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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 9ed49dee1f9291a⋯.jpg (81.01 KB, 619x768, 619:768, 3213132123.jpg)

830ded No.10743953

>Charmed Actress Rose Mcgowen has just been banned for twitter after leaking emails where Harvey's brother Bob Weinstein is settting up a hotel meeting of his own with young actresses

(((They're))) trying to contain this. The rats are leaving the sinking ship

Where they fucking Lohan since she was a child?


830ded No.10743957



9719b3 No.10744132

Why is this being ignored?

df545b No.10744162


Because it's the smoking gun.

She's the only one actually naming names. We get her to talk and all the cards fall down

7c6bef No.10744168


I don't really know what to say about it, I'm just hoping it kicks the DOTR.

4ee3fd No.10744197

This is very important.


3a6ed3 No.10744219


Because left wing faggots and liberals will shift it to some other explanation like MUH PATRIARCHY or MUH CAPITALISM, instead of addressing the jew in the room.

38a5ca No.10744221


Alternately: http://archive.is/4s0ry

df545b No.10744225

File: 6dda853fdc43f70⋯.jpg (295.59 KB, 1777x1306, 1777:1306, 7326132.jpg)


This needs to be stickied

Looks like they're the ones arranging meetings with "talent"

4f1a88 No.10744228

File: a39c77238b7e3d3⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1468x7317, 1468:7317, lemmings.png)


Because people think they can spend all their time talking on the internet until antifa(or TRS, who are also antifa) kills them or shuts their discussion down. Cant complain about Jewish pedophiles with words forever, eventually those Jewish pedophiles will use real power and stop you. Direct action. Direct action. Direct action.

4f1a88 No.10744238

File: 7ce0db0b3eb8b81⋯.png (973.54 KB, 1080x1045, 216:209, Sargon-Is-Antifa-Treat-Him….png)



Speak of the devil.

4f1a88 No.10744245

Reminder there is no next chan after 8. We take control of the streets when antifa pushes us out of here.

c43338 No.10744249


>She's the only one actually naming names.

She'll be dead soon of a drug overdose.

4f1a88 No.10744261

Guess theres no need to politely sage when this thread should be getting more notice.

f1a535 No.10744302

File: 72bd0166128210c⋯.png (13.86 KB, 656x121, 656:121, crusty.PNG)



that number listed shows a Graham Patrick Martin on IMDB @ United Entertainment


>when antifa pushes us out of here

hahaha they have no power, a bunch of illiterate niggers and their tranny sidekicks backed-up by a handful of crusty dykes. hahahaha NEVER GONA HAPPEN

30a92a No.10744303


Dead of a heroin overdose while cleaning her gun with a rope around her neck while balancing on a rickety chair.

f1a535 No.10744306

File: c780acc8000ef99⋯.png (474.88 KB, 1013x755, 1013:755, crusty2.PNG)

c43338 No.10744324



69fafd No.10744327

Glowing CIAniggers are on this thread.

4f1a88 No.10744331


Youre either TRS or antifa, and we will treat TRS and antifa like you personally. Oops, it backfired. Race treason is a crime, and justice will catch up to you people - with interest.

97e787 No.10744374


So how should this be packaged to the normalfags?

cdef8d No.10744414

File: 8828c8cda7f77af⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 230x179, 230:179, 1507133349974.gif)

WTF?! These talent agencies are the ones providing the young girls

Who are the 6 more in the email??

CIA Shills out in full force. Needs a sticky

4592f7 No.10744436

Bumping. Mods are slow, no sticky. Forum being spammed to death for days. Old threads getting pushed to the top. This all feels funky.

17cbda No.10744441

were i a betting man i'd put money on this thread being the one they're working to slide…

mfw i havent watched tv for years because every time i see a child actor i think "jesus, theres another innocent kid who's been raped by vile hollywood jews

4592f7 No.10744463


>i'd put money on this thread being the one they're working to slide

Didn't this spamming start shortly before this whole Pedostein thing?

17cbda No.10744465


dear anon, talent agencies are merely the brokers - its the PARENTS that are "providing" the children…

their own fucking parents…

0ca604 No.10744494

Get Rose McGowan her own board to go apeshit on and we can do the rest.

1aac90 No.10744525



>>10744233 (wasted dubs)




(((it's))) afraid

45fd25 No.10744528

File: 2f803e07e4f9223⋯.jpg (88.38 KB, 728x567, 104:81, 1010-weinstein-getty-9.jpg)

They're trying to slide this badly

Kink in the armor showing. The cards are all falling down now

8f71bf No.10744539


Why is /pol/ so obsessed with Dan Schneider?

There's no evidence of him doing anything wrong.

666b2f No.10744546

File: c26a84cd0c0fcb4⋯.jpg (74.76 KB, 736x490, 368:245, IMG_2001.JPG)




f1a535 No.10744547

File: 17c33d4e0287ab8⋯.jpg (7.39 KB, 270x187, 270:187, h.jpg)


makes sense. hollywood is their only tool left, libs love the weinstien shit. now they will begin to be exposed to the horrors of the jew.

666b2f No.10744550



Maybe we can The Boats them

f1a535 No.10744554


I agree brother. soon.

>Maybe we can The Boats them

enlighten me anon, no obligation

c757a2 No.10744562

So the pedogate case has become public with the kingpin falling the first?

db803c No.10744563

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Besides the embed, also watch this:


45fd25 No.10744564

File: 4ed94bba9fca81e⋯.png (318.37 KB, 406x688, 203:344, 371893721.png)

Looks Like Dave was one of the ones trying to have her sleep with Harvey

"1 oak NYC unless you can handle Harvey at 4am yourself"

bb260a No.10744574



Nah she's going to shoot herself. In the back of her own head. Twice.

45fd25 No.10744576

File: 1c09e341742e446⋯.png (162.99 KB, 589x337, 589:337, 6378213218.png)


Dave(David) is pushing her to have sex with Harvey or/and Sheen in this email.

Can someone find a background on Dave/David?

33e4f5 No.10744577

File: fd5e16d097a523d⋯.jpg (26.81 KB, 370x240, 37:24, 1309181399001.jpg)

bumping for interest

c77ba4 No.10744584


Yeah but first it's gonna take like a month or two until everyone forgets about this so they can dispose of her without making a noise.

0ca604 No.10744611


I bet that building has an incredible amount of dark secrets.

038f74 No.10744615

Everybody ignore the bot Aryan Turk, obvious bait to derail. This is an important smoking gun about the pedo circles.


>You have your warning CIA/FBI niggers

bb260a No.10744620

File: cb4d0f78f1713b9⋯.png (112.66 KB, 1244x447, 1244:447, screenshot-www.whio.com-20….png)

>Frankie Muniz discusses memory loss, says he doesn’t remember ‘Malcolm in the Middle’


Have there been any rumors about that show? Seems like it would have been a pedo's idea of heaven running that show.

0ca604 No.10744622


>Charmed fan

What are you a 25 year old girl that time traveled from 2002?

ee1f19 No.10744639

File: b73ef34e01f98ff⋯.png (505.44 KB, 1485x742, 1485:742, David_A._Unger_-_Wikipedia….png)



>Can someone find a background on Dave/David?

David Unger

Connected to king nigger occultist Jay Z

038f74 No.10744649

File: a6148c219ae8d07⋯.jpg (81.42 KB, 440x488, 55:61, IMG_0791.JPG)


Did I make you nervous, Secret Agent Steinberg? It's one of 2 shows I watched with my mom, thus one of 2 times we actually bonded over something. Tell your Antifa faggots they better pray to their Harry Potter God that Rose stays safe.

a0c6b0 No.10744651


Not him, but that show used to be great spank bank material. This was before streaming porn sites, one of the best shows to watch muted.

As for coocoo for coco puffs Rose, she pretty much signed her death warrant, though I'm sure she wants to be dead. Twitter banning her is waking up quite a few normies on my kikebook feed. Especially since she is speaking out against a women abuser. This is a great attack vector for some memetic warfare.

3d507b No.10744655

File: 9f5ffe9bcda470f⋯.png (34.49 KB, 617x114, 617:114, 3424323423.png)

They put her twitter back up but removed the post with them setting up the meeting with Lindsay Lohan years ago

>Find out what happened to Lohan when she was a kid and the house of cards falls down

f1a535 No.10744673


>>Find out what happened to Lohan when she was a kid and the house of cards falls down

the disney club

666b2f No.10744685

File: f7944f5ba45439f⋯.gif (155.27 KB, 240x155, 48:31, IMG_2004.GIF)

File: eb05fa3f3daefb5⋯.jpg (36.34 KB, 600x424, 75:53, IMG_2005.JPG)


It's muh faves execution method so far. Scaphism. The most horrific way to die

038f74 No.10744689


Lohan's dad was reported to have sexually abused her as a child. It's not unlikely that her dad is in the child sex ring and sold/loaned her to Bob and Harvey. If I weren't on mobile I'd be much more help.

3d507b No.10744695


Now it makes sense that Jay Z wants to buy his share of the company.

Weinstein also involved in spiritcooking


>Matthew Akers’ documentary Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present won the Audience Prize for a feature film at the closing ceremonies held at Publicis Cinema on Tuesday night. The event attracted more than 15,000 people during its week-long run that kicked off last week with an homage to Harvey Weinstein and A-list guests

>Again the only post removed so far has been the Lohan one. She is what brings these pedos down

7c6bef No.10744696


Why not line a shitload of them right next to each other and just go for the classical "I'm White and I'm sick of this shit so you all die".


A decade ago in France I saw something on TV when she started going off the rail and it showed her dad doing some kind of prayer in his garden.

0ca604 No.10744704


Oh my goodness, not liking the thing you like makes me a secret jew agent. JIDF totally told me in my briefing this morning to lookout for people who like charmed and make fun of them to further the efforts of the kalergi plan.

7ee299 No.10744705

File: 8fee6c86f77d388⋯.gif (490.69 KB, 500x229, 500:229, 0 Fucks Given.gif)


Then you have nothing to fear, Dan.

f1a535 No.10744708



damn. ty

0ca604 No.10744723



Jesus christ. I always thought about a really savage but difficult to achieve method of removing the eyes ears nose and tongue then severing the top of the spine to make them a quadriplegic then keeping them alive as long as possible with IVs and such. In the off chance there is an afterlife I would want my most egregious enemies to experience oblivion.

df545b No.10744731

File: 7bddec34956e9d0⋯.jpg (853.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, schrader-deen-lohan (1).jpg)

Lots of Rumors that director ((Paul Schrader)) abused her with other men and filmed it.

She reportedly quite at first. These sick fucks hiding it right in front of us

1999c0 No.10744733


I like the method invented by Gary Jennings in his book, The Journeyer. Based on the Chinese execution (Death by a thousand cuts), his "Death by a Thousand" involved a fun lottery with 1000 little notes in it. Each note had a torture method on it. 996 of these methods were non-fatal. The four fatal tortures were on a different color of paper, and were reserved either until the other 996 tortures had been performed (there was some interval between each, as I recall, so that this process would take something like a week), or until the executioner was bribed by a friend or family member to pull a red paper. Prisoners would receive medical care to ensure they did not die prematurely, and were not allowed to lose consciousness.

There was also "The Death Beyond a Thousand" where in addition to all that, the prisoner was fed and watered with nothing but his own body parts and urine.

Pretty labor intensive, though, and requires a major psychopath to carry out. Really, a bullet to the back of the head is enough for me. I just want them gone.

f1a535 No.10744746


agreed. I too have often fantasied about using IVs to keep the non-white degenerates alive as long as possible.

32dbda No.10744750


Go molest elsewhere Dan. No feets for you tubby

df545b No.10744772

File: de9b0321b3727c2⋯.png (60.81 KB, 652x327, 652:327, jamesvanderbeek.png)

Lindsay Lohan Abuse shows pedogate is back on the table

c43338 No.10744777


None of these people who are publicly mentioning these freaks in Hollywood are giving names……..Why not? Do not want to shut off their paydays?

f1a535 No.10744779


>powerful men

we really need to get them to start saying (((jew))) I grew up in los angeles and all of these character traits belong to the jewish "man" in that community. it is their culture in SoCal. I also spent 10 years in the entertainment industry, this is how the kikes are.

ea5684 No.10744791


>(((James Deen)))

Didn't he raped that pornstar Stoya too? I know, a pornstar complaining she was raped is quite absurd, but still.

397a5d No.10744795

File: 896435ea041e163⋯.png (703.05 KB, 700x1166, 350:583, Screenshot-2017-10-12 Holl….png)


I really do hope this brings out the depravity of the jew vermin to the normal fags.


7ee299 No.10744806

File: eceaba44e8357ab⋯.gif (463.83 KB, 500x200, 5:2, DBmCAh8[1].gif)

32dbda No.10744810


Shannon Doherty was some great fap material. I dont give a fuck if she was a cunt, she was fuckin hot.

69de87 No.10744812

Can't stop lads, we could bring down Hollywood and from there who knows, maybe the rest of the deep state since so they're so intertwined

c65bef No.10744822


>When she was only 11 years old

>Left alone with the jewish producer, Arthur Freed, he immediately whipped his schlong out

Filthy vermin. The sooner we eradicate them the better.

df545b No.10744823


They may have used him to film sextapes with Lohan to keep her quite as blackmail

43ba37 No.10744824



Torture is inefficient and beneath the white man. It degrades our souls. The only way to deal with subhumans is to kill them as quickly and efficiently as possible down to the last strand of DNA, then move our attention and effort to having normal lives, happy families, and successful careers.

7c6bef No.10744828


It's useful if you want to send a message.

7ee299 No.10744833

File: 581ec3c542a9732⋯.jpg (38.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, KeK OPs 3.jpg)


Twitter probably got a tel aviv takedown because of the anti-semitism this story and the accusations are causing. They will keep pushing for it all to be removed with the MUH PROOFS defense because listen and believe was so 2015.

If it was some white guy being accused without proof, twitter would be encouraging the dogpile and ban the white for defending himself.

The bot army needs to start pushing this jewish narrative/control angle. These feminist cunts will be useful for something finally.

c65bef No.10744834


>The only way to deal with subhumans is to kill them as quickly and efficiently as possible down to the last strand of DNA, then move our attention and effort to having normal lives, happy families, and successful careers.

This. Line them up, shoot them all, turn them to ash, forget they ever existed.

7c6bef No.10744840


>forget they ever existed.

No, don't. Whatever happens now happened in the past and people forgot about it.

17cbda No.10744845


i agree. torturing lower forms of life is something (((they))) would do - we're not (((them))) just end them and be done with it


our existence is our message… again we are not kikes, and there is no good reason for us to worm down to their subhuman level…

1aac90 No.10744846


>leaving your child star alone with a kike

what did she expect to happen

7ee299 No.10744847


I'm feeding bugs, thus feeding birds, thus fertilizing and feeding mother earth and her children along the chain from the lowly bacteria, to the corn on the stalk, to the cow in the field, to the mighty white.

c65bef No.10744853


Fair enough. But remember that unlike the past times in which this happened, I expect us to this time wipe out the jews once and for all. No mercy.

7ee299 No.10744856

Hope they lock up Woody Allen before he croaks. He got away with so much shit and everyone just shrugged it off back in the day.

7c6bef No.10744857


Yeah, no fucking way they get away with it again. Them and their pets, dead.

2529f9 No.10744858


slight offtopic, posted it already in a thread months ago.

But Im a stage technician, and Jay-z was doing a concert at a venue I worked for.

Before the end of the show bodyguards picked out a few extremely young looking girls(12-ish?) from the crowd and escorted them behind the stage towards the backstage access.

43ba37 No.10744859



The time for arguments is over.

43ba37 No.10744866


Every last one. Nits make lice.

f1a535 No.10744868


soon brother, soon. lets just hope our military is distracted overseas when it starts. if that happens, we have a chance. Imagine getting Canada to join us and armor from the east, it would be fucking beautiful.

7ee299 No.10744871


And did you report this predation to the local authorities?

1e025e No.10744875


does this mean the saudis and the kikes are working together? iirc the saudis own twitter, if theyre protecting (((hollywood))) then i see no other option

69de87 No.10744879

Can't stop lads, we could bring down Hollywood and from there who knows, maybe the rest of the deep state since so they're so intertwined

7ee299 No.10744886


The (((House of Saud))) and the kikes working together? They (((hate))) each other's success in fucking the goyim

ea5684 No.10744889


He did thatFarrah Abraham teenage mom "sextape", so he's no stranger to it.

ca0038 No.10744895

When will the public start making connections between this and has been actors like Spears and Lohan?

2529f9 No.10744897


What? Watching not Jay-Z but his bodyguards escort some girls backstage? Into an Area only 2 of our Staff members, the Venue Owner and only a certain part of Jay-Zs crew had access to?

Literally 0 proof of anything happening, but its oibvous what happens and he wasnt even the only one where I saw that happening.

4765f6 No.10744898


Well if you read the article the mother gets her share as well. I just want to see righteous justice rain down upon these parasitical bastards.

7ee299 No.10744901

File: 52b522703ba963d⋯.jpg (193.91 KB, 700x902, 350:451, race_mixing[1].jpg)

Can we get the white women to admit to having racemixing also pushed?

731406 No.10744909


Gamergate => Pedowood

7ee299 No.10744911

File: 21dc97bce99a3c8⋯.gif (6.22 MB, 495x287, 495:287, Disgusting.gif)


It is still probably cause when you have two fucks escorting two minors into a very limited access area. That alone is worth having a cop take a look. Even if they don't pop the Z, they can still do something about the niggers willing to feed their kang.

731406 No.10744914


>The bot army needs to start pushing this jewish narrative/control angle. These feminist cunts will be useful for something finally.

Nice dubs. And this. D&C against the like is the perfect way to use feminists.

731406 No.10744916

File: 12eb2a74b7cf1d5⋯.jpg (90.26 KB, 422x594, 211:297, pedodan.jpg)


>(((They're))) trying to contain this.

Good luck.

65079e No.10744917


That's how it stays quiet. It's a perfect business model. Parents bring in children and either agree to whore their child or walk. Most of these people are desperate people anyways and will do anything for a dollar, not to mention millions of dollars. Of course they keep quiet they are complicit in the crime and are paid extremely well while the alternative is torture and death if they don't.

731406 No.10744926

File: 9521a8f0eecb2df⋯.jpg (91.9 KB, 1252x243, 1252:243, cutoff.jpg)


>Do not want to shut off their paydays?

The paydays are ending, anon.

731406 No.10744932


Usually clueless parents who watch Honey Boo Boo and don't even have pizza on their minds.

The one good thing out of all this, anons, is that now I have the training and confidence to be a proper, protective father.

43ba37 No.10744934


>jews impoverish middle class while insulting them

>middle class stop buying jewish products through a combination of poverty and disgust

>jews go broke and their crimes get exposed


f1a535 No.10744938


>Can we get the white women to admit to having racemixing also pushed?

this is key. Ive tried it with a lot of girls. Im not a good looking guy, so friendship zone happens frequently. I use that opportunity to inform them and steer them towards a more attractive, more successful white male friend of mine. Its a bit cucked but if im not hitting it, ill be damned if some kike or shitskin does. Im often met with passive aggressive attitudes and the women tend to blow me off after I revel my power level. surprisingly, I would say about 1/3 already know and another 1/3 are open to it. it seems more have been open to the discussion this last year.

32dbda No.10744951


>The one good thing out of all this, anons, is that now I have the training and confidence to be a proper, protective father.

On top of that most (if not all) of us are well aware of the depravity of the world, especially online, so we know exactly what our would be children will be exposed to.

32dbda No.10744965

File: 041d1ece0a6d412⋯.png (115.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1e8e397d70d452fde6f355c820….png)


This timeline keeps surprising me

73656a No.10744966



That's the word they use in political circles for young girls.

a689c2 No.10744973

Reminder: Weinstein is quite possibly just the sacrificial lamb in something much bigger.

I am sure 99% of /pol/ knows this. When the (((lugenpresse))) is reporting it and trying to act like they are reporting this on morals, then something much bigger is at work here. Go after everyone in Hollywood /pol/. Help those who need it.

One big angle to push: Malia Obama interned with Harvey Weinstein. This will be a huge one, since the SJWs revere the Obamas as Gods. If Weinstein did something to Malia, it would be huge.


afc90d No.10744977


Christ, I wasn't expecting anything to come from this Weinstein shit. With this, and Trump apparently keeping his jewy ass in place in the US, I think we can finally say we got a bit of a happening on our hands

43ba37 No.10744985


jews have been expelled from countries hundreds of times over thousands of years.

they never learn.

43ba37 No.10744988


Very nice catch, Anon. Spread it.

c43338 No.10745004


>Shannon Doherty

In MallRats. Sooooo hot.

32dbda No.10745005


They cant help it. Like a nigger cant help but rape and murder, kikes cant help but subvert, pervert and kiddie fuck.

384327 No.10745007

File: cf1afe782948470⋯.gif (2.06 MB, 378x285, 126:95, Reich_Card2.gif)

7ee299 No.10745008

File: 4d9d186dbeca6eb⋯.jpg (29.88 KB, 750x500, 3:2, If You Like My Daughter Yo….jpg)



32dbda No.10745017

File: 31f0976937eef6d⋯.jpg (73.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shannon doherty.jpg)



a689c2 No.10745023





Archive of Vanity Fair reporting Malia Obama's internship with Weinstein. This is archive from January 22nd, so this should be the original article from January, before any possible "edits".


7ee299 No.10745032

File: fadc25e2c8fc9bc⋯.gif (846.79 KB, 500x255, 100:51, Nothing to See.gif)

384327 No.10745038

File: b2a192195bd79a0⋯.gif (268.07 KB, 301x301, 1:1, 5883ce2fe9ebd4fc3af8d85286….gif)

32dbda No.10745039


>If Weinstein did something to Malia, it would be huge.

This angle needs to be exploited to no end. As most of here probably know, Barry was probably ok with whatever Weinstein did to her, but he would have to feign outrage if it became known the kike molested his daughter.

32dbda No.10745041


Kevin Smith looks like hes enjoying that too much.

2ce709 No.10745044


We need to start pushing that meme on here. No more chans. When this board gets shoahed, thats the signal for everyone to get out of the chair and into the streets.

37c471 No.10745045


>Dat floor pattern.

What was David Lynch trying to say with Twin Peaks?

32dbda No.10745047


Just don't look at any recent pics of her, She has cancer, and well, lets remember her for her better days.

32dbda No.10745051


Them dubs seem to indicate confirmation. Agreed.

7ee299 No.10745052


Well if the fat fuck would lose a couple pounds the tubby bastard could find his own.

b34e6f No.10745062


brown hair

>hair color: blond(e)

731406 No.10745068

File: 50679b3ebe3cd54⋯.png (536.63 KB, 615x843, 205:281, Trump on Hannity.png)

Hey guys…

a76c6a No.10745073


Who fucking cares?

97ee70 No.10745075


Probably got all the starlets hopped up on cocaine and filmed them doing highly illegal things to animals or toddlers for blackmail.

df545b No.10745077


Don't count on him to do your job anon. The cards are falling and we need to dig and bring down this pedo ring ourself

If anyone helps us great. But we have enough info already to work this out and bring this whole mother fucker down

f1a535 No.10745087


yeah i fucked up on that earlier. im working too so i wasnt really paying attention. my bad

731406 No.10745091


There is something about spinning a person around and using strobing to induce mind control. The MK Ultra experts here can elaborate. Masons are taught this stuff.

731406 No.10745094


Checked and checked.

Would be nice if he made an announcement on Hannity though.

731406 No.10745099


I know I sound like a broken record but




a689c2 No.10745109



https://archive.fo/HRCcb 2014 archive

384327 No.10745114

File: e15dd553208213b⋯.gif (180.48 KB, 404x416, 101:104, 1459822873642.gif)

43ba37 No.10745115


Hannity cucked out hard on pizzagate.

dd4fc8 No.10745117


WTF is that thing? Did Michael Moore have a kid with Rosie Odonell?

32dbda No.10745118

File: aff5ea9ae9b4efe⋯.png (3.77 KB, 219x250, 219:250, OC MASTERPIECE.png)

e0cfe0 No.10745120


>I'M GOING IN THE NIGHT TO GUN DOWN EVERY ANTIFA MEMBER IN MY STATE! Potentially other actual important people.

Finally, someone getting serious.

d5e9e6 No.10745144


There are serious men here that know what must be done. They just lurk and don't blow their load on a publicly accessible Taiwanese underwater basket weaving forum.

b9f54e No.10745147

File: 7d589b741a51fec⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1500x4795, 300:959, nickelodeon.jpg)

a689c2 No.10745151



In b4 he pussies out like Ren did at E3

7153be No.10745157


Pedophilia, molestation, sexual assault, casting couch exploitation, and blackmail are the worst kept secrets in (((Hollywood))). A fat disgusting sack of shit like (((Schneider))) who only surrounds himself with children and is always photographed being entirely too physically close to them is not a wild theory, it's a scream of confusion from people wondering why he hasn't being executed yet.

5c57af No.10745161


Throw away the goddamn mobile then, nobody wants you people here.

038f74 No.10745167

File: c46577510c4f62c⋯.jpg (69.78 KB, 286x750, 143:375, IMG_0792.JPG)


Good men can only be pushed so far

2529f9 No.10745168


Remember what happened to Ben Swann.

Completely off the grid, was probably threatened to cut all access to his viewers and fans.

Dude has 5 kids.

Sannity has 2, theres no way people with kids will let their kids get harmed.

Only someone nationalistic without kids/wife would report on this.

e0cfe0 No.10745191


Who's that mussie bastard that bought his mansion?

f1a535 No.10745192


gross, what a fuckin creep

2a546b No.10745194

File: 98202b63531d13d⋯.jpg (98.16 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Martin-Luther.jpg)

File: e4651acfe2a82b4⋯.jpg (67.6 KB, 1600x682, 800:341, bene gesserit.jpg)


>Torture is inefficient and beneath the white man.

The Jews are already living a tortured existence through no fault of ours. They like blame Jesus Christ and the goyim, but it was the Jews themselves who tried to kill God. It must be living Hell on Earth knowing that eventually, one day, every trace of your existence will be wiped from the face of the planet. That 2-3 generations after that… the future will never know you ever existed as a pox upon humanity.

ab0a9f No.10745197




Would make sense. That is probably the most vile kike I know of tbh.

Blows my mind folks haven't realized you couldwhack these disgusting Jewish pornographers and, if you were even caught, the court would be hard-pressed to find a jury that would convict if you got a few important piece of commentary/video as evidence.

Throw the Jew down the well, so my country can be free.

255cb3 No.10745198

It's just a matter of time until someone comes out and says this happened while they were a minor. I would be very surprised if these hollywood (((elites))) felt like they weren't above the law when it comes to minors. As long as this keeps getting pushed, it should be just a matter of time until we reach pedo territory.

2a546b No.10745201


> I would be very surprised if these hollywood (((elites))) felt like they weren't above the law when it comes to minors.

Well, go ahead and be very surprised. Roman Polanski drugged and raped 13yo, plead guilty, then fled the USA to avoid prison.

The Jewlywood Communists defend him adamantly.

32dbda No.10745207

>Only someone nationalistic without kids/wife would report on this.

I think youre right. I guess our wife and children come after the hell. So be it

97ee70 No.10745208


Why hasn't Internet Architect done a jewtube about this fucking degenerate?

e0cfe0 No.10745209


Kate Beckinsale just said Weinstein sexually molested me at 17.

32dbda No.10745210


Ooops, >>10745207 was meant for you

e0cfe0 No.10745212


"I was called to meet Harvey Weinstein at the Savoy Hotel when I was 17. I assumed it would be in a conference room which was very common.When I arrived, reception told me to go to his room," she wrote. "He opened the door in his bathrobe. I was incredibly naive and young and it did not cross my mind that this older, unattractive man would expect me to have any sexual interest in him."

"After declining alcohol and announcing that I had school in the morning, I left uneasy but unscathed," Beckinsale continued. "A few years later, he asked me if he had tried anything with me in that first meeting. I realized he couldn't remember if he had assaulted me or not."

25317f No.10745213


So Sheen and his old man were the ones named by Feldman?

255cb3 No.10745217


>The Jewlywood Communists defend him adamantly.

Yeah, because they do it too. They could burry Polanksi and stop the spreading of people coming out and saying they were abused. But this time, it feels like a lot more are doing it.

And it makes sense, Hollywood is having some hard times right now, there's a lot less to lose when speaking up now than there was when Polanksi was raping 13yos.


I'm expecting lower, much lower.

e0cfe0 No.10745218


"I said 'no' to him professionally many times over the years – some of which ended up with him screaming at me, calling me a c**t and making threats," she wrote. "Some of which made him laughingly tell people, 'Oh, Kate lives to say no to me.'"

Beckinsale praised all the other women who have shared similar stories of allegedly being sexually harassed by Weinstein, and hopes that gone are the days when "producers, managers, executives and assistants" can say, "'Well, that's just Harvey.'"

Sauce Yahoo FP.

6ea832 No.10745219


A pet theory of mine, is that child slave trading is how these houses of power keep eachother in check: we know that the political power of america is deeply entrenched in it, we know that the jews, and by extension the israeli's, are into it. considering mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker's lust for children, it's easy to accept that saudi princes have a lust for children as well.

e0cfe0 No.10745220


> expecting lower

Agreed. But let's get our justice by any means possible.

230a66 No.10745226

File: 8ade9827242ddf0⋯.jpg (348.97 KB, 1200x782, 600:391, Streisand_Estate.jpg)

Oh, well that would never backfire, of course.

e0cfe0 No.10745227


One of the ways they buy children is with buying and selling art. A Jew way of accounting.

2529f9 No.10745230


Of course they do, everytime when they talk about the goyim amongst themselves, they see us as cattle, as above us, they dont give a shit about our laws.

They even flaunt it out to us too, see what the founders of the porn industry in the US said.

Theyve been saying it for such a long time, but nobody paid attention cause we were already being divided.


This is too much, I think >>10744973 is right about this.

32dbda No.10745237




Time to unleash the SJW feminist hordes upon the kikes. Not all of them are controlled golem, some are hysterical psychotics who may turn on their kike masters. Not because theyre red pilled, but because their emotions lined up with the demonic narrative properly, and are now returning to the source, the one(s) who called it up.

Good. Fuck these kikes. I love seeing their magick turn on them.

e0cfe0 No.10745238


Anyone hitting up HRC on twitter on why she isn't wielding her political clout on talking about his issue? She is a feminist, yes?

32dbda No.10745242


This is just one of many ways they keep one another is check. Its truly the house of hell at the top of every (((nation))) in the west.

e0cfe0 No.10745243


Right. Because, and most importantly, their feelings are hurt about all this. Muh feelings!

32dbda No.10745250


Absolutely. Their emotions were evoked, like always, but now it is on an "independent" mission, with a different (((target))), not the typical target(s).

255cb3 No.10745259


>This is too much, I think >>10744973 is right about this.

Look at how they treated Polanski compared to Harvey. They were all over defending Polanski and sweeping it under the rug. It's clear this time Harvey is a release valve and they are trying to treat him as a fall guy that's only a rare occurrence.

It also feels like there's gatekeeping, like the ones who don't make it big are the ones that didn't let the higher ups abuse them.

32dbda No.10745262


>One of the ways they buy children is with buying and selling art. A Jew way of accounting.

This is of note. I found out about that from the early days of pizzagate. It is definitely a means of money laundering in conjunction with tax/record evasion.

e0cfe0 No.10745264

Someone should point out the fact that Hollywood producers never sexually harassed a colored woman. They must be racist, then.

b2d625 No.10745269


Are you lost?

7cef55 No.10745270

File: 2e1fb4e552e10a2⋯.webm (2.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cursed.webm)

Sageing for off topic but this made me giggle.

e0cfe0 No.10745276


Jews making sure to get their tax shekels back. lol, what horrible people they are.

e0cfe0 No.10745277


Speaking of Trump, I don't think he's tweeted anything about Weinstein.

1496f5 No.10745281


He's probably digging like us..

255cb3 No.10745283

It's really easy to spot shills, because they always try and make things that don't involve Trump about Trump. Just like every raving liberal zombie does.

32dbda No.10745287


They also do not want a paper trail to show their actual transaction, financially. This is a way of coverign their own asses. No credit card bill will CPIZZAFUN.COM there to be seen, ya know?

4857dc No.10745289

File: 5d6cc352f3f18e8⋯.jpg (40.93 KB, 493x259, 493:259, LlbpGHq.jpg)


Still waiting on Corey to drop the bombshell

32dbda No.10745290


Dubs confirm, but I think >>10745281 might have a point.

e0cfe0 No.10745323


This is why Podesta brothers flaunt their art.

038f74 No.10745324


I give him 3 more days to tweet about it, or like he usually does he'll bring it up when the iron seems to be getting cold. Or he'll just gas him with his anti pedo force in silence like he's been doing.

c563b4 No.10745328

File: 0661685193786c1⋯.jpeg (674.72 KB, 1216x1517, 1216:1517, 4CE3C619-04E4-4313-A115-8….jpeg)

The white wizard of leaks is signaling that he will help us drag these pedowood kikes into the light.

df545b No.10745342


Yep. They probably raped her and filmed it. The kike production team even admits she quit in tears when they filmed a 4some

b0a8f5 No.10745344



MKUltra is about breaking a persons mind into many pieces, then compartmentalizing each alter and manipulating them. So "memory loss" may just be an alter they hid away.

c11d83 No.10745350


>What? Watching not Jay-Z but his bodyguards escort some girls backstage? Into an Area only 2 of our Staff members, the Venue Owner and only a certain part of Jay-Zs crew had access to?


>Literally 0 proof of anything happening, but its oibvous what happens and he wasnt even the only one where I saw that happening.

Most rappers do this, but they usually escort groupies who are over 18 back stage. I've seen it happen with other groups before.

f1a535 No.10745358


maybe he knows something about river phoenix

e0cfe0 No.10745368


Oh shit!

faae87 No.10745370


>Where they fucking Lohan since she was a child?

Is that a rhetorical question?

By the time she did Mean Girls that kid had been fucked six ways to Sunday. It's in her face.

e0cfe0 No.10745373


To openly mock us. Who the fuck gets a magazine spread on their art? And esp. THAT art?

0f782f No.10745375


My guess is Larry Flynt.

7ee299 No.10745383

They are backtracking. Twitter gave Rose her account back claiming it was because there was a phone number in the tweets.

e0cfe0 No.10745387


Someone told me once, an observation of theirs, and maybe there's science to it, but you can typically tell when a young girl starts to have sex, their hips widen. Even skinny girls.

93afe2 No.10745395

File: 2e93aac4f0490b9⋯.png (272.84 KB, 888x888, 1:1, Pepe sees them.png)


Maybe for her (((it))) started there, but in all reality (((it))) has been around, and thoroughly discussed, since before the Talmud was codified. Subversion, it's what the Jews do.

That's why /pol/ loves Jews so much.

e0cfe0 No.10745396


Saw that. They probably prefer her to dip information rather than getting her mad to where to actually posts videos or pics. Or drops BIG names.

4eb75a No.10745409

32dbda No.10745419


I bet he has MANY names to name. The other CoreyFeldman, who died, probably had many too.

faae87 No.10745420


That blob is a gatekeeper jew children have to blow to get roles on Nickelodeon sitcoms. Most of his little girl prodigies had a lot of problems, either going black (Jeanette McCurdy, Ariana Grande) or going insane (Amanda Bynes).

dbbc32 No.10745423

File: cc3726890670fc7⋯.jpg (6.43 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ben.jpg)

We need to do some digging into Ben Aflac as well. The twitter bans started when his name showed up.

4eb75a No.10745427


The worst secret is not the degenerate acts but the reason they habbened… to further a luciferian foothold and to advance the satanic agenda of a nwo

faae87 No.10745440


There's a vapid look in the face as well that says "I've been abused."

Look at pictures of Kristina Pimenova from two years ago and compare them with current ones.

25317f No.10745445


80s tv star that became a writer/producer for kids shows. Often pictured uncomfortably close to the young starlets.

faae87 No.10745479


SkRiLLeX!!1! XD

e1ffe3 No.10745499


Day of the boats when?

f7ca78 No.10745579


yeah but having a load of boats with corpse material in them all in the rivers will be an eyesore. also you want to bury the wicked in places like siberia or way out in the woods or something. if you do it on your own farmland or or front yard or whatever it's bad luck. if you need a momento then take a scalp and hang it up

fe1906 No.10745583

File: 8354f7b3d46eed8⋯.png (417.66 KB, 1008x2583, 16:41, japanese_princess.png)

File: ff27e1853cf3d64⋯.png (199.98 KB, 769x2416, 769:2416, next_targets.png)

File: 849f59a96fb8958⋯.png (377.35 KB, 852x3755, 852:3755, schneider2.png)

b0a8f5 No.10745589


They are psychic vampires, even if many of them don't realize it.

They sell their soul for worldly power, and in exchange they have to sacrifices others, either though ritual sacrifice, or pedo fucking the energy off kids.

Fucking kikes.

8d3bfd No.10745607


Check his nudes with stars in Fappening pics, he's a pedo pig.

2b18ea No.10745625

Has there been any updates on McGowan or her email dump?


River phoenix?

26cfda No.10745626


>psychic vampires

they are true vampires. ever wonder why the 'myth' of blood libel follows these rich jews around?

e0cfe0 No.10745631

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

32dbda No.10745636


He killed himself under some questionable circumstances, from what I remember. He was actor in 80's, just in case you didn't know.

9ac0b6 No.10745642

25317f No.10745645


>sounds like a musician

as in a singer?

f1a535 No.10745647


corey feldman and river phoenix were good friends. river died of a heroin overdose in front of the viper room on sunset blvd (I forgot the year).

having known many people that have been sexually abused and turned to drugs to escape the PTSD of it, river showed many of the signs, imo. when river died, it was a big deal, there was news about it everywhere. the kid was talented, its a shame.

If corey had any info on that, it would be huge

b911e8 No.10745652


I agree. Good reply

7ee299 No.10745666


Sad how a lot of the kike talent gets taken out of small towns and ends up killing itself after they abuse them. River was from Madras Oregon, Kurt Cobain was from Aberdeen Washington.

f1a535 No.10745675


it is sad. I grew up in SoCal so I have always been aware of the jew, I even made one of my kike teachers cry in HS when I would write in my daily journal that Hitler was a good man. Whites outside of big cities just don't know about the dangers of the jew, especially the boomers

bea884 No.10745678

File: 9e402afc4e2cff5⋯.webm (6.16 MB, 322x262, 161:131, Corey Feldman and Corey H….webm)


Corey Haim is the one who died. Kid was seriously fucked up. His mother was notorious for being a part of the Hollywood party scene, riding high on her son's fame.. This is the trade off these parents make.

2b18ea No.10745679



Who's the other Corey then? I seem to recall there being two separate Coreys who were threatening to expose hollywood jew sex rings. Or am I being retarded?

32dbda No.10745681

File: 33389e87a1682e4⋯.jpg (69.74 KB, 250x300, 5:6, raoh-portrait.jpg)


It sad indeed Satan. Can you be the demon who eats demons, finally?

4857dc No.10745683



Corey Haim (died)

Corey Feldman

bea884 No.10745684

32dbda No.10745686


Corey Haim

f1a535 No.10745688


>Who's the other Corey then?

I do not know sir

2b18ea No.10745689


Yeah, I saw it as soon as I posted. Sorry about that

e0cfe0 No.10745691

Some pretty good digging on voat https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2081446

8fda29 No.10745698

File: 27c84680383e855⋯.jpg (545.61 KB, 733x957, 733:957, 9a1ebd0fe24e3723902f30420e….jpg)

>>10745044 (checked)

It doesn't need to be memed, anon. A lot of us are already at that place mentally. We know that once they strike at our internet home, coming for us in our mother's basements won't be far behind. We are ready for the signal, we long for it. For when that day comes the blood will flow. The air will fill with the cries of our enemies. And every tree will be decorated with the bodies of traitors and the tainted. We will fill quarries with the bodies of the dead. We will cleanse our land.

e0cfe0 No.10745703


The Coreys reality show. A lot of tells going on in that show.

32dbda No.10745705


I never seen this,


f50038 No.10745707


River Phoenix grew up in the same fucked up sex cult as Rose McGowan too.


642fe3 No.10745712

File: 3c8a412e69b3adc⋯.png (241.23 KB, 974x626, 487:313, rose.PNG)


Rose hasn't tweeted anything since yesterday, last think on her timeline was a retweet from 22 hours ago. Last known activity was 14 hours ago on her Instagram.


He was acting dumb when asked if he knew about the sexual abuse. Ben Affleck could definitely be another smoking gun against Pedostein.

f1a535 No.10745737


>Rose hasn't tweeted anything since yesterday, last think on her timeline was a retweet from 22 hours ago. Last known activity was 14 hours ago on her Instagram

sounds like legal issues, some jew is most likely trying to gag her right with a lawsuit threat. the jews are weak and always turn to their attorneys.

8d3bfd No.10745738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



33cd64 No.10745741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>“I have had nine concussions and I’ve had a fair amount of mini-strokes,” he said. “I’m not saying those things correlate exactly to the reason why my memory’s not great.”

>In 2012, Muniz had his first mini-stroke, or transient ischemic attack, and blood supply temporarily cut off from his brain. He thinks he’s had about 15 of them at varying points and of varying lengths. None have had lasting effects, People reported.

>“Over the past 10 years, my mom will bring up things like trips we went on or big events and they are new stories to me,” he told People. “I don’t know what the cause of it is. It’s not something I looked into, I just thought it was how my brain is, so I thought it was normal. I didn’t know I should remember going to the Emmys when I was younger.”

>Muniz told People he hasn’t seen doctors about the memory loss.

>“I’m not a doctor person,” he said. “Every time I go to the doctors they just tell me I’m crazy.”

>Bryan Cranston, who played Muniz’s father on “Malcolm,” said in the segment that his former costar didn’t need to worry about remembering old times.

>“I told him not to worry about what you remember and what you don’t remember,” said Cranston, 61. “They’re still your experiences. That will be my job. I will tell him, ‘Remember this? Remember that from ‘Malcolm’? What a life for you!’”

Holy hell. I wonder how he got 9 concussions. One could probably try to remind Muniz of something that actually never happened and he would probably believe it.

bea884 No.10745743

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They did a reality show together, The Two Coreys I think. At this point Corey Haim had basically been blacklisted from Hollyjew for years and was trying to come back. Guy was just a mess, struggled with addiction for years. Really fucking sad. He was the biggest thing in the 80's. A teen sex symbol before his balls even dropped. You want an inside picture of what all this exploitation and rape does to a person, watch it.

The "friend" he refers to in the video is widely thought to be Charlie Sheen.

de8f14 No.10745749

File: 70ca243136eb558⋯.jpg (348.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 29821719af905284d6fe5eeab3….jpg)


Your either a fucking fed trying to solicit in kind replies or your the biggest retard to grace this board.

Don't fucking announce your plans you just do it. The last thing we need is some sperglord blowing his load after bragging about his fucking plans on the chans.

If you are to try some shit distance yourself from us first, perhaps join the religion of piece and pledge your allegiance to them or something. Don't be the guy who willingly carries out an operation that (((they))) would have false flagged us doing anyhow.

And consider hitting up some high value boss characters instead of targeting NPC's like a fucking retard.

8d3bfd No.10745764

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Acted together in The Lost Boys and good friends. Both victims of pedos. The live one has spoken out about the pedos but not named names.

73502a No.10745784

File: 05a50ead561a187⋯.png (103.47 KB, 299x287, 299:287, wait a sec.png)


Hi, Dan.

272da9 No.10745789


>Paul Schrader (((echo)))

No, he's definitely not a kike anon, he's a redpilled dutch calvinist. His films have always been considered right wing, some even called fascist. He wrote the script for Taxi Driver and directed the 1979 film Hardcore, it's about a christian father who loses his daughter to porno kikes, it's like a mix of Taxi Driver and Death Wish, great film.

That being said, there has always been rumours about him, he's regarded as kind of a pervert. I believe Margot Kidder made some comments about him back in the 70s, about how he tried to touch her without her consent.

8d3bfd No.10745795

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


FBI stop

e0cfe0 No.10745798


Corey was really upset that he didn't get to act in The Goonies with the other Corey. I think he didn't play ball with the producers so they blacklisted him for that role.

bea884 No.10745806

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


To follow up, it might be worth it to take another look at Charlie Sheen's massive mental breakdown a few years ago. He was making a lot of people nervous and was saying tons of weird shit. Honestly think the guy was on the verge of spilling some serious shit, but was "corrected" in time.

Embed is called "Charlie Sheen Exposes Pizzagate" but this was shot way before.>>10745743

8d3bfd No.10745807


see 2:01 for Corey talking about that "one person" - any ideas who it is?

8fda29 No.10745812

File: 45c89d65dd1ad0d⋯.jpg (317.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1427018031518.jpg)


Never Forget. That's how you end up repeating history. If we truly want to be free of this wretched fucking cycle, and cast ourselves to the stars, we HAVE to obliterate the kikes once and for all. Down to the last zygote. Followed closely by their pets. Then we will be able to claim the future we have been denied by these lower life forms.

e0cfe0 No.10745814


> but was "corrected" in time

And NOT blacklisted. He survived that weird shit.

e0cfe0 No.10745820


>we HAVE to obliterate the kikes once and for all.

Is this the FBI trying to entrap us?

e48ce0 No.10745827


Why the fuck is Eminem dressed like a Wehrmacht soldier in that pic?

17cbda No.10745832

File: 31dd866ec029b5b⋯.png (392.47 KB, 480x323, 480:323, mimi.png)

File: 5b994aca51fde46⋯.jpeg (16.03 KB, 480x360, 4:3, that stump.jpeg)

File: 38a9c01d03ab0f8⋯.png (101.5 KB, 464x344, 58:43, not that.png)



it looks like the first weinstein produced film little benny appears in is good will hunting, but aflecks acting career goes back to 1981…

some oldfags may remember being forced to watch pic related in science class at school - but i've hated this turd since the 80's for this…

8fda29 No.10745840

File: 13a694d5fdd3140⋯.jpg (78.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Anon.jpg)


You need to start recording this shit to help get the investigations started, anon. Jeez, dude, do your part.

2b18ea No.10745844


Why though? Why wouldn't he name names? He has the resources, the notoriety, why doesn't he come forward? Do you think they have dirt on him?

8d3bfd No.10745849

File: f26daafe33c5fa1⋯.jpg (318.65 KB, 1600x903, 1600:903, 1507785218409.jpg)


>as well as Charlie Sheen

826318 No.10745853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


e48ce0 No.10745859


Well that's depressing. I always liked Muniz because he did exactly what I would have done as a teenager actor with millions of dollars: give up acting, buy a race car, and try to become a pro race driver. I even saw him run Formula BMW once and although he sucked, he was at least living out an honest, wholesome dream.

I guarantee the memory loss is due to all the wrecks he got in. He had one really bad wreck in '09 or '10 if I remember right.

e0cfe0 No.10745863

Would it follow that there are top dog Jews that have stayed out of the public eye or are they all narcissistic ego manics that need to be ogled? If there are hidden Jews, and I know it sounds stupid to ask, does anyone know who they are?

8d3bfd No.10745879

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Margot Kidder

A really weird incident with her got memoryholed. Found in the bushes ranting and raving.


Yes. Report, filter, ignore.

1f420d No.10745885

File: 4f48921c137de80⋯.jpg (514.91 KB, 2750x1903, 250:173, Reflecting Pool.jpg)



>The Boats them.

I see another well cultured conisuer of excecution here. I'm picturing the Reflecting Pool lined with boats abuzz with small droves of flies, the aroma of fecal matter, milk, and honey, and the soft echoing of the moans of traitors and well fed frogs.

7ee299 No.10745890

File: 4d5e148ddc64073⋯.jpg (76.64 KB, 679x629, 679:629, billclintonface2[1].jpg)

How many times has Billy partied with Harvey?

7ee299 No.10745894

File: cf47ec2c2d37090⋯.gif (267.5 KB, 250x175, 10:7, Kek.gif)

Clintons vs. Kikes. I wonder who's gonna be suicided first.

7f9fad No.10745895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Lindsay Lohan


There's a reason that these kikes can do what they like with their "starlets" - all of the "girls" involved in this scandal are in fact MtF trannies.

Even if they were "raped", none of them will take the matter to court because doing so would expose their true sex, and the fact that they've deceived millions of young and impressionable people into believing they're women, as well as acting as completely unattainable "beauty" standards, in collaboration with the kikes.

Slowly pushing the standard of beauty to be a skinny male body with silicone tits, has instilled neurosis in an entire generation of women who simply don't understand why they can't get "the body" no matter how hard they diet or hit the gym.

tl;dr everyone involved in this is a monster, not least of all the creatures who are the supposed "victims".

>b…but muh waifu that I've been jacking it to since I was 12 can't be a man…. I I'm not a fag, y…you are just a tin foil, y…you kike.

This is the other half of the operation - corrupt the lust of young men to the point that they consider men in drag to be the pinnacle of beauty.

Red pill is hard to swallow isn't it?

a76c6a No.10745898


Oh look, it's this schizo again.

e0cfe0 No.10745905


Yes, they like to mess with our heads. There's a reason why MOST of them are children of Hollywood parents. Keeping it the circle.

2b18ea No.10745906

File: 562818f19d3502b⋯.jpg (21.61 KB, 325x452, 325:452, this thing has sprawl, Mar….jpg)


To this end, how connected, how buddy-buddy are political elites and hollywood moguls? I know there isn't an infograph that could convince even the most autistic sperg, but truly, this, Bohemian Grove, Hollywood, Epstein, Wiener, Podesta, Spirit Cooking…

I laughed a few months back when someone said we were in an anime, being flung into the fray against agents of darkness/vampires/NWO, but God damn if it don't seem like the truth

731406 No.10745908

File: 9bd648890814452⋯.png (5.26 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Unknown.png)


The masons bugger them until they're practically men so I don't think they need the actual surgery.

7f9fad No.10745909


>kike throwing around the buzzwords of its master mindfucker Freud.

Triggered the hasbara thread manager. How many shekels are you paid per post?

7f9fad No.10745914



Once you see it, the illusion falls away. The hips are usually the biggest clue. These people just aren't women.

a76c6a No.10745916


>realize you're a faggot

>Why am I a faggot?


Fuck off faggot. You're mentally ill and the only cure is suicide.

fe1906 No.10745920

File: 5c01a4c58135932⋯.png (625.04 KB, 1011x4858, 1011:4858, rose_raped_by_bob-fs8.png)






Lads Ive pulled the pieces together.

Rose was raped by Bob Weinstein, not Harvey Weinstein.

Please spread this image.

I've just created a halfchan thread submitted to r/T_D.

7f9fad No.10745921

Just to add, the MSM wouldn't be pushing this story if it wasn't approved by the elite.

Pushing stories of MtF trannies being "raped" as if they were women, helps to strengthen and buttress the illusion at the subconscious level.


Look at this like, it's losing it. Freaking out. You hasbara kikes are all over the Vegas threads too.

>n…no, the Jewsmedia said it's true, so it must be!

7f9fad No.10745928



138567 No.10745929


What else has Brad said about the rings since he first mentioned them?

4a4eda No.10745933


Ironically, the idea that lemmings (the animal) follow each other off of cliffs to their doom is a myth that was created by Disney. They filmed lemmings running off a cliff and drowning in a river below in Alberta Canada released this as a nature documentary. The lemmings were actually herded/scared off of the cliff by people on set. Lemmings don't actually ever behave like that in nature.

This is ironic because by parroting the lemming myth created by Disney, you are in effect behaving like the mythical lemming that you use as metaphor.

You should consider suicide tbh.

6ce577 No.10745936


Nothing will stop the cycle, nothing whatsoever. If you kill all the kikes something else will just take their place, maybe even /pol/ themselves. But the cycle must go on in some form. You can't stop it.


Holy shit I am never unseeing that. Wow these kikes are monsters.

8d3bfd No.10745940

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It goes way back. Dave McGowan's series/book Laurel Canyon is required reading.

00d683 No.10745942


Nah. The black/white alternating floor pattern actually makes it quite soothing to be there.

a76c6a No.10745948



It doesn't count as a "personal attack" when you've admitted as much as I've said in past threads. You think:

>Hollywood actresses are men.

>Men become attracted to these trannies

>This turns men gay

>You were upset when you discovered this because you idolized these trannies

All of this you've admitted.

It's plainly obvious that you're a mentally ill faggot (but I repeat myself…) who's inventing excuses for your faggotry.

<It's not my fault I'm a faggot, Hollywood did this to me!

7ee299 No.10745985

File: 362156c875515fd⋯.gif (590.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Get REKT.gif)


Just filter the kike. He's even using the mollyjew defense.



>pic related

7414f9 No.10745991


Twin Peaks is laden with hints at the occult/secret societies. As are his other works looking at you mulholland drive fuck you naomi watts

826318 No.10746009

File: 31e4d2d76a2c287⋯.jpg (110.15 KB, 745x452, 745:452, viper-room-river-phoenix-a….jpg)

File: 130aee0dde4c200⋯.png (1.3 MB, 953x547, 953:547, viper.PNG)

Welcome To The Viper Room.

f1a535 No.10746021


my band played a show there once back in the day, its overrated just like all the other clubs on the strip. most of them are pay-to-play bullshit

e0cfe0 No.10746025


Wait, what's up with Naomi Watts?

25317f No.10746027


hmm that fappening theory may be legit.

6266a6 No.10746042


House of cards. I can't wait until they start eating each other.

596fc9 No.10746043



If you go to his YT "source" full of niggerspeak it accuses a bunch of women who have children of being trannies. One or two could maybe elaborately fake it, but not a bunch; I think it's a shill trying to make us less credible. Filtered regardless of shill or retard.

e0cfe0 No.10746047


Date: 7/4/12

666b2f No.10746052


Checked. Fucking tonight mein dude


Top kek we think alike

65d003 No.10746053

File: c5508493e5cab72⋯.jpg (66.11 KB, 564x580, 141:145, bobdoug3.jpg)


>raped by Bob, not Doug

cd8e05 No.10746054


um source?

65d003 No.10746060

File: a6325ae86f83b24⋯.jpeg (8.56 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpeg)


It was buffalo, not lemmings.

65d003 No.10746072

File: 8ba24757198b05e⋯.jpg (7.39 KB, 351x143, 27:11, hi hector how is the piggy….jpg)



There are all kinds of Mormon and Hutterite child sex trafficking rings in the Rockies. Twin Peaks is just the tip of the iceberg.

7414f9 No.10746074


She and her husband (((Liev Schreiber))) have been called numerous times in relation to PG. sorry can't find the infograph

9b5e69 No.10746091


>Why not line a shitload of them right next to each other and just go for the classical "I'm White and I'm sick of this shit so you all die"


a10341 No.10746095

File: 828088b7f348c61⋯.jpg (192.93 KB, 2361x1114, 2361:1114, EBSz3c7.jpg)

2bc728 No.10746107



Ah yes, Fellow 8 chooners. We take to the streets! You must be the first. Give us your address that you will do this at. Bring all your friends too!


e0cfe0 No.10746108


Ugh. I can't get back into PG. That shit almost destroyed me.

9b5e69 No.10746109

File: 7edab1dbef2a8c0⋯.jpg (70.04 KB, 564x700, 141:175, JODIE FOSTER AT 15.jpg)

Has Jodie Foster said anything? More than likely after being abused herself, she became an abuser, that is generally how that works

e0cfe0 No.10746118


She's a gay dyke now. People should be questioning HRC as to why she hasn't said much of anything about this Harvey thing. Her and the rest of the idiot fems.

5d3440 No.10746120


Good to see that Tommy Wiseau is keeping busy

8fda29 No.10746121

File: d079f5e00487efa⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 439x480, 439:480, 1430872677982.jpg)



>These people just aren't women.

If you look into it you'll find that jewish women also have these traits. Very box-like shape, flat asses, small breasts, masculine facial features.

9b5e69 No.10746124

File: 6f3db610469ecd4⋯.jpg (45 KB, 500x635, 100:127, 0f3e3861440a0461c739fe7020….jpg)

Look at how young Brooke Shields was when they got their hooks into her

e0cfe0 No.10746132


Stop posting this pedo shit. Fucking fag monster.

5ae4f2 No.10746138


>She's a gay dyke now

sexual trauma explains it.

7414f9 No.10746141


I understand and feel the same.

But, if not you, who?

56807c No.10746146


It's based on the black and white tiles in Masonic lodges. At its most basic level it represents light and darkness. On another note I think Lynch might be a crypto-/pol/lack. He's always talking about how much better off America was in the 50's and he's one of the only directors who basically never has any blacks or minorities in his shows. He loves white culture.

e0cfe0 No.10746153



Listing shit!

979cfc No.10746162



Might be useful to sit down with Portia DiRossi too. No fucking way a woman that hot is naturally a lesbian either.

3137ca No.10746165

File: f69b03f80ec68a8⋯.jpg (8.86 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg)



Brittany Murphy died of really suspicious causes and was followed by her husband who died 6 months later of the same causes. Seems like an appropriate time to start reminding the normies of this (((mystery)))

33e4f5 No.10746167


>But, if not you, who?

who ever volunteers. That is some really bad stuff. You can not research it for long. It starts to mess with your mind. You have to take a break from time to time and recuperate. I do understand it is important to take care of it but it is destroying persons soul. Everyone who have researched this topic needs some time to get away from it if he feels like it. And only those who are ready should go into it. Really fucker up stuff…

dac0a0 No.10746170

File: 3c269e06730795c⋯.jpg (221.32 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Brooke-Shields-1978-2 (1).jpg)


How old are you? America went through this in the 80's Brooke's mother pimped her to Pedowood and reminding people allows them to focus on the child stars of today that are victims, of which you don't know, and there are a lot. Hollywood has been killing young girls for more than 50 years.

979cfc No.10746174

File: 45ded131d7c9a46⋯.jpeg (11.89 KB, 300x168, 25:14, Unknown.jpeg)


Something tells me that a lot of Hollywood learned from Pamela Anderson about dead hand switches and they are not as afraid to speak out now.

Hell, maybe Assange is holding a lot of the keys to Pizzagate?

e0cfe0 No.10746177


That's fine. But please don't post suggestive

photos of children. It's not right and you know it.

e0cfe0 No.10746178


Assange tweeted something about it today.

979cfc No.10746190

File: 3643e80a655832f⋯.png (263.22 KB, 615x721, 615:721, assange on feldman.png)



f1a535 No.10746192



>That's fine

agreed. I do not want to see that shit either. it makes want to cut someones heart out

dac0a0 No.10746196

'I told you HW raped me but now you have your dirty Oscar': Rose McGowan says Amazon and Jeff Bezos killed her TV series after she objected to them bailing out Weinstein

Rose McGowan is claiming that Amazon optioned a television series from her only to kill it soon after when she voiced concern about a possible move the company was making to bailout her rapist.

'I told the head of your studio that HW raped me. Over & over I said it. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said I was the proof,' said McGowan on Thursday in a tweet directed at company founder Jeff Bezos.


dac0a0 No.10746201


>agreed. I do not want to see that shit either. it makes want to cut someones heart out

that's the point, man-up & grow a set

979cfc No.10746202


That's supposed to be a little girl in a jumper, I don't see the pedo angle. Why do you?

(Yes, I know Brooke was pimped. She used to date Michael Jackson. Trump knows all about it, maybe he's working with her in the background? It's a New York thing after all.)

bdae69 No.10746209


News to me, how did I miss thatt he died?

f1a535 No.10746214


>that's the point

listen here faggot, you know nothing about me. I have grown up in places that would make you shit your pants and cry, i have been shot at, i have breathed a dying mans last breath and im no stranger to gore. do not defend pedo shit you fucking homo and as far as your concerned, you will never be half the fucking man that I am.

e85126 No.10746215


shes going to get suicided

e77726 No.10746222


Wow, Corey Feldman and Charlie Sheen look like they're twins now.

dac0a0 No.10746229


let's meet on the internet and fight it out then. I shit peanuts and I'm tough as rusty nails.

f1a535 No.10746233


boring. filtered

f43e0a No.10746268


Why would we want to send a message to a dead race?

a76c6a No.10746280


>posting this filth

Filtered and reported, kike.

be36a9 No.10746286


>stay home and do nothing even while they eradicate your homesites, silence you everywhere, and digitally unperson you goy

Ebin assumption lad.

dac0a0 No.10746290


I am glad you took a stand. You kike coward

faae87 No.10746346


I heard Eminem used to do the same thing at his shows back in the day. They send their right-hand men out to pick out jailbaits who are unaccompanied. "Hey, wanna come backstage and meet X?" And they know damn well what they are getting into.

It probably doesn't happen as much any more in the cell phone age, but aside from picking up floosies at shows, they have access to children via rings.

94a249 No.10746425


Yeah, this is where the conspiracy goes off the rails a tiny bit. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt (((they))) are behind the push to make tranny porn normal, and that maybe a couple of Hollywood startlets are trannies, but the great majority of them? No. No way.

26b619 No.10746426

Haven't people noticed that this happened literally a few days after the "shooting". don't fall for it.

776641 No.10746448


>oy vey, pedowood breaking is a (((distraction)))


776641 No.10746455


Eminem fucked black boys.

faae87 No.10746458


>Why not?

Because now that every kid is carrying a smartphone, people are paranoid about being recorded and set up.

They have other avenues they can go through to access children that they don't need to be taking risks with random jailbait whores who go to shows.

faae87 No.10746493


I don't doubt that he was a down-low twink bitch in Detroit and sucked nigger dick for crack, eventually performing for powerful industry niggers to get a record deal.

94a249 No.10746501


2pac said that Dr. Dre was gay as fuck, and Dre was pushing Eminem pretty hard.

2700a7 No.10746505


Also, Lynch almost never casts jews. There are some, sure, but the original Twin Peaks had no more than five not entirely sure

The book that came out last year, talked a lot about freemasons, illuminati, ufos, etc. Very interesting stuff.

2700a7 No.10746511


Source? Haven't they made music together?

1b3fa7 No.10746514

File: 735e2b6397f17d6⋯.jpg (41.96 KB, 722x621, 722:621, 4n9e8sb5.JPG)

these high profile pedo/rapist jews need to be publicly disgraced and shamed to Hell before being killed in the streets by a "mentally ill" lone wolf vigilante

94a249 No.10746524


I'm pretty sure there's footage of him saying it. Or audio. I think he made the claim on Howard Stern a few weeks before his murder.

1c43fb No.10746547


Something very bad could have happened to him. That was a Fox show, right? ABC has or had (when I do watch talmudvision, it's wwe for /wooo/ shitposting or one of the "alternate" digital channels for major networks that have old shows from the 80s and earlier, don't watch new shit inb4 some low functioning autist screeches) a blatant ripoff of the show called "The Middle" down to the younger kid looking like a clone of the younger kid in MITM (look at that acronym, coincidence it's the same as Man In The Middle as in the attack vector?) that seems to just lack the "Malcom" character. Jewlywood unoriginality, or attempt to bury any memory of the original show? The latter would line up with trying to bury anything that may have happened to Muniz.


It certainly says something to see so many (((totally organic real anons))) proposing being degenerate subhumans. Torture to extract information when absolutely necessary, ok. Doing it just to do it? Semitic shit, attempts at turning whits into subhumans. It's as transparent as that faggot botspamming incitements to violence because his handlers want everything pro-white shut down and deemed terrorism. All about dragging you down to their level so you become exactly like them, and they live on through you. Don't fall for it. Just like MKULTRA attempts to make a normal person commit some heinous act to push forward an agenda they organically an naturally would never have pushed for.



Hannity had his and his family's life threatened. People with much to lose aren't as likely to continue going after something this deep. People have a survival instinct that extends to their families.


That's a dangerous line. They'd need to be fed the right data and the right direction. Shit's already going in the direction of burying anything deeper than the "muh misogyny" angle, they're trying to play this as just the womanizer pervert angle while burying anything deeper like Polanski. Even Jones recognizes this.


Abuse begets abuse, anon. Same way gays "reproduce" by abusing others. It's possible he continued the line of abuse. It's possible he has survival instinct and doesn't want to be killed slowly and painfully for stepping on toes.


Get the fuck out of here subhuman.


And here's the token disinfo kike here to muddy the waters with falsehoods and try to kill all investigation.


I guess we should all just give up and let the jews continue jewing, right Schlomo?





>posting these images

Your ID is (((echoing))), Chaim.

a9f768 No.10746561

File: b0e59cf7779262a⋯.jpg (43.2 KB, 602x328, 301:164, black lodge.jpg)


>floor pattern

>Bob Weinstein



6c614f No.10746581

File: 9cf9183b30c1114⋯.jpeg (232.02 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, kikes burn.jpeg)

Will Gov Jerry Brown declare a state of emergency?

faae87 No.10746585

File: cee35ee2a043b92⋯.png (220.92 KB, 638x359, 638:359, poz.png)


Malcolm in the Middle was indeed Fox. Same degenerate network that produced the Mick.

340c1b No.10746588



Rose McGowan got me through no-internet puberty famalam

faae87 No.10746596

>>10746588 (Checked)

You didn't have Internet in the '90s?

340c1b No.10746605

File: ec76920ae75fb67⋯.jpg (109.9 KB, 701x755, 701:755, c67d51375eac2e47d1407d6462….jpg)


My mother was extremely christian…

9e6e7d No.10746616


It was mold. as someone who has worked in renovations I'm fully aware of how dangerous this shit can be.

1c43fb No.10746626


>defending posting pedokikery


15caba No.10746666


Certainly not you, you glow-in-the-dark motherfucker.

10e911 No.10746670


Looks like a child to me schlomo.

16 may be ok depending on the couple.. 14, come on anon.

9fead1 No.10746684


It would be folly to ever forget their blight. Remember them as bogeymen, who rape children and eat foreskins. The race of evil sub-humans who tried and nearly succeeded in taking over the world.

So that if we somehow manage to miss some of the fuckers (which we very well might), they can't crawl back out of their holes and regain power ever again.

ab0a9f No.10746686



This. I have no issue with removing age of consent laws - right after you get rid of the Jews, their mud pets, and their feministo pawns.

Else, it will be nothing but horrors.

efaed7 No.10746687

I want to know why it has come to light now? Is it a massive distraction from something completely different? Are they throwing Harvey to the wolves to cover their asses?

ab0a9f No.10746692

51248f No.10746708


Only a small level at a time. Advise them to watch the Kingsmen movies.


The parasite believes that if the host dies and no longer resist, that it has won. In reality, the parasite dooms itself.



Seriously, dindu female? He might have been degenerate but not that degenerate!


Me: Torturing people is bad.

Also me: Not of the human specie is people.


More like he lost his usefulness so they are dumping him.

4857dc No.10746715



4857dc No.10746721

2700a7 No.10746729


The Secret History of Twin Peaks.

a76c6a No.10746741


>white nationalism is the cause of white genocide

>not jews

Filtered and reported.

e09c4d No.10746757

File: f9fea24d5515f0c⋯.mp4 (262.74 KB, 480x480, 1:1, courage.mp4)


>voyage of the meme

Holy shit, that's a blast from the past. I liked that one

5e5dab No.10746792


Didit Hitler say exatly that in Mein Kampfy Chair?

649060 No.10746805



25eaf5 No.10746863

File: 25833189029801e⋯.png (103.88 KB, 193x244, 193:244, ClipboardImage.png)

0173f1 No.10746865

File: dcd84e926ff3ae3⋯.jpeg (487.23 KB, 635x800, 127:160, pedojew.jpeg)

File: 8ba6fd23fd3b2d2⋯.jpeg (470.71 KB, 618x800, 309:400, creepyjew.jpeg)

File: 1e47123ee687f3e⋯.jpeg (429.12 KB, 609x800, 609:800, kikes.jpeg)

ab0a9f No.10746875


Snaggletooth. Meh.

3ec349 No.10746902

File: 75c2c2984937f3d⋯.jpeg (211.24 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, chester_podesta_clone.jpeg)

>>10746222 (checked)

Probably another secret son like Chester.

8fb7f9 No.10746906

File: 7160a7ca513d662⋯.jpeg (73.79 KB, 634x531, 634:531, download (1).jpeg)

Hey, what's going on in this thread guise?

5e5dab No.10746908


True, i remember when i started research into the elza/spiderman videos, that is some seriously disturbing shit. And this coming from an "ebil natzee"

0173f1 No.10746911

File: 322ec6179f36f8c⋯.jpg (81.79 KB, 928x523, 928:523, _isa_hackett_and_roy_price….jpg)

It's all coming down!!!!!!!!

> "You will love my dick," Price allegedly said to Isa Hackett, a producer on 'The Man in the High Castle,' who details a July 2015 incident at Comic-Con in San Diego.

In the wake of revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged years-long sexual harassment and assault, a producer of one of Amazon Studios’ highest-profile TV shows is ready to talk about her “shocking and surreal” experience with Amazon’s programming chief Roy Price.

> Isa Hackett is the daughter of author Philip K. Dick, whose work is the basis for Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, as well as the upcoming anthology series, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. Hackett, 50, is an executive producer on both series. Price, 51, is head of Amazon Studios and has presided over its growth into a major streaming service with such series as Transparent and movies such as Manchester by the Sea. His family has deep connections in the entertainment world: His father, Frank, ran Columbia Pictures and Universal Studios.


5e5dab No.10746920


> allegedly said to Isa Hackett, a producer on 'The Man in the High Castle,'

>Yfw the reason were are seeing so much subcounciouss pro-nazi propaganda lately is because the incoming tv generation were all being abused by kikes, and their minds wanted revenge

02f0da No.10746923


Can I get some translations from a based german-fluent anon?

bdae69 No.10746927

File: 332d9fa5f98ecf5⋯.jpg (222.83 KB, 649x350, 649:350, dog-tired.jpg)

It would be awesome if all the shit that's been happening could be distilled down into a nice Red pill gelcap.

Unrelated: anyone good at English to Latin translating?

bdae69 No.10746947

File: f0b7928ba0f1811⋯.jpg (102.72 KB, 702x1024, 351:512, 1507762992791m.jpg)


Anon on cuckchan was posting these yesterday. He was a his/pol/ germanon. Reverse image search might get you the archived thread.

0173f1 No.10746957


They are illustrations from the book "The Poisonous Mushroom", you can get all the images and translations from, believe it or not, this holocaust memorial site.

Use a VPN if you want to see the other illustrations.


Here are the ones I posted in case you don't want to go there.

> Here, little ones, have some candy! But for that you will both have to come with me…

> Just look at these guys! Beards full of lice! Those dirty, protruding ears…

> Two criminal's eyes glow behind the glasses, a grin is playing on the fleshy lips

0173f1 No.10746962


Nice coincidence, because that wasn't me (haven't seen cuckchan since 2nd exodus)

bdae69 No.10747001

File: c5f9df4fc88e151⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 400x300, 4:3, hB52ED41E.gif)


I use both still. 4chin is better for fun and banter but is really obnoxious because so many edgy kids show up and are faggy.

Here it's more focused and informative, but less jokes and lulz, which is the reason I came to chans in the first place. Also everyone here is so fucking paranoid that everyone thinks everyone else is a kike or a shill. Equally obnoxious.

I need a little of both.

02f0da No.10747034


Thank you for the information, the illustrations were familiar and now I know from where. My hat is off to you.

1e520b No.10747057

File: d8c828a2720dea4⋯.jpeg (621.21 KB, 626x800, 313:400, Cover.jpeg)

File: 00e5a531239b553⋯.jpeg (569.71 KB, 665x800, 133:160, PoisonousMushroom-1.jpeg)

File: 6392447b3b230f2⋯.jpeg (498.03 KB, 635x800, 127:160, PoisonousMushroom-2.jpeg)

File: 4dc52a77586997d⋯.jpeg (507.08 KB, 632x800, 79:100, PoisonousMushroom-3.jpeg)

File: a490436942f5bc4⋯.jpeg (451.52 KB, 622x800, 311:400, PoisonousMushroom-4.jpeg)


I'll just dump all of them here, I'm sure no one will mind. There's power in these old memes, they're just as relevant today and hopefully this helps them spread.

1e520b No.10747063

File: 1e47123ee687f3e⋯.jpeg (429.12 KB, 609x800, 609:800, PoisonousMushroom-5.jpeg)

File: 5b032be4d97bde6⋯.jpeg (448.7 KB, 626x800, 313:400, PoisonousMushroom-6.jpeg)

File: dcd84e926ff3ae3⋯.jpeg (487.23 KB, 635x800, 127:160, PoisonousMushroom-7.jpeg)

File: d8752049f2953d9⋯.jpeg (457.89 KB, 650x800, 13:16, PoisonousMushroom-8.jpeg)

File: 6b2dc8df9c74842⋯.jpeg (625.97 KB, 626x800, 313:400, PoisonousMushroom-9.jpeg)

1e520b No.10747065

File: e2bc61ac8eb4297⋯.jpeg (511.7 KB, 648x800, 81:100, PoisonousMushroom-10.jpeg)

File: 8ba6fd23fd3b2d2⋯.jpeg (470.71 KB, 618x800, 309:400, PoisonousMushroom-11.jpeg)

File: 91bbfe22086e345⋯.jpeg (510.28 KB, 623x800, 623:800, PoisonousMushroom-12.jpeg)

File: 5376b997bd73fd3⋯.jpeg (458.71 KB, 619x800, 619:800, PoisonousMushroom-13.jpeg)

File: 570c46e569a7002⋯.jpeg (503.81 KB, 667x800, 667:800, PoisonousMushroom-14.jpeg)

1e520b No.10747067

File: 5fea28f9617888b⋯.jpeg (479.16 KB, 617x800, 617:800, PoisonousMushroom-15.jpeg)

File: 185f39e9279ca84⋯.jpeg (527.9 KB, 686x800, 343:400, PoisonousMushroom-16.jpeg)

File: 6c9e4caca089909⋯.jpeg (514.34 KB, 667x800, 667:800, PoisonousMushroom-17.jpeg)


All done. Enjoy!

91f3e8 No.10747070

I bet they will start saying "Hey, but rape isn't such a bad thing, this guy deserves some physical contact too."

They always come to downplaying their crimes at some point.

dc5940 No.10747081


We need to go after Hollywood with everything we have to get this snowballing out of control then people won't be able to ignore it. This is a solid chance to take down a major source of kike propaganda

24bfe8 No.10747088


Who is the gal?

71234c No.10747100

File: 9f816ddd125c4db⋯.jpg (41.65 KB, 500x333, 500:333, -2.jpg)


This is an important post. But it has to be emphasized, what this shows is not "OMG WEINSTEIN RAPED A CHILD OF THE PRESIDENT HOW AWFULLL OMGGGG", what it shows is "Obama willingly gave his child to a known rapist pedo because they're all part of a global multi-generational cult of pedo-rape-murder-torture". WE CAN'T LET THEM FORM A NARRATIVE AROUND "ONE BAD GUY" OR "A FEW BAD APPLES". WE HAVE TO FORCE THE MASSES TO SEE THE GLOBAL PARASITE SYSTEM IN ITS FULL FORM.

6e551d No.10747110


https://instagram.com/brittpettibone /ourgirl/

24bfe8 No.10747121


He could also unpack it in a month just during a holiday free period to stun everybody until Christmas.

24bfe8 No.10747132


Wait yes, where are they??

8eb8a4 No.10747151


He does not have the resources. Illuminati got killers in the canyons.

fa98b8 No.10747195


They will be pushing for new laws to further strip white men of the right to be men because jews are degenerate

bad7ad No.10747227

File: 518d63d31d22625⋯.jpg (52.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, wptv-donald-sterling_13990….jpg)


This reminds me of the racist (((white))) man, then LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who said "nigger".

c4a91e No.10747263

File: 85f5d2a41a5ef19⋯.png (94.12 KB, 362x492, 181:246, 85f5d2a41a5ef195429b9cf08e….png)



hes not anon, i assure you. I was a big fan of his for a long time. for one he signed the roman polanski petition. for second one of his former actors (the red dwarf guy from twin peaks) has accused him of raping his daughter and basing the story of twin peaks off of it. it sounded a little wild to me at first but look at his daughter, Jennifer Lynch. complete wacko and all of her movies are…….theres one about a psychopath who removes womens arms and puts them in a box and rapes them. she also wrote "Laura Palmer's Dairy" which is supposed to be the autobiography of the girl who was raped and killed by her father in twin peaks. David encouraged her to write the book and told her to "channel" Laura when doing so.

Nothing really conclusive but its all a little bizarre….and the fact he covered for Polanski really makes him stink. Hes not a pollack anon, at best he might have some fringe ideas about how the government works, but nothing outside good goy territory.

8a3000 No.10747281



I've heard interviews with him that get into esoterica and conspiracy theory. He's a pretty basic bitch new ager.

c3374e No.10747302


>I think he made the claim on Howard Stern a few weeks before his murder.

what a strange (((coincidence)))

30439b No.10747326

If anyone here is able to get the contact information of the people trying to step forward, please contact them and have them either post the info here, or have the info sent to you so you can post it here. Shining a light into darkness is what /pol/ is about and they need us in the face of this censorship!

8b7a96 No.10747337

File: e48f048e026191f⋯.jpg (106.25 KB, 400x396, 100:99, Charlie Sheenie - shut it ….jpg)

340c1b No.10747340

File: 50f6ea08376ff81⋯.jpg (121.07 KB, 1024x1386, 512:693, IMG_20171013_132621.jpg)

File: 5c974cfec444619⋯.jpg (154.99 KB, 1023x1108, 1023:1108, IMG_20171013_132639.jpg)

82d3d0 No.10747352


Check out my OC: >>10747313

82d3d0 No.10747357


>a swear jar for harassing your employees

The chutzpah

db9e3e No.10747361


Like something from a Bethesda game. Wew.

b892f8 No.10747363


No one misses or believes a whore


9ede69 No.10747382


>Pizzagate isnt real goyim, go back to sleep now

This is going to blow up in all of their faces so fucking hard.

82d3d0 No.10747387

File: 41f781faa5879c5⋯.png (385.02 KB, 392x771, 392:771, harvey potter.png)


>No one misses or believes a whore

Good thing we have Hermione then.

e0cfe0 No.10747393


So basically all female actresses are whores for the Hollywood studios. If they are in a movie or a show, they had to fuck a producer to get it. Whores.

c4a91e No.10747397


this shouldnt be a surprise to you……..most women in general are whores unfortunately

e0cfe0 No.10747407


Could that be because you men make it so hard for women to do anything aside from spreading their legs?

b892f8 No.10747409


>you men

Take it to the jews lady.

b6fd21 No.10747423


But what if due to the memory loss now he doesn't remember all the molestation? Silver lining right?

b6fd21 No.10747437


Its just economics. If 100 women audition for a role, and 10 are good for it, 9 of them will get jack shit and 1 will get rich and famous. With those payoffs the incentives for the 10 women to compete with each other by offering bribes in the form of whatever they have to offer is massive. And the person who gets to make the decision gets to extract as much value from those 10 as he can.

2be93f No.10747438


>shoots his load after 3 minutes and 1 reply on a board as slow as 8/pol/

You kids today are lazy as fuck.

a13c22 No.10747439

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We need to start spreading this. Most people aren't aware that child actors are subject to the Weinstein treatment.

82d3d0 No.10747451

File: aee1a5dd5a98ba6⋯.jpeg (7.4 KB, 310x163, 310:163, Unknown.jpeg)


There used to be a code for the pinup girl in my local paper growing up. "Sunbathing" meant the model gave him a blow job and "horseback riding" meant she fucked the photog.

82d3d0 No.10747459


>you men

Go smoke a joint.

8a3000 No.10747463


Artists deeply involved with the creative process will start to become part of strange coincidences. It's a psychospiritual thing you have to experience to understand.

Case in point: in the early 2000's I used to have a creative writing blog. On 9/10/2001 I wrote a peice imagining how a group of Muslim terrorists could cheaply cause a mass destruction incident that would change the political landscape of the country.

Grant Morrison, occultist and writer for the comic The Invisibles, also discusses this in public lectures.



c4a91e No.10747482

File: 3411b3511f304f7⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 236x357, 236:357, f30ac4c58d849f7c4ccc2a5f13….jpg)


>you men

you women wanted equality and a vote, and you got it. now enjoy rape and AIDS from the refugees you voted for, because women do not vote for what is the most logical and practical choice for a nation, they vote for what they want on a superficial level. the small rush of "im a gud person" and the thought of exotic, foreign dick in their pussies is more important to them than their ancestors, their families, their children, their descendants, even their gods. prove to me that women are different and I will listen to anything you say. the last time women were worth respect were the german women of the teutonii tribe, who willingly killed themselves or grabbed weapons and fought to their deaths rather than be enslaved by roman enemies. you know why? because they knew they would be raped and turned into harem slaves. every woman knows this when accepting foreigners or enemy armies into their lands…. and how many times have women fought to their deaths to stop that and preserve their honor? very few times. The germanic women and shieldmaidens, the gaullish women and boudicca, the scythians that let women fight, and joan of arc. thats basically it. you know why? because most women do not mind being sex slaves. that is the key difference men and women, and why shieldmaidens are the most sacred of women and are largely a dead breed; men will sacrifice anything for the concept of honor and eternity. they will suffer torture, flames and iron to prove they are not weak, and that their ideals are not weak. women care about surviving, and about fulfilling base lusts and pleasures. the few that rise above such things are rare and worth slaughtering whole peoples over. you bitch about women being whores because men prevent them from being anything else…..what a fucking joke. if that was true giving women the right to vote wouldnt have lead to the decay of the west. plz make a post about how "youre scaring the girl posters away, none of u will get pussy" etc. we dont need you here. women do not belong in politics for the same reasons they dont belong in war, they dont understand any of the repercussions of what they do. ive had conversations with ex girlfriends where she laid out her plan for us getting married, what to name out kids and yadda yadda. but when i asked what kind of world she wanted to leave to our kids, what sort of future they should inherent, she told me "I dont care I'll be dead by then". I didnt understand at the time, but I do now. women dont give a shit about the future, and will only feign an interest to attract smart men. im a wizard so im going to tell you the future; one of two things will happen to the west. one: aryan men get their shit together, and their balls sewn back on after being castrated by their own women, and will proceed to purge their lands of all malignant influences. including white women who shouldnt be passing their genes on, or raising children. two: muslims and arabs will overwhelm us, whites will not regain their masculine energy thanks to the estrogen in our water supply, and muslims will dominate our culture and purge it of all christian influence much the same as how the christians once purged europe of its pagan influence. it will be bloody, terrible to watch even from the news, will involve lots of rape, and unlike the christian removal of paganism (which was mostly germanic tribes killing other germanic tribes) this will be an arab purge of white genes. theyve done it before (Persia, Sumeria, Egypt) and they will do it again if women are allowed to continue to lead us all of the cliff of lemmings. But both fates will result in one thing; masculine energy resuming control. this is the terrible wrath of nature, either become strong, or die to those who are. women are not strong. it is as simple as that when it comes to placing trust in them in politics and war. you have a place; that is to be a kind, gentle wife to a good white man, and a good mother to his children. if that description does not fit you or a future you then you are bog material. I really try to have respect for women since it what our germanic and celtic ancestors did, but sometimes I wonder if they were foolish to do so and it was one of the many things that led to their downfall. This is one of those times.

71234c No.10747493


Don't take the bait and shit up the thread. We're being raided by multiple groups.

The Mailia angle is the key anons:






a6f564 No.10747499


Meme it

She was SENT there by kang nigger. Part of the $65000 hotdog payment and sheeit

71234c No.10747503



Inland Empire may as well be a documentary in first person about the MK Ultra shit that actors/actresses go through.

c918fd No.10747513

File: 5fed47afee95828⋯.png (302.76 KB, 1348x910, 674:455, shareblue.png)


shills out in full force today.

fd6ee8 No.10747544

File: d41140a61bd75f1⋯.png (739.62 KB, 853x443, 853:443, laci-1.png)


>sometimes I wonder if they were foolish to do so and it was one of the many things that led to their downfall. This is one of those times.

eh, I think you can respect someone and still not listen to them or give them power over yourself or society. the only things women should be in charge of is other women. that's about it.

but you have to remember that Jews decided on most of what you criticized. women go along with it. (as women are solipsistic they enjoy the short-term benefits without thinking about the long-term ramifications) but Jews are the ones bringing the invaders to our shores. on the voting thing remember the old saying, if it was possible to vote against the Jewish agenda, it would be illegal. not saying you shouldn't participate in the electoral process, but be prepared for disappointment until the yids are removed from the process altogether.

db9e3e No.10747576


Or maybe Chuck Schumer had something to do with it. he did help out Amy Schumer get famous so I can see him having some hand in all of this as well. The guy is a snake.

0d8ad0 No.10747589

File: 8459340dcebce9e⋯.png (925.75 KB, 1784x1238, 892:619, pol-on-men-vs-women-islam.png)


thank you

fd6ee8 No.10747607

File: b7e5c51e3a510fc⋯.jpg (333.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Twin Peaks to.jpg)

File: 5abd40de72b9708⋯.jpg (76.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Twin Peaks.jpg)

File: 015352ae1736b5f⋯.jpg (61.82 KB, 634x409, 634:409, 30D20C7D00000578-3428872-i….jpg)



>he's one of the only directors who basically never has any blacks or minorities in his shows. He loves white culture.

you might want to rethink that, the latest season of Twin Peaks has a good portion of nonwhites along with race mixing. (even the original Twin Peaks technically had that with the White man/Asian woman couple)


>Also, Lynch almost never casts jews.

a lot of the women he casts are of Jewish descent.

d32e4f No.10747643

File: 280ea287ac83c47⋯.png (148.36 KB, 1370x351, 1370:351, Like this.png)

File: c9df8237be6d147⋯.png (15.49 KB, 360x237, 120:79, report.png)

File: 82f233f1293ba9a⋯.jpg (6.56 KB, 450x112, 225:56, implying you didnt know.jpg)



If you want something stickyed, report the OP, and request it to be stickyed. Requesting a sticky by posting in the thread does nothing.

Don't Global Report

(((Global Mods don't care, and will demote the report, when they get around to it.)))

Which could take a long time.

c918fd No.10747680

File: 624778898720af6⋯.png (20.05 KB, 614x266, 307:133, Crazy_Days_and_Nights_-_20….png)



This blog is actually good

f53fb7 No.10747716


the entire point of dougie with the hooker is to show he's corrupted

I think Lynch is just an aging new-ager, the worst thing he's done is sign the Polanski petition, which isn't much compared to literal child rape

43b620 No.10747746


>on the chans

And here we see a shill, in its natural environment. Shilling another shill.

c4a91e No.10747748


>isnt much

he actively protected the legal rights of a pedophile

thats crucifixion worthy in my books , and i actually like twin peaks

f438c2 No.10747751


but aren't the lemming people being herded off the cliff by (((people))) off screen?

this pressure can be a couple of guys spooking small mammals into suicide or it could be a jewish cabal spooking the white race to miscegenation and slavery

cd1ed0 No.10747839

File: 3bbdb7b97fd6b6f⋯.jpg (28.96 KB, 400x378, 200:189, fedepicxm855bar.jpg)


satan quads confirm glow in the dark niggers up in this bitch

190c3a No.10747855


>On 9/10/2001 I wrote a peice imagining how a group of Muslim terrorists could cheaply cause a mass destruction incident that would change the political landscape of the country.

On that night I was watching a documentary about this guy:


>While the bombing was not the first proven instance of sabotaging a passenger flight for criminal purposes, it was the first to be solved and, as such, received wide news media coverage both locally and abroad.

190c3a No.10747867


>he doesn't remember all the molestation

It installs demons. They don't always manifest as memories.

6218c4 No.10747893


That was pretty good anon.

ec9dd3 No.10747903


Are you fucking stupid or what? This is containment to whores who traded their asses for jobs. Pedowood! Is Jews fucking and probably killing CHILDREN. We're along way from where we need to be and Rosey the retard isn't going to help. She just cares about herself and the DEAL she made to be rich and famous.

Fuck whore actress, push for info on CHILDREN. THAT will destroy them. Normies will be upset. At which point we get an NFL style boycott and deprive Shlomo of shekels.


But his monthly checks mean more to him. How many kids do you think the jew who raped him, has raped SINCE Corey cuck made some noises? Lots am sure. Nothing has stopped as fame and fortune mean more to these junkie aholes than children.


That weirdo is the biggest sjw ever. Watch the documentary on him. He's all, 'I hate racists' like 3x for no reason. He's a fucking moron that faggots think is a genius because his shit is so weird. It's just crap.

190c3a No.10747925

File: 4cdb906f069dfcd⋯.png (280.08 KB, 495x312, 165:104, spds.png)

c918fd No.10747947


Anyone else think Chuck has a pedo face?

e57c91 No.10747988


Lindsay Lohan's instagram is full of people calling her out for defending Weinstein. There are so many former childhood stars that went crazy, it might be easier to find the ones who didn't. Mara Wilson turned into an SJW but she did write this https://archive.fo/5RhQJ

b9c949 No.10747998

File: 08b3182667c60ac⋯.jpg (49.01 KB, 604x453, 4:3, Buggleub.jpg)

What if Vegas was a last ditch attempt of trying to get out and distract from this napalm that's been thrown on Hollywood? If the explosives they had were used to what I think was their intended purpose, there could have been thousands dead. They perhaps then could have swept this under the rug. They probably knew this was coming. Just a thought.

Anyway, I found this interesting:


>"Suddenly, long standing rumors of Dan Schneider (Nickelodeon Producer) abusing & molesting child actors for decades don't sound far fetched.

>Let's see if we can give Harvey Weinstein some company…

>This is called "Punching the Middle" of the House of Cards. You want to expose people like Podesta? Then use the gift just given to you.

>Start going after entertainment executives who have been abusing, molesting ,and raping actors and actresses for decades.

>Dan Schneider is the face of abuse and molestation of child actors and actresses. Amanda Bynes herself has admitted it, but everyone thought she was crazy. As years went on, more former child Nickelodeon actors spoke out against Dan and no one listened.

>So if you really want to see this Weinstein scandal spread into exposing the sexual abuse and pedophilia rampant in Hollywood, then strike while the iron is hot…

>Once you start showing the American people just how pervasive child sexual abuse is in entertainment, high finance, media, etc., they ill be far more apt to believe the political aspects of #Pedogate.

>But this requires getting victims, or their former co-stars (and maybe still friends) to step up and speak out. That's why this Weinstein story was timed. That's why Trump said "calm before the storm.

>His hope is that exposing Weinstein proves there s a concerted, highly organized, well funded conspiracy to cover up pervasiveness of pedophilia & sexual abuse in high profile industries ….which means he's literally asking for a push via public and crowd research to push topics like Dan Schneider to the forefront and let the victims themselves speak out once they realize not only will people believe them, but that they're now safe to do so."

Pedo scum Danny boy here seems like an easy target to bring down.


0d8ad0 No.10748024

File: 404015379e57edc⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1536x1024, 3:2, WEINSTEIN-OBAMA-PIZZA.png)


good idea

d19be7 No.10748057


Don jr tweeted something iirc

This stuff is like straight out of Entourage.

Have the young actor pull some young girl for the producer.

3d21a2 No.10748068


>Malia Obama interned with Harvey Weinstein.

mfw she's a drug addict now

b43ec2 No.10748135

File: 1f37b39ef40e57f⋯.jpg (48.48 KB, 453x500, 453:500, 39b73faa51c56f2c84ccec4c63….jpg)


>navy seal copy pasta

58d142 No.10748178




I found evidence of this in the beginning of pizzagate as well. They hide the children behind the wall then provide the attendee's with a video monitor or other device to see the children who are caged behind the wall as they look at the art on the exterior. They then make their selections. Mariana Abrivomic specializes in this. Sets up special art displays. From the catholic churches in Europe to other galleries around the world.

a8101f No.10748182

File: f68c8e9e459bb1d⋯.jpeg (255.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5B4273AD-DC77-429A-8036-B….jpeg)

File: bdd5e8b74043ad5⋯.jpeg (53.86 KB, 314x445, 314:445, 60624DC5-FE82-4BEE-86EE-3….jpeg)

Don’t know if this has been brought up yet, but it some people believe that Weinstein put a hit out on the Boondock Saints director. The possible murder attempt can be seen in the documentary Overnight.

76b34f No.10748201


reported for being a gender-labeling cis scum shitlord

32dbda No.10748252

Anti-kike sliding bump.

Pedo-kikes in Hollyjew will go down.

3dc4c4 No.10748274

File: 90f84a26e7dc96a⋯.png (451.63 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, beautydestroyed.png)


>Makes sense. Hollywood is their only tool left, libs love the Weinstein shit. now they will begin to be exposed to the horrors of the jew.

NO. This won't be enough. Weinstein is being offered up the way you cross a river in the Amazon. You throw your sickest animal to the piranha in first and while they feed, you safely shepherd the herd safely across the river.

Unless the normies get mad and stop buying tickets, the kikes in Hollywood will survive this.

The kike media is doing everything to pin it on one single repulsive Jew when he is merely the tip of the iceberg.

58d142 No.10748322


The most important forgotten truth in our time. Note (((who))) always promotes women's rights and speculate on why

58d142 No.10748330


cuckfag response. if women are in charge of other women they will convince each other that they should be in charge. Women need a strong man to guide, teach, and control their impulses

58d142 No.10748389


If there are any FBI anons on here who are working on how they sell children in plain sight on the internet (instagram, home decorating sites, blogs, etc.) or at real life events (churches, art galleries, silobration) I've compiled a decent list of evidence from pizzagate days

fd6ee8 No.10748396

File: 90951a57587ddab⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 1457470420872.gif)


I was thinking more along the lines of women teaching female children how do normal things like breaking and mending. but sure I guess you could try to micro manage every aspect of somebody life.

47344c No.10748399

Bump. For the record Obama new about Pedowood but did nothing about it.

fd6ee8 No.10748414

File: c4c51e15fc91ee3⋯.jpg (60.68 KB, 750x600, 5:4, Pedobama_531165_194670.jpg)

File: 6e9a0b744ac5d40⋯.jpg (338.9 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, WH-2015-Photos106.jpg)


>Obama new about Pedowood but did nothing about it.

gee, I wonder why….

32dbda No.10748417


Wasnt Joe Biden always touchy feely with little girls too?

58d142 No.10748437


Teaching family values is agreed, but one cucked response in defense of another cucked response = go back to /leftypol/ betafag

fd6ee8 No.10748441

File: 4be910ec5c6ecd7⋯.jpg (44.84 KB, 876x493, 876:493, capture.jpg)




>Prominent Obama backer (((Terry Bean))), 66, co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, has been arrested on sodomy and child sex abuse charges…

fd6ee8 No.10748447


>one cucked response in defense of another cucked response

explain yourself, stop being a sperg

fd6ee8 No.10748466

File: d832b97a5106a90⋯.jpg (123.49 KB, 780x440, 39:22, Creepy-Joe-Biden.jpg)

File: c0ca7d3d92ed783⋯.jpg (28.39 KB, 371x395, 371:395, Obama's pizza friend.jpg)

58d142 No.10748472

File: b2293893a9c135b⋯.png (140.87 KB, 300x229, 300:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6958d682d7c58b8⋯.png (133.45 KB, 300x218, 150:109, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bdcafafc9cdbc2e⋯.png (391.76 KB, 450x545, 90:109, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone else remember this

fd6ee8 No.10748485


jason bateman and dustin hoffman kissing at a ballgame? that's really gay and kind of gross but what does it have to do with anything in this thread?

58d142 No.10748504


Wondering what age Bateman began his grooming at. Remember the cover photo for arrested development? Bateman and his son in the shower naked? Should look into the actor that played his son too

6548a9 No.10748521

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Boondock Saints

That movie had its moments.

340c1b No.10748556

File: 83c09599faae340⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 81d99631552652c182303957a3….jpg)


>Doesn't capitalize start of sentences

>Capitalizes 'jews' and 'jewishness'

Fuck off cunt.

fd6ee8 No.10748581


that's how phone keyboards work you dork.

016626 No.10748600


people keep bringing up polanski like he's just another example of a kid-raping yid.

but what's weird about the case of his anal assault on a 13yearold is not that it happened and he thought he'd get away with it - what's weird is that we ever heard about it. the cops and media are clearly willing to forget a million comparable examples, so why did this one ever enter public consciousness?

here's why: to create a plausible reason for his having to permanently GTFO the US before people had the chance to notice that his wife sharon tate was still alive and was never murdered, and the entire manson family puppetshow was a cianigger psyop to blackwash the antiwar movement.

fd6ee8 No.10748601

File: b1ad3ce97f45ae4⋯.gif (610.3 KB, 275x155, 55:31, 3rnBAZ7.gif)



>Remember the cover photo for arrested development? Bateman and his son in the shower naked?

I completely forgot that show even existed, the only thing I actually remember sticking with me was this scene with (((Judy Greer))).

do you mean a DVD cover? was Michael Cera playing his son? ( he's the extremely Jewish kid from Junno and super bad I think)

fd6ee8 No.10748606


yeah that's all well and good, but you have anything to back up that theory? like proof that Tate never died.

016626 No.10748621




58d142 No.10748626


was the cover on netflix. searching for it..

c4a91e No.10748629


that show had a running incest joke that got serious a few times. its as jewed as you can get

d19be7 No.10748631


Arguing with digits.

Let Kek into your heart.

58d142 No.10748634

File: 9bd96497be35dcc⋯.png (75.29 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)

58d142 No.10748641

File: 1537ca657918dfc⋯.png (82.71 KB, 299x168, 299:168, ClipboardImage.png)


They're always projecting what's hidden in plain sight

f136d9 No.10748718


Even this cunt isnt naming jews as jews, shes used "male hollywood" as her target, refusing to acknowledge its 100% kikes. Just as all the women out there will do, as all the commies will blame capitalists, and so on. NONE of them will target the ones really behind it, jews. Meanwhile, white males, wealthy males, wealthy whites, etc will be the ones targeted by all of this in the end, while the kike in question may get punished as well, the rest of their lot will slink back into the shadows and hide from the direct fury of it all. Hell they'll probably fan the fucking flames with "muh fellow white people" right before their "oh btw i'm jewish so im exempt" bit.

We've seen this song and dance a million times. Fuck all I'd bet this whore is in on it. Why did she not come out until now? Oh right, because its good timing to distract, divide, and attack the jews enemy and not the jew. Guarantee 100% shes just doing what shes told to do, or has been manipulated into doing. Shes not "/ourgirl/" or anything even remotely close to it. Shes just another kike puppet like all the rest.

31c889 No.10748752


gee dya think.

f73d67 No.10749066


Did the golem not turn on his masters and killed them?

f5f7e6 No.10749090


>Parents bring in children and either agree to whore their child or walk

it's not like it hasn't been a daily practice in 3rd world countries since the dawns of time

f5f7e6 No.10749098


> his wife sharon tate was still alive and was never murdered

any sauce on that weird assertion?

32dbda No.10749168


Bateman was on that show The Hogan Family when he was in his teens, wasnt he? His sister Justine was on Family Ties also. Im sure she was diddled as a youngin on that show.

04fb73 No.10749220


No, if you have the mental fortitude you can de-gay yourself. Just contemplate your thoughts and feelings and realize how revolting homosexuality is. Meditate to feel yourself and understand yourself then take control and change it. It takes quite a bit of effort but you will be one step closer to the overman.

a76c6a No.10750429


No, the only cure for faggotry is execution. Have you ever met somebody that "prayed away his gay"? Flaming homosexuals, the lot of them. They will all be tracked down and gassed.

445da4 No.10750531


You fucking spastic jew.


2a546b No.10750553

ad5539 No.10750668


What about Winnie from The Wonder Years? She went on to become a sexy math teacher. Bet she has stories.

ad5539 No.10750675


Is PedoDan still in Vancouver?

ad5539 No.10750682

File: 2b27f965f0131d7⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, punch the middle.jpg)


>This is called "Punching the Middle"

Oh, forgot my pic.

ad5539 No.10750693


>Have the young actor pull some young girl for the producer.

My personal journey started a few years back when I was on the periphery of Hollywood and someone tried to kompromat me with an underage girl.

ad5539 No.10750702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Watch this movie.

3efe5b No.10751099

Look into Jimmy Iovine as well. There is a reason why him and eminem love to dress the same at times.

Also, Sheen blew Haim on a set - and there is also the case where Denise Richards filed a police report and admitted to Sheen having CP.

ca0038 No.10751129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

An animal-trainer (Paul Winfield) tries to deprogram an actress's (Kristy McNichol) found dog, trained for racial attacks.

6396e5 No.10751143

It's a fucking shame, Rose Mcgowen was attractive at one point. Jews rape thousands of white women and /pol/ doesn't care.

341245 No.10751371


>and /pol/ doesn't care.

Fuck off. That's not true.

bac06c No.10751450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Also, Sheen blew Haim

Another bubble burst. (((Haim))) are trannies, right?

bac06c No.10751458

File: 7ed1a60b6ab7ff4⋯.jpeg (4.37 KB, 276x183, 92:61, images.jpeg)


>Jimmy Iovine

Holy shit, he could be Pedesta's brother.

>Interscope Geffen

What's Trent Reznor got to say about all this? Don't tell me he's into the pizza too.

3efe5b No.10751526


Corey Haim. Sheen diddled him (when he was a kid) on a set.

ce02c8 No.10751677


I think you are being pessimistic. However I really like that post in the pic. It’s true. Germany got something like 80 gold medals with USA coming in second with 30. This was claimed to be steroids, just like they claimed Adolph Hitler was a methamphetamine addict of all people, because they dont want us to know what we were capable of. As a white boy who grew up in a nigger infested area of VA, I know for a fact the nigger can and will be overtaken by a white who has his wits about him and isn’t a fat ass. Most mentally weak whites don’t think they can win against a nigger in a fight, and that’s why they lose. Or they try to act as ghetto and respect the nigger way if talking shit, and they lose after being drug into their own game. Know you are dealing with crafty subhumans most of the time, with no honor and respect. It’s a mental fight, like Trolling irl if you have to think of it that way. Sorry for novel just struck a cord with me.

8a3000 No.10751712

File: 2d789ae123b8e86⋯.jpg (80.26 KB, 500x571, 500:571, 1411236323040.jpg)


>that trailer

ab0a9f No.10751841

File: 6a96ace583104c8⋯.jpg (5.34 MB, 2888x8864, 361:1108, Hollyweird Jews.jpg)

149f1c No.10751899

File: 2ef6fe0b28319d3⋯.jpg (181.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hollywood meeting.jpg)

Just found a rare picture taken from inside a Hollywood meeting with a young up and coming star…

3efe5b No.10751918


ab627a No.10756194

File: 6d79698e2586834⋯.png (378.81 KB, 450x654, 75:109, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2e0143b3cbea22a⋯.png (213.01 KB, 378x300, 63:50, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5f30d4dcb948025⋯.png (112.08 KB, 333x187, 333:187, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ca75f5fd0941172⋯.png (238.22 KB, 500x265, 100:53, ClipboardImage.png)

87f634 No.10756464


Sweet lord the Germans knew…

fee83d No.10756598


>I want you to shoot him now before he kills more black people!

When will "White Dog 2; The Microaggresions" be released, do you think?

e0cfe0 No.10756651


What the fuck???? What was said about this?

158b76 No.10756670



8b3668 No.10756866


You want to go far, you do shit. You get invited to parties. You do drunk, fucked up shit parties. Eventually fucked up shit becomes the norm because it's in all the circles you hang out with. Then you join in because all that shit will help you be a part of the club and get you the coins and the fame. Then you'll do whatever the fucks its way and before you know it there's a recorded video of you doing whatever it is that will be held against you. See the writer/producer of modern family and his addiction to crack. Strange how he just straightened out and then just faded into the background but continues the degeneracy.

8b3668 No.10756925


It's a pity they forgot…

3ffb62 No.10756931



>killing anyone

>doing anything

>being anything more than a joke

not likely

46f20f No.10756956


>Bryan Cranston, who played Muniz’s father on “Malcolm,” said in the segment that his former costar didn’t need to worry about remembering old times.

>“I told him not to worry about what you remember and what you don’t remember,” said Cranston, 61. “They’re still your experiences. That will be my job. I will tell him, ‘Remember this? Remember that from ‘Malcolm’? What a life for you!’”

That's pretty fucking creepy.

e8d155 No.10757650


Been reading up on the MKUltra devilworship stuff and sounds familiar. Split personalities. Events that you don't remember. Think of "Mr. Robot". Hollywood always projects its reality into its stories. Think there might be some insight in that

271a0e No.10759039


Literally every popular performer, nigger or otherwise, does this.

27ed44 No.10759096


>his wife sharon tate was still alive and was never murdered

Have some crime scene pics https://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f237/charles-manson-crime-scene-pictures-8337/

9b14b8 No.10759360

I first learned of that crazydaysandnights blog back when they made a couple posts about what happened to Saoirse Ronan. It's gone now but it might still be cached or archived somewhere.

f83544 No.10759389



But usually people have a hard time believing it, thought Id give it some strength to push the regular anon further by telling of my observations

bd67de No.10759620


>Artists deeply involved with the creative process will start to become part of strange coincidences. It's a psychospiritual thing you have to experience to understand.

>will start

I think this has been going on for a long time already. Strange coincidences like this run all throughout history. It's nice to see a fellow /pol/ack is aware these "coincidences" are going on. Here's a recent coincidence:

>going through old documents

>have a bunch of old Playboy PDF's saved for some reason

>delete them

>hear news of Hugh Hefner's death the next day

Not the only time something like that has happened.

I look at the Weinstein stuff, Pizzagate, etc, can't help get the feeling someone's planning a coup on the entertainment industry.

be44fe No.10759947


>those fingers digging into the flesh of her arm

45da50 No.10760022

Keep digging into all the Pedowood stories that broke in prior years, but never went anywhere. Now's the time to bring them all back into the headlines.




bd751f No.10760023



nazifeminist screech all day long about fucking white males then she lash out against a jew -TERMINATED

e0cfe0 No.10760306

Where is Harvey? They always go to rehab, but in reality we have no idea where he is. Are they hiding him?

008518 No.10760405


>get rose her own board

why not get Rose on our board?

a244f5 No.10760627



Noticed that immediately.

7ac5aa No.10760642


How unfortunate she will (((suicide))) with six bullets to the back of the head.

a1515f No.10760667


>when antifa pushes us out of here

hahaha they have no power, a bunch of illiterate niggers and their tranny sidekicks backed-up by a handful of crusty dykes. hahahaha NEVER GONA HAPPEN

This place cucked on /hebe/ after about 5 fucking minutes of pressure. You think it wouldn't do it to /pol/ if there was any real push?

Okay, not from those antifa pussies, but if anyone with actual power wants it down it'll drop like a whores pants.

7ac5aa No.10760673


Gawd she could have contracted an aids burger from Charlie Sheen. Luckily she was raised with morals and self esteem.

ab0a9f No.10760732

File: aa80119770876dc⋯.jpg (235.63 KB, 1868x1078, 934:539, hominid trash.JPG)

File: 88788d556d9218d⋯.jpg (324.57 KB, 1826x1425, 1826:1425, hominid trash2.JPG)

File: 8d52dc438f09bfc⋯.jpg (182.22 KB, 1197x1231, 1197:1231, (((white guy))).JPG)


>Nazi accounts doxxing people

I hate these vermin.

ab0a9f No.10760736


His Jew fiance cancelled their wedding over this. lel.

8eb8a4 No.10760812


That chick was evil from the start. She. Role up with Manson because he "wasn't evil enough." She is a fucky loon.

94f651 No.10761202

File: 5239472b56ba363⋯.jpg (125.38 KB, 822x562, 411:281, ElephantJew.jpg)


Society walks around all day in elephant shit but refuses to acknowledge where it comes from.

a06a48 No.10761877

>>10760022 (checked)

Fucking Pedowood.

75a903 No.10762296


>Harry Potter and the Bed Chamber of the Kikes

23a3c5 No.10771832

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remember the story about a young punk band and a minor reportedly being assaulted in the middle of a large party that came out in the press a few years ago?


731406 No.10771979


Ian Watkins used to fuck groupies' babies.

d19be7 No.10772121



What's with the hair.

>golem got terminal cancer

>golem now out of control

>tough luck kikes

23a3c5 No.10772689


Not directly related to 'wood but this guy didn't get much press.


0a8ef8 No.10776285



You may get your wish, anon.



53e5db No.10776429


>Im not a good looking guy, so friendship zone happens frequently.

Friendzoning has fuck all to do with looks. It's the energy you give out. Stop compromising yourself for bitches. Here, I don't know you from Adam but let me tell you exactly who you are, and what you do.

You probably spend hours talking to these girls, in person and/or on the phone, listening to their dumb stories, no matter how bored you are at them. You let them blather on about any idiot little thing on their peanut brain, including other guys. (which is the absolute goddam final nail– NEVER LET A GIRL DO THIS, it's a test and if you fail you will never fuck them)

If you ever hang out with them, it's at their discretion the time and place. You hold the door for them. Maybe you even pitch in money once they start talking about a bill they need paid, or some dumb thing they wanna buy.

Bit of advice. Next time a girl decides to blather on and you think her goofy stories are dumb, tell her. Next time you think about hanging out, you state the place (not, NOT SUGGEST the place, you state it. We're going here. I have spoken.) Establish, from first meeting, this is about sex. I want to fuck you. Depending on how she responds, you know how much more of your time to invest. If she's not with it, walk. Women are an obligation and a burden you assume. Stop acting like you owe them something and make them act accordingly.

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