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Odious Memes

File: 32b3b470b81cb79⋯.png (160.6 KB, 402x324, 67:54, canada_2016_census.png)

087d4d No.10802320

Citizens of European Origin Now Only 56% of Canadian Population

Today (Oct. 25th) the Canadian government released the 'Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity' data set from the 2016 census (said to be the most complete census in a long time, with a response rate of 98.4% of households).

This is a dig and analysis thread of this newly released census data. Check our autistic privilege and begin sifting through the data.

We will examine the data and expose where it is presented in a misleading fashion. We will use the data to create our own infographics that we will then disseminate on social media as nuclear redpills. We will expose historical revisionism (census is referring to Europeans arriving before 1921 as "immigrants").


>Main 2016 Census Portal:


>Immigration and Euthnocultural Diversity:




>2011 Census Data (for comparisons):


087d4d No.10802351

File: 43af7f89be6ef1c⋯.png (74.7 KB, 1041x661, 1041:661, wikipedia_euro_canadian.png)

File: 8bb56b0a9173901⋯.png (11.13 KB, 2276x66, 1138:33, census_euro_origins.png)

From the Wikipedia page on European Canadians:



The European Canadian population was:

96.3% in 1971

93% in 1981

61.4% in 2011

56% in 2016 [new data released today]

The data is from this table here, Census Profile 2016:



Search in page for the row 'European Origins'.

b3571a No.10802355

Fugg, as if it weren't obvious in any Tim Hortons of shopping centre anywhere in Canada. At least the shariah laws coming in should accelerate the collapse.

Sorry Trudeau, but we will win in the end, and you will be regulated to traitor status in the history books.

9d71fd No.10802367

Canada joins the ranks of nations cucked out of existence through injection of alien population.

087d4d No.10802382



European Canadian population not only reduced in proportion between 2011, but also reduced in number from 20,157,965 to 19,683,320 (likely do to below replacement level birth rates and miscegenation).

This resulted in a 5.4% drop over five years, so just over 1% each year. At this rate (which is supposed to accelerate due to increased immigration levels), White Canadians will be a minority population in Canada by four or five years, so by 2023 at the latest.

78bc8d No.10802386

File: 205e86978b5f949⋯.jpg (209.37 KB, 503x750, 503:750, bonds.jpg)

Sure feels good to be the winners of WWII.

c4302f No.10802401


Why don't you guys just go north and form an armed resistance front away from the cities and shitskins?

087d4d No.10802410

File: ab3733ec3c0798d⋯.png (2.13 MB, 2169x1255, 2169:1255, census_portait_household_i….png)

Looking at some of the infographics now:

The 'Portrait of Canadian Households' infographic (released earlier this year, actually, not part of the data dump today) features:

>A White woman with a non-White partner

>A single White woman "career" woman

>A muslim two parent family with a child

>An Asian family with two children and (healthcare leech) grandparents

>Polygamous, childless family of two White men and a black woman

>A single White father with two White children

>A White lesbian couple with a baby

>A black two parent household with two black children

26% of Canadian couples are childless. 28% of households are single person households – This is 54% of all Canadian households.

087d4d No.10802414


This is what a dying country looks like.

087d4d No.10802429

File: 031a75df6dbde29⋯.png (1.64 MB, 2162x1007, 2162:1007, census_infographic_languag….png)

Next infographic: 'Immigrant Languages in Canada'

21.1% of the Canadian population does not speak English or French at home.

An increase of 14.7% between 2011 and 2016

At a rate of 14.7% every five years:

Less than 50% of Canadian households will speak English or French as their primary language by the year 2027

That is, of course, assuming a constant rate of 14.7%, which is in reality going to increase each year as the immigration quota is continuously bumped up, and the current immigration population expands its numbers.

087d4d No.10802436

File: 9cda587e9c31704⋯.jpg (516.96 KB, 1140x1476, 95:123, census_infographic_languag….jpg)


Forgot link and full infographic.


ec49c4 No.10802444

I honestly had no idea it was this bad, I thought it was still closer to 80%, holy hell, this is a genocide.

8cce1c No.10802452

Damn, and I thought that Sweden will birst first.

a2ad4a No.10802482


That's because you're an idiot. Anyone who has traveled a little knows how much more demographically fucked the USA and Canada are compared to even Sweden and the UK.

087d4d No.10802488



Canada Replacing its Population for No Good Reason

Undergoing Fastest Demographic Shift of Any Western Nation



e3c6ad No.10802500

I was getting 72.9% white when I did some simple calculations. I was going off of (white population)=population-visible minorities-natives. Obviously I'm including a whole lot of "whites". Did you actually go through and add up everything from the ethnicity section of data to get your result?

0f35b6 No.10802503

>93% to 56% in the matter of 35 years

Fucking hell.

0f35b6 No.10802513

Where exactly does it say 56% m8. I cant find it.

e39d4c No.10802534


56% White. Congrats Canada, you beat America at something. Bantz aside, that is absolutely terrifying it happened so quick. Of course this won't be looked at as genocide, even if this is fucking blatant, it's just diversity goy.

afc10f No.10802535


>19 million europeans to 9 million


0f35b6 No.10802539

File: 9792bf9d34bccea⋯.jpg (497.68 KB, 1140x1475, 228:295, Gateways to immigration in….jpg)

>Most of the immigration is linked to worker programs

Corporations selling out the founding stock for profits imagine my shock.

7e894a No.10802548

It's too bad the Aryan character of America and Canada are destroyed. I hope the other European nations can pull through.

0f35b6 No.10802550


This is what I'm trying to figure out. I don't see the 56% number anywhere and it always doesn't make sense.

5b13b2 No.10802554


Me too. what the fuck.

At this rate it might even be at 50% by the time Trudeau's current term is over.

91e177 No.10802558


Yeah just for "profits"…

0f35b6 No.10802564

File: 38dece1a40677b7⋯.jpg (848.88 KB, 1140x1475, 228:295, farming can.jpg)

Another interesting infograph is the one on agriculture. It says the number of farms has shrunk but the acreage and sales have gone up. Which I'm assuming means the evidence of big agriculture consuming the local farmer.

0f35b6 No.10802576

File: c5780faa805904d⋯.png (42.07 KB, 666x402, 111:67, EVERYFUCKINGTIME.PNG)


Don't imply I'm in anyway denying White replacement. This is all started from one group of people.

5b13b2 No.10802579


Note that this may even be lower. There is a generic ethnicity called "Canadian" included here which can mean literally anything.

0f35b6 No.10802602

File: 3dc8701a0920112⋯.png (234.4 KB, 1139x3083, 1139:3083, Screenshot-2017-10-25 Cens….png)

19 million out of 34 million. This is absolutely disturbing.

860a79 No.10802615

How can such a beautiful country be so hell bend on suicide

0f35b6 No.10802616


The jewish mind bug.

7e894a No.10802617


It's not a country anymore. It's a Jewish corporation.

0f35b6 No.10802628

File: 7e083d08ec70747⋯.png (52.42 KB, 1136x523, 1136:523, na.PNG)

But this is the part that has me scratching my head. Is this classification regarded as White or is it like >>10802579 is saying. If these numbers were added into the 19 million Europeans then our White population is not 56% but higher.

89d5f8 No.10802645



Under 60% is indeed shocking. I think we would be shocked to hear an accurate number for USA and Germany as well.


In Sweden, at least, people are getting irritated, and there is nordfront.se

In Canada, there is no real nationalist movement that I know of.

6d47d2 No.10802658

>top languages are literally either cantonese or mandarin

>if canadians don't sort themselves out soon, canada is going to become a literal vassal state of the PRC

b2ac08 No.10802695

File: a14048659812bf5⋯.png (626.97 KB, 636x675, 212:225, No-more-teasing.png)


>…Wow… well at least BC will be part of the Chinese Empire… Chinese Columbia…


The only hope is to start a revolution in the UK and have them annex us… or the USA. Or more realistically we need to organize the weebs and call for annexation to Japan. Better to be part of Japan than China, or worse.

0f35b6 No.10802720

File: 4bb812984b1b73d⋯.png (335.94 KB, 630x982, 315:491, canpol.png)


>there is no real nationalist movement that I know of.

This is a big problem for sure. Our parties are all controlled.

5b13b2 No.10802722


>Canada is the first post-national state

t. Trudeau

81c81c No.10802739


>anexed by Japan

>tfw live on mountainous island with cherry blossoms planted everywhere and lots of japanese restaurants in town

>nothing changes

5b13b2 No.10802755



We have as much of an alt-right presence among young white men as every other western country. But there really is no nationalist presence in politics. The leader of the conservative party, Scheer, seems like a typical neocon cuck.

Really our only hope is if the conservatives lose and replace Scheer with a nationalist that can also appeal to quebec.

b2ac08 No.10802760

File: a3a6f3eb7b010ec⋯.png (362.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, cache_576a2c17-579b-428d-c….png)


>TFW I want a valley full of log houses, and orchards, and cherries lining the streets.. Whites and Japanese only.

Dai Nippon Teikoku Banzai!

a64fec No.10802766



>11 million

this is were the missing white leafs are.

087d4d No.10802773

File: 0366401de1bd43e⋯.png (233.65 KB, 1612x1359, 1612:1359, census_2011_ethnic_origins.png)


>I was getting 72.9% white when I did some simple calculations. I was going off of (white population)=population-visible minorities-natives.

That's because you're doing the math the kosher way, the same way the CBC is presenting the numbers.

Examine this post: >>10802351

It has the census data for 'Canadians of European Origin' going back to 1871. In the 1970s, close to 97% of Canadians were identified as Whites of European origin on the census.

The 2011 census data indicated this number had fallen to 61.4%, based on the row in the ethnic data entitled 'European Origins' (attached).

There is another catch-all self-identification ethnic group called "Canadian". This presumably includes Whites who no longer identify with their European roots, but consider themselves "Canadian". There are many half-breeds who self-identify with being "Canadian", and a black person in Quebec can also simply self-identify as "Canadian". This ethnic moniker has zero relation to actual genetic ethnic origin, and is used by the government to misconstrue Canada as still being a majority White country.

The question is, why did White Canadians self-identify with their European ethnic origin, 97% of them, in the 1970s and 1980s, but suddenly a large proportion now self-identify as "Canadian"? We should dig and find out when the "Canadian" ethnic origin was added to the census.

The 2016 census data indicates only 56% of Canadians self-identify as being ethnically European in origin (just over 19 million).

Extrapolating Language Data as Immigration Demographics

The number of non-English and non-French speaking households in Canada rose by just under 3% each year between 2011 and 2016. That in itself indicates that the non-White immigration to Canada is actually approximately 3% each year, which is just over 1 million people. This makes sense when you factor in chain migration (family reunification) and student visas (the majority of which are non-White, and they never really have to leave).

At this rate (and remember, the government has promised to increase the immigration rate to 350,000 a year), less than 50% of Canadian households will speak English of French as their main language at home by the year 2026.

From this data alone, it is clear that White Canadians will be a minority in Canada by the year 2026, and probably much sooner given that many non-White households in Canada do speak English as their primary language.

c57d69 No.10802785


Are you new here? It's decades and decades of mental conditioning from the jews. to hate yourself if you're white. It's happened in every white country in the world practically

c57d69 No.10802801


Adding to this

Turn on any TV show, tv news, read any news site, play a video game its all being pushed in the media we consume

b2ac08 No.10802807

File: 59bee97f878505e⋯.png (390.1 KB, 640x640, 1:1, cache_da54fd29-f182-442b-c….png)


Except for the media from the Glorious East Aryan nation of Japan!

6d47d2 No.10802833



Exactly. The last century has basically been

<you don't own anything goy.png

fe785c No.10802835

Reminder that this will happen to our nations if we don't stop it.

814512 No.10802856

You add Canadian and European together. Canadian would be those who were around prior to the late 19th century.

664615 No.10802864

File: 71538d38ede298e⋯.png (247.96 KB, 2184x1528, 273:191, census_2016_percent_non_en….png)


Here is a simple linear extrapolation of the non-English and non-French speaking households. This is likely a large under-estimation, given that immigration and refugee quotas are both set to be vastly increased, and this does not account for new people born in Canada that go on to form new households that speak their non-English/French languages.

Again, remember that this does not account for non-White families that speak English at home.

Canada is being destroyed more quickly than any other Western nation.

f43d6b No.10802866


oh yeah because were all the fucking Hulk that wreak havoc against the Jew world order every time we get piss.

664615 No.10802871


Look at this post, anon: >>10802856

Going solely by what language is spoken in the household and nothing else, White Canadians are a minority by 2026 at the latest, and this does NOT include the promised increases to immigration and refugee quotas OR non-Whites that speak English or French as their primary language.

Let that sink in.

0f35b6 No.10802910


>The question is, why did White Canadians self-identify with their European ethnic origin, 97% of them, in the 1970s and 1980s, but suddenly a large proportion now self-identify as "Canadian"? We should dig and find out when the "Canadian" ethnic origin was added to the census.

This is what has me scratching my head.

443b35 No.10802917

File: e04b678f0f31dad⋯.png (32.79 KB, 159x205, 159:205, rh.png)




Even though I know it's this bad, seeing it is something else. This country is fucking done. All we can work for is an Aryan rebirth rising from the ashes.

664615 No.10802922


Anon, just look: >>10802864

We're importing close to 3% of our population from the third world every single year.

0f35b6 No.10802937


Pretty much.


Yet not a single sign of any nationalist movement.I'm ready for the troubles 2.0 over here.

afc3b2 No.10802938


It's happening in Canada especially quickly I think because they don't even have the bargain-basement-tier, geriatric good goy brand of patriotism that America has. It seems like they also started shedding any attachment to their european roots at an earlier date than burgers. Being "Canadian" means literally nothing

792a60 No.10802939

File: 75cadf3cd9c5d68⋯.jpeg (25.11 KB, 640x360, 16:9, E2D87F35-AC73-403F-9B24-8….jpeg)


kekeke at least the chinese will conquer Canada instead of the mudsliimes. It’s all up to America to create a majority white ethnostate now. Not even Iceland is safe from the Jews now

>Diversity is strength!

664615 No.10802947

File: 2b590cd77e3ca6b⋯.jpg (16.22 KB, 208x230, 104:115, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


Canada will become South Africa 2.0, Muslim-Asian-African boogaloo by 2030.

664615 No.10802953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Don't worry lads. The CBC just released some (((good news))) !!! Immigrants commit LESS crime than White Canadians. What a RELIEF! Immigration specifically REDUCES crime! We are so fortunate to be importing these anti-crime muslims and apefricans.

664615 No.10802959

File: 07a5b70b29bf987⋯.jpg (244.85 KB, 1379x1109, 1379:1109, DMoC-MGVoAARs-b.jpg large.jpg)


Guess what? A US professor just released some statistics that prove that legal immigration to Canada costs Canadian taxpayers over $35 billion a year, net loss.


0f35b6 No.10802970


Every single person at the CBC deserves to be executed on the spot. Pushing their communist bullshit. Canada doesn't even keep racial crime statistics so how the fuck are they getting these numbers?

c07c18 No.10802979


>america fugged

where to whiteflight to?

whitefight seems increasingly unlikely here.

664615 No.10802985

File: d492ed2cf0e31d0⋯.png (1.09 MB, 874x1057, 874:1057, lizard_whore.png)



<trust me goy

<immigrants reduced violent crime in the USA by 43%

6d47d2 No.10803000

Maybe it's naive, but I personally hope Canadians wake up to this bullshit and fight against these disgusting traitors. You would think with all the tranny pronoun nonsense being shoved down peoples throats that a massive populist backlash would be forming any day now.

Question for Canadians: What is the general mood and feelings of native Canadians on the street and in everyday life like? Are they blissfully unaware of their country being usurped by communist chinese scum, or are they whispering behind closed doors about this, with the tvs off, and away from the ears of third worlders and cucks?

afc3b2 No.10803001


>what good would those arms do?

That's the dirty little secret; nothing. An armed rebellion here in burgerland would be squashed even faster than something comparable in another white country. There are LEGIONS of cuckservative morons and shitskins in the military here, who would be easily manipulated into taking down a rebellious faction.

54f18d No.10803011

Is anyone considering jumping ship to the US? I don't see any feasible scenario of a nationalist movement in Canada.

0f35b6 No.10803013


Looking at her face just gives me blood lust. The only thing I thought good of with Harper was him saying he was going to defund the cbc.


That's precisely what it is.

664615 No.10803014

>>10803000 CHECKED

Literally every single white Canadian I speak to is furious about what is going on, as well as afraid, and also not even fully redpilled as to the extent of what is occurring.

We need to meme this census data like crazy on social media. I will create more aesthetic memes over the next few days.

e617b1 No.10803022

File: 3ee722fb192746a⋯.png (716.27 KB, 662x969, 662:969, Newgondorians.png)

File: 3455f3fdad0fe62⋯.jpg (97.08 KB, 750x963, 250:321, Diversity2.jpg)

File: acf1b121c856480⋯.jpg (50.38 KB, 639x480, 213:160, Diversity7.jpg)

I feel nothing but rage. This beautiful country will be inherited by chinamen and poos.

0f35b6 No.10803026


>Literally every single white Canadian I speak to is furious about what is going on, as well as afraid, and also not even fully redpilled as to the extent of what is occurring.

This is what I've seen as well.

0ad976 No.10803036

File: 3cef0f2fd979185⋯.png (934.06 KB, 1000x1211, 1000:1211, first pm of canada asia qu….png)

File: 2c023c86225f0c0⋯.jpg (160.4 KB, 686x604, 343:302, canada hatespeech.jpg)

File: 6ae729510a824cd⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 620x349, 620:349, canada more like chinadia ….jpg)

File: c65f38a2c299c66⋯.jpg (191.17 KB, 1000x785, 200:157, The swimming pool at Fundy….jpg)

File: 1136b219cb9ce5b⋯.jpg (200.47 KB, 1000x774, 500:387, Young boys and girls in a ….jpg)

anyone got old photos of canada?

we need a before and after photo comparison

21f753 No.10803043

File: 0e9cfe0d334abce⋯.jpg (131.76 KB, 678x960, 113:160, the times.jpg)

0ad976 No.10803048

File: 81e4873da1e9bd4⋯.jpg (160.77 KB, 1000x1017, 1000:1017, Group of children running ….jpg)

File: 3c7c6f25042c18d⋯.jpg (358.57 KB, 1000x1316, 250:329, Queen Elizabeth II's Coron….jpg)

File: e2a7607049f8fae⋯.jpg (333.55 KB, 1000x1313, 1000:1313, Queen Elizabeth II's Coron….jpg)

File: 46c322af98db16d⋯.jpg (198.31 KB, 1000x819, 1000:819, Students of St. Francis Sc….jpg)

File: 30731a5f68694a0⋯.jpg (148.72 KB, 1000x821, 1000:821, Students walking into a ne….jpg)

54f18d No.10803058


You're not paying attention. The reason a "Chong" can run as a serious contender for the Conservative Party leadership is because of all the foreigners. It's politically untenable to tell people they won't be allowed to bring grandpa Ming and uncle Gurjinder for their dialysis treatments.

1abbd8 No.10803059


I'm stuck in the GTA and I get the impression most whites left here are terminally cucked. Outside of my immediate family, I've never met a single person who gives a shit about this. Many of them know we're being wiped out and they're fine with it. I've actually overheard people say stuff like "the world will be better when we're gone."

afc3b2 No.10803064

>>10803044 (checked)

Exactly. The guns are a pacifier. And it's the gun-totin' freedom-lovin' conservative voter who's the most likely to be manipulated into firing into his racial kinsmen if anything does happen to go down. /pol/ likes to pretend that these people would flock to our side, but I know these people, and the reality is different. They cling to a deracinated vision of American strong-arm patriotism founded in the military. America fought against Germany, Germany was racist, ergo, racism is bad. Also "racism" is closely associated with authoritarianism, which is against muh amuurican spirit (even though our country is enslaved to kike-owned multinationals, it's the spirit that counts!)

The patriotards get antsy when leftists start deriding white people as fundamentally evil, because their sense of self-preservation hasn't been fully nullified, but they have little sense of brotherhood with their fellow Euro-descendants. And without that…..

823a55 No.10803078

We have a very tiny population of course the percentage is going to drop. I wouldn't agree that were largely unphased. The anti immigration sentiment is rising quite rapidly now. To be honest I think we have the easiest legal path to balkanizing

e03fc8 No.10803079

File: 78369db08a02cfe⋯.png (642.17 KB, 999x562, 999:562, Trudeau.png)


If you Canadians are importing roughly 3% of your population a year then whites will be a minority before your next election.

afc3b2 No.10803080


>The west is basically fucked, a terminal case

Unfortunately so. Our enemies hold all the cards. I think our priority should be simply spreading racial awareness among the whites that remain. Hopefully this can result in whites forming communities to support each other (I don't even mean physical balkanization), enough to allow the bloodlines to survive. This is the priority now; simple survival.

823a55 No.10803081

There are groups scattered in different provinces that advocate break up. This will happen quickest in places like Toronto. Northern Ontario does not want to be with south Ontario

b5a6fb No.10803085




I wish it were so, I only know about half the whites I went to high school with are aware of what’s happening. A lot of people are still distracted by da Drumpph embarrassment ex-dee lmao

0c0a1c No.10803092


>There is another catch-all self-identification ethnic group called "Canadian". This presumably includes Whites who no longer identify with their European roots, but consider themselves "Canadian". There are many half-breeds who self-identify with being "Canadian", and a black person in Quebec can also simply self-identify as "Canadian". This ethnic moniker has zero relation to actual genetic ethnic origin, and is used by the government to misconstrue Canada as still being a majority White country.

The vast majority of people who self identify as "Canadian" in the census are white. Don't delude yourself.

This is black pill propaganda. Canada's situation is dire, but nearly as bad as OP is making it out to be.

47826f No.10803098

File: 6b57cf583c1f17a⋯.mp4 (1.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Viktor Orban complete spee….mp4)

Combined with California no longer being an English-speaking state, I think it's safe to say Judeo-Capitalism is more lethal than war.

67046e No.10803124

A lot of cowardly shilling going on in this thread.

7e894a No.10803135


Agreed. We can't be wasting time and money on non-whites anymore. This idea must be instilled in the coming generations.

32efda No.10803143

File: b6254a93d3d1d65⋯.png (126.99 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 1473367491053.png)

Well, I'm not surprised.

I'm used to be one of the few white people around, this country is fucking lost.

I know that there's only one solution to this, Enoch Powell was right, there will be rivers of blood.

Our very first Prime Minister was a white supremacist, he was right when he said pic related. It's a shame no one listened to him, this place is now overrun by pakis and chinks.

54f18d No.10803146


It doesn't require a lot of foresight to see where this country is headed. That you're unwilling to make a realistic assessment of the situation is optimistic maybe, but it was optimistic to think importing droves of third worlders into our country wouldn't change anything, and look how that turned out.

6d47d2 No.10803150

If the findings among US generation Z are anything to go by, these massive communist indoctrination programs that have been run in the West for the last few decades, and have been gaining steam in the last few years, are having the exact opposite effect than was originally intended. They pushed this crap too far and too fast, Generation Zyklon, especially white kids, don't buy into it in the least, in fact are probably going to start actively resisting.

0f35b6 No.10803152


>he was right

He is and will always be the definition of what a true Canadian is.

0c0a1c No.10803160

File: ffce84a12eab996⋯.png (586.48 KB, 598x972, 299:486, Jagmeet Singh‏.png)

601cdc No.10803165

Leaf reporting in. Yeah allot of people are noticing the demographic changes. The problem is people in power are all very liberal and want mass immigration. They weed out alt right at our universities so unless you can mole real good you get put on a list.

I live in a town thats 95% white and not muslims or chinese want to come here. (its log cabin country). So there is going to be a huge divide between small town canada which is going to remain majority white,(including rural canada), and large metro cities like vancouver and toronto where i believe whites already are the minority.

I blame the baby boomers. They buy everything the CbC says them and think immigration is just going to "bring everyone together".

54f18d No.10803166


At least 1 in 6 people living in this country weren't even born here. That's without even considering non-whites born in the country. The OP is being liberal in his estimates, but frankly the numbers we use are irrelevant because that 1 in 6 is never going to vote for a party antithetical to their internationalist interests. We've already got two immigrants working as heads of immigration and national security. We are running out of time and unless I'm not paying attention the only bright light at the end of the tunnel is Trudeau potentially being a single term PM.

54f18d No.10803169


Is this real?

5b13b2 No.10803171


Same here in Vancouver. All the conservative whites moved out years ago when the Chinese started flooding in and taking over the real estate market. Basically the only whites left are poor dude weeds/antifa faggots and rich leftists.

0c0a1c No.10803178

File: 7bb973c943a3813⋯.jpg (556.72 KB, 1666x1666, 1:1, ca4db2617741a76e5d7961c397….jpg)




0f35b6 No.10803180


>I blame the baby boomers. They buy everything the CbC says them and think immigration is just going to "bring everyone together".

This is true. I also don't see any cohesiveness among Canadian anons. We can complain till the cows come home but boots on the ground need to happen.

9d4c09 No.10803183


>Our very first Prime Minister

I'm related to him through my mothers side…..fucking tragedy this country has become.

My mom agrees….it can't be saved.

54f18d No.10803189


Jesus fucking Christ this country is going to Hell.

0f35b6 No.10803190


>I'm related to him through my mothers side

Thats amazing. He is a personal hero of mine. An anon once said that he should of been crowned king and I fully agree with that.

601cdc No.10803191


Thats why i dont plan on living in a big city in Canada, except for maybe in Quebec because the Quebecious have done a better job of holding onto their demographics. To the guy above me with cohesiveness, id get behind anything racially aware and right of centre, just immigration dosent change much with neo con conservatives.

6d47d2 No.10803196


What's the possibility of Canada having their own 2016 election upset like the US?

The Baby Boomers are always a blight wherever they are found


All Canadian posters here need to start memeing and spreading this information immediately. The situation seems much more dire right now. Need to do it before the police show up to peoples houses over slightly offensive faceberg posts, unless that is already happening.

601cdc No.10803198


You can still find some really good parts of it. Places that are 80%+ white. Dont fool yourself these non-white immigrants tend to gather in places like Toronto and vanouver where there is allot of them. There spreading like cancer but even in the largest city close to me there less than 20% of the population.

0f35b6 No.10803200


>How many people are actually aware of what is coming? Are they actually ready?

Outside the metro areas I know people are ready even if it isn't about rahowa but just basic bitch prepper.

601cdc No.10803207


I know dude, i said one sentence about boomers. I didnt make you an essay about how much i hate boomers.

d856b3 No.10803214

File: 9b26b7d0e2c2c3f⋯.png (268.39 KB, 1861x1081, 1861:1081, 9b26b7d0e2c2c3f751aefa91bd….png)


The other guy is only partially correct. "Canadian" is just a bullshit term that doesn't mean anything, since it's not an ethnic group. The vast majority of people people who use it are Quebecois (which is why the census only accounts for <200k of them). This actually means that a vast majority of them are probably white Quebecois. (although I'm aware it's also somewhat popular in the maritime provinces in which it's a similar story to Quebec). Most people (although certainly not all) who identify as "Canadian" are of European decent, although a good amount of them are Metis.

54f18d No.10803215


It's a numbers thing. Think of how many people you know who know anything about history. Then all of those guys have a different idea as to how the problem gets fixed. There's maybe 20,000 people in this entire country who can even interface with these ideas, and almost none of them enjoy any real prestige or political power.

5b13b2 No.10803217


Not likely at all. Next election will be in 2018 and the only conservative candidate, Andrew Scheer, is a typical cuckservative "muh immigration is good for the economy and lets lower taxes on the 1%!". He may win just because people hate Trudeau, but he won't really be any better.

Maybe the election after that we may have a chance for someone good to replace Scheer. But non-whites will already be 35-45% by then and splitting the conservative vote is essentially suicide as well because we have so many cucked liberal whites.

9b9f51 No.10803225


I'm not disputing the demographic issues here. Just suggestion of bowing out and trying to salvage scrapes. That's slack jawed faggotry if I've ever heard it. White consciousness is rising. Struggle will be had and our people will triumph.

601cdc No.10803235


Another problem is the non-white areas in vancouver and Toronto have tons and tons of ridings that both the conservatives and the liberals want to grab. So any conservative will usually get on his knees for the immigrant vote. Things can change though people gave hillary a 90% chance. Shit can happen that can wake canadians the fuck up.

After all we had our first terror attack since 2014 recently when a Muslim spread his wonderful diversity by running over a cop (who was barely injured) , trying to stab him (white cop fights back chases Isis dude away) and then running over 4 pedistriens. This was overshadowded by vegas which happened 2 days later.

1858bf No.10803239


based murricans

Bringing democracy since 1945

2c83f7 No.10803241

So I guess it really is official: we're fucked. I knew it was BAD, but not this bad yet.


What I always find weird about our country's ads and whatnot is the massive over representation of blacks. We're getting to a point where they appear almost as much in ours as they do in American ads despite blacks making up like 2.5% of our population whereas it's like 13% in the US.

614246 No.10803250

It's all fucked, might as well wait and see how Canada goes to hell in the next decade, should make a nice tragic comedy. Hopefully Canada will become the first and last best example of multicultural failure and shift the entire western mentality.

On a very small bright side at least there's Chinese mixed in there instead of it all being niggers and sandniggers, once it goes completely to shit the Chinese will kill all the creation destroying niggers and the demographics will change again because they realize what the problem is.

664615 No.10803251


>Canada's situation is dire, but nearly as bad as OP is making it out to be.

Is that so? Then explain how Whites will still be a majority when less than 50% of households speak English of French as a primary language: >>10802864

5b13b2 No.10803252


I'm hoping that something will prove me wrong in the future, but the odds seem much worse for us than even Sweden. They have nationalists represented in their politics and they are their 2nd largest party.

54f18d No.10803256


Offhand I know maybe 10 black people in my (urban) community. I'm convinced there's some sort of tax credit for all the real estate, smartphone app, and cereal brands that employ black actors. I make a mental note not to buy products from brands I see shoe-horning in non-traditional actors.

601cdc No.10803260


All we have recently was Kellie Leitch, and she was all civic nationalism. But 7% of the conservatives voted for her , so thats at least 7% that realize immigration is getting way too fucking out of hand. Have you head of the "Big Canada plan"

0c0a1c No.10803262


I was referring to the claim that Canada is currently 56% white.

5b13b2 No.10803266


It's because jews have a hard-on for niggers. Other minorities in the US like Asians and Hispanics barely ever show up in their media and you compare that to the music industry where I would guess over 50% of them are niggers despite being only 13% in the US.

5b13b2 No.10803275


I've never heard of the "Big Canada plan" before.

0f35b6 No.10803276


>Prep and GTFO of the cities.

This is my plan.


"Big Canada plan". Do you have a link.

513462 No.10803281


Next election is no later than Oct 21, 2019.

601cdc No.10803283


I saw a couple articles on it, its not easy to find on google but i will have them for you within 20 minutes anon.

664615 No.10803288



Let's assume Canada is still 80% White (it isn't). Let's also assume the rate of non-White immigration does not increase from the 2011 - 2016 levels: ~3% of the current population per year.

30% / 3% = 10

In ten years, minimum, White Canadians will be less than 50% of the population, so 2027.

We all know that the demographics reported in the census are intentionally misrepresented to make it appear as if we have more time than that, and we all know that Canada is no longer 80% White.

601cdc No.10803291


A start globe and mail criticizes Big Canada plan https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/big-canada-concept-has-some-major-drawbacks/article32588068/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com&

Article talking about the negatives of the governments plan to increase canada’s population to 100 million.

72dbbf No.10803293

File: c46482d1d4cb0f0⋯.jpg (73.84 KB, 750x612, 125:102, 1480362565696.jpg)


Because winter sucks tbh. Would be doable if the north was tropical jungle with good farmland, then we could pull a FARC type movement. Toronto is warmest and almost most southern for Canada, everything else is exponentially colder and shittier for a good part of the year.

0f35b6 No.10803295


> but i will have them for you within 20 minutes anon.

Much appreciated.


The only way it changes is if we become the IRA without the communism.

54f18d No.10803296


That's not the issue. Most of the college grads I know who fall into a broadly leftist perspective don't come out with a homogenized and robust understanding of Marxism, either. The trouble is that right wing politics are generally authoritarian and require a homogenous base to survive, whereas left wing beliefs are broadly cosmopolitan and more tolerant of non-political differences. It's why you get individualist anarchists entering into coalitions with anarcho-communists; they're not concerned with building something together, just tearing down the existing order.

Control of colleges could provide a more rigorous ideology but it isn't going to solve the problem right wing ideologies have, which is that they have to be willing to tolerate coalition-building to some practical extent.

5b13b2 No.10803297

File: 1125c6600cb1fd4⋯.png (993.96 KB, 1912x6128, 239:766, WhiteGenocide1.png)

File: a9acb1fa75d3bd9⋯.png (2.59 MB, 3016x6096, 377:762, WhiteGenocide2.png)

File: 9a48b2d6b03c421⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1999x6127, 1999:6127, WhiteGenocide3.png)

To any leafs here, I recommend you look into the Metropolis Project and Gender Based Analysis+. Pics related

601cdc No.10803298


Moar links


Finance Minister’s key advisers want 100M Canadians by 2100

Evil Jew Huff Pust http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/10/24/100-million-canadians-2100_n_12618314.html

100 Million Canadians By 2100? Key Advisers To Morneau Back Ambitious Goal

This just shows how genocidial they are.

54f18d No.10803300


That model assumes native population stays static.

0f35b6 No.10803301

File: 7dd3d9ab7428fa5⋯.png (42.31 KB, 620x503, 620:503, Screenshot-2017-10-25 Big ….png)


Yes now I remember this. Thanks for the article.

664615 No.10803305



>That's slack jawed faggotry if I've ever heard it. White consciousness is rising. Struggle will be had and our people will triumph.

This. The one's crying "muh blackpill" are just being delusional and defeatist. Things are terrible but this is just the beginning. Do you really think a handful of chinks and poos can defeat a nation of White men who were bred for generations in this frozen wasteland? Frankly, I'm excited for the chaos.

0f35b6 No.10803308

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One of our anons did a video on it.

664615 No.10803311


>That model assumes native population stays static.

Excellent point. The chugs are chomping at the bit for revenge on the White man. The amount of violent crime committed in major cities by them goes up every year. Machete attacks and robberies are on the rise, daily knifings, the list goes on. Unfortunately for them, they're absolutely powerless without gibs.

2c83f7 No.10803316

To give yet another example of the eternal white Boomer, I just talked to my soon-to-be 66 year old mother about this and here is how it went:

>"So the 2016 census is out"

>"Guess what percentage of Canada is now of European ancestry?"

<"Oh I don't know, it's probably fairly high"

<"I'd say around 60, maybe 65%"

>"You think that's high?", I ask incredulously

<"Just tell me what it is, my show (Survivour) is on."

>I quickly tell her what it was in the decades shown in the example and what it is now

>"Give it about a decade and you will officially be a minority here."

<"Yep, okay.", she says in a bored tone and fixes her gaze on the TV once more

That's Canada for you. "Hey, as long as hockey is on and the beer is a flowin', kill me quietly and I won't bat an eye."


My guess is is that it's somewhere between those two predictions. Between the white Boomers dying off, the west being essentially being an Asian colony, Trudeau or and even more liberal (NDP) government going to be in, taking in rapeugees, whites already not having babies and probably a more liberal policy on immigration and whatnot coming from the US once Trump is gone in 4-8 years - it's fucked. Absolutely. Fucked.



The "Big Canada Plan" is our government wanting to have a population of 100,000,000 people here by 2100. To give you an idea of how insane and clearly genocidal that will be, our population is around 36,000,000 right now. Our biggest city in the country is Toronto. Bringing in approximately 64 million people is like making 10 more Toronto's.

0f35b6 No.10803319


Don't worry m8 it's not like I haven't been planning.

d92e2a No.10803328


>In Sweden, at least, people are getting irritated

Watch me use intra-national rivalry to shill my honeypot.

>and there is nordfront.se

Which is a splinter of identitare, which is a kike-run honeypot.

Gas yourself.

0f35b6 No.10803332


Nordfront has been around since the 90s if Im not mistaken and are also staunchly NatSoc. I haven't seen any proof of them being feds.

afc3b2 No.10803335


>Big Canada Plan

Yep, and every last bit of wilderness or natural environment you have, will be plowed down to make room for concrete filing cabinets stuffed with shitskins.

601cdc No.10803340


Dont worry the FLQ will come back and it will be like northern ireland with the troubles. Whites are the catholics and The liberals and Non-whites will be the Loyalists. Whites will start having lots of babies again once they realize how badly theyve been fucked.

54f18d No.10803349


No, you don't understand what I'm saying. Your model assumes the population of native Canadians (not aboriginals) doesn't increase.

152a89 No.10803353

File: 7cff695fc9bb684⋯.jpg (192.53 KB, 1510x816, 755:408, Untitled.jpg)

False alarm / Don't misrepresent facts.

So you're wondering how the population has relatively the same while the "European" population went from 99% to 56%. They didn't disappear you looneys. They are still there at the same percentage majority, they just call themselves "Canadian" instead of "European" on the census.

From 1996, there is now a box saying "European" and a box saying "Canadian". The majority of the European descendants are ticking Canadian instead of European. They aren't magically disappearing.

2c83f7 No.10803359


I hope that's part of the case but really how many people are ticking that box? Even if it's 10% (which seems sort of high), that still brings us just past 65%.

3520ec No.10803362

File: 67a34d133407603⋯.jpg (121.38 KB, 1128x672, 47:28, nvm.jpg)

Yeah OP don't be a stupid faggot.

152a89 No.10803366



The vast majority, not 10%. Canadian over European for them.

1cbd47 No.10803374


Maybe they got racemixed so the race mixed people doesn't consider themselves to be european or other races.

72dbbf No.10803391

File: 8811ec2dd6364b1⋯.png (288.98 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-10-25-21-1….png)

We may be dead inside but at least we're not phobic!

91e177 No.10803401

OP confused facts, Canada is 72% white…

0f35b6 No.10803408

File: 8651e55be67d9e0⋯.png (109.9 KB, 640x346, 320:173, Screenshot-2017-10-25 Oró ….png)


This is how I see it as well.

91e177 No.10803418

File: ae9e4bf7edb00f0⋯.png (54.48 KB, 1071x610, 1071:610, canada cucked.png)


Quick wikipedia read… Reported.

3520ec No.10803425

File: 1e6152e0c0b9295⋯.png (27.21 KB, 1129x414, 1129:414, pobri.png)

Fun fact : Quebec is the only province where the first country of origin for immigrants in the last 5 years is European, and one of two provinces that has had significant European immigration in recent years, with Nova Scotia.

186e7f No.10803443

File: 17102724366f20c⋯.jpg (19.91 KB, 584x326, 292:163, srw-6-1.jpg)



06cd2b No.10803452


The thing with BC is the entirety of the cancer is in a literal blurb in comparison to the rest of the province which is rural and fairly xenophobic.

186e7f No.10803468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is BC Skyrim?

f2c512 No.10803478

the population of canada grew by less than 50% between 1981 and 2016, for the number of whites to go from 93% to 56% in the same period of time why would have to have to not have any children what so ever

Whites would have to have negative growth rate in that time, which makes no sense, since around 1981 the number of births in canada doubled the number of deaths so there was a definitely large natural population growth

8ch is bad at math

06cd2b No.10803484

File: 22f596b179cbb3b⋯.png (372.08 KB, 1199x3287, 1199:3287, k - something in bc.png)


More untouched and unexplored everything. Shit like pic related isn't an uncommon occurrence in the rural areas given how much shit is just outright abandoned and forgotten.

f4ba53 No.10803495


>Fun fact : Quebec is the only province where the first country of origin for immigrants in the last 5 years is European, and one of two provinces that has had significant European immigration in recent years, with Nova Scotia.

I see way more people from France then any shitskin too,they all stay in Montreal with all the muds while the french have no problem going outside of it since they pretty much integrate right away.

1cbd47 No.10803515

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Abolishing the psychiatric hospitals is a huge mistake. These people like this would be locked today if the psychiatric hospitals isn't abolished today so try to imagine a world where the psychiatric hospitals isn't abolished.

664615 No.10803579


>77.7% White


>72% white…

Bullshit, I don't fucking buy it. You really think the Canadian government is telling us the truth?

NOTE: The term "visible minority" is defined as anyone who is not White and not aboriginal.

Using the 2016 census data:

35,151,728 total population

7,674,580 "visible minority"

1,673,785 Aboriginal population

"visible minority" + Aboriginal = 9,348,365

= 25,803,363 "Not a visible minority" and not Aboriginal (presumably, White)

Best case scenario: 73.4% White


19,683,320 European origins.

11,135,965 "Canadian" origins.

"Not a visible minority" & not Aboriginal - European origins = 6,120,043

"Canadian" origins - 6,120,043 = 5,015,922

That means that over 5 million people (45%) who self-identify as "Canadian" are not White, demonstrating how useless that designation is as a measure of how White Canada is.


The figure that we are being given as the percentage of Canada that remains White is essentially calculated using the number of people who self-identify as aboriginal or a "visible minority". It's clear that the term "Canadian" is a self-reported ethnicity of millions of people who are non-White. So, for the best case scenario of Canada being 73.4% White, every single person who is partially aboriginal or non-White has to have honestly declared that fact, rather than identifying as the generic "Canadian".

Best case projection

Assumption: Canada 73.4% White

Assumption: White birth rate remains exactly replacement (it's negative, in reality)

Assumption: Immigration rate does not increase (it's about to increase a great deal) or decrease, stable at 2.94% per year

Projection: Whites less than 50% (49.88%) of the population by 2024.


>False alarm

Yeah, false alarm everyone. White genocide is a myth and Canada is Aryan paradise 4ever. :^)

8f4b6f No.10803584


I don't like sewng white countries fall, but as a burger I feel vindicated for all the 60% memes leaves have posted on 1/2chan

f2c512 No.10803601


Youre retarded buddy.

664615 No.10803612



Show me where my math is wrong. You think I want this to be true?

2c83f7 No.10803614


Damn, you really blew him out hard with that argument.

f2c512 No.10803620



already did you dumbfucks, just scroll up

the population of canada grew by less than 50% between 1981 and 2016, for the number of whites to go from 93% to 56% in the same period of time why would have to have to not have any children what so ever

Whites would have to have negative growth rate in that time, which makes no sense, since around 1981 the number of births in canada doubled the number of deaths so there was a definitely large natural population growth

8ch is bad at math

664615 No.10803647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>8ch is bad at math

In the example I gave, that you replied to, I used 73.4% as the best case scenario for the White Canadian population. The 56% cited is the self-reported European Canadian demographic from the census.

In case you missed it, 28% of Canadian households are "one person households", and 26% are "couples without children": >>10802410

Most of those single and childless people are White, guaranteed. I wish the census broke those states down by race/ethnicity, but I don't think so. The White birthrate is negative and it has been for decades.

Enjoy this government of Ontario propaganda aimed at young White women, encouraging them to abort their children.

f2c512 No.10803656


And I clearly pointed out why thats bullshit, and most of the self reported "canadians" are indeed white, thats the only thing that explains the sudden disappearance of "europeans"

between 1981 and 2016.

664615 No.10803658

File: c6e6b315fe35056⋯.mp4 (12.49 MB, 720x480, 3:2, canada_census_2016_statcan….mp4)

Embedded is the OFFICIAL Government of Canada 2016 census infographic video.

Enjoy the Cultural Marxist brainwashing that rewrites Canadian history by declaring every single White person who ever came to Canada as "immigrants".

150 years of immigration


664615 No.10803665


>most of the self reported "canadians" are indeed white

The math I did literally proves that over 5 million of the self reported "Canadian ethnicity" are non-White.

592514 No.10803667

File: 38e37e0f2f3ad53⋯.jpg (246.33 KB, 600x397, 600:397, sandhubhamra-vaisakhi.jpg)

Problem is population sizes. America has a native population of almost 300 million. And the main invading nation, Mexico, of 120 million. Canada has a native population of less than 25 million and the main invading nation, Greater China, is of 1.5 billion.

Whereas the US can go for another 30 years before the numbers become hopeless, it'll take Canada 10 years, tops. Yes, pic related.

a20d1b No.10803694

The important fact to remember is that multicultural societies are a demonstrable fallacy. The vast majority of immigrants do not assimilate in any meaningful way. The greater the scale and speed of immigration the truer this is. The data on language usage confirms this, even though it would be easier for immigrants to adopt the host language they choose to retain their native tongue whenever possible, even past first generation.

Modern migration into western nations is opportunistic in nature only; the merchants wish to undermine and conquer European nations via demographic shifts, in exchange for acting as biological weapons these immigrants receive an unprecedented ease of life on foreign soil. But it is foreign soil because THEY are not the conquerors but rather the weapons of the actual conquerors.

This means that should Europeans ever decide to fight for their lands the immigrants would leave as quickly as they arrived. Why would you choose to fight for a country that isn’t yours? They aren’t Canadians; they don’t even pretend to be. They could go and not be Canadians back home and not die in a war and they would. Can you imagine non-English speaking migrants from insular Chinese or Indian communities being willingly conscripted into a war? Never! They would just leave.

But such wars will need to occur before Europeans are gone. Once no more Europeans exist then formally European nations will just be giant monopoly boards for the merchant with different ethnicities being pushed around as pieces.

186e7f No.10803695

File: 306b34eda9465be⋯.jpg (114.51 KB, 877x717, 877:717, White-Minority.jpg)





As the current 'nation' is corrupted, that is, the connection between land ownership and citizenship broken, a revolutionary solution is required. Democracy cannot exist without it's voting citizens on somewhat of an equal footing. The ability and fact of land ownership is ultimately what defines a Citizen.

Here is my plan:

Take all the non-park (includes reserves) land of Canada and place it in a non-profit management corporation, never to be SOLD. The Land Management Corporation of Canada. There can be no tax on something that is truly OWNED, and so the LMCC pays no tax.

The LMCC then issues a single share of ownership to each Citizen at 10 years of age, as defined by the right to own land (described above). The share cannot be sold or transfered, and dies when the owner dies. The LMCC does not directly manage land but sells only 50 year leases. All individual pieces of land therefore that are 'owned' are actually lease-hold. Lease-holders can then choose to sub-lease or rent out the property.

The shareholders vote on who will be CEO of the LMCC every 5 years, the main determinant being what the various criteria should be when granting leases. All the funds generated from selling leases minus LMCC operating costs, is divided evenly between shares and payed out yearly.

Immigration then would simply drive up land values, and all Citizen's would benefit, especially if immigration was restricted to the rich.

Essentially you would then have to classes of citizen, one with a capital C Citizen, that owns a share of the LMCC, and lower case c citizen, residents who cannot own land and cannot vote, but who otherwise follow all the same laws as C Citizens.


Against darkness…



I bring the Promethean flame!




Sexual liberation is just D/C against the Aryan sub-species, of which the Celts and Anglo-Saxons are two branches. None of it (LGBTPQBBQ…) would really matter if Muslims and Non-Aryans were not allowed in.

White conservatives fight white liberals over issues of Christian 'morality,' meanwhile both sides support mass immigration of Muslims and non-Aryans. Britain would remain British if immigration was restricted to just long-term marriage, and the invaders already, present deported.



The feminine is not the enemy, cowardice is.


8c8aa2 No.10803705


Oh shit. It took nearly 60 years to get America near those levels. Kikes just blitzed Canada in under 20 years and got the same results.

3362e0 No.10803707

File: 585b3cc5dfe640f⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 1883x1550, 1883:1550, Jewstin Trudcuck.jpg)

664615 No.10803708



>This means that should Europeans ever decide to fight for their lands the immigrants would leave as quickly as they arrived.

I agree. For this to be done, Whites need to rise up globally. It think it basically has to begin in the US, otherwise the merchants will use the US army to quell any true White uprising in Canada or Europe. I hope this isn't true, but I do fear global military intervention of any White nation's attempt to reclaim its soil from the opportunistic hordes, which I fear would escalate to WW2 Germany levels of genocide.

We must continuously agitate all Whites who are being disenfranchised by the Marxists, and redirect their rising resentment and defensive instincts into a solution that will allow us to once again exercise true self-determination.

54f18d No.10803742


>isn't an uncommon occurrence

You have no way of corroborating that.

54f18d No.10803754


They were immigrants in every sense of the term. The only stretch of the truth in that video is the claim that contemporary East Asian immigrants made the country what it is today, which is only true if you mean a Balkanized enclave of China rather than a country with an actually functional rule of law, which they had nothing to do with.

a20d1b No.10803759


I would broadly agree with you, should any singular European nation stand up they would be ‘condemned by the international community’ and invaded within hours. The prospect of a coalition of European nations is interesting, as I believe if it were (as it would have to be) an official act of state/s rather than a rebellion, a world conflict might be harder to architect these days. Conscription wouldn’t work, as those willing to fight would largely be on the side of the native European. This would mean the merchant would have to go nuclear and that is a messy business.

Regrettably as you point out, the Americans have the strongest hand in this game. For any fight back to occur those willing to fight have to be elected or otherwise seize power, something that would have to happen in multiple European nations and that would have to happen in unison, almost over night for there to be a chance of success, otherwise they will be shut down.

Arguably no one can shut down America as it has such a powerful military. But if this does not happen I think perhaps long shouldering civil wars are another possibility rather than a clean run to total European genocide. Pushed against the wall and with no military support I believe small pockets of Europeans may well still fight and fight hard enough to bring much of the west to a standstill.

592514 No.10803768


This. Literally the only path that would allow the White race to succeed would be for a strategic retreat to the USA. If a White nationalist movement took over in say Netherlands that was Hitler x10, it would be irrelevant if the US's military might is used against her.

91e177 No.10803773

File: 71af26883f4f708⋯.jpg (81.5 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, fugg.jpg)




Yet you can get sued for telling faggots to kill themselves… Absolutely disgusting…

0f35b6 No.10803780


>retreat to the USA

Most of us aren't running away with our tails between our legs m8.

7aa06e No.10803783


No more white flight, period. It is our greatest blessing and our greatest curse, the white flight. It ensures our survival no matter how bad things get, but it keeps us from holding on to our rightful place. Now there's nowhere left to run, I predict we will finally see what happens when whites worldwide realize there is literally no other choice but to fight.

592514 No.10803788


Typical (((civic nationalism))).

96ffb8 No.10803797

It's just a matter of time until people, whites and even blacks alike get sick and tired and fed up with this entire idea of "mass immigration".

Once crime starts going through the roof, and rape starts going through the roof, and honor killings and beheadings, terror attacks, stabbings, etc. A civil war will break out. People will just be too tired of this and will start revolting so to say. I am from Canada, but I would say that the same thing would happen in the US probably.

When talking about Canada though, we simply do not have the economy or the land to handle all these immigrants. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but most of Canada is uninhabitable. The economy cannot handle 100,000,000 people, especially when most of these people are just lazy migrant refugees who do nothing but sit around on welfare causing mass amounts of crime, and then having the actual workers pick up the tab for their stupidity and laziness.

I am looking for partners and people to help get this stuff out into the mainstream, a lot of people know this already but they are too scared to talk about it or come and and support it because nowadays it is considered "racist" or "Religion of Cuck™ophobic" to think this way. If anyone would consider working with me or just want to talk send me an email or add me up on discord, I am happy to talk with anyone!

Discord: Aceeeeeee#0626

Email: hostilitysace@tuta.io

0f35b6 No.10803802


I'm the farthest thing from a civic nationalist you muppet. Nice try tho.

6900f3 No.10803821

File: 2a627387d78aa1a⋯.png (1.13 MB, 981x615, 327:205, 03ef49414bd8fbd76d4eb1c27f….png)


>first pic

Looks exactly like my school growing up in america. Now it's been blacked.com'd

664615 No.10803828


I'm just going to do some miscellaneous analysis of the census data.

I'm comparing the 2011 and 2016 census data:







2011 total "visible minorities" = 6,264,750

2016 total "visible minorities" = 7,674,580

That's an increase of 1,409,830.

Immigration rate by year:

2011: 248,747

2012: 257,903

2013: 259,023

2014: 260,404

2015: 271,660

Total: 1,297,737




Birth Rates

The visible minority population grew 112,093 more than permanent residents were admitted. Is this births - deaths, I wonder?

Assumed births = 112,093

Assumed births / 5 years = 22,419

Visible minority population in 2011 = 6,264,750 (we'll use the lower figure, even though it grew each year)

(22,419 / 6,264,750 ) x 1000 = 3.58 live births per 1000 visible minorities, annually.

Wh… what the fuck? Are we really expected to believe that visible minorities (and remember, this includes muslims) only have 3.5 live births per 1000 annually?

Here's an article bemoaning California's birth rate plummetting to an all time low of 12.42 births per 1,000 in 2015.


These numbers for visible minority births don't fucking add up.

664615 No.10803830



Discord records your calls, and after the Charlottesville incident they released all of the private chatlogs of any "alt-right" people they could find so as to publically dox them. Discord is botnet and if you are not just ignorant, you are probably a CSISnigger. Fuck off.

0f35b6 No.10803836


That is interesting. The numbers don't add up.

1c8d39 No.10803837


Use tox instead

442855 No.10803838


That sounds wonderful. I'm a fairly introverted but not incompetent soon-to-be software engineer and I've been thinking about saving up for a few years and then moving out to somewhere nice like rural BC and working remotely to pay for whatever I can't just hunt or grow. Hopefully that remains a prominent possibility, I'd off myself if I felt that I couldn't eventually get away from society.

e48a7a No.10803845


they are not being counted as an immigrant but as a local canadian

664615 No.10803859


>they are not being counted as an immigrant but as a local canadian

But wouldn't the children of visible minorities be counted as visible minorities on the census?

04388e No.10803864


I figure it's that bad in America as well.

dade59 No.10803886


>US can go for another 30 years before the numbers become hopeless

Umm, no sweetie. 20 at the most

>by 2020 Hispanic births will surpass white non-hispanic births


dade59 No.10803887

File: 994e230df02cbb0⋯.png (430.88 KB, 1190x1176, 85:84, spic demographic warfare1.png)

664615 No.10803892


Next, I'm bothered by this statistic from the infographic here: >>10802436


Infographic: 7,335,745 people in Canada spoke an immigrant language at home.

The visibility minority population in 2016 is 7,674,580.

96% of visible minorities do not speak English or French in their household.

The infographic goes on:

This represents 21.1% of the entire Canadian population.

An increase of 14.7% from 2011 to 2016.

This means 6.4% of the entire Canadian population spoke their non-English/French language at home in 2011.

(Interestingly, I can't find any data whatsoever about languages spoken in the household in the 2011 census.)


So the visible minority population was 6,264,750 in 2011, which was 19.1% of the total Canadian population.

In 2016, visible minorities are 22% of the total population.

So the visible minority population apparently only grew by 2.9% in five years, but we are being told that only 6.4% of the total population in 2011 spoke neither English nor French in the household, but in 2016 it was 21.1% of the total population.

14.7% (increase in non-English/French speaking) - 2.9% (growth in visible minority population) = 11.8%

So, are we expected to believe that over a five year period, 11.8% of the visible minority population that *already lived* in Canada decided to stop speaking English/French in the household? Because only 2.9% of that 14.7% increase can be accounted for by the official data given on the population increase of visible minorities.

Something is fucky

1cbd47 No.10803895


They are hiding the true birth rate. Brazil did the same thing.

664615 No.10803900


>They are hiding the true birth rate.

I think that you are right. In fact, I think they are hiding the true population size of the "visible minorities", because the birth rate data does not fit, and neither does the increase in households speaking non-English/French languages.

Something is very, very strange.

860a79 No.10803901


Honestly mate, let your mother go. Don't worry her wit such things in her old age. Just be there for her and make her happy and safe.

664615 No.10803911


The only explanation I can think of for this discrepancy is if tons of White Europeans immigrated to Canada during this time, and they speak only their European mother tongue at home.

I really doubt that this is the case.

c07c18 No.10803917



I had the EXACT same experience as >>10803316

They did their part by having you, now do your part even though it is harder.

8c8aa2 No.10803925


You don't understand the vast areas of the US that are completely unaffected by non-whites. European country sized areas of America still have 90%+ Northern European populations. If America was a widespread nonwhite shit hole(and not just the big cities on the coasts) Trump wouldn't have been elected. Please look at the electoral map. That's a better gauge of the real America.

2c83f7 No.10803927


She did her part to cuck whites actually.

0f35b6 No.10803931


I wouldn't believe a word from the government.

c07c18 No.10803968

Learningcode/imkampfy must be ecstatic.

664615 No.10803982

Something is fucky with the numbers. I'm beginning to enter them into a spreadsheet, and the different population numbers given for the various ethnic origins adds up to over 40 million.

Interestingly, the aboriginal population shrank, and the number of people identifying as European shrank by a little less than the growth in the number of people identifying as North American (this includes the "Canadian" moniker).

Going to examine population growth and immigration numbers next.

664615 No.10803983

File: 5e05cceffccb6ff⋯.png (52.13 KB, 946x633, 946:633, census_analysis_spreadshee….png)


Woops, forgot attachment.

0f35b6 No.10804004


Well did 474,645 Whites die from 2011 to 2016?

It wouldn't surprise me they are inflating the chug nigger total. That Asian and African number is disgusting.

8c8aa2 No.10804030


>Aboriginal population shrank

Institutional murder of the natives by the racist Canadian government. ;)

8797ab No.10804032

File: d055b240d053da3⋯.jpg (477.61 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, canada_leader.jpg)

File: 7114db342f44da0⋯.jpg (77.14 KB, 420x420, 1:1, JUSTin_truedope_420.jpg)

File: c877dcc20ab38b6⋯.jpg (33.9 KB, 584x558, 292:279, soros.jpg)

File: 4612da481668347⋯.jpg (23.98 KB, 598x239, 598:239, soros_trudeau_freeland.jpg)


dfe77c No.10804038

File: 2e15935b81bd111⋯.png (9.31 KB, 221x276, 221:276, 1416614197392.png)


I fucking wish. After some land transfers and the loss of my family's old hunting grounds to those redskin cunts I would pay for the privilege of culling them.

0f35b6 No.10804042


>loss of my family's old hunting grounds to those redskin cunts

I've personally had to deal with something like this as well. A camp ground around my way had its treaty time up and the chug niggers came in the middle of the night and forced everyone out at gun point. No news about it just forced out.

8c8aa2 No.10804046


Yeah, I was just shitposting as a cancerous commie-Jew-Canadian trying to get his "fellow-whites" to be more guilty and ashamed of thier history. That way, they will be more receptive to change…aka white genocide.

1cbd47 No.10804051


Wait how many white people are in 50 - 70 years old now? They are going to a new world soon so the white death rate will be higher while the white replacement rate is low. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

dfe77c No.10804054


The only upside is that the cops don't really give a shit about them either. Although the government is going about trying to reverse that by pozzing it up the ass. Old boss of mine from a grocery store. He once worked a store up in Northern Manitoba, so reserve central. Had to deal with the fuckers on a daily basis, drunk of out of their minds. About how they'd have to beat them up, pick em up by all four limbs and then battering ram their head into a filing cabinet or wall until they were knocked out. Cops would eventually make their way, pick them up no questions asked. Despite how black and blue and bloody from the beating they'd receive. On the flip side, if you are on their reserves and they don't like the look on your face they will murder you, dump you in a ditch, and no one will ever see or hear from you again.

8c8aa2 No.10804060


College hockey teammate of mine grew up in Manitoba and told me about passed out Indians drunk on listerine shitting up his comfy little white town center.

664615 No.10804063

File: 6681d4c8b0be576⋯.png (87.69 KB, 1032x997, 1032:997, census_analysis_spreadshee….png)


I made a mistake, it did not shrink (pasted the wrong column). It actually grew by almost 300,000.

These numbers are bizarre, I don't understand why the total population adds up to over 40 million when tallying all of the ethnic origin category totals.

Interestingly, the percentages of Whites between the official stats and the manual calculation are very close to the same.

Whites are being calculated as (Europe + North America + Australia + New Zealand) - (Visible Minorities + Aboriginals).

There is no way that 100% of the people identifying as "North American" are all White, imo.

0f35b6 No.10804065


Yeah exactly nobody cares about these fucks but some virtue signalling commie whites. They're fucking dangerous as all hell especially all liqoured up. I've had my fair share of run ins. Even crossing onto reserve turf you don't know what could happen.

dfe77c No.10804072


1 or 2 percent of that white total are going to be (((white))) as well.

0f35b6 No.10804075


>There is no way that 100% of the people identifying as "North American" are all White, imo.

Of course not. Its a bastardized term and we can't get anything from that number but speculation.

0f35b6 No.10804084


Its funny where I'm at. The reserve is in between two White towns and has a highway running though it and the only place on the highway you see beware of crossing is on chug land.

2c83f7 No.10804089


I don't know the answer to that but we all know that it's a fuck ton. Whites are are very old demographic due to so many of them being products of the Baby Boom. I don't mean to blackpill but imagine just how bad things are going to get as they die off in droves; someone born in 1947 (just using that so I get a nice round number) is 70 now (or extremely close). In a decade they'll be 80 and that's when people really die off in droves. My grandmother is 83 and every time you talk to her it's like at least one person has died off, someone's husband has become so lost mentally that he had to be put in a nursing home and someone's wife got diagnosed with cancer - and none of these people are the Singh's and Chang's of the world (not saying there aren't some but Boomers in the west are by and large European). And if you think it's going to change things dramatically in Canada, Europe is going to be an even bigger shit show, the US too of course. And why would young whites suddenly start having kids now, right? Back after WW2 the culture was not only different (more family values, no pill, etc.) but you could think about having kids and actually see that you can afford it. Now you can't. Not only are you taxed and essentially forced to pay for Abdul to come on over but our government has no intention of ever stopping the flow of the third world. Sure, Ahmed's ninja can come over and shit out six kids but whites pay for it. If white's suddenly stopped (which they wouldn't because they need to take care of themselves) no one would pay for them so they'd be fucked. And if foreigners did replace them in the job market and whites got on the dole, they'd be fucked anyway since I don't see non-whites exactly willing to give them affirmative action and other resources to regain power.

8c8aa2 No.10804098


Do they invade your town and shit it up? This was 12 years ago, but I remember my teammate grew up in a town with a paper mill so maybe that got some drunken Indians in the town. He wasn't a fan of "native Canadians".

0f35b6 No.10804104


>Do they invade your town and shit it up?

No, we make sure they know they aren't welcome.

06cd2b No.10804109


I live further north than that. Indians run about the woods like bandits, the Stasi understand if their glow in the dark asses leave town they end up dirty glow in the dark corpses due to both the injuns and rural folk hating every bit of their fucking guts. What a lovely place.


Its a hard life and prepare to pay out the asshole for internet if they've got to run miles upon miles of line to your location.

8dbf50 No.10804111

File: fa6986bb78c2771⋯.jpg (79.87 KB, 500x464, 125:116, 61kheWn5oLL.jpg)


Thanks OP! Interesting data. Spreading it among fellow Cannucks.

Mostly off topic, but I would highly recommend pic related movies for a glimpse at what WHITE immigration by our ancestors might have been like.

664615 No.10804113

File: a74b1154850229d⋯.png (122.22 KB, 1212x1408, 303:352, census_analysis_spreadshee….png)


One thing is clear with regards to the number discrepancies: The variance between the calculated and official statistics is greater for the number of White people than it is for the number of visible minorities.

0f35b6 No.10804116


>I live further north than that. Indians run about the woods like bandits, the Stasi understand if their glow in the dark asses leave town they end up dirty glow in the dark corpses due to both the injuns and rural folk hating every bit of their fucking guts. What a lovely place.

Ain't this the fucking truth. Those bloody chugs know after trial and error not to mess with us. I've got plenty of stories from the family farm regarding these bastards getting caught trying to steal which I can't talk about.

f561c1 No.10804119

File: 2b15f1a14d4a5bf⋯.png (1.98 MB, 720x960, 3:4, 1496683812520.png)

8c8aa2 No.10804123


That's good. Locals shoot them dirty looks and the police hassle them when they drift into town. Old frontier justice that the jews hate.

1cbd47 No.10804127


That's a scary picture of our future when the old white people pass away.

0f35b6 No.10804128


> Old frontier justice

Oh hell yeah.

06cd2b No.10804135


I prefer calling them Tree niggers. Starve them a winter and they'll for the most part stay the fuck away from you and stop using your house as target practice.

0f35b6 No.10804139


Oh m8 if I could talk about it I would lets just say the feather niggers have long since decided to come around.

2c83f7 No.10804140


It absolutely is but people don't seem to bring it up much, and when someone does bring up this harsh reality it's often met with "Blackpill!" or "K-k-kike!" because it's easier than admitting that the situation might be (and in my opinion all but is) FUBAR.

0f35b6 No.10804147


Most of us here realize this. Its been talked about. Canadians are the new Boers.

664615 No.10804153

File: 59d0680db1c65a9⋯.png (20.75 KB, 783x486, 29:18, census_analysis_spreadshee….png)


I think I just found somewhat of a smoking gun, anons.

Only 58.8% of Canadians are now "third generation or more". The rest are first or second generation immigrants.

54f18d No.10804156


They're still here they just don't live in the downtown area anymore. I'm not sure if its stabilized. Wherever white people go the property values go up and that inevitably brings in foreigners.

54f18d No.10804160


>The White birthrate is negative and it has been for decades.

There's no such thing as a negative birthrate you retard.

8409e2 No.10804162


Canadien is the word for French, isn't it?

So there are 4,000,000 actual Canadiens, 11,000,000 Brits and then 4 million other Broad Europeans (Mainly Dutch and German, who are pretty much both Canadien and Brit)

0f35b6 No.10804163


I'm not going to sit here and lie. I don't see this. Yes the metro areas are almost lost but everywhere else is 70-80% White at least.

54f18d No.10804164


The core of the Canadian nation and the American nation are so ethnically close as to be indistinguishable. If you think the border is what separates us you have no understanding of what nationalism actually means.

2c83f7 No.10804166


Pretty sure that he just mean that it's below replacement rate.

54f18d No.10804173



Which is to say the nations themselves are ethnically near identical, whereas the only real distinction that the two are separate polities ruling over a culturally distinct but ethnically identical British nation.

54f18d No.10804176


He's already demonstrated that he can't do math so I'm going to chalk it up to him being retarded and actually thinking the birthrate can go negative.

664615 No.10804183


This means that in five years, between 2011 and 2015, White people in Canada only had 207,490 births (at max), and that's assuming that all 3rd generation+ Canadians are White, which they are not.

207,490 births is 0.6% of the total population of Canada in 2016.

This would equal a birth rate of 2.06 births per 1000 White Canadians per year.

54f18d No.10804190


>I live further north than that. Indians run about the woods like bandits, the Stasi understand if their glow in the dark asses leave town they end up dirty glow in the dark corpses due to both the injuns and rural folk hating every bit of their fucking guts. What a lovely place.

Why don't you provide us with some evidence? You realize people don't just disappear, right? Least of all in small communities where they would be missed. The whole story was /x/ material.

54f18d No.10804200


Fake. Seen way too much of this invented outrage from Canadian ideologues. Speaks to your character that you're willing to post it.

664615 No.10804202


>He's already demonstrated that he can't do math

Where? Correct it for us instead of just repeatedly saying that you can't believe it's real.

And by the way, no, White Canadians in the 1800s were "not immigrants in every sense of the term". My ancestors ground out an existence as settlers, clearing their own land, building their own homes, and worked the land.

Settlers are not immigrants. Stop reinforcing the Marxist rewriting of history, faggot.

dfe77c No.10804205


The only times multicultural societies functioned throughout history are empires. Held together by a dominate culture that subjugated all others. Canada as this monstrosity it is now can only be sustained so long as the government is large enough. It can only be so large as its tax base allows. The less white it gets the less money it will produce. Violence in the future is inevitable. I pray we, or our children, will be made as fuck enough to genocide the competition.

664615 No.10804214

File: def723c25412e5e⋯.jpg (85.36 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, so_smug_so_superior.jpg)


>Is anyone considering jumping ship to the US?

Yes, you should run away. We don't need weak cucks like you who think retreat is even an option.

You have done nothing but shit up this thread with your blackpilled defeatist cuck faggotry and autistic screeching.

Please, kill yourself.

1cbd47 No.10804223

What is the white birth rate in rural area? If the white rural birth rate is higher than the white suburbanite birth rate then that means in the future the majority of the white people will be from rural areas.

664615 No.10804224


>I'm not going to sit here and lie. I don't see this.

I was just reporting what's in the census. Those numbers are directly from this page:


b3571a No.10804226


I've said this many times to people saying that we're all immigrants. Our ancestors came here with nothing, were given nothing upon showing up on our shores, and carved a life out in unforgiving, hostile lands. We come from settlers who dreamed of a better life for their children, who were willing to go through unbearable torment and heartache in their quest for a better life.

Now we have people advocating for shitting all over our ancestors hopes and dreams just so Tim Hortons and the CBC can have their brown skinned hoards of workers subsidized by the taxpayer. But it's all okay, because you know the food.

Sorry Shlomo but we will retake our lands from the heathen hoards, and give our ancestors back the land they dreamed of.

664615 No.10804233

File: 391ab45ac5189a2⋯.png (86.45 KB, 1759x879, 1759:879, canada_birth_rate.png)


Good question. We could try cross referencing the birth rate stats for the provinces and territories from here with the census data:



They actually don't seem to explicitly publish birth rate by ethnic group.

001788 No.10804237

It's time we start doing some d&c of our own. It should be simple to create memes to get the chinks, niggers, and other mudshits to tear at each other's throats.

1cbd47 No.10804242

File: bb7ee8841ab3fae⋯.png (567.51 KB, 599x443, 599:443, panic button.PNG)


It is pointless to jump to USA because USA is on the way to become brasil 2.0.

001788 No.10804249


ISD reported. Remember anons, report all blackpill shills.

>hey goys, run away like me!

Same low energy shilling across the board. Report and ignore.

b3571a No.10804250


Don't forget the shariah law against blasphemy is already pushed through. The curry niggers and chinks hate that already.

664615 No.10804262


Perhaps creating fake interracial dating websites and putting ads/flyers in ethnic neighborhoods would freak out the traditional immigrants. Things like maybe "www.AsianDateBlack.ca". Would really rustle the jim jams of the parents, make chinks worry their gfs will start coal burning.

jewish AF but it would certainly increase racial tensions.

001788 No.10804263


Honestly, the way to d&c chinks is to push their "superiority" complex into the open. They like to lord over the nigger though rightfully label the nigger as a thief. and would brag about it if they thought they could get away with it in public. This will get niggers to try to rob them more and chimp out.

001788 No.10804273


Good idea anon. Niggers consider asian whores as trophies, asian men have tiny dicks, and the hybrids of niggers and chinks are fucking hideous creatures with the worst traits of both. Low intellect, tiny benis, and mismatched features. As a result, their offspring likely will not breed, and the traditional immigrant parents will cut off their children financially for dating a nigger, which will force them out of college.

1cbd47 No.10804285


I am feeling conflicted anon.

8c8aa2 No.10804298


You could move to the 95% white Border states(Maine,Vermont, North Dakota, Minnesota,

Idaho, Montana, and Washington. You'd be comfy. You could also legally be able to critisize Jews and muslims….but America that has the highest industrial output in the white world is "the second Brazil". Keep telling yourself that.

664615 No.10804299







It's evil but I must admit the thought of Mr. Chang chewing out his daughter because he saw one of the posters and got paranoid about what she might be doing in her spare time really makes me kek. A week later he is explaining to the wife that they have to move back to Hong Kong because Canada is a filthy place that will corrupt their blood line.

36c84a No.10804314

File: 754d7924fdb8d78⋯.jpg (11.35 KB, 211x239, 211:239, devilish_pepe.jpg)




I also have another idea. Recently, I've discovered the phenomena of immigration lawyers advertising on Jewtube. The comments are always full of third world scum ranting about how desperately they want to move to Canada, how it's their dream, and asking for advice.


We could create fake Pajeet accounts and leave comments and replies about how horrible it is in Canada, how it's so racist they could never find work and their children were always at risk etc. Just try to scare the shit out of any prospective migrants.

001788 No.10804322


Good idea.

and another idea… make fake immigration lawyer accounts and collect shekels in crypto, then never deliver.

1cbd47 No.10804329

File: ca2243e2d24cfff⋯.png (146.83 KB, 535x584, 535:584, sound society.PNG)


>95% white Border states

If the border states become a nation then the white nationalists may jump on the train without a nanosecond.

36c84a No.10804332

File: 9b8d58338e17fb9⋯.png (38.39 KB, 163x224, 163:224, so_devilish_pepe.png)


Checking these doubles.

Perhaps we could pay that black guy that wears a suit on fiverr and have him do an immigration lawyer pitch. We could even have him initially start sweet talking them, only to segue into some dire warnings about the cold weather and White supremacist violence that kills so many non-Whites. We could have him say that there is a real problem with immigrants having their organs harvested for profit, but "not to worry, it only happens to 80% of migrants, so it's worth the risk".

6ef5bc No.10804335


Heiled for truth

8c2837 No.10804336




running is not an option at this point

theres no time left to regroup

0f35b6 No.10804347

File: 4fd731b8e2f3753⋯.jpg (385.46 KB, 794x1024, 397:512, 1492267520997.jpg)


We will fight until the last man. There will not be any retreat at all. This is our land. Our ancestors beat back the redskins and we will beat back the non white hordes.

b3571a No.10804376


The Red Ensign will fly again.

0f35b6 No.10804401


Damn right it will.

8c2837 No.10804455

6ef5bc No.10804456


That story pic could explain what happened to those children that never came home after the royals took them on a teddy bears picnic in 1964.



b3571a No.10804483

>>10804455 (checked)

Thanks dub-dub but we have truth and resolve on our side. Even outnumbered 100 to 1, we still have the advantage. Why do you think (((they're))) so afraid of us?

0f35b6 No.10804516

>>10804455 Checked

The rivers of blood will flow as Enoch Powell.

0f35b6 No.10804529

1cbd47 No.10804582


That's so evil.

633b80 No.10804586

this is why as a leaf I am a Palingenetic ultranationalist.

Burn it all to the ground and rebuild.

1cbd47 No.10804641


>Palingenetic ultranationalist.

I would like Australia, New zealand, Canada to become one nation.

3067d8 No.10804655

So Canada is even less white than America


3067d8 No.10804659


>Australia, New zealand, Canada

I can tell you're Canadian

Australia doesn't want New Zealand and the definantly don't want Canada, fuck Australia doesn't even want Victoria

1cbd47 No.10804662


Nah I am from the sunshine state where the banada bends!

1cbd47 No.10804665



I meant Banana.

3067d8 No.10804668


Fuck off Gold Coast fag, you don't get the right to call yourself Australian unless if you're a brisfag, and if this is what Brisbane has been reduced to then get the gun we're not allowed to have I'll go an hero myself

1cbd47 No.10804673


Lel I don't think you understand the meaning of palingenetic. We should be bring the WAP back and renew the nation so what's your damn problem? I am not gold coast nor brisfag.

3067d8 No.10804679


Canada fags and Kiwi fags that will ruin it as soon as it begins

1cbd47 No.10804704


Well send them to the labor camps to keep them from ruining the things for us. It's not hard to keep the things in line under the iron rod after the nation established.

3067d8 No.10804710


Ah, so we'll reward the kiwis with sheep pussy if they do a good job and for the leafs they get one teaspoon of maple syrup

1cbd47 No.10804728

File: a90bf3c6476a274⋯.png (1.11 MB, 964x613, 964:613, future white police.PNG)


Yeah, something like that. It's better to live in the white nation than to deal with the shitskins in our current nation. Every street should be crawled with the militaristic policies to impose the curfew rules on white people to keep them safe.

d99e21 No.10804786

In the end their 100 million plan will not work, canada will become a power struggle between Religion of Cuck™, chinks and european born kikes not isreal kikes, those 2 have their own divide with the isreal kikes profiting off the conflicts and white people, natives and indians as meat shields for all 3 and niggers as foot soldiers.

1cbd47 No.10804793


That's a mega mess.

d99e21 No.10804806


In what way? I always fear that my logic or sentence structure is bad

1cbd47 No.10804830


Your logic is not wrong. I am saying that the situation is a mega mess if that happen but hey at least the government will collapse because it can't handle the unfixable (((diversity))) conflicts.

7bae99 No.10804849

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Being "Canadian" means literally nothing

Reminded me of a good DLN video

1cbd47 No.10804865

What if Canada collapse before USA collapse then will the non-white people flock to USA? That will be a big problem for USA because USA have a big problem with 20 millions and counting illegal leeches.

805712 No.10804880


Probably just "white canadian" now

a2ad4a No.10804890

File: 80375fe6ae193da⋯.jpg (132.54 KB, 620x349, 620:349, canadian identity.jpg)

File: 84cbaf863452cd0⋯.jpg (193.58 KB, 1052x360, 263:90, canadian identity 2.jpg)


>Being "Canadian" means literally nothing

805712 No.10804891


2 walls? good grief.

1cbd47 No.10804910

File: 4b8d91c8a905807⋯.png (636.5 KB, 810x427, 810:427, Cops are allowed to shoot ….PNG)


Yea it will be interesting to see how they cope with the extreme situation.

f4c61f No.10804914


On a somewhat similar subject, I find it funny how Leftist Europeans would tell you that America is "not a real (((democracy)))" because they're basically saying that America doesn't have enough parties that all support open borders, multiculturalism, fag rights and miscengenation. It's not like most Far Right parties ever do get a chance to run you know, but just remember (((democracy))) is good goyim.

e1f89e No.10804917

a2ad4a No.10804926


It's true though.

0e75d8 No.10804939



Pansies like you are the reason we're in this state. You can't be this fucking nice. This is war. Using propaganda to demoralize and confuse the enemy is not evil. Fuck's sake, this is one of the most basic and humane measures we can take, and frankly I think literal fucking ethnic cleansing (a white world) is going to be the only solution. Are you guys going to shirk from that too? A century ago that was a normal view for us because that's sane. If there is one thing that this era has taught us it is that "peaceful coexistence" is a fucking sham, that no matter how advanced you are you can be defeated by the primitives (and that to think otherwise was disgusting hubris of the worst kind), and that the only way to be secure in your own existence is to literally get rid of all your competitors. Everyone besides whites still believes this truth and we used to believe it too. Are you going to shy away from it and denounce it as evil?

We must use every tool in our arsenal to fight this war. There is no such thing as a unilateral war. As soon as the enemy has used a weapon he has legitimized its use against him. We have been under assault from this kind of propaganda for literally decades and it is high time we start assaulting everyone else with it.

e8bf4d No.10804946


What will be the cutoff point for being classified as white?

1cbd47 No.10804974


>Using propaganda to demoralize and confuse the enemy is not evil.

No, I meant if it actually encourage them to racemix which is bad because we will create more enemies. We already have many racemixed people and they are breeding even more than we are so we should be cutting their balls, not tricking the people into interracial breeding. That's why I am conflicted.

0e75d8 No.10804978


Honestly that's what scares me. From a logical point of view, the sane directive of any organism is to perpetuate itself. Since literally doing this is impossible it must reproduce. To reproduce successfully for an indefinite amount of time (avoid inbreeding) one must have a sufficiently large population, something between 50-500. Based on that, any organism should be in a group of the five hundred closest individuals to itself and get rid of any competitors.

The world is more complex though. Realistically we have to cooperate and make alliances. A group of five-hundred is hardly going to take on seven billion. So that's where we start getting groups in the thousands and then the millions. Groups that expand to the point they are sufficient to get rid of the outgroups. In our world this might be as small as a few million.

To rephrase: once the nonwhites are gone, what then? The logic is inescapable but it is also terrifying.

We also cannot neglect the fact that Europeans, for whatever reason, have not exactly followed this particular pattern of behavior. Europeans were even willing to not exterminate nonwhites they clearly overpowered in every conceivable way and I have seen no European — ever — claim to have the eventual goal of his own particular brand of European (be that German, English, or whatever else) to become the only brand of European in the same way it was once normal to predict the extinction of the African just as the Neanderthal had been driven extinct. It seems distinctly possible, in short, that Europeans could form a harmonious coexistence. Or at least attempt to. Would the iron laws of nature not dictate the same outcome? Where is the equilibrium? Is it simply one of force? And what of other potential competing species (extraterrestrials), should we ever encounter them?

To answer your question, with modern genetic science it's a lot easier to determine. It's no some (arbitrary) "percentage white heritage" because that's not how genetics works, but it would be a measure of how much your genetic code falls within white frequencies. Now that I think about it, the genetics question is really more of a population question than an individual one and blurs the line with eugenics. A biological group is, after all, just a distribution of particular genetic frequencies. While any particular individual could fall on the bell-curve in the correct place if you have too many of them it in fact changes the distribution. That's one of the dangers of racemixing; not necessarily that we'd end up with "white presenting" nonwhites (though that is a worry) but that owing to an increase (or decrease) of alleles outside of white frequencies (say, an increased number of dark-haired individuals, to take a more trivial example (what happened to the Southern Europeans)). Then again, modern genetics is pretty good about this stuff; so maybe it's not so dire.

TL;DR: If you have traceable nonwhite ancestry you're nonwhite.

It's a brave new world, anon.

0e75d8 No.10804984


>No, I meant if it actually encourage them to racemix which is bad because we will create more enemies

Well, are they likely to create more than if they had not racemixed? I find myself doubtful. Or is this a moral question; one of action vs. inaction? (i.e. being responsible for nonwhite births by encouraging racemixing vs. not being responsible by not being involved).

1cbd47 No.10805008


>are they likely to create more than if they had not racemixed?

Yes but racemixed people tends to hav mental issues so they are more dangerous than unmixed people. Am I right? Look at the South America. Do we really want this? Of course not.

0e75d8 No.10805033


Personally I'm of the opinion that the more unstable and violent a nonwhite is the more desirable they are. It's easy to convince people a nigger chimping out should be shot or that dysfunctional drug dealers and political peddlers calling for their extinction should be removed. It's harder to convince them they need to get rid of Chang, the polite, hard-working Chink from down the street. So from that perspective you absolutely want more crazed nonwhites. You're thinking too tactically, basically. You're thinking you want to fix all our problems at once and don't want to live in a violent hellhole, but here's the thing: the post-WW2 decades have proven that peaceful existence is far more deadly than open violence. Open violence quickly resolves itself. Unjust peace persists for decades, even centuries.

The other point is that I find it extremely difficult to believe that a nigger fucking a sideways-pussy Asian is going to end up with more children than two niggers. Given all the available evidence I'd guess that racemixing is probably one of the least fertile (prolific?) modes of reproduction.

d99e21 No.10805043


Who do you think will win? My money is sharia will get the east, the west will be a chinese state.


Yep, being canadian is literally nothing.


If canada collapses, america wont be taking anyone from that region since while passive agressive, we will be essentially in a racial civil war in canada, and i can garantee /pol/acks and even other ethnicities will be at the border to force people to fight in the civil war or die at the border.


All you needed was the tl;dr and goy.

5e63de No.10805065


>From a logical point of view, the sane directive of any organism is to perpetuate itself. Since literally doing this is impossible it must reproduce. To reproduce successfully for an indefinite amount of time (avoid inbreeding) one must have a sufficiently large population, something between 50-500

Good post but the number is more like 1600 unless you want Arab/Paki tier 1st cousin relationships.

0e75d8 No.10805083


I was basing off the 50-500 rule. That's good for most species (consider, for example, that most endangered species are around that number and not considered beyond saving), but it could be slightly inapplicable to humans given that we've already been through at least one genetic bottleneck and perhaps more. Not that it matters all that much since realistically we're never going to be talking nowadays about groups small than the thousands.


Thanks for your insightful post, Mosh––– I mean, "fellow anon." Care to dispute anything I said?

6762e7 No.10805101

While more exciting, the democratic route is gone in Canada. Unlike America with its "electoral college" which allows a White minority to turn the tides electorally. In Canada all you need is a few large population centers full of muds and these 50.01% can indefinitely terrorize the rest of the population… so much that they don't even need to pretend to care about Whites and go full Mugabe in Canada.

That just means the only option is an armed uprising… and the White population is getting increasingly upset.

d99e21 No.10805112


No I mean it literally, the whole "you are non white because you have 2% nonwhite genetics as told by our (((science))) goy" is true, and its how racial fracturing is pushed by (((them))). Your post in your tl;dr is used by (((them))) often, and is a scam for the above.

e8bf4d No.10805116


With genetics I'm afraid we will find that every white person has traces of non white ancestry. Race mixing has been going on all throughout recorded history, and I doubt there are anyone who have escaped the drift. Since we need mass support to make this happen, I believe such harsh measures as killing off undesirables won't be feasible.

d99e21 No.10805128


>is true

Fuck, meant *is idiotic.

d99e21 No.10805130




Topkek, a democracy ofers different opinions with each party, not the same opinions presented in a different package. We live in a dictatorship.

0e75d8 No.10805140


This is like saying that because a Google AI predicted you're a sociopath we can't trust AI results. Just because Jews misuse the science doesn't mean it's a valid science.


>With genetics I'm afraid we will find that every white person has traces of non white ancestry

Well that's just not true. Do you have any idea how little mixing has to happen in order for speciation to happen? It's vanishingly small. If all whites had some amount of nonwhite ancestry we wouldn't be able to tell ourselves apart from the nonwhites. The only "nonwhite ancestry" that whites will have will be from before their ancestors were even white in the first place, which is not the same thing as mixing between different subspecies.

>Race mixing has been going on all throughout recorded history

No, it hasn't, Moshe. Go peddle your "Haha stupid whites PURE RACES DON'T EXIST GOYIM" garbage somewhere else.

>I believe such harsh measures as killing off undesirables won't be feasible.

Oh, but reducing "whites" to a bunch of underperforming pale mongrels is preferable? Why in the fuck do you think the Greeks went from the pinnacle of our subspecies to irrelevant, suspiciously brown retards? That's the future you want?

I don't think you have any clue how genetics works.

0e75d8 No.10805143


*doesn't mean it isn't valid science

50772a No.10805167


>muh Greeks are not white

Modern Greeks are genetically the same as the great ancient Greek civilizations.

They became irrelevant after being fucked over for hundreds of years by both western Europeans and Arabs.

e8bf4d No.10805177


>no race mixing

Vikings mixed and Germans mixed. And those are the populations our ancient sources hailed as pure. You saying these genes are no longer part of the population? The only tribes who might have been pure in the last few thousand years lived near Holland, and Romans took care of that.

>no race mixing

Both genetic and written evidence attest to this. What is the evidence for your unsupported claim?

>went full retard

We're on 8chan buddy. Everything you just said is entry level knowledge. But if you want to kill of everyone with non white ancestry, be prepared to off yourself and everybody you know. The ancients weren't even aware of race the way we are. Why? Because purity was already lost. All you have today are populations of dominating white blood, not pure white blood. Males going off to find some chink wife is not a new concept and all those genes are still floating around.

6e1519 No.10805206


>vikings and germans mixed

Thank you professor shlomoberg, you really enlightened me. I will be a communist now. All hail the workers revolution!

0e75d8 No.10805208

File: 26dcb8659d0e0ab⋯.jpg (229.6 KB, 1200x1390, 120:139, 9GU4OVG.jpg)


Have you looked at a modern Greek? It's a fact that the ancients described themselves as often having blond or red hair and light-colored eyes, and yet Southern Europeans are essentially entirely dark-haired and dark-eyed. At least they still look white though. The Greeks? They don't. I mean, look at that. He looks almost identical to the fucking Iraqi.

It is also a fact that the Greeks went from being the most relevant people in existence to producing essentially no notable figures for centuries. They have also lived under the heel of a group of people with a proven record of mixing other populations out of existence, and you expect no mixing to have occurred?

The evidence is against you.


>Vikings mixed and Germans mixed

Stop being a fucking Jew. Oy vey, limited mixing occured between two almost identical white groups; that means nonwhite mixing has been going on forever, goyim!

>You saying these genes are no longer part of the population?

What the fuck are you even talking about?

>Both genetic and written evidence attest to this

Your Jew popular gene-testing agencies and Jew books claiming Europe has always been mixing don't count as evidence.

>What is the evidence for your unsupported claim?

Logic and genetic science? Heard of them? Do you know how fucking hard it is for speciation to occur? In order for two populations to stay homogeneous they need only have one mix per generation. One. If Europeans had all the nonwhite ancestry you claim (which I have never seen any evidence of) then they would be indistinguishable from Middle Easterners at the very least.

>But if you want to kill of everyone with non white ancestry, be prepared to off yourself and everybody you know

Sure, Jew. Guess we're all just one race, the human race. Time to pack up and go home.

>The ancients weren't even aware of race the way we are. Why?

Because A) they barely ever encountered them, and B) the distinction was beyond fucking obvious. For centuries people couldn't see the similarities between apes and man, and you expect me to believe that the ancients viewed the limited amount of Africans and Arabs they encountered as identical to themselves? When the Greeks were so fanatically insistent on purity that they hated even other Greeks and would basically exclude anyone who was even slightly mixed? Fucking Athens allowed citizenship only if both your parents were Athenian. Oh, but apparently they "weren't aware of race" and thought niggers were human when even fuck-tarded Arabs looked on them as beasts with hands lifted from the earth.

>Because purity was already lost. All you have today are populations of dominating white blood, not pure white blood. Males going off to find some chink wife is not a new concept and all those genes are still floating around.

Blanda up, goyim!

It's not even worth responding to you anymore. You're either a Jew or some mongrel desperately trying to make sure he won't go the same way as every other nonwhite "because 75% white heritage is basically white, guys!" Why don't you go post some more threads about sexual colonization and "bleaching"?

e8bf4d No.10805224


I doubt there's any way to enlighten you. Go join the KKK and beat up some niggers. That seems to fit your level.

e4e3c2 No.10805239


Vote CNP next election.

a20d1b No.10805253


>Two boxes of 20 miniature dough balls for $20

>50 cents per miniature dough ball

>Special offer

I know the leaf dollar isn’t worth much but how is that a special offer worthy of promotion? Canada strikes me as a very expensive place. I come from a country where property is unattainable as it is in most of Canada but at least we are still permitted cheap dough balls (I don’t eat boxes of fried dough because I don’t want to die at 40). To be a leaf if to suffer by all metrics.

d99e21 No.10805254


If he joins them he better remember to wear his gold star underneath.

50772a No.10805258


>It's a fact that the ancients described themselves as often having blond or red hair and light-colored eyes

Blond, red haired and lightly-colored eyes were mentioned in Greek ancient literature to describe more unusual appearances.

Most of the people both mentioned in literature and depicted in art had dark hair and dark eyes.

As for pic related the Greek looks as much as the Iraqi as he does with the German, Not at all similar.

They've no doubt lived under Ottoman rule for centuries but they've also kept their religion, I don't see why they wouldn't preserve their genes the same.

>The evidence is against you.

I've seen no such evidence, all I've read, be it biased or not points that Modern Greeks are very much the same peoples that lived in the ancient civilizations.

8a51e8 No.10805268


Wow, surprised that made paper in Hongcouver, that's one of the worst areas, wasn't a white person to be found 10 years ago. This guy is definitely getting fired.

8a51e8 No.10805275


Microsoft has a fucking immigrant only workplace in Vancouver to get around US visas or train them to get into the US.

0e75d8 No.10805295


If you honestly think he looks white and not closer to the Iraqi or Iranian I don't know what to tell you. And call it what you will — unusual appearance or whatever else — but an enormous and inordinate number of famous historical figures were described as having hair and eyes like that, while I can count the number of blond, redhead, and/or blue-eyed Greeks I've ever seen with no fingers. Hell, the Thracians were described as being predominantly redheads, but you're lucky to see a redhead south of Austria these days. What a coincidence that those were the regions were the ones occupied for centuries by Arabs and Turks who had proved themselves more than willing to rape peoples to extinction. The fact of the matter is that it is clear some sort of change took place.

>I don't see why they wouldn't preserve their genes the same

Those two things are entirely unrelated. Europeans changed their religions without changing their genes so why should some peoples be able to turn into mongrels whilst still keeping their religion?

>I've seen no such evidence

I just presented you with a buttload. You didn't even address the fact that Greeks have clearly had their intellectual capacity degraded. They produced the likes of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Archimedes, Pythagoras, and hundreds of others and yet haven't produced anyone of relevance in the past few centuries. That doesn't exactly point to similar capabilities or an unchanged nature.

>that Modern Greeks are very much the same peoples that lived in the ancient civilizations.

And yet they look different, act different, and produce an entirely different civilization, all after living under the rule of people who want to mix them out of existence for centuries.

My entire point is that it takes very little mixing to destroy populations. I'm not saying the Greeks are enormously mixed like Jews or Hispanics, but it should be clear they have experienced at least a genetically significant amount of mixing that has rendered them a people with the looks and performance of modern Iranians.

Racemixing is far more deadly and far-reaching than most on /pol/ believe. That is my entire point. Should we survive this and choose to accept the various "1/16 Cherokee!" "My great-grandfather was a Turk!" "1/8th Asian but you'd never tell!" "My great-great grandfather married an African!" people we will suffer for it. We will be rendered an irrelevancy, a race of brown-eyed, black-haired who couldn't publish a classic novel let alone put a man on the Moon.

e1f89e No.10805316


Kike detected

e8bf4d No.10805350


>Greeks mixed but not my precious Northern Euros

Ancients literally say the exact same thing about Germans you absolute retard. In Roman times they were almost all described as blond. Is that the case today? Wtf do you think happened? Tacitus actually mentioned that there are people among the Germans who don't have blond hair, and remarked how ridiculous they looked attempting to bleach it with crude methods. I am a "Viking" myself, and we have dug up chink skeletons laying together with blonde Vikings from a thousand years ago. There are plenty of manlets here, as in all of Europe. You really saying these are all purebred descendants of 7ft tall Vikings?

>wtf are you talking about?

Chink and nigger genes. You seriously believe none of your ancestors ever fucked a foreigner? That they never held slaves? If that was the case we wouldn't be in the rut we are now. No, I am not saying you have like 25% nigger in you, but if there was just one nigger entering the population pool 2000 years ago, there would still be traces floating around.

>Tacitus was a Jew, Hitler was a Jew and the genetic research I myself am quoting is Jewish

Some juggling you're doing there. Have you seen the genetic maps of Europe? Do they in any way strike you as purebred? Do you just discount the numerous ancient sources talking about race mixing? Do you challenge the Fuhrer who said Germany was only 50% Aryan?


Logic does not in any way dictate that any European population has only bred within themselves for thousands of years. Literally everything we know goes against this. Genetic evidence, written evidence and human fucking behavior which is still evident in full force today.

>Europeans should be mid eastern

No, for the simple reason Europeans have not been mixing nearly as much as the muds. But we clearly have signs of some mixing. Height, intelligence, pigmentation, curly hair etc. These all vary greatly, and some of them clearly have a non white origin.

>Barely encountered them

Rome was literally filled with subhumans. I believe it was Juvenal who called it 'a city filled with the scum of the world'. Scum of the world. Do you think he's talking about Celts and Germans? The Jewish population was so numerous and influential that attempts to expel them had to be abandoned, and top elite guys like Marcus Tullius Cicero were scared of their power. You have accounts of Roman husbands suing in court because their wives had given birth to mulatto's. Unsuccessfully I might add. Roman lawyers argued that children could turn nigger if the mother had been in sustained presence of a negro. The husbands lost the case and were forced to raise the nigger bastard as their own. Hilarious if it wasn't so tragic. But no funny business in Rome right? The hatred you are speaking of is not so much racial as it is tribal. Tribalism was definitely strong, but their link to race was extremely limited. Aristotle for example could not make the connection that he had German blood in him, because to him the only civilization was in Greece, where people were of a tanned color. Therefore he reasoned that a balance between German and Nigger was preferable. Augustus, when he was trying to restore Roman birthrates, denied a blonde German citizenship because there was no way a barbarian like him could ever become Roman. Swarthy meds were accepted of course, because muh Rome. And the Athenians? They exchanged their racial policy for civnatery and that was game over for them.

>I'm pure, I must be!

I can trace my lines back 300 years on my fathers side and 900 years on mothers side. All North Europe. Still I do not consider myself pure, because I'm not 7ft tall and my hair is only dark blonde. That's my standard. What is yours?

8e03f3 No.10805377

Just your threadly reminder to filter blackpill shills.

d99e21 No.10805379


its kinda funny that all these Religion of Cuck™ics hate jews and vote to boot them out of shit in canada, but are only failing because they do not have the numbers yet, and that once they got the numbers jews will demand whites fight their battles for them rather than go willingly in a game they made against themselves. and by funny I mean infuriating, especially since many whites will fight for the kikes, the kikes will call them racist for fighting, and then they will whip themselves for being racist in the end.

e8bf4d No.10805391


This mixing that your Greeks engaged in, where did it end? On which population border did this habit stop? The only difference between our two viewpoints is that your ego wants to believe that you are pure, while I am man enough, and intellectual enough, to admit that our ancestors aren't exactly sin free either. Dark hair and dark eyes come from somewhere, and it's not because muh evolution. Plenty of white folks with these features today. If you want to fix a problem you have to admit it. Not only must those who are clearly non white be expelled from the land, but a eugenics program must be enacted on the white population that remains, because there's a lot of dirt floating around.

a1677e No.10805394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ce17ba No.10805399


are you one of those british infiltrators?

a2ad4a No.10805412


>7ft tall Vikings

Since when were Vikings 7ft (213cm) tall? You do realize that Vikings were about 5ft7 (170cm), yes?


52b201 No.10805437


Average ancient Roman people had an average of 5'6". I find that extremely difficult to believe based on the fact Vikings and Germanics as a whole ate much more meat than the grain/mediterranean food Roman diet.


Vikings were about as tall as the Germanics. This would put them at an average height of 5'10".

13776b No.10805438

Oh lovely, Canada just paid out 31.3 million to another three Kebabs who were "tortured" in Egypt. I cannot leave this pozed country soon enough.

7c771d No.10805444


Thats kind of what they have in Europe as well, and Hitler knew how most of the parties all have the same Kosher-certified opinions at the time before the Third Reich. What exactly does (((democracy))) have to offer for the EU and Western Civilization as a whole? Do you really think that if America would have hundreds of different political parties it still wouldn't be all bought off by (((them)))? Because so far I've seen some Europeans on the interwebs saying that America is undemocratic for only having two major parties, what difference does it make when it will always be controlled opposition?

50772a No.10805471


I buy none of it, all of what I've read supports that the ancient Greeks were overwhelmingly dark haired and dark eyed.

And the art and literature both support that.

Your premonitions about dark hair/eyes is not valid just because shitskins also happen to share those traits.

Ancient Greeks produced great minds because of their prosperous environment something that modern Greeks haven't had for centuries.

Race-mixing IS destructive when it's done with vastly different races and tribes, the like that the jews are pushing today. But neighboring and genetically similar tribes racemixed in the past producing good offspring.

Like what has happened in western europe for years now with Germanics, Nordics and Celts.

Alas, this argument is getting too out of hand so I am going to stop.

a2ad4a No.10805491


>This would put them at an average height of 5'10".

That's just you talking out of your ass (like a few other people ITT I might add). There's not a single source which puts Vikings at an average of 5ft10 let alone fucking 7ft.

Here's another source which has the Northern Euros of that time at 68.3 inches (173cm or 5ft8): https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/2qexcq/how_big_was_the_average_viking_warrior_how_would/

Vikings at 171cm (slightly over 5ft7): http://sciencenordic.com/what-vikings-really-looked

5fb0ba No.10805510


Nigger, are you fucking retarded?

The Loyalists are literally RWDS that purge non-whites from Protestant areas- http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/uvf-behind-racist-attacks-in-south-and-east-belfast-loyalist-paramilitary-group-behind-attacks-says-psni-30153199.html

The """"(((Irish)))""" republicans on the other hand… well, you can see for yourself- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_luo_pAa4x0

To say nothing of the fact that during the Troubles, the IRA were armed by the Libyans and Soviets while the Loyalists were armed by South Africa and Rhodesia.

a2ad4a No.10805527


>Nigger, are you fucking retarded?

There are many retards in this thread. Between the morons who are surprised that Canada is turning majority minority before European countries or the retard who thinks the vikings were on average 4 inches taller than the average NBA niggerball player (who's at 6ft7), there isn't much sense ITT.

But yeah Ulster loyalists are based as hell. I'm not even British but they almost make me proud to be protestant.

ccfc07 No.10805642

File: ea6e9020a5b1e4b⋯.jpg (129.41 KB, 831x650, 831:650, 1508116982440.jpg)


stop guises WE WON

4a0f11 No.10805649


That's what the sources tell us. Vikings were huge compared to anyone but Germans. Perhaps not all of them 7ft, but an extraordinary tall race compared to those writing about it. It's not at all uncommon to see 6ft7" in my country today.

70fe83 No.10805681

File: 8e9e4d44dc5ef4f⋯.jpg (96.79 KB, 297x361, 297:361, Dapperheidgrotepier_crop.jpg)


The reason you see a good amount of 7 foot people today is because of heavily varied diets and cow hormones in particular, 5ft7 is pretty fucking tall if most of europe is somewhere around 5ft.

Not to say there wheren't 7ft vikings or other germanics, there are enough stories of persons being that tall, take Pier Gerlofs Donia for instance, but this was considered abnormal, so much so that he was known around the country for his giant size and earned the monicker "Grutte Pier" (Big Peter).

a2ad4a No.10805701


>That's what the sources tell us.

I'm taking actual skeletons over "sources".

>Perhaps not all of them 7ft

"Not all of them" when they have an average height of around 5ft7, very funny.

> It's not at all uncommon to see 6ft7" in my country today.

Humans have been getting a lot taller over the last century and especially after world war 2. Lithuanians for example were tiny manlets a hundred years ago and are some of the taller Europeans today.


>if most of europe is somewhere around 5ft.

And that wasn't the case either. Both Slavs and Romans were around 5ft7 as well.



4a0f11 No.10805707


Checked his name, he was Frisian. The people who some believe were the last pure Aryans (though not by that guys time).

Yes, I'm aware that diet plays a big part in height, that's why I believe you mostly find these ancient tall folks among the elite, because they had better nutrition. That's not to say the rest of the populace didn't have the potential for great height though, which really is all I'm interested in. The genes.

There's also trouble with the source material. 2000 year old skeleton's are not a dime a dozen and every region has different races inhabiting it to some degree. Even Vikings must have carried home a number of slaves from their mercenary work and plundering in the Meditterranean. If you have 5 skeletons and that slave from Turkey is one of them, your results will not really reflect Vikings. This is why I attach far more importance to what a Roman wrote down, because his testimony carries all the nuances of human observation.

4a0f11 No.10805731


Your link lists the average height of skeletons found in Northern Europe. It's quite some stretch to say that this accurately describes Vikings. Not even Scandinavia was inhabited by only Vikings in this time, and their nutrition was poorer. Harald the Hard was described as 7ft tall, to name one. For the English that was considered way above normal, but probably not so much for the Vikings. If that height was reached a thousand years ago, it says a lot about the genetics of his race. I'm actually a direct descendant of him (Icelandic Church records go way back), but sadly the height potential was not carried down in full. I will concede that Vikings probably weren't all 7ft tall, if only due to nutrition, but they were still seen as giants by almost any account describing them. That speaks volumes about their relative genetic quality.

0e2e0e No.10805749

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Reminder we have a leaf who is Goebbels tier with the propoganda.

Every anon should check his work out especially leaf anons.

001788 No.10805750


Remember, those of traditional Aryan religions didn't fucking bury their dead. They were burnt.

001788 No.10805751


WEBM or fuck off.

a2ad4a No.10805752


>Your link lists the average height of skeletons found in Northern Europe.

No it doesn't. That's a lie. I have posted one link which lists Northern Europe of that era, 1 link which lists Vikings directly and 1 link which lists both.

Here's another link, VIKING skeletons (not Northern European skeletons) = 172cm average height for males and 160cm for women.

>Vikingerne var i gennemsnit 8-10 cm lavere, end vi er i dag. De skeletter, arkæologer har fundet, afslører, at mændene målte omkring 172 cm, mens voksne kvinder i gennemsnit skød omkring 160 cm i vejret.

TL;DR you are full of shit.

a2ad4a No.10805753



d99e21 No.10805755



0e2e0e No.10805757


Disgruntled leaf is an anon he deserves the clicks. You on the other hand can go fuck yourself.

4a0f11 No.10805782


No, that's skeletons found in Denmark. You suppose every one them is a Viking warrior? If you live in Denmark you know full well how tall the Viking looking males are. But of course you have other genetic influences than that. I work with a guy who's a native Dane, and his paternal line is definitely not Viking.

a2ad4a No.10805801


>No, that's skeletons found in Denmark.

Another blatant lie. Not skeletons found in Denmark, VIKING skeletons found in Denmark.

>The most important knowledge about the physical appearance of the Vikings comes from archaeological finds of skeletons from the period. Up until now, around 500 Viking skeletons have been found in Denmark. However, here the picture of the big, strong Viking fades a little. The bones show a population that suffered from tooth problems and aching joints, for instance.

>Vikingerne var i gennemsnit 8-10 cm lavere, end vi er i dag. De skeletter, arkæologer har fundet, afslører, at mændene målte omkring 172 cm, mens voksne kvinder i gennemsnit skød omkring 160 cm i vejret.

Are you kike?

a8c29f No.10805827


>Gay white men with adopted brown daughter

>Single white dad with two children

>Blacked white woman

>Single white woman

>Lesbian white couple


>Black traditional family with children

>Muslim traditional family with children

>Asian traditional family with children

Do they do this on purpose? Are they not aware of how obviously they expose their intentions?

4a0f11 No.10805875


You're trying to diminish the reality of the ancient Vikings, and I'm the kike? Skeletons found in Denmark. How the hell will they know they are all Vikings? The Danish population hasn't changed all that much since Viking times, excepting recent (((immigration))) of course. I've been in Denmark many times and those folks are not all descendants of the blonde, perfect specimens as described by the ancient authors. Far from it. You have a lot of that, but also a lot of other stuff. To interpret this data you need to take history into account, and it is pretty uniform in its depictions. Vikings were large, they were beautiful, they were blonde or redheaded. Going by the height of Roman legionaries they would not have been impressed by 172m tall men.

>Imperial regulations, though not entirely unambiguous, suggest that the minimum height for new recruits was five Roman feet, seven inches (165 cm., 5'5") … for the army as a whole a reasonable estimate of a soldier's average height is around 170 cm (5'7")

ab58ff No.10805902

File: 64054ff0d577144⋯.jpg (227.15 KB, 736x981, 736:981, ba08cd926c0561168b5ceba74a….jpg)

File: cc4411ef48c5dcb⋯.jpg (36.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault-1.jpg)

File: e93ea87c093354b⋯.png (267.76 KB, 460x320, 23:16, 9-foot-giant1.png)

File: ad5771e0a9ddf19⋯.jpg (227.78 KB, 662x1123, 662:1123, skeleton-charles-byrne-dis….jpg)

Giants and tall civs are found all over the globe.

From Asia to Europe to islands in the Pacific.

Civs of 7"+ peoples are found eveywhere.

4a0f11 No.10805921


Yep, Aryans got around.

4a0f11 No.10805946


Interesting article on giants: https://www.sott.net/article/281093-The-truth-about-giant-skeletons-in-American-Indian-mounds-and-the-Smithsonian-cover-up

>There are also a host of Native American legends that were reported to ethnologists detailing a race of giants who invaded the regions where mounds are found. These giants became the leaders and priests of the tribes. Over time these ruling people, chosen through heredity, became corrupted and the masses rose against them and exterminated them. It is a rather intriguing aspect to this topic. In an extensive, two-part Afterword, Andrew Collins speculates on the origin of these rulers.

b389f4 No.10805949


>>Two boxes of 20 miniature dough balls for $20

Are you literally retarded, sagecuck? It's $2 for a box of 20 dough balls.

50772a No.10805965


Those pics are fake, apart from the last one.

b389f4 No.10806017

b389f4 No.10806019



Stop shitting up this thread about the census with /x/-tier garbage you inbred filth.

Same with the D&C faggots arguing about "who is actually white". Seriously, fuck off.

This thread is for discussing the Canadian census data.

a2ad4a No.10806035


>You're trying to diminish the reality of the ancient Vikings, and I'm the kike?

Yes, you're the kike since you argue exactly like one.

>Skeletons found in Denmark. How the hell will they know they are all Vikings?

It's called archeology dumbfuck.

c2cb2f No.10806204


>it will be irreversibly gone within the next 50. If it's not already too late.


We will regroup somewhere and form a new ethnostate, with a strict immigration policy and "no jews, no shitskins" carved into every brick and paving stone in the land.

c2cb2f No.10806211


>suddenly a large proportion now self-identify as "Canadian"

That will be down to the schools and unis adopting swedish style marxist brainwash from the late 60's onwards.

You gotta hand it to these kikes, they're REALLY fucking organised.

b389f4 No.10806262

File: 81c42700d6e4333⋯.png (86.88 KB, 1391x1601, 1391:1601, census_analysis_spreadshee….png)

File: 031a75df6dbde29⋯.png (1.64 MB, 2162x1007, 2162:1007, census_infographic_languag….png)


Major Inexplicable Discrepancy Detected

How does the percentage of the Canadian population that does not primarily speak English or French increase by 14.7% when the population of "visible minorities" only increased by 4.01% (over a five year period, between 2011 and 2016)?

The numbers DO NOT add up.

b389f4 No.10806287

File: 0b6caa60963d4c9⋯.png (25.25 KB, 1318x228, 659:114, census_analysis_spreadshee….png)


Recalculated percent of population that is White using the raw ethnic origin and aboriginal data from the 2011 and 2016 census, but using the official total Canadian population data from each census.

Assuming that 100% of people that identified as "North American" (including "Canadian") is White:

2011: Whites 73.18%

2016: Whites 69.43%

c9abdf No.10806289



The only silver lining I see for the future are the non-whites inability to work together long term hampering their ability to operate as an effective fighting force against whites. They can only form mobs and overwhelm with numbers like zombies, but mobs aren't easy to mobilize or control and there are multiple strategies for dealing with them effectively. Many nonwhites will have no will to fight without gibs and those that do have weak morale, disserting at the drop of a hat. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to placate with pie in the sky promises that things will just work out. All I'm saying is that the white man's ability to coordinate and strategize is something the jew can never take from us and give to their mud golems.

b389f4 No.10806304


>the white man's ability to coordinate and strategize is something the jew can never take from us and give to their mud golems.

Also as this anon pointed out: >>10803694

The non-whites will abandon Canada en-masse if Whites resort to physical violence to reclaim the country. They will have pitiful morale, as you mentioned, and basically no fighting spirit to speak of given that they know they have no legitimate claim to the soil and are only opportunistic welfare migrants who could simply pack up and head for Hong Kong or Punjab to avoid being gassed.

6ff0ed No.10806524


I ticked the box, my family has been here since 1903 and my ethnic background is equal chunks of 7 western European countries and some Cree. I'd hazard maybe 60-80% would tick that box. A bigger chunk than you would expect are hapas though.

WM/AF couples have tons of Chinese/Philipino + generic Canadian white kids. I went to school with a few that identified as Canadian rather than mixed race.

b389f4 No.10806531

File: 962991b86fbb198⋯.png (169.89 KB, 2615x1222, 2615:1222, census_analysis_spreadshee….png)


Birth Rate Calculations & Analysis

If the census data is to be believed, apparently the "visible minority" population has a lower crude birth rate (births per 1000) than the White population, hovering just over the national average of 2013.

The aboriginal population has a crude birth rate more than triple that of the national average. I don't doubt this is the case, tbh.

There is no way the immigrant birth rate is below that of Whites, absolutely impossible. This data is bullshit.

54f18d No.10806818


>Where? Correct it for us instead of just repeatedly saying that you can't believe it's real.

Another user already did.

>My ancestors ground out an existence as settlers, clearing their own land, building their own homes, and worked the land.

Still immigrants. I know your ancestors probably weren't British or you would enjoy a significantly better command of the English language, but the definition of a word doesn't change just because you want it to.

>Settlers are not immigrants. Stop reinforcing the Marxist rewriting of history, faggot.

This coming from the guy who thinks white immigration was unequivocally distinguishable from the opportunism of today when it was Ukranians who supported Trudeau Sr's program of multiculturalism. Don't even pretend you and I are operating on the same level.

54f18d No.10806877


>Saves Chinese cartoons to his computer

>Calls other people faggots

You probably think there's some benefit to patriotism towards Canada over America even though both are Anglophonic countries, and you think that because you have no actual understanding of what makes a nation, because you learned everything you know about politics from Stefan Molyneux and Jordan Peterson. Americans and Canadians are both Anglophones, and portions of America have significantly better prospects.

36c84a No.10806928

File: 68c9a8a53a70f10⋯.jpg (69.76 KB, 960x540, 16:9, smuggest_possible.jpg)


>>Saves Chinese cartoons to his computer

Triggered goon detected.

Kill yourself

36c84a No.10806946

File: 1b2da66c1649b0d⋯.png (323.74 KB, 414x459, 46:51, too_smug_4_u.png)


>Another user already did.

Show us.

>Still immigrants.


>your ancestors probably weren't British

Half of them were, actually. Triggered?

>guy who thinks white immigration was unequivocally distinguishable from the opportunism of today

You are now confirmed non-White. You don't belong here, shitskin.

0e2e0e No.10807148


299001 No.10807157

>I must be retarded

So hoe often is census in Canada

What was ethnic European mix in;




I need a clear catchy visible and simple info graphic with solid data behind it for these dates

I don’t want estimate for 2020 but one with the current most recent. Data is fine

Info graphic anons help? I can’t see such a visual in this thread yet

5d1047 No.10807173





Fuck off defeatist blackpill shills.


Thank you anon. White genetics include a few minor but not irrelevant advantages in handling cold environs compared to stuff like sandnigs, plus as several people have noted, the shitskins and chinks are concentrated in the cities while most of the countryside is Aryan. Once shit hits the fan, the untermench will starve come winter.

990ab9 No.10807240

File: c72399943a6d1c2⋯.png (190.02 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ZU9gWQ4j_400x400.png)

good, goood!

White people are the next Pandas, they belong in the zoo.

be4480 No.10807272

File: 4f5eb127e139b31⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 501x693, 167:231, 3ea7b6f7f3d4e85d9cf2ef725b….jpg)

theory: we should focus our efforts on britian, france, and our countries of ethnic origin rather than canadian nationalism.

canada will have to be recolonized by a stronger Europe in the future.

american nationalism has a chance, but I feel we've missed the point were an uprising is possible here, we will be slaughtered unless we are 100% allied with USA.

there is a mass depression amongst whites, I'm witnessing it here in Toronto coming into effect, they will be willing to act but not openly (too weak from drugs, porn, work, televisi✡n, gambing, sports).

Not trying to blackpill, but we need to pick the low hanging fruit and have a central goal for ALL EUROPEANS instead of being divided and hoping to relive our past glory with a quick fix.

Not saying we retreat, just don't get your hopes up for a Canadian Hitler.

99ba0c No.10807318


That is so fucking cringy lol

36c84a No.10807506


Fuck off cuck.

e8e45c No.10807540

File: eb17aa8a7efb9a9⋯.jpg (84.49 KB, 500x495, 100:99, pepe65897957704385647945.jpg)





a17a7a No.10807545


>>I must be retarded


>So hoe often is census in Canada


>What was ethnic European mix in;








>I need a clear catchy visible and simple info graphic with solid data behind it for these dates


>I don’t want estimate for 2020 but one with the current most recent. Data is fine


>Info graphic anons help? I can’t see such a visual in this thread yet

36c84a No.10807579

File: 1590b45c52f0c70⋯.jpg (20.49 KB, 320x269, 320:269, special_zoo.jpg)


>admits he's retarded

<green texts his sudden insight into his own mental incapacity

>requests statistics that are linked to directly in the OP and subsequent posts

<also requests data for non-census years

>only punctuation in his entire post is a semi-colon and a lone question mark

<doesn't even work gramatically

>uses newlines instead of punctuation

<also uses newlines randomly in the middle of sentences

>tries to summon a class of anons known to him as "info graphic anons"

<I wonder what other classes of anons he believes exist as distinct anonymous vocations


0e75d8 No.10807581


As I said before, you're a retard not worth responding to, but I need to say this: you have no idea how genetics works. You've demonstrated this again and again. You have no fucking clue. The fact you think that dark hair even existing is proof of mixing is laughable, but it also demonstrates your complete incompetence when it comes to matters of population genetics. All you've posted is a bunch of nonsense the likes of which I could read in any Jewish opinion piece about why racemixing is good, and none of which is actually proof of anything. The fact that you're bragging about your "Nordic ancestry" is probably indicative you're some sort of Huenigger or Arab living in Nordic countries pretending you're white to fit in here. Either that or a fucking pozzed snownigger regurgitating the propaganda you've been fed.


Just stop demonstrating your stupidity. You haven't even comprehended my point and now you're making retarded statements about both genetics and borders.


What the fuck are you even talking about, my man? Do you consider Turks, Greeks, and Arabs to be genetically similar?

a17a7a No.10807706


im not good at infographics anon

i need something that can be slapped on a white piece of paper with a black and white printer

are you on my side or not

337fc6 No.10807726

File: 255c79de57609af⋯.png (673.52 KB, 707x900, 707:900, 255c79de57609af48a197e12c2….png)


Try looking at french school excursions,it's like a kike wet dream,but also my country is similar,i remember watching a group a kids and thinking they were a group of moroccan students till I found one blonde and one fat fuck speaking in yuropean.

I remember growing up in a non kiked country,and now the last time I saw a non pozzed school was in asia when I saw 1000 students and they were all…asian,Not a single nigger or non slant eyed…it was so beautiful,imagine not having your school having to drop the bar to the lowest common denominator(niggers)and being able to learn something instead of having subhumans who don't saw peak the language legally required to go to the same school as native speakers…

The world is gone to shit.

337fc6 No.10807771

File: e8d0f444d113680⋯.jpg (78.44 KB, 385x657, 385:657, Caption reads This is now ….jpg)

File: c68e5b7778aa8df⋯.jpg (39.95 KB, 400x401, 400:401, Girl on the left Bilal wa….jpg)

File: e67113f9675a564⋯.jpg (40.45 KB, 644x362, 322:181, azzi03--644x362.jpg)


Here,long time ago I used some of this shit in moroccan social media with the hopes that what little european/white is in the north africans would get triggered so they would beat up the niggers before they got to europe simce once There they are a protected species.

If you do so ething like that and you get the chance spread some of this shit in North Africa media.

Also in cuckchan they were talking about triggering muzzies using videos of muslim prayers but the images in the video being pure gay or nigger twerking shit so that muzzies might show how tolerant of gays they truly are,if you wanna do retarded stuff you can also participate.


2e639b No.10807817

File: 04c37976bf24293⋯.png (583.48 KB, 999x562, 999:562, 78369db08a02cfe623befbfcd9….png)


I wonder how the niggers, muzzies, and Chinese will treat the red man.

95384f No.10807842


Either one will most likely genocide them.

Either through starvation (Chinese), or violence (Nigs and Muzzies).

b389f4 No.10807870


I'm just poking fun with some bantz m8, your grammar is atrocious. I'll post some infographics tomorrow probably.

ecd421 No.10807891

File: 91c73cede55cbb3⋯.png (129.64 KB, 600x300, 2:1, BhsgVsQCEAAhieO.png)


thx lad

the bantz is always welcome

b389f4 No.10807956


>Chink compares Whites to pandas

>a species driven to the edge of extinction by Chinese ant-like behavior, by the poisoning and destruction their own environment and ecosystem

>millions more Chinese poisoned and living in garbage dumps due to same behavior


e3f0b9 No.10808068


Vancouver is warmer. We can maintain banana trees around here as long as you wrap them up in the winter.

54f18d No.10808085


>Half of them were, actually. Triggered?

No, because you're proving my point.

>You are now confirmed non-White. You don't belong here, shitskin.

You clearly missed the part where I don't even consider most whites to be worthwhile, yourself included, on account of their not being British. You can't refute the things I'm saying, so you rely on slander since you know you won't face any actual consequences for being wrong (which you are).

Lay white supremacists (and being as cognizant as I am I must emphasize the qualifying adjective of *lay* because I know you'll attempt to misconstrue this as some tacit admission that I'm not white, even though I've made it fairly clear I'm completely British) make this mistake all the time. They acknowledge that races are distinguishable in various metrics of performance and that whites skew heavily towards the top of these metrics, but then they assume that whiteness is just some inherent superiority *within them* regardless of their actual performance.

Suppose I were asked which nationality would create the highest standards of living on a desert island if left to their own devices. I would always place my money on British whites. Not Africans, not Chinamen, not Spaniards, not Germans, not Russians, not Franks, but Anglophones.

However, that doesn't mean every person who is white British has this inherent quality about them that makes them valuable. They may be valuable to me as a concept, and their behavior is going to largely be an expression of their genes (though not exclusively so), but a degenerate is still a degenerate even if he is white.

This is where you come in - you've convinced yourself of your worth on the basis of white supremacy and thereafter arrested your development to the point that you are resorting to left-wing tactics to feel as though you've one upped me. I don't often have to pull out "THE DICTIONARY DEFINITION" for anyone who isn't a woman, but this is a fairly open and closed book case. If you ever internalize what I'm saying to you, you'll be better for it.

4a0f11 No.10808114


>Endless stream of ad hominems

Yeah, we're done here kike.

4a0f11 No.10808125


>Posts link about dark haired skeletons no taller than a Roman found in Denmark

>Vikings, despite nobody who ever met them describing them as dark

>You gotta trust me goy, I have the science.

Just fuck off.

05d477 No.10808177


The US white displacement was a little slower as it started in 1965, but as of today we aren't in much better shape than Canada. The last 15 years have been brutal here in my suburban area - 90% white to ~60% and dropping. It's mostly Indians, chinese, koreans and muslims, not just refugees but insane levels of immigration. I feel lonely when I go out on errands and don't see many white faces.

But this rapid suicide of Canada is painful to watch. I'm sure most of Europe will be the same, even if they don't see it yet.

e3f0b9 No.10808254


>I blame the baby boomers. They buy everything the CbC says them and think immigration is just going to "bring everyone together".

I often fantasize about axe-murdering my mother in her sleep for this very reason.

54f18d No.10808257


The benefit of the US is that you have rural areas that are actually inhabitable. And guns.

54f18d No.10808265


That's absurdly unhealthy. Any ideology that delivers you to that sort of depravity is as impoverished as the indoctrination that tells Boomers to forsake their children. Take a break, the world was not built on shitposting alone.

3b28e3 No.10808413


Come on anon kun,boomers are just the retarded offspring of the best shabbos that survived the war against the evil natshees,who in turn are the offspring of the survivors of the generation that broke Americas isolationist policies….Marxist. …


Every country had its demise,some are blessed like france with a clear date but it is mostly a process but by the mid/late 19th century it is safe to think your country was aleady thoroughly infiltrated,the very fact the revolutions and communism and other shit was ever "successful" in the first place was because there was already some corruption.

In my country (spain)we had no boomers,my parents were raised under a fashy regime,etc etc,we are nowadays thoroughly kiked anon

It took them less than 30 years and we had gay marriage and other bullshit,same as Ireland, 20 years ago they would kill each other for being catholic or protestant and nowadays most irish applaud fucking niggers and gay weddings.

I wish it was only the boomers but it's the kikes,boomers are simply mindless drones.

637fd6 No.10808462



was 'Canadian' as an option even introduced on the census forms? that term seems to be introduced specifically as a muddy number they can use to manipulate results.

637fd6 No.10808463


*when was*

a2ad4a No.10808657


>lies repeatedly and keeps on lying (the claim that the skeletons posted were dark haired is yet another one of your shameless lies - not a single skeleton in any of the 4 links has any hair and the link from the Danish National Museum specifically mentions the Danish Vikings as being 172cm tall on average AND having red hair as proven by genetic studies)

>pulls the entire "it was real in my mind" routine: I think Vikings were on average 4 inches taller than NBA players therefore they just were

>accuses someone who posts anthropological data of "diminishing history", exactly like a typical jew accusing legit historians dropping facts and figures on the "Holocaust" of "diminishing history"

Nah jew - YOU fuck off. And try being less obvious next time you come shill here.

be1211 No.10809820


Just like American in American resulte

5cb7a2 No.10810150

File: 768218e068aa27d⋯.png (316.67 KB, 1810x1163, 1810:1163, (Canada dropping the redpi….png)

File: 00f2991b6bc06ca⋯.png (1.67 MB, 3376x5560, 422:695, ultimate redpill canada w….png)

File: add9d8d75ee1b6e⋯.png (49.31 KB, 356x200, 89:50, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 26edf5946e338b5⋯.png (2.07 MB, 3000x2368, 375:296, (women prefer whites over ….png)

A moment of silence for the gentle giants. They where too gentle. https://archive.is/5asaZ


>the man has darker skin

I rage every single time

a99857 No.10811014

b30a54 No.10811288

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b30a54 No.10811338

File: a245ab613c41fd1⋯.mp4 (5.48 MB, 640x480, 4:3, All Hail Britannia with Ly….mp4)

4bb6f2 No.10815133

File: 8f4a701c9a0a643⋯.jpg (195.62 KB, 503x750, 503:750, dont_you_want_this_final.jpg)


Decided to make an edit

71a7ff No.10816626


In B.C. smaller towns are already being colonized, usually starting with a few filipino or indian families where there used to only be whites and natives.

On the non-blackpilled side though, a good percentage of self-identified "Canadians" are likely just cucked whites who do not want to identify as a "hyphenated-Canadian" as part of the whole Canadian identity thing.

c9311c No.10816647


i thought the plan was to have Whites take over America, then take Canada as lebensraum

6a740b No.10816873


>three paragraph response to being called out as a shitskin

A white person would just meme back Poovinder

0ad976 No.10818167

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


North Bay Celebrates Old Home Week August 4-10, 1935

Library and Archives Canada

Published on Aug 14, 2017

Coverage of a parade down a main street in North Bay, Ontario. Shots include: marching bands; children staring at the camera; servicemen in uniform posing for photographs; Shriners marching; clowns; floats; sign above a store which reads "Welcome Home Old Timers"; Canadian National Railways ticket office; and the Jacques Cartier monument.

0602e8 No.10818650





the fucking kikes are TERRIFIED of a married white couple with kids. but as overt as their neuroses are to us, most normalfaggots won't pay attention or will uncomfortably deny anything is wrong.

0602e8 No.10818668




You're not fooling anyone.

4f9d4f No.10818772


maybe they got abducted

d537bb No.10821733

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Canada has only one legal route left to take our HOME back, or all is lost.

Take the (((rouge))) Bank of Canada Back!

Victoria Grant -

"Help me Obi /pol/ Kenobi you're my only hope"

6ff0ed No.10821848


Any data on Ukranian and Croatian immigration? We do get a fair number of slavs

69c4f2 No.10822088


Kind reminder that China was 100% white 2500 years ago and turned to 5% white across 1000 years of mongoloid immigration from the north.

There is ample reason for the purity spiral.

69c4f2 No.10822095


>greeks are brown retards



Greeks are actually something like 10% semetic. You can thank the BASED byzantines for that.

be1211 No.10827226



Mixbred family lines only survive by the least fucked up ones still reproducing

Most racemixed humans are sickly and unintelligent not counting their social standing being below either of their parents in any society

Kikes tend to be so ugly because they mix breed

be1211 No.10827229

fc13a6 No.10829110

File: 16122bf1e007631⋯.jpg (407.82 KB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, 02 - kyU7frd.jpg)


>Kind reminder that China was 100% white 2500 years ago and turned to 5% white across 1000 years of mongoloid immigration from the north.

Dubs confirm -



>Kikes tend to be so ugly because they mix breed

Disagree. Mixed breeds are often physically quite beautiful, which does't excuse miscegenation, of course. Kikes are ugly because of their fucked-up satano-jewish genetics.

b3571a No.10829358


Mixed breeds being physically beautiful, um anon.


fc13a6 No.10832145

File: b44fd095debdf30⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.84 KB, 500x335, 100:67, serveimage.jpg)


>Mixed breeds being physically beautiful, um anon.

Bantu niggers and abbos are the most ugly hominids. White admixture makes them more passable, see. e.g. Latin America. Not that I'd ever advise miscegenation, of course.

b3571a No.10832210


I understand, the mere fact that some people leech off the beauty of our people to uplift themselves does definitely make them more attractive. You seem like a decent fellow I was just making a joke at your expense (hence the eye exam).

Don't know if my ID changed, phone posting

fc13a6 No.10832246


>I understand, the mere fact that some people leech off the beauty of our people to uplift themselves does definitely make them more attractive.

Yes, and unfortunately sometimes more attractive than many whites themselves. Pure Germanic women, for example, can sometimes be a bit hard on the eyes. That's why avoidance of pornography (which often features mixed-race girls) is very important, to not re-wire the attraction pathways.

>You seem like a decent fellow I was just making a joke at your expense (hence the eye exam).

Don't worry, I got your joke.

7f7e3f No.10832279



The only use that "attractive" mongrels serve is to point out that they acquired their good looks from white genes. This also applies to signs of intelligence. It's super easy to redpill normalfags by simply pointing out mongrels.

They figure out the rest themselves, that all of the "tolerable" non-whites are only tolerable because they're mixed. I've done this so many times and always witness the emergence of race realism in normalfags. After that, the rest is easy.

fc13a6 No.10832320


Agree, good point.

991f20 No.10834517


I'm not even Canadian, but I'm quite willing to come up there and help you kill your fucking traitors when it is time. All Europeans are in this together. The goal of the kikes is to exterminate us all.

It will only end when every last one of them and their enablers dies. We have no other option.


>looked at

Fuck what other people look at it as. Do not call it anything else. In the end, they will look at it as they are forced to. I can't wait to have a kangaroo Nuremberg for the fuckers responsible. It will be great to torture and execute them the same way they did to the Germans.


Now would be a good time to start, faggot. Huge numbers of normalfags in the US know, but lack the balls to act yet. Those of you who are this way ("pussies"--I believe it's called) are merely delaying the inevitable.


No, it will happen. Invaders will all die. They are going to get genocide as a punishement for their attempt at doing the same on us.



>le blackpill

Reported, faggots.

a9bf36 No.10835251


Canada, for all our politeness and seemingly happy multi-culti lives has a seething underbelly of resentment towards this bullshit. I work in the trades, and lately there is more open talk of the JQ, the importing of sub-IQ people to drive wages down, etc. Not even 5 years ago such topics were almost taboo. There is a war coming to retake our native land, and even if we have to kill every invader on our soil, we will do it methodically and as painlessly as possible, because that is the strength of our people. Efficiency without the needless suffering of these animals.

616473 No.10835527

File: 41450f74a5839ef⋯.png (597.3 KB, 1562x3655, 1562:3655, defeatistshill.png)

Post history for the blackpill shill

a9bf36 No.10835554


Blackpill fags are as annoying as SJWs how can you look at the glory of being alive, all the vast experiences that you can have with your time here, and conclude fuck it, nothing good happens? This timeline is god tier, life is worth living and our people are worth fighting for.

771f20 No.10835560



I dunnno, I see a disenchanted aussie. I think newfags tend to be like this.

1b4387 No.10835584

File: 1c34ff3644ab6d1⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 300x400, 3:4, served.jpg)


>Gay white men with adopted brown daughter

You misunderstand anon. That's a polyamorous threesome.

666124 No.10835664

White Canadians should colonise the islands around Australia.

a7c0a8 No.10835683


I'm in the trades too. They're waking up.

There's going to be a war

d537bb No.10836017

Hit them where it hurts, our national debt..

Money issues wake people up too.

We need to stop the illegal collusion by the Bank of Canada internationally borrowing, free us from debt slavery… we can print our own money, stop funding this immigration and moronic govn't spending with borrowed money. The international lending lets them bypass our constitution on what they use debt for, this is the key.

just need to make COMER vs BOC court cases viral and wake faggots up, its not too late

Then maybe they might take us seriously .. we can start getting out of debt and wake people up?

Else they own you, and your debt.. this is not your land if you give it away.

72f5b6 No.10836101


No we colonised Canada. We will kill for this land if it comes to warfare then thats that.

a9bf36 No.10836139


Canadian winters will sort the situation out when the power grid collapses in the civil war.


Heil fellow tradesman, bet you're glad you missed the marxist indoctrination camps too.

0a089f No.10842622


The new sweden.

c46999 No.10844316


And no one knows if they government pulls the sleight-of-hand that the UK and US government does and counts white mothers only at birth but doesn't check the baby.

2e639b No.10845644

File: 3414e3f7d4ebb94⋯.webm (2.26 MB, 532x300, 133:75, Sir Mosley Britain.webm)


Someone Archive this.

That said, what based anon did this?

Don't tell me, just know your a hero m8.

Keep up the Meme pressure.

More memes

Better memes

Faster memes

Viral memes

Spam the memes IRL

Don't get caught.

We don't need martyrs.


a405e1 No.10845966

File: 2c069b73fe33a56⋯.jpg (91.27 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Planned Parenthood Ottawa ….jpg)

File: be50442dcd4af93⋯.jpg (601.6 KB, 2268x2943, 84:109, smashing the windows - sma….jpg)

File: 8b26b73f8d2ef9a⋯.jpg (23.38 KB, 468x624, 3:4, my gender lives here not h….jpg)

File: d01aad574973744⋯.jpg (45.59 KB, 650x433, 650:433, I am the bridge... to endi….jpg)

File: d7a39c9c24175e3⋯.jpg (56.17 KB, 534x480, 89:80, ETFO LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP Inclu….jpg)

Does anyone know how to view the ethnic demographics by city?

ac1265 No.10846001

File: b38fba796cbf206⋯.jpg (44.3 KB, 623x765, 623:765, b38fba796cbf206a8be2a05760….jpg)


I wish there were more people like you, anon. Now is far too early to give up hope.

b2ccd1 No.10875917



>before is too late

7bd6d9 No.10876090

File: 8fe8b2f55da1787⋯.png (11.26 KB, 563x624, 563:624, 8 families.png)


The british empire, and the british "royalty" that rules it for them, has been owned by the rothschilds since the battle of waterloo. If you want to revolutionzie the UK, just take out the rothschilds, and some of these guys while you're at it.

673cc2 No.10876233


Stats can won't give you a side by side comparison. Best way to do such a thing would be to look-up the census profile for your target areas then compile the data into a chart yourself. By using the census profile you can break things right down into zip code.

34abe5 No.10876895

File: 4118bb1c9145d87⋯.jpg (324.17 KB, 980x716, 245:179, CANADA-YES.jpg)



554c6a No.10880133

File: e95be8b9c1016c1⋯.jpg (67.11 KB, 468x630, 26:35, IMG_20171109_013248.JPG)

7ef1f4 No.10880268




The man who knows his enemies and plans accordingly will have won the war before his enemy mobilizes

356e24 No.10880271


>The Lazards

Is this where the start of the Lizard People meme came from, some autist mishearing the name?

59c74b No.10880647


It's a country who's only value has ever been "haha we're not americans lol teehee maple syrup xDD".

I'm a leaf. The country has literally 0 nationalism and has never had any nationalism. At no point in my life has there ever been any love for my own country and the people around me seemed to feel the same way. It always incredibly fucking awkward to be told what you love about Canada in our school courses. As a child it was virtually impossible to find redeeming factors.

You're not told anything besides Americans are stupid, we're cool because we aren't Americans. When I was younger it wasn't really so much about love and acceptance, but I'm sure that's been tacked on as well.

It's really terrifying to know that the country was lost long before I was even born. At least in America nationalism is still very much alive.

3f6633 No.10880732


Are you from western canada? I'm only asking because I have a theory. I think that because the west has only been heavily populated relatively recently, the people in those provinces have no cultural identity or tradition. Combining that with the fact they also have far more immigrants, who will naturally have zero attachment to the country, it results in a group of people with no identity other than "similar to america, but not american".

I'm from the maritimes, but I've spent time in many other places and have noticed very distinct attitudes depending on the region. Eastern Canada was populated hundreds of years ago; it could be argued we hit our peak before confederation and have been declining since. But that history has resulted in what I feel is a stronger cultural identity. If you look at older stereotypes of Canada, it was basically a bunch of uneducated drunks that lived in the woods, cutting trees and fighting. Of course, with the population shift, the stereotype has changed into Canadians being over-polite progressive sissies. It's kind of the difference between Stan Rogers singing about sailing and fishing, and Canadian history, vs Nickleback singing about some self-pity song or song about banging some slut.

No shared history + no shared culture = no real identity.

59c74b No.10883021


Yes I live in BC. Things start to look incredibly hopeless once you've realised that not only did nationalism never exist in the first place, but that it never will exist as spotting a white man becomes a rare sight in hongcouver.

000000 No.10885318

Trudeau said that "Canada must be allowed to protect its culture" as one of the major sticking points. Seriously.


This is after he said Canadians didn't have a culture either lmao

I'm guessing he really is a secret Nazi, he does a damn good job keeping out spics but virtue signals on the global stage like Canada has open boarders or something.

000000 No.10885358



>56% White Face.gif

Probably the most hilarious thing I've seen since First Nations Chiefs receiving the Order of Canada only to have it revoked because they named the Jew. Even fucking featherniggers know everything that is wrong with Canada and the world is the kikes fault. How can anyone deny it anymore when the peaceful red man himself knows of the heeb menace that harms all humanity?

87a6ae No.10885392


I didn't know this but that's hilarious.

>Ahenakew first came under fire in 2002 after giving a profanity-laden speech. In this speech, Ahenakew called Jewish people "a disease".[9] Ahenakew made taped comments to the Saskatoon StarPhoenix a few days after the speech that included "That's how Hitler came in. That he was going to make damn sure that Jews weren't going to take over", and "That's why he fried six million of those guys.

87a6ae No.10885405

File: 0aa7c1bfb966b6b⋯.png (16.15 KB, 872x305, 872:305, Canadian identity.PNG)


>has never had any nationalism

>It's a country who's only value has ever been "haha we're not americans lol teehee maple syrup xDD".

What the hell even is this bullshit? Keep talking out of your ass you absolute faggot.

>Pic related

Not that I agree with everything the lad put in there but it shows you really don't know much about Canada.

1a5bb5 No.10885411


WTF, I love Indians now. No really, if their chief is saying that, I may have misunderstood their position. What "nation" does he represent, which people can I tell to follow their leaders words?

87a6ae No.10885422

File: 8d0f93020e50931⋯.png (115.78 KB, 1541x1107, 1541:1107, Screenshot-2017-11-10 Davi….png)


He's Cree and definitely an ally.

1a5bb5 No.10885426


I had been under the impression they were all marxist revolutionary types, so a big shock to see them standing up against the kike instead of kissing his hand.

87a6ae No.10885456


A lot of them are. I don't really know that many of them so I can't make a good estimate on the who is or isn't.

d9d532 No.10885460


>Louis Riel

Don't communist shits worship that guy?


Depends where they're located, if they're isolated they tend to be as they were years ago, if they're around white people they tend to be either useless bums or indoctrinated shit but the one thing you can count on to be exactly the same with all three groups is they'll bitch moan and whine about gibs.

1a5bb5 No.10885472


Youd think with all that land and tax exempt status they could have at least managed to put together some water treatment systems by now, but a lot of them are still boiling water when this was a problem decades ago. That bugs me. Whites are second class citizens and yet these people cant take advantage of their situation, their judenfrei system with nearly no restrictions. It should be a shining success, not a complete failure. Begging for gibs should be shameful, thats not supposed to be their culture, sticking their hand out to "the white man".

000000 No.10885501


The red man knows the truth.

It was Jews most of all who fucked over indigenous peoples, not the white man, specifically Marrano Jews. This continues today far more than even the white man because it is the kike man like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Abramoff_Indian_lobbying_scandal who Jew his peoples.

Seriously, read into Jack Abramoff. He's like so sickeningly Jewish it's unbelievable.

In Canada, the kikes fuck over the red man even worse and get away with it more completely than even in ZOGSA. They are woke, man. The Jews are a pestilence upon the world.

d9d532 No.10885528


The problem is many of them live in bumfuck isolated areas that don't even have roads that run into them unless you count congo-tier paths that lead into them not to mention that tax free is only good for shit on reserves, as in they can't walk into a corner store in some city and get tax exempted unless somehow its on indian land. Doesn't help that said cheif sits on stump spends all the gibs on himself then tells the rest of his turds to go take it out on whitey.

They're a fucked people through and through. I could go on and on about the shit they do to people who wander innawoods or even live out here.

1a5bb5 No.10885536


>as in they can't walk into a corner store in some city and get tax exempted unless somehow its on indian land.

They get a status card and dont pay tax on anything. Its a special indian ID card that they present to avoid paying taxes.

1a5bb5 No.10885544



Also, theres literally no determining factor or percentage of Indian blood required, its 100% if the chief decides to let you be part of the special club. Pretty great racket they got going on.

d9d532 No.10885605


They only get tax exempt on res land, and when it comes to income majority of the work has to be done on res land to get tax exempt on income stuff. Section 87 of the Indian act.

1a5bb5 No.10885627


I was unaware of that, my understanding is if they go into a store and buy a candy bar, or they go buy a 100,000$ car, or a home, or anything… they present the card and dont pay tax. Anyways, if thats the case, you would think they would organize some labor systems instead of huffing gas all the time and fucking their sisters. Thats an incentive.. cant they make tshirts or something? Maybe pave a road like they did 2,000 years ago etc… All these excuses for why they arent thriving with their own land and ethnocentric leadership systems dont seem to hold water.

d9d532 No.10885646


They're like a slightly smarter african, look at how Mugabe just absorbs gibs, its what Indian chiefs do and they'll do so until they're cut off from it.

c262d8 No.10885708

File: 716017dcd103a3e⋯.png (71.97 KB, 1165x611, 1165:611, hgdedghdf.png)

8820c7 No.10887490


>In Canada, there is no real nationalist movement that I know of

Imo the total lack of reaction from Canadians stems from a few things, but the most prominent thing is the quality of the immigrants.

Standing here in the US, I am envious that Canada country mostly uses merit as the chief qualification for migration.

America on the other hand allows any piece of filth that can sneak through our porous border to start signing up family members to come here – even smart industrious groups like H1B poos will start bringing over their 80IQ relatives from pooland

419351 No.10893736

File: 08d10eb07bb31ec⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1136x977, 1136:977, electoral.png)


And even against the mess that was HRC, he still managed to lose the popular vote. Not to mention the EC could've been tipped by as little as a 0.7% change in Florida votes. It won't be able to save you lot for much longer.

Or give you a false sense of hope I guess

99a05c No.10893999


Sorry to burst your bubble, but Canada allows the first wave of invaders to set up shop, once they get citizenship, they're allowed to sponsor an unlimited number of "family members". The chinks and curry niggers always bring their elderly parents over to mooch off of health care, because the grandparents "watch the kids" while the invaders work. Our health care system wouldn't be in such a shambles if they would base access to it off of years paying taxes or something.

Our faggot in charge also has denied real refugees such as Syrian christians and atheists, Boers, anyone white in occupied lands, etc. The metrics of merit in Canada have changed to "Are you brown or black?" and "Are you mu'slim?".

7ef1f4 No.10898087

000000 No.10898234


Its like this guy is determined to be the most tolerant and progressive man to have ever lived and he has to document the journey to get into the Guinness book of world records.

05e1aa No.10902798



f121a2 No.10903637


Lighten up Anon, it's parodying his cuckoldry in the same vein as the "If you kill your enemies, they win." shit.

476f78 No.10903659

Northern Wall is next

cba0ac No.10903882


the rate in which whites do/dont have kids isn't exactly standard here in burgerland. There are varying pockets of high birthrate whites sprinkled all across the nation, with them typically being conservative whites - since they in particular are the only demographic that even reaches 2.0

88da4d No.10903899

Question. If an immigrant in Canada is from South America, and his ancestry is <75% white (not uncommon specially in higher classes), is he considered of European origin?

afd502 No.10903948

>>10903899 (check)

Any skin colour lighter than beige is considered an evil oppressor of every "minority" throughout history. So yes in Canada you would be considered European unless you identify as South American, in which case you're magically oppressed. The double think is strong here, unfortunately I still don't think they accept lighter skin for any government positions without a vagina.

90a4b6 No.10903995

File: 0cd66687654f92d⋯.jpg (156.76 KB, 1127x749, 161:107, The Essence of America.jpg)

File: 9632ab3f9ac6dd5⋯.jpg (35.67 KB, 620x465, 4:3, donald-trump-saudi-arabia-….jpg)


>this timeline is god tier

53ca01 No.10904013


We white people in USA are just going to all move to Wyoming and make it the new White Ethnostate when shit gets too bad.

022b39 No.10904148


Probably helps that immigrant crime is under reported or not reported at all.

671f07 No.10904979


Looks like we're gonna need another wall.

7405ef No.10905209

File: aba5ac44325564b⋯.png (410.26 KB, 500x404, 125:101, 1504469759491.png)



I've heard this many a time "the CBC is funded by our taxes so how could the be controlled"

canada feels lost to me i only know of 1 other person who is red pilled and know 5 that are magapedes

I dont know what is a better choice move to america and start a stable family or start try harder to find a nationilist movement and doom my kids to having to deal with communist retards and abduls

9bef70 No.10905464


What matters is if you can raise a nice family, contribute as little as possible to the kike system (watch what you buy, avoid feeding taxes into the system, etc), and raise your kids well. Ideally, move to another state within your country so you can band together with like-minded people, but this is easier said than done so it depends which friends you have.

f093f9 No.10905537


Have you thought about bitcoin/altcoin mining to avoid telling the govt your assets?

It seems to make a fair amount of sense since theres no way they can prove that you have that money in your wallet. Other things could be like buying small amounts of gold errywhere and saying that it was gambling losses.

Just to avoid taxes in the kike system. All hypothetical naturally.

9bef70 No.10905661

File: 5b31f1403cc272c⋯.png (20.67 KB, 648x246, 108:41, ClipboardImage.png)


>Have you thought about bitcoin/altcoin mining to avoid telling the govt your assets?

I think you misunderstand, mining is not the primary way in which you earn crypto coins. You buy them in fiat currency and use them to buy stuff / trade back into fiat currency. Mining is a very niche business and you need to be a complete autist to get into it at this point, I'm sure.

What I have thought is, I should have bought some back when they were $200 a coin. Or mining them when I heard about it in 2011 or so.

Of course, it would be great to have a white ethno-citadel somewhere and use crypto currency there. I'd fucking love that.

9bef70 No.10905664

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



btw this molymeme video is worth a watch.

6908df No.10905687


Most of the immigrants that go to Canada already come from places with abysmal fertility declines. Indian and Chinese immigrants already have bad fertility, couple that with the trip to Canada, the liberalism, and the urban settlement patterns, it's not like they're breeding at an extreme pace. They're just COMING at an extreme pace.

The same can be somewhat said for the US. If whites just have a slight fertility increase, even if it's just SLIGHT, these charts and predictions will be thrown off and made irrelevant.

6908df No.10905694


The future of Canada will likely be closer to some kind of weird dystopian, techno-liberal corporate state, made up of various Asians, and some white elites, rather than that of the typical third-world shithole. Way more than a wall will be needed to stop it's awful effect.

6908df No.10905727


I mean, either way, you should really have children and as much as possible. Read what I said two replies earlier. A slight fertility change in white populations throws off the charts because traditionally we have had high and stable fertility. It's only within the last 30 or 40 years has this changed, but there are still many of us. Demographics are destiny, but predicting them is very tricky business. Just realize this before you either move to the US or stay in Canada.

However, if there's any white resistance movement in North America, it's definitely not going to be in Canada.

9bef70 No.10905749


>if there's any white resistance movement in North America, it's definitely not going to be in Canada.

That may be true, but anons there should try. same as anons in Sweden. No battle is lost until you give up.

9bef70 No.10906357

File: 09571385d001f56⋯.webm (801.55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, erika gas.webm)




then better help whip those cucks into shape

9bef70 No.10906369


shit wrong thread

4871a3 No.10906662


bitcoin bullshit

4493c7 No.10916592


I have heard from people I know in real estate than there are LOTS of Canadians now buying up property along the West Coast here in the USA. Not chinks, either, whites.

The brain drain has begun.

8a02f0 No.10917356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ah, ciboire que c'est bon d'être Québécois…pas d'affaire a dealer avec de la merde pareil…

0874fc No.10917386


>A single White father with two White children

Probably the most surprising thing they included there, also single fathers tend to fuck up their children less badly than single mothers though its still obviously not ideal.

0874fc No.10917409


If Trump had lost Florida he still would have won the election. He won by 74 electoral votes and Florida is only worth 29.

cbbdc5 No.10917728


War is coming to all white or formerly white nations eventually - as soon as government assistance runs out we will see absolute chaos in every city. I expect that will happen after whites lose majority status but before we become minorities. We've all got this mindset where we're waiting until we become victims - or someone we love becomes a victim - and then maybe we'll act. We aren't quite desperate enough to take the first steps and do what we know needs to be done, what they would do in a heartbeat given our numbers. The world must learn again not to fuck with the white man.

f9e038 No.10918067


It's a fucking slaughter.

242f50 No.10918102

File: 90998746c3b2c06⋯.mp4 (1.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 90998746c3b2c063b8e38c617c….mp4)


000000 No.10918538


Vous avez pas ce genre de soucis au Québec ?

Pourtant je coyer le Canada vous imposer vos lois ?

Si c'est pas le cas comment ça fonctionne ?

24a293 No.10944370

Canadian here, I fucking hate my country so much.

Can't even start an anglo heritage society in CHINK MAJORITY MISSISSAUGA BECAUSE WHITEY IS DE OPPRESSUR

Canada needs to be nuked, hell the entire world needs to be nuked everything is fucked imagine how europe must REALLY be if we're fucking 56%

7ef1f4 No.10947876


In essence, this system defeats the argument that importing foreigners combats aging population

d7982b No.10947886



tbh modern chinks that aren't brainwashed by Beijing lies prefer to live under Japanese dominion than their own anyway - ask any Taiwanese, or Hong Kongers, or even Singapooreans (ok not the last, they spread too many lies already.)

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