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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 432795924ba7853⋯.png (481.45 KB, 1011x703, 1011:703, IMG_2958.PNG)

308768 No.10614035

This pisses me off more than DACA.


7bfdd4 No.10614058

File: ac0c189e7c2fc33⋯.jpg (357.24 KB, 1550x864, 775:432, 5361aa65f5e87a1bfe409526bb….jpg)

y tho

b2a0e8 No.10614069


because they're mentally ill and have exposure to intel and weapons

9f6587 No.10614077


Because booting them now before actual policy change could result in big lawsuits.

9d06ae No.10614078

faggis mattis

781218 No.10614102

File: 486625cd79a477c⋯.png (25.24 KB, 612x120, 51:10, just gas them now.png)


The limpwristed faggots seem to have decided it should be business as usual until they figure out what to do with the tranny ban.

9e2008 No.10614110

are you tired of winning ?

2c62b9 No.10614111

They've been letting niggers and mestizos serve for years tho.

9d06ae No.10614115


they go next

trips checked

e48e9a No.10614118


military needs bullet sponges

2c62b9 No.10614120


Fair point.

4c3a99 No.10614130

File: 18cfc5d3f096d75⋯.jpg (687.58 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, transdad-0-800.jpg)


619a5b No.10614191

I hate it, but it seems more a phasing out of the program, it's only trannies who are currently in. Bad news, but at least it will end once they are all finished. DACA, on the other hand, is much more concerning to me.

0ed7ad No.10614221

Good. If anybody should be dying for Israel, it's trannies.

f3a694 No.10614311


Send them all into afganistan on a permanent basis. Once they removed paying for a sex change, their numbers will drop significantly.

7a58e4 No.10614326


FUCK! I thought "worse than DACA" was a hyperbole

96a474 No.10614328


I hope they are using them to dump them in the war to cull the trannies.

96a474 No.10614330


I hope she is off the drugs or the baby will be brain damaged.

73d8e6 No.10614354

Why? It could be a good thing if they wore put into their own squads and given the job of scouting mine fields

427be5 No.10614685


The military is a jobs program. Greater than half of the military is admin desk jockey type jobs. That's where they stick the autists and transfreaks. The competent ones, the actual fighters, are mostly Whites of good stock.

16fda8 No.10614687


>for now

I prefer to save the ass hurt for when a final decision is made.

13e3fb No.10614695


Can't stop the crazies from having military grade weaponry I guess, one day when one of them is driving a tank over a police car I'm sure it will be said, "not all transgenders".

2ae99b No.10615766


because trump has gone full accelerationist

72591f No.10615794


What motivation do (((they))) have to push tranny acceptance?

05ad34 No.10615832


…proving that whoever had even an ounce of faith in zogbots is a fucking idiot. Trump's massive boner for these traitor is really pissing me off. He must fire every fucking zog shill around himself.

1c066f No.10616005


feminizing the male population

84839e No.10616103


Yet no one here is mentioning what good will come out of this

>expensive tranny matinence

>high suicide PTSD rate

>pozzing barracks

>bad unit cohesion

>decide they're unfit to serve after allowing them to

>trannies BTFO, chimp out, killing people and servicemen

>massive crack down on trannies as they're now a threat to society at large

Quantum chess.

9dea7d No.10616973


a9d04a No.10617025


>big lawsuits

The US military is exempt from all sorts of equal access equal opportunity laws. Those lawsuits would have gone precisely nowhere.

cd0096 No.10617029

dude it's just another move in this interstellar chess match, you retarded endkikes think you're smarter than the president

cd0096 No.10617036


>The competent ones, the actual fighters, are mostly Whites of good stock.

>all the whites get to die for israel while the insane and the inferior get cushy desk jobs

<this is a good thing in the mind of trumpniggers

I can't shitpost in this thread it's making me so fucking mad. All of you kill yourselves.

2ad211 No.10617093


You're implying the jewdicial system/branch would actually follow the law and wouldnt just award massive amounts of cash to the trannies and declare the military "bigotted" and remove the leaderships ability to actually manage it, and instead start writing all kinds of rules themselves about how it will be run in the future (legislating from the bench as its called), which will naturally run it into the dirt as trannies, fags, nigs, spics, women, and all other manner of unfit-to-even-function-in-society types are all given squishy ezpz desk jobs and paid huge amounts as "officers" while white males are all regulated to being grunts on the front lines dying for israel and making almost zero money for it and then receiving no sort of after-service care for any injuries because the VA and other services will all be packed full servicing the nigs and fags AIDS, the cunts 16 pregnancies, the trannies surgeries and constant post-op care, the spics obesity, and whatever else they can think of before actually tending to the damage the actual combat vets incurred while dying for the kikes

Face it, "laws" and "the constitution" don't mean anything anymore, only what the jews sitting on the bench say matters because the judicial branch was poorly thought out with very few restraints put on it, because the founders thought the people who would get those positions would be intelligent and moral people and not power hungry kikes. So really anything goes at this point. I mean FFS a couple was jailed for "racism" in georgia not long ago, literally jailed for saying "nigger" at a group of niggers. THAT should tell you how off the fucking rails the jewdicial branch has gone and how much power they wield.

120f10 No.10617151


80b706 No.10617166


120f10 No.10617171


I love this forum!

33b8fc No.10617182

>all these faggot shills saying it's Trump's fault

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

>The Pentagon reportedly issued new guidance on Friday

9f8bbc No.10617190


1531bd No.10617221

Mad Cuck Mattis strikes again.

ceac20 No.10617235


Can't have the faggots becoming sex slaves and transmiting stds to the other soldiers thus compromising combat power.

4aaa96 No.10617276


Where do you think you get purple trades staffers?

1af4f0 No.10617278


I never trusted Mattis as far as I could throw his frail, bony ass. All these fags do is fantasize abotu death and murder all day and how best to do it. A dark profession that undoubtedly leads to some dark psychological faults.

ee17f0 No.10617309


>implying Trump let them in

you fucking consensus cracking shills never give up, do you?

eee422 No.10617389

Sort of related, but does anyone know if there are any passable traps who LARP as servicemembers and do uniform fetish stuff?

1af4f0 No.10617434


Im sure theres plenty in Tel aviv already Yid.

d3a975 No.10617455

>the only thing bigger than the bags under his eyes is his nose

What causes people to get bags like that? Soros and Hillary have them too.

c4347b No.10617482

File: 270ff5a19b4e32f⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 2392x5192, 299:649, Female Soldiers - The Equa….jpg)


Absolute Cuckoldry.

47eb07 No.10617500

File: e9c674db94af83c⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 392x554, 196:277, thiswillbelostforever.jpg)

thread deleted in…

be6d1a No.10617525

File: 8586c95d85aec03⋯.jpg (96.43 KB, 800x1196, 200:299, transgender-military-putin….jpg)

32e8d0 No.10617532

can you imagine how infuriating it must be to IS niggers to be killed by a tranny. We you let them in for that reason alone. tho I would suggest giving them their own unit so that the other troops don't get distracted by the thought of woman dick.

5c0d7f No.10617557


>hips same as waist

>broad muscular shoulders

>posting traps

yes, traps are gay.


47eb07 No.10617610


you are a literal faggot are you blind what are tits

47eb07 No.10617614

File: a725b56f55457c6⋯.jpg (111.51 KB, 862x1170, 431:585, ϟieg.jpg)


obviously you are a faggot if you dont know what a female looks like

3f5acb No.10617622


>Trump has no authority

>what are executive orders

>what is the commander in chief of the military

Trump has complete control of the military and who enlists. This is totally on Trump.

1dabc1 No.10617672


Did you forget that there were judges that blocked the travel ban?

1dabc1 No.10617676


Did you forget that there were judges that blocked the travel ban?>>10617622

ef19c1 No.10617752

File: 6a574431925539f⋯.jpg (58.43 KB, 783x421, 783:421, smug Shkreli.jpg)


>are you tired of winning ?

Nope, are you?

ee17f0 No.10617757

An anon wrote this was connected with esoteric immigration. Something about us needing more soldiers very soon.

d4d519 No.10617801

File: 8ab28b4a2754ccd⋯.gif (766.97 KB, 500x360, 25:18, fuckthis.gif)


>implying trannies will be anything other than POGs

c87d5f No.10617842


No, once their contracts were up the Feds would be free to boot them. This is just retarded. What you're saying is that anyone who failed the asvab would be able to sue the government for being retarded. If these trannies are deemed "mentally unstable," which they ARE, it would be easy to bar them from reenlistment.

6465ea No.10617864


Why does this piss you off, anon? This means that overthrowing the government will be even more easy once someone has the courage to try.

Our only real obstacle now is not the power of the US military anymore but our inability to form a strong and united front against the System.

c87d5f No.10617866


Normies think everyone in the military is a sniper or something. They also think some fobbit getting splattered by a mortar is the same as a guy who goes outside the wire every day and goes towards the gunfire when the shit hits the fan.

It's like when the liberals hold up some random bitch who got her insides rearranged by an IED, on the one time she actually left the FOB, as proof that women can be in combat.

41a9f8 No.10617896

Good, the weaker that ZOG is the better chance that White Nationalists or National Socialists have at breaking away from it. We need a mass exodus of White Americans to go to Europe. When all the White people leave the USA it wont be able to keep itself running

2f9ce0 No.10617965


Its still easy to bar them. Allowing them to put in the paperwork doesnt mean that paperwork has to be accepted. Things can get lost, required signatures can be made impossible to obtain. Ask anyone who has had to check out of a grunt unit how hard it can be to get a signature.

2f9ce0 No.10617968


>We need a mass exodus of White Americans to go to Europe.

>we need white americans to come do what white europeans are too coward to do themselves

Why waste the effort saving europe? We both have problems we need to solve ourselves and any outside help will result in the unworthy surviving to pollute the gene pool once the cleansing has been accomplished.

9f6587 No.10617976


But they're not mentally ill, dear anon. Barring them for their preferred identity is the same as denying someone for their race or country of origin. :^)

bb4ea0 No.10617978

File: 4846620e1b23f03⋯.png (148.92 KB, 460x258, 230:129, faggismattis.png)



2f9ce0 No.10618013



They aren't even really good for that. They fuck up unit integrity pretty badly. The percentage of shitskins who make good low quality soldiers is similar to the percentage that can emulate an attempt at being civilized. Most of them are criminals or have serious insubordination problems. And they can not be trusted to have your back if you wind up pinned down in the middle of a field and they have a nice comfy brick wall in front of them.

The only benefit they bring to the military is "walking empty boots" the role that they play is putting more men out in the field so that an enemy sees a larger force coming at them than there actually is. It provides the enemy with an additional target to shoot at so that our actual fighters have a higher chance of being able to out maneuver them and win the battle.

This is especially true with niggers. A larger portion of spics are capable warriors but it is highly dependent on their percentage of white ancestry obviously. The rest of them are so prone to criminality and lawlessness in general that they are really a burden.

My battalion had 3 niggers in it. 3 out of 140 0311's. And out of those 3, 2 were so low quality that I dont even really remember them they were just shit at everything. The other? The nco's and snco's were afraid to discipline him because they knew he carried a glock fowty in garrison, was a blood, and always talked about how he keeps it realz.

13ed8c No.10618037


>The nco's and snco's were afraid to discipline him because they knew he carried a glock fowty in garrison, was a blood, and always talked about how he keeps it realz.

You are joking, right?

This sounds like bullshit.

2ad211 No.10618118


>mentally unstable

Don't you miss the days of MASH and klinger being a proto-tranny trying to get out on a section 8? Literally showing that being a tranny is a mental illness and even tv media wasn't afraid to say it. Now we have freakshows who ACTUALLY believe they are the opposite sex being allowed to join like that in the first place.

f9b53c No.10618184

File: fd1f5ddfb42ef7f⋯.jpg (70.94 KB, 798x774, 133:129, 1505593014909.jpg)


I was under the impression that even being diagnosed with something like ADHD disqualified you from serving, but being a fucking tranny is A-OK?

201758 No.10618192

Are you all niggers? This is clearly an ebb and flow distraction cooked up to keep the progressives either elated or demoralized. Studies have shown that people become detached if you constantly ride them up and them down an emotional rollercoaster. Two weeks from now Trump will rescind this and the ride never ends.

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