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Odious Memes

File: a406d41a6b6a791⋯.png (3.81 MB, 6144x5904, 128:123, qanon11-6.png)

File: 975166842b2218d⋯.png (729.54 KB, 657x540, 73:60, sameboot.png)

File: 1f295c6fd04d71a⋯.jpg (275.57 KB, 1086x1772, 543:886, Untitled.jpg)

291264 No.10868640


Previous Thread : >>10841828

Previous Thread 2: >>10844671

Previous Thread 3: >>10848252

Previous Thread 4: >>10854977

An anon with supposed Q-Level clearance began posting on halfchan /pol/ October 31st. He begins by trying to paint the big picture out to anons with questions that really get the old noggin joggin. Even if fake, many of these cohencidences when looked at broadly seem to check out. It appears we are about to embark on a period of history that will be the turning point to a new age.

>Screencap attached of all current Qanon posts.

<Halfchan threads:

Bread Crumbs info dump: http://archive.is/aaWPu

Thread #0: http://archive.is/8NSuO

Thread #1: http://archive.is/r2nKH

Thread #2: http://archive.is/xOGn4

Thread #3: http://archive.is/tXPM2

Thread #4: http://archive.is/uHqbw

Thread #5: http://archive.is/Tn6O0

Thread #6: http://archive.is/ElDNj

Thread #7: http://archive.is/gC2AL

Thread #8: http://archive.is/eYVrm

Voat thread w/ good rundown:



Cuckchan "Q" and A spreadsheet:



Everything Q has predicted is starting to come true. He's still dropping dimes on cuckchan sporadically. Don is with the samurai. Both shilldawg and Songbird are collared, pedostas, huma, MIA. SA is draining the swamp, follow closely as Q mentions we will have to suffer a brief period of similar swamp draining tactics here. Happening is inbound, still waiting on Don's "storm's here" trigger.


a98f4f No.10868648

Kike free first post

d5c2cd No.10868650

Reminder to filter shills and report the obvious ones

b0710a No.10868664


Nothing is happening. Nothing was ever going to happen. A cuckchan LARPer who doesn’t even know how to use a tripcode is not one of the ONLY TEN PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING WORLD with a specific level of security clearance and “full knowledge of this plan.” Someone that important is not posting on 4chan. Someone that important–if he actually has knowledge he wants to disseminate–is also not going to type cryptic bullshit that looks like it came from more than two people and ask questions that he doesn’t answer. Someone that important is, statistically, owned by jews, even if there are some patriots left up there. Out of 10 of the most powerful people in the entire fucking world, the redditors on 4chan expect one of them to not only be “#ourguy”, but to leak the proceedings of FUCKING NATIONWIDE MARTIAL LAW and–surprise surprise–the arrest of three quarters of the US government.

Why, that’s exactly what we would want! Happy day! All of our dreams are coming true, and we didn’t even have to put in an ounce of work ourselves! Hooray! It’s over! We’re saved! DON’T QUESTION IT, just spend the entire day ignoring literally everything else that is ACTUALLY happening in the news, never mind your own wildly successful campaign of “It’s okay to be white.” Because nothing ever came from YOU doing an honest day’s work!


If there is something, why is nothing happening? Where’s the Emergency Broadcast System announcement? Where’s Trump using Obama’s emergency television override to speak to the people? Where’s the martial law? Where are the riots he talked about? Antifa couldn’t even get off their asses for a completely unrelated outing. Where’s the Huma arrest? Where are the Podesta arrests? They were supposed to be in custody by now; no one has any information on that beyond your continued shilling campaign. WHERE IS ANY MENTION OF JEWS, WHATSOEVER, IN ANYTHING THAT HE WROTE? Why is he a CIVIC NATIONALIST? Nothing he said has happened.

Fuck off, redditors. Hero worship somewhere else.

59aac7 No.10868680


You're a little bit late for the first post, Moishe.

9d30ec No.10868698


>first post always kike shill

>claims is kike free first post

>always do opposite of what kikes say

quite the conundrum

9cd2ba No.10868710



b0710a No.10868725


Reported. You are neurologically incapable of answering any of my questions. You scream about “discussion” but refuse to hold it. You have nothing.

93493b No.10868729


I gotta tell ya, it's been a good year or two since I've ever bothered posting on /pol/, I've been mostly lurking this entire time. Your hilarity single-handedly brought me back into discussion. This shit is uncanny.

291264 No.10868738

File: 2e0c65eb9b0458f⋯.jpg (361.82 KB, 1191x1772, 1191:1772, Untitled.jpg)


I knew your feel anon, phone based dsl is a form of death.

d1d05b No.10868739

Which faction is the one backing Trump though? Q mentioned the "patriots", MI and Marines are firmly in Trumps camp. Have all the pissreal attacks on American citizens finally turned the military against wars for zion?

59aac7 No.10868743

File: 627928a5a7311da⋯.png (753.39 KB, 1008x672, 3:2, 6271.png)


>implying anyone is going to read all that

b0710a No.10868745


> it's been a good year or two since I've ever bothered posting on /pol/

Literally no one believes you.

b0710a No.10868749


>ha ha I will read a massive fucking post by a cuckchan LARPer that says nothing but won’t read a summary of his claims

>much less answer any questions about his claims because lol you’re wrong because i say so


f01a25 No.10868752

this oddly seems to shaping up for israel to get btfo along with its proxy services i.e. alphabet niggers

5f4397 No.10868754

File: c194461397b28f3⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 195x150, 13:10, 1444014330270.gif)


Same, I mostly lurk, have been for 4 years. But this asshole has made me pay VERY close attention to these threads.


93493b No.10868755


Wait hold on, should I be filtering you as well? Spew some inflammatory buzzwords so I can be sure. I really don't want to hit a friendly.

9d30ec No.10868757


you seem to be expelling a lot of energy to claim nothing is happening. Your actions and message don't really match up champ.

I could give a shit either way, it's just funny watching you sperg out over something you don't even things happening

9ce34b No.10868762


Only military intelligence is backing trump along with the people obviously. The Q larper said so himself.

b0710a No.10868763


>lol people will believe me if i say i have literally never posted on /pol/ in the entire time 8chan has existed


291264 No.10868765


The cuckchan sheet theorizes that Trump was actually tapped by the "wizards and warlocks" to be the front man for a counter-coup against the kikes and saudis. Turns out Don and filterman weren't completely wrong to point fingers to SAndanistan.

b0710a No.10868769


>ha ha kike LARPers spam the board and distract from actual happenings

>wow why would anyone want these LARPers to leave

Think before posting or just commit suicide.

93493b No.10868777


Like, I might have honestly believed what he was saying before he said it. I mean, it's true, I expected to wake up to John "YA THINK YA HAWT SHIT DONTCHA" Podesta behind bars, and I was disheartened. Maybe it isn't happening.

The fact that we're currently experiencing the biggest shill infestation I've personally witnessed on this site means that MAYBE, just MAYBE, it's happening. It's possible.

b0710a No.10868781


>nothing he said would happen actually happened

>dates came and went and he was proven wrong



Kill yourself.

5f4397 No.10868785

>>10868777 (checked)

>heavenly trips

oh, it's happening now, anon.

f01a25 No.10868788


it's happening . Just don't lose hope we are days away from the reveal.

9d30ec No.10868790


Stop acting like this shit hasn't been happening since hotwheels left. You autistically screeching over it is doing nothing but providing entertainment for everyone.

By all means, keep at it though, I've had a good laugh.

** and let's be real, you haven't been here all that long *

93493b No.10868798



Oh God, please. We don't need nukes dropping today or something. My anus can only take so much. In other news:


I asked for inflammatory buzzwords, and glow-in-the-dark-hivemind delivered in spades. Make sure y'all filter Tel-Aviv-anon for less cluttered discussion.

291264 No.10868801

File: dbba52d86a155eb⋯.jpg (588.31 KB, 2219x1444, 2219:1444, princeinlv.jpg)

Cuckchan thinks the LV VIP was a SA prince.

9d30ec No.10868803

File: 0757427bc3eb326⋯.jpeg (8.54 KB, 287x178, 287:178, pks.jpeg)


>mfw parkinsons doubles up everything but the stars in my spoiler

40eb80 No.10868814


>(((he)))'s STILL trying

5f4397 No.10868830

File: 536b29b1471cfcb⋯.jpg (14.27 KB, 350x391, 350:391, 1453790188070-0.jpg)



oh, they're mad

93493b No.10868840




What is a court without a jester. I love this guy.

291264 No.10868846

This fag is bumping to hide the juicy shit I'm reposting from cuckchan to other users. REPORT ALL ATTEMPTS TO DO SO.

c0657d No.10868849

File: 71c741d1851c918⋯.mp4 (5.39 MB, 1278x956, 639:478, rc.mp4)


The magic trips are foreshadowing great things.

9d30ec No.10868851


fuck yeah, always need more stock for my gore folders. Shows little knowledge of their target audience though.

0f6436 No.10868862

I'm very skeptical of the ankle bracelets thing. Of all people do you honestly think Shillary can't get that off without triggering the alarms?

42f7b4 No.10868864

who is adm R from most recent Q drop? Rosenstein? Why was he allowed to stay? Seems important

b0710a No.10868866


Let’s summarize the posts so far.


Claims Trump is insulated and will not be addressing the nation on what is supposedly the biggest mass-arrest in national history. Claims there are more patriots than traitors in the government (LOL). Claims something is in the works to make the Democrat Party lose the nigger vote entirely. First claims of martial law (using the acronym “M” and “I” for some reason).

No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Says martial law is inbound. Says mass arrests of the government are inbound. Asks a bunch of irrelevant, useless, LEADING questions. This sets the stage for appearing to be “cryptic” and pretending to know the answers to the questions that aren’t just public knowledge.

No evidence of the claims being true has come to light. 11/3 CLAIM PROVEN WRONG. 11/6 CLAIM PROVEN WRONG.


Doubles down on the “martial law” narrative. Says the EBS will be invoked. Says riots will be organized. Says no one will be hurt. Says no one will have to lift a finger and that the government will take care of itself. Says King Nigger went to North Korea and may be there right now. Claims Trump would leave an important message on Twitter before leaving for Asia. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light. Claims directly contradict common sense and all previous knowledge of US government operations. TWITTER CLAIM PROVEN WRONG.


Talks about Huma; arrest was only mentioned in YELLOW. Mentions Uranium One off-hand. IS A CIVIC NATIONALIST. Makes massive claim: Twitter, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…” No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Talks about McCain; makes no predictions or publicly unknown statements. Talks about Saudi Arabia; makes no predictions about future events. Says the CIA/alphabet agencies were responsible for the 11 minute Twitter takedown of POTUS account. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Talks about Podesta. Talks about Huma. As neither has been arrested/indicted, only repeats the same shit as YELLOW. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light. 11/3 CLAIM PROVEN WRONG. 11/6 CLAIM PROVEN WRONG.


Talks about martial law in Saudi Arabia. Still makes no statements or predictions about current actions in said country.


Claims that martial law and the arrests will be made during Trump’s trip. Claims world will be different place BY THE TIME he returns. Lists books and movies. Gives no information. Gives a specific timeline of TEN DAYS. Claims military control. Claims martial law. SIMULTANEOUSLY claims that the MSM will be allowed free reign to use scare tactics rather than being shut down or temporarily halted from reporting. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Mentions Clinton foundation. Mentions Seth Rich. Makes no predictions. Makes no statements that are publicly verifiable.


Mentions MS-13. Mentions Flynn. Mentions “MI” again, but not in the context of martial law. Says “10 days” again. Gives no timeframe for start, finish, or scope.

NOTE: SAYS “GODFATHER III”. Some kike on a jewish website HAS made a mention of Godfather III in regard to the Saudis cleaning house. This is the SINGLE correlation that has been made thus far.

Mentions Queen Elizabeth II. Devolves into wall of single word spam with absolutely no context or substance.

NOTE: Mentions satan worship; still does not name jews.


Mentions HUMA. No arrest or indictment has been made, despite initial claims. Claims Trump is “savior”. LOL. Says above and next drops have a chance of shutting down /pol/. CLAIM PROVEN WRONG. Claims false flag attacks at right-wing gatherings (cities, sporting events). Claims elections no longer matter. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Finally some actually relevant shit.

Mentions the actual events actually happening in actual Saudi Arabia. Finally some questions worth discussing.

NOTE: says “who controls the fed” and “who are the puppet masters”. This is as close to talking about jews as any of these LARPers have EVER come. A week after beginning.


b0710a No.10868868


Fuck, I forgot that two tildes was actual formatting.

8f610e No.10868871



b0710a No.10868872


Drown yourself. You are incapable of answering any of my questions.

291264 No.10868876


You honestly don't know how those things work. Only way to take it off without triggering it is to amputate.


Read the cuckchan q/a you lazy faggot.

d1d05b No.10868877

>Who sets security clearances?

Does MI set security clearances, or NSA?

Would they hide certain information from h-dog, knowing Huma would leak it to the MB?

b0710a No.10868878


>you haven’t been here all that long

4chan since 2003, left immediately upon 8chan’s creation. Go suck kike cock back on reddit, larpfag.

42f7b4 No.10868879

friendly reminder to filter and report all sliding shills

do not engage

b0710a No.10868883


The DoE created the Q-level clearance, which is the only relevant one here.

93493b No.10868884





I love looking at this sea of stubs. It's very comforting. I occasionally unhide a post, and like clockwork, what do you get?


b0710a No.10868889


Reported for being so autistic that he can’t even answer questions about the kike whose cock he’s sucking.

0f6436 No.10868890


I highly doubt that.

8ae22e No.10868895


That guy only has a goatee not a full beard like salman. It could be a different prince, one that salman has a good relationship with but unless prince salman shaved between march of this year and the shooting in vegas then it isn't him. But again, could be a another prince.

b0710a No.10868898


You’d be right to do so. They work on body heat, but they can be shorted out and/or heat can be spoofed. Physical removal is fairly straightforward.

42f7b4 No.10868905

File: 6eda75cc80214f9⋯.png (205.16 KB, 446x456, 223:228, ecd465959696dd6f8b153ef7e8….png)


The trip dubs in your timestamp and dubs suggest you should.

d1d05b No.10868908


But Q asked who sets security clearances. Just wondered if it was military intelligence.

703bda No.10868909

I would also like to point out there was another shooting by an ebil wypipo at a church, called by an anon before this happened.


>one shooter

no, the windows demonstrate this

>trump was in vegas


>what was the real mission

to kill trump

291264 No.10868916


Strangely, not even cuckchan has that answer, they're stuck answering shit from last week.


Because hair cannot be cut, even to disguise one's self during an extraction from a firefight. Use your fucking brain dude, hair grows.

8ae22e No.10868921


It's not even good, ant sized to boot. Fucking faggots can't even use proper gore.

3cbb75 No.10868922

Allegedly campos was ms13 took out paddock. It has also been suggested that DJT was in LV that night on classified meeting. That explains the runway shootings and fast response time from academi aka Blackwater

they botched killing him

291264 No.10868926


I'd be pretty pissed off too, considering the timing of this happening this may be the Don's final deal.

d42856 No.10868935


anti-sage :^)

b0710a No.10868936


The last torfag was adamant that the LARP was real, so it’s good to see someone sane for once.



93493b No.10868937


Oh come on, don't make me filter TOR. There's plenty of TORanons with shit to say. Don't sully their good name.

3cbb75 No.10868938


Gas yourself quad nigger

42f7b4 No.10868939

File: a96f05cbcaac14a⋯.mp4 (1.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, CTR.mp4)


My god, it's resorted to tor. Also, Im a huge faggot for even replying.

0f6436 No.10868940


>ID: 000000

b0710a No.10868942



>all these arguments

>all that evidence

a13d23 No.10868944

I have never seen this much shilling and shitposting.

Something big is coming.

b0710a No.10868945


Lurk for 2 years before posting, faggot.

0f6436 No.10868947



>good name


8ae22e No.10868952


In all of the pics of the prince from 2017 I can find he has a full beard. Unless you can show me a pic from october or this month where he has shaved then it isn't him. I'm serious help me look cause I can't find anything more recent than march of this year.

f01a25 No.10868953


like they're having a circle jerk right before our eyes. every thread for the past few days has been absolute anus

0f6436 No.10868954


I thought summerfags were supposed to leave when summer ended.

b0710a No.10868955


>something big is coming

Which is why we want this fucking kike LARPing taken down so that we can focus on what’s actually going to happen.

93493b No.10868956


Like, I thought that 4/pol/ was the bastion of bots and redditors, with the breaking news and shit, and 8/pol/ was the godhead with the deep analysis. It seems that today is a gigantic reversal, since I haven't seen a single shill on 4/pol/. This shit's crazy.

752617 No.10868959


Copy pasta saved…

seems a bit overly sensitive over posts on a imageboard… hrmmmm

b0710a No.10868960


>I haven’t seen a single shill on 4/pol/

>the place where their number of threads for this kikery is in the 30s or more


d1d05b No.10868963

It looks like the Department of State might approve security clearances.


0f6436 No.10868970


You have't been around for long if you didn't see the bots and shills ramp up significantly over the last 4 months.

9ce34b No.10868973

Interesting series of questions that need answering

>US assets


>Who was arrested in SA?

Abdul Aziz bin Fahd


Some kike who also partly owns mandalay bay


It was reported that after King Fahd's death, he began to live in Switzerland.



Clinton foundation and obama foundation for two off the top of my head.


Most infamous colleges and universities in america for one.


>Who was killed in SA?

Abdul Aziz bin Fahd

>Who fired?

The police officer?

>Who really fired?

>Why would we fire?

So the united states military killed him

>Follow the money

>Who pulls the strings?


>Strings detached

>Open season on the puppets

>Who are the puppets?

Clinton, soros, all us senators and representatives, obummer, the jesters, etc.

>Where are the puppets?

Various places globally.




>Secret agents.

>A, Cooper family background?

>Why is this relevant?

https://archive.fo/kFRvO Cooper's familly is a buncha of kikes going by the last name "vanderbilt". Appearently most of his familly was (((suicided))) by his fellow kikes and that got him interested in jounalism. This might be relevant as a lead into who blackmails the puppets.

b0710a No.10868974




d1d05b No.10868975

Department of State agency executives:

Rex Tillerson, Secretary

John Sullivan, Deputy Secretary & Deputy Secretary for Management and Resources

9ce34b No.10868976


There were pictures going around of air force one in the air by vegas during that day. I would have to dig to find them.

5f4397 No.10868978


>buncha of kikes going by the last name "vanderbilt"

Isn't Anderson "Up the Pooper" Cooper a Vanderbilt?

000000 No.10868979



Want to know how I know you're not from around here, niggers? Here's a hint >>10868938

b0710a No.10868981


Also correct.


93493b No.10868985


Well I mean, I've seen a gigantic influx of them in the last month, but besides that, it's been pretty steady since the 2016 election.

4/pol/, on the other hand, has been in a fucking tombstone piledriver into the pits of insanity. They have threads there that I might as well call "Hillary General", since they're literally created by CTR.

Today though? Fucking NOTHING. Shit's scary. And Tel Aviv anon isn't making things better.

8ae22e No.10868986


>over the last 4 months

I'll be honest the waves of shills (aut-kike, TRSodomites, ISD, ShariaBlue, CIAniggers, CTR) all blended together for me into a year or so's worth of endless shill cycles.

I sort of miss JIDF back before all this, they kept holohoax threads going and thats how I got redpilled.

d42856 No.10868990


What? What do you mean, what are you implying?

291264 No.10868991

File: df8a20f0077c974⋯.jpg (70.32 KB, 761x519, 761:519, Capture.JPG)


They do have disinfo and troll shills. There was a guy like 5 threads ago making info gifs with stupid ass memes.


Best I can do, undated but looks recent. The hairline is what they say better matches the vip in LV.

42f7b4 No.10868997


it's a bot or a shill with nothing to add. I know it can be hard but please just ignore for the sake of the bread.

d1d05b No.10868998

Q also asked how NSA gathers information. Doesn't NSA monitor all calls and data entering and leaving the US? Wouldn't they have had all the podesta and clinton emails?

5f4397 No.10869000


nevermind, it says that right in the green text. I am ashamed.

polite sage

9ce34b No.10869001

File: 51dae817ebaa889⋯.jpg (108.23 KB, 500x616, 125:154, 51dae817ebaa889d9b9aae93ef….jpg)


You are a cuckchan refugeee who needs to go back is what it means. Gotta agree with him here you need to fucking lurk moar if you don't know what a TOR post ID looks like.

3cbb75 No.10869002

File: f607901f9bfb2f2⋯.jpg (128.48 KB, 736x743, 736:743, (You).jpg)


pic related, save the bullet though and an hero

bcfa8b No.10869003


They at least had the metadata, which would, in theory, be enough to trace to whom emails were going

291264 No.10869013

File: 85c56ce999de30c⋯.png (293.92 KB, 897x3559, 897:3559, cuckchan lv cap.png)

Juicy theory on LV, using what has been collected.

bcfa8b No.10869014


He has literally mentioned (((the fed))) and the (((owners))) of the MSM

d42856 No.10869015


Ima need you to hol up there, anon. Quad nigger is a reference to the ancient meme of Double Nigger, not the post ID.

>no anon, you are the newfag

b0710a No.10869017


Yes, and it took him a week to do so. And do you know what? That’s STILL not naming the jew. He’s a civic nationalist, though. I don’t expect much else from a redditor.

b0710a No.10869019


I wish infinigger had caught on.

3cbb75 No.10869025

291264 No.10869032


Nigger please, I'm up to speed.

8ae22e No.10869033

File: 647e5f38dc47d1c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 848x578, 424:289, march 16 2017.png)

File: 035ffb846311c79⋯.jpg (4.87 MB, 4165x2772, 595:396, Defense_Secretary_James_Ma….jpg)


Yeah I saw that one and thought maybe it is him but the I found pics related. Those are from march 16 2017. Pretty sure that one is old, it looks like he's gained weight recently.

3cbb75 No.10869036


did that anon really think i was referencing the id number of a torpedo?




d42856 No.10869042

File: 200babf5388530e⋯.jpg (11.2 KB, 200x188, 50:47, ddn.jpg)


it's hexes anyways, you'd have to be legit retarded to think that


d1d05b No.10869043


So NSA backing up MI, feeding truthful information to Trump. At the same time they fudge the facts a little with shillery and the MB mole during the election. The mostly real information is sent along to soros and the roths, who then act on supposedly real info, outing themselves. This allows the wizards and warlocks to enact their final battle plans, safeguarding Trump while shit goes down.

This is what I'm seeing so far Crossing my fingers that they take out weed man here in Canada, as Q references his ties to soros.

42f7b4 No.10869044

File: b3993efed3691f0⋯.jpg (13.56 KB, 255x207, 85:69, pepe neat.jpg)


Very nice conjecture. Capped with intent to distribute.

752617 No.10869045


Go back to your discord honeypot.

a13d23 No.10869046

This whole fucking thread, just like Israel and Saudi Arabia, needs to be glassed.

b0710a No.10869052


Don’t repeat yourself.

89c529 No.10869053


cock and ball torture shed??

3cbb75 No.10869057

File: fe165129129cb4a⋯.png (138.01 KB, 554x564, 277:282, 9ec4cacae5f733fc2ce2cb4b39….png)


are you just getting the larpy vibe? To me this has a smacking of truth i can't turn away from, i think this is gonna be one hell of a ride.

b0710a No.10869058


That’s basically what I came up with to describe the absolute fellation of the cuckchan LARPer.

9ce34b No.10869061


They collect all information, internet, phone, mail, and radio and copy and store it forever. But the weird part is how Q asked

>Why, by coincidence, is there a terrorist attack (or mental health c-level attack) within a short time post negative D news?

>Do you believe in coincidences?

Chance yes, (((coincidences))) no.

>Who funds ISIS

Mossad and ciainggers

>What email published by WL connects SA/Qater to ISIS?

Does someone have this email?

>Was HRC connected?


>Why is this relevant?

>Why is controlling the narrative important?

>Do most people think for themselves or simply follow?

Because most follow and controlling the narrative means you control what people percieve as truth.

>Why is the MSM so hostile towards POTUS?

Because he was unexpected

>Who controls the MSM?


>Why, each and everyday, is the MSM pushing a particular topic?


>Who sets the narrative for the day?

Kikes obviously, maybe even that vanderbilt family of kikes.

>How is the narrative communicated to the MSM?

>Think snowden

Internet then.

>WHy is the NSA limited re: ability to capture and unmask US persons?

They aren't. They do it anyways.

>Who sets the narrative?

>US persons?

>Who can violate this rule?

US non-persons ofcourse

>Who cannot violate this rule?


>Why is Adm R so important?

Literally who?

>Who wanted him fired?


I don't know.

>Why wasn't Adm R replaced by POTUS when taking office?


>Why is this relevent?

1488d chess somehow.

>Who has the ultimate power to designate classifications?

The president or the head of the state department

>Who ultimetely sets classifications?


>Why is this relevant?

The truth?

b0710a No.10869064


I will grant the LARPer one thing and only one thing: He said “Godfather III” in reference to Saudi Arabia prior to a kike who wrote an article describing the soft coup as a Corleone-style action. That’s all he has been “correct” on.

93493b No.10869071


Hey faggot, I'm bored. Explain the whole "+++" thing. Please use as much buzzwords and threats as you can muster. Being filtered means you don't take up much screen space.

d1d05b No.10869076


Adam R is head of NSA

b0710a No.10869081


>take picture of any Twitter post

>open photoshop

>edit text to say whatever you want

>post online and watch people suck your dick


>visit any twitter post


>change text right in browser

>take picture

>post online and watch people suck your dick

wew lad, you’ll have to do better than that

d1d05b No.10869085


Admiral Rogers

cd9b9a No.10869086


I'm going to be replying to you one time before filtering you. Just want to say that I am impressed with your level of autism. You've been impotently sperging out for three straight days at least over this without accomplishing anything but making yourself look like a loon and yet you persist. If you channeled such energy and determination into something productive you may actually be able to form a fulfilling life for yourself. Just something to ponder.


These threads are pure entertainment. Something to laugh at and enjoy. The one who is taking this shit the most serious is clearly you. Have a nice day and god bless.

93493b No.10869089


I'm literally looking at his Twitter now. He posted it around 7 hours ago.

9ce34b No.10869091

File: 4c1adc054cef090⋯.jpg (76.76 KB, 1075x771, 1075:771, 4c1adc054cef0907f625b1bf9b….jpg)


I went and checked it out on the cuckchan archive and donald's twitter too. It's legitiment. But wow cuckchan is fucking pure cancer. That whole shitshow needs to the glassed.

291264 No.10869094


b0710a No.10869095


>without accomplishing anything

Proving you faggots are paid shills by your complete and utter incapability of holding a discussion on the topic.

d093a8 No.10869097

The thread has devolved into chatter and bullshit. Anchored. Don't make another unless you have something more substantial than cuckchan shitposting.

eb4dab No.10869102

>People are actually believing the LARPers

b0710a No.10869104



d5c2cd No.10869106


oh shit I forgot about Anderson Cooper. That's interesting.

He also had that infamous segment about pedos in the Pentagon from 6 years ago.

b0710a No.10869107





93493b No.10869109


Anon, I have one question for you:

Do you take no pleasure in rustling jimmies? Do you find no humour in flamboyant displays of autism? Do you, dare I say, proclaim "no fun allowed"?

Tel Aviv anon is a fucking national treasure, and I'll remember his antics for weeks to come.

b0710a No.10869110


Nothing is happening. Nothing was ever going to happen. A cuckchan LARPer who doesn’t even know how to use a tripcode is not one of the ONLY TEN PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING WORLD with a specific level of security clearance and “full knowledge of this plan.” Someone that important is not posting on 4chan. Someone that important–if he actually has knowledge he wants to disseminate–is also not going to type cryptic bullshit that looks like it came from more than two people and ask questions that he doesn’t answer. Someone that important is, statistically, owned by jews, even if there are some patriots left up there. Out of 10 of the most powerful people in the entire fucking world, the redditors on 4chan expect one of them to not only be “#ourguy”, but to leak the proceedings of FUCKING NATIONWIDE MARTIAL LAW and–surprise surprise–the arrest of three quarters of the US government.

Why, that’s exactly what we would want! Happy day! All of our dreams are coming true, and we didn’t even have to put in an ounce of work ourselves! Hooray! It’s over! We’re saved! DON’T QUESTION IT, just spend the entire day ignoring literally everything else that is ACTUALLY happening in the news, never mind your own wildly successful campaign of “It’s okay to be white.” Because nothing ever came from YOU doing an honest day’s work!


If there is something, why is nothing happening? Where’s the Emergency Broadcast System announcement? Where’s Trump using Obama’s emergency television override to speak to the people? Where’s the martial law? Where are the riots he talked about? Antifa couldn’t even get off their asses for a completely unrelated outing. Where’s the Huma arrest? Where are the Podesta arrests? They were supposed to be in custody by now; no one has any information on that beyond your continued shilling campaign. WHERE IS ANY DIRECT MENTION OF JEWS IN ANYTHING THAT HE WROTE? Why is he a CIVIC NATIONALIST? Nothing he said has happened.

Fuck off, redditors. Hero worship somewhere else.

b0710a No.10869112



Claims Trump is insulated and will not be addressing the nation on what is supposedly the biggest mass-arrest in national history. Claims there are more patriots than traitors in the government (LOL). Claims something is in the works to make the Democrat Party lose the nigger vote entirely. First claims of martial law (using the acronym “M” and “I” for some reason).

No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Says martial law is inbound. Says mass arrests of the government are inbound. Asks a bunch of irrelevant, useless, LEADING questions. This sets the stage for appearing to be “cryptic” and pretending to know the answers to the questions that aren’t just public knowledge.

No evidence of the claims being true has come to light. 11/3 CLAIM PROVEN WRONG. 11/6 CLAIM PROVEN WRONG.


Doubles down on the “martial law” narrative. Says the EBS will be invoked. Says riots will be organized. Says no one will be hurt. Says no one will have to lift a finger and that the government will take care of itself. Says King Nigger went to North Korea and may be there right now. Claims Trump would leave an important message on Twitter before leaving for Asia. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light. Claims directly contradict common sense and all previous knowledge of US government operations. TWITTER CLAIM PROVEN WRONG.


Talks about Huma; arrest was only mentioned in YELLOW. Mentions Uranium One off-hand. IS A CIVIC NATIONALIST. Makes massive claim: Twitter, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…” No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Talks about McCain; makes no predictions or publicly unknown statements. Talks about Saudi Arabia; makes no predictions about future events. Says the CIA/alphabet agencies were responsible for the 11 minute Twitter takedown of POTUS account. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Talks about Podesta. Talks about Huma. As neither has been arrested/indicted, only repeats the same shit as YELLOW. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light. 11/3 CLAIM PROVEN WRONG. 11/6 CLAIM PROVEN WRONG.


Talks about martial law in Saudi Arabia. Still makes no statements or predictions about current actions in said country.


Claims that martial law and the arrests will be made during Trump’s trip. Claims world will be different place BY THE TIME he returns. Lists books and movies. Gives no information. Gives a specific timeline of TEN DAYS. Claims military control. Claims martial law. SIMULTANEOUSLY claims that the MSM will be allowed free reign to use scare tactics rather than being shut down or temporarily halted from reporting. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Mentions Clinton foundation. Mentions Seth Rich. Makes no predictions. Makes no statements that are publicly verifiable.


Mentions MS-13. Mentions Flynn. Mentions “MI” again, but not in the context of martial law. Says “10 days” again. Gives no timeframe for start, finish, or scope.

NOTE: SAYS “GODFATHER III”. Some kike on a jewish website HAS made a mention of Godfather III in regard to the Saudis cleaning house. This is the SINGLE correlation that has been made thus far.

Mentions Queen Elizabeth II. Devolves into wall of single word spam with absolutely no context or substance.

NOTE: Mentions satan worship; still does not name jews.


Mentions HUMA. No arrest or indictment has been made, despite initial claims. Claims Trump is “savior”. LOL. Says above and next drops have a chance of shutting down /pol/. CLAIM PROVEN WRONG. Claims false flag attacks at right-wing gatherings (cities, sporting events). Claims elections no longer matter. No evidence of the claims being true has come to light.


Finally some actually relevant shit.

Mentions the actual events actually happening in actual Saudi Arabia. Finally some questions worth discussing.

NOTE: says “who controls the fed” and “who are the puppet masters”. This is as close to talking about jews as any of these LARPers have EVER come. A week after beginning.


9ce34b No.10869114


>bumplocks investigation thread

>leaves literal leftist virue signalling thread up

literally wtf?

d1d05b No.10869116


What did he mean Nov.3?

>Donald J. Trump



Nov 3

Just took off for ceremony @ Pearl Harbor. Will then be heading to Japan, SKorea, China, Vietnam & the Philippines. Will never let you down!

He'll never let us down!

9d30ec No.10869121


this is the 'quality moderation' we have come to love since hotwheels became pig food.


291264 No.10869122


Nigger you're helping him slide the thread, you're the one getting rustled. Bully him from another thread.


He's not to return until the 14th, and Q mentioned that we're getting what SA has done before he gets back.

869d72 No.10869124


>Because hair cannot be cut, even to disguise one's self during an extraction from a firefight. Use your fucking brain dude, hair grows.

You don't really think whoever it was stopped to trim up the whiskers during a mass shooting, do you?

9ce34b No.10869129


Well atleast with it bumplocked the spammer doesn't need to keep spamming. Now we can investigate in some peace.


Don't forget about europe and china. All supposedly in the next ten days at that.

5776e6 No.10869131


>slide the thread

It’s anchored. Your shit is finally off the board.

d1d05b No.10869132

Is autist poster responsible for the anchor? Then thousand posts until the mods give in? Fuck this thread was comfy and I'm not stepping into the cesspool of cuckchan ever again. :-(

d093a8 No.10869137


Shills hate posting in bumplocked threads because they don't get paid as much.

92e34c No.10869139



You forgot to sage this time.

703bda No.10869143


occam's razor, shillary was bought by the saudis WHOODA THUNKIT

The only thing I disagree is campos isn't a registered guard, he's most likely ms13.

4 seasons being a hotspot makes sense

Paddock probably IS an asset, a real legal name and history, but not the real person. I don't think the body looks like paddock


There was also STACKS of magazines loaded, not a few? Are you suggesting they brought in surefire 100 mags specifically? why not Pmags. this fits with why would he buy bump stocks and not a legal full auto? smells of "too much political motive"

>prince being escorted out

Explains the mismatched uniforms and "breach of code". This could be military or blackwater.

291264 No.10869147


Fuck them, they won't have to deal with chimpouts like we will.


Sandniggers who pride themselves on beards never grow them past a point. That's not weird to you?


9ce34b No.10869151


>admiral rogers

Sounds like former military. Maybe he wasn't fired because the nsa has the global dirt on alll peoples and nations leaders as to control them?

59aac7 No.10869154



>>>/sudpol/ welcomes any /pol/ related material.

d1d05b No.10869156

Lets see about Rex Tillerson, head of the State Department.

>The chief executive of the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company may also be the next Secretary of State of the United States. In December 2016 Tillerson was tapped by President-elect Donald Trump as his nominee for the position; a potentially contentious Senate confirmation awaits. Tillerson started his career at ExxonMobil in 1975 and became CEO in 2006. The Texas oilman has close ties to the most powerful person on FORBES' list, Vladimir Putin, whom Tillerson knew in the 1990s, when he led Exxon's interests in Russia. Under Tillerson's leadership, Exxon has recovered from a steep drop in its stock price last year.


291264 No.10869161


Do your fucking free job and ban the shills. We're passing info through the noise.

92e34c No.10869166

Well holy fucking cats right in the middle of reading an investigate thread that is all of a sudden making major sense to me it gets anchored.


869d72 No.10869168


>Sandniggers who pride themselves on beards never grow them past a point. That's not weird to you?

I'm not sure what you're talking about. Your assertion was that it could be some Saudi prince in the "VIP extraction" video because he would have trimmed up his beard DURING a mass shooting. I don't have any opinion whatsoever on who the individual in the video was. I'm just asking you if you seriously believe someone would stop to trim their whiskers during a mass shooting.

0138c8 No.10869171


There was an anchored and then un-anchored thread a couple days ago too. It had these same spam style shills in it too. Seems like there must be some kind of drama among the mods or something.

9ce34b No.10869172


>Michael S. Rogers (born October 31, 1959) is a United States Navy admiral who serves as Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), and Chief of the Central Security Service since April 3, 2014. Prior to that, Rogers served as the Commander of the Tenth Fleet and Commander of the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command.[1][2]

So he has been involved in spying on everyone for a long time now. Obummer made him head of the nsa back in 2014 though.

8ae22e No.10869176


It's also possible that the mods do it on the assumption that shills will leave a thread that their shilling has been effective in derailing/destroying such as it getting bumplocked. But I don't pay attention to meta shit so it could be gay ass e-drama too.

291264 No.10869177

File: 51debd448e74754⋯.png (87.41 KB, 899x951, 899:951, qanon11-7.png)


I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and try it one more time: The princes shave BEFORE showing up to vegas and dress in plain clothes in order to blend in better. I never implied it was done during the firefight.


5776e6 No.10869178


Looks like mods have finally decided to put an end to the weekend cuckchan shills.

3b1c48 No.10869179


i mean you could trim the beard while you're walking. and ima situation where you are the target of an assassination, that would be the most effective method for changing your appearance in a short time.

d1d05b No.10869181

John J. Sullivan, deputy director of the State Department.

>The biography also discussed work on client business in Russia, Iran, Cuba and Iraq and "advising a multinational manufacturing company on security policies and risk issues in countries with a high threat of terrorism, violence, and political instability". In the Obama Administration, Sullivan was chairman of the US-Iraq Business Dialogue, "an advisory committee on economic relations between the two countries".[3]


Hmm, both directors of the state department have ties to Russia around the Obama era.

869d72 No.10869194


>I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt


>I never implied it was done during the firefight.


>Because hair cannot be cut, even to disguise one's self during an extraction from a firefight.

>even to disguise one's self during an extraction from a firefight.

>during an extraction from a firefight.

869d72 No.10869197


Just happen to have the clippers in your bug out bag? It's a reach.

291264 No.10869202





92e34c No.10869203


>Juicy theory on LV, using what has been collected.

This one post here makes more sense to me than all the other posts I have read on LV.

I realize it is not PROVEN FACT as /pol/ requires but it fills in some unanswered and weird circumstance surrounding the scenario.

Plus with all the happenings in KSA it kinda neatly ties everything together.

5776e6 No.10869204


Why wouldn’t you? Haven’t you ever read that one impromptu survival manual? It says to keep a razor around for that purpose.

869d72 No.10869210


So it's a regular razor now? Not even a battery-powered clipper?

291264 No.10869212


The only plothole is the fact that campos was for sure ms13 since he wasn't a registered security guard and he was using someone else's ssn.

5776e6 No.10869218


Whatever the fuck you want to call it, bong. Whatever’s easiest to use quickly and on the go. You’re not going to use a fucking straight razor and cream.

d1d05b No.10869221

Have we gotten too close to the truth of what's happening? Bumplock at least keeps robosperge from posting. Are the wizards and warlocks all in MI and marines or are some of them in other departments? Are there actual CIA and FBI agents loyal to the country?

3b1c48 No.10869226


i never said it wasn't a stretch. but the beard being different doesn't disqualify him from being the prince, especially when you account for how the guards surrounding him were acting.

291264 No.10869230


Q says there's about 10 of them, 7 are military, one has to be Don, and 2 more.

>loyal alphabet

Outside of the FBI field agents that threatened to empty the unit under comey, its all compromised.

228a86 No.10869232


What was Campos' intended role?

869d72 No.10869233


>but the beard being different doesn't disqualify him from being the prince

I never said it did or didn't. I said as much in a post you've already replied to.


3b1c48 No.10869234


the lower ranks are patriotic. it seems the culture of the FBI and CIA only allows for treasonous fucks at the top

9ce34b No.10869235

>Why were the acts that recetnly occured in SA so critically important?

To kill those sand nigger kikes and a example of what's to come.

>What US assets are in place in/near SA?

I don't know

>What assurances were made to protect the Kingdom


If he means of saudie arabia then the social media blackout. If he means that other kingdom then atacama.

>Who shot down the missle from Yemen?

I don't know

>HOw do we know?

We don't?

>Why is this relevant?

Because war?

>Who are the puppets?

Soros, clintons, MSM worldwide, senators, leaders, governors, etc.

>Who are the puppet masters?


>Who pulls the strings?

I don't know

>What provides power?

Physical force and or control of those with said force like cuckservatives with guns in america

>What if the US elections can be rigged

They can and are faggot

>How are JFK, Reagan, and trump different from the rest?

They are going against the cia and kikes in some fashions

>Why did JFK surrond himself w/ family much like POTUS?

For trustworthyness?

>What if it was bought and paid for?

Then it's a setup.

>How would this be possible?


>Why are there no voting ID laws in place?

So that people can fuck themselves over and think by voting they control the united states system

>What do you need an ID for?

I don't know this one.

>What is the arguement for not allowing ID laws to be enacted?

So that poor people and niggers aren't excluded from voting

>Why are immigrants important? (MB)(Votes)(Attacks)

>Why are illegals important? (MS13)(Votes)(187)

What did he mean by (187)?

>Why is open border important?

For easy invasion

>What did BO say on the campaign trail last year to illegals within the US?

>What did BO encourage?

Sedition and treason.

>Was this illegal?


>Who owns sizeable stakes in voter machine co's?

Kikes and nsa

>Who decides what voter machines are used in elections?


>Why are some 'important' counties still manually/hand counted?

So they can be swayed by traveling illegals.

291264 No.10869237


Give paddock the final comp.

291264 No.10869239


You don't have to do this, the fucking spread sheet does it for you.

92e34c No.10869252


>The only plothole is the fact that campos was for sure ms13 since he wasn't a registered security guard and he was using someone else's ssn.

Did we ever figure out how he got all the guns up there unnoticed?

There was weirdness with the way his body was found and blood splatters.

Campos was only featured on Ellen and we were not sure if it was really him.

There is still a whole bunch of open issues AFAIK but then I have not followed the whole scene in a totally immersed and focused manner. been to busy to give it total due diligence

>The only plothole is the fact that campos was for sure ms13 since he wasn't a registered security guard and he was using someone else's ssn.


We know the media sure aint gonna help us on this angle now will they?

5776e6 No.10869256


> too close to the truth of what’s happening

No, the LARPer was never right.

d1d05b No.10869262


Even if he wasn't, there's some quality corn in the shit we're digging through.

5776e6 No.10869266


It’s very odd how a couple of the things he said lined up. But then again, pareidolia is a hell of a drug.

291264 No.10869275


Thread's anchored, faggot. Take your pseudo-intellectualism elsewhere. Q is batting a thousand.

5776e6 No.10869283


>the LARPer who was proven wrong is 100% right

Except no. His dates came and went.

3b1c48 No.10869313


yes the dates did come and go, but the questions asked are a nice way to put everything together. it's not whether it's real or not, there is definitely some big stuff going down behind the scenes, and these questions are helping to lead us to as plausible an answer as anything else ive seen regarding what in the actual fuck is going on.

228a86 No.10869316

Even though I get the feeling he's a LARPer, he appears to be well versed on certain topics, and I've learned more about the SA purges than I got from the news. Like an elite autist breaking down the news of the day.

3b1c48 No.10869325


exactly, at this point it doesn't matter, it really helps at least in a good direction to start looking to begin to piece the puzzle together.

228a86 No.10869328

The larper, if not a larper, his intelligence could be incomplete, and it sounds as though this is happening quite rapidly with a lot of factors outside of anyone's control. Could be that his predictions are as correct as possible at the time of issuance, given the best available information.

9ce34b No.10869338

That diana person needs to be investigated that is related to the queen of england. She has something to do with the pedowood kikes.

5776e6 No.10869340


That’s a joke, right?

d5c2cd No.10869357


you mean Lady Di?

1f1cb9 No.10869359

>q proven legit time after time after time

>shills still spamming

>thread is anchored

0ea242 No.10869360

What is HUMA? i can’t find it online, can only find some harvard mathematics and africa shit.

5776e6 No.10869367

File: 527d4aa2da2e9fc⋯.jpg (206.49 KB, 1000x490, 100:49, Horseface McDunecoon.jpg)


>by being proven wrong every time, he is proven right

>shit that was proven wrong being anchored means that he was proven right


I told you these delusional faggots would never let it go. They probably fucking believe WHAnon was legit, too.


And now the clinical retards show up.

d5c2cd No.10869372


Harvard University Mooslim Alumni

9ce34b No.10869373


Voat says HUMA is the Havard University Muslim Association Q-anon spoke about, not the rug munching sandniggress. I don't really know, I'm half asleep already. If anyone wants to dig for clues:


0ea242 No.10869377

f9a0ad No.10869386



the other responses missed it

Jim Barksdale is on the board of the Mayo Clinic and is on the Board of Trustees for In-Q-Tel.



92e34c No.10869418

Reported to remove the anchor and set sail.

f01a25 No.10869426






morons if not glowing in the dark.

5776e6 No.10869436


>you’re CIA if you tell people to have a razor in your bugout bag so that you can change your appearance on the fly

How fucking retarded are you?

1f1cb9 No.10869448


>any single thing that has happened today

>being proven wrong

>implying he didnt post '+++' 17 fucking hours before trump did

Does it really not bother you faggots knowing that you will be held to account for your crimes?

703bda No.10869449


ruskie rev'tn of 1917, the rise of communism.

The internet will drop dead while things happen.

Soros gave 18 BILLION from his company. I think the 4th was deception. printed some signs and that's it, meanwhile many real people are going to do something tomorrow.

I'm guessing they have already told religious leaders something in preparation for tomorrow, next is crazies?

Marines > CIA

6f2826 No.10869456


That's not the VIP escort though, half those guys are casino security and not nearly enough have any proper opsec for a security detail.

703bda No.10869461



by paying a 18 year old fuck $100 to carry his bags


who cares?

703bda No.10869467



I can assume HUMA is a pedo network. It's in their religion. They wear pedastry on their sleeves (metaphorically)

291264 No.10869468


Let's pray for their victory.


That's literally video of taking him to the roof, where a helicopter was waiting.

703bda No.10869479


No it was either secret military or a PMC, hence the mismatched uniforms.

1f1cb9 No.10869481


6f2826 No.10869489



Interesting, I also like how imkampfy more or less revealed his hand by bumplocking this thread. kek

Now about those infographs, collages are not going to cut it. It needs to be an image a Normie on a phone can see and understand.

5776e6 No.10869490


>ha ha muh shit that mirrors trump’s old posts proves it’s trump ha ha

I lose zero sleep knowing that you and all your fellow jews will hang by the neck until dead, no.

92e34c No.10869493


Like I said is a lot of unanswered questions if the 18 year old bell hop was carrying the gunz where is the security footage showing us?

It would be in the best interests to back up the crazy rich guy shooter angle.

Not the carry them down from the penthouse they arrived on a helicopter angle.

7e13cc No.10869497


Havent seen that one. You have a link?

703bda No.10869500


>whurrrzzz da security footage?

who gives a shit? We're not getting it unless it's leaked by an anon who claimed to have it

6f2826 No.10869514


Speaking of Leaks whatever happened to digging the remain JFK files? Should we do it here too while we're at it?

63a729 No.10869545


Ill do it. Why though? I missed the conversation preceding this

703bda No.10869560


shill alert

6f2826 No.10869563


It's Okay To Be White is just a piece of paper with "It's Okay To Be White" in big letters plastered somewhere. The Left gets massively butthurt and loses their shit over this innocuous message and will Shut It Down.

Don't get caught.


Don't provoke him, he may no longer get massive wide IP range banning powers anymore but he'll still do it at a slower pace you can clearly see he will do it 24/7 if he has to. And imkampfy has been around since Hotwheels was active and in control of the site, I know him and his ways rather well.

I'll start digging the JFK files for connections and leads tomorrow since nobody else seems up to it. It's a large rabbit hole and everyone is caught up in the now when Q (maybe the Don himself?) wants everyone to know the "whole picture".

5776e6 No.10869579


>I’ll do it

Tell your family you love them before you go. They’ll never see you again.

291264 No.10869587


Don't listen to those faggots, langley is about to be the alamo to the swamp tomorrow, according to rumors.

5776e6 No.10869593


>STILL fucking believing this shit

Anon, if you’re suicidal go post the fliers. It has nothing to do with what this faggot is saying, though.

92e34c No.10869605


>Speaking of Leaks whatever happened to digging the remain JFK files? Should we do it here too while we're at it?

There is still thread 3 on the jfk digging but seems every one broke their shovel handles all at once.

5776e6 No.10869637


Almost as though something was invented to DISTRACT from that or something…

92e34c No.10869663


I bumped it back to the top of the catalog I will make sure it stays in the catalog until at least Nov 22 and add a few things for anons to read/watch then let it fall by the wayside.

6f2826 No.10869716

File: 2b930c23c38510e⋯.jpg (69.44 KB, 565x555, 113:111, with jews you win.jpg)


If you kept your mouth shut and not fly off the handle and screech autistically for over 20 hours straight at a time then things would not have progressed the way they did. Tomorrow CBTS threads on this board is going to be the new JFK digging threads and if you don't like it you can kiss my ass since I won't post any findings in a JFK thread. Just to spite you.

291264 No.10869761


We have a confirmed, for the first time in decades, not just a 4 SKYKANG, but both a 206 and 276 character eam message. Shit's about to get real:


703bda No.10869775


what am I looking at?

de84ee No.10869778


Why are you faggots so fucking retarded?

It's been obvious since the fucking beginning that "wizards & warlocks" is a code for the codebreakers at the NSA.

The NSA is the only alphabet org that Trump trusts according to this LARP. That's why he didn't replace their director Adam R (whoever the retard was that was answering Q questions and didn't know who this was go gas yourself you fucktard).

Now back to why they call them "wizards and warlocks". Simple really, the most computer savvy people are stereotyped to be your average 400lb basement dwelling, magic the gathering, world of Warcraft, dungeons & dragons playing hackers named 4chan.

Wizards and warlocks are staple characters in D&D and WoW.

Codebreakers at NSA are some of the most computer savvy people in the world. Hell Cicada 11301 or whatever the fuck it was called was probably a NSA test for those 400lb autistic hackers to break their codes and be recruited by them. The "wizards & warlocks" might even be a faction within the NSA who were all weaponized autists from the Chans, which would make sense as to why they would help Trump as Q has implied, 4chan and 8chan fags are natsoc and the W&W saw that Trump wants to kick out Mexicans so they thought he was their guy.

6f2826 No.10869783



Looking at dedicated skyking watch threads or anywhere dedicated to talking about radio broadcasts there was also a foxtrot flash message which is a separate from skykings that is so serious not even 9/11 justified it's use.


291264 No.10869796



3b84cd No.10869803


seems to be a new one too, quick search on what ive heard so far isn’t popping any results, its a new message

291264 No.10869807


Its a flash message too. So much for a larp.

3b84cd No.10869827

another fastdraw, repeat of FFOU6 207 char

867c8b No.10869834


I don't think there were any flash messages, people just got spooked by the messages starting with foxtrot foxtrot

Also, the 207 char message is begin broadcast yet again.

867c8b No.10869848


disregard, seems like starting with foxtrot foxtrot is the actual signal for a Flash message.

I wonder what the fuck is the Happening

de84ee No.10869861


Is your faggot ass implying that the W&W are fucking Interpol or some shit? Cause that's pretty retarded.

6f2826 No.10869863



The reason it's spooky is because of the body of the message. Which is apparently the same.

867c8b No.10869866

Another new FF message going out, 171 Char

291264 No.10869870


New 171 message. I'm scared that FF is code for foxtrot flash. Reviewing the eam logs nothing its recent history has ever been prefixed with FF

3b84cd No.10869873


I think you will find it will be called like 'skyking skyking' before the message as it is the alert notifier and sets who needs to listen.

I've seen the same through the logs as you too, also fast draw seems to be a fairly unreported operator

6f2826 No.10869879


The skykings already happened before the foxtrot, and foxtrot has more or less been on repeat since.

291264 No.10869889

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump, urgent meeting with worst korea.

3b84cd No.10869891

all station fastdraw message, looks like another new one

867c8b No.10869892

Another new FF message, 125 char this time

291264 No.10869894

Another FF, 125 char.

6f2826 No.10869897



Looking it up he actually choked so this Fastdraw guy is shortening the message down so he can breathe.

6f2826 No.10869919

File: 4262c2f53a426ba⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 570x600, 19:20, whatthefuckamIeating.jpg)


>we have a Nuclear sub positioned

05cb9a No.10869925




Go read through the original text again and tell me who writes like that and speaks like that.

Then tell me who was a son who is declared king of the internetz, time traveller who appeared in 1890's books and is "so good with computers" who can help him out to write on /pol/


3b84cd No.10869929


right idea, wrong son


Trump BTFOing gun control too

275bf7 No.10869931

File: 27e47f2c332b81c⋯.png (33.91 KB, 155x175, 31:35, tshk.png)

6f2826 No.10869932


When the fuck did he position a nuclear submarine?

de84ee No.10869934


Lurk more faggot. Are you seriously suggesting that Trump would make his son post on 4chan? A site that openly calls for the gassing of his sister and brother-in-law?

Trump is savvy enough to do this on his own no need for the 11 year old.

3b84cd No.10869940


>too new to remember jrs visit to half/pol/ before it went to total shit


no idea but the uptick in EAMs would suggest something like that.

de84ee No.10869947


>Too new to realize halfchan went to shit way way before Jr drop in

>Too stupid to realize I'm specifically talking about Barron not jr

What was your point anyway fag?

6f2826 No.10869978

Does anyone else notice fastdraw is speaking faster?

3b84cd No.10870064


>Are you seriously suggesting that Trump would make his son post on 4chan

I was suggesting that his son already does post there and if you had used one iota of common sense you would have made that link instead of making assertions out your ass about Donald 'making' Barron post.


not really, the number of 170+ char messages that have popped up today and the frequency of them being broadcast is the more interesting thing IMO, there are 2 running back to back at the moment

dd0cd0 No.10870164

File: 50c4db6042e3cd3⋯.jpg (76.38 KB, 593x800, 593:800, templeos.jpg)


Score one for the good guys.

d7db50 No.10870660

>>10869177 check'd

So am I to believe that at some point today Langly is going to get stormed by the marines? That…just seems too far fetched too be true. It would be amazing and only a net positive for the world, but I just can't see it happening.

d1d05b No.10870680


>Donald J. Trump



>Ralph Northam will allow crime to be rampant in Virginia. He’s weak on crime, weak on our GREAT VETS, Anti-Second Amendment….

Apparently the GREAT VETS in virginia are being given a nod to.

d7db50 No.10870699


That election will be a good test to see how much political juice Trump has when it comes to close races.

5776e6 No.10870707


>If you kept your mouth shut

You will be necked just like all the other jews.

>things would not have progressed the way they did.

Correct. I saved the board from your kike shilling.

>Tomorrow CBTS threads on this board is going to be the new JFK digging threads

Nope. Because nothing has happened or is going to happen. Your kikery was stopped.

>if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass

lol the mods explicitly said not to make any more of these

>since I won’t post any findings in a JFK thread.

No one cares what you want, jew.

5776e6 No.10870710



We’re going to war with North Korea, you fucking dipshits. That’s the storm. That was always the only storm.

5776e6 No.10870739


>so much for a thing that was proven true

It’s war with North Korea, kike.

5776e6 No.10870740

9ce34b No.10870759


I was considering that angle too. But then I saw this >>10869932 and realized that it was all planned from the start. Because trump already stated that he was going to japan, south korea, the phillipeans, and some other place in his tweets before any of this happened. So either something really fishy is up with that nuke sub or before any of this happened (((someone))) was already positioning things for war with best korea.


That might just be the tweet to signal to the burger military yes seriously to storm the cianiggers in virginia if what that larper said is true. That's how the saudia arabia event got kicked off too, as predicted by the larper.

5776e6 No.10870764


>before any of this happened ✡someone✡ was already positioning things for war with best korea.

You missed the last six months of war preparations and the moving of three carrier fleets to the peninsula?

>as predicted by the larper.

He didn’t predict a damn thing.

d7db50 No.10870782


wait, how did the Saudi arabia even kick off? i must have missed something.

9ce34b No.10870787

File: af2d2f23a014452⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 255x206, 255:206, af2d2f23a014452bb7c2719930….jpg)



>not (((someone)))

Gee, I wonder who is behind this post that is trying to glorify ZOG like a total bitch?

5776e6 No.10870796


>being this fucking retarded

>not knowing how to star of remphan

>not pushing to get the jews’ own symbol declared hate speech

You’re extremely weak and ✡uninformed✡.

9ce34b No.10870801

File: 49fb60e351b5560⋯.jpg (343.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 49fb60e351b556091622abfa40….jpg)


See https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/926707692395102219 https://archive.fo/DljH9 . This was before any of the deaths or arrests in saudie arabia. It's 1488d chess.


>Giving a shit about some kike's pointed anus

>Giving a fuck about kikes declaring their own star hate speech

Moshie I hear ass cream sales are at a all time high. Do you have some sources on the ass cream sales in tel aviv the gayest place on earth?

d7db50 No.10870824



jesus, those comments underneath are pure cancer.

So you are saying that the call back to remember pearl harbor was some way a sign to the Saudis to start their purge?

e77891 No.10870831

File: 038fa0441b39495⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 480x343, 480:343, kike-on-lonas.jpg)


>did you say saudia arabia?

>ok so what did pearl harbor have to do with any of it?

d7db50 No.10870845


thanks for contributing to the conversation.

5776e6 No.10870879


>shilling against the normalization of naming the jew

Yes, you’re a real asset to this conversation.

890f77 No.10871084


Nah, we'll see what happens within the next 72 hours.

2886ff No.10871305

File: d44c89fc770696f⋯.png (159.67 KB, 715x678, 715:678, ClipboardImage.png)



the literal state of kike 8pol

2886ff No.10871330

File: 1f1a76693d0c277⋯.png (411.4 KB, 951x690, 317:230, 138958345678874336622.png)


like if this shit is new or something lol


2886ff No.10871355

File: 980f34c803673ef⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1505601936554.gif)

let me break it down for you

>kike mods cannot shut down for no reason

>that would oust them as compromised without doubt

>so what they do?

>send a bunch of retard kikes to push the idea that thread is shit

>after the (((consensus))) is formed (((they))) shut down

called it yesterday


dad58a No.10871378

>>10871355 (check'n)

I always wondered why they bumplock so many comfy threads like European art, and basically any Aryan Fuck Yeah.

bfd38a No.10871397


I mean I knew what that was.


We can only hope. Going to vote now but a literal Alamo would be nice.

890f77 No.10871467


I've begun my digging but I'm actually moving to Wikileaks first since they always post juicy shit but it's pretty arcane to navigate despite the updated UI. And also cause I needed to know more about Mueller I asked myself "why would he be on Trump's side?" Whelp first fucking hit right here, Mueller oversaw the transfer of Uranium himself as ordered by Hillary.




So people say it's because he's caught in kiddy diddling but the real reason I suspect is because he already knows who is in on this and Trump gave him an offer he cannot refuse. What offer though?

890f77 No.10871474

Why is Trudeau important? (this question is me not Q)

Uranium One is a shell company used as a front to facilitate the transfer of uranium from the US to Russia and where is Uranium One located? Canada.

890f77 No.10871481

File: 047e2053ec8c30c⋯.png (20.86 KB, 565x225, 113:45, Uranium_One_logo.png)


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


https://archive.is/4OWzh (oldest archived page in Wikipedia)

d7db50 No.10871494


>What offer though?

Be the man to take down the largest criminal enterprise in the history of the United States Government.

One thing i have been meaning to dig on, but have no idea where to even begin is to see if Mueller served with/under any of the Marine Generals in Trumps cabinet. That would offer us a little more insight into why Mueller was chosen. I have met many a marines, and they are the most loyal of the bunch. Its possible that Mueller saw all the shit happening with 9/11, U1, etc…, and it ate him alive, but he couldn't blow the whistle because he has always been in the service of the president and as a Marine his honor or whatever would not allow him to go against his Commander in Chief.

Well maybe now with Trump, who has surrounded himself with Generals, especially Marine Generals, maybe now Mueller has an opportunity to make past wrong right.

This is all just a theory of course, but in my mind it makes sense and could be the only answer.

890f77 No.10871559


Whelp a quick search of Mattis in the same thing as where I got the Mueller cable



16eac6 No.10871570

> Trump: “We’re going to have an exciting day tomorrow for many reasons that people will find out.” Just heard it on Fox and friends also.


3d2fda No.10871735

File: 5bfa3145b39a3ef⋯.png (7.11 MB, 1788x3216, 149:268, ClipboardImage.png)


>Cuckchan thinks the LV VIP was a SA prince.

Wait what… Al Waleed Bin Talel, who paid for Obama to go to Harvard Law, owns Citi, and Citi chose Obama's cabinet, owns The Four Seasons Hotel which is the top 4 floors of the Mandalay Bay.

And Al Waleed Bin Talel just got arrested 3 days ago by Prince Solomon who became heir to the throne in June.

3d2fda No.10871738




890f77 No.10871754

I'll be off for a while but some interesting tidbit of some cursory 2007 sniffing France might actually be selling uranium to India.



And the DPRK has been making diplomatic overtures to Malawi


I'll continue my dig later.

a41f93 No.10871766

Some Anons on cuckchan figured out that communicating via asking questions someone blinds surveillance, shill, and possibly A.I. programs. Shill clutter dropped off immediately after people switched to the question format. Cuckchan mods started shoahing threads shortly after that. This was around Threads 111-114 if anyone cares to look into it.

This is possibly why Q is communicating via questions. It might useful information to know in the future.

13c48f No.10871821

File: e5e65aea5949a7b⋯.png (83.76 KB, 922x276, 461:138, 12D11CB9-94AE-47C6-94C6-C5….png)


3d2fda No.10871883


>The guy's name is literally Pepe.

Pretty sure this is a sign.

890f77 No.10871903


So I should ask questions?


Are we all Q now?

We going to answer questions with questions? Acronyms?

I see.

At last?

Next maybe communicate through images? Memes?

d1d05b No.10872115

>Donald J. Trump



>.@EdWGillespie will totally turn around the high crime and poor economic performance of VA. MS-13 and crime will be gone. Vote today, ASAP!

MS 13 called out in Dons last tweet about Virginia. Could be house cleaning time.

d1d05b No.10872127


Maybe being Q is a state of mind?

To beat the enemy we become the memes?

Isn't this the timeline where anime's real?

d5c2cd No.10872171

File: 12976912fc618b8⋯.jpg (20.09 KB, 168x170, 84:85, burnin.jpg)



>it's real

>just like Q was talking about a few days ago

890f77 No.10872206

File: 7eb4e1b5ce234a5⋯.png (272.91 KB, 1864x692, 466:173, Prayer.png)

I don't know how to pray.

But I'll try anyway?

890f77 No.10872219

File: e61e2c5e80fafc7⋯.png (68.38 KB, 1245x364, 1245:364, non-governmental orginizat….PNG)

Dig lead NGOs.

890f77 No.10872235

File: e2393623876e77d⋯.png (42.36 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, who owns NK.png)


082bbd No.10872241


they look baked

3d2fda No.10872256


>Maybe being Q is a state of mind?

Maybe he called himself Q because he works for Military Intelligence and Q is Bond's guy from Military Intelligence in 007 movies?

d5c2cd No.10872262


who are the (((CIA)))?

890f77 No.10872293


But Q is a real clearance level? Be seeing you? qq[u[wpqu

dad58a No.10872306

I'd like to apologize for the mess that is Canada. The only reason we're in this no brakes slide into the abyss is weed man. Why is Canada important to soros though? Why is U1 funnelling through here? Why are they accelerating the collapse of the great white north?

d7db50 No.10872319


maybe they want to use it as a beach head for a mainland invasion of the United States using imported shitskins?

d5c2cd No.10872323


have you ever heard about the missing native Kamloops kids? Or the stolen generation in general? Shit's been covered up a long time.

Have you heard what some people have had to say about weed man sr?

Or a guy from the West Coast who hangs out with BC and is active in orphanages and teenage runaways?

890f77 No.10872325


Uranium One is used for moving the Uranium and I suspect that human trafficking for pedophiles is also involved. Oh and be sure to dig up ALL radioactive isotopes "going missing".

890f77 No.10872329



Why does Manitoba's child services always get purged?

d1d05b No.10872395

>>10872323 (checked)

I know Sr. was responsible for shitting all over our history, claiming Canada had none. The residential schools were a fucked up system for supplying kids to pedo rings. Maybe that's why Jr. is setting the stage for shariah, to lower the age of consent down to 9 for a kike approved kid diddling country in the west?

291264 No.10872418


Looks like this Saudi Raid is a bit of quid pro quo from a happy to be alive Salman.

d1d05b No.10872447


I've worked in MB before, it's got a small population base though, more missing kids would be a lot harder to hide there wouldn't it? The other strange thing I noticed was all the Hutterites with cellphones, in AB they aren't even allowed to have radios in their vehicles.


Doesn't SK have uranium mines? Wondering if they've had any missing uranium?

291264 No.10872468


No doofus, U1 was given to NK and Iran to help their nuclear programs.

a28f63 No.10872474

Whatever happen with those fast flash foxtrot foxtrot transmissions?

291264 No.10872485


They finally started dying off around 0530est, and started before midnight. It was six hours of constant FF messages, which has never happened in 40+ years history.

d1d05b No.10872487


I understand the missing US uranium ended up in NK, just wondering if "dude weed" followed his muslim buddy BOs example and gave some up too?

703bda No.10872494


>who is bernardine dohrn

what's seui?

291264 No.10872495


No, even worse, he sold all of canada's gold. Canada's economy is now founded upon nothing but debt and kike cock sucking.

703bda No.10872507

Mary Kay Henry is currently the president of SEUI

3d2fda No.10872514



>Salman came up with Vision 2030. Theoretically, it was shift away from oil; selling off part of Aramco; and an attempt to bring in new industries.

>In parallel, Salam pulled another rabbit from his hat swearing the future of Saudi Arabia is a matter of “simply reverting to what we followed – a moderate Religion of Cuck™ open to the world and all religions.

>Night of the Long Knives

I think Salam is actually the Saudis' /ourgoy/.

d1d05b No.10872520


Yeah he can't even tie his shoes without asking kike permission.

a28f63 No.10872589


What are the implications of those messages?

What are the precedents?

Why were they brought up?

Whom brought them up?

Why is it relevant?

What happened the last time transmissions like that were heard?

-some dumbass speaking in Q

c2c5f7 No.10872660


they were not flash foxtrot messages.

they were all stations messages.

d1d05b No.10872734

Looks like a new thread started, any bets how long it takes the kike squad to shill it up too?

825e8f No.10872735

File: 5e888e98d2959fd⋯.png (250.34 KB, 1902x539, 1902:539, ClipboardImage.png)

d1d05b No.10872757


That's the thing, this is supposed to be happening over the next month, for the shills to scream nothing happened, nothing's going to happen means that they have to see a month into the future. November will be an amazing month.

a28f63 No.10872819


Link it faggot

d1d05b No.10873293


Here you go turboaids


c2c5f7 No.10873405


>thread a day older than this one is the 'new' thread

the only difference is that one hasn’t been bumplocked yet

4be85d No.10873673

Who is Tyler?

How can Tyler be trusted?

How many will starve?

d1d05b No.10873823


I still don't know why this thread got shut down and shilled so damn hard. The autist is at least gone though.


Haven't got a clue tbh. But once ebt stops, lots of starvation, looting and civil war.

d1d05b No.10874485

>Donald J. Trump



>Leaving South Korea now heading to China. Looking very much forward to meeting and being with President Xi!

Is China next to unfuck itself for Trump?

dd0cd0 No.10874814



When is Don going to meet Brendan Fraser?

a41f93 No.10875092

File: f3a161faee8e82b⋯.png (473.07 KB, 1263x2436, 421:812, RPP-11-7-PNG.png)

Keep an eye out for an Anon signing off as "RPP." RPP might be connected to Q. Here's a screencap of the RPP posts (From CBTS Thread #127 on Cuckchan).

>/pol/ is CB

Some suspect "CB" is a tech reference to Equilibrium and CrunchBase. This might be useful information later in the operation.

328fd1 No.10875191

File: 580da4cb3982fd9⋯.jpg (110.06 KB, 672x504, 4:3, IMG_0990.JPG)

File: a8edd97a562190d⋯.jpg (115.56 KB, 960x1398, 160:233, IMG_0991.JPG)

I posted this on 4cuck. Snow White is pic related. Her ex-husband is Prince Dopey.


Look at their foundation and what Silatech does. I think these fucks are responsible for flooding Shitskins into Europe, among other shit.


19778b No.10875399


Circle Foundation, Chicago Il




7cdcfa No.10875558

john podesta confirmed and anthony podesta matching ages …. also recorded arrest for one james alefantis


going to get full record details tomorrow after buying a subscription. our revolution will not be televised , at least not the start … extra comfy

7cdcfa No.10875566

cannot find anything on james alefantis age but i did find a snippit saying he graduated high school in 92… making him 43 years old such as the alefantis mentioned in the arrest reports…… guys i need help ffs

e63d5d No.10875573


thread is bumplocked and not monitored any longer, try here >>10856580

Or make a new thread, just to trigger the sperg who keeps REEEing

13c48f No.10876326



Service Employees International Union

52021d No.10877462


291264 No.10877545

File: b7f0a57e1804966⋯.jpg (477.26 KB, 1055x892, 1055:892, Capture.JPG)


The anchor is taken off? Thanks mod squad!


I think he means the film. Reading the synopsis gives clues.

5776e6 No.10877586


92e34c No.10877679



Thanks mods for anchors away.

9ed5a0 No.10877706


Maybe someone should call it in. :^)

3f5111 No.10877725


>I think he means the film. Reading the synopsis gives clues.

This. But I think Snow White is referring to removing the Wicked Queen Hillary. Godfather 3 is a reference to a guilty Michael Corleone feels guilty from his rise to power, donates a lot of money, and wants to go into legitimate business and buys real estate from the Vatican for $600 million to pay off their debts. Prince Salman is about to become King, wants to get into industry instead of oil, and wants to invest $500 billion in real estate.

My guess is CB (Christian Bale) is Edward Snowden.

e008c1 No.10877791

May 2016


5d2c2c No.10877850

Thanks for the anchor removal mods!



>Congratulations to all of the ”DEPLORABLES” and the millions of people who gave us a MASSIVE (304-227) Electoral College landslide victory!

Trump's thanking the 'deplorables' now, nod to wizards and warlocks?

3f5111 No.10877882

File: 32c72b443e99a8b⋯.png (29.22 KB, 634x768, 317:384, ClipboardImage.png)


>Q: Nothing is random

>Trump: Thank you Deplorables.

We did it boys.

275bf7 No.10878062

File: 20f5c7e9464cd5d⋯.jpg (359.67 KB, 1877x869, 1877:869, Mary Kay Henry - very purp….jpg)

File: 36192494a88e957⋯.jpg (78.8 KB, 1212x215, 1212:215, Mary Kay Henry - huge unio….jpg)




>who is in charge of SEIU

Mary Kay Henry

very color revolution

even if she'd say lavender instead of purple

soros/rothschilds, I'd say

3e694c No.10878072


>MASSIVE (304-227) Electoral College landslide victory!

I thought it was 306-232 and it's not really landslide territory, either way.

3b22cd No.10878153

Anti-slide bump

57fe4d No.10878670

File: c56152cba2390ab⋯.jpg (87.4 KB, 960x410, 96:41, BuyAmerican.jpg)

File: 5a292840a5a951c⋯.jpg (115.32 KB, 647x500, 647:500, LickItGoy.jpg)

File: c52cfb10c2e858f⋯.jpg (111.99 KB, 785x500, 157:100, TragedyOfHuma.jpg)

File: cf499a5d565fe6d⋯.jpg (115.62 KB, 889x500, 889:500, Trump Arrests.jpg)

Gonna post my OC I made to give this thread a couple of bumps.

57fe4d No.10878675

File: 50057b10c7b5f25⋯.jpg (117.12 KB, 764x500, 191:125, TrumpPureGlee.jpg)

File: 48f8c860186b023⋯.jpg (114.28 KB, 716x500, 179:125, Human Trafficking.jpg)

File: fd5d6dee09f6c36⋯.jpg (89.88 KB, 681x500, 681:500, WorstBabysitter.jpg)

File: 65ca20af1aa1265⋯.jpg (87.25 KB, 637x500, 637:500, ScaredHillary.jpg)

File: 0f77e0f1e8c0608⋯.jpg (110.65 KB, 750x500, 3:2, HumaRBF.jpg)

57fe4d No.10878711

File: 9c4247e9ce21806⋯.jpg (180.75 KB, 889x500, 889:500, HillaryInBedWith.jpg)

File: 7ee7ae815f9c97d⋯.jpg (113.81 KB, 500x719, 500:719, TalilConfessions.jpg)

File: 70819991687813b⋯.jpg (135.78 KB, 734x500, 367:250, Alwaleed bin Talal.jpg)


My quality has kinda varied.

730d5e No.10878738

Halfchan here yes I use both chan's don't bitch about it we are trying to fight back against them, but r/the_donald is like a literal parasite that seemingly cannot be killed.

However, a subreddit called r/SleepingGiants, which is ran by the group that targeted Breitbart's advertisers, is going after them. I suggest perhaps aiding them secretly. It is the only way, and perhaps the best way, to get rid of r/the_donald for good.

5776e6 No.10878766


Trump used the “official” tally, since there were many faithless electors this time around (more for Hillary than him).

57fe4d No.10878772


Why is the donald reddit opposing this? Shouldn't they be supporting (as long as it doesn't offend their delicate anti-racist sensibilities)?

5776e6 No.10878774


Wait, what are they supporting/not supporting?

730d5e No.10878801



No. r/the_donald is being targeted and attacked by sleeping giants. My suggestion is to aid sleeping giants so we can kill the donald for good. It has become a massive cancer and it was a mistake that anons created it even though the intention was good. Now we have to put it down.

275bf7 No.10878815


r/the_donald is the necessary interface between the *chans memeforges and the normiesphere, they are useful, however cucked they may appear

57fe4d No.10878839


Have to agree with this.


I'm kinda lost too, but there's a lot of people who shit on this whole sequence of happenings as "larping".

Donno if that's the case with r/TD, cuz I don't go to reddit.

730d5e No.10878873


They are a literal cancer breeding newfags who are pro-Jew, Civic Nationalist faggots

57fe4d No.10878891


As opposed to the general population who are…?

Protip: The jew fears a united white race.

Let them denounce us if they're that cucked, but what the fuck does picking a fight accomplish?

3e694c No.10878919


That explains it. Still a bit generous to call it a landslide. It's not far off the Bush-Kerry total.

000000 No.10878964

https://www.henrymakow.com/2015/12/Donald-Drumpf-Illuminati%20Jew.html Which part of 1488D chess does this fit into. Or is that website, that author just another shill and those photos faked. I'm seriously asking here?

3d2fda No.10879017

File: 289a4514396cf15⋯.png (245.08 KB, 1260x1202, 630:601, ClipboardImage.png)

42f7b4 No.10879090

File: 6c70391483b5c50⋯.gif (893.46 KB, 400x554, 200:277, nkjblkjvhgcf.gif)

resurrection bump

a749c9 No.10879178

The shilling is real. Shit threads are popping up everywhere. We hit something big in one of these threads. But what?

3d2fda No.10879180

File: 8b9425c308bf771⋯.png (484.95 KB, 1263x2436, 421:812, ClipboardImage.png)


d1d05b No.10879219

So when can we meme back a future for white children? Are we wizards and warlocks now? Why is the future so bright even after (((them and their masters))) tried to destroy us? Why can't I shake this feeling that we are retaking this world, and making it into the utopia it was always meant to be?

a749c9 No.10879250


f9a0ad No.10879321


spreadsheet #49 is missing the most important one: James L. "Jim" Barksdale, who is both a Mayo Clinic board member and an In-Q-Tel trustee.

857b08 No.10879418


You kind of messed up there. They dont sell your attention, they sell your personal information. All 3 of the named companies want your phone number which can be used to place you physically in a location and then the companies themselves keep stock of everything theyre given. The result is a big ol delicious pile of census data.

I figured the value of said data as regards elections by examining Irelands demographics. You don't need to gerrymander if you can predict and control what demographics live where. If you want smalltown usa to flip blue then all you need to do is gentrify the everliving fuck out of it and the resulting hipsters'll do the hard part for you. You don't even need immigrant voters. This is why many RINOs and other such republicans don't actually care to improve the lots of the people who vote for them. If they did then they'd ultimately lose voting districts.

3d2fda No.10879435

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

57fe4d No.10879454

File: bad87c375a7f4c9⋯.jpg (133.98 KB, 952x500, 238:125, UraniumOne.jpg)

File: 69c6db42f9d0b60⋯.jpg (112.61 KB, 500x701, 500:701, Brainlet chart.jpg)

File: fe54a33347c4882⋯.jpg (49.77 KB, 400x387, 400:387, UraniumExport.jpg)

File: d876ff208fc2188⋯.jpg (96.22 KB, 500x649, 500:649, RestInSpagettiNeverForgett….jpg)

More OC.

Started dipping into stock images to make it all a little more "Facebook-tier"

57fe4d No.10879495

File: 1c6a9c3f2304fd8⋯.jpg (83.37 KB, 343x604, 343:604, PatrickIsQ.jpg)

baked fresh.

57fe4d No.10879588

File: c5d78c4030000a3⋯.jpg (194.21 KB, 500x884, 125:221, Truth.jpg)

Alright, I think I'm about done for the night.

a749c9 No.10879690

File: 87b3b77dedd440e⋯.png (20.08 KB, 303x301, 303:301, STRENGTH THRU JOY.png)

>>10879588 (heil'd)

Hillary is going to be indicted.

730d5e No.10879710

The fact that reddit is so highly coordinated on this is scary

730d5e No.10879715


This is highly coordinated. r/the_donald faggots need to be stopped and now

bfa66f No.10879762

File: a5e463ead25cea0⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 7093x4348, 7093:4348, 1510203550032.jpg)

File: f20ea654464569c⋯.jpg (3.69 MB, 4279x3856, 4279:3856, 1510203307503.jpg)

Two versions of Qanon posts, it seems as if not all of his messages have been properly collated yet.

There might be a few more disparate post floating around cuckchan threads but damn it's hard to follow those guys.

07c370 No.10879798

File: 560586588caa506⋯.jpeg (114.02 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, typical.jpeg)


>If you kept your mouth shut and not fly off the handle and screech autistically for over 20 hours straight at a time then things would not have progressed the way they did. Tomorrow CBTS threads on this board is going to be the new JFK digging threads and if you don't like it you can kiss my ass since I won't post any findings in a JFK thread. Just to spite you.

For some, acting outside the stereotype is impossible

616392 No.10879824


it has been going on for a little while

3d2fda No.10879892

Happening? thread deleted. Must have uncovered something.

e63d5d No.10879916


No it wasn't, just hit the limit. >>10858650

291264 No.10879999


23 Nov 85, not much but I found this:


>Who died?

(((Nitzan Mendelson))), Scarlett Marie Rogenkamp and others when Egyptian commandos stormed the plane

>Who lived?


Member of


I wish I knew the questions he was responding to. He seems to be hinting the numbers in the image he posted were important somehow.

3d2fda No.10880004

File: df9204b5326f2e5⋯.png (84.52 KB, 1049x1090, 1049:1090, Prions.png)

Newly minted

803fac No.10880042

File: 773aebb525cb4cb⋯.jpg (3.92 MB, 6064x6072, 758:759, 1455266729210.jpg)


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

291264 No.10880044

291264 No.10880065

File: c4817210fb61111⋯.jpg (110.95 KB, 1061x381, 1061:381, Capture.JPG)


Let's try again. Nigger did you do that yourself? Some of these answers are retarded but I did do a bit of searching myself. Is Q really insinuating that McD's is selling soylent to induce dementia in the populace? Why does he differentiate from bistro and McD? What the fuck?!

3d2fda No.10880081

File: a76f90062b89735⋯.jpg (100.68 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Trump American Psycho.jpg)

File: 77b61fd30cc2d59⋯.png (337.7 KB, 784x1584, 49:99, Clinton KURU.png)

291264 No.10880089


So shillery has kuru? These fuckers tried to install a degenerating cannibal as our countries leaders? These kikes and sandniggers will hang.

dd0cd0 No.10880090


Search for Blood Sacrifice for McDonalds. I wanted to post a webm but the file is too big.

3d2fda No.10880092

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Forgot the vid

a749c9 No.10880140



Holy fuck. Hillary eats kids and got a disease as proof. I am going to throw up.

3d2fda No.10880159



Time stamp for Hillary KURU confirmed.

c2b25e No.10880175

File: 357dcffcab9a0cc⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 320x240, 4:3, yesyesYES.gif)

File: 76b88dd26b6095e⋯.gif (967.58 KB, 380x262, 190:131, 76b88dd26b6095e888ef25ad45….gif)

File: 7862c32a35eb382⋯.gif (43.61 KB, 400x204, 100:51, 1503636828139.gif)

File: 9e74ba7f3ce520a⋯.jpg (140.1 KB, 746x982, 373:491, born to feel.jpg)

I want to believe


3d2fda No.10880191

File: a610f59fa0015da⋯.png (25.63 KB, 897x321, 299:107, ClipboardImage.png)

3d2fda No.10880199

File: d4e05a23259c10c⋯.png (626.21 KB, 596x652, 149:163, ClipboardImage.png)

N Korea here we come?

291264 No.10880213


Thanks for helping me lurk these shitty threads, we're now just a few minutes behind the gold hidden in the ocean of shit that is cuckchan.

3d2fda No.10880240

File: 2a909fc43a12487⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, Keys 1.png)

File: b9c65b2bf4b828b⋯.png (764.4 KB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, Keys 2.png)

File: 44cfd6b21a32472⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, keys 3.png)


This is from someone of interest. His posts are just talking with Anons about authenticator pic posts. Have an item on you like your car keys at all times. Post that pic as your authenticator. Any duplicate pic from a previous post would make a shill obvious.

3d2fda No.10880252

File: 16e998f94366154⋯.png (584.86 KB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, keys 4.png)

File: a171160f878f630⋯.png (27.12 KB, 1880x342, 940:171, ClipboardImage.png)

dd0cd0 No.10880260

File: 0d92eb8eebde4b9⋯.png (2.62 MB, 820x3980, 41:199, mcgellons 2.png)


I posted an earlier version of this in another thread. While I can't tell for sure if it's Morgellon's, the fiber colors are a dead on match.

fb273e No.10880290

File: 49f4d99899a5736⋯.png (598.89 KB, 592x467, 592:467, smug-furry-trump.png)


>mcdonalds feeds you flesh infected with "mad cow" prions

>this is to keep the masses docile

>proof: hillary clinton got a rare cannibal disease

>she got it from mcdonalds hamburgers, or maybe from the "bistro"

>but somehow nobody else caught the same disease

>also China is the only country that doesn't have prions in its mcdonalds

>but donald trump fixed that, or maybe he fixed mcdonalds

Getting sick of this Q faggot.

cc95a0 No.10880291

File: a11cd160dfc3a8d⋯.png (2.83 MB, 2526x3376, 1263:1688, 000-RRP-GrimRevelation.png)



Very thought provoking. Here's another take.

a749c9 No.10880292

File: 911baa4c7b82c26⋯.jpg (17.99 KB, 256x400, 16:25, young boy.jpg)


And they call this young artist evil…

a749c9 No.10880305


The questions are like oblique anamorphosis. It's a distorted mess until the news drops and you look back to see it from the right angle and it makes a full picture.


fb273e No.10880340


>The questions are like oblique anamorphosis.

No, they are like someone spent a few hours reading conspiracy websites and threw together some tiresome and supremely retarded leading questions. Read this one again >>10880004

We are meant to infer everything I listed here >>10880290 plus, I forgot to mention, that McDonalds is using its charity arm to put meat from mad-cow-infected children into its food to control people's minds. And hey, maybe it's all true! But doesn't it sound just a little, ahem, fucking retarded to you?

05cb9a No.10880343

hopefully all these shits are in jail soon.

bump for great justice

6f08a1 No.10880360

File: 1676f5f7d31c2ed⋯.jpg (392.79 KB, 992x744, 4:3, 001.jpg)

File: 63541e07b8c6f57⋯.jpg (234.17 KB, 1285x746, 1285:746, 002.jpg)

File: 675c5016998cb2e⋯.jpg (17.4 KB, 620x350, 62:35, 003.jpg)

File: 675c5016998cb2e⋯.jpg (17.4 KB, 620x350, 62:35, 003.jpg)


Add Reddit's CEO to a list of known cannibals. Helped remove pizzagate off the site. I wonder why…

a749c9 No.10880365


>We are meant to infer everything I listed here

Really? Are you sure? All he is doing is asking questions and it's pissing you off. You are so frustrated, like a know-it-all without all the answers.

e63d5d No.10880369


the problem is CIAniggers mudding the waters with additional LARPers who throw in some very fucking hard to believe shit to throw /pol/ off Q's stuff by mixing in with his style of posting. The actual Q is confirmed legit, RPP is not.

fb273e No.10880379


>Really? Are you sure?

Yes. Read the questions in the cap. Do you have a different set of answers that steers far clear of big macs made of farmed, diseased human flesh that is meant to keep the masses stupid and docile?


Do you know if 4cuck IDs are persistent across threads? It's annoying me that more than one poster might be signing off as Q.

703bda No.10880385


Yes. Q goes from who and why and RPP is "muh jooz"

c2d29b No.10880386

>>10879999 (CHECKED)

The fact that these quads and your post content have been largely ignored is troubling…

155863 No.10880395


If you're talking about who classifies a document/ program/ compartment, it's the originator of the document/ program/ compartment.

c2d29b No.10880420


>What is Equilibrium?

It is a movie, which is, itself, propagandized fantasy, about a man who wakes up from a propagandized fantasy. Taken in context of the preceding questions, Q is asking /pol/ to do the same but for the truth (and not technically propaganda but same methods=visual. I suspect when we had those threads on gifted kid classes, the the common denominator for all of /pol/ is spatial genius (ie visual) and language genius (the two are often connected. What are memes? What are symbols? What is branding? What is iconography? What is architecture? LANGUAGE). Our job is to meme to the normies factual reality.

5784bb No.10880453

File: c84905b6f142048⋯.png (449.3 KB, 1304x757, 1304:757, Screenshot 2017-11-09 um 1….png)


Did the Stasi really die

Pic related is rumoured to have been bought by the Americans to set up the DHS. May be relevant. Also on German youtube there is a "satirical" interview with an Ex-Stasi spy who says that with facebook "everything you need is right there".

f1bd2f No.10880506

File: 73caa0ff5ef2f9c⋯.jpg (20.22 KB, 635x345, 127:69, serveimage.jpg)





>Las Vegas massacre was a collateral effect of a Saudi Prince assassination plot

I seriously hope you idiots don't believe this mist producer.

Las Vegas was a monumental operation of disinformation. This one is a prime example.

Mixes in truth in the first part and then hits you with one of the biggest bullshit stories one could imagine.

I mean holy shit guys. Da assasuns started firing on people so they wouldn't appear as being after a Saudi Prince.

Whoever writes this shit should read some Fleming novels. C tier stuff.

f63aaa No.10880554


Is this legit? Archive link is not loading

155863 No.10880593


It was up when the 'pizzagate' shit hit. It got yanked when the pizzagate normalfags found it.

951089 No.10880595

there's some decent ideas on these threads but then there's also a bunch of complete horse shit

I told myself i wouldn't believe this nonsense if podesta wasn't indicted on 11/5 like the posts said and here we are. On 4chan, they are up to like thread #172, i'm convinced bots are making them because sometimes there will be 4 CBTS threads up at once and they're nowhere close to the bump limit. If you skim them, there's no new information just bickering and nonsense. fuck this stupid waste of time.

f63aaa No.10880601


>Read some Fleming novels

Alright, Jay.


That's unfortunate. There aren't any archives of these threads anywhere?

155863 No.10880611


I'm sure there are and I may (if I really dug) have a link somewhere. I also may not. Too many system rebuilds since then to be sure.

4cdc37 No.10880616


This. It's okay if we want to track this shit but people are insisting that Podesta and Hillary are in custody and there's ZERO proof of that. I think QAnon is one or more CIANiggers trying to determine how best to control us.

Whatever, can't tell people to stop, I'd just say, while we're all circle jerking over fake indictments, maybe we should be thinking "what AREN'T we paying attention to while this is going on?"

e63d5d No.10880630


>zero proof of podesta in custody

are you completely sure? https://www.usarrestsearch.org/search/name/results.php?fname=john&lname=podesta&state=DC&submit=Search+Now

26b7fb No.10880634



If you just want archive proof that u/spez posted in r/cannibals, here it is: https://archive.is/KRXqS

I doubt he was an actual cannibal, as opposed to indulging in pre-sjw reddit-tier humour. Judge for yourself, I guess.

155863 No.10880642


I'm going to guess you're the product of down syndrome incest.

It doesn't matter what you search on sites like that. You'll always get a result you have to pay for.

f63aaa No.10880646


Thanks a ton. You're right, though. Wouldn't surprise me, but nothing enough here to make a claim.

155863 No.10880652


I used to think that, and I kind of still do. Thing is, this planet is getting more fucked up with each passing day so, fuck it. Why not? He ate people.

Also, you know too much about reddit.

e63d5d No.10880654


Really? Because the age of the last arrest, 68, matches up, while Hillary's doesn't.

26b7fb No.10880671

File: 5c8e8836854d31e⋯.png (57.57 KB, 1186x537, 1186:537, obama.png)

File: e4a06264d63320b⋯.png (47.74 KB, 1221x524, 1221:524, torvalds.png)

File: 423773dc54b0343⋯.png (47.26 KB, 1206x527, 1206:527, hotwheels.png)

File: f80811030f9595c⋯.png (52.6 KB, 745x563, 745:563, hulkhogan.png)


Their database is obviously pulling from somewhere, but I don't think what we're seeing are necessarily arrest records.

6f08a1 No.10881011


>Archive link is not loading

It is: https://archive.is/KRXqS

195b55 No.10881182



I'm going to expand on and answer some of these questions for digging purposes citing sources. Maybe we'll find something we missed.

>Who was arrested in Saudi Arabia?

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

Khaled Al-Tuwaijri - formal head of the royal court

Waleed Al-Ibrahim - Saudi media mogul

Adel bin mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Faqih - Economy and Planning Minister

Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz - National Guard Minister

Admiral Abdullah bin Sultan bin mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Al-Sultan - Naval Forces Commander

and many other ministers, government and military officials and relatives of the Prince. https://archive.is/3whfO

The military leaders may be worth investigating.



From Wikipedia:

>In 2009, Abedin was appointed deputy chief of staff to Clinton in the State Department, under a "special government employee" arrangement created by the department which allowed her to work for private clients as a consultant while also serving as an adviser to the Secretary of State.

>After leaving her post at the State Department in 2013, Abedin served as director of the transition team that helped Clinton return to private life, continued her work for the Clinton Foundation, and set up a private consulting firm, Zain Endeavors LLC

I only come up with the filing for Zain Endeavors LLC. Doesn't seem to have it's own site. Possibly a shell company? The following Pastebin has info about her and her family's ties to the Muslim brotherhood and suggests her "consulting firm" may be a front for it within the US. https://pastebin.com/rUtVgSjF



We should look into the Clinton Foundation, Teneo and Zain Endeavors LLC. Also, Blumenthal comes up constantly when I look into this stuff. He has a foundation. And he worked with Media Matters. Research needed.



The McCain Institute for International Leadership (@Arizona State University)

McCain Institute Refuses to Disclose Big Donations

>McCain Institute for International Leadership executives refuse to disclose how much money big donors have contributed to the nonprofit that’s named after Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

>..The McCain Institute declined to spell out exactly how much money each big donor contributed. The web site only lists donors who have given “$100,000 and above,” which can be misleading.

>The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, for instance, is identified as giving $100,000 or more on the Institute’s website. In reality, the Saudis gave $1 million.


More Saudi donations.. hmm.


>What email published by WL connects SA/Qater to ISIS?

>Does someone have this email?


Hillary In Leaked Email: Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are Funding ISIS

>Clinton sent the email on August 17, 2014 to Podesta. It was an eight-point plan to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Clinton’s email said that the United States should support Kurdish forces on the ground with U.S. military advisers and avoid the use of a conventional ground operation.

>“While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” Clinton wrote.



>Why is Adm R so important?

>Literally who?

Admiral Michael S. Rogers

Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service


>Who wanted him fired?

Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper recommended that Obama remove Rogers.


The official narrative is that Clapper was concerned over his performance and wanted the Cyber command and NSA to be split.

>So why wasn't he replaced?

Probably this:

>Meanwhile, the 57-year-old admiral's recent trip to New York to meet with President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday also caused "consternation" for the Obama administration, the Post said, in part because it appears unprecedented for an officer like Rogers to conduct such a meeting and not inform his superiors.

>Trump reportedly is considering Rogers to replace Clapper, who said Thursday he is retiring from his position overseeing all of the U.S. government's 17 intelligence agencies. It is also not believed Carter will stay on in the Trump administration, which continues to vet candidates for defense secretary, including retired Marine Gen. James Mattis.


>Why is this relevant?

Rogers is most likely the guy that tipped off Trump and his team were being watched by the Obama administration.

3d2fda No.10881612

File: a0e009275daf9b5⋯.png (45.35 KB, 1315x565, 263:113, ClipboardImage.png)

Not confirmed authentic but possible.

ed75df No.10881659

File: 2bd3d3b3b2b40ab⋯.jpg (28.94 KB, 193x282, 193:282, Eheh i mean um theres no l….jpg)

Is it me or there isn't any CBTS thread on cuckchan anymore ? Why?

3d2fda No.10881665

File: 0f4e4b51d6c16f8⋯.jpg (79.3 KB, 650x424, 325:212, Trump Stargate NPH.jpg)

d510bf No.10881676


>Is Iran sitting on dirty money?

Utter jewish pap. Spread your cheeks, Trumpniggers.

5776e6 No.10881808

5776e6 No.10881809


No fucking shit. Obviously we’re going to end the Korean War.

bd0467 No.10881859




3d2fda No.10881866

File: 7ce6dfb47edfc3a⋯.png (398.58 KB, 648x757, 648:757, ClipboardImage.png)

That could buy a lot of yachts.

c09d8e No.10882022

I have a question. If big shit is going down, why is Q breaking opsec?

5776e6 No.10882029


Because nothing is actually happening and he’s a civic nationalist LARPer.

3d2fda No.10882052

File: 6680fb36c4ed26b⋯.png (16.28 KB, 742x312, 371:156, ClipboardImage.png)


3d2fda No.10882057

File: 7dca1d857c68629⋯.png (261.72 KB, 648x598, 324:299, ClipboardImage.png)


Should note that this post is BEFORE the Vault 8 CIA Wikileaks and Trump's tweet.

fce30d No.10882063


That's because someone is adding a collage of copycats.


I remember an older thread where the OP was an article that reported there was human in meat products. So it's less McDonalds and more "every single piece of processed meat you've possibly eaten your whole life". But you're right that Q is a copycat deliberately signing off with $$$ signs I'd discard it.

da5795 No.10882092

File: dff7e95bac86e9b⋯.png (310.43 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_2042.PNG)

Ask the Normies Why People See Lasers during (((WildFires)))

5776e6 No.10882117


Kill yourself, lunatic.

442408 No.10882236

The halfpol threads are getting absolutely nuked in the past hour or so, something might be on the way

3d2fda No.10882252


>The halfpol threads are getting absolutely nuked in the past hour or so, something might be on the way

FoxNews just said LIVE news brief from Air Force One.

3d2fda No.10882275

File: 9bee2aa0e7272cc⋯.png (40.04 KB, 1010x292, 505:146, ClipboardImage.png)

000000 No.10882303

The wapo smearing Moore seems like some payback by the democrats for what is coming. They must not have assets ready just yet to shoot up another church or school.

5776e6 No.10882313


>Trump addresses the country live from the air

>“My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…”

Makes for a good movie scene. No wonder the LARPer chose it.

5776e6 No.10882320


Oh, that’d be fun.

>martial law imposed during the first six months of economic collapse as the Fed is taken down and all US welfare repealed

Now there’s a good LARP. I could get behind that, because it’s going to happen ANYWAY in 2025 when Social Security goes bankrupt.

794d97 No.10882337


Pretty sure prion diseases kill you, they dont give you non-lethal chronic mild dementia.

e75182 No.10882352


I can't wait to send him to the Senate. The salt will be election night levels.

3d2fda No.10882375


>Thinking Killary wouldn't have access to the absolute newest pharmaceuticals from the puppet masters controlling her strings

Anon please.

David Rockefeller was said to have died this year at 102 years old after having 7 heart transplants. Need more proof they're farming bodies?

3d2fda No.10882394



fce30d No.10882397


Prions will kill you in about 3-4 years after consumption and during that time you'll mentally deteriorate, but those aren't prions prions don't look like small fibers they're small protein particles.

5776e6 No.10882398


Let’s talk about the concept of “shabbos goyim’s access to jewish medical care”. Of course the elite have access to care we couldn’t dream of affording (and they don’t even have to pay), and of course the jews get care better than anyone else. But given this situation, wouldn’t it be possible that a portion (all or some) of the care for non-jews is contingent on their following the playbook and operating successfully? If so, and if Hillary’s health was really as bad as was rumored during the election, why does she still have access after failing so hard?

First, an aside: “as bad as rumored” means “on death’s door” as we assumed here. As bad as PROVEN is a level slightly healthier than that and is what Donna Brazile has now confirmed was known internally at the DNC (they wanted to replace Hillary/Kaine with Biden/Someone during the GENERAL election)

Back to Hillary. If her heath is really terrible, why is she still on their care? Or perhaps she’s not and is denied some of the more advanced treatments–but she has managed to stay alive for a year after the election. So has Bill, in fact (though he never really failed them), and he looked worse. There’s the possibility that if they cut her off the Clintons will go rogue and out the jews publicly, but that’s only an option based on their historic behavior and self-serving nature.

23bebf No.10882421

File: 6fb8092cbcbccbd⋯.jpg (31.8 KB, 306x334, 153:167, Paimon.jpg)


I have a psychic friend.

Apparently Hillary was possessed by the demon of the name Paimon during the election and left her after she lost. I'm not aware of when the possession started.

I asked what Paimon wanted out of this and she informed me it was to feed off all the horrible emotions and suffering she would cause, which sounds like generic cartoon villain shit, but remember astral beings feed off emotions and attention and demons specifically eat "negative" emotions, hence why it's beneficial for them to torment you instead of pushing you all the way to death.

Hillary would have been the catalyst for a lot more attention and negative vibes than Trump if she won, I'll tell you what.

000000 No.10882429


They do, but slowly. And Kuru/CJD looks a lot like Parkinson's. Not hard to believe hillary is a cannibal, either.


Wouldn't matter, there is no cure for a prion disease. They change how the body folds proteins, no way to fix that.

3d2fda No.10882437


>Wouldn't matter, there is no cure for a prion disease.

I didn't say anything about a cure but that doesn't mean they might not be able to slow deterioration.

3d2fda No.10882443

File: 63541e07b8c6f57⋯.jpg (234.17 KB, 1285x746, 1285:746, spez.jpg)

I wonder why plebbit nuked PizzaGate so fast.

000000 No.10882500


Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, will not seek re-election in 2018, he announced Thursday, ending a 13-term run representing Virginia’s solid-red Sixth Congressional District.



fce30d No.10882524

File: d56a9920b1dcb49⋯.jpg (1014.99 KB, 1360x7136, 85:446, WL vs CIA vs Mossad.jpg)


I just figured out who the deplorables are. They're the keyholders of Wikileaks.

3d2fda No.10882553

File: 454138e6d0f3c09⋯.png (62.51 KB, 1865x653, 1865:653, ClipboardImage.png)


We are all The Deplorables.

5776e6 No.10882790


>one of the most insidious fucking yids in American history is working with Trump to destroy jews

Just fucking kill yourselves, shills.

57fe4d No.10883468

File: 5e0580d7d54fd3a⋯.jpg (63.39 KB, 426x426, 1:1, IncredulousHaitian.jpg)

File: d56345e6ad040a1⋯.jpg (57.22 KB, 500x333, 500:333, HillaryCrabby.jpg)

File: 34c6cf911bb379a⋯.jpg (43.19 KB, 500x303, 500:303, MorpheusOnHillary.jpg)

File: 4ba3ebc137c2783⋯.jpg (60.79 KB, 500x607, 500:607, MinesOfUranium.jpg)


Picking up with my new content for the day.

57fe4d No.10883477

File: 60cd34500ebcf41⋯.jpg (186.09 KB, 500x1043, 500:1043, UraniumDone.jpg)

File: 21275a6c8e95908⋯.jpg (89.83 KB, 400x671, 400:671, GetThePictures.jpg)

File: 619b93f8e2dfc25⋯.jpg (196.16 KB, 500x1122, 250:561, RickIsWorried.jpg)

File: e50c84336b29b7b⋯.jpg (99.17 KB, 600x330, 20:11, UnrelatedMcCain.jpg)


With the last one: Someone on halfchan /r/'d a meme addressing John McCain spilling beans to the Vietnamese.

fc8d4b No.10883479

File: 94063268e25938e⋯.jpg (171.31 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 94063268e25938e2ff6ba4b4f0….jpg)


Dont know nuffin bout no stolen generator!

023261 No.10883526


wrong name though it was called hillaria

3d2fda No.10883754

File: 1d89cfa9914d1d2⋯.png (16.2 KB, 1864x251, 1864:251, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a0dd3493fcc6dde⋯.png (17.37 KB, 1706x251, 1706:251, ClipboardImage.png)

Air Force One goes up and Q comes.

3d2fda No.10884050

File: 080ba2a0ce7cd63⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1862x1766, 931:883, CBTS 191.png)

3d2fda No.10884078

File: 4a661f7889e392a⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, ClipboardImage.png)

291264 No.10884111


I cry everytime.


Yeah it would be really stupid if it was supposed to be a false flag to get us into another stupid war.

5776e6 No.10884113


>next several days

“Several” is a word with a definition.

>taking back our great country from evil tyrants

And yet none of his posts have ever named the jew.

>11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta

Didn’t happen. Proven false.

>actionable 11.4

Didn’t happen then, either. Proven false.

>Confirmation of what is occurring will then be revealed

Didn’t happen. Proven false.

>not be openly accepted

Funny how he makes no mention of seizing media outlets during the “transition”, isn’t it?

>public riots are being organized

If he meant antifa, proven false.

>temporary military control will be actioned

Here’s where the martial law claim comes from. Still hasn’t happened.

>the safety and well being of every man woman and child of this country is being exhausted

1. Implying martial law would STOP (and not start) the niggers nigging, the spics spiccing, and the left rioting (not to mention the /pol/acks and strelo/k/s from de-jewing, de-nigging, and de-spicing the place)

2. this is the first (not the last) instance of civic nationalism signaling

>initiating the EBS

But doesn’t mention Obama’s EO which allows Trump to take over ALL domestic television airwaves and speak directly to the people…

>certain laws have been pre-lifted

Such as the Geneva Convention? That’d be beautiful. And what the fuck could the UN even do about it? Nothing. Sadly, none of this is real.

>POTUS will be well-insulated/protected on AF1

Which implies that martial law is declared either within the next six days (before he gets back from Asia) or at some arbitrary, undetermined time in the decades to come.

>It is our hope that this message reaches enough people to make a meaningful impact

1. If he means this very message on imageboards, it’s theoretically possible that he’s tacitly (without actually saying) asking (without actually asking) the right people to DO. WHAT. MUST. BE. DONE. during the period of martial law. But then again, he makes no mention of jews being the culprits in any of his posts across an entire week and a half, so that’s hilarious.

2. He may be talking about the theorized EBS broadcast, in which case yeah, it’d reach about a hundred and fifty million Americans if done in the evening of, say, a Friday (with another hundred million turning the television on after they get a call from a friend or loved one about it), and up to a billion around the world (immediately). So why mention it?

>the spillover in the streets will be quickly shut down

Not unless the military is deployed to every city above 100,000 people (and above 10% either nigger, spic, or both), it won’t. And to have that happen would be VISIBLE. We’ve seen no such military movement.

>look for more false flags

One of the very few honest and useful statements the LARPer has made.

>for God so loved the world

1. Don’t equate Trump with Jesus.

2. I can’t see how anyone who believes the LARPer would be able to do anything BUT equate Trump with Jesus if this quote is placed in context…

I wonder if the mention of false flags RIGHT before this statement isn’t the doublespeak for which jews are famous. “Here’s what’s going to happen–and it’s good for you guys!–so look for false flags…” while this is actually bad for us, is going to go after our people–not theirs–and is itself the false flag (for an assassination of Trump).

d64698 No.10884120

File: f8bae0ac403d96d⋯.jpeg (10.23 KB, 300x199, 300:199, th.jpeg)


Give us a durry cuz

291264 No.10884151


>Q admits US pulling a KSA to purge jew puppets was misdirection

Motherfucker, I lost sleep over that shit. He hasn't been giving cuckchan crumbs, they were to fuck with CIAniggers. This faggot is a genius, does anyone have the Q approved screencap log?

>(is in full 1)

D-does he mean us, as in full(8)chan?

3d2fda No.10884155

File: f6da8cf08b92eab⋯.jpg (3.9 MB, 4611x3962, 4611:3962, TRUE Q LIST 1922.jpg)


>does anyone have the Q approved screencap log?

I got you.

5776e6 No.10884160


>Q admits US pulling a KSA to purge jew puppets was misdirection

So… the LARPer now openly admits that his plan doesn’t involve purging jews? Or am I misreading what you’ve written?

291264 No.10884167

>>10884155 (checked)

Thanks fam. Looks like he is having to sadly handholding cuckchan through what needs to be seen. I really wish he did it here, but if CIAniggers really are here, it explains why the shills we have are so bothersome.

3d2fda No.10884172


I got 2 normies on the Q train today. Hard to pick out which normies won't think you're insane when it's actually reality.

291264 No.10884184


I've only been able to tell my fiancee about it. But I'm mad at Q because I fell for fucking ML disinfo.

5776e6 No.10884185


Given that it’s not actually reality, there’s no wonder they found you insane.

5776e6 No.10884186


Guess who’s going to be broken up with!

3d2fda No.10884223


>ML disinfo.

Which was that?

b2f011 No.10884229


Martial Law I'm guessing.

000000 No.10884231


Nigger, you're the one who posted it. He clearly says:

>US ML NG False SA True

>Disinfo is necessary

3d2fda No.10884244


It is late I didn't realize he meant ML from Q keycode. Relax.

291264 No.10884249

Cuckchan realized that Q only posts when AF1 is in the air. Last post shows initials for DJT Jr.


Hmm, is that why he only uses acronyms for topics he wants to keep in our mind?

195b55 No.10884263


How good is your friend?

fce30d No.10884327


>(is in full 1)

Whelp that settles that then, man that really sucks.

06ad1c No.10884352


checked. i don't suppose anyone has this as a .png? the jpeg compression is making it difficult to read a lot of the text. i'm not trying to sound ungrateful, tho, because i am grateful.

3d2fda No.10884369




06ad1c No.10884373


thanks, anon

5776e6 No.10884380


>implying 4chan hasn’t been owned by the government since the late 2000s

3d2fda No.10884385

File: 9d2bd694216c9da⋯.png (219.41 KB, 400x267, 400:267, Crusades Trump Pope Pepe.png)


TFW you are less than six degrees of separation to GEOTUS in the most important battle in the history of the country since 1776.

fce30d No.10884393




Looking at Q's cryptic lettering some more what he actually said is "CIAs in full", "1 here", ,then "pray", then "CIA" and "NSA"

1dfd72 No.10884448

NYTimes: Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens Out of Lebanon, Raising Fears of War

5776e6 No.10884479

File: 96b81306219ee29⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 582.56 KB, 2000x1100, 20:11, 2A626C9F-5A52-4BA5-ABC0-F….jpeg)


>TFW you’re a jewish paid shill pushing a LARP for nearly two fucking weeks

06ad1c No.10884564

File: 47fc22eb8526bed⋯.jpg (50.17 KB, 249x250, 249:250, sage_negated_01.jpg)

e63d5d No.10884698

bump for attention and to get the REEEEE faggot's nuts aching

291264 No.10885817

Anti slide bump, the jew fears the q anon.

06d791 No.10885834



>In more and more places throughout this region, citizens of SOVEREIGN and INDEPENDENT nations have taken greater control of their destinies, and unlocked the potential of their people. #APEC2017

The fire rises?



>On behalf of an entire nation, Happy 242nd Birthday to the men and women of the United States Marines!

#USMC242 #SemperFi

000000 No.10885923


Sovereign and independent is Ameri-speak for jew-controlled.

06d791 No.10886303



Capitalized, as if POTUS is highlighting the dawning of a new era. The shackles are rusting and straining from the desire for people to escape the clutches of the kikes. The tyranny of the merchants and bankers is dependent on people unable to think for themselves, there is a greater understanding of the JQ now. People are beginning to wake up to the truth. I for one am excited for the future, a future where white children can play and not be ashamed of who they are, not be told that they're evil for being born superior.

5776e6 No.10886313


No, the jew does not fear its own paid shill LARPer.

5776e6 No.10886314

5776e6 No.10886324


>Capitalized, as if POTUS is highlighting the dawning of a new era.

He never liked the UN or NATO. Hasn’t done anything about them since being elected, though.

>People are beginning to wake up to the truth.

All the more reason to feed them a LARP that explicitly tells them “everything will be taken care of for you, you don’t have to lift a finger, go back to sleep and ignore that no one claimed to be being purged is jewish.”

06d791 No.10886363


All revolutions in history start with an idea anon. Even if Trump isn't /ourguy/ the seed is planted in those who want a better future for our people. Truth and freedom are worth fighting for, our people are worth living for. The rot and corruption holding us down, withering our natural empathy and cohesion, is loosing its control. The future looks bright, the future looks white.

291264 No.10886364

File: e68e8938d22aa0c⋯.jpg (69.99 KB, 568x335, 568:335, inwithhertoprison.jpg)

I would bother reporting, but these faggots are obviously using a vpn from tel aviv anyways.

New spicy meme from our cuckchan brethren. We should be ashamed.

291264 No.10886673

File: a3386bb9d786fab⋯.jpg (31.55 KB, 1256x124, 314:31, QANON11-10.jpg)


000000 No.10886767

I urge everyone to go back and read FBIAnon's original post (s). At the time we all assumed he was talking about baby fuckers, money laundering, and pay-to-play, basic evil stuff that we know the deep state does every day. But he kept mentioning treason over and over again, and civil war. He frankly sounded kind of alarmist with his 'bring down the entire government' sky is falling stuff. Yes, child rapists are monsters, money laundering is bad, but how can it bring down the entire government? Civil war? This guy is a crazy LARPer.

He was talking about Uranium1. He was talking about the Clintons and a whole bunch of others, through the CF, selling off weapons-grade material to anyone and everyone. Why does North Korea suddenly have nukes, indeed.


fce30d No.10886776


>no time zone

Oh but another Saudi Prince is down for the count, and it's really weird how Trump is given such standing ovations everywhere he goes.


Oh and where the fuck is Trudeau? Any news from him at all?

fce30d No.10886780


*And that's a private briefing so we should be looking for the fallout.

291264 No.10886795


I don't know which screencap you're talking about. Is it the guy who did the red v blue simulation and realized that jews played themselves into a stalemate?

57fe4d No.10886816

File: 16df887b6602450⋯.png (361.46 KB, 2000x2200, 10:11, MapPrototype.png)

posting a basic flow-chart that I made to explain some things to normies.

59aac7 No.10886874


Where's Israel?

06d791 No.10886877


The white part

59aac7 No.10886887

File: bf33534d8f59356⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 270x138, 45:23, bf33534d8f59356c7cb4dae1e9….gif)

5776e6 No.10886890


lol shill harder

5776e6 No.10886893


You should be ashamed for believing this shit.

57fe4d No.10886896


Q referred to a keystone, which I assume means a player that everybody is linked to.

Need confirmation of specifics, however.



54e096 No.10886899







5776e6 No.10886900


>by not mentioning Israel and openly being a civic nationalist, he totally mentions Israel!

57fe4d No.10886904


Who are you quoting?

5776e6 No.10886911


Go the fuck back to reddit.

06d791 No.10886919


Keystone pipeline? Obummer nixed it so the US is more reliant on ME oil. There's more than enough oil in Canada if we stop exporting it overseas and keep it in North America.

06d791 No.10886931

>>10886911 (check)

>>10886900 (check)

>>10886899 (check)

Sure is Kek in here. Sage for double posting.

57fe4d No.10886932


kay. (but really, no.)


I have that interpretation because in the same Q message, Q was leading us to think about maps and legends (which is what I made; a map)

So in that context, the keystone being the center of an arch, that would be the person or entity that connects all the bad guys.

be2a55 No.10886937


Saudi Arabia and Israel are the same.

59aac7 No.10886944


Normalcunts don't know this though

5dee26 No.10886946


actually correct, Cuckchan please leave you are sliding actual shit with this nonsense.

57fe4d No.10886952


Also possible (if Israel is the keystone) that Bin Talal was the primary link from the ruling regime to Israel, and that's why Bin Salman purged him.

I don't know enough about Bin Salman to really say.

He could be an Israeli collaborator as well.

57fe4d No.10886974

Oh, interesting bit of info:

If you needed confirmation that these threads are absolutely being shilled by an organization rather than just shit on by anons, that one guy who kept spamming a "thread summary" of "nothing is happening" showed up in the 4/pol/ threads with identical posts.

5776e6 No.10886979


Drown yourself, then.

5776e6 No.10886984


>faggot seriously thinks that the purge took out PRO-Israel persons

>faggot seriously thinks this despite the immediate declaration of war against a nation Israel wants to destroy and annex

Go back to the_donald.

57fe4d No.10886991



Look, I've been shilled by faggots like you for a solid week. Its not gonna suddenly start working.

5776e6 No.10887006



Go back to the donald where you can suck civnat cock in peace.

0a9cc8 No.10887011



False. The 11/3 and 11/6 claims are that indictments come on those days for Podesta and Huma. We have not seen the indictments opened up yet, but we do know that many indictments came on those days. The only way to falsify the claims is to open up all the indictments from those days and verify that none are for Podesta or Huma. I told you this before.

0a9cc8 No.10887016




5776e6 No.10887018


He explicitly said, on the 1st, that it would be publicly announced. >>10884078

57fe4d No.10887047


No, shilling is real because of this >>10886974

>nobody screeching about civnats but you

What a faggot shill you are.

0a9cc8 No.10887059

File: 3ab5f2b42383c94⋯.png (321.21 KB, 1035x803, 1035:803, spendScreenshot from 2017-….png)


So you spent the $2.95, and you still didn't figure it out.

0a9cc8 No.10887067

File: d0cd9698772b2fb⋯.png (436.09 KB, 911x747, 911:747, notScreenshot from 2017-11….png)


Hint: Your Mom.

0a9cc8 No.10887094

File: aef812d94895b09⋯.png (974.53 KB, 2438x5894, 1219:2947, qanon.png)

File: d33d2982abb2ea7⋯.png (58.98 KB, 546x197, 546:197, qanonID_Screenshot from 20….png)

File: caeee1853f3b0fa⋯.png (1 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, doesThisID_match_Qanon.png)


The two IDs don't match. If the original Qanon changed his ID, then you have a smidgen of fact.

5776e6 No.10887099


Except I haven’t been to 4chan since 2014. Are you seriously so fucking stupid that you think someone can’t copy and paste text? PROVE THE TEXT WRONG, motherfucker. Answer my questions.

5776e6 No.10887101


I don’t know what you’re implying, sorry.

5776e6 No.10887102


Q-LARPer has at least 8 IDs. He (implying it’s not a group of faggots) has finally learned how to use a tripcode–a week later–and that still doesn’t matter because what he said would happen didn’t happen.

57fe4d No.10887129


I didn't say you went to 4chan, shilly-McStrawman, I said this guy did: >>10868664


Its pathetic that you've spent 50+ posts ITT trying to convince people "nothing has happened".

I hope the pay is good.

5776e6 No.10887149


>wow it’s pathetic that you would fight against lies ha ha you will never win you stupid goy just give up now

Die, please.

5776e6 No.10887154



You can tell because he’s asking a bunch of “cryptic” questions that are either public knowledge or which are self-evident! Wow, that means martial law is coming within six days!

57fe4d No.10887160


do you feel satan's fingers slowly dragging you to hell as you lie about how you're "fighting lies"?


what a buffoon.

5776e6 No.10887236


>ha ha it’s true because it was proven false

>lol their arrests were publicly announced, just no one knows about it

>martial law inbound, fellow pedes! The wheels are in motion! Everyone is safe! No civil war or unrest at all! The military is seizing key cities; ignore that they’re not moving around! The military is moving on Langley! This will totally happen! And the best part is that none of our greatest allies, the jews, will be part of these arrests! Why? Because I’ve never made any mention thereof! I am a civic nationalist, after all!


57fe4d No.10887249


I ain't reading all that shit, nigger.

Counter-sage, tho.

3121a8 No.10887280

I'm hearing that the storm starts tonight.

13c48f No.10887294

File: ca0dd4157f751b2⋯.png (3.61 MB, 5599x6000, 5599:6000, latest Q confirmed.png)

5776e6 No.10887319


>i refuse to read your statement but you’re wrong because i say so

>martial law inbound fellow pedes!


5776e6 No.10887320


That’s funny, because it started on the 3rd and we’ve been under martial law for a week now. You’re obviously a paid shill for not believing this.

000000 No.10887331

GO signal?

General Flynn Breaks Radio Silence

Sometimes the rumors are so incredulous it forces people, who are trying to maintain their privacy, to respond to put a tourniquet on the verbal bleeding so to speak.

Enter Gen. Michael Flynn.

Tired of the wild rumors circulating about him, Flynn’s legal team on Friday broke what has been months of radio silence.

Here is the statement denying any and all such wild allegations.

[statement at the link]


d1d05b No.10887354

I see Shillington Bear has found this thread again. If you follow the clues, it always leads to the kikes. No matter where the search takes you, as long as you follow the truth, it is the kikes. The holocaust never happened, traitors sold our countries for the shekels, and the reign of evil holding aryans down is coming to an end.

If you're going to post so much, you might as well turn the sage off so everyone can experience your glowing wisdom, who knows you might even convert some people to your side.

5776e6 No.10887429

>too stupid to even explain his own shill talking points

>can’t justify any of his claims because none of them came true

>you’re the shill not me!


adbdf1 No.10887430

File: aaf86aeea88419f⋯.png (51.03 KB, 1058x794, 529:397, 17571398_10154412175422543….png)






000000 No.10887441

Can't post image, but this is interesting. Probably explains why Podesta Group was just killed off.


5776e6 No.10887474


What’s the context supposed to be?

57fe4d No.10887549


>shill pretending to be curious


The big question is whether that's from a civil or criminal case.

5776e6 No.10887553


>anyone who questions my proven false LARPer is a shill

>ha ha no you don’t deserve an answer only those who never question me get answers


57fe4d No.10887564


>hang out in threads you hate like an enormous loser

>Start asking questions so you can shill better

>Thinking you're entitled to answers when you're a huge asshole


You should fix your own life before you lecture other people, loser.

c9a5f6 No.10887570



>implying /pol/acks shouldn't shitpost on other boards.

>implying memes are bad

>implying that there weren't similar concepts in mythology of white religions, such as the Gaul's belief that the soul was in the head, or the Egyptian's belief that it was in the heart, and that, according to most cultures, especially the Greeks, that cannibalism was among the WORST of sins you could POSSIBLY commit.

5776e6 No.10887580


The Jews were destroying both Greeks and Romans. They ate the flesh of their victims, made belts for themselves out of their entrails, and daubed themselves with their blood… In all, 220,000 men perished in Cyrene and 240,000 in Cyprus, and for this reason no Jew may set foot in Cyprus today.

– Dio Cassius

c9a5f6 No.10887604


As I said.




6f8819 No.10887605


That image is a tad blurry. Anyone have a better graphic?

57fe4d No.10887611


are you opening it in a new tab? Its too big for in-thread viewing.

Still a bit blurry, but readable.

5776e6 No.10887654


It’s shit. JPG is a decade out of date. We need HEIF support on 8chan.

5d1da5 No.10887670


>Vatican and the Queen, the head of the Illuminati

The fact that he responded to that positively should be enough to show anybody who isn't on the spectrum that it's a retarded LARPer, probably from GLP, since they're the only black-poper's left on the internet.

d1d05b No.10887679


How many goy have died throughout the centuries for blood libel? There's a reason they think vampire tales are anti-semetic.

Thank you for contributing and not sageing with every post.

a80959 No.10887709


Blood libel is the jewish diversionary term basically meaning blood lies. If you want to talk about it, call it blood matzos

5ed4a8 No.10887720

File: 704031fca6e08db⋯.jpg (109.92 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, DOT623DUIAAcucF.jpg)


Where is this from, the lawsuit by Bernie supporters wanting refunds from the DNC? Gonna need some sauce.

6f8819 No.10887738


He was talking about Lara Logan, right?

5d1da5 No.10887777

File: e75895b40879a2b⋯.jpg (70.97 KB, 400x640, 5:8, serveimage.jpg)


>call it blood matzos

The term has always been "jewish ritual murder".

5776e6 No.10887792


Not saging was just an accident borne of forced page refreshes. This shit needs to fucking die NOW.

726ae0 No.10887797

>>10887777 (checking)

How many children disappear around kike holidays again. I believe it's far higher than can be attributed to chance.

06ad1c No.10887800

File: 8530234e5e38711⋯.jpeg (13.23 KB, 240x240, 1:1, whoa.jpeg)

>>10887777 (checking these heavenly quads)

>jewish ritual murder

404af2 No.10887804


That works too, just anything but "blood libel" since that is the jewish term. Blood matzos is simpler for normies to remember though, and easier on the tongue, which is part of why blood libel caught on in the first place.

exceptional digits tho


Israel is known to be a hub for human trafficking, especially for sex, and especially targeting eastern European women/girls

971c00 No.10887812




971c00 No.10887815



971c00 No.10887826

File: 3cbd342c479b0b1⋯.jpg (32.02 KB, 434x250, 217:125, Are You New.jpg)


>thanking the kike for giving up on a useless tactic

48c5d2 No.10887827


(Heil'd and checked)



>obsessed with coprophellia and shit eating

>calls others jewish

57fe4d No.10887832


It bears repeating: that same post was made on half/pol/.

The implication of that is that the shilling effort against this topic on both sites is coordinated.

That alone is enough reason to keep working.


Also, the thread is not anchored. Do not believe a shill's jewish lies.

971c00 No.10887838


>hope the pay is good

How much did the US pay Israel?

971c00 No.10887841


I never said it was anchored. I just told a jew to eat shit.

971c00 No.10887845


>hey my mensches I have a new IP

Kill yourself kike.

d1d05b No.10887863


Not new, just think that the guy's a little ocd or something. I don't think he's a shill because he loves to name the jew.


>>10887777 (check)

I shouldn't have used libel, I admit. Ritual murder is definitely more in line with what they do.

971c00 No.10887910


>naming the jew

No he's playing the game claiming no one else is doing so.

946e6e No.10887912


It's ok. most of us were raised in a jew-centric world, it can take time to break the conditioning and go through the process of throwing off their imposed language and carefully chosen terms.

Language is extremely powerful, and many don't even notice its influence. Once you start to notice the patterns, you'll be able to spot things on your own though.

48c5d2 No.10887916


you first, moishe.

48c5d2 No.10887919


>i point out your jewish fetish for shit

>I'M the kike


d1d05b No.10887932

Interesting tidbit from our faggot in chief here in Canada.


>Blame Canada? Trudeau accused of no-show at TPP trade deal meeting.

>Sources travelling with the leaders said Trudeau had been meeting with Abe prior to the leaders’ meeting, and their talk ran long, while other world leaders waited for them to arrive. Trudeau never left the meeting room after talking to Abe, but continued on with his next appointment, with Facebook.

Looks like shillerys younger sister can't be bothered to show up on time for meetings when there's selfies to post.

Please expose turdos pedophilia to the world so we can string him up.

57fe4d No.10887986


I know, but he did, and I'd rather not talk to that faggot if I can avoid it.

5776e6 No.10888087


Cry harder, kike. Your deadlines came and went. Nothing happened. You can pay off as many imageboard users as you like–you’ll never fool real /pol/acks.

5776e6 No.10888091


>you’re a jew for exposing the jew

5776e6 No.10888096


The mod anchored it four days ago. Apparently a different one is paid off.

c8a664 No.10888128


>This faggot is a genius

He's throwing rocks from the darkness to make them blow through all the outrage and distractions and events they have in reserve. They can't afford to not, at this point, even if they know better.

This also means they're either almost dry, or holding the big distractions for last.

291264 No.10888136


I wonder what kind of kvetching they are threatening. Because since then every church by now should be packing heat. I'm thinking colleges and other (((gun free zones))) are the next to get (((enriched))) or have a coincidental, spontaneous, beta rampage.

5776e6 No.10888155


CCing, even where it’s “not” legal, is extremely important in enriched areas. If something happens in a public place that requires the use of a gun, your use of it won’t get you in trouble because public outrage at “arresting the hero” would stop it. And if you never need it, you never need it. But at least you had it.

7cdcfa No.10888726

just would like to reiterate the emphasis on praying… wouldn't hurt as we dig

000000 No.10889794

The storm is coming, moishe.

f9a0ad No.10889971


>This also means they're either almost dry, or holding the big distractions for last.

Vegas was on a Sunday.

Sutherland Springs was on a Sunday.

375+ sealed indictments pending.

Trump returning Tuesday.

You couldn't pay me to be at a public event on the 12th.

052e07 No.10890100


9/11? A direct attack on civilians. Highest treason.

000000 No.10890155


Don't know why they would be discussing 9/11 in 2016. Guess it could be referenced in emails from Bandar Bush or something. But in the here and now, treasonous acts committed by CF and obongo is all about yellowcake to Russia, and who knows who else.


3d2fda No.10890494


>it's really weird how Trump is given such standing ovations everywhere he goes.

First foreign leader in the history of modern China to be dined at the Forbidden City in China.

S Korea they introduced him as "Leader of the World."

8242a6 No.10890901


loretta lynch would be my guess

57fe4d No.10890907


>Apparently a different one is paid off.

lol, nice larp faggot.

5776e6 No.10890913


You replied to the wrong person.

57fe4d No.10890941


if you say so.

168e16 No.10891757

File: b24390d7db3e8ed⋯.jpg (187.83 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, 1510390880562[1].jpg)



fa1ce0 No.10891761

This LARP is still going on? Vraiment?

90863e No.10891834

I prayed for you Q. You and all of those working to Make America Great Again.

a41f93 No.10892115

File: e8d6dbd0b41a71f⋯.png (1.73 MB, 995x4156, 995:4156, HARRISBURG-Unconfirmed-Q-2….png)

Over on cuckchan, someone signing their comments as "Q" has been leaving crumbs about Harrisburg, PA, and more specifically, about Three Mile Island. The shilling immediately intensifies every time Harrisburg is mentioned over there, which leads me to suspect there may be something to this. Three Mile Island is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2019. I wouldn't put it past the Deep State to stage a major false flag using an old and problematic nuclear power plant.

Again, this is all UNCONFIRMED Q. I'm archiving it in case we have another Las Vegas "-john" scenario where someone is trying to warn us in advance. For those digging, keep an eye out for Harrisburg or Three Mile Island connections in their research.

Pic contains all Harrisburg crumbs that I've found.

57fe4d No.10892140


What about it would indicate that?


This reeks of disinfo.

33efcf No.10892143


What if the "shills" are just non-plebbit-transplants who can tell it's all a shitty LARP? "Q" agreed with someone who claimed the Queen is the "head of the Illuminati". Even David Icke, who popularized that idea, admits it's the kikes now.

57fe4d No.10892155



Protip: The only people incapable of grasping that shilling INCREASES interest in a topic are leftist shitposters.

Even the ground-level paid shills probably understand this, but they have their orders and get their check regardless.

33efcf No.10892160


Do you believe the Queen is the "head of the Illuminati", and that that's the last domino that will fall in this supposed purge?

2afb00 No.10892173


I truly hope they will pick our reactor design as the base generation unit of socioeconomic cells. I am a very good dog and I am working hard. *wags*

57fe4d No.10892180


No, but I'm also not aware of Q claiming that.

Actually, given that Q's posts are all questions, its a little dubious to say he's "claimed" anything.

Furthermore, Q is irrelevant to the fact that there ARE major happenings going on, he's just the one who implies (through questions) that they're related.

33efcf No.10892188

File: d61a29a079228c7⋯.png (13.19 KB, 957x270, 319:90, post.png)

File: 0a651d94b678ad9⋯.png (8.96 KB, 812x74, 406:37, Queen post.png)



2afb00 No.10892191


Anon, nuclear power plants failing are simply not that dangerous. Chernobyl, the worst disaster, killed 49 from radiation poisoning, most of whom actually were sent INTO the plant AFTER the accident. An additional 4,000 thyroid cancers were potentially attributable to the radio-iodine fallout that bio-accumulated in milk from dairy as they grazed on contaminated land. We can easily supplement with iodine, and the TMI design is far superior to the RBMK of Chernobyl.

In short, while this false flag would scare the shit out of people, it would hardly be as deadly as las vegas or texas shootings of late. Someone would have to slip TONS of explosives under the reactor core and somehow detonate fission products through multiple foot thick layers of steel reactor core and meters of concrete containment structure.

Not happening.

57fe4d No.10892196


The only one who mentions the queen is the second poster, who specifically refers to Q as a different person.

Also, if these threads are "a shitty larp by reddit-transplants", then why do you know so much about random posts from 100 threads ago?

Literally the only way that makes sense is if you're shilling to keep this shit buried.

33efcf No.10892202


>why do you know so much about random posts from 100 threads ago?

Because somebody posted a different screenshot of that post in this thread >>10882052

57fe4d No.10892204


>only the first post

>no link to 4plebs

Sure thing.






33efcf No.10892211


Which is why I searched 4plebs to see exactly what it was a reply to…

Why aren't you this skeptical of cuckchan LARPers who are misdirecting people away from the jew?

57fe4d No.10892238


I'm quite skeptical, but all the shilling for the last week has been entirely comprised of, "STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THIS, GO BACK TO SLEEP GOY".

If there was no connections between the various happenings, then you'd have regular anon's using the CBTS threads as general happening threads until everyone moved on.

But its not. Its coordinated shilling.

So coordinated that some guy made this exact post on half/pol/: >>10868664

d2cf6f No.10892321


Can't confirm name, but can confirm that I fucked with Hillary in a dream (With her at the 3rd debate / 2-3 months later in waking reality), and got blowback for it but its alright because God & Kek protect.

>Capcha dtr yeb

d1d05b No.10892340


I'm skeptical as well, but Q has definitely brought out a new generation of shill. As wary as I may be, the quest for Q's answers is a fun endeavour though. Larp or not, it's brought some fun back. As a Canadian though, I'm hoping trudeau gets brought down with the rest of the clinton cabal.

Capcha: nkwrem

(Nork war emergency?)

fce30d No.10892348


Whelp Larps and fringe journeys are always comprised of True Believers, people who know it's a larp but enjoy going along for the ride, and people that figured out that it's more productive to do real digging and bringing it to people's attentions in a larp thread because the sheer amount of people guarantees more reach to real people.

291264 No.10892349

File: 6f57fb2fe0e5ac9⋯.jpg (57.24 KB, 509x536, 509:536, QANON11-11.jpg)


fce30d No.10892363

File: e1893761624a113⋯.png (31.81 KB, 262x192, 131:96, SILENCE.png)


>going full retard

Yeah that figures, kills the magic right there.

d1d05b No.10892365


Holy happenings batman!! He even points out the pedo paradise of epstein island.

291264 No.10892367

File: 8ef683044f7a7c0⋯.jpg (969.2 KB, 2008x2920, 251:365, QANON11-11.jpg)


Eat a dick. The whole shebang incoming:

81c66a No.10892387

Got to say, if all reports are true the Crown Prince seems like a bro.

d1d05b No.10892388


I want to believe!

Inb4 shillator, if this is Q, we could be looking at the dawn of a new renaissance.

291264 No.10892395

File: 24dfe6294b059dc⋯.jpg (915.19 KB, 1328x2924, 332:731, QANON11-11.jpg)

>>10892388 (checked)


This is it, this is the proof of all our shitposting, not only are the good guys finally fighting the jew, but are winning!

33efcf No.10892411


>"Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan"

Putin never actually said that, it was Kevin Barrett's interpretation of this quote about the degradation of society.

>“Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”

291264 No.10892418


Hey dude, Q's words, not mine. Putty isn't wrong in the slightest, its not a coincidence that the fiercest Christian nations in Europe were ex soviet states.

d1d05b No.10892419

>>10892411 (checked)

It certainly seems that Putin's implying though.

33efcf No.10892422


Isn't he claiming the House of Saud is more powerful than the Rothschilds?

291264 No.10892429


Seems that way, considering he also mentions that the majority of crimes are off the books, it may help explain why it is that the world as of right now has more debt then money to pay it with. If the red shields have every fucking central bank in the world save a handful, what in the fuck is the kike house of saud holding to top it? That's what I'm scared of.

fce30d No.10892430


You bring up Rockeffeller or Soros then it's the same as bringing up Nazis, if he wants rapid fire memes at high speeds this is a huge monumental task. It's like trying to get a beta to read Chateau Heartiste and not expect a total shutdown, you need to give him Athol Kay's Married Man's Sex life because it's the same basic rules but given to him in a way that he can accept and will willingly listen to what you have to say.

Emotional shutdown is the last thing you want.

33efcf No.10892435


They aren't. The Saudis are partial-kike sandnigger pawns of the jews, nothing more.

3d2fda No.10892445



More money doesn't necessarily mean more power.

33efcf No.10892452


The more +s implies it. More proof that this is a LARP.

d1d05b No.10892454


Considering mo'hamm'ed was a kike, the entire religion was set up as the kikes military arm.

291264 No.10892459

File: 5d65fa9166b6568⋯.jpg (50.43 KB, 614x377, 614:377, Capture.JPG)


Pure conjecture, asshole. This nigger is at the top of the food chain to make such a fuck up. Don't let memes bias you to the truth. Notice how all three of those families are kikes, any way you put it, he's starting to let his guard down to get this intel to us asap. Something big is coming if he's warning us of even greater infowars.


He and the other sandniggers did descend from abraham's impatience.

fce30d No.10892460


Considering that Saudi Arabia's friendship is integral to being a world dominating power, unless the US administration who wants the pedos out is keen on losing that power SA is higher on the priority list.

81c66a No.10892462

Makes me wonder if Q and M work together. M has been a mainstay and very good with predictions for years now.

33efcf No.10892466


Or you're just too invested in this LARP to call out obvious bullshit, so you're just going to go with it.

7cdcfa No.10892481


seem's obvious by now with the information out that you are either ignorant of the validity , bias in your intentions because it's not fixing into your narrative of "gas kikes now" or you are in fact shilling. At this point considering the amount of real anons looking into this , if you don't have anything to contribute then simply fuck off . dubs checked and wasted. Sad

33efcf No.10892485


>forget the centuries of documentation on the jewish problem, this guy on cuckchan with super sekrit clearance says it's the Saudis, and that's good enough for me!


>your narrative of "gas kikes now"

Yet you call me a shill

7cdcfa No.10892520


laymans terms is buhbye dickhead. yes we want jews wiped off the face of planet even your 0.1% ashkenazi will be oven'd . but if you cannot see how this shapes up bad for israel and the jews than you're being a literal nigger. thats the happenings without Q. so again fuck off black israelite

291264 No.10892521

File: 747bb37effbf710⋯.jpg (114.09 KB, 644x864, 161:216, Capture.JPG)

>Follow the glowing rabbit


What was Q talking about when he told us to follow it? It was brought up around 2002 and again in 2013 (this article). What does he want us to find?

fce30d No.10892541


Hint: it's referencing a meme.

5d51ee No.10892543


Oh look the autist is sperging so hard that he forgot to sage, yep he is mad, Furious even,

53675b No.10892562


Q is saying that the Saudis ($4+ trillion) are richer than the Rothschilds ($2+ trillion), and also that Soros ($1+ trillion) is far richer than generally assumed. Given that there are many Rothschilds and Saudis and only one George Soros, the latter is probably the single richest man in the world and not a Rothschild middle manager like many assume. The Saudis also run an absolute monarchy.

82e0eb No.10892570

File: b225a325559d17d⋯.jpg (14.23 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Georgeronpaul.jpg)


Holy fuck, they are going straight at the Rothschilds? I knew from the time he hung that Andrew Jackson portrait up that he might go after the fed, but holy shit! Good luck, Trump!

9f4869 No.10892572


North Korea and Syria are the only countries without a (((Rothschild))) owned central bank. No wonder they are constantly vilified.

a53db7 No.10892575


>image makes no sense

CLEARLY not from here.

d1d05b No.10892581

Next year will be the first anniversary of Liberation Day, where will you be?

388558 No.10892590


Iran doesn't have one either.

5776e6 No.10892592

Haven’t you kikes blown through your Soros money yet?

5776e6 No.10892594


>now it’s just random “cryptic” questions about totally unrelated things

>refuses to answer for his broken promises and incorrect predictions


53675b No.10892599


And Eritrea.


I wonder if there are glow-in-the-dark humans in reality, not just in a meme.

5776e6 No.10892600


Huh. First time this kike has even mentioned jews in his week of shitposting. Still doesn’t answer for his lies, though.

59aac7 No.10892602

File: 3f6968e1470ac23⋯.gif (230.08 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 3f6968e1470ac234321d5c9dae….gif)

File: 44f1afede3bd49b⋯.gif (352.1 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 5476972436f0982c8760e7d6d8….gif)

File: 92683338c282082⋯.png (66.11 KB, 184x314, 92:157, 6d02e62493c1969907ecd665b4….png)

File: 43dd7493d81ee67⋯.gif (99.49 KB, 128x128, 1:1, What did he mean by this.gif)

File: c3c4bc0adca5b52⋯.gif (277.25 KB, 373x373, 1:1, 9bc564793b3b035a0fc9225151….gif)

5776e6 No.10892604


Holy fucking shit, get a goddamn clue, you insufferable child. Your LARPer doesn’t even share /pol/‘s worldview.

5776e6 No.10892607


You’re basically retarded.

fce30d No.10892610


If there is the poor bastard is not going to be getting laid any time soon. Anyways the big meat of the list is an entire list of all the banks tied to the questions above oh and the federal reserve huh so that is why Trump put a Jesuit as the Fed Chair, so what to dig for all the banks? U1 relations?

291264 No.10892628

I love it when the shills bump enough to keep the discussion hidden. Its always 5 posts after something juicy or poignant. Its pottery.

5d51ee No.10892642



Holy shit how fucking autistic are you?

d1d05b No.10892644


Tbh if someone is so a.d.d that they can't read and process the posts through the shill storm, they might as well 23&me their way to isreal.

5776e6 No.10892645


Six orders of magnitude less autistic than the people who keep bumping a cuckchan LARP thread a week after it was proven wrong. How’s about proving me wrong, shlomo? Either that or don’t post.

5d51ee No.10892664


I keep posting because it triggers your autism. You've achieved nothing and never will

I'm just laughing how pathetic you are

5776e6 No.10892674


>you’ve achieved nothing and never will

Talk about projection, Qfag!

7cdcfa No.10892676


surely with the amount of shilling you have done on every thread , you must have come across the timestamps of the first post by q warning of the twitter shut down… amongst other things. i'll reiterate , fuck off and hate yourself more for being as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike

d14d61 No.10892678


ironic shitposting is still shitposting, and for the record these trans-chan larp threads have grown exceedingly cancerous. Have you ever asked why halfchan mods allow that shit to stay up while nuking threads exposing kikery? At the very least keep all LARP posts in one pinned thread for containment purposes, as opposed to letting halfchan refugees slide the whole damn board just because some faggot wrote a cool story on 4chan.

sage for meta-tier topic

33efcf No.10892698


Isn't taking things at face value and being easily deceived a sign of autism?

c7deb9 No.10892750


What the fuck did you just say cunt? Did you just assume my worldview?


You will all be hanging soon.

168e16 No.10892765

File: 26325565c9c43c0⋯.jpg (12.88 KB, 448x171, 448:171, Black_Cube_Logo_on_black_b….jpg)





53675b No.10892776


Inb4 the shill tactic becomes "he never praised Hitler, therefore ignore"

e63d5d No.10892793

File: 5a1b6c29b914469⋯.jpg (52.65 KB, 515x420, 103:84, 5a1b6c29b9144691725716ef11….jpg)


nah, the guy is too comfortable clinging to the martial law thing which Q already mentioned was disinfo against CIA, he'll just keep REEEing about that


we Deus Ex now

a9c9ad No.10892806

The most obvious thing to point out is that every post is "stop talking about this". LARPER is turning into the new NEWFAG. Why don't the shills want us looking into the Rothschilds?

168e16 No.10892812


In November 2017, Ronan Farrow revealed in The New Yorker that film executive Harvey Weinstein hired Black Cube in order to stop the publication of the abuse allegations against him. Using false identities, private investigators from Black Cube tracked and met journalists and actresses, in particular Rose McGowan, who later publicly accused Weinstein of rape. Over the course of a year, Weinstein had Black Cube and other agencies "“target,” or collect information on, dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focussed on their personal or sexual histories

2d25dc No.10892817

First time I've seen this thread.

can anyone give a TL;DR?

33efcf No.10892824


>us looking into the Rothschilds?

And how they're subservient to the House of Saud, because somebody on cuckchan said so?

a9c9ad No.10892836


>splitting hairs and putting words in my post

When did I even mention that?

33efcf No.10892839


The LARPer has them listed as the top puppet masters, so if you think he's legit, you must believe that too?

a9c9ad No.10892844


I haven't even brought up Q. I'm talking about the information. Every attempt to discuss and dig into the rothschilds and the central banks is being shut down.

be2a55 No.10892847


No. Now (((CNN))) pls go.

33efcf No.10892852

File: 7154d97bac15698⋯.jpg (27.42 KB, 581x272, 581:272, Kike Cernovich - Saudis Co….jpg)


What? This isn't a thread about the Rothschilds, it's about a LARPer who claims it's not the jews, it's the Saudis.

e63d5d No.10892853


'subservient' doesn't mean shit, he named the Rothshilds, Soros, AND the House of Saud. The only reason they're "on top" is the magnitude they were overtly tentacling the world, being the enforcers - ALL THREE ARE JEWS, ALL THREE WORK FOR ZOG/NWO.


>listening to Cernovich, a jew

You're transparent.

2d25dc No.10892854


If that's true than this is nothing more than a clever psy-op

33efcf No.10892855


>missing the point

>believing a LARPer who pushes a narrative similar to that of the jew Kike Thernovich

53675b No.10892856


Three sides of the triangle. Q was saying that the Saudis are richer and more powerful than the Rothschilds, not their bosses but fellow conspirators.


The House of Saud are crypto-Jews. This is why they get so well along with Israel.

2d25dc No.10892857


Who the fuck is this Q guy anyway and why is this even important. From his posts he just seems to be saying shit we already know.

a9c9ad No.10892858


If you do want to be technical, the saudi's run an absolute monarchy. Technically they can claim their entire country as their assets if they please. The rothschilds however can only claim debt.

33efcf No.10892862


It isn't just assets. He has them at the top of the list with the most +s to signify that they're at the top, when they're clearly pawns of the jews.

It's an obvious LARP, and not a very good one. I wouldn't be surprised if it's that Anon5 autist who claimed the dancing Israelis were heroes who tried to prevent 9/11.

e63d5d No.10892864


you would have to be blind not to notice how many pies al-waleed bin talal had his fingers in. MSM, Hollywood, Twitter, Facebook, Citibank, to name a few. If you're implying Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with ZOG, you're willfully ignorant.

9cd24f No.10892881


>listening to Cernovich, a jew

>You're transparent.

Hilarious that anyone thinks the Saudis run anyone. We all know the saudis are israels puppets.

Clearly we're touching a nerve here.

9cd24f No.10892887



>MSM, Hollywood, Twitter, Facebook, Citibank, to name a few. If you're implying Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with ZOG, you're willfully ignorant.

Obvious front man.(like 9/11 attack for mossad). Its obvious israel funnels all of their dirty work through saudi arabia.

e63d5d No.10892891


exactly - and the puppets who helped doing that just got kebab'd. The loop is closing and further action is being outlined. If it happens, well, can't say I'll see Israel getting their noses out of this.

5d51ee No.10893709


>Missing the point that I am laughing at your autistic spamming, responding and samefagging

13c48f No.10893763



looks like copy pasta from:


5776e6 No.10893797


>surely this thing that didn’t happen proves that what he said happened

>look at all the fucking damage control I have to do because the actually important bullshit–the arrest of seventy fucking percent of the government and martial la–didn’t happen


5776e6 No.10893800


Not a reply to what was said.

5776e6 No.10893803


In before paid shills claim that martial law is coming and redditors believe them because they want it to be true and for no other reason since zero evidence has been provided.

Oops, guess I’m in after.

5776e6 No.10893810



>martial law is totally still coming by the way

>everyone is being arrested because i say so

>ha ha and in 4 days when nothing has changed, i’ll just say that “everyone being arrested” and “the world will be different when trump gets back from his trip” was disinfo

>lol that won’t backfire on me

5776e6 No.10893813


>wow why would anyone want us to stop talking about shit that was proven wrong

>ha ha fellow pedes! This is obviously true! No real /pol/ack would demand PROOF of a claim! People here take things at face value!


5776e6 No.10893823


No, the saudis aren’t more powerful, you fucking dipshit.

5776e6 No.10893825


No shit.

5776e6 No.10893827


>ha ha wow you missed the point

>i can read English i swear

Nice projection, Qfag.

5776e6 No.10893829


Of course it fucking is. Everything he has said is either common knowledge or unsubstantiated LARPing.

57fe4d No.10893957



>Concern troll for a couple of days


>Then return to spamming


>because you're actually this guy

>And you've been posting the same things on half/pol/

Wow, way to shit the bed completely, you shill faggot.

68ec3e No.10894130

It's no accident that Kikeywood has been carpet-bombed with rape exposure right before the shit hits the fan. They have been neutralized as deep-state cheerleaders. I wonder if this is one of the reasons Bannon left the admin in August, besides going after swamp incumbents. The timing sure is interesting.

ps. any anons going out in public today, be sure and strap up. the dems don't have anything left but crazy operatives to shoot up 'safe spaces' and try to change the narrative; be sure and aim high, you'll be excited when the shooting starts and your first few shots will be up and away

5d51ee No.10894152


>Still spamming

Do tell what have you achieved so far?

3d2fda No.10894216


It's actually a countdown. Saudis were first, Soros is last.

5776e6 No.10894513


>lol you went to cuckchan because i say so

>no one else could possibly see through your LARPing

>no i won’t substantiate any of my claims

>no i won’t prove i’m right and you’re wrong

>no i’m not moving the goalposts when I say that half of the shit the LARPer said was just “disinformation”

>everything he said is happening because i say so ha ha martial law inbound fellow pedes


07f473 No.10894573


Finally, we've hit the elephant in the room. The common religion of all the players.

57fe4d No.10894692


Don't worry about it, fag. I'm already spreading around the screenshots of you ban-evading so you can shill us for a whole week.

Good job. You're a real pro.


cf9098 No.10894860


So Soros, the fall-kike, is really the at the top according to this larp?

06ad1c No.10894903

i haven't been keeping up with this thread, so this might have already been covered. taken from this video:



Chicago Tribune article titled Spy vs Spy (13 Jan, 2000)

>LANGLEY, Va. — In this still very dangerous and uncertain world of ours, does it make you feel more comfortable to know that the seven huge, super-secret, global intelligence computer databases deep inside Central Intelligence Agency headquarters here are named Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Bashful and Sneezy?

>Yes, the CIA has indeed named its huge computers after the Seven Dwarfs – and for all I know has a slinky blond in its cloak-and-dagger Directorate of Operations code-named Snow White.

06ad1c No.10894941


sorry, should have said, to spell it out:

Alice AND Wonderland

b98a4d No.10894944

if any of you pieces of shit holier-than-thou fucktards give a fuck, i have proof the 4chan threads were hijacked last night 11/11/17 at around 10pm EST and around thread #247.


notice how the copypasta in the OP post is riddled with links to comments that go nowhere, the pic has a dick drawn on the bottom right corner and in the text there is a message that says "is he a gullible retard like you?"

this started t least to my knowledge at thread #247


here is thread #247 where "tripcode Q" appears but only after someone going by the name "DC Anon' calls the thread out for being riddled with dead links and shills.

This guy is saying tripcode Q anon is a fake or the tripcode was hacked.

Looks like the 4chan threads are now entirely comprised of shills and bots

06ad1c No.10894982


fuck me, i'm not awake yet.

snow white, not alice & wonderland. wasn't there a snow white reference somewhere?

3f5111 No.10895051

Why was Trump the first foreign leader in history to be dined in the Forbidden City?

It's the one place they could guarantee no wiretap.

eb43ae No.10895138

File: 507f06cc7bc7255⋯.png (41.51 KB, 522x924, 87:154, Q 1112.png)


Someone definitely hijacked the OP there. Strange that Q posted <10 min after that DC anon pointed out the fake links, but is there anything else suggesting the trip is compromised?

Also, there was just another Q post:


Letters in brackets spell "US risk this week".

b98a4d No.10895183


on 4chan simple tripcodes can be easily hacked (you can google "tripcode hack" and a bunch of github links will deliver). "secure" tripcodes are as the name suggests, more "secure". this is stated in the official 4chan faq page.

4e68f3 No.10895200


Only one guy actually makes those threads then someone else trolls the journey with fake links when he is not baking. It's obviously a combination of the same type of autist sage bombing these threads and guys who just hate fun.

000000 No.10895235


>ps. any anons going out in public today, be sure and strap up. the dems don't have anything left but crazy operatives to shoot up 'safe spaces' and try to change the narrative;

7 shot in single incident in Indiana; 1 in custody, police say


cf9098 No.10895339


>niggers never shoot each other, it's clearly a democrat conspiracy!

b9cb93 No.10895384


>risk this week

>every week

>just pay attention to things that don’t happen and ignore the world around you

Really activates the old almonds.

eb43ae No.10895431


Yeah I don't like paying too much attention to potential LARPs, but I really dislike when anyone throws dates or timeframes out there.

>everything's going to collapse for Hillary next week t. Roger Stone

>what wikileaks is about to drop will change everything (it's fucking nothing)

>tick tock bullshit

5de865 No.10895437


>meanwhile this saging faggot has been paying attention to the thread all week

shit it down, goy

b9cb93 No.10895443


So do you have any evidence that the claims made are true?

53675b No.10895444


Iron Eagle is a 1986 action movie in which the American hero's father is a fighter pilot who had been shot down by a fictional Arab country and sentenced to death for trespassing. The hero goes to rescue with guns blazing in a stolen fighter jet and naturally succeeds. The related recent events involved Obama sending bales of cash to Iran.

It may or may not be relevant that all the planes used for filming the movie were provided by Israel. The first sequel is loosely based on Israel's raid on Iraq's nuclear reactor.

5de865 No.10895453


your presence

cf9098 No.10895516


Wasn't Anon5 also telling people to analyze old ziowood movies?

b9cb93 No.10895538


Ah, thanks for confirming. I guess the holocaust happened because jews said so.

b9cb93 No.10895552


>yes, good goyim; watch our Hollywood films!

4e68f3 No.10895574


Iron Eagle is military slanf for a Colonel who won't be promoted to General.

3f5111 No.10895579


Part of their deception is painting your actions as fantasy.

If you go up to a normie and tell them that Clinton is a blood bathing cannibal who worships Satan they are going to tell you that you've been watching too many movies and that that is the plot of Hostel 2.

"That kind of stuff only happens in movies." Except not.

3f5111 No.10895582


their actions*

6efd1f No.10895587


No, he's a Jew or shabbos goy deflecting blame away from Jews/Israel/Zionism. Could very well be connected to Trump. One of Trump's many Jewish cabinet members. This is a disinformation/PR campaign by the same group that controlls Alex Jones, Kikebart and Cernovich… Likudnik-Netanyahu kikes. It's not aimed at us. It's for purple pilled cuck channers and redditors.

b9cb93 No.10895589


>Part of their deception is painting your actions as fantasy.

Oh, for sure. The kind of evil (and CONSISTENCY in evil) the jews have shown over the millennia seriously feels like a fucking Saturday morning cartoon. That’s where the backlash comes from in many cases. “Anon, the jews can’t be behind EVERYthing! That’s too simple!” And when there’s no non-jewish media to point to, it becomes all the harder.

cf9098 No.10895595


You're giving him way too much credit. It's almost certainly just an autist.

e75999 No.10917631


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