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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 0f33c8cc9c17ff9⋯.jpg (195.53 KB, 1014x361, 1014:361, whatdidtheyknow.jpg)

585436 No.10712298

Thread 1: https://archive.fo/kr4JA

Thread 2: https://archive.fo/SqlGD

Thread 3: https://archive.fo/diEhT

Thread 4: https://archive.is/p0CTR

Thread 5: https://archive.is/smyYE

Thread 6: https://archive.is/evXAO

Thread 7: https://archive.is/Lj96V

Thread 8: https://archive.is/bPVZ4

Thread 9: https://archive.fo/zCtaj

Thread 10: https://archive.is/JdbzJ

Thread 11: https://archive.fo/iinjc

Thread 12: https://archive.fo/30ANc

Thread 13:http://archive.is/IoLg6

Thread 14: https://archive.fo/7Oldm

Thread 15: http://archive.is/2me3e

Hotpocket Edit: Merging duplicate thread OPs

So I think we need to explore the angle of the Saudis given this article:


>Saudi Air Force books entire tower at W hotel for entire month of August

>A Saudi prince owns 47.5 percent of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which operates more than 100 hotels around the world, including one in Las Vegas.

>A spokesman for the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas said Saudi delegations normally stay at their property, but that they did not receive any group request for August.

>Unlike the W Las Vegas, the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is not a stand-alone structure. It is located on the top five floors of Mandalay Bay. The Four Seasons also has 133 more rooms than the W.

>top five floors of Mandalay Bay

>top five floors

>Mandalay Bay

I wonder if these dates coincide with that nigger rap festival that was supposed to be the first target?

I also think we need to look at the tram and monorail system as an escape route and reason shooters were reported along that line.


I am postulating, if we go with the multiple shooter theory and gun-deal-gone-bad theory, that some (((Saudis))) came to buy guns for ISIS, found out Paddock was compromised, killed Paddock, went to roof and started sniping, snuck down to tram while LVPD fumbled around upstairs for an hour, takes tram and monorail along the strip which explains reports of gunmen further down the strip, indiscriminately fire guns to cause panic and create diversion, escape.

Post last edited at

9d419b No.10712302

amazing, you can actually post new threads on this site. this is truly the modern era.

b5cb98 No.10712309

File: 85cfa11b89973f0⋯.png (81.14 KB, 628x393, 628:393, mandalay-excalibur-tram.png)

File: f619b4202bfaf76⋯.png (81.05 KB, 500x618, 250:309, monorail-map.png)


Monorail system possible exit route from Mandalay Bay.

585436 No.10712319

File: b04f621e854a1e9⋯.jpg (108.77 KB, 298x544, 149:272, speedrail.jpg)


Rail travels at 50 miles per hour. Probably it was the same gunmen shooting at different places and getting on and off the monorail. Anybody have a schedule? Maybe there is some coordination with them running around town and shooting shit up.

82f09c No.10712322

So, what's there about him then, because there's bunch of useless and baseless points included.

What is it then? He's: boomer, democrat donor, race mixer, psychopath, a drug addict, a pedo, a scammer, ISIS, CIA, FBI, a Trump supporter, a commie, antifa, a faggot, OP

258da1 No.10712326


We have a crossthreading situation >>10712306

585436 No.10712329

File: 6bb87df8ae94174⋯.jpg (166.91 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_20171003_022311.jpg)

Gunfire also heard in Caesars Palace 15 minutes after the shooting subsided at Mandalay

25f6f9 No.10712331


both kinda drop the ball or do better than the other one way. well im sure anons will use this one instead since it has all of the archive list

154043 No.10712350

File: 3ed7b3396624333⋯.png (766.25 KB, 390x1024, 195:512, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e1d4bf6a663b5f⋯.png (880.78 KB, 1024x490, 512:245, ClipboardImage.png)

Are these fake?

31ef36 No.10712369

Posting this for another anon because his thread was a few minutes late and he got fucked by spammers:

So I think we need to explore the angle of the Saudis given this article:


>Saudi Air Force books entire tower at W hotel for entire month of August

>A Saudi prince owns 47.5 percent of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which operates more than 100 hotels around the world, including one in Las Vegas.

>A spokesman for the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas said Saudi delegations normally stay at their property, but that they did not receive any group request for August.

>Unlike the W Las Vegas, the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is not a stand-alone structure. It is located on the top five floors of Mandalay Bay. The Four Seasons also has 133 more rooms than the W.

>top five floors of Mandalay Bay

>top five floors

>Mandalay Bay

I wonder if these dates coincide with that nigger rap festival that was supposed to be the first target?

I also think we need to look at the tram and monorail system as an escape route and reason shooters were reported along that line.


I am postulating, if we go with the multiple shooter theory and gun-deal-gone-bad theory, that some (((Saudis))) came to buy guns for ISIS, found out Paddock was compromised, killed Paddock, went to roof and started sniping, snuck down to tram while LVPD fumbled around upstairs for an hour, takes tram and monorail along the strip which explains reports of gunmen further down the strip, indiscriminately fire guns to cause panic and create diversion, escape.

82f09c No.10712370


The earlobes aren't accurate :^)

31ef36 No.10712375

Ayy lmao, and here come the spammers.

We're getting close I suppose.

25f6f9 No.10712378


>goybook sensationalist claims

at this point the best source is the police scanner. which ive been chopping up for bite sized reports.

Take the reports of terrorists at Bellagio on Goybook, it looks like a diversion because i'm 1 hour into the scanner radio and every time a report of gunfire is talked about, the strike teams investigate and find nothing.

82f09c No.10712390


I wonder when was the last time of this type of spam. Oh yeah, I think it was a month ago when a commie scum got really triggered in /pol/

25f6f9 No.10712393







wew lad spam right off the bat, sure didnt blow your cover any.


000000 No.10712396

from another thread

>how did his feet get wedged in the tight space between the rifle and table?

>there appears to be a regular pen on the right side of the note. what is the larger black object on the left side of the note?

585436 No.10712399

File: f881d03c61fe2f9⋯.jpg (457.68 KB, 1460x1066, 730:533, las-vegas-strip-map-2012-m….jpg)

Map of the rail in vegas

e8f713 No.10712406


Remember to report + filter by ID

0f3709 No.10712408


The commies are always spamming anon.

25f6f9 No.10712414


remember to globally report spambots

f0b43b No.10712422

Every thread I post the Saudi-owning-top-5-floors-of-MB-and-escaped-via-tram/monorail theory in is IMMEDIATELY spammed. This has happened in 3 threads now.

82f09c No.10712430


Depends of what type. This one comes from a professional cow who keeps embarrassing himself in front of everyone.

31ef36 No.10712433





Fucking this. We're getting close. The Saudis fucked up letting news about their arrival be released.

25f6f9 No.10712436


crossposting from other thread >>10712306

So I think we need to explore the angle of the Saudis given this article:


>Saudi Air Force books entire tower at W hotel for entire month of August

>A Saudi prince owns 47.5 percent of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which operates more than 100 hotels around the world, including one in Las Vegas.

>A spokesman for the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas said Saudi delegations normally stay at their property, but that they did not receive any group request for August.

>Unlike the W Las Vegas, the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is not a stand-alone structure. It is located on the top five floors of Mandalay Bay. The Four Seasons also has 133 more rooms than the W.

>top five floors of Mandalay Bay

>top five floors

>Mandalay Bay

I wonder if these dates coincide with that nigger rap festival that was supposed to be the first target?

I also think we need to look at the tram and monorail system as an escape route and reason shooters were reported along that line.


I am postulating, if we go with the multiple shooter theory and gun-deal-gone-bad theory, that some (((Saudis))) came to buy guns for ISIS, found out Paddock was compromised, killed Paddock, went to roof and started sniping, snuck down to tram while LVPD fumbled around upstairs for an hour, takes tram and monorail along the strip which explains reports of gunmen further down the strip, indiscriminately fire guns to cause panic and create diversion, escape.

10037d No.10712441

I certainly don't approve this spam but it usually motivates anons to keep digging. Most lads are lazy fucks but the ones digging will see it as a sign to keep going.

56620a No.10712451

die spammers

8fe13c No.10712455


I am wrong, there are several entrances to the hotel and the real estate company who sold it disassociated the property from mandalay bay just so they could say that, as their location in Tokyo got bad reviews for not being an independent property. It's a bit disguised but the building you enter for the lobby and all is just on the back side of mandalay bay. apologies for the accidental disinfo.

it's a weird fucking setup now that I think about it, you enter through a parking lot that looks like it's not in mandalay bay, closer to luxor, check in there, and are then led to your room. one thing I know about Vegas is that they sure love their tunnels and illusory bullshit.

not a shill fammos, just mistaken.

a25403 No.10712463


>how did his feet get . . .

When higher brain functions are destroyed the bits that have been around since primitive fish take the wheel.

>larger black object on the left side of the note?

I've seen people identify it as a novelty chunky pen hotels provide; presumably to stop absent-minded people from accidentally stealing it.

82f09c No.10712471


Depends of how's that bathetic person is going to continue. Probably waiting if his spam gets deleted. If not, then he'll believe that no volunteer is active right now and starts spamming again.

8fe13c No.10712473

I also want to point out that every single VPN I've tried today has been banned for botspam dost violations. there is some serious fuckery going on on this site and 4kids, although when is some serious fuckery not going down on 4cuck.

07b77d No.10712475


>A lack of press conferences can only mean one thing…

But what about the Droid attack on the Country Music Fans?


>Soros shorting MGM

He ran a fund with Jim Rogers early in his career, might cross reference with him to see if there's a pattern.


>blackmail arms procurement

The insertion of fiddles and cucking could be at so many points, but the live stream abroad lends itself to that (even so, could be a red herring to big up the Religion of Cuck spin)


> Powerpuff Girls poster

Potential 3 Witches from Macbeth reference,

"Paddock calls: – ANON"

Then Power Puff Pizza D:


>the only thing suspicious is Egypt and the time frame

'Arab Spring'


>Land Lord

Under the guise of 'international student housing', the houses he owned could be used by spooks easily

>>10710465 >>10710787

>11min firing, 70 min to breach

>Told to stand down/by

Pigs don't take initiative in the face of stand downs (Charleston, Berkely). Could've been the case.


>Paki Step Dad

Reeks of Spook


>Sister with Paki ties too



> Lord John Reid, who works at Chertoff?

Tinfoil: malicious imposter, with intent to have his shares voided/bought out (maybe being forced anyways, thus leaks)



Same as the helicopter seen on the ground in that one short video (officer in car on the left appears to pick up a dead driver on the ground next to it.)


FBI talking to stopped orange


"They found him, they've got guns pointed at him now."


Middle Eastern language being spoken on cross walk by man






>Sam Hyde

>Time travel



>enough "cute" coincidences are accumulating to give me pause


>>paddock is a frog


>>it also means enclosure


>>that larper miscalling him pollack /pol/lack


>>the macbeth quote with paddock and anon


>>pic related harvest festival

Also the SI'AL Ke:K from the Black Diamond Casino Sponsor seen in the LVPD Timeline Brief on TV.

FASTERHORSES and WATERSHED dovetail into those symbolically:

Capricorn: Water Horse

Watershed Moment

Paddock (frog/livestock enclosure): frog abbatoir, "On the Heath (grass)" [Macbeth 3 Witches]

Sukkot: >>10710929


>>top five floors of Mandalay Bay


>>top five floors


>>Mandalay Bay

5 stacks up in the numerology shit of the casualties/dates. The Arms could have been brought DOWN, rather than up to Paddock's and elsewhere.



Excellent Lord Reid Infographic


>trying to encode past wins into current ops to regain """power"""

Power's tubocoke, worst drug there is, and this kind of spook occult kabbalistic nonsense is par for the course.


>elevated position, Jack Ruby'd fall guy alleged left/commie

Black Diamond Casino as the sponsor of seen in the LVPD time line TV presentation (SI'AL Ke:K, no less)


>gun not flung

Have to know what position he was in when he (and if) did it to rule it out absolutely; most interested in seeing toxicology (if he was drugged/even conscious)


Do NOT crop out the PINK BEANIE GUY on the couch to the RIGHT. Post the full image and faggots can zoom for themselves.


>audio caller claims multiple shoots, also WITHIN the concert:


Torch turns on THE MOMENT the firing sounds start, he has NO reason to do that other than to blind the fish in the barrel *if he did do that. Imagine the cameraperson and those around would've been seen running away though (unless suppressed)


If you're under fire, you really oughtn't make yourself a glowing orb in a sea of humanity that's being targeted. The stage lights illuminate the ever loving shit out the area anyways, bet he regrets that if he remembers at all.

Cheeky suppressed shots from assholes in security in disguise could've gone unnoticed.


>>>10711484 Looking at connections, GF worked in Hotel industry and may have had many friends during the union Las Vegas strikes in 2016. Found a photo of protest outside Trumps casino with someone looking like him?


This close to HRC. In the State that she and the DNC believed was bought and paid for in both the primary and general, that would justify her nonexistent campaigning in the run up.


We now have both him and his brother in that CFCart shirt. Recall the double heart motif from the Power Puff Pizza >>10711946

. What does their logo remind you of?

> https://archive.fo/so0Rt


>qui tam: In common law, a writ of qui tam is a writ whereby a private individual who assists a prosecution can receive all or part of any penalty imposed

Individual. Penalty. Patsy.


0:33 is a massive tell, lying.

585436 No.10712477

File: 41970224ef8809c⋯.jpg (123.03 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, DLWKXqUUMAAOgAj.jpg)


This is big.

258da1 No.10712517


>background chain on the fuel towers that were shot at

9d419b No.10712518






it's possible the point of this spam is to hope it doesn't get deleted and then get's archived by archive.is/fo, at that point they can have the archives taken down for cp.

0691bd No.10712522





















(((it's))) scared

258da1 No.10712525


I've seen cp flooding used to warrant action on both Voat and halfchan so it wouldn't surprise me.

a25403 No.10712533


They want all VPNs and TOR blocked so whistleblowers can't get their info out.

25f6f9 No.10712544

File: 3deea67af38871b⋯.png (121.47 KB, 704x848, 44:53, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1730a9f91af62c9⋯.png (212.71 KB, 780x642, 130:107, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9a1802d9949285d⋯.png (156.44 KB, 670x410, 67:41, ClipboardImage.png)



Don't forget about this too.



f0b43b No.10712546


Checked, and thanks for owning it. But you bring up an interesting tidbit about having to enter through the parking garage at Luxor. Wasn't there a shooting at the Luxor parking garage posted in another thread? It was an image only, with no date, so I am not even sure it was on the that night. That anon posted the image without any reference that I could see. I'll see if I can find it.

9d419b No.10712547


solution to that is to block images temporarily

000000 No.10712554

Baby monitors these days are usually IOT devices so doesn't necessarily mean the viewer was in close proximity to the monitor. What advantages do regular old style radio and/or newer IOT baby monitors have for remote surveillance compared to other streaming options in this situation? Less traceable is what comes to my mind.

ad32e2 No.10712555


Stop replying to it

b5cb98 No.10712556

File: db857d432047571⋯.png (1.63 MB, 768x1017, 256:339, monorail-to-tropicana.png)


What were the times for the different shooting reports? Anyone? We need a timeline for all reports.






Here is a possible route from Mandalay Bay to Tropicana. One could easily get on the MGM Grand monorail from that point.

959985 No.10712559


There's that line, again.

Probably some sort of earlobe surgery so shills can continuously say this.

a25403 No.10712560


That would block more crimescene photos which I believe originated here or on cuckchan.

c1876d No.10712567

File: 429d4329b2df8d6⋯.png (296.09 KB, 727x745, 727:745, 0b3c5b473df253c129e34483b7….png)

Anyone got dead people proof yet? Recovered bullets? There should be friends and family screeching all over the place, and obituaries, etc..

While you faggots are tying yourselves in knots trying to figure who killed 59 people, and why, I'm still trying to figure out for sure if 59 people were killed. Why are you all so sure? What have you seen, and why is it not being posted in these threads?

>inb4 disingenuous kikes misrepresent what I'm asking for as Rambo (2008) tier violence in 4k before I'll be satisfied.

I just want some goddamn irrefutable proof.

258da1 No.10712568

3ff741 No.10712573

File: d655f8445484fc2⋯.jpg (141.85 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, d655f8445484fc2676b86f768f….jpg)


There was some decently conclusive webms posted of a person on their phone taking dead people's pulses. I didn't grab them but here's this.

9e8afc No.10712576

File: 10430f46a698cee⋯.jpg (13.31 KB, 396x286, 18:13, kys kV.jpg)

I'm replying to a post from last thread.


>first pic



sage for off topic

pic unrelated

258da1 No.10712578



>background chain on General Field McConnell

a000da No.10712586


>12 missing Israelis

Those are Mossad hit squad

585436 No.10712587

File: 1259a06e17eac6b⋯.jpg (313.35 KB, 721x550, 721:550, hmmm.jpg)

So Bill Gates and the Saudi prince were owners of the Four Seasons together. The Four seasons are floors 35-39 of the Mandalay Bay hotels.

32466b No.10712591

File: 40638c5cd3cfee9⋯.jpg (18.17 KB, 480x240, 2:1, kim-jong-un-north-korea.jpg)



From a strategic standpoint, it makes more sense if the shooting was a hit organize by a foreign intelligence service as a reciprocation for US brinkmanship in either with Iran or the DPRK aka Best Korea. I say this because such an operation would l be fairly low budget and cause a great deal of terror. It would also dovetail with dividing the US along ethnographic boundaries as well.

The "Filipina" was likely the shooter's handler and the shooter, whoever it may be, could easily be someone with a terminal illness whose family was promised large amounts of money. Remember, initial reports started she b was v in Tokyo, which would make sense if it was coordinated with North Korean intelligence.

I know this is not a well thought out theory, but it would explain the delays and the likelihood that a US patsy on file needed to have a quick legend created by nUS intelligence, since the admission of a DPRK hit would be more embarrassing to m the US strategically than a "line gunman. It also explains the horrible acting of the person whob is allegedly Paddock's brother, lack of information, the blackout on what occurred and a story that doesn't add up.

Just a theory.

c1876d No.10712593


Yeah, I've read every single thread since the night of the event. The vid you're talking about helps me believe, but it's not confirmation. There should be a lot more, along with follow up info on the victims that can be verified.

f0b43b No.10712594


Nevermind. It was a pipe bomb by some Beaner caught up in a love triangle.

585436 No.10712595



9d419b No.10712601

File: 9acf43b320f9802⋯.webm (10.36 MB, 406x720, 203:360, Graphic-Las-Vegas-Shootin….webm)


just trimmed the first second off it to post it again instead of digging through threads because i'm lazy

3837f0 No.10712605


I don't know if this was posted on here yet but this is a full 10 minutes of on the ground filming. http://content.jwplatform.com/previews/DCADb31h-FAOf4K8g

9d419b No.10712607


i'm also boycotting webm if quality isn't critical because i'm convinced they intentionally make vp9 slow as fuck to convince people to upload it to youkike, where their millions of dollars in dedicated vp9 hardware can encode it. for the goyim your not going to get better than 0.5x encode speed even on fast cpu's. it won't multithread unless your doing 720p+ video, at which point it's pointless anyway because it's going to take 30 hours even with multithreading.

3837f0 No.10712609



This guy filmed for ten minutes and it doesn't look to be on a phone either. http://content.jwplatform.com/previews/DCADb31h-FAOf4K8g

a25403 No.10712612

File: 9acf43b320f9802⋯.webm (10.36 MB, 406x720, 203:360, Graphic-Las-Vegas-Shootin….webm)

File: 59c27dd78fd58d2⋯.png (150 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.png)


You can post the same image file again if you put a second image file in your post.

Like this pixel.

9d419b No.10712615


i don't think i've seen that, working on a webm now

f0b43b No.10712616


That is an interesting point with the Saudi angle. What if the reason there is not any footage being released of Paddock carrying that baggage upstairs is because it doesn't exist because it was brought DOWNSTAIRS from the Saudi and Bill Gates-owned floors? They can NEVER release any pre-attack footage of Paddock, if this is true!

a25403 No.10712617


. . . it's the one you just posted.

9d419b No.10712618


no shit thanks, i figured that's what people were doing but i never tried it.

9d419b No.10712620

08dac9 No.10712621



It's not much, but the current list of Canadian dead are:

Jessica Klymchuk., mother of four from ValleyView Alberta.

Calla Medig, Edmonton Alberta

Jordan McIldoon, Maple Ridge B.C.

Tara Roe, Okotoks Alberta


What sort of information are you looking for on the deceased specifically?

728b9b No.10712622


is it sad that someone called this shit already, so fucking obvious. Its beyond blatant now.

08dac9 No.10712629


Damn, that's a neat thought isn't it? Would the guns have been brought in from when the Saudi Air Force was there the month prior? If they already have all the guns, why would they need Paddock?

3837f0 No.10712630



Let me know if you can get a webm of it, I tried but for 10 minutes I couldn't get it to work

000000 No.10712633


Looks like a barcode inventory scanner or a car window breaker tool.

25f6f9 No.10712639

File: 1b582666941fb82⋯.png (1.83 MB, 890x971, 890:971, ClipboardImage.png)


true. here's a 3d version with a path straight to the MGM monorail. going to have a look along the MGM rail for land bridges as well

f0b43b No.10712642


Wait a minute…what if these guns came from the deal made with Trump? Not saying he is complicit or knows this…or maybe he does and realizes he got burned?

258da1 No.10712643


Just posing a thought here but, does it matter if people were actually killed? People think they were, we have enough evidence to point that attention at Chertoff and Adelson, isn't that enough?


You could be on to something anon. Never trust a sandnigger.


For the purpose of implicating him to try to even things out with Onigger's Fast & Furious 1?

9d419b No.10712644


i've got it running now, i was able to grab the video with youtube-dl, it's full 1080p, 380MB, i already have the script setup for 11mb webm. other anon's might want to try to download that before it gets taken down.

webm will be up with vp9 in 20 minutes, amazing vp9 0.5x speed, incredibly fast.

b456a9 No.10712645


Are you not using webmforretards? Never had an issue with that with VP9 AND multithreading.

c1876d No.10712648


Family interviews, verification of claims made in interviews. Facebook posts, medical records, mourning videos, and so on. The full picture. Maybe it's just taking a while to come out, but 500+ injured, and 59 dead - the worst shooting in American history - this stuff ought to be pretty easy to come by in this age of information, and people posting everything about their lives online.

I don't have as much time to investigate as the fine autists here, so I'm relying on you mostly to dig up the truth.

9d419b No.10712651


i'm just using scripts and ffmpeg, been fucking with vp9 for a couple days. it'll only multithread if your encoding to a high enough resolution, 720p+. maybe you were using vp8.

3837f0 No.10712652

>>10712644 (Checked)

Yeah for some reason I could never get youtube-dl to work on my computer. I remember trying for days when the HWNDU was going on and then just gave up. Started using obs and a converter but it was a hassle to get it perfect

f0b43b No.10712655


Fuck off back to Thread 1. We are way past your current location and have moved on to actual digging. The onus is on you now. Come back and post when you can convince us to stop our Weaponized Autism by refuting 16 threads.

8e3999 No.10712656


have it in 480

what is the yt link? I will get it

31ef36 No.10712657




The Saudis could control enough of the hotel to get footage scrubbed, at the very least buy someone out on the inside to scrub footage that would implicate them. The Saudis on the top floors are key. Any time they're brought up in a thread, it immediately gets hit with spam.

It's way too much of a coincidence that some Saudis would buy out the top 5 floors the same week as the shooting. They were there while the shootING was happening.

If anyone can spread this to the retards on cuckchan so they can help dig this angle, that would be great. I really need sleep for now.

c1876d No.10712658


I can't get that video to play.


>does it matter

The truth always matters. It's the source of all power.

ce6012 No.10712659

File: fbdb4cfcb958540⋯.jpg (47.31 KB, 350x427, 50:61, fbd.jpg)



Like 9/11 but solved in a week

9d419b No.10712661



youtube-dl downloaded it with a streaming protocol, gonna have a hard time ripping it without either streamlink or youtube-dl

ff6fb3 No.10712663

Anons. Find the kikes and shitskins who did this. Get their names.

3837f0 No.10712664


Seems to be working for other anons, but there is one making a webm so just wait if you can't get it working

b456a9 No.10712669

File: ef07f8346d40496⋯.webm (4.27 MB, 360x480, 3:4, rip.webm)


Nope, definitely VP9. Vid related.

8e3999 No.10712670



view source:


402375 No.10712675

updated theory

>Marilou multiple husbands names addresses ss numbers birthdates.

>Paddock is a multimillionaire only worked 10yrs until '85 in govt job

>Marilou travels around the world setting deals up for CIA

>Delivers ISIS in Ph 100k to do attack inside US

>Paddock running guns makes a delivery on 27th sep

>Terrorists ask for more weapons and now want explosives

>Paddock arrives at mandalay with 3 asian men and trunk full of ammonium nit

>They go upstairs to get guns, asians pop him and shoot up concert

>Asians bail at 10:20 swat comes in at 11:30 find paddock dead

>CIA feeds info about lonewolf, conditioned msm takes bait

just listened to brother 'arms….' video

Thinking CIA attack was supposed to be massive but isisnigs chimped out didnt know plan.

08dac9 No.10712676

File: a15e58ce18c22d1⋯.png (694.19 KB, 852x613, 852:613, Oct 1 Vegas Shooting Victi….PNG)

File: f0936df6094176d⋯.png (350.96 KB, 876x690, 146:115, Oct 1 Vegas Shooting Victi….PNG)

File: f41b1c4be979ba2⋯.png (492.58 KB, 846x616, 423:308, Oct 1 Vegas Shooting Victi….PNG)

File: 4950f5673480553⋯.png (704.98 KB, 845x715, 13:11, Oct 1 Vegas Shooting Victi….PNG)


>so I'm relying on you mostly to dig up the truth.

Gee, thanks

I think part of the big trouble you'll find is country folk are least likely to have a facebook presence. Not saying they won't, just that if there's anyone that's going to pass on flouncing around the net and leaving footprints, it's the straw chewing country music fan.

That being said, here's some incredibly lazy checking on the victims.

9235ca No.10712677

OH vey, oh vey. Kikes selling the casino that was just used in a massacre and when!!! they were having a very good year.

Drudge has links to two good writeups on what his life was like and it was pretty damn sweet. The perks he got from the casinos and such. The whole thing stinks of Jews. I bet the FBI has 100% proof it was some antifa faggotry but doesn't want to release it because they think it will kick off all sorts of shit. WRONG. Conservatives don't act like that. They need to tell us so they can label them a terrorist group then arrest the fuckers running it. If not, more of this craziness will occur. These fuckers are more concerned with bad PR than saving lives. The next 30-60 days is going to be one happening after another. Just pure batshit insane…. FUCK!!!

48cf93 No.10712678

File: c4cd7859327174e⋯.png (162.88 KB, 1308x664, 327:166, usa communist.PNG)

File: 876412b865a5e83⋯.jpg (250.54 KB, 620x412, 155:103, clinton_bush.jpg)


in the 90s america was funding communists in the philippines.

258da1 No.10712685




Is it better to use hooktube's download option? You just change you to hook in youtube.com links. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=zNqxUuyHFzc&t=12m43s for example.


>That being said, here's some incredibly lazy checking on the victims.

Fraudulent donation funds would be good to look into also. (((never let a crisis go to waste))) and all.

ff6fb3 No.10712693


Bush looks like a kike.

3837f0 No.10712694


I'll give that a try, thanks. Obviously some of these videos aren't on youtube but other sources instead, so how do you get those?

48cf93 No.10712696

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bush sr and Bill Clinton Funded NDF just like How Reagan Funded the Taliban.

9d419b No.10712698


youtube-dl or streamlink is about the only option.

6b0c3f No.10712700


Great story line.

Who set-up the hallway cam and why.

And why didn't room service clean up the shit in the hallway of a 5 star hotel.

It's the simple details that don't add up with this whole event.

258da1 No.10712702

c1876d No.10712706


Much appreciated.

8e3999 No.10712712


…the United States… where communist groups "could" operate openly…


oldfag ways: right click, view page source/inspect, look for links to mp4 etc.

08dac9 No.10712716

File: 155b25050beabc6⋯.png (492.68 KB, 849x688, 849:688, Oct 1 Vegas Shooting Victi….PNG)

File: 8df267689ee1286⋯.png (113.9 KB, 503x494, 503:494, Oct 1 Vegas Shooting Victi….PNG)

File: 5f8d218a800f56e⋯.png (189.8 KB, 491x657, 491:657, Oct 1 Vegas Shooting Victi….PNG)


Had no problems finding McIldoon, but Tara Roe seems to be impossible to find. Her husband Zach Roe also doesn't appear to have a presence on facebook. I even tried looking up her aunt in Manitoba, Val Rogers, no luck.

I'm a bit stumped, anyone else have ideas on scouring for people who don't have a web presence?

6b0c3f No.10712718


Fuck I'm blind.

What if the shooter told room service dinner for 2 because they knew they would bring him that cart. He then kept the cart in the room so they couldn't collect it. He rolled the cart in the hall right before the shooting.

Without video this is a guessing game.

0af0ee No.10712720

How useful is this video?


I've known these two people for a long time, one of them for many many years before /pol/ was even anything, and I trust them more than I trust /pol/. If the video is helpful, I might be able to get more videos if I can convince them to share it with me.

From what I know, he was going to drive her home, so she was drinking that night. They were in the south west corner getting more drinks when it started. I have no idea where they are in this video, but the cops was later telling them to leave in groups of 5 at a time so they wouldn't be big targets, and that's when they left.

25f6f9 No.10712724

File: 3474034129b7958⋯.jpg (159.8 KB, 728x1179, 728:1179, 0ae8502a51b9f640d5126161b7….jpg)

pic of all of the monorail systems in the vegas strip, no red MSpaintover necessary. also shows all of the stopping points, and they line up with the majority of the police scanner reports. but also it can be an explaination on how there was bloody people at Paris but no one shot, civilians also using the monorails

37bbb7 No.10712727

bullet hitting ground here



pavement in front of guy vaping & white shirt

look for the plastic cup moving

000000 No.10712729


Try reverse image search

9d419b No.10712730

File: c0d925fd487768b⋯.mp4 (11.99 MB, 480x270, 16:9, RAW-VIDEO-Escape-from-Las-….mp4)


shitty hardware accel h264 version, webm still burning

72f1ce No.10712732


Hey, what are you using to render webms? I want to torrent something that can.

9d419b No.10712738


straight ffmpeg, with scripts I tweak on. gotta git gud and not use proprietary botnet garbage. most shit that does this is just using ffmpeg in the background anyway.

08dac9 No.10712740

File: 68a790033ccba69⋯.png (302.77 KB, 855x607, 855:607, Oct 1 Vegas Shooting Victi….PNG)

File: dc21b46968f9a8b⋯.png (906.4 KB, 842x723, 842:723, Oct 1 Vegas Shooting Victi….PNG)


False alarm, I'm retarded. She was under the name Tara Smith. Her husband doesn't seem to have a facebook account. This covers the Canadian contingent of Vegas victims.

0af0ee No.10712746


>What is the False Claims Act? How does a qui tam case work?

>Qui tam lawsuits are a type of whistleblower lawsuit that is brought under the False Claims Act, a law that rewards whistleblowers in successful cases where the government recovers funds lost to fraud. Qui tam is short for a Latin phrase, “qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur” that roughly translates to “he who brings an action for the king as well as for himself.”

>Qui tam cases are a powerful way for whistleblowers to help the government stop many kinds of fraud – Medicare and Medicaid fraud, defense contractor fraud and numerous other types of frauds that impact the government financially – and recover billions that have been stolen from the U.S. Treasury and taxpayers. (Tax frauds and securities law violations are handled differently.)


3837f0 No.10712747


You're doing awesome work anon, keep it up

19815f No.10712750

File: 5d8f15f97ccc339⋯.jpg (243.81 KB, 858x735, 286:245, Screenshot (398).jpg)

f864dd No.10712752

Anyone that has ever been to vegas knows the monorail is weird, unreliable, overpriced (like everything in vegas) and ghetto as fuck.

ad32e2 No.10712754

File: b199222a8eeeb38⋯.jpg (838.75 KB, 1439x1844, 1439:1844, Screenshot_20171005-033106.jpg)


19815f No.10712755

File: a04602905d437a9⋯.png (1 MB, 1671x1038, 557:346, Screenshot (409).png)


>>top five floors of Mandalay Bay


>>top five floors


>>Mandalay Bay

f864dd No.10712757

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Also check this vid. Full of police as well.

Getway with monorail is pretty lulzy.

f864dd No.10712758


Closes at 7pm dunno when the attack was.

a78927 No.10712759


This shit is staged!

f0b43b No.10712762


People have asked why Paddock would abruptly quit shooting when he had plenty of ammo and time left before being breached. What if the shooting stopped so abruptly because the shooters had to catch the 10:30 tram downstairs - the last of the night at that station?

5e6656 No.10712763

music anon here.

so apparently the person calling my friend with an fbi pseudonym has IDd himself as the anon we have been referring to so far as "fbi anon". and last night i received an urgent call from my friend after having just hung up the phone with him. he told me the following:

>that the "fillipino" narrative regarding patsy's said GF has somehow being used as a pretext to give cause for the FBI to run Jim 8ch and TGW up the flagpole in an attempt to (((shut it down))). my friend was advised that indeed 8ch and TGW are being looked into with regard to the LV investigation over in alphabet land.

I fully expect Jim is already aware of this and for those involved this should come as no surprise. certainly was not for me. anons i think the time to release the frogs of war is coming fast. buckle up, use tor and vpns as much as possible, and develop contingency plans for WHEN the DDOS attacks succeed.


08dac9 No.10712764



b456a9 No.10712767


Nice LARP. What's the basis for this?

741ab2 No.10712769

File: 0a342750fd67181⋯.png (265.69 KB, 953x559, 953:559, Capture.PNG)

File: 767a58672021142⋯.png (36.44 KB, 977x467, 977:467, Capture2.PNG)

How convenient… nonetheless trying to figure out what corporations might be filed under stephen's name. I'd suggest trying to find connections with other state's databases.

5e6656 No.10712777


not larping douchebag. this is serious shit and in my world this shit has happened before.

basis? im just reporting the facts. Jim and those other folks are my friends. some of the anons out there are also my friends. you, im not so sure about.

becabb No.10712778

Basically the (((CIA/Chertoff/ISIS))) fucked over the FBI arms dealer and carried out the shooting while framing the FBI arms dealer. This will push a number of globalist agendas including getting Chertoff a bunch of cash from metal detectors and bodyscanners, pushing gun control, memeing white men as crazy oppressors, more weapons to (((ISIS))), left praising the death of right.

0691bd No.10712779

>>10712777 (wasted trips)

>(((in my world it happened)))

Put up or shut up you enormous fucking faggot

5e6656 No.10712782


fine, i will shut up then.

go fuck yourself

258da1 No.10712784


Is this legit?


>implying there aren't """maintenance tunnels""" that parallel the underground route

I don't know that there are but I wouldn't be so quick to reject the idea out of hand.


Later than that I think, because it was night with no signs of dusk in any video I saw.


That could be.


That would be dumb, surely they've profiled us and know when communication stops, action begins.


>paradise ranch 21

Sounds like whores.


>some of the anons out there are also my friends

That's where you went wrong nigger, anons don't have friends.


Don't forget the (((Mossad))) but then again you probably were including that with Chertoff. It's still worth mentioning.

07b77d No.10712786


>sorcha faal

Sub-SuperMaleVitality tier source, very LARPy, hard to parse what isn't confabulation/unverifiable. Grain of Salt pill recommended.


>Paradise Ranch

International Student Housing rent seeker, now Whore House owner, nice

6a3192 No.10712787


Source, please

5e6656 No.10712788


MISTER nigger to you douchenozzle, and never underestimate the power of anons. Oh yes, some are friends, but you wouldnt know. And thats by design.

5e6656 No.10712794

sorcha faal is a fake name representing a disinfo team led by kike DAVID BOOTH

a25403 No.10712795


>Sorcha Faal

Throw it in the fucking garbage.

0af0ee No.10712796





>sorcha faal is a fake name representing a disinfo team led by kike DAVID BOOTH

Same report claims Trump leaked the photos to infowars, but that sounds super dumb. They were leaked on cuckchan first

5e6656 No.10712800


infofags are going to be so butthurt to learn their fearless leader is a paid actor whose real name is Bill Hicks. on the record in child custody hearings in austin as of only a few months ago.

infofag is now claiming he predicted LV shooting 2 days before. um no, he didnt. he plagiarized that like he plagiarized me and so many others of my colleagues in past years

6b0c3f No.10712801


I can confirm.My sauce is five dancing Israels.

5e9088 No.10712815


It's not lazy. If you have 200 people shot with 1 trauma surgeon actually at the hospital, the people shot in the head are dead, whether they are still breathing or not.

f0b43b No.10712816


Good work, Anon.

9d419b No.10712819

File: 476e7b55517777a⋯.webm (10.81 MB, 480x270, 16:9, RAW-VIDEO-Escape-from-Las….webm)

File: 076c210ba5e3b49⋯.png (386.51 KB, 1306x368, 653:184, hardware_acceleration.png)



improved webm/vp9, hardware accelerated encode is a meme version.

5e9088 No.10712822


Not even 3000 rounds of ammo could make americans break out of a brisk walk.

f0b43b No.10712826


Maybe it wasn't a gun deal gone bad? Maybe it was a staged attack, like halfchan John said was going to happen, and Paddock is a true patsy and actual victim?

In the lawsuit surveillance vid, he looks drunk. Maybe he was just an old, drunk, gambler who the casino, partially owned by the people who wanted to carry out a FF attack (((CIA/Mossad/ISIS/Saudis))), saw as an easy mark to give him a comped room for being such a high roller.

>Here ya go, Boomer Chump! It's on the house! This time, the house lost. (((jewing intensifies)))

000000 No.10712829


Why are there still cars and buses driving right in front of this?

1e2394 No.10712832

>>10712677 (checked)

It's just like Bataclan

19e427 No.10712839

File: 3d967187e9da657⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 3d967187e9da657ad9607051b7….gif)

This guy was streaming the attack on kikebook. https://m.facebook.com/feedlebom He was told by metro police to go INTO the hotel, maybe 15-20 mins into the shooting. When he got in, the hotel staff were telling everyone to GTFO. At this time, more police were coming in, and miscellaneous armed men were just standing in a line to block entry/exit up into the tower, rather than charging in to stop the shooting, hence facilitating that this continue. He's a rambling autistic nerd but he clearly states that multiple gunmen were involved at the start, fiering multiple weapons at the start. He also clearly stated automatic weapons fire which was when it sunk in that there was something actually happening and not just vegas bullshit. Dude's autistic as anyone, but he also checks out as former military (air force) and would recognize automatic weapons.

Can anyone WEBM his stream please? We must save all footage, and this is a long stream that was outside, inside, and outside of the hotel.

9d419b No.10712840


it takes a while for the police to get their shit together.

19815f No.10712841

File: e925bf41160b305⋯.mp4 (5.49 MB, 720x392, 90:49, monorail.mp4)

19e427 No.10712842


Anon, he was clearly a patsy but no innocent victim. He was involved in this and other operations and they decided to liquidate him for whatever reason.

9d419b No.10712843

File: f0ef1110c0102ad⋯.png (18.23 KB, 609x236, 609:236, no.png)

370e8a No.10712845


Normies and the world forget this is a containment unit, not an echo chamber. It would be unwise to let all of us out.

9445c9 No.10712846

File: 005be32d6bdd523⋯.jpg (404.83 KB, 716x1070, 358:535, S71005-231039(1).jpg)

File: 8c4abfa3c77cda6⋯.png (97.99 KB, 727x591, 727:591, 1507114258868-pol.png)


Thousands of Israeli 5.56 rounds + weapons stolen


f0b43b No.10712849


But I still lean towards gun-running. How about this:

>Paddock is the BUYER, which is why he wires 100k to Flipland

>Saudis bring guns DOWN from their privately-owned rooms to his room to deliver product, stack magazines neatly in corner like in crime scene pic

>kill Paddock and stage room

>another team on roof starts shooting and sniping people

>roof squad cuts it short before 10:30 in order to hoof it downstairs to catch last tram of night

>get off tram at transfer stations, shoot off guns to cause mayhem and panic, which explains reports along strip

>sandniggers escape up strip back to W where they had tower booked month before

>guns used in attack came from weapons deal Trump made with king sandnigger

>Paddock did work for FBI, but ISIS is CIA front, and CIA motive was to create Fast & Furious 3.0 (Benghazi was 2.0) scandal leverage against Trump and FBI

>gun control agenda gets advanced, Chertoff gets scanners, kikes and sand kikes in Vegas get their casino/hotel deals pushed through, DNC gets talking points affirmed, Deep State gets leverage, everyone is happy but Trump and whites

19e427 No.10712852


Since when? They have SWAT for this. There should had been snipers in position within 15minutes in vegas. Also, what about casino security? What about fucking organized crime? It's not fucking easy to have a set up this fucking sterilized in a city like Vegas. The location absolutely had to of been vetted and secured before this went down. You couldn't had pulled this off even in downtown Portland, most pozzed of American cities, without accidentally spooking russian gunrunners or a chink gang, let alone drug dealers, by pulling this shit. Yes, I have encountered all of those even in Portland. I like the russians, way more professional than the others. Cause no trouble and get no attention.

000000 No.10712853


I would agree, but I don't know, seems like a 1st priority thing to me, let's not get more people in the area.

728b9b No.10712856

File: 9194778866fbf4d⋯.png (19.74 KB, 1346x219, 1346:219, ClipboardImage.png)

possible, screencapping for prosperity.

If you are correct ,we will see it happen in an obvious way.

728b9b No.10712857

19e427 No.10712858


FFS just use a sockpuppet. If thats too much, where can I upload the whole files so that someone can WEBM them?

728b9b No.10712862


mega, or depending on how big you can use http://pomf.cat/

9d419b No.10712863


https://volafile.org/ or mega

c1a51f No.10712864


Sorcha Faal is literal fake news.

f0b43b No.10712865



>roof squad starts shooting and sniping people

is really the Israeli team instead of a Saudi team? Both ((())), so not much difference.

19e427 No.10712866



Thanks. Which is safest for opsec?

000000 No.10712867


Time? Also, monorail working during an active shooting?

2b9472 No.10712868



Nigger, please.

9d419b No.10712869


i don't think it matters, none of this is illegal, but people use mega to pirate shit as much as they do torrents. you have to make an account though. vola you can do without an account.

728b9b No.10712871


eh, mega probably, but both are safe I can assure you.

763f6b No.10712872

File: ce414852c3569cc⋯.png (51.59 KB, 1563x117, 521:39, 5.png)

The halfchan "-john" prediction guy said that OSI and the Chertoff group would be pushing the installation of xray scanners in hotels and other places following the event he was warning about:

>if their plan is successful state of nevada will pass a law in the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines. soon after a federal law will be passed to put these machines in universities, high schools, federal buildings, you name it. osi systems and chertoff are the main producers of these machines. sometime around 2020 chertoff and osi will merge into a single company. after they merge the owners will sell off all their stock and make billions in profit. mr chertoff has been in contact with sheldon adelson. mr adelson will become a huge sponsor of these machines and he will be the first to put them in his casinos when the law passes.

This is Chad Sweet, CEO of the Chertoff group, shilling for increased use of "screening technologies" the day after the Vegas shooting on CNBC: relevant part is from 12:43 to 13:32: https://youtu.be/zNqxUuyHFzc?t=12m43s

"-John" also implicates Sheldon Adelson in this plot. Trump met with Adelson the day after the shooting: http://archive.is/q4T0y

19e427 No.10712879

File: f86a27e431c283f⋯.png (346.44 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, wpid-vlcsnap-2014-12-03-13….png)



Alright, done. One is 21mb and the other 79mb.

damn this makes me feel old… I haven't been filesharing since fatman.com got raided in kiwiland.


Thanks Anons.

172138 No.10712880

File: 90195572a86101c⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2572x3270, 1286:1635, Amber_Rudd_2016.jpg)

File: 3126f60f69986d3⋯.jpg (505.4 KB, 1554x2072, 3:4, Official_portrait_of_Kwasi….jpg)

>saudi connection

Remember that UK call to imprison people on right wing forums?

This is the MP that pushed it:



This is her partner: (kek she's a coalburner - also note the 12 year age difference… odd)



This is a controversy surrounding him:

>Paid trip to Saudi Arabia[edit]

>In April 2016, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs paid for Kwarteng and ten other Conservative MPs to visit Saudi Arabia on a "parliamentary fact-finding" mission. The Saudi Arabian government paid between £1,500 and £3,700 for each MP.[15]



What an extremely odd coincidence that the saudis are connected to the LV shooting and that the UK MP with a partner that was paid by the Saudis for "visits" to the country - also likely to prevent potential weapon embargoes on the Saudis.

I smell either a traitor to the west or a blackmailed boomer via her "partner".

f0b43b No.10712881


That may actually be the best scenario for not having any witnesses around, until they emerged at the transfer stations. Maybe they walked the tracks? Maybe they walked it after the last tram left, knowing another wouldn't come up behind them/run them over? Idk how accessible or walkable the tracks are, though. And idk if it was closed down or not once the shots fired was reported.

172138 No.10712883


see >>10712880

We now have 2 links to the motive of gun control.

19e427 No.10712885


FFS typo, did ; instead of :


now I can sleep.

Long rambly streams but full of details from the ground, including talking to hotel staff. The details make up for the maximum autism.

172138 No.10712886


That would definately explain this connection >>10712880

The payments that Kwasi was given were regards to talks on the weapons embargo that the UK was about to enforce on the Saudis.

Reminder that the Saudis ruling family, the Wahhabis, have clear jewish origins.

f0b43b No.10712889


Holy shit. Also, she looks pretty jewey to me.

9d419b No.10712891


lol volafile kikes obscure the video link to intentionally thwart downloading

172138 No.10712895


So this explains the Bill Gates connection.

Oh boy, I suggest that people with windows computers should begin backing up any data that they have. This is gonna create havoc.

07b77d No.10712899


>Paddock BUYER for FLIP Reds/ROCs

>Weapons brought DOWN from Saudi(s') stash

>Tram used to scatter response over actual body count

>12 Chosenites and North Chosen Land armory raid nominal source

Like this take; diplomatic immunity with the Saudi delegation (if still in town).

>Tabernacle structure aerially from Luxor's perspective; Paddock/Kek 'controlled chaos' in 'WaterShed* moment, victims FASTERRACEHORSES (Goyim animals, beasts of burden); water-shed frog tank; Water-Horse: Capricor; Macbeth 3 Witches in Power Puff photo, "Paddock calls: — Anon"

6c5744 No.10712901


>what is research?

>what is op mockingbird?

newfag smell detected

2b332c No.10712902


Whatever surgery he had could be relevant.

6c5744 No.10712905

File: 103df6ece61d84c⋯.jpg (84.3 KB, 612x612, 1:1, a.jpg)



>mfw you see 2 happening timelines in 2 stickies converge unironically.

ad32e2 No.10712908

Theory : everything was premeditated and planted including most of the disinformation and (((leads))) posted to image boards.

Everyone's chasing ghosts just like the Kikes want to enact Gun Control.

Meanwhile libshits and GOP Cuckservatives are actually pushing real Bipartisan control legislation as we speak.

9d419b No.10712910

File: 61246b5d4a5d4fc⋯.mp4 (10.93 MB, 360x640, 9:16, Mandalay1-8ch.mp4)



here's the first mp4, i don't think video quality matters as much with this so i'm not wasting cpu on it.

5e9088 No.10712914


Shorter vid: faggot shooting his face entire time, literally see nothing else.

19815f No.10712915

Streamable embed. Click thumbnail to play.



19815f No.10712916



172138 No.10712918

File: f53850e1d867656⋯.jpg (40.06 KB, 515x496, 515:496, 8174a2de289f9668cf701ab7e5….jpg)


On her wiki:

>In an uploaded video from a hustings in Rye during the 2017 general election on 3 June 2017, Rudd appears to halt a speech by independent candidate Nicholas Wilson. She handed a note to the chairman who subsequently removed the microphone from Wilson, deeming it a "personal attack" (Wilson was talking about arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Theresa May's recent visit to the country), having already warned him about straying from the topic at hand. Wilson complained of "pure censorship".[40]

Oh boy. Theresa May may also be connected to this shit. Holy fuck. That explains her recent behaviour.

Here's another weird thing I found on the updated archive ( the other one was 3mths old) on that I posted on the other thread >>10706626


>Asylum seeker deportation

>On Wednesday 30 August 2017, an emergency high court hearing was held to examine Rudd's four-week delay in releasing an asylum seeker who had been tortured in a Libyan prison from a UK detention centre.[43] Concern was expressed that the home secretary failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for the delay in releasing the man from detention. Rudd also failed to provide a barrister for this proceeding and was instead represented by a government solicitor.[44] On 14 September 2017 the Guardian reported that a She had deported Samim Bigzad to Kabul - despite an earlier ruling banning her from doing so. A High Court Judge found her to be in contempt of Court after ignoring an order to return him to the UK. [45]

>In September 2017, Rudd acted in contempt of court for three times disregarding a High Court order. The order concerns the unlawful deportation of an asylum seeker called Samim Bigzad to Afghanistan while his life is under direct personal threat from the Taliban.[45][46][47] Rudd could face prison for defying the High Court.[48]

She seemed determined to deport this guy to his death. Why?

Perhaps because he's an agent working for the sauds. I think she's a definate traitor or blackmailed or something.

The EU also tightened laws.

Australia also has discussed gun laws here - crack downs on "semi-autos" owned by farmers.

They're trying to crack down GLOBALLY as we speak.

/pol/ was right all along.

19815f No.10712920

Streamable embed. Click thumbnail to play.


those are the relevant feedlebom fb vids..these last 2 are part a and part b due to streamable 10min limit

19815f No.10712922

File: a8525f7add96844⋯.jpg (33.86 KB, 660x400, 33:20, alwaleedgates.jpg)


2 wild n crazy kinda guys

a25403 No.10712926

Is there no continuous audio recording of the 10 minutes of gunfire?

Even stitched together from different sources? Fuckers with their cellphones, attention span of a goldfish, I swear on me mum.

172138 No.10712927


The saudi connection we are not finding is no coincidence.

They've been targeting us since we began to really dig into the doings of the wahabbis since they were established.

We're a direct threat to their subversion. And I know think that they are the ones behind this.

The petrodollar is probably connected into this too. We've began to fuck with their control over it - finding shale oil, etc discoveries.

They must be hitting the west while they still have the chance.

I also think they must be the ones that are supplying weapons to ISIS. And the "weapons embargo" in the UK would have been a threat to this.

They want the west weaponless possibly to begin direct invasion of it.

b06761 No.10712928

There is a continuous audio recording. It was released with the bodycam footage.

3837f0 No.10712929


I posted this already, lurk before you post


9d419b No.10712933

File: f8a27764d09e76e⋯.mp4 (12 MB, 234x416, 9:16, Mandalay2-8ch.mp4)

88f5f4 No.10712934



Army of One. We already went over this many threads ago.

728b9b No.10712936


no we didn't disinfo kike

19e427 No.10712938






Thanks anons. I think the most important parts (and the reason I wanted these saved) are where he interacts with hotel staff, and also the several times he places security and metro police movements. Is there any way to place a time on when those interactions occurred? This may prove useful to someone. last post for the night. Sleep now.

728b9b No.10712941


I think the most telling is the continued reports of multiple different types of firearm sounds and reports of 3 shooters. more confirmation that there is more people involved.

19815f No.10712945


protip: saudis and mossad are buddies..both hate iran

137372 No.10712948


There is none, but CIA-niggers can assure you that it went down exactly as the CIA wants you to think it went down.

19815f No.10712949


good one, ripped it…still no muzzle flashes in 1080p…things that make you go hmm


88f5f4 No.10712952


>no we didn't

Thread #12 https://archive.fo/30ANc

Thread #14 https://archive.fo/7Oldm

ctrl+f "Army of One" to see the discussions. Actually browse these threads and don't out yourself as the newfaggot that you are.

19815f No.10712953

Streamable embed. Click thumbnail to play.



FF to last minute for dude shot in arm and ribcage walking out

172138 No.10712954


>video of alternate face of mandalay at time of shooting

Check it for the those "window repairs" and potentially people coming in and out of them.

728b9b No.10712955


it was not decided on that it was what he meant is what I meant. Nobody agrees with it, he said arms, if he was going to say "army of one" then he would not have added an S to arm

370e8a No.10712959


Checked. The point IS he slipped up yet again, and also looked like he had an earpiece. Unbelievable this motherfucker is not already in custody. Like anons said, his lifespan is shortening.

ccb461 No.10712960


This is some stupid ass theory. Why tf would some one fly in bullets from another country when they can just buy them down the street at a gun shop.

f864dd No.10712961

File: bb6197e9636fd75⋯.jpg (63.66 KB, 634x344, 317:172, 450F187500000578-4951334-i….jpg)

Las Vegas terrorist Stephen Paddock may have been planning to strike two months earlier at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

Booking: Paddock had reserved two rooms at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago during the time of the event in August this year - two months before the Las Vegas massacre

Paddock had booked two rooms at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, across the street from Grant Park where Lollapalooza has been held since 2005, TMZ reports.

Both rooms overlooked the festival area, and Paddock would have had a similar view of the crowd as he had in Las Vegas during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on Sunday.

Lollapalooza was held from August 3 to 6 this year, and Paddock's two rooms were booked from August 1st to 6 and from August 3rd to 6.

TMZ says Paddock, 64, never showed up for his bookings at the hotel.

Also AirBnB claim regarding another event earlier in vegas.

Disinfo, avid festival goer, deranged mass murdered despite his easy life (unless he owed millions to the casinos) or patsy who was tasked to scope out locations by the gangsters (or CIA blackops?) he laundered money for?

He looks like an unkempt slob, certainly not special agent material.

172138 No.10712962


Are those two cars travelling down it?

Why are they disconnected?

First one looks real dark too.

172138 No.10712966


>Why tf would some one fly in bullets from another country when they can just buy them down the street at a gun shop.

Because Saudis can't buy them from the street.

Or Israelis.

I don't know if the sauds and israelis would be friendly with each other.

Something tells me the sauds would exploit their "common heritage" to fuck them.

88f5f4 No.10712968


Only one anon in Thread #14 actively disagreed. It's not a consensus by any means, but still going around with the narrative that he was going to say "Arms Dealer" despite all the skepticism surrounding it when it was first brought to our attention is at risk of spreading misinfo without 100% confirmation, which is obviously needed.

Funny how you called me the disinfo kike.

172138 No.10712969


Needs a source.

172138 No.10712972


see >>10712961

Also the target here is the west, not Iran.

I think they're plotting something big against the west.

334e8a No.10712973


Paddock himself barely matters. Stop focusing on him. He can’t tell you anything now.

19815f No.10712974


or maybe they were for a US domestic op…maybe the op was RT91 festival but paddock didnt leave the way he thought he was going to((with brains intact))

000000 No.10712976


>He looks like an unkempt slob, certainly not special agent material.

Certainly. ;)

f864dd No.10712977



728b9b No.10712979


because you claim that we already agreed that he was going to say "army of one", and I quote you

>Army of One. We already went over this many threads ago.

you are implying that its been decided. What is obvious is he adds an S to the end of arm which if he was going to say army, wouldn't make any fucking sense.

137372 No.10712980

File: 2c9d3f2345a5897⋯.mp4 (4.57 MB, 400x224, 25:14, TodayShowShootingVictim24h….mp4)

Watch the powerful moment this Las Vegas shooting survivor was reunited with the man who saved him.

Here is an interview with a victim of the shooting 24hrs after the event, back at the scene talking to Today Show news reporter.

I will upload the decidedly strange interview and some good analysis after.

This will be most amusing to keen eyed anons, and really annoying to every CIA-nigger.

If you can watch this interview and still believe a word of the juden press about it, then there's no helping you.

137372 No.10712982

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For those hard of thinking here's a simple analysis of that previous interview.

f864dd No.10712984


his poor physical shape and apparent ailments (bad knees etc.) only leaves money laundering and related activities, which aligns with his accounting and IRS background as well, IF he was involved in criminal activities

certainly not some special ops dude

631d0b No.10712987


good eye. excellent description, it would have taken me a while to spot that.

172138 No.10712991


I need a DIRECT source.

I can't search an image on it.

Also TMZ? Odd.

88f5f4 No.10712992


>because you claim that we already agreed

No, read what I said again:

>"we already went over this many threads ago".

That is, it was discussed, the "Arms Dealer" angle was far from agreed on, was subjected to skepticism and criticism, and "Army of One" was another counter explanation brought up that anons kept forgetting to take into account.

000000 No.10712993


2Bullet hitting" and "guy vaping" shouldn't be in the same argument, feels like one contradicts the other haha

137372 No.10712995

File: f7fddd5a9efb4b9⋯.jpg (32.58 KB, 532x273, 76:39, FilmedBeforePotatoesWereIn….JPG)


Can someone please explain to me that whenever there's a incident as major as this, everybody's camera phones suddenly turn into 1970s Betamax mode?

000000 No.10712997


Another of our favorite smiling/chilling witnesses of the tragedy. Also, don't hug him so hard, he's just been shot, remember?

172138 No.10713000


I think Paddock may have been with other people and killed as a scapegoat (and nitrate put in his car for this reason).

Clearly there are multiple people involved. This must be a foreign agency hit, perhaps they convinced Paddock to join?

OR they're just mercenaries paid by a foreign entity - remember the Lockheed Martin connection.

479417 No.10713002

I've been lurking these threads, i figured someone would point this out, but it hasn't happened, so I guess i have to. Casino security is not a bunch of high speed, low drag oper8ers. I've worked those jobs, in the not so distant past. Very few people are armed, and they made us carry PPKs, not something you want to respond to rifle fire with. The gun runner angle also seems off to me, different calibers, gucci rifles, that you could get easily through strawbuys, if you are looking for that kind of volume as a saudi… you just buy a case at home. I think this guy will turn out to be a deranged leftist with help, no opinion on the number of shooters. Just my opinion, im still digging through the media.

172138 No.10713003


Post webm.

Normally youtube vids should embed though so that's odd.

137372 No.10713006


24hrs later, he's back on the scene, without any caution or nerves after such trauma, then meets his saviour and the comedy really begins.

I just loved the way neither of the two could keep a straight face and would constantly crease up with laughter every 10 seconds.

ccb461 No.10713007


This is some scary as shit and rings true. Remember when Mattis said that he will "hold the line" in the middle east when civil war breaks in the US to stop an invasion on US soil. Germany also declared the US an enemy while importing sand niggers to start their ground invasion when the EU jews say go, all while dehumanizing whites globally through (((MSM))) propoganda.

728b9b No.10713008


you corrected the guy who said "arms dealer" with "army of one" and stated "this was discussed in the other thread" as if it was fact. Context matter, just like him adding an S to the end of arm matters.

19815f No.10713011

Streamable embed. Click thumbnail to play.

07b77d No.10713012


>From a strategic standpoint, it makes more sense if the shooting was a hit organize by a foreign intelligence service as a reciprocation for US brinkmanship in either with Iran or the DPRK aka Best Korea.

China our economic Siamese Twin. Russia didn't do anything counterfuckery after the Turkish Ambassador or this (unless the General's death was the last straw - but why not just do something in the region - ) and it only advances destabilizing anti-administration elements' interests.

But the alleged 'device'/dirty explosion angle might make it plausible; Kim's estranged brother was axed in the Fillipines, seems the softest/most convenient entrypoint for DPRK intelligence (commie-paki whore esp.)


>Wait a minute…what if these guns came from the deal made with Trump? Not saying he is complicit or knows this…or maybe he does and realizes he got burned?

There was that US arms deal to Saudi Arabia done recently. With as stupid and assmad his opponents are, an inversion of the Fast&Furious Libya scenario (US to Religion of Cuck arms transfers found out; unexploded anti-air ordinance in returning chopper, ect.) would be characteristic of them.


>The Saudis on the top floors are key.

Need to see private flights out of LV lists.



Maybe just for the viewing pleasure of the asshats upstairs? Decoys to give the impression of covering the halls for would-be breachers?


>5.56 from North Merchantlandia to LV

Connecting the 'stolen' munitions to HAMAS would be desireable to try and coerce US to go ham on Assad/Russia, because the shavecocks are that psychotic of desert demon worshippers. Wars have been started on less.



Might be more reasonable if it's green screened; can't say for certain with that video quality. Tasteless either way and stretches credulity.

172138 No.10713013


>if you are looking for that kind of volume as a saudi… you just buy a case at home.

What if they don't want the saudi government to find out though?

I know that sounds retarded, but if they're agents they may not want to have any footprints left even in Saudi Arabia. Plus it prevents "spies" from seeing them do this. May also be a reason why they would use paid mercenaries - perhaps like those from lockheed martin.

93f87b No.10713017



Good video. I noticed one thing the analysis left out though. Right before the "savior" gets in the frame, the "victim" acts surprised that his savior is there, and hugs him. This doesn't add up, as the interview appears to be conducted in an open street, and the victim being interviewed would have seen the guy standing there, waiting to get in frame. The whole scene was setup.

172138 No.10713018


I only saw one puff of smoke.. What about the rest of the bullets?

Hitting victims?

9d419b No.10713020


it's not the camera, the source was much better quality. the source was also 380MB. this shit quality is a result of intel's hardware accelerated h264 decoder being totally garbage. it works well for higher bitrates but totally breaks down for low bitrates. 10 minutes into 10MB turns is like 120kbps.

notice the difference between this, and this:


and look at the pic. VP9 was run on the cpu and took 20 minutes. h264_vappi was run on the GPU and took 30 seconds. h264 isn't really that bad, it's intel's hardware encoder. you can run the software h264 encoder with better results, but it's obviously slower. The speeds from what i've tested are something like:

vp9: 0.5x video length (10 minutes = 20 minutes to encode)

h264_vaapi: 30-50x.

h264 software is faster, like 3-5x, but I need to write scripts for that. I'm switching to that when I get the time. vp9 is so slow it's unusable on anything long. h265 also seems to be something like 2-5x, and comparable in quality to vp9, but naturally 8ch blocks it and forces h264.

9d419b No.10713021


i mean to reply to


172138 No.10713024


This is interesting, but we need to take care with Sputnik news.. just in case.

9d419b No.10713025


i also meant intels hardware accelerated "encoder" is totally shit not "decoder"

479417 No.10713028


Tbh that's possible, It's just my take on it. The crime/death scene is what i focused on because it's more my arena, lots of oddities there, but i don't want to derail the path that anons are going down now.

a02f4c No.10713029


>it's not the camera, the source was much better quality.

Perhaps for that video but almost all of these are potato-tier. I thought it had something to do with the cameras adjusting the resolution down for low light conditions

ccb461 No.10713030


Yeah sputnik is like CNN russian style, haha

a2d0d5 No.10713036


Have bullet casing been found anywhere along your proposed route dickhead?

c1876d No.10713041

File: 7f64fd9d89db457⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 280x390, 28:39, 2eamhx4.jpg)


>my shoes full of wa- uh.. blood


000000 No.10713043


>follow the bullet casings

There are not even bullet casings in the room where he did it!! (at least not enough).

19815f No.10713055

Streamable embed. Click thumbnail to play.

is the 45 degeree angle window on 32nd floor even broken?…obv no flashes still…this shit is going to break today…

8abe44 No.10713067


> some (((Saudis))) came to buy guns for ISIS, found out Paddock was compromised, killed Paddock, went to roof and started sniping,

I don't think this is what happened. I don't think this was simply an arms deal gone bad that turned into a shooting. This was a routine arms deal that was unknowingly entrapped in a conspiracy. The shooting was planned ahead of time (we know this thanks to -john) and they used an arms deal to make it happen.

728b9b No.10713071


I believe this was the wrong side of the hotel, as that street I think is the street by the freeway side, which would be the south.

3f8a38 No.10713082

File: 8ad67314da9ed2b⋯.jpg (185.53 KB, 600x798, 100:133, eaf3b0df9c15e7f08f02a16683….jpg)

There is a glaring contradiction on this photo

9d419b No.10713083


shells with no blood on top, on top of blood

c0681d No.10713084


Why are there 7.62 shells and a revolver on the ground?

3f8a38 No.10713086


1: There is almost no blood on his chin, that means he was already lying on the group chin up when he was shot through the mouth

2: the bullet casings are pristine, either:

a) they were placed after the blood spilled, or

b) the blood flowed 'slowly' to cover what it is covering currently, only possible if he died instantly through a shot to the head and the blood flooded out due to pressure, like a balloon full of water deflating

The points above prove that if he had committed suicide, he shot himself through the mouth while already lying on the floor, but that's impossible!

The gun is the problem, if he had shot himself through the mouth, the gun would be completely covered in blood, also, no matter what kind of movement you were to do after death, the gun could never end up behind him, not at that distance.

<But the cops kicked the gun

If the gun was kicked, there is only one possible place it could have been before it was kicked

2e5efa No.10713089


If he is gun running it would be more convenient to have weapons in a different room to where you are sleeping. You meet with your client's lacky for a 'bagel' and leave the 2nd room keycard behind. Client + grunts for inspection and carrying can access the room without Paddock being a physical witness to the event, you cant name names or point someone out for a lineup if you never saw them.

Completely unsourced reminder on the day hotel staff noted that the hotel was booked out for 3 weeks prior to the shooting but the gig location was only confirmed after, therefore it could not have been planned, though I imagine with a good vantage point during that festival you could be assured of some soft targets.

3f8a38 No.10713090

File: 2f56b779ed5b1b3⋯.jpg (189.8 KB, 600x800, 3:4, position.jpg)



It is here, the blood trail proves that the gun was once there, and the way the blood is print on the gun proves that the blood slowly flowed into it.

The gun is too clear for it to have been used as a suicide weapon through the mouth

He was killed with another weapon

479417 No.10713091



What if he wasnt selling weapons, what if he was buying? That ANFO/tannerite combo is kinda half assed. Maybe he wanted to go out with a bigger bang, or whoever he was involved with did. He could just be the middleman or the money and got offed when it went south.

2e5efa No.10713094


I imagine shooting yourself in the face is easier with a revolver than a full auto - if this is the case. The position of the gun in relation to the body is interesting, wonder if the cops kicked it away from him.

b2199a No.10713095

There needs to be a serious meme campaign with:


9d419b No.10713099

File: 90e5473cf6e9c56⋯.png (725.06 KB, 600x798, 100:133, shopped.png)

8abe44 No.10713105


If this is a conspiracy about making billions off of hotel security, and that's certainly what it seems like given all the headlines that corroborate -john, then it's entirely possible that Trump is involved in this conspiracy. A lot of money could be made securing Trump properties.

19815f No.10713106


no this is the correct (east) side..cameraman is walking south towards MB…hence the Blvd, then luxor, the fans fleeing

f864dd No.10713107


my money is still on a money launderer who was tasked with a special task and was made a patsy

he was playing video poker full time for two decades and even with the best comps in the world you won't be significantly enough above break even to call it a career. It's normally a net loss game.

479417 No.10713108


There is a hole in his sternum. The guy was supposedly left handed, shooting yourself in the chest with a DAO pistol weakhanded is an odd choice.

728b9b No.10713111


ok, then that is definitely weird. I can clearly see where the window should be, not only do I for sure not see any flash or hint of a flash, but the glare off the windows where it would be suggest the window is still in place.

a25403 No.10713113



Your analysis is fucking laughable.

Go play with a jug of water, a bottle of ketchup and a playmat until you learn how liquids work.

19815f No.10713114




maybe ordering the "bagel" was a breadcrumb of who he was meeting?

and i still think if "arms deal" is involved, then it is either saudis and/or mossad attempting to arm group for an op within US..possibly even what happened that night…paddock just didnt know he was gonna be the patsy…patsies rarely know…

3f8a38 No.10713115


>until you learn how liquids work

the blood trails in his face pretty much proves that the blood flooded out of his face slowly enough to not spill everywhere

479417 No.10713116


Nothing to say that's not what it is, but my brain just twisted, and I'm wondering if he was there to BUY something instead of sell, or tasked.

871401 No.10713122


>He looks like an unkempt slob, certainly not special agent material.

Keep in mind that most operations guys are just like this. They only look like Brad Pitt in the movies. The good looking ones are off trying to fuck foreign diplomats to steal info. The field ops guys need to be everyman blend-in types. Most are not direct company hires, just contract assets.

3f8a38 No.10713124



check here (1:00+), you can clearly see how the blood flows outside of his body 'slowly' that it don't spill everywhere, as his body 'deflates', exactly like I described

a25403 No.10713126


He was shot (presumably by himself) in the mouth. He immediately collapsed before his mouth could fill up with blood which then flowed down across his face.

Your claim that blood should be on the top of the shell casings, when they're sitting on a carpet, is fucking ludicrous. I can only assume that you've never encountered a carpet.

9445c9 No.10713127

File: 8fde0ba523782ce⋯.jpg (80.84 KB, 727x1083, 727:1083, IMG_20171005_124624.jpg)


>tfw liquidologist

f864dd No.10713131


You can let some old fart with back and knee problems do basic intel but not tasks that require top physical shape.

Look at the mossad assassins. They were not overweight slobs.

2e5efa No.10713137


Buying or selling either case here is legit, with the electronic surveillance apparently in the room it was a blackmail setup organised by Paddock either way IMO.


Agreed re physical shape required for this, in the arms deal scenario with two rooms there was a team on either side of the deal using the 2nd room.

000000 No.10713139


Top physical shape? I mean, it's not like he did anything physical, other than carry some suitcases, no?

177f23 No.10713148

File: 90d82a50c0ca4cd⋯.jpg (121.17 KB, 1344x1230, 224:205, jILwXdy.jpg)


https://youtu. be/9FjR5oSBFYQ

2a4f4d No.10713151

File: cf591d100d6526d⋯.png (655.85 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171005-083716.png)

File: c7b5d744d930a51⋯.png (456.51 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171005-083758.png)


To give some more context, just got a small ban on 4/k/ for "off topic" posting about Swiss gun takeaway laws, in a thread about those same laws.

e2d7b9 No.10713152


But why use the same actors twice?

6fe213 No.10713160

If the surveillance cam was placed on the food trolley in the hallway that has to involve Hotel staff co-operation with an agency to make sure that remains in situ.

There doesn't appear to be a strong location emerging for a secondary source for the more distant reports from the Mandalay which is odd as that seems to have been the majority of the firing and the evidence does seem to suggest at least two shooters, it could be that both were firing from different rooms in the 32nd floor suite and that it was the building angle muffling one set of reports.

2a4f4d No.10713161


Combination of them being cheap fucks and also it's a signal to those in the know. Like with the symbolism they put everywhere, having a familiar face show up is an in-joke for the pizza underground. Look at the crisis actors laughing through every interview, this really is a great prank to them.

137372 No.10713174

File: 809d9c987c05644⋯.jpg (87.98 KB, 1104x693, 368:231, 1469900753[1].jpg)

File: 0519043febf7dbe⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 696x429, 232:143, RNC-Donald-Trump-Sheldon-A….jpg)


Considering Sheldon Adelson (one of the main ziocon elites involved with the Trump campaign) is one of the primary beneficiaries of the deal according to that prediction.

Like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and zakheim was to 911

631d0b No.10713176


fucking kike. DOTR cant come soon enough. would be great to drop kick a kike baby out the fuckin window of a jew nursery.

3f8a38 No.10713177


>He was shot (presumably by himself) in the mouth

the gun barrel would be red from top to bottom, rather than a small smear on the side, no?

>Your claim that blood should be on the top of the shell casings

only if he were to have died to the shot in the chest, my original post ( >>10713059 ) was in reply to >>10712004 where it was claimed he shot himself on the chest (and hit the lungs rather than hearth, there would be no blood spill in his head had he had shot himself on the hearth, due to most of it flowing out, and I doubt someone can shot himself through the mouth after getting hit on the hearth), since the only time I saw this claim was on the post I replied, I removed the part where he should have coughed blood had he shot himself on the chest (which the carpet and his clothes are too clean of blood splatters to support that theory) and didn't think through how that would affect the argument.

Or am I wrong and people don't get bloody coughing fits after being shot in the lungs?

2e5efa No.10713181

Apologies if posted already had to get some sleep. but http://archive.is/ysAT8

>The night before the shooting, Mr. Paddock made two complaints to the hotel about noise coming from his downstairs neighbors: Albert Garzon, a restaurant owner visiting from San Diego, and his wife and friends. Mr. Garzon, who was staying in 31-135, directly beneath Mr. Paddock, said security guards knocked on his door around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday and asked him to turn down his music, country songs. When he asked where the complaint was coming from, pointing out that the nearest rooms on either side were far away, the security guard said, “It’s the guest above you.”

>They turned the music down, but had another visit from different security guards half an hour later. Stephen Paddock had called to complain again. Mr. Garzon turned the music off. It wasn’t until the early hours of Monday that Mr. Garzon realized Mr. Paddock had been the complainer.

>“I looked up and I could see his curtain flapping in the wind,” he said.

763f6b No.10713186


See: >>10712872


2e5efa No.10713190


Yeah looks like Trump is full Zog, sure he owed the Kushners big time for their construction favors in the 80's , such a shame.

85d6fc No.10713202



137372 No.10713209



He was the chief financier behind Trump's campaign and close long term friend, you narrative bending CIA-nigger

000000 No.10713210

This stupid

<But there is no blood on the casings

needs to stop. I bet half of the anons here are still under the impression that what you see there is the immediate result of the backside of the head blown of by revolver to the mouth, when it is NOT. If he shot himself like that, then part of his head and stuff are somewhere on the wall or floor ways behind him, then he fell down and blood started pouring out of the wound and mouth. There is no reason why there should be blood on those casings. There could be by chance, but I see no reason why there must be.

However, regardless of that, to me it really looks like he was instead shot in the chest with a rifle caliber and the blood you're seeing is nothing other than the blood being aspirated because the lung is shot. I'm almost certain what you see at his chest there is an entry wound, and you don't see blood directly below it because it is still sipping into his clothes beneath and into the carpet and has not (yet?) sipped beyond this relatively huge area that is covered by the upper body.

a25403 No.10713211


>the gun barrel would be red from top to bottom, rather than a small smear on the side, no?

Why? Guns have recoil, trying to control that with your wrist bent inwards like an uptown faggot would be difficult enough even if half the mass of your central nervous system hadn't just been turned into gore.

The gun would be flung out of his mouth as soon as it was fired.

>the shot in the chest

Who are you talking about? Paddock wasn't shot in the chest.

137372 No.10713214


Sorry last post was meant for


000000 No.10713218


>directly below it

Meant, directly behind it (on the carpet)

3f8a38 No.10713226



>Who are you talking about? Paddock wasn't shot in the chest

>>10712004 and >>10713108

3f8a38 No.10713229


had the word chest selected and didn't notice it being added to the post, disregard what came before ">>10713211"

70387e No.10713235


>chief financier behind Trump's campaign and close long term friend

Source for both claims?

All I could find was him donating 5 mil out of the 107 mil given to the committee handling his inauguration.

137372 No.10713236

File: a1552ab87b80450⋯.webm (4.85 MB, 426x240, 71:40, GenYoutube.net_Mandalay_B….WEBM)

Mandalay Bay Concert Goers say "They're not real gunshots"&"Somebody's tapped into the Sound System"

This used to be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB_J-nHkBLA - but that was taken down by jewtoob for violating YouTube's policy on harassment and bullying.

9d419b No.10713242


jewtube has an entire team of kikes managing a hundred pajeets dedicated to ripping these videos down.

fff923 No.10713249

File: efc2c4bddf2ed7a⋯.jpg (640.58 KB, 810x1843, 810:1843, Screenshot_20171004-211314.jpg)

363961 No.10713255


ah shit here we go I knew there was something funny about all this when Jones said he wasn't going to look into whether it was fake.

That's a practical admission these days considering how far his credibility is in the shitter.

8665d8 No.10713258

File: 582e624243c9ccb⋯.png (31.52 KB, 688x369, 688:369, 1506925415959.png)

Hey fellas, real life detective here.

Wanna know what happened?

It was an arms deal sting operation which got turned on its head by the buyers.

Stephen Paddock was very obviously an undercover arms dealer working with the FBI who were running guns to domestic terrorist groups. Which is standard practice in order to track/leverage/incriminate or whatever specifically they wish to do with the buyer.

The buyers were probably Mossad, who would have learned it was a setup operation, and decided to use it to their advantage in order to stage a mass shooting. Which begs the question as to how they were able to leave the building afterwards.

The only way they were walking out of that hotel without being dragged into a van, or without entering into a firefight themselves, was if they made it appear to be a lone wolf mass shooting. Because the FBI would have no problem entering into a firefight with them in their apprehension after the deal went south and their man was killed, but they'd sure have a difficult time explaining why 13 armed agents stormed the lone wolf crazed gunman's hotel room 5 minutes after he started shooting. The potential for the real shooters to fire back in their escape from the building would be enough to incriminate the FBI as having been involved.

So they had to let them walk, and pin it on the undercover agent. Exactly as was intended by the buyers.

TL;DR: The FBI setup an arms deal with Mossad, who used it to stage a lone wolf shooting, and the FBI couldn't risk apprehending them as they'd incriminate themselves with their presence.

TL;DR 2: Electric Boogaloo: The FBI are retarded.

000000 No.10713261


That can be easily explained by

a) wishful thinking

b) "nothing ever happens for real" retard right there

c) him hearing the sonic cracks coming from the speakers because some of those were picked up by the microphones on stage

363961 No.10713265

>It was an arms deal sting operation which got turned on its head by the buyers.

I find that explanation very hard to believe. So a deal goes south so they just AK down a concert crowd, the biggest ever mass shooting on US soil over a deal gone south ? It's not adding up.

137372 No.10713268


>chief financier behind Trump's campaign and close long term friend

The great shame is that I and plenty of other anons have been reporting this sort of thing since the campaign began, however any information like this posted here incurs the wrath of the CIA-niggers and nothing of value is allowed to stay up on here.

First search in google brings back this,there is nothing secret about this, just on places where we're herded into not thinking about things has it all been blackholed.

While everyone only is allowed to talk about Soros for every marxist elite funding nation-wrecking schemes there's another zionist elite kikes backing the other side, both profiting from our pain.


8665d8 No.10713272


The buyers obviously learned it was a sting operation prior to the deal taking place and took advantage of the fact the FBI couldn't incriminate themselves with their presence their if they committed an act of terror using the weapons provided by the agency.


565850 No.10713283



Fucking mindhive

6b0c3f No.10713284


Who set-up the food cart camera in the hallway and why?

363961 No.10713287


it sounds pretty elaborate. They plan false flags out a long ways in advance I thought. Planning the largest mass shooting ever impromptu ?!?!? I dunno I mean if that's what happened then that's what happened.

70387e No.10713292



Who among them has raised the Trump banner?

Sheldon Adelson - "He’s our nominee, He won fair and square.”

That's all I noticed that article saying about him. Likely referring to Trump winning the primaries.

8665d8 No.10713293


The FBI would have known precisely when they left the room, and had agents in the rooms adjacent. That's standard procedure. There is a massive gap between the shooting stopping, and the LVPD actually reaching the room.

They would have had time to do their best to setup the scene to confirm the automatic assumption of it being a lone shooter. Those cameras probably didn't even have SD cards in them.

6b0c3f No.10713296

File: d7f2a195904e924⋯.jpg (21.69 KB, 360x214, 180:107, coke_head .jpg)

85d6fc No.10713297

File: 22a9f411f0980da⋯.jpg (137.59 KB, 960x935, 192:187, IMG_20171005_061514.jpg)


Wait a minute, you have a point there. He was wearing nylon gloves. Gloves. Gloves while holding the butt of rifle with his left hand. Now, someone made the case that he was a lefty. He naturally would have used his left hand for aim holding the front grip for stability. But he didnt

He was DUAL wielding a rifle and a pistol Rambo style when he shot himself with the pistol, him falling back on the rifle. And then magically scooting his legs under the bipod of the the second rifle near his feet like a worm. Hmmm…

b10218 No.10713298


There's loads wrong with this conveniently leaked photo. Not least of which is the carpet. I have seen a few pictures of suites now and none of them have this carpet, except the media suite. It's disgusting industrial and well worn as you would expect for a carpet that's going to take a lot of wear. All the carpets in the guest suites are sumptuous and embossed not flat, ugly and patterned like this. This picture could easily be fake.

137372 No.10713299


>No way, no way,no way, not listening etc

That's why I was cautious about bothering to respond to you.

The fact you asked in the fist place, then replied like that, there ain't no helping some people.

If you cannot think for yourself and refuse to see what's in front of you why do people like you even come to these places, unless it's to prevent others from learning anything at all.

8665d8 No.10713301


I'm sure it was the illuminate jews performing a blood ritual or something, right?

What do I know, I only do this professionally.

God I hate normal people.

6b0c3f No.10713304


He is not a Lefty. That picture of him doing a shot has his GF hanging on his right arm for the pic.

Also if you drink. Left hand holds the shot,right hand holds your beer. Ask anybody who drinks.

85d6fc No.10713310


Still doesn't explain how he was dual wielding a pistol and a rifle.

5e9088 No.10713311


Lewinski wasn't particularly fit or attractive.

a12493 No.10713312



it's a stretch to think that he's left-handed because of this photo

6b0c3f No.10713317


Deal goes bad the boys attack 500 people and leave the merchant dice behind.

Any Real team would have split up and one would staged the room the other filling the truck with the goods.

You got holes everywhere.

70387e No.10713319


>why do people like you even come to these places

Mostly for information, not that interested in opinions.

6b0c3f No.10713320


Honestly I think he was a patsy.

BUT I don't have all the details figured out. I need video of the hallway.

This is just like Sandy Hook no video of the shooter anywhere, a ghost.

8665d8 No.10713321


>Deal goes bad the boys attack 500 people and leave the merchant dice behind.

Are you a native of a first world country?

363961 No.10713324


yeah well who knows, Trump has been a disappointment, Charllottesville has so many things wrong with it that a serious investigation would be a total embarrassment to Trump.

I keep thinking the wheels have to fall off this corruption at some point, surely people must be getting sick of this.

137372 No.10713325



Mostly for information, not that interested in opinions.

Which is why you ignored the information, easily found, corroborated and well documented and instead stuck with your emotions that made you feel all the more secure and comfy instead…

Thems was the facts, my opinion never came into it, only yours did.

16729f No.10713326


Shut that down fellow Nazi what do you think nothing real ever happens? I am an eight dan internet ninja and I've never seen something so dense. Just fucking listen to the torpedo Anon and let it go, operation mockingjew is a false flag upon your mind and Sandy Hook really happened, end of story, god….

18711c No.10713327


ISIS finds out its FBI they're meeting with, know cover is blown and the guns they're supposed to be buying are gonna be tracked. Take meeting anyway, make it into a big fuck you for DHS, FBI, et. al.

6b0c3f No.10713328


Yeah bud. I'm not the guy thinking a 64 year old out of shape turd moved hundreds of pounds of gear only to turn around and take them back down 32 floors.

I'd leave that shit in a rented van and throw the keys down for cash.

137372 No.10713333


>Mostly for information, not that interested in opinions.


a12493 No.10713334


this, most of these theories requires that FBI and CIA (ISIS/Mossad/Antifa) aren't all working together.

37bd0a No.10713337


Maybe that is just some of the merchandise left behind.

2e5efa No.10713341


Dang was just feeling chuffed for my first cia-nigger accusation


If it was a setup then the room + cams makes more sense. Deal from the van and you just get some blurry shots of people in dark cloths

6c3ae3 No.10713342


beer in left shot in right

t. lefty

463269 No.10713343


dont underestimage normal peoples ability to roll with the punshes.

europe is being terror bombed for more then 15 years now and people just roll with it.

during ww2 all sides bombed the everloving shit out of each other and the people just keept going normaly.

a "breaking point" isent reached by sporadic and far between incidents of violance.

riots and revolutions only happen when everyone is in real and imediat threat like during a famin or natural disaster that breaks supply lines.

a bomb a week that kills 5 people dosent matter to your average normy, if his kids have nothing to eat matters to him.

a2d0d5 No.10713346

File: 7325e66c999df3f⋯.jpg (26.44 KB, 996x716, 249:179, 914089-barney_fife.jpg)


lol get fucked Fife

a12493 No.10713347


The webcam was very visible if you walked up to the cart (some photos are circulating on here). It definitely wasn't set up by someone that was professional (FBI).

6b0c3f No.10713349

I'll come clean I have no idea why any one guy who we now hear was planning to escape would drag all that fire power up to the room. He could have brought 3 rifles and 2 handguns and had more then enough.

Nobody does 32nd floor deals. If this guy was a pilot a van at a local airport makes the most sense to me.

6b0c3f No.10713353

File: fd2e2734e1ae03a⋯.jpg (169.61 KB, 972x1200, 81:100, vegas shooter 115 .jpg)

383091 No.10713356

File: c3c4c5a1aec9a31⋯.png (3.72 MB, 1800x2400, 3:4, footprint-in-blood.png)

If someone else has pointed this out already then I haven't seen it yet. It really looks like there is a footprint in the thickest part of the blood pool. It could have been the officer that moved the gun or it could be something else. Either way, I thought it was worth noting.

70387e No.10713357


>easily found

Not really. Found this though: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/653884577300267008

fd42e2 No.10713362

So was the concert venue on the opposite side of Las Vegas Boulevard?

If so, that puts the shooter's room on the same arm of the hotel as the tram station. The staircase was right next to the shooter's room according to reports which means anyone trying to escape only had to go straight down to their "escape vehicle".

The tram station is not only unattended at the Mandelay Bay, it's fully computer controlled so it's not like there's a conductor to witness who got on. The shooting also stopped about ~15 minutes before the last tram left for the night, plenty of time to do a quick clean up of the room and descend the stairs.

Has anyone looked through all the video and photos to see if they can see the tram running during and after the shooting? If the hotel/police didn't shut it down it would make the perfect escape vehicle.

6b0c3f No.10713364


wow nice catch, a foot print or object was definitely in that spot.

85d6fc No.10713367

SHIT IS GETTING SERIOUS ANONS. Attempted murder by the deepstate on a popular youtuber and his family for investigating the Mandelay Bay suite blueprints.

webm please:


6b0c3f No.10713370


I agree with the staircase being close.

But has anyone seen a 64 year old run 32 flights of stairs.

Am I missing an elevated cross walk or something else he could go down or up a few flights to get too ?

b10218 No.10713373


Looks more like where they poured new paint on top of the already dried and pooled differently paint.

32466b No.10713374

File: 7fe9d69791631c7⋯.png (170.72 KB, 500x519, 500:519, hol-up-hol-up-hol-cp-up-ul….png)


The photo of the alleged shooter looks like a bad Halloween haunted house character. It's like a guy with makeup is posing.

Also, why is there such a strong filter applied to the photo? The casings look shopped, the revolver would likely not have been near the back of his head, even when kicked.

Also, were are the crime scene evidence markers?

'AND ISN'T (((ISIS))) A CIA PROXY GROUP ANYWAY? ISIS taking responsibility is like the CIA admitting they're responsible, in essence.

000000 No.10713375


Monorail was working during shooting >>10712841

Don't know if it was the last one tho.

6b0c3f No.10713379


Yes it does have a red jello look to it.

How long does it take for blood to turn dark from loss of oxygen. They claim he took his life because of the security guard in the hallway. Then he was laying dead for 30 est.

2e5efa No.10713380


Have been thinking about this, if I were a legit cop and arrived on scene I would a. kick the gun away from him and b. kick him to make sure he was dead, think of kicking a partially deflated water balloon ergo fresh blood spurt

977f0a No.10713381


This is true, it was a central point of the Turner diaries, really my biggest redpill take away from that book. Even people of the greatest racial stock still act like cattle in large groups, they give authority to a central figure and then tend to trust it blindly.

463269 No.10713382


>wife has a flatt tire in the highway

>mossad is trying to kill me

get fuckd you paranoid faggot

a2d0d5 No.10713385

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> brought 3 rifles and 2 handguns and had more then enough.

you're not old, nor wealthy. Old recluses do strange things like pay cash for homes and then buy a months worth of food and not leave. He had a gun obsession, why open up a gun safe and have 3 rifles in it when you can have 10 or 30. Why have a 10,000 rounds of ammunition when you can have a pallet, wealthy, successful, obsessive people are like this.

This 64 year old guy was a Boomer cuck who watched too many movies


728b9b No.10713386



>as an insult on /pol/

what did he mean by this?

6b0c3f No.10713388


Honestly that's possible. Adrenaline was high that day, and who wouldn't want to kick a killer.

4c883f No.10713389

File: 3000a5b38441e09⋯.png (583.25 KB, 800x560, 10:7, B6074D28-57EC-4BB8-B54E-32….png)


Does Sheldon dye his hair or is it a natural chestnut brown?

6b0c3f No.10713392


That's a dye job, our man liked to chase the ladies.

463269 No.10713393


i was talking about the faggot e-celeb trying to cash in on a tragedy and then shill his shit on pol.

85d6fc No.10713394


paranoid means your getting hot goyim back off.

137372 No.10713395


>I've searched high and low and all I could find was a self serving tweet from the guy who depended on his fanbase actually believing he was really fighting against the elites.

If you really honestly and truly haven't yet worked out just how American politics has worked since the federal reserve was created you really need to get back to red-pill 101.


jew control both sides, and often hedge their bets by backing both.



And while President Trump was not Mr. Adelson’s first choice during the Republican primary season last year, he has been generous since: The billionaire donated $5 million to the committee organizing Mr. Trump’s inauguration festivities — the largest single contribution given to any president’s inaugural committee.

Mega donor Sheldon Adelson backs Donald Trump


728b9b No.10713399



what did he mean by this?!


>paranoid means your getting hot goyim back off.


6b0c3f No.10713400

I Stephen really did have a visitor to his room why haven't police come forward with a hallway image of the face. Normally the put out an APB please help us find this person of interest, call 1-800

That's why I think he just said food for 2 so he could get that food cart for the camera.

832834 No.10713409

Video-2nd shooter in crowd-Defango breakdown


6bc627 No.10713413


All the crime scene photos look weird and cinematic but in a low rent porn kind of way, same thing with the acting style of the crisis actors when they get interviewed. I've worked with real crime scene photos before they are extremely clinical and usually try to fit as much into a frame as possible.

Like here it seems the distance is for the body, not the face, but they crop it halfway. Then there is the gun layout, they are all over the place in slapdash fashion, some of them look posed right at the front door. Someone using these guns would have a pile or row of them, use them, them toss them to the side. I would expect to see one, maybe two piles bear windows, if he out up a fight, a like rifle away from that.

Then there is the door where they breached. No sign of explosives being used except the part of the door being missing. That much explosive would have turned the wood into shrapnel and embedded it all over the hallway.

In similar news, half chan jannies just scrubbed my references to operation mockingbird, would not be surprised if they are taking down the "it's not gunfire" video as it comes up either.

6bc627 No.10713417


> Maybe two piles near windows, if he put up a fight, maybe a single rifle away from that

Fucking wew phoneposting

728b9b No.10713418

reminder, if you post any important videos make sure to archive them in mp4 or webm and post them here and save them, because youtube is on a kill campaign right now to cover up anything that is on the right track

8d7151 No.10713424

If trump is /ourguy/ he would speak out against the deep state. If he is just an other puppet he will shut up as security gets doped up.

I give him one month. If in one month he doesn't throw a bone at us, then he is 100% kosher and I don't want to see people defending him anymore.

b10218 No.10713440


It's possible or some final dying convulsion maybe pumped some more out. Doesn't look right though the way it went either side of the bullet. And as I said the only pics from inside the hotel with that disgusting carpet (that I have seen so far) are the media suite.

70387e No.10713442


Thank you. I now know two new things. Adelson pledged and likely donated 100 mil to various orgs related to Trump campaign spent only 92 mil total in 2012. And that he wrote an op-ed endorsing Trump: https://archive.li/PIU4U

def502 No.10713444


>If trump is /ourguy/ he would speak out against the deep state

Didn't he meet with Adelson the day after the shooting, as per john? I think the cat's out of the bag at this point. If he doesn't justify why and move on it within the next days, November 4 is coming early and both sides will be fighting over who gets to hold the rope.

It's possible the whole house of cards is about to collapse.

a2d0d5 No.10713449


2e5efa No.10713451


KYS waste of a good post


Trump owes his balls to the Kushner family since the 80's , I got maga'd so eh yeah shame on me. Zog marches on full steam


I am still struggling with these photos too - looks CG ish but the low res and shite cameraman also concern me.

463269 No.10713452

File: 7eaf5ad13f65673⋯.jpg (129.94 KB, 800x681, 800:681, check em, to busy.jpg)


>whole house of cards is about to collapse.


631d0b No.10713453


click bait.

>watch my 20 min video

fucking fag

6bc627 No.10713455


I agree with telling people to kts but the message is still bgood, ain't wasted

6bc627 No.10713456


> *still good

Ok now I will kill myself

334e8a No.10713459


CNN said that ‘trump is finding his voice,’ and someone is quoted as calling him a true statesman. I don’t like that cnn is suddenly not attacking his every move now…

409eff No.10713460



Shit nigger
















































░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀▀▀▀█▄▄▄█▀▀▀▀ AN HERO

6b0c3f No.10713463

Do we have any facts yet that Stephen was a converted Muslim who became an ISIS sympathizer ?

So far it's just MSM BS correct ?

0c88ed No.10713464

Chad Sweet from Shertoff Group discusses body scanners.


Can someone who isnt a faggot like me get this webm'd?

>Ways to mitigate the risk…

>"there wasn't an early signature"

>In addition to intel sharing you can establish a perimeter using various types of screening technology.

>Mentions Paris and Ariana Grande concert right after body scanners

b10218 No.10713471


>I am still struggling with these photos too - looks CG ish but the low res and shite cameraman also concern me.

Plus the likelyhood of something this sensitive and obviously threatening to your, career, liberty, maybe even life getting leaked. The camerman caught somebodies shoe and leg facing him in one pic. So the leaker is easily identifiable by any authority who will know exactly who was in that room and when from the moment the op started until the scene is closed.

6b0c3f No.10713472


That is troublesome last time Trump was a good guy we were dropping bombs.

I still think this mass shooting was to keep the war going in Syria for our (((friends)))

383091 No.10713478


It actually does make sense. The casing was likely already on the floor from when he was shooting through the door into the hall. He probably dropped right after being shot/shooting himself. The blood would have started flowing and (relatively) slowly flowed around the casing. I think the fact that the casing was on the carpet probably contributed to the fact that it didn't roll with the flow.

The blood would have to of been squirting out to get on top of the casing or the blood would have had to have been flowing fairly quickly to roll the casing on the carpet. If it would have been flowing fast enough to roll the casing then there would have been a larger pool.

771822 No.10713480


>Can someone please explain to me that whenever there's a incident as major as this, everybody's camera phones suddenly turn into 1970s Betamax mode?

Haven't you heard of the law of potato? a.k.a potatocam's oath.

>Law of potato: Any digital recording device will revert to 240p when filming alleged terrorism.

It's built into the firmware.

6b0c3f No.10713483


You guys that are really good with computers, do photos have meta data on them from the phone. I find it hard to believe photos don't have some kind of info on them. The fact this guy didn't just copy the official crime photos onto usb seems odd.

000000 No.10713484


Look, (((someone))) is getting angry that /pol/ doesn't fall for such obvious false flags and is not calling to arms already and shooting back, which was exactly what (((someone))) expected /pol/ to do in order to (((shut it down))) and reign in (((martial law))) against whitey.

832834 No.10713485


Here fag. 45 seconds


0d394f No.10713487


-Random guy:

>Who are you?

-Autist who goes around man-handling people:

>Uhh my mom's a nurse.

b10218 No.10713491


None of the facts supplied by the msm match anything obtained independently from scanners, witnesses, etc. For a change.

We know fuck all of any substance really because we assume all sources are correct. It looks like part of the psyop to inevitably disarm Americans so the One World Zog may finally be declared openly.

a2d0d5 No.10713502


so says a paranoid TOR poster.

>Why can't you see

>What you're doing to me

>When you don't believe a word I say?

>We can't go on together

>With suspicious minds (suspicious minds)

>And we can't build our dreams

>On suspicious minds

Reality isn't real. The Truth is out there, somewhere, anywhere, nowhere. Seek help or show tits but GTFO

8b0588 No.10713503


Nice try, torshill.


i.e. Top Five Floors. (especially indoors, in an EM polluted city, in a concrete building filled with metal, wiring, and electronics.)


C'mon people, this isn't hard. Why was there a baby monitor there???


The Saudi royal(s) who were listening upstairs.

Why does torshill come on just to speak against the baby monitor?

Who can afford to buy off hotel security?

6b0c3f No.10713505

Why isn't Edward Snowden a cop I would have a usb full of crime scene photos to go through.

A big problem I have is I don't see much broken glass or empty shell cases from the few photos we see

6b0c3f No.10713514


Is there a baby monitor in the photos or is that just an idea ?

a12493 No.10713515


Baby monitor was hastily set up by the people that murdered/framed Stephen. When he was shot just before the incident. Then they started firing from multiple positions (to include a nominal amount from within his room). Then cleaned up their brass and walked out the front door like scared normies.

de044b No.10713516


The sheriff said that he was using one during the last press conference

6b0c3f No.10713519


Sorry I'm spamming last one.

Do we have photos outside under the shooters room. Maybe an area sounded by yellow tape filled with broken glass and shell casings ?

Any Paparazzi with a telephoto lens could get us a better idea of rounds fired. So far I'm see about 20% of the total cases needed that day.

1ac570 No.10713525

The FBI set up the CIA (((ISIS))), who knew they were being setup, so they turned it into a terror event to be profited from. It works out for the globalists either way.

6b0c3f No.10713528


Your talking about this rig ? Why hasn't the media tracked down the seller of this yet. It's always multiple camera crew to the local gun shop only. Fuckers>>10713353

6c5744 No.10713530


>my shoes were full of wa- blood

He wanted to say he pissed himself? So this guy got shot but 24 hrs later he's healed?

Witch doctor bid he dee? Goncerns. :D

a12493 No.10713543


That was an off-the-cuff theory. Stephen was a fully-unknowing patsy. Stephen was bragging to someone on the floor about how rich he is and how well-connected he is.

>Then that (((someone))) said "Hey, we should have a big party on Sept 22 in the 'media suite' or w/e room they were in.

>Stephen failed to reserve it on that date.

>(((Someone))) 'Well man that sucks, can you get it on Oct 1?'

>"Stephen, yeah man then we'll have a big party!"

>Stephen gets the room and all his (((friends))) walk in the door of the hotel with their roller bags full of kit for the setup.

the only thing that needed to be gained was Political Policy, and that's what they'll get

6b0c3f No.10713549


You almost bled out James can you stand and do an interview. Sure my doctor said no bed rest and plenty of standing interviews.

Now I know why people still watch these soap operas everyday. Fake as Fuck

0d394f No.10713556


18711c No.10713570


hory chutzpah

a86468 No.10713573


>Sounds like whores.

I thought so too when I found that on monday. The only thing I found was a luxury dog boarding place in the 818 area code

c11faf No.10713575

I unironically think that Sorcha Faal is paid by the government to espouse the true theory so that people see what he thinks (being an idiot/shill) and go the other way.

a9ce6d No.10713577


You can run photos through an exif viewer online or use a program, that info can be scrubbed very easily though. In best case scenarios you can even pull location info where a photo was taken if someone has geotagging enabled.

5e9088 No.10713583


Literally anyone staying in the hotel was fine to leave; swat knocked on doors asking for the occupant name then moved on.

a63bbd No.10713592

Guys I just wanted to say not all is as it seems

If we look at it this way we can see whats wrong

I'm pointing this out because I know you are all smart enough to know this

There is a lot that is fishy here if we turn the coin over and look at it from another point of view

A lot of information is not being released to the public right now

We need to look deeper and be of a uniform opinion of what taken place

I think knowing this and all of us working together we can get to the bottom of this

871401 No.10713593


Most of the brass would likely have been thrown forward out the window with the AR-15 platforms. At least that is where mine throws them - forward about 10 feet and right about 5.

18758d No.10713598

File: 790016ea7b0e9d7⋯.webm (7.12 MB, 854x480, 427:240, twin peaks.webm)

3ef930 No.10713600



>uses 'begs the question' improperly

Fuck off

0fc80e No.10713602

Hey guys this isnt exactly on the topic of the thread but I need some help.

Yesterday there was a thread posted by someone that seemed to be larping as fbi or some dumb agent that posted his badge without fully censoring dox scan barcode.

The thread quickly turned into a shitpost fest and it was deleted. An anon posted there that something seemed wierd about it so he searched something that the op had said and it lead to some bullshitty looking acroynym page that was a bit intriguing because every fucking entry had to do with the shooting. But then he dug more and posted a parsed list of the acronyms that came up. And I think he was right the parsed acronyms looked a fucking ton like an encrypted code.

I put some autism into trying to crack it. Its an AVR411 algorithm code. tldr on that is it cant be cracked you need both the key and the algorithm to solve it because it is a one time use rolling algorithm high security wireless transmission encryption.. like that of a wireless car key

By the time I verified that the code was probably legit the thread was deleted and I lost the fucking tab cuz muh opsec fucked me in the ass this time.

Did anyone archive it? Does anyone have a screen cap? I think this is very important.

16729f No.10713615


Finally got nukes and v& off of half chan for mentioning mockingbird and hoax possibilities. The replies from shills and normies rang a bell - not all terrorist attacks are false flags, they're not all hoaxes either, not all government entities are corrupted. Essentially the blue pill keeping /pol/acks from seeing through obviously fake garbage is our equivalent of


#notallcianiggers, stop telling me my precious terror event is staged man, you're being offensive.


a63bbd No.10713623

File: 6af238388eb6edc⋯.jpg (356.21 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 22218286_1920099341364210_….jpg)

File: 2a987fe0efa0456⋯.jpg (283.16 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 22220020_1920099331364211_….jpg)

need to arm up now

45dc97 No.10713626


If he is a patsy it means they picked him for a reason

He may have a confusing background that ultimately leads nowhere

(we have to keep looking at his background in case it is actually important though)

85d6fc No.10713628

File: 1484fa60b44a8b6⋯.png (42.07 KB, 952x348, 238:87, Screenshot_20171005-081647.png)

File: 2e92cb45d4567da⋯.png (64.45 KB, 1018x317, 1018:317, Screenshot_20171005-081455.png)

Some questions that are inconsistent with the narrative

77ea85 No.10713631


it wouldn't sorcha faal is a well known fraud

0d394f No.10713634


Instead of a footprint, maybe it was that bullet casing getting dragged through the blood (of course after they killed him while they were preparing the room).

8a6a63 No.10713639

2nd Interview of Paddock’s Brother (32 minutes)






> ‘There were zero signs it would happen’

> ‘Steve was no weirdo’

> ’Steve saved us all with high-stakes gambling’

> ‘Steve was no dirt-bag for making big money gambling in casinos’

‘$100,000 is not a lot’

‘Mari Lue was 100% not involved’

‘Steve was completely 100% independent, an arm… err, an island unto himself’

‘Guns are really hard to shoot, no fun’

'Steve was very wealthy’

‘I knew Steve very well’

‘Steve was a great guy’

‘Its easy to get those bags up to the room’ [Steve would snap his fingers at a bell boy]

Notable STAMENTS or indications

> Steve was a “big fish” at the Atlantis in Reno

> Steve was not an evil-genius

> Steve applied his smarts and intelligence to game the casino, …with slots

> I’m not guilty for being successful

> [Something] happened TO Steve, “over the course of moths” @26:18

@26:40 (he texted Steve) asks self “If I had called instead of texted, would I have heard something in his voice”

> "I don’t know anything exactly specific about the last month, except that he called ‘my’ mom and talked to her” 28:18

> 'Of course the feds aren’t telling me anything, because they think I’m lying or something’

> “Steve loved Mari Lue.” “They were adorable” (Because of vast hight difference), “he loved her” “he doted on her”

> Steve “had his thinking-brain on (when he did it)” “he procured all this stuff”

> Eric resents his machine-gun toting, bank robbing father

Inappropriate or IRRELEVANT-seeming directions:

> (Bro.) “I was a bad kid growing up. Uses “we” at one point.”

> ”There’s nothing wring with “‘making big money’ as a ‘high stakes playah’”

> The hotels (casinos), the hotels know if he would have lost money or something 6:44

> “$100,000 isn’t a lot of money, I’m sorry if that hurts people…”

> “Not everyone works at taco bell”

“Steve gambles that much ($) through a machine (slots) in hours”

> “If you wanted to hang out with Steve, you had to understand Steve was a little quirky”

> “Steve didn’t love gambling, the casino was like a Toyota car factory job to Steve, a place where you lived and they were nice to you, and you made… you could get it paid for by playing slots” @21:10

>“he did it because it was a way to have a fun successful life” (gambling)

>(Reporter) Q. What would you say to the families? (Bro.) “Think about Steve (emphasis),…however you want to think of him…”

Possible SLIPS and mentions of interest:


> “If the hotels say they don’t know Steve, they’re lying”

> “He ‘loved-slash- loves’ Marilue” (is he religious?)

> ”I have no crime record because I’m smarter than the average bear and I used to hang out with people who were dumber than I was and who would get caught faster” (adds emphasis)

> Smug smile when talking about bump stocks and firearms

> 14:40 “it doesn’t matter that they won’t chase people” (???) …”but Steve was independent…”

> Points over shoulder when saying “…I mean, people watch movies where they butcher little kids

> ”If Steve was crazy so was everyone on the news from 4 o’clock to 12 o’clock is crazy too”

CONTRADICTIONS and apparent non-facts:

> ”Steve made us rich”

> ”I’m extremely fortunate”

< ”I worked my ass off for it”

> ”I don’t own a gun”

< “…well, I do, I own a 22 semi-automatic rifle” (sounds defensive)

> ”If Steve could do this, we are all in deep shit”

Possible SUBLIMINAL undercurrents and projected assumptions:

> ”Steve is/was a cool dude you want to know about”

> ”Steve was genius-tier”

> ”Money magically comes out if a casino’s ass, then they take care of you to thank you for the business”

> ”this is ‘great’ movie material, guice”

> “Steve was a hero, and successful”

> ”Steve helped us all”

Possible SHILLING for:

> ”Gun control” (“unless they find brain cancer, we’re all in trouble”)

> “Gambling lifestyle “

The Fusion Restaurant at the Wynn -“Highly recommended” by shooter’s brother

It would be interesting if somebody counted the number of times he says Steve in 32 minutes.

If this is all straight forward, I can understand the brother being in a bad position.

In case this is a fakery or spy-op, these highlights may me of interest.

0fc80e No.10713650


Its a retarded notion.

>nothing ever reals

And from empirical evidence every federal agency has atleast a solid portion of its agents that are most certainly not good guys. And if you were going to do such a hoax.. if you had the ability to completely stage an event.. why fake it? real deaths have much more impetus over the masses and also they gotta give their human sacrifices or moloch will smite them.

a63bbd No.10713651


I like the guy, he seems real

3ef930 No.10713653


>for under $100 one can buy a monitor then dl free app and broadcast anywhere

t. Daddyfag

abdd54 No.10713657


While i don't have any info on the prints, it's standard operating procedure for LEOs to kick a weapon away from the hands of a downed perp, in the event that they aren't finished.

0fc80e No.10713658


His mecha dox is interesting. There are 41 entries for addresses for him. Everything earlier than entry 22 is listed as city and state only. Possible timeframe for super segrid military/cia career?

0fc80e No.10713664


the thing with red herring frauds is they tend to include some aspect of the truth and fill in the rest with bullshit that will lead away from actually investigating that truth.

a86468 No.10713665


sorcha faal is notorious disinfo

>>10712800 checked

got a sauce for that bill hicks in court claim?


checked and kek'd

>>10712866 checked

>>10712899 checked


>Meanwhile libshits and GOP Cuckservatives are actually pushing real Bipartisan control legislation as we speak.

yep, i saw some cuckservative on Shep Smith yesterday saying he had no idea "bump stocks even existed and it would just be common sense to ban them". Increased gun control legislation is a foregone conclusion at this point. The only hope is Trump holds the line and doesn't cuck out, but I have 0 faith in that happening at the moment.

>>10712955 checked and appalled

>he said arms

no he didn't faggot. He stopped himself after "arm" let me transcribe for you:

>"Steve didn't take help, it didn't take a village for Steve, Steve was an arm… I'm sorry I was going to use a colloquial term that would besmudge one of the armed forces. Steve was a stand alone guy ok."

pretty fucking clear in context he was going to say army of one you utter fucking faggot

18758d No.10713671

File: 73fd2b54484ff8c⋯.webm (10.27 MB, 854x480, 427:240, allactors.webm)

All the witnesses seem a bit like hollywood rejects. Funny that.

0fc80e No.10713672


>game the casino with slots

That.. is retarded. There is no way to game slot machines because if you hit a decent streak the screen will flash which implies the program was reloaded.

Also everything else said he was a 'poker shark'

e17af9 No.10713674

Sunday was the conclusion of a major Religion of Cuck™ic holiday. The Day of Ashura. Paddock feasted on the 27th before fasting a full day and carrying out the attack. His gun buying activity picked up last Oct, after anti-US demonstrations in the Philippines. He was an Abu Sayyaf sympathizer b/c of his flip gf. And probably a recent convert.

abdd54 No.10713675


Watch execution videos. Or even Bud Dawyers on air suicide. It takes a few seconds for blood to begin to leave gunshot wounds. Contrary to what you may believe, the body isn't a bag of loose blood. In fact, there is very little loose blood in your body. Most of it is in your veins, and it only moves when your heart muscles contract. Entry wounds are small enough that only a couple of veins might be opened, so it takes time for blood to pour out the entry, though the exit wounds are a different story.

f36659 No.10713676

File: a4c6f1018df6df9⋯.jpg (14.97 KB, 316x202, 158:101, a4c6f1018df6df9116e2a50811….jpg)


Who do you like? The brother? If so your nuts, the guy is fucked. And SO weird, kind of like the surgeon of sandy hook, or that robbie faggot.

a63bbd No.10713680


the brother. a lot of what he says makes sense and clears things up for me.

e17af9 No.10713685

The Day of Ashura rituals involve self-immolation or, in place of that, blood donation. By perpetrating the attack Paddock coerced a sympathetic population into donating blood i.e. participating in the immolation ritual.

8a6a63 No.10713690


>"I wonder if these dates coincide with the rap festival supposed to be the first target?

I see no reason to assume he would have shot up the rap concert, but then canceled due to reservation problems or something. If you're going to plan this, which that implies, why would the target not matter. It's "personal", there is anger involved, otherwise why even do it? At least under the lone wolf or lone crazy scenario.

e17af9 No.10713694

FBI is not publishing details on the Abu Sayaff connections until they have the case solid. After which USG can link up with Duterte’s ongoing ops against flip muzzies with the full support of the international community.

6299ea No.10713698

File: c938e2204e786ec⋯.jpg (143.7 KB, 738x731, 738:731, killer.jpg)

File: 0772b61bcb75289⋯.jpg (149.67 KB, 863x599, 863:599, pedo1.jpg)

Can we confirm that he was left handed and had something weird with his ears?

45dc97 No.10713699


dig more, Adelson supported Trump relatively early on, was one of his bigger backers

Trump has huge ties to kikes, the only question is to what extent they are a separate faction

000000 No.10713700


unconfirmed but likely credible sauces saying he was a buttblasted shitlib.

my personal aside, if he's been a long time allergy-phobe it stands to reason he's been chronically ingesting anticholinergics, which have been linked to mental deterioration; This, plus psych meds, plus shitlib ideology= Paddock's murder spree.

e17af9 No.10713701

Anons should always check the Muslim calendar following any attack and trace out international connections. In this case, Day of Ashura attacks have been perpetrated before, going back a decade at least.

85d6fc No.10713703

File: 8049bbbd5f1fa26⋯.png (248.3 KB, 800x3000, 4:15, 9ff46627ddcb20ea0cbaab70e5….png)

6cfa44 No.10713712

Alright i need a quick summary of what we can rule out and what is most plausible. If Paddock was planning an escape, why did he stay in his room for over an hour after he stopped firing? He had time to get out and yet he stayed

ad7254 No.10713713

The FBI is already saying, "well we don't know, lol, ban guns." So forget about getting any info from the feds.

6cfa44 No.10713716


And who was the security guard who apparently was shot at? And where is he now? They have not even released the guy's name.

0fc80e No.10713718



this is true. The only time you are going to see a ton of blood is if a major artery is cut and the flesh wound is such that it allows the blood to rush or squirt out. Even with major arteries many times you will find that the majority of the bleeding remains in a body cavity.

One big reason for this is shock. You give yourself the slightest papercut and technically your body goes into shock. And what shock actually is is.. its not some retarded mechanism where your body just starts to eat shit after a bad injury.. shock is your body attempting to repair itself. Muscles in the affected area will contract and spasm to get the platelets leaving the veins to gum up more quickly and more proximal to the blood vessel. And in the case of an amputation or complete severance of a blood vessel it will actually retract into the torso/abdomen.

t. was a combat corpsman



can anyone help out with this??

6cfa44 No.10713723


Dont forget the explosives. Why bring them if he apparently wasnt gonna use them? Unless the plan was to set off a car bomb after his escape

6299ea No.10713729



2ec578 No.10713733

>>10713284 I've stayed at a lot of hotels. The minute you put a food cart/food tray outside your door they come running for it.

Food carts in hallways is a big NO-NO for hotels.One of the reasons they have cameras in the hallways is to see the food carts. Why didn't the food server take the cart away after serving the room service food? The occupants wanted to keep the food on the cart in the room? Why not have it laid on the actual table in the room? If they wanted to keep the food cart in the room, that's fine, but when they put it outside usually someone picks it up pronto. What time on the room service receipt did the food get to the room vs. the actual shooting? Who leaves a food cart in the hallway? Staff/management must have been told NOT to remove the cart.

0fc80e No.10713744


from what i remember of the "trump has a time device" tier threads the anons posting in them came to the conclusion that trump set on his path to presidency in the late 70's. If that is true then it would support the notion that all seedy connections after that date were him getting close enough to the cancer to gain intel.

I want that to be true but until that is proven one way or the other its all supposition.

a63bbd No.10713753


Not at 10:00pm nor do you know the time between he ordered room service, ate it, and then put the cart in the hallway.

Late at night it's not uncommon to see a cart or even dishes on the floor for an hour. I am sure he wired the cart up with the camera, put it in the hallway, tested it, and then began to rock n roll with his machine guns on the redneck trash (the little people) below. Steve just reached the end of his rope, and he wanted to go out with a bang.

e2588f No.10713755

File: 97a5663d764d555⋯.png (627.34 KB, 1440x826, 720:413, FireShot Capture 9 - Fundr….png)


might not mean much to you guys but me and my family have been friends with this guy and his family for years

6cfa44 No.10713764

Alright so lets assume the camera in his room that was facing him. Normally people who pledge loyalty to ISIS will record themselves and upload the video somewhere so ISIS can see it. Yet the FBI says the camera was off the entire time. Lets also assume that the camera in his room was set up to monitor another part, say the adajcent room next to him. Again why was it off?

Paddock was meticulous in his planning. He had to have known keeping it off was stupid. So i'm not buying for a second it was off the entire time. Paddock most likely recorded something on it just before or during the shooting.

6cfa44 No.10713780



Also don't forget FBI reported Steve wasn't hurting for money either. He was still rich as fuck, so gambling debts make no sense. Guy's rich enough to pay them back.

2ec578 No.10713784


Maybe this is a new thing for ISIS , terrorists, shadow gov., MOSSAD, etc, to make it look like a lone-shooter incident. Next they will probably plant a Trump supporter with Trump hats and whatnot next to the "lone-shooter"'s body.

3ef930 No.10713785


>$15k will put dude in a box in the ground

>asking for 200k

Fuck off kike. Trying to change socioeconomic class through tragedy is (((their))) behavior

b3a5a0 No.10713788


Even if the dead guy isn't Paddock that would just create more questions. The point of this discussion is only to say "haha u r wrong lol" which means you're kikes.

45dc97 No.10713794


If they are trying to start a civil war they will do more of these attacks and they will make it look like different sides are responsible.

Remember during the Euromaidan they had snipers shooting both police and protestors with the same bullets, to stoke violence.

Never clearly solved.

2ec578 No.10713805


It's all so shameful and psychotic. What the fuck are we humans doing to each other? I will stay far from the maddening crowd.

2ec578 No.10713811


Doesn't his gook gf have lawyer with the last name Paddock? WTF are the odds of THAT? Interesting that she even has a "lawyer", eh?

65050c No.10713814


>Mandalay Bay Concert Goers say "They're not real gunshots"&"Somebody's tapped into the Sound System"

I guess I gotta take your word for it? Because your .webm has no sound.

a51247 No.10713824



Euromaiden fucked me up personally. It was wild to see how close we came to war there. It was then that I knew what I, and other anons everywhere, have to do. (((They))) won't stop until your family is raped and killed by niggers, you're dead, your clay gone, and they think it's funny.

2ec578 No.10713828


(((THEY))) have names and addresses. Where are our heros?

18758d No.10713835


It's hardly new, it's best that it's one actor/ patsy/ mk victim. Less to cover up and manufacture in the way of narrative.

He was a millionaire gambler (like James Bond) could easily mean he was paid by the state and his cover for all the money they gave him in cash was to sit in a casino. Oh sure he won loads, first gambler ever. If you're consistently winning you aren't exactly welcome. If you have a system for anything including slots you will be politely asked to go elsewhere.

I think it's all bullshit, the msm are clearly interviewing actors. Here's another webm, shame about the music I think the maker wants to emphasize the hypnosis they have most of us under.

18758d No.10713838

File: 15008652e0588a4⋯.webm (11.43 MB, 256x144, 16:9, claypoolLA.webm)

e7222a No.10713840

File: 05780b7058ded7e⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 359x640, 359:640, luggage_nigger.jpg)


>Funny how none of those photos show all the cases he carried this stuff in

Why even try?

a51247 No.10713843


It just takes one spark, and when the ball is rolling we'll see. Look for homogenous civility now and find people that stand out as community leaders. I wish we could come up with a coded plan for all genuine /pol/acks to meet in a manifest destiny fashion when shtf.

0bbd88 No.10713850

File: c52d46ed3e10b6f⋯.jpg (64.46 KB, 665x465, 133:93, 4e51f1a9821da6641e6dc0aed6….jpg)


>denying he's an arms dealer

>he took the bait recovery

spot the saudi kike

6c5744 No.10713854


Fug! Dis be miraclymous!

000000 No.10713862


Gee, how convenient everything is showing nicely to shut everyone up. "What if they ask about the suitcase?, Yeah, put in there somewhere"

000000 No.10713873


Don't have it, but I remember the beginning of that and that it was based on FBIanon posting "FAKE. Delete." two times. FAKE was then traced by someone to that acronym site to things like Fire Arms Kinetic blabla. I personally thought it was retarded and didn't follow it further. The place was also here where I saw that, not halfchan, so could be that his investigation here didn't go further. I think you should find it when you look it up in previous threads via ctrl-f and "acronym" or something.

2ec578 No.10713877


Normal witnesses don't keep talking like he's doing… notice he's holding the mic with the hand that has the "I was at the concert" band..I can't see the rest of the video clearly. I heard webm is "acting up" and not allowing resolution. In more ways than one. But what is the last half of the video portraying about Claypool, anon?

ec879c No.10713881


how common is it for a BNB type rental service to rent out large luxury suites like this?

a51247 No.10713882

File: 115e8889487ced9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 115.jpg)



He had to have had help getting that luggage up there.

000000 No.10713886


More of our smiling/chilling witness of the tragedy.

2ec578 No.10713891


Maybe we will meet there. Good luck to you and yours, sacred anon.

2ec578 No.10713897


Why did he need help? You've never moved suitcases from your car to the hotel room? I don't this issue being important.

57ab0f No.10713901

If this was an "arms deal gone wrong" why the hell did he bring sledge hammers to break the windows out.

I'm tired of the retarded chem trail level conspiracy theories on here. We're definitely not being told SOMETHING especially since the security camera footage is extremely likely to reveal something of interest, but this grasping at anything and everything is pathetic.

2a049f No.10713902

Anyone who doesnt have a net presence can be looked up in the clark county property records online, as long as they were a homeowner.


a86468 No.10713904


>Need to see private flights out of LV lists.

are they public record?


only if you want to end up looking like a retard




what if you have your Flip girlfriend hanging on your left arm?


this is what I have been thinking

>>10713388 heiled

>>10713399 checked

>>10713400 checked

In one of the earlier threads it was mentioned that most of the hotels on the strip don't actually have cameras in the hallways, they are more focused on the casino floor.

>That's why I think he just said food for 2 so he could get that food cart for the camera.

the food reciept was from 9/27, so a few days before the shooting. Also depending on what POS system the dining staff uses at the Mandalay Bay those time stamps could be modified by the waitstaff

t. used to be a restaurantmanagerfag


> I don't see much broken glass

I've been wondering where the broken glass from the windows went as well. Did it fall to the ground when he smashed them out? You would think somebody on the ground would have grabbed a picture of that.

>>10713700 checked

torfags still pushing the shitlib scenario


he wouldn't have had 23 guns in his room if he was planning an escape. Thats some misdirection from the (((Sheriff)))


Security Guards name was Jesus Campos


I never denied he was an arms dealer (((Shlomo))). I am denying that the brother called him an arms dealer. Nice try though :^)


its part of their business model. A lot of hotels rent out some of their nicer suites to long terms guests. Its not impossible for the long term guest to put it on AirBnB, but I'm not sure of the Mandalay Bays actual policy on AirBnB.

a51247 No.10713911


Cheap joke at jidf's and moot's expense. The luggage is a non issue imo, he had ample time to do it himself.

6c5744 No.10713921



Perhaps someone archived it? If so this might help:


If you can remember the thread name you can add the terms to the search to narrow it down.

52bc91 No.10713922


> it's impossible for the gun buyers to bring a hammer

> since the theory is that they set him up

000000 No.10713931


I was not talking about how the suitcases got there, but the fact that they are showing in the pic, seems staged.

57ab0f No.10713932


>> since the theory is that they set him up

so it wasn't an "arms deal gone wrong" they were framing him? I'm sorry but this is straining credulity

0bbd88 No.10713933


>I am denying that the brother called him an arms dealer.

clearly said ärmz not ˈärmē you fucking dirty nigger. clean out your ears sometime.

6c5744 No.10713942


Similar to what you mention about a FBI anon found in the archives of baph 2015:


a86468 No.10713947

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>10713933 checked

listen close nigger. He never says "arms".

d9f6cf No.10713948


> and the FBI couldn't risk apprehending

How fucking dumb is this shit?

85d6fc No.10713951

File: 7a489a13ac6edb6⋯.png (111.02 KB, 962x742, 481:371, Screenshot_20171005-094804.png)


Police recovered close to 50 firearms not 23.

764d2b No.10713952


>I wonder if these dates coincide with that nigger rap festival that was supposed to be the first target?

Maybe the original purpose of this shooting was to target the rap festival to perpetuate the "Trump supporters are racist" narrative giving the democrats grounds for impeachment? Did whoever committed this shooting simply confuse the festivals?

99adad No.10713953


holy fuck how does an old guy pay a valet to take his luggage up?????? THE MYSTERY WILL NEVER BE SOLVED







6c5744 No.10713955


>Deep State operating with flies undone.

2ec578 No.10713962

Arms deal gone wrong? Why do an arms deal at a hotel? And not at a secure location? Someone make this make sense to me.What are the pros to do such a thing at a public place?

a51247 No.10713964


Fuck, forgot I spoke with him under an easily searchable handle when I was a bo of a satellite board.Fuck you Cole, Asuka a shit.

33a2c3 No.10713965

File: 27c2dcd5ec14bf9⋯.png (630.21 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, image.png)

New crime scene photo leak with the lights off!

Keep digging!

53d147 No.10713971


not my thing, it's just to show that he died

c9b80d No.10713972


It's not unusual to be seen with several suitcases and tons of cash. Plus he probably just liked the luxury of it.

6c5744 No.10713973



The anon said "23 guns in his room" not "23 guns in total".

Old man with 23 boomer sticks in hotel room = boomer gun dealer

Finding more guns gives more credence to "gun dealer".

ec879c No.10713974




how do we know for sure he even used sledgehammers?

honestly that type of glass wouldnt even be easy to break with a sledgehammer. thats really thick tempered glass that still bends/cracks like safety glass.



i heard "ar"–

where are you 2 even getting the M sound let alone the vowel sound after it?


i actually have a family member that lives in palace court in vegas. he was away at the time but is a very powerful person in vegas. he tweeted that night before MSM or /pol/ even picked it up that it was happening, which prompted me to check /pol/ and maybe 10 minutes later someone posted the 1st happening thread.. he said there were multiple shootings and he lists the hotels and locations. i'll find the message (my wife screencapped it) and post which locations he mentioned. he said was he prays his family and friends stay safe.

e8701e No.10713976


Potato's Law: The more important the video, the lower resolution it will be.

a51247 No.10713977


Maybe it had to do with the familiarity of the location for Paddock, he was known around the strip. Casinos have more cameras in lobbies, not the hotel itself. Soft target for an obvious false flag operation. Take a pick.

000000 No.10713978


Seems legit.

6c5744 No.10713988

a51247 No.10713992


>Very powerful person in Vegas

Don't be a nigger, utilize that resource to gain more information unless you're just hot air. Being connected is everything.

704370 No.10713999

File: 9384a95eed9e168⋯.png (448.84 KB, 518x912, 259:456, Who is this.png)


52bc91 No.10714000


Semantics. No one thinks this was a gun buy where the buyer said "oh, shit, forgot my wallet" and decided to create a distraction.

The most plausible theory is that the guy sold guns, got set up to deliver a lot of guns unsuspiciously to bad guys, then was disposed of. Maybe he was FBI, maybe not, whatever. But thus far we have no motive whatsoever, so the idea that a buyer of large numbers of guns in Vegas is smart enough to bring a hammer and maybe a tripod or two with him is plausible.

a51247 No.10714005

File: 5c0c7f31abb360d⋯.jpg (196.56 KB, 736x482, 368:241, Rorschach_blot_01.jpg)


Looks like the edge of a counter top. What do you see?

ec879c No.10714008



not many people live in palace court. im not going to dox my own family like a nigger. if there was more information to get out of it i would post it here. anything you want me to ask?

at 2:30am eastern time he said there were shooters at mandalay bay, paris, ceasers, new york new york, and tropicana.

0bbd88 No.10714016


>(my wife screencapped it)

a51247 No.10714020


Don't dox him, but maybe coerce him to hire a pi or to tap whatever information network he has available to find out things like motive, what's on the tape, what's on the note, etc. Anything. If we blow this open we win. Cianiggers won't stand a chance.

It is literally of the utmost importance to retain our sovereignty and secure an existence and future for our white children.

e8701e No.10714027


I remember in an earlier thread someone was interviewed and said the gunshots were being picked up and amplified by the microphones and that he initially thought the gunshots were coming from the stage, but realized it was just the speakers echoing the shots back.

000000 No.10714029

e8701e No.10714030


probably another crime scene investigator

d90f36 No.10714037

I've asked in the questions thread but after a search and waiting, I'm getting antsy. It's about globalspecial (xyz) email domains. What are these? I shared a pic in the questions that don't deserve their own thread. I had to switch to my phone after archiving a couple pages. My browser would lock up. (Using Firefox)

>Years ago, Ted Binion trial timeline, there was a guy who was a regular in the chat I frequented. It was from a car chat.

>He was a veteran of the military and absolutely obsessed with the Philippines

>claimed his ex -wife and son lived there. He had a ton of money. He didn't share pictures except of his cars.

>So I search his screen name he used (ASEGOD7)

> globalspecial.xyz come up. What is this, searching didn't help. I might need it explained like I'm five.

fd42e2 No.10714039


The blood pattern leading from the body to the revolver is suspicious as fuck. Look how closely the blood droplets are spaced together.

The gun would have to have been absolutely soaked in blood for that much to drip off of it but that's to be expected when someone is shot through the roof of their mouth. However, the gun wound up a good ~2 feet from the body. If he was sitting, it flew out of his hand. If he was standing it fell in freefall. Either way, it would be moving too fast to make such a tight pattern of droplets. If you don't believe me, try soaking a paper towel with died water to the point it is dripping. Now toss it 2 feet from a sitting or standing position. Does the pattern look even remotely close? No.

Now take that dripping towel and move it 2 feet away like you just shot someone and wanted to stage the gun so it looks like it flew out of his hand. Now does that blood spill look a lot like the one in the picture? I guarantee it will. Then note how all the blood droplets in the picture are dry, indicating that if it was moved, it wasn't moved by the police.

a86468 No.10714044


>Why do an arms deal at a hotel?

this is a good point and one I have been wrestling with. The only thing that makes sense to have that many weapons was if it was like a showcase of available weapons for a bigger order. I don't know if they have released all of the weapons recovered in the room, but that will shed more light on the situation if they ever do.


you are right, he does cut it off at "ar". I am basing my guess of army because of the surrounding context around the quote of him. basically what makes more sense

>It didn't take a village for Steve

>Steve was an Army of One

>Steve was an arms dealer

>Steve was a stand along kinda guy

in context which one of these is not like the other?

e8701e No.10714046


>why do a deal in a public place

because it's a lot harder to kill someone and steal their stuff and get away with it when you're surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people all over.

000000 No.10714052


>a showcase of available weapons for a bigger order.

Yeah yeah, and they tested the weapons out the window.

07b77d No.10714059


>inb4 dubs confirm

Need close ups of each


> making billions off of hotel security

Manafort was wire tapped – and his office in Trump tower thereafter. Maybe Hotels are sketch/Deep State hives to the degree that having federally regulated spookery would severely hamper their ability to conduct their shit conveniently (best case.)


>>Need to see private flights out of LV lists.


>are they public record?

They ought to be, still have to chart courses and communicate with the Towers.


>them digits

Crime scene spooks not in slacks? Hotel guy?


>Looks like the edge of a counter top. What do you see?

Satanic Pug-Chihuahua hybrids mirror fucking a Scarab-Shaped Russian Nesting Doll/Bell, very T H I C C anthropomorphic ass, and a pigs tail.

5e7e2b No.10714066

Anyone saying he's a gun runner is clearly a dipshit. The Chicago festival tickets months prior pretty much proves this was planned out for months. You people and your dumbass theories are only wasting our time

631d0b No.10714071

e8701e No.10714074

File: 77fa1723515d56a⋯.png (26.45 KB, 840x262, 420:131, globalspecial.png)


hmmmm… globalspecial.xyz is a real domain that seems like some sort of spambot page (see pic). I can't access it, it times out my connection. Anyone more computer literate want to do some digging into this site? Looks incredibly shady.

a86468 No.10714076


tofags get the rope too

>>10714066 checked


>implying they don't buy guns in chicago too

6c5744 No.10714077




Checked for guy in jeans and loafers (like Paddock) doxing him/her/zeselfz.

That means there was more than one in the room when photo was taken.

Press F for deep state fried photo leaky anon.

ec879c No.10714080


i dont have a smart phone or a facebook account. but she does. and she screencaps everything like this bc she's aware of disinformation and suddenly missing or edited news stories. i taught her well


ok, hes not THAT powerful. he's rich, and his parents have their hands in politics, but hes a corporate guy that lives in palace court. check palace court in vegas on google maps. he hasnt commented on the attack since that night.

i wouldnt be shocked if he believes the whole narrative.

the reason i brought it up is because he heard of it very early on compared to many, and he heard about multiple shooters too.


i agree, but its hard to speculate on that one much further because of that. are there other interviews of that guy? he's a fuckign weirdo and i bet he'll let something slip eventually unless he was kept in the dark. sometimes brothers dont talk decades, who knows how close these 2 were?

52bc91 No.10714082


> a gun runner would never have sold guns previously

> a gun runner would never use the same MO

> previous suite rentals without incident are evidence against a setup

You may have dubs, my shillydillyo, but I have trips:


cf892f No.10714092


Consistent with the gun being kicked away by a police officer on arrival, imho you can follow the platter back to where the gun was prior. Thats my best guess for now

6c5744 No.10714094


Dubs of deceit checked.

>Imblying gun deelies can't be pre-arranged months before, and cover of FBI Paddock can't be blown to gun buyers by Deep State.

e8701e No.10714095


I know you're just being a faggot but there are reasons to question the gun-running theory. The major red flag for me is why did he buy all these guns legally under his own name? A gun runner would not be buying weapons at retail price, from retail stores, a few guns at a time.

d90f36 No.10714098

File: b1b642bac031c1f⋯.png (75.99 KB, 1349x634, 1349:634, Firefox_Screenshot_2017-10….png)

Upon searching, this is what came up. Has anyone looked into an Antonio Altana? Because that's what comes up when I search user name specifically. How do I dig into this stuff?

Currently taking a gander at Altana. I'm working on a hunch. Unless anyone knows sauce on AA? I think he's an associate or actually the ASEGOD7 that chatted in AOL's Car Chat. Not trying to derail with this, I just don't think I am digging appropriately and maybe Anons can get more info on this?

cf892f No.10714101


Sauce for legal purchases, most of those weapons are full auto its not possible in most cases to buy them.

a86468 No.10714103


>who knows how close these 2 were?

brother said he last talked to steve like 5 days after the power went back on after the storm. The brother is in Orlando so I have to assume he is referencing Irma, but the way he is pushing the whole lone wolf narrative I wouldn't be surprised if there is a crisis coordinator telling him what to say. Basically the brother can't be trusted at this point.


>The major red flag for me is why did he buy all these guns legally under his own name?

This is a good point that has my noggin a twitchin as well. I am beginning to think Stephen C. Paddock is nothing more than a cover identity and not his real name, but I'm definitely getting into tinfoil territory here.

18711c No.10714112


no, the guns that were left behind were not full auto

c63063 No.10714113


What do you mean? People run guns using their legal names via legal purchases all the time.

Personally, I don't think this was a fast furious thing done by the FBI. Paddock simply could have been a small time gun runner totally unconnected to the FBI.

000000 No.10714115


>A gun runner would not be buying weapons at retail price, from retail stores, a few guns at a time.

Yeah, buying 50 guns over 25 years, now that's what I call long term investment!

ec879c No.10714124


true about the brother… although i never trust "family" in these scenarios.

also, an FBI agent would have no reason to fear. also, ATF restrctions on full auto (assuming all his shit wasnt slide fire) would make it difficult for him to purchase without some kind of special FBI name to use.

e8701e No.10714127


The source is from a presser, one of the investigators listed all of the states where he bought the guns. And they were not full-auto, they had bump stocks on them.

ec879c No.10714134


>why did he buy all these guns legally under his own name?

why are we assuming this is true? the only way we would get that information is first hand from FBI, NICS, or ATF records. are we suddenly trusting them?

e8701e No.10714136


But if he's buying guns under his own name and selling them, there should be a list of guns he bought but that they can't track down. He had 40+ guns lying around, and they seem to be all accounted for. If the police say "he bought 200+ guns but we can only find 40" then I'll buy the story.

3f8a38 No.10714138

File: 71de45a00c7c242⋯.jpg (101.07 KB, 728x546, 4:3, bloodspatter-59-728.jpg)

File: cdf96659c262b32⋯.jpg (61.51 KB, 728x546, 4:3, bloodspatter-60-728.jpg)


what about backspatter? besides the cylinder (which I think was lying on the pool of blood before being kicked), the gun is pristine

According to www.slideshare.net/Alyssa10/bloodspatter (slide 60), there should be blood on the exterior of the gun

a86468 No.10714139


>one of the investigators listed all of the states where he bought the guns.

now did we confirm that they were the guns in the room? or were they just verified purchases that they were able to track through databases.

e8701e No.10714141


I'm not trusting anyone, but that's the information we have to work with.

e8701e No.10714146


That I don't know.

6299ea No.10714147

File: 9374371e14e8dcc⋯.jpg (30.05 KB, 400x220, 20:11, aHNDIt.5VpeQMzBYzLI1Ow.jpg)


>50 guns over 25 years


c63063 No.10714150


He might not have been a long time gun runner but simply began doing it recently as a last resort after a really bad string of gambling loses.

a86468 No.10714158


thats not exactly a game you can just kind of stumble into in your mid 60s

e8701e No.10714164


Maybe, but he was wiring $100k to his gf so he had a lot of liquid assets like planes, property, etc. He would get maybe $80k selling every gun he owns

ec879c No.10714165


>we have to

but… where did this information come from?

000000 No.10714170


AFAIK, the first to suggest the arms deal angle was the "LVMPD leaker" who stated the guy was working for the FBI to sell weapons for tracking purposes. See: Fast and Furious gun running operation.

If that angle is credible, then that's why they didn't meet at a "secure location," whatever that even means.

The hotel would be "secure" because if the fucking FBI sponsored the deal, then they would be investigating it, plus there is plenty of natural obfuscation in a hotel with thousands of party people hauling luggage in and out of closed doors. It's the perfect place for just about any kind of deal. The utilities like the hammer and cameras would have been premeditated in both the "lone wolf" or "ISIS ambush" scenario. Both scenarios are plausible without further evidence. The LVMPD leaker may be a hoax, but it's a damn plausible theory with the lack of hard evidence refuting it, the behavior of the LVMPD sheriff, the statements made yesterday by the FBI, and some historical perspective aka not being a fucking ear-lobe obsessed mulatto.

With all that said:

-The initial photo leak may have been a deliberate release to dissuade early "multiple shooter" conspiracies or some other reason. That could be the first piece set up to throw off the whole nation of autists.

-The "LVMPD anon" may be a well thought-out hoax to discredit the FBI or some other reason

The questions I still have are:

1) What the fuck is the black thing to the left of the note. I'm not buying that it was a "le funni big pen" to dissuade people from taking it from the room. It's a fucking billion dollar hotel, they don't give a shit if you take their fucking pen.

2) The baby monitor. See 10/4 press conference. LVMPD says it was pointed at the "general living area" which I assume means the place where all the action was. Was it broadcasting? And if so, was it broadcasting on a short range frequency or over the internet, and why?

18758d No.10714172


It's showing that he's a "lawyer" who is interviewed on various things by the msm. He also has a self titled media company.

c63063 No.10714174


Las Vegas is a hive of scum and villainy and the guy hung around there for the last two decades at least. Buying guns is the easy part, making connections with unsavory characters to find clients is the hard part, and he certainly could have made some connections over the last 20 years.

e8701e No.10714176



707442 No.10714186



I wonder at what point he shot himself. If I'm understanding the timeline from the press conference correctly, it was over an hour after the last gunshot, before anyone entered the room. Would the blood have been wet enough to leave that trail from the handgun, if it was kicked at that point?

50c8bb No.10714189



By some (pure) coincidence, up until in august there was an investments list on this wikipedia page:


this is the revision before they removed it.

000000 No.10714204

Also for all you attached earlobe cunts or anyone who thinks attached or unattached means anything: the attached ear lobe trait occurs in the majority of almost every population subset on the fucking planet. Having attached earlobes means about as much as being born with 10 fingers in other words JACK SHIT

cec574 No.10714209


Never said that they were LVMPD, just that it was from "work". More than likely an LVMPD detective, but who's to say that it couldn't have been someone in a letter soup agency or even the real shooters?

19e427 No.10714213


You fucking rube. That's normal fucking behavior after a traumatic experience.

a86468 No.10714214


>Las Vegas is a hive of scum and villainy

thats true, but degenerate gamblers aren't the most trustworthy. He was allegedly known for being a "big time" gambler. If I am going to be doing something illegal, I'm not going to trust a gambler because that tells me 2 things:

1) they could have impulse control issues and be generally unreliable

2) they run the risk of racking up debt and it makes them vulnerable to black mail.

3f8a38 No.10714216


>attached earlobes means about as much as being born with 10 fingers

so detached earlobes means having 9 or 11 fingers?

000000 No.10714217


Are you one of them?

ec879c No.10714226


according to the article they speculate that those gun purchases could have been legal, and explain american gun laws. nowhere does it say those guns are registered under his name. did you post the wrong link?

000000 No.10714227


That's true, he said "work", he could have worked at a vfx company too. Makes you wonder.

cec574 No.10714229


Why does dailymail claim he was shot by SWAT?


> it was over an hour after the last gunshot, before anyone entered the room

More importantly, if he was planning to escape as they're insisting they have evidence of, what the fuck would he have been doing in that room (by himself?) for a whole fucking hour?

6299ea No.10714232



increased incidence of non-right-handedness, which is a result primarily of prenatal neural development and solidified very early in life. Minor physical anomalies (MPAs; superficial deviations from typical morphological development, such as un-detached earlobes)



0d3dd2 No.10714234


Because the tickets, which were reported by TMZ, couldn't possibly be disinfo to keep the narrative that Paddock was an apolitical lone-nut.

You should consider the possibility that MSM might lie to you sometimes. Or that they might be lied to by feds doing damage control. If the FBI dropped the ball on a Fast and Furious sting AGAIN, resulting in dozens of Americans dead, then some people involved will go to prison. I could see them spreading rumors to protect themselves. Like that call to the Savage Nation about Paddock being a Trump supporter.

000000 No.10714244


> evidence of

What would that evidance be? A drawing of him and an arrow pointing at an exit sign?

>planning to escape

Hopefully leaving all those heavy weapons behind, no?

6299ea No.10714251



In his recent book Serial Killers Joel Norris cites 23 visible signs of genetic disorders in suspected serial murderers which do, incidentally, include misshapen ears.

19e427 No.10714254


So, let's take that into account. Paddy here could've been running guns in a FED program and the CIA/mossad/saudkikes cut in. They set up a deal, making it out so the feds think they're going to catch some mudslime terrorists, and just liquidate the fuck and frame him for the shooting. Deepstate gets their kills, FED gets scared into silence because they supplied the weapons, and then the clusterfuck is explained by the agencies fighting each other under the surface.

ea6b15 No.10714256


i've seen undercover vice documentaries where they've met with illegal ivory dealers in hotel rooms - it isn't that farfetched. it's actually the only PRIVATE (locks on door) and SAFE (there's security present on the lower level) and NEUTRAL (there realistically isn't home field advantage for anyone) places one could really access. sports memorabilia deals happen this way often too, I think.

i heard someone speculating about paying for items with poker chips from the casino in the hotel too. you can just go downstairs and exchange the chips for money without much of a trace.

000000 No.10714258



That was on purpose.

52bc91 No.10714262


>thats true, but degenerate gamblers aren't the most trustworthy. He was allegedly known for being a "big time" gambler. If I am going to be doing something illegal, I'm not going to trust a gambler because that tells me 2 things:

>1) they could have impulse control issues and be generally unreliable

>2) they run the risk of racking up debt and it makes them vulnerable to black mail.

He was an accountant so he understood the basic math of finance and casinos, he is described as "conservative" and "calculating" and had spreadsheets on his (video poker, c'mon) gambling: he knew what he was doing.

Loss minimization + laundering + perk maximization makes sense and dovetails with the gun-running theory.

4cfd7a No.10714264

File: b83086e124d2644⋯.jpg (239.33 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Attention-Grabbing-Image.jpg)

I figured out the motive. He did it to motivated the left gun grabbers to vote against republicans in the mid-term crippling Trump for the rest of his term.

000000 No.10714265


> Like that call to the Savage Nation about Paddock being a Trump supporter.

What call to what station about Paddock?

Only kidding, the jews that run this board gassed it

Word to the wise, the same JIDF jews that police these boards are back on their evening shift attacking every thread that appears to show Trump isn't actually /ourguy/…



These kikes even seed some threads just to attack any anon who posts in acknowlegement, they literally gaslight the goy openly and every anon seems to be blind to this taking place every day for a few years now

OP post >>10713958



6c5744 No.10714266


>What is "cover story"?

18758d No.10714269


If you were born with 10 fingers you should seek help.

6299ea No.10714270

4cfd7a No.10714277

File: aa659b88a3d6d3a⋯.jpg (19.37 KB, 400x300, 4:3, tumor.jpg)


Faggotry is white genocide. It hurts them if we get the motive out before the votes are finished. If leftists realize that was his motive, it could backfire.

334e8a No.10714288


They are. The thread about trump supporting a base in Jerusalem is getting completely derailed. We bitch about D&C shills here. I’m afraid trump himself is the D&C president.

dc5063 No.10714298


Couple observations here, feedback appreciated

1) ISIS doesn't need the Saudis to come to town and pay for them. They make a lot of money from controlling the human and drug trafficking trade that goes from South America to Europe (in partnership with the Cartels).

2) It would make more sense that they'd let their floors be used for an operation rather than be there themselves. If the spokesperson says no one was there I guess that adds credence to that angle. They'd say that anyways though

3) Reminder that George Soros shorted MGM Resorts this year, who own Mandalay Bay





629b4d No.10714304


There was an act that prevented the US government from having the media play propoganda and paying for it on the american people. The act was never resigned and expired a few years ago.

CIA is a government body.

3f8a38 No.10714306



Moving the embassy is one hell of a huge coin that Trump will retain until he actually needs to spend it to get something else, if he never needs, he won't.

If he was so buddy buddy with Israel, he would have moved the embassy back in June, he didn't. He will bait and switch this shit until he can't anymore and

kikes like you can only kvetch about it

6299ea No.10714324

File: 82a400c5a85f3bd⋯.jpg (14.09 KB, 340x379, 340:379, AttachedLobes.jpg)

File: 6817f41b63642fc⋯.png (172.19 KB, 660x872, 165:218, a.PNG)


>A study of the criminal brain.

>There are slight physical defects—called anomalies—that are signs things did not go well in the womb: ears set low on the head, a wide gap between the big toe and the other toes, ear lobes that are connected to the neck, little fingers that are curved, a streak down the middle of the tongue. People with a lot of these anomalies are more likely to be aggressive or criminal.

ear lobes that are connected to the neck

Pic is from the AmRen website.

bacbef No.10714330


I know someone that was supposedly killed. They wouldn't allow the parents to see the body and said the FBI has them

704370 No.10714333


hoping a reporter will ask about mystery leg in Q&A.

e8701e No.10714336


I'm banning anyone who says the word "earlobe" from now on. This is 4 days of the same pointless spam. Please, unironically, kill yourself.

000000 No.10714337


I am not buying the Saudi ownership/big business angle on this yet. Not that it is implausible to think there is a connection, but it seems like too far a leap to make right now with all of the unprocessed evidence and unanswered questions still right in front of us.

30af12 No.10714341

File: 3f43ac8527adf61⋯.jpg (15.3 KB, 480x480, 1:1, feelsbadman.jpg)

I was driving down to my grandmother's funeral a few days ago, just as this incident happened.

I noticed a flag at half-mast, didn't have any idea why.

Once I got down there, I started seeing headlines about the shooting.

On my way back up, I saw the same flag at half-mast again and realized why.

I went to my grandmother's visitation as well as the funeral, it was my first time looking at a corpse in real life and even now I'm not sure what to make of it.

Now I'm back from the funeral, going through threads and videos like >>10712601 and honestly, there's something about this incident that is unnerving to me like nothing else up to this point.

All of the shootings I've seen in recent years seem cute in comparison to this shit.

I'm fucking mad.

It was fun laughing at Antifa and the SJWs and the MSM, the useful idiots in all of this.

It was fun watching the shadow government go into such a panic that Trump could not even have two scoops of ice cream without them having a hissy fit over it.

But this?

This is no joke.

The lefties keep this shit up, and a second civil war will happen.

Why does it have to come to this?

All I wanted to do was play vidya…

6299ea No.10714343


Why are you afraid of the truth?

000000 No.10714346


Literally jew filth openly bragging and mocking the goy about pol being hijacked by isreali hasbara jews.

How does it feel that regardless of the fact you have control of the board, you are despised and wanted dead by each and every single one of the actual legiot goys that post here, which admittedly may only be a handful of posters here, due to the fact you kikes have destroyed any honesty and integrity the board once had by banning every single white man who didn't play along with your jewish narratives on every situation in world politics.

5e7e2b No.10714352

Also anyone claiming this attack is politically motivated "liberals" or "rwingers for trump" is also a fucking moron. Just kill yourselves so we have more room on this planet for normal discussions, thanks a bunch

6299ea No.10714353


I mean, this "pure coincidence" is kinda weird, isn't it? Something is up with dem earlobes.

334e8a No.10714359


Seen that post already kike faggot. Yahweh is a cunt. IDF soldiers are incompetent pussies. You jews are rats.

000000 No.10714361



You know, another anon brought this up before, and I don't remember it getting any answer - how do we know that the crime scene pictures - including the very first ones - were leaked by a NVPDanon? As soon as you get rid of the "lone actor" theory, those pictures could have as well been leaked by ISIS / Saudis instead of LEO or FBI. And they could have even been taken before the shooting started, but after Paddock was offed.

Reason for leak could have been to verify ISIS claim of responsibility, someone gloating, or to get FBI into trouble for an explanation - which was avoided however, because the "press" never asked about who leaked the pictures and why.

We just assumed it was LEO who leaked it and IIRC there was no comment associated with the drop itself.

OTOH the pic there could simply show an investigator.

dc5063 No.10714365


It's interesting that they own a stake in the top floors but like you said, that doesn't really prove anything. Seemed more plausible to me that this guy was secretly a radicalized lefty who might have been collaborating with US citizens with ISIS connections.


Provoking a US Spring was always the point of this attack. Same as it was with incidents like Dallas and Charlottesville.

000000 No.10714373


>I'm banning anyone who says the word "earlobe" from now on. This is 4 days of the same pointless spam.

Interestingly you've not once attempted to curb this cunt spamming about "earlobes and pedos", not even a gentle warninjg, instead you've elected to ban any non-jew posting the truth about the lying neocon kikes you and the rest of the JIDF kikes insist the goys must celebrate here on pol.

You and your team of Kushner drones even seed threads just to entrap any wrong-think goy that may have slipped past your net like this thread for example [>>10713958], you are openly gaslighting and mocking every anon on this board.

You are scum and I can;t wait for the day the center can no longer hold this jewish web of deceit and you all get horribly slaughtered by every rightfully angry goy who has woken up your your historical litany of lies

d90f36 No.10714375


Thank You!!!! I just wanted to know if anyone is aware of an Antonio Altana (aka could be Aldana) businesses, or if anyone had even heard of him.

Company overview here


People are more worried about how THEIR ears look than helping dig. Absolutely ridic. I've been filtering.

704370 No.10714378


Reporters did ask about leaked photos. Response was there is currently an internal investigation into who leaked.

IMHO any investigator would have on shoe covering to preserve crime scene. if security footage is ever released this is a big clue.

6c5744 No.10714381

File: 0d8b10c701e77bc⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1280x738, 640:369, 0004.png)

938295 No.10714385


Shill detected. This is the event that will prove to us if trump is our guy or not. Leaning towards not at this point. Fired Flynn. No HRC prosecution. Fired American firsters. And now this. A most blatant false flag that stands to benefit the zio-security industrial complex. Police state bullshit. Balls in your court Donny. This feels like the Clinton timeline tbh.

6299ea No.10714394


>People are more worried about how THEIR ears look

Rightly so - ear shape is connected to pedophilia and psychopathy.

e8701e No.10714396



You're late, moshie.

081ebe No.10714398



whois globalspecial.xyz

would copy and past but too much info–russian host w phone numbers and emails–based in Moscow.

938295 No.10714407


Fuck you cunt. Meets with Adelson the day after. I want to believe. I really do. I ruined my life by publicly supporting trump so go fuck your self with a rusty hammer.

ad7254 No.10714409

>I'm from the free ear lobe people and I'll be damned if I let those connected ear lobe bastards rule this country!

Can you guys quit it with this retarded shit. It's even dumber than the "crisis actors" shit.

e8701e No.10714412


>ALTANA develops, produces and distributes high-quality innovative products in the field of specialty chemicals for coatings manufacturers, paint and plastics processors, the printing and cosmetic industries as well as the electrical industry.

Mostly produces pigments, sealants, and electrical insulation material from what I can tell.

0d3dd2 No.10714413


The pictures bother me. Very neat and encapsulates all the facts to verify the suspect and his suicide. All of that's in the frame. No shitty lighting or amateur photography mistakes. No police in the frame. That they were confirmed within about an hour by the sheriff makes me even more skeptical.

Nobody with a speaking role in the MSM has said "Lockheed" to my knowledge, and nobody seems to think it's weird that this guy was a multimillionaire through retail-level real estate. Land sales are public info. We should be able to confirm how much he made.

What about the "white" guy(s) in fatigues booking it in a black van? LVMPD still has most boots on the ground to project force in the area. Really makes me think there are more shooters out there.

000000 No.10714414


Nice try MSM.

6299ea No.10714417


There will be more mass shootings, and when the same pattern regarding attached earlobes emerges, you will thank our research on the matter.

d9f6cf No.10714424


Indeed. Checking the timestamp.

842db6 No.10714431

File: 0ccb904c1e83f08⋯.jpg (63.44 KB, 927x238, 927:238, 619659552c1f3dd633a40d0a49….jpg)

ad7254 No.10714438


Ander Breivik's earlobes are detached. I'm starting to think people with detached earlobes are the real killers and this is just a psyop to throw us off your tracks. You clever bastards.

a12493 No.10714442


This shit is literally powering the ZOG machine. Laundering money through (((donations))).

000000 No.10714444


>I'm from the free ear lobe people and I'll be damned if I let those connected ear lobe bastards rule this country!

>Can you guys quit it with this retarded shit. It's even dumber than the "crisis actors" shit.


Automatically ascribing the plants behaviour with that of those calling out this CIA-kike psyop for what it is with the "earlobes and pedos" Kushnerbot

The only thing more dumber than the crisis actors bullshit, are the CIA-kikes who seem to think this sort of stuff is passable as a real legitimate victim shortly after the trauma, then again you did manage to get newly awakening goys to suddenly switch off their brains and suck on zionist kike dick with the jewish Trump con.

Eventually you'll push the goy too far

"Dumb crisis actors"




Le LoL

000000 No.10714445


I see. Though this means we will probably never hear of it again and it could just as well be a cover for "The shooters did".

e8701e No.10714448


>one suspect neutralized

Does this type of language apply to someone you find dead already? In other words, if they show up and he clearly killed himself, will they still say "suspect neutralized" or does that imply they shot him?

c63063 No.10714449

File: 4695f9ba96ca410⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, 20:11, 1507093834637.gif)


I know for an absolute fact that when Saudis/Qataris invest a large stake in high end hotels in midtown Manhattan hordes of muslim employees usually almost immediately follow. Remember how Bataclan supposedly had Algerian bouncers?

ad7254 No.10714450


James Holmes, Detached earlobs… hmmm, I'm noticing a pattern here.

6299ea No.10714452


>Ander Breivik's earlobes are detached. I'm starting to think people with detached earlobes are the real killers and this is just a psyop to throw us off your tracks. You clever bastards.

Breivik is a hero, not a psychopath or a pedophile. Nice try, Shloms.

d90f36 No.10714458


Whatever floats your boat man. Can one take a break to help figure out the globalspecial.xyz domain? It lead to an Antonio Altana in my dig.

What is that domain even for? Looks like bots, but for what? Maybe even creating bots for here. That's why I'm concerned and wanna dig on this to make sure he checks out. As well as his associates. Check his ears if you need to. If for nothing else, the xyz domain is a puzzler.

6299ea No.10714461


Dude, type "serial killers attached earlobes" or "pedophiles attached earlobes" into your search bar - and read the relevant material.

ad7254 No.10714463


Wtf are you talking about kike? Are you telling me that it makes more sense to hire 60 actors, who might talk later, than to just shoot 60 random people???

Okay. Whatever you say, detective.

000000 No.10714464


Same kikes gaslighting you here are also shilling for zionist kikes terrorists like Breivik, Football Lad Alliance,Gert Wilders, Trump and the rest of the zionist counter-jihad corps, I wonder if Pam Geller has shares in pol?

6299ea No.10714467


Breivik is a hero. Nuff said, kike.

ad7254 No.10714471


I won't deny that Brevik did some good. But he still massacred a shitload of people. You'd have to be a bit pyschotic to murder teenagers.

771822 No.10714476

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes, Oslo was a real event, we know this because the "unicorn" woman with a foot long piece of shrapnel penetrating her brain, is asked by medics if she feels ok to take the bus to hospital instead of one of the many waiting ambulances.

Also the lady "red face" (ultra-white hair for maximum shock and contrast) appeared a couple of months later with not a mark on her face, despite supposedly receiving 100 stitches.

Of course, it's pure coincidence that the "shooting" part took place on a completely isolated island with no public access, lucky we have the Jewish press to fill us in on what happened there.

000000 No.10714481


Yes, possible selective and officially sanctioned evidence "leak" released early into the incident to confirm the official narrative. OMG SPOOPY LEAK IS REAL HE IS LONE SHOOTAR. But would someone risk their life and career only to share gore and confirm the official story?

6299ea No.10714484


He did not belong to the same clinical type as Ted Bundy and so on. The type we're discussing here of anti-social criminals such as killers and pedos is distinct from politically motivated (idealistic) individuals.

6299ea No.10714490



Found the shill.

000000 No.10714496


>Breivik is a hero. Nuff said, kike.

To the jewish defence league only…

Here is the jewish defence league webpage after the attack, it was 2 years later before lying CIA kikes like Andre ANglin decided to help the CIA memory-hole and paint him as a hero and secret nazi, after him openly expressing his love for isreal and being in cahoots with the JDL and other zionist kikes prior to the Mossad spyop which led to the slaughter of 100 white kids protesting against isreal…


Just goes to show how arrogant the jews are these days and how openly they piss in the faces of every goy on here

000000 No.10714501


While "neutralized" sounds pretty active, I'm rather sure on the scanner audio I heard "Suspect down". I guess this is just standard language on the actual status of the threat. It entails no long stories about who, why and how.

Often when they find someone dead, they cannot even be immediately sure "who got him" and when. This is just a short status report, the investigation comes later.

6299ea No.10714503


>Breivik is evil because he said some stuff about Israel oy vey

Breivik believed in the 14 words. Unlike you, kike.

ad7254 No.10714509



Detached earlobs: John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrei Chikatilo, etc.

Most of these lunatics have detached earlobes. I think your theory is a bit wrong.

6b0c3f No.10714518

Mike Tokes is live in vegas live on periscope. Dropping /pol/ bombs

a4c5d6 No.10714521

The Jewish kabbalistic argument of ritual murder in Vegas:



>Aldean, the Country singer who was completing his concert, means (This is) about judgement.

>Esav pretends that he rises to the 33rd level of purity in order to serve G-d for the purpose of making money by having a chazakah on the Mon at the 33rd level of purity, the third time that the Mon fell. Yet, he only rises to the 32 2/3 level of purity because he never shed that third tear when tears welled up in his eyes upon losing the brachah. Paddock was "lodged" in a room on the 32nd floor when he submachine gunned the Country Music crowd of 22,000 fans. He was shooting through a 32nd story window. Apparently, Divine Protection has been removed from America almost completely. The 33 degree FreeMasonic roof has sprung a leak of Tumah. The FreeMasonic sukkah is not kosher since it is spelled with a Vav with the gematriah of 91. Plus it was established by Gog Washington, and Gog refers to a roof with with no holes in it. If you have a hole in your roof (gag), you will either need to patch the hole in your roof or build a whole new roof. So when Gog Washington established the Great American sukkah in the 31st century after Matan Torah, his intent was that two centuries later at the end of 33 centuries, another Gog would patch up the Roof. Well as I mentioned above, that NWO roof seems to have sprung a leak.

>The body count started at -50 and kept going down from there. On Shavuot night 5776 when Sefirat HaOmar Mateen went into that gay bar in Orlando and murdered 49 homosexuals, he became the 50th dead body in that bar at Alot HaShachar. America was at -50 since that Shavuot night. For over a year HaShem has waited for Americans to repent out of that muckity muck sewer. But now America is sinking into the quicksand of -50, for at -50 there is no floor, just quicksand as its once great culture sinks into the sands of a Nevada desert.

172138 No.10714522


https anon.

Get 'https everywhere' now.

a51247 No.10714524

So on my goybook I've been seeing my typically left aligned friends become susceptible to memes purporting that it was a false flag event, such as the light strobes and the other shooters. They even shared the leaked photos every so often. My hope is that we can find something good substantial to push the envelope that way a bit further. Has any more damning or suspicious statements been released since the sheriff commented on him having help? Statements like that would be crucial to rattle normal fag cages.

6299ea No.10714527


This is not my theory, but granted, not all anti-social criminals have attached earlobes. But when someone is suspected as a mass shooter, and he has physical anomalies like attached earlobes and left-handedness, well, y'know… There's a pattern right there.

2ec578 No.10714532

000000 No.10714536


>Breivik believed in the 14 words

Expressed perfectly by his slaughter of white kids for little old isreal

No he never

Brevik killed for isreal, he (or more likely his mossad handlers did the actual shooting) killed white people


every post fromyou,mocking those who do not believe the jewish medias narrative and also praising the notorious zionist terrorist Breivik who had plastic surgery to"make himself look more Aryan"

Its not the most complex formula to spot a CIA-kike, they tend to support every government narrative on everything, you may recognise them by being the most forceful and vocal in that we need to tactically vote for zionist kikes, because secretly they are ourguys etc

ad7254 No.10714540


My ex wife was left handed and she is the spawn of satan, so maybe you're right about that.

2ec578 No.10714542


meh. I doubt anything will happened because of this. Not at least on the public level. My condolences on Grandma.

6299ea No.10714548


>Brevik killed for isreal

Thanks for the hasbara, Saul. What hasbarats do is make egregious claims such as yours, so that people will react with "come on, this is bullshit" and so move closer to being supportive of, or neutral about, the zionist entity. You won't get away with it, JIDF.

6299ea No.10714553


Usually this theory applies to males, but okay :)

25f6f9 No.10714558

File: 962f763c4782bca⋯.mp4 (8.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Mandalay Bay Tram to Excal….mp4)


Video said that the monorail has extended hours on Friday and Saturday closes at 9PM. But the attack happened on Sunday so that puts it on the 7pm closing time. They could extend it for special occasions like the concert but thats just speculation


Purchasing tickets online or credit seems unlikely and a stupid move for terrorists to use, so a cash option would be the quickest and most risk free way to use it.


>Maybe they walked the tracks?

I guess it's not impossible, but unlikely. Here's a video showing how fast it takes to get from Mandalay Bay to the first spot at Excalibur (which pooped up on the police scanner)

Takes about a minute.

2b20fc No.10714561


In the case of what you're saying is true, getting evidence of this would be damning.

2ec578 No.10714568


Only thing I know about earlobes is that the protectors of the Holy Grail are The Knights Templar and they have attached ear lobes.

d9f6cf No.10714571


There is the zo.ai connection…

000000 No.10714577


>Thanks for the hasbara, Saul.

Every word you had written on this thread is supported the jewish narrative on everything.

Then you start calling people kikes for critcism of kikes.

Then you perform your cartoon 'nazi' act and glory in the slaughter of whites by self-professed zionists who written a long manifesto extolling the virtues of isreal, queers and all the counter-jihad jews, who he said we must join.

>What hasbarats do is make egregious claims such as yours,

So egregious, I provided proof of my claims

What hasbarats do is lie for jewish advancement as you have demonstrated in every post you've made

>You won't get away with it, JIDF.

Every post from your iD is promoting the jewish narrative on everything,mocking those who doubt the jewish narrative on everything, then attempt to prove your based nazi credentials by celebrating a crypto kike open zionist, pro-multiculturalism, pro-isreal, pro-queer zionist terrorist whop slaughtered whites.

f58c08 No.10714578


I'm not the guy you're replying to, but I watched the video of his brother wearing shades and I don't hear any 's' at the end.

172138 No.10714580


Cheers, that corp owns 30% of Republic Services.


>Republic Services owns or operates 193 active landfills. They also have responsibility for 126 closed landfills, for which they have associated closure and post-closure obligations.[11]

>Republic Services owns and operates the largest landfill in the United States at 2,200 acres (890 ha) located in Apex, Nevada.[27]



My spidey senses are tingling here lads…

It get's worse:

>In 2008, at the time that Republic Services bought Allied Waste, it acquired two closed St. Louis, Missouri landfills, West Lake and Bridgeton. An underground event (more accurately referred to as a “smoldering event”)[28] was detected in the closed Bridgeton Landfill. Due to the odors emitted from the landfill and its proximity to the adjacent West Lake—an EPA-managed Super Fund site which contains low-level radioactive waste dumped there illegally over forty years ago—environmental groups got involved.[29]

>Republic operates the Bridgeton Landfill near St. Louis, Missouri. The landfill is the site of an underground event of concern to residents and the EPA. Since 2013, when Republic Services installed equipment to flare off gasses and treat contaminated liquid, the levels of contaminants released into the air have mostly fallen below regulatory acceptable levels.

Seems like a good way to hide more nuclear waste…


>In 2013 the company said it would build a barrier to separate the two landfills, but because the EPA was uncertain where the radioactive contamination was located, progress on the barrier was delayed for more than a year.[30]

2ec578 No.10714585


Why the fuck would someone do an interview? That in of itself is suspect.

8a6a63 No.10714586

Lets get this straight?

A lone, secretive, wealthy 64yo nut job

with “defense” industry history,

who’s dad got a year probation

for escaping jail and bank robbery,

with no political or religious leanings,

plans and executes a shooting

at random concertgoers

out of an nondescript anger

or sudden want of notoriety?

First nihilist killer? Or-

172138 No.10714595


>George Soros shorted MGM Resorts this year

Wow what a lucky lucky man.

6b0c3f No.10714600

File: 69b0a1792bd8b27⋯.jpg (158.06 KB, 1200x487, 1200:487, nra 90 .jpg)


55bb8a No.10714601


Look at the photo of the body/revolver again. The gun is covered in blood.

2ec578 No.10714613


Does anyone have actual proof of his political affiliations? Voting records? I know there was a video of him at a protest or some crap. But, most people who work for the gov. already know politics are bullshit, so their opinion on the matter is null. And plus, the gov. doesn't like their employees to have opinions. They hire certain people.

3f8a38 No.10714615


only the cylinder have blood on it, and at a diagonal angle, and I bet is because the gun used to be touching the border of the pool of blood, the cylinder is wider than the rest, so it can 'protect' the rest of the gun of the blood

9a1f52 No.10714616


Of fucking course they did, fucking useless cunts.

>devices designed to allow semi-automatics rifles to function like fully-automatic

>bumpfire just uses recoil to pull the trigger again after it's shot once, still clearly semi

000000 No.10714619


This is just morons spreading disinfo.

He does not say "armS" and if anyone who isn't a retard can understand context, it's obvious he was going to say "army of one" and caught himself because he realized it would be distasteful to say that about a guy who just killed a shitload of people.

…even though the Sheriff accidentally called him a "super hero."

c95000 No.10714624


What a bunch of faggots, wasn't there only 2/23 guns found with bump fire? It's one thing when people on chans don't know anything about funz because they get btfo, but all these fucking normies who've never even seen a gun parroting whatever bullshit lines they're fed are the ones that are kept placated.

6299ea No.10714627


>I know there was a video of him at a protest or some crap.

No, there isn't. It's bullshit spread by muh antifa shills.

000000 No.10714631


Now the ZOG Empruh can continue the marxist/zionist agenda to disarm Americans and all the retarded MAGApedes will still cheer him because he was doing it for us (NRA approval).

>Trump will keep us safe by empowering the zionist elites and disarming the people

8a6a63 No.10714633

Notable aspects of shooter:


Looks after his friends and family

Thrifty with others

Has severe allergies

“muh leg hurts” -according to bro

Brother talks like a racial caricature

2ec578 No.10714634


there's a reason why we have guns available to us. So, that when mass shootings happen they can say the guns were bought legally down da street at a legal gun shop. Otherwise, if there are no guns to be sold, then we the public would know that the gov. did the shooting. or something..

3f8a38 No.10714635


possibly to make us stop the investigation by 'I am ok with it, let's meme it' or equivalent

0ee7fd No.10714645


I heard 12 of the guns had bumpstock IIRC

c95000 No.10714647


The sheriff also expressed his disbelief in this being done by one guy, the super hero comment, while a gaffe for sure, was used in the context that this guy was NOT able to pull this off alone

c95000 No.10714654


Where, because in like thread 12 or something the lvpd reported 2

6b0c3f No.10714658


The NRA is now called Bump Cucks.

We never look at mental health when these is bastards go popping off.

3f8a38 No.10714661


>the super hero comment, while a gaffe for sure

and SO FUCKING EAST TO FIX WITH 'super villain'

172138 No.10714663


>Jewish kabbalistic argument of ritual murder in Vegas

There's a hotel in Las Vegas that claims a history of Cannibalism.

I thought it was a ploy to get customers though, don't read into it too much, the background history of that hotel is sketchy.



e392bb No.10714666

File: 5511a8ed54ed0fe⋯.jpg (327.24 KB, 600x798, 100:133, 8ad67314da9ed2b2d165646ada….jpg)

Some path of spatter circled in pic.

Link to Dispatch Audio Spanning Multiple Shootings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVDn1FvRyiU&t=2620s

c95000 No.10714669


Yeah the guy was clearly anxious, probably because of all the fucking spooks

6b0c3f No.10714672


I can only confirm 1 bump stock in the pics I saw. Could be 2

a12493 No.10714682


Satan confirms he spilled his beer when he shot himself.

000000 No.10714690


good point. i love the guy.

expose the feds, sheriff-chan

0ee7fd No.10714696


CNN is reporting 12 today, for what that's worth


a86468 No.10714699


I agree with everything you said here as to why a hotel with a casino would be the perfect spot for an illicit deal of this sort. The only head scratcher is why bring all of the guns to the room, unless like i speculate it was just a showcase of what was available.


checked and wew'd

i'm not surprised at all.


lets wait to see what Trump does, but admittedly its not looking good

3f8a38 No.10714703


thanks satan. also, how comes there is blood on his chest if he suicided on the mouth? do anyone here have a good explanation?

137372 No.10714709


>this guy was NOT able to pull this off alone

It's highly probably he didn't do it at all and was the patsy the CIA decided to blame it all on.

If, that is, there were any actual casualties

a86468 No.10714716


the blood blows back out of the entrance wound as well. its called back splatter. The location of the blood on the shirt matches where one would expect it to be from a self inflicted gun shot wound as well.

bd89f3 No.10714718


>immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law

They do, The NRA is just paying lip service to dumbocrats.

The most important part of their statement is at the bottom.

>we urge Congress to pass National Right-to-Carry reciprocity, which will allow law-abiding Americans to defend themselves and their families from acts of violence

>National Right-to-Carry reciprocity

This needs to pass.

8a6a63 No.10714726


Are you suggesting he was a one arm dealer?


>he said arms, if he was going to say "army of one"

I didn't hear an "s", he stopped short at arm- before continuing. Could go either way on that.

In either case, the possible Arms Dealer angle was proposed well before that interview was released and it was a strong theory before that possible slip up.

839ba1 No.10714729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Listen to the whole thing, not only the first 2 minutes…

b93ea1 No.10714734


agreed. I know it was a music festival, but I'm still very surprised no one posted up and shot back.

0ee7fd No.10714737


>why bring all the guns

The real unanswered question is why bring all the ammo? There were thousands of rounds loaded in dozens of mags. Do you know how long it would take to load that many rounds? No gun runner will sell guns full of ammo, so the buyer would have to kill the seller, load up thousands of rounds, and then go on a spree. Just doesn't make much sense.

172138 No.10714739


That would mean more guns not less.

Also would it be easy to change them into fully automatics anyway?

a86468 No.10714740


which is why anybody claiming he said arms is either a shill or their confirmation bias is too strong

a12493 No.10714743


His brother was going to say 'Army of One' not 'Arms Dealer'. This is a misinterpretation that keeps getting spread. Go back and watch the interview and review the context of the wording.

839ba1 No.10714746

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Gawd, wrong vid…

3f8a38 No.10714747


the spatter format too? that fading gradient is rather suspicious

599de3 No.10714751

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So the masking tape there was used to modify the AR15, why we he showcase unmodified AR15's? Was he showing others how to install bump stocks?

172138 No.10714752


>lets wait to see what Trump does, but admittedly its not looking good

He should condemn the MSM for washing the story with deliberate political bullshit, instead of the facts.

bd89f3 No.10714760


Not what I'm talking about.

I conceal carry, everywhere, I would of not took the shot from the ground.

Its about all states reconizing another states CCW.

Also In snd amendment states, allowing you to carry in all states, because your home state allows concealed carry without a ccw

a86468 No.10714763


maybe he was modifying the ARs for the 3 or 5 days he was in the hotel room? We don't have enough information to really lock everything down yet. Which blows

8a6a63 No.10714768

File: 146776a18e73eac⋯.png (628.85 KB, 836x705, 836:705, Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at ….png)

bd89f3 No.10714770


Its not about automatics.

Its about the right to carry concealed in all states if you have a ccw, or if your home state doesn't require a ccw

172138 No.10714771


A big guy.

771822 No.10714773


On the contrary, implying that anyone is claiming "nothing ever happens" has been identified as one of the main memes that narrative managaing hasbara shills favour.

Although it isn't far off. Virtually none of the publicized media-circus "terrorist events" are real, if any.

a12493 No.10714775


Good point, it's almost as if they were brought in to stage the scene. My thought is that it was planned well in advance and this Stephen guy just got conned into reserving the room.

d9f6cf No.10714776

bd89f3 No.10714779

National Right-to-Carry reciprocity


314c69 No.10714781


Guess I better stock up on bump stocks. Where's the best place to buy?

c95000 No.10714782


The hardest thing for me to comprehend about this whole batshit fiasco is that the very same media we have been steadily exposing as lying for years now is being cited not just in the normie sphere, but all over these threads. It's fucking lugenpresse, come on.

000000 No.10714790


>lip service

I agree. Correct me if I'm wrong, but bump stocks are legal because the wording of the NFA itself doesn't just say "no fast shooty allowed," it specifies the technical means for what constitutes automatic fire. The bump-stock design goes around those technical limits, and the ATF doesn't prohibit the device because it would actually be illegal for them to do so. Still, a law could be passed to amend the language, but good luck with that congressniggers.

2b20fc No.10714793


you're new today aren't you

a86468 No.10714795




theres no other information coming out anywhere. Its a total fucking blackout so we are grasping at whatever we can right now. This is actually quite the impressive cover up.

9a1f52 No.10714800


Get ready to be gouged if you try right now anon, they're going for like $350 on gunbroker. They were like $90.

ac4977 No.10714801

File: a5374d041ae36a3⋯.jpg (71.85 KB, 600x451, 600:451, ruger-308-600x451.jpg)

look what has just been not found

6b0c3f No.10714802

File: d35db98d4d76466⋯.png (46.92 KB, 759x196, 759:196, john adams 1776 .png)

I been thinking and I think the guy John who dropped the truth bomb on the shooting and metal detectors Was Using A Pseudonym.

I think he was writing as John Adams

172138 No.10714804


>90% of his posts repeating the same crap mentioned in other threads already.

If a poster keeps spamming something like this you begin to think it's irrelevant.

Focus on other issues other than fucking ears. Like say the suspects motive.

c95000 No.10714807


>trusting CNN ever

9a1f52 No.10714808


They're completely legal, any way you look at it. They're still semi-auto, they use the recoil of one shot to make you depress the trigger again.

172138 No.10714811


No… just not murrican ;_;

c95000 No.10714821


I think it was titor but this is an equally likely theory

6299ea No.10714823


I know, anon. I know. They refuse to listen. But they will, eventually.


>implying that anyone is claiming "nothing ever happens" has been identified as one of the main memes

>Virtually none of the publicized media-circus "terrorist events" are real, if any.

Come on. Things do happen, and it would be bizarre if not. This "not saying that nothing ever happens, but really nothing ever happens" argument is totally off. There are terrorist events, because humans are violent. The question is: what information about those events is true, and what information is false. In this case, the media narrative is false, or so it seems. But people do kill each other, in fact. Claiming otherwise is shill Deep State propaganda intended to discredit investigation.

a86468 No.10714827


care to elaborate on what you are talking about?


i haven't even looked at CNN in months

a12493 No.10714830

Hmm, perhaps a drill and a triangle piece on the end should be outlawed because it could be used to fire a weapon quickly in this event.

6299ea No.10714834


The "motive" is Paddock being used and abused by the Deep State aka the CIA, which regularly uses disturbed individuals (like pedos) to carry out its missions. Pointing out that his physical anomalies indicate that something was wrong with him – which is obvious – is not a distraction, as it's relevant to the investigation.

78aca4 No.10714835


>We never look at mental health when these is bastards go popping off.

Fuck off I don't want to become examined every time I buy a fun. That's an all day process then get rejected for a mild anxiety


137372 No.10714836

Every event promoted in the media as a terror trauma on the goyim viewer and each and every single ISIS attack claimed by SITE intelligence [look up Rita Katz] can rightly be suspected as false flag.

What are real are the countless murders and rapes of white women by jew imported niggers and pakis, that are never covered or any laws changed to further the jewish agenda.

I can't remember a war America got involved in the last 100 years without a false flag tolegitimise it.

c95000 No.10714839


Not implying you are, but for the anon that posted the cnn link and your comment on grasping at straws it is necessary to reinforce that cnn isn't a straw to ever pull

a12493 No.10714841

b93ea1 No.10714847


yes but what about the other people in the hotel, can't imagine some of them didn't have guns with them

that fits what you're talking about perfectly, no?

d90f36 No.10714852

Dan Bilzerian is someone I don't trust. His father is a con, who may or not be in federal custody for embezzlement I believe. Dan's gun collecting is infamous. He'd know how to get those guns to the shooter. Anyone think maybe he was on the ground popping rounds? He gives me a sleazy vibe more than he shows himself. Did he do a job to get his daddy outta hot water?

c95000 No.10714856


It's odd that more people are shot over the average weekend in specific nig zones but it's never addressed

172138 No.10714860


It's too simple to play the schizo card and the "has asian wife is likely against immigration laws" card.

There's something far bigger. And it could blow away any attempt at gun control.

The gates, saudi and lockheed martin connections aren't a mere coincidence. Plus the amount of guns and the timing/coordination of the shooting.

And the 2 windows, the open windows on the other side, the reports of suspicious individuals elsewhere in LV.

We could play the political/crazy pro immigrant card, but it's a lie.

8a6a63 No.10714863



Im not disrupting that. But you can't know what he was about to say for sure unless you are all knowing or you know his explanation is honest.

c95000 No.10714872


And in all seriousness when are jews honest

599de3 No.10714874