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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 0e2c20318a9b693⋯.jpg (137.58 KB, 880x580, 44:29, Tight-Memes.jpg)

3a9101 No.10596456

JERUSALEM (JTA) – For many Jews, Nazis are public enemy No. 1, and using Nazi imagery to make a political point is strictly verboten.

But some young, right-wing Israelis aren’t buying it.

Inspired by the so-called alt-right abroad, their online community makes liberal use of anti-Semitic and Nazi imagery to mock and malign what it sees as the real threat: Israeli and Jewish leftists.


Oh look what influence we've had now, gentlemen.

000000 No.10596477

>when our Nazi memes are so spicy even Jews can't help but like them



32a8c8 No.10596478



c887b5 No.10596479

This is magnificent.

Not because of what it is, but because it basically gives us a Free-pass on "Anti-Semitism" because actual Jews are doing "the same thing" as we are. We can use that as a shield.

The "racist" slur loses power too, but not much - it's not only an Indian/Japanese/African/Whatever version appears that we'll be basically untouchable "morally".

Great news.

71e07d No.10596488

File: 6936200b323a0c4⋯.png (14.98 KB, 581x297, 581:297, israel demographics growth….png)

I don't even know what to think of this. There's no such thing as good jews, but I can't help but enjoy our memes being spread into the kikes' own youth culture, akin to what they did to us starting with the boomers.

Also reminder that Israel is living on borowed time and is demographically fucked anyway. The kikes with the highest birthrates are the hasidic jews, who refuse to work and spend their time shitting out 12 kids each. And unlike the growing arab population, they can't just genocide the hasids, because they're jews, and these hasids make up powerful voting blocks that are only getting more powerful. The whole thing will eventually collapse under its own weight.

c887b5 No.10596497


They have the same reasons as we do to implement our movement in Israel because Israel is living a similar death-threat situation.

And our teachings are applicable to every people for their own.

785520 No.10596498

>The next Hitler will be a jew

013f07 No.10596509

File: ab953271f7461e1⋯.jpg (110.92 KB, 329x326, 329:326, 1503628307836.jpg)

>rightwing counter culture intensifies

abdd44 No.10596520

File: 79fb8b993739919⋯.png (789.62 KB, 922x882, 461:441, shit talk.PNG)

They always need to mention feces..

e6fd5d No.10596523

>right wing jews survive coming purge

>eventually fix their shit

>a few generations later they start subverting other countries again

>our great great grand kids end up in the same mess we are in

Remember they play both sides.

32a8c8 No.10596525


>who is david cole

bb87a2 No.10596532



There are no based Jews

453967 No.10596533

>we've memed the jews into gassing themselves

7ec231 No.10596545


Kek, cheked

71e07d No.10596556


You can't equivocate jews to gentiles. Jews are fundamentally a different creature, specifically evolved to fit a niche as a social parasite. They CANNOT just be left alone and have nationalism. Jews don't create a nation state in the traditional sense. Israel is NOT a nation state; it's more of a centralized hub for world kikery. It's where they coordinate their subversion from. It acts as a safe space if they need to take refuge. Israel itself only exists because of all the parasitism it does on an international scale, leeching off other countries, the US in particular.

71e07d No.10596561


Exactly. You can't break the cycle by just saying "lol okay, you funny quirky jews just mind your own business and leave us alone"

Because they won't leave us alone. We've tried this for thousands of years, and they always feel the need to force their way back in.

90a2d5 No.10596568

File: cae220c6f493291⋯.jpg (27.4 KB, 314x453, 314:453, b874a9003df25121742eb8f465….jpg)

You Israeli women love Nazi BDSM porn and your Israeli men love Nazi memes. Get off our nuts, jews.

2d84a3 No.10596572


Why do all jews look like pathetic losers when they're young and disgusting zombies when they're old? That gay ass little hat just makes it worse.

786d30 No.10596575


>self-gassing jews

true german ingenuity

000000 No.10596590


Eradicate Abrahamic religions and we'll all finally be free. Youth need no more be tied to such cuckery and lies in the age of science.

061c03 No.10596598

Remember, kikes are parasites. They react to danger by trying to attach themselves to the threat. If not rejected, they then begin to subvert and sabotage.

Let them waste energy on in-fighting (real or staged), but never doubt that their hatred of the white race and Western Civilization will always exceed their self-hatred. There are no circumstances under which kikes will not be enemies.

783430 No.10596602


>Oh look what influence we've had now, gentlemen.

>implying it wasn't isreal that influenced the alt kike

This thread will soon be full of pro isreal "right wing Jews aren't that bad rhetoric.

7ac414 No.10596608


I'm afraid it goes far deeper than that, torahpedo. It's in the genes, and the genes must be culled.

6386ad No.10596616


David Cole has cucked out completely though and now says that the Holocaust™ happened. I guess he couldn't take being blacklisted any longer so he sold out.

061c03 No.10596617

File: 7ef3123dc2b29f9⋯.jpg (148.31 KB, 885x440, 177:88, moloch.jpg)


>(((rabbinic jews))) are totally Abrahamic, goyim

>just ignore the fact that we never built the Third Temple in the last 19 centuries

>and that Moses put thousands of us to death for demon worship

>and that Jesus called us "children of Satan" and "a generation of vipers that cannot escape the damnation of Hell"

>we (((atheist jews))) are totally Abrahamic, honest


c4d74a No.10596660


>JIDF becomes redpilled through posting on /pol/

607679 No.10596699


There are no good jews.

This is just co oping again.

Rootless alien mutant parasites have no concept of volk and homeland.




6863ed No.10596724


>anti-semetic anti-Israel jews

I'll believe it when they start gassing themselves.


>That gay ass little hat just makes it worse.

Of course the yarmulke is dumb. The entire reason for it is to cover up their bald spot.


This. The alt-right was created by the jews, it's hardly surprising they make "their own version"


>our teachings are applicable to every people for their own.

They're not, though. I'd be fine having a "live and let live" arrangement with the other races, but history has shown this impossible. The jude will never let another nation alone, and the nigger will never have civilization on his own, and will simply sit on resources unused. Haven't done my research on Asian nations, but best I can tell ~90% are just yellow niggers.

81069a No.10596736

/pol/ out d&c'ed the jews in a span of 4 years. Hopefully the alt-kike takes the bait and supports these parasites so we can criticize one group of jews and the liberals critize another group. Then when it becomes normal to criticize some of them, if played well we could see holocoasters within 5 years hopefully sooner

81069a No.10596787


By "we" I don't mean to infer that /pol/ is alt-kike but that we will be able to condemn some jews and just point out that other jews do the same.

bbc990 No.10596904

File: 8ec28483e3ce3c7⋯.jpg (74.29 KB, 500x709, 500:709, 18664386_10212211076768616….jpg)


kek they got some funny shit.

24c6aa No.10596905

>the chosen land has its own version of the alt-kike

what were you expecting? the entire term is full of jewish roots.

350e83 No.10596960

File: 896fc72fc8fc74d⋯.jpg (15.45 KB, 236x352, 59:88, 1470263381354.jpg)

Is there anything they won't steal?

607679 No.10597019

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>that feel when the bottom would have been the better option

dbadd4 No.10597057

File: 0b2e75f6768deae⋯.jpeg (18.99 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ZQXMxXfQ_400x400.jpeg)

you thought leftty-pol & kekistan maymays are cringy just wait till you see these memes.

63dc30 No.10597090


gives the true meaning to kike-right

5ef95d No.10597091


>David Cole gets redpilled

>oy vey, we cannot allow this

>threaten him and his family

>renounces his vile antisemitism and dissapears from the face of the earth for 20 years.. heheh, just as planned

I'm SURE he believes the holohoax now

26931d No.10597111



32cbd6 No.10597114


I believe that we could easily co-exist with the Japanese.

32cbd6 No.10597149

File: e76ec098e01d0fe⋯.png (303.38 KB, 517x517, 1:1, She sees your dick.png)


Honestly if Yair is really /ourguy/ then he'd convince his father to stop supporting fucking ISIS.

c42459 No.10597194




81352f No.10597270


>Barron + Yair, 2030

rly rustles my rasinz

f87ef0 No.10597394

File: 1ca708b5bd4aabe⋯.png (219.43 KB, 632x729, 632:729, alt right leader israel.png)

File: 56a1595248e1241⋯.jpg (296.41 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, cicic nationalism alt righ….jpg)

File: e65cc80e37b3ebd⋯.jpg (333.4 KB, 1261x600, 1261:600, old alt right on Jared Tay….jpg)


>Israel Now Has Its Own Version of Alt-Right

The Alti-Right was always Jewish

f87ef0 No.10597397

File: 96af2779ef0ea77⋯.jpg (333.78 KB, 590x691, 590:691, nietzsche tree of knowledg….jpg)


>these Jews are just athiests


>not molachian at all…

e778e1 No.10597412

Great, now the alt-kike will get even more pro-Israel and even more jewish.

This entire thing has been set up to push the narrative that kikes and whites should be friends because they both have muslims as their enemies. Normalfags will eat the shit up because they don't realise that it was the jews who started this muslim invasion of the west in the first place.

f87ef0 No.10597432

File: 9a0c1eb8bd4d316⋯.jpg (11.37 KB, 260x194, 130:97, buddha joker.jpg)

>Jewish leaders in Israel and the United States rushed to rap Netanyahu over the cartoon, which was adapted from a version with additional anti-Semitic and no Israeli figures. “The cartoon that Yair Netanyahu posted contains blatantly anti-Semitic elements,” the Anti-Defamation League’s Israel office tweeted Sunday in Hebrew. “The dangers inherent in anti-Semitic discourse should not be taken lightly.”

>Meanwhile, leading white supremacists, including former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke and those behind the U.S. neo-Nazi website The Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack, purported to embrace Netanyahu as one of their own.

>“Welcome to the club, Yair – absolutely amazing, wow, just wow,” Duke tweeted Sunday, along with media reports about Netanyahu’s post.

David Duke cucks out again. God damn I liked his youtube videos but he always came off as creepy. Now I know why.

Hey, CIA! Can you tell me why you guys always hire creedy dudes to do this kind of stuff? I know you lurk all day so answer me.

340767 No.10597524

File: 7757b95fd4f74bd⋯.jpg (172.88 KB, 1291x935, 1291:935, Nigel_racist.jpg)

>mfw our memes make the kikes destroy each other

25f58e No.10597537


Christianity isn't called an Abrahamic religion for nothing faggot. Jesus was sent down to try and reform the Jews

b0f062 No.10597538


>Oh look what influence we've had now, gentlemen.

>the real threat: Israeli and Jewish leftists

>But some young, right-wing Israelis aren’t buying it.



8edadb No.10597542

ffec78 No.10597556


Evolution says otherwise.


a988dd No.10597564

>Jewish neets being influenced by goy culture

Oy vey its anuddah shoah! Theah assimilating!

ffec78 No.10597578

File: 99a8ced8e3d75af⋯.png (956.9 KB, 872x750, 436:375, russia_domestic_fox.png)


Jews can be domesticated by selective breeding:


fbdd9a No.10597603


Didn't stop them from getting the romans to crucify him for them. Jews seldom do their own wetwork.

0f28c1 No.10597608


yeah sure I bet they are (((our))) greatest ally

23bd4d No.10597611

You can tell this is getting under their skin by the classic D&C arguments already being started…………

0f28c1 No.10597613


yeah we wouldn't want to be divided from the jews now would we, that would leave us open to being conquered by the jews

790543 No.10597670


they are mongrels and wouldn't be a threat without the mental illness that makes their tribal cohesion. antisemitism will always strengthen their identity unless their turn antisemite themselves (but to replace their identity with what? (((white)))?(((citizen of the world)))?)

790543 No.10597676


Also, I'll probably get the gas for this, but what about the theory that israeli nationalism will eventually force them to become a sedentary nation of normal humans?

790543 No.10597693


Reminder that rabbis unironically call assimilation a worse shoah than the "actual" shoah.

790543 No.10597706

Avoiding to assimilate and dilute themselves in superior european blood (beyond what was strictly necessary), for thousands of years, while this is the deepest desire of every other shitskin on earth (asians are not shitskins), just proves the insane and murderous level of their neurosis.

9d2106 No.10597729


>Peepee poopoo

>coughing fit pants of shit

>poo in the loo

7ea8c9 No.10597731

File: b5c79033214310f⋯.jpg (96.3 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, george_soros_ap.jpg)


Black people call each other nigger constantly but we can't call them niggers in public like we used to.

This just shows that the jews are finally showing that they've gone full circle and acknowledged that they were the "Nazis" all along.

There are no based jews. These are the most dangerous Jews. Don't forget that Soros was in the SS. They are like a deadly parasite that can morph into a latent spore to wait out unfavorable conditions.

ab2fda No.10597803


Shut up kike

139a20 No.10597817

open borders for israel

jewish women love black men

4d0962 No.10597819



are we somehow jewing the jews?

830053 No.10597840

File: aee2fa487376ddd⋯.png (170.28 KB, 480x480, 1:1, c386441e39ab73800a88a991a6….png)

>when you subvert white people and they get mad at you and subvert you back

71e07d No.10597847


>the solution to the jewish question is to destroy christianity

Nice try, shlomo.

4d0962 No.10597862


>Abrahamic religions

Monotheism in general is fucking cancer, it allows megalomaniacs to become tyrants when they coops something

Look at Islam or the current Christian church

Both monotheistic and currently taken over by kikes

Christianity is a mixed bag of shit and gold as it was co-opted back and forth between kikes and yuropoors

But still even yurop controled monotheism is still fucking cancer

for all their flaws, being polytheistic was one thing the pagans did right

dbe4af No.10597864

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>nomadic mongrel merchants from beginning to end, always intermixing with hosts and living off them

>sedentary nation of normal humans


3763cf No.10597913



71e07d No.10597917


I completely disagree with your assessment, and I can't stand you D&C kikes who always use every springboard you can to attack christianity, which historically has been the most anti-kike institution to ever exist.

'But whatever, let's work within the frame that your assessment is correct. Paganism good, christianity bad. Okay, so what then? How do you get people to go back to worshiping Odin? Because the way I see it, the only thing we get out of attacking christianity is even more people turning to atheism, which is spiritual death and leads to pure unadulterated leftism and societal cancer.

This debate is similar to trying to argue with ancaps and lolbergs about border control and protectionism. They'll claim "Well none of this would be an issue in my theoretical scenario with no gov't interference!". And even if that were true, it doesn't change the fact that this is NOT the situation we're currently in. What someone thinks should be the case doesn't mean it's what IS the case. You need a valid pathway to get somewhere, and I see no pathway for paganism.

This will be all I say on the matter, because I hate seeing yet another thread get derailed by anti-christian divide and conquer kikery.

c44978 No.10597924


wow, linus really went off the deep end

e3d1b4 No.10597926


>WTF they are just like us

This entire kike filled thread was the final straw. I thought the "base kike kings son" shit was bad enough.

3763cf No.10597934

File: 1679c451146dd11⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1679c451146dd1161d0c3469b3….png)


I noticed you happen to be strawmanning him. Perhaps he is a d/c shill, or perhaps he simply disagrees with many christian principles. You claim Christianity is anti jewish, but don't forget that many european paganisms influenced Christianity to a very great degree in localized areas. English protestants are very different than Greek orthos. Many strains of christianity are absolutely just bolshevist cancer. YOU may not belong to one of them, but a vast amount of christians DO.

Pic unrelated.

e3d1b4 No.10597956

File: a7d5e90af32efb3⋯.jpg (79.13 KB, 960x720, 4:3, slide_3.jpg)


No kikes have been subverted. How is this any different than the Sargon shit?


>Don't forget that Soros was in the SS.

Why are all the kike lurkers coming out all of a sudden? Are we getting to close?

Get past stage 3 and fuck off.


A year ago this shit would have been bumplocked.

71e07d No.10597967


My point is that that the anti-christian shills always go into random unrelated threads and start shifting focus to this sort of thing. This is a thread about jews and how they're using our memes.

dbadd4 No.10597989

File: 2ab9541d928d5e0⋯.png (217.79 KB, 400x400, 1:1, B_qKWzpq_400x400.png)


When Christianity Makes it own form of Currency to get out of the Kike banking system then tell me i will be waiting and another thing read some nietzsche and see why christian only live to to kiss ass and be a cuck just to make it into heaven you need some revaluation.


b1dea6 No.10597990


It's pretty obvious what they're doing, and none of it is to our benefit. Creating a literal alt-kike lets them:

1. Divert the attention of the rising nationalist movements in the west away from the jew. Create the impression that it's #notalljews and that we should work together with the BASED KIKES.

2. In the more immediate future, create a politically sound way of dealing with the booming arab population in Israel. They can let the alt-kike rule for a bit, do what is needed and then blame it all on, again, just a small segment of the tribe. In case the world opinion is still liberal at that point anyway

It's what they've been doing for ages. See an opposition movement pop up, infiltrate and imitate, limit the tribe's exposure. We're living a repeat of the 60s-80s: first commies get increasingly aggressive, pass many changes. Then a right wing reactionary movement pops up. So the kikes move in, become the leaders and direct this reaction in a safe way and secure even more support for Israel. Don't buy this shit for a second.



40928f No.10598011




David Cole is a piece of shit. He did it for the publicity and then went to Hollywood to be with his tribe. If you buy his story you are retarded.


3763cf No.10598043


That's completely fair. Honestly, I want to give the benefit of the doubt that he's just really frustrated. But yeah, I don't think bringing up religion is in any way appropriate in most circumstances, given how personal it becomes.

c297e4 No.10598060

File: 4a6807f617c6510⋯.jpg (45.79 KB, 478x482, 239:241, 4a6807f617c65108615cc73604….jpg)

File: a6d6985b7304f49⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 3292x2488, 823:622, a6d6985b7304f49e3190cc167c….jpg)

File: b3b91b3f2a0f9f6⋯.jpg (118.77 KB, 655x1024, 655:1024, b3b91b3f2a0f9f662e547fc8da….jpg)


>kike funded and ran opposition is embraced in Israel

Whaat? How could this have happened? alt-kike can't die soon enough. I only hope most of them will flock to our controlled OP as opposed to kosher ones.

2a679b No.10598076


Mostly true, but don't underestimate their level of in-group cohesion. They don't practice our version of "volk", but even so, they're still the most insular group of goblins on the planet. Any infighting is just that, infighting. They would still rather have the most detestable, degenerate pieces of shit imaginable within their ranks, than any gentile who refuses to convert. That needs to be clarified.

8ea127 No.10598096


>christianity, which historically has been the most anti-kike institution to ever exist.

There would not be any Semites in our nations if not for Christian race traitors. Christianity is the most pro-Semite institution to ever exist, under which they established a global hegemony. Christians worship a fictional Semitic idol to whom proto-Marxist ideals are attributed and a Semitic tribal deity known as the patron of Israelites.

All Christcucks are race traitors and there will be no restoration of our cultures and nations without the removal of Christianity. If you disagree with this, you are not fit to post on this board. There is no divide and conquer when it comes to Christianity, because Christcucks have already been conquered down to their very souls. To remain undivided from them is to remain conquered with them, only through division from them can a return to traditional values be achieved.

3763cf No.10598168

File: 51240eaa24bf2bd⋯.gif (982.88 KB, 300x170, 30:17, 45625ac7bbda3bcc8a1aa661be….gif)


>I alone decide who is allowed to post on a public forum

So like, you're supposed to be the vince mcmahon of /pol/ or something?

8ea127 No.10598181


Are Semites not banned on sight? Semite worshipers should be treated no differently.

Were the Marxists not driven off to their own board? Those who have embraced an equivalent Semitic ideology do not belong here either.

Are race traitors who defame our race or support our enemies not reviled? Christcucks are the original race traitors from whose ideology all liberalism originates.

By every metric imaginable and observable, Christcucks have no place here. They are shitposters and shills whose lies and slander support our enemies. They have nothing to contribute because their entire worldview is composed from falsehoods constructed by Semites to tear down our cultures, and this makes them incapable of reasoned debate as well. Their every post is an affront to the cause of European nationalism. You would tolerate such race traitors?

f42584 No.10598209


>Were the Marxists not driven off to their own board?

No they weren't actually, they chose to leave because they couldn't handle the spice.

Most of your post was also a straw man.

8c338b No.10598211

File: 47986ffde5f79b5⋯.webm (1.96 MB, 320x240, 4:3, jews are the destroyer.webm)


>it's their religion not their race!

Fuck off shill. Every last jew must be called, be he religious, atheist, Christian, mudslime or fucking Buddhist.

f42584 No.10598218




>they are shitposters

My catholicuck manager comes here to shitpost like a boss. We rip eachother all the time because of religious differences, but I still maintain that I can out shitpost him any day of the week.

7a551d No.10598236

File: 0a00257c7ff3950⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 407.4 KB, 491x487, 491:487, f7f3672b85280cbd138fc95bae….png)


Jews have always been right-wing, but they preach weakness in the form of left-wing propaganda.

>Jews are the master race!

>Whites are the master race!

At the end of the day, we're both trying to destroy the other. The only difference between us and them is that Jews have no honor. and they hate anime

72aa59 No.10598247

>Jews stealing

>Jews lacking creativity

>water is wet

c48b63 No.10598279


Its not based kikes. Its causing kikes to fight with themselves, its D&Cing the kike. They arent our friends, they are our useful Jewish idiots undermining their own interests. The only thing Im worried about is they might try to use this as a large scale propaganda suggesting that half the Jews are mad at the other half, and putting the blame for white genocide on one half, instead of all of them. Probably nothing to be that concerned about, just an initial thought.

7ff917 No.10598284

File: 0a77fbfb9218af7⋯.jpg (142.1 KB, 1021x687, 1021:687, OyVeyPraiseKekFellowGoyim.JPG)

File: 1a6efa1b3e134cb⋯.jpg (142 KB, 1125x1085, 225:217, SuperBadBasedMotherFucker3.jpg)

File: 7d68ab7568148ab⋯.jpg (80.05 KB, 702x527, 702:527, AugustusInvictusLeKike.jpg)

File: 0f0e4067f7c6b3d⋯.jpg (94.81 KB, 1051x716, 1051:716, AltRightKeyPlayersAlljewis….jpg)

Israel Now Has Its Own Version of Alt-Right

Er yeah, it's called the alt-right, you know the jew-CIA promoted controlled opposition it always was from the start to somehow trick the green and less aware goy that trump is our guy.

c48b63 No.10598286


Jews are cancer by blood. No one is confused here, no one thinks its their religion. They are responsible for communism, they are responsible for genocide. Soros is I presume an atheist anti-nationalist which makes him anti-zionist, but hes still behind white genocide. All Jews are rotten by blood, races are different, niggers are dumb, whites are industrious and creative, chinks have no compassion or empathy, and kikes are parasites who refuse to contribute and naturally seek to leech off other people, and control them. The religion is merely a manifestation of their racial characteristics. Its a Jewish trait, by blood, to want to have 2800 slaves, so they made a religion about having 2800 slaves.

5e24d9 No.10598305

File: 049fb9e10f1e760⋯.jpg (64.77 KB, 601x402, 601:402, JIDF Elite.jpg)

71eb59 No.10598308


when kikes start showing they like the same chinese cartoons as you, how are you going to react?

5e24d9 No.10598311

File: 21d94d436d97641⋯.jpg (280.25 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, Oh g_d why isn't it workin….jpg)


>tight memes


>they are still using ancient slang and wondering why it doesn't work

7a551d No.10598312


Only other race I've seen with a strong sense of empathy is spics, but anything good they have is outweighed by their sheer stupidity. And it's only towards their own kind. For some reason they just torture animals and pets, especially their kids.

7a551d No.10598314


Sorry meant to say their kids torture animals the most. That came out incorrect.

b9bc9b No.10598321


Wasn't the alt-right an alliance between Israelis and Whites from the beginning with the goal to weaken lefties (liberal jews) and sand niggers? Thought that was common knowledge

e749b8 No.10598323


Potato Force!

7ff917 No.10598329


Yes the alt-right was indeed always jewish, designed to divert the movement more towards a jew-friendly direction completely derailing the resistance away from its essentially purpose, which makes the fact this kind of shit is still tolerated here on /pol/ all the more disconcerting.

c297e4 No.10598337


Where did you get the idea that it's tolerated? Forgot about how TRS got wrecked for shilling here twice? Anyone claiming to be alt-fag here is immediately singled out, put down and laughed at. Look at this thread. Do not bother reading anything someone claiming to be alt-fag says. They're misguided and they need to shut the fuck up and lurk instead of posting.

b9bc9b No.10598344


If it weakens the sand niggers and lefties it is o.k in my books. Strange times require strange alliances. And of course nigger < muslim < communist < jew < slavs < Asians

27edeb No.10598347



They are the inventors of the Spud Missile system.

7ff917 No.10598348


>Where did you get the idea that it's tolerated?

Er, this thread, and the 6 million others stickied since it's been made all too plain that Trump is entirely in bed with ZOG that even retarded children can see how kikes Trump's admin is.

7ff917 No.10598356


>Oy vey as long as it upsets the muslims and leftists

Yet harms not one hair on the head of any kike and completely derailed the resistance into cheering on and championing zionist kikes

b9bc9b No.10598365


It hurts liberal jews, or are you telling me that a D&C inside the zionist community is bad. How often do you pray to a black stone btw?

90ab0a No.10598372


>kikes have taken their nazi fetishes to a new level

>now kikes are larping as nazis

>to piss off their leftist pals abroad

How much more fucked up can this timeline possibly get, I don't even know where to start pointing out just what's wrong with this

7ff917 No.10598383


>Oy vey D&C inside the jewish community created by goyims, honest guv

No, the war between the zionist kikes and the Bolshevik kise has been raging for over a century, that's what WWI and WWII was about.

Churchill wrote about it in 1920 [Bloshevism Vs Zionism], here we are in 2017 and kikes like you still use the same method to try and ingratiate yourselves with us.

And slippery cunts like you are continuing the theme that zionist kikes are alright (cos they hate leftists, oy vey], they are the reason America and by extension the rest of the West is about to be destroyed


>Oy vey, despite the fact I'm continue to shill for zionist kikes I will call those calling out my pro-jew posting a "jew"

Get gassed you worthless kike cunt


>How much more fucked up can this timeline possibly get, I don't even know where to start pointing out just what's wrong with this

Start by pointing out that the alt-right was kiked from the very beginning withevery key position and role taken by kikes, queers and cryptos

b9bc9b No.10598385


triggered Ali. Go and pray to your stone

efb65e No.10598386

Israel was the reason for 9/11. They killed thousands of Americans to trick the US to invade and take out their enemies, on the tax payers dime. Those fucking kikes must be destroyed first. They are enemy number one.

812e58 No.10598387


Heiled! The 20% figure is just like the official number of 11 millions illegals for the US, very old.

Israel is confirmed as being kiked to death.

c297e4 No.10598393


>war between zionist kikes and soviet kikes

lol. Fuck off you have no idea what you're talking about. Seriously, don't post until you have been here for two years because what you just said is embarassing.

7e30a2 No.10598407


>Milk with pizza

No wonder she is unimpressed

b9bc9b No.10598409


you don't understand. The main enemy of Europe is Islam and Bolshevik kikes, and if the genocide of muslim is possible having a temporary alliance with Israel, which also results in liberal Yids losing power and weakening the Yids as a whole, this is the way to go. Or are you suggesting we should ally with sand rats who never managed to get passed the middle age and are known to even less honour their deals than Jews?

7ff917 No.10598410

File: b2436216494fa40⋯.jpg (119.92 KB, 757x1026, 757:1026, ww.JPG)


>Oy vey, lol. Fuck off you have no idea what you're talking about.

You fucking irritating kike, the only question here is why do the MODs tolerate this kind of kike here?

Bolshevism Vs Zionism by Winston Churchill

Essentially a war between two factions of jewry over the best way to conquer and destroy the Christian West.

For other anons here's the 1920 article in full here


efb65e No.10598414

7ff917 No.10598416

File: 61d45432389820f⋯.jpg (108.26 KB, 1165x1165, 1:1, OyVeyWeHaveToStopTheGlobal….jpg)

File: 771a6b6c8203ac5⋯.jpg (80.93 KB, 581x424, 581:424, kosher-stamp-of-approval.jpg)


>Oy vey, you goys don;t understand, let me explain to you your enemies are in fact our enemies goy

b9bc9b No.10598428


look, /egy/ might have managed to subvert /pol/, but that's about it. For the rest the only allies of Islam are 50+ lefties and their drones. No sane white man will even consider for a second to ally with a coward low IQ race like sand rats are.

c297e4 No.10598434


You do realize that "zionist" and "bolshevik" kikes are literally the same shit, right? They are always zionist for jewish interests and spread cancer to the goy. Always with no exceptions. There is no such thing as a war between kikes, only conflict about who actually gets to be the strongest kike. Kikes infight all the time but they will never turn on each other when there is a goy with potential in the picture. Your theory about such a war falls apart when you consider that both "zionist" and "bolshevik" kikes united in 1948 to create Israel. This "war" you're talking about is nothing but smoke and screens to cover destruction of the soul in the communist east and erosion of moral values in the west. Neither world war 1 nor world war 2 was about kike factions fighting each other. In fact, during world war 2 the two factions united to destroy Hitler. Hell, it's all even mentioned in the protocols which you maybe should give a read, dumbass.

5e24d9 No.10598441

File: 8aa25f0b94b4430⋯.png (267.39 KB, 925x667, 925:667, ButtBlasted.png)


>kikes don't infight

c297e4 No.10598454

File: 9b545f981836191⋯.png (238.09 KB, 382x417, 382:417, 9b545f981836191e6d24521c50….png)


good reading comprehension you have there anon

7ff917 No.10598456

File: 61d45432389820f⋯.jpg (108.26 KB, 1165x1165, 1:1, OyVeyWeHaveToStopTheGlobal….jpg)

File: e53059701513ae4⋯.jpg (48.57 KB, 501x357, 167:119, VoteForThisJewNoNoNoVoteFo….JPG)


>"Your theory falls apart"

What theory, that the jews use their political xcontrol over the Marxist left and Zionist right to manipulate the braindead goys into supporting one of the jewish sides against the other.

Jews don;t kill each other over this dispute over the best way to destroy the West, they get dumb goys to fight amongst themselves over their favourite jewish mode of control.

This is /pol/, yet here you are insisting that there is no such thing as jewish control of the political left/right paradigm.

Comically, earlier you wrote that I

>need to lurk more, oy vey

38ce90 No.10598464


>tor poster celebrating subversion

Alright, it's clear who is behind this bullshit.

c297e4 No.10598469


I never denied that kikes control left/right paradigm. The whole argument might have been a misunderstanding. I figured you were parroting one of the alt-fag talking points about "based zionist kikes are allies" versus "actual enemy liberal marxist kikes". I thought you meant a war where kikes are actually uniting with goys against other kikes. With clarification I see what you meant then.

347cf8 No.10598479

As good as this may sound..

>inb4 board is flooded with unironic "based Jews" and white nationalism becomes completely coopted and neutered to the point the white people ask Jews to save them from the Jews, kicking the van down the road to deal with the problem once again in about 60-100 years.

eee21a No.10598497


you need to try harder

7ff917 No.10598503


Why are you here on /pol/ shilling the same jew bulsshit that has poisoned this movement the last few years?

You are promoting the idea that Zionist jews are the same side as mine, while I am ostensibly against jews, you are promoting zionist jews, who are our direct enemy, not just a bit part player but the entire crux of the problem.

You aren't our friend helping us fight the

>oy vey liberal left

you are our enemy abusing and using our nations and infesting our politics to only serve your combined [Marxcist/zionist] jewish agenda.

yet you are allowed to post here while singing the praises of kikes, the very same ones responsible for every war and all the muds in our nations and not one MOD has intervened.

62ddaa No.10598505

Zionists will never ever reciprocate in any meaningful way with anything we believe. Don't be fooled by this "Based kike with a merchant picture" shit.

125bd2 No.10598514


>our movement


c297e4 No.10598516


Your reading comprehension is not at its finest, is it? Where did I praise kikes? Where did I say that any kike is our ally? Take your reddit spacing and fuck off.

ab2fda No.10598524

Just more proof that the Alt-right and trump are Jewish controlled opposition. As if we needed anymore.

341bd0 No.10598525


>/pol/ subverting jewish society with memes

You know what that means? We're the jews' jews.

7ff917 No.10598527


Read every single post you've made on this shit thread, especially those you replied to me with.

I refer back to my initial post which sums up everything that needs to be said


The alt-right was a massive jewish con-trick from the very beginning.

The jews ARE the alt-right and are laughing and pissing in the faces of every goy that fell for it.

9637b1 No.10598535


What about when they were invading Russia and had plans to invade Australia and they only stopped because they got nuked? Also their stupidity in attacking America had a lot to do with Germany being defeated. Their culture is a few steps above other non whites but they are still an alien race that would take advantage of whites if it gave them an advantage.

126045 No.10598542

File: fbade5c27730419⋯.jpg (85.36 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1458244403079-pol.jpg)

>self-gassing Jews

What a time to be alive.

ced271 No.10598548


The Jew adapts to the Kosher pro-white groups who don't speak out on the Jews. This is what kikes do, is it not obvious to everyone? If the Jew doesn't think he can annihilate whites he'll try to befriend whites again, even play up the whole we hate minorities and muslims thing like the EDL.

Jews are parasites and when a parasite thinks it's been found out it'll blend into the tissue of the body its sucking the life out of, until such time as it doesn't need to do this in order to survive.

8adf09 No.10598678

File: 8d07de241301872⋯.jpg (27.35 KB, 600x253, 600:253, Borg_trio.jpg)


Maybe we should focus on that front then.

90c6b6 No.10599095


benjamin friedman was pretty cool

45f277 No.10599105

>implying the regular Aut-Right isn't already Israel's.

45f277 No.10599157

File: 9b292320a3ef582⋯.webm (7.18 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Michael Collins Piper Rea….webm)


But Friedman wasn't a "BASED jewish nationalist", he opposed both Zionism and jewry in general.

Speaking of Freidman, here's the audio of a related article from "Common Sense", the newspaper he financed.

f7c4b6 No.10599187

Alt-Kike is pivot to keep wars against Israels neighbours going "Deus vult goy kill for Israel"

bd5e15 No.10599357

File: 46eff3a192851e3⋯.gif (499.12 KB, 500x232, 125:58, image.gif)



We can exploit the D&C but be wary. We have been warned by one of their own in gif related.

fa3fc0 No.10599666


>nigger < muslim < communist < jew < slavs < Asians

Jews are the main reason the other races are a problem to begin with.

Try to think in these terms instead:

<jew < nigger < muslim < communist < slavs < Asians

Also in order of gassing priority:

<jew > nigger > muslim > communist > slavs > Asians

44770f No.10599699

That's fascinating. Instead of hiding the growing National Socialist movement under an easily subverted generic label, "alt right" ending up making the philosophy more palatable for some people.

7bedce No.10599724



742aed No.10600165

File: f938eec4d57e5f9⋯.png (192.48 KB, 635x429, 635:429, Consider the following.png)


Trips don't lie.

Jews, all jews, get gassed first.

>praise kek btw.


They are trying to just play both sides, they know their plans are taking a shit hard and are losing control before they are ready. If they have their 'nationalist' yids support us (while really doing fuck all but subvert us) they can use their newfound allies / support to exterminate all the other semitic races in their faggot dust bowl and wage total war (using slave nations as fodder) to take over all of greater israel.

They are not doing this to help us, or because we are 'cool'. They recognize the winds are already changing the direction of the world with a gale force and are just trying to ride the wave to more fucking profit.

1cc2a6 No.10600297


You fucking retardnigger. Don't be this dumb like a kike.

539d70 No.10602918

607679 No.10602943


Oh, I don't underestimate their in group cohesion.

What I was trying to express was that they have no concept of "volk" as in, our people.

And that's what being "fashy" in the context of the whole thing means.

A kike ally in this makes no sense and I hope nobody buys into it.

A kike ally is impossible since they have no notion of what "style" of living we have as a people in general.

9e147d No.10602957


Genetic memory.

Even if a Jew is not a (((Jew))) their offspring are very likely to corrupt the next generation.

e6d47f No.10606903




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