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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: e584c182360634d⋯.mp4 (4.83 MB, 180x120, 3:2, Michael Savage interviews ….mp4)

2091ab No.10707168

Stephen Paddock Las Vegas Shooter’s Neighbour Says it Was a False Flag Event Saying ‘He Was Set Up’

Here is the neighbour of the alleged calling into Renegade-kike Savage radio show.

Ex-Military, neighbour of the shooter for a few years knew him well enough to drink and chat, says guy was a Trump supporter, reckons they are making a patsy out of him.

I posted this last night, since then it was taken down

This could be CIA-nigger propaganda [see: kike host], if so the mods will let it stay, or if true, they will delete it…

Anyway FWIW

f42864 No.10707194

File: 4e463e9fdbeb7d7⋯.png (13.84 KB, 1800x157, 1800:157, Screenshot_1.png)

Hello Hasbarafag. You'll never be white, your erections won't be as strong, and your country will get glassed by 2020.

838795 No.10707197

Thats the heebiest looking motherfucker Ive ever laid eyes on

2091ab No.10707207


>Oy vey, how dare you post info that hasn't been posted yet proven us CIA-kikes have been manipulating the narrative to fit in with our jewish lies

Why do you openly admit you are jewish, attacking every goy on /pol/ for posting proof you jews are here to control the narrative?

9700c3 No.10707210


That's Michael Savage. He has some good points and bad points, but as talk-radio hosts go he's one of the more interesting.

f42864 No.10707225

I love how this man just, physically can't change the way he writes. He can't stop unironically using the word goy, or even calling himself and others human cattle, unironically, even after he gets called out for it.

56f1f9 No.10707226


I bet you are a ==NIGGER==

f42864 No.10707231

And he doesn't even know the plural of goy, the dumb fuck. TRS-tier stuff.

4fb097 No.10707246

I hate to be that guy but really the only proof you have to back this theory of yours up is someone called a talk radio show and said he dindu nuffin.

2091ab No.10707250

File: 9dd1881184fa290⋯.jpg (85.53 KB, 641x652, 641:652, HowHasbarajewsCollectively….JPG)




3 posts, all of them self-evident proof you are part of a jewish hasbara patrol,policing these boards to ensure the goydoesn;t get too out of hand and breakaway from the jewish shilling you pump out on here, daily.

Have you anything to say about the content I just posted, or is it just endless kvetching that you jews haven't been able to shut down every disobedient goy on /pol/ yet?

9c11fc No.10707258


He thinks that reverse psychology can be effective or spouting random words will prove his superiority and will put you into a shame or ragequit. The special SJW type ("You're a racist, xenophobic, sexist, so shut up because I've won the argument"). He would even believe that he's a product of kikery.

f42864 No.10707260

Yeah, you have no proof other than some faggot calling into a radio station.

If that's what it takes for you to trust something, I'm the King of Sweden, and I'm sending 46 meatball assassins to kill you.

2091ab No.10707272


Replies to self-admitted jew, angry a goy has posted info proving their shilling for jews.

And casually discuss methods of how to gaslight and remove OP from /pol/


>Oy vey, this goy doesn't realise us jews need the goy contained and controlled for our peoples survival

>We need to shut this goy down!

Aren't either of you two embarrassed of how overt you kikery is?

Is known as your jewish brass-neck

f42864 No.10707277

File: 19645aba7be2a26⋯.png (576.15 KB, 777x540, 259:180, Smug 96.png)

File: f4b60a7efc31cec⋯.png (364.04 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 2b_smile.png)

>he's still unironically using goy

9c11fc No.10707278


Told you so.

4929fb No.10707297


2091ab No.10707317


So far it's the only evidence presented by someone who claims to have known him well, that disproves the entire jewish narrative agents like f42864 & 9c11fc are trying to force on the board.

It may well turn out to be fraudulent CIA kikery, as stated in my original post, however so far, all we have is jewish media's narrative which conflicts with his friends testimony.

e4b4ae No.10707329


>Muh Nazis

Fuck this Jew

008eb7 No.10707335

If the guy did support Trump, the Msm would be mentioning that every 5 minutes along with all their gun control pushes. It wouldn't fly under the radar it be a central part of their narrative.

I'm still leaning towards the FBI gun running theory.

2b6a3a No.10707342

I tend to believe the exact opposite of the jewish media because I'm not a stupid fucking circumcised American dupe.

008eb7 No.10707344


It'd be*

9c11fc No.10707345

Now you're talking to yourself, bathetic.

2b6a3a No.10707349


the FBI? what planet are you on? Or was it a time machine you stepped into?

008eb7 No.10707365


What about Leland Yee and MILF?

6f911b No.10707386

I'm also calling bullshit on this one. The disinfo shills are going so hard on this topic right now.

If ISIS claims responsibility, then ISrael has to have a hand in it also, for obvious reasons.

2091ab No.10707400


>I'm also calling bullshit on this one. The disinfo shills are going so hard on this topic right now.

Indeed, as all the comments from jews talking amongst themselves in how to combat disobedient goyim posting evidence contrary to the CIA-kike narrative shows.

The only evidence we have shows the jewish media's narrative is bullshit.

My embed from his neighbour who knew him personally in OP is another example of the only evidence we have is the jewish media's version is bullshit.

2091ab No.10707579

Self bump in light of all the kikes who swarmed on here and attacked the poster ignoring the content proving the lies they are pushing are jewish lies.

24dbe1 No.10707799

This thread has more kikes in it than anything I've ever seen and it's only 26 replies long

The past 3 days I've seen more Kikes shilling than even during Pizzagate in threads repeatedly saying dumb shit like

>muh earlobes

>pedo blah blah conspiracy

It's a sign were onto something and they're angry The Goldwater is bringing down their pedo rings and /pol/ is destroying their international jewery

65927a No.10707804


>Michael Savage

Michael Savage is just one side of the Jewish coin and why ALL of them need to be killed, every last stinking one of them, they play all sides and control from the center.

b59d0d No.10707857

File: fe955c415e62276⋯.jpg (34.58 KB, 736x490, 368:245, time7.jpg)

>guy doesn't own an guns

>completely normal guy

>isn't intrusive and doesn't talk about politics or religion

>suddenly buys 23 guns and shoots guns across the street into the crowd for an hour just becouse

Of course it's bullshit.

60062c No.10707874

An anonymous neighbor saying the guy is a trump supporter and spouting condpiracy nonsense is clearly a leftist trying to make the right look crazy and link the shooter to trump.

120833 No.10707882

(((Michael Savage)))

60062c No.10707887


>testimony = evidence

I bet you believe in the holocaust too.

b59d0d No.10707893


>spouting condpiracy nonsense is clearly a leftist trying to make the right look crazy and link the shooter to trump.

Or that he was framed for that purpose alone and that it shows that he wouldn't do it?

And he's not anonymous, he named himself.


gas yourself kike

60062c No.10707896


Occam's razor you dumb double nigger.

b5c559 No.10707897

I'm not assuming anything but the neighbor's reasoning why Paddock "couldn't have done it" is

>he always waved and smiled when I drove by

Also keep in mind this was years ago and that practically everyone liked Trump before he ran for president.

b59d0d No.10707911


>uh complicated stuff is bad

That your whole argument?

d37a19 No.10707916


Love how 2 min into the clip hes shilling for evil high capacity mags.

000000 No.10707929


I am the OP of this thread who was banned for posting this interview after being rounded on and swarmed by these hasbara kikes as you see in this thread and all others talking about Vegas.

Strangely not one of these jews,openly shilling for the jewish narrative to be accepted has been censored.

Just goys exposing the jewish lies get gassed from here


81601d No.10707949



Branch and Unit, to determine spookhood.


b59d0d No.10707981

File: 22c45ba61a6a304⋯.png (83.41 KB, 212x218, 106:109, 1433121746902.png)




It's a good thread but cmon.

000000 No.10707992




>It's a good thread but cmon.

C'mon what?

I was banned for posting this info and all these 100s of self-evident kikes are untouched,openly gloating about gaslighting the goy on /pol/.

On every thread these kikes are shilling their jewish lies and attacking any anon proving what they are saying are lies.

What is it you are in disbelief over?

6a8bd4 No.10708020

File: 325ea4e4bd8a16d⋯.png (112.82 KB, 949x231, 949:231, "russian" jew.png)

>all these shills in this thread calling each other kikes, calling michael savage a goy, etc

Michael Savage is a jew. He doesn't even pretend he isn't.


>neighbor says shooter was a Trump supporter

>neighbor is a leftist

Undoubtedly correct.

6a8bd4 No.10708028


>still calling people "goy"

The mods were right to ban you. Now fuck off.

000000 No.10708039



>all these shills in this thread calling each other kikes, calling michael savage a goy, etc

No that was you kikes who swarmed on this thread and mass reported me forposting this info

I stated he's a kike, like you are, in my initial OP

>neighbor says shooter was a Trump supporter

This is what he said in the recording

>neighbor is a leftist

No he stated he was a Trump supporter and the alleged shooter was also a Trump supporter, as per conversation in OP

Every word you kikes type contradicts the next

>I'm jewish,so I'm very glad you were banned for exposing us jewish professional liars here on pol

Exactly the point

3b8f88 No.10708057



412ee6 No.10708059


I tend to agree with you on most of what you post, but think you are still a massive faggot about it. I guess that makes me a jew.

6a8bd4 No.10708063


>No he stated he was a Trump supporter and the alleged shooter was also a Trump supporter

And of course a leftist would NEVER lie!

Eat a bullet kike. The shooter was an antifa ISIS convert.

72d948 No.10708077

File: 9f907fefc10aab0⋯.jpg (11.72 KB, 216x234, 12:13, 9f907fefc10aab09d4c7b3b77e….jpg)

7a7b5f No.10708090


Get gassed.

7a7b5f No.10708094


And the kike flees to tor.

4722eb No.10708095

File: 242580bb09c0ffa⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1850x1331, 1850:1331, wretched.png)


there's a real abstract kind of cancer going on here

000000 No.10708096


>I tend to agree with you…

There is little room for any doubt in this instance

>But your a massive faggot for daring expose the jews, not something we want on pol, all we want is compliance with the jewish MSM narrative


>Oy vey,I will repeat the lie the neighbour was a leftist, even though he categorically stated he was ex-military and a Trump supporter

>The shooter was an antifa ISIS convert.

>Ha Ha, us jews win

Yet it was me that got banned and your clearly jew-troll comments remain, untroubled by any mods

000000 No.10708100


OP was banned for exposing you kikes on pol, hence now using tor as a result.

Now you're all here openly boasting and bragging about your control of this board

7a7b5f No.10708108

File: 2da7081e56df91c⋯.jpg (7.63 KB, 225x224, 225:224, For Jew.jpg)


OP was banned for not scraping the matzo out from under his nails.

3a26ce No.10708113


>implying you are not OP


28e3bd No.10708122


Thanks for the post OP, looking through the comments it seems the jews don't like this info being spread, not one bit.

Better make an archive to show how they operate

72d948 No.10708124


save the webm, make sure it doesn't get memory-holed

7a7b5f No.10708153

>ITT kikes really trying to shift the narrative

558b7d No.10708155

File: 26e8d4522d99550⋯.png (406.17 KB, 570x489, 190:163, into the trash r565.png)

>Using goy unironically

7a7b5f No.10708158


Reported for ban evading samefaggotry.

f42864 No.10708184


>op was banned for X

>no "user was banned for this post" anywhere in this thread

Hasbarafag, you really aren't the sharpest tool in the shed.

000000 No.10708192


I'm the OP, who was banned for posting this interview and thread on /pol/

>Oy vey, we did it silently so will now openly taunt OP pretending he wasn't banned at all


72d948 No.10708195


yeah, you

7a7b5f No.10708201

File: 8bf5d3f7bfb0ca2⋯.jpg (8.96 KB, 299x169, 23:13, Cry moar.jpg)


Still not working moishe.

28e3bd No.10708202

File: 504855bcd6395eb⋯.jpeg (934.24 KB, 1193x7529, 1193:7529, screenshot-www.google.co.….jpeg)




and webm saved

This thread is a story in itself

f42864 No.10708204


You are honestly one of the dumbest motherfuckers I've ever conversed with.

There's no way on earth you're not a sandnigger.

7a7b5f No.10708208


Holy fuck you really don't belong here.

000000 No.10708211


>You've danced rings around us kikes and because we are friends with the mods,we get you banned, Ha Ha so therefore we are better than you

b59d0d No.10708212

Well this is a big shills swarm.

Bump for visibility.

f75758 No.10708214

>OP spergs in multible threads as usual

>gets called as a faggot everywhere

>shills his thread like some seizure victim

>no-one buys his shit

>calls everyone a Jew

>starts spamming

>"B-but I'm the victim"

Truly, OP, (((You))) are one of the lowest scum.

f42864 No.10708215


Man, you dance rings around the English language.

7a7b5f No.10708220

>ITT disinfofag doesn't take a hint and keep pushing

>ITT disinfofag continues to kvetch about earned ban

>ITT disinfosamefag getting BTFO repeatedly

96b4a5 No.10708222


Mods have always been trash, but ever since the syria general spergout it seems they're on a crusade to ban every oldfag, dig-anon and OC contributor they can get their greasy cheeto covered fingers on.

72d948 No.10708224


normally this thread would have died but the retarded shills caused their own streisand effect, pretty funny actually

72d948 No.10708227


nice argument

7a7b5f No.10708231

File: f4ae749e301badf⋯.jpg (175.4 KB, 698x468, 349:234, Moshe Making Friends.jpg)


Which is why I'm still here years later.

7a7b5f No.10708232

Back to the mollykike defense. Weu.

000000 No.10708234


It seems you're not overly familiar with the English language, being that you only appear to speak an approximation of some kind of isreali-American

One question, why is a thread filled with kikes openly taunting anons they get banned for posting evidence the jews do not want shared around and only get the OP gets banned?

Leaving all you filthy kikes openly taunting and goading me for getting me banned.

Even your jewish bosses would find this open jewish shilling shameful

f42864 No.10708239



I don't even have a smug mighty enough.

7a7b5f No.10708240


>my bumping a kike thread is teh funnay 8P

Go back to reddit, cunt.

96b4a5 No.10708241


Post a picture of your hands with a timestamp.

f42864 No.10708244


Why should he? I asked OP to do the same two hours ago, and he didn't deliver.

000000 No.10708246


Your trips dictates this board is under hostile isreali occupation

The responses from every kike in this thread attacking me the OP until they got me banned only further confirms this fact

a85c17 No.10708247


No proof that it’s actually the neighbor, no evidence of what the neighbor says.

72d948 No.10708251


>go back to reddit

>for calling out jewish shills

don't think you're using that meme right friend

b59d0d No.10708252

File: 58f1ac55df4fa2c⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 490x333, 490:333, Projecting.jpg)

7a7b5f No.10708253

File: 41e2f5ed515907e⋯.png (866.45 KB, 625x612, 625:612, Sekret Signs.png)


No problem Moshe.

7a7b5f No.10708255

Thread is a lot shorter when you filter the kikes.

96b4a5 No.10708264


I have that picture saved too :^)

7a7b5f No.10708268

File: df5e1d4c5db3a75⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 450x253, 450:253, But MUH POST.gif)

0cedc6 No.10708269

how convenient. Just like the following shootings.

The Hearing Protection Act was scheduled come before a House committee on June 15.

However, on the 14th, James Hodgkinson opened fire on a group of GOP legislators practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game. The HPA was then shelved.


The SHARE act was going up for vote, then the Vegas shooting happened. The SHARE act was then shelved.

f75758 No.10708272


I think OP is afraid to reveal his race. He can pretend but he'll never be white. Such a sad little life he has.

000000 No.10708274

This thread is actually quite brilliant (for all the wrong reasons) when you consider it covers the entire jewish procedure whenever an anon posts any info that goes against the jewish narrative.

jews immediately swarm in huge numbers attacking OP, they continue to chide and harass OP until the jew mods then ban him.

They come back to taunt OP and boast about their control of pol.

Every single brass-necked kike ITT is too lacking in any self-awareness to realise all they are doing is openly showing they are jewish and have got the mods in their pockets who will delete any offending anon according to these jewish JIDF trolls demands.

f42864 No.10708281

File: f6d4be19c44562d⋯.webm (6.32 MB, 800x450, 16:9, smug-.webm)

>he's still going

>you're all obviously jews

>when I'm obviously hasbarafag/Verdant Servant and physically can't hide it because I'm a 80 IQ sandnigger

Deploying nuclear smug.

7a7b5f No.10708282


I have the ring and I'm also the only one that claims ownership over it while simultaneously bashing the kikes as evidenced in every thread my hand turns up.

Do you remember the first time it appeared? A little over a year ago they started the same bullshit anti-mason kike thread. Kike was talking shit hence the masked hebe, kike responded with mason fuck, to which he got the image in reply.

Glad you enjoyed the image enough to save it moshe. I hope it continues to remind you just how hated you are even in the organizations you claim to have dominion over.

b59d0d No.10708283

File: ffcf31b35b107c3⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 586x169, 586:169, cunt.jpg)


Of coushe the massacre happens just as Republicans actually start doing their job for their constituents.

And the Democrat choir is priceless and rehearsed as fuck all over the playing field.

000000 No.10708286


OP, as you well know, was banned by you kikes.

So I am using tor, which you then use as a stick to further beat me with.

My crime?

Posting evidence which contradicts your jewish narrative about the shooter being anti-Trump and essentially being the only solid testimony about the alleged shooter so far.

f42864 No.10708288

>talking about himself in the third person

Where the fuck is this even going?

7a7b5f No.10708289

File: 8c310d1b4c78fed⋯.gif (40.81 KB, 171x199, 171:199, Kikery.gif)

7a7b5f No.10708291

File: 876d5e2781f2316⋯.jpg (24.55 KB, 234x255, 78:85, Mein Check'em.jpg)

000000 No.10708294


It's going to make a very amusing content that exposes you kikes thoroughly for your practices and behavior on pol in gaslighting the goy and harassing them until the jewish mods then ban them, leaving all you kikes alone openly speaking to each other boasting about the way you hijacked pol

Self-awareness, you jews just don't have any

8adf4d No.10708296


I hope your thread gets deleted again because it would be funny.

96b4a5 No.10708299


>muh OC

Post it again with timestamp.

b59d0d No.10708302

File: 0135c88f6e685d6⋯.jpg (129.54 KB, 1100x1100, 1:1, tgjsgj.jpg)

f75758 No.10708303


Your crime? By being one the most obnoxious lying roach who spammed and shilled his own thread on other threads. Die in pigs blood. And don't fucking talk to me again, creep. You there replying to your own comments is already borderline mental illness. and getting a reply from a contaminated mistake of a birth is sickening enough for me.

8cf4ac No.10708304

File: 4a76ade379fa4c8⋯.jpg (86.73 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, las-vegas-shooter.jpg)


Perhaps this is all just an object lesson in race mixing:

``By the old Moulmein Pagoda, lookin' eastward to the sea,

There's a Burma girl a-settin', and I know she thinks o' me;

For the wind is in the palm-trees, and the temple-bells they say:

"Come you back, you British soldier; come you back to Mandalay!"``

-Rudyard Kipling


f42864 No.10708308


>you just don't have any self awareness

>It's going to make a very amusing content

>you speak Israeli-American

Do they not have mirrors in the desert shithole you live in?

7a7b5f No.10708323


What do I win if I do? Another round of spin the dreidel?

>oy but the timestamp can be changed

>oy but the lighting makes the hand look different

>oy but but but

Eat shit moshe. Consider all the hate on this board for Masons because of you kike fucks infiltrating the organization and creating your own fucking kike branches that lay the blame at the feet of white men. Again. Very few actually go to bat for the order. Even less would go to bat for the order FOR JEWS while simultaneously talking shit about them.

Kvetch and moan all you want.

000000 No.10708326


The shithole I live in is a 3rd world cesspool created by you kikes to destroy my homeland, it's called England.

A land last free before Cromwell came along.

A forced 3rd world invasion that was the collective punishment my country received for misguidedly bailing out your filthy jewish arses in the war.

Don't worry kikes, you might run pol for now, but there is no disputing it, you cannot maintain the center forever before all you kikes get run out and gassed from every hole we find you hiding in.

After all it's not my people spending billions on controlling every MSM organisation and even the alternative media, all for the sole reason to spread DisInfo to protect you kikes from the inevitable final one last expulsion to end all jewish expulsions.

f42864 No.10708330


>he's a paki


7a7b5f No.10708333



7a7b5f No.10708339

File: adf551adaa37887⋯.gif (994.52 KB, 500x387, 500:387, Fuck It.gif)

000000 No.10708352


>Oy vey he's a mud just like us

No you are muds and jews, attacking any anon not going along with whatever jewish agenda or narrative you are currently shilling for.

I'm the one openly calling out you various mixed blood mongrols paid by Kushner to keep pol strictly kosher.

jews aren't white nor is the turbo-cunt kikeroach Imkikefy who is in some kind of Turk-jew mutt and there's also that paki we've seen posted here, in fact I wonder if any mod on pol is white.

96b4a5 No.10708363


>I'm a huge lying faggot who unironically defends freemasonry, please throw me in a coffin and sodomize me in the name of JahBulOn

wew lad

f75758 No.10708366


It's called Nigger-Asian in which any Asians would reject this type of breed having any relation with the human species.

000000 No.10708369

Here's one of Imkikefy someone gloriously created yesterday that I had to steal


This is another one of you mudblooded paki mods that run pol


Here's Imkikefy in standard pose


A veritable collection of jews, turkroaches and various shades of non-white muds who have ran pol into the ground

7a7b5f No.10708374


>of the rachposter

Not even trying at this point.

000000 No.10708393


>Continues to taunt OP for him and his hasbara jew pals getting him banned from pol

I was banned for posting this thread

I am now using tor because you kikes got me banned, then proceeded to taunt me for the fact you jews get to have more say than any anon.

You cannot upload or embed from tor, as you know.

Still was the image I posted your best side you ugly shitskinned mongrol?

7a7b5f No.10708417


Your mascara is running.

000000 No.10708441


Whereas your brass-necked jew is plainly on display here, for all the goys to see

7a7b5f No.10708489

File: 21d94d436d97641⋯.jpg (280.25 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, Oh g_d why isn't it workin….jpg)

7a7b5f No.10708502

I'm surprised the kike isn't over on the plane thread which is tying the lefty terrorist to the spooks to sabotage that one.

7b86cd No.10708521

>be Trump supporter


>gun lover


<go shoot a bunch of young Trump supporters

Yeah, no.

000000 No.10708537


>Oy vey, anon posts evidence contradicting our jewish lies

>I will seed the notion he should go onto another thread we are better positioned to continue the abuse of our position in gaslighting the goys on pol

>Ha Ha Ha only jews would expose us as JIDF trolls, only genuine pol/aks would spend all day shilling the jew narrative as we are doing

>Le Talmudic chess champion for Tel Aviv 2006, no less

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