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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: a43ea0e2268cb85⋯.jpg (44.45 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 1434628261379.jpg)

c3ea34 No.10717872

Behind Vancouver's Housing Bubble: How Canadian Casinos Are Use To Launder Millions In Chinese Drug Money

Nearly two years after we first observed that Vancouver's soaring real estate market is nothing but a bubbling melange of criminal Chinese oligarch "hot money", desperate to get parked offshore in any piece of real estate, but mostly in British Columbia regardless of price, a new multi-year investigation has uncovered extensive links - including money laundering and underground banking - between China's criminal underworld and British Columbia drug and casino cash and VIPs, as well as their connections to China, Macau and the notorious triads.


c38a85 No.10717885

>but muh Chinks only account for 5% of the market!

<proceeds to fly communist Chinese flag over city hall

25b4fe No.10717910


There's probably almost as many chinks as white people in Vancouver now. I think whites are maybe 40-45% of the city's population nowadays and likely older since no young whites not born into money can afford to live there since they won't be given government handouts like all of the foreigners.

25b4fe No.10717924


Oh and did I mention that the Chinese love to abuse the welfare and other related handouts by not declaring any income they might have? Rich chinks come over to avoid being busted for whatever illegal shit they pulled to get rich in China and then milk the system while being rich.

They're not the only group that does this, though, and there are no checks and balances if you're not white. Poo in the loos of all stripes do it, niggs. The country probably has more debt than the USA if you control for population size and subtract just part of the ZOG war bill the US has incurred. Yet we are assured that various third world people who take more out of the system than they put in are "Good for the economy" even though every single country that has taken an honest objective look at this – see Denmark, Norway, data from the US – shows otherwise.

b073d1 No.10717925

File: 92e83a74377e291⋯.png (224.59 KB, 495x370, 99:74, bb67fce4ab3cedbfcb9f99b5ec….png)

It's interesting how whites in Vancouver voted to become more like China. We don't really associate anything good with China - it's pollution, animal cruelty, baby murder and shitty products. I'm astounded that Canadians voted to become more like that.

387a6a No.10717933

It's always Jews, Chinks, and Arabs. How many fucking times do you need to be told this, /pol/?

0fa3be No.10717939


They did not know what they were voting for. Hedonistic pigs the lot of em.

e4f3b9 No.10717947


>whites voted for this

Whites rioted to keep chinks out of BC, Ottawa forced it on us.

3cf0d3 No.10717971

File: c272932ae41e422⋯.png (718.15 KB, 446x793, 446:793, paper.png)

Vancouver Anon here, if you want I can type out the article from the paper here.


It's because they were all imported here for fishing and building the railroad. WC Canada has been infested with asians since its conception, which is a shame since its the most beautiful place on earth.


Vancouver is 46.2% white. But the area I live in is 26.1% white. I'm slowly losing the urge not to snap and go on a murder suicide romp on these gooks. This is why I laugh whenever someone on /pol/ says "we should be allies with asians and invite them into our country instead of blacks". Asians are just as bad, even worse since they're smarter than blacks. They create isolated communities and win over district seats in any position of power. Then that elected leader grants benefits for asians pushes for more immigration until the whole city is controlled by them, Vancouver being a perfect example.

d66f29 No.10717977


>Vancouver Anon here

Have fun in fake Vancouver!

3cf0d3 No.10717983


Fuck off Washington

25b4fe No.10717999


I don't even think they were 1% of the country's population in 1971 before the floodgates opened. Neither were niggers which is why it's rich when they claim they "built" Toronto and other cities, when I believe the 1971 census showed perhaps 34000 blacks in the entire country and they all got into Canada as escaped slaves.

Now of course the schools are literally teaching these low IQ savages that Canada had slavery too.

196f2b No.10718004


>notorious triads.

All those pot dispensaries are using casinos to launder money too. Vertical integration: they grow it, sell it through (((middlemen))) and then launder the proceeds!

3cf0d3 No.10718007


Nah, it started in the 1860s~ with the gold rush. Bunch of chinese coming for quick money.

b073d1 No.10718011


If chinks are buying houses then whites are selling them those houses - who is being compelled to sell?

3cf0d3 No.10718028


People trying to escape. Think about all the Canadian baby boomers who already had their kids grow up and leave home. Now their neighbors cant speak english and they spit in your food when you go to their restaurants. Now some chinese developer comes to you and says they'll buy your house on the spot. They dont give a shit about the state of your house, they just want the property for condos. And then after all that think about how enticing moving to places like Banff Alberta and the mainland where its 95%+ white. Why wouldn't you sell? Let the coast burn.

53d557 No.10718104


>Banff Alberta

Have you even been to Banff, lately? While the population is majority white, the place is a cesspool of degens, slants and shitskins ala tourism. it's also home to degen capital: Banff Centre.

25b4fe No.10718143


I'm aware that there were Chinatowns in some places but the Canadian census in 1971 was 97% white. Canada was REALLY white. Probably 1.5-2% native and most of the rest were Chinese and then the blacks.

aefd2c No.10718312


>the Chinese love to abuse the welfare and other related handouts by not declaring any income they might have?

They have been doing that in Australia since they've been coming over as well. I've spoken to Chinese about and they freely admit it. They have all sorts of ways of abusing the system. I've known rich chinks who pay next to no tax.


>They're not the only group that does this, though

But they're easily one of the worst at it.

947e85 No.10719302


>moving to places like Banff Alberta

Tourist trap. Way too expensive too.

Try Kelowna or Kamloops.

110106 No.10719344

File: b2186ba6de11d1f⋯.jpg (362.87 KB, 1680x1165, 336:233, monopoly.jpg)


No idea how the money is going to get washed now. They probably moved into crypto.

8a0e68 No.10719458


Chinese and Japanese *combined* were 3% of Vancouver's population in the 1950s, their numbers and of course contributions historically are massively overstated.

t. other Vancouver anon

eb19d7 No.10721566

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