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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 9ac7cc38370c56a⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 400x290, 40:29, nigger-make-up.jpg)

f87d32 No.10775947

Jefferson Davis Magnet School in Jackson, MS, will shed the name of a white president who presided over the death of his country and adopt the name of a gay nigger who nearly killed his.

>JACKSON, Miss. — A predominately black public school in Mississippi named after Confederate President Jefferson Davis will be stripped of that moniker next year and replaced with that of another president whose character students, parents and teachers have said is more fitting — Barack Obama.

>Janelle Jefferson, president of the Davis Magnet International Baccalaureate School PTA, announced at the Jackson School Board meeting Tuesday evening that school stakeholders voted on Oct. 5 to rename the school for former president Obama.

Sounds pretty good! Obama was quite the President. Never mind that, since this is still going to be the same school, it's technically blackface. Of course, this being a superficial alteration, that means this school has zero to minor problems, right?

>A demographic breakdown of Davis Magnet’s enrollment for 2017 shows 98% of the school’s students are black.

>Overall, JPS the Jackson Public School district’s enrollment is 97% black.

No big deal. Everybody is equal, and I'd really have to look into this school's API scores before jumping to conclu–

>Attendees were aware of the possibility that Tuesday’s board meeting could be the last for the district for a long time. The state Board of Education requested in September that Gov. Phil Bryant declare JPS in a state of emergency. That move would trigger a state takeover.

So, the school is under malicious attack by racists?

>It was actually the possibility of being unable to meet again that spurred the board members at their Sept. 19 meeting to delegate their naming authority to PTA groups at three schools — Davis Magnet, George Elementary and Lee Elementary, all named after Confederate leaders.

So, it's actually more like niggers crowding into a school, fucking it up so badly that even the State of Mississippi would be an improvement, and deciding to change a bunch of names and start lining up those post-school board jobs with the SPLC now.

Irony, having apparently shot itself in the closet today, has apparently let us write one fucking story about niggers that doesn't end with them demanding gibs from whites. Weird.

>There are still logistics to work out, and Jefferson said the school and corporate sponsors are expected to raise funds for the actual name change.

Son of a bitch.


f6a2f0 No.10775957

Mississippi fag here. That school is the worst one in Jackson so naming it after Obama is appropriate. The entire school district is about to get taken over by the state because all the nigger leaders in Jackson are corrupt as fuck. Jackson is almost as bad as Detroit or Baltimore these days.

f87d32 No.10775962


Wasn't it Jackson where a city councilman said nigger teens should throw rocks at the police? Doesn't Based Colin mention that every so often?

454ea9 No.10775964


might as rename the city too then, I wouldn't want my name soiled by nigger filth. Jackson was a hero.

a87578 No.10775966

File: bea9add036f66f3⋯.png (402.3 KB, 1276x1332, 319:333, 1465205695680.png)


>naming anything after Obama on the eve of the Wikileaks Happening

Bad timing.


>Jackson is almost as bad as Detroit or Baltimore

Sad, but not surprising.

f6a2f0 No.10775969


Well the surrounding towns' police departments have a bad problem with niggers from Jackson coming over and robbing honest white folk and trying to lead the cops on a chase to Jackson thinking they can escape them there because Jackson has the most useless police department I've ever seen. A couple of these chases have ended in innocent bystanders getting hit, but instead of blaming the niggers, the councilman, who is a big baboon himself, blames the cops for chasing the vermin out of their city.

a756a4 No.10775972

It's not the whites doing this. It's the blacks. Just in case you didn't know by now, Mississippi is set to be the first majority black state in America. It's like South Africa over there.

454ea9 No.10775976


and thats why its a shithole that nobody wants to visit. strange aint it.

f6a2f0 No.10775977


Obama could rape a 12 year old girl and still be worshipped by niggers.

f87d32 No.10775982


Figures. He was probably raped as a 12-year-old girl, if Michelle's package is anything to judge by.

Meme responsibly, faggot.

0cf4f6 No.10775984

>Barak Hussein Obama School


a87578 No.10775991

File: ffe91299c9de073⋯.jpg (356.89 KB, 1261x1884, 1261:1884, cc531937e95cae16306d39e431….jpg)


Careful what you wish for, anon.

f87d32 No.10776000


He's not wearing a wedding ring in that pic, and neither is his waifu. It's possible he's hiding her from Joe Biden.

0972d5 No.10776048

File: 44c55450b6fdbfb⋯.jpg (28.64 KB, 550x540, 55:54, 44c55450b6fdbfbe4717f8e76b….jpg)



>Barack Obama

Is this the opening through which to push the fact that that's not his name? The nigger's real name is Barry, and this could be a crack to widen and eventually disgrace and implicate him in federal fraud.

d16b5e No.10776287

File: 9f0ab9fedd2dd5a⋯.jpeg (34.45 KB, 620x400, 31:20, le_blueeyed_nigger_maymay.jpeg)

All H'White staff at the school should henceforth be required to wear full black-face makeup every day at school. Anything else would be rayciss.

d16b5e No.10776292


>It's possible he's hiding her from Joe Biden.

checked and leld tbh

ba1297 No.10776305

>>10775977 (checked)

I wouldn't be surprised if he's raped a whole bunch of 12 year old girls. Boys too, for that matter. He and Biden both.


Poorest state in the union too. Also the top consumer of malt liquor and grape drank in the northern hemisphere.

ed44d4 No.10776432


As Jefferson Davis read the article from white heaven, he was suddenly washed over with a wave of relief as he finally realized his name would be taken off that nigger school.

265207 No.10776456

File: 0de6442e2adbf4c⋯.png (36.02 KB, 624x396, 52:33, davis magnet school.png)

Daily reminder that many of our poor White brothers and sisters are forced to attend these niggerfuxated hellholes.

57f005 No.10776831


>Anita Queen

>A spic is the most searched term in porn term in the state

8decb8 No.10779953

This is what winning looks like, faggots

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