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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: bb5ef5113ebf0d4⋯.png (956.57 KB, 1678x920, 839:460, Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at ….png)

File: 2ac9ba03fe40fdb⋯.png (903.89 KB, 1294x1434, 647:717, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)

File: 1b03417c949fede⋯.png (95.56 KB, 1344x406, 96:29, Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at ….png)

577112 No.10598579

Greetings /pol/

/biz/nessman here. The international financiers are trying to shut down crypto. JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has made allusions to possible unpleasant outcomes of this situation that frankly have offended me deeply. I have been attempting to mobilize the troops on /biz/ but they do not understand the importance of memetic warfare.

If you want to hit them where it hurts, we need to meme on the JP Morgan Twitter and unleash the Frogs of War.

I have seen a fundamental lack of understanding of how cryptocurrencies can help us fight for our shared interests. As a person with a financial background as well as being a participant in the Meme War tour 2015-2016, I believe I can provide valuable context of why this matters to /pol/. Cryptocurrency will free us from those who would wish to see our people starved and nullified, if you cannot understand why this is true please ask any questions you may have.

Please assist me in making sure Jamie Dimon never, ever opens his unironically Jewish International Financier Marxist mouth about crypto again. I want this man fired and I want JP Morgan gone. These are the same criminal individuals who are instrumental in crashing our economy ad naseum and devaluing our national currency. They have no regard for our or the lives of our children, much less our economic well being. The US Dollar is now, at it's core, an anti-white construct.

I want them hit where it hurts - Twitter, Facebook, MSM comment sections - I want the normies to see this, and I want them to be cognitive of the situation.

Unleash the Frogs of War. If not you, who? If not now, when?

f953b6 No.10598590

Honestly mate, the only way to stop this is to start killing these people, and the only time to do it without resistance is when the money finally dries up for local police. Niggers, jews and mystery meats rely on the system for their safety while whites do not.

cdf81e No.10598595


We're not your personal army, sage

4f52d2 No.10598601


Crypto does a good deal fucking itself up by itself. Mt Gox randomly stealing people's shekels; completely traceable transactions at least with bitcoin unless you start mudding the water using special programs, but still traceable; Volatility; The fact that all cryptocurrency is only used for drug trade and illegal business and lack of will to apply crypto in real life. All in all it's pretty much garbage. Nearly nobody uses crypto for anything but drugs.

480409 No.10598602

take your bitcoins and put them in a deathpool

once the pool gets big enough people will bet on which dates certain people will die

f953b6 No.10598614


You're wrong. Bullion companies are too willing to take your buttcoins and turn them in tangible, untraceable metal. Perfect for semi-legal activities as its untraceable.

726de7 No.10598620


> international financiers are trying to shut down crypto

yes they are…..

this is why they are now saying NK" is using crypto to avoid sanctions (not true, but oy vey shut it down)

this is also why China now owns most of the exchanges and can fuck up the value on a whim

577112 No.10598631


Obvious FBI detected


Yeah okay buddy this is a "personal" request


1.) Don't keep your coins on the exchange then you dumb faggot. Plus, decentralized exchanges are thing now grandpa.

2.) Monero is untraceable, confirmed by the gov't as unable to be tracked. XVG is also popping up.

3.) Hey retard - major companies are all interested in crypto. Decentralization is the future.

Notice how quickly you folks came in to attack me the second i try to mobilize against JP Morgan? I can tell you're scared. I'm not hard to find and i'm ready to die if you really want to stop me, but my shitposting will continue.

f953b6 No.10598646


Impotent little faggot detected. If all you're here to do is sperg about kikes shitting on your hobby, get in line.

664785 No.10598656


Isn't China cracking down on ICOs? I mean the majority of that shit is just worthless scams.

29c4a9 No.10598658

I think the bigger problem to worry about is Jamie Dimon's ambitions to become President.

577112 No.10598675

File: 5ba32aaa1b19674⋯.png (174.67 KB, 1934x758, 967:379, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)


It's not a hobby, it's something that brought me and my family out of poverty and also will function as a reserve currency when the petrodollar takes a shit because you prefer the tight control of international financiers than taking control over your own money.

Pic related, i will enjoy laughing when your granddaughter gets raped ad naseum in the Favelas of the USA. "Muh dollars"


Yes, that's a good thing. Regulations allow for larger players to get into the game and to end the worthless scams you speak of. There are a lot of penny stocks that are scams, should we ignore the stock market? China at present has very little legislative framework for their coin exchanges, i'm surprised they haven't halted things years ago.

Also, spoiler alert: this exact news story pops up once every six months in order to create a dip in the price of BTC and allow the market manipulators to hold their bags. This is something /pol/ should in theory understand but due to the lack of /biz/nessmen on this board i think people don't quite understand that propaganda is not just used to win the hearts and minds - it also creates money out of thin air and causes prices to drop just as fast.

Hence why Jamie Dimon talks all this shit when in fact JP Morgan is involved in several blockchain based projects (See: Quorum)


Not if we ruin him now.

577112 No.10598691

File: 98ced01209df106⋯.png (1.36 MB, 2560x1234, 1280:617, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)

If you think this matters, then you should easily understand why crypto is important.

You have to understand anons, this IS the future, whether you have the foresight to understand or not. For a bunch of "radicals" you are all very scared of abandoning the ties that bind, in this case the fiscal ones.

The responses i'm getting are making me genuinely believe /pol/ is compromised far beyond my initial expectations.

87fb71 No.10598702


>It's not a hobby, it's something that brought me and my family out of poverty

what do you do, mine this shit? or were you one of the ones that mined it years ago and never sold

577112 No.10598712

File: dc17f519f669533⋯.png (163.01 KB, 2374x1176, 1187:588, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)


I literally bought in in March and 5x'd my initial investment and paid off ALL my debt and still had money left over which i put back in.

You have no idea what's going on right now. This isn't about "digital currency", these platforms will provide decentralized infrastructure from online storage (so you can upload your favorite pictures of Hitler without Google knowing) to notarizing, copyright on the blockchain etc.

It's a huge can of worms but pic related - it's only beginning.

Crypto right now is what the Stock Market was during the 80's, and normies are too fucking stupid to realize it. If you're too stupid to realize it too, history will repeat itself, and they will once again take the reigns over your life path and doom you to eternal wagecuckery.

577112 No.10598719

Furthermore, before "Muh can't cashout" and "Muh nobody uses this" fags come in

I use a debit card that withdraws directly from my BTC balance which is acceptable anywhere VISA is accepted. I have all of the positive exposure to BTC with none of the inconvenience. There is literally no reason to hold a currency that is in its death knells, especially when it feeds the very beast you proclaim to detest so much.

That is, unless you're CIA or FBI, then you see a huge flaw in my logic in that I wish for power to be transferred back to the people rather than your bosses.

392ccc No.10598722


>The international financiers are trying to shut down crypto.

Yeah, kikes are sure trying to shut down the thing they want most of all in the world–perfect, unaccountable, untraceable fiat currency.

577112 No.10598739


You can't print more Bitcoins to control the monetary supply like you can fiat you fucking retard read a book. Bankers are interested in many cryptos, yes, but their coins will not be popular in the decentralized future if we take action. For example, Ripple, a coin which intends to take over intrabank money transfers globally - i'm not holding it because it's quite centralized, and therefore not a real crypto.

When stocks are tokenized on the blockchain, and the coin exchanges are decentralized, do you think stock brokers are going to exist?

Pro Tip: Absolutely not.

Dude when I deposit my paycheck at my bank, they make me wait 4 fucking days to get my money. Crypto is already more functional than these shitlords and their decaying infrastructure.

Bitcoin was just proof of concept, cryptocurrency will change the world as we know it.

923e23 No.10598743


FBI Anon is right though. These people need to be taken out to stop that money flow of paid off people. But how can you even kill your way out of the huge shadows orgs that have blackmail on everyone. Can't kill everyone at the top at once. They are pretty untouchable.

cde98e No.10598756


>FBI Anon 1 is right though

t. FBI Anon 2

577112 No.10598764


Their power is directly tied to the US Dollar.

The US Dollar is the world's most popular global reserve currency, accepted in more places worldwide than any other currency.

When the petrodollar topples, their power topples. You don't need them dead, you need their power removed, and they literally cannot keep the US dollar powerful forever. We're running out of wars to start. Those who abandon this dying system now stand to gain much more than those who stay.

We don't need their banks, we don't need their blood money, we don't need masters.

3fdc19 No.10598767


You can use Bitcoin to buy things from a variety of places, like computer parts from Newegg for example. There are also services that let you pay with Bitcoin from any place that accepts normal credit cards. In other words, you don't know what the hell you are talking about it.



I can confirm that "MUH CHINA" has been responsible for multiple price drops over the years, but every time things bounce back higher than ever.

f953b6 No.10598775


>*alphabet* anon

I'm convinced that stupid saying is a psyop to feed off of our paranoia and prevent irl cooperation. My shitty small town of about 50k has a police force of a few dozen. 100 dedicated men could overrun it and become a RWDS /pol/ice force. Through experience meeting some /pol/ anons irl, I've sadly realized that the majority of posters/lurkers here are either larping, lack weapons/tactical training, and/or are out of shape.


Nigger I'm not fanboying the petro-dollar either, I'd rather stock metals and ammo, tangible and fungible.

85c11f No.10598776


Tbf /pol/, cryptos can revolutionise the way we trade. Jews in the finance industry are squirming everywhere. I've been studying for months and some cryptos out there will be the norm. I've made £1000 trading bitcoin these last 3 months, you can make some bank too.

aa973a No.10598779

>Greetings /pol/



17a4ab No.10598785

Jew boy went mental on the conference call announcing their earnings which were shit. What triggered him was why trading revenues were down 20%. He even talked shit about his daughter who he said bought some and now thought she was a genius. He's not going anywhere.

577112 No.10598796


Anon you're literally never going to convince me you aren't an FBI agent saying stupid shit like that.

Jews took over the world without firing a single shot.


Sorry for being cordial, faggot.


This. We're literally cucking the bankers via their very spawn.

ff4d7c No.10598805


f953b6 No.10598806


>Kikes never fired a shot

Who were the Kennedys? Who killed the Archduke to kick off WW1? Who were the bolsheviks? How has every directo/actor/comedian/musician they couldn't control end up broke/dead/ruined? If you really think you're gonna make it to 2030 without bloodying your hands, you're wrong. Don't worry about me, I'm just angry at the world and I just don't trust anything you have to power with electricity to use like buttcoin. More power to you. What I couldn't do with a few men who actually were WNs though.

392ccc No.10598814


>You can’t print more Bitcoins


>read a book

How about you read one other than The General Theory of Employment, Interest, & Money?

>but their coins will not be popular

Because the best thing to do is to have 50 trillion types of currency, none of which are interchangeable.

>cryptocurrency will change the world as we know it.

Yes, it will finalize and cement the kikes’ control of finances.

a75978 No.10598826


who is mel gibson though?

577112 No.10598829


You literally can't print more Bitcoins, supply limited at 21 million. Might as well stop reading here because your other points are retarded too, that's why you didn't expand on them.


Fair enough. I will say though I hope I have at least opened your mind to the possibilities of exiting the American economy. Literally 100% of my networth besides my tangible assets are in crypto and I have already chosen my path.

f953b6 No.10598848


I hope you make all the money, friend.


You mean the bad goy who had to unfuck a drunk convict jew before being let back into jewlywood? Sick ONE example, dude.

0f9665 No.10598865

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Friendly reminder that bitcoin is pozzed

Whoa there read to the end

Bitcoin was pozzed after segwit, it was fine before.

Bitcoin have 'value' because it is a trustless currency, you don't need to trust anyone to safeguard it, cannot be fabricated nor stolen, etc, all thanks to the blockchain.

AND THEN the bitcoin devs get bought by jews and they roll out segwit, which ENABLES TRANSACTIONS OUTSIDE OF THE BLOCKCHAIN. I cannot overstate how pozzed this is, they are probably planning on stealing all bitcoins or inserting billions into the market or some other scheme using segwit to fuck with the bitcoin network.


Bitcoin cash is a copy of the bitcoin blockchain pre-segwit (also known as a hard fork), meaning that every bitcoin you had before segwit, you have as bitcoin cash, which is not running on segwit.


Bitcoin changed name to Bitcoin Cash and people didn't notice, Bitcoin is under kike control, Bitcoin Cash is still non-pozzed

0fd988 No.10598873

>have offended me deeply


a75978 No.10598884


>How has every directo/actor/comedian/musician they couldn't control end up broke/dead/ruined?

>Sick ONE example, dude.

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>Sick ONE example, dude.

disproves your assertion.

0de08c No.10598886


My idea is that BTC will eventually become pozzed and crash and burn, and some altcoin(s) will take its place. We should keep an eye out for when a superior competitor rises up, and invest in that.

5258a4 No.10598892



f953b6 No.10598911


>Just wait for hitlercoin, goy

OP, I think you're onto something.


Cherrypick all you like, its your delusion to maintain.

577112 No.10598924


To clarify, I am encouraging pol to read up on cryptocurrency in general and make their own decisions regarding which investments will be the best store of their wealth in times of uncertainty in the value of the US Dollar (like right now, as the debt crosses the 20 trillion dollar line)


Literal criminals are calling me stupid for exiting their ponzi scheme. Fuck these animals. They're going to crash the market on my parents just before they retire, I can see it coming. They want us all poor, starving, and stupid, and they'll laugh about it as they buy up the same Bitcoins they said were "in a bubble".


Any reputable crypto at the moment is a better store of value than the US dollar.

a75978 No.10598932


>How has every directo/actor/comedian/musician they couldn't control end up broke/dead/ruined?

>Mel Gibson

>Sick ONE example, dude.

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>every directo/actor/comedian/musician

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

>ONE example

dude dont make assertions you can't defend faggot


b4e59e No.10598936


anyone shilling this hard just needs dumb normies to prop up his crypto investment.

Bit coin will drop to 1000-2000 after the crash. The pattern in obvious now. Just look at the price history.

577112 No.10598949

File: 997140b1b3a4ef9⋯.png (228.85 KB, 1756x1024, 439:256, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)

File: 9349066c9f0ffc8⋯.png (113.47 KB, 1152x630, 64:35, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)


There is no doubt in my mind that paid actors are employed when billions of dollars are at stake. listen to this stupid shit people are saying to me. Look at the stupid shit the news is saying. All sensational, hyperbole, "it's a bubble!"

When it's all said and done, Bitcoin has been around for almost a decade and can even be used to pay taxes in some nations. It's here to stay, and either BTC or another crypto currency is going to topple the petrodollar. When that happens, the entire power structure will be scrambled. You may even see a NEET like me truly make it big :^)


and look at this obvious Slide.


I haven't even told you what i'm invested in faggot. You're demonstrably wrong.

Funny how on biz we can have a discussion about this stuff without being slid all day, and on pol (((they))) notice immediately. There are many valid points that would prevent people from investing in crypto right now - no one in this thread has mentioned any of them. The beast has become old and frail, it seems.

0f9665 No.10598969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Sorta, read below for the clarification


It was actually another post on a very old thread.

I am trying to find something to back up my previous argument but I can't find.

What I did find was some explanations on what segwit actually does. It moves the signature data (the thing that proves that it was you who made the transaction) to an 'extended block'.

I cannot find where the hell is this extended block stored. I will have to research more about this, it seems I was completely wrong about the whole 'out of blockchain transactions', what is possibly 'out of the blockchain' is the transaction signature, which I actually can't figure out where it's being stored.

b4e59e No.10598997


anyone who says "invest right now" when the shit is going parabolic is a shill.

If you weren't in 6 months ago you missed it.

118fd5 No.10599004


Based Mel ain't dead but they sure tried to burry him deep down in the dark below

He was slandered to hell and back and treated like a complete maniac

He came back cus he's just dat gud but don't pretend kikes didn't try to burn him

a75978 No.10599005


>anyone who offers a counterexample to my arguments is a shill

absolutely cancerous

0f9665 No.10599009


>If you weren't in 6 months ago you missed it.

you will say the very same thing in 6 months when bitcoin will be going from 20,000 to 18,000

577112 No.10599024

File: 56d3f448dbbb040⋯.png (149.91 KB, 2186x1012, 1093:506, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)

File: 0fddacd6f2af74a⋯.png (60.06 KB, 1160x252, 290:63, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)

File: 56d3f448dbbb040⋯.png (149.91 KB, 2186x1012, 1093:506, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)


see >>10599009


Kek you haven't offered a counter example to any of my arguments, in fact you haven't even been talking to me. again, TRY HARDER SHILLS. I've been here a long time.

0f9665 No.10599027


he gave the mel gibson conter example

b4e59e No.10599133



Now the Bitcuck shills are ganing up. Look, if you bought at %10, or $150, or $300 … You made some money, not going to deny that.

But telling someone to hurry up and buy at 4-5K or "your going to miss the boat" is the oldest scam in the book, its how the whole stock market shit works. You not shitposting here to dumb money, this is a 140+ IQ master race board.

Showing me some snap shot of the last two years shows me nothing. If you look at the full chart bitcoin goes up to 10x the last peak then falls to 2x the last bubble. Its an exponential curve.

So if will make it to 10k in price then crash to 1000-2000.

Last time it went $10 to 150$ then settled below that. Then it went from 150$ to 1000$ then crashed to 300$. Now it will go from 150-300$ to 10k then crash to double the last peak of 1000 … so it will settle at 2000.

Unless something about the Chinese has changed the market, but I doubt it.

577112 No.10599165


Nigga that has nothing to do with crypto and i was not the guy arguing with him about movies

0f9665 No.10599173


It have settled at 3-4k~ for more than two months

577112 No.10599177


That's not even the Bitcoin chart faggot, that's the chart of ALL cryptocurrencies. I can tell you're a grandpa because you're only talking about Bitcoin - it's like walking to a car dealership and talking shit about the ford model T

b2b860 No.10599211



60f476 No.10599217


>attacking the Jewish money system

>personal army

fuck off retard

cde98e No.10599246

>Yes goy! buy the dip before it crash again. I mean, before if soars up to new heights!

I'd rather use my money at the casino and have fun with bunny girls.

899c59 No.10599252


You remind me of this:


c197cf No.10599289


Just bump or remake the thread later, different times, different people.

577112 No.10599292


Running out of ideas?


Soon you won't have enough money to do that because you only hold USD, the stinkiest liberal money there is :^)

60f476 No.10599298

File: 11a953d637bb1e8⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 462x604, 231:302, 1464806590996.jpg)


Hey OP …

Some of us polfags fully understand that bitcoin is very bad news for Jewish control of our fake and corrupt money system.

However, the majority of polfags are too fucking retarded to understand any of this. They think bitcoin is Jewish, because they don't know anything about anything really.

And probably half of those 'polfags' are actually CIA kike shills or something.

I always like to see bitcoin threads on pol, and I don't want to discourage you. I just want you to know that the majority of pol is too retarded (or are shills) to really appreciate the epic potential of crypto-currencies to destroy kikery.

But some of us understand, and we are here with you. You just have to sift through all the garbage posted by children and jews to find us.


577112 No.10599310


Thank you Anon. /biz/ has their blinders on when it comes to /pol/ type issues so i totally understand the ignorance. That being said, it is our duty to enlighten folks if we are going to continue moving forward - I seriously doubt the grander schemes of /pol/ will be achieved without funding

btw - I want to go to Antarctica with you guys. Please don't initiate that mission until muh coins go back up.

2d197d No.10599313




well anon lets hope da j00s don't pump all USD into Bitcoin when the dollar crashes.

afcda0 No.10599327


You got any useful inforgraphs or resources for NoCoiner brainlets like me to get started?

60f476 No.10599328

File: 34566855da6ebe4⋯.jpg (39.57 KB, 523x720, 523:720, natalia-poklonskaya-sketch.jpg)


>/biz/ has their blinders on when it comes to /pol/ type issues

At this point in my life I can't even imagine someone wanting to /biz/ but not knowing about /jews/. How useless and naive can you be.

>coins go back up

What are you talking about? The coins ARE up. :-)

577112 No.10599386

File: df0b7f66e37c0cc⋯.png (223.13 KB, 1642x1002, 821:501, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)

File: fbbaf7445209c9d⋯.png (276.78 KB, 1736x1136, 217:142, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)

File: e2f517e014e90fd⋯.png (257.84 KB, 1784x1098, 892:549, Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at ….png)


Yeah exactly. That's the kind of financial mind the current system produces though and precisely why my traditionally minded peers in finance shun the choices i've made. They haven't broke out of the normie Matrix yet lol, but they will.


just go to halfchan /biz/ and either lurk or post. Tell them you're from /pol/. They'll help. i'd say fullchan /biz/ but since you guys know NOTHING about crypto yet 8chan biz is dead! It's a problem that needs to be fixed!

439b7b No.10599419


>tfw bitcoin-less anon

Why even live?

a831f9 No.10599636


>There are also services that let you pay with Bitcoin from any place that accepts normal credit cards

I'm curious how that works. Does the service sell some of your bitcoins instantly and then use that money to pay for what ever you're buying?

577112 No.10601228


There are a variety of services that do this, but the one I use is through Coinbase. Yes, it immediately sells your Bitcoin at market value and provides fiat for a regular transaction. Is this a decentralized solution that will be around in 10 years, no, but it's a start and for now I have all the positive exposure to BTC that I could ask for as well as the ability to spend that money at any time. It's pretty neato.

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