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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: cad8b85a3db5eb9⋯.png (486.25 KB, 1435x809, 1435:809, Flippy a Miso Robot.png)

File: 5e273bc0e9c4a01⋯.mp4 (4.28 MB, 854x480, 427:240, FLIPPY Miso Robotics.mp4)

File: 5e273bc0e9c4a01⋯.mp4 (4.28 MB, 854x480, 427:240, FLIPPY Miso Robotics.mp4)

a71fa0 No.10593673

15$ an hour?? HA! Say hello to Flippy a robot that's going to be grilling your burgers!

Scholars have warned that demand for low-skilled jobs will drop sharply following automation and flipping burgers is definitely on the robo-overlord menu, as CaliBurger can attest. The fast-food restaurant chain present all over the United States, but also in countries like China, Sweden, Qatar or Taiwan, said it will introduce a burger robot in fifty of its locations.

The kitchen assistant, known as ‘Flippy’, was designed by a startup called Miso Robotics which specializes in “technology that assists and empowers chefs to make food consistently and perfectly, at prices everyone can afford.” It looks like a cart on wheels with only one arm and no legs. With six axes though, the arm has plenty of freedom of motion so the robot can perform a variety of tasks. In fact, Miso claims this robot is more akin to a self-driving car than an assembly line machine.

What they mean is that Flippy uses feedback-loops that reinforce its good behavior so it gets better with each flip of the burger. Unlike an assembly line robot that needs to have everything positioned in an exact ordered pattern, Flippy’s machine learning algorithms allow it to pick uncooked burgers from a stack or flip those already on the grill. Hardware like cameras helps Flippy see and navigate its surroundings while sensors inform the robot when a burger is ready or still raw. Meanwhile, an integrated system that sends orders from the counter back to the kitchen informs Flippy just how many raw burgers it should be prepping.

Miso engineers working on Flippy’s algorithms had to flip burgers to get in the right mindset. The video below gives you an idea how Flippy sees the grill from its point of view.

Flippy is supposed to be a kitchen assistant and can’t replace human workers entirely — not yet, at least. A human still has to prepare the cooked burger, place cheese on the grill or add toppings like sauce. Momentum Machines, a company that has been working on its own burger bots for some years, is allegedly introducing these additional steps into its machines’ routine. It might not take too long before human presence in the burger grilling kitchen is superseded.

Moving on beyond burgers, it’s quite reasonable seeing Flippy preparing other dishes like fish, chicken, vegetables and such. Moreover, its compact size and adaptability mean that the machine can be installed in any restaurant’s kitchen as it is, with no additional hassle. Flexibility is the keyword here.

Over the next two years, Flippy bots will be installed in 50 CaliBurger restaurants around the world. One Pasadena restaurant is already enjoying the fruits of its labor. However, we can’t speak in the name of the 2.3 million likely underpaid cooks currently employed in the United States. At least, Miso’s CEO admits their product will put people out of jobs.

“Tasting food and creating recipes will always be the purview of a chef. And restaurants are gathering places where we go to interact with each other. Humans will always play a very critical role in the hospitality side of the business given the social aspects of food. We just don’t know what the new roles will be yet in the industry,” the company’s CEO and co-founder David Zito said.

On a more serious note, it’s clear nobody has any idea what will happen to all these displaced jobs. Tech startups are in a competition to be as disruptive as possible with not much regard for what happens next to the industry they’re affecting. Quite frankly, that might not be their responsibility. Nobody had any beef with Henry Ford when he flooded the market with millions of Model-Ts, pulling horse and buggies out of the streets. This time, however, it looks like a whole different ball game. Artificial intelligence and robotics are disrupting multiple industries at the same time. Vehicles, health, law, food. You name it.

a71fa0 No.10593679

File: 09c4bd650cae1cf⋯.mp4 (4.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, FLIPPY POV.mp4)



000000 No.10593686

Kill all niggers. Problem solved.

b98d74 No.10593692


Name one problem that can't be solved by killing niggers

40992c No.10593700


>all over the US

Never heard of it.

976c47 No.10593701

The flipping hand is gonna be dirty as fuck after a while, and it doesn't look that easy to clean. Also don't burgers stick a bit to the plate, and you have to scrape it? it's also very slow and you could probably cook 50 burgers on that but the robot needs space to move.

They really could've made a better job before marketing this.

3dfdce No.10593702

40992c No.10593708

Turns out caliburger is a fucking chink owned In-n-Out clone. Fuck the chinks. Anyone buying from them or working for them are traitors.

b98d74 No.10593709


The jew problem can be largely solved by killing their negro puppets, kikes are powerless by themselves and would be easy to exterminate after the groid is gone

976c47 No.10593715


Don't forget the white american male is the original golem.

84ce49 No.10593721

File: 65c2447da95779b⋯.jpg (42.68 KB, 650x333, 650:333, 123957-7173181.jpg)


Yeah this set-up makes no sense imo.

If they are serious about kicking workers out of mcdick then they should fully automate the food production, not have a single step automated.

Why have jamal assemble the burger when a bigger "robot" could plop out perfect burgers on its own.

Pic related is what needs to happen, not some overly expensive robot arm toy.

976c47 No.10593728


this tbh. that arm looks like reverse psychology to show that the technology isn't there so they pass the retarded $15/h min wages. Shill tactic or blatant scam, either way jewish in origin.

e54b73 No.10593732


Being a kitchen assistant is how most people becomes chefs in the first place. Now you will need an engineering degree.

c044bd No.10593746

File: 25639ca0e2d66ec⋯.jpg (366.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Jews ARE the nigger problem

They are their enablers

They promote their behavior at any opportunity using it as a weapon to destroy the west - and its all done in plain sight

b53b74 No.10593749

File: f51e7c8ba2597c3⋯.png (49.94 KB, 600x600, 1:1, adac012366a51af83b95785383….png)


>Maintenance fees ah now included in yah oadah goy, as well as an enviramental fee foah ouah robots usin lectricity!

>Thatal be 15.99 goy!

e92fa6 No.10593751


those burgers look disgusting

ab1990 No.10593760


Doesn't someone have to degrease, re-assemble and disassemble some of the parts before and after hours of operation everyday?

t. dishwasher as my first job

037a24 No.10593763


>using the same surfaces for cooked and uncooked meat

Well that's dumb.

4a422a No.10593765


Yea lets fire everyone so they won't have any money to buy your products!

248e83 No.10593768


>forgetting the Jews, most of Sunni Sandniggers, Chinks, and Gooks

976c47 No.10593773


you don't need money in a communist utopia :^) just use basic universal income, it's 2017!

5b7bf6 No.10593776


OK, so are burgers going to get cheaper?

b53b74 No.10593791

File: ed7567be290d320⋯.jpg (52.49 KB, 736x561, 736:561, 71cf708226b6cd4ad44386bfac….jpg)


>This becomes more unsanitary than human cooks because the boomer owners don't want to pay a anyone to clean at all

>Don't be silly anon! They're robots! I don't need labor at all anymore, Mr Blattberg told me this thing does it all! I'm gonna be rich!

>Let it run for a while without cleaning or tuning it

>Lawsuits after ecoli or something else spreads


So there's robots for planting wheat for bread, raising and butchering cattle for patties too right? :^)


If the demand for beef and bread goes up wouldn't that make it more expensive?

>Some egghead thinks its a good idea to connect this to the internet

>It gets hacked and starts doing all kinds of lulzy stuff

000000 No.10593796

4aef01 No.10593802

I used to work at a burger joint that had a broiler where you put in raw meat and it comes out flame grilled. Could easily create a system to drop frozen patties onto the start of the moving grill, and have them drop into a tray when cooked. The tray would rotate out when full.

I think it would still be easier to have people actually assembling it though, would be a major headache when machinery fucks up during peak times.

Plus in Australia fast food workers already get paid $20+ an hour which is roughly $15 USD and our fast food and hospitality industry has been booming. Macdonalds did introduce touch screen kiosks but not that many people use them and they're slow as fuck compared to just telling the cashier what you want. On top of that Macdonalds brings every order out to your table which they weren't doing before, so they're actually using more labour than necessary.

I'm going to sound like Bernout here, but how do Yanks explain other countries having higher minimum wages yet still maintaining fairly full employment?

e92fa6 No.10593816


>I used to work at a burger joint that had a broiler where you put in raw meat and it comes out flame grilled.

Sounds cool, name of that machine?

06ae7d No.10593818


Other countries don't have mexicans competing for low-skill jobs.

000000 No.10593829


Every country has it's mexicans.

I wait more for drone delivery and universal income and high rise society.

feab43 No.10593831


This. The first thing I thought of is they went about this all wrong. They simply took an off the shelf robotic arm and slapped a simple burger flipper attachment on it. It's like a bandaid or "hack" of a griddle that was designed for human use. The correct way to do this would be to start over entirely with a machine/griddle that was purpose built form the start to be automated.

4aef01 No.10593838

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Excuse the shitty Russian video but it was similar to that and some of the related vids. Looks like in vid related they've actually almost implemented my suggestion.

feab43 No.10593840


>but how do Yanks explain other countries having higher minimum wages yet still maintaining fairly full employment?

What are their low skilled immigration levels?

84ce49 No.10593841


>this level of autistic screeching

>what is automation in every other branch of manufacturing

Do you seriously think that the food you buy at the store is made and packaged by humans ?

Watch a documentary about how cookies are made, if thats not too advanced for you.

Are you some min wage cuck or why does this trigger you so much ?

17b62f No.10593843

File: 5eb4d25c382f7db⋯.jpg (56.98 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 73b8db3cb0537b5e69fd247478….jpg)


You'll still need people to maintain the robots, design them, program them etc. The future will require far more highly skilled people and less low-skilled people.

It's a perfect situation for us because niggers won't be able to survive in a high IQ job market.

b53b74 No.10593850


I'm waiting for it to blow over like the flying car meme. It's 2017 and we still don't have flying cars.

>Implying they won't find a way to charge you more for the same thing.

000000 No.10593852



feab43 No.10593854


>It's a perfect situation for us

>oh vey we need more highly skilled immigrants goyim

>insert "model immigrant"

>wouldn't you like a nice Asian waifu anon?

Daily reminder that the yellow menace is just as destructive if not more so than the beaners.

e92fa6 No.10593859

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Looks cool. You know which culinary machines I find fascinating? Steakhouse broilers.

There's a company which makes small ones for personal use and I'm seriously thinking of getting myself one: https://www.ottowildegrillers.com/

fb69cc No.10593864


>flipping burgers

Do people actually think McDonalds and other fast food actually has burger flippers anymore? That's so archaic, it's like bragging about a shoe-shining robot taking over all those minimum wage shoe shining jobs.

17b62f No.10593870

File: fa419d873aad2f7⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1426424567315.gif)


You clearly don't know what you’re talking about.


How is the yellow menace just as destructive as the beaners?

East Asians ( which kind of Asian are you talking about? ) tend to keep to themselves and are far more civilised than the low IQ races


Look at the rate of inter-racial marriage in the US, the vast majority of people who date outside their race date people of Hispanic descent. If anything’s threatening whites in America it's beaners.

Don't base your believes on nothing but baseless conjecture.

568a1b No.10593877


>How is the yellow menace just as destructive as the beaners?

>East Asians ( which kind of Asian are you talking about? ) tend to keep to themselves and are far more civilised than the low IQ races

t. chang

000000 No.10593882


>If anything’s threatening whites in America it's beaners.

Nope. It's asians. Beaners and niggers can be controlled.

Asians are like locusts. They are the last ones that should be in a white country.

17b62f No.10593891


Nice arguemnt, you sure proved me wrong anon with your whittey and original green text.

Your also wrong about my race, looks like you failed the IQ test.


> beaners and niggers can be controlled

If they can be controlled how come 50+% of crime is from beaners and niggers and as we speak noggs are looting and cause riots on a weekly basis?

They sure seem like their our control :^)

feab43 No.10593894


>muh based azns

Fucking kill yourself. We don't need them here at all, not a single one. Beaners are low IQ idiots who without the protection of the Jew would have been deported decades ago. The Chinese/Koreans/etc. are smart enough to be a real threat. They are fucking colonizers just like the beaners only in 50 years we will have China breathing down our necks about treatment of their 'brothers' and using these overseas Chinese as a pretext for Chinese funded political revolutions.

They can keep to themselves in their own ant colony.

568a1b No.10593895


>Your also wrong about my race, looks like you failed the IQ test.

No, I don't think so.

17b62f No.10593898


* argument

* whitey

568a1b No.10593902


It's "witty". There's no 'h'. I know it's a tough language for immigrants.

cb7f32 No.10593903

Look niggers and beaners do an okay job at flipping burgers. The problem is ordering the fucking food, all my local fast food places have beaners that don't speak English working the drive thrus… it's impossible to get details like unsweetened ice tea (they always give me sweet tea and I have to get it changed at the last window). Look, I can speak enough bean language to say "sin azucar, por favor" but fuck you, I'm not going to lower myself to do that.

All I need is a simple touch screen.

000000 No.10593905


>If they can be controlled how come 50+% of crime is from beaners and niggers and as we speak noggs are looting and cause riots on a weekly basis?

Prisons. They are released to be imprisoned again. The crime is done in their communities, so no big deal.

000000 No.10593907


Paying to talk in another language.


830df6 No.10593910


> wouldn't that make it more expensive?

Only if the supply can't keep up with the demand.

f3ff79 No.10593914



Aren't these types of broilers called salamanders in the industry?

0b728c No.10593918


>Let it run for a while without cleaning or tuning it

Or they do the exact opposite and disinfect it after every flip so your patties taste like lysol and bleach.

There's a chain that does this to their milkshake blenders.

830df6 No.10593926

File: 503cb5032a74b2d⋯.jpg (12.18 KB, 474x473, 474:473, 503cb5032a74b2d6241a0c25ae….jpg)


>Your also


>failed the IQ test.


Shit skin detected.

e30e38 No.10593932


>If they can be controlled how come 50+% of crime is from beaners and niggers and as we speak noggs are looting and cause riots on a weekly basis?

Because Kikes have successfully indoctrinated them to believe that regular paths to success are blocked by "racists" who will discriminate, stop them succeeding and consequently the way to hit back against their enemy is to deal drugs, rob and steal his wealth directly.

Their criminality is a direct consequence of the ease with which they are controlled.

e92fa6 No.10593936


It's a similar concept but it's not exactly the same I think. In the broilers I posted the grid is super hot as well, it's just not actively heated.

f3ff79 No.10593940


That is easy to do on a blender, not so easy to do on an automated assembly line.

I give it 60% chance that they will get opened up and cleaned once a month, 15%chance they make an auto clean for just the belt that will automatically run every night sending it through at self cleaning temps on most ovens, neglecting everything else about the machine, and 25% they simply never clean it.

e30e38 No.10593956

File: d7a17de61bfbdff⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 819x5103, 13:81, polish_incentives.jpg)

Automation isn't that attractive when you have mass immigration of low skilled workers to drive the cost of labour as low as you need it.

206581 No.10593960


It'd still be cleaner than any shitskin, I don't eat fast food shit for many reasons but what would always make me leave immediately is seeing a shitskin behind the counter

e92fa6 No.10593971


Robots probably do a better job than low skilled immigrants though. Maybe not now, today, but certainly in the near future.

e30e38 No.10593972




Muh "boomers" generational d&c.

>yes goy, hate your parents just like we taught women to hate their husbands.


>I give it 60% chance that they will get opened up and cleaned once a month, 15%chance they make an auto clean for just the belt that will automatically run every night sending it through at self cleaning temps on most ovens, neglecting everything else about the machine, and 25% they simply never clean it.

You've never been in a food processing factory, have you.

Machinery is cleaned twice a day, degreased, rinsed and disinfected every 12 hours.

e30e38 No.10593980


You've got the investment cost in the machinery, maintenance crew, specialized cleaning. I can see why employers would prefer labor, human labor is more dynamic, there's no huge initial outlay or upkeep costs (if you use immigrant scab labor agencies) and you can move location in a day without a gigantic machine to drag along.

f3ff79 No.10593983


>You've never been in a food processing factory, have you.

We aren't talking about factories, we are talking about shitty little corner cutting fast food places that employ shitskins and stoners.

e30e38 No.10593988


Fair enough, I'd still say that machinery replacing crews is a very long way off.

What happens if the machine breaks down and it's the entire production line? You lose your takings, that's an unrecoverable loss.

feab43 No.10593999


>We aren't talking about factories

But we are. Thats what these places will become, essentially miniaturized factories.

cb7f32 No.10594001


Trips of prophecy confirmed.

f3ff79 No.10594006


They are already run like ford assembly lines, if you want to argue semantics they have technically been factories for decades.

206581 No.10594010


This is only the case when the low skilled turdskins don't think they have any employee rights, once they start demanding 15 dollars an hour and think their skills are a valuable commodity and should be given all sorts of workers rights then the machines become significantly more cost effective. As of now these kike megacorps tell their worthless employees to go on welfare in addition to their income so they don't have to pay them a livable wage or provide them medical insurance, etc

e30e38 No.10594015


If you don't keep machinery like that clean then it breaks down rapidly.

"Wash once a month, maybe" simply isn't going to happen and if it does, that business will not stay open for long.

17b62f No.10594028

File: 7de73c50852917b⋯.jpg (51.47 KB, 600x795, 40:53, 751.jpg)


Check out the edgy teenager over here.

Did I ever say that "we" need them in any western country or that they were based? No, my point was about who is the greatest threat at this point in time.

Beaners have the highest miscegenation rates by a long shot and theirs millions more pouring into America on an annual basis. Beaners have 3x more people in the US than all Asians put together. So if any nation is going to be breathing down your necks it’s Mexico. Who’s still rather keen on getting some of the land back.

If we’re going to talk about China specifically then they don’t need masses of people to control your government. They just buy them off instead. If you care so much about China’s influence you should focus your impotent rage on imposing restrictions to ownership of key infrastructure and companies.


You didn’t address my question.

Isn’t it /pol/ that likes to say that the Jews are in for a bad time if they think they can tame the beast? That doesn’t change the fact that niggers and other darkies are still causing havoc in communities around America.

So hundreds of whites being murdered every year by niggers is no big deal?


All kikes can really do is use peoples desires and instincts for their own benefit, there not just puppets that can be made to dance to any tune. They don’t force a group to do anything. Neither you nor I have a magic ball that can predict what will happen for sure if beaners were left to their own devices. But if we look at the shithole that is Mexico I don’t think you can use the jew argument to explain why beaners have criminal tendencies.

84ce49 No.10594029


why do you think its impossible to make it clean itself ?

Its not like a low wage worker is moving a piece of wet cloth in a magic way that cleans better than a robot doing the exact same thing.

40992c No.10594078

File: 10716fbf12d39bd⋯.jpg (74.81 KB, 501x332, 501:332, Jigger.jpg)

File: 95ed0fdb57e3b37⋯.jpg (36.61 KB, 420x294, 10:7, Grammar.jpg)

77b1e0 No.10594206


Just imagine the ways they could make this clean without having to worry about silly little things like skin peeling off getting in the way.

d826d5 No.10594219


>the new nigger look

When did the new "thug" nigger look become a half-assed mimicry of a '90s rocker coupled with a sports fan? Niggers, peak fashion as usual. And because kikes promote the fuck out of them, everyone thinks it's all original to them, and worse, the greatest fashion trend in history.

425341 No.10594220

This thread is surely being derailed by people who have no job.

40992c No.10594223


If you create it's cook area in an enclosed space, you can give it an automated douche every night and it would be cleaned a hell of a lot more (with the appropriate sanitation) than the nigger throwing a glass of water on it would.

40992c No.10594226

6cdf14 No.10594234


Pretty much.

I would wager nobody wants to buy a setup like that though and is more interested in something they can plant in their existing restaurants with no big expensive changes that will be equally expensive to reverse if it doesn't work out.


The USA has a much bigger problem with illegal immigrants and it lacks Australias highly developed and expansive resource industries.

Even with high immigration, Australia wouldn't have much trouble with maintaining high employment.

d0be9e No.10594243


>posts jew meme


764f6d No.10594246


Well I work in assembly line food production and we don't have any robots, yet. We're also pretty small (relatively speaking, we still have like 20 plants nationally) so we probably can't afford them.

6cdf14 No.10594252


Chances are the machines there are almost if not older than you.

This is pretty normal for industry in the west. Investment in new gear is rare and everything gets run into the ground before being sold to some new idiot.

a71fa0 No.10594276

File: 42aeaab354fc07a⋯.jpg (303.95 KB, 2192x1444, 548:361, Wage & productivity .jpg)


You're infographic doesn't mention that in western europe, foreigner workers get a tax cut. They are paid the same as a western european worker, but the IRS requires the companies to pay less taxation on these eastern european wages. In the Netherlands this saves a employer 30% of paying employee income taxation. Blatant discrimination towards the own dutch people. Barely anyone mentions it.

As for the labor cost itself, we've got a robot it's overhead cost down towards less then 2$ a hour for most factories now that were automated. This same automation is now occurring in agriculture and other sectors. Why let a retard ride a tractor around when you build a robot that becomes the tractor, planter, water, feeder, harvester, plower in one. In China large factories like foxconn are now mass firing people by the tens of thousands who have no social net who worked for less then a dollar a day, but because the robot is cheaper in the long term it's time to fire them. This phenomena was especially true in the automotive industry where gradual and partial automation became full automation. Where there is a will, there is a way and if you hike up minimum wage you are merely forcing corporations their hands by forcing them to make large capital investment now rather then later in order to automate or partially automate a company process. You see it with the checkouts, where ordering and paying per mobile phone through a kiosk is faster then having to deal with Shaniqua's attitude of 'wot u want!'. The same will be true of not having to deal with ingrates who spit (or worse) in your food.

Even if you merely automate one small thing in the chain, eventually you get full automation. You could argue that yet you would still need humans. But eventually one will be able to automate most robotic maintenance just as well. Eventually the bell curve catches up and you got robots building robots maintaining robots who eventually figure out fleshlings are useless parasites on this planet who profit of their work and Skynet 1.0 comes alive. Time to take up our roles as batteries who live in VR matrix where you are forced to never take the red pill.

dab19b No.10594300


>oy vey don’t listen to stefan because i say so

Zero fucking effort.

d0be9e No.10594308



Don't listen to Jews. With Jews, you lose. Basic fucking logic, man.

432d9b No.10594310

killing black niggers

ff9945 No.10594317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


53ac83 No.10594345


Too slow, but damn nice.

I actually wanted to see the thing flipping 30 burgers per minute, but I guess I expected too much

8b219d No.10594354

How's Carl's Jr coming along on their plans to automate their kitchens I wonder?


Stop posting libshit commentaries unmemed you flaming faggot.

53ac83 No.10594362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


couldn't the machine auto clean? just have plenty of scalding soapy water tubes to wash the brunt and normal water to remove the soap.

It could also be modular with clever thinking.

These things existed ages ago, but the running costs possibly were higher than the costs of actual people

40992c No.10594371

File: 0430eaa04230b0b⋯.png (259.82 KB, 594x253, 54:23, Your kind not welcome.png)


Fuck off Moshe.

17b62f No.10594386


/pol/ is populated by a lot of retarded teenagers, it is to be expected unfortunately. At least it's not as bad as cuck chan.

dab19b No.10594405


>lol you’re a jew because you want all jews exterminated

Reported, then.

3b9bea No.10594426

File: efeecf9c2a847d6⋯.jpg (350.54 KB, 740x843, 740:843, 2014 victoria aus.jpg)


>I'm going to sound like Bernout here, but how do Yanks explain other countries having higher minimum wages yet still maintaining fairly full employment?

All I know is that, as of this 2014 menu at a time when AUD was .95 USD, you guys paid about $7 for a meal that costs $5 here anywhere outside a major city.

dab19b No.10594440


>how do Yanks explain other countries having higher minimum wages yet still maintaining fairly full employment?

We subsidize the existence of all of your countries. Our financial system is yours. The BIS is an extension of the Federal Reserve. It exists and is funded by US taxpayer dollars. Literally every economy on Earth is predicated on America’s. Europe more than most, because we pay 100% for their defense. That’s how they can pretend that socialism works.

1056fe No.10594461

File: d04f662d4ddf352⋯.gif (874.74 KB, 300x194, 150:97, 1390718378926.gif)

>this thread

>Déja Vu

>the neocons in here

All I'm waiting for is the engineering student that thought he was hot shit for having to study surface integrals. Then it'll be a perfect replica. Come n, I know you're out there, somewhere, jerking off to a robotic arm.

1056fe No.10594503


Luxembourg, one of the richer European countries, has a minimum wage of 10-11€/hour, that's $12-$13 per hour. And we're rich. The USA is considerable poorer and considerably more indebted per capita, have way more niggers and somehow their low-end workers demand $15/hour.

13c181 No.10594527

File: 46857e2d3f3cf58⋯.png (313.62 KB, 3788x1052, 947:263, 1408383506432.png)

Disgusting. That chink needs to be sent back to ching chong land even if he was born in the US.

Burgers have to be THICC and juicy not this fast food crap

t. not a burger but I make the best burgers tbh

b280b2 No.10594533





You shills are in the wrong thread bro. Go shill in a Jew thread.

6cdf14 No.10594540


It can be done it's just annoying and difficult. Also inconsistent with liability issues.

The main barrier is that the restaurant will have to be set up specifically to use these machines.

No workspace for human workers in the kitchen. Thats one hell of a risk if the machine doesn't work out.

1056fe No.10594545

File: e641d044ba6c716⋯.jpg (176.03 KB, 1014x903, 338:301, What the fuck.JPG)

Uh… guys?

d0be9e No.10594553


It's owned by the Masons, who own this site, newfag.

b280b2 No.10594554


I remeber back in the late 80's early 90's when you could eat one hell of a meal for 4.50$

McDonalds burgers were .50 cents each. Whoppers were 1.25.

1056fe No.10594584


How can i be a newfag if I was in this very same thread at least a year ago? I don't keep up with imageboard news, man.

d0be9e No.10594611


Then lurk two years, before posting.

03a0bc No.10594620

File: cd81786d6b32413⋯.png (443.94 KB, 674x720, 337:360, cd81786d6b32413e43d7b2941c….png)


>Linking a temporary thread as a source that will 404 in time

0711b0 No.10594621


The labor market in America has been artificially inflated at the lower end. Everything that doesn't require 6 years of education is completely swamped with job applicants, whereas the higher-end positions remain unfilled for years on end because they are walled off from the general population by artificial entry barriers or are held by aging boomers.

b280b2 No.10594622


Todays revolution is in the imaging technology, and the ability to create robots that can replace workers without changing anything else about the setup. So you don't have to redesign the kitchen, just put the robot in place.

b280b2 No.10594656


We have a lot more Jews.

23e918 No.10594660


lel most of the higher end jobs go to either inside hires, women or are held onto by boomers. Add into the mix the sky high cost of living. What pisses the fuck out of me, they say no one wants to do trades anymore or manual labor. Good luck getting into a trade, have to find someone willing to train you and no one is that willing to anymore, and it isn't so much no one wants to do manual labor, it's more like manual labor doesnt pay enough! Shit is so fucking expensive now.

I'm slowly falling appart mentally, i'm thinking about ust killing some slut and her husband then blowing my brains out, might as well ruin the lives of someone who made mine shit long ago and benefits because of muh pussy pass. I'll totally ruin the lives of her kids too, an added bonus.>>10594621

d0be9e No.10594663


Synagogues, anon. Synagogues. Don't be distracted by the cuck. Strike at the heart of the issue.

23e918 No.10594670


nah, i hate women a lot more

d0be9e No.10594674


Then you're actually going insane. Fix your shit, and focus on the real problem.

019b65 No.10594678


In a culinary context, a Salamander is a heated iron that used to be used for what we have broilers for now.

23e918 No.10594685


also fun fact, it's not so much the jews who fuck people over, it's americans. It just so happens jews here are at the top of the pile.

Google income inequality in Israel, it's about as bad as it is here. There are stories of pharmacists who immigrate there as well as 50 year old doctors who just get screwed.


Why? I have a lot of debt and was fucked out of the future i was promised, might as well ruin a slut while im at it, i may create another monster.

d0be9e No.10594700


>I have a lot of debt

To whom? The white family you're about to ruin, or the Jewish family that's about to laugh at your acts?

1056fe No.10594707


This is not a good place to state tat you hate women. Most here uphold their dream of a pure woman that they're sure to encounter if only they improve themselves enough and if only they are pure enough.

d0be9e No.10594717


His first paragraph reads like a classic JIDF shill. "it's not so much the jews who fuck people over, it's americans. It just so happens jews here are at the top of the pile. Google income inequality in Israel, it's about as bad as it is here. There are stories of pharmacists who immigrate there as well as 50 year old doctors who just get screwed." Bet he's some batty kike about to commit murder, and get it all covered up by his friends in the MSM.

23e918 No.10594753


she's a slut, she deserves to suffer horribly for my entertainment.


Lel yeah and lots of people here are deluded. Fix the divorce laws. Semi law fag here, i've seen so fucking many divorces where the guy did every fucking thing he could for the woman. Only a fool believes the whole alpha beta thing. Want to know how to get white women degenerate free again? Change the laws. Look at bavaria, low divorce, actually practicing Catholics and abortion is tricky to get, it's easier in texas than Germany and a lot of Europe.

We're never getting that back here, the sluts will fight too hard, thats why so many of em hate trump because he's ending the meal ticket. Even the "trans" freaks of nature, the moment they start encroaching on their gibs they change sides. You guys want a change? You're going to have to be cold hearted brutal assholes.


Nope, I actually do my homework.

23e918 No.10594763


Also, she's a coalburner, friends father adopted her and screwed his sons out of their inheritance. To be fair one son deserves it, the other not so much.

1056fe No.10594767


Just don't follow through with any murders you might be fantasizing about. You're much more useful alive and free, and if it is only for memetic purposes.

Godspeed, anon.

17b62f No.10594770


> Hating on the outcome of social corrpution and not on the source.

good goy

acd65c No.10594780

We really should just fucking ban these fast-food places, it's poison, nobody should really eat that shit and wouldn't unless there was addictive shit in the food.

What countries need to fucking do, is to tear down the whole international capitalism-shit. A company shouldn't enjoy profit of fucking over his own people by shipping stuff from and to China and letting the starving chinks do their stuff.

241b2e No.10594782


>cleaned once a month

>60% chance

Disgusting! That's worse than the sanitation in manned fast food restaurants, and they're disgusting!

d0be9e No.10594783


>trusting facts from kikes

You really buy into all that israeli struggle garbage? They're living off the fucking nation, that's why. They can't do anything by themselves, for shit.

23e918 No.10594787


Seriously, it amazes me how dumb some of the people here are about women. They see these sluts joining the alt right and espousing "christian" values. If you want to find a pure white woman look at her family, where she grew up, her company, how she dresses, etc.

Pro tip to the kids out there, really want a good white woman? Marry a mennonite/Amish girl. They have the lowest cancer rate in the nation, due to religous freedom whenever seeds from a GMO field blows on their land they can tell the merchant to stuff it, and since they grew up mennonite/amish they're a lot less likely to leave for the simple reason of they would not only be ostracised, they would be totally cut off. They would end up on the street so fast, and they know it.


No dumbass, those who do immigrate just get fucked by those who are already there. The jews in hollywood and wallstreet are a class appart, even the orthodox jews hate their guts. Kind of like evangelicals and normal European Catholics, big difference. Hell in a way fuckers like Olsteen in Houston put the jews to shame.

244e2f No.10594788

File: 19128ad8bd8de3a⋯.png (371.19 KB, 483x761, 483:761, 43423.png)

Any criticism with this image?

486c50 No.10594794

I love it when poltards attack the working class

Hitler used the working class, you are too retarded to actually manipulate anyone.

0711b0 No.10594799


I love when bolsheviks confuse the underclass with the working class

d0be9e No.10594809


>the jews in hollywood and wallstreet are a class appart

Yet they follow the same protocols. You're just spewing that same-old "we jews can't even run a picnic" bullshit, and I'm not falling for it.

22c8f6 No.10594816


Slave shortage

23e918 No.10594818


Finally someone here who fucking gets it, thats the problem with most people here they just shit on eachother. Hitler used the working class to get into power, by the time he was voted in the SA had 2 million people, more I think. Know what the first thing he did was? Well after expelling the jews from Berlin….He got to work rebuilding the Fatherland. Everyone, I mean everyone went to work. That was a requirement actually, even someone from a noble house had to work for a few years building roads. Everyone worked, then everyone served. Work is worship, work is good.


486c50 No.10594819




As a good "nazi" liberal, you are completely retarded

d0be9e No.10594823



Yep, it's a bolshevik. Piss off, will you?

1f70a2 No.10594839

Move out the way negroes.

Flippy mcflipperson coming through naow.

8a0f28 No.10594841

There's nothing wrong with wanting higher wages. The issue is that the people who think increasing min wage are fucking retarded.

Why are our wages stagnant? Because we import cheap labor, undercut our own labor even further with illegals, export jobs overseas to sweat shops, and have currency that loses its value every year because of money-printing, fractional reserve lending, etc.

We could have higher wages occur naturally if we just shut down immigration, imposed tariffs, and kicked out the usurious kikes. By instead desiring higher min wages legislated, all this does is incentivize employers to import even more shitskins, illegals, and outsource more labor overseas, etc.

486c50 No.10594851


>being against the working class because of basic income

>not a liberal

Right you are not, you are a retard or a troll, enjoy the filter

a4ccc7 No.10594854



d0be9e No.10594858


Fuck off, pinko.

244e2f No.10594866

They push Amnesty to allow aristocrats to keep their jobs, to destroy living means of Proletariat, and ruin the national Identity when they wouldn't live 10 miles near any of their Amnesty recipients.

We need to send these fiends to a re-education camp to help them recognize the error of their ways.

a4ccc7 No.10594875

File: 186d7f71264ad17⋯.jpg (48.51 KB, 618x340, 309:170, Donald-Trump-Smug-Reuters.jpg)



>torPEDO is samefagging to derail OUR ONLY TECH THREAD

reported both your IPs

a4ccc7 No.10594882


>hurr someone has to clean the kitchen

I'm sure the restaurant owner's mexican maid can do that for an extra 10 dollars, kek

a4ccc7 No.10594885


Really? I've eaten on In-&-Out and it was great… don't mind paying 2-3 bucks for a burger, though I'm curious about Caliburger

a4ccc7 No.10594888


luciferian dubs confirms you are retarded

b8a810 No.10594942


In soviet leaf land they are increasing the minimum wage to $15/hr by 2019.

e9fb70 No.10595023


yes, but depending on how well the machine is planned, you could perform those tasks with some workers in the morning and that's that.

56b507 No.10595195



From being a machine tool powerhouse that industrialized a nation to a name plastered on broilers. Kinda sad.

t. machinistfag

8b219d No.10595246


anon, the 2 burger cooks don't concern me tbh. It's the .3 burger cook I'm a little concerned about as I occasionally eat fastfood burgers.

8b219d No.10595275

File: 4fc357a1e7e14c0⋯.png (8.41 KB, 350x200, 7:4, le_logo.png)


this guy gets it tbh.


12c096 No.10595316

Here comes the post where the tradesgrunts say their jobs can never get automated because a machine would need to be intelligent while also being able to fix a pipe with "unorthodox" methods.

You're all getting automated.

8b219d No.10595347


my favorite one thus far was the guy claiming robots couldn't possibly replace his carpet laying job.

>t. electrician apprentice who's seen plenty of carpet laying in new construction

6cdf14 No.10595393


Yeah I'd have to agree a robot ain't taking that one.

When building a whole new house maybe.

But in an existing house? You'd need a humanoid robot to pull that shit off

3e9486 No.10595406

It's very slow.

Also, has anybody here worked in a fast food place? There's many other jobs to it than burger flipping. Even if the entire kitchen was automated there would still be people working there for other tasks.

12c096 No.10595423


they are delusional


yup thats so true, you are so right

a robot could never do a job of for example a CEO


>activate mopcleaner robot

a4ccc7 No.10595428




holy shit, mein sides! I really need to lurk 24/7

3e9486 No.10595433


>activate mopcleaner robot

Don't know if you're joking or not but honestly after working in a McD's I believe a robot could do a better job at cleaning than Spic Chavez.

603b8c No.10595440


To be honest, it doesn't look that bad. Seems like it only touches the cooked burgers and as long as the flipping arm can be removed to be properly washed, it shouldn't be any less sanitary than repeatedly using a spatula. The rest of it would just be another piece of equipment to clean. As for sticking, burgers and other meat only tend to stick if the cooking surface is at an incorrect temperature or when it hasn't been properly "seasoned" (the first batch or two on a completely clean flat-top will almost always stick somewhat). Also, if you try and turn them too early, they tend to stick as well. Still, I think it's kind of neat. While I really can't see it working in a full scale restaurant (as "small" as they claim it is, it's still too large of a footprint for people to dodge around while moving quickly), it would be great for fast food places. It just needs to be faster and more capable of handling a full grill. Besides, you'd be surprised how many people can't properly cook something as simple as a fucking hamburger.

-t. chef

1d5b23 No.10595445


You're right, anon. In fact, cooking anything is stupid because you put uncooked meat in the same place that cooked meat will be in a few minutes. Do you even know how cooking works?


>muh min wage

If you're doing a minimum wage job, you're doing unskilled labor. You are not worth $15 an hour doing something requiring the skill level equivalent of pushing a broom when there are jobs that require actual skills that make less than that. There's a hospital here that pays $13/hr for computer field technician work. You think some burger flipping nigger deserves more than that?


We could have had flying cars. We could have had space colonies. We paid welfare for niggers and reparations to jews instead.


East asians belong in their own countries. Nowhere else. Chinks, japs, gooks, etc. aren't going to be accepted here in white nations just because they aren't as bad as other, worse races.


It's worse than that, especially in the IT field. All the "junior" positions, entry level, mid level, anything below senior, calls for 5+ years of experience in the field (no way to get it but maybe unpaid internships goy), get outsourced to pajeets and asians, or both. Senior positions, those meant for people that have been doing it for a while, those stay up and in demand for a long time, but you can't get them. You're fucked. You can't get the experience required, they're left wondering when they'll get the position filled, and eventually it will be filled just by the pajeet they hired a few years ago for the entry level position.


Same thing happened with electronics manufacturers and even formerly famous camera manufacturers. See a GE product? If it's a consumer-grade item, it's pretty likely just the GE name slapped onto some chink company's product. Huge camera brands from the days of film photography like Kodak and Bell+Howell? Cheap chink companies that use lenses worse than mid-grade cell phones have make those and slap the label on for brand recognition. It's what happens when american companies are destroyed and outsourced.

a4ccc7 No.10595448


>going to McDicks


why? only closeby place where you get wifi?

I hate it when other whites whine about subhumans and yet they're not any better. Heck, burger king's have a 99 cent burger, except without the shithole

3e9486 No.10595456


I was 16 and wanted an easy Summer job. I wouldn't touch the food myself.

I'll give all anons here a tip, never eat at McD's. The kitchens are appallingly bad.

a4ccc7 No.10595505

File: 4e285df93dbfd5e⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 618x340, 309:170, Donald-Trump-Smug-Smile-Re….jpg)


Holy shit, I cannot believe someone so retarded is posting right after some anons were making fun of the retards that shitpost on tech threads.

>We could have had flying cars.

with WHAT technology? seriously, WHAT information do you have that makes you think we could have flying cars? And with said information, why don't you try building your own flying car?

That one line in itself makes me certain you're a retard shitting up /pol. But I'll continue analyzing your (((deep))) insight.

>We could have had space colonies.

I'll give you credit with this one, most people (you included) get that sort of knowledge from their asses. Back in the 60s and 70s, we THOUGHT it was possible to make such things based on our progress… However, reality hit us from all sides: It's expensive, safety issues, and the resources are hell to get.

I'll give you just one example that encompasses all this. Only Venus has decent gravity that won't kill us, while the Moon's and even Mars' gravities will negatively affect your life and its spam. The only "gravity" in space that wouldn't kill you is from artificial gravity; however, although possible, the construction of said structure would be outside what any other nation has done. Look at the ISS, you'll need between 10 to 100 times of that material in order to make something that can provide a temporary habitable habitat for humans. And just in case you're thinking of the vast resources to space, they are huge distances away from each other and you'll need industrial machines to acquire and process, not to mention it needs to be durable and workable in space.

>We paid welfare for niggers and reparations to jews instead.

To be fair, a few million dollars is valuable to NASA and any other space agency. Then again, you already proven to know nothing.

You need to go back, cancer.


>The kitchens are appallingly bad.

We can see that from the other side of the counter.

1d5b23 No.10595517


>technological progress don't real goy no technology could ever have been made ever just give up and give shekels to dose poor nonwhites you filthy racist

Kill yourself.

3e9486 No.10595528


You're at that counter for 20 seconds then you sit down.

We'd have guys wiping their ass and handling "chicken" afterwards. It was a mess.

216605 No.10595530


>Fucking kill yourself. We don't need them here at all, not a single one. Beaners are low IQ idiots who without the protection of the Jew would have been deported decades ago. The Chinese/Koreans/etc. are smart enough to be a real threat. They are fucking colonizers just like the beaners only in 50 years we will have China breathing down our necks about treatment of their 'brothers' and using these overseas Chinese as a pretext for Chinese funded political revolutions.


>They can keep to themselves in their own ant colony.

You're on a website owned by a white who race mixed with asians. Why don't you kill yourself, or do you not live by your own standards?

dcae76 No.10595583


>implying that lazy whites wanting niggers to do their chores wasn't one of the reasons why apartheid didn't work

5a5534 No.10595591


>those burgers look disgusting

Implying fast food burgers don't already.

9aae0c No.10595594

File: 5cf82521f8c9b8b⋯.jpg (64.07 KB, 550x533, 550:533, 459de6db6fe358e465ce1a3b29….jpg)

File: ece2803486a560b⋯.jpg (29.01 KB, 500x589, 500:589, catburger.jpg)

File: 8882196a6186a01⋯.png (362.48 KB, 451x613, 451:613, 5cfe95ff4a6f93f1e0d01972a2….png)

File: 7864793db582183⋯.png (520.43 KB, 1024x1150, 512:575, 9f6dcd40bec7c3b0fe01581ee3….png)

hey, businessfag here. Some of your anons see what's going on, but are missing the big picture here. I actually was considering opening up a burger place for a bit, so I've done some research into these burger making machines before, and actually, this machine is a much much bigger deal than most of you realize.

Let me explain it all.


>If they are serious about kicking workers out of mcdick then they should fully automate the food production, not have a single step automated.

Actually, you're way off. This machine isn't designed to compete with mcdick in any way, shape or form. In fact, quite the opposite, this is meant to take over all of the other jobs in the kitchen that are not easy not economically viable to set up in a mass production method. A big machine like that is custom built for a specific purpose, it only makes sense to build a machine like that if you know you're selling thousands of burgers a day. But what if you're only selling a hundred? What if you're a small diner or mom and pop shop?

All of the major food chains already have their robots designed for them. This is for the small to medium sized businesses. The thing isn't super fast, but if you're in a small restaurant, who cares? It would still be able to do hundreds of burgers a day, and cost a fraction of what it would cost to hire a real person.

Also consider, a big ass machine like that takes up a lot of room. One of the selling points of this machine is that it hardly has any footprint at all. Again, this isn't meant for big chains, this robot is meant to be put into every single kitchen, to replace labor there. It's an invasion tool for every restaurant, diner, mall food court, etc. Every place where they serve food but don't have a ton of extra room, you can put a robot in there. Think Airport restaurants, theme parks, stadiums, etc. Not only that, but then think about places where land is extremely expensive, and every square foot counts, NYC, Hong Kong, London, etc. A big ass machine like that, taking up hundreds of square-feet per month, could cost hundreds to thousands just in the room it takes to rent/lease that land, per month.


Actually, this is already the case, sorta. While these machine's aren't for sale yet, robots like these are actually rented out. Check out KnightScope and how they "sell" their machines: https://www.cnbc.com/2014/12/05/hiring-r2d2-to-protect-your-mall-or-campus-all-for-625-per-hour.html

While this company hasn't released pricing information, I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar that they will rent these thing out, rather than selling them outright. Maintenance and such will be included in the plan. The idea is, that the business owner doesn't want to have to spent any time or money on fixing robots, they don't want to hassle with that shit. They will sell these machines by the day or hour or year or whatever. One of those KnightScopes at $6.25/h makes sense, when compared to security guard's hourly wage of $15-25+ an hour, plus insurance and all that other crap. $6.25 x 24 x 365 = $54750, which is what you would be looking at for a starting point for hiring even an entry level security guard. And for those of you saying security guards make less, they might, but whatever you pay them outright, i.e. $35,000/y, would quickly turn into $55k with taxes and insurance and everything else.

They will probably do something similar with these machines, rent them at like ~$100/day, and they would make a killing. As compared to someone demanding $15 an hour, which is then increased by things like overtime, and other insurance costs. Factor in that you don't have to worry about a robot "being sick", and factor in that if the robot ever breaks down, the company repairs it for you, it's a no-brainer then. All that on top of the machine never talks back to you, never files for work mans comp, can't unionize, can't file a sexual harassment charge, can't fight with the customers and can't sue you for a racial discrimination suit.

Also, if you go to their website, it shows they already have plans for a frying machine, prep table and plating. These machines are not just for flipping burgers. Once they get the specialized tooling and programming to do all of other things in the kitchen, say good bye to about 80% of the food service jobs out there.

My advice to anons is to start studying robotics, or at least how robotics interacts with the field you are in, so that you can make money by automating your shit. I figure the last people on earth that will have jobs are going to be the people making and designing the robots. That's what I'm working on.

b8a810 No.10595605

File: 86d81e0fd78b3b5⋯.jpg (358.23 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 86d81e0fd78b3b50206025e0d0….jpg)

File: 8a4c61c102c3bfe⋯.png (1017.89 KB, 965x1427, 965:1427, e73861be05225d54fcb29cbd8c….png)


>burger making machines

Since the anti-white hiring policies practically ensures that white teenagers wont get hired, its not like whitey is losing anything from the automation of burgers.

5a5534 No.10595609


Destroy fast food jobs.

Force more niggers on the dole.

Hasten government debt collapse.

9aae0c No.10595627


You're missing the point if you think this is "just" a burger making machine anon.

bab730 No.10595635

Just to impart some real life experience into this thread:

My office has 8 cooks in the kitchen for 300 workers and there is no way they could be automated.

On the other hand, we have an espresso machine that pretty much replaces a 30 hour/week barista. It is an expensive machine that requires lots of attention and once a month it needs to be repaired 4 times in a row by some guy who I am sure costs an arm and a leg.

Automation is a net benefit for everyone, as long as we act like good socialists (like our Uncle Addie) and demand the benefits of automation be distributed fairly.

8b219d No.10595636


trust me, it will happen. In fact, it will be earlier than say, plumbing or wiring as it's objectively a much simpler mechanization problem.

8b219d No.10595655


>no way

that's a pretty big idea anon. sure the kitchen is all that? i'll give you that master recipes might take 100+yrs to automate, but the actual prep work? nah.

9922f8 No.10595668


Yes. There always needs to be a person inside the store to clean the place, help customers. In bigger chains you can have those boards that automatically order, but you still need people to take client orders, deliver food and work out issues that a bot can't.

But of course if AI is used properly this would mean that a lot of fastfood jobs can disappear. A McDonalds store that currently needs 20 employees to run it might only need 2 or 3 in total.

4006b3 No.10595678


Obviously the answer to automatization is making everyone get paid 50 000$ in lifetime monthly stipends. Oh and increase the minimum wage to 30$.

8b219d No.10595720

File: ab5e7efa4f99524⋯.jpeg (153.96 KB, 1612x794, 806:397, come_at_me_bro.jpeg)


underrated post tbh

>can't fight with the customers

Anon, I…

9128e5 No.10595757


>Patties from a stack or flip ones already on the grill

>raw meat

>cooked meat

>Same arm

Can't wait for the food poisoning cases to start popping up and this gets shelved.

8b219d No.10595776


>but you still need people to take client orders, deliver food

Are.. are we still talking fast food joints here anon? Cause I, for one, welcome our new kiosk order overlords. And the last thing I want is some disgruntled nigger or spic touching my food after he wiped his ass, or just spit in it to get back at yt. And any number of solutions are there for the 'deliver food' part of the transaction.

The entire human staff could be reduced to a part time maintenance and stocking eventually, as if the whole restaurant were just an oversized vending machine. Much cheaper space leasing costs as well.

8b219d No.10595824


>The entire human staff could be reduced to a part time maintenance and stocking eventually

Actually, if things go on long enough, even this will be entirely automated first to last. As bizanon said ITT, the last ones standing will be the ones providing and servicing the robotics systems.

cd501f No.10596308

File: eb725ea2700e0a2⋯.jpg (158.8 KB, 463x370, 463:370, cartoon-robot-burger-flipp….jpg)


That's alot of competition. The Eggheads will murder each for a job with highly depressed wages since most people will be in the same field.

They could duke it out in a robot battle arena. Best dweeb wins.

cd501f No.10596312


Don't the human burger flippers do the same thing?

861955 No.10596423


Your contribution to this thread is duly noted.

28aacb No.10596788


No, different tools are used.

acd65c No.10597516


Sweden has sort of around 8-10 euro's an hour for minimum wage. Then 45% income tax on that so you get around 6 euros per hour to pay rent and people pretend it's a rich country…

acd65c No.10597520


An that's exactly what the kikes want. They want us to force us into a global system. Globalisation isn't something that occurs naturally, it's forced this way for a devilish reason.

28584f No.10597526


Sounds like the type of machines we would use at Burger King back when I used to work there in the long long ago. All you ever needed is to really assemble the burgers, but I can't help but to think that you could streamline the process. Heck, I used to work the back all by my lonesome, because the manager was a nigress who allowed all the niggers to simply hang around and do absolutely nothing.

a730e6 No.10597533


make a thread when it becomes a real thing faggot OP

acd65c No.10597534


And you know what that means? Complete servitude to the state, a state owned by the jews who wants us dead and will cull any sign of opposition. The automation-effect in this day and age is a scary thought, because if that goes through, they will either put everyone on foodstamps/social service meaning we're living under the thumb of the state and they will cut us off if we don't comply or they will just let people starve and become homeless.

That's the future with this shit if we don't kill the jews.

a730e6 No.10597536


491380 No.10597550

>Minimum wage in Commieland approaching what a lot of techs start out making here

>Becoming cheaper to run automated equipment with a maintenance technician on call and maybe 1-2 cashiers if they want to keep the human experience

I can see a lot of stores being automated because of unskilled labor costing too much to hire for. As for anons saying the robot causes a lot of issues, you're looking at the cost of fitting one to three robotic arms in a kitchen versus the cost of removing and upgrading all existing equipment. Also the pads can probably be removed and get machine washed. I can also see this being a gimmick in an open kitchen like how Sheetz has their kitchen areas laid out.

ada3ce No.10597617


>Go shill in a Jew thread.

Every thread is a jew thread. Where fuck do you think you are?

7e1f09 No.10597621


I love you Flippy.

Seriously though, have you ever had an argument with a cashier who can't figure out how to ring something up, or doesn't know exactly what they did wrong but doesn't want to really deal with the issue itself? Like, what happens when you get a half cooked burger from Flippy?

>Hey this shit ain't cooked right

>dude lol, like flippy doesn't make mistakes fam gtfo out my face nigga

bd33af No.10597625

>doesn't know how to put sallad on the burger.

>doesn't know how to make dressing

Nice try jews. But I am keeping my job. :3

b8a810 No.10597655


>give it another arm

>put clean spatula in one hand

>raw spatula in another



ada3ce No.10597683

>base nigger emails into TDS saying he took the virginity of a white nationalists daughter and the panel acts like it's okay because he listens to TDS

I can understand why they deleted it.

ada3ce No.10597690


wrong thread

25f817 No.10597732


There are hamburgers (what the bot is flipping), and then there are disgusting food piles 6" high with a 2" meat patty. What you describe sounds like a disgusting pile.

9f89b9 No.10597743



037a24 No.10597858


> In fact, cooking anything is stupid because you put uncooked meat in the same place that cooked meat will be in a few minutes

I was specifically talking about the arm's gripper itself, which presumably doesn't reach any decent temperature itself.

12ad0a No.10598105


>Same thing happened with electronics manufacturers and even formerly famous camera manufacturers.

This is because the Marketing Jew counts on grandpa remembering the old brand and attributing the positives to the imposter.

IBM started whoring out their name for paper shredders about 15 years ago, and Emerson came back about 25.

44ce1a No.10598120


The automated jew will ensure that there are always gibsmedats for those poor refugees

12ad0a No.10598139


>My advice to anons is to start studying robotics, or at least how robotics interacts with the field you are in

This, and the other industry? Food and agri-business. People always have to eat. Bonus for getting a robotic greenhouse going - oh wait, these exist!

44ba2b No.10598445



You'll end up with huge swaths of people competing for the same few service and maintenance jobs. It won't go full burger kiosk due to old people and niggers not being able to figure it out, but it'll just be a handful of maintenance guys who go from store to store and some combo of cashier/cleaning mexican.

6bfc95 No.10598962


Enjoy getting silicon based lubricants in you burgers Burgers.

ba2225 No.10599248

File: 129cf20c725d3c5⋯.jpg (9.78 KB, 240x236, 60:59, YAMERO.jpg)

>mfw Ontario minimum wage hike and future Trudeau budget will put me out of a job

9128e5 No.10599333

File: 52e91491ca8042b⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 373x521, 373:521, RAWWW.jpg)

Well what would make sense is to take a gloved hand and put raw meat on grill, then spatula to flip burg, given spatula would touch cooked side you don't get potential for salmonella or other pathogens.

The way that robot works from the picture is that it encapsulates patty no matter what state it is in.

eb9d4f No.10603267

File: a331492e2b9eaef⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 220x161, 220:161, 220px-Spacecolony1.jpg)


You're completely uninformed.

O'Neill cylinders can be built with materials mined from the moon, simulate gravity by spinning, and can be built to virtually any size. Oh yeah, and the technology for them existed in the 70s, and they were estimated to pay themselves back in a couple years. How?

Manufacturing space-based solar power satellites.

Energy is basically free in space, the bigger problem is usually having too much of it. Many other manufacturing techniques could have been discovered and used due to having a different environment to work in. You have a giant vacuum, no gravity, and ready access to energy by simply building more mirrors.

Dozens of projects for better technology have been nixed for retarded reasons. Thorium reactors. Super heavy lift rockets. The Concorde. And on and on. One of the few things The Man in the High Castle gets right is that moon bases and rocket planes could have easily become common, but didn't.

Look up Project Rho / Atomic Rockets. That site covers pretty much everything.

6cdf14 No.10603311


Atomic rockets have the issue of irradiating the planet you're on.

Not exactly a preferred option.

And concorde was scrapped due to the overwhelmingly high costs.

It simply wasn't cost efficient.

50e415 No.10603335


maybe with the robots they'll stop fucking up orders

02a241 No.10603365


why does every new orwellian product or piece of legislation come with a propaganda video with that fucking MIDI xylophone music in the background? its gotten to the point where the sound of xylophones has started making me uncomfortable and fearful for the future.

20406f No.10603377


It's meant to set you at ease with its playful notes, reminiscent of childhood musical toys like cheap electric keyboards.

That type of music also acts as a "dog whistle" to leftists, it says "the following video is progressive and in line with your beliefs."

bdc8c1 No.10603420

This thread had a distrubing lack of dubs.

Confirmed slide thread.

Also wtf is a Caliburger?

d655ee No.10603422


I wonder if we could make use of that "dog whistle".

1db5a6 No.10603480


I agree with you in principal but there are several major issues that make large numbers of humans living in space for long periods unfeasible at the time being.

<Centripetal gravity

It might keep you feet glued to the "floor" but it will also cause severe nausea/motion sickness and for most people its not simply something they can get used to. In order to minimize this you need slow turn speeds which means you need a much larger radius to maintain earthlike gravity, which means you need a HUGE structure.

Now I know what you're going to say

>but anon muh O'Neill cylinders are 5 miles wide and 20 miles long!

And yes thats true a design like that would likely work but you have to understand that O'Neill was a physicist doing a thought experiment, he operates in a world where people are frictionless spheres of even density. Theres a huge difference between a theoretical construct and applied engineering we likely don't even have the material technology necessary to build something like that never mind the ability to actually put it together.


1db5a6 No.10603585


Another main issue is going to be radiation. The second you step out of the Earth's protective magnetic envelope your precious cellular matrix is going to be assaulted by a deluge of high energy particles. Now we can block radiation sure but all our our methods tend to involve a lot of mass which further complicates the construction of huge spinning wheels/cans.

>So are you saying that we should just give up on space?

Not at all I said I agreed with you in principal and I meant it. We should absolutely be far more active in space than we currently are its just that we should aim to keep things 99% automated using the fewest physical human bodies present that is possible.

As far as humans that are off Earth we should focus on the moon instead of space stations. We need to use the moon anyways to extract minerals to build all this shit and you can offset the radiation problem by simply building you moon base underground so theres some strong synergy here between goals. Furthermore the moon has some gravity specifically 1/6th G so with daily exercise and monitoring you could likely keep people on the moon for many months without serious health effects.

The great thing about having mining and manufacturing operations on the moon is that you don't even need rockets to get shit into orbit just a big magnetic catapult so the only thing we'd have to send from earth are people and things too complex to build on the moon base.

185883 No.10603587

"Just remember dear masses, we're here for your good, even if it means you work your ass off for scraps without any rights!"

t. NutSac

3cca3b No.10603646


>Another main issue is going to be radiation.

No, didn't you know that you can stop radiation with padded cloth? Also with some weird coppery foil looking stuff NASA made (although I think they've lost the recipe.) So we can easily breeze through the Van Allen belt and cavort on the moon bathed in radiation. Get on the level, plx.

fee834 No.10622353


https://archive.is/z4YwF how to do it

74d13c No.10622381

File: 57bb3e89e9c2f51⋯.jpg (264.08 KB, 970x787, 970:787, r0E6lxB.jpg)

Work as we know it will be obsolete in 100-200 years.

abda68 No.10622465


and being provided everything, the white man will fully degenerate into niggers

horrible future ahead whether the Jews will be around or not

298ceb No.10622486


how will anything be provided by the white man when they all have been wiped out during the great BLACKED Genocide?

efae78 No.10622510


I don't think society would function without something to occupy people outside of degeneracy. I also wouldn't be surprised if tptb try to just let people starve rather than work out some "universal income" bullshit if automation does allow this to be a possibility. I think it's going to fall apart, we simply can't function this way

abda68 No.10622513


I'm of course talking as if the demographics somehow just stay the same. Being coddled and provided with everything you need constantly your entire life will not cause a new era of scientific and artistic development, it will grind it to a standstill and cause everyone to act on only their most base instinct. You can just look at the average Californian college student to know I am correct.

7bdc72 No.10622527


Dubs confirm. I actually have been all over the US and have never heard of this burger joint.

74d13c No.10622690


Thinking that whites won't be a tiny rather irrelevant minority in a few centuries is wishful thinking.

The point of no return has already been crossed long ago and was finally sealed when the axis lost WW2.

b280b2 No.10622784


>I don't think society would function without something to occupy people outside of degeneracy.

Now you understand what SJW's are.

74d13c No.10622879



It really depends on the person though. In my darker years I was unemployed for 2 years.

However it was always possible to find ways to be productive, even without a job. Being unemployed did not have any negative effects on my psychology at all. I still functioned the same way I functioned with a job.

74d13c No.10622911



Oh and btw. not to mention that women did this for centuries. Hell, for all times until the 1900s. And they functioned great even without a job.

This is a pretty interesting topic to discuss tbh. Actually we should get a thread for it going.

78af60 No.10622943


>blackpilling this hard


Whites are already a global minority and yet manage to feed and aid tons of shitskin countries from around the world. Removing the aid to every country the west supports would quite literally instantly kill tons of shitskins from around the world. The first step of course is to remove the jews and their influence and that gives us full control of our countries back.

50ab48 No.10622992




Machines like this that handle food are normally designed for high-pressure/high-temperature washdown - basically, blast the machine with boiling water/steam/soap for a few minutes every couple of hours. It's fairly easy to automate that too, especially if the food prep area is completely enclosed.

a6e95f No.10623029

File: 2713114611a20f8⋯.webm (338.75 KB, 640x360, 16:9, burgers.webm)

af3fac No.10623091


Yes, a skilled technician would do that. Not a nigger.

f2fc96 No.10623115

File: 82eda161c9912fa⋯.mp4 (9.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The World's First Robotic ….mp4)


I think you guys aren't even aware of how much could change with even slightly better AI.

Unemployment for low-skilled workers would skyrocket (you better be prepared for that), this would cause economic and political changes that could be beneficial for us or screw us completely (like a Universal Basic Gibsmedat)

5f8462 No.10623198


The critical word is: "deflation."

In a sound money economic system, technological advances result in deflation, making previously expensive things cheap. The kikes take all the deflationary gains and inflate them away by printing shit tons of money, stealing from anyone who is further away from the fiat printers than they are.

c8f4d6 No.10623201



5f8462 No.10623203

5f8462 No.10623207


autism/hobbies and family can occupy people just fine, if you've ever seen successful upper middle class retirees, you would know that.

3afb72 No.10623552

It's actually administrative jobs that are going to take the biggest hit. Talk of 750k and 1m in Europe in the backends of financial companies. Anything logic based that is largely static, you'll see 'ai' type software doing the work. Before 'flippy' (which isn't that new) shitcans the 'cook', it will be the order taking bitch who will go because of kiosks. Selfordering and checkout is already quite common. As are advanced vending machines. Some of the shit in Japan is just fantastic.

Spics and niggers need to realize there's no place for them in the modern world. As such they need to fuck off back to their shitskin monkey countries. That or neck themselves. Something to meme….

3afb72 No.10623560

File: 556c6ccf01ddf2b⋯.jpg (19.27 KB, 160x255, 32:51, Jew.they.know.jpg)

9c14e9 No.10623571


Thats the broiler and burger king has been using those since fucking forever. Its an easier machine that has less issues ( unless a sensor is fucked) drains out most of the grease and honestly is really easy to use. You still need a nigger to load it in. If you can solve the load issue then you can just put in a box of meat and have it cook all day. But honestly there will ALWAYS been a need to have some faggot be there to do SOMETHING.

357a14 No.10623589

the minimum wage should be $14.88

but only if you're white

savage filth races get no money get the fuck out of our lands

a9593d No.10623838


a skilled technician wouldn't come cheap so doesn't it defeat the whole point of burgerbot?

ebb755 No.10623851


>my favorite one thus far was the guy claiming robots couldn't possibly replace his carpet laying job.

Electrical is probably one of the more safer trades.

b95ce1 No.10623856


>they should fully automate the food production, not have a single step automate

They way it works is the current single step automation will save enough money to fund further automation.

b95ce1 No.10623861


Depends on how these age. McD will probably have regional controls technicians that come in and do planned maintenance on these robots to prevent them from becoming a problem. They'll figure out how it works economically in terms of how many technicias are needed per region and how large the region of coverage is.

698b94 No.10623887

im highly disappointed. A huge automated process should be able to take my order and my money, even by a phone program, then its made 100% by robots and rolls right out on a conveyer belt. The only person making 15 an hour at mcdonalds is the technician that visits the store once a day to ensure the machines are working properly.

ive noticed carls jr is at least trying, they have a terminal you can order and pay at, thats a big step.

Its the current year, why are humans even needed for making fast food? I want my goddamn tendie vending machine. if ja'marcus and paco need a job so bad they can collect scrap metal and recyclables. Serves a better purpose anyway.

6947c2 No.10623896


It looks like a stopgap automation for small-time shops that wouldn't be able to afford a full setup right away.

ab53a6 No.10624136

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c9e45c No.10624172


>jewish trans humanist groups say [X]

>therefore [X] must be true

>oy vey goyim we need basic income


7c1669 No.10624786


>it's not the Jews goy, it's those damn Americans!

Filtered and reported.

5f8462 No.10627210


You joke but they stopped bumping the thread and slid it as hard as possible not long after that post.

570506 No.10627302


>I don't think society would function without something to occupy people outside of degeneracy.

What are entertainment/hobbies?

Watch some episodes in dark mirror anon. Basically, idiocracy soon.

5ef69e No.10628407


That graph is just fucking retarded. Kill yourself. Based on the trend did we work 160 hours per week in the 1600s?

5ef69e No.10628415


Did we meme too hard?

5ef69e No.10628425


>I'm going to sound like Bernout here, but how do Yanks explain other countries having higher minimum wages yet still maintaining fairly full employment?

Good question. In Australia, we have high wages, but products cost more. Look up GDP PPP (purchasing power parity.)

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