing that nothing this fucking fucked can ever happen again.

43c00c No.10591304



Prohibition passed for 13 years. In that time the jews did all they could to end it. Including all the jewish gangsters like Capone, etc.

If we could pass a constitutional amendment for 13 years just 97 years ago, we still have a chance. They aren't invincible.

c00129 No.10591348

Jewish cultists invented our entire legal system in caves thousands of years ago. The whole thing is another thought system they have engineered to subdue to the mind of the goy. You can't kill an engineer with his own weaponry. He designs his defences for his own weaponry before he makes his weaponry. He projects everything that he has done, to nature and to mankind, onto the goyim because he has divided and atomized the consciousness to the point where we are not only unaware of the very existence of the jews but are unable to engineer our own defensive thought systems.

70aeb1 No.10591389


This isn't true. Our legal traditions descend from Greece and Rome, Jews have merely infiltrated our systems. They can't make their own system. They are parasites that require a host to invade.

c00129 No.10591396


good goy

e921c3 No.10591422

Billiken Royal Order of Jesters statue.


49c07b No.10591424


Please elaborate.

608c75 No.10591434


>Give up hope!

Kys, kike.

e921c3 No.10591460


I guess it has an official building? Unless the International Royal Order of Jesters refers to a DIFFERENT Order of Jesters.

43c00c No.10591474


If they weren't scared of us, they wouldn't need to kill our leaders. Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, JFK

2227bc No.10591477

I read through all of the SenateAnons posts, and as much as I would really be willing to do an IRL investigation I honestly would have no clue where to even begin. How does one begin an operation of this sort? Are there any sources you Anons could point me to or some tips on starting this?

70aeb1 No.10591483

File: e715154b16f7249⋯.png (479.65 KB, 596x449, 596:449, Comet_Liquers_Dec_2005.png)




There is now a really good VOAT thread on this that has uncovered that a Comet Liquor right next to the Billiken building that US Senate Anon called out last night.

This is not a drill. "Comet" is apparently a chain of establishments!

This is the background on this discovery:

This post:

In the thread that was deleted, an anon did a little research on the Biliken group building. I am going to quote his post here. This was reposted on 8chan with images.

So.. autismo came out.. the property is perry's in dc myvisajobs under billiken group. billiken group from Saint Louis (billiken is a weird idol created awhile ago for worship also tied to the ROJ, if you haven't do your own digging there) the address is 1811 Columbia Rd Nw Washington, DC 20009 The Facebook page and bombshell: it's a sushi place… here's where I begin to really question LARP… saied(dot)azali on fb Whois info Led me to the owner, SAIED AZALI man.. I'm not gonna go down this hole as I just started… but I give you what I found in just a matter of minutes

Lead to SAIED AZALI whose facebook says he is the former owner of Perrys.DC which is apparently right next to Comet Liquor.

9f73ba No.10591487


Three interesting things I had learned and discussed in the last few days, both online and off:

>Titanic sunk because they wanted to oppose the national reserve. All the people for it were on the ship, all the (((people))) against it happened to cancel or trade their tickets just days before. How lucky!

>JFK wanted to restructure the military, which would cost a lot of mobsters and military people a lot of money and jobs. If you look at the video, you can hear 8 or so gunshots from the area after he gets hit in the shoulder

>9/11 was a massive insurance scam and inside job, and designed to create pretext to go to (((war))) in Afghanistan

43c00c No.10591497


My latest

>Wayne Wheeler head of Anti-Saloon league in early 1900s. Known as most influential man in politics during time period, controlled both political parties and president.

>Responsible for Prohibition

>Jewish gangsters and Jews in general were biggest opponents

>2 weeks after prohibition repealed, Wayne Wheeler's father and wife die in house fire. 2 weeks later he dies.

>3 presidents killed within this time span of 70 years. 3 out of 4 of presidential assassinations.

43c00c No.10591505

File: d3ca07c84a0cfd8⋯.gif (34.83 KB, 266x200, 133:100, 200_s.gif)



43c00c No.10591511

File: 3f35358b008e2a0⋯.png (863.91 KB, 1204x713, 1204:713, OH SHIT.PNG)




70aeb1 No.10591515


Here is an article on Comet Liquor. I am not sure if this is still in business, so I think I might be wrong about "Comet" being a chain. Now I think it may be the business Alefantis got his sign from. Either way, this is giant.

Here is an article I just found on Comet Liquor:


>Do you remember Comet Liquors in Adams Morgan? Located on Columbia Road between 18th and 19th Streets, it had a distinctive neon sign. Most who remember the business don’t realize it was opened by a Jewish immigrant in 1940 and continued to be Jewish-owned throughout its existence.

>When Oscar Gildenhorn opened Comet Liquor, the neighborhood was not yet called Adams Morgan, but the name had caught on by the time Gildenhorn’s son-in-law Howard Speisman took over management 25 years later.

>Sidney Drazin bought Comet in 1980. Drazin, a native Washingtonian, had served in World War II and then run a few different businesses before buying Comet.

>In 1989, as neighborhood demographics changed, Drazin added a deli counter. Earlier in the 20th century, it was common for Jewish grocers in Washington to move into the liquor business, but now, a few decades later, a liquor man was adding food to his business. the deli offerings like white fish salad and lox with a bagel hinted at the Jewish ownership.

43c00c No.10591520


you need to spoiler tag

43c00c No.10591526


you need to spoiler tag >>10591515

It was sold in 2011… to CPP


c46582 No.10591527

>adlson is one of the biggest donors out there, and he runs CIA blackmail ops. Look into Steven Jacobs.

Who is Steven Jacobs?

96b548 No.10591529



Eli Sizemore

Paul Sizemore

Ryan vaughn

Amanda Kleineman

Bif Skipman

Dave Stone

576 pakala Lane Kauai Hawaii

Underground melting chambers




Sasha Lord

32df23 No.10591536

File: 609193c85f5fa41⋯.jpg (71.85 KB, 800x594, 400:297, krasivy-e-reklamny-e-vy-ve….jpg)

File: b05dd9874989187⋯.jpg (90.31 KB, 900x597, 300:199, neon-liquor-sign-frank-sho….jpg)

File: ec74598a8875265⋯.jpeg (10.89 KB, 183x275, 183:275, imagesw.jpeg)

seeing stars

70aeb1 No.10591542


Nobody has looked in to him yet. Everyone has focused on this Billiken building and I've seen a little digging on Pamela Harriman, but apparently she's dead.

It would be good if someone could look into Steven Jacobs but his name is a little generic so I don't know where to start.

70aeb1 No.10591563



Found some info on Steven Jacobs in the voat thread:


>Adelson likes to blackmail Chinese government officials in Macau:


2227bc No.10591568


lawsuit was settled in may of 2016. in a confidential settlement


2227bc No.10591576

File: 5994654ea05a023⋯.png (92.67 KB, 1280x869, 1280:869, jacobs.png)

forgot pic of jacobs. sage for double post

7307a3 No.10591580

File: e9bd8314cc02539⋯.jpg (45.72 KB, 335x488, 335:488, stoopid.jpg)


>earth is flat

flat earth is a psyop and one of the most successful ones they've had in years

it proved you can take really stupid people, make them believe they have "greater knowledge", and see how long it takes them to infect the world with their insanity….it was strictly a numbers test because they already know most people are really fucking dumb

70aeb1 No.10591594


So, Steven Jacobs is the former head of the Las Vegas Sands' Hotel Macau location, which is owned by Sheldon Adelson.

This hotel is suspected by Chinese officials to be working on behalf of the US government to blackmail Chinese officials.

Steven Jacobs filed a lawsuit that was settled in May of 2016 that alleged that the Sheldon Adelson personally approved of prostitution at the Macau casino and demanded he help blackmail high-ranking Macau officials.

Another claim was that the company preferred to use prostitution as a business strategy even though Jacobs tried to ban it from the casino.

608c75 No.10591598


He should have specified that he meant AMORC and not "Rosicrucians". Recently Aquino, yes THAT Aquino, has become publicly affiliated with AMORC. I think they deserve some increased scrutiny from anons.

83b00a No.10591633


Every now and then on 4cuck/pol/ there's a general thread "HTG" human trafficking General. These are the folks that will give you info on where to look, trafficking patterns, etc. I'm surprised no one here has started a HTG thread. They get really intense and pick small areas and map them out and a bunch of other autistic shit. Search for those threads and hell maybe I'll make one here later and see who wants to join in.

651eb9 No.10591648


How good are they?

But yeah we should coordinate with them.

2227bc No.10591652

>>10591633 checked

thanks, I have looked at those threads on cuck/pol/ but I didn't have any motivation to dig too deep. Something about this SenateAnon seemed pretty legit to me.

0882d2 No.10591659

File: fe464e1b2129181⋯.jpg (317.15 KB, 1831x1022, 1831:1022, 1502238266742.jpg)


Bump, this might just be something.

70aeb1 No.10591662

Reminder of 2012 story implicating FL Congressman Bilirakis, Royal Jesters and underage prostitutes…


>As Eyewitness News first exclusively reported, Congressman Gus Bilirakis gave campaign funds to a group called the "Royal Order of Jesters" Tampa Chapter for dues and an event registration.

>In a sworn federal document, the FBI says the Jesters parties or "books of the play" generally include prostitutes who perform commercial sex acts on members.

70aeb1 No.10591705


Here is a great post from the VOAT thread about Racine:

When this Anon said "keep digging on Racine", I decided to look into it because a recent comment on an earlier thread here about Racine sparked my interest. In my first few hours, I've found a few interesting tidbits:

1) There are a few major "Clusters" where there are multiple sex offenders living very closely together, sometimes next door to eachother (except there's 4 or 5 houses in a row with sex offenders)

2) Each cluster that fits my brief description above tends to either be by a Park (Roosevelt Park, West Park, etc).

3) Elementary schools tend to be near these clusters (Wisconsin Lutheran Middle School, Racine KinderCare, Red Apple Elementary school, Jane Elementary School, Stephen Bull Elementary, and Racine Early Education)

4) In one cluster at 1400 washingtone ave in Racine, I was returning results for either an Herb Shop as being at that location, or something called Genesis Behavioral Health Services. There are at least 4 Genesis Behavioral Health Services locations within a few miles of eachother in Racine.

5) There is a childcare loophole in the state of Wisconsin that is absolutely fascinating and could be extremely relevant: it was possible for some time (maybe it still is) to receive money from the government by opening up a childcare center but enrolling your own children and employees children. So, people would open up childcare centers with their friends and only enroll their children yet receive benefits and bill the government (I believe that's roughly how it works.) However, look into the scandals involving some of these places. Probably lots of neglect, shitty living environments, etc. I read one story about a childcare center (run out of a womans home, too) that was shut down because one of the children she cared for was found wandering the streets alone.

83b00a No.10591716


Those dedicated to htg are good, of course, ignore the shills. The only kind of thread on 4cuck worth digging in to anymore.

96b548 No.10591729


And a comet

>1st pic

70aeb1 No.10591730


Another good post from VOAT calls out the Brown Palace in Denver and says that politicians usually only go to one or two hotels when they stay overnight somewhere.

>In every city where politicians routinely overnight, there is usually one or two hotels where they mainly go. For example, in Denver there's the Brown Palace where many out of town politicians stay. Assuming that these are the most likely places where such filming takes place, if someone can get access to that video– perhaps some basic hacking of their computer system, a friend works there, etc. then this might be the easiest, safest, and best method for getting the proof needed to bring these pedos crashing down.

96b548 No.10591746

File: 3309718d90cd065⋯.jpg (28.35 KB, 330x137, 330:137, IMG_1538.JPG)



pic mildly related

Pretty sure they record all fucking in all hotels

70aeb1 No.10591778

An ex chef from Bucks ( the guy worked 6 years at JA's restaurant) now works (or worked) at Perry's.

"Tom Sietsema of theWashington Post reports that chef Robert Dahlia, a Buck's Fishing & Camping alum, will take over in June, when Furstenberg can continue working on his own business plans."


"The menu changes, including a tweaked brunch menu, will coincide with the arrival in June of a new chef, Robert Dahlia, a six-year veteran of Buck's Fishing & Camping, who initially will work alongside Furstenberg. (Full disclosure: The baker and I are longtime friends.)"


781818 No.10591857


/fringe/ is like /x/, Alex Jones, and tabloids. Occasionally hits on the truth amid a sea of bullshit, and makes the truth appear to be bullshit by association. It doesn't help that Smiley is the face of /fringe/ despite ostensibly losing BO of it. Meanwhile, you have niggerfaggots like >>10589712 showing up even here.



>shilling for anarchism

Kill yourself.



Stop trying to break links with a spoiler, anon. That was the worst way to do it when it was still necessary, and it isn't necessary.


There have been plenty of PG threads here and even a stickied investigations thread here. If people actually paid attention to them something could get done, but people seem to prefer to bitch about shit and ignore them while pushing the "muh nu/pol/" meme instead.

70aeb1 No.10591930

From Voat:

>A name that keeps coming up as I am digging accordingly is one I have not seen mentioned here but he is one of the wealthiest in the world and some nasty stories connected to Pence, Jesters, Racine, etc……..Charles Ergen

e2eac2 No.10591972


He is cianigger mis-direction. I don't see him in lists of rich fuck made five years ago in 2012 but yet he is now a 14 dollar billionare as of 2014. Very fishy. He might be a pseudoname for another rich fuck though.

ab724e No.10592011


No, he has a point faggot. And you also saged.

608c75 No.10592020

Here's the only question that matters: do we have the balls to follow up on this?

96c67b No.10592026


if I had the first clue of where to start absolutely

608c75 No.10592043


There are 4 entire threads explaining this in intricate detail. What else do you need to know?

bb7f28 No.10592044


Internet connections will eventually require more opsec however, the biggest targets to go for are actually the small fries. Unfortunately ANons need to physically go out of their way to snoop.

608c75 No.10592053


What do you mean "unfortunately"? That's the exact point I'm making. Do we have the balls to get off our asses, break out the binoculars and cameras, and see who's diddling the kids?

e2eac2 No.10592054


See >>10589757 . Use the pedos to find the blackmailers.

651eb9 No.10592058


Wouldn't /k/ be the best place to recruit people who could do that?

bb5182 No.10592071


I think he's referring to this thread:


e2eac2 No.10592074


No because all image boards are heavily monitored. If you organize here you will be infiltrated. As the senator anon said.

Best way is grass roots investigations without searching anything on the internet or organizing via it. Find anons you can trust irl. Then form groups to do shit. Or hell just investigate alone and post it here once you have all the evidence to find a blackmailer of pedos.

608c75 No.10592081


What? No! Jesus Christ, you want to just start shooting people? We're talking about doing legal private eye stuff.

96c67b No.10592087


i read all 4, kinda cryptic tbh. do I just hang out at my local Shriner lodge hoping a Jester shows up? Do i join the free masons to infiltrate? Do i try and find a membership list, find the police on the lust and then follow them around to see if they protect kiddie diddlers. there really wasn't much to go on.

70aeb1 No.10592090


If you could figure out what hotels politicians tend to stay at, someone could try to get a cleaning job there.

70aeb1 No.10592093


Investigating alone is probably the best course of action for most anons. Finding a group can be pretty difficult.

96c67b No.10592097


well if what he said about even more local guys being involved i should probably just start gathering local DA and state rep info. that might be a good place to start. i know the state gov where i am is balls deep in this stuff. I'm pretty sure a detective even ended up dead trying to expose it a few years ago.

70aeb1 No.10592102


Maybe talk to people who work at hotels and see if you can't figure out what hotels tend to have politicians or famous people stay at them. If you can figure that out, try to get a camera placed in a room some how. Maybe bribe a low level janitor or something.

608c75 No.10592109


Do whatever sounds like a good idea, and don't talk about the specifics here.


Child rape and murder. Uhh… yeah. That's a good place to start.

9789db No.10592110

File: 214c9686b6fdb09⋯.jpg (13.58 KB, 274x237, 274:237, 1460609778954.jpg)


God damn!


Where should anons get trained? I'm all ready suicidal and mentally fucked so I should prepare myself even if it's unlikely.

608c75 No.10592112


Normally, I would say to take a firearms training class. But maybe not if you're suicidal…

0a6976 No.10592173


>which northern Indiana has.

several in the south too

t. hoosierfag

d8fe11 No.10592196

I want none of this to be real, but I want the truth. Is there proof he is not a larper?

e2eac2 No.10592208

/pol/ and /sudo/'s index pages and catalog just go shoahed on cloudfare for me and on archive.fo. Anyone else havint DOTR feelings?

651eb9 No.10592217


It's happened to us before, since threads still work i'm assuming it's just technical problems.

e2eac2 No.10592222


Oh, I am a newfag so I will just stfu now.

70aeb1 No.10592241

File: fdd85d01f8398ce⋯.png (214.83 KB, 360x362, 180:181, Azali Places.png)

This thread may or may not have relevant information about places that we can look into around the DC area.



This picture is on Saied Azalis facebook.

Note the post share caption: "Who else spent all of their teens, 20s and 30s at these places?"

Original Post archived here: https://archive.fo/QX7sk

This means these are all places.

Also note: on the original post, there was a comment by a particular individual by the name of "Curtis Newman" who states: "I'll reaise your collection by 3000 or more.

70aeb1 No.10592243

Note this person makes the following comment on the "Fifth Colvmn" main Facebook Page: https://archive.fo/k4OYO

Where in he notes the following the information:

D.C. bars back in the day

If they have an address I have the Matches with Address and Ph#

21st Amendment was a GW hangout

3514 (12th St NE)

5th Column

930 Club (Was F St now 815 vst)

Abbey Road

ACME Bar and Grill

Act IV (next to good guys

American Cafe

Andalusian Dog

Annies - Annistatia's

Apple Pie (end of M St)



Au Pied


Bardo Rodeo

Ben's Hideaway (close to U of Md)

Benny’s Rebel Room

Black Greco

Bojangles later The Cellar (This was the only Underground bar one entrance and exit only) It was filled in and paved over in cement.

Bronco Billy's (now Recessions)


Cafe Med


Cap’n Guys


Casino Royale (14th St.)

Cellar Door



Chancery 704 New Jersey Ave. NW



Charing Cross


Childe Harold 1610 20th St NW

Circus Maximus



Club Bound

Club Red

Club Soda

Club Saba (originally The Roxy)

Club Zei

Company (Georgetown)

Cousin Nicks



Dancing Crab


DC Eagle (leather)

DC Space 7th and E NW

Deja Vu


Devon (2000 Pennsylvania ave)

Devonshire Bar and Grill (Tenley Circle)

Diamond Jims

Duddington's Underground on a Friday night

Duke Zeibert's

Dylan's Cafe

East Side Club (1824 Half St SW)

Fish Market


Flap Rickenbackers

Friendship Station

GG Flips

Grog and Tankard (2408 Wisconsin Ave)

Gusti's (19th & M)

Ha Penny Lion

Harold's Rogue & Jar on N st NW

Hayloft Room (14th & H Street)

Heaven and Hell


Insect club

Ireland's 32

Irish Connection

Irish Times

J Pauls

Jenkin's Hill on a Saturday night

Joe and Moe's

Julio's (801 Pennsylvania Ave SE)

Kazz Club

Kelly's Irish Times


King Aruthers

Kitty O'Sheas

Lord Telefords (Dart Bar)



Maggies (Tenley Circle)


Matt Kanes

Marigold's around (17th and H)

Midtown Bar & Grill

Mike Baker's

Montego Bay (Adams Morgan)

Mountain Lodge

Mr. Day's

Mr. Days Mr Days, the rally in the alley was at a place called EJ Oreilly's, Black Rooster, Gusti's, Cousteau's, Bronco Billy's, Flap Rickenbackers, etc."

Mr. Eagan's on Connecticut Ave

Mr. Henry's (1225 Wisconsin Ave 1967 to 1986)

Mr. Smith's

Nathan's and the original Four Ps.

New Vegas lounge (1415 P St NW)


Old Mac's Pipe and Drum

Old Stoney's

One Flight Up (4934 Wisc Ave)

One Step Down (2517 Pennsylvania Ave)


Pattons Wisconsin Ave

Paul Mall

Paul Young's, Trav's, its successor


Pierce Street Annex

Planet Fred

Polly Esther's

Poor Roberts


Post Pub


PW's Saloon


Rabbit's Foot

Rain Forest Cafe

Rand’s Club

Rascal (Conn Ave)

Reeks On The Hill

Rocket Room

Rocky Raccoon's (1243 20th St. NW)

Rootie Kazooties


Safari Club (925 5th St NW)

Saloun (3239 M St NW)


Scandals now Zara

Sign of the Whale (wAS PJ Finley's)

Silver Dollar

State of the Union

Tammany Hall

Tap Inn

Tequila bar and Grill

The Alpine Club

The Bachelors

The Bank

The Bayou

The Birdland

The Blue Max

The Butterfly

The Cave

The Cellar

The Citidel Center

The Circle Bar

The Complex

The Crazy Horse

The Crosstown Lounge

The Dome

The Dubliner

The Famous

The Far Inn (Club Soda)

The Fireplace

The Gentry (Cap. Hill - 406 8th St SE)

The Greenery

The Guards (2915 M St NW)

The Hayloft

The Hideaway in the back of the Madison Hotel in the 80s


The Inn at Glen Echo

The Intrigue bar on New Hampshire Ave.

The Keg

The Library formerly Johnny K's, and Cardinal Club

The Malt Shop - Great bar above Dancing Crab

The Montage

The Oasis

The old Fox & Hounds

The Parkside Lounge

The Peppermint Twist

The Phase (gay)

The Plum

The Pound Table

The River Club (K street)

The Rogue (Drag)

The Roxy (Then Club Saba) (1214 18St and Conn NW)

The Shamrock

The Showboat

The Silver Slipper for burlesque / strippers ( Fannie Foxe and Wilbur Mills fame )

The Southland

The Spa

The Starlight Club

The Thre Deminsions (4926 Wisc Ave)

The Tombs, pre-Clydes

The Vault

The Zanzibar

The Cage

Third Edition


This Is It

Tiber Creek Pub

Tom Foolery

Tracks (gay)

Varsity Grille

Victoria Station


Vous II

Wax Museum


Windsor McKay's


Zebra Room

b3d2fe No.10592283


Does anyone remember awhile back there was something about how all of the rooms in Vegas were cammed so they could blackmail whomever was staying there? I wonder if that has something to do with it. I can't remember what the context was about, but that stuck with me.

f0bad7 No.10592419


I bet they know Tony Podesta. If you remember that article about his basement and he said something like he had it built for displaying "complex" artworks. This looks like the same stuff the fat faggot would be interested in.

608c75 No.10592440


There's 4 threads and lots of specific information to research. Stop being a dependent thinker, and make your own judgment call on the evidence.


Digits confirm the wisdom of humility.


This is a huge leap from the info in the threads.You took one person and leaped from match boxes on their social media to those being pedo locations. This is exactly the 6 degree of Kevin Bacon anon warned about. Stick to the location provided, and do hard intelligence work.


Stop. This is a wild goose chase away from the leads given. Store that list somewhere, that goes on the back burner.

70aeb1 No.10592467


The property he called out under the Billiken property management group (Perry.DC) is literally next door to the old Comet Liquor building, which is where Alefantis bought his sign from after they went out of business.

He's almost certainly legit.

70aeb1 No.10592473


Fair enough. I'll let the one anon on Voat who made that thread do his research and if anything comes out of it he can let us know.

943276 No.10592479


>Something Anon on 4chan

These are always LARPs, saying things anons want to hear and leading them on wild goose chases. The only reason people play along is because they want to believe.

608c75 No.10592488


Pack it up. The kikes said there's nothing to see.

70aeb1 No.10592489


>An ex chef from Bucks ( the guy worked 6 years at JA's restaurant) now works (or worked) at Perry's.

>"Tom Sietsema of theWashington Post reports that chef Robert Dahlia, a Buck's Fishing & Camping alum, will take over in June, when Furstenberg can continue working on his own business plans."


>"The menu changes, including a tweaked brunch menu, will coincide with the arrival in June of a new chef, Robert Dahlia, a six-year veteran of Buck's Fishing & Camping, who initially will work alongside Furstenberg. (Full disclosure: The baker and I are longtime friends.)"


Mark Furstenberg is the owner of Marvelous Market. This shop is now called Little Red Fox, next door to Comet Ping Pong. Another tie to Perry's.

943276 No.10592512


No, you're right.

In fact, I'm actually Rothschild Anon. You guys should dig into the Rothschilds. When you find something, that will prove I'm legit and definitely not just LARPing with a reasonably plausible premise do encourage autists to dig into my pet interest. :^)

e2eac2 No.10592517


Hand with timestamp or troll.

943276 No.10592525


See how that works?

>be autist with pet interest about something

>think anons should dig into something, tell /pol/ to do it

<fuck off, NYPA

>think for a minute

>create a 4chan thread, LARP as 'Something Anon', claim to have insider knowledge

>anons dig into something because they want to believe my LARP was legit


What would that prove, that I have hands and a sharpy?

e2eac2 No.10592533


It would prove you aren't a robot or a fed because they would never do such a thing since they are too stupid. It's simple really. Put your hand infront of a peice of paper with the date and time on it. Then take a picture of it and upload it.

bb7f28 No.10592541



Actually some basic fact checking for pedo rings and Senate Anon's info is at least correct. Virgina has a huge missing children database with a lot of missing photos so that they cannot be cross checked with child pornography and this ring is ran by the state police. At the minimum he is simply correlating information that is independently true and simply basing it on that.

God forbid anyone did an actual larp of Canada's pedo rings and slave trafficking, it's so bad that even the newspapers will comment on it but through a very narrow Liberal lens like "oh those poor minorities, and those minority sex slaves killed with drugs".

943276 No.10592553

File: 214a5d56387e921⋯.png (896.72 KB, 733x685, 733:685, wow, I proved.... nothing.png)


You'll find another excuse to dismiss what I'm saying.

e2eac2 No.10592559

What the fuck is a rotchschild doing in norway? Diving lessons perhaps?

608c75 No.10592560


>It would prove you aren't a robot or a fed because they would never do such a thing since they are too stupid

You are a fucking idiot. Did you know cops have to tell you they're a cop if you ask 3 times? The sad part is, I don't even think you're one of the CIAnigggers, you actually are this bad at figuring out ways to vet information.


The anon provided specific intel within the DC area that has been shown to be plausible if not probable.

70aeb1 No.10592562


This. If the guy is LARPing he certainly did his homework beforehand (and hired a horde of shills to argue with him).

943276 No.10592567

File: a7a2f910a631af9⋯.jpg (114.03 KB, 960x642, 160:107, a7a2f910a631af99d978ef2880….jpg)


I'm here for the canned fish.


>he certainly did his homework beforehand

The anons that do this sort of LARPing are dig autists. Of course he did his homework. By all means, dig into the matter. But don't jerk the guy off and act like his LARP is legitimate.

e2eac2 No.10592576

File: 4d03b08068a807e⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 250x231, 250:231, geobebblers-laguh.gif)


Haha, with some pizza on the side right? Whether the natsocs win or (you) do, God will still judge all of you. Repent, the end is near.

70aeb1 No.10592589


If it's a LARP it's not some autist doing it, the shill count proves that. If he's LARPing it's a full on psyop, with a team of hired shills ready to shill desperately against him.

There is no way to write this off as some random autist messing with people.

608c75 No.10592592

Let us pretend for just a moment that I have trusted, though currently inactive, accounts on most major pedo sites. Can some crafty anons think of any ways to use this as ammo?

Though, for many reasons, I doubt the elite of fairfax county have any need of such publicly* available sites, I believe they could be, theorhetically, used to our advantage.

Even if it only is to a small effect, something inside me wants this to be true, hence why I pose such an insane hypothetical situation.

protip: I'm a drunken coward.

This should end well…

3521ab No.10592596


I was watching those threads. One of the things that struck me was that he seemed to have no knowledge whatsoever of anything happening re: Assange in October. He even suggested Assange was a "limited hangout" I actually tend to think that's plausible post-October, but not pre-October… cunt went missing for a reason.

In any case, if the other info that he's provided appears good, so be it. It'll add authenticity to the other shit he's saying. But until then, I'm sceptical but support his general idea of getting to the "handlers".

943276 No.10592604


Kill yourself immediately.

90119a No.10592610


kys maybe?

70aeb1 No.10592615


> I actually tend to think that's plausible post-October, but not pre-October… cunt went missing for a reason.

I think I have possibly figured out what happened in October, actually.

Assange disappeared, probably on the advice of his lawyers, to get out of his Swedish rape charges. If you recall, the Swedish prosecutor attempted to meet with him during this time but was unable to meet with him face to face. Consequently, Sweden dropped the rape charges against him, because "all avenues" had been exhausted or something.

Assange later blamed the CIA in an interview for creating a disinformation campaign designed to reduce public confidence in Wikileaks and reduce donations.

e2eac2 No.10592618

File: d017c05bfd6c328⋯.gif (539.48 KB, 268x215, 268:215, lolbuthurt.gif)


We got a hothead here. Go back to snacking on that tuna you cannibal.

a203fb No.10592644

So regardless of the authenticity of said Senate Anon, he makes a very good point. We need to investigate the blackmailers.

70aeb1 No.10592690


This. He told us the most realistic way that the blackmail networks can be taken down.

be775d No.10592700


>Doesn't he know that it must fall to fix burgerland?

Perhaps not. He's still just human, even senators don't know basic shit about the economy.

70aeb1 No.10592721


He seemed to have a pretty good grasp of what he called the "American System". What he says makes sense to me about the economy being impossible to fix because blackmail handlers won't allow it.

Saying the system HAS to crash to be fixed plays into the hands of the blackmailers, whose intent is to crash the economy eventually and run off to China and New Zealand.

943276 No.10592733


If the jews wanted the economy to crash, it would have already crashed. They can crash it anytime they want. They don't want to crash it because they have more to lose than anybody else. They're investing in China and New Zealand as a contingency plan. They always have contingency plans.

e2eac2 No.10592739

File: 5d2d3f8525b9639⋯.jpg (52.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, blurred-evil-pepe.jpg)



943276 No.10592754


They own the currency you fucking idiot. They control the Fed. They can crash the economy at the drop of a hat.

e2eac2 No.10592772

File: 1823fd7822464c3⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, burning-teeth-pepe.jpg)


>what is losing (((your))) control of the USD

>what is implementing a silver based currency with silver from mexico

>what is DOTR happening to kill all kikes in burgerland


70aeb1 No.10592828


A contingency plan against what, though, if not their blackmail networks being taken down?

3521ab No.10592830


I've seen this explanation before and although it was a good one, it still doesn't address all that happened.

>rt interview that was doctored (concern here is not that it was doctored but that it was initially released to combat concerns of assange's well being when it was obviously recorded prior to Oct 16th)

>future insurance files were unsigned

>fuckery with wikileaks.org/files (files modified, dates set to 1984)

>cryptome tweets (wrong ec bolthole, assange escape plans - one involving a "mini-sub", etc - all since deleted)

>censorship on the chans of any alleged secret key (i witnessed this personally)

>massive dos attack around ~Oct 21st

>persistent dos on bitmessage and other platforms

>largest spam attacks ever (at the time) on bitcoin's network around Oct 21st (imo this was likely coincidental)

>gavin macfadyen's death Oct 22nd.

There's a whole lot that is suss as fuck about everything that happened there. The fact that JA now has his own Twitter account makes me think a deal may've been reached and he's distancing himself from WL as it's no longer a platform that he controls in its entirety.

70aeb1 No.10592841


Precisely. So what do you think they will do if their blackmail networks get taken down? They will drop the hat immediately.


>future insurance files were unsigned

>fuckery with wikileaks.org/files (files modified, dates set to 1984)

>cryptome tweets (wrong ec bolthole, assange escape plans - one involving a "mini-sub", etc - all since deleted)

>censorship on the chans of any alleged secret key (i witnessed this personally)

>massive dos attack around ~Oct 21st

This is the part that still confuses me almost a year later.

1a4beb No.10592850


Where do these pieces of shit come from?

3521ab No.10592861


>This is the part that still confuses me almost a year later.

One other thing: At one point, may've been December'ish, WikiLeaks' Facebook started LiveStreaming this song (Laiback - Whistleblowers).


Never an explanation, but was ominous as fuck.

943276 No.10592877


4th Reich.

e2eac2 No.10592883

File: 1498bf7299bd032⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, .png)


Oh there's no stopping that. The real question is which continent are you keeping when the ashes start to fall. Chink land sounds best for you atm. Europe will easily be reconquered. Asia not so much. I bet you could get chink land to conquer australia back as another private island for (you).

You see the fourth reich starts when the USD falls. Everyone on /pol/ wants it to fall. Because then rebuilding can start in a gold or silver backed currency. Till then it is like mind control on the plebs thinking it is valuable to be enslaved to you. For now.

943276 No.10592895

File: dc070b3ceb4c166⋯.jpg (74.83 KB, 725x451, 725:451, rise of fascism.jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.png (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.png)


>You see the fourth reich starts when the USD falls. Everyone on /pol/ wants it to fall.

No kidding. Tell it to: >>10592721

e2eac2 No.10592912

File: a39650763d395ff⋯.gif (902.15 KB, 400x328, 50:41, spin-me-right-round-right-….gif)


Not everyone is aware of everything going on at all times.

Why is bluebeam being pushed for recruitment in the USA? Why not kill all those involved with TANGO in the USA before it crashes? Or is bluebeam happening soon? Not like anyone here would beleive such a thing could ever happen with all the kekistan faggotry you push.

943276 No.10592929


Bluebeam is a bullshit cover story for German saucers from Antarctica.

70aeb1 No.10592931

File: f99b90b308ec264⋯.png (503.87 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, cruzgate.png)

Did something happen with Ted Cruz? There's a thread on 4chan now:


>(LARPer?) Senate Anon posts about Cruz' infidelity at 7:03 PM PST

>"Sexual Posts" Uploads a cheating video at 9:39 PM that Cruz "likes" soon after

>The fiasco breaks out on 9-11

>Remember "Grab em by the pussy"?

>Remember "Golden Showers"?

>Whether he was LARPing or not, Senate Anon was right about there being blackmail rings.

943276 No.10592942


see: >>10592274

Spoilers: It's probably legitimate. "Conservatism" is a joke. Politicians like Ted Cruz cynically play a role to exploit dumb boomers for votes.

e2eac2 No.10592945


Kill yourself for thinking I am stupid enough to fall for that bullshit pushed by cianiggers.


Archive https://archive.fo/xGN5M

943276 No.10592950

File: 2d075bd4a2ad09a⋯.jpg (160.47 KB, 822x1164, 137:194, 1454205168355.jpg)

File: e07e5972b392a92⋯.jpg (453.78 KB, 980x653, 980:653, 1459222263297.jpg)


Also, we knew Ted Cruz's family was CIA and that he cheats on his wife during the primary season. That "Senate Anon" isn't saying anything that wasn't known on /pol/ two years ago.


Hey, you were stupid enough to think I'm a sardine-munching scandinavian jew.

e2eac2 No.10592959


T.the guy who gave the hand timestamp and fucked up and is still saging a important topic

943276 No.10592963


Yeah, I really messed up by not putting my giant stack of anchovy cans out of the frame.

>important thread

>thread about a 4chan LARPer

Pick one.

3521ab No.10592966


>Also, we knew Ted Cruz's family was CIA and that he cheats on his wife during the primary season. That "Senate Anon" isn't saying anything that wasn't known on /pol/ two years ago.

Part of me wonders if this is a threat to a Cruz underling suspected of being Senate Anon a "we know your fetish" and a punishment to Cruz himself for not ousting him earlier.

e2eac2 No.10592972


Take another picture with the anchovies in the frame and post it then if you fucked up.

70aeb1 No.10592973


>Also, we knew Ted Cruz's family was CIA and that he cheats on his wife during the primary season. That "Senate Anon" isn't saying anything that wasn't known on /pol/ two years ago.

That's true but it's the timing that's so weird. Within hours of being called out for cheating specifically, Ted Cruzs' social media account then "likes" a porn video that is specifically about cheating, causing a minor scandal.

e2eac2 No.10592978


Maybe the blackmailers of pedos are mostly kikes? There are alot of kikes/babylonians in the tech industry so that would make sense then the speedy reaction.

70aeb1 No.10592979


>Part of me wonders if this is a threat to a Cruz underling suspected of being Senate Anon a "we know your fetish" and a punishment to Cruz himself for not ousting him earlier.

>Part of me wonders if this is a threat to a Cruz underling suspected of being Senate Anon a "we know your fetish" and a punishment to Cruz himself for not ousting him earlier.

This is a very logical explanation. Anyone know if Ted Cruz drinks diet sprite out of a coffee mug? One of the more ominous shills in Senate Anons threads was trying to figure out who he was and asked specifically "Does your boss drink diet sprite out of a coffee mug?"

70aeb1 No.10592983


There's definitely a ton of Jews involved. We know that from Epstein however US Senate Anon also named Sheldon Adelson as running blackmail in his hotels.

Also, the Royal Order of Jesters property that Senate Anon brought our attention to, at Adams Morgan under the Billiken Property Management, is literally right next door to the old Comet Liquor, which is where James Alefantis bought his Comet sign.

Comet Liquor was owned by Jews. Here is an article about Comet Liquor:


Three names are mentioned in this article:

>Oscar Gildenhorn opened Comet Liquor

>Gildenhorn’s son-in-law Howard Speisman took over management 25 years later.

>Sidney Drazin bought Comet in 1980

Any of these three people may be worth looking in to. There's definitely something going on at or around Adams Morgan.

7111b8 No.10593012

Senate Anon did say to "focus on small opponents instead of Hilary for now because those guys are too hard. Everyone is screaming she is not in prison." This could be a trick to buy time. Plus (((they))) are known to rat out their own if needed. Also White House Anon, an anon that holds water, said "most of the White House Staff is good" and Senate Anon said "most of the White House Staff is bad." He said White House Staff specifically. This very well may be a move to get us to lose hope even though it won't happen. God only knows. Either way, I think we are on the right track. Anyone got any proof besides Senate anon Mike is a traitor? Good luck!

e2eac2 No.10593019

File: 5f9e0d16ccdbaa4⋯.jpg (70.73 KB, 501x576, 167:192, kike-or-not.jpg)


>ignore the comet ping pong connection goyim

>focus on doing nothing goyim just be happy trump will do it all even though he is alone in not being blackmailed in washington

b34fab No.10593027


What's your proof he is alone? Also I just said we're on the right track.

70aeb1 No.10593031


This could be an elaborate, well informed LARP by Steven Bannon as part of his "war" on Republicans who are opposing Trumps agenda.

Either way, the idea that regular anons should try to brownstone the blackmail networks is a good one, and the most likely thing that will result in the dismantling of said blackmail networks.

e2eac2 No.10593040

wtf. Why was >>10593031 deleted? I can't beleive I saved it here in time https://archive.fo/jSFgK

70aeb1 No.10593042


It's remarkable to me that you made this post just now, because I literally had this typed up and was about to press "post":

In case anyone is interested, I found an archive of the follow up thread that got deleted and the OP was banned for "larping".


e2eac2 No.10593043


Oh it's just cloudfare being a bitch.

b34fab No.10593046

File: c41fbeebbbc9297⋯.png (43.99 KB, 1352x355, 1352:355, 555.png)

70aeb1 No.10593049



Oh, sorry. I thought you were linking to the archive of the deleted 4chan thread but you were linking to an archive of this 8chan thread.

70aeb1 No.10593052


This is a good post from the thread that got deleted:

Look at how the shilling has already started in this thread. This has somebody bothered. This is a post from the last thread by a based anon:

I decided to contribute some autism and I did a quick analysis of Senate Anon's 3 previous threads, to see if I could see any trends in the attacks against him. All I did was look for posts that attacked him for being a "LARP!!" I didn't include the other numerous attacks, just this new "fag" "retard" etc. attack.

I broke the attacks down into categories, drive-by shootings ("1 post by this ID") and posts by those who posted more than once in the thread.

Here's what I found:

Thread 1:

12 drive-by

8 multiple

Total: 20

Thread 2:

10 drive-by

16 multiple

Total: 26

Thread 3:

12 drive-by

19 multiple

Total: 31

So a couple of interesting things show up: First, in each thread somewhere between 5% and 10% of the posts were simply accusations of Senate Anon being a larper. In threads that all hit the bump limit. Next, even though the threads start later and later (it's now 3 am on the East Coast), the number of "LARP" attacks keeps increasing. Finally, the number of drive-bys stays relatively constant, but the posts by people who get ever more shrill and committed to attacking him keeps increasing - doubling by the third thread.

This is all very serious circumstantial evidence that Senate Anon isn't larping, and is in fact under direct attack by forces who do not want us to consider what he's saying.

This should be considered an attack not just on Senate Anon, but on all of our freedom - to discuss what we want with who we want, and to think for ourselves and participate in our country's politics as we choose. This isn't an attack on just Senate Anon, it's an attack on all of us.

d81ff0 No.10593061


>The head of the Illuminati is Kefka from Final Fantasy 6.

Fitting how the head of the Illuminati decides to dress and maybe act like the last good Final Fantasy villain.

Maybe this is why FF6 was so good. A bit of blending of reality and truth into that story.

f1070a No.10593062


Agree this is of relevance. Don't forget that quite a number of properties in the area were known for having rat runs and tunnels for transporting liquor during the prohibition. This always piqued my curiosity about using an old liquor store sign, that store probably had a tunnel prior to being legally allowed to sell alcohol.

b34fab No.10593066


Maybe, but how is >>10593012 wrong.

70aeb1 No.10593078


>Don't forget that quite a number of properties in the area were known for having rat runs and tunnels for transporting liquor during the prohibition.

That is an extremely useful observation. Maybe if there are local liquor stores that were around during the prohibition era could be checked out? If there is unusual activity at a place like that literally anyone could place a hidden camera there.

Their weak point has to be these cash based businesses like the businesses on Comet Ping Pong's street and Perrys.DC. Absolutely nothing is standing in the way of someone putting a hidden camera in a place like that.

ab59d8 No.10593414




thats just a (((coincidence))) just like with 9/11, nothing to see here

608c75 No.10593663

>Bugsy Malone

>Splurdge guns

70aeb1 No.10593779

Good post from Voat:

>Looking at my county for ROJ activity, the secrecy is a reality so it's hard to find anything. BUT obituaries are very telling of associations and companies the dead member of ROJ was involved in and their siblings. Also abourt following the catds. Marin county which comes in 3rd from suadi Arabia and DC in child trafficking also has one card room. PETE'S 881 CLUB, in San Rafael. If following the cards, means following the casinos then…PETES 881 club is s very discrete location.

a203fb No.10593967

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


and kill one of their largest running schemes? Nah, they would rather keep milking this bitch for a few more years. I suspect when Trump finally drops the hammer we might see a bump in the economy.

b3d2fe No.10593997


Bannon is smart enough to know how to drop enough info for us to take the bait. He's maybe the only guy of that age range I think that truly knows how to push our buttons.

Regardless, there was interesting information that should be looked at in this and everyone should proceed carefully.

25d898 No.10594214

Don't want to be discouraging. But the other thing I wonder is, if we would succeed in dismantling the current pedo networks. Wouldn't that make the country prone to taken over by new Handlers. This all looks like the war on drugs - unwinnable.

4778b3 No.10594235


It is only unwinnable if one is not dedicated enough to do whatever is necessary for victory.

24f57f No.10594546

File: 5681c4725d0c0fc⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 2428x1536, 607:384, satan city.jpg)


There is a pizzaria at the dupont circle which is at the upper left corner of the smaller pentagram. Maybe unrelated but i dont know. Caught my eye. Didnt find anything weird about it otherwise

70c648 No.10594592

File: 7c1abd5865eceb0⋯.jpg (70.72 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1l707t.jpg)


Wow thanks, now I know about water bears.

943276 No.10594643

File: 3e78ff74686ac2d⋯.jpg (26.82 KB, 440x330, 4:3, owl.jpg)


Oh you sweet naive child, it's so much worse than you think.

a7430c No.10594829


Owls were a comon symbol of the freemasons. It's not a surprise that there's be one in DC.

4c9a1d No.10594857


Weaponized autism needs to keep the eye on the prize. We have a chance to dig now to BTFO the pedos in midterms next year. If some sperglord can uncover enough dirt and it's released in time next year to primary motherfuckers out, sitting congresscritters and senators can become major lolcows.

943276 No.10594865


It's the mark of a Minerva cult.

32df23 No.10594869


or a weakened nation unable to stop foreign invasion

31123e No.10595125

File: fc4547eb4145db7⋯.jpg (232.34 KB, 1242x1375, 1242:1375, Ed Murray.jpg)

Pure coincidence I'm sure.

608c75 No.10595235


You have no basis to say whether his info is legitimate or not. Further, LARP doesn't mean false. He could be an FBI agent in DC, or a police detective in Indiana trying to throw you off the scent of his real identity.


Hitler was a kike.


How would he even know this? He's have to have insiders at the CIA to know this, and he claimed to be a Senate insider.


They can't crash the economy while also looting the assets and getting overseas and avoiding being hung.


How do they crash everything when all of their people have been removed from positions of power? That's literally the whole point anon made. They can't control anything without blackmail.


>give up hope, goys!


Obviously, the kikes run the blackmail.


Anon said the building was where things went down. That means someone in DC needs to go, in person, and investigate.


Is it easier to get to a veteran public official who has extensive experience in espionage and is surrounded by guards, or get to one of her assistants?


Steve Bannon fits the facts perfectly, except he said Bannon was blackmailed. Couldn't he have said the globalists just forced Bannon out? I just can't quite fit that in with Bannon's motives here, other than as a perfect maneuver to cover up Bannon being the LARPer himself, and knowing that his own reputation doesn't matter right now.




The more that I think about it, the more I think it is Bannon or someone close to him.


Minerva, the ancient mysteries. Bavarian Illuminati and OTO have Minerval ranks IIRC.

9a6a14 No.10595243


>Hitler was a kike.


9789db No.10595282


>Is it easier to get to a veteran public official who has extensive experience in espionage and is surrounded by guards, or get to one of her assistants?

We are so close and she and her friends are so dumb they can be the focus. Also how is Mike a traitor?

70aeb1 No.10595325



>Anon said the building was where things went down. That means someone in DC needs to go, in person, and investigate.

It would be VERY easy to place a hidden camera inside a place like Adams Morgan. It would have been unbelievably easy to get a camera in any of these "Comet Ping Pong-esque" businesses.

If we can find more businesses like Comet, Little Red Fox, Besta Pizza, etc. there is absolutely nothing standing in our way from spying on those places with hidden cameras.

70aeb1 No.10595348


Speaking of places like this, the owner/former owner of the building Senate Anon called out, Perrys in DC, is owned by Saied Azali. He also owns a second restaurant underneath it called Mintwood Place. From the article:

>"Saied pounced when the space below Perry's (previously a Latin market) became available. "I didn't want anybody to go underneath me and destroy my business upstairs."

Someone needs to get a hidden camera in Perrys and Mintwood Place ASAP before they clean up their activities like they did at Comet.

afb4b8 No.10595351


These fucking things cost next to fucking nothing and can hang somewhere for weeks at a time, only being activated when movement is detected within range.

Also, GPS trackers are your friends, when you are the ones using them… Not sure about legality, but tactical use can get your camera pointed in the right direction.

608c75 No.10595362


His dad was an illegitimate Rothschild.


We just need someone in DC with a pair of balls. This applies nationwide.


Whatever you have and want to use. The more varied our methods, the harder it is to defend against them.

70aeb1 No.10595378

>Not sure about legality, but tactical use can get your camera pointed in the right direction.

Anyone who does this has to be very careful and cannot attempt to take credit for anything they find because spying on people like this violates wiretapping laws.

320135 No.10595411

File: 9e53dd986b923a2⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 248x239, 248:239, drawncrest.jpg)


This is right beside a college in Toronto. I think they were pimping out some of the college students.

608c75 No.10595430


You can do a lot more than you think without breaking the law. Filming a house or business from the outside is legal in most places. Check your state laws if you're worried. Also, keep in mind diddling kids is illegal, too.


They call it "riding on the camel's hump" and I'm not joking.

391711 No.10595455

U.S. Senate anon I will provide all the info you request on condition I receive a full pardon for any crimes I have committed up to the date I produce evidence for "pedo gate" and for any crimes that are currently unknown but may become known later.


34dcd4 No.10595460


Don't let it anon! We are the last hope we must act better, be better. We are to never fail never surrender. Failure is not an option!

608c75 No.10595464

Just a tip for you all if you want politicians to bend the knee phoning them is the way to go.

608c75 No.10595471


How could he even set this up? That would have to come straight from Trump. Just leak it anonymously.

391711 No.10595486


That's not my job to figure out anon.

I will not be a second class citizen, Liberty or Death.

391711 No.10595565

Let's agree to not discuss tactics here on this open forum. Do what you can if you can

70aeb1 No.10595640

File: c407537fc5604db⋯.jpg (140.38 KB, 1296x864, 3:2, perrys in dc bedroom.jpg)


THIS is on the Perrys.DC facebook page:


This is a restaurant? With a bedroom in it?

70aeb1 No.10595643


There is no way blackmail is not going on in this room.

e2eac2 No.10595651

File: b3790fae8435e4f⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 299x300, 299:300, dynamite-bait.jpg)


This is misdirection and bait. Do not click unless behind seven proxies.

e2eac2 No.10595654


or more specifically that is a cianigger website.

70aeb1 No.10595667



It's straight from the Perrys.DC Facebook page:

www.facebook dot com/pg/perrys.dc / photos / ? ref = page_internal

Technically you are correct, since Mark Zuckerberg is most certainly a CIA nigger.

70aeb1 No.10595684

File: 15940e7e9dcd396⋯.jpg (86.97 KB, 657x960, 219:320, perrys in dc kids with tra….jpg)

File: 2756c65cd3f093b⋯.jpg (83.43 KB, 720x960, 3:4, perrys in dc splits.jpg)


These two pictures are right next to each other in the Perrys.DC Facebook page. These pictures are randomly placed in between a bunch of pictures of food.



e2eac2 No.10595698


That second picture looks like a gay trap.

5cdff0 No.10595710


>Kid on top left in first image.


70aeb1 No.10595750


I probably should have waited to post the pictures of the kids and trannies since I it's probably more important to bring attention to this room:


Can it be confirmed that this bedroom is, in fact, inside the Perrys restaurant?

If it is, this is almost certainly a blackmail room. Suddenly I am reminded of the "la boom boom room" at Comet Ping Pong. Alefantis was probably a blackmail handler too.

961ed6 No.10595816


Fucking grotesque.

e73034 No.10595835


Sick fucks

70aeb1 No.10596058

Saied Azali's Facebook page lists Comet Ping Pong among his favorites. Scroll all the way to the bottom of his Facebook page. It's under "Favorites," subsection "Other".

59c941 No.10596062



Did you ever watch GitS: Stand Alone Complex?

That's what you need here, a stand-alone complex. Individual actors, not tied to each other.

That also means, get up and do it yourself. Prepare a dead man's switch.


Man, I know of a place like that. Frequented by senators and wall street types. Never been though. It's owned by the parents of a literally autistic friend of mine, but I've only met them once when they were picking him up after we went to a convention.

608c75 No.10596111

Now you're finally getting somewhere. Remember, I leaked this on the condition that you go beyond 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, and start investigating in the real world. If you prove trustworthy in this, you will be given more leads.

70aeb1 No.10596123


>Man, I know of a place like that. Frequented by senators and wall street types. Never been though. It's owned by the parents of a literally autistic friend of mine, but I've only met them once when they were picking him up after we went to a convention.

It sounds like you are in a really good position to actually get a recording of someone. Don't say anything about the place online, see if you can't figure out when someone important is going to stay there by talking to or bribing employees. Then see if you can't bribe someone to put a tiny camera in the room, like this:


Be a hero, anon

70aeb1 No.10596127



I think he's responding to you, anon.

391711 No.10596206


Just tell us who we have to kill quit complicating shit. "Exposing" them didn't work in Nevada and got one of our own black bagged, probably killed or currently held and being tortured now in some CIA blacksite near Langley.

You know what will work? Ending the threat. You don't handle a corrupt system by trying to work within it, you go outside the system which should be patently fucking obvious since you're doing it now.

Literally what you're asking us to do would be considered treasonous at best under the current government. The penalty will be the same for anyone engaging in this shit so why the fuck not just get it done right the first time?

70aeb1 No.10596241


What do you mean by this? Phone them with regular old concerns about government or phone them and confront them about their blackmail after you catch them?

I think everyone should go back and read the posts by the Anon with the ID: 000000

608c75 No.10596256

Maybe it's just better to leak to Assange. This world is a clown world or maybe a dystopia. Logic and reason out the window, just like it was with that former Google employee and his well written and cited open letter. Pure evil rules all the great nations of the world and the American people who see these leaks and truths mostly do nothing. Dead nation, dead world. What was even the point of keeping guns?

70aeb1 No.10596266


But didn't you tell us Assange was a limited hangout that was designed to be demoralization propaganda?

19c141 No.10596275


this tbqh

a list of names and a list of addresses and a list of crimes is basically the ideal

70aeb1 No.10596298

File: 8dc6d291115c530⋯.jpg (78.14 KB, 600x900, 2:3, drag brunch girl love logo.jpg)


HighLevelInsider on Voat, who is suspected of being US Senate Anon, has also been making posts simultaneously with the ones he's just made here on 8chan.

He just made this post:

>The blackmailers like to have lots of different things available. Drag Queens might tickle the fancy of "good Christian" closeted homosexuals like Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio. Imagine the blackmail value of a picture of them "eating brunch" with a Drag Queen…

<February 12, 2017 poster has girl lover symbols.

He's not kidding about the February 12th poster. Pic related.

3a20ea No.10596446


ok then prove it, since you larping faggot cannot provide any in your post of nothing but ridicule.

meanwhile hundreds of experiments can be run right now by anyone, using scientific method, with 100% repeatable results in the field that conclusively prove yes indeed motionless and flat, check.

into the oven with you

dont let the door hit you on the way in

never mind that hissing sound

e2eac2 No.10596482

>"eating brunch" with a Drag Queen…

Literally who cares? Unless eating brunch is codeword for something else.

6ed1bb No.10596607



It seems the traffickers actually mananging the traffic and or the ones getting the "dirt" for the blackmailers are all middle eastern. Awan, arun rao, and now this guy

70aeb1 No.10596624

High level insider said on Voat:

>The blackmailers like to have lots of different things available. Drag Queens might tickle the fancy of "good Christian" closeted homosexuals like Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio. Imagine the blackmail value of a picture of them "eating brunch" with a Drag Queen…

I think he is telling us that if anons start going to these brunches, they might see a politician there having brunch with a tranny and all you need to do is take a picture or video of it.

Someone should start going to these Tranny Brunches and wear spy glasses or something.

2227bc No.10596645

File: 3dfbfe1f1587007⋯.png (184.66 KB, 559x522, 559:522, this_dudes_face.png)


wtf is going on with this guys face

>pic related

2227bc No.10596652


anon…they are both drag queens

>sage for double post

70aeb1 No.10596709

Barack and Michael Michelle Obama hosted a dinner for donors at Mintwood Place, the restaurant underneath Perry's drag queen-frequented eatery (which US Senate Anon called out).


"Longtime Washington restaurateur Saied Azali recalled a presidential dinner at his restaurant Mintwood Place hosted by the Obamas for a group of grass-roots donors. In preparation, Secret Service agents came into the restaurant every day for a week, Azali said. During the dinner they closed off two blocks around the restaurant.

Having to keep the visit a secret, Azali told his staff those men in suits were caterers."

>Having to keep the visit a secret, Azali told his staff those men in suits were caterers."

>Having to keep the visit a secret

2227bc No.10596733


well, I've been on the fence about SenateAnon, but this has my plugs sparking

70aeb1 No.10596757


What convinced me was the fact that this same building, Perry's, is right next door to the old Comet Liquor, which is where Alefantis bought the Comet sign from.

Adding an Obama into the mix really makes it clear that the guy at least knows where to look. I've no idea if he's really from the Senate but I do agree that he's a HighLevelInsider at this point.

401c3d No.10596810


The problem is actionable intelligence.

All that can currently be done is process certain groups and figure out what the networks are than progress to figuring out who the blackmailers are via links. Whistle blowing doesn't work, D.C. Madame was never black bagged and taken away somewhere before dying.

Funding and technology is needed for what is proposed, longer term surveillance, which few have. Hard to organize.


You should start digging around on fetlife.com to see if you can find the local trannies up. I'm sure there'll be links of them there.

70aeb1 No.10596859

From Voat:

Azali does seem to be tied in pretty well with D.C. government. He was the keynote speaker in 2014 at an event held by the Dept. of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs: https://dcra.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/dcra/release_content/attachments/FINAL%20Entree_DC_Press_Release%208%2020%2014.pdf

His would be a great resume for a political blackmailer, especially with the handy bedroom suite at Perry's.

198ca6 No.10596894

File: c770d347977fd8f⋯.png (371.84 KB, 1030x928, 515:464, thebegginingofanewstrategy.png)



It could be. And your post reminded me of something I saw on cuckchan a while ago which seems related if only tangentially. But it is worth a read:


32a0a0 No.10596979


I don't know if you know any working girls or victims of these pervs.

Psychos have habits and like to keep trophies. Instead of trying to access the front door of a busy establishment. Maybe some dark room has what we need.

If you find something keep it to yourself, don't tip anyone off who reads this.

401c3d No.10597006

File: aaa5687fb6049d1⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1505280145739[1].jpg)

Very odd halfway house / moving company. None of their trucks have a DOT number, but according to the internet they've moved people across the nation and have warehouses across the USA.

They use cult tactics to recruit new members:

>The first few months of Delancey Street are considered the “immigration” phase. Upon acceptance, men will have their hair trimmed to short length and become clean-shaven, and the women are asked to remove all makeup. Clothing is provided and the first focus is to turn around street and/or gang images and develop new self-concepts. These first few weeks are spent in maintenance jobs such as cleaning the facilities and serving meals. Residents are allowed to write immediate family after 30 days, and make a call after 90 days; however, they are generally encouraged to spend their time and energy in “immigration” getting to know those around them, and becoming involved in their new environment. Following that, letters, phone calls and visits are earned along with responsibilities and rewards.


They have multiple large properties around the nation.

San Francisco - https://archive.is/UZ26U

Los Angeles - https://archive.is/W5m8i

San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico (on an indian rez) - https://archive.is/bZmmm

Greensboro, North Carolina (no warehouse just a house) - https://archive.is/AhiGF

Brewster , New York (1 hour from NYC) - https://archive.is/fRhkM


Look at their list of benefactors. Some names sound familiar.


>For our 25th anniversary we invited a select group of friends to celebrate Delancey’s quarter of a century of struggles and successes, and simultaneously expand Delancey CIRCLE. Our National Board of Governors consists of:

>Former Secretary of State George Shultz

>Co-founder of the Farm Workers Union Dolores Huerta

>Senator Dianne Feinstein

>(Former CEO Gap, Inc.) Current J Crew CEO Mickey Drexler

>Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Weizel

>Federal Judge Thelton Henderson

>Former Parade Magazine Publisher Walter Anderson

>Former Bank of America CEO Richard Rosenberg

d0256e No.10597017

File: 7d31eb795a33002⋯.jpg (13.13 KB, 180x179, 180:179, ayy.JPG)

70aeb1 No.10597022


There is a Royal Order of Jesters organization in every single state, I think. Every US based anon could watch the local ROJ headquarters in their state.


Anon this looks like a very promising lead. Any anons from California, New Mexico, North Carolina or New York want to set up a hidden camera near this company? Or follow their trucks around?

70aeb1 No.10597028


Could someone put a GPS tracker on some of these trucks???

2656ad No.10597063

File: d8b28d2454c266d⋯.jpg (281.15 KB, 413x561, 413:561, shriners fun kids.jpg)

401c3d No.10597076



Several different DOT numbers.

#289919 - archive.is/MzsB4

36 power units, 40 drivers, 260,000 miles a year.

#651086 - archive.is/Bxomq

5 power units, 4 drivers, 35,000 miles a year

#419465 - archive.is/nnk4H

8 power units, 8 drivers, 90,000 miles a year

401c3d No.10597164



289919 is part of a parent company

Here is who they're linked with.


32df23 No.10597400

File: 04081491323eb21⋯.jpg (598 KB, 2145x1419, 65:43, sitestepsreduced.jpg)

I know masons engage broken suburban kids with demolay, I've been in temples, I am related to a Shriner in L.A. Can't say I saw anything fishy. But if looking for youth groups don't forget to check here, blue lodge level does community work I think, the youth groups roll up under the blue lodge management as seen bottom center.

32df23 No.10597415

File: 9dbbd87cc326623⋯.png (625.55 KB, 677x477, 677:477, ff.png)


also notice with mason symbology in mind, the master of the Order of DeMolay, his dress, in black and red, upon a black shadow, distanced from the other blue lodge orders. Maybe the Order of the Eastern Star as well, look at the double star.

32df23 No.10597484

File: 89bb877f3c30770⋯.jpg (165.31 KB, 800x530, 80:53, grotto_reEEEE_.jpg)

File: d5e3b1dd24cf832⋯.jpg (119.43 KB, 1000x244, 250:61, look_dubs.jpg)

32df23 No.10597517

File: d773b6153f16466⋯.jpg (213.4 KB, 400x560, 5:7, rU_John_Wayne.jpg)


strange political shifts


32df23 No.10597529

File: 31d292d66870b0f⋯.jpg (173.12 KB, 382x755, 382:755, usee.jpg)

File: de6956f8a5b73ee⋯.jpg (251.01 KB, 650x975, 2:3, thepillar.jpg)

File: 374bc8ef521028a⋯.jpg (83.16 KB, 650x433, 650:433, theshame.jpg)

e2b8bf No.10597574


Confirmed Zuckerberg. Boy wonder, went to Harvard etc.

7d980c No.10597637

File: 5f0af5de19884bd⋯.jpg (180.91 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 1445748348020.jpg)


You are an absolute fucking moron.


e2b8bf No.10597671


What…the…fuck…is that?

6fe575 No.10597679

Why 4cuck links aren't broken?

ccb162 No.10598217


>Please do not include my email address




9c8b08 No.10598231

So have any of you heard about the mayor in seattle washington that resigned/got arrested for kiddy diddling?

from what i read "first openly gay mayor of seatle". dont have any details about the victim gender or age (aside from "under 18")

i wonder if this has more implications or if its any bigger. or was he just a faggot in seattle fucking boys.

ccb162 No.10598242



401c3d No.10598381


>i wonder if this has more implications

We both know there's more implications and it's not just an isolated incident, just like Rotherham was not an isolated incident. There's a need to find the links between, to find the blackmailers.


I do not. But, if you're trying to track down trans members and get photos of people in more compromising situations, you'd wanna go to fetlife. It's the degenerate's facebook.

045000 No.10598596


Newfag from Voat here, found some great starting leads

Researching The Shriners and The Royal Order of Jesters it appears that both orders are controlled by an exclusive branch of the Jesters named The S.O.B.I.B. The Arabic title translates as The 'Order of Brothers in Blood', the 'S' for 'Secret'

With only 254 members in 2008, this handful of men are said to dominate both the Jesters and The Shrine.

The SOBIB 'Confidential Membership Roster' from 2008 including members names and addresses can be found at the link below.

Let's get it before it goes; it's not archiving -

https://www.scribd.com/doc/6686825/Sobib-Directory //

Quick rundown of the S.O.B.I.B. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtgBdUtw26cYouTube @ 54.35

Pizzagate related due to the leads from Senate Anon in which he suggests that we investigate the blackmailers, police controllers and our local persons of influence. He suggests this as an effective way to reach the higher levels of trafficking and sex rings. This doc gives us an excellent starting point.

70aeb1 No.10598704

Here is an article from back in 2008 called "Jesters Exposed"



>Founded September 10th, 1979…

US Senate Anon made his threads on this organizations anniversary.

>Pizzagate related due to the leads from Senate Anon in which he suggests that we investigate the blackmailers, police controllers and our local persons of influence. He suggests this as an effective way to reach the higher levels of trafficking and sex rings. This doc gives us an excellent starting point.

This is way more than just a starting point. These guys exist in all 50 states and now we have both their addresses and their faces.

Everybody needs to read this, especially if you are considering doing some spying yourself. There is someone in YOUR area you can watch right now.

You can also Google your state + "Shriners" or "Jesters" because there will be an organization there.

32df23 No.10599253

File: 45b9535e8ea4e99⋯.png (13.1 KB, 391x380, 391:380, content.png)





32df23 No.10599271


hah "SIGNET chapter"


32df23 No.10599389

File: d188cc41af1dc96⋯.png (65.71 KB, 414x517, 414:517, sobib_Secret_Order_of_Brot….png)

File: 8242e1fa99ebc34⋯.jpg (122.23 KB, 640x424, 80:53, the_shrine_exterior_1988_o….jpg)

File: e1630c0eb4b6748⋯.png (123.46 KB, 1103x628, 1103:628, inside.png)

File: a128e1a7675abbf⋯.jpg (42.11 KB, 190x277, 190:277, aldrin_shriner190.jpg)

045000 No.10599524


Checked and thanks anon. You're right, this doc is way more.

I saw lots of anons saying they wouldn't know where to start, so this is where they can.

We're collating the members by state just now over at V, lots of articles coming out too.

Thanks for any help infinity bros - https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2125555

481678 No.10599529

File: d7c0e88e4c13870⋯.jpg (22.95 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1508-masonic.jpg)


A signet is an entirely different thing that's also quite relevant here, though.

045000 No.10599557

File: a549150dd9a14b4⋯.jpg (32.98 KB, 726x480, 121:80, ScreenShot_048.jpg)

File: c3c73655630ddbe⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 566x479, 566:479, ScreenShot_049.jpg)

Presidents Harry Truman and Gerald Ford were both members of The Royal Court of Jesters

045000 No.10599573

File: a549150dd9a14b4⋯.jpg (32.98 KB, 726x480, 121:80, ScreenShot_048.jpg)

File: 6cf1273cbffc251⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 338x479, 338:479, ScreenShot_022.jpg)

File: 540f6c7b8603a18⋯.jpg (37.49 KB, 354x480, 59:80, ScreenShot_024.jpg)

File: 824b6ce6d669b61⋯.jpg (52.31 KB, 834x439, 834:439, ScreenShot_030.jpg)

File: cf9f5e73058bcfc⋯.jpg (46.57 KB, 553x480, 553:480, ScreenShot_031.jpg)

Some Royal Court of Jesters events artwork

e73034 No.10599598

>Royal Order of Jesters

>Royal Court of Jesters

Both are valid?

045000 No.10599688


No anon, my mistake.

171679 No.10599720


>Recently Aquino, yes THAT Aquino, has become publicly affiliated with AMORC

From what I remember, his membership was rescinded when they found out that he was a member of the temple of Set. I remember a rant from him on the Rosicrucian forum about this. (The member forum where you need to provide your member key to read and post).

I've been a Rosicrucian for 40 years (having been born into the order). My mother has been a member for 60.

Also, Rosicrucians don't associate with Masons. Or at least the ones I know. When I was much younger, any time I brought up freemasons, I was more or less told that at one time they shared a common heritage but eventually split into two paths and modern day Masons have nothing in common with the practice of Rosicrucianism or Rosicrucians in general.

4452a1 No.10599721




>Pizzagate related due to the leads from Senate Anon in which he suggests that we investigate the blackmailers, police controllers and our local persons of influence. He suggests this as an effective way to reach the higher levels of trafficking and sex rings. This doc gives us an excellent starting point.



045000 No.10599782


Very nice find there. Checked. Would be good if the OP posted here also - https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2125555

There's a list of all the Texas members of SOBIB from the Scribd file posted on the thread above too, alongside a partial list of CA members.

Is it cool to post them here?

70aeb1 No.10599788


This guy was arrested for human trafficking. Google is completely censoring this, which this article shows.


045000 No.10599825


Indeed he was alongside 2 other Jesters. Here are some articles I found on DDGo (didn't do Google) -

Secret Society ‘Royal Order Of Jesters’ Charged With The Mann Act (Human Sex Trafficking)

https://stevenjohnhibbs.wordpress.com/2010/06/20/secret-society-royal-order-of-jesters-charged-with-the-mann-act/ / https://archive.is/fq66m

Judge Central Figure in FBI Probe, the S.O.B.I.B. and the Jesters' Half Million Dollar Weekend Parties

http://freemasonrywatch.org/judge.sobib.html / https://archive.is/rh39M

Three Jesters Convicted in an FBI Human Trafficking Sting

http://aconstantineblacklist.blogspot.nl/2009/10/tax-returns-reveal-jesters-controlled.html / https://archive.is/4Vcz8

Canada Police launch Shriners investigation (2001)

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/police-launch-shriners-investigation-1.264494 / https://archive.is/HYAVZ

32df23 No.10599852

File: 8a1e2e6cf0639de⋯.jpg (611.69 KB, 2579x2083, 2579:2083, lazy.jpg)



5 sided laser shows now

32df23 No.10599886


the lineup has interesting names

70aeb1 No.10600010

For anyone considering investigating, here is a guide on how to be a private investigator. This is section 3 which focuses on surveillance.


e2eac2 No.10600316


That link is a literal owned by (((amazon))). Have an archive https://archive.fo/jEmo3 .

401c3d No.10600356



Delancey Street

Public facing information:

City: San Francisco, California.

Address: 600 Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94107


415-512-5104 (Tel)

415-512-5141 (Fax)

No motorpool.

One city block large compound, near the water. 370,000 square foot complex. Housing for 500.

City: Los Angeles, California

Address: 400 N. Vermont Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90004


323-644-4122 (Tel)

323-644-4147 (Fax)

Parking under the building, several multipassenger vans in their front lot. There's a big rig in their google maps image, they're able to load and unload from a dock in the front.

Maybe someone local can hang out at the denny's while doing work.

literally next to an onramp for Hollywood freeway / 101.

Former hotel, 200 rooms, 300 occupants.

50,000 square foot warehouse nearby.

Location: New Mexico

P.O. Box 1240

San Juan Pueblo, NM 87566

505-852-4291 x304 (Tel)

505-852-4292 (Fax)

This location exists, but not at this location.

17 acre ranch, in the middle of an indian reservation, in side a larger reservation.

38,000 square foot warehouse.

Location: North Carolina

811 N. Elm Street

Greensboro, NC 27401

336-379-8477 (Tel)

336-379-9449 (Fax)

Small house, only 30 residents. Seems to possibly be the leaders? It's a nice place.

Might be able to accept a big rig, but very tight. 3 bloocks from an interstate. Nice central location, but small.

Location: New York

Address: 100 Turk Hill Road

Brewster, New York 10509

845-278-6181 x205 (Tel)

845-278-2326 (Fax)

Address isn't the giant castle, it's a no shit castle on 50 acres, 1 hour north of NYC. Huge.

Definitely built for trucks, with turn arounds, turn off. Weird that the addresses don't add up.

Location: North Charleston, SC

Address: 2510 N Hobson Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405

Literally a block away from a port. Probably not truck access.


Complex of three homes, sister company. southcarolinastrong.org/

Quarters Y

24,000 square feet in historic officer quarters district at the Navy Yard. Connected to Quarters Z with garage and storage space.

Quarter Z

Sister to Y, connected.

Quarters C

2 story, 4,160 square foot house. Close by, but not connected.


4800 Park Circle, North Charleston, SC 29405

On right at the North Rhett entrance to circle

(843) 554-5179

Location: Stockbrige, MA


Former Norman Rockwell house. No listed address.

Overlooks the Housatonic River. Hosted the 2007 Norman Rockwell Museum Board of Trustees meeting at the house, "An Evening with Norman Rockwell", catered by Delancey Street

401c3d No.10600441

Compounds from DOT numbers:



Trucks: 35

Tractors: 14

Trailers: 18

#419465 - archive.is/nnk4H




Number of Trucks : 5

Number of Tractors : 3

Number of Trailers : 4


This compound weirds me out, large motorpoo here. Very built up, very remote, on an indian reservation.


#289919 - archive.is/MzsB4



This is their main motorpool.


Number of Trucks : 27

Number of Tractors : 9

Number of Trailers : 12

No discription, check it out.

#651086 - archive.is/Bxomq




Number of Trucks : 3

Number of Tractors : 2

Number of Trailers : 2

This goes back to their NC house. I don't know if this is just their dispatch, and they have a compound nearby or not.

70aeb1 No.10600454



Great work, anon. It's hard to keep track of all this information, what is the relevance of Delancey place/street to all this?

401c3d No.10600472


They're the creepy cult trucker school that has housing for 1,000 people across the nation.

32df23 No.10600505


¿got sauce?

401c3d No.10600527


click on the ID # and you can highlight posts by the same person. Try it newfriend, now bring this info back to pizzagate on voat.




32df23 No.10600545

File: 3be96e8e80e2260⋯.jpg (94.25 KB, 620x422, 310:211, aaron.jpg)

File: 2d8b187769403b1⋯.jpg (41.47 KB, 633x423, 211:141, 15dtp3p.jpg)

File: 00fb28c427e45aa⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Oklahoma_satanic_statue.jpg)

File: 93a250d2f5f89c7⋯.jpg (237.16 KB, 560x865, 112:173, the-sound-of-q-dance-shrin….jpg)



thought so

0x6b 0x69 0x73 0x73 0x65 0x73 0x73 0x77 0x65 0x65 0x74 0x79

70aeb1 No.10600547


He is talking about this:


There is a pedo logo. This looks like a seriously promising lead. If someone could get GPS trackers on those trucks they could potentially reveal a lot of incriminating information.

If this company really has the likes of Feinstein and Eli Weizel on their national board of governors, and a pedo logo on their trucks and buildings, then they absolutely need to be investigated in person.

401c3d No.10600555


click on the ID # and you can highlight posts by the same person. Try it newfriend, now bring this info back to pizzagate on voat.




32df23 No.10600568



thought so

0x6b 0x69 0x73 0x73 0x65 0x73 0x73 0x77 0x65 0x65 0x74 0x79>>10600505

401c3d No.10600583


click on the ID # and you can highlight posts by the same person. Try it newfriend, now bring this info back to pizzagate on voat.




70aeb1 No.10600588



He is talking about this:


There is a pedo logo. This looks like a seriously promising lead. If someone could get GPS trackers on those trucks they could potentially reveal a lot of incriminating information.

If this company really has the likes of Feinstein and Eli Weizel on their national board of governors, and a pedo logo on their trucks and buildings, then they absolutely need to be investigated in person.

401c3d No.10600596


Click ID to see previous posts friend.

401c3d No.10600600


Click ID to see previous posts friend. >>10600505

9fc310 No.10600606


The Business Training Center Is One 3rd Street At The Corner Of Carrol. Address 5700 .

Was In Area And Took Some More Pix. See Below


Please Open In New Browser Window To Get Descriptions.

401c3d No.10600611


Look at some of my earlier posts, try clicking my ID number

9fc310 No.10600618

Their other compound in SF is Located On 3rd and Carrol, in the Bayview District. I returned there today to take some more pics



-Railway with Junction to Caltrain leading into their compound

-Filled in metal pipes sticking out of concrete loading platform

-All windows blocked out

-Larger fleet than expected, with buses, vans, small vehicles, Trailers, and Semis. Couldnt get all on camera without invading property line.

-Got glared at really crazy by an employee with a neck tatt as I did a u turn in their open driveway.

401c3d No.10600914


Click my ID to see prior posts

401c3d No.10601042

File: e230779694f75ed⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 778x257, 778:257, dot identification.jpg)


It's the reverse of a pedo logo. It supposedly means continual change. But like, look at the list of addresses, they have actual compounds and shit. FISHY.


Thanks for the photos.

What I'm saying is it's weird that they're registered for commercial use, but not displaying a DOT #. Normally as a commercial truck you have to have door lettering saying who you belong to.



Does that match up to any of my other addresses? If not (I don't know if it does, I wanna say it's the 5700) addy, add the address and use your local clerk of court to find the owner.

70aeb1 No.10601239


>What I'm saying is it's weird that they're registered for commercial use, but not displaying a DOT #. Normally as a commercial truck you have to have door lettering saying who you belong to.


This is extremely suspicious. If only we could figure out where one of these trucks is going…

32df23 No.10601861


voat no tanks

e2eac2 No.10602364


e2eac2 No.10602702

bump le

70aeb1 No.10602982

Want to know where and when the Jesters meet in real life? Check this Voat thread:


>ROJ get-togethers are called Imperial Sessions. Here is the itinerary for their Imperial Session 2016:


>Imperial Officers and others are listed. There's a dearth of information here:


>Imperial Session 2019:


>More info and names:


>Jester parties are called 'books'. Here is a schedule for 2015–too many for me to count. Lots of names and contacts here:


>Each party/book has a flyer, such as this:


>Their facebook page:

www facebook dot com / Shriners-Imperial-2017-2018-136142566508663/

>Each 'book' has a 'play'. It's awfully creepy:


e2eac2 No.10603012


>no archive links

>most links are fucking botnets or hosted by botnets

I am skeptical of those anon.

70aeb1 No.10603017

File: 1c4035f5d609f51⋯.png (857.2 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, Oceanwalk Daytona Beach pe….png)



There is a HUGE boylover logo on one of the buildings they the Shriners visited during this get together! Pic related. The place is at Oceanwalk Daytona Beach.

Any Florida anons able to check this place out? This couldn't be any more blatant.

c2910b No.10603069

File: ee7cfcfb25b6d7d⋯.jpg (222.36 KB, 1200x1096, 150:137, 13781972391732.jpg)


What the fuck? His face is melting off.

5a3bdf No.10603264


>Flat earth closed system created by God

>But still UFOs floating around and we're going to get hit by a planet

I give this shilling a 5/10, believable if you don't know what those theories actually are lmao

5a3bdf No.10603268


>its a psyop

>but they still can't show me the curve

9357ae No.10604847


70aeb1 No.10605841

This is interesting.

Saied Azali seems to have used his drag queen associates to run a 2006 brownstone-ish operation at Perry's on Leonard Downie, who was then executive editor at the Washington Post.


FreeRepublic.com posted a Washingtonian story detailing the revelations of two anonymous letters sent to the Washingtonian that gave details of the event at Perry's and the evidence coverup afterward.


If you click on the Washingtonian link provided in the Free Republic post, you'll see the story has been 404'd, and what displays is a page covered with PANDAS:


Here's the Washingtonian article posted on FreeRepublic.com:

<Len Downie's (WaPo Editor) Lap Dance With Drag Queen (Coverup/Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)

<The Washingtonian ^ | December 21, 2006 | Harry Jaffe

<Posted on 12/21/2006, 10:42:28 AM by abb

>The Post's editor had a R-rated encounter with a drag queen during a Post party this month—but so far the photos have stayed private.

>Journalists get the occasional juicy and anonymous letter. Most are titillating but not worth publishing or broadcasting. The letter in large type about a party hosted by the Washington Post photography staff seemed to fit the second category: It mentioned in paragraph three that Post executive editor Len Downie was “the recipient of a lap dance and breasts in his face” by one of the party’s entertainers—who were drag queens!

>Too good to be true?

>A second anonymous letter said word had gone out at the Post to kill any pictures of Len’s lap dance.

>I started making a few calls, figuring that if such an event had taken place, photos and videos probably would be on YouTube or some other website. If it had indeed taken place.

>I got eye witness accounts. I wondered: Could a monthly magazine, with a lead time of several weeks, actually break a story about the Post’s top editor caught in an amusing, if not compromising, situation?

<Here’s the scoop:

>The Washington Post is not known for throwing lively parties, especially under staid executive editor Leonard Downie.

>When the photo department decided to bid farewell to retiring staffers, it did not intend to get racy. Photo editor Joe Elbert booked Perrys, a sushi restaurant in DC’s Adams Morgan, for a Saturday afternoon. Owner Saied Azali promised to do something special because he was friends with well-known Post photographer Lucien Perkins.

>Would the something special be free champagne? Special sushi? Not exactly.

>Azali invited male dancers dressed as women who perform at Perrys’ Sunday “drag brunches.” Len Downie made an appearance just as the queens began to mingle. According to eye witnesses, one performer sat down next to Downie and wrapped him in a big hug.

>Downie seemed at bit shocked, but one photographer says: “He took it in good humor at the time.”

>But apparently Downie was less amused by the photos and videos being shot, and he asked that they be kept private.

>No leaked pictures, so far, but many of those retired staffers would dearly love a picture of Downie in the embrace of a drag queen.

4d2fd8 No.10605988


Your imgur link got nuked. Might as well post your pics here. Be sure to back them up else where.

215734 No.10607382


Any symboltists out there, what's up with all the Qs? I know the capital G is the masons talking about god but this Q thing hasn't been on my radar

40eb9b No.10607773


1 billion hours in searching.


The Order of Quetzalcoatl, colloquially known as the "Q", is a Masonic invitational body. It is heavily involved in philanthropy, and its main contribution is towards transportation funds for Shriners hospitals.

e2eac2 No.10608147


Quetzalcoatl is actually another one of (((their))) false gods see https://archive.fo/Kd9tm . Also If you are still using Qwant as a search engine I advise you stop now.

40900d No.10608676



This is spicy anon. Nice find. Transportation costs?

I found something interesting which may fit with your find.

Here is the current board of directors for S Hospitals - https://www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org/Board-of-Directors

The first one on the list, the chairman of the board is a top Shriner & Jester. He also happens to own a big removals and storage company on the south coast at Galveston. FB open.

70aeb1 No.10608698




>The first one on the list, the chairman of the board is a top Shriner & Jester. He also happens to own a big removals and storage company on the south coast at Galveston. FB open.

What's the name of his company?

40900d No.10608805


Gary Berge // nske has owned and managed his own company for the past 30 years, J&J // Metro, a Moving and Storage Company serving Florida with nation wide service. The company is a full service moving company providing storage, packing, crateing, and relocations. www.jjme // tro.com

/ remove the slashes. His fb is wide open and i want to archive the friends list which is full of S's.

40900d No.10608825


( and Jesters and SOBIB's I'm sure )

40900d No.10608902




Apologies, this one isn't Galveston but Florida. I was thinking of another one I was looking into.

3dc535 No.10609616


it's just a normal circular spiral. the boylover symbol is triangular. that building specifically is a generic parking garage. I've personally used the "spiral sun" in beach-y designs; there's nothing nefarious about it.

1f0b0d No.10609665


What's hilarious is anon's like me actually go hard over 4chan. And I promise you, "by myself" I do more than a loy of people from here. There has to be a medium. Were too lethal together, and it's just another divide and conquer tactic. The ONLY people who insult infinity are the MODS and paid shills. Everyone else (All real channers) like the 8th. It's just too fucking slow here, and we don't feel like either talking to ourselves or waiting an hour+ for a reply.

70aeb1 No.10610928

File: 717c18e6f9c761b⋯.jpg (52.2 KB, 500x444, 125:111, elpidalogo.jpg)


There are two "boy lover" graphics. The "teenage" boy lover logo is a triangle, but the "little" boy lover logo is a swirl that is almost identical to what you see on that building. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Shriners took a picture of it.


20ec23 No.10611107

File: 9190dd7d8209e2d⋯.gif (734.59 KB, 320x234, 160:117, horse_projected_onto_cloud….gif)


lying kike, it's already been done. Cowboy on a riding horse.

From 2015

Forget watching films on long flights, in the future you could view entire movies while staring out of the window.

A pair of designers has built a modern-day projection system that uses lasers and lenses to beam moving images onto clouds from an plane.

>The researchers were able to project a galloping horse from a distance of 164ft (50 metres) onto a cloud and hope to develop the technology to beam images from the ground and the sea.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3151026/Watch-movie-projected-CLOUDS-Lasers-fitted-plane-beam-galloping-horse-sky.html

e2eac2 No.10611683


20ec23 No.10612320

File: 72f5c6458bd75fb⋯.png (269.4 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (2088).png)

File: a475e94e099ff47⋯.png (339.62 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (2093).png)

File: 68bf8cb32e03fee⋯.png (266.61 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (2096).png)


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FspFOdR9vjE

>project bluebeam

20ec23 No.10612365

File: 621e5820911d65b⋯.png (515.02 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (2085).png)


bumpin with ya

>pic is related w all of this

20ec23 No.10612408

File: 26deb4bb6aee16b⋯.png (641.05 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (2047).png)

f2e98a No.10612435

File: 43892c45baa2813⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1569x947, 1569:947, Cum_Panda_Costume.png)


Try searching for panda on pornhub, I wonder if there is anything funny lurking there.

There is. Be careful, anons.

abb909 No.10612444


20ec23 No.10612464

File: c98d75a003c42de⋯.png (710.2 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (2041).png)


How the fuck havent I thought of that! use other code words on msm porn sites.

>we delete cp goy!

>goy doesnt know the proper places to look on msm porn, search words

The blackmailers are the key.

as usual, follow the money trail.

think "outside the box"

cliche, sort of, but remember Rockefeller said I make money in ways you could never think of

f2e98a No.10612499

File: 31ff3f6bf3422a9⋯.png (207.84 KB, 2464x3289, 224:299, Psyops-Information-Terrori….png)


Checked and rewarded: http://www.lhohq.info/this_is_money.html


> think "outside the box"

Wouldn't it be fascinating if you all started posting redpills on pornhub? Maximize exposure to "normies", and minimize censorship. Backdoor the brainwashing effect of porn. Seems you could even use tags that Manwin currently uses to target white men and white women to get them to recommend redpills to your target audience.

e2eac2 No.10612509


That link is cianigger owned. Tis a botnet chaim.

a782ff No.10612514

a782ff No.10612544

File: 0329299010e1a1b⋯.png (532.21 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (116).png)


>youre right!


obvious kike, ctr, jidf, cointelpro, etc is obvious

Nope, we will follow the money trail u fucking kike

f2e98a No.10612559

File: b96fa22bf6f275f⋯.png (621.86 KB, 2550x3301, 2550:3301, US-Cog-Permenant-Emergency….png)


Thank you for your valuable 42 contributions to this thread, you have imparted much knowledge to anons trying to fight corruption. You have also saved many from clicking external links owned by cianiggers, such as this (>>10600010)

anon's helpful guide to gathering actionable intel IRL. Well done.


Thank you for joining the thread, (1)! If you would be so kind, please do share with us your tips for reading and posting of endorsement of your other IP's posts in less than 3 seconds.

kindly fist yourself, faggot.

f2e98a No.10612594


Do you guys have a bank of Screenshots numbering into the thousands? Are you a chat bot?

e2eac2 No.10612603

File: 01cc84fe3e56bb7⋯.jpg (41.39 KB, 411x480, 137:160, disfigured-kike.jpg)


>he doesn't think that everything posted on /pol/, the board of peace, is a nonactionable work of autistic fiction

>what is wordplay trapping because desperate kikes

Get back on topic.

20ec23 No.10612647

File: 8e5daee4d06adcb⋯.png (881.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (1872).png)


give up, youre not even good at this u lazy kike.

just face it!

Your neck will soon swing in a noose hanging from a tree, while the rest of you scurry n flee like the rats that you are from a sinking ship, to go to communist chinkland.

your time is almost over in America.



>its coming very soon

a782ff No.10612667

File: 1cb97f1c847fc83⋯.png (872.22 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (90).png)



we are russian haxxors!!!!!

e2eac2 No.10612683

File: b5f094a98da676f⋯.png (29.71 KB, 420x204, 35:17, accurate-bbc-logo.png)


So how's your day going at the not secret agency? I'd imagine the coffee is alright being late in the day for you burgers. Is your new shill tactic to bumplock threads that are important with useless information?

f2e98a No.10612701

a782ff No.10612703

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


project bluebeam is being tested on buildings as well

a782ff No.10612724

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


projection from 2010, ralph lauren

dont tell me project bluebeam is false fucking lying kikes.

this is just what (((they))) show to the public…Imagine what the secret beam tech is like. remember the pc mouse was around in the 60's

e2eac2 No.10612742


>pc mouse around in 1960's


Also why no webm?

a782ff No.10612785

File: 440b013a8634728⋯.png (806.26 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (305).png)


The trackball, a related pointing device, was invented in 1946 by Ralph Benjamin as part of a post-World War II-era fire-control radar plotting system called Comprehensive Display System (CDS). Benjamin was then working for the British Royal Navy Scientific Service. Benjamin's project used analog computers to calculate the future position of target aircraft based on several initial input points provided by a user with a joystick. Benjamin felt that a more elegant input device was needed and invented what they called a "roller ball" for this purpose.[6][7]

The device was patented in 1947,[7] but only a prototype using a metal ball rolling on two rubber-coated wheels was ever built, and the device was kept as a military secret.

DATAR was similar in concept to Benjamin's display. The trackball used four disks to pick up motion, two each for the X and Y directions. Several rollers provided mechanical support. When the ball was rolled, the pickup discs spun and contacts on their outer rim made periodic contact with wires, producing pulses of output with each movement of the ball. By counting the pulses, the physical movement of the ball could be determined. A digital computer calculated the tracks and sent the resulting data to other ships in a task force using pulse-code modulation radio signals. This trackball used a standard Canadian five-pin bowling ball. It was not patented, since it was a secret military project.[9][10]

Early mouse patents. From left to right: Opposing track wheels by Engelbart, Nov. 1970, U.S. Patent 3,541,541

. Ball and wheel by Rider, Sept. 1974, U.S. Patent 3,835,464

. Ball and two rollers with spring by Opocensky, Oct. 1976, U.S. Patent 3,987,685

Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) has been credited in published books by Thierry Bardini,[11] Paul Ceruzzi,[12] Howard Rheingold,[13] and several others[14][15][16] as the inventor of the mouse. Engelbart was also recognized as such in various obituary titles after his death in July 2013.[17][18][19][20]

By 1963, Engelbart had already established a research lab at SRI, the Augmentation Research Center (ARC), to pursue his objective of developing both hardware and software computer technology to "augment" human intelligence. That November, while attending a conference on computer graphics in Reno, Nevada, Engelbart began to ponder how to adapt the underlying principles of the planimeter to X-Y coordinate input.[11] On November 14, 1963, he first recorded his thoughts in his personal notebook about something he initially called a "bug," which in a "3-point" form could have a "drop point and 2 orthogonal wheels."[11] He wrote that the "bug" would be "easier" and "more natural" to use, and unlike a stylus, it would stay still when let go, which meant it would be "much better for coordination with the keyboard."[11]

In 1964, Bill English joined ARC, where he helped Engelbart build the first mouse prototype. Engelbart never received any royalties for it, as his employer SRI held the patent, which expired before the mouse became widely used in personal computers.[23] In any event, the invention of the mouse was just a small part of Engelbart's much larger project of augmenting human intellect.[24][25]

Inventor Douglas Engelbart holding the first computer mouse,[26] showing the wheels that make contact with the working surface

The Engelbart mouse

On October 2, 1968, a mouse device named Rollkugel (German for "rolling ball") was described as an optional device for its SIG-100 terminal was developed by the German company Telefunken.[29] As the name suggests and unlike Engelbart's mouse, the Telefunken model already had a ball. It was based on an earlier trackball-like device (also named Rollkugel) that was embedded into radar flight control desks. This trackball had been developed by a team led by Rainer Mallebrein

When the development for the Telefunken main frame TR 440 (de) began in 1965, Mallebrein and his team came up with the idea of "reversing" the existing Rollkugel into a moveable mouse-like device, so that customers did not have to be bothered with mounting holes for the earlier trackball device. Together with light pens and trackballs, it was offered as an optional input device for their system since 1968.

>no webm cuz a lil lazy n having to pull shit like this up n bluebeam

f2e98a No.10612798



Are you done sliding this? Blue beam is real but irrelevant. Filtered.


Monetized content on a major porn site connecting to blackmail rings.


a782ff No.10612838

File: 2d1c340e3309531⋯.jpg (44.65 KB, 402x380, 201:190, lieutenant la sherrif.jpg)


im hardly sliding this.

it was my post that got this response>>10612435

kikes try to lie about bluebeam, its all tied together. Think Big. a newfag didnt even know how old the mouse is

8d83cd No.10612862


I have had personal experience with blue beam.

Once when I was very young, several months old to 2 or 3 and I saw a blue colored floating angel ghost woman in the corner of my room late at night.

The second time was when I was 12 - 13 and again in my room late at night, this blue plasma-looking ball (which I would later find out is called ball lighting) floated slowly from my living room to my bedroom, stopped at the end of my bed then disappeared into nothingness.

The first episode could have been a lucid dream, the second I was absolutely awake and when it happened at first I thought it was spiritual, until recently when I discovered about blue beam and MKULTRA.

I wonder why they have been spying on me for so long, is it because they're bored?

Did they think I would make a good test subject?

d10815 No.10613446

bump for interest

1ee621 No.10613604



What do I do if I clicked this link without any sort of protection like TOR or a VPN?

365ef0 No.10613617


If you spend enough time lurking you can find good stuff(often reposts from here) , I got on 4/pol/ at first terrorist attacks,and spent 2 years there , one day I thought about mentioned"exodus" ,compared catalog from half to catalog here , and choose the one without 50%Blacked.com threads

8db511 No.10614618


Tell me about Cruz's father, why does he put on the M. A. S. C.

f2e98a No.10614787

File: 33896d14cab8a09⋯.png (481.37 KB, 1025x743, 1025:743, IMG_4991.PNG)

File: 4291b2e5a6f4fec⋯.png (445.69 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5152.PNG)


Bumping past our newest version if weirdly evolved shills. Leggo truth

391711 No.10615149


Soon as my check clears we can start work on that

9357ae No.10616219


It's extremely weird. That other anon scoping out the place didn't get any DOT Numbers from the vehicles. All of their photos on the web and pictures taken by people getting moved by them, lack door numbers. If it's a commercial vehicle, you have to display that information.

Go look at their violation histories, to get an idea of where they were pulled over and where their trucks are licensed in.

9357ae No.10616753



Use the DOT info for addresses that might be their motor pool. Their New Mexico location is super fishy, it's in the middle of fucking nowhere, and as a trucking base, why?

For example:

DOT 419465

They were pulled over in Texas, on 2/17/2017, in a tractor trailer with NM plates.



DOT 651086

They were pulled over in North Carolina, on 3/29/2017, in a straight truck with NC plates. You can even look at the reports to pull a plate number and vehicle VIN if you're so inclined.


7a0dc3 No.10617005

File: 8e054407ad5124e⋯.jpg (57.48 KB, 700x700, 1:1, The rose.jpg)

US Senate Anon 1-3.pdf


7a0dc3 No.10617667

File: 6e1aba1ce8c4574⋯.jpg (91.2 KB, 1023x767, 1023:767, ROTHSCHILDS.jpg)


Here's the intel on Rothschild adrenochrome drug dealing and drug making using the bodies of babies and children.




2227bc No.10617809


cuckchan has been cancer that last year though and I don't see it improving anytime soon.

e2eac2 No.10617881


Halfchan was always cancer you faggot.

a3e339 No.10618685

I want this guy to clarify his criticism of Andrew Jackson. I can't really argue against the point that he fucked the economy from a civic standpoint. But was he really a fucking Mason??? Was killing the bank all a ruse, or what?

This should probably be a sticky.

5b9e47 No.10620052


>tragic defeatism

Your heart's in the right place alleged SenateAnon, but /pol/ is basically an amorphous intelligence gathering operation. You'd be hard-pressed to recruit field agents here.

I certainly know that if I had the opportunity, as well as the minimum resources required, I'd go out into the field myself. But the nothing-to-lose anon that's ready and willing to do that is one in hundred–and that's only if they're geographically situated for it.

What I think you, and we, need to do is craft a how-to guide on forming these personal, tight-nit groups that you're proposing and meme that vigilante-cell behavior so that when you do drop actionable intel, you'll have foot soldiers ready to move on the spot. As it is now, you're playing the odds that any of /pol/'s well-intentioned will be physically helpful.

100497 No.10620062

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

589545 No.10620665

This is being slid. It needs a sticky.

9357ae No.10622220


Weird, isn't it? Bump for the night crew.

608c75 No.10622451


Good idea. Only problem is we may be giving them an MO to look out for. We don't want to say "buy this camera, use these surveillance tactics" or whatever and then they'll be looking for it.

What about a fairly simple 100-page "Autists' Guide to Catching Pedophiles"?

1f215b No.10622805


All that would really be required–at a minimum–are GoPros. EVERYONE buys those. So that's hardly suspicious.

Now audio surveillance is tricky. It seems to me that bugs–whether they be worn or planted– would need to be relatively sophisticated. Someone's going to notice that as its being wrung up.

But yes, an SOP is required before people can go through with this. For instance, any operation is going to require a minimum of four to five bodies–depending on the area of operation: two scouts, one forward observer, and one or two floaters (one of whom can act as reserve support for the rear detachment if need be). Everyone is going to have to be responsible for his or her own physical security; cops have SWAT, the Army has PSD, and we have nothing. That means everyone has to have basic hand-to-hand knowledge and a concealed weapon in case shit goes south. Then of course, there egress procedures to take into mind.

This type of prep is simple enough to accumulate and circulate. The issue I see here is profiling and social engineering. Most people don't know how to do it. A specialist needs to put together a guide on finding and approaching these vermin and then push it out to willing /pol/lacks.

4d8f6c No.10622861

File: b9e47d182df488e⋯.jpg (128.4 KB, 649x900, 649:900, clinton 75 percent off.jpg)


ce1e60 No.10622891


There's a hotel in ocean city, look for the white rabbit.

ce1e60 No.10622925


Hopefully you've learned from this that the only way to deal with jews is outright extermination.

e2eac2 No.10623816


608c75 No.10625032


Do what they did in Fight Club. One guy working night security, janitor, cleaning service, etc. can bug up a whole office building.

608c75 No.10625037

c4de82 No.10625118


do you have a PDF of this book?

9357ae No.10625169


Whats the status of super cheap GPS trackers? Are those possible? Would work good on tracking some of the networks between organizations.

608c75 No.10625375


Hundreds of options at the big online stores.

608c75 No.10625422

The head of SOBIB runs the Sarasota Airport Authority:


9357ae No.10625443


I am over 1,000 miles away and have no money friend.


I'm wondering about GPS trackers that the one anon local to the truck driving cult can dump on a rig. Maybe dump a couple of those that have a 1 month battery life on the rig and see where it goes?

You'd probably have to buy a GPS chip from alibaba or something, slap on a giant lithium battery, then hot glue it up to keep the water out and attach a magnet.

The commercial options are way too expensive. http://a.co/7MCuMep

608c75 No.10625580


What the fuck? So what kind of shady activity is going on at the Sarasota Airport, then? Drug running on behalf of Jeb Bush or is it worse than that?

608c75 No.10626236


>Head of extremely high-level secret masonic order running a county airport than handles 10 flights a day

It's gotta be the new Mena.


9357ae No.10626268


I live localish, if you wanna gofundme to stake it out, I can.

But as far as our historical lore goes, nothing really goes on there. It seems more to be a slush fund of "improving" and means to be elbow to elbow with the higher ups of the community.

There's many other localish airports more well known for smuggling drugs back in the day.

608c75 No.10626295


Bad idea, they'd follow the money straight to you and you might endanger yourself. You can probably get good daytime surveillance of the whole place with one remote camera just across the fence from the airport.

9357ae No.10626354


I'm too far away to just mosey on by. Sadly.

cb7ad6 No.10626509

Warm, cold, hot… Goat farms

cb7ad6 No.10626914

Going by the sliding, I'll take that as confirmation. Like an ICE storm.

c105df No.10627111


Sliding, what's what?

898d1d No.10627358

File: 39ed4dfc7db3ef1⋯.png (348.31 KB, 1092x547, 1092:547, f063bb6af42b09776047b94f98….png)

hoo hoo

898d1d No.10627368

File: 003b40f200535fd⋯.png (445.35 KB, 605x608, 605:608, ee2838774c78cf41538fef01c2….png)

look up the blue house sra scandle in evansville indiana. a shriner principle was taking kids to a blue house and skinning them alive and shit.

898d1d No.10627373

File: 63cc45bba846340⋯.png (451.72 KB, 937x594, 937:594, 2bdb085350f5177efc4520c40f….png)


898d1d No.10627375

File: 39a5a5b0d5e894a⋯.png (601.34 KB, 962x590, 481:295, 2cf47c95663ab5cf9b0b2699bb….png)

the faces of loving men

898d1d No.10627404

File: a9bd31347355d4f⋯.jpg (118.08 KB, 1024x664, 128:83, f0f5e8e6508d9487a1005cba28….jpg)

exhibit a

898d1d No.10627407

File: 248951062f017ef⋯.png (153.68 KB, 1117x500, 1117:500, shrine quetzocotl 3 monkey….png)

exhibit b


The artisen degree of the shrine sub order of quetzalcoatl consists of the 3 monkeys

608c75 No.10628111


They're gonna fuck that baby.




958a06 No.10628238

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Remember all those late night Shriner commercials with that kid in a wheel chair?

They made him his own Youtube channel, just look at the intro. It's been 10 months since a new video from him, how often a kid could disappear from their "hospital" and everyone would think a disease got them.

e2eac2 No.10628602

day bump

9357ae No.10629576


There's a lot of wealthy people out there, but there's been no real local rumors of bad stuff going down. That's the other problem.

608c75 No.10629589


There's bad stuff going down at the Sarasota Airport. I guarantee it.

9357ae No.10629607


What objective actionable evidence do we have? What can be gathered? If we focus on every airport next to a shriner kids hospital, that's like half the fucking world.

I can't physically crunch the ATF records for every airplane in the airport, but if we can figure out some names and organizations, we can then start taking a look through plane tracking / flight radar to see where they go to.

Interesting. www.sahibshrine.org/reporter/rptr0508y.pdf

608c75 No.10629663


>What objective actionable evidence do we have?

A roster of the conspirators, connecting them to charities that "help" kids and a physical location of moving cargo, the Sarasota Airport.

>What can be gathered?

Incoming and outgoing flights. Personal surveillance on Stafford.

> If we focus on every airport next to a shriner kids hospital, that's like half the fucking world.

No one said this, and you now sound like a concern troll trying to pretend this is impossible. We're talking about one guy who is in charge of the "Sovereign Order of Brothers in Blood," mkay?

>I can't physically crunch the ATF records for every airplane in the airport

Who said that? And why are you pretending that someone proposed that as a method? How do you expect us to not dismiss you as a shill if you make things up like this?

9357ae No.10629729


With what money fam, with what money?

Lets not devolve into calling eachother shills, okay? I'm sick and tired of that simple divide and conquer tactic being thrown around. Just because other people won't go charging into battle, doesn't mean they're a shill or unwise.


>A roster of the conspirators, connecting them to charities that "help" kids and a physical location of moving cargo, the Sarasota Airport.

We're going to need a list to start digging into.


>Incoming and outgoing flights. Personal surveillance on Stafford.

You don't have to personally surveillance the airport to get a list of incoming and outgoing flights. Autists on the web have already made flight tracking software.


>Who said that? And why are you pretending that someone proposed that as a method? How do you expect us to not dismiss you as a shill if you make things up like this?

I proposed that method, asshole. Look.

If you have owner names, you can find the N number.


Or you can find the N numbers from their own websites.


If you have a N number, you can track the plane.


This was a dead end, but it's to give you an idea.

1287af No.10629900

File: c35b42fb0a76a2e⋯.png (6.49 KB, 244x226, 122:113, download.png)

I made a board last December called /horror/ on endchan because of this elephant in the room and how it can "distort" the consensus of what pizzagate is. I knew that pizzagate was masonic but I didnt want to seem like a shill so I made a separate board exploring the extents of masonic treachery. I also set up a regular pizzagate board to post the contemporary pizzagate speculative. I posted (lot of times with tor id) in nearly all the pg stickies here highlighting the masonic aspects.

if you have a pet theory and you want to toss it back and forth go to /horror/ on endchan I use that board to curate masonic evidence of satanic ritual abuse etc, I dont know any more than anyone else but I have been cataloging this shit and even annoying some of you guys in the past with my autism.

Pic related is The Comet PingPong promotor Sasha Lord's brand logo. Notice how it uses the jester crown motif

a90ca4 No.10629960

File: ed6edd8ed035d32⋯.png (432.77 KB, 1551x897, 517:299, Muh-Crew-Meme-Civic-Nation….PNG)

File: df69f02318247bf⋯.png (42.54 KB, 517x181, 517:181, crewposting.png)


If it is a larp, you could expect him to release a faked tape in the coming days, disinformation. It may be legitimate, but it may be done to make us look stupid.

Makes me think of pics related. Redditors spread this crew/shareblue meme with intentional "accident posts" and then claim the group exists, and their existence means you must be a shill if you disagree with anti-white opinions.

a90ca4 No.10629977

Also that meme they spread on cuckchan where the guy is larping as a "whistleblowing shill" and based purely on text capped from cuckchan, they claim anyone who effectively does what TRS calls "purity spiraling" - is a JIDF shill trying to harm whites. Of course they made up the shill cap, but they included a lot of actual shill tactics around it. Anyone who posts it focuses entirely on the one single line, which is obviously just TRS trash. One guy was posting it in every thread for weeks.

05c25d No.10630413

I have been lurking pizzagate related threads for a few months now and at this point I am willing to do some IRL surveillence/infiltration if need be.

I have surveillence equipment ready and have done things like this before (private investigator work, "urban exploring")

However sarasota is far away, and I am not up to date on where exactly our enemies are geographically, so I ask: Are there any targets in New England to be investigated? If so, let me know I will do a stakeout and report back.

608c75 No.10630640


>Are there any targets in New England to be investigated?

Run through the SOBIB roster and see who is near you.


Most of the Nazis are Shareblue trying to make us look bad.

a16749 No.10631029

File: b322a25d481dac5⋯.mp4 (4.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, b322a25d481dac557e4a2099ba….mp4)



Much appreciated! Anons, spread this like wildfire.

608c75 No.10631139


Based anon, thank you for your courage. Here is a list you can look through. There is almost certainly a conspirator in your area that you can check out.


b73771 No.10631651


Based anons, you're doing great work.

I'm off researching some of the Jesters / SOBIB members and they appear to be A. Clustered around the south and west coasts and up to the east. Most are business owners and those I've looked into already are nationwide removals, haulage co's, auto repairs and an undertaker. Will post soon on my findings.

If anyone is up for a bit of easy digging, there's 250 members in the SOBIB roster to go through.

a510a0 No.10631707


Basic night ops will do . Most shrines are wide open and covered with woods. There is 56 thousand masonic temples in the usa. Look at businesses or blocks owned by masons. The thing is masons in each city have a few guys that just buy up every local business to expand influence. So a thing to look out for is the village of the town essentially.

pretend like you own the place they are too full of themselves to try someone they dont know. So though it seems more dangerous the art of infiltrating masonic ceremonials is to be in a group or a gathering that uses multiple parties that rarely see each other. A convention for example. A good thing would be to see where they are booking their book of the plays and then you can catch them when they go to your area and maybe take a little vacation and stay at the hotel while they are there and after going to your room floor use the stairs to explore the rest of the hotel. Use the elevator only to access the 13th floor if you caught a cypher and know the button combos or number. or you just pop up the top of the elevator through the latch at the top(your gonna need parkour to climb up to it). Just lay on top of the elevator and close the latch enough to peek in all night looking and listening to jesters and sheriffs and the delivery guys as they ride the elevator. Dont want to crawl around? Social engineer their jester convention by pulling a fire alarm at night.

608c75 No.10631933


No. He said the Illuminati does not exist. What does exist are several different factions made up of mystery schools and cults.

78582c No.10631969

File: 459b84e3e9a163a⋯.png (314.26 KB, 380x621, 380:621, Secret Order of Brothers I….png)


SOBIB Directory.pdf


608c75 No.10632054


>Social engineer their jester convention by pulling a fire alarm at night.

>pulling a fire alarm at night.

Now this is an interesting suggestion. I wonder who might come out if someone pulled a fire alarm late at night on September 10th (their anniversary) or the early hours of September 11th?

I bet you could catch something interesting on camera.

67c235 No.10632073

File: 38b66d0b939c540⋯.jpg (538.64 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 7 - TRUMP_ROULETTE_IMG_559….jpg)

File: 83670841d73b98f⋯.jpg (429.31 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 4 - TRUMP_SEFLIE_IMG_6535.jpg)

File: 7256cb77ff87926⋯.jpg (536.78 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 3 - TRUMP_COCK_TAIL_MG_718….jpg)

File: e2b1ebfd0b21d46⋯.jpg (550.97 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 1 - TRUMP_LEGS_MG_7969 2.jpg)

File: 37a20837f60e7c2⋯.jpg (451.68 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 2 - TRUMP_MONEY_FINAL_IMG_….jpg)

Obligatory. :3

78582c No.10632124

File: be664ab804d3efc⋯.jpg (155.41 KB, 861x860, 861:860, ILLUMINATI PUNISHERS‏.jpg)


ht tps://www.mediafire.com/file/wc8y5aq1h7jzz6r/FREEMASONS%20SECRET%20FILES.zip

ht tps://mega.nz/#!JrIkCQLC!zy93fg_XJxxRJyXQQaR7mETuJ3CYQ9VMzQ8FdGDXC7M

Active Members of the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA.docx

Active Members of the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA.pdf

Bill Clinton Massage.jpg

Freemasonry Documents.zip

Freemasonry Explained.pdf

Freemasonry Explained.docx



FREEMASONRY WATCH-Freemasons News and Freemason Enlightenment.docs

FREEMASONRY WATCH-Freemasons News and Freemason Enlightenment.pdf

Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M of the District of Columbia, Masonic Cipher, 1994.pdf



Illustrations of Fremasonry by One of the Fraternity, William Morgan.pdf

Religion of Cuck™ B.S.jpg

Religion of Cuck™ BS.jpg

Law Enforcement Whistleblower Here to Talk About Pedophile Rings.docx

Law Enforcement Whistleblower Here to Talk About Pedophile Rings.pdf

Masons and Knights Templar.zip

My Wrath And Vengeance To All Traitors of America.jpg

Scottish Freemason Edinburgh Grand Lodge Officers List, 2007.xls

Secret Societies And Their Power In The 20th Century.zip

The Punishment of the Evil Freemasons.jpg

The Punishment of the Satanic Freemasons and Satanist George Bush.jpg

The Royal Order of Jesters - Senate Anon Needs Our Help.docx

The Royal Order of Jesters - Senate Anon Needs Our Help.pdf

US Senate Anon 1-3.pdf

What The Evil Freemasons Do- The Local And City Level Secret Shadow Government Enforcers.docx

What The Evil Freemasons Do- The Local And City Level Secret Shadow Government Enforcers.pdf

28a6c9 No.10632157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

78582c No.10632180


Here is something real neat, though unrelated

Franc maçonnerie papers 2.88 BG

Masonleaks – Leak of Documents from the Grand Lodge of France

(Paris) The news is startling, and yet the mass media hardly takes notice of it. The data leak was concerned this time not with the US State Department (Wikileaks) and not the Vatican (Vatileaks), but Freemasonry. There is talk of a Masonleaks. The analysis of thousands of secret documents of the lodge will likely take months to complete.

The Grand Lodge of France filed a complaint with the prosecution in Paris against unknown persons. Hackers cracked the server of the Grand Lodge and were able to gain access to membership lists and internal documents. Several thousand confidential documents of the lodges have already been published on the Internet. The data leak was made public by the weekly magazine L'Express .

The file containing the confidential boxes of papers was published for first time last April 10 on the website Stop Mensonges published. The site wrote:


"Revelations about the secret government, which determines the new world order."

ht tps://mega.nz/#!TZFVGQxQ!fGCIn4QJR9jxAu6iseHaDTS_FwLI99LNXv1I2KAbuko

ht tps://archive.org/details/franc-macons-papers-stopmensonges.tar

78582c No.10632188

File: f3a7e3de03fdda6⋯.jpg (192.09 KB, 750x970, 75:97, The Punishment of the Evil….jpg)

File: adf43e7a8d74cd4⋯.jpg (304.11 KB, 750x970, 75:97, The Punishment of the Sata….jpg)

File: d8e5039794bc58b⋯.jpg (217.79 KB, 750x970, 75:97, My Wrath And Vengeance To ….jpg)

The Punishment of the Freemasons.

608c75 No.10632491

Pence being a Neocohen whose in on the pedo rings.

Always new that Israel first shill was bad news.

Have a bump

a16749 No.10632579


Dubs of truth, but taking a step back and considering how many factions do exist gives me an extra glimmer of hope; none of those groups can be assumed to get along with one another, and will gladly throw their peers under the bus to save themselves even if it means destroying generations of their own work and jeopardizing their long term plans. As above, so below and the left will devour itself no matter which scale it is operating on.

That's not meant to imply we should slacken out resolve though–rather it's a counter to the persistent blackpilling shills preaching about hopelessness. Remember, a rat only bites when it is cornered.

e2eac2 No.10632834


That is a honeypot cianigger.


Are those even real? The first pic looks legit save the lighting level being edited. The rest looked edited or heavily edited in a crappy manner.

c0b3f5 No.10633497

File: cd6f052caf0d0d7⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 450x290, 45:29, cd6f052caf0d0d7b17c4da3abb….gif)


Very nice.

c34a51 No.10634000

File: 974659d60d14ec7⋯.png (235.68 KB, 986x473, 986:473, hotwheels gimmick.png)

c34a51 No.10634156


Just had a half baked idea would not be ideal for night ops because it has a high chance of adding extra security to the situation. They said in one jester filled hooker hotel they had a whole floor with a shriner sherrif holding a shotgun in front of the elevator doors to that floor. Imagine going up to the 3rd floor and a cop is holding a tactical pump and there are literal 12 year olds in princess costumes behind them in the hallways with gout fucks limping after them and dragging some by their hair and shit. They kill a few you know they kill a few to make the dupes of the blackmail think they are making it like a initiation and silence thing. Nope they do that to compound the blackmail if they think they are just liablle to be shown fucking a 12 year old being held down by her fathers boss and shit.

An example is you would find out who they send the money to for their one price trip fee pdfs they make for every event. You would then social engineer the hotel as the last name of the secretary/treasure(H. abiff and/or their girl diva shrine name) and not ask anything but ensure that all of the reservations are sound. Then somehow get her to confirm say the ballroom for when they have a ceremony scheduled in the ballroom at the Marriott. once the nervous cunt confirms the ballroom you say "what else we got" try and get her to list the rest of the reservations and say something like "and that floor is all our reservations right?" and that will get her to name off whatever row of rooms and suites they have. Then you wait and have 2 people for each room of interest in sprint distance from each room and then you set off the smoke and then fire alarm and then you check the rooms by staying in while everyone stumbles out of the hotel. This can fail in any hotel they have like where elisa liam died because they control the elevators chiefly to reach floors not indexed on the elevator panels like a sub basement. A substructure a grotto or a floor usually the 13th floor. Also camera placement is something you would need to know where to walk and how to stay off camera.

b73771 No.10634194


Thanks for this wealth of info anon.

Would you know of any way we could get this library of docs at all?


It includes the history of the J's and the reference manual of the Order of Quetzalcoatl.

b73771 No.10634242


Nice anon, very nice. That's what we need

b73771 No.10634264

Possible lead -

>I'm glad someone used that SOBIB list properly and started checking on the leadership. Whenever you're researching masons, look at the Secretary and the Worshipful Master.

>He was the head of Suncoast Bank. Here's the docs from when he sold it.


>Go down the rabbit hole on Suncoast Charities. They named buildings after Stafford, and he's heavily involved in the many tentacles of this operation.

http://www.lovelandcenter.org/creative-hearts/ (Heart inside a heart)


http://www.childrenfirst.net/ (Butterflies and hearts)

e14415 No.10635167

File: 03e2bb5ba3d4322⋯.jpg (47 KB, 667x397, 667:397, Credit Cards.jpg)


Have you got 30 Euros?

Are you willing to take one for the team, and spread around to all us poor anons this awesome download?!!!!

You can order these texts to download by payment of € 30,00 via Paypal to order@stichtingargus.nl (subject American Library), or send an email to this address for an invoice and instructions.

e14415 No.10635174

File: 46497182870e278⋯.jpg (13.18 KB, 220x244, 55:61, Elizabeth Warren.jpg)


The Paypal email here: order (at) stichtingargus.nl

Thank you!!!

e14415 No.10635207

File: ed4f1bf16a3b0c6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.54 KB, 600x777, 200:259, B9wIrynCEAA0-uK.jpg)


Unfortunately, you all know the risks. Voat anons have been killed and disappeared doing this sort of thing. It will get bloody if Anons venture unauthorized into pedophile orgy hotels unprotected. Wear body armor. (((You will need backup weapons))). (((You may have to use them))). The children need us, but I'd stick with hacking and leaking, the wuss I am. Godspeed and God protect you Anons doing this.

608c75 No.10635220


If you're going in there, obviously have guns and armor. But don't go in, just find out where they're meeting, install a camera, and GTFO.

>Voat anons have been killed and disappeared doing this sort of thing.

Senate Anon said this was a psy op, he didn't think anyone died.

608c75 No.10635263


Is setting up cameras and then pulling a fire alarm in the middle of the night a good idea or a terrible idea?

608c75 No.10635411


Just set up the cameras and see what they're doing.

45abe3 No.10635461


It's a good idea but not without risks. Wear black and a mask, that way if you get caught you can claim to be antifag looking to expose the rich oligarchs. Also be sure to wear a GoPro and have one or two other guys wearing GoPros as well covering all exits.

608c75 No.10636770


Or put on generic "blue collar worker" shirt, walk in the front door carrying a tool box, plant the camera, and walk out.

659d4a No.10637703


I would wear a hawaiian shirt the jester use aloha as a token of recognition. Senate anon is brave but this is a tangible thing guys. Masons use COPS and also plain clothes dammit. Sure its tough but this is absolutely not a big deal. What the jesters are a part of the luciferian illuminated dark lodge masonry that is where you see people with earpieces on the roof and shit like that. soldiers of fortune. There is soldiers of fortune orders of masonry I mean i have a link to the scottish rite 33rd degree login for their sentinel program. If that can be hacked we got csv files of all masons dox and employment https://sentinelv2.scottishrite.org/Login.aspx

The jesters are literally a fall order we need to finish them but it is a masonic deception and it does not end at the shriners. The shriners have a grotto huge arabian shrine under the supreme council and that leads to dupont circle. The smithsonian museum also connect the isis shrine (literally the dc dark shriners are called isis they have isis on their fez) benithe the supreme council. from the shafts of the smithsonian there is military tunnels and there is also a mason tunnel to comet ping pong thus the shriner comet sign.

7513c0 No.10638356


high vis and hard hat, gloves

10/10 risk. Social engineering I don't think is a possibility unless you literally read their manuals and hope they aren't outdated. One wrong word will get a 12GA in your chest

608c75 No.10641247


They meet at regular hotels all the time. It's really about 2/10 difficulty for bugging. Just find out where they're meeting, bug it ahead of time, and be gone hours or days before they arrive.

608c75 No.10641297


How do you get the bug into the right hotel room(s)?

608c75 No.10641312


Most of these places will list where they are meeting, and the hotel will have it on a board somewhere.

608c75 No.10641351


Are you saying we need to bug something like a banquet hall in a hotel rather than a hotel room?

608c75 No.10641383


Yeah, the banquet room is going to have stripper at a minimum. Lots of time they actually have sex in there, though.


91b699 No.10641411


Shit, I think I knew a girl who was used by them in Chicago. Totally MK Ultraed, DID.

91b699 No.10641421


Well anon, I think I know of girls in Chicago, Buffalo, Detroit, Toronto and Seattle and Vancouver who were strippers for masons and involved into some pretty degenerate shit, and I think they were all entranced.

Mason MK Ultra technology and more importantly, how to break someone out of it. (I know about psychedelics which can be hit and miss. I want to know if they have a set antidote written down.)

7513c0 No.10641752


find a hotel where rooms are connected with a door. if the rooms go 1 2 3 (2 their room, 2-3 connected) pick from 3 into 2 and then bug 1. Break the paint of wallpaper and it's up

ee9546 No.10641791



>How do you get the bug into the right hotel room(s)?

you tape a spycam in the corner of a window pane of the room from the outside with a silenced quadcopter the night before

ea7077 No.10641925


Order of the Eastern Star is basically freemasonry for women. the freemason lodge in my city has one.

608c75 No.10642366


Amaranth, too. More directly relevant to SOBIB is the Order of Jesterettes, which is the ROJ for women.

608c75 No.10645578


You morons aren't going to find anything but a bunch of old farts drinking beer and playing poker. That's all this is.

391711 No.10645704

File: a88bec367b2d5ad⋯.png (4.76 KB, 220x96, 55:24, download.png)


>Rent hotel room

>Plant bugs




There's also reverse peep hole cameras, the ceiling is usually just a drop ceiling so you climb up there and plant one in it they're also usually connected.

Use some ingenuity, and you don't need to bug them, recording them entering the hotel room with a child will be more than enough. And people carry a bug with them everywhere they go, protip: Bluetooth beacons used for advertising can be used for hacking.

Pic related.

608c75 No.10649756


Good idea. No concern about child porn on the computer, either. Let's also remember that, even though the hooker parties involve consenting adults, they are used to blackmail and control law enforcement and cover up child rape and other crimes.

a16749 No.10654956

Sunday afternoon bump. This thread should be stickied for all of the fact hunting herein.

608c75 No.10657445


>This thread should be stickied for all of the fact hunting herein.

Couldn't agree more.

608c75 No.10665059

The only way you can help now is to clean house during the midterms. It doesn't matter who gets in democrat or republican if they're a neocon or neoliberal.

608c75 No.10666138


Senate Anon said they control everyone through the primaries more than anything.

608c75 No.10666151


Well, considering everybody now knows that at least the DNC hacks and rigs their own primaries, I can't imagine why. 'HMMMM

f04504 No.10666926

File: 136df0970bfc747⋯.jpg (38.97 KB, 1024x435, 1024:435, game2-1024x435.jpg)


Squeaky clean in Hillsborough County. Rudge has a paternity thing against him, but the mother was ordered a psych eval.

Can't vouch for James Smith, though. After doing William Bailey, I didn't have the patience.

Sauce: https://hover.hillsclerk.com/caseSearch.html

Maybe the thing is to find a highly placed LE member of one of these and gaslight them into showing their powerlevel.

f04504 No.10666955


Or, we work it backwards. Perhaps someone on the sex offender registry is an ex-member.

We impersonate someone from their order and tape record their verbal commitment to remain silent.

f04504 No.10666991


>US Senate Anon also named Sheldon Adelson as running blackmail in his hotels.

Jewish billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn?

I worked with an ex-employee of his and he strangely mentioned that he felt Wynn was someone capable of having him killed.

Kirk Kerkorian and brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta could also be candidates.

11f665 No.10667163

This faggot says the only person not blackmailed is Kikeberg Sanders? LARPing bernout. That's all this is.

608c75 No.10669440


Also said Sanders was an idiot.

608c75 No.10673758

Every single one of US Senate Anons threads on 4chan now 404! They all reached over 300 replies and the threads were archived.

I consider this verification that Senate Anon was legit. If it was just a LARP why delete ALL 4 threads after they had already been archived on 4chan?













cb7ad6 No.10674518

Well this looks like it needs a morning bamp!

608c75 No.10675396


Shut it down!

ee26c4 No.10685526

Someone needs to contact Sandy Frost the woman who exposed the jesters from the tax returns.

e2eac2 No.10689230


608c75 No.10702433

Tried to post on 4chan last night, got banned. Tried to post on here but it wouldn't let me start a new thread (I might have done something wrong, I'm old).

A few points to make:

1. I can now confirm that this was real:


2. Obviously Las Vegas was a false flag. We think it was probably a patsy who was shot and blamed for the whole thing, or possibly one of the many suicides that occurs in Las Vegas. But keep digging, I only have a little inside information (that it was planned ahead) and the specifics will be cracked from the evidence out there.

3. Arrests have been made based on threads like this and HTG. Many good cops are now posting in these threads.

4. The Seattle mayor was an indirect effect of these threads.

70aeb1 No.10704110

File: b59acf28c026ac3⋯.jpg (151.39 KB, 1024x729, 1024:729, b4c262fad6777de113f3d1fc66….jpg)

File: 999c622ca0125ed⋯.png (708.01 KB, 2188x1254, 1094:627, 02dbf1b4af722a8ecd6a996db4….png)


Welcome back, Senate Anon! Checking your digits.

>1. I can now confirm that this was real:


I can actually believe this due to his sentence structure and grammar. Is there anything you can tell us that could persuade normies that this is actually Trump?

>2. Obviously Las Vegas was a false flag. We think it was probably a patsy who was shot and blamed for the whole thing, or possibly one of the many suicides that occurs in Las Vegas. But keep digging, I only have a little inside information (that it was planned ahead) and the specifics will be cracked from the evidence out there.

What do you think of the theory that LV was actually an ISIS attack and that the named shooter. Stephen Paddock, was an arms dealer involved in an FBI sanctioned, fast and furious style arms deal with ISIS terrorists on US soil who then killed him and shot up a concert?

Also, should we be investing in OSI stock like "john" told us on 4chan in pic related?

Also, do you know why "john" told us to go to arizona and said that "they wont bother you in arizona"?

>3. Arrests have been made based on threads like this and HTG. Many good cops are now posting in these threads.

You have no idea how encouraging this is. Are you able to show any examples?

>4. The Seattle mayor was an indirect effect of these threads.

Also very encouraging.

5f1dd6 No.10707936


Welcome back US Senate Anon. Thank you for this very encouraging post.

Can you give us any more? Post it here and we'll get it to 4Chan too. God Speed.

608c75 No.10716260


Are you aware that every single one of your original threads on 4chan have been deleted?

b9ba2b No.10722539


I first of all appreciate what you have done. For years I have tried to redpill people in random threads about how the masons could be involved. You really have opened the minds of people enough to shed some light on the overall corruption of local police and council seats etc.Jim who owns this site is a freemason and this thread was never stickied.I feel like the las vegas is a good window to redpill people with the luxor being in the periphery. I am very concerned with the masonic goal of marital law and the inevitable guillotines that would follow. These masons have planned for years to behead their neighbors and the scrollbar is the guillotine that is how prevalent the guillotine predictive programming is.

3521ab No.10722603


Not sure if LARP, but…

-john pointed out that Adelson would be a key player in this. Trump met up with Adelson the day after the shooting and also funded Trump's campaign to the tune of $5M (figure might be off. I've seen $25M and up to $100M mentioned).

Are you able to elaborate on what the play was here? Did Trump have prior knowledge of the attack?

9998c2 No.10722721


Is there any police movement on Gamergate? It looked like a big covert op to seize control of the Internet and flood everyone with disinformation. There are multiple people who could be picked up on racketeering and wire fraud charges.

74a72e No.10722861

File: c78b3a39eab0dd6⋯.jpg (2.72 MB, 2025x2867, 2025:2867, LVAnon_MSNS.jpg)

File: 16b1fe1c85459d0⋯.png (328.94 KB, 1320x2641, 1320:2641, TLDRMSNS.png)

File: cfca86a2ab74e6a⋯.png (3.91 MB, 1285x4228, 1285:4228, TLDRMSNS2.png)

File: f9e0d9afb21a368⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1003x1203, 1003:1203, TLDRMSNS3.png)

File: c9df7d6952a9a8c⋯.jpg (180.28 KB, 720x900, 4:5, TLDRMSNS5_TP.jpg)


>>the Royal Order of Jesters

Context: Allegedly the procurement arm for the Shriner/Mason harems.



A larger pentagon/Star Of David/Pentagram to the scale of the Yellow lines shown on the third image should be taken into account for search area, 'ley lines' for the dig



This: O(athes) W(ere) L(ost)


>Bear Sheriff

>Hairy thicc man

Also: Ursa Major is Set's constellation (Osirus' brother)

cb7ad6 No.10723539


In recurring dreams I'm the one operating the guillotine, we'll see who really ends up doing that.

MY people want peace, there's only one way. Duterte style. Why can't marijuana crops pay our debt, and float the economy? I object to the hard drugs brought in. What do?

cb7ad6 No.10723556

Clio ring a bell, grand blanc? Grand rapids, bay city? Saginaw, flint, Detroit? So close to Indiana

955682 No.10724046

Found this if anyone can check things


5b2ceb No.10724500



cb7ad6 No.10725965

File: 89cf630d8e3e133⋯.png (880.26 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171002-171328.png)

File: 21156383a5c1616⋯.png (460.63 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171002-171342.png)

File: c788a30b0149ed5⋯.png (280.67 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171002-171200.png)

File: c788a30b0149ed5⋯.png (280.67 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171002-171200.png)

File: c788a30b0149ed5⋯.png (280.67 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171002-171200.png)


He has several DOT listings all over Michigan as well. I researched him a bit, I found a possible (99% sure) family member. Here's one lodge nearby that is suspect, imo. Drugs, missing kids….There's a few nearby airports depending, but Frankenmuth has an airport. It's very nearby. I note the semi trailer parked here, so

Included are the other jesters lodges in the area in Michigan. If you notice, where the lodges stop, the trafficking line stops north in Michigan.

cb7ad6 No.10726134

File: 49357d5689b04f5⋯.png (485.76 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20170920-183838.png)

Shoot, sorry for that…

Here's a biz


And trolling Twitter, this guy looked familiar, of course I didn't label my archive so I don't remember the damn account. Found him while lurking. based sprayer?

cb7ad6 No.10726215

And I suspect this is a relative of Trucker


cb7ad6 No.10726237

And I suspect this is a relative of Trucker. I found these guys through obits


ebe6cb No.10726440


At this point I judge LARPs by how much it motivates positive change. If Listen and Believe encourages pedohunts then so be it. WHAnon is real, long con or not.

99262d No.10732360


>I can now confirm that this was real:



142609 No.10732605

File: 7f55dfeae7dc24f⋯.jpg (102.12 KB, 719x464, 719:464, IMG_-168s5r.jpg)


Buuump niggers!

01c924 No.10733355


There's a limit on the number of threads that may be created per hour in order to stave off forum sliding by the shills.

e2325a No.10733371


Sadly, this "totally real not fake" larper also said he's too big of a puss puss to touch the fed. Sad!

01c924 No.10733437


>using the 8chan api to always get first post requires an AI

wow ur dum

e2eac2 No.10733446


Well unless you are prepared for full scale war, you can't without (((them))) getting very angry and destroying infrastructure. Trump is civcuck nationalist confirmed though. Instead of full on 1488 natsoc.

66e4d6 No.10733621


Maybe people can check up on their local Shriners locations in their area and see if any of the trucks show up around them and do as >>10597028 said.

93f376 No.10733622

File: 6267b0474c66294⋯.png (28.5 KB, 320x119, 320:119, Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at ….png)


Fake and gay. Search from:realDonaldTrump since:2017-02-25 until:2017-03-02 on Twitter and he never mentions CNN or any reporter

66e4d6 No.10733648

File: aa7fec255f5d93a⋯.png (103.59 KB, 279x486, 31:54, firefox_2017-10-10_02-26-4….png)


Location in Florida

6b3081 No.10734087


>4. The Seattle mayor was an indirect effect of these threads.

Was Harvey Weistiens arrest "indirectly" related to this as well? Did Trump hit back at the deepstate for doing LV?

271897 No.10734208


Comet Liquors? WTF? Why didn't this come out during the initial investigations (done by autists) when PG first broke? Odd, that I never heard of this place.

cb7ad6 No.10737102

File: a20bd0552710bed⋯.jpg (381.43 KB, 640x1050, 64:105, IMG_20171010_225259.jpg)

File: 65f7498121c312c⋯.jpg (171.01 KB, 720x435, 48:29, IMG_20171010_224251.jpg)


Archive: http://archive.fo/9TTxb

Their logo is suspect, they do many mason funerals.

cb7ad6 No.10737150

File: ebe94adf630960c⋯.jpg (320.22 KB, 682x1232, 31:56, IMG_20171010_221857.jpg)

File: 03b62190ae998a9⋯.jpg (188.57 KB, 693x950, 693:950, IMG_20171010_221433.jpg)

This is stuff I found looking around at the Knights music co this Perfect World one came up


>Company Name: Boogie Knights is a U.S. company in Fowlerville, Michigan, belongs to Music & Live Entertainment industry.

>Country: U.S.A. - United States

>State: MI - Michigan


>Address:10797 Mackinaw Trl

>ZIP Code:48836




cb7ad6 No.10737157

(((Emlz :Johnson-Ronald@boogieknights)))

e2eac2 No.10737206


That website is owned by the (((endurance international group))). Kikery is afoot for sure there.

54aa65 No.10737266


stop this shit

most people here are more prepared than you, and we're all already doing much more than copypasting your bullshit spam

you suck

85d5a4 No.10737819



5dbf49 No.10766848

File: 9250151f9fa2d25⋯.mp4 (7.84 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Kike Pence - Israel Should….mp4)


>He sure advocates against faggotry alot for being a pedo.

But he's also so dedicated to the race of parasites behind organized pedophilia that heebs would come up to him and ask him what his mother's maiden name is.

bfbac9 No.10766882


Yea something is up here looks strange

c4e748 No.10766885


All we need, are a few good anons.

Here's one.

1cd6a2 No.10766960

File: 0d8a56ba681ba26⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1280x1446, 640:723, 1508162675753-pol.png)

51c41f No.10767126



07f291 No.10767246

File: 3d26552d0b1f813⋯.webm (1.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nobody more pro israel.webm)

File: d09c9808a469369⋯.png (13.17 KB, 243x255, 81:85, Jewtrump.png)

File: 166e82bbc982012⋯.jpg (59 KB, 605x418, 55:38, Trump_and_Israel.jpg)

File: bc603a9ae6de38c⋯.png (184.75 KB, 599x324, 599:324, Trump_Jewish_Children.png)

File: f9214e7b4364fe5⋯.jpg (124.19 KB, 1131x645, 377:215, TrumpIsrael_0.jpg)


Trump doesn't mean shit you fucking cunt. Stop sucking his good shabbos goy cock and focus on shit that matters, for all what we know, he could also be covering for all the pedo rings since he doesn't shy from sucking heeb cocks.

07f291 No.10767252

File: 42fed2277d8f7cc⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Ted Gunderson.jpg)

And btw, why haven't I ever heard anyone talking about Ted Gunderson? The guy knew about pedogate decades ago. Why has no one talked about him or tried to link his cases to pizzagate?

b42e16 No.10767258


You guys have been saying literally this exact same shit for well over a year now. You think you've changed a single persons mind? No. I would still take Trump over Hillary any day. He's our best shut and controlling immigration and the closet thing to a nationalist president zionst controlled America has had in years

07f291 No.10767270


>No. I would still take Trump over Hillary any day

Nobody said anything about Killary. My point is to stop dreaming like a faggot and focus on shit that matters instead of worshipping zionist puppets.

1cd6a2 No.10767273

File: 44defc6930efbc1⋯.jpg (87.43 KB, 800x489, 800:489, 3e5b9427e4e3af136996f39755….jpg)


Oh. Well I quite like him, so I guess you can go fuck yourself.

53a3b8 No.10767277


Ted Gunderson was obviously part of Shariahblue since he implicated BASED republicans as part of child sex rings. Everybody knows the pedocracy is partisan and only democrats fuck kids.

b42e16 No.10767281








poorlymadememe.jpg Trumpwithjewhat.jpg

You could be a bot and it would make no difference. Every single president since WW2 has had to kiss Isreals ass (hence the pics and videos of him praising kikes) they have to do this because jews rule the world. They control America. You have to praise Israel no matter what or you will never make it.

(hint: the entire jewish owned media wouldn't be out to get him if he was a zionist)

53a3b8 No.10767287


The majority of kikes will hate anything that they perceive as being a representation of the Whit working class, even if it's completely under their control. The jewish press attacked Palin too, despite her being an ardent zionist who kept an Israeli flag (and no other) in her office when she was governor.

07f291 No.10767289



Thank you, God, for not making a delusional cocksucker.

b42e16 No.10767292


>The majority of kikes will hate anything that they perceive as being a representation of the Whit working class, even if it's completely under their control

they hate us because they know we are the only people smarter then them. Asians are smart but don't have the European edge that makes us a threat

1cd6a2 No.10767297

File: a249c719ab8824e⋯.jpg (118.23 KB, 1070x250, 107:25, S71017-193908(1).jpg)

Oh shit niggers, I think he's back


b42e16 No.10767299


You are boring. Filtered.

6f02ca No.10767339


I haven't been following this too closely but it should be noted that the majority of internet traffic conducted on the public-web by Washington, DC politicians is documented. We could potentially confirm that a member of the US Senate is in-fact posting to cuckchan wy looking through the logs.

If there's a simple RSS bot that says when a member of congress edits Wikipedia, we can easily assume there can be an RSS bot that shows what sites they post to.

943276 No.10767389

>ctrl-f larp


It's a larp.

6c98f9 No.10769068


Nah it's a fucking larper, no sane person in the white house would outright confirm or deny anything specific about Las Vegas, outright call out the head of an intelligence agency as being responsible, and not even get the basic facts of the case right. There is also some other little fuckups and the tripcode but that's the big red flag.

48d38b No.10784271


943a70 No.10784835

File: 84b7dd12bfc64a9⋯.png (37.81 KB, 1080x309, 360:103, 2.png)


c75625 No.10789342

Royal Order Of Jesters Brazil Fishing Trip www.dcmessageboards.com/index.php?/topic/16745-the-royal-order-of-jesters-brazil-fishing-trip

c75625 No.10789396

Sorry- forgot backup link: http://archive.fo/30RBa

48d38b No.10810118


c127cd No.10811008


did someone say bump?

5a025e No.10814616

File: 6dbdb8d788df1b7⋯.jpg (810.26 KB, 1428x934, 714:467, Screenshot_20171028-165823.jpg)


Cry more faggot, Trump pisses on you

603faf No.10814620


No one cares about cuckchan LARPers.

603faf No.10814627


>respecting a shabbos goy piece of shit

Get the fuck out.


>Forget watching films on long flights, in the future you could view entire movies while staring out of the window.

<You were born just in time to be incapable of appreciating the beauty of the natural world because every single surface and even the air itself will have kike propaganda plastered on it

Feels terrible, man.

000000 No.10814728


ROJ lodges (debauchery), grottos (spooky debauchery), and IOOF (spooky skellies) all over canada, ontario's covered

masonry completely owns winnipeg/manitoba, legislature building is a recreation of solomons temple. they love using natives and people in foster care. it's been called an epidemic and the worst in canada even. residential schools was the same satanic shit

BC again more of the same, and hells angels are their enforcer arm. Catholic church "12 mile yacht club" likes them a lot methinks. robert pickton was actually a cover-up for a hells angels party house that the police purposefully refused to investigate earlier claims from, he also stabbed a girl in a club and got away with it. worse, in BC there are "new-age" communes, especially ones for children, which are actually occult indoctrination camps. gabriola island is an example of a plausible "open secret" cult town. 2 murders related to each other if anyone looks it up, one by a guy who got let off for insanity because he was "obsessed with freemasons" and killed a lady he was staying with (with a "ceremonial knife") and stabbed her son because they were in the cult ring. that lady who was murdered had her last "partner" murdered with an axe for the same reason. rumors of luring kids to houses and plying them with drugs, man arrested for CP and had his house burn down mysteriously.

throwing out more targets - famous case of ontario child forensic examiner being found to have rigged hundreds of past cases, held onto pubic hairs of evidence and lied about COD etc. for many welfare cases and the strange case of sudden deaths of kids in incubators. all of that thrown into question…

was the brotherhood of the ram in saskatchewan really a total fabrication in the 80's? do a quick search and you will find it legitimately listed as an organization in old satanist contact lists….

harper and the orange lodge (monarchists) is another rabbit hole….

niagara falls (lundy's lane) is purely a sex trafficking destination, all seedy motels and strip clubs and slow drip of arrests…. NY judge and police officer arrested for sex trafficking near niagara falls, turns out they were masons and got kicked out of their lodge…

hamilton is totally run by the unions, they own everything, and we know how those work. mafia is all over stoney (tony) creek, st catharines, hamilton, etc…. what goes on at the gage park childrens museum? why is there a masonic pyramid connected to the building with a giant anchor? perhaps it has something to do with the hospitals nearby?

i should make a thread for this but fuck, it's so obvious

48d38b No.10826288

te hiump

cbc59f No.10826363


keep an eye out for any unexplained deaths in the near future.

932218 No.10826567




>set up new computer network

>call it Skynet for fun

>anons find out and now believe Terminator is a documentary

You can name your project bluebeam as a joke you know. Or it could just be a coincidence. My company uses a PDF editor called bluebeam.

fd1015 No.10829156


Good posts. Masonry always and everywhere implies kiddyfucking, although a lot of masonkikes browse this board and do their little "we only drink beer XDD" song and dance.

ce945d No.10829183


Try again in english please, drunk senate anon.

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