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Odious Memes

File: c28ef194f16bb5d⋯.jpeg (126.53 KB, 1401x783, 467:261, HookBalls.jpeg)

File: 67c82e0b5e69b89⋯.jpeg (121.01 KB, 1410x794, 705:397, HookSize.jpeg)

File: cde8961c1229124⋯.jpeg (203.61 KB, 1600x1360, 20:17, serveimage.jpeg)

4fc20b No.10879383

Florida Dog Park Under Cowardly Attack



> ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - Authorities are investigating after raw meat with fishhooks was left at the dog park inside Bicentennial Park in Ormond Beach, according to deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

> Deputies responded to the park Tuesday afternoon after a park-goer said another woman's dog was eating one of the balls of raw meat.

> The dog was taken to Tomoka Pines Veterinary Hospital with two meatballs and fishhooks were found inside them, deputies said.

> Animal hospital staff examined the meat brought in with the dog and found several small fishhooks.

> After an X-Ray veterinarians determined that the dog did not eat any of the fishhooks, according to the report.

> Another incident happened at the same park two years ago where ibuprofen pills were found inside meat in the small dog park area, deputies said.

> Ibuprofen can be toxic for dogs.

> At a public meeting Tuesday, deputies said that citizens expressed disagreement over the expansion of the dog park.

""Ban assault fishing gear!""

While beaners are typically very cruel to animals, could this be an angry cat lady protecting her litter?

d968aa No.10879554

Hang all beaners from the top of the wall.

4fc20b No.10879563


Should I take that as a lawful order from the FBI?

db8590 No.10879600


>please don't flip cars over

Nice try, FBI.

c79dff No.10879779

File: 50b323fc24743bc⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 644x594, 322:297, 4e6b35fd4c4cfc71.jpg)


>angry cat lady

it's probably Muslims, Florida has a sizeable amount of them (remember Omar Matin) and it's a part of their faith to hate dogs so my money is on this being a sandnigger.

db8590 No.10879791


There aren't nearly enough normalfag memes talking of this truth.

052978 No.10879811


>No one at the park saw who left the meat, according to the report. There are no cameras at the park.

> could this be an angry cat lady protecting her litter?

wew, wild accusations much

might as well add dog hating muslim on the suspect list

4fc20b No.10879822


That's a great point. There is a particularly large population around Fort Pierce, and they are very active in the flight schools there. No, I am not joking or trolling.


Found the beaner, someone call ICE.

acf10f No.10879946


It's well documented that non-whites despise animals. I'm not saying it's not the doing of degenerate white trash, but odds are likely that it was some form of minority. Muslims especially hate dogs, it's actually part of their religion.

c2a7f1 No.10880067

File: ba95f3fbac5aebb⋯.jpg (73.81 KB, 666x754, 333:377, beaner.jpg)

Hmmmm. This gives me an idea.

000000 No.10880082

Why do shitskins hate dogs and cats so much? Is it because they have no souls?

3f2c9f No.10880127

File: a0e61d5eecaec37⋯.jpg (49.97 KB, 300x450, 2:3, take my country not my dog.jpg)


The best way to redpill white women is explain to them how non-whites will treat their pets. They have to agree with you because its not about her or you but about Fiddo and she'll throw herself on a sword for that raggamuffin.

b4cdb7 No.10880143

i'm not doubting that it's a non-human thing to do, but who the fuck doesn't train his dog not to eat random shit outside/not to eat from anyone but master?

932b71 No.10880163


White people in general are triggered by mistreatment of dogs. You can get the most complacent bluepilled person imaginable (short of a true SJW golem) to froth at the mouth and demand lynchings.

66aa2b No.10880196

In my country, there were similar incidents in my city. Dogs getting poisoned and razor blades found in food that were left on the ground. At least there aren't mudslimes there (maybe 1-5).

daef39 No.10880204

Can't be beaners, there's no taco shells around the meat.


Kill yourself.

190fcc No.10880217


>The best way to redpill white women is explain to them how non-whites will treat their pets.

The first thing these cunts probably thought was alt-right did this. They know i am a cunty liberal dog walker somehow and want to kill my dog. CNN will sort this out since the cops are on the side of the NAZIS

2f66ec No.10880287


Yes, especially in the case of dogs. Man's best friend is not appreciated by these soulless creatures. Anyone who lives in an area populated by these desert ghouls should keep a close eye on their dog.

7bd938 No.10880295

File: c3989329baa7d31⋯.jpeg (268.06 KB, 2291x1353, 2291:1353, racialdotmap.jpeg)

File: cbb843a809b052a⋯.jpeg (201.14 KB, 1424x1609, 1424:1609, bicentennialPark.jpeg)

File: d1155a6046e13b7⋯.jpeg (95.29 KB, 807x1106, 807:1106, dogPark.jpeg)


That was the motivation behind this thread. This is an avenue of attack to shift the window further to the right, for example, "even the evil Hitler couldn't stand animal abusers." It needs work, but I'm just an old faggot that needs to lurk more whilst gassing myself.

Pics show the park and surrounding area, along with racial makeup from the 2010 census. The area immediately around the park is predominantly white, although lesser races are present, and no doubt in higher numbers than depicted. The city to the South is feral. If you're wondering what that bastion of red diversity is, that's Embry Riddle Aeronautical School. They can't drive, so I guess they think it's a good idea to fly.

2f66ec No.10880314


>even the evil Hitler

The evidence does the talking, anon. Take a look at the 'firsts' enacted by Germany during Hitler's reign. It puts modern so called environmentalists to shame.

f47796 No.10880350


Excellent, show how beaners do with them.

000000 No.10880431


Ormond Beach is full of Boomers and kikes, and there's a large Orthodox population there. They built a huge synagogue right off the main drag a few years ago. Although there are some slimes around, and we know how their cult commands them to hate dogs, this kind of mischief seems like the work of the kike.

4c2a4e No.10880440



No, Ass, this is the work of white liberals. Shitskins are more likely to set the dogs on fire or shoot them. This is the work of someone who eats soy. This sort of cowardly shit isn't new. See:Vandalized Trump signs. Also: >>10880295 >>10880431

Kikes wouldn't do it because kikes don't do anything that takes effort (except for shitty swastikas and child rape). That's what they have goyim for.

fff3a1 No.10880508

File: c92dd61f037ef82⋯.jpg (208.9 KB, 1024x1650, 512:825, Antifa-Kills-Random-People….jpg)


Should be no surprise, we know whos doing this because they told their people to do it.

fff3a1 No.10880511



Its antifa. Not Beaners. You told your people to kill our pets, enjoy your ban, and your inevitable execution.

fff3a1 No.10880514


White liberal and Religion of Cuck™ic antifa thought leaders who want to focus their comrades onto "filthy unclean" dogs, while also hurting "racists" best friends. 2 dogs with 1 fishhook amirite. Gas for all these fucks.

113ecb No.10880519

File: e2f795e471ba5d9⋯.png (473.57 KB, 427x583, 427:583, 1439169554740.png)


You're post carried more weight and legitimacy without the labelling. I'm going to assume you knew what you were doing by using those words. For shame.

fff3a1 No.10880523

File: 89c77dfa704293f⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1537x1597, 1537:1597, Antifa-Sadistic-Animal-Kil….png)

And the memes unite to form one significantly stronger meme.

c64269 No.10880537


thats some bait

44e33f No.10880552

>attacking animals like that

w e w

0c1cc9 No.10880627

Wonderful. We're now at a point where you can't even take your dog for a walk without worrying about shitskins.

7e120b No.10880638


I'm disinclined to believe it's shitskins. They're too animal themselves to come up with something as clever as hiding fishing hooks in dog meat. That takes planning and awareness. They just go ape and start kicking dogs when they see them and get confused when the dog runs away because now it's not there anymore.

fff3a1 No.10880644


Shitskins regularly go after peoples dogs, leaving antifreeze and such around. If one of them needed help, they could rely on all the other shitskins at their mosque or whatever jihadist forum they participate in to give them some better ideas. Its hooks in meat, its not a big mental leap to put them together.

1137cd No.10880672


That's true. The only thing a white woman loves more than Chad cock is her baby-substitute.


Whoever it is, they're not white. It could even be a Muslim, they hate dogs. Or Orthodox kikes. Who knows? But they're not white.

Considering it's in Florida, though, spics are pretty likely. And they never mention the race, it's up to us to figure that out, so fuck off.

335b26 No.10880686


It's true. I had quite a lot of success when that story about antifa stabbing that police horse came out.

On a slightly more spiritual note however, it makes me wonder about race from a Christian perspective. Adam means red, and only 'whites' are ever actually red - and Adam (and all humanity with him) were charged as being stewards of the Earth. It is up to us to care about nature, to look after the animals and the environment. … And almost without exception, those who care about animals and nature are white. Even on an individual level, as is being discussed here - whites become enraged when they see the mistreatment of animals. Is it true /pol/? Are we the only true men? Are the rest of these creatures we share the Earth with actually like the nephilim, cursed hybrids of man and devil?

335b26 No.10880691


Have you got an actual link for your image? That could redpill a hell of a lot of people.

0c1cc9 No.10880719


Yes. I firmly believe that we whites are meant to be in the same positions of power, or rather the equivalent, as the Jews are now. The world needs us for it to thrive and survive.

000000 No.10880727


shitskin gommies hate dogs

15f48a No.10880743


After an X-Ray veterinarians determined that

the dog did not eat any of the fishhooks,

fuck you OP and your sensationalist image.

4ddb8b No.10880856




vid related

muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker's War on Dogs


8dc0a6 No.10881052

File: d25515baa9e2dd5⋯.jpeg (330.35 KB, 959x2628, 959:2628, fishHooksInSausageTargetD….jpeg)

File: e0de5438605fcdf⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 660x8472, 55:706, QueenslandDogFed22Hooks.jpeg)

File: 0bcabb7da38367a⋯.jpeg (142.96 KB, 989x1119, 989:1119, taintedMeatInMN.jpeg)

File: 58b8284eaf3a5d4⋯.jpeg (237.45 KB, 824x1340, 206:335, frogsUseDogsAsBait.jpeg)

File: cca0f9901cf86b1⋯.jpeg (593.74 KB, 3661x1796, 3661:1796, googleItNigger.jpeg)

This seems to be a recurring problem, with similar attacks all over the world.


>Dog owners in Melbourne's west have been warned to be on the lookout for potentially fatal bait traps.


>Couple's dogs fed meat laced with FISH HOOKS tossed over their back fence while they were in hospital with their newborn son

>-Two dogs were baited, and almost killed in Cairns, Queensland on Friday

>-The dogs were fed meat laced with 22 fishing hooks

>-Owner Sias Stey was at hospital with his wife and newborn at the time

>-He noticed the dogs had been baited when one vomited up four hooks


>Austin Police: Meat Filled With Fish Hooks Found In Dog Owner’s Yard

>MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Austin Police’s K-9 Unit is warning pet owners after chunks of meat embedded with fish hooks were found in a residential yard Friday.

>Police say they were contacted by a homeowner in the city’s southwest side after they discovered their dog eating a chunk of the tainted meat.

Not related, but wtf. Check demographics of island, huge multicultural paradise detected.


>Dogs Used as Shark Bait on French Island

> "Lately, almost every week, one dog has been found with hooks on the island, not counting the cats found on the beaches partially eaten by the sharks," Jouve said.

>Once fishers capture the animals, she said, the dogs and cats are hooked "the day before, so they can bleed sufficiently."

>Some escape before being tossed into the ocean. Others aren't so lucky.

After hooks are plunged into their paws and/or snouts, the animals are attached to inflatable tubes with fishing line and dumped into the ocean, Clicanoo, the newspaper, reports.

>To avoid detection fishers place their bait in the middle of the night, according to the newspaper account. In the morning the men return to see if a shark has been caught.


>fuck you OP and your sensationalist image.

Pic shows the horror of a dog eating a fish hook, you heartless kike. See pic-related for dozens more pictures of dogs suffering from this, then gas yourself for masturbating to them.

35575f No.10881159

>white girls get murdered by niggers

<it was just a coalburner! Burn the coal, pay the toll!

>dogs get fishhooked


bbeebd No.10881185


A white girl makes a choice when she burns coals.

A dog is helpless and innocent.

42b531 No.10881193

35575f No.10881227


And did these white women even understand the choice they made? Do you think they just spontaneously, without any brainwashing or prompting, decide that they wanted to date a nigger?

8dc0a6 No.10881251

File: cd71119f5c0f558⋯.jpeg (30.01 KB, 450x496, 225:248, f890wau78fa.jpeg)

File: 459a9c56cc58b7b⋯.jpeg (38.43 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 9h8p4fh89grv.jpeg)

File: 1a4116e42cb29a2⋯.jpeg (18.41 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 3th98bwet.jpeg)


This is why there is a meme war, anon, to educate.


<nigger lovers get murdered by niggers

>it was just a coalburner! Burn the coal, pay the toll!

So, rabbi, you would suggest we turn the other cheek, and accept back into our fold one who would take nigger cock into her? How worthless and depraved must a woman be to accept, even desire, sweaty, smelly, nigger flesh humping and pumping on and in her? If not for mere pleasure, then surely she seeks the nigger cock because her own kind find her unworthy of mating, and if that is true, then how filthy and disgusting must this woman be, in body, or in mind?

Do we not also say, "kill a traitor first, before an enemy?" Is this coal burning whore not a traitor? And of you, why do you defend them so? Are you, yourself, a coal burner, or do you fornicate with one? I believe these questions, if looked at objectively, along with the response from >>10881185 illustrate the issue nicely.

Burn the coal, pay the toll.

c5143f No.10881270

File: 8033cde84e3b554⋯.jpg (955.97 KB, 1280x1052, 320:263, maidog.jpg)


Absolutely everyone, you double-nigger. Have you ever even had a dog?

716082 No.10881309

The cubans etc. down there are fucking evil to the point of walking around with sticks, calling friendly strays over just to beat them.

01d79b No.10881329


>Train your dog to stop being a dog

716082 No.10881722


Reported, kike.

dd6745 No.10881725

File: 1160223d0da117f⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 462x350, 33:25, mallet.jpg)

Give it to me straight. How fucked is Florida? Miami is the 5th highest concentration of Jews in the world, but they ARE officially no longer a sanctuary city. But then I hear Haitians have flooded the state due to it being blown off the map by the hurricane. Don't know what to think. The panhandle won us the election so that part at the least seems ok.

8dc0a6 No.10881743

File: 13bf9d9f812d17d⋯.jpg (354.14 KB, 3159x783, 117:29, f_GKN.jpg)

File: 54f67ca3ac88f29⋯.png (86.71 KB, 1856x894, 928:447, 4gRpL_.png)


If you lived here, amongst them, you wouldn't be on that soapbox, anon.


He gets it.

This has nothing to do with race baiting. There is a direct correlation between animal abuse and other races. I'm working on a few infographics to illustrate this, pics related are a teaser.

0a7f83 No.10881748


I don't even see Cubans anymore. All I see down here are Central Americans, Puerto Ricans and Haitians. Where have all the Cubans gone?

716082 No.10881756


You can tell them apart?

0a7f83 No.10881775


I've been around spics long enough to tell them apart. I notice that after years I've seen Florida getting flooded with Central Americans and all the many Cubans fled Northward from Florida. The non-Cuban Spics are swarthy looking motherfuckers and talk in a different tone from Cuban-talk and they usually have mini-flags of Honduras, El Salvador or whatever on their cars. I also see more Puerto Ricans and Haitians as usual too. Many Spics flooding Florida now aren't even Cuban.

716082 No.10881780


It's been a few years since I was there, never thought the Cubans would ever leave.

0a7f83 No.10881797


I guess Cubans can't stand other spics.

8dc0a6 No.10881804


>How fucked is Florida?

I've lived in South Florida my entire life. Before hurricane Andrew hit, and spawned the "great white flight" (they actually called it that on the local news) this place was paradise. The weather was great, the land was beautiful, we have some of the richest soil in the country in the Redlands. Speaking of, the Redlands is a large rural farming community to the South of Miami, close enough to have all the benefits of a large city, while enjoying a rural lifestyle. Back then, anyway.

Now, I go months without seeing another white man. When you go to the store, most of the time the beaners can't be bothers to speak to you in english. The streets are full of garbage. The animals are driven off. We used to have foxes, raccoons, squirrels, ducks, etc. Now it's all fucking non-native lizards that these cock suckers have released into the wild when they get bored with them. The Everglades is a shit show. I've personally caught them shooting manatees just for fun. The park itself is absolutely covered in trash and santeria bullshit. I've heard reports of someone defecating on their religious shrines, how horrible. On the bright side, you can go to the flea market, and buy cheap knockoff import clothes for literally two bucks, and get fleas for free. If you ever have the pleasure of driving behind a bus load of hatians on the way to/from a field they've been picking, you'd better hope you have a gas mask. They emit a special kind of odor that must be experienced to believe. The cubans aren't the biggest problem anymore, it's all the mexicans and spear chuckers from south america. Walmart may as well be a 3rd world country. I feel like Gulliver amid the Lilliputians when I go there to shop. (6'3" white male)

The kikes are aweful. You can see them, just like the "bad" pictures here on hatechan, walking down the street in miami beach. North miami beach, especially. South Beach is a tourist trap full of faggots and spics. The faggots are unreal. They're everywhere around the beach, downtown, aventura. They treat non faggots like second class citizens. The jews, of course, love the faggots. They both will look down their nose at anything white.

I've had enough, I'm taking my family and leaving. I only have a few months left, and I will Never return to this shithole. In my opinion, please wait until I've evacuated, then nuke this fucking state, everything from Orlando, South. Build a fucking wall, and seal it off, they will spread.

Once they infiltrate a position of power, they hire, promote, and favor all other beaners. They take over positions of power quite quickly this way. Once entrenched, they refuse to hire or cooperate with whites, and will often openly admit to it.

Am I a stormfag? No. I've lived among them, I know what they are.

8dc0a6 No.10881825


>cool outdated sources

The census only happens every 10 years, you stupid fucking nigger. And if you're talking about the other pic, then when, exactly, does a news story expire? Does it cease to exist after a year? Maybe we should purge the archives along with our monuments.

c59b8b No.10881856

File: 494b479fffab57f⋯.gif (43.53 KB, 400x204, 100:51, 7862c32a35eb38291d77ec1e12….gif)


> I've personally caught them shooting manatees just for fun.

As a former Floridaman, I can't begin to describe the kind of rage that fills me with. Kill them ALL.

dd6745 No.10881867

File: 500a6ba3202b502⋯.jpeg (68.16 KB, 600x397, 600:397, green-anole2-4dd50e78.jpeg)


> On the bright side, you can go to the flea market, and buy cheap knockoff import clothes for literally two bucks

Was it the swap Shop you were talking about? I haven't been there since andrew but I'll never forget this one black woman arguing with a white woman that she was charging a FULL dollar for a coffee mug because she was black. Lady told her to fuck off when she offered her 15 cents instead.


>all fucking non-native lizards that these cock suckers have released into the wild when they get bored with them.

Are there ANY green anoles left or did they go extinct?


>I've had enough, I'm taking my family and leaving.

I want to believe it's going to get fixed once the wall goes up. I really do. we've got two more weeks for the prototype walls to dry, & then a few months of testing, so maybe in a few months they'll start self deporting. I'm already noticing mexicans complaining up north that nobody's been buying anything the last few weeks out of nowhere, so something must have happened recently to scare them into not spending money.

5b2f82 No.10881928


>First pic

>Those eyes

Yep, she's broken inside

bd85f2 No.10882040

This is mudslimes.

d6c004 No.10882165


They should have let their dogs attack these shitskins

75f2a1 No.10882225


>nah, can't be shitskins, putting shit in food is too haaaaaard, must be whites doing it goy

Kill yourself.


>triggered by muh racism

>on /pol/

190fcc No.10882340


>green anoles

When I lived in orlando there were a few of these around. When the ants would crash land in to my pool I would scoop them out tap them on the deck and they would run over for an easy meal. They were well trained and would wait right where i was tapping the net when they saw me come out to the pool. Some times they would hang out on the edge of the pool looking in seeming to want me to get a bug they spotted for them.

8dc0a6 No.10882377

File: 4aa79334ed825f2⋯.jpg (44.13 KB, 492x432, 41:36, 29ec0d4bb9f499084ba3c38d9b….jpg)

This thread, and the responses y'all provided, have led to something entirely different. South Florida has been culturally enriched to the point that it's been lost, without anyone firing a shot. I think it's time the rest of the country saw what the plan for the future is. Godspeed /pol/, I have work to do.


See pic related.

ad23be No.10895841


Shitskin detected.

888eb6 No.10896037


>The park itself is absolutely covered in trash and santeria bullshit

So as the beach or at least from Rivera down to Hollywood until 5 years when the two counties decided to clean some of the tampoons and condoms floating in the ocean and in the sand.

888eb6 No.10896040


*until 5 years ago

66947e No.10896288

File: 2c6d90131aacd66⋯.png (164.33 KB, 220x598, 110:299, 198117.png)

5858a4 No.10896301


'Cause they are subhuman, obviously

f40c97 No.10896306


This was my first thought as well. Mizzies really hate dogs for some reason. Remember when a faction of the invaders tried to ban service animals from their shops in the U.K.?

ae8acb No.10896308

It's not beaners it's muzzies; what's the demographics in the neighborhood now?

f7d93c No.10896398


What kind of meat was it

It was lamb wasn't it

eee2ca No.10896415


>I want to believe it's going to get fixed once the wall goes up.

This will be an effort from citizens not just the authorities, if it is to work at all.

f83f3c No.10896462



it's fucking muslims you dipshit

4cf9e1 No.10896463


Very true, good idea Anon.

250994 No.10896621


Shit like this really makes my gut clench and my mind turn a deep red. It take a special type of piece of shit to even be able to harbor the thoughts of doing something like this. Let alone actually fucking acting on it. And apparently this isn't even the first time. And with fish hooks as well, clearly meant to not just harm but mutilate as well. How subhumans treat animals is as clear a sign as you can possibly get on the difference between our two species. Humans are capable of great cruelty sure, but not horrific brutality like it is with subhumans. Especially as senselessly and without reason as subhumans commit such awful deeds for. To make a Human even somewhat capable of such deeds you'd need to break his humanity. Shitskins never had humanity so such acts come naturally and with ease to them. Disgusting creatures. I personally believe there is no punishment suitable for harming a pet. Harming a pet is like harming a child. To be able to harm a being that trusts in you implicitly and depends on you so heavily is vile and despicable beyond words, even more so when said being is incapable or doesn't want to defend itself from you. There is absolutely no doubt that a shitskin was behind this unless modern Whites have literally devolved into a lesser species. I trust to see on the news soon about a mutilated and unidentifiable body being found in the dog park with suspected foul play

11a8bf No.10896950


1917: mass shootings

2017: poison dogs

4b6cc2 No.10896957



557908 No.10896969


it's jealousy

24d16c No.10897442


The second and third image are beautiful.

15eafb No.10898310


Muslims believe that dogs scare away Religion of Cuck™ic "angels". If man's best friend chases away something that we can't see, it's definitely not angelic unless you worship Satan. Since their herald of Religion of Cuck™ic Supremacy is pretty much the White Rider of the Apocalypse I wouldn't be surprised that Religion of Cuck™ worships the devil by another name.

446350 No.10898474


Good, fuck faggot losers who shit up parks with animal feces because they need simple "minded" "friends". Double win because libs love their shit factory pets and minorities so this has wedge issue written all over it. Bonus points for roping mooslums in on this since they hate dogs too.

b2ec74 No.10902481

Miami beach is ok but anything South of that like homestead and Kendell has been completely taken over by Cubans. Miami beach is slowly on the rise the high school on Miami beach used to be like 80% Jewish now I bet it's less then 10% there are also alot of South Americans too. The Jews have pretty much been leaving I think to northern Florida like a rich area in Palm Beach or back to New York.

b8fb2d No.10902679


Anon these are parks especially for dogs, not for people. But yes, people who let their dogs shit everywhere need to learn how to discipline their dog.

1b5e12 No.10904400


Heres a tip anon,when you sell your house, after you leave ensure theres critical flaws in it's foundation, if not outright sabotage. The spics may inherit your property, but they won't have it for long.

84192f No.10908758


>Anon these are parks especially for dogs, not for people.

Says who?

88d76b No.10918204

File: 293414df7aeeec3⋯.jpg (46.91 KB, 500x451, 500:451, 293414df7aeeec3a6a55f08035….jpg)


This is one of the things I never see people talk about enough. The filth, the garbage. Anyone who's lived around spics can tell you just how incredibly uncaring they are for basic cleanliness, especially when it comes to garbage disposal. In San Antonio, TX, the streets are literally covered with plastic bottles, bags of chips, candy wrappers, boxes of half eaten food, basically everything you can imagine. You can't walk more than a few feet without tripping over mounds of it, it's everywhere because the spics can't be bothered to walk more than a few feet to throw out their garbage. I assume it's just sheer laziness and a complete lack of concern with making their environment a comfortable & beautiful place to live. Only whites give a damn about that, and it shows any time you walk through their neighborhoods and compare them to ours.

0f7b90 No.10932053


This is because they don't have a vested interest in the community. It's like how areas mostly full of rental houses become filthy slums. Renters have no interest in beautifying their property and the neighborhood.

Home owners on the other hand have a vested interest in increasing their property value.

Unfortunately the people you mentioned will likely never become homeowners because they will forever be on welfare.

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