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Odious Memes

File: afd114776d900ef⋯.jpeg (67.75 KB, 600x900, 2:3, BobSurplus.jpeg)

45180f No.10841879

Shadilay brothers! A few months of digging and we've uncovered some major bullshit in the crypto market.

tl:dr = Kikes and chinks are manipulating the market. One (((Bob Surplus))) pic related, is the big lead in massive pump and dump scams, and he's blood relatives with Mossad, most likely money laundering for them. The founders of Etherium are also connected, and currently working QTUM with a chink named "Patrick Dai" (Shuai Chu) who has worked with (((Bob))) repeatedly in the past.


(archive not working for linkdin)

Dai/Chu and (((Bob))) have repeatedly ran pump and dump scams on numerous coins. They crushed bitBAY most notably, as well as Shellcoin and Tilepay. (((Bob))) even stooped as low as to trying to pump and dump Pepecoin.


Shua Chu/Dai is working inside of QTUM with numerous ETH founders and (((angel investors))) to create the next big scam. THIS is the reason China has been passing so many regulations on crypto currency recently! that and tax evasion. QTUM is as complicated of a scam as the Nevada Shooting was though. There seems to be a chink element, a (((mossad))) element, numerous greedy shekelsteins, a namechanging chink conman who's astonishingly survived conning kikes and numerous tech figures, and a coked up israeli named (((bob surplus))) who seems to launder money for Mossad while making a killing in the process. When will it break? What will china do? What happens if Mossad gets caught in this and pisses off china?

<more incoming.

45180f No.10841958

Schuai Chu: Aliases

Patrick Dai, Dai Xu Guang, Stephen Dai.

<relevant links



>Smith and crown article

Note this article defends him. Smith and Crown are ran by a chink who worked with an Eth founder who is invested in QTUM.










This one's important because it shows how he does it all as an inside job.



88a0e5 No.10841962

is bitcoin implicated?

751efb No.10841964


Big if true

b43998 No.10841992

File: a830db731a6b526⋯.png (3.44 MB, 993x11130, 331:3710, Chinks, gooks, cucks and c….png)

File: 66d508d35706a5d⋯.png (583.33 KB, 1381x751, 1381:751, John riggins the possible ….png)

File: 2b4fae33b5c9b43⋯.png (4.36 MB, 1381x14283, 1381:14283, John Scianna's shoulder ru….png)

File: 86136db0329959d⋯.png (552.49 KB, 997x765, 997:765, heresy.png)

Dark Researcher here.

This entire ball of wax is fucked up, we have a chink with multiple identities that sit on separate companies CEO positions, competitor companies. Second, said chink is a former manager of Alibaba, and is highly connected within the chinese government.

Three, his marketing people, VANBEX, is a shell company run by a gook, a drug smuggler felon and an underage boy heavily implied to have fucked said gook, with none of the three having any RL experience in programming, only sales (phonebanking).

Four, part of the team are known scammers. The chink is part of a long list of pump and dump scams, and SurplusBob the kike his partner in crime, is extremely stereotypical. He launders cash by using it to buy ICOs up, causing their prices to skyrocket, and then dumping them onto poor saps that bought into the hype. This allows him to make a lot of profit quick, and hides the bloodcash from prying eyes. He also has fucked with Pepecoin, and has directly blasphemed KEK. He must pay for his heresy. The thing that makes bob a target is that his team is fucking notorious in that every new ICO is either a pump and dump by him, or becomes one after he gets involved. He charges 2 BTC to join his investors group, and then hthey are now in on what coin he's pumping and dumping next and then they profit immensely. He's brazen about it, and his use of sockpuppets on bitcointalk.

Fifthly, this looks like a crash bomb. QTUM is a block-chain as a service company, meaning that other businesses and ICOs are going to be tied to it. When QTUM is dumped, all the values of these coins will crash as well, and then their wealthy buyers will buy them at fire-sale prices and corner the Asian Bitcoin market, just when China says it might Go cashless.

45180f No.10842002

Now for Bitse. QTUM is closely tied to the team of Bitse. Play Spot the kike time! Dai/Chu is a cofounder of BitSe while the marketing director

for QTUM, John Scianna, QTUM’s marketing director, is also the PR manager for BitSe, and writer for Bitcoinist.



88a0e5 No.10842029


>unsymmetrical face


reaching pretty far there don't you think?

triggered me cause reasons

66d8fb No.10842036

File: c64f95527b53f4c⋯.gif (81.57 KB, 360x360, 1:1, burn-in_360.gif)


I have no doubt that these people all deserve the rope, but the crypto markets have always had their little hive of scum and villany and generally the only people that these hacks hurt are retards who fall for their transparent scams. Why even waste time with them when they are a drop in the ocean of crypto liquidity?

b43998 No.10842058

Oh and heres a podcast detailing the entire fail and fuckup that is his promotions company, Vanbex. https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/patreon-posts/5Q2KZGTiEVKh-VKCRFadItSe9HTQ8yYpEvWAoXeXju1O-LTGW-1w7z6bqHHVI_jV.mp3 Gets fun at nine minutes in.


China is planning to go cashless. They plan to replace physical money with bitcoins. If the crashbuy goes right, a tiny portion of chink billionaires will basically utterly control china's economy, lock stock and barrell. And then they will fuck over everyone else and this will allow the jews to jump ship from USA to chinkland after sinking the boat. It's not just scum and villiany this time, it's a major move in the great game, control of one of the biggest economies on earth in the hands of a few kikes and turning btc into shekelstein control money is not something to joke about. Besides, a crash in the right place would destablize every thing.

472f43 No.10842090

China just recently instated a credit system to see how worthy you are to the state, as well. Add to that some surveillance (not on US level, yet) and it sounds like kikes may make China tech distopia… Though, it's not like what all I've said isn't already in the US. Look into the Phoenix Dollar, it's basically what OP is getting towards. Jews' wet dream of a one world currency is the Phoenix Dollar - electronic and immovable when you need it most.

I'm really curious about the future of China. These fucks have been entrenched in Jews since Mao. I wonder if they eventually make us go to war with chinks or we all just blend in. Probably the latter, but no one knows the future. The ride never ends.

b43998 No.10842119

File: 437e39a41ee8152⋯.jpg (1022.9 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, A team of soyboys.jpg)


>Bitcoin is booming in Asian markets and mobile transactions are increasingly popular in industries where cash used to be king, like shopping abroad. The Chinese mobile payment platform Alipay announced this week its tap-and-go system soon will be compatible for shopping at more than 4 million American stores, strategically marketing to Chinese students and tourists in the U.S.

>Mobile payment apps are already commonplace across China. A recent survey conducted by Beijing Youth Daily found 70 percent of Chinese internet users thought carrying cash was no longer necessary.

>Sean Walsh, a partner at Redwood City Ventures who specializes in collaborations between American and Chinese bitcoin companies, noticed during a trip to China this month most of his Chinese colleagues constantly used Alipay’s instant messaging partner WeChat. “Everybody uses WeChat to pay for everything,” he told International Business Times. “The Chinese regulators in the government are actually very supportive of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.”

>Meanwhile, Beijing media outlet Caixin reported Wednesday that the People’s Bank of China is considering new cryptocurrency regulations in response to the skyrocketing interest Chinese businessmen have in digital tender like bitcoins. Business Insider reported that, as of January, the Chinese yuan made up “nearly 100 percent of all bitcoin trading.” Many experts now suspect China will become the first modern country to stop printing paper money altogether.

>The writing is already on the wall. The chief of China’s central bank, Zhou Xiaochuan, reportedly said the Chinese government plans slowly to eliminate cash and develop a national blockchain currency. The government doesn’t plan to adopt bitcoin as Chinese legal tender, but it definitely is investing in official bitcoin regulation. This represents a dramatic shift for Chinese regulators, who temporarily shut down all Chinese bitcoin exchanges in 2014. Xiaochuan admitted the transition would be a slow process.


b43998 No.10842127


Smith and Crown's lead, Lisa Cheng, is co owner of the aforementioned VanBex, and everything about them is total fail. And frankly, I think we can use this entire thing as a way to exert our power on a larger scale. Weaponized, financial autism.

45180f No.10842214


So the real question is if the chink government is in on this, perhaps a plan to discredit bitcoin, or if they're being jewed.

b43998 No.10842235


I'm thinking hostile takeover by a bunch of rich Chink kikes, using this bag of soybeans as useful idiots.

472f43 No.10842247

short crypto?

45180f No.10842253


A lot of the ETH crew is in on this, so they would definitely stand to gain from that.

b82289 No.10842418

File: 1b1b4a30c459474⋯.jpg (60.58 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 325342564644.jpg)


>china moving to regulate bitcoin transactions

I was under the impression that the reason many chinks clamoured for bitcoin was because it was a way to store or transfer their wealth. I know the renminbi was being artificially depreciated by the chink govt, so has the wave of rats fleeing a sinking ship passed then?

if not, wouldn't many of these chink investors would move to some new unregulated crypto once the chicoms got their grubby mitts on bitcoin?

jew aspirations aside, china has simply too many people with a taste for capitalism now to be able to actually control the clusterfuck of an economy they have. What's stopping the chinks moving to dogecoin or whatever can keep their disgusting little gravy train rolling?

10cabb No.10842707


Interesting. A chink just told me china released a rating system that tells people if you are polite, pay bills on time etc. I didn't think of linking it to state controlled currency but I should have.

b43998 No.10844094

The other thing I'm noticing is how fucked up every new ICO is. The entire Altcoins market is a scam, pump and dumps galore.

You might just call this the Death of Libertarianism.

Because in such a society, scams are part of the free market, and once they get impressive miliage, few people will be honest

And Bitcoins are all basically Pump and dumps, or become pump and dumps via kikes like Surplus Bob

There is no honesty in said place, To Quote from Bioshock two, They think theres some magical ghost market that makes it all go right, while i say the markets a blind whore too dim to spot a wooden nickel.

And now andy ryan is a ghost, and I whittled nickels til I made a mint

Basically all these systems can only safely function in a high trust White only society, one free of chinks and jews

7556ae No.10844638


45180f No.10844931


That's what happens when it's a mix of greedy kikes, unrealistic dreamers who think that their coin will "change everything" and a bunch who just want to make a quick buck.

1d7470 No.10852952

File: ec4fe96da98f181⋯.png (128.79 KB, 784x853, 784:853, Dai linked in 2.png)

File: 6b5b059f7aeddbc⋯.png (112.88 KB, 621x746, 621:746, Dai linked in1.png)

69670a No.10854491



Is Alibaba possibly involved?

5ddc06 No.10854570


facial symmetry is something that kikes dont have

b3fc9b No.10854609


Why would China go cashless after getting OPEC to trade oil in Yuan? The transfer of economic power from the US to China was set into motion in the seventies and is now coming into fruition, hence people like Jim Rogers living in Asia.

1b7476 No.10854681


20477d No.10854903

File: a0e883dffe20ccc⋯.jpg (135.06 KB, 480x473, 480:473, Karpeles.jpg)


ignore the crypto shills

anyone involved in commenting on crypto is either a) a banker astroturf trying to create doubt in crypto or b) someone with a trade position that's trying to push people to act in a way that moves the market to their benefit.

remember a couple months ago when 'niggercoin' was being shilled hard and you kept hearing "download the waves wallet and buy a few so we get noticed and news articles get written!"? well did anyone who actually knew about crypto try and figure out how to mine it themselves? could you actually find a wallet without using waves? no? exactly. that's because some asshole(s) mined it exclusively and were trying to sell it to you through the waves wallet.

all this said, i do think eth is a scam but i'm sick of the thinly veiled "guise! quick! buy/sell x" bs. anyone with experience in the crypto market will know exactly what i'm talking about here.

69670a No.10855835

File: 8068f75e8fc0776⋯.jpg (22.08 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 8068f75e8fc0776c2d721b570e….jpg)


Thats because they hire shills, something we should have no trouble spotting by now. Good advice though. Fuck, even the crypto news sites are ran by shills. Vanbex group explicitly, while the more neutral ones just are pay to play. Going price to get a fucking crypto news story aired right now is .5btc!!!

rofl, niggercoin guy filtered me in that thread.

1d7470 No.10857893

File: 79b05ee3b69c6d9⋯.png (71.48 KB, 1423x774, 1423:774, Kevin Hobbs the Drug Smugg….png)

File: f8747c970acc497⋯.png (178.99 KB, 689x2188, 689:2188, Vanbex former Employee dri….png)

File: ff633d8abaab392⋯.png (79.65 KB, 675x1202, 675:1202, Vanbex Former Employee1.png)


Vanbex is run by Kevin Hobbs, a former oil derrick worker with felony drug smuggling/ moneylaundering convictions, Lisa Cheng a former call center sales drone, and a 16 year old kid hired as Project Manager because he was banging Lisa.

Kevin got caught with a briefcase full of undeclared cash and cocaine because he did a line before going to the airport and it was found on his briefcase handle and the lapel of his suit.

Thirdly, neither of the teams heads or their other teammates know ANYTHING about software, only shilling and sales, and they are threatening former employees with legal action for telling others about their fucked up business decisions even though Vanbex broke their contracts and ground them into dust.

1d7470 No.10858130


Yes, Patrick Dai/Stephen Dai/Shuai Chu is a former manager for Alibaba, and in-order to get that position you need to be very connected, and very corrupt, or very wealthy already to bribe people to give your bribes to other people they know to get you those positions.

6f0d99 No.10863014

File: 119641285525bdb⋯.gif (3.21 MB, 473x473, 1:1, 1509909075345.gif)


I am never selling! Really though should I sell all my ETH based alts… ahhhh!

3cbb08 No.10863068


>Dark Researcher here.

<This entire ball of wax is fucked up,

>He also has fucked with Pepecoin, and has directly blasphemed KEK

<Dark Dank memer Researcher here.

>that face looks odd must be a heebrew


69670a No.10864284


Faggot, be happy he's digging kikes in crypto and not posting the absolute horrors of degeneracy.

1d7470 No.10867222

File: dd9bd4ecb72d280⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.25 MB, 2016x2824, 252:353, Whores and Jews, a match m….jpg)

File: 084791e2897de13⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 222.46 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, A bit too far.jpg)

File: 95cc55e9cba30ab⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.79 KB, 500x281, 500:281, The Eunuchmaker in action.jpg)

File: da78aefab492457⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 338.85 KB, 1469x765, 1469:765, Bob's castration and silic….png)

File: f1ba65b2d2be407⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 480x852, 40:71, Just_gay_tumblr_oje0wjRhdD….mp4)


Is that a challenge?

1d7470 No.10875064


1d7470 No.10883656

File: 517e71337c53a2e⋯.png (184.03 KB, 565x576, 565:576, DJ Quan.png)

File: 0b2199dd768ce80⋯.png (202.49 KB, 1381x751, 1381:751, pisa.png)

File: 9b3e18d5f8f4f2b⋯.png (653.57 KB, 1363x2655, 1363:2655, Qtum team and proof.png)

Finally found my screencaps!

dd7974 No.10887258


Bitcoin isn’t designed to be used as China’s currency. Whole notion is ridiculous.

Also, it’s not possible to dump PepeCoin. What looks like dumping is merely the absence of pump.

723bd1 No.10889412

On behalf of BitBay, thank you for your research. It is invaluable to us to have this story told, albeit in a manner that is generally unsuitable for the public at large.

The crimes of Patrick Dai, Bob Surplus, and inevitably Mossad himself will be answered for in due time.

This is the GamerGate of crypto.

adbd95 No.10889588


China has strict currency controls so they sometimes use Bitcoin to get around it.

adbd95 No.10889594

The current rise of BTC is due to all the money laundering that has been going on post-Trump.

Now that SA isn't dumping funds into Bitcoin anymore at the same rate (to funnel to operatives and politicians, etc) it will go down, most likely.

1648b0 No.10889603


Bitcoin's been co-opted by Blockstream (they received $66M in funding from banking sector).

Their crime is simply that they've crippled its utility by capping the blocksize and refusing any compromise.

It's possible that right now, because 2X fork got canned, that the backup plan to crash BTC with no survivors and re-crown BCH as BTC is in action.

Rumor is that around 70% of the mining power will be shifting over to BCH on the 13th of this month.

Long term, this is actually a good thing. BTC wouldn't scale with (((Core))) at the helm, but BCH will.

69670a No.10893019

File: 3f3656118895ac7⋯.jpg (52.36 KB, 550x309, 550:309, Yajirou-550x309.jpg)


Heil'd. China is an oddball. On one side of the coin, they hate crypto because it is a means to work against their control mechanisms, while on the other side, they can make profit using it.



Yep that was another one. Jews jewing jews. Any relevant info you can provide?


>not possible

We could always try to short the kike on this one. Pump pepe until the kikes buy in, and dump it before they can.

689411 No.10894117


holy jesus tripple trips of god aweful on that last mp4 fuck my eyeballs.

>>10841879 >>10841958

Separately, to the op and 'coin general, any singular asian by themselves is not diagnostic, nor prognostic, alone. But any group is, with group being defined as: 2 or more for chinks, or 1+1/2 gook pussy enraptured gooks, or 1 female of any unknown Asian/Cannibal/Jew origin. For these, all group photos are State operations. State operations, run by squirrels (in the USA) and hives (in China).

Separately #2, since circa 2000, there haven't been many non-Asian/non-Jew angel investors. Since circa 2005 and then 2007, this became almost zero non-Asian/Jew angel investors. Since circa 2015, there has been an odd rise in some Nips, but I suspect it's mostly due to Yen fuckery, and these have not revealed their intents (they did step back in 2016 when pointed out, but they're at it again).

In summation and applied, all photos of chink hive, are photos of chink hive, not of individuals. Likewise, all investors are China Communist State operators, a new definition of investor quite antagonistic to older definitions.

>>10857893 >>10844094

Thank you.


More status update required? Yes, Blockstream did their thing, which used the excuse of muh-throughput to try and steer BTC out of a fully-underwrite-then-use / work-first bank model and into a partially-underwrite-then-use-then-maybe-finish-writing / work-later credit model. Yes, this also used the mystical half-truth-half-missing-all-confabulation excuse of capping. But despite infinite shilling/advocacy by millions of users (reads: migrants) this failed, sort of, and I don't think it means anything yet. It will be tried again I imagine, but I doubt it will be BTH; The recent past week being a pause-of-confusion mimicking relief (but more like an eye-of-the-storm effect). User Activated Soft Fork (UASF) / SegWit specific scripts and support code angles will be tried again, but the USA-side infrastructure builders concluded the added doubling then tripling of code and support complexity was not to their business advantage. This final element remains: Exchange infrastructure has confirmed prior testaments of not-enough to support the 'users' dearest desires.

1d7470 No.10896223

File: 3df8a9f6030c48f⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 500x600, 5:6, This is enough internet fo….jpg)

File: 2960012eba7f970⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1423x774, 1423:774, This is what a degenerate ….png)

File: 487e83ef75b7812⋯.mp4 (5.96 MB, 852x480, 71:40, You'll never eat spaghetti….mp4)

File: 65aae7795d4f83b⋯.png (348.86 KB, 1151x1470, 1151:1470, qtum backers.png)


There is more. I warn you man, only the Qtum Backers one is safe to unspoiler.

1d7470 No.10896225


well shit

1d7470 No.10896252


If theres any mods around, could you delete this post >>10896223

and lemme spoiler this shit next time.

5fec29 No.10896340



It's Bobsurplus. And I thought Prometheus was behind PepeCoin. Or perhaps they are one in the same?

6a090b No.10896367

Ethereum is the next pump and dump after they crash bitcoin, if you don't know that the kikes and mossads are behind all this (((crypto))) shit then you're a fucking retard.

1d7470 No.10896369


Bob has a fuckload of sockpuppet accounts. He is a kike shilling like a kike.

6a090b No.10896388


Spoilers or no spoilers, quit derailing.

5fec29 No.10896397


I know he does, but Prometheus isn't just another sockpuppet. It would be a pretty big revelation if they were one in the same.

Why does Bob live in such a fucking shithole and look like a malnourished junkie if he is so crypto-rich? His gf is kinda a qt though. Solid 7/10, would happily knock her up with beautiful white babies if Bob hadn't gotten to her first.

1d7470 No.10896410


From what a medical anon has told me after seeing that picture, he looks like an amphetamine addict, the raised veins on his hand, the pallor of his skin…. And I bet he spends all his cash on drugs.

d01e55 No.10896617

File: 536df4bbbfe33fb⋯.jpeg (63.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 5264C6A4-B5DC-45F9-B3A8-B….jpeg)


>The last mp4

fe1d5e No.10896637

The fuck does any of this translate to? I don't use crypto but I enjoy watching autists sperg out over something even less valuable than a dollar

1d7470 No.10896641


The third one of >>10896223

is worse, but not as bad as what theses kikes are doing. The death of libertarianism as all those at the top collude and destroy their competition.

723bd1 No.10897452

File: 83152a5e6534899⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Is_QTUM_a_Meta_Scam_-_DRAF….png)



While I have not been involved with the project since inception, I have sifted through old Bitcointalk threads (such as this one: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=850267.0) and for what it's worth the picture is clear as day that the original founders of this project did not have good intentions, that BobSurplus was always in it for a quick buck even if it meant sacrificing the integrity of the project, and that the developer David Zimbeck was caught in the crossfire.

While I have not personally seen evidence of BobSurplus confirming his connections to Mossad, multiple sources have told me that he has often bragged about it in the past, which sounds very far-fetched until you dig deeper into the connections these individuals have. The cryptospace is rife with fraud, deception and market manipulation, it is not a stretch to assume that bad actors at the highest levels would be interested in using their typical dirty tricks in this relatively small financial sector.

Here is BobSurplus' Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=180921

Here is his Twitter: https://twitter.com/bobsurplus?lang=en

You can tell by his aggressive nature that he is not your typical Nerd interested in "changing the world" for the better. Money is the motive for this man. Here is a dramatized and entertaining read on the variety of scams/PnDs he has orchestrated in the Cryptosphere: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=896480.0

Sorry, I am not able to provide much more knowledge on "Patrick Dai"'s misdoings beyond what has already been posted in this thread - but I will add that BitBay was originally a project spawned by him and a few other Chinese associates, and David Zimbeck was contracted to be the developer due to his former work on BitHalo. Zimbeck has appeared on stage with Vitalik and was at one time a promising dev until the massive dumping of BAY coins by previous (((founders))) tarnished his reputation, and throughout my involvement I have seen levels of FUD on both his character and the platform that are disproportional considering how low the marketcap is.

To me, it is almost as if someone has a lot to lose if the real story comes out.

My personal opinions: Whomever is orchestrating these scams certainly suppress and destroy projects, and create artificial inefficiencies within the cryptosphere for their own personal gain. By simply shifting the blame onto other parties, they are able to continue running amok and amassing their fortunes.

It is all so tiresome.

Pic related - a more coherent and heavily sourced account of Patrick Dai's misdeeds, although I sincerely doubt this captures the scale of what this man and his associates are doing.

689411 No.10897647


That bitcointalk thread (850267.0) referenced BitBAY dated from 2014 thru 2016 roughly. Its 'official' version (890531.0) is much like its original version, almost appearing to go nowhere, but dated 2014 thru 2017 current. The impression given is that there was a prior period, say 2011 thru 2013 whereby the same thing happened.

BitBAY is what is under discussion in those threads. Admittedly, I did not real all 5k+ posts in either, that seems like an unwarranted headache, given that the descriptors of BitBAY are plain nonsense buzzwords that effectively suffer the infinite recursion model of children.

Ex: Windows kernel developers, long since migrated over by boomer cucks, designateds, and chinks, decided the winnt06.10 kernel was 'too slow' or not 'log effecient' or had 'too much text' or effectively 'too not-me'. And so they created yet another interface layer, added database-databases to everything, adding more abstraction layers, and bringing essential functions into their 'box' one by one. To the detriment of the kernel-user model and all downstream systems (aka eco systems). This became Winnt10.00, slowly expanding to consume all interfaces, all to end up right back where it started. Microsoft suffered the classic problem of migration by squirrels role playing as humans.

Ex: Apple: See hardware design and OS design.

Ex: Linux: See systemd and pottering.

BitBAY, and financial markets general, suffer from not being able to understand the totality of currency, money, numbers, account, underwriting, and worth-backed memory. Most importantly, they don't have enough memory in their own heads to understand that last one: all worth comes from memory. Ex: classic central bank in any country: take the salvation generated by whites/high-memory/high-time-preference people and grant it into the shits of the earth + take the damnation (the ability to do useful killing) of the same and cast it onto the very had that feeds everything + generate memory ledgers by sheer spam and corruption. This is misappropriation at its worst. It essentially is theft of profits and socializing of losses with control over the memory to ensure this, all done by utilizing infinite system recursion - the effect that always happens when not-self is granted positions of same/equal and permitted to tick away. It would be different if and only if first allegiance was sworn to, say, BitCOIN, but that is not present, so it is just yet another systemd eventuality.

Separately, the chinks/asians really want double escrow specifically with auto-seizure. This, when applied to the above, reveals something I notice in nigs as well: the deep seated desire for social justice thru State, as if they are the State, the Sun, and the Moon, and all justice is credit-to-me-and-mine by any other name. They'll all lose to soviet/putin at this rate.

723bd1 No.10897689


Would like to point out that the original thread was migrated from to give BitBay a fresh start free from the FUD and misfortune that occurred shortly after ICO. BitBay did not exist prior to 2014.

I would also like to say that it is available for download and far from vaporware, and that those buzzwords actually in this case mean something and our product is tangible. Whether it will ever experience mass adoption or not, that's up for debate.

That being said, excellent post.

689411 No.10897830


>BitBay did not exist prior

The label, no. Part of the set of people, objectives, and development methods, yes. It is clear that -part- of BitBAY is a set rebooted within a new label. This means in it of itself nothing, so long as those priors do not set the road map into pet projects and subversion with the methods that failed (because they were systemd-like methods). However, it does appear to be the case that 'support for x' is confabulated with 'lets just do x', negating 'eco'-system, adding interfaces that embrace-extend-monopolize common external actions into internal components, and blurring the line between kernel and user (both in code and in use). It also reserves the right of seizure, though this is as a statement (actual implementation unknown).

Vaporware is not the issue. I'm not sure how I implied it, and I don't think I did, but regardless, vaporware is still not the issue.

As an attempt at guidance: Memory is a tool to recall worth. It can be number-ized into numerators that represent dimensions based on denominations of worth.This dimensional unit is permitted to be mutable at the denominator underwritten, provided that numerators adhere to strict rules instead.

Even with this denominator relaxation, if I build a computer and exchange it for 50mBTC, and then that party exchanges accumulated 100mBTC for gook pussy halo, the transitive effect must hold that the production worth of my time into that computer is worth that pussy it sank into. This conundrum is the duration-negotiation-preservation effect. That is, how to preserve worth of wealth of multi-factor denominator invoices in a disparate/distant and all-inclusive animal kingdom of underwrite-evaluating actors where few can agree? In the normal / common / unwritten and unspoken reality, what happens is I eventually notice that my trade is overvalued, and I pay the shitskin less and less and less, until their pay is a computer that is comperable to some relative fraction, equating X mBTC to a reduced apple keyboard crapshit phone-not-even-computer to their precious gook pussy. This will always happen, barring the complete cessation of trade all together.

What BitBAY seems to want to do is cast conditional memory ("you get to remember, if"). This is invalid. It essentially can be restated as the underwritten is not known but is known, and to handle this condition, the numbers/numerators can be but might not be. Invalid actors create what appears to be normal trade, but is actually a systematic stochastic hidden-markov model, which creates a probability remainder, which eventually registers as a serial debt event. What will BitBAY back to allow this serial debt event to sink some other wealth, rather than BitBAY's namespace? Gold was removed from the dollar specifically because new central banks, and new false-underwriters concluded they didn't want their gold worth every one else's failures. For as much as a fair amount of those gold holders were kikes/asians by that point, there clearly was a divergence, and thus gold had to be removed.

This sequence and some of its mechanics outlined, is what BitBAY does not appear to learn from, but rather, encourages. If this is the case, or something like it, BitBAY won't be around long enough to experience mass adoption, to experience mass memory, by definition. And I claim that this is precisely because BitBAY insists, at least by statement/ads/whitepaper-infographics, that it should internalize and judge what is memory State and not, which machines cannot do, which Asians General are bad at doing, and which will lead to extensive amounts of work unable to be answered, and confabulated memory instead.

I don't think that BitBAY has enough might to pay for a serial debt event of its users, and is heading straight head-long into one.

69670a No.10897987


Simple as possible? Currency manipulation scam, possible links to Moassad. Depending on how this plays, it could be Mossad jewing chinks, which would be a big win for us if that's the case.

cfcc9f No.10899459

Any chance of an ETH crash anytime soon? I want to buy a graphics card to game on, as god intended, without paying the heeb tax.

69670a No.10913681


If this scandal breaks, ETH will crash when people make the connectiins to them.

7d00ea No.10917211

File: 45b48b9a514d892⋯.jpeg (1.71 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image.jpeg)

>>10867222 checked


What kind of self respecting tumblrina poz pig doesn't have a tripod sheesh. I've always thought your work was under appreciated DR, thanks.

f53fb7 No.10920231


>I have got over a 4000 bitcoins somewhere from way back in the day

>I literally cannot remember where it is and probably lost it

I fucking hate myself so much

69670a No.10920449


Take some noopept and keep trying until you fucking have them.

0d667b No.10920484

File: 6313a4cfb8dab82⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 775.72 KB, 500x658, 250:329, c672127622fbfb65b88f2dd109….gif)


Welp- time to sell my qtum.

f53fb7 No.10920535


Best place too buy?

0d667b No.10920730

File: 419c85ca616fc97⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 262x440, 131:220, c0c9941a3d751853818b925902….gif)



I had bitcoins on Mintpal but kek.

All is vanity.

Indulge in Lovecraft.

31eebe No.10920808


lolbergism is predicated on the idea that everyone rationally acting in their own self interest is somehow good for the whole. Since it quickly becomes obvious that what this means is that everyone acts like kikes, they invented the NAP as a way of moving the goalposts at will. Whenever it goes wrong they claim it wasnt true libertarianism because the NAP was violated. In this respect they are like marxists

69670a No.10921393


nootropics depot has the best prices, now that powdercity is defunct. Be sure to get a choline supplement with it, like cdp-choline or alpha-ghp. DMAE is a good addition too, and is cheap.


Before (((they))) sell their 40% of the tokens.


Lovecraft was unhappily married to a jewess. His stories were inspired by the nightmares of producing abominations with it. Take that for what you will.

69670a No.10929619

anti-slide bump

ced913 No.10929638


>lolbergism is predicated on the idea that everyone rationally acting in their own self interest is somehow good for the whole. Since it quickly becomes obvious that what this means is that everyone acts like kikes, they invented the NAP as a way of moving the goalposts at will.

It falters even before that because most people aren't rational and are easily made to act against their own self-interest.

922b8c No.10929678


the hell did you try to do with your .png?

display all the pages in a single non cycling image

69670a No.10935700


That's due to the destruction of culture and society. In a cultured, homogenous society, (((outsiders))) have difficulty controlling the population.

285017 No.10944964

File: 12f43c90f6a4610⋯.jpg (187.73 KB, 578x779, 578:779, The Economist 1988 World C….jpg)


>Jews' wet dream of a one world currency is the Phoenix Dollar - electronic and immovable when you need it most.

Just leaving this here, related…

>The Economist edition in January 1988: Get Ready For A World Currency

>Phoenix rising from the ashes of currencies

>A 10 Phoenix currency coin around its neck

>it says 2018

b2e692 No.10944982

File: f8ecbf0bbc159e8⋯.jpeg (360.26 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, jewgold.jpeg)

File: c5cea9ae6eaa75e⋯.mp4 (859.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, the_nose.mp4)

File: 10d35883fae059d⋯.mp4 (4.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, shekels.mp4)

Chinks are manipulating the market.

Muslims are invading Europe.

Beaners are invading the US.

White people are rayciss.

000000 No.10945006


kek we're fucking with the market as much the chinks are. at least the chinks still make shit all our factory jobs are gone forever worse than when the japs steamrolled our electronics industry.

ccd0bd No.10945073


That's suspicious as fuck, knowing how everything is planned in advance. Rolling for serious happenings in 2018.


69670a No.10945524


Luckily the earthquakes will hit within a month from now, and plunge the ring of fire into darkness. Good luck not, bad luck actually. Fuck them. to the kikes and lefties in the pacific trying to sell off their crypto when the power and cells are out. Expect a massife crash when the earthquakes hit.

723bd1 No.10962935


How do I do that?

9b564b No.10965112


Holy shit.


23b5e2 No.10968015

Kikes are sliding again. Bump.

1209e0 No.10968815


>Mossad himself

normalfags were a mistake

48d862 No.10968870


So the protocols were literally true.

OK then.

48d862 No.10968966

File: 509470bc1d14fa5⋯.png (918.2 KB, 1286x748, 643:374, 14aaa4c658879bcb8736acc665….png)


The Economist mind as well be called Redsheild gazette. It is the Rothschild crest that is on the flag of Israel as they are the ones who purchased and made the necessary arrangements. Although using the color blue instead of blood red… the menorah is the traditional Jewish symbol… the 'star of David' is a myth created by the Rothschilds to stamp their crest onto the Jews. Jews would almost be alright if they gave up the Talmud, their 'money changers' and vampire child mutilators/molesters. Circumcision has to go.

I appreciate the concept of a Sabbath and the Kosher food laws are cool though.


641bf0 No.10969063


I think I have like 10% of the kikecoin supply…

641bf0 No.10969076


>Windows is shit

>Apple is shit

>GNU/Linux is shit


1209e0 No.10969104


it's likely they were a forgery but true, released by a whistleblower with inside info

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