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Odious Memes

File: f6d04b078dcab12⋯.jpg (75.23 KB, 516x506, 258:253, 3c93c4536872c75eb0de4cdeb9….jpg)

5194e6 No.10679266

Someones gotta do it edition

King Cornelius the Third calls for help from the other side of the planet

/pol/ answers…

As he said,

"God has given every man a gift, something that he is good at. If he does not use this gift to help others, than it is not a blessing."

use what you got!

Q&A with the kang





1st /thread


2nd /thread

>will be posted below

5194e6 No.10679271

File: 6f05d322f02a832⋯.jpg (141.9 KB, 558x800, 279:400, 6f05d322f02a8321eb29ba70ee….jpg)

File: 052f0ec136f9133⋯.jpg (159.25 KB, 646x786, 323:393, 052f0ec136f9133b5ab7e214fc….jpg)

File: 29175885a4c39eb⋯.jpg (134.09 KB, 550x652, 275:326, 29175885a4c39ebb903c353ea7….jpg)

33fabe No.10679338

File: 037aeb2db5edefe⋯.png (1.03 MB, 3200x1920, 5:3, Good Hope.png)

File: 571930f756e88df⋯.jpeg (60.54 KB, 460x287, 460:287, cfdbe0e29f347ba89432d72b7….jpeg)

Feel like news out of there will be slow. This will probably be a hibernatory thread.

cb2482 No.10679368


checked and bumping so people find the new thread.

if >>10678672 is any indication, our beloved king cornelius the third is going to need a lot more than just good hope in the coming years. he needs support from the international community. we need to force the UNs hand on addressing this as a humanitarian issue. its very obvious that his side is the one promoting peace, while the other side are the ones promoting genocide and death to all settlers. this obviously includes all people classified as coloureds in SA (including the khoisan, indians, as well as mixed race). if we get this out into the normiesphere, even most liberals will be unable to align with the ANCs regime.

everyone should be webming the few clips we DO have of the king speaking, as well as capturing anything that the other side does that is violent. people with liberal sock puppet accounts should then post the pro-good hope clips to liberals, while the rest should use their right leaning sock puppet accounts to get people more aware of the daily violence that white south africans face. attack from both sides and establish a consensus between both ends of the political spectrum. it will spread itself after that

cb2482 No.10679386


also, forgot to add:

in order to get people to defy the ANC, we need to shatter the saintly illusion that surrounds nelson mandela. gather up any incriminating things hes ever said or done, any hateful or genocidal rhetoric, and put it into easily digestible form.

4b750d No.10679392

3rd thread? what am I missing here since I haven't bothered to look at threads 1 and 2.

This zebra wearing ass-clown is a nigger king and the savior of white south africans? Next you'll tell me he is a Jew too.

8d1c66 No.10679396


You should bother.

e261bc No.10679400


T_D faggots GTFO!

acbd23 No.10679435

File: 83e24f69686f3a7⋯.jpg (25.72 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ig_cache_key_MTI3NDE0NDk3N….jpg)

File: 459a295c63a8f13⋯.jpg (68.27 KB, 638x359, 638:359, african-mythology-17-638.jpg)


South African indigenous. As far as moral high ground goes he and the Khoisan have the Himalayas.

Khoisan are about as distant from the Bantu niggers, the average American nigger, as whites are from sephardic jews. They could be seen as a literal endangered species. Bantu nearly genocided them before a mini iceage drove them back to the Congo.

They are pastoral or else bushmen, don't have any of the snouted Bantu aggression or rape impulses. Here is a king of those people declaring a defense of his and whites who will join his efforts. There are plenty of reasons anons are giving a hoot. Some old Boer prophecy coming to fruition besides.

A literal kang of Afrika, whose people told stories of Kaang the trickster god.

4b750d No.10679445


rolling for dubs this kang nigger will be the savior of whites in Afrika

10831a No.10679446

File: 96d7ee0782def11⋯.jpg (582.36 KB, 600x1305, 40:87, eviction notice.jpg)

File: a6611db7b4b9350⋯.jpg (175.16 KB, 1070x668, 535:334, Good Hope Constitution Art….jpg)

File: 62a4b40b7aadf8d⋯.jpg (618.35 KB, 720x1076, 180:269, 62a4b40b7aadf8d5896830f956….jpg)

Ignore any shills offering their (((opinions))) without having read the first two threads.

a8e5ca No.10679467

Better than bantu niggers like terrorist Mandela at least.

c38a41 No.10679501


This article from 2016 is the only media source I found with a cursory search. It mentions a Khoisan revolution party and its leader Stanley Pieterse. What is the relation between this party and the guy talked about here? Also where are people getting these interviews and speeches from, may I ask? This is interesting.

acbd23 No.10679585


Curious myself. Archive in OP not working

5194e6 No.10679891

File: 27702b51a03f250⋯.jpg (493.77 KB, 720x1076, 180:269, 62a4b40b7aadf8d5896830f956….jpg)

File: aeae6d1bf1bd7d5⋯.jpg (380.95 KB, 714x874, 357:437, aeae6d1bf1bd7d529c80e2fe8e….jpg)

Here are both email replies.

Not how the perspective shifts between the two emails. The first seemed to come from the kangs perspective while the second is clearly someone else referring to the kang in the 3rd person.


also report for sticky

5194e6 No.10679928


>force the UNs hand on addressing this as a humanitarian issue.

this is key. Once addressed, Pandora's box cannot be closed. this is a very realistic goal which can be achieved via social media. The Kang has them dead to rights, both legally and morally.

Its a full blooded habbening, that much is clear.

da48b8 No.10679934

I just had an idea: Maybe we should brainstorm some questions for the kang and email them to that CCN news to see if they'd be will to ask him on air.

5194e6 No.10679959


think more exposure, he wants peace. Its not a new idea nor is it complicated.

It would be better if assange recognized him or some shit.

1fcf31 No.10680006


>force the UNs hand on addressing this as a humanitarian issue.

i hate to say this but the un wont make a difference whatsoever.

there were un troops in rhuanda before and during the genocide and they dident prevent shit.

if we want real security for the kang and his people we would somehow need to get eather putin involved or that faggot that ownes the mercenarys formaly known as blackwater.

also not the best options but they would actually do things, where the blue helmets would just fucking watch.

best would still be for the kang to build his own military but that wont happen with only his san and the boer refugees.

b46659 No.10680031


This. In fact, the whole situation sounds like it would be up Assange's ally. If we can get him to tweet about it, it might cause a domino effect and get people talking about it.

c28d69 No.10680049

So what is the current status of getting King Cornelius exposure? Part 1 of that Q&A video has less than a thousand views so far. Have we convinced him to do a plebbit AMA yet?

7ad477 No.10680089

We have the queen's Facebook and Twitter in addition to her fashion business for back channels. What we need is a public organization to represent all of us here to contact them, the Boers, and the media instead of a bunch of individual sock puppets. That way our intent is united and legitimate, and the puppets will up vote ourselves.

We need a name and a logo for our correspondence headers and propoganda. Something simple so anons from different countries and cities can start social media accounts under #orgnamecity like franchises/cells. Thus making the octopus of support seem bigger than it is. Similar to BLM/antifa.

We Soros n sheet nao!

Then our collective intent can be disseminated from here and >>>//Kang/

The name and logo I thought of in thread 2 got shat on and ignored so

Hivemind engage.

f88dfc No.10680113


>Indigenous people who don't want to live with you, just ally to defeat the common enemy.

No reason not to the Kang.

bc9f0d No.10680611

Bump and sticky damnit

e4b50a No.10680872


The Khoisan people are not niggers. go check out their faces.

Their DNA is interesting - the precursor for the rest of us. Add monkey, get nigger. Add Neanderthal, get jew, add Neanderthal and aryan, get caucasoids.

They are a good people to ally with, the peaceful and friendly descendants of our own predecessors. Not nigger tier at all.

bc9f0d No.10681038


5390f6 No.10681040




5390f6 No.10681190


dfc2e7 No.10681345

Good luck and Good Hope to the kang of kangs.

cf9300 No.10681698

Page 4, SAD

77fb59 No.10681715


>BASED nigger

Checked… but also sage

e07723 No.10681768


You goofed that one up.

8a48b2 No.10681802

This thread needs help. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message3646952/pg1?disclaimer=1

We have to boost this everywhere it goes.

5390f6 No.10681927


2eeeb0 No.10682020



i bet you didnt read the old /thread



how can we get visibility if the mods wont even try to help? This thread should be the #1 on /pol/ until we have all the facts, and we absolutely do NOT have all the facts yet. There is so much great shit here its a crime to miss.

8a48b2 No.10682108

File: de6d7bae89f2dc2⋯.jpg (78.53 KB, 550x563, 550:563, de6d7bae89f2dc2fc7bafa1b41….jpg)

File: 6a6e34c5afc241c⋯.jpg (57.33 KB, 500x544, 125:136, 6a6e34c5afc241cc05708d1258….jpg)


Chill, the first two threads were stickied.


It's a fucking meme war! We give this King the same treatment we gave Trump! Spread his name EVERYWHERE! Go to every fucking board, every kikebook page, every twatter and plebbit. Spam halfchan at least four times a day, hit the small messageboards, spam EVERY comment on infowars, text the fucking link to all of your friends, and tell people in person about him. Shit, print fucking flyers and leaflets if you're up to it and pass them out at the bus stations!

e07723 No.10682141


Bigger question though: why bother with most of /pol/ for this task? Sure it's great that the amount of autism is probably quantifiable, but they're fickle and they Khoisan people aren't white. While some of us may be able to see the benefits of a country based on they're principles and their need for our help, most simply see them as any other people not from Europe. And that's fine. Seeing is believing. We shall do as we can to see his plan to fruition. The Boer people are fucked for sure under the ANC.

8a48b2 No.10682161


>why bother /pol/

Fuck off with that weak willed bullshit. The Khoisan have put fucking white genocide into their damned reasons for secession!


cd9250 No.10682174


If you read threads 1and 2 you faggots would know

1: He openly acknowledged and renounces white genocide

2: wants to BTFO (((commie))) nigs from SA

3: establish an agrarian based NS country in harmony with Boer farmers

4: in his emails he almost names the (((hand))) behind his opponents.

5: Khoisan are capoide not negroid. Smarter, docile, and isolationist. They just want to hunt, farm and protect nature, sound familiar?

6: they are a very old, pure race separate from the Bantu negroid because they have strick anti race mixing customs that are in their creation myths.

3aec54 No.10682194

I find it funny and ironic that the only person in current memory doing anything to counter literal white genocide is an actual King Nigger. It's good to hear that men like him still exist, but I have sadness that he will most likely be killed because of it

8a48b2 No.10682206

File: a16315ddea59c87⋯.gif (13.12 KB, 135x142, 135:142, Capoid_skull.gif)

File: 2ef83b94d2405c4⋯.gif (51.57 KB, 300x367, 300:367, 2ef83b94d2405c4a8b3ff966ae….gif)


Pic related. Capoid skull. Flat face, human features, not a nigger.


If you want him to live, then say his name and spread it far. King Cornelius III, leader of the Khoisan People. Rightful King of South Africa, and Ally of the Boer and Eurokaaner.

0ee6af No.10682222

File: 0080ed7d4d6f8e0⋯.jpg (210.45 KB, 555x474, 185:158, KANG.jpg)


e1d878 No.10682230

South Africans developed nukes and relinquished them in preparation for ending apartheid. Any possibility some old White SA nuclear physicists are still around or maybe nuclear material can be stolen? https://businesstech.co.za/news/general/83023/south-africa-refuses-to-let-go-of-its-nuclear-explosives/

If Good Hope had a nuke, they'd force the world to listen to them, like Best Korea.

e07723 No.10682251



You both misunderstand me. I'm hopeful for a good outcome, but expecting everyone to just agree and go a long with it is a fool's errand. I've been reading since thread 1, but even when thread 2 was stickies it took almost 2 days for it to reach the limit. Most of the people here just don't give a shit. The sticky on /kang/ has 35 unique IDs. 3 of them are mine because of phone posting. Slow and steady is going to win the race here on /pol/. For the moment, though, most of them will just try and ruin it if they mess with it at all.

4b12e6 No.10682271

File: f3930058f933b6b⋯.jpg (64.77 KB, 474x369, 158:123, SmugChecked.jpg)


Fuckin Checked

af317e No.10682338

File: 30bcef118472242⋯.png (140.08 KB, 600x400, 3:2, image.png)

File: e29c43b72b496cd⋯.jpeg (299.07 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, image.jpeg)

File: 8dd8b1566978858⋯.jpeg (81.93 KB, 1000x894, 500:447, image.jpeg)

File: 5b4d5eee234de0b⋯.jpeg (26.86 KB, 236x352, 59:88, image.jpeg)

File: c5e5962333c38d7⋯.jpeg (46.24 KB, 878x585, 878:585, image.jpeg)

>>10682222 checked

Soon apparently, nice work.

These people also have a good sense of smugness we all can appreciate. Fair warning you will see some saggy titties looking for pictures.

79c219 No.10682385

File: d7a82fd05df8489⋯.gif (991.31 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1410135377528.gif)


Oh shi-

0ee6af No.10682443

File: d8ec361d878e4ac⋯.jpg (105.14 KB, 720x960, 3:4, rastakhoisan.jpg)

File: 1830044add00e72⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 830x545, 166:109, photoshoppablesigns.JPG)

File: 52ab3a0fbf1086e⋯.jpg (75.96 KB, 1000x568, 125:71, notniggers.jpg)

File: 719b303644ad409⋯.jpg (73.46 KB, 600x337, 600:337, reverseapartheid.jpg)

File: 545e31ddb3196a4⋯.jpg (32.65 KB, 493x349, 493:349, 'literallybringsabow'.jpg)


Not to mention they seem to have a sense of banter and literacy.

8a48b2 No.10682609

>>10682222 (Check'd!!!!)

Spam the fucking networks. Tabloids, gotnews and goldwater, brietbart FFS. Anything remotely /ourguy/.

471cfa No.10682807

2eeeb0 No.10683134


i disagree.

Momentum is our biggest ally. We had the /thread hours after the Kang signed. If we slow down, it will allow the shills the bury this like they are so desperate to do.

Do not go into that good night

keep /pol/ on the ball and sooner or later our autism will shine to the top.

2eeeb0 No.10683143


basically, all of my this.

Except, i think this should be championed here even harder, so it reveals itself in the normiesphere sooner. Time is of the essence, and the kang will get into more and more danger as time goes as his right is realized.

The key is to spread him now on the front end, then let the normies dig to find White genocide for themselves, all while giving him exposure.

2 birds, one stone just by shit posting in our free time.

let change the fucking world.

e5293c No.10683297

2eeeb0 No.10683420

File: 7661c6dff8ca7d4⋯.jpg (120.27 KB, 800x504, 100:63, Almonds_activation_complet….JPG)


92d0f2 No.10683435

File: 5121c487c05f10b⋯.jpg (5.82 MB, 5633x3673, 5633:3673, S?D_POL.jpg)




>>10682222 shieeeet


Spread it. This shit took me ages, and then our dude here had to get quads ffs.

ffd0eb No.10683436


Problem there is that the international community doesn't give shit about the particulars of African racial groups.

In the eyes of the western socjus crowd all niggers are the same and africa is one country.

ffd0eb No.10683443


I don't really think a unified org is our best option.

Our best option is to simply spam it. Boost the signal in avenues that others will notice.

So tweet it at Assange, Trump, etc.

2eeeb0 No.10683491


good work but i can tell you are forcing your own frog meme again even after what the second email said. The largest images are the ones you made yourself, try to focus on info more.

But i think there is a lot of good stuff in here

2eeeb0 No.10683530

File: 1e61bec0a0e2b2f⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 4272x2848, 3:2, 847f767a07c794e71f6eb4e2c….jpeg)

From /kang/

> The woman in the middle is the Queen of Sheba, on the right is Congressman Diane Watson who has a lot of power in DC.

>congressman Diane Watson

Wonder what she thinks on the matter?

92d0f2 No.10683533

File: fad6a1fd120ee02⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1142x793, 1142:793, summon_the_polkaner.png)


This is for our wing. Regardless of what some receptionist says, frogs are sacred to their culture and ours.

2eeeb0 No.10683618

File: 419d2087c746a79⋯.png (34.53 KB, 270x184, 135:92, Eva_cross_explosion.png)

File: dba602cdc39bfca⋯.jpg (97.39 KB, 800x570, 80:57, 1451752512019.jpg)


id like to see some NERV/Neon Genesis memes come out of this.

8a48b2 No.10684683


Check'd…. though that meme is way too cluttered and the noose does not halp.

cc4714 No.10684710


She doesn't think, period. Niggers are in Congress for the same reason there's parsley on your plate – as a colorful garnish only. I have never heard an intelligent remark made by a Congressnigger, not even when I was a colorblind bluepilled faggot. Even then, I couldn't help noticing how Elijah Cummings and Maxine Waters and Carol Moseley-Braun, and the rest of that nest always had something stupid to say.

This one probably doesn't know what a Khoisan is HERESY!, and she may be only dimly aware of where she's at in that pic. She certainly doesn't know that her toxic blood is unrelated to his lineage, or that he and his people aren't Bantu niggers like her.

She's probably pretty good at the telemarketing side of the job, though. It's why the Democrats keep her around, liability that she clearly is.

92d0f2 No.10685026

File: 416120b13d2481d⋯.png (610.29 KB, 2124x1462, 1062:731, Nothing_is_beyond_our_reac….png)


I like the noose. It symbolizes The Day of The Rope, and we're kidding ourselves if we think that this isn't going to be total fucking carnage (reeee) I definitely agree it's cluttered though, needing to shrink it down didn't help, here's the draft if an actual drawfag wants to tidy/redesign it.

bde245 No.10685083


Is DOTR even guaranteed to happen in USA?

92d0f2 No.10685098



According to the prophecies, no. The US will be dragged into a possibly nuclear war with Russia, and all of Europe will be in ruins. While a new Germany rises and comes to ally with the Boers. We need to team up with Sudpol. We are both chasing the same ends.

ea8b83 No.10685141

File: 1dc46d5def215c8⋯.png (315.05 KB, 1874x1693, 1874:1693, Post Civil War.png)


Anon from the future here

b46659 No.10685177


>ceding land

Stop LARPing, faggot

da48b8 No.10686135


2eeeb0 No.10686237

File: 1e61bec0a0e2b2f⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 4272x2848, 3:2, 847f767a07c794e71f6eb4e2c….jpeg)

File: d6229cffec7bf68⋯.jpeg (87.07 KB, 960x538, 480:269, d6229cffec7bf68a95fb41ddc….jpeg)

File: 046ef18be4842dc⋯.jpeg (34.57 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 046ef18be4842dceffeddf602….jpeg)

File: fe30bf063e8f8bd⋯.png (623.42 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, fe30bf063e8f8bd59313a26214….png)

bumping with god-tier post from /kang/ from anon

" I found a pr gold mine. In looking for pics of the Kang I kept seeing this awards ceremony on Pinche'rest I couldn't read the tags for without an account. But I found the name.

I give you the G.O.D. Awards.

Global Officials of Dignity


>honoring the "greatest humanitarians of the world" from the highest echelon of Diplomacy, Royalty, Business & Economy, Medicine, Philanthropy, Culture & Arts and Entertainment whose unequivocal contribution to humanity have made significant impact on Human Rights, Global Peace, Green Environment, Education, Health and Wellness, Eradication of Poverty and Empowerment.

Pic 1 is with the Queen of Sheba

Mary III aka Mary Lucci and Congressman Diane Watson, a heavy hitter in DC

Pic 2 I don't know the Asian guy but Morgen Freeman is in the back on the right.

3 &4 are some more monarchs.

/Ourkang/ is legit and with friends like these we should have no problem drumming up support. The next awards are in October at the UN which legally supports him. I couldn't find him on the list for this year but that doesn't mean he's not going. The awards seem like a typical UN dog and pony show but getting our message here should be top priority."

72caea No.10686267


Fucking hell that's a find, should mailanon talk to the King about this? If he can get his points across at the UN that would be a real signal boost.

e5293c No.10686478


>the UN which legally supports him

Don't want to sound like a defeatist but that's a strong indication that Whites will be thrown under the bus after they stop being useful in granting him an audience for his Khoisan irredententism.

I want to believe but around blax never relax, even if they are of a completely different species.

e5293c No.10686484


plz respond

I want to be proven wrong.

da48b8 No.10686561

File: cbd828f25447bfa⋯.jpg (164.59 KB, 398x630, 199:315, cbd828f25447bfaac4e717fdb1….jpg)


Even at the end of the day if he tried to pull that, his manpower of Khoisan is 100,00. That's men, women and children. He needs those whites not only to make his country run, but protect it too.

Should this actually come to pass, The Bantu will forever be out for his royal blood. Besides, I'm sure the King of the worlds oldest people whom have been wielded down to an endangered species due to rampaging Bantuniggers hates them more then we ever could. The only people that can even come close to understanding that deep seeded hate and rage would be the Boers.

It brings to mind the meeting of some white nationalist (I think, someone probably knows this story better than I) who went to the middle east and bonded with some sandmonkey over their mutual hate of Juden.

Maybe I'm wrong, but Kek released Kaang into Current Year +2. It's going to be interesting.

da48b8 No.10686605

File: cab3008dd5bb7da⋯.jpg (68.47 KB, 850x567, 850:567, cab3008dd5bb7daf392e44e694….jpg)


> Niggers are in Congress for the same reason there's parsley on your plate – as a colorful garnish only.

Perfect analogy, anon.

8d3199 No.10686635

I'm kind of new to this topic, are the girls in the OP picture his children?

14b023 No.10686789

Great op for /pol/

Not only can we support true racial pride and an ethnostate as Hitler would agree with, we can also dispel the 'raycis nadzee' bullshit.

70ef4a No.10686869



It's a shit analogy. Parsley is great for you.

0b1f4f No.10686896


Bumping to keep this thread alive. Also, how spread out is this thing by now?

ac2bc9 No.10686918

File: 9fd1cc2cce1023d⋯.jpg (357.56 KB, 720x916, 180:229, S71002-002009(1).jpg)


This twitter account has 19,000 followers. RWDS inbound lel.. Keep pushing!

d1f938 No.10686920

File: 752aed10c829156⋯.jpg (6.3 MB, 2000x1714, 1000:857, IMG_20171001_132520.jpg)

ea8b83 No.10686935


Ok this is better

bedb7c No.10686943


bedb7c No.10686965

File: 486c5be536c61d7⋯.jpg (5.18 MB, 5633x3673, 5633:3673, the_pride.jpg)


54fbe8 No.10687085





so /pol/ are you ready to self-actualize complete our destiny?

What is your excuse? A coupe days have gone and reveled he/this is defiantly a legit claim, shills dont even know what to do, and it would benefit everyone. I dont get it, we are the good guys so its time to start acting like it. Only cummies and bantu oppose him because everyone else with the right mind sees this guy wants peace.

These shit-posts could give an entire country and its people a future all while dragging so much more shit into the foreground of the normiesphere.

This is the real WIRED. Time to earn Present Day, Present Time.


d895d1 No.10687101

Do any ecelebs know about this? This seems like a good subject for Jim to make a video about.

14b023 No.10687123


TBH one thing that would really help would be some early vice style short film about their plight.

Keep it middle ground but make it digestible for normalfags. Perhaps slip a few sneaky NS/red pills etc.

I'd volunteer to do it but I'm not paying to fly over there and make a short film on a whim. Have the gears and experience to make something like that happen though.

Perhaps /pol/ crowdfund a small film team to go over there?

That's if efforts like >>10687101 fail first.

We need to use social media/meme power first but worst case a hard hitting short video to the right people, would cause waves.

14b023 No.10687138


Forgot to mention, even sjw soros commie faggots like Aavaz would lap this shit up

8dd5a4 No.10687142


Can anyone provide a site that has transcripts of Rensburgs prophecies?

Also that site is a goddamn mess who's the fucking slob that made it?

e5293c No.10687148


>The only people that can even come close to understanding that deep seeded hate and rage would be the Boers

I see what you mean. Even if the Boers are more systemically murdered by the bantu niggers it's not their entire subspecies that is threatened to extinction by them.

bedb7c No.10687155

File: 52e1ee93a547798⋯.jpg (64.05 KB, 1646x382, 823:191, i_tried.jpg)

File: 3846de2196716e0⋯.jpg (32.4 KB, 1590x223, 1590:223, guys.jpg)


>We need to team up with Sudpol. We are both chasing the same ends.

Fucking this. KeK has already shown that it's too early for Neu Schwabenland, Zuid Afrika might be the best first step.

It's a cause every /pol/ack can get behind. HWNDU was training. It's time to capture a real flag.

13c92a No.10687177


obligatory check/bump

14b023 No.10687230


>this is same as sud/pol/

OP of later antarctica threads here.

Sud/pol/ is similar yet in other ways not, however agreed we are working towards a similar end goal albeit on much different levels.

Antarctica is more of a theoretical exercise still, as we are not certain of anything beyond documents and circumstantial evidence, other than we know the caves are warm and would support at least some life.

Africa is more realistic in terms of it has settle-able, arable land and /kaang/ who needs our help.

Just needs lots of force to keep that land…

As per >>10687155 (checked)

And >>10687177 (checking the dub checks)

If Sud/pol/ is onboard, perhaps we switch our efforts to this first, regroup, then launch our missions with the help of the /kaang/ from Africa to take a closer look at Antarctica.



95e0f2 No.10687597


We should combine both efforts. Anyone interested in the Kang and freedom of the Boers, would also be interested in Süd/pol/. Both are great conquests, plus, the kang and sudpol threads are the fucking best.

We could use some more activity on >>>/sudpol/ guys.

21176b No.10687610

>God has given every man a gift, something that he is good at. If he does not use this gift to help others, than it is not a blessing.

Wise words from the kang, as always.

277ae9 No.10687674

Fucking BUMP. Use your infiltration accounts on social media to push this too.

Frame it around the Khoisans escaping Bantu oppression. Reference the Rwandan Genocide. Focus on his involvement with G.O.D as a leftist moral virtue.

21176b No.10687717

File: 1b70eabdcb0699d⋯.png (72.11 KB, 894x1024, 447:512, heil.png)

da48b8 No.10688307


787b04 No.10688348

How do I pronounce khoisan?

8a48b2 No.10688634


Pretty sure its Coy San. Khoi means "People" and San is their word for themselves. Kindof like how Mankin(d) means Kinfolk of Man, Man being from Mannaz, the ancient legendary progenitor of Aryan peoples.

94f2fe No.10688844

(1) bump for global recognition

ac2bc9 No.10689224

>>10688844 - them digits XD


31c315 No.10689345

File: d7a2460b1fe2f14⋯.jpg (88.45 KB, 555x474, 185:158, kingkkho.jpg)

Can we call him King Corn?

15cbae No.10689611

Easy way to drum up support, several states in America have a city called Good Hope. I can work on a generic letter we can send out to them, but local reps would be a good idea too.

Good Hope, Alabama

Good Hope, California

Good Hope, Georgia

Good Hope, Illinois

Good Hope, Mississippi

Good Hope, Ohio

Good Hope, Washington, D.C.

Goodhope, West Virginia

Good Hope, Wisconsin

Good Hope, U.S. Virgin Islands

3dd07b No.10689670

File: 2f660e1a9ee814e⋯.jpg (149.72 KB, 960x912, 20:19, quads.jpg)

File: 28fa4bbf9d9a30d⋯.jpg (20.88 KB, 378x252, 3:2, dubs_community.jpg)

File: 8c8ed2710f4798b⋯.gif (454.03 KB, 200x317, 200:317, dancing_dubs_bateman (1).gif)

File: 9b6af1520f89716⋯.jpg (103.3 KB, 800x608, 25:19, 「dubs」.jpg)

File: ca9b73fc189a3da⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 270x262, 135:131, bateman.gif)



8a48b2 No.10690009

What if he saw these threada? Think he'd give us a signal of approval? If digits….

ac2bc9 No.10690256

File: 427aa55e65f63f2⋯.jpg (204.71 KB, 718x1098, 359:549, S71002-172614(1).jpg)

Found SA's weaponry craigslist. If anyone should be interested in such things, in case, like, water buffalo or something..


da48b8 No.10690369


good to know


0b1f4f No.10690388

Bumping once more. Let's keep this train rolling, pol!

a303a3 No.10690813

File: f6554c87ab01cb2⋯.jpeg (42.26 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hat_off.jpeg)

Most people here don't realize just how big this is. We have had our share of IRL operations and though limited and restricted we have had huge sucess. Look at the HWNDU capture the flag fiasco or the defend europe mission which everyone seems to have forgotten about:

https:/ /euobserver.com/migration/138736

These alongside other IRL project (such as the riot APC) have been extremely limited due to the fact that every action we took was constantly under attack by anyone and everyone in the international cabbal, we were fair game by any standards. Every action had to be closely monitered as if we took one step out of line like sending a drone with a welding torch to burn a flag, we could put the fate of the site in jeopardy. But now we have a potential leader of a country, A COUNTRY, that has our same values, is entirely in the right to claim his title so can't be targeted by the UN or other "peacekeeping" forces without causing a contreversy. And this country is fucked heavily by the current establishement, so much so the damn rothschilds have to admit it :

https:/ /www.economist.com/news/leaders/21726070-faced-choice-between-right-and-wrong-anc-chose-wrong-why-keeping-jacob-zuma

https:/ /www.economist.com/news/middle-east-and-africa/21729785-battleground-kwazulu-natal-south-africas-ruling-party-war-itself

King Cornelius has no reason to do shit all for the zog, he has no debt to pay, never took part in any aggrement to the rothchilds and has the potential to take south africa to heights it has never seen before simply by letting the different people of the land live, work and cooperate seperatly but with the same goal in mind. He could finally allow a country where whites can actually speak out instead of being censored constantly, a country where whites can grow and thrive wiuthout the fear of genocide, persecution or demoralization in any form, a country that could be the true wake up call for the rest of the world that we are still here, we have our own culture and our own values and we will fight to the death for it.

Also on a side note, though I myself have said we shouldn't be consentrating on any violence if we can't help it I can't help myself trying to figure out if we have a fighting chance. I did some mild research and holy shit they are underprepared. The SADF got gutted by the ANC back in 94 but the state they are now as SANDF is completly laughable, take a peek:

https:/ /medium.com/war-is-boring/south-africas-military-is-falling-apart-a63c5d28220f

That one anon that said they were 90% infected with aids might actually have been right. With a group of 30-50 /k/omandos with good gear and actual combat knowledge and experience could wipe the floor with these poor fucks.

0a52c3 No.10690886

File: 0b53f61738007fc⋯.jpg (180.96 KB, 991x663, 991:663, 0b53f61738007fccdc19712c6c….jpg)

What are the possibilities of the kang requesting military assistance if the succession gets rough? I for one could use a vacation.

ac2bc9 No.10690990

File: b9a1528fe903c31⋯.jpg (189.46 KB, 346x922, 173:461, 1506650964596-pol.jpg)

File: 1f6729918c615d2⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 277x530, 277:530, 1506634606134-pol.jpg)



There's a reason he wants the whites to come and help him.. The best soldiers the ANC has will be white, and I'd expect they'd defect pretty quickly. There's going to be a new Rhodesia, except maybe better.

Alternative sauce for the news, sounds like he wanted to keep this a secret until he was fully prepared, he's probably in hiding again pending his next move. That Zumanigger will have him suicided if he slips up, no doubt.


ac2bc9 No.10691196

File: 1d64c0589c60f64⋯.jpg (487.43 KB, 720x1120, 9:14, S71002-201546(1).jpg)

250k followers, some kind of SA celebrity. Questions are being asked. Our national front friend was there spamming the fuck out of the thread, with the same single 'we don't like this, it's bullshit' manifesto.

ba1dcc No.10692552


All of my this, just requires will this is the golden ticket we were destined for. Activate the almonds

bcce4b No.10694154

File: d449fbdf06bab17⋯.jpg (129.22 KB, 565x407, 565:407, IMG_0530.JPG)

>/pol/ accidentally memes actual African kang into existence, he wants to save white South Africans

Best timeline.

e3c2f3 No.10695316


Keep up the fight boys. After Vegas it'll take a lot of magic to get the burgers' attention.

3b09e1 No.10695845

File: e85486648b45e33⋯.jpg (508.47 KB, 2404x2000, 601:500, nicequads.jpg)


bumped and checked

519ba4 No.10696185


Not too far from Good Hope, Alabama. I'd be happy to be an emissary to them. What's the plan /pol/?

a303a3 No.10696258


>fuckton of grammar and spelling mistakes

I need to stop posting late at night.

da48b8 No.10696695


point got across, anon. don't worry about it. It was good regardless.


1c8a18 No.10696745

File: 34965d6d8109412⋯.webm (1.85 MB, 1920x816, 40:17, fore.webm)

2891d8 No.10697016

>from the other side of the planet

another globalist, aka globetard, aka baller.

there is no "other side".

space is fake, nasa lies, you know the rest

04c471 No.10698143


See the the surface here is flat


Is the BO from >>>/Kang/ here, I haven't heard from him all weekend.

a303a3 No.10698651


No clue anon, but an obligatory bump for the thread

a303a3 No.10698656


No clue anon, but an obligatory bump for the thread>>10698143

cfec2b No.10698698

I seriously would be alright with a White Reich/Khoisan Alliance fight against the Jew/Chink/Bantu commies/white traitors horde.



48d6b6 No.10698746


Good. It removes the racial element making this far, far more palatable for normies.

When the Boers can say "look, we're on the black people's side!" they'll get a lot more international support.

48d6b6 No.10698761


The Rhodesians are getting old, but I've met plenty who could still pick up a rifle and be damn good with it. Not to mention their children and grandchildren grew up with the same spirits.

Get them to try and take over Zimbabwe, and the South African military will be split as it would likely have to provide military assistance to Uncle Bobby to prevent violence from crossing the border.

I was hoping to get work in Africa in four years, but this will probably all be over by then.

cfec2b No.10698831


The Rhodesians are getting old, but I've met plenty who could still pick up a rifle and be damn good with it. Not to mention their children and grandchildren grew up with the same spirits.

I assumed that many of them would have fallen for (((white liberal guilt))) while having it doubled against them due to their settler heritage. Hopefully they have enough fight in them to restore their rightful country to former perhaps even higher glory.

99d040 No.10700342


0714e1 No.10702037


If you are from the region can you reach out to the AWB and these guys https://suidlanders.org/get-involved/

Let them know of our background without naming the infinite chan,

and tell them our feels and plans to support the Kang and why. Maybe send an infograph. If these guys see they would have international backing lead by white NS maybe they would join in which we need. Even if it's quite support for now. The National Front is definitely controlled opposition cuckservatives we need to take support from.


Pronunciation sounds right but Khoi and San are different tribes of the same race. Khoi were traditionally nomadic herders while the San were hunter gatherers.

bedb7c No.10702121


>Let them know of our background without naming the infinite chan

This cannot be stressed enough.

4d6f4e No.10702318

Has Trump spoke of the Kang, yet?

If not, we need to get Trump to reqconize this new nation, for the lulz.

c2f70e No.10703010


BO here

Still alive, I am innawoods for the week so limited comms. Love u fam

71aab8 No.10703145

File: 8575578d48cde91⋯.jpeg (1.85 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image.jpeg)

>>10702121 checked

Double blackjack confirms


Glad you're ok mate. I dug out pic related for you.


I agree for spamming, but the point of the org is to have an authoritative seaming, unified point of contact for the king rather than a whole bunch of rando emails. Also for taking gibs from normies to support the king and buy us all airfare. It'll also scare the fuck out of the Bantu if a seemingly huge support Cthulhu rose out of the ocean overnight.

8a89e8 No.10703241


no, there has been complete silence over this declaration apart from /pol/acks

bedb7c No.10703398


Anon, that pic, is that a Dutch flag?

bedb7c No.10703421



Wait. Our BO is Dutch?

Waarom inhetwoud, broeder? Wat is er gebeurt?

797a36 No.10704068

File: 19d8a01a98d7bb9⋯.jpeg (3.61 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image.jpeg)

File: 21000cc53d3e9a1⋯.jpeg (2.95 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image.jpeg)


Yup, a synchronistic souvenir from my ZOGbot days.


The BO of >>>/Kang/ is, but is camping this week so comms will be limited.


So twice since thread one I've made offerings of my harvest, apples and currants to Kaang, the mantis creator God of the Khoisan. Today,I got sent to a different job site whose street address is 1111. Pic related (an uncommon site here I've never seen a wild one) just showed up to where I'm working after lunch.

This shit is happening


75ee27 No.10704160

File: 05f609cd60bd679⋯.png (79.64 KB, 316x208, 79:52, 1416364449378.png)


>some brit/pol/ druid does some ritual for some other britfag's dying cat

>cat gets better

>ebolachan mass sacrifap and worship

>ebola comes back from being contained about 5 times and spreads all over

>ancient sodomite priests would blow their load while praying for extra power

>timeline shifts coincide with long periods of nofap being broken by virgins

>some /kang/ wank sacrifices harvest to Kaang

>gets a message from kek with quads and a visit from the avatar of Kaang

okay so we have established that magic is real. I want kids, is there a European fertility god/dess that I should be making offerings to or something?

16c57c No.10704325

File: c917fbe6e990dda⋯.jpg (71.33 KB, 441x567, 7:9, 1398ca6cfca3fe9f7da6d19bfa….jpg)

File: 640874a6bef3c59⋯.jpg (41.45 KB, 512x704, 8:11, f18c32ab445b239a1d5e294f9a….jpg)

File: adc39ec9f88e822⋯.jpg (13.38 KB, 320x208, 20:13, Reitia infinity key.jpg)


Yes, checkout /monster/.

This is Reitiea. She is a possible Northern Italian mother of Europa, a bit of an oddball as far as dieities go. Has had stylus's dedicated to her in her time. They've revived her a bit.

Goddess of birth, a sort of midwife god. Do not lewd the Reitiea. Lewd is for your wife in bed.

72ef59 No.10704409

File: ab9b4f676c7d606⋯.png (827.64 KB, 1111x1111, 1:1, 3BCBC4A5-960D-4FF0-A26C-AC….png)

File: 40fce8a3852c918⋯.png (3.06 KB, 436x400, 109:100, 3B83DAF3-B8EF-4884-BAEA-43….png)


While I was growing up, my mother (white South African who fled) would always tell me to respect praying mantises and never to molest or kill them. She told me they were sacred and considered one appearing to be a sign of good luck. I always thought it was nostalgia for her old home but now I see more than that.

This is a very, very good sign. I am excite, Anons.



I love Reitia. She is the comfiest goddess. She wants you and your future family to exist safe and happy. She also has domain over the written word and the act of writing, so she’s particularly close to we who communicate through it.

She is our hearth. Praise be, praise be.

ffd0eb No.10704502

File: 52ad3702f756a10⋯.png (273.79 KB, 1276x455, 1276:455, BirthOfANewMagic.png)


That was my cat and he wasn't dying his femur was broken.

He made a full recovery however.

But dam you're right.

I was perhaps too harsh on druid/pol/ in regards to them and their divergence from imageboard norms.

Suppose I should return to them.

519eec No.10704550

File: 0667c61f4baa185⋯.jpg (57.7 KB, 500x886, 250:443, checked.jpg)



Kang is growing stronger.

751f05 No.10704562



Best to refer to her as "Venetic" rather than to generalize her as Italian, I'd say.

797a36 No.10704963

File: 10c669a697e719d⋯.png (525.6 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, image.png)

File: ae3666e01cb7dde⋯.jpeg (110 KB, 500x709, 500:709, image.jpeg)

File: b41ed7cea4a7bd0⋯.jpeg (23.4 KB, 165x255, 11:17, image.jpeg)

File: 3f677bb49283432⋯.jpeg (649.43 KB, 1693x924, 1693:924, image.jpeg)

File: cfdbe0e29f347ba⋯.jpeg (80.22 KB, 460x287, 460:287, image.jpeg)


Had I not been a kike and said "my wife's and my harvest" I would've got digits.

I've just picked up some dried jackfruit native to Uganda to add to tonight's offering, along with a dropper of CHANna tincture. This is the divination herb the Khoisan shamans use before making rock paintings(meme magic). Sceletium tortuosum has generally recognized 8 species.

>>10704160 time stamp checked

Buckle up son, shits about to get real.














a8e5ca No.10704981

The bantu are the lowest form of life on earth, even lower than abos.

b9c791 No.10705197

File: 1bed78c2fb0c9e2⋯.jpeg (146.86 KB, 505x700, 101:140, image.jpeg)

File: ad7d042afea74fe⋯.jpeg (62.39 KB, 640x629, 640:629, image.jpeg)

The Khoisan were known for their bravery and marksmanship while helping the European settlers fight the Xhoasa in the Frontier Wars.

cfec2b No.10705607


Trying again.

Do you have any sources on Khoisan and Boers being allies? All I could find was that the Khoisan were servants and laborers to the Boers and the two occasionally got into scuffles over cattle grazing.

8a89e8 No.10706365


At least you can tame Abos with grog

Grog just makes the bantu more aggravated

4d146f No.10707734


f88402 No.10707794



Are you fucking kidding? A drunken abo is a natural disaster waiting to happen, assuming it can find its own feet. At least when (mostly) sober they'll only break into your house to steal shit. Drunk they'll demolish anything not ramset to the floor purely out of sheer dogged contrariness.

3b8d0e No.10707802


Besides (((wiki))) a bunch of tl;dr encyclopedia scans about the Xhoasa Wars(xhoasa=Bantu). It looks like the most Khoisan involvement was after the 5th war when the Brits got involved and were using them in commando units, while taking in the women and children refugees.

>A Khoikhoi group led by Jan Boesak enabled the garrison to repulse Maqana, who suffered the loss of 1,000 Xhosa.

>response was swift and multifaceted. Boer commandos mobilised under Piet Retief and inflicted a defeat on the Xhosa in the Winterberg Mountains in the north. Burgher and Khoi commandos also mobilised, and British Imperial troops arrived via Algoa Bay.

>In the Seventh Frontier War (1846–1847) against the Gcaleka Xhosa, the Khoi gunmen from Kat River distinguished themselves under their leader Andries Botha in the assault on the "Amatola fastnesses". (The young John Molteno, later Prime Minister, led a mixed Commando in the assault, and later praised the Khoi as having more bravery and initiative than most of his white soldiers.)

1fcf31 No.10707837

File: c4990260a6ce69b⋯.jpg (18.87 KB, 270x362, 135:181, nazi, kosack.jpg)


>commando units, while taking in the women and children refugees

reminds me of the kosacks during the retreat from the ostfront

4d146f No.10710768


515a23 No.10711494


a303a3 No.10712811

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thread theme

21176b No.10712824


Alright, no one cares what you think what shape the earth is or is not. Just stop spamming a damn thread that has nothing to do with your believes.

233a05 No.10713387

>>10712811 checked

8a3335 No.10713438







>turns out filipinos are the ultimate bolsheviks

>and now desab sreggin

next you are gonna tell me that goatees are literally the mark of a bad man

cfec2b No.10713762


Sweet, thanks for that.

And daily reminder that that filthy nigger terrorist Nelson Mandela was a Xhosa tribesman. Him and his disgusting wife and their ANC followers would "necklace" opponents. That's a punishment that I wouldn't even inflict on the niggest nigger or even the kikiest kike.

a303a3 No.10714845

File: e2bc16b4c242687⋯.png (221.66 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Mandela.png)


Mind giving some insight on that anon? I know Mandela was a terrorist piece of shit but I never knew the whole story or extent of it.

cfec2b No.10715050


>I know Mandela was a terrorist piece of shit but I never knew the whole story or extent of it.

I don't have much to say except that he would sing a "black struggle" song that was called "Kill the Boer"; there's video of it even on JewTube. (((Joe Slovo))) is another name to look out for as he was the Jewish massa to Mandela's niggertry.

8a48b2 No.10715175

The King really needs to step up his media presence. Can we get some channels of his to spam?

291dd1 No.10715182

291dd1 No.10715245


Heres what I remember from a babyfur South African 2LT in the Canadian air force. Nelson Mandela was leader of a group that bombed public areas and utilities for attention. Public schools, water treatment plants, bus hubs, train stations were his favorite targets. He would also have people mob lynched via burning alive by having a gasoline filled tire shoved over their head and neck down to the elbows to secure them. Then they were doused in gas and set alight. The rubber melts all over you and you die covered in blazing tar. All this ordered from his prison cell while recieving three hots and a cot.

1fcf31 No.10715478


jesus thats south american communist tier fucked up, how did this filthy bantu nigger survive this long?

cfec2b No.10715492


>how did this filthy bantu nigger survive this long?

White guilt and Western sanctions on South Africa did the trick.

8a48b2 No.10716507


You know, we can spin this using the "Mandela Effect" to make /fringe/ tier memes for redpill purposes. Such memes bypass the usual filtering because they're considered foil, but they will redpill a lot of kids and crazies, as well as normies and stoners who troll /x/

b46659 No.10716717


Not bad. Disguised red pills can start people on the right path and get them asking questions.

33cd87 No.10716966



Besides Mandela's funeral the second (((effect))) people from the Southern Hemisphere would bring up was "I remember him being a terrorist that killed people" and then you know who convince them that was a different universe. With the right Redpills we could get the 100 monkey effect going and convince them we switched timelines again.

405129 No.10716975


Necklace? What is that?

291dd1 No.10716979

405129 No.10716980


Oh ok. Thanks bro.

8a48b2 No.10717160


Dubs confirm. Also, it will be autistically researched. They will probably believe the NWO changed the timeline to destroy south africa.

f6811b No.10717660


>praying mantises and never to molest them

Why would see need to point that out, anon?

f6811b No.10717688


Venetians are Europe's greatest traitors though.

4d146f No.10721353


420b8b No.10723142


Thanks for spreading the word fam.

ef5864 No.10724326

>>10717688 Heil'd

751f05 No.10724475


Venetic, not Venetian. Look up what I mean.

6935dd No.10724565

File: 5d311724ef223dd⋯.png (95.38 KB, 591x620, 591:620, skull.png)

My great great granduncle went to Africa as a missionary. A Catholic missionary. What do II do now.

bf095f No.10724569

File: aa2f2cf91df1b62⋯.png (159.8 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, image.png)

I was just drumming up support for our cause with Druid/pol/ and rolled hyperborean trips of truth. Now that the hype of Vegas is coming down we need to rev up our efforts this week.

6935dd No.10724594



No disrespect for actual volk but most of them are wiccan trash.

If you don't have the smell on you, the kids will never take you seriously. I'm staging up telling my family I am getting everything in order.

aa914c No.10724608

File: bfbdbb46447c1c5⋯.png (103.42 KB, 591x620, 591:620, Sips_deadhead.png)

a303a3 No.10725163

File: 9a23853f72bc020⋯.png (148.78 KB, 1120x1400, 4:5, gaunt.png)

Still a shame that there isn't more coverage even after a few weeks, they want to bury this one and they will if we let them as there are less and less of these sprouting up: https:/ /newsinsideout.com/2017/10/nation-state-good-hope-southern-africa-declared-international-law-khoisan-hereditary-king-cornelius-media-spokespersons/

03c36c No.10725169

File: 11f1a5363196e8f⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 922c504efcb5b56fd7990a481c….jpg)


The king needs to act. Otherwise it'll die down & be forgotten. It's in his court now.

c9ee67 No.10725189


Wishful thinking but one can dream. Nice adaptation though. Reminds me of the maps from the Voortrekker days.


You know the kangz here get paid in millions of rands a month just to keep the community from chimping out and it doesn't really help much. This coloured guy claiming to be the kang doesn't get any money from the government. I like him though. I like what he is doing. He is a nice man.

c9ee67 No.10725192


Guntree also aint bad. Got some nice Galil's on sale but sadly, 18k is a good salary for most whites (unless you're ((((white))) and in that case, they won't go near that shit cos they're pussies.) Market is small, lots of paperwork and t's and c's. You can get a sports license, but again the pricing is pricey. FN/FAL/R1 is still the most beautiful rifle in existence.

03c36c No.10725209

File: 7d5fd73c74db3dd⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 773x425, 773:425, 5f3a8340072113434fa55e3097….jpg)


18k rand..? Oh shit man.. What does it cost to rent a decent place?

0cab6a No.10725242

Bump for someone to save white south Africans, even if it's an isolationist literal kaangg

24221e No.10725296

File: d58c5182ce80879⋯.png (137.87 KB, 1264x712, 158:89, c00db0fde7a166338e7b1952ca….png)


>most of them are wiccan trash.

Some of them definitely are but we most certainly aren't. We're a nationalist order, nothing to do with the hippy cunts

d12adb No.10725324

Are there any good Boer/Khoi songs?

86860b No.10725499


Hail king Cornelius the third!

ec4e0e No.10725504


>Tribal leader


86860b No.10725507



They look a bit asian.

7bfd66 No.10725660


>Had I not been a kike

Literally what?

ea60c1 No.10729982


Metaphorically, by taking all the credit for my wife's and my harvest. Sorry for the scare lad.


You're saying he's the only Kang that doesn't get kick backs? If you have sauce we need it to help delegitimize the ANC.

>>10725499 checked

7bfd66 No.10730187


Do not startle me like that, internetfriend.

82c777 No.10737025

File: e46314cb14f73c8⋯.jpeg (282.99 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, image.jpeg)

File: cca887fd1160b4f⋯.jpeg (59.78 KB, 480x704, 15:22, image.jpeg)


They're a completely different race from the Africans we're against.

ece1a6 No.10737156

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>King inspires African fusion government of Khoisan, Afrikaner, Eurokaner and Coloured Nations


This Kang is all over YT. These are the people that talk with the tongue clicks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6WO5XabD-s Also the people featured in "The Gods Must be Crazy"

ece1a6 No.10737164


fucking hell that's Alfred Lambremnont Webre related to some DC pizzaniggers and a relentless disinfo whore. There are threads on him on /v/pizzagate, he hangs with the Podestas.

e59e85 No.10737751


Because he was a south african communist. The soviets loved him and the west went along with the commies like they always fucking did.

1e57f5 No.10738133


There's not a single word about the Sovereign State of Good Hope on Google. Also the female in your vid was advocating a complete abandonment of defense and military spending to the King - we must counter this deadly message in the name of the Afrikaner, Eurokaner, Khoisan, and Coloured Nations.


1e57f5 No.10738301


Someone check my dubs and get busy helping the King fight White genocide.

0363b6 No.10738846

File: b798d19a69d4e0f⋯.jpeg (66.96 KB, 527x350, 527:350, image.jpeg)


Checked you impatient faggot.

This fight is good enough and normie friendly enough I'm considering baby's 1st Faceberg with my real name for it. I could potentially deprogram a lot of burger ZOGbots I had influence over in the process. Thoughts?

9d132f No.10738877




This shit is so gay. Stop watching anime, stop commiting prelest and worshipping drawings you drew.

bf2149 No.10741334

>>10738877 checked

Thanks for the bump

3188a3 No.10741366


Kang Cornelius, long may he reign!

4da041 No.10741903

>>10741366 checked

Checking quads for a long reign.


1dc46b No.10753683

File: 716cb60ef27ac53⋯.png (2.12 KB, 188x128, 47:32, 1384595003516.png)

What the fuck is going on with this? No amount of using search engines is giving me news about it. Zero. It's just stuff from the 1800's or completely unrelated. Even the Cape Party Wikipedia page or South Africa has absolutely nothing. There's nothing on any relevant Wikipedia entry, mind you. Or anything anywhere. This is blowing my mind. They actually succeeded, right? It actually happened. They became and still are their own independent nation, right? Half of South Africa no longer being South Africa is a huge fucking deal. Did I misunderstand something? How is there nothing?

b4b209 No.10753711


>newanon learns what a news blackout is for the first time

1dc46b No.10753731


I've been around. I've just never seen a news blackout this extreme, in relation to how huge of a deal it is. There's zero followup at all, and only small obscure sites even have the day of succession ceremony. It clearly didn't die out like Catalonia, or there would actually be stuff about how it died out. It's like a half or third of South Africa being another Country now. How do even weird places not have more about it? Just incredible.

391f88 No.10753750


But anon, blacks can't oppress blacks. Must be colonialism that did it.

de64fc No.10753751


South Africa is a communist country.. I expected more to slip through social media though to be honest. I'm in your boat, this is fucken weird.

1dc46b No.10753782


There isn't even bullshit spin! It's actually nothing. The liberal media loves to make up bullshit about blacks.


What else is going on that gets zero coverage? Not even from independent sources. This is exactly the kind of thing that gets constant articles and coverage. South Africa is basically the most important country in Africa, and doesnt this have incredible political implications?

8a48b2 No.10753790


Write up a story and send it to gotnews.

8a48b2 No.10753820


I hate to say it… but we might actually need to get filterman to report on this. He has a good audience. Spam the comments of everything even remotely related to this in any way, on infowars.

462338 No.10753865


I emailed a few saffa sources about it, haven't even got responses. Are the Suidlanders org aware of this? News media isn't doing the job it should, we're going to have to contact SA people directly to get anywhere

Nevertheless i have a good feeling about this operation, there's an old prophecy about a man with fluffy hair from across the sea who will help the Boer cause. Let's keep up the pressure, maybe even Trump himself will get involved.

a303a3 No.10753990


I feel the same way, this is a frist for me and it really shows how much power (((They))) have in the flow of information which is oh so important for all of us. Keep looking and spreading as that's all we can do so far.

8a48b2 No.10754149


Spare no option. Hit GLP /x/ everywhere. Make conspiracy rants about how it's not covered. Fucking anything at all.

da48b8 No.10754195

Sup Good Hope? any news? fuck the bantuniggers. Bump

b9d571 No.10754704

I'm going to sent like my catholic missionary prior to the 1900s.

642096 No.10754737


Rockwell and Malcolm X? I dunno…

f239a9 No.10754775


This whole situation has been handed to us, the (((media))) isn't covering it yet for a reason. There are people being slaughtered by literal animals yet (((they))) won't touch it.

Maybe we're the only hope for Africa to unfuck itself, centuries of free gibs and missionaries certainly haven't helped. Liberal tears over starving apes haven't helped. (((Peacekeepers))) haven't helped, chinks investing and raping the land haven't helped.

We are their last hope.

b9d571 No.10754947


Weak kike magic.

72caea No.10767010


4182ab No.10771323

File: 4f4b6826861c291⋯.jpg (171.21 KB, 1600x1201, 1600:1201, PlanetOTApes_165Pyxurz.jpg)


>King Cornelius

cb2482 No.10771388

has anyone told julian about this yet? hes been going nuts over catalonia, and government censorship of their secession. is this not the same fucking thing? seems right up his alley. also, bonus points because hes got tons of people watching his twitter feed right now because of the oct 21 threat. id do it myself but i dont twitter

72e4a2 No.10771407





so…these guys actually got independence? this is the only place ive even heard of these people

anyone got a tl;dr of whats going on

7793b7 No.10771490


read the threads. none of us knew about the khoisan really. theres quite a bit to learn. archives are in the OP

as to whats going on currently, havent checked in a while, but the kang told us to hol' up for a second as he is trying to do this in as peaceful a way as possible. alone, the khoisan are approximately 100,000. they need the boer to make this work, and it will be a hard sell for obvious reasons. we need a big name to talk on this.

this guy >>10753820 says filterman, but i say getting julian to tweet about it would be too perfect an opportunity to pass up >>10771388

its already a similar subject to the catalonia shit hes been talking about recently. absolutely backs up his whole agenda of severe media blackouts jamming up revolutions in the modern day. and also, like i said, this is the bonus point round, as a shit ton more people are going to be watching his twitter this week leading up to the oct 21st ultimatum.

7793b7 No.10771530


id like to add.

remember all the memetics that led up to these threads. this shit took a white nationalist board by storm. imagine the damage it can do to the rest of the world, as well as the image of the "peaceuful ZANU led by god king mandela and his disciple zuma: as well as the image of the "evil boer". both illusions need to be shattered or a lot of saffas and khoisans are going to be killed as early as next year

b66687 No.10779735

File: b798d19a69d4e0f⋯.jpeg (66.96 KB, 527x350, 527:350, image.jpeg)

File: 7885e0004b5ca49⋯.jpeg (38.41 KB, 501x291, 167:97, image.jpeg)

>>10771388 Heil'd

afd871 No.10789174


Heil'd! Spam messages to assange until he covers it!



It can only officially be reached through force of arms or international recognition. The media blackout is to prevent the latter. He has the claim and he's called it in, but it must become recognized. Our job is to see that this happens, through propaganda.


Filterman has an audience that would be supportive of this, hence why I suggest targetting his audience. If he were to acknowledge the King, then millions would see the king's message, and as a result "white genocide" would be viewed by those millions, which in turn would redpill thousands of them. It's a win on all fronts.




They had wagons?

aa328c No.10789316

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I need to read the archives to catch up.

Listening to this.

Please let there be some fucking hope in this fucking hell.

706b97 No.10790349

File: 16b23d66d2e4986⋯.jpeg (83.98 KB, 458x600, 229:300, image.jpeg)

File: 3a77ed74d3c070e⋯.jpeg (35.08 KB, 413x287, 59:41, image.jpeg)


No, that's their depiction of Boer settlers moving into the area. The important thing is that there is no depictions of fear or animosity; whereas in paintings of the darker Bantu there is.

837978 No.10790830


of course there is hope,

and there is also the kang.

I would be interested to hear what any UN representative on twitter thought of the kang's situation. Considering he is making his claim based on their constitution that is passed as law in his country.

f38098 No.10790936

Ive always actually respected bushman, they are unlike most niggers. They dont care for blingbling flash, or white wimminz, or weeeeeeeeeed like most niggers, even the ones "uplifted" by Western civilization. Literally all they want to do is live in the bushes and hunt their own food, they have no hatred of the white man because they only see us as another, more gentle invader compared to the Bantu savages. When we retake Africa bushmen can be allowed to exist and roam the lands stealing food from cheetahs as they wish, they wont get in our way

9e3399 No.10791244


Figures that the actual noble savages are an endangered species while the myth is used to justify black welfare.

8aca00 No.10791369

>>10791244 (Czech'd)

The fact that they can appreciate what the Boers gave to Africa, instead of demanding nothing but total submission shows that they are definitely a different race than the rest of Africa.

It won't be long until they're memed into the consciousness of the world, we just have to keep bringing his claim into the light.

66783d No.10791394


Death to the SEA! Long live Hope!

6bf457 No.10791694


e832f1 No.10795577

File: 10484528c17296b⋯.jpg (261.6 KB, 594x894, 99:149, IMG_20171024_192634(1).jpg)

Bump niggers

383b41 No.10795628



The niggers never should've been freed from apartheid. Hopefully this king will reverse all of Mandela's commie policies.

b88afd No.10801456

File: 17b5677bcbfcc2e⋯.jpeg (1.19 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image.jpeg)


0a0633 No.10801462

So, any news? Don't we have any Rhodesianons on the field?

b9de96 No.10802395

Maybe the shills will see this and do something useful with their lives by spreading awareness to their lefty friends.

6bf457 No.10805765

Still nothing, looks this is going to be a long game boys. Check whatever you can and try and spread to somewhere that will actually talk about it instead of just laughing at it for 2 seconds like reddit or SA.

ac8089 No.10816698

Anti slide bump

836d26 No.10819274


>Propaganda leaflet

It is shame niggers can't read:)

b9de96 No.10819392


They can't read cursive.

88a350 No.10819437

This thread is some deep shit. How it should be. Fuck those larping boomer NatSocs in Murfreesboro & Shelbyville. They're hurting the Alt-Right with their dumbness and Klan shit.

0ff3c9 No.10820480


Don't know if anyone else saw this, but at least it's something.

96ac97 No.10821784


8a38aa No.10822048


Nah, traitorous merchants, sure, even more so than the dutch, but the biggest are the britbongs by fucking far

fcbbff No.10827228


コイサン for those who know moonrunes

307ee9 No.10827447


What proportion of the traitorous merchants were jews, anyway?

f74cd4 No.10828470

Bump for suggestions against the media silence.

Would traveling down there to confirm with my own eyes be unwise? Is it plausible to arrange a brief meeting with someone from the King's cabinet to check out? I would like to spread awareness of the issue in my cunttree and generally trust /pol/'s claims but THIS magnitute of silence of such a big issue is extremely demoralizing and rubs me in the wrong way.

b71497 No.10828699

File: e3f3dcbbf677a91⋯.jpg (163.53 KB, 960x720, 4:3, slide_14.jpg)





b9de96 No.10828727


I did find this article >>10820480 , but I'm not sure of anything else out there. Looking through their site, they're banned from faceberg, so it's not feasible to use their story as a source to many people. It looks like at least there's the beginnings of this being reported on.

b9de96 No.10828735

>>10828699 (checked)

Sounds like some of the casino indian creation myths.

fad560 No.10829231

somebody get filterman on the phone and get him to yap about Good Hope on Infowars.tv .

6bf457 No.10831698


1225d9 No.10838478

Antelope memes when?

d34eb5 No.10866393


7beff0 No.10866861


We could fo a flyer campaign.

9b24db No.10866896


Perhaps something similar to the IOTBW? Keep it short and impossible to fuck up?

faa148 No.10869270


I've never met a white guilt rhodie. They fought on the right side of the war and lost. Nothing to be guilty about.

ac7705 No.10878486

File: b6b8d6510b90969⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1382x2112, 691:1056, African_Pigmies_CNE-v1-p58….jpg)

Don't you think it's time to unite all Africa's true natives against northwestern Congoids' millennia-old imperialist cancer?


Niger-Congo supremacists' tyranny must eventually face justice for its oppression, crimes and genocide against the African natives.

e1028d No.10905702


5e5290 No.10912794

Anyone got anymore news on this?

We need more people over at /kang/

5e5290 No.10912925

Set up a channel on rizon if anyones interested: #kang

5e5290 No.10927261


anyone still doing anything regarding this?

fd92fb No.10927348


What is there to do? No news about this at all.

5e5290 No.10927362


Word spreading to normies and meme magic so that there's more understanding and support for this to actually happen before he gets called a cult leading dictator and murdered.

d34eb5 No.10932495


The /sudpol/ board is gone

5bbe6f No.10934753

Jonestein has just covered the Boer prophecy and SA white genocide.


5bbe6f No.10934808


Time to raid the comments section of the yt vids?

b6a9a5 No.10934814

That peninsula needs this Kang so bad. Maybe with mugabe out the military will be busy and not have time to fug with Good Hope, maybe they ally

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