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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: c8673588b38093a⋯.webm (7.03 MB, 360x360, 1:1, nigger lies to the camera….webm)

66ac88 No.10630540

Apologies if it has been already posted. This is making my blood boil.

>A new nonpartisan group launched on Tuesday aims to inform Americans about the “grave” national security threat posed by Russia's ongoing interference in U.S. affairs.

>The Committee to Investigate Russia aims to “help Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy” by providing “a comprehensive and easy-to-understand website, extensive social media campaign, daily newsletter, expert analysis, and breaking news updates,” according to a press release.

<Just get that nigger to read a script on camera, they'll believe anything he says.



>Director (((Rob Reiner))) is joining a new group called the Committee to Investigate Russia, to highlight what is known about the Russian threat to interfere with American elections and other institutions.

>The committee was scheduled to go live with a website on Tuesday at InvestigateRussia.org, as well as a video featuring Morgan Freeman. (((Reiner))) and (((David Frum))) of The Atlantic were expected to announce the launch of the group.



And of course the usual suspects are behind it. Shocking, I know.

(((YouTube))) link for anyone interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz9PNoecNxU

8b4a34 No.10630590


The story Freeman states is amazing. How is it supposed to make Russia look bad?

>KGB becomes president


>CIA installs leaders throughout the world


74f8ca No.10630631

Nigger looks wasted. I should get him in a celeb death pool. Heeeeeey guize… Why don't we do an 8chan eceleb deathpool with BTC? If the pot gets big enough, there will be moral hazard AKA it will become worthwhile enough for someone to kill Zoe Quinn or whoever. It's win, win.

9cfcc9 No.10630656

They really are doubling down on the kill Russians narrative. Boy {{{they}}} hate Russians so much.

3e950b No.10630678


>it's russia goys, not israel

c75fb9 No.10630692

> Though she was not a blood relative of the star, she was 45 years his junior. Many male stars prefer the company of much younger women. But considering Freeman raised Hines “since she was a little girl,” their alleged affair was unsettling.

> However, what was the most disturbing about their relationship was that Freeman many have preyed on his step-granddaughter when she was just a teenager.

> The granddaughter of acclaimed actor Morgan Freeman was stabbed to death on a Manhattan sidewalk early Sunday during what law enforcement sources and witnesses described as an “exorcism” at the hands of her ranting boyfriend.

> “Get out, devils! I cast you out, devils! In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out!” the killer yelled as he plunged a hunting knife into 33-year-old E’Dena Hines’ chest, according to George Hudacko, who witnessed the 3 a.m. attack from his apartment window in Washington Heights.


I cannot think why any rational person would take what this coon says seriously.

a29894 No.10630740


Wouldn't surprise me. Hollywood actors are known to indulge in numerous vices. Combine that with the fact that Los Angeles has thousands of Jew doctors willing to prescribe anything they want in doses much higher than needed for relief, it's no wonder they look wasted all the time. They usually are.

23bd02 No.10630746

File: 17874375cf4e4d0⋯.jpg (14.65 KB, 313x480, 313:480, b&b325.jpg)

Yeah, nope.

Go back to playing God.

Logical thinking isn't for actors…

7dff05 No.10630772

>The Committee to Investigate Russia

>Including James Clapper

>The same Japes Clapper who said under oath and on live television that there was NO wiretapping of the Trump campaign

Seems legit

1730ec No.10630791


5e796a No.10630792

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




How soon until liberals make China boogyman along with Russia? China is outlawing faggoty and buying Hollywood from under the Jews. Good luck promoting homosexuality to the rest of the world when the chinamen own Hollywood. China will not put up wit America degeneracy for long.

e0b688 No.10630820


China is at the forefront of the NWO and are actively buying and colonizing Canada and australia, they wouldn't make the chinks bad guy #1 any time soon

a85e59 No.10630837

The "nazis on every street corner" narrative isn't catching on. Oy vey, let's double down on the ebil Russian interfering with the election narrative.

da8bc7 No.10630957

File: 6bd6e3f40d01828⋯.png (168.7 KB, 360x360, 1:1, da reel black president.png)


5e796a No.10630995


Jews think they are running the chinks. But the chinks want to put Jew the Jews. they will become the next boogyman soon. Probably after Hollywood no longer run by kikes

99fb0a No.10631004


>How soon until liberals make China boogyman along with Russia?

Never. In fact, you'll probably start seeing (((them))) praise China more frequently. The parasites clearly want to make China their next host after they've broken America.

45a468 No.10631021


Eh Freeman was always pretty conservative…I guess he's going senile or someone threatened to Cosby him.

423f94 No.10631051


466f06 No.10631060


is he going to play putin in this new movie?

f9f20a No.10631080


Their propaganda used to be subtle when they were confident they were in control. Now they are losing their grip and are becoming ham-fisted rushed and illogical.

5644b6 No.10631102

>we haven't found any proof the Russians interfered in the US election


I want to see how much longer they push this narrative. Maybe they will publish this in school history textbooks.

1bbe07 No.10631104

>speak directly

>he tweets directly

>kvetch kvetch kvetch

1310c3 No.10631304

Why does the dumb propaganda mouthpiece slave think we give a shit what it thinks? Why do actors in Hollywood think they matter? They serve a role at the behest of their owners, and beyond that they're worthless.

317dac No.10631306

Distrust our media? Yeah, backing devastating invasions under false pretenses will do that, no help needed from Russia.

Only brainwashed normies will swallow this crap. The CIA has been installing brutal dictators around the world for seventy years. This video operates under the lie that America(tm) is still "the good guys". Enjoy your blood money mofo.

d2b7aa No.10631316

File: 269a2c2044ad75c⋯.png (519.17 KB, 799x332, 799:332, Filmactorsguild.png)


Look out, Putin!

ce365f No.10631348


>American degeneracy

That's a funny way of spelling "jewish degeneracy", Schlomo.

eb6449 No.10631354

File: 305b0b8d806b57c⋯.jpg (20.73 KB, 400x400, 1:1, absolutely subversive.jpg)

I'm sorry Morgan Freeman, I'm just too demoralized to give a fuck ='(

d2b7aa No.10631396

File: 22fc167b3692744⋯.jpg (103.64 KB, 1200x857, 1200:857, Our_Fucking_Government.jpg)


Just watched that webm. It is – and I say this after years of browsing /pol/ – literally the most deranged thing I have ever seen. It's actually more disturbing than those cartel gore videos.

First, I'm old enough to remember when Putin came to power and expelled the NGOs that were robbing Russia blind. The Western neoliberal (((Jeffrey Sachs))) types hated Putin from the start because Yeltsin had been our guy, and Putin wasn't. That is the only reason "we" officially hate him – he's vaguely patriotic and not a slave of Wall St. or the City of London kikes. If he had played ball with our attempts to wipe out his country's people, he could do no wrong as far as our press would be concerned.

Second, the very idea Putin – the definition of a bloodless machine man – does anything for ideological reasons is shithouse-rat insane. Vladimir Putin could stoically observe his own mother being tortured to death by ISIS and still finish the day's work. That's no slam on him; he's just cold as ice. To think he gives a microscopically tiny fuck what the Soviet fucking Union was all about, even while he was living in it, is utter deranged madness. Even somebody as dumb as a nigger actor should have flinched before reading that.

Third, I still haven't heard what bad thing Russia is supposed to have done to us. Shitpost on the internet? Fuck man, Israel does that here every day! We did it for free! Fucking CtR was doing it for months! At worst, I think the most vehement accusers have pointed the finger of blame and alleged that 133t Russian hax0rz practiced journalism and exposed 100-percent-true facts Hillary found inconvenient. At worst, they did this through a journalist Hillary literally schemed to murder with a drone strike. This is considered an act of war to these people.

Finally, the notion that this, THIS of all fucking things, is what sapped the public's trust in the media. . .

. . . words fucking fail me.

This is good news. It is said that the citizens of Constantinople were hysterically praying in the church while Turkish cannons were battering their walls down. When your enemy has been reduced to magical thinking and delusional rants like this, your victory is imminent. The psychosis apparent in this stuff has gotten to the wailing-in-Haggia-Sophia-tier batshittery. The end is nigh for them, and it's obviously way more nigh for (((them))).

a741c4 No.10631459


The ham-fistedness is very worrisome. A free and healthy lion is less of a danger than a cornered, scared lion. Who knows what rash, idiotic action this group will take?

b1f1cd No.10631469


>Finally, the notion that this, THIS of all fucking things, is what sapped the public's trust in the media. . .

amazing isn't it? i remember the lefty erections when al jazeera american was announced because "finally, an unbiased source of news!" then the wrong person became president and suddenly the msm are championed as courageous journalists fighting fascism & the russian menace by the very same people who just a few years ago considered them so untrustworthy they opted instead to get their information from pundits masquerading as comedians.

3f0113 No.10631487


Excellent analysis, however

>The psychosis apparent in this stuff has gotten to the wailing-in-Haggia-Sophia-tier batshittery

Kind of misattributes what the Byzantines were doing, they were in the hagia Sophia holding services and praying because they knew they were about to fucking die to barbarous mudswine, I don't think lamenting your own dearlyh is delusion, but doubling down on narratives is.

d2b7aa No.10631498


My point was that the Byzantines had nothing but spiritual comfort in their desperation, while the Turks had war machines. The Turks were the rational, cool customers in 1453, while the dying Byzantines were left with an emperor wandering the city crying out for a Christian to cut off his head. It was a moment of total defeat, and most people's only recourse was to their comforting belief in heaven. The left seems to have gotten to this point.

62fb45 No.10631531

File: ae023bb221a0b3a⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 354x267, 118:89, 100220_ron_paul_2010_lg.jpg)


China spends millions of American political campaigns, so this won't happen. To my knowledge Russia doesn't spend anything lobbying us.

This is something you should bring up the next time some libshit starts talking about muh Russia: "If the Russians wanted to rig our elections they could just buy our candidates the way Israel and China do"

62fb45 No.10631598

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They chose Freeman because his voice and career in documentary narration lend him gravitas. This Russia narrative has completely imploded, so they have to pull out bigger and bigger stops to prop it up.

Freeman taking this gig is a good sign. White conservatives aren't going to be flipped by him and everyone knows that. Freeman is the libshit favorite. Meaning there are enough white liberals on the fence that hiring him was necessary at this point.

Personally Freeman is actually pretty conservative when it comes to racial issues. But of course when it comes to shilling, he'll take just about any job. Doing this right now will also ingratiate him to the Jews, opening up further work opportunities. Turning it down would probably close a lot of doors to him.

8b8986 No.10631632



How new are you?

f6890e No.10631764

File: 5b85649473ca947⋯.jpg (67.58 KB, 640x478, 320:239, 6e3d8a070a82c4f79a7044eea1….jpg)


look at those dead eyes

ea8fce No.10631765


The Jewish celebrity culture tactic is cracking. It, like the force, still has tremendous power on the weak minded. A lot of people are breaking the conditioning, however, and many of those on the edge will see this, and become /ourguys/, or will very soon.

This is some of the most desperate, pathetic, weak shit I have ever seen, and it's coming straight out of the mouths of big Hollywood celebrities. I think this is great.

9cfcc9 No.10631919


Old enough not to like faggots who wordfilter or make stupid colors appear when I type (((you're a faggot)))

b26e1f No.10632009


>tried to break america


d97cc5 No.10632024


So stop hiding behind typography. Call a kike a kike. When you talk about ✡George Soros✡, make sure people know who you mean and WHY.

66ac88 No.10632033

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>They chose Freeman because his voice and career in documentary narration lend him gravitas.

Yeah, people automatically assume he speaks the truth, even when there's not a shred of evidence for what he says. There's something even more subtle I think, he played God. I bet you anything he's what thousands of liberal cucks picture when they think of "God".

13d683 No.10632057

>providing “a comprehensive and easy-to-understand website

>comprehensive and easy-to-understand website

>easy-to-understand website


Their target demographic isn't too bright, and they know it.

a4338c No.10632153

File: e23cafca0eacf06⋯.jpg (169.56 KB, 894x717, 298:239, Moises4.jpg)


>(((Rob Reiner)))

How the fuck does anyone take this shit seriously and/or still claim this isn't Jewish bullshit to the max?

6420c0 No.10632205

>we need our president to speak directly to us and say

Why are these cunts trying to get trump to say things? Not just say things, but exact words- after charolettesville the MSM drones were a creeching for him to condemn 'racists and neo nazis' in those exact words, it wasn't enough for them when he said 'both sides'.

0cab9f No.10632227

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The obligatory nigger calling out the jew as being white video.

356ade No.10632316


>Why are these cunts trying to get trump to say things?

apparently it's been an effective tactic for them

ce365f No.10632664



That's not a wordfilter, (((double nigger))). That's a site-wide format just like redtext and bold. Faggot.

2fc885 No.10632665

File: 4676ff094f4ec3e⋯.mp4 (8.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Putin is top tier hacker .mp4)

1bfd9d No.10632689


Underrated post

4f5a4c No.10632701

356ade No.10632739

515841 No.10632916


He is an actor not a warrior. He have no clue that he is going to be hang on DOTR.

b52c4a No.10632977

File: bc637f2c496c1df⋯.png (588.19 KB, 1172x420, 293:105, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at ….png)

Imagine for a second if a 72 year old hollywoodnigger wanted to have sex with his granddaughter. Well, it's not imagination folks. We should investigate it immediately, or not.


6011fb No.10632992


these crisis actors are low energy.

49360d No.10633106


Why should they try hard if they have two working brain cells that they know it isn't working but had to do it anyway?

000000 No.10633578


Didn't this nigger rape his own daughter?

b52c4a No.10633732

Race is a spook

8302b5 No.10633853


>Boy {{{they}}} hate Russians so much

They hate america that much.

The conflict wouldn't only be US vs Russia. Instead its US vs Russia, China, NK, Iran since our allies are next to useless.

e405d4 No.10633871

What everyone should be worried about is

Morgan Freeman teamed up with a fucking Neocons.

You cant steep lower than this.

e405d4 No.10633879

Also why the fuck is Morgan Freeman promoting WORLD WAR?

bf9a42 No.10634376




7cf348 No.10634387


He is too stupid to realise this but he's doing for money.

a85c69 No.10634395

So the left has resorted to exploiting the elderly? This man is like 90 years old. Wtf does he know or care about any of this?

213aa3 No.10634397


oh wow i wish i was as sheltered as you are.

963ed6 No.10634523

File: ec5249825c7d22b⋯.mp4 (11.19 MB, 480x360, 4:3, pewtin.mp4)

d7c317 No.10634554

File: 173fec2e03362a1⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Freeman_House_Nigger_Foll….webm)

6816e9 No.10634572

Normalfags really love le magical voice negro.

0f4648 No.10634592


>Why don't we do an 8chan eceleb deathpool with BTC?

You just made this entire thread worthwhile.

ef682f No.10634596


I'm laughing like a madman, BRAVO!

e1514e No.10634751


He wants to play Obama before he dies.

855535 No.10634799


/leftypol/ go home

cd1a6e No.10634816

File: bc08b0f7eeed7c0⋯.png (265.75 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 1446945574394.png)

>muh Russia

Oh come the fuck on

4ce142 No.10634848


> Why don't we do an 8chan eceleb deathpool with BTC?

do it faggot

344e6f No.10634878

File: 24e10bd28ab4b60⋯.jpg (29.46 KB, 500x333, 500:333, avgn.jpg)


Well done lad

62fb45 No.10634935


He's often jokingly referred to as "The Voice of God" for that reason. Everyone in Hollywood and media knows this meme, and knows you use him when you want a message to sound authoritative.

b52c4a No.10635085


Looks like a spook to me. A Russophobic one at that.

344e6f No.10640460

I still can't believe the audacity of this nigger and the kikes who wrote this shit for him to read. Do normalfags actually fall for this shit? He's a fucking professional hollywood actor. He's literally paid to do and say fictional things, therefore he's likely one of the best liars out there. Celebrity political opinions are a joke. They're usually done for PR or for shekels. Sage because I'm just venting and this nigger doesn't deserve any more attention.

5633be No.10641424

these same cunts had no problem with kgb russian subversion and called mccarthy a conspiracy theorist

fuck them all

769093 No.10641552

File: ab9ab4927b31a2e⋯.jpg (107.57 KB, 600x628, 150:157, ab9ab4927b31a2e93073b5d110….jpg)

So what does this qualify as? It's no longer doubling down.


a6ceba No.10641561

File: ee15dafb87c1784⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 3182x2045, 3182:2045, scuba monkey.jpg)


>implying the commies would hate their fellow commies

They would be neutral about them, being torn between supporting commies or supporting post modern cultural marxism.

8179b0 No.10641953



>China is at the forefront of the NWO and are actively buying and colonizing Canada and australia, they wouldn't make the chinks bad guy #1 any time soon

They were already forced to make a huge edit of the Red Dawn remake where they had to change the Chinese soldiers into North Koreans in post-production. They did this because Chinese investors of the studio were pissed that their countrymen were portrayed as the villains of the story, replacing the Soviet Russo-Latin alliance from the original.

87f5cb No.10642479

File: 4f24eb73dfe74be⋯.jpg (222.52 KB, 1014x714, 169:119, DIgqVbRXYAA_0uY.jpg)

File: bb89e90db9e89a3⋯.png (387.57 KB, 775x577, 775:577, Embassies.png)

File: c477e2e907e8866⋯.png (409.92 KB, 504x881, 504:881, Screenshot_34.png)


Nice to found you guys here.

I have a lot of information about this.

I suspect this whole operation is DNCs attempt to keep Russia hacked DNC narrative alive.

Since big part of public and even most important DNC IT operatives including CrowdStrike, know by now that we are getting very close to prove withut doubt that

Guccifer 2.0 was DNCs operation, with task to leak few damaging documents and divert attention away from more damaging documents that WikiLeaks would publish in future

It is quite long story, but most of your probably heard for sites:



Here are two articles that caused panic in DNC HQ recently:



Here is VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), founded in 2003, Binney is one of them) report:


This report outlining various pieces of evidence and raising concerns over the assessments given by several US intelligence agencies was sent to Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III as well as to the US House and Senate Intelligence Committees, the US House & Senate Judiciary Committees and the US Deputy Attorney General, Rod Jay Rosenstein.

"Non-Existent Foundation for Russian Hacking Charge" available at: http://nef4rhc.wordpress.com

Our last move:

Phase #5

Here's a copy of the email I sent to 150 embassies a couple of days ago for any that are curious about the contents


Give ideas for our next moves. We now obviously deal with Morgan Freeman, FB Mark Cuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack.

f0db9e No.10642744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


<<Cool story negro but what makes you think you can speak for white people?

87f5cb No.10642961

File: af1c84071c62751⋯.png (259.82 KB, 497x827, 497:827, Screenshot_1.png)

File: 831dbb0d94977c5⋯.jpg (202.2 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DKRrg51UQAAk7hI.jpg)

File: 505fbc5b823ae6d⋯.png (75.29 KB, 754x795, 754:795, Screenshot_12.png)


Here is our guess that Guccifer 2.0 was managed by Dimitri and Shawn



Here are many details about CrowdStrike





c62e1f No.10643131


(((Great, now how do I get rid of (((it?))))))

b0edc6 No.10643764

File: a9eade14e7a891b⋯.jpg (205.65 KB, 620x929, 620:929, 65435241_65276487_monkey.jpg)

File: 628e10818db7c46⋯.png (478.32 KB, 600x635, 120:127, 5725904 _e3777436bd5eb97b2….png)


da0d62 No.10644680

File: 029ae5abc1d6c76⋯.png (304.78 KB, 632x760, 79:95, Screenshot_39.png)

File: 82535cf09692943⋯.png (224.12 KB, 495x842, 495:842, Screenshot_28.png)

File: 75c7a702bce4973⋯.png (280.87 KB, 489x844, 489:844, 4outof5.png)





[ Tucker Carlson vs Rob Reiner 9/21/17 - YouTube ]

> Even @robreiner on his @TuckerCarlson appearance sounded like his #Russiagate conspiracy theory were bullshit

da0d62 No.10644697

File: 8d69bb9275ab1bd⋯.png (50.07 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Efj36TU4_400x400.png)

File: fa0dcfc9e0dbc8a⋯.jpg (26.44 KB, 720x717, 240:239, 1505304793533.jpg)

File: d9b20c416101f73⋯.jpg (131.68 KB, 1022x1024, 511:512, BlBFgNV.jpg)


Mark Cuckerberg also made video for them

WATCH: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to cooperate on Russian investigation after 2016 election





Twitter is also with them:


4ea97b No.10645324



I feel like I'm back at Sooeys now.

a583f5 No.10645661

File: cf0c20214efe4ba⋯.png (51.35 KB, 317x293, 317:293, wonderwho.png)

bd6640 No.10645910


Morgan got good diction.

bd6640 No.10645960


Classic house nigger for the Jews. Better than Obama.

da0d62 No.10649222

File: e9ee9f00dade2ef⋯.png (131.23 KB, 480x530, 48:53, Screenshot_23.png)

File: 585d4c8153dc06e⋯.png (87.69 KB, 1100x852, 275:213, Screenshot_40.png)

File: 24b2b4823982414⋯.png (69.79 KB, 708x739, 708:739, Screenshot_35.png)


[ Tucker Carlson vs Rob Reiner 9/21/17 - YouTube ]

> Even @robreiner on his @TuckerCarlson appearance sounded like his #Russiagate conspiracy theory were bullshit

da0d62 No.10649392

File: a23bfb53e1fb8f7⋯.png (351.67 KB, 686x529, 686:529, Screenshot_53.png)



da0d62 No.10649417

File: a2df0870d65bacc⋯.jpg (32.49 KB, 706x394, 353:197, C3Rjv6UWMAEggVR.jpg)



Lol vee found the problem right away.

…but if you're worried about foreign intervention into American politics, why don't you talk about Israel? Which obviously has a strong influence in American politics.

Why don't you talk about Saudi Arabia? Another nation that has strong influence in political parties in America. In fact Saudi Arabia Israel and Qatar all donated vast amounts of money in Hillary Clinton's wallet but I guess this is not part of your movie script…

771664 No.10652949

File: bca544a481e0c22⋯.jpg (94.26 KB, 922x692, 461:346, welp.jpg)


I'm fucking embarrassed on his behalf.

d2b7aa No.10652971


This is the winning strategy, tbh. From now on, every lefty cunt whose cognitive dissonance convinces her to wheel out muh-Russian hackers/this means war!, needs to get hit with "What about Israel? They spy on the CIA and FBI all the time, and we give them $3.1 billion a year." Or: "China has regularly stolen secrets from Lockheed and Boeing, they're using it to build stealth aircraft, and the Clintons took a shitload of their money from people who fled the country rather than testify about it."

Stand back and watch the sparks fly out of their fucking ears as they explain how this is different!

If this fails, you might point out that we fuck with elections all the time. We canceled the 1954 Vietnam election and we reversed a bunch of local elections in Iraq in 2003. We tried to prevent Salvador Allende from getting elected in a five-way race, and then we had him killed. We also spent the '90s raping the fuck out of Russia and certified the 1996 election as fair, even though Boris Yeltsin had a 6% approval rating and won anyway.

Stand back and watch the sparks fly out of their fucking ears as they explain how this is different!

Finally, explain to them that Russia is sick of their shit, and it has nukes, so shut up. We've had them under crippling sanctions and we're sneaking up to their borders with military bases in Central Asia; we'd be lucky if the only way they retaliated was by practicing what amounts to journalism against your shitty candidate. So grow the fuck up and get a fucking life, NEET.

Stand back and watch the sparks fly out of their fucking ears as they explain how this is different!

77f7f0 No.10652997

File: d5a3f5ea4f601f7⋯.jpg (86.23 KB, 634x430, 317:215, teaching koko.jpg)


>If this fails

It always has before. Facts make Bobo angry.

7339e7 No.10653387


TFW you wish it was true that Russian gov was based, ambitious enough to trying to destroy their rotten "democracy".


China is also the #1 industrial power now.

When liberals discovers Chinese gov engages in widspread machine implants, genetic experiments on humans, they gonna freak out big time…

da0d62 No.10658597

File: aa62584c9e9173a⋯.png (326.36 KB, 652x523, 652:523, Screenshot_5.png)

Morgan Freeman Goes Full Libtard

Mark Dice


a100e0 No.10658667

File: 9294e236f03eabe⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 716x724, 179:181, 1401783431898.jpg)

Does he actually make a false declaration of war by the United States against the Russian Federation?

Is that a crime of some kind?

cb388d No.10658700


Dubs and nog kicks the bucket

cb388d No.10658926



cf1474 No.10658976

Non-partisan is code word for Jewish

8a2320 No.10658988

How dare Russia support a government on their northern border they are trying to coup…Enter Rob Reiner

Back to channel surfing… oh look a nigger next to a white girl on 300 yid owned channels in a row…Probably a coincidence.

44e6c8 No.10659074

>Hillary says Russians are bad

>No one cares

>MSM screams for months that Russians are bad

>Still no one cares

>Kikes pay a celebrity to say Russians are bad, """declares war""" on them

>Big surprise, no one fucking cares

678407 No.10659185


Not when a nigger does it it's not.

d7c317 No.10660156



Why do you watch that screaming faggot? He's the John Oliver of the 'right', psuedo intellectual one upping, loud, obnoxious, holier than thou normie quelling controlled opposition. Don't ever post him here again. If they don't push the JQ right out the gate they are e-celeb click bait tier sterilized facebook propaganda.

ee6a7c No.10661162


Heil Hitler.

dba5b7 No.10665972



>88 in the ID


Criminally underchecked.

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