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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 88f2ec4f1a68c1b⋯.jpg (20.43 KB, 424x382, 212:191, 1507040188067.jpg)

22bdff No.10701848




Definitely definitely was two shooters. Around the 1 minute mark you hear firing that produces slap-back as expected. Then it fires again but SEAMLESSLY and IMMEDITATELY goes into a location source that is a different distance from the camera. What this does is discredit the simple explanation of "he busted out two windows, remember?" - since there's not enough time inbetween bursts for him to change windows. He literally would had to have teleported windows in the middle of firing.

>4secs extremely close

>46secs distant

>1min 08secs extremely close

>1min 43secs distant

>in b4 30 second echo brah

Vegas Shooting Taxi Driver's Video ! Must Watch B4 Well You Know , The Take Down !


be3dd7 No.10701869

reported for being a cuntish mug



22bdff No.10702055


Always the first post.

.02 shekels have been deposited into your account.

e462ce No.10702096

File: f44f5d25e4633b9⋯.jpg (73.69 KB, 963x696, 321:232, 58f8fab36c1ea.jpg)


>pushing the multiple shooters meme

>to discredit the validity of the shooting

>say the same thing to literally every fucking shooting ever

>m-muh dallas shooting t-t-there were m-multiple s-shooters

really makes you think.

22bdff No.10702144

>>10702122 (checked)

2nd pic is Paddock?

49f589 No.10702192


Initial reports almost always report more shooters than there actually are. Time and time again this happens, and the reasons should be obvious but I'll enumerate them anyway:

1) Multiple reports from unreliable reporters.

Different people in different locations will imprecisely report the locations of the same gunshot. Put yourself in the position of somebody collecting those reports and aggregating them for the police. Which position do you pass on? The first? The second? An average of the two? No! Maybe the first report was correct and the second was wrong. Maybe the second was correct and the first was wrong. Maybe they're both wrong. Maybe they're both right. You don't know. The only sane choice is to pass on both reports. This means false reports inevitably and unavoidably get repeated as presumed fact.

2) Moving shooter.

Sometimes shooters stay in one place the entire time. But more often, they move around. Suppose a single shooter who moves from point A to point B. You receive a report of a shooter at point A, then a minute later receive a report of a shooter at point B. Do you, as the report aggregator, assume it was one person moving between those two points? No! If there were in fact two shooters, your assumption that there was only one could get police officers killed. Therefore the only sane option is to pass on the possibility of two or more shooters.

3) Acoustic fuckery

Particularly in urban environments, gunshots echo off buildings and it can be exceptionally difficult even for people experienced in such matters to identify the source of gunshots. Different reporters in different positions will hear different echos, which can cause them to conclude a single shooter is in multiple positions. Furthermore, the sound of a gunshot changes depending on the orientation of the shooter and the observer. If the observer is behind the shooter, the gunshot will sound different than if the shooter was shooting towards the observer. A gunshot is not a symmetrical point source of sound.

4) Mistaken reports of police officers or armed civilians

Often during shootings, people see armed police officers or civilians and mistakenly report them as shooters. Hell, people have been known to report hapless innocents carrying gym bags or umbrellas as shooters. The only sane response is to initially treat reports seriously.

inb4 half a dozen posts calling me a jewish shill because I point out the obvious instead of playing along with OP. I'm inclined to sage but I think I won't, as a show of good faith.

898754 No.10702301

File: e3d7e30ebc09396⋯.png (19.71 KB, 960x560, 12:7, shots.png)


I'm going to go with a negative on this one. I only checked the one at 4 seconds, but the transients of each report line up perfectly for it to be an echo. I'm not a forensics expert, but I doubt two guns would produce the same audio like this.

Decide for yourself, pic related.


3f4e5c No.10702331

Guys I went over the audio of the CABBIE vid trying to parse out the multiple shooters. A heads up, Cabbie timestamps are running approx 8-9min behind 10pm Vegas time. Thus add 10:09pm to all Cabbie timestamps and we may be able to sync fire bursts to later police scanners, etc.

Here's my breakdown of the vid after counting fire bursts in slow mo. All I can say for certain is at 1:12 (i.e. 10:10pm) the shots "from afar" give way to a methodical dumping of ammo in 100 round bursts occuring VERY repeititiously. See ammo bursts vs time gaps:

:00> 6 shots FAR

:04> 8 shots LOUD

:06> 8 FAR (echo?)

:46> 14 FAR

:51> 5 FAR

:52> 4 FAR

1:08> 10 FAR

1:12> 88 LOUD

30 sec pause

1:43> 93 LOUD

30 sec pause

2:17> 102 LOUD

30 sec pause

2:43> 96 LOUD

1 min pause

3:39> 95 LOUD

1 min pause

4:58> 42 LOUD

30 sec pause

5:25> 44 LOUD

47 rounds FAR

568 rounds LOUD

6c5d0a No.10702348


You can't even greentext correctly, you fucking faggot.


22bdff No.10702357


good work

898754 No.10702374


Interesting, so they don't match up in count? You should try doing what I did here: >>10702301

See if you can find anywhere that the transients line up with echoes, or not.

927563 No.10702404


Hold still while I gas you.

3f4e5c No.10702413


They don't match in count, at all… I was just trascribing the data. I will say that I'm inclined to believe the first 3 exchanges are echoes. But then muffled fire picks up between 46 sec to 1 min and even the Cabbie, who is live and on scene comments "it sounds farther away now"… then ten seconds later a LOUD AF burst erupts directly over her head.

I still think there are multiple shooters. Perhaps the FAR shooter opened up the party, and then Steve on floor 32 took that as signal to UNLOAD. Because once the CLOSE fire begins, its clear he's unloading 100 round cans or belts and reloading or moving to the 2nd tripod. He methodically unloads nearly 6 cans of 100 rounds in about 5 min. Its almost eerie how he unloads all 100 rounds and the gaps inbetween cans are almost identical. Odd.

831574 No.10702553

CIA, ISIS, Mossad False Flag - Another 9/11 As More Americans Slaughtered For The Agenda 'Lee Harvey' Paddock Dressed Up With Guns - But No Motive - Never Knew He Was Patsied

Video Of Second Shooter On 4th Floor Of Mandalay Bay With Machine Gun Muzzle Flashes Clearly Visible


Video PROOF Of Second Shooter On FAR Lower Floor With A PLATFORM MACHINE GUN Muzzle Blast, Sound


One Shooter? The Time And The Bullets Don't Add Up


Video Confirms Two Shooters, Maybe Three - Muzzle Flashes


Another Video Confirms At Least Two Shooters In Mandalay



8d6b71 No.10702598

>reported for being a cuntish mug


lol kek

6e2f03 No.10702627


The shooter moving closer to the window and then further away back into the room back and forth could account for some of the audio discrepancies. Not to mention multiple rifles and multiple calibers. It doesn't take much to really fuck with acoustics

5125f9 No.10702651


And yet, there are people that will trust the word of people with so little tactical understanding that they huddled together in an open field and hoped bullets wouldn't hit them.

03c224 No.10702653


Two AR-15s, firing the same caliber wouldn't sound the same? Ha, okay. Whatever you say.

49f589 No.10702680


I know right? The analysis of any random normalfag at the scene isn't worth jack shit. Even trained experience soldiers get this stuff wrong on the battlefield all the time.

03c224 No.10702696


LOL, okay. What are you basing that on? I've been in combat. I knew were the bastard what direction the bastards were shooting from everytime.

You can even hear and feel the bullets wizzing by. Go fuck yourself, you're just making shit up.

5cd42b No.10702699

File: 2dcc5da99cbf737⋯.jpg (50.78 KB, 359x640, 359:640, 1507054197533.jpg)

File: 13973c79f410e21⋯.jpg (54.86 KB, 359x640, 359:640, 1507054372270.jpg)

File: 700eeae5e402b29⋯.jpg (53.37 KB, 359x640, 359:640, 1507054504323.jpg)


37acb9 No.10702706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More indications of 2nd shooter, or…?


>"Shooter moving around could change sound"

Vid Related

The cabby drives right past the strobing light as automatic gunfire is heard out of synch (distance of sound or is there is strobe placed in that room to confuse responders?


Another indication of additional shooters; in one of the videos you can hear different shot bursts that overlap. Doesn't sound like ricochets.

49f589 No.10702718


>I knew were the bastard what direction the bastards were shooting from everytime.

Blatant bullshit.

03c224 No.10702720


It's not like it was one shot. The firing went on for over an hour. I'd trust people who where there and audio recordings over anything the ZOG FBI and kike controlled Las Vegas police say.

03c224 No.10702726


Whatever liar. Like an AK 47 being fire from 200 meters away is so subtle.

Go to hell.

37acb9 No.10702728

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not 2nd shooter but person with previous knowledge

>Witness to "hispanic" woman warning concertgoers they will die.



8d6b71 No.10702737


holy fuck look at the stack of unused 100 round mags sitting against the column in pic 2

03c224 No.10702741


You can even hear which way the bullets are going from the ricochets as the sound disappears. But you wouldn't know that, because you're just some retarded troll who make shit up to derail threads.

8d6b71 No.10702747



I count 1400 rounds in that one picture alone

49f589 No.10702748


>people in warzones are never confused

You're a moronic LARPer.

03c224 No.10702752


Iraq. 2005-06 2-22 infantry. 10mtn. What did you do faggot?

03c224 No.10702757


You're a fucking shill, So fuck off.

49f589 No.10702758


So much for the retards claiming he had an M240B. And was his "tripod" actually bipods?

49f589 No.10702776



>people who call me on my shit are shills

>I tell myself this to protect my ego

If you think you've never been confused or mistaken, that just means you were never smart enough to realize your mistake. It's a well established fact that gunshots in urban environments echo in a chaotic fashion that often obscures the point of origin. A gunshot cracking over your head is unmistakable, but incorrectly locating a gunshot that isn't directed at you is common.

8d6b71 No.10702777


missed one, the discarded mag, and then the one attached tot he AR 1600 rounds confirmed. and that isn't even at the other window.

a01417 No.10702831



eb8dd1 No.10702914


What other pictures or videos are in that mega folder?

6e2f03 No.10702933


>armyfag thinks he knows shit about shit

So tops you spent a year at a FOB with a good view of the area and established lines of sight. whoop de doo.

03c224 No.10702995


FOB? LI was out on patrol through some of the most disgusting places on earth.

I was an infantryman, I didn't sit at the chow hall like you poges.

8d6b71 No.10702997

Las Vegas gunman filmed himself during slaughter


8d6b71 No.10703005


Las Vegas madman Stephen Paddock set up a camera inside his hotel room to capture his deadly shooting rampage — and other surveillance in the hallway to alert him as cops closed in on him, according to reports.

The shooter had at least one lens set up to tape himself as he unleashed hell on thousands of unsuspecting concertgoers several hundred yards below his ritzy casino suite, according to ABC News.

Apparently knowing cops would eventually catch up to him, he also wired cameras in the hallway outside his room so he could see when the heat was getting close, the Daily Mail reported.

d905fb No.10703038




03c224 No.10703039


Are you seriously this retarded? Right, I was confused by the gunfire and tracers flying around. Sure thing.

Echo, ever heard a fucking echo? it sounds distorted. The "echoes" in those videos come without any original sound. So how do you get a fucking echo without an original sound making it?

03c224 No.10703056


The real question is: Why would you want there to be only one shooter?

Seems like you want the kike media narrative to be the only one. Sounds like a shill to me.

bfcc3e No.10703062



Multiple eye witnesses said their was more than one shooter.

Said they were herding people toto an area with a shooter


Las Vegas Shooter Terror Attack Eyewitness: Hispanic told crowd "Your all going to die tonight."




Las Vegas Shooting Compilation 8 Angles, October 1st, 2017



Las Vegas Shooting Prediceted by Alex Jones 2 Days before it Happened



03c224 No.10703070

Nevermind guys. The kike media said everything is fine. Nevermind the audio/video recordings and the mutliple witnesses.

There was only one shooter and it took them over an hour to find him, despite a a fucking TAXI driver finding the shooter within a few minutes as she drove by the Mandalay hotel videotaping with her cellphone.

7ed4cc No.10703074


Slidefire stock in first pic.. not full auto just a bumpski stock

03c224 No.10703078


That's probably why the idiot couldn't hit anything and why the gunfire goes on in long bursts.

Also notice how he only shot people at the concert, despite there being people and cars driving around in front of the hotel.

6fa56f No.10703087


Loafers, suitpants and a pullover?

Straight up killa ma nigga

7ed4cc No.10703092

The (((shooter))) used 100 rd mags and bumpstock on at least one rifle.. also muh ar's. his room looks like a list of things the left already wants banned

8d6b71 No.10703098


you are dense. dude, you could go buy yourself 2 AR's twenty 100 round mags, and go on a shooting spree the the theater. And you act like it's an impossibility that it has to be something other than it was/is. Get a grip, you sound like a jerk.

134fe2 No.10703101



Well isn't that convenient.

8d6b71 No.10703102


too bad he didn't live stream it. Damn fool

03c224 No.10703121


Pff, I'm a jerk. Okay, than what was it? Just some loser who doesn't know anything about guns, so he bought a bunch of random bullshit because it looked cool, but only sprayed lead into the concert hall packed full of most likely conservatives? I can believe that, never said I didn't. But in the video you can hear gunfire coming from different locations. So either he was sitting in the bath tube shooting the walls, or there was someone else shooting.

No one even know what the hell happened. Why would you want to close down discussion and railroad it into the kiked media's official narrative???

03c224 No.10703147


Wtf are you talking about kike? I'm sorry, I'm not going to go commit mass murder for you and your FBI buddies.

How about you fuck off back to lefty pol where you came from and go convince an 18 year old kid to commit a crime and go to jail?

d8a1e5 No.10703173

File: d9b1cab4b51174b⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 290x348, 5:6, 1506720043315.jpg)



makes you think the whole invisible group who planned it was all from some huge powerful dark leftist cabal or something if a vice president of a powerful media conglomerate is talking OPENLY like this.

d8a1e5 No.10703195

File: 0245d66b89a698b⋯.png (314.61 KB, 1172x631, 1172:631, Screenshot from 2017-10-03….png)

21dda4 No.10703232

Obviously more than 1 shooter at least, he had more than 1 gun, so he could probably just switch between them after dumping a mag, but in every video you can hear him firing, then another gun also starting to fire.

I'm pretty sure the guy in the hotel was the fall guy and there was another closer shooter somehwere else, or in the same room and left before authorities could show up.

e86583 No.10703270



59 kb tho

112a2c No.10703279

We have a license plate ID now to backtrack:

Hyundai Tucson with license plate number 114B40

Chrysler Pacifica Touring with plate number 19D401

Police were looking for both. Check the history and we may be able to unravel more.

18dbca No.10703286


He had two windows blown out, one faced away from the taxi driver and the other would reflect the audio in her direction. Super simple stuff.

51fca8 No.10703308

File: 4480cec2adff294⋯.png (203.56 KB, 1718x782, 859:391, lskjf93.png)

LVMPD anon is dropping info on cuckchan.

https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/143901308

dd5e87 No.10703521



9003fd No.10703610


What is the blue tube thing??

d905fb No.10703690

File: 38541b6dbd9394a⋯.png (428.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Sources who work for @MGMResortsIntl @MandalayBay are telling me the company/resort has DELETED ALL RECORDS of #StephenPaddock's reservation


d905fb No.10703718

File: 54d5ae68df7433c⋯.webm (9.42 MB, 318x180, 53:30, Beginning of Shooting Las….webm)


The gunfire is too loud over the concert, it was happening at the concert . Windows are easy to kick out later.

HERE IS THE KEY VIDEO THAT DESTROYS THE LIE. This is just a file on this site, which you can right click and save. This video is evidence, there is no way the official story holds up against this. The gunfire was simply too loud and too local in reference to the concert for the official story to hold.


1. If it was originating 1500 feet away at Mandalay Bay, it was not close enough to totally blast over the concert loud enough to cause the performers, who wear monitor equipment to block all sound, to stop playing. The concert was LOUD when the shooting happened. You simply can't outdo a concert from that far away, no one would have heard it over the music, especially the performers, who have equipment that is designed to block the sound of the concert and let them hear only the sound of their instruments, as they are played in reference to the other instruments. The failure of this system is what did Mariah Carey in on New Years, when you are playing that "big" you have to be directly piped to the mixing board with all other sources of sound blocked. This would have prevented the performers from hearing anything. Why did they stop? ANSWER: Gunshots from above them on the same stage would have been loud enough. What happens on stage in the video is a supreme bust of the official lie.

POINT TWO: Audio recording equipment (even on a camcorder) automatically sets the level of the audio to optimal. The concert was LOUD, it is obvious because the crowd cannot be heard when the music is playing. Then gunfire clearly is louder than the concert, even though according to the official story it originated 1500 feet away. The automatic level control in the audio recorder proves the gunfire was simply too loud in relation to the music to have come from Mandalay Bay, it had to have originated above the speakers. That is the only way the automatic level control circuit would not have had the recording level choked back so far that the gunfire would not be heard. The recording should not have had the sound of gunfire so prominent, IF it even managed to record the sound of the gun at all. Obviously after the music cut the recorder would pick up the gunfire from that distance because it would automatically turn the record volume up.


Watch the video. The stage crew cuts everything to black, and then takes the stage lighting, points it directly out at the crowd, and turns it back on to illuminate the crowd. The shooting does not resume until this process is complete. This was a deliberate act that no one would have thought of off the cuff unless it was planned ahead of time. Without a doubt, someone on the stage crew was involved in this shooting. Interesting it is that the concert was called the "Route 91 harvest" and took place on route 91!

Here is what I think happened. The shooters were actually situated above the stage. The windows on Mandalay Bay were kicked out for the story line. I have a video that shows it all unfold. I do not think the singer knew what was going on. I believe it was people planted in the crew that did this.


There were only two buildings - Luxor, which was far away and would have echoed upward due to its pyramid shape and smooth glass, which would make echoes be inaudible on the ground (to any significance, especially over a loud concert,) and Mandalay Bay, which is unlikely because the shooter was shooting away from any surface that could echo (especially that loudly) if the official story is not a lie. There are no echoes, it is two guns with choreographed shooters. They occasionally screw up and you can hear one gun stop and the other start.

They are saying it sounds like multiple guns because it was echoing off "all the buildings". PROBLEM: There simply were no buildings for there to be any echoes off of. This was multiple shooters, who happened to predominantly shoot at the same time.

Once I was able to go over the scene clearly, it is obvious such a shooting was not possible as stated. Additionally, the concert footage in other videos is clear, clearly showing Mandalay Bay and there are no muzzle flashes coming from Mandalay Bay, and no apparent broken windows. The lights above the stage were too bright for muzzle flashes to show if they originated in the same area.

The following portion of this report has been superseded by what is above, which I believe actually nails it. Nice to get a piece of evidence like that video, it clears so much up.

Beginning of Shooting Las Vegas Massacre

51fca8 No.10703761

File: 6018f4acf48e9dc⋯.png (759.67 KB, 2192x1254, 1096:627, screencap.png)

d905fb No.10703780

File: a0a7b91f0e630dd⋯.png (578.1 KB, 1903x863, 1903:863, LVMPD LEAKED INTEL- Stephe….png)

ISIS finally took credit. The story is checking out somewhat.


f2347e No.10703812


Can someone who saw the press briefing summarize for me what was said?

Also, was the hotel room with Paddock's dead body set up by ISIS to look like he was the shooter and an hero'd, or was that the FBI's doing?

4613f7 No.10703815

File: 3eeca227f71ae5e⋯.png (227.9 KB, 480x600, 4:5, niggeralien.png)

I love you /pol/ but god damn if yall are not retarded when it comes to firearms.

The series of what some of you believe are shots after the gun begins to fire is the bullet passing by overhead. All the firearms he used the bullet would be supersonic and you are hearing the crack of the soundwave passing by. On camera it sounds similar to a gunshot but in real life it is exactly like the crack of a whip.


Hose to the tub he moved.

4613f7 No.10703829


correction, you hear the crack first then the firearm report. Mistype

5d988c No.10703838

ISIS covered up their involvement, framed Paddock, magically evaded a SWAT team and the entire LVPD, then claimed responsibility the next morning

Seems legit

dd5e87 No.10703893

File: 52155e555af39e2⋯.mp4 (696.32 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ngrql.mp4)

dd5e87 No.10703912


alot easier than you might think to evade LE when theres comjplete mayhem going down in vegas..HUNDREDS of ambulances going all over the place..2nd and possibly more members of your team firing full auto barrages all over town…mayhem

e106be No.10704006


See that is a theory I can actually believe as to why this random millionaire, formerly of Lockheed Martin, would be in a room full of guns like he was. I just couldn't figure out why the fuck someone doing this type of thing would bring 20+ guns when they could just have brought a lot of spare mags. An arms deal gone wrong would make perfect sense given our gov's shady past with gun running.

6efb80 No.10704053


>leftist cabal

=world Jewry

626544 No.10704082


so you're saying there were no crisis actors being interviewed?

6efb80 No.10704090


So it's a Mossad MIHOP(made it happen on purpose) This feels like a Mossad-Likudnik op. They made sure it was a white guy so they could use it as a justification to police state whites in America. Those kikes don't want us to have guns…they are "right wing" because they are war-hawks and want to slaughter every goyim in thier way of greater Israel. Otherwise, they share the greater world Jewry plan to disarm and set up a police state.

6efb80 No.10704094


Just Sayanim.

000000 No.10704118

They've been trying to disarm Americans for decades. It only gets more frequent now.

f5c03c No.10704146


>there are only two buildings

l think the Tropicana is nearby, yes?

509c72 No.10704148

If there are two shooters… and they only nabbed one…


That means there's still a baddie in Las Vegas and…

Oh God. Stay safe President Trump.

f5c03c No.10704164


That's not a tub, it's 2 chairs facing each other.

75c208 No.10704254


Quick maths

a5216a No.10704491


>press conference after a shooting

>serious shit

<faggots are laughing about it


ec0425 No.10704591


Basically the gist of it. Depressing huh?

ec0425 No.10704610


Shit. No joke, brace for Iran connection. An imagined one of course.

2bc10f No.10704704

FUG I was going to buy a slide fire stock next year, but it looks like they might not be around for long. I guess Christmas is coming early. Stockpile while you can anons.

2c368d No.10704779


More like 10th Mountain Dew, but we can't all wear the maroon beret, can we?


6886b6 No.10704900

File: 38be0362ba1809a⋯.jpg (21.63 KB, 408x439, 408:439, 1444945825166.jpg)



Nigger, I'm a fucking tanker and I at least know what that is supposed to mean and why. And you claim to be someone that actually hit the shit outside the line?

49f589 No.10704927


I'm not a god, the universe doesn't conform to my will. What I want is completely irrelevant.

I want the guy to be a registered member of the communist party and a blood relative of the Rothschild's, but what I want doesn't matter.

f3b1d4 No.10704936


>If it was originating 1500 feet away at Mandalay Bay, it was not close enough to totally blast over the concert loud enough to cause the performers, who wear monitor equipment to block all sound, to stop playing.

Do you know what kind of monitor equipment the performers were wearing? Have you tested it to know if it would block out gunfire at 1500 ft?

>Audio recording equipment (even on a camcorder) automatically sets the level of the audio to optimal. The concert was LOUD, it is obvious because the crowd cannot be heard when the music is playing. Then gunfire clearly is louder than the concert, even though according to the official story it originated 1500 feet away.

Gun fire is loud. It's also distinctive. Do you have any proof that it wouldn't be picked up by camcorders or recording equipment at 1500 ft? Have you tested this with even a single camcorder?

>The stage crew cuts everything to black, and then takes the stage lighting, points it directly out at the crowd, and turns it back on to illuminate the crowd. The shooting does not resume until this process is complete. This was a deliberate act…

I don't know how you could possibly prove that. An equally explanation is that it happened by chance or that it was not coordinated.

d5b0b6 No.10704944


oh fugg

f3b1d4 No.10704957


<laughing about a terrorist attack is bad

>implying most of us on /pol/ didn't laugh and enjoy it

f3b1d4 No.10704973


>I'm not a god

Then you are a cuck.

d5b0b6 No.10704998



This sounds all nice and cozy with MUH ISIS narrative but there were still shots from 2 different floors.

04956e No.10705000


This honestly makes a lot of sense. It's probably the best theory to date and explains why we STILL don't have a motive. Also explains why ISIS claimed responsibility three times emphatically.

d5b0b6 No.10705006


And muh ISIS had people in 2 different floors coincidentally.

976014 No.10705044

Wasnt there a security guard who got shot? 3 gunners 2 dead men and a spook walking out the kitchen door.

49f589 No.10705092


Ha, point taken.

5d988c No.10705189


>alot easier than you might think to evade LE

The point is: Why would ISIS perfectly cover up evidence of their involvement when they WANT credit for this huge attack?

99e76d No.10705252


> Interesting it is that the concert was called the "Route 91 harvest" and took place on route 91!

My god, you're fucking retarded.

f9a719 No.10705277


don't agree with all of this, but one thing is for sure, it was way too fucking loud to be coming from that far and that far alone.

f9a719 No.10705303


actually. you're an idiot. just watched the video. clearly 6-7 seconds of shooting before the band reacts. They were in a quiet part of the song. The gun shots sound far away and then the echo sounds closer. The guy holding the camera points it directly to the upper floors of Mandalay Bay to try to spot where the shots are coming from.

bfcc3e No.10705382



I haven't checked today but bought another one the other night, they will probably go the way of amnesty onto the NFA because I'm pretty sure their are 10's or thousands of them out there. No way they could tell people to turn them in like they tried with some older spring versions.

Anyway, even if they get banned, you can just rig any stock with a spring and basically have the same fucking thing. You can bump fire ANY semi automatic even without a stock.

6f86cb No.10705396

Bump. Important if true.

6f86cb No.10705406


It's not isis covering up their involvement it's the god damn FBI.

5f4543 No.10705424

no muzzle flash caught on all those cameras at all hmm

d5b0b6 No.10705462

The kikes are using their art of the deal. They know you won't give up your guns no matter what so your going to have to settle for those body scanners before you buy your bread at the super market.

dd5e87 No.10705847

File: 7f8979861c1b908⋯.mp4 (478.61 KB, 480x360, 4:3, b254h.mp4)


im still looking for this guy in some vids

5d988c No.10706010


Ok I'm getting my conspiracy theories mixed up. I thought the 4chan guy claimed that ISIS tried to make it look like Paddock did it all, even though some of their people did.

BUT…. the statements from ISIS still contradict the idea that this was a bad gun deal. ISIS says Paddock was their guy, not an informant. If ISIS really fooled the FBI, killed a bunch of people, then slipped past all the cops, it would be a huge propaganda victory for them. I see no statements from them that corroborate any of this..


>#BREAKING: #ISIS issues official communique on #LasVegas attack, identifying Paddock as "Abu Abd Abdulbar al-Ameriki"

39f40f No.10706107


I'm pretty sure that reservations also contain check-in/check-out information. Last time I went to Vegas they were using swipe cards to access suites instead of keys. This means that we can no longer see how many keys were issued for that room, and when keys were issued for that room.

de1c69 No.10706197


Lmbo, some white country club retirement dude playing gold all day taking up a sandnigger name and shooting up festival goers. Ya rite…

de1c69 No.10706208

Dude is soooo obvious patsy. Unless they release a video of him doing the shooting (he had cameras set up after all rite?) or carrying up dozens of suitcases with guns I don't believe it for a second that he did it. Rich as fuck, no motive, always in casinos anyway. Wrong room, wrong time, mossad / CIA did it. He conveniently wore gloves so probably no fingerprints on the weapons.

1d4219 No.10706209

what about that total lie about the black kid saving 30 people? Chelsea Clinton has been promoting it. You're telling me he was hit with a high capacity rifle round and he's just chillin and sitting just a day later? What black kid would go to a country music festival. They dont stop shilling

000000 No.10706615


>police state


Look it up.

0e2499 No.10706639

File: 37d6dc158d9f9d7⋯.png (878.68 KB, 1901x984, 1901:984, 37d6dc158d9f9d7299f48d330a….png)

File: 505aeb3947d53f2⋯.png (153.18 KB, 285x779, 15:41, 505aeb3947d53f26caa844c5cf….png)

File: 2ae38e03e476aed⋯.png (402.18 KB, 495x874, 495:874, aria and ceasars.PNG)

File: 619659552c1f3dd⋯.jpg (70.22 KB, 927x238, 927:238, incident reports.jpg)

File: 640232e6566ac5d⋯.png (14.45 KB, 506x149, 506:149, something bigger.PNG)

One of the weirdest things to me are these reports of shootings at different hotels, and reports of multiple shooters. Rene Downs goes between saying bullets sprayed into the glass front doors of the Bellagio lobby and saying there was broken glass, to saying the bullets didn't come through, and then posting video of the glass front doors the next morning, which all seem to be fully intact. It was all publicly posted on her facebook wall yesterday.

26ecc2 No.10706753


second shooter can be heard here. this is 30ish minutes after the room was breached and first suspect killed. that happens at around 4m

bfcc3e No.10706809



Ya, why wear gloves if your just going to off yourself. Perhaps to stop burning yourself on the barrel from the simulated full auto, but the way he is laying on the guns and that one is over his foot look weird. Not sure you could off yourself and have them land like that.

bfcc3e No.10706823

File: 87ea76779358e53⋯.png (9.14 KB, 849x475, 849:475, Firefox_Screenshot_2017-10….png)


oh oh oh looks like it got axed.. did anyone save it????

0e2499 No.10706835


Holy shit

0e2499 No.10706844


Why are there shootings a mile and a half away, 40 minutes later?

d5b0b6 No.10706979


ISIS is controlled by CIA/Mossad you dumb fuck. ISIS will claim whatever Mossad wants them to claim.

dd5e87 No.10707036

File: 2aa5a82770700f7⋯.mp4 (10.07 MB, 202x360, 101:180, azy18.mp4)

dd5e87 No.10707065


i think that is either wind blowing on the mic/radio "noise"/helicopter slapback(there's one in background occasionally )..add that to fact that nobody at dispatch control or on comms period says anything about heavy automatic shots right then

f22548 No.10707068


Wait, they are pulling down the cab driver video?

36f170 No.10707100


Wouldn't (((they))) have been more effective with silenced weapons? The music concert would have made the perfect cover for taking out people in the dark.

f22548 No.10707132


Apparently silenced weapons is a meme and they dont actually silence it as much as youd think on an assault rifle. Its the sonic boom when it goes beyond the sound barrier that makes the majority of the noise. Sub sonic ammo would change this, but you probably wouldnt be able to shoot that far with it, as its like 1/3 or less of the velocity. Supposedly a silenced .22 can be made to sound like a wet fart.

28a25c No.10707156


This seems to be getting way less attention then it deserves. There had to of been more than just this person to witness this correct?

dd5e87 No.10707164


a few notes from the radio traffic(with timestamps, 00:00=11:15pm local time):

31:30- "citizen reported man with rifle jumped out of white Ford SuperDuty Dually, NV(?)plates 444XLM"

36:40- "report from Chateau(Paris hotel nightclub?) its clear but reports of white male on foot going into nightclubs with rifle and clearing people out 'maybe the one causing all this pandemonium' ..last seen at chateau 20 mins ago"

55:00- VBIED "Black Audi suv left at Luxor valet, NV plates AC0027, 4 males got out @22:00hrs, 3 asian, 1 white"

01:00:50- "woman called in shooter on 7th floor of Mirage garage"

f0d60a No.10707188


Stephen Paddock Las Vegas Shooter’s Neighbour Says Accused Was A Trump Supporter and that it Was a False Flag Event Saying ‘He Was Set Up’

dd5e87 No.10707193

File: e80159ce04d5f0f⋯.mp4 (306.03 KB, 480x360, 4:3, b254h.mp4)


keep waiting for some video from ManBay that looks like this→

356b2c No.10707200


It certainly does sound like gunfire but we very well could be wrong and we have no other info whatsoever to go on.

dec887 No.10707468

This was a rare case of a Lone Wolf False Flag

>look at all these guns I was able to get

>look at how easily I was able to get them up here

>heh, nothin' personnel, racist hicks. just giving you a taste of your own medicine…

<meanwhile, all the government agencies/terrorist groups are genuinely confused as to whether he was their guy or not

356b2c No.10707499


It's not a fucking airport. He put the guns in his luggage and took the elevator.

He collected the guns over a very long period of time. At least since last summer, but probably years.

b5e7b2 No.10707721


Or, if the LVMPD anon isn't a LARP:

He was undercover gun trafficking. That's a pretty good reason to end up with suitcases full of guns no? Also explains all the weird bullshit with the case.

0e2499 No.10707735


Damn, is there any video anywhere of any kind of light or flashes from Paddock's windows?

000000 No.10707761

Collectivists of every type are claiming this guy is this or that, but it's obvious that he was a true individualist. He didn't go in for teams or sports. He thought politics were a delusion. He lived for money and he made a lot of it. He lived alone and he died alone.

He's not left wing or right wing or ISIS or Mossad. He thought that was all idiotic. He liked money. He liked sex. He liked gambling. He liked burritos. He lived a long time, he got to the end, nobody cared about him, so he decided to end it.

It was only ever one pixel shooting at a bunch of other pixels. They even cheered when they got shot.

The reason that there's no motive is that there's nothing. This is about nothing.

d5b0b6 No.10707774


No which is also super weird.


Nice copypasta torfag.

49f589 No.10707986


You clearly failed to understand:

>It's not isis covering up their involvement it's the god damn FBI.

ISIS announced the guy was ISIS. FBI announced the guy was not ISIS. ISIS isn't covering up a damn thing, the FBI is the one doing the coverup.

>weapons deal

Why do you think they'd be doing a weapons deal in a vegas hotel room? Because that's the sort of scenario your hollyjew movies depict? Vegas hotels are completely covered with cameras. Why would you choose a location with tons of cameras when you could just as easily choose a location with no cameras? You may as well do it in an airport bathroom. It's a retarded idea.

The only "evidence" for this hairbrained weapons deal hypothesis is that he had lots of guns. Well Charles Whitman had lots of guns too. Was he doing a weapons deal up in that tower? Get real.

482c48 No.10708089


Someone gas this kike

21dda4 No.10708104


Do you have the autism?

482c48 No.10708109

Show me the fucking video

000000 No.10708168


Additional evidence is

- LVPDanon - if not LARPer -

- The guy having lots of money

- High Stakes gambling as a perfect "normie" explanation for huge money transfers

- Laying low with the neighborhoods he had residences in

- Lots of traveling, always on the move

And dragging 23 guns around, that alone *is* a pretty strong argument for arms trafficking. A single one - or only a few - would have been more than enough to shoot up a festival from a high rise building.


Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFeQxThnjwQ

John Rich is being interviewed and right after he said that they initially thought there were multiple shooters, the interviewer opens her mouth at 1:30 just to say "Yes, with all the confusion people thought it were several shooters - because that is a very important point - when did you learn it was only 1?"

Sounds to me like trying to push a narrative. What kind of question is that? "When did you learn that you were retarded?" Why ask that question at all? If I was the interviewer, I would have asked: "Why did you / what made you think there were multiple shooters?" That would be a more natural question, not "When did you learn you were wrong?" Why is that even a relevant?

The arms trafficking gone wrong angle makes sense to me. Or a bigger planned ops that turned out not quite as planned, with one guy sitting on too many guns and the others running around elsewhere with single guns.

Actually, I can imagine that the "Asian" woman and her "boyfriend", that were taunting the people with "You are all going to die" 45 minutes prior to the shooting could have well been the perpetrators. 45 minutes is just the right time to get into the hotel, possibly off Paddock, start shooting from the window or possibly one of them taking a gun and moving to Bellagio and start shooting there.

417738 No.10708432

Here is the flashing light from other floor 2 hours before shooting:


bfcc3e No.10708686




some flash hiders do a good job, but yes I would expect at least one video of some flashed from the windows, that one on the 10th floor I think is an emergency light or something

bfcc3e No.10708705


Also Jones said he had sources that the room was "wired with cameras in the hall" which would make sense if this was a bust, the cops usually record everything like people approaching the room.

000000 No.10708750


<Trusting disinfo agent Alex "Muh Nazis are behind 9/11" & "Jewowned" Jones

Fuck off

aa1a73 No.10708971

File: 1f173da014bc775⋯.jpg (63.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1f173da014bc775653a4bd695e….jpg)



4c73be No.10708991


You're ignoring evidence and insisting that the official narrative must be the truth. We know for a fact that there were multiple shooters and something's being covered up. They aren't reporting the police officer being shot in the neck. They aren't reporting the live fire at the Ballagio after the guy you're insisting was the only shooter was already dead. This is a lot bigger than it appears.

4c73be No.10709014


I'm undecided on the ISIS story but your version definitely isn't what they're actually saying. The story is that ISIS killed Paddock, carried out the shooting since they were made anyways, then the FBI covered that up because they didn't want it exposed that they were selling guns to an ISIS terrorist cell as part of a larger sting operation and that those same firearms were used in this mass shooting.

fe3cfe No.10709060


could have just as well been antifa. And ISIS wouldnt go down to a country music concert telling everyone they were going to die.

e91685 No.10709080

File: 69fcc2c3db22be4⋯.jpg (176.4 KB, 750x500, 3:2, IMG_3695.JPG)

4c73be No.10709086


Its not antifa, people who think its antifa are absolute retards. Have you seen the antifa gun training videos? They're unintentionally hilarious. Have you seen the antifa "weapon caches"? They look like shit out of a toolshed mostly. Antifa are incompetent LARPers, they're not capable of getting a high score like this. Its ISIS or CIAniggers.

1d050f No.10709088

File: 519e7280f3ef874⋯.webm (213.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, two.webm)

File: 3b6b4e7143e30be⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 3318x3000, 553:500, two.jpg)

Someone should combine all the footage and use an algorithm to definitively calculate if there were two shooters (with a suitable p-value!).

fe3cfe No.10709186


I agree with you. Im just saying that its equally likely to be antifa as it is ISIS. Very low.

He had help and we need to find out who it was

4c73be No.10709209


>I agree with you. Im just saying that its equally likely to be antifa as it is ISIS. Very low.

Except ISIS has actually pulled off mass shootings with large casualties in the past before.

21dda4 No.10709436

Cuckchan is now getting railed hard with shills in every one of these threads. (((someone))) doesn't want any thing else related to this to be leaked out that goes against the single shooter narrative.

071339 No.10709890

File: 40311d290a40299⋯.jpg (730.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lines.jpg)

You guys will probably call me a shill but I put this video together.


It shows how there wasn't a shooter on the 4th floor. I still think there was a 2nd shooter, but he wasn't there.

06d83a No.10709945


there is the taxi driver video it's quite long.

At first you hear multiple shots/reverb of one gun??

then the lady drives to Mandalay pulls around and catches shots fired from something like 5-10th floor and you can see flashes and hear gun shots. Then it goes on and she drives to the festival area where people are ruing away in panic mode some people get in;they're totally freaked out and want to get away from the area as fast as possible, yelling at the driver to go go go.

I'll try to find the link of the full vid

06d83a No.10709948



f22548 No.10709954

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


8:50 in this video of fox from today, they appear to have set up a fake flasher in one of the lower windows and are trying to "debunk" the multiple shooter theory. Its not even close to the same flashing light, this stinks a LOT

f22548 No.10709959


starts at like 8:33 but at 8:50 you see the light.

6f86cb No.10709964


Check. Bump. Tell me more. What am I looking at.

dd5e87 No.10710073


thats the Delano

21dda4 No.10710109

Witnesses are now claiming there were multiple shooters.

1d050f No.10710134


It's the frequency spectrum from Adobe Audition. It shows the bands and relative intensity of the gunfire as an impulse of wideband noise.

It should be easy to precisely mark each shot and determine if it was an echo, supersonic "crack", or second shooter. I've already found echos in that same spectrum at roughly a quarter second, which would be 80-100 yards. These align perfectly as you would expect with a stationary shooter, recording device, and building.

As for the muzzle blast vs. bullet whizzing by… that's a little more sophisticated to separate but should be possible.

An algorithm could process several streams and use the speed of sound just like GPS uses the speed of light.

I know this whole Goddamn thing is a PSYOP to "investigate the investigators" just like Murrah and 9/11. Everyone in the intelligence agencies and mafia looking at the event now has a red X on *their* heads. If you're smart enough to uncover their evil deeds they'll be finding ways to screw with you. Tread carefully.

1d050f No.10710162


… in that image I've labeled arrows where the low and high shots are heard. There isn't a way to align those points in time to be purely an echo. The bump-firing mechanism adds a large "jitter" in the intervals between fires, so isolating an echo from all the other dynamics should be trivial. Each interval is a very unique number of milliseconds and can be found as a fingerprint elsewhere in the data.

dd5e87 No.10712737

File: edfdb76d753abd1⋯.mp4 (2.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1pta5.mp4)

File: 5754e397e5a96b2⋯.mp4 (412.73 KB, 332x182, 166:91, jfcdu.mp4)

dd5e87 No.10712741


this is facing DIRECTLY at both paddocks rooms…ZERO muzzle flash

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