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Odious Memes

File: 71c0128511bad8f⋯.png (308.52 KB, 800x450, 16:9, oyVeyDisMakesMeHorny.png)

9a8452 No.10811816

Netflix renews "Big Mouth," centered on tweens going through puberty.



9a8f86 No.10811830

File: d61d91973510779⋯.jpg (80.87 KB, 1433x630, 1433:630, thirsty-face.75.jpg)



9a8452 No.10811831

File: 51c36af09d16a1c⋯.png (60.04 KB, 264x325, 264:325, ((())).png)


9a8f86 No.10811840


>every time

alright, time to dig on them for pro-pedo quotes I guess.

1018d7 No.10812110


I am starting to think this is an actual fake name they put just to fuck with us.

4154e7 No.10812131

Can you stop making threads here about every disgusting pozzed kikeflix show that comes out.

Fuck off to cuckchan.

e67ee9 No.10812267


The first question you should ask:

How Jewish is it?


>Created by

(((Nick Kroll)))


(((Andrew Goldberg)))


(((Mark Levin))) - husband


(((Jennifer Flackett))) - wife




9a8452 No.10812554


This one is a level of disgusting not commonly reached. Read about it some more if you haven't already.

ee3b5d No.10812640

File: c7d9969c840192d⋯.png (90.77 KB, 313x434, 313:434, 1508565604.png)

looks like Brickleberry, and nobody watched that

226529 No.10812710


I did, and it sucked ass

22bb0e No.10812724

File: 78bf2e305db41dc⋯.png (146.42 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, image.png)

Beyond the usual, just looking at that picture fills me with disgust. It looks like a nigger with 3/4 white skin. Possibly subconscious propaganda in addition to reduction of talent. Based on the target age I'd wager we aren't going to see any happenings soon, maybe 15 years from now. Brainwash the kids now so they never fight back.

e90922 No.10812736

What's that site that lets you look up how many jews were involved in a given production?

I can't find it.

Was it called Jew-dar or something?

96a178 No.10812744

ef0c83 No.10812765


>Nick Kroll

im cringing at the fact I actually enjoyed his show "the kroll show" awhile back now.

e90922 No.10812766


It was actually "J-dar" and it looks like it was taken down.

cca891 No.10812769



spoiler: they're all yids

6975ae No.10812774

File: d773745999ff98b⋯.jpg (34.81 KB, 500x500, 1:1, d773745999ff98bcb19b4adade….jpg)

Serves you right for watching western cartoons.

cca891 No.10812781


to be fair, the nips have an advantage. I don't care what level of cryptokikery is out there, they can't make themselves look japanese to infiltrate.

f37ced No.10812787



Worth pointing out that Nick Kroll's entire career was pretty much bought for him. The guy has never done anything successful on his own, but they still pay him to make tv shows and cartoons about little boys boners.

ef0c83 No.10812789


There are "animes" on netflix featuring nigger anime males having interracial relations with white anime girls. It was made by an american kike too and the nigger in is is modeled after twinkie boy jayden smith.

96a178 No.10812790


Right. That's a damn shame, too.

7203dd No.10812791

File: 0607916ec371dca⋯.jpg (95.51 KB, 1015x765, 203:153, Goldberg.jpg)


Seriously though >>10812131 has a point, you're not edifying anyone with the knowledge that jews are jewing up television. Take the names down and move on.

cca891 No.10812793


why can't I just have a sliver of fucking hope?

9a8452 No.10812796

cca891 No.10812802


I dunno pedoshit deserves to get the light shined on it. the typical virtue-signalling race mixing shit is to be expected but sexualizing kids crosses a line.

ef0c83 No.10812818


I have seen libshits unironically worship this gay show too due to all the anime they watch is on netflix. It's called "Neo Yokio" if you want to rage btw.

7d35ea No.10812944

File: 0ebda5027b7f918⋯.png (165.83 KB, 451x417, 451:417, 0ebda5027b7f918e24816717de….png)


but goy, if we don't normalize that mongrel look then how are all of these raceless bastards we bred suppose to fit in?

f88223 No.10812973

Looks like it's another Family Guy-tier """""""comedy""""""" cartoon show only this time even more yids are behind it. Won't be long until they push every kind of libtard agenda in the book just like (((Family Guy))) has always been doing.

f88223 No.10812985


Again, it's also another (((Family Guy))) clone, (((they))) don't know shit like that doesn't even sell as much as it used to anymore because every normie these days is just looking forward for a new Reddit and Memey episode.

aad535 No.10813325

File: cafb5ea663abf21⋯.jpg (118.89 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, long zuck dong.jpg)

d47110 No.10813939


> This one is a level of disgusting not commonly reached. Read about it some more if you haven't already.

I don't want to get AIDS. Can you summarize and/or relate some highlights?

2555fc No.10814020


Imagine the entire (((kindergarden sex ed))) shit times 10 and filled into a cheap cartoon.

It takes degeneracy to a whole new level.

841648 No.10814080


Big Nose

b03fcb No.10814375

I've watched every episode (because I hate myself), and each one is exactly the same;

>interracial is edgy and hip, only the most popular kids do it

>masturbating to weird shit is ok

>12 year olds are all fucking

>you can't control your urges, just go with it

>drugs and alcohol are cool

Typical degenerate garbage indicative of a failed society

2a434b No.10814395


Anime is a term used (in the west) for animation made in Japan, I know the show you're talking about and I'm pretty sure that was made in the US so yeah that doesn't count.

a8d05d No.10814400

File: 85498c6826aff46⋯.png (224.22 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 71c0128511bad8ffda26979343….png)


she is pretty mullato looking

73f15c No.10814471

Guys you heard it here first.

I'm going to pitch a show to Seth Rogen for Netflix. A cartoon called, "the cocks" about a multicultural family of roaches

2b78e6 No.10814493


I actually liked brickleberry

if it didn't have that annoying fucking bear

915f1b No.10814515

File: 36d87dfcd73384c⋯.jpg (226.14 KB, 800x450, 16:9, VEY.jpg)


ade5c5 No.10814644

File: 9c5a7b53ea9eb1c⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.23 KB, 569x632, 569:632, 0894D233-06F8-4BE8-9A85-6….jpeg)

File: 5bb342615303a33⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.44 KB, 892x628, 223:157, 0F6CBAA1-BB87-48FA-98FE-9….jpeg)

File: 11110aed40e9a46⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.26 KB, 1193x803, 1193:803, C4FDEE1F-37EE-48DF-A905-B….jpeg)

File: 05dae46fbc56c49⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 300.59 KB, 1721x911, 1721:911, 08686CA7-E39D-4FDE-B91B-6….jpeg)

Some pictures from the show from /tv/

Spoilered because no one should want to see them.

568474 No.10814661



810341 No.10814667

File: 1dd4d85bd3e710d⋯.jpg (30.91 KB, 360x452, 90:113, 1dd4d85bd3e710d5125f192943….jpg)



Add them to

the list

c7b2ea No.10814669


Jews Rock!

5bff4a No.10814676


>pic unrelated

6c5381 No.10814679

File: 4dc4a4d90c294d8⋯.png (86.64 KB, 229x227, 229:227, 551c5e8c48ed618045485a1508….png)



9afe33 No.10814680

File: 5ee9d80c4c4fd21⋯.png (233.17 KB, 310x312, 155:156, 5ee9d80c4c4fd213b684eac03e….png)


This shit has gotta turn the tide. That frog is fucking boiling.

a99249 No.10814702

File: 96a9c3a682da12b⋯.jpg (36.35 KB, 375x375, 1:1, tfw spotted in a sort of v….jpg)

>mfw i hang out with my friend on the weekend and he and his gf have been watching this show and loving it

b930b9 No.10814723

File: 03cf1171ca52ddc⋯.jpeg (294.06 KB, 827x477, 827:477, 1DE22377-13F0-4DDA-87BD-0….jpeg)

File: 93fad7af1b8ad9a⋯.jpeg (214.12 KB, 824x462, 412:231, 581B2C0B-8149-4513-BEB9-D….jpeg)

File: 7cfec0b125e41a2⋯.jpeg (287.99 KB, 821x445, 821:445, EFDBE8AF-0DFA-4346-84EC-4….jpeg)

File: 1d613eca03ac92f⋯.jpeg (294.23 KB, 822x463, 822:463, 75300148-AE8D-4F73-8A9A-5….jpeg)

File: 62b99ceef75b0da⋯.jpeg (306.58 KB, 825x460, 165:92, 21A7E9DB-99F0-474C-8D77-B….jpeg)

Big Mouth also has satanic/biblical references, and Jewish self awareness. Has hidden images of Ishtar and Baphomet as well

b930b9 No.10814733

File: be64384e2843569⋯.jpeg (206.89 KB, 821x455, 821:455, 4C05AEC4-F87B-4019-A56E-E….jpeg)

File: 18e5b2fa999611f⋯.jpeg (144.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 542BBE2C-21C7-47D1-8F35-2….jpeg)

File: a81336fbe7994c5⋯.jpeg (32.12 KB, 220x293, 220:293, A853FCE9-9F42-49C6-AE71-A….jpeg)

File: fedb94e626752bd⋯.jpeg (45.15 KB, 380x240, 19:12, FD15E4AB-9B8F-4319-A696-A….jpeg)

File: cf9fb3633b781ab⋯.jpeg (48.32 KB, 475x251, 475:251, 796CE568-ECA7-4C3F-87F0-C….jpeg)

For reference the first photo shows Lilith/Ishtar in the bottom right corner of the image, Lilith is a biblical demon that is the bane of innocence and kills newborn babies due to her hatred of men. Lady Liberty was designed by Freemasons as an idol of Lilith. The Hormone Monster resembles the Baphomet, which has a male and female form and represents lust and anger.

0ac58c No.10814756

File: 129a3208a46d8d4⋯.gif (983.06 KB, 245x160, 49:32, 1504051132237.gif)


The fuck is this

69da7d No.10814758


>enjoy certain furry smut

>hate furfags because theyre basically narcissistic libcucks with just another label

>pretty much phased out of the fandom after 7 years

>/pol/ called me closet straight

<yet this degenerate show is somehow acceptable

Fucking jews, fucking liberals.

Where is the rope

61e15d No.10814775


These kikes need to get shoved in a furnace.

>>10814733 (checked)

Ishtar isn't Lilith, though. Ishtar is basically Aphrodite/Venus, and as a fertility deity. Makes only a little sense since it's a show encouraging people to sleep around with people but not have kids. why anyone would have a fertility deity in a show that denigrates the act of making kids is beyond me. Not satanic, just retarded. Leave it to a bunch of kikes to misrepresent gentile religions

725fd5 No.10814780

File: 0938c245ec8dd02⋯.jpg (6.18 KB, 251x171, 251:171, 1341075549131.jpg)

File: b70e93759e3ab2a⋯.jpg (86.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1408455579087.jpg)

File: a702d8a55fd4e5e⋯.jpg (148.92 KB, 1200x828, 100:69, 1426734305321.jpg)


What in the fuck….!

632fff No.10814795


It's inevitable that this place will also eventually devolve into what halfchan has become. The more popular this place becomes, it'll become progressively filled with trash.

Some will accept this, some will fight back, and others will move away. White-flight to get away from all the kikery and increasingly degenerate content.

The problem with some of the folk here is they can't get enough of this shit. They bathe in the excrement the supposed enemy shits out; roll around in it surrounding themselves and obsessing over the content they're supposedly against. I find it sickening. There's nothing honorable about this, and I see it as shameful.

f791a4 No.10814841


>enjoy certain furry smut

You too, huh?

a68fc8 No.10814846



you guys too? i hate enjoying it, and I always try to stop. went a year without and ended up relapsing..

2adab6 No.10814867


Kill yourself furfag

12eb99 No.10814880



[spoiler] Doesn't really matter what you jack off to if you can still get it up and impregnate a white woman

2adab6 No.10814882



f78dda No.10814883

Are all the penises shown mutilated?

a68fc8 No.10814885


oh it matters, don't kid yourself anon

9a8452 No.10814890


I (OP) have been here since dec 2014, m8.

As I've said previously, this show goes beyond the usual level of disgusting, so I thought it would be worth sharing with /pol/.

f791a4 No.10814899


suppose you've never been on TGchan huh

83606f No.10814903

File: a65374bc31f6f39⋯.png (490.89 KB, 768x768, 1:1, a65374bc31f6f39051214d8a47….png)




a68fc8 No.10814905


not until now

f791a4 No.10814938

File: 54a5ddec9ce86c8⋯.png (127.02 KB, 697x600, 697:600, 144480180358.png)

File: 0f22820f45db775⋯.jpg (159.9 KB, 600x640, 15:16, 1393554922628.jpg)


>cute art style

>pozzed to high hell




632fff No.10814942


Well, I suppose this is what this place is now. A place to share disgusting content.

Folks are getting comfortable in here. And that's one of the issues I see with western folks; they become too comfortable and get lazy. Putting in little effort to improve and better themselves. It's much easier to talk shit about the enemy and focus on dramatics than dealing with the problem directly.

It's nothing against you personally OP, I realize you're trying to share the awareness of the vice that is infecting our societies, but the more likely outcome of giving attention to these kinds of thinks is simply making them more popular and talked about. Giving them power.

The reactions of some of the folks in this thread and the other thread are no different than the leftists, just with a right-leaning perspective. Appeal to emotion, and child-like responses & colorful lolz. Further placating this supposedly national socialist board.

959164 No.10814950


It won't be long until they throw in anti-Trump wall and pro-beaner immigration propaganda you know. It's also using edgyness for the sake of hiding it's Jewry. In the end people these days see Reddit and Memey as a better type of """""comedy""""" show, and I doubt that /pol/ likes the "muh nihilism, muh March4WageGape"-tier """''"comedy""""" shit too.

959164 No.10814954



ff512d No.10815152



Brickleberry was fun for its absurdity and making fun of niggers

6975ae No.10815209

File: e6db72a0ee585b7⋯.jpg (74.6 KB, 970x582, 5:3, bd9f01c28bbcb2f0ca648e5ef1….jpg)


Top Weim M8

3d2051 No.10815248

File: cf66ecc0989f3d2⋯.png (318.47 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Jew_Art.png)


You could tell it was a Jewish artist at a glance. Time to sharpen our jewdars, fam:

I. The subject matter: Pic related is a representation of a pedo-age girl presumably examining her genitals with a mirror. The only way to make this more Jewish would be if she was filming her own asshole while she takes a shit.

II. Body proportions: Jews (Ashkenazi) score very high on verbal intelligence, but very low on visio-spatial awareness. If you've ever taken the LSAT – the test that tells you Jose sat next to Gloria, who was three places behind Marquan, but he did not sit within five slots of Eugene: which of these is tallest? – then you know the kind of thing Jews are good at, which is one reason they dominate the legal profession. But they're shit at images and visual reasoning. Witness Modern art and what goes on in most galleries these days. I'm convinced Jews actually can't see the world in a natural way. I think they all have a cognitive impairment that makes balance and symmetry almost impossible to achieve. This near-disability is probably the main emotional reason they hate whites as much as they do.

III. Body proportions Mk.2, Electric Boogaloo: Seriously, look at those proportions! Fucking HUGE legs that look foreshortened like a Robert Crumb cartoon, impossibly bulbous head with distinguishing facial features rendered in a bland, nondescript way, poor perspective, no sense of how a girl this size would lean against pillows at her back, failure to compose the surrounding objects in a pleasing or sensible way. . . these people are actually diseased, and that disease leaves an identifiable fingerprint. This cell is the cartoon equivalent of a strip mall built by a Deconstructionist.

IV. Shading: Notice how the headboard in the background is rendered with shading from an overhead light? Notice how the other objects are lit from the right, except for the lamp, which is lit from underneath and to the right? See how the "human" subject is completely unshaded, even under her razor blade chin? Again – kikes do not see humans the way we do. She is a wholly artificial intrusion on a chaotic and irrational set of background objects, which are nevertheless more real than she is.

Learn the kike style, fam. Soon, you will see it everywhere and amaze your friends by guessing the name of an ugly building's architect and predicting in advance that a crucifix floating in a puddle of puke in a bucket is the work of a Jewish artist.

c72cad No.10815284


Ishtar =/= Lilith

Goddamn kikes destroying history…

cfddee No.10815377


Ishtar/Inanna IS NOT Lilith. And the goddess who was the baby killer was Lamashtu. Lilith appears to be a kiked up conglomeration of various Mesopotamian goddesses. From what I noticed, Lilith is a mixture of Lilit, the dark side of Inanna, and Lamashtu.

ef0c83 No.10815399


>Are all the penises shown mutilated?

Haha they are if you look at 4th pic on >>10814644

5c94ed No.10815408

File: 9e4b754c17e4017⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 185x210, 37:42, 1440541439599-1.jpg)

File: 5398dbe9f21cbf9⋯.png (39.31 KB, 200x248, 25:31, 1440993773544.png)

File: 8c039ff3b65d5bd⋯.jpg (45.77 KB, 550x365, 110:73, 8c039ff3b65d5bd886fbcfa0c1….jpg)


Honestly you could make a thread and share your knowledge:

Sharpening your jewdar a beginners guide

3d2051 No.10815410

File: 41b8c17eabefaa6⋯.png (242.56 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Der_Cagenfuhrer.png)


Maybe I'll do just that, anon. Maybe I will. . .

1018d7 No.10815413

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ff512d No.10815450

File: d6d7b5bbd1b270d⋯.jpg (31.89 KB, 425x283, 425:283, vomit.jpg)


Holy fuck that last pic

70738f No.10815477

File: ee4a6c166040823⋯.png (167.44 KB, 448x419, 448:419, 953abd45234ac7ae042ac2d4ee….png)

cbb7ce No.10815480

File: 0e26567002a90e0⋯.gif (179.67 KB, 360x360, 1:1, gay.gif)


I just want to say I can't fucking stand the new cartoon style all these shows have (Rick and morty, adventure time, bubblegum, etc) the tumblr art style is so fucking simple and annoying looking.

cbb7ce No.10815490





Get the fuck off this boad furfags.

b6e2ce No.10815498

File: c0778d804eff0bd⋯.jpg (9.73 KB, 141x172, 141:172, 19037f29983f43e29367e6ff92….jpg)

da2a30 No.10815522


>earn the kike style, fam. Soon, you will see it everywhere and amaze your friends by guessing the name of an ugly building's architect and predicting in advance that a crucifix floating in a puddle of puke in a bucket is the work of a Jewish artist.

It's true, they find it amazing. In college I had a friend that was studying something out of a prep book for grad school entrance exams or whatever, and for some reason it had a table of privilege. One column was the more powerful group and the other the less powerful group. Of course it was the "Euro-American (didnt use white), non-native, U.S. born, Christian, temporarily able-bodied, heterosexual males" in the more powerful column. And in the less powerful column was "Jews, Muslims, and other non-Christians, people of color, immigrants and refugees, females, trans, and intersex" among other dumb yiddishness.

I took one look at the table and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was written by a Jew. The friend was amazed and was truly stunned that I could guess the author or company that put the book out was Jewish and asked with genuine curiosity how I could have known.

Sage for blogposting, but the takeaway here is that the good goyim dont recognize the underlying patterns of Jewish thought, motivation or ideology. They think it an act of wizardry that one can deduce the work of a Chosen by simple inspection of telltale signs and patterns. When we levy accusations against kikes, we do so from a background of understanding how elements of institutionally entrenched Jewishness are interconnected and self-reinforcing. When normalfags and good goyim hear our accusations, they only see an isolated incidents of unfounded conspiracy theories being perpetuated to legitimize anti-Semitism. Where we connect dots, they say "yeah but not every dot makes a picture" so they are legitimately baffled when we can accurately identify a picture when presented with a few dots.

8b5854 No.10815550

File: 48d1a323a93db82⋯.png (95.09 KB, 216x327, 72:109, disgusting1.png)

File: e5de99ae4b93735⋯.png (94.73 KB, 216x327, 72:109, disgusting.png)

File: 3cd1dba70195691⋯.jpg (15.26 KB, 216x327, 72:109, disgusting.jpg)



bb6867 No.10815562


I can sort of explain this. I have a niece who goes to Art Center College of Design, where Disney used to exclusively hire from back in the day. A major problem is that the majority of students have no artistic talent but the schools don't want to fail these students because their parents are connected to Hollyjew and bring in loads of dosh. These art schools have turned into expensive jewish day-care centers.

ade5c5 No.10815575


>jewish day-care centers

So just like every other college?

2b4a22 No.10815584

File: c5ac79b7d9731ea⋯.jpg (23.02 KB, 292x363, 292:363, who could it be now.JPG)

505346 No.10815592


d/w I enjoy feminine / slightly muscular looking guys but hate fags, and would probably never marry or be with a fag for a long time. This isn't just because I hate them but because they are unable to have a relationship, it's all about looks, sex and being promiscuous with other guys. Just going somewhere on grindr already tells you enough about fag culture. If you bother to actually speak and get to know those people they are shallow, empty with their only personality being that they fuck a lot of other dudes.

If you have homosexual / degenerate urges it's okay to fap to them but don't live them out since you very likely will regret it. Something that sounds good as a fantasy should remain a fantasy. Some people jack it to hardcore humiliation shit, they probably odn't want that to actually happen to them irl as well (I assume).

8fff29 No.10815602


>If you have homosexual / degenerate urges it's okay to fap to them

Get outta here fag. If you have those urges, and you are ok with jerking it to them, you need help. Begin nofap noporn immediately, cut out all porn, disavow all of it forever, and only jerk off to pure thoughts of white women in your head.

That is the only worthwhile way to deal with gay thoughts. Suppression and replacement.

ef0c83 No.10815606



401af5 No.10815607

File: 2b6cc000e870767⋯.jpg (24.11 KB, 300x260, 15:13, 1499711901905.jpg)

2a434b No.10815615


How can someone fuck that thing? Her chin is so huge that she does not look female at all. Imagine marrying someone that looks more masculine than you.

ef0c83 No.10815620

File: 26940836fa15e54⋯.png (1014.27 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 26940836fa15e543912a65b5aa….png)

Well this thread got fucked hard by degenerates it seems. We have furry faggots and now the boy lovers are entering the area. I wounder what degenerate will enter next. Traps? Flaming faggots? Race-mixers? You will all be killed there is no cure for your filth.

505346 No.10815621



Sodom is a holy place compared to wherever western European country you're from

ef0c83 No.10815626


You are a homosexual, lower than an insect, lower than dirt. There are no words I can use to describe my utter disgust, disappointment and pure hatred for your kind.

8fff29 No.10815635


I'm sure it's only holy to you, Israelanon.

Tel aviv is 25% fag.

505346 No.10815641


I'm from the Netherlands, not a jew. But I can pretend to be a jew so you can LARP your wannabe goyslave to the jews fantasy.


I'm not a homosexual. Isn't your sexuality a choice?

8fff29 No.10815647


Netherlands? Sad.

Maybe you're "based" and alright on /pol/ standards if one excludes your corrupted sexuality, but I doubt that.

Back to /r/altright

ef0c83 No.10815657


By definition of a homo this post indicates you're a flamer >>10815592

ca5f19 No.10815685


This. Jews really shouldn't do the drawing by themselves if they know what's good for them. Although, I guess the average goy artist would puke just at the thought of having to draw that kind of shit: >>10814644 .

f45604 No.10815738

File: f0f4c7bbb47d356⋯.webm (628.95 KB, 632x718, 316:359, f0f4c7bbb47d3567e7c923ecb….webm)

1018d7 No.10815813




9a8452 No.10815835


>In college I had a friend that was studying something out of a prep book for grad school entrance exams or whatever, and for some reason it had a table of privilege.

How did your friend react when you pointed this out?

a36d58 No.10815838


> I wounder what degenerate will enter next


544780 No.10815845

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What do you care?


544780 No.10816019



b5d4cd No.10816241

File: 8087cf0141bcf4c⋯.jpg (32.99 KB, 450x510, 15:17, 8087cf0141bcf4c8cce6e402e9….jpg)








>being a furfag

>not knowing you can just call yourself a monsterfag and fool people into accepting it because they don't know monsterfags are furfags





You're letting them win.


I don't think reptilians care that much. :^)


Did you not read the rest of his post?

a8bf73 No.10816276


How can you look at his billionaire face without barfing?

2eab82 No.10816301

File: 031a2b8d27e6cad⋯.jpg (25.79 KB, 480x363, 160:121, 031a2b8d27e6cad5283f91c103….jpg)






>The absolute state of /pol/

Congrats kikey

I gave you the benefit of the doubt

No more

6222f2 No.10816417

File: 63b5b8ffea7fed4⋯.png (13.26 KB, 485x450, 97:90, the nose.png)


>>inb4 its a roman nose

Whenever I see a curved nose I become suspect but you are very right about the focal point being all off.

1d2a6c No.10816499

Western animation post 2008 tends to be horrific irredeemable kike shit. I’ll stick with my Chinese cartoons over this shit any day.

3fb0df No.10816527


Double dubs of truth, the kikes got lazy with this one.

0644b2 No.10816573


>first and second picture

Okay, masturbation joke, who cares?

>third picture

Okay, this is just fucking dumb.

>fourth picture

…Friede, get my flail.

a3afcb No.10816597




What the fuck happened to my /pol/? This site has been subverted.

252e45 No.10816661

File: c96a3ae3a52ea03⋯.jpg (38.99 KB, 424x514, 212:257, 646851bs.JPG)


>all cutfags

literally every detail of this show screams "KIKE"

336a8d No.10816702

File: 332ab6eef3a444c⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 500x333, 500:333, cookingwithhitler.jpg)


This is the future our great grandparents, grandparents, and parents wanted for us.

d3653d No.10816857


WTF? I wish I hadn't clicked on that.

af67e1 No.10816950


Nice hypothesis, but the real nd simpler explanation is that no one making cartoons knows how to draw anymore whatsoever. Even those who have natural aptitude for drawing grow up imitating cartoons drawn by artists who can't draw (e.g. Adventure Time), and forced by their peers and superiors to conform to the fashionable "style."

6222f2 No.10817048

File: 4a646515410115a⋯.mp4 (8.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Truth Goes Viral.mp4)


Or perhaps to weak to overcome complete victory but they did gave you life. Know we are fighting an enemy who has more often than not attained victory in the past and while there have been some battles in our favor there also has been many more not. Still, the war continues and will not end no matter what is believed by our descents until there are no more of them because the jew knows we can still attain victory as long as the white race still lives.

ef0c83 No.10817186


Dont even use the term "cutfags" it's mutilated or intact.

cf4daa No.10817223


Yeah, and it looks like that same kike fronts for a (((popular indie rock band))). Funny how connected the kikes seem to be.

a41d51 No.10817260

File: 2b598f9d3239e45⋯.jpg (13.61 KB, 285x325, 57:65, hans luger.jpg)


its like they are anti-aesthetic. how repulsive. do these people have no love of quality and beauty

70738f No.10817350


Reminds me of Rugrats and other Illuminatoons.

b28e42 No.10817355



f791a4 No.10817382

File: ef3fe61345a4ee2⋯.jpg (208.16 KB, 749x762, 749:762, ss_obersturmfuhrer.jpg)


monsterfags were closet furfags the whole time

Color me surprised.


>trusting kikefy


Might as well trust your immigration policies to sweden then, because you were asking for it regardless.

4ef719 No.10817391


>that ID


9a8452 No.10817394



>Did you not read the rest of his post?

I did. I meant was he accused of being an antisemite after the explanation?

b845c1 No.10817582


>being this new

f6967f No.10817602


Lurk for two years before posting.

a7be05 No.10817644


You're as bad as that asshole ID: Heaven who always followed me around calling me a faggot. Good thing he didn't follow me here

d07e4b No.10817693

>not just engaging in piracy over a vpn

Don't give a dime to jews

d0ae1d No.10817921


kekd at pillow waifus

065f4e No.10818003


>why anyone would have a fertility deity in a show that denigrates the act of making kids

Subversion. Deconstruction. Same game as always. The same thing they do to 'romantic love' , 'platonic friendship' , or any honest bond between men. Anything they can get their kike hands on they warp.

b68f0f No.10818014

File: cdfd7b43e2454fb⋯.jpg (26.26 KB, 500x368, 125:92, We_Have_Such_Sights_to_Sho….jpg)


And that fashion just got popular all of a sudden and was totally uncaused, eh Newfag? Lurk for two years; it'll blow your mind what you learn.

aceaff No.10818051

File: 01f7afab6fa184b⋯.jpg (2.8 MB, 4038x2642, 2019:1321, So.Ra.No.Wo.To.full.429695.jpg)



Previously the meme was that anime had better still visuals but looked awful choppy in motion; while western had cruder stills but smoother animation. But nowadays the slants have it down to a science despite anime having its own issues with encroaching degeneracy, while the western stuff's making Tracy Ullman era Simpsons look like high water mark.

87ba97 No.10818052


When a monsterfag sees a catgirl, he likes her for her submissiveness, attentiveness, servitude, loyalty, devotion, etc. When a furfag sees a catgirl, he sees a humanoid, furry animal he wants to stick his dick into.

aca66b No.10818094


>encroaching degeneracy

anime is redpilled af and anti degenerate

f6967f No.10818105


This. SAC/Lain is a perfect vision of the future.

86e16a No.10818132

Is this the thread the Neofag rapefugees swarmed to?

d0ae1d No.10818201


/monster/ pls.

thanks for the drop tbh

d4d859 No.10818590

File: c71e0b5fd8d0892⋯.jpg (34.98 KB, 628x434, 314:217, lrhskull.jpg)



96ba3e No.10818995


I seriously miss platonic male friendships.

6bcbe0 No.10822401

932837 No.10822742


Get out, faggot

399c87 No.10822776


You deserve the slowest death.

6296c5 No.10822777

This show's art style is like they took everything that makes an entire season of Brickleberry visually unappealing and concentrated it into each episode.

88d4a3 No.10822880


There was this german term for the bond between men who fight together, but I can't find it. Something like 'blood brothers'. Maybe a germanfag knows what I'm talking about.

41c377 No.10822893


>”supposed” enemy

Are you implying that subhuman kikes aren’t the actual enemies? Not that I disagree with your point at all, but I thought that it is now beyond suppositions that kikes are the enemies and should get gassed…

41c377 No.10822903


How is platonic friendship between men homosex? I thought the term was meant to clearly specify this

8a9ed0 No.10822926

File: 133c52deca3bf5b⋯.png (608.22 KB, 585x808, 585:808, 4376tg4.png)

3af0d4 No.10824140

File: f3a187474aead91⋯.jpg (120.41 KB, 950x576, 475:288, 1145.jpg)


Also the buggy eyes and big garish mouth look very jewish, like an Egon schiele piece

507b06 No.10824180

File: 3160dca74522c7a⋯.jpg (61.62 KB, 398x599, 398:599, puppenhaft.jpg)

File: c299f33f6da20f9⋯.jpg (47.75 KB, 408x599, 408:599, necro.jpg)


>Egon schiele

His men look like puppets and his females look necro.

3ef479 No.10824205

File: 1d418a19710689d⋯.webm (4.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, War_Against_Art_-_E. Mich….webm)




pick one tbh

b4ae92 No.10824261

File: 2b7e7d392843aee⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 640x480, 4:3, people told this shit was….webm)


What the fuck man

3ef479 No.10824297

File: 2e9adb3bc3ac3dc⋯.png (365.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_1434.PNG)

fd70ff No.10824417

File: 0ae9a8982abd65f⋯.jpg (63.15 KB, 613x599, 613:599, gonna get purged.jpg)


Kill it with fire.

895e07 No.10824813


Repent or go to hell with the jews

cee19a No.10825358


its not like hes whitney cummings

25c464 No.10825412

File: 2a7de0454b9c2c8⋯.gif (2.25 MB, 305x329, 305:329, 2a7de0454b9c2c89e1107dc5fd….gif)

File: 0b7f54faa94d792⋯.png (155 B, 1x1, 1:1, bp.png)

File: 0b7f54faa94d792⋯.png (155 B, 1x1, 1:1, bp.png)




2b1df7 No.10825632


>pic 4

That's got to have been the most Jewish thing I've seen in a while

2b1df7 No.10825664


Wait is that nigger Jew telling the truth about 9/11 actually real or a shop

5bff4a No.10825696

File: c797f86f6a1724f⋯.jpg (45.3 KB, 600x338, 300:169, joozians.jpg)

cee19a No.10825712


most of the charaters in the show are canon jewish

cee19a No.10825740


its real

its played straight as a joke

3af0d4 No.10825840

File: 09a4457d5db253d⋯.png (22.27 KB, 556x585, 556:585, 1390517880829.png)


>improperly written cuckchan spoiler

5e273d No.10825935

File: 591fb5673cf4e8c⋯.jpg (266.02 KB, 960x1111, 960:1111, big mouth is degenerate ar….jpg)

I whipped this up in five minutes.

a7878a No.10827358


Well said. However I don't really know why yaoi and yuri animes exist but I suspect they only make these types of anime for the opposite sex. Yaoi anime for girls and yuri anime for boys etc.. Never seen race mixing propaganda or anti-Western culture sentiments in anime. I don't really like hentai as much though, I know it has nothing to do with anime but still. Don't know why traps exist either.

a7878a No.10827363


>that pic

How the hell did South Park get away with this without upsetting some kike shouting on about anti-Semitism?

cee19a No.10827364


because they are kikes, dumbass

a7878a No.10827385

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh yeah I forgot about that. Apperantly they were perfectly fine with making fun of the rainbowhair faggots in one whole season but then come up with another season with an episode filled with anti-Trump and pro-Hillary shilling.

82a3b3 No.10827412

File: bf39ae7de429e6a⋯.gif (492.92 KB, 234x400, 117:200, 1507947345381.gif)


god fucking damn it





37efc6 No.10827418

File: 86551ba0f15043a⋯.jpg (242.43 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, eraserhead1.jpg)


watched it muted. holy shit

12d568 No.10827423

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

37efc6 No.10827432

File: 5a60414e41f4e04⋯.jpg (43.85 KB, 569x506, 569:506, 1498376928864.jpg)


i've listened to that before, thanks though i needed a refresher listen. its all so depraved out there, and we are all too busy with work and life to stop these sickos, it gets depressing you know?

12d568 No.10827528


It is depressing anon. But that's no reason to feel defeated or to stop fighting. Improve yourself and in it you will improve others.

9a8452 No.10829695

b5ea1b No.10835453

File: 38e4b0151f6ee0c⋯.png (248.38 KB, 624x436, 156:109, guts.png)


>4th pic

544780 No.10835483


6a969b No.10835501

File: 779bad024e0629e⋯.jpg (96.74 KB, 620x416, 155:104, WORST KOREA IN A NUTSHELL.jpg)



Keep in mind that vast majority of NTR and "strong independent slut" hentai authors are either gooks or cryptogooks.

7fd656 No.10835531

File: eecef9fb7c71a66⋯.png (1 MB, 891x695, 891:695, 1433996347047.png)


Especially for the last one, Why? Just why?

ceb17b No.10836183

File: f95104e22b7bab1⋯.png (595.57 KB, 1131x1154, 1131:1154, f95104e22b7bab19bdfd75be5f….png)


Can we kill television now? Like god damn son, those are cut cocks.

4f5f0b No.10836233

File: b20602ce3e46e92⋯.jpg (107.32 KB, 363x461, 363:461, sell cute.jpg)


>Don't know why traps exist either.

Just to show one more thing men are better at than women.

81b11c No.10836427


Is that NATO or what?

81b11c No.10836445

File: 5686cb48d024bb4⋯.jpg (53.08 KB, 450x510, 15:17, Eliminate.jpg)


What are those characters from? I want to save those images but I'm afraid they're from something gay.

81b11c No.10836459


Anon, where are you reading this from?

99f83e No.10836513


Do you have the full translated speech? Anyone?

81b11c No.10836514

File: bec7af3300799f8⋯.png (5.53 MB, 1832x2975, 1832:2975, animenow.png)


Post proof.



You must have seen very little anime then. Anime is very general, and is a niche market. You get a variety of content—all anime means is "animation from Japan". Saying anime is one whole thing is like saying Western animation is all one thing because of what is aired nowadays—it's incorrect.





And stay


or lurk more, faggot.


>well said

No it wasn't. If it was well said, I wouldn't have suspected him to be a normalfaggot.

Yaoi, yuri, traps, and all hentai are degenerate. I've seen no race-mixing propaganda as of yet but some anti-Western sentiments are present in some anime.

Daily reminder that the Japs wanted to keep the West out of Asia during the War, and wanted to be left alone away from us and (((them))), which is why Hitler found solidarity with the Nips.


Kill yourself you literal nigger.

544780 No.10836656


Sick, sick people

We must show humanity love and sacrifice them all

88d4a3 No.10836893

File: 841c66b65ca351e⋯.jpg (129.69 KB, 480x446, 240:223, Co7_iQMWAAApwqm.jpg)


Hot diggity, I found it.

It's called Männerbund.

544780 No.10836934


>This cell is the cartoon equivalent of a strip mall built by a Deconstructionist.


7004a7 No.10836973


A timeless classic

6f8947 No.10836997


To play devil's advocate for a moment, it would be forgiveable for the character not to be shaded, simply because they're not a static image, and would have many frames of animation; if you wanted to (((save money))) and lower production costs, simplifying your characters that are seen every scene adds up immensely in the long run.

Of course, that doesn't excuse this awful jewish trash from existing

9d5709 No.10836999


It is because stupid, untalented people are everywhere. Everything is simplified to the point of banality. It is not just cartoons either. Graphical design, printed works, GUIs… It is all a big mess.

544780 No.10837014



544780 No.10837015


The interview is more… sickening

b0f2e1 No.10837036


They are using anime with their ooga booga music too. They only used SJ shit from what i seen.

544780 No.10837453


I am so glad you anime safespace is getting pozzed.

2af7ee No.10837589






Wasn't this "animu" being funded by Netflix AND being animated in an american studio? I don't remember seeing a japanese studio animating the blackimu.

399c87 No.10837602


>American Sorosflix funded “anime”

>same thing as actual Japanese animation


ec8597 No.10837648


animated by a korean shitfarm, storyboarding done by Studio fucking DEEN.

cd1d9e No.10837796


Yes but the anime the niggers are using in their ooga booga music is from SJ, Shonen Jump. They brought in Bleach, DBZ, Naruto, One Piece.

They love referencing to naruto too.

cd1d9e No.10837811


Dont wish misery upon, nigger. last i seen japan is last standing. Niggers getting excited about anime means more pressure from kikes for nigger population in japan which equals to blackpills.

it is also your problem too faggot.

2af7ee No.10837838


But the only thing they watch is dragon ball, right? What else would they even watch?

f346ab No.10838347


I don't think it's very popular. Renewing it is just another attempt to manipulate consumers. As companies have decided is preferably to delivering to demand in the 21st century.

7141d3 No.10839609


Super and Naruto. Like i said, only SJ Tier stuff. Even though I heard they watch Jojo too. Don't forget those half bred nigger japs push this too.

a9241d No.10861849

File: 62ff7c6bde7d43f⋯.gif (445.63 KB, 499x408, 499:408, 1500178578555.gif)

94e036 No.10862450

File: 6b0c535b9ee84f4⋯.webm (9.99 MB, 620x348, 155:87, their world and ours.webm)


So while our kids and young adults waste away giggling to this sort of abominations, the youth of the rest of the world are learning the skills needed to take us over


349a77 No.10862494

>right off the bat, just by looking at one image, ignore this cartoon since it's obviously

progressive social justice made garbage

>some of my friends tell to me to watch saying that it's funny

>watch one episode, all my prejudices and hate are confirmed

377305 No.10862650


>temporarily able-bodied

Uh oh

377305 No.10862682

File: 34e86bfcf48702c⋯.png (142.86 KB, 1193x439, 1193:439, you could tell that big mo….png)

File: edb0cb42d0ff72b⋯.png (209.37 KB, 1171x696, 1171:696, you could tell that big mo….png)


Very well spoken, anon. Screencapped. Also, here's a version that additionally includes >>10815522 .

b5472f No.10862722

File: fe278537fde9863⋯.png (647.99 KB, 1024x894, 512:447, 1491173737298.png)

File: 740673d5fa95254⋯.jpg (177.16 KB, 1885x532, 1885:532, 1491257731145.jpg)

File: d8319e068873383⋯.jpg (79.95 KB, 850x1224, 25:36, 1491319960028.jpg)








There is literally nothing wrong with liking fur you fucking goons. Go somewhere else if you don't like it. /pol/ is a fur board.

(dangerously cheesy)

78d572 No.10864047

File: 7e28b829889f59b⋯.jpg (21.14 KB, 618x340, 309:170, Kirk.jpg)


>Where we connect dots, they say "yeah but not every dot makes a picture" so they are legitimately baffled when we can accurately identify a picture when presented with a few dots.

22cf27 No.10865448


It was most likely an arranged marriage.

011711 No.10869296

File: 80ddc66abc05634⋯.jpg (83.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

I convinced my Mom to cancel Netflix today. Now we'll have more money for tendies!

d70112 No.10869379

File: 45676aa08d4b7ec⋯.jpg (262.35 KB, 695x900, 139:180, 456.jpg)


>/pol/ is a fur board

Gott strafe horsefuckers, faggot

8f4488 No.10869495

File: 2eec3172fa80658⋯.jpg (140.99 KB, 800x596, 200:149, bigmouth.jpg)


Big Mouth also has satanic/biblical references, and Jewish self awareness.

There's a reference in the name of the show as well.


c8dbad No.10869509


He is indeed implying that, but from that perspective of the warped anons he is talking about. They say the Jew is their enemy, yet worship the material produced by the Jew.

7e4b07 No.10869774


Gotta be a huge fucking fag to like this garbage.

f94529 No.10869824


Is pic 4 real? It seems like they'd have trouble being that overt on what I assume is supposed to be a kids show. Is it allowed to depict that because it is a netflix show that isn't being aired on television?

334c65 No.10869826


They're from some drawthreads on here in 2015, gone now.

6deb36 No.10869860

File: a62c3f0de03f03b⋯.jpg (1011.84 KB, 3000x2983, 3000:2983, 1012372__safe_artist-colon….jpg)


It's rated TV-MA. It is not for kids, or adults for that matter.

63cca4 No.10869864


Huge fag here.

We don't like it either.

e8d600 No.10869902


ed edd and eddy had that effect on me. the drawing looks morbid as fuck. its like it wanted to be kid friendly but look like ren and stimpy for some reason

9c6b2c No.10869911


you cant spell coincidence without coin

02a41e No.10869943


Well, the Coincide Detector goes off like a madman.

c505d2 No.10869946


Every fucking time.

03d580 No.10869985


What these threads should entail is simply finding the locations and routines of these purveyors of degeneracy and telling (or rather, indirectly hoping) an anon around the area to do what they will with the information and that's the end of it. Then toast in a subsequent victory/news thread

7b75c4 No.10870018


My sister said this show was awful.

So I guess they don't like money.

7b75c4 No.10870019


What are you? A fag?

774bdc No.10884828


Japan's Kikes are called 'Zainichi'.

The Koreans are the Jews of Japan.

774bdc No.10884846






I haven't watched anime in a while.

In general, it's better than (((mainstream TV))) in the West, but it's definitely not as good now as 10-20 years ago.

(But maybe things are getting better recently, though I kind of doubt it– there's always exceptions to the rule).

The main reasons are that:

1) They don't use del animation anymore; everything is done with computers so the soul and artistic expression of the piece is lost

2) There is lots of outsourcing, for example, to Koreans, and Koreans have a big influence in the Japanese media

3) Women are having an increasing large role in things, an example being Im@s Cinderella Girls, which SUCKED because the new female director was totally incompetent (I really liked "The Idolmaster")

5cee7a No.10885263


Literally the past three episodes have been about shitting on trump.

>We are not all bad witches! Its just this one guy!

<We are good goys! He is just the nazi!

>Cartman is not treating his girlfriend right and she is not realizing how bad he is messing things up. It feels like everyone is dealing with Cartman!

<Trump is a bad goy! Americans are too stupid for supporting him!

The last episode literally has Paul Ryan talking about how they need to fix things with the president.

ff5f83 No.10891050

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

First openly gay child character to come out while walking a tightrope, wearing teal elephant costume, while balancing a pewter bowling pin on their nose.


36f64a No.10891172


The ratings on this Jewish garbage are terrible. Why would they renew it? Oh right… They're Jews.

91ad27 No.10892166

File: 7bf5fb9c2f4bce4⋯.jpg (118.34 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, takemymoney.jpg)


Good post.

91ad27 No.10892184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




738313 No.10892289



(((cal arts style)))

ddf3cd No.10892513

File: 78c2b62fb3bd3ff⋯.jpg (858.21 KB, 1018x1599, 1018:1599, richard willaims.jpg)




I can kinda explain this. I studied Animation and Illustration briefly before realizing I was fooled into taking out loans to study a hobby, and dropped out. I didn't go to CalARTS, but I attended the College for Creative Studies, which is a half-decent art school in the Midwest. Especially its Illustration program. A common subject of conversation was CalARTS, and it's domination in the Art-School market. Going there gives you the best head start in the art world, especially if you're motivated, have industry connections(Which aren't that hard to make at all if you have money. Seriously, you just need to travel to conventions and conferences and chit-chat), and can make a great portfolio to showcase your work.

CalARTS was funded by Disney, and still gets funding from them, and they usually snatch their best and brightest to animate for Disney. paying the 48k a year to go to CalArts is basically "Easy Pass" to get your work viewed first by Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, ect. CalArts used to be an extremely exclusive school for only the highest talented artists America had. They switched instead to inflating their prices to law-school levels, so only rich connected hollywood Jews could afford to send their talentless kids there. Jews, and other wealthy whites with connections to the entertainment industry. They offer a few scholarships, but you need to be a crazily skilled artist to even think of obtaining them.

TL:DR instead of searching for the best Artistic talent America has, they just raised the costs of tuition so rich Hollywood types could ensure their kids get work in Animation, rather than average Americans who bust their asses learning the fundamentals.

Read Pic related, too. It's a quote from the Animator's Survival Kit, the best book for learning animation. It's author details why art schools shit out talentless hacks, and why the quality of Western art has dropped.

ff5f83 No.10892988

This show deserves to be ridiculed and shamed, similarly to how shows like "Friends" were shamed for being overtly White.

c537a7 No.10906399

The porn of this show is unimpressive but we should post it.

790927 No.10906451


>Ships now have tumors

>No classical music

>No roman/greek pillars inside the ships

>Everyone is fujoshit and looke the same

Disgusting cash grab.

2ac777 No.10906717

File: 04c5212a501a22d⋯.png (275.88 KB, 883x603, 883:603, jewish art in.1.png)

File: 4cfadd294768799⋯.png (632.74 KB, 1327x607, 1327:607, jewish art in.2.png)

File: ab87eb857eef03f⋯.png (676.66 KB, 939x599, 939:599, jewish art beneath eiffelt….png)





I show you Jew art.

Those pics are from that kike on instagram who has done lots of stuff with those two figures (black and white). Most of his images have black figures killing white figures, here and there are some white figures killing whites and black killing black figures, but most contain of this stuff. Apparently there's one beneath the Eiffel tower, but that one is more unite themed. He has uploaded around 350 and i found alot of those under the 50 image mark. I'll post what i capped the last time.

2ac777 No.10906721

File: c918d976812189d⋯.png (348.81 KB, 825x609, 275:203, jewish art 3.png)

File: 3f6f47d69b28909⋯.png (429.64 KB, 933x599, 933:599, jewish art 4.png)

File: b9b5e8378bb7607⋯.png (879.19 KB, 937x601, 937:601, jewish art 5.png)

File: 4158e44ea144e86⋯.png (719.9 KB, 933x597, 311:199, jewish art 6.png)

2ac777 No.10906724

File: 42cca90d189fbb2⋯.png (385.17 KB, 877x597, 877:597, jewish art 7.png)

File: 60f0064da052bd5⋯.png (321.39 KB, 931x599, 931:599, jewish art 8.png)

File: df91a29db648c90⋯.png (390.18 KB, 931x601, 931:601, jewish art 9.png)

File: 4f6c1a4f083d04e⋯.png (383.42 KB, 933x595, 933:595, jewish art 10.png)

2ac777 No.10906732

File: 22997b6fc252d7f⋯.png (613.15 KB, 923x599, 923:599, jewish art.png)

d442c3 No.10906842

File: 2501a46856d7d9b⋯.png (125.35 KB, 320x247, 320:247, furious Fred Flintstone.png)


>juden pissing in something that was once pure and beautiful

Says it all, really.

d6f9b4 No.10906925



Nick Kroll

3327 Tica Dr

Los Angeles, CA 90027-1301

(917) 930-8259 - Wireless

(914) 967-4995 - Landline

(212) 260-1438 - Landline

(586) 909-4534 - Wireless

(323) 424-3456 - Landline

(615) 297-0576 - Landline




Andrew Goldberg

4921 Agnes Ave

Valley Village, CA 91607-3704

(818) 505-3041 - Landline

(914) 428-7958 - Landline


15260 Ventura Blvd #1040

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-5345

(603) 781-2581 - Wireless

(310) 289-0853 - Landline

(310) 285-0022 - Landline

(323) 962-9726 - Landline

(313) 645-5787 - Wireless

(831) 246-1700 - Wireless



Possible Businesses

Great Big International

Ste 1040 Sherman Oaks Ca 91403-

Fathouse Incorporated

15260 Ventura Blvd Ste 1040sherman Oaks Ca 91403

65e18b No.10912749


they never shilled Hillary. South Park is still relatively pilled for being mainstream

eb39e2 No.10912806

File: 37b4b91e653b408⋯.png (251.29 KB, 860x468, 215:117, moonman-a-shit.png)

b2870e No.10913339

>>10814644 (checked)

>those noses and kippah

Kikes are not hiding it anymore.

e31c24 No.10913575


Damn, this is a great post. Didn't even notice all the poorly constructed parts of this until you pointed them out.

Which western cartoons look like they were made by non-demons?

63cca4 No.10913603


and once again, I'm proven right, the biggest idiots on the planet do own yahoo accounts.

b2870e No.10913650

>>10815522 (checked)


>less powerfull

I wonder who wrote that book

eee985 No.10914600


>looking at this unironically

Its current year +2.

d6f9b4 No.10927574

File: 0f5f77105cb6144⋯.png (380.34 KB, 2470x1168, 1235:584, 1511067696258.png)

GUYS, Nick Kroll's dad owns a spy agency like Black Cube


7509ca No.10927626


moonman and kampfy are shit and always have been shit. This is nothing new.

7ca8dc No.10928007

File: 6cef4ebe2bfafbb⋯.png (1.02 MB, 728x696, 91:87, 6ce.png)

File: 5d0e33feeebdcb8⋯.jpg (175.19 KB, 796x621, 796:621, Mfw monster girls content ….jpg)

File: 4f4633e3a2f0552⋯.jpg (59.65 KB, 557x605, 557:605, 4f4633e3a2f0552ee68662ffea….jpg)



JoJo and Berserk are pretty based tbh fam

422fe2 No.10928036


they cousin fuck and uncle niece fuck. overtime the kikes could look Japanese. they did it with blonde hair and blue eyed white women in europe. they outbred just enough to pick up some recessive traits. then inbred the recessive traits while maintaining damn near 70 to 80 percent Jewish purity.

b76095 No.10928066

File: e42fc9ad5c4a942⋯.jpg (327.19 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, e42.jpg)


>Chinese cartoons

Faggot the best cartoons are from the honorary Aryan nation of Nihon desu.

ae6e9f No.10928422


>posts indonesian cartoon

>rants about hiroshima

well aren't you new

f32caf No.10930715


….when were (((adult themed))) cartoons ever considered pure?

b5becc No.10930956


Agreed anon

b5becc No.10930962

someone should just call and say 6 million my ass lol

98694d No.10931896


And people wonder why I hate Jews.

98694d No.10931899

6e62a1 No.10932116

File: 38f7f09e7b1197d⋯.jpg (178.1 KB, 638x1440, 319:720, Politicians.jpg)


I have to agree that all western cartoons are just trash these days, from Teen Titans Go to South Park and anything made by Seth Mcfarlane. It all is filled with degenerate bath-room tier humour, poor animation and worthless plot. Anybody would be better off reading a book or watching older movies or anime. Of course not all anime or old movies are good, but they're a lot better than 90% of the trash on air today.

Also this trash is rated mature, but lets face it children will be influenced by it even if they just see it in passing as their older siblings watch it, the make of this deserves the rope.

3ced5b No.10932438

File: 2d8f4855784cd8f⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 214x317, 214:317, MV5BYTgzNDJjNzgtZjdhMC00MD….jpg)


It all went to shit after Looney Tunes.

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